Bombay to Goa (1972) Movie Script

The girl saw us. Get her!
What are you standing for?
Come with me!
Lady! What are you doing?
Don't you know you mustn't
get into a running bus?
What's the matter?
- Nothing. Girl escaped death.
You're carying a handbag, but
you've le your brains at home?
Had you been hurt,
your face would be ruined.
You would have to sit at home!
- No way.
A blind man would wed her.
Want to bet? O to ?
This is no race course for you
to play the bookie. Sit quietly.
The seat behind me is vacant.
Let the girl sit there.
You drive quietly. l know
who is to be seated where.
Don't interFere in my work.
Stupid driver!
- Stupid conductor! Argues with me!
Lady, please sit there.
Why are you standing sir?
She's almost your daughter's age.
God bless you.
Great! Your legs are dangling in
your grave yet you peeping Tom!
By God! What are you saying?
- Sit quietly and think of God!
Have shame.
- You too have some.
Where areyou going?
-Where doesthis bus goto?
The bus will go where it has to
But where do you want to go?
l mean what is its' last stop?
The bus depot.
- No.
The last stop ofthis
bus is the junkyard!
Who said this?
- My father
You old rat, is the last
stop ofthis bus thejunkyard?
Do you know where your
Iast stop is? The cemetey!
Where they'll light you with
a match stick and add kerosene.
To what stop do you
want your ticket?
To the last stop.
- That is Goa.
l want aticket to Goa.
- Give me 30 rupees 25 paise.
You demon! Sleep there.
ls this a currency note
or a sheet?
Thousand bucks!
- Thousand bucks!
Give it back. Ifit
tears, l'll be in trouble.
This king sized note doesn't
work on the Bombay to Goa route.
Excuse me.
l gave it absent-mindedly.
l'll change it.
What a passenger!
Either gives OOO or OO bucks!
l'll pay you 9 bucks
and 75 paise short of Pune.
ls this your own handbag?
-What do you mean?
Hold on to it with both hands.
In a bus, can't say what goes where.
Taken a ticket?
- Yes, 3 days ago.
- Yes.
Mother, ticket?
- Whom did you call mother?
- Yes, taken.
And you?
- She's my daughter!
l bought herticket too.
Conductor! Where's my money?
Wait on. l won't run away
with your 70 paise.
Who kept this log here?
What did you say?
This is my boss' leg.
ldiot! If it's your boss' leg,
keep it on your head.
No smart comments.
- Don't touch me.
He's the greatest flghter
of India, John Ragada.
He's going to Goa to flght
the world's greatest flghter.
lfyou misbehave with him,
his hand will pull out your teeth.
You're pulling out
the hair on my chest.
Look, we're all one,
traveling in the same bus.
Your boss is mine.
Your mother is my mother.
My father is yourfather.
Your wife is my...
- What? sister.
- That's correct.
My hand!!! l'll talk to you later.
The girl ran and got
into the bus to Goa!
- Yes boss! MP Travels.
No problem. Come with me.
What is it baby?
- Look there.
Shameless girl!
Powdering herface in the bus!
Mother...l mean sister.
lt's vey bad to powderyourface.
But you can use lipstick.
Why are you eavesdropping?
- Ears flap when the face is pretty.
You are a vey good boy.
Like us, you seem to belong
to some good family.
What are you doing?
Take your hand ofl.
What is yourfamily?
Our family was the most
famous for it's dramas.
ln my time, when l stepped
on the stage...
...the entire stage trembled!
Even the bus is shaking.
- So funny.
You shake the stage.
Doesn't your daughter do anything?
My daughter is getting ready.
Once she steps on stage, her name
will resound all over India!
lt will echo.
Sister, ifyou don't flnd a hero
for her on stage, keep me in mind.
Give me an opportunity to help her.
Are you the only one le for her?
The beauty and the beast!
Come fast! The bus has come!
Come on.
- Coming.
Wait. My husband.
Come fast oryourwife will leave.
My slipper!
-Are you Kishore Kumar?
Do you think l'm mad?
- Take oflyour glares.
Yes! It is he!
What are you doing in this
heat in the middle ofthe road?
My car stalled.
- Our luck that it stalled.
Or how would we see you?
Together you've kept your name?
- We're his fans.
Forget them. l swear you are great!
You've done a great job in Aradhana.
- That was Rajesh Khanna not me.
You licked them clean in Kati
Patang! -Absolutely!
No, that was Rajesh Khanna.
- No, we're not talking ofacting.
We're talking ofyour songs.
That song from Aradhana,...
That was Mehmood's fllm.
-Yes, that was Padosan.
And that one..
Enough! Ifyou start singing,
the industy will throw me out.
The industy will never let you go.
What areyou doing here?
-l was goingto shootfor afilm.
And the car packed up?
Come in our bus.
- Bus?
Why? Our bus costs a lakh.
Your is only 50.
Say 5. The income tax
will get aer me.
What can they do to you?
You've got them trapped.
Talk soly.
Get the carwhen it's flxed.
What make is it?
- MP Travels.
Haven't you ever seen actors?
Here's your ticket.
l haven't brought any money
since l was going shooting.
l'll pay the money. l got
the chance to serve you!
Where are you going?
- My name is Mala.
l didn't ask you your name.
l asked where you were going.
You live there?
- No, my home is in Bombay.
Are you fond offllms?
l mean watching?
You have a nice face.
You can become afllm star
ifyou wish to.
No thanks.
- Why not?
l hate fllm people.
Maybe like others, you too
feel they are bad people.
That is wrong. Good and bad folk
are found in evey profession.
ln business, society, government.
lt depends on what kind
of person you come across.
Think before condemning others.
To become an actress
you had become blind.
And what kind ofa man
you associated with.
l've made all the inquiries.
She's a golden goose.
Her name is Mala. Father...
Drinks water from a silver glass
and eats ofl a golden plate.
And the girl dreams of becoming
an actress day and night.
Ourjob is done. Let us also eat
and drink in gold and silver.
Remember the technique?
- Absolutely.
l'm a photographer for a fllm
magazine. May l take your picture?
- By printing your picture..
l want to prove it's not only
the fllm stars who are beautiful.
lt's also outside fllmdom.
lfyou don't mind, send a picture
to Sharma International too.
He is..?
- Sharma.
Just returned from Africa.
And she is Miss Mala.
But how do you know my name?
How many beautiful girls
are there in this city?
- Orjust two.
lt was not diMcult
flnding out your name.
l was saying he has just
returned from East Africa.
He has a factoy there.
He's come here to make fllms.
And is looking for new faces.
So you're looking for new faces?
l'd love to act in fllms.
l've won many cups for acting
on school and college stage.
ll you give me a
chance in your fllm?
Sure. You need us
and we need you.
The photograph should
be true to life.
lfthese drops ofwater slip ofl
her body, the picture will be good.
Stand like this.
Smile and pose.
Who are you?
- Forget me.
Someday l am sure you will
become a great fllm star.
To reach you then,
l'll have to be born again.
Sowhy don't l take
your autograph now?
Write something with your
delicate hands in my book.
Don't interFere in
somebody's personal matters.
You take the picture
and you get out ofthe frame.
l wasn't born to get out.
- ll you go quietly...?
Look, l neither came because
you asked norwill l leave.
l think he's decided he wants to
get thrashed. You come here.
Smile a little.
Just a minute! Wait!
What's going on? Let her be.
Look at it this way. You want a
heroine. You're also getting a hero.
Just hold this.
l think l'll have to
stop being nice.
l turned one into aflsh.
What do you want, love?
- l don't talk to riflrafl, love.
Listen to me.
God gives beauty but
we must protect it.
Take evey step in youth
aer great contemplation.
Up to you whetheryou listen or not.
But l tried explaining.
A sexy pose.
Don't move.
What are you doing the day
aer tomorrow in the evening?
We have college.
- l meant evening.
lf possible, come to
Playboy restaurant.
This meeting has been quite dy.
We'll talk comfortably.
- l'll ty.
Are these signs ofyoung girls?
Are you listening?
Mala had gone to college.
It's 9 and she hasn't returned!
You've given her so much liberty
that she's getting spoilt!
She's our only child.
Must be partying with friends.
No! Now her parties
should be stopped
She must come home before 7!
Find her a good boy as soon as
possible and get her married.
lt's better you put
chains in my feet!
l won't be able to go anywhere!
Your mother is getting mad
at me since then.
How did you get so late?
- College closes at 5.30.
A professor had come from
the American University at 6.
l had to stay to hear his lecture.
lt was 8 when he flnished.
Then l went to Rita's house.
She forced me to have tea.
An hourwent by there.
We were 4 friends. Ritaflrst
dropped them, then dropped me.
But Daddy, Mummy is
always scolding me.
lfyou've given me an education,
Iet me be responsible for myself.
That's right. Mala's mother
don't say anything about my child.
l will! A hundred times!
We live in an old fashioned colony.
People talk when you return so late.
Would you like me to
stop going to college?
l'll stay at home and sweep
the house or knead dough!
Of course not. She agrees.
Fight terminated.
Have dinner.
- l don't want it.
Don't eat but now on l won't
tolerate you being out so late!
When you've tolerated a man
like me for 25 years...
Tolerate her little habit too.
Eveything is ajoke foryou!
Your mother scolded you not me.
She says don't eat dinner.
But you may eat my share.
Why hasn't Mala come as yet?
- Because she's a latecomer!
You're pretty late.
- What crap is this?
Here's your money.
Why are you turning into my enemy?
- Enemy?
But l want to be friends.
l'm vey sory if
you think it's hatred.
Thanks to you, Usha lyer
got angy and le!
And if l say she le
because ofyou..?
Why didn't you let me
hear my favourite number?
No need to get angy. You wanted
to hear you number, l wanted mine.
Showing oflyour money!
Do you know who l am?
l've come here to
eat chicken sandwich
Not to ask your father's
bank balance!
Come here.
We'll handle this vile man.
Stand up.
- Don't stare. Stand up!
Come here.
What's going on?
ls this a restaurant
or a wrestling ring?
How much is your bill?
- Nothing
lfyou come here and...
- Fight.
l'll call the...
- Police!
Go away!
One is atall jet, the otherJumbo.
l hope you aren't hurt.
- Not at all.
Had the manager not interrupted,
l'd show him!
Sharma dealt in elephant
tusks in East Africa.
He nevertouched a
dead elephant's tusks.
He'd go to the jungle, pounce on
live elephants and pull their tusks!
What are you saying?
Today you are late.
So it's not right to stay long.
Take this card and come to
our oMce tomorrow evening.
l'm taking her to buy
costumes and make up.
We have a trial tomorrow.
- First ask her.
Has she decided to be a heroine?
That's right. So what do you say?
Do you have to ask?
l can't believe it!
Can l really be a heroine?
Listen to her! What is this?
These days girls with brinjal
noses become heroines.
Then why can't you?
Features like yours...
She doesn't have them, right?
You're right.
Do one thing. We're going shopping.
Ask the cashier for 2000 bucks.
Have you forgotten?
The cashier has taken the day ofl.
What a shame! And tomorrow is
Sunday. The shops will be shut.
We'll have to wait.
l'll pay it.
- Good.
She's become our company
partner on the flrst day.
She's making the beginning.
- How is that possible?
What's wrong in that?
Whoever gives, it's the same.
Work shouldn't stop.
- Yes.
That's also right. Let's go.
ll you be going home?
l have some work. l'll get oflmidway
Come over in the evening.
We test your make up.
What's the fare?
- What fare? l'm sold out.
- Yes.
l flnd some excuse to serve you.
Then go to hell!
You are on the way to hell.
Doesn't matter. We'll go together.
Great! What style, marvelous!
Here, have a sweet.
Forthe flrst make up.
When you enterfllms, all heroines
will sell peanuts at the beach!
Quiet. Have this.
Let's go and arrange
for the photographs.
Now go ahead.
Our cameraman, make up man,
dress man...all are your fans.
As they keep praising you,
my problems are mounting.
lt's diMcult to pair a hero
with a girl as pretty as you.
l can't flnd anybody who'll
Iook great with you.
Why don't you talk
to afamous hero?
That's what even l wanted.
But there's one problem.
- What problem?
l've wound up my business in Africa.
But my money is still there.
Taking an established star
will hike up the budget.
l want to tell you something.
- What?
lt might rankle.
But l don't consider you
a stranger now.
lfyou arrange for a lakh ortwo...
We can make a good proposal.
Yes, that's right. A big name
will add credit to her name too.
We'll make fast business.
- Right.
But you don't think too much.
Take your time to think
and then give an answer.
l'll let you know in a day ortwo.
May l take leave?
Mala's mother.
- What is it?
Did you see this picture?
Looks like Mala.
- It is her!
lt says here, The artist of
Sharma International...
New face Mala as a heroine.
Look at this and this!
Such deception!
Why are you screaming?
l'm cying hearing the news
of my death, not screaming.
Look at this! A living
example of shamelessness!
These are my pictures.
Why must you scream?
These are not pictures.
You've slapped me on my face.
Your mother kept nagging me.
Don't give her the freedom
to loaf. And l...
Out of love for you,
l kept cursing her.
You took undue advantage
of my love and decency.
fls flny mflnin ou 5flmy
eye Qoths pctue pinte
You should be happy that l'm
bringing pride to your family.
lfyou wanted to bring
pride to our family...
You could have burnt this house!
Flames would rise! Why did you
have to play with my honour!
What's wrong in this?
- What's le?
What will our community say
on seeing these dirty pictures?
The pictures you think are dirty
have some value for the world.
There is art and talent in it.
Shamelessness is never art.
The family you'll get married
into is vey cultured and reputed.
They won't see these pictures
from the art point of view.
lfthey are illiterate, travel in
carts when man has gone to the moon...
lt's not my fault.
l've nothing to do with them.
l want you to know my decision.
l'm not ready for marriage.
l want to become afllm star.
You want to become a fllm star!
Now l know why you came
home late evey night.
You've fooled your parents!
This program and that...
ls this the destination
ofdecent daughters?
Yes, that is my destination.
l see. Things have gone overboard.
lfthis is your decision,
hear my decision too.
From today, no more parties,
picnics or going out!
And no college from tomorrow!
You'll be married next month.
Go away!
This is why l've come to
consult you on the sly.
Tell me, what l must do.
You're putting a great
responsibility on me.
When you trust me so much,
l'll support you at evey stage.
For the time being there is
only one solution for you.
Collect whatever money you can
from home and come to me.
Run away from home?
Leave my parents?
You can't achieve success
without sacriflce.
You say something.
-What can l say?
On one hand the goddess offame
stands open armed to embrace you.
On the other hand, the poisonous
snake of marriage wants to crush you.
You yourself are sensible.
Take a decision.
But mind you, this
opportunity won't come again.
Come in.
She has come.
Finally the sun rose at night.
Here's the cash.
- Did you count it?
l brought whatever l laid
hands on, out offear.
Must be more than a lakh.
We'll also prove to be
more than your expectation.
You sit comfortably,
wipe the sweat beads.
No point in worying
about what you've given up.
l'll put this in place.
Look aer her.
- Got it.
Did you say something?
- Tell Sharma to hury up.
l'll do that.
Have a drink.
Well done!
What a haul!
Here's your share.
Your share.
- Thanks, boss.
l've given her the drink.
- Come. Your share, Gopal.
Your share.
What about the girl?
- Given her the drink.
Two minutes and..
- Stop whistling.
Varma's share.
You should get double.
What's wrong?
- 2 bundles won't satis me.
l want equal share.
Equal share?
- Yes.
Don't forget l cut the wings
ofthe bird who brought this.
Trapping Mala wasn't
your cup oftea.
Quietly give me halfofthis.
And ifl don't?
Then you are aware ofthe
punishment for inciting an innocent girl...
To steal and tempting her
with false film oers.
So you've thought of
ways to get me arrested.
- You probably don't know...
The tongue that rises against me...
lt is locked forever.
Let's go.
Let him be! It's between us.
Why flght for a petty thing?
Come and take whatever you want.
What's the matter?
Did somebody stab you?
Nothing. Just a nightmare.
You dream in the day and scream.
Passengers have tender hearts too.
What if somebody
suflered a stroke?
This girl's scream has
subdued all the passengers.
You sing so well. Sing for us.
Sing that song...
Sit down.
- l'll listen to that song.
Go to Calcutta and hear
it from Pankaj Mallick.
No, sing that...
Bald Tansen, sit in your place.
Calm down. l'll sing a new song.
You wouldn't have heard it.
But on the condition that
eveybody sings with me.
- Yes!!
What's your name?
Help me.
Stop the bus!
Do you think the bus
stops anywhere?
This is a bus not atemple.
What's he saying?
l heard athud.
Did you throw my bag?
l climbed and kept it.
- Then what was the sound?
l fell down. Get in.
Sit there.
Baby elephant! Why are
you getting under the seat?
Dad said.
- Dad said?
Do you think l'm a railway ticket
checker. We are a smarter lot.
You've brought your son topless.
You could've given him a shirt.
- His father is wearing his shirt.
Thank heavens you're not
wearing his dhoti.
Qomt bareyourteeth.
ere are you going?
Do you take the nectar of gods?
- What?
We're going to my in-laws place
for a wedding.
Pay up for 3 tickets.
Why three tickets?
We're only two.
- And this baby elephant?
He's a child.
- His Dad wears his shirt.
He'll travel free?
- He's a little kid.
Little foryou, fat for us.
Pay up or l stop the bus.
Mom has the money, not Dad.
Telling eveybody our family
tales! l'll give you a slap!
- Don't cy.
Scaring my baby!
Pay for the ticket.
- Given! Money! Money!
Here you are.
Blow the horn.
Overtake the bus.
Who the hell is blowing the horn?
The car behind is honking away.
His mom's wedding maybe. Let him go.
How are you?
No problems in the bus?
Have you understood?
- Yes.
The bus. Let's go.
Tell uncle to look aerthe house.
By the time you get in,
we'll reach Goa.
Understood eveything?
- Hury up!
Look aer my mother.
Where to?
- Where l always go.
Going to Goa to your
daughter's in-laws?
Yes, my in laws are dead.
Only hers remain.
l've heard your daughter and
her husband don't get along.
He sent her back last year.
Has he called her back?
- Ofcourse.
l went to her in-laws' place
one day.
And showed them the goddess' form!
- My son-in-law fell at my feet.
Apologised and took
my daughter home.
This is flne but give me the fare.
There's afat hen.
But where's the sound?
Who has brought a hen in the bus?
Good Lord!
- Chicken?
- No, hidden.
So you've brought the hen?
- l have an egg not a chicken.
So why are you laughing?
- My face is like this.
Born laughing? Who used to
Iaugh? Your Mom or Dad?
lt was moonlit. Water
flowed all around.
When l was born, my Mom cried.
And Dad laughed.
Just a minute.
Rter Sohrab Modi yore
the onIy Parsi who acts.
Sit down.
Who's smuggled a hen?
Stop the bus!
What a brake!
l got to eat betel leafforfree.
l want to ask something?
Where's the clucking from?
Where is it? It's not allowed
to bring hens into the bus.
What's in this?
- Books.
Hens not allowed. The bus
won't move till the hen is found.
The basket!
The lady's basket is moving.
ls there a hen in this basket?
lt's not full grown, just a baby.
Let me see the baby.
ls this a baby? And bald at that?
lfthis is a baby,
will the hen be your size?
Rascal! Sinner! Bring my hen back!
- It's not allowed.
And you're asking the
conductor to go flnd it.
Drive on.
- No!
ll you bring the hen?
lfyou don't, l'll burn
eveybody to cinder!
Don't curse us, mother.
Forgive me, mother. l've
travelled this road for O years.
But l never saw you in this form.
Forgive me.
- Is it clear?
Let's go flnd her hen.
Pick the basket and ask forgiveness.
Forgiveness later. Hen flrst.
l won't give up the hen.
Look there!
- Catch it!
Calling a hen or a girl?
l'll get it.
The head is in my hand.
Let's go to the bus fast.
Start the bus.
Here's your hen.
Why are you quiet?
Why don't you say something?
It's as if a snake got your tongue.
th great diMculty
l caught this hen...
What is it?
Funny guys! Scared of a snake.
What's a snake? Comes from
here and vanishes there.
Catch it and put it in your pocket
People eat snakes in many nations.
Do you know what vitamins it has?
Why are you yelling?
You are Indians.
They flght storms.
Play with peril.
You guys are scared ofa snake!
Recall that you are Arjun's kids.
Bhima's children.
Son of Bhim Singh! How are you?
Eat the vitamin pill and catch it.
You catch it.
- No way!
Why are you afraid?
This is the snake god.
Won't harm anyone.
Give the driver a kiss.
The conductor?
- No, throw him out.
Thank God.
What is it?
- My honour lies at yourfeet.
Are you a man or animal?
Always scaring us!
The coward keeps yelling.
Where is my hen?
l got you a 500 buck snake
in place of a 5 buck hen.
Yet you're cribbing!
- Sinner! l curse you!
Curse! You'll be a hen
in yourfuture birth!
And l'll chop and eat you!
An astrologer told me
l'd be a dog in my next birth.
Take this and rememberwhat l said.
The job should be done.
We'll follow the bus.
Come as soon as you've killed her.
- The bus is coming!
l'll push.
Don't know what's wrong
with the kids oftoday.
A little scolding and
they do such things!
What do they know what
their parents undergo.
Today the groom's family
is coming to see Mala.
What will we tell them?
Anybody home?
There they are.
- Welcome.
Son-in-law hasn't come?
You are so foolish! First ask
us to sit, eat, then ask questions.
Do you think this is
a hotel or restaurant?
That you enter and orderfortea?
l haven't seen her so far.
- Just a co-incidence.
Herfriend come from London aer
4 years. She's gone there for 2 days.
One coincidence in our home too.
His friend arrived from
America aer 4 years.
He's gone to Nasik for 2 days.
What a co-incidence.
l've brought his photograph
ifyou'd like to see? ll you?
He's ahandsome boy.
- Likefather, like son.
Thinks he's handsome!
They'll make a good pair.
What does this mean?
Control your legs!
My legs look aer me.
How can l control them?
Cut to where?
- Here.
l'm a conductor not barber.
Where do you want to go?
The last stop.
- You too?
l wish to know which is the
destination ofthis unknownjourney
Mister Mixed up, poety later.
l mean give me 8.75.
Here's your .25
Keep it.
- l'm not a hotel boy.
Eat a rice plate at the
next stop with this.
l say, what do you think?
What about me? l consider
evey young girl my child.
The grapes are sour.
Forget that, but
l don't understand...
As the boy entered the bus,
he saw the girl and whistled.
The girl got scared.
The boy sat in front of her.
She got confused.
The girl looked at the boy.
Both spoke through their eyes.
God knows what is going on.
lt's a matter ofyouth.
How did you like the song?
- Hey conductor!
Why are you asking her?
Ask me! This is what l think!
l've fallen down!
Stop the bus! The conductorfell!
Don't wory.
He's fallen many times.
He'll get in on his own.
Stop the bus!
Stop or it will be my interval!
Mother, l mean sister, now on
l'll ask you eveything.
All right, sit down.
When l sit, she makes me stand.
When l stand, she tells me to sit.
Come here.
- l'm the conductor. Talk with respect
My ticket is to Belgaum.
Change it to Goa.
Terriflc, yellow shirt!
How did you change your mind?
lnteresting change?
Mind your business.
And give me a ticket to Goa.
lfnot ticket, will l
pick somebody's pocket?
Dad! Fried dumplings!
Dad! Fried dumplings!
Why are you beating the boy?
He is hungy. No, baby.
l'll give you dumplings.
- Dumplings!
Hold him.
What are you doing?
Tying my child's mouth!
This is the only way
of shutting his mouth.
l won't let you...!
Your son screams and
spoils my image.
Don't hit the child.
The child is mine. Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Here's the money.
Are you from the militay?
Strange old rice! What a question!
ln this uniform, if not militay,
does he resemble a laundy?
You toad! Stop
croaking and do yourjob.
Shut up. Your mouth stinks.
Where are you posted?
The place near Kashmir?
- Yes.
l've heard it snows a lot there.
Must be vey cold.
- Have you been there?
l'm not so lucky.
But as a kid l read in books.
Read in childhood ad
feeling cold in old age!
ls there no way to stop war?
Why do you need guns
ifthere are no wars?
Why do you need bullets
ifyou have no guns?
And ifthere are no bullets,
how will men flght and end war?
Both of us are Brahmins.
But our minds difler.
l asked ifwarwill end and
like an ass you began arguing!
What? You called me an ass?
Being a Brahmin,
you have insulted a Brahmin!
You insulted religion!
l won't spare you!
What did the poor man say?
He wanted to flnd ifwar will end.
And you got mad for no reason!
Being a Brahmin,
you talk like a fool!
You called me afool?
You are afool!
A great fool!
Fool ofAll India
Association of Fools!
Yourfather is afool!
So is your grandfather!
Your entire family is
full offools!
Why are you flghting?
Till an outside party
comes and helps decide...
The flght won't end.
Let them die. We'll play.
- Have you got cards?
But how will we play?
l have no money.
Why fear?
We have today's earnings.
This sweet lime.
- l have atomato.
How did the noise stop?
Look! The policeman is
taking a prisoner in.
Take this banana.
l'll keep it.
- Okay.
Look aer your pouch.
Stop near the tent.
l have to get ofl.
Stop the bus nearthe tent.
Bye eveybody.
See you.
Why? There was this huge flght
thanks to you. Don't meet me again.
My wallet? l had it
when l boarded the bus!
Not even scared of imprisonment!
The penalty for the is
much lighter than murder.
Have mercy and tell me
how did you pick his pocket?
As he lied his hand to snufl
aer getting into the bus...
l whacked his pocket.
- Woe betide this habit!
Forthe flrst time in life
l got deceived thanks to it.
l give it up!
- Good constable.
l've always heard that
police reform criminals.
But today for the flrst time
l saw a criminal reform a policeman.
You are right, l'll throw this away!
What are you doing?
- Let go! l'll chuck it.
Take the constable carefully
to the police station.
l mean you take him carefully.
Being alert is vey important.
Have you understood?
Did you see that?
Now they are whispering.
l'm watching eveything.
But who is he? He came later.
We have the flrst right.
- Soly.
He's spreading his legs as if
he has bought the entire bus.
You're disturbing his sleep.
He'll make mincemeat out ofyou!
We too have paid the fare.
Where is that damn conductor?
He's supposed to
Iook aer our comfort.
Didn't you see how he ran for his
life when this man held his hand?
He's a man only in name.
Why are you hiding yourface?
Didn't you hear your praise?
l'm hard of hearing.
Eveybody says you're
a man only in name.
Don't challenge my bravey.
You've only seen me as a
conductor not as a man.
Let's see!
Want to see?
He's sleeping. Soly.
- Shut up!
Get up, you hog!
- Hey!
l told you he has aflght in Goa.
Onion skin! This is not ajumbojet.
You've cornered 3 seats
as if it is your father's!
Get up!
Who touched me?
- It was him sir.
The ant wants to flght the elephant!
Grumpy! l maybe an ant
and you maybe an elephant.
But this bus isn't your Pop's!
Let go ofme sister!
You're holding on to me!
- Let go of me.
Thank God you hit me in the bus.
You escaped. What would l have
done ifyou'd hit me outside?
You're squirming too much!
l'll make mincemeat ofyour bones!
Come out and l'll see you.
Driver, stop the bus.
Stop the bus.
- Yes.
Take oflyour clothes.
Stop. Don't remove my clothes.
We'll flght in Goa, wrestler.
- What?
Take oflhis clothes!
What do we do with this ant?
Look aerthis.
Come on!
Li this high.
Don't show me your chest.
Can you do this?
Go on! What can he do?
The conductor and
wrestler will now flght.
l'm willing to place a bet on them
Look at the wrestler's body.
.25 to
Those in favour ofthe conductor
5 to . Time to make money.
Place your money.
l bet 30 bucks.
- On the conductor?
Am l crazy to bet on him?
l favour the wrestler.
Go on!
Go on!
-Anybody else?
Here's my cash.
- Go on!
Don't be scared.
You're Superman!
You're so strong!
Don't touch me.
- What?
Don't touch!
Go away!
- Going!
Well done my fllly!
Won the race without running.
l hit thejackpot!
How much did you win?
- Over 500.
You want to fleece my
passengers by using me as bait!
Return this money.
God gives, the fool gives away!
Lobster neck.
- Yes brother?
ls he dead?
- No, flnished.
Don't cy my child.
Evey dog has his day.
Today was your day.
l apologise to you and your Pop.
Get some water.
Throw it on him so he gains senses
- Where do l get it from?
l only have these.
Get up, sir!
He won yet he apologises to you.
You've cut our nose!
Where is Mala?
That rascal ruined eveything.
- Who?
A tall chap.
- You mean Ravi.
He's landed here too?
- He also took my pistol.
But l've played such a trick
that the bus will stop.
Come in and sit, idiot!
Why did you stop now?
- l didn't.
lt stopped on it's own.
Alight and see what's wrong.
What is going on?
- Who is Rajesh and who is Khanna?
l only know one Rajesh Khanna.
- Where is Khanna?
What are you doing there? Come
Want to go to the toilet?
- No.
The bus went to the loo. See.
The screw ofthe oil tank is loose.
The oil has dripped dy.
Now what?
Takethe can and get oil.
ln this heat you want me to walk
2 miles with a can on my head?
l can't do it.
You can't walk?
Then l'll get you an Impala car.
These days you pull
my leg quite a bit
lfl lose my head,
l'll flip you over!
l've flipped hundreds like you!
Why are you flghting?
- Why are you flghting?
Drive the bus.
- Get into the bus.
Conductor! Take the bus
to Goa or l will report you!
Do you talk or spit!
Mother, l'm...
- Mother!
Repair the tank flrst.
- l will.
The conductor will take time.
Let's go out for fresh air.
Let's go fast!
Where's my wife?
My cycle!
What are you thinking oR
l'm thinking about one
wrong step l took.
Meaning lack courage and
intentions have changed.
The desire to become
afllm star ruined you.
How do you know?
- l know eveything.
l also know who you are.
Whose daughter.
And who you will mary.
How do you flnd the boy?
- Don't know. l've never seen him.
So look at him now.
- Now?
Yes. The son of Ramlal and
the son-in-law ofyourfather...
Atmaram. l am the same Ravi.
You mean you...
Yes, me.
Did a mad dog bite me that
l'd follow you like a bodyguard?
Why did you hide yourseIR
Your eyes were covered
with the glamour offllmdom.
l thought a few bumps and
you'd understand yourself.
Gold has to burn before
turning into an ornament.
Anyway forget it.
How is the flance?
l'd like it even ifthe
engagement wasn't planned.
l hear somebody coming.
- It's our fellow passengers.
- Are you blind driving over my herd!
Where else will l ride?
Is this yourfathers' road?
No, is it yourfather's?
Hitting me? l'll pound you!
Listen to me!
Are you willing to push
the bus to the petrol pump?
l'll take you now. Ready?
Go to blazes!
Why only the petrol pump?
We'll push right to your house.
Then let's go.
Push hard.
My brother, Rajesh!
My brother!
- This sounds like Khanna.
- But where is it coming from?
From here! Where else?
l'm on the tree and
the oil can is down.
Why are you laughing?
- You look like a monkey.
What is it?
- Brother.
Drivers should not laugh at the
problems of conductors. Get me down.
First tell me whether somebody
hung you there or it's your will?
What can l say? A little
boy was grazing goats.
l slapped him to show ofl.
So the villagers...
First swear never to hit anyone.
Never again! Swear by your mother.
l'll never raise anything.
Won't l understand even aer
being nailed to the cross?
Now you're speaking my tongue.
Done or not yet?
- Not yet.
What rot! Time is being wasted
The girl will escape our clutches!
We'll hang by the noose!
- Hury up.
Where's my purse?
Did l leave it out?
-You didn't have it there.
Maybe l le it in the bus.
- Why did you?
This madam's purse has been
The in the bus? In my O year
old service, this is the flrst time.
l had warned you to look aer it.
Now you've got us in trouble.
lf any ofyou found it
or took it by mistake...
Then please return it to her.
Get up.
Where is the purse?
- What nonsense?
Do l look like athieR
- Going the right track.
You know how to scold too.
l thought you could only comb.
What is it?
- Can't you talk politely?
l'm talking so politely. l only
want to ask where this passenger is.
So far you hadn't
talked to me so lovingly.
l'm a vey simple...
This yellow shirt is missing!
He only wanted to go to Belgaum.
Then he extended it to Goa.
His eye was on her purse.
But don't you wory. If he
is a thief, l'm a lion!
l'm double smart. What do l do?
Turn the bus around.
l'm telling you to turn
the bus back to Bombay.
- Ty to understand.
l'm the father ofJames Bond.
Turn around.
- Now l understand.
Move aside!
l don't want to go.
- But we'll take you in this bus.
Give the purse.
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
- Change the board.
Beating me without listening to me.
Those who want to eat may do so.
l'll take the thiefto the police.
Yellow shirt!
ll we get lunch?
- Yes sir. Please be seated.
Lunch is available.
- Let's sit.
You look like Ram and Sita.
Newly married?
Why are you feeling shy?
Go and sit in the family room.
Send in two teas.
Get up dear.
- No, please sit.
l'm not shameless like you.
Let's go, wife.
What will you have?
- Three full meals.
Why is his face tied up?
ls it awish?
- No.
You may open it ifyou wish.
lf somebody mouth is tied in a
hotel, what will they think of it?
Nothing at all. They will
think there are too many flies.
You joke.
- No.
lfyou think it's a
joke, l'll open it.
Now watch the fun.
Hold your son!
Fill his mouth with
dumplings and shut it!
Eat. Now you know why it was tied.
Not only his mouth, his eyes,
ears, nose, all should be tied.
Such a spoilt brat.
He's our only child.
- One like him is enough.
Good heavens!
Looks like eveyone
is in the canteen.
We'll wait ahead.
Here are your sweetmeats.
Come here. Where's Rajesh?
He won't be here. He'll
be eating in a private hotel.
l mean where bangles clang
along with the meal.
Where anklets chime
and foreheads glimmer.
You go in the car and do as l say.
This time ifthere's any mistake
l'll shoot you flrst.
Right. Sit down.
ls it your father's bus
that you halt it anywhere?
Don't be angy. Help us.
His mother is breathing her
Iast in the next village.
What? This dark horse
has lost his mother.
She is sick, not dead.
ls he a man or a bull?
The bullet went into my stomach!
The bullet was flred there.
This pistol is useless for you.
It had only two bullets.
Stop the bus.
- Now the bus won't stop.
Won't stop?
- Come on.
Nobody will move.
lfyou ty to stop,
l'll blow your brains out!
Drive fast!
Drive fast!
Vey good! How nice!
Gangsters cary away our daughters
and these men are watching them!
Aren't you ashamed?
Wear these bangles!
Here, wear these!
Today's men are eunuchs, not men!
Come on, we'll rescue her!
Stop! My arms are twitching!
l'm not a eunuch! Turn the bus!
No time forthat, l'll reverse.
Wait. Come one by one.
Just a minute.
Taking ofl my shirt!
l'll catch a cold or pneumonia!
Go and flght.
- No, l won't go.
Rascal! Hit me!
Beating up my husband!
Beating me? l won't spare you!
There! Follow me.
Come. Look there!
You go that way. You there.
And the rest follow me.
No, l'll go that way.
Well done. Inspector.
My passengers have done
the job ofyou policemen.
lf evey young man ofthis
county served it...
Stop lecturing.
We have to reach Goa
Catch them. Them not us.
Madam! Cootchie-coo later.
We have to reach Goa.