Bomnaleun ganda (2001) Movie Script

Where are you going?
I will go with you.
I said I would go with you.
Grandma. Let's go.
We should go.
Let's go.
You Ji-Tae
Lee Young-Ae
One Fine Spring Day
Hi, excuse me. It's me.
Hi! It's me, I am here...
I called you.
How are you?
I'm from Ah Ram Sound Studio.
My Name is Lee Sang-woo.
I'm Han Eun-su. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Don't be late next time.
Let me listen to it.
-Are you finished?
That was fast.
-Could I interview you?
-Why not?
What's your name?
Kang Hwa-soon
-Kang... Hwa... Soon?
-How old are you?
How long have you been
living in this bamboo forest?
52 years.
-52 years?
I really like the sound of the wind
when it blows through the forest.
When does it sound the best?
Of course it's when it snows,
and the wind is blowing.
The sound of the bamboo
brushing against each other...
...can really comfort me.
I see.
I am starving!
I will bring it over.
Hurry up please.
How long have you been
doing sound recording?
Around 5 years.
You're not bad.
Cut your fingers? Let me see.
Oh, it's bleeding
Try this. Come on.
-It's okay.
-Try this.
Come on.
Higher, higher. Above your heart.
Where did you learn this?
From my grandma.
Do you live with your grandma?
How nice.
She's ill.
Not like this, okay? Like this.
Enjoy your lunch.
Thank you very much.
It's too much for you.
You think I can't eat all of this?
Make sure you finish it then.
After breaking up with him... heart is filled
with sorrow and pain...
Did I really love him?
Never had I truly expressed
how I felt inside...
This is you, right?
I have to DJ as well as produce
in this small radio station.
They only found out how much they love
each other after they were separated.
If they can meet each other
again in the future.
I guess they are just destined
for each other.
Don't. I want to listen to it.
Be brave and give him a call.
I think I can already hear his voice.
It is so full of love.
This is Han Eun-su's FM music hall...
It's embarrassing!
Would you get the light?
Come on in.
The third one sounds the best.
I like the second one.
The third one sounds softer,
The third one's better anyway.
Ms. Kang Hwa Soon has lived in the
bamboo forest for 52 years.
She said that the sound of the
bamboo brushing against each other
in the wind
can calm her mind and heart.
It can also help her forget
all her worries.
Today on ''Human and Nature''...
...let us hear the sound of
the bamboo forest.... Kangwon province.
It must be hard working
late every night.
Doesn't your family worry?
I wish I have someone
to worry over me.
Why don't you get married?
I tried that once already.
Do you know how to use
a fire extinguisher?
You have to pull the safety pin...
point the hose to the fire...
and squeeze the handle tight...
I memorized it while
I was making my coffee.
The pain from the past.
The sadness from the present.
Is this a woman's destiny.
Or is fate playing games with me.
I know I have to
choose the hardest road.
I will never forget the past.
Looking back in tears.
A round of applause please!
Mother. I'm good, aren't l?
I'm getting better, right?
Thank you, mother.
Hey, you should pay
for my song as well.
Mom paid you already.
I gave her that money.
Why don't you go home?
You want me to go away?
I'm just kidding.
Great grandma, great grandpa.
Be careful with the album.
Grandma looks pretty there.
This is the train dad
used to conduct.
Grandma, who is this?
My husband.
Grandma, Who is this?
Who is this old man?
Mom, this is dad.
This is dad when he was young.
This is dad when he was old.
What's grandma doing?
She fell asleep.
Did grandma and grandpa
get along well?
Really well. Your grandfather
took good care of her.
He used to buy her all kinds of
clothes and cosmetics.
He also took
a lot of pictures of her.
Then why did he have an affair?
Sometimes that happens.
Oh, yeah?
you should get married while
she's still alive.
I'm serious.
Oh, it's you, Ms Han.
Next Monday? Okay.
Is it raining there? Not here.
Okay, good night.
I don't think we should
do the recording today.
We'll have to try tomorrow.
What did you pray for back there?
Don't remember.
Thanks for the ride.
You're welcome.
Do you want some ramen?
Come in.
What kinds of alcohol
do you like the best?
Why do you ask?
You've got a lot of bottles here.
How long have you lived alone?
Can you think of a better topic?
Rice wine and
ramen taste good together.
I don't have any interesting story
to tell. I'm kind of a bore.
I can see that.
You want to sleep over?
Let's get to know each other first?
This is embarrassing.
It feels so good being with you.
Hi, this is Sang-woo.
I couldn't record yesterday
because of the rain.
I think I have to stay
one more day...
I'm at the temple. Hello, hello?
The connection is bad.
Now it's my turn.
A fine spring day.
The spring wind blows
at my sheer skirt.
I am leaving then.
Isn't this the spear of
the tribe-master?
That's all mother can give you.
You must find Pipo.
Let me talk to them.
It's not Pipo. It's Papo, okay?
Can we try one more time?
Let's do it again.
Something good happened
to you recently?
What do you mean?
You know.
I miss you too.
You really do miss me?
Good night.
To Kang-neung.
Don't you know where that is?
You're drunk.
How much did you have?
Jeong-kook,l fell in love
with someone.
She lives in Kang-neung.
I'll pay you. I really have to go.
You're not kidding?
I want to see her now.
She has to live that far?
Thank you.
Buy me a drink next time.
Drive safely.
-See you.
You look handsome when you're drunk.
I feel good.
Tell me about your high school days.
I was a troublemaker.
-A troublemaker.
This is the house where I was born.
It is?
The radio station.
This is where my great grandfather
was born.
You've lived here all your life?
Yeah. See?
My grandmother is passing by.
Oh, passed.
Another coming...
Be careful, be careful.
Oh, my god.
You like it?
Speed up now.
No, this is fast enough.
Come on. I can do this.
After we die, how about getting
buried together like that?
Huh? You don't want to?
Do you recognize me?
Mother! Mother! Come on out.
Mom, come on.
It's not you who did anything wrong.
Tell her that I am sorry.
I am sorry.
Who's she?
Your grandfather's mistress.
-You are not late yet? Are you?
-Is this right?
-Yes. Thanks.
Have you eaten?
Go. I will see you later.
Hey, who is he?
Just a colleague.
Does anyone at that station
know we're seeing each other?
You'd be fired if they know.
Then we can't see each other no more.
Want me to do yours?
I'm sorry.
You want some ramen?
Yeah, I'm hungry.
What kind do you want?
Ttok ramen.
Ttok ramen?
Put some kimchi in it.
Sorry I'm late.
Today we have music critic
Mr. Lee Chi-Fen here with us.
This is Han Eun-su's
FM music hall...
You got your eyes done right?
Please feel free
to mail me your letters.
-Having a good time?
-Hi, brother.
-How are you?
I'm home.
Grandma. I'm home.
Where's mother?
She's taking a nap
in Sang-woo's room.
It's too hot.
She's not here!
Where is she?
She's sleeping there.
She must have gone out.
Stop it now. Come on.
What are you doing?
Didn't you hear that mother is gone?
You guys wait for me.
I've lost a lot, ok?
That old woman is causing a lot of
troubles for the family.
When did she leave?
Thank you so much.
You guys should
take better care of her.
I understand.
See you.
This kimchi is really good.
Who made it?
My dad.
No kidding.
Can you make it?
Yeah. You think I can't?
My mom passed away when I was young.
There was this one time when my dad
started beating the crap out of me,
I couldn't stop crying
''Mom! Mom! Mom!''
He never laid a hand on me since.
And he wants to see my girlfriend.
I can't even make kimchi.
I'll do it. No problem.
Let me love you with all
my life could bear,
lalala... lalala...
I heard you are
doing another program?
Hot, isn't it?
Do you know how to use
a fire extinguisher?
Forget it.
I know how to cheer you up.
Want to have a drink?
-Were you drinking?
You had a lot.
Why did you drink so much?
I didn't.
You'd better lie down.
Are you okay?
Something's wrong.
Are you really okay?
What's wrong?
Something's wrong.
Don't cry. Don't cry...
Eun-su, come and have some breakfast.
Have some breakfast, Eun-su.
I'm not hungry. I want to sleep more.
I made something good. Get up, okay?
I don't want to.
Come on. Get up.
Leave me alone! Just go away!
How long have you been
singing ''Arirang''?
I started when I was 20...
How long ago is that?
60 years.
60 years?
Ma'am, do you sing
''Arirang'' with him too?
That's a ridiculous question.
Men do not sing with their wives.
Not like these days.
Not even once with her?
Men do not sing with their wives.
Not old man like me.
Are you ready?
Why don't you sing, Ma'am?
I put up a thorn fence
to hold in my youth.
But it slipped away,
leaving me with grey hair.
The sun must set when it's time comes.
I wish my lover
had a good reason to leave.
I follow my love up Arirang Hill.
What are you going to do now?
We're almost finished.
What do you mean?
I mean, we're almost finished.
What's finished?
I said we're almost done.
Didn't you hear me?
-What's finished?
-Oh, Jesus.
I just wanted to know...
what you are going to do
after this project? Okay?
I've got to go somewhere.
Come make me some ramen, okay?
I have work to do.
What work?
Something I don't know about?
You're going drinking aren't you?
Do I look like your maid?
Watch your language.
Eun-su, I got you something to eat.
This is FM Music Hall
with Han Eun-su.
Please feel free to share
all your love stories with us.
I loved you with
all my life could bear.
I trusted you with such sincerity.
I know I shouldn't have loved you.
I'd be willing to try it again,
but goodbye...
Hurry up. The producer
is going crazy. Okay?
All right.
Is this the one?
Where are you going?
I'm in the sound studio.
It's been a while.
I have to get back to work.
Are you still angry?
Are you happy that I came?
Did you miss me?
I should go.
Are you asleep?
Sang-Woo, let's not see
each other for a month.
Do you mean you want
to break-up with me?
Would you want to?
I don't know.
Grandma! Grandma!
It's been a long time since
we had dinner together.
Do you normally have your meals
at regular time?
Where is your girlfriend? I thought
I told you to bring her home.
You have a girlfriend?
Marry her, then.
I can't take care of
your family forever.
I am tired.
-I don't have one.
-You don't?
You should get married while
your grandma is still alive.
And I want a grandson too.
You want me to set you up?
I know a nice girl.
Don't bother.
I'm full. Can I be excused?
Where are you going?
You haven't finished yet.
I lost my appetite.
I bought pork belly just
because you are home.
Mother, eat slower, okay?
Come on, mom.
Something's going on, isn't it?
Nothing's going on.
Hang on son.
Hi, it's me. How you doing?
You sound busy.
Okay. Don't want to bother you.
Seems like we are pretty far away.
You scared of me?
Drive faster.
I said I'd call you. Stop doing this.
What are you doing here?
What's up?
I don't think
I can continue working here.
Let's go for a drink after work.
I'll find someone to replace me.
What are you talking about?
What's the matter with you?
You know better than that.
Aw, fuck!
What? Fuck?
I'm sorry.
Stay here...
Come back!
Let me stay here tonight.
Let me stay here tonight.
Eun-su, want to see something funny?
Don't act like this.
You want a ride?
No, thanks!
I didn't do anything wrong, did l?
See you.
Could you stop, please?
I want to break up.
I'll do better.
Let's break up.
Do you love me?
How could love disappear so fast?
Let's break up then.
Grandma, let's go.
Grandma, come on.
I have to wait for your grandfather.
He's gone.
He's passed away, Grandma.
Let's go.
Get a hold of yourself!
Get a hold of yourself!
-Hey, how've you been?
-You skip dinner again?
I'm eating now.
Want to go to Kang-neung?
Let's have a drink.
Nah. I don't want to drink.
Because if I get drunk,
I will feel like
she's waiting for me again.
Sang-woo, forget about her.
Imagine she's an old woman.
Her hair's all gray,
she's got wrinkles.
That might help you forget.
Just keep that in mind.
I feel kind of sorry
for an old Eun-su.
But I still miss her.
Let's go.
Stay a little longer.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to see you.
Are you going somewhere?
Go home. I've got to leave.
Do you want a ride?
Was it hard to find?
Yeah. You got here early?
Yeah, we've been waiting for you.
-My friends.
-How are you?
-You must be tired. Let's get inside.
Let it out.
Buses and women are all the same.
Once they leave,
they will never stop for you.
-How have you been?
-Very well.
You haven't changed a bit.
Do you remember?
You know...
It's for your grandma.
I heard plants are good for old
people. Take good care of it.
Stay with me today.
What's wrong?
I should go.