Bon Voyage (2003) Movie Script

Calm down, Miss, calm down.
No, I'm finding happy, happy.
Quiet, they are all there.
Are there all there? Right, I'm going there!
Miss!|Let me go!
But you keep it in to me!|You can't enter, I can't let you in.
But tell me, my sweety!
Good evening everyone!
Valentine, what are you doing there?|I married your son
Come, Jean-Pierre, let's go
Don't listen to her, she is mad.
Me, I am mad? Come on!
Mr. Beaufort.
I'm sorry, sorry.
I steped on your foot.
I respect you.
Minister M.
Nice to meet you!
The movie, actually I didn't see it.
I only saw you.
Brings happy at this serious moment.
Doesn't it surprise you? |By contraries!
We must happy
with you
You forgot everything, for you
Yes?|You think, there is a war for each one?
For the mercy!|I ask myself hundreds of times everyday
Not you... Not tonight.
I have got chance but only for one time...
I have seen all your movies.
See you Thursday!
Go! Listen to me.
I prefer to meet you.
The phone!
Hello! Yes.
Ah, is you!
How do you get the phone.
Did you call her that day?
Pity, she should asd earlier...|What should I do?
Don't speak that fast,|I can't understand.
It's late now.|You prefer to talk tomorrow?
All right, with my|pleasure. What's going on?
I said with my pleasure. Follow your will...
I even don't know your address. Wait.
I will write to you
What have you done?|I didn't call you! Come in
You feel cold? You are trembling.|This is called emotion
Because you see me? Yes
Haven't seen you for a long time
So beautiful. But something lost
I saw some photos in the magazine.|Keep them, we can't stay here.
Where are you going?
What's wrong with you, Viviane?
He is...
He fell off
From the top? But you are living|at the bottom? No, at the top.
You let him...|No, I didn't do nothing. He trembled
Alone? I boxed his ears
Why? He was drunk, and peck me
What will you do?
What should we do?
Don't move!
Don't move, and don't touch anything!
I'm gonna call the cop. No!
No, don't call the cop!
Leave me alone. No
This is an accident. They don't trust me
Trust, this is too slippery!
This would be a terrible scandal,|you won't know that.
I never belongs to meself.|and I'm starting making movie from Monday.
Calm down. Leave me.
I got it wrong.|I thought you would accept my help
What did he do?
Who? He.
Business. He even invest in movies.
Have you seen "Night Ball"?
Obviously, yes.
Wait, put it at the right place
Did you cry for this?
What? That movie
Yes, cry heavily
Did I sang a nice song?
Very nice.
My salary was doubled. I am so happy.
Don't you know that?
What are you looking for? The key
Is he bleeding? Yes, he fell off.
Where is the river? This is a aqueduct.
Is it deep? Yes
Don't you want me to come? No, get back.
Remove the spoor.
I will talk to you tomorrow.
I can confirm that at the beginning.
What? So you're gonna help me.
You don't forget?
No, especially you.
So many people in your life.
No, stay sitting there.
I am looking for you.
But this is hard
Yes, indeed.
Something happened?
Is there something worry you?
No... Can I talk to you like with friend?
You are nice. Come.
Do you know Auger Arpel? He is dead.
I know
I know him. And you?
I didn't see him
Ah... The police is interrogating
They get me public, I won't go
The door is open
Did you hear what I said?
So why don't you go?|Think about the calendar
They have other things to do.
You don't know them. You believe that?
What are you waiting me to do?
I refused the gather
I don't know the police chief.
You can call him
Maybe, let me think about it
Is this Jeanne Lanvin?
Your perfume.
This is Scandale
I like it
I call him call
Who? Police chief
I can't, but I will. I promise
Don't worry. You will find this is nothing.
The criminal has been arrested.
Mr. L'rudit. I am master Maurice.
I can't let you astrict me.|I am voluntary.
But another perspect... I
I am coming back
This war is meaningless.|No one get anything.
Even Hitler.
From here, please be quiet
Did you see the justicer? No.
Obviously, this is messy
All right, I have read your announcement
You will see this, I have time
The car, you stole the car.
Don't you know the owner is in the box?
Don't know
You said you want to be|belongs to the cops. Not me
Bulldog, what have you done?
A bulldog?
This man, Annbill,|you killed him using bulldog.
Don't know that?
What? Go
The Germany are arriving
Where are they?|They will get there tomorrow
Can they? There!
You alllowed, right?
When will they get together with us?
On the noon
We can't go alone
Go ahead!
What are you doing?
Sh, silent
Don't stop there!
There, I saw it!
Hello, yes?
Guillaume Francoeur|yes
Who? Viviane Denver?|No, sir, she is not there.
No, no one there, no movie, nothing.
I don't know, she should be in Porto
Like everyone, they are worried.
Entire swelldom.
I, I stayed there, yes.
I study Germany
You information
These are not!
You can laugh. What are you doing there?
I travelled by train
I have to go to Porto
What did you do yesterday?
I will tell you, come!
Look. I didn't find any glasses
What does this mean, thanks.
Em, as the time!
Let me introduce a friend|with you... Mr Auger
Mr Auger
The Miss is in Franch college
But no one is interested in what you said
What did I say?
She stoped at Ankulin, pity, right?
You don't look well
I'm fine, thanks
I think you are sick
I am not
I will be back in a while. No!
Is your friend always like that?
Do you know him well?|No, he just supply service to me.
He is honest
You wanna sit down?
Are you really working in French college?
Yes, actually, I am assistant of Physics.
And you? What do you do?
Oh, me, I do a lot of things.
Oh. What?
I'm starting,|such as... Last, I start...
But the same there, I|didn't stay there for long.
You were not mobilised? No, I missed.
Where were you?
Overseas, but you know,|when I came back, all of here...
Find a boat...
Angouleme Angouleme
Professor, Professor!
I'm gonna help you
Camille We thought you could do nothing
You stayed at Projat for two hours.|How do you do, Mr Girard?
Thanks, goodbye.
Can we meet again?
Where? French college?
All the documents are there? Yes.
I put all in the lab.
Look out! Follows the sound of cannon
The traffic is stopped|until there comes new inform
All the travellers are|invited to come by train
My bag!
You took my bag!
In Britain, What will you do?
Let me think about it.
No one is waiting for you.|I've got friends
I must leave France
German will arrive there 8 days later,|maybe earlier.
Did you catch them?|Yes, I'm sure
What about the truck?|I'm not so confident.
When will the boat leave?|Tomorrow.
You are gonna to Britain?|I can't, because of my mother.
Femoral collapsible... You know it?|I don't have her news
Sorry, don't you want to go to Porto?
Don't worry, they are kind
Where are they come from? Paris?
I think so.
Don't touch it!
She is sleep, sir. Thanks
Oh no, no! I beg you.
Too late now, you should get up!
I didn't sleep. This hotel is so noisy!
I know. No one can sleep well
All the government officers are arriving.
I stay here overnight, and then I|will go the special administrative area
Poor Jean!
I must get back there.|And then. Sleep.
This is the committee of minister.
Find a excuse, give you a word.
Don't want to hold it?
I saw de Lusse's family, down there.
Are they all there?
They sleep in their car.|It can't be.
Go and see, their cars are at the front.
127, please.
Yes, this is Beaufort
Have you seen a huge scene?
Who? Yes, so what?
De Lusse slept on the street!|What a big news!
I will be there right away
What happened? The German arrived Orleans.
Already arrived?
Hello, miss.
Ah, my darling!
I'm gonna die! I lived together|with Arbesault from yesterday!
I can't tell you
I even don't mention|languor, it's humiliating!
So strange here!
I'm gonna sleep... In the car?
Yes. Oh! No!
At least I'm satisfied with|that you have got place.
You wanna a shower? Later.
I will fell off if I don't eat anything
Can I come? No.
A double bedroom. I have|already tried my best.
They think this is because of Arbesault,|so I moved out, but this is not true.
Ah! Where are you going?
we've got two
Have they told you what said?
I can't
I invite you for a lunch
This is complicate
Just a wine.
Just a wine may be OK. Listen.
I think I've got chance to meet you
Alex... I am not the minister.
But now
This is better.
He follows you. For his newspaper.
He is crazy for you.|Listen.
He said he lives in Camille.|What?
Your dream is in France, in beauty...
I must leave, no choice.
Go to the colony?
We were circumvented
We can't control Senegal
Shut up, Brmond,|this is resuscitation
War is failure, you know it.
Not yet. Yes!
Must stop the war.
Paul will not do that.|Hope he would abdicate
Catchpoles are ready
I saw two opponents
Who? Oh, of course...
Mandel and Gaulle
You are late
Oh! Any question?
Have you ever seen this?
Where are you going?|This is not there!
We must fix item 6 and 9
Stop! What?
I've got one thing to do.|No.
I'll be right back. Viviane!
You wish?|I...
Do you have... Glove?
Leather or woolen?
I don't know.|Leather.
What's the size?
Give me your hand.
You must wear size 7.|What color?
The same. White.|That's it, white.
Have you been released?
I escaped from the prison.
You will be looking for you
Everyone escaped
Take it. I wear them.
Did you point him to the top...|Arpel?
Not here.|Are you afraid I punish you?
Silent, I can explain to you.|Don't move
Viviane must go there.
That's fine, isn't it?
Ya, this's fine. How much?
Including hat? Yes.
Several days before,|we wanted to know wether you know it.
So, this is not... what is his name?
Viviane.|That's her, Viviane.
Do you know her?
But you just know her,|don't understand her...
We know each other!|What do you want me to tell you?
My bad egg!|I know why you are gonna travel.
That's him, who? Minister Beaufort.
They are a beautiful couple,|didn't you find it?
Silent, child,|don't stay in the house.
I have the hall,|they will send other mattesses.
Refugees are in Porto,|we know you get the idea of the inside story
From the year 1870
And then at 1914...
I can give you my son's room,|I have got only these.
He is somewhere on the road.
Oh! There! My bedspread!
Can I shout!
Is this for Porto? Right.
Come, it is inside my room.
Maurice, is me.
Yes, I'm here.
This is abundant, I will tell you.
Ah? Is that so?
When will they arrive?
Auger! Don't leave, Maurice.
Wait for me, you have 5 minutes!
Where are you going?|You even don't know where she is!
I will find it!
What are you looking for, sir?
He is looking for the government.
We are holistic!
I can't be virtuous to you!
I wanna fax.|Me too!
I am the countess!
I have nothing.
I want to see the director!|He stays at his room.
Room service.|This fits me.
This is designed for conscript fathers.
Miss Denvers.|She has left.
Will she come back?|I don't know.
Give up finding,|this is public battlefront
I have been talking to you|everything will be over in the catastrophe.
The Russian trespass on women.
What are you doing there?
I am waiting for the professor.|He hasn't left?
Leaving needs visa,|otherwise, aboarding is denied.
We go to departments one by one,|the purpose is visa!
He is a genius!|He makes me crazy.
Are you living in this hotel?|No.
Alright. I have been here for an hour.
I can't do anything,|shame on me.
Germen is in Paris,|but this can't disturb the public.
This means nothing to you, right?|No.
No, you care about this?
I care about other things.|Sorry.
Care about other things at this moment?
You have your own business.|Professor, heavy water...
Heavy water?
You made speech on this.
You made speech tonight.|You slept?
Why, is it confidential?
What's this accurately?
A special chemistry.|I can't tell you more.
It's up to you.
Is this the only heavy water in this world?
We must send this to Britain,|not leaving this for German.
Aren't you interested in this?
Yes, but there, I must...
Minister, what happened?
I can't tell you more.
Is the war continue?|The government is considering.
Everything is alright,|you can settle down. Which hotel?
In the finishing school.|You like it?
They robbed our hostel.|My god!
If can work here,|I will go to Nice.
Thank you as well, I...
I want to tell you one thing. Can I?
Leave me,|they are looking at us.
We have the rights to talk.|Not there.
Ah! Jean.
This is Frdric,|De Mel's friend, my brother's friend
This is our neighbour
We from...|how long haven't we met?
You haven't changed.
We go for lunch.|Together.
I will be right back.
The situation is amazing.|I will tell you everything.
Hey, do you have paper?|No.
What?|They don't understand anything.
They came back.|No one wants to sign.
They tried to kill me, Carmy.
They tried to kill me.
I lied to you,|I told you everything.
Let me speak
I can't tell you anymore,|it bothers me.
He try to disclose everything about me.
The old history about I borrowed the jewel
Did you return these back? Yes.
Finally, not all.|This was so complicated... Long ago.
You killed him for this?|I'm scared and wanna leave.
What did you do with bulldog?
I put it in the drawer.
Your picture was in the news on the next day
Accidentally, I didn't leave.
I can't write to you,|they open letters in the prison.
I stopped crying
Don't you believe me?
No, you don't believe me
Frdric, what would we be?
Don't be afraid.
All? Yes?
Yes, I come doan.|They can't start without me.
I must go there
So what should I do,|I wait for you.
No, you escape alone, this is Paris.|Where are you living?
In a lady's house.|Don't go out, I'm coming to see you.
Leave me your address
When will you come?|When I can.
Recently,|You and Beaufort's new character?
It's not easy to make a deal without Jean...
Frdric, stop.
Don't be angry
I'm coming to see you.|For the Christmas?
Why you always be like that?|I am coming from the prison.
I didn't kill anybody,|I. Shut up!
Dear sir, sir!
Mr Beaufort wants to talk to.
You wanna leave!|You wanna have lunch with us?
Come, this will bring happiness to Viviane.
She has seen you for long.
You know Viviane,|this is a art escaping.
You can't know anything with her.
She didn't marry in Demel?
No. She should have won.
You should know her,|you lives next to her.
Please sit down.
Come, your seat is here
Today, we have
No, it's fish. We must be quick,|I have a date at 2 o'clock
And you, sir? The same.|You like flatfish?
Flatfish for everyone?
That's it! It looks so small.
Ah! I invited your friend.
I know the life from the beauties.
What did you say?
Nothing, don't be afraid.
He is a cagy man, like you.
You know Viviane's father?|Did she mention him?
Yes? Your father...
Joined 14 teams...|Two wounds, Three escaping.
He will be surprised to find his|daughter here. Different environment
What does this mean?
Miss, don't insist on this.|Leave me.
Somebody is going...
That's for me.
What happened?
Professor must talk to your minister friend.
This is not my friend.|However the future will be.
He must help us.|I asked him fot it
Oh, sorry!
My ministerial boss
Sit down. No, alright.
Take my seat, I'm leaving.|Goodbye, Viviane... Gentlemen.
Are you Frdric's friend?
Flatfish, this is for you.
Mr Auger!
Are you Mr Frdric Auger?
I am Thierry Arpel, Andre Arpel's nephew.
He was murdered.
Do you remember?
When you were in prison?
This is criminous!
He killed my uncle!
Viviane, wait for me.
Give me several hous
The boat leaves tonight.|I must talk to my colleague about this.
My ministerial boss will be|together with you. Isn't it, Brmond?
Telephone from Marseilles
Little neighbour.|Ah no, cheers! A assassin!
Besides, I invite him a meal
The day performs French destiny.
Be honest! I can't know
Whom did he kill? No, he was there.
For Arpel you know him.|No, I...
You keep in him to me. No.
Shut up, lie, Viviane!
The car is downstairs
She goes up!
Last, tell the driver to go up|and get the documents.
How do you want me to trust you?
If you tell me the truth one more time
One more time.
Everything he did is for me,|I'm sure, to protect me.
You have met Arpel|He have to fight, and can't bear it
I want to be evil
Ah, is...|Was he kill by others outside?
But he attacked newspaper reporter|when I get an article.
One day.
The map was teared.
Yes, it's so affecting.|but you won't cry
You know where it come from, the street?
Actually yes.
I will let the police to find it.
I need 8. Set up these,|it's on the first floor.
Alright, follow me.
You found her? Who?
Maurice, let me introduce to you,|this is Auger.
Ah, hello!
You didn't find her? Yes.
Can you ask her to sign?
That's for Maurice,|his passion is for actress
What did you tell him?
This is friend,|provide some confidence.
Where is he, and others, the minister?|Yes.
You explain it?|Do they hope you back?
No? There, I respect you.|I am so chickenshit
High-speed autoboat, it's special.|Take care of your mouth.
Come, closer,|you are the most beautiful!
All about the shares? Yes.
Any risk?
Which risk?
Impossible.|You can do nothing without uranium.
But you can do nothing without heavy water.
Ah?|Em. No!
Chain reaction
Hello, yes...|Oh, sorry.
Back to school at 5.
Find a garage,|you can't park your car there.
Mr girad.
No, there is a spy.|I want to give to someone.
Speed up working,|this will be more helpfull.
Make an order!
You wanna me to make a draft?
Deliver in Paris...
Excuse me.
It belongs to you?|I return it to you.
This is for our visa,|for Portugal.
There is a scrip inside.
There they are,|I divulge them.
But leave me,|I am interested in this.
Dad, it belongs to that Mr.
Excuse me. You are...
This is a novel, isn't it?
I hope.
There still has work to do,|but all there.
Can I take a comment?
We have a lot of dark words there.
We hear canard all over the house.
"We", Who? Is that you?
I will have a look at these.
"We" means no one, you understand?
Where are you going?
You and me?
Viviane!|Is this my type?
I can take you,|my car is nearby
No,thanks.|that's much noisy
It will take you anywhere
Stop there. No
why?|are you scared me?
You always get away from me
Not always,|but I have to
You've got some trouble
I know, I can help you if|you don't leave me alone
This boy, Frdric,|is he able to speak?
Have you got lost?
Is it necessary for me to control him?
A certain lady is ready for you
But she feeled nothing
It's strange of her head,|Is she sick?
Come here, don't stop there
There is no pleasant fresh air
That's sure, they also believe|other cities and both of you
They knew everything,|that's the end, I've done it
The machine is for your book
I'm angry against my grandpa
But he cried when reading it,|I thought he would go on
I've got the turning head
Sit down, please
Can I help you?|no, thanks
Use it and give me back
Thanks, certainly...|for him, the book...
Someone want to fight, others don't
It doesn't mean that I|want to give your a lesson
It was only a task, and its|beginning was from Algiers or Tunisia
Start it! You won't be back if you get away!
I am protesting it!
Gentlemen, gentlemen
we have some allies
we will adopt some ways to make it legal
Give up the Franch and let them remember it
There are the clans of defending our country
Maybe the clans are consist of|those men left from the war
Professor Kopolski?
I'm sorry, but I'm not|sure that if you remember me
I'm Alex, I had an interview of you|two years ago in Genevese
Ah, yes, that's right
How long do you plan to stay here?
Don't worry,|I came not for my paper
I am imprudent
when did it happen?
The war?
It comes more and more near
It's a big war
If the police tell us|to put down our weapons
we have to betray ourselves
No, don't drive though the troop station
Everything will be stopped there
The best way is the road
I will wait for you
with who I was there?
Your brother
Ah, yes, this is our yard,|but where did it come from?
It's my window
That's not true,|you're invesgating me
You are clear of it
You must leave, Frdric,|you can't be in Podol
They will find you.|you too
I can't go.|you're in danger
No. Tell her about my situation
Come with me,|let's leave together
I don't know
You don't know?|yes
In Portugal you can get you visa.
But what will you do in Portugal?
Maybe we can go to the United States
And Mexico?|why not?
we can publicize my movies there
There will be a riot if they get to see you.|Miss Denver
But what will you do?
I will show you the way to get away.|and I will finish my book
Your book?|don't tell me that's the same book as others
Oh, Frdric, no
This time, I will finish it.|I just get something and I will restart it
Have you seen the editor|I recommended to you again?
He was a cheat.|oh,
If you are famous,|I will publish your first poem
Those poems you put beside my window
Did you forget it?|you preserved it?
Yes of course
Professor, I think I may let you down,|but you know,
we can't let you go to|England with the heavy water
Tell me why
She has to stay in France,|she loves France
The German will capture France
Then we can hide it up
we can negociate it
From this moment to another
Negociate with the German?|absolutely
we don't need a agreement
Peace is worth it
But we can change it with money
what?|you won't give the heavy water to them?
No. I store it in a safe place
They will look for it|at least for six months
You will transfer the professor?|like their saying "Jew Apatride"
wish you to get the mercy of the German?
You hold back it
Let me pass!
Let me pass!
Do you know they want|the heavy water for what?
They got lost,|even didn't know where they were
No excuse, they know how risky we are
Yes, they know
You have to understand all the reasons
Yes, gentlemen, keep us here
I've never thought we will come here
They will surrender.|I feel exinanition,too.
I will get...|but it's too late to regret it
what will you do?
I will go to Benan
No, you will be stopped,|don't leave your car
She is always there?|uhmm... Yes
The police get the command of capturing it
The control room is under control|of me or the other one
Shake the body
Softly, it didn't rupture all...|but oh,no, look!
waouh! Pichon|Longuevi11e
waouh! Pichon|Longuevi11e
Show it
who will buy these at this time?
we don't sell it, you can wait
If the war continues,|you will be the king
Miss Camille
what are you doing,Raoul?
It's not true
I will look for her.|no, she must be worried
where will you go?|I will be back with her
Sorry, Sir
Have you seen my hat?|I have to...
Thank you
Anyway, it was broke,|you can't move it
That's enough
The car can't move
No, no! You second, and you, backwards!
Upwardly, the first street, slowly
what did they do?
who got the order to drive my car?|who?
Professor Kopolski,|academy of France
where will go?
The police station,|show me your license
Stop! You broke everything!
No, he is a French,|with black hair
There are lots of police,|I can't do anything
No, French can do everything
Some people in a truck|organised the whole thing
we've lost it
we have to wait for the reply from Berlin
You, a physical scientist, right?
Oh, physics, it makes me cry
Cuvette, image,|the water becomes... Red
This, this is chemistry
Are they similar?
It's here
Ah, my friend
Are you all right, my little Camille?|are you ok?
No, thanks
what about you, Mr. Girard?
Not so good, who will repair it for me?
Raoul|you must go
One minute, please
Ms. Arbesault
Call him down
He is away, with a lady
An actress?
I think so
Does he live there?
Auger?|oh, yes, we live together
Maurice, is Auger still an honest man?
Finally, now, he is a minister
They had a lunch,|and have been together until this morning
Three men? Yes
Here are the flowers
For many years
Did they tell you about it?|this morning, were you stopped by them?
what do you know about the prison?
Both of us are escapees,|and if I hadn't been there...
well, like here, we are illegal
So are you
Professor Girard,|it's much better, right?
If the police arrived,|they will catch all of us
I will go back this evening,|you will have the meal, ok?
The consulate will be open at 8 a. M,|I will be there at that time
I will have their names|when they signed the visa
I will tell you at the moment I get them
I will wait for you there,|I prefer to avoid being in hotel
Do you want to get your passport yourself|or to let me give it to you?
No, what's happened?
Frdric, I can't leave,|we dreamed at that place
what are you going to do?
You've forgot who lives with me.|oh, it's him
You rely on him
He will protect me.|but you, you can't stay there
Lisbon, send a telegram for me,|don't sign it
I will look for some money for you
where are you going?
Leave me alone!
what?|because of Gene?
I've got crazy.|you will send it when you need his help
Like others,|you have beening doing this all along
You don't love anyone
Even yourself,|you will die from your apartness
where have you been? we have been|searching for you for a long time
You are not in uniform,|do you belong to army?
How old are you?|what do you do?
Miss Denver
Excuse me,|I don't know you were here
Forgive my scandal
Frdric is a friend of you?|why he is here?
All are here
But he should have been in prison, you know?
Ah, I have no time, Sir
Is Mr. Beaufort there?
He is in a special area.|still there?
Paul resigned.|who takes his place?
Nothing, just an Alarm
You know my uncle likes actress
He died
Don't bother me!
The death we are fond of|is the most beautiful death
Death will not threaten me
To me, I'm looking for a friend
Is he in your hotel? He?|Professor Kopolski?
Yes, Professor Kopolski
I didn't see it
He was with a girl of brown skin
Shut up!
That's enough!
How did he attract you?|in what aspects is he better than me?
No reasons
Thanks, Alex,|how terrible he is!
who is he? A patient
You must control him
He won't hate you any more
will you be back? Yes
I will wait for you right here
what did you do there?
Your friend, Raoul,|we have...
He won't need us to manage his affairs,|because he is considerate for us
You must plan it with minister
You escaped like a bandit
That's all because of you.|I appreciate you.
Yes, I know,|there is no need to be sad
Don't step on the wood floor
I suffered from it
It's my fault
I never listen to you,|he is really a brock
Now, you want me?
You can't imagine it
It will depend on him,|left... Right...
Yes, it will depend on him
I consigned you to let him send it|to the police station
what will do about the heavy water?
I know nothing about it
You won't give it up
The professor has slept
For a long time?
Respect him
Excuse me
Does he usually want to leave?
There must be other methods.|do you need my help?
No, thanks
No, you need
I did nothing
You need my help,|but you are not confident
You lies me too much
On train,|on your voyage abroad...
Should I need to say that|I escaped from the prison?
I like the truth
You want it?
Yes, but not at this moment
You think I am a lier,|I need to explain to you
I have a headache,|you speak too loudly
I don't like people drinking
Did they tell you who I killed?
Do you believe them?|you were in prison
Oh, no
I will tell you everything
Camille, you don't like me?
But who do you like?
Mr. Girard
The catchpollhas recieved your nomination
Be patient in embassy
we have recieved a telegram
Excuse me
These telegrams came from diplomatic mission
what's the content? I must tell you
But not now. No! Right now,|it's about Frdric. Auger
what did he do? Nothing,|stop tailing after him
Because it is I that killed arpel
Come in
Do you really think that I am an assassin?
This woman,|does she have some news about this thing?
which woman?
You know her
It seems that you've|known her for a long time
who told you? A friend of yours
Raoul? what did he tell you about?
Nothing. It's not a secret
It should be much more simple.|what?
Love a lady like love her
what about you?|do you love her?
Yes, me
who? It's none of your business
Did they require you anything?
I am a reserve
But this young man,
which one?
This young lover
I don't talk about him
He is an old man,|he is a professor
Please, please.|I know I am stupid
Please calm down,|I won't ask any questions
But why tonight?|tonight, everything is ordered
war, peace. The world is observing us
But it takes me a lot of crime
He attacked me
That's not what we said. No one knows
No! Someone, like you,|me, Auger and cousin arpel
Aepel understood it very clearly
In fact, I think it should be stopped
He is a mad man,|like his uncle
You are away from the point
You will be
You can say what you know
Don't cry
Nobody can hurt you, I promise
I will do something about sort.|we won't inform against you
what about Frdric?
well, he, he is fine
Yes, now, I know what should I do
what about me?|go to Bayonne?
Everybody knows nothing
what's happened in Bayonne?|there are a lot of Englishmen
It is no need to go to Bayonne.|go to Podol. There are...
Come here!
You saw these faces|just because they are serious?
France is conquered
Maybe she underestimated the enemy
Another France will be founded
Is it a speech?|don't laugh at me
I just previewed it
I'm afraid that this new|age is not fit for you
You really understand me
You must be guessing.|we always communicate each other not so well
That will be impossible
what you said to me makes me disappointed
That's our freedom.|I've never forget it
Of course
I will come
where is England? Left
Mr. Bremond
Drive me to the hotel, I must...
Please in five minutes.|look at which situation I'm in
we pointed out the airport
Your plane will take off at 7 a. M
And you will arrive in London at midnight
Now, Albert, I'm ready
News, news!|France required armistice
News! News!|France required armistice
That's an armistice,|that's an armistice
You will find the German in Paris
You will do your work there
And without our help.|we will leave for Nice
Thanks, have a good trip
You're wrong,|you will be arrested
If you go away,|could you please take me?
To Nice?|yes, I can't stay here
I must go now
wait, the car is broken
I've got five packs|and there is a bole back
Are there any drivers in government?
I appreciate you
But Viviane
Oh, Alex
I totally rely on you.|I only trust to luck
You see, it is still able to run.|nothing serious
Except the commutator,|it was locked
Professor,|we must go right now
where will he go?|Soulac
They found his boat,|he must escape
Is it far?|100 kilometers
And you will be there
I can't,|I will wait for my mother's call
who will lead me?
Mr. Auger
Taillanjust there, it's simple,|and we have a way to go there
And in Taillan,|you will start off again
Beauty passed behind me
And walk straight,|through the forest
Saint Viviane,|turn left and go to Soulac
won't you lead me?|yes I will
Do you have a license?
100 kilometers a night,|that's not reasonable
He will put you under a plane tree
They will ask you for the file on the boat
No, that's a english boat
You must find it
I'm ready. Good evening, Raoul.|good evening
They are?...|I want to see the truck
Guy, come here.|go and...
Oh, Camille... My towel
where is it?|on the gate
You may not say goodbye to me|and it will make me sorrowful
Let's have a dinner
Ok, sure
I've got a news for you. Pauillac
Thanks, but there...
Let me catch them
I saved her life and she adore me
And you, it's not your|style-pursuiting peace crazily
You were catched for who?|you went there without carrying me?
It must be a truck. Yes
Do you go away?|you forgot your manuscript
I wrote them down in my notebooks
They thought the book was good|except some disavantages of syntax
The last part, especially drama, actress
A Iying woman
It's an attractive character|and how to say it to you?
It's not so urgent.|what are you going to do in Nice?
I say, it will be
Vert fast, everything will be end.|then, I will take you back to Paris
Still a bit, still
To stop it will be fine.|I will go
will you? Yes
Me too
where are you going to go?
Nice,|but I will go without them...
Alex, and...
Can you go with me?
To Nice?
This is not your way
will you go?|am I thoughtless?
Go on holidays
Oh, yes. where are we?
Gene, it was finished,|and I kept it
I really want to tell|you that you will be safe
Good evening
Sir, do you know where they came from?
They will take a boat in Soulac
Excuse me,|did he have a telephone in the house?
Don't leave it for me.|what can I do?
I've got lost, there.|can't you see it?
I'm tired, Frdric
You will be happy.|he will lead you well
That's what you need
Oh, there, there
Don't you come with me?
It needs you.|what is this?
Yes, I must help it
I can't do this differently
After you were in Sebastian on Sunday
She found it,|in a container
They still in city,|but they will leave Podol
Now, she see it
where?|there, they are driving a truck
Oh, forgive me!
I have no time, just get some hope
This is the steps post office
Mr. Girard, can you speak German?
Yes, a little
Ok, well
You can work in Nice,|and you can write your books in a yard
The whole thing left for us is quiet
But the precondition is a writer
I won't keep it
why? Once it is done,|you know, it will...
You?|me, you don't believe it?
That's the last thing
I will become you
You don't like adding...|what's this?
That's my disavantage
I dream a life like yours
Mr. Auger, Mr. Auger
Help! Hurry up, help!
He will kill it.|he is a spy
A moment, Sir
Aren't you in Nice?
Dad, I'm frightened
This is your mom
Allo? Mom
That's nice
Follow it
Speak to what?
Is that right?
I consider that your notes
A thoughtless one
That's interesting.
That's not a big problem.|the problem is that
You want to count the|number of writers by seats
The number is not so large
Hey, Ben, many people seem to be like that
The car can't move
They know everything.|the Soulac boat, they are famous for all
Even the professor's name
what they?
They are the German
And still more and more
Gib air
So bad
The tyres are locked-in.|we have to use another and
Drive more slowly
I think in this way, it can run
They are there. Come on!
Hey, there!
Softly, softly
Is it? Yes
Ok. Good
It let you get closely
Ok,well, my little Camille
wo will speak agai
In everyday
I hope
why don't you come with us?
And you will leave without us?
But you... Have you decided?
But I can't. It's impossible.|I have my life here.
what life?
what?|you want to go to England?
Some day I will leave
Bye Camille
You think you were in Nice?
For the old lady in this city?
In Paris, you will see|that life will start again
Do you believe it?
well, trust me
Don't be scared
Long live victory!
Container, Alex
where are you from? Cabernet, please
No, not here, you are reading it
I wrote it for Mr. Girard
Have you seen it?
Professor? Monday in Cambridge
In his lab
He is the first time to...|what did you send back to France?
You own your...
what is this?
Next to Chartres?
How did you know this?
I know it.
How long will you be there?
Should I restart bientt?
Did you add the time?
What a pity
Anyway, I still have your manuscript
If you want it I can...
You don't hand it over
Paper, please
Sir! wait a moment
I rely on you. I don't tell anything to him.
Trust me. No.
If, if he learn it,|he will consider that you betrayed him
No, he really knows that|I am a good friend of his
where are we? He is detected
Somebody hide him in his office
He was admitted. Good, it's him
All will be planed.|I think he will be happy
He has no blessedness there
Because those fright of love
Someone was scared
For those people who were in prison
Their hearts
do it yourselves
for delicate and
It's your foretell
for a far sail
for a return ticket
for one thousand kilometers
Maybe including me
Have no luggage for this sail
Only have a return ticket
An alone trip
A love!