Bone Dry (2007) Movie Script

See you later.
More hot coffee or anything?
Yeah, sure.
You use to do
that with a coffee.
Watch the little white rings
get bigger and bigger.
Can get hypnotized.
You start your burden.
-I even not started yet.
You are not from here, a?
The city boy, a?
Right. -You're on
business or pleasure.
Little bit of both.
Yeah, I should be leaving.
O, hey, what's the hurry?
Come on, I'll buy you a cop.
I'm OK.
Thank you.
Keep the rest.
Well, thanks.
You know,
been alone in the desert at
nights is not really safe.
You never know what
you going to run to up there.
Nobody to call for help
except maybe me.
Just one big self phone
dead zone after this.
20 miles of nothing.
Where ever you look.
I guess I have to...
try to take
care of myself, a?
See you.
Yeah, well, if you get
in the trouble just
way to the
aero planes. -The planes?
The Air Force has a test
range out there someone.
It post it.
Shell be the Jesus
out of this place.
Pilots coming here,
even the young ones.
See you.
How di.
How can I help you?
Hey, hey. You wanna
my valet?
It's in the car, OK?
You want a car? The
keys in it. Take it.
The Mohawe desert.
This area occupies more
then 25.000 square miles.
In the great base in Mohawe buda.
That's felly contains the
lowest point in America.
The lowest point.
You got to be kidding me.
Is anyone get this?
How you like the desert?
Look, I'm in the middle
of nowhere.
I come need some help here.
-I know where you are.
Just shut up and listen, Eddie.
You have a compass.
All you have to
do is walk north.
Just north.
Straight north.
For whole a lot of
miles, Eddie.
Who the fuck is this?
You can call me Jimmy.
I bet your car, registration.
Seen the picture in the wallet.
I killed before
and I'll do it again.
You go west, east or south
and I will put bullet in your head.
If you don't do
what I'll tell you
I'll visit your
pretty little family.
OK, mother fucker.
I knew you gonna
watch on me.
Hey, Eddie.
You think God gives a shit
what we're doing down here?
You're looking for me?
I'm right here, buddy.
Get the send out of your eyes.
Not yet.
Don't be in such a hurry.
Put the cap back on.
Cap back on, Eddy.
Fucking prick.
Good dog.
What do you want?
If you had your choice between
chess and Russian roulette
what would you pick?
Well, you know, I'm not really need
to play the games right now.
You got a long walk in head of you.
Go north.
You already told me this shit,
so, unless you have
something new to tell me...
What is this about?
Well, it's all about north.
Fuck this.
Fuck this!
So, it's nice.
You know what I think?
I think, maybe you're just
alone old man, Jimmy.
I don't know if we can
be friends anymore, OK?
And I need to go
see my family.
I need to go see my family.
That pretty little
family of yours
you want me to start
chopping hands and heads?
You got night vision, Jimmy?
Technology can be
your friend or enemy
just like the desert.
This are the dedicated
walkie-talkie is no use badger
try to call anyone.
Save your batteries.
You get this, Jimmy?
You want me to take that
finger off from the elbow?
Just keep north,
dead north.
Never mind,
I coming down.
You got a be kidding me.
What you think
I'm stupid, Jimmy?
Your choice.
Take it or leave it.
Cheers, Jimmy.
That pretty little
family of yours
you want me to start
cutting heads... -Wait.
Wait, don't do this!
Your pretty little family...
your pretty little family of yours.
You want me to start
cutting heads and hands?
O, God, help me please.
Please, help me, please.
Did you need anything?
Some kakis would be nice.
You not making very
good time
you need to pick
up the base.
How is this sound,
born killer?
Is depend.
Sick fuck.
You will feel pain,
do you hear me, Jimmy?
You fucking hear me?
Yeah, pay back's a bitch.
You know, our conservation
is really predictable.
Well, like an old married
couple, are we?
Sitting on a front porch,
talking about our lives,
the golden days and
all the things we done.
I'm thinking about
150 first ways
the say how much
I hate you.
There's a water on the rock,
three bottles.
Straight up this time.
I don't want you die
in dehydration.
Some food would be nice.
Kill something. You think
you can manage that?
You want get
off that easy.
Kill me!
Kill me now you
fucking coward.
Is time we have a
face to face.
That's a good idea, Jimmy.
Salt pills.
Take them.
Take them.
Get up.
Get up.
Turn around.
What do you
want I had, Jimmy?
You're saveing your
pretty little face
you're going to kill
me any way.
It's call this is
sympathetic stretch.
Shut up!
Tell me,
what is the worst job
you ever had to do?
You know, Jimmy,
stretch enough.
I'm not in the mood to tell you
the fucking bed time stories.
The next one gonna's hurt.
Hold this!
I'm all ears.
The worse job...
The worse job I ever had
that was... Jesus, that
was a big, big guy.
He owned the
dog's food factory.
He is chop up.
The causlans, feed,
chicken guts...
Dimitrus is OK
and in the summer,
Jesus he's smell.
Smell at that place.
That my worse job,
Jimmy. Not nice.
Not nice, Jimmy.
Not nice.
Fuck you!
Fucking prick.
What do you want?
You lost?
You tell me, man.
I'm in this game
fucking nature what ever you
want a call it was your idea,
You tell me.
Because, my guess is,
you're gonna...
you're gonna kill me anyway.
I never said you will die
or you will might die.
What I said
was a weather you live or
dies up to you, didn't I?
I don't suppose you know
how to make a compass
from a needle
and some water?
You take that needle
and rubber it on that
fancy silk scarf of yours
to magnetized.
Then you put on
some that floats.
Put it on the water and
definitely gonna point north.
Of course,
if you drink it the water you not
gonna find your way, are you?
Fuck you.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, shit.
People almost feel
sorry for you, Eddie.
I been damn it.
I need help.
I need help.
Like I told you this walkie
dedicated to echo her.
Like Siamese twins but
you're only gonna talk to me.
Ok, Jimmy.
Ecolo, Jimmy.
Ecolo, you mather fucker.
Who are you?
I will kill you.
What are you...
Wake up.
Gonna sleep.
Over here, baby!
This way.
You miss me, Jimmy?
Don't take me up, Jimmy,
I like it here, Jimmy.
I like it here, Jimmy.
Come on, Jimmy,
come on, Jimmy, come on....
Kill me, Jimmy.
Kill me, Jimmy.
Miss you, Jimmy.
Come over and talk to me.
Be friendly, Jimmy.
Be neighborly, Jimmy.
I'm freezing.
How about barbecued?
Buona apetit!
How about barbecued?
-It's over, Jimmy.
I'm freezing. You?
I'm freezing. You?
-Buona apetit! Buona apetit!
Help! -I'm freezing. You?
I'm freezing. You?
Buona apetit! Buona apetit!
Buona apetit!
Oh, great.
I'm in hell.
Hold it.
Jesus, don't burn me, man.
I know you.
I saved yours life.
You put me in here, Jimmy.
I didn't put you
anywhere, man.
I heard you screaming
on half mile away.
I'm sick of yours
shit. Sick of it.
And I brought you here.
I care for you, wasn't.
I'm just medicine man.
I need you use say
something for me.
Two words.
Just two words.
Buona apetit.
Say it.
Say it.
-Buona apetit.
Buona frieaking apetit, man.
I'm sorry.
You know,
I don't trust anymore.
You been bury up to
the neck in the desert
so, sure give you some
right for that, bro.
You lose something?
So, what're you reading?
Poems, bro.
Like a frog and scorpion.
Tiger and the monk.
Yeah, I know him.
So, who are you?
My name is Martin.
She comes Marty for short.
How did you get there?
Walked in from the interstate.
You walked in?
No wheels?
No wheels.
Respect the desert,
respect you back.
You can...
He can get make you in...
You get make it to
the interstate? -Now?
Yeah, right now.
Don't you know
where you are?
You have a phone?
Gun? -Don't believe
in guns, man.
All I've got is my
camera and tool.
What are you
doing out here?
Collecting bones,
arrows heads,
listen to you and just
answer the question
and tell me what the fuck
you are doing out here.
I could left you out there.
That is pretty hard to seen
to ignored that, bro.
And I mean some
people out here later,
no had to say outlook
on him suffering is I do.
Jesus, that's safe?
Yeah, it's safe.
Is from the
ordinance restore.
Like I told you man
I'm not in the guns.
Yeah, I can see that clearly.
It's just for freighting, man.
In case anything goes
wrong out here.
You kidding me.
That's just for frighten?
In the case something
goes wrong?
Like I said man,
I'm not in the guns.
I'm not in the see
in human suffering.
Oh, Jesus, great.
The one guy meet
in the desert but...
This is fucking great.
You know, this is great.
Buona apetit.
You clever prick, Jimmy.
I told you man,
my name is Marty.
That's right.
You've got no wheels.
You dreg me of a mile
you almost had me.
You almost had me, Jimmy.
Hey man, I told you...
Hey, bro.
Is no need to do this.
Close my eyes for a second
and look what happens.
Where is that key to me?
Where is the key, Jimmy?
What you have
got for me, Jimmy?
Bad boy, Jimmy.
Bad boy, Jimmy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't...
No, I'm sorry.
Chop the blade, Eddie.
Put this on.
Don't make me
repeat myself.
Like Siams twins, Jimmy.
Who said to break my thumb
to get out those cops.
God damn,
that was unpleasant.
You're not gonna sick and
tired of this bullshit, Jimmy?
Because, I fucking am.
Sick of this shit.
Don't know why you
even doing this, Jimmy.
You sick shit.
How many people
you tortured?
Did you just save this
sun, hit, cactus...
just for me, a?
Either way,
I'm sick of this shit.
You know,
you don't like it...
You know, to let me
know that my...
my family is safe and you
give me proof of life.
You know what, Jimmy?
You have got a no more
new best friend.
Guess what?
If you don't like it...
kill me.
Kill me!
Kill me, Jimmy!
It might be wise if you use
a different tone with me.
I don't have your family.
I wouldn't know your family
from a hole in the ground.
My problem is with you.
You have a problem
with me, Jimmy?
You have a problem with
me? I'm sorry, Jimmy.
Oh, yeah.
-I'm sorry, Jimmy.
Nice phone, Eddie.
-Keep it.
Get out, sociality.
There is no reception here.
We were here, Eddie.
Oh, Connie.
Fuck off.
Hello, baby.
is Eddie,my love.
Is Eddie, baby.
Sweetheart, tell me,
how are you?
How is Sara?
No, listen. How
is Sara, sweetheart?
She's OK?
Just tell me where you are,
I can get you.
Proof of life.
Proof of life.
Now you get a motivation.
Jesus. -You're right,
you're right.
Why you doing this to me?
Jimmy, you know, Jimmy...
we... we should
made chegs to me.
We should wait
tresh wish you get it.
Because, I really, oh, God,
I really need to kill you.
Don't make promises
you can't keep.
We had just
over those hills.
Over there?
Over there.
Come on, Jimmy.
I'll drive you,
part of the way.
How you like that?
Yeah, I like it, Jimmy.
That was a bad one.
Driving like
an old lady, Jimmy.
You like it?
You like it?
I love it, Jimmy.
How you like that?
Still love it?
You like it?
I like it.
Are we on overstate Jimmy?
Yes! Yes!
You mother fucker.
I'm out of here, Jimmy.
I'm out of here, Jimmy.
Fuck you, Jimmy.
Fuck you.
How you feeling, Eddie?
How's your thumb?
Strange enough I'm run
to move to be, Jimmy.
Are you lonely, Jimmy?
I've got the mother
of all migrens.
Take my mind off it.
I'm sorry. I hope you
doesn't hurt too much.
You prick.
Do I wind too much?
A little.
You want to know
what's coming next?
What's coming up?
I always love surprises, Jimmy.
Ever since I was a kid.
Yeah. How's the
Now when you ask,
you know I
can't think any other
place rather be.
Just set on my balls.
No doubt, Jimmy.
Sometimes have to
stop it and look around.
Some people think
the desert is ugly.
Like death,
nobody like it.
How's in Desert storm,
ever tell you that?
And now you here, Jimmy.
That's right there.
See the Bagdad you
turn right around.
Look what's happened.
Will be your enemy alive, Eddie.
God's plan.
I'm not religious.
Then how come you keep
screaming and calling for him?
I heard you, Eddie.
You can't kill an old killer.
We done?
Guess so.
Excuse you my friend to hipy.
Eddie! Eddie!
Why we not make
some breakfast?
Pineapple with little bacon.
You're not so clever,
are you, Jimmy.
You're not so clever,
are you, Jimmy.
Are you like watching, Jimmy?
Way to go, city boy.
Snake got me first, Jimmy.
Snake got me first, Jimmy.
Look it if the snake
bite pack there.
How you felling' pal?
Today's his lucky day.
The snake bite kid.
You suck the poison out?
That was real stupid.
Don't you know then
when you suck the
wound like that it opened up
which allows the
poison get in quicker?
Is that make sense to you?
I don't think so. I really don't.
Then you run get the blood
papa even more.
That was real fucking stupid.
You been watchen
too much TV that's all.
Look at him, Prize.
His to tired to talk.
Yeah, talk.
Who you been talking to?
You're a cop?
-No, Prize. His ain't no cop.
Look at him. Maybe mumble
all day in and out.
Talking by some kid.
May his just like me.
His a family man.
-Connie. Sara. Sara.
Family man.
You're family man?
Really? You want
to see them again?
Don't go there,
don't go there.
Then you tell us
where it is?
I want you stop
playing stupid, man
and tell me what
I want to know, OK?
Where is what?
This isn't go anywhere.
Get him up.
Get him up!
-Is this necessary?
Get him up!
Where is it?
Where the fuck is it?
Where the fuck is what?
Where is the rest of this?
I found Marty in the desert.
Near the coke but
I missing the bag.
But his a death mother fucker.
And I looking around this desert
and I see three people.
Us three.
So, where is it?
You're not so smart, a?
You fucking prick. -That's right.
You didn't make easy on
yourself, are you?
Which one?
Help me here, OK?
Just tell me want
I want to know.
I'll let you talk,
I promise.
That's all I know. You understand
me you fucking idiots?
That was the wrong answer.
Come on, you fuck.
-Oh, yeah?
Mother fucker.
You hit me...
Don't you touch that.
You fucking...
-Look at this, mother fucker.
Snowing in the desert, man.
You fuck!
Look, what you
make me do.
O, God.
Sick fuck.
God, damn.
Oh, Jesus.
I'm coming home, baby.
Coming home, baby.
Fuck you, Jimmy.
Fuck you!
You've trouble with
a piece of shit, Jimmy?
You've trouble with
a piece of shit.
Don't do this to me.
Don't do this to me.
Don't do this to me.
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
I saved your life
back there, Eddie.
How ironic.
I wasn't sure you'll
make it so far.
Well, with helping lady luck.
You kept going
north, anyway.
I didn't count on you making
a new friends out here.
You killing everybody you
coming a contact with.
I had to improvise.
You said you real proud
of yourself, Jimmy.
Bravo, Eddie.
Well, done.
What a disappointed, Jimmy.
Come and get me, Eddie.
What did you do to my mum?
Is that my work?
What're you tell me?
I was told you so something
you shouldn't have.
You like the desert.
No, no, no, no.
It's to late, Jimmy.
I don't remember.
I do.
That bullet bounds right of my scull.
Maybe if you used the 45
we wouldn't be have the little
fucking talk right now,
wouldn't we?
You liked the desert, Jimmy.
Two years ago.
You buried us
right in this ground.
I crawled out.
Two years to remember
my wife and sine.
Get over, Jimmy.
To realize we didn't
know anything.
We never saw anything.
Two years of living hell
because of your mistake.
What can I say, Jimmy?
That I'm sorry this all
fucking thing is a mistake?
I come out from that grave
and help my dead
wife in my arms.
And my beautiful
son was under us.
Wasn't personal, Jimmy.
Should never be personal.
Kill the wrong family, Eddie.
The only thing left
is to perious skin off. -You think
by should be better being, Jimmy.
Hero you insult.
I get it, Jimmy,
I get it.
Nothing is too
good for you, Eddie.
Never run estimate
the power of love.
Was a worth it?
You tell me?
Was it, Jimmy?
Was it?
Certain, Joanne.
Same is out there.
A lot of nothing.