Bones (2001) Movie Script

Great. Gunshots. Perfect.
It's just a backfire.
Like you'd know.
Face it, man. We are lost.
Hold on a second.
We're here.|Where the hell are you?
Why don't your bitch ass|look behind you...
...and see what's crackin', man?
I got this.
Let me see it.
"Let me see it"?
Let me see it, man.
Show him the fucking money.
Show him. Show him.
Where is it?
You think I got it|in my pocket, man?
I can't go get it, man.
Y'all might be the po-po.
I ain't no po-po.
You got to get it yourself, man.
It's around the corner,|down the block... the...|What's that, nigger?
Loose brick,|north side of the building.
Go, man. Bounce.
Let me go on record, Jason.
This is a really bad idea.
There it is.
It's easy as pie...
...and twice as tasty.
Man, someone's screwing|with my car!
Come on.
Come on, in here!
I saw them go in.
This is a waste of fucking time.
Come on.
Forget it.|There's no way they're in there.
Trust me. I've been|working here for 20 years.
There's nobody in there.|Let's go.
Fucking donut shop shuts|in less than five minutes.
All right.
Oh, God damn it!
Let's get the hell out of here.
Dude, that was close.
What the fuck was that?
Where'd it go?
I don't care.|Let's get the fuck out of here.
Go, go, go! Come on!
What the hell was that?
Hey, you!|Get away from there!
Dude, let's get out of here.
I'm right behind you, man.
Oh, man.
Somebody help me!
Somebody help!
"For outside are|dogs and sorcerers-"
Revelation 22: verse 15.
- Hey, check it out.|- Jimmy, over here.
Yeah. Place your bets.
What's your number?
That must be your birthday, huh?
Get your money right.|Put it in here, baby.
Let's get these numbers running.
- You all right?|- Yeah.
This looks like a damn graveyard|around here, bro.
This neighborhood's|making a comeback.
Where the hell has it been?
This is the ugliest building|I've ever seen.
I don't know.
There's something about|this building.
It just drew me.
All right,|you know something?
I was planning|on doing this...
...after I got the place|cleaned up and whatnot...
...but, like the man says,|carpe diem.
What do you think about this,|little sis?
That's us.
"Illbient"?|Whose club is that?
What do you mean, ours?
Like I said, ours.
Come on, check it out.
- In this?|- Yes.
Patrick,|what are you thinking?
This is prehistoric.
Can you picture it, though?
Look, we could have|the bar right here.
Dance floor.
- Yo, Bill.|- What?
DJ booth, right there.
Anything's possible,|but that's a lot of work.
Oh, Jesus.
Tell me that's part of a dog|or something.
Yeah, that's dog.
That's from a cat or something.
It's a pretty big cat,|Patrick.
Cat, dog, whatever.
I got a really great deal|on this place.
A really great deal, man.
They couldn't give it away.
It was dead meat stinking up|their books for 20 years.
Don't do that, Maurice.
Stop playing, man.
The last owner on the lease,|before the bank...
...was back in '79.
Some cat named Jimmy Bones.
It's been empty ever since.
Jimmy Bones?
- You heard of him?|- You haven't?
Not that I can remember.
He was a locaI legend|back in the Seventies.
There was a song-
Sing it for me, baby. Come on.
Let's do this. Ready?
This is the story of Jimmy Bones...
Black as night and hard as stone...
Sorry.|Something about a deuce.
A switchblade and...
A switchblade and a diamond.
Get yourself a couple of dollars|and buy a piece of candy.
Say, "Thank you, Uncle Jimmy. "
Thank you, Uncle Jimmy.
Jimmy Bones.
Aw, Maurice. Jimmy Bones.|How bad-ass is that?
Jimmy Bones!
Patrick, I'm going|to tell you something.
I'm sold, baby,|and I'll tell you why.
This is what I'm thinking.
We could use this whole|Jimmy Bones theme... make this place off the hook.
Look at this place, man.|It's a dump.
Actually, it'd have|to work to be a dump.
Look at the rest of the place|before you tear it down.
I know it's cold.
I'll run downstairs,|fire up the furnace...
...see if I can warm the joint up|a little bit...
...and you'll see.
This place has|serious potential, man.
PotentiaI to leave me|seriously injured.
I'm gonna check out how to get|the DJ equipment up there.
Who's coming?
Aw, man.
Aw, shit.
Am I trippin'?
I'm going this way.
Yeah, me, too.
No, you won't, buddy.
You're going|to follow me upstairs.
Tia, be careful.
Oh, shit!
Fucking rats.
Please don't bust,|because I can't afford that.
What's up?
Contact paranoia.|Maybe you heard of it.
I'm buggin' from hanging|with you all the time.
I tell you, goddamn, man.
Well, I got bigger problems.
I can't get this joint lit.|That's drug abuse.
Things are nuts down here|without you squawking that up.
Hey... Buddy.
How long you been|locked in here?
Want my burger?
Damn, you were hungry.
You want us to move in here?
That's the only way we'll get|the place fixed in time.
Yeah, right.
And whichever of us|is alive by the end of week...
...inherits all|of Vincent Price's cash.
You want to play college radio,|high school reunions...
...and some fool's club once a week|for the rest of your lives...
...that's cool,|but I think we can do better.
I put everything I got|into this...
...because I believe|we can make it happen.
We move in. We take shifts.
Enough with|the motivational speech.
I'm down, all right?
Thank you.
He has a good track record,|so just go with him.
Fine. Mars needs|a little bit of Venus.
If I'm going to sleep|in a spook house...
...surround me with chicks|more scared than me.
Speaking of which...
Why would you say that|about my sister, man?
- Oh, shit.|- Look who I found.
What? Tia.
That's the nastiest dog|I ever seen.
He's not as ugly|as some people I know.
Anyway, I'm naming him Bones.
Let's go get the stuff|we need and bring it back.
- Shotgun.|- Shotgun.
- I said it first.|- No, you hear things late.
By the way...
Dad does know about this, right?
Are you kidding?
Patrick, man-
It's going to be cool, bro.|I'm telling you.
What y'all doing over there|with that dog?
Is he yours?
Is he yours, sir?
Hell, no!
What do you care, then?
I'll tell you something, boy.|Shoot that dog.
Shoot the dog?
Whatever you say, sir.
I think it's nappy time.
Come on, Bones.
Tia, put him in the back.
Don't feed that dog!
What the hell's wrong|with you?
Some holes can't be filled...
...and some hunger|can't be satisfied.
Some people need to stagger|their medication.
I'm serious!|He'll only get hungrier.
Come on, Cynthia.
Y'all people|really don't like dogs.
Ma'am, you need any help|with those bags?
No, thank you.
Really, let us help.
We just moved|into the neighborhood.
We're going to be neighbors.
Let me help you out.
You moved onto this block?
Not really to live,|but to play.
See, I'm a DJ, right?
In that building?
It's going to be le hot shit.
Pardon my Francais.
We're making it a dance club.
Ever heard of|the Resurrection Brothers?
Should I?
Are they on the radio?
Nah, but they will be.|They're the best.
How do you know?
- I manage them.|- It's us.
And you bought that building?
Wait a minute.|You look a little familiar.
Are you sure|you're not from around here?
I was born near here...
...but after my mom died,|Dad moved to South.
I grew up in Rossmore Park.
You're a little dark|to grow up in Rossmore Park.
Yo, she's fine.
I guess this is not|Rossmore Park, but...
...thanks for the help.
Hey, anytime.
I guess|I'll be seeing you, then.
It was nice to meet you.
If she has psychic powers... come she's working|here in Desolation Row?
Come on, man.
What happened to the ColoneI?
A gangsta of love|don't eat no fried chicken.
Why not?|You eat everything else.
The whole chicken distribution|network is owned by the Klan.
Man, don't even go there.
When's the last time|you seen a black chicken farm?
Yeah, special recipe.
There's something in the batter|that makes a black man sterile.
- Bullshit.|- Now hold up, man.
Why are you so concerned with|the plight of the black man?
Last time I checked,|you was not black.
I don't know|exactly what you are...
...but you damn sure|ain't no black man.
I am the future, all right?
I am the melting pot.
You been smoking pot.
I'm the tossed salad.
I am|Martin Luther King's dream.
All I got to do|is hold my own hand.
I am post-racial.
You're post-toasted.
Post-apocalyptic,|more likely.
You're making my head hurt.
Just eat your food.
Eddie, man, what's wrong, nigga?
How many times|I done told y'all, man?
When I'm playing|this game here...
...don't interrupt me.
We just hooked you up|with a tight Viper.
We are paid, nigga.
A Viper?
A Viper you stole|off them white boys last night?
Yep, yep, yep.
Like that, nigga.|Just like that.
Are y'all out|your motherfucking mind?
Man, everybody heard|that damn screaming...
...last night on Blackstone.
Remember that shit?
How many times I told|you two knucklehead niggers?
No psycho shit.
If there's going to be|any psycho shit...
I'm the one that do it.
We know that.|We respect that.
That's why we didn't do shit.
You didn't Ginsu them punks|and steal their ride?
Steal their ride.|That's all we did.
That's all we did.
Man, get that car|the fuck away from here... understand?
This is the type of shit|I'm talking about.
I pay the pigs good money|to keep shit cool around here...
...and this is the shit|that pisses everybody off.
Boy, if I didn't know|your mama-
We just thought-
No more thinking|from neither one of you!
Because I will burn your asses|and snort your asses.
Now get the fuck out of here.|Beat it.
And do something|with your hair, nigga.
Get out of here.
What make a motherfucker|take his real teeth...
...and put-I don't|understand that shit.
You're just|a misunderstood genius.
Dad is going to kick ass.
He doesn't like dogs in|the house in the first place.
All right. I told you so.
Hey, you guys.
Hi, Mom.
Tia... what's this?
- It's a dog.|- I can see that.
Why'd you let her bring it in|in the first place?
She's hardheaded.|She don't listen to me.
Excuse me.
Let me see|if I've got this right.
Not only do I have to feed|the three mouths I've got... Maurice|the bottomless pit...
I have to feed|this stray dog, too?
Bones, it's not nice to bite|the hand that feeds you.
What did you call him?
You cannot keep that dog.
Hey, hey, hey.|What's up, Jimmy B?
What's going on, blood?
I got it all arranged|for you tonight, Jimmy.
Eddie Mack's|going to be there...
...and Officer Koruptsky, too.
Got it all laid out|for you, baby.
They've got 12 minutes, tops.
Jimmy, trust me on this, man.
There's some big money|behind this, baby.
Not just big-|I mean big business big... big corporation big,|big government big.
One word,|three little letters-
Y- E-S. That's all|it's going to take.
We can move out of this dump,|hit the big time-
...big houses,|legitimate business, the works.
That's your dream, not mine.
I don't ever want|to leave this street.
Status quo is totally|cool with me, baby.
I hear you, Jimmy.|I'm with you, baby.
- Be good.|- All right, baby.
I hear you, Jimmy.
You got all the status...
...and I ain't got nothin'|but the quo.
Officer Slupovich...
...aka Loopy Lou.
It's not your style... it, Eddie Mack...
...killing off|your customers?
I ain't killed nobody.
You want me to rack 'em up?|Play a game?
Too bad.|No time to play today.
Got your tip.
Confiscated the whole stash.
That's fair enough...|for the shit.
Don't you think I deserve|something a little extra...
...for knocking out|the competition?
Shit, you was just doing|your motherfuckin' job.
The last thing you need... for me to start doing|my fucking job.
Give that motherfucker|his money.
That's more like it.
That's the cost of|doing business.
Maybe you can deduct it|on your taxes.
Fuck you.
What's up with Jeremiah|selling that building?
That's ridiculous, Patrick.
So how exactly did crack|get in the ghetto, Pop?
By magic?|How did it fly in there?
Like the man said,|we don't own that many planes.
Stop poisoning your mind|with that ghetto paranoia.
That's the ways of people|justifying their own failure.
No, no, no, Dad.
The man has been lying to us|for a hundred years.
Thank you.
I'm still waiting for|my 40 acres and a mule.
You wouldn't know a mule|if one bit you in the ass.
Personally, I don't need a mule.
I've got myself a Lexus.
And nobody gave it to me.
Please, Pops-
I'd like to see the news,|please. the strange|disappearance...
...of those two State College|fraternity brothers.
Now, Patrick, I'm telling-
What is that?|What's that all about?
- Nothin'.|- What were you gonna say?
Some terrible shit, Pops.
Better watch your mouth, boy.
Those boys had no business|messing around down there.
You go places where|you're not meant to be...
...and that's what you get.
Isn't that your old hood, Pops?
Yes, that's my old hood...
...and it took some doing|to get out of there.
You just be glad that I did... you can start your life|here instead of down there.
Shouldn't we|maybe be down there?
Doing something about it,|making it better?
It can't be done, Patrick!
That place has already|died and gone to hell.
Want me to get that, honey?
No, I'll get it.
Al Lupovich.|Long time no see.
I'll be just a second, honey.
What the fuck do you want?
Wanted to visit|with my old pal J-Bird.
Don't call me that.
That's quite a brood|you got there.
A regular Rainbow Coalition.
What the hell do you want,|Lupovich?
You sold the building.
What building?
Don't shit a shitter.|Our building!
You were supposed to sit on it,|not sell it.
I didn't sell it.
Somebody bought it,|so somebody sold it.
Not my problem.
That's a bozo no-no, J-Bird.
Even if they find anything,|it's been 20 years.
They could never|trace it back to us.
You better hope not,|'cause it's like they say...
...four can keep a secret|if three are dead.
Hey, Tia.|I'm just talking to a friend.
I'll be right in.
Nice rack.
How old is she?|Does she... You know?
That's my daughter, Lupovich.
Get the fuck off my property.
Your daughter.|Nice to see you.
You fat bastard.|Son of a bitch.
Got it. And twist.
I don't know what we're gonna|do with this place, boy.
It's all good.|It's ugly, but it's home.
You know that's bad luck, right?
That place is bad luck.
Why's that?
I don't know.|It goes way back.
Or so my mother says.
What else does your mama say?
You know, nothin' much.
If I told you,|you'd think she was crazy.
And one thing|my mother is not is crazy.
OK. So?
All right.
I can't believe|I'm telling you this.
My mother says|that every house is two houses.
Every street, two streets.
Two's good.
There's a whole city,|a whole world...
...kind of beside, on top...
...just below...
...the city of the dead.
There's this invisible wall...
...a fabric that keeps|things separate.
Lucky thing.
Sure is, but when|something bad happens...
...something really bad...
...the wall breaks, tears.
And the dead get out?
Or the living fall in.|Who knows?
And you believe it?
If I did, do you think...
I'd come within|50 yards of your door?
Get out!
Y'all better stop|messin' around!
Go, boy!
What the fuck!
What's the matter, bro?
Are you spooked?
Maybe just a little,|all right?
I know. There is kind of|a strange vibe up in here.
Make yourself comfortable|around the circle.
We will begin in just a moment.
You gonna join us?
Can't. Gotta finish|this for schooI.
God gave you the vision.
I hate to see you waste it|on painting pretty pictures.
You got your vision|and I got mine...
...and I won't waste mine|like you did.
Sorry, Mama. Maybe next time?
I don't want you to go|to that house anymore...
...and I want you to stay away|from those kids and that dog.
That dog is a servant of evil.
Ever been inside?
Yeah, back in the day.
Before it became what it is.
And what's that?
It's a bad place...
...and a door to worse.
I gots to T.C.B. Tonight... I should be through|about 7:00.
Come see me.
Can't I get there early|and give you some good luck?
No, baby. You know|I don't need no luck.
I'm just letting them|have their say...
...before I tell them no.
All right,|let me see your hands.
Come on,|let me see your hands.
- Come on, baby.|- Please?
All that readin',|advisin', shiny mess...
...that was your mama's bag.
It was my mama's bag|and her grandmama...
...and a long line of mamas|before her.
Sounds like Mama needs|a brand-new bag.
Let me see your hands.|Please?
Your left hand is the past...
...your right hand|is the present and the future.
This is your life line,|and this-
Jimmy, there's a line across|your life line.
Must be my clothesline.
Maybe my phone line.
Jimmy, I'm serious!
CanceI the meeting.|Don't go. Stay with me.
Don't you worry|about nothin', baby.
These hands will be|stroking your neck tonight.
Jimmy, please!
PearI, trust me.
Thought you might be|needing some help.
Look at this, man.|It looks like blood.
The floor's throbbing.
Aw, snap.
It feels like a heartbeat.
It's just a problem|in the plumbing.
You're probably right...
...but I'm gonna check it out...
...and y'all are coming with me.
Come on.
- Whoa!|- Damn!
What is this?|Look at this, man!
Maurice,|what you think that is?
It's rust. Rust never sleeps.
You call that rust?
Now where does this go, huh?
Don't ask me.
Now what?
Eat that spinach, boy.
- There you go.|- You got it.
I'm not going down there.
Go ahead, Tia.|I'm right behind you.
Don't get behind me.
Just some flies. Come on.
What is that smell?
What'd you expect, Cynthia?
Where there's smoke,|there's fire.
Flies, there's shit!
Space that's so perfect|for a recording studio?
Maurice, not now.|Just shut up, man.
He got a point, though.
It'll just take a little more|work than I thought.
Think about it.|Put down a real floor.
Put some dampening|on the wall...
...we'll have|totally controlled sound.
It'll be perfect.
We'll make our first record|where no one can hear us scream.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Oh, my God!
Oh, shit.
Give me some light.
Hello. Who are you?
Ladies and gentlemen,|boys and girls...
I'd like you to meet|Jimmy Bones.
What are you talking about?
"This is the story|of Jimmy Bones...
"black as night|and hard as stone.
"Gold-plated deuce|like the king of Siam...
"got a switchblade loose|and a diamond on his hand. "
There's the switchblade|and the diamond, man.
You telling me|this could be him?
Damn. It's so fresh.
Put that thing down!|What are you doing?
You can't take that.|It might be evidence!
Evidence of what?
Patrick, doesn't it seem|a little odd to you...
...that he'd stab himself|in the chest and bury himself?
I agree.
Bones, settle down!
Do something about the dog.
What we have to do|is call the police.
For someone so cute,|you're so stupid sometimes.
Call the police,|we don't get a permit.
We can't just leave him,|can we?
- Yes, we can.|- What?
He ain't goin' nowhere.
We will deal with this|after the weekend.
- Let's go!|- Fuck it, whatever!
You put your fingers|all over it!
Maurice,|I'll leave you down here.
I'm coming!
You all right?
Come on. Let's go.
Patrick, what up?
I'm coming.
- Come on.|- I'm coming.
I guess|he won't be needing this.
Or this.
Well, you know|she doesn't want me here.
With you... in this house.
It's true.|She doesn't trust you...
...and neither do I.
I can handle your mother.
- No, you can't.|- Yes, I can.
She will love me, watch.
No, she won't. Trust me.
See, but the X-factor|is your daddy.
I don't know nothin'|about him.
Neither do I.
I never met him.
She won't talk about him.|Ever.
Wow. I'm sorry.
Don't be. It's OK.|I'm not sad about it.
It's life, you know?
I've never known him,|so it's totally normal to me.
I'm not doing too well|with this.
Yeah, you are.
Patrick, stop.
I can't.
All right.
Do you want me to take you home?
No. I want to stay|with you guys-
No, no, no.
You don't have to explain.|I understand.
I'll go sleep with the guys.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Welcome... brothers and my sisters.
We will begin with our hymn.
The spirit world is|all around us at this moment...
...and the dearly departed|are here...
...among us,|pressing around us.
It's OK. You can stay.
But no getting fresh.
This is nice.
There is a spirit among us.
Who has just joined our circle?
Lordy, what is that smell?
Stop. Patrick, cut it out.
Does someone|want to send a message?
Knock once for yes|and twice for no.
Is it someone in our circle?
Is it Miss Lillian?
Cut it out.
Is the message|for Miss Abernathy?
Patrick, stop.
Is the message for me?
Patrick, stop! Stop!
No! Jimmy! No!
Patrick, stop!
What's wrong?
That sounds like your mom.
Open up this door!
What the hell are you doing?
Where's my daughter?|I want to see her now!
You hold on a moment,|I'll go upstairs-
Come on out here!|I know she's in there!
Cynthia!|Oh, God! Come on, baby.
It'll be OK.|We're gonna get outta here.
Come on.
If you stay in this house|one more night... might as well|be sleeping in your grave!
Come on.
You certainly have|a way with women, Patrick.
Well, we're in business.
Where we going?|You know I hate surprises.
It's a little business venture|I made on my own...
I wanted to show you.
I think you will approve.
I hope so.
What are we doing down here?
Like you always said...
...we need to look for|the undervalued.
It don't get no more|undervalued than this.
Come on, Pop. Just come on.
Bet you didn't know|your company owned this place.
I went through a broker,|so you didn't know it was me...
...but I couldn't wait|to see your face...
...when you saw|how I fixed it up.
Look at this.
Son, is this|some kind of sick joke?
No! Look, Pop.
You listen to me, boy.
I didn't work|all of my goddamn life... get out of|this neighborhood...
...for you to move|right back in it!
I thought you'd be proud of me.
I'm just trying|to do what you did-
...take nothing and|make something out of it.
Nobody will ever|come down here, son.
Look at this|fucking neighborhood!
Son... Shut it down.
Shut it down.|The company will buy it back.
No. Not this time, Pop.
I did this on my own,|and we will open tonight!
Bullshit!|That is bullshit!
Sell it back!|That is a fucking order!
Do you fucking hear me?
Shut it!|You shut it, god damn it!
Shut it down|and sell this fucker!
Shut it, Patrick-
What's goin' on, baby?
Jimmy's into it, man.
That's what I'm saying.|Just wait.
Jimmy, what's happening, baby?
Good to see you.
You remember Eddie Mack,|don't you?
We met.
We did the afterschool|b- ball thing at Kenwood.
What it is, homeboy?
What it will be.
Jimmy, you know|Officer Lupovich, right?
I've heard of him.
Man, you got a nice crib here.
It's nice to see|a black man doing so well.
Everybody's happy.|We do all right.
But things change.
You gotta think ahead.
Got them lotteries|all over now, Bonesy.
Starting here, too.|Maybe next year.
Yeah, Jimmy.|A lot of our old customers...
...are getting their new people|across the state lines...
...buying those lotto tickets.
We need to get|on this thing fast.
What do anybody want with|them damn lottery tickets?
What else, youngblood?|Money.
No, man.|It ain't the money.
It's the high.
The big fat floating|"What if?"
Dig, it's way|more profitable, man.
Nobody ever wins,|so you never pay out.
But a $2 bet is cheaper|than a $20 bag.
I can dig that,|but I'm not talking horse.
I'm talking|a $5 kick in the head...
...that's a quick ticket|to heaven, man.
And fools keep coming back.
All right, baby.
Those fools?
They're my people.
I can dig that, man,|but it ain't no thing.
It's a poor man's freebase.|Check it out.
I ain't interested,|and if you gonna sell it...
...don't sell it around here.
Man, here, just try it.
I said, no, thanks.
- Man, try this!|- Hey, Huggybear!
I done drove all this way, man!
Hey! Back off.
Sit down!
That's cooI.|I'm copastetic.
But it's like this here, man.
It's the wave comin', man.
A big-ass, Krakatoa,|east of Java wave.
Either you gonna be on top...
...up here in|chocolate heaven...
...or you'll get caught up|in the muddy undertow.
And that's real.
That's beautiful, baby.
Totally widescreen|sci-fi forward thinking...
...and I can dig that...
...but that's for you and yours.
Me and mines...
...we cool as a motherfuckin'|icicle in the freezer.
By the way,|your 121/2 minutes is up.
Sorry about that, J-Bird.
It's never business,|it's always pleasure.
It's cool, Jimmy.
Did you see this motherfucker?
No, no, no.
Fuck it.
- Hey, Jimmy, look.|- Yeah, baby?
Just hear me out|on this one.
Pass up the money train|and jump his ass on the bus.
His loss.
Hear me out on this.
Don't need nothing like that.|We cool.
Drop the piece, homeboy.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Drop the piece, nigger!
Eddie Mack! Come on, baby!
Lupovich, baby, just be cool.
Everybody just be cool.|Baby, be cool.
Be cool, man.
Jimmy, man, just hear it out.
Just hear out the deal.
I don't need to hear no deal.
I don't need no new partners...
I don't need no new product...
...and I damn sure don't need|this cracker's...
Saturday night special|in my face.
Just try it. That's all.
You heard the man.
Try it.
All right, baby, that's good.
Heat it up!
Like that, Jimmy?
Just let it kick in, baby.
Gonna be nice, Jimmy.
Oh, my God!
God damn it!
Don't fucking move!
My one good suit!|God damn it!
Tell her to shut up!
Get your punk ass|over there now!
Tell that bitch|to stop screaming!
Stop fucking screaming!|You hear me?
What fuck are we gonna do now?
Shut up and let me think!
I need this like I fucking|need a hole in my head.
I am not the only one|in this room...
...with that nigger's blood|on my hands.
Get his knife.
Everybody leaves a print.
We hang together,|or we hang separately.
Now cut him and cut him good.
What it is, homeboy.
What it will be, nigger.
Now you.
Hey! Now you!
J- Bird, help me, brother.
I'm sorry, brother.
Since we was grasshoppers.
Like you said.|Every man for himself, baby.
Hey, Shaft, it's your turn.
Hey, don't even think about it.
Man, hurry up!
OK, mama, it's your turn.
I won't do it.
Either you cut him...
...or die with him.
I love you.
All right,|let's clean this shit up.
Take this and bury it with him.
Come on, move!|Get him out of here.
Bet you wish|you took the deaI, nigger.
Does your mama know|that you're here?
What my mama don't know|won't hurt her.
I heard that.
Hey, can you take|a little extended solo...
...right about now,|funk soul brother?
What does she look like,|Maurice?
Thanks, bro.
Baby, if you ain't got|any culture in you...'re about|to have all of 'em.
Breathin' just gets deeper,|baby.
You sweet little|gangsta del amore...
...el cacho de la cosmos.
We will speak the international|language of love.
Yo, bro!
I gotta see what he wants.
I know you're havin'|a good time...
...but could you please go find|the gangsta of love?
I'm getting vinyl spindonitis,|and I know he's upstairs.
All right.|Keep an eye on Cyn for me.
Thank you.
Maurice! Where you at?
Yo, man, get decent...
'cause I'm comin' in.
Come on, man.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
The gangsta of love|don't eat no fried chicken.
Oh, shit!
Aw, man!
Hey! Hey, man,|where are you goin'?
No, don't run! Relax!
Stay calm, don't push!|Hey! Don't push!
Relax! Don't push! Please!
Settle down!
What the hell's goin' on?
- Come on!|- Where's Maurice?
He's dead! Get up!
Move! Come on!|Get out of here! Go!
Run! Run!
I guess|you won't be needin' this...
...or this, motherfucker.
It's OK.
We're safe.
We should have done this|a long time ago.
It's all right, baby.
He tried to kill us.
If he wanted to kill you,|you would've been dead already.
Who is he?
What was he?
Your father.
He was your father.
You have his eyes.
Free at last, free at last.
Leave me be!
It wasn't my fault, man.
I didn't know|what they'd planned.
Hush.|It don't even matter now.
Lookie here, man.|It's me, baby.
I been on your side|all the way.
Don't you remember, man?
I'll show you what I remember.
Feel better?
I- I had no choice.
What else could I have done?
You could've died with me.
Or died tryin'.
You're gonna be free and clear,|Shotgun.
All debts are paid, baby.
Swing low, sweet chariot...
Comin' for to carry me home...
Did you do it?
Do what, son?|What are you talkin' about?
You know|what I'm talkin' about.
The club. Did you do it?
I know you didn't want us|down there.
I wouldn't have risked|killing you to get you out.
- I was trying to protect you.|- From what?
Why did you give a shit|about the building?
Why did you care that we were|there, of all places?
It is just a bad neighborhood,|Patrick.
Look, don't lie to me, Pop.
Come on.|For once, tell me the truth.
Look, I saw your face.
Now, you knew that place,|and you knew those people.
It's the past, Patrick.|It's dead.
I don't think|your past is dead, Pop.
It's alive.
And it killed Maurice.
Hey, slinky thing.
Are you lookin' to score?
Uh-uh, little brother.
I got a natural high-|a supernatural high.
You got a supernatural high?
Eddie Mack|don't like no whackos...
...comin' through our neighborhood|playing that Rainman stuff.
Big bad-ass Eddie Mack... shit for brains,|and that's a fact.
Are you sufferin'|from nigligence?
I'll whup your ass!
Shit, that nigga crazy, man.|He ain't shit.
This nigger's|sufferin' from nigligence.
Look here, you fake-ass Shaft.
Why don't you raise up off|that coat and let me have that?
Sure. Here it is.
He's gonna kill|every last one of 'em.
Kill who?
Eddie Mack, that cop,|and Jeremiah.
And those kids.
Maybe they deserved it.
Maybe we all deserve it.
Patrick doesn't.
And his brother|and sister don't.
I don't.
I'll try something.
I have nothing left to lose-
...only you.
This what you want, right?
Oh, it tickles!
I wanna do that again.
All night?
I gotta go winky.
Fucked around and got me|a Marilyn Monroe ho.
Play that rollin' bass, baby.
I'm gonna tickle your little|pink tweeter all night.
Put these snakes to work.
Move your body.
Nothing's wrong.
Hey, Snowflake!
Where you at, girl?
I got somethin' to tell you.
Come on, now, girl.
Don't nobody stand up|the mack daddy.
Look here, girl.|Where you at?
Come on, now, baby.|I got somethin' to give you.
Come on, now, bitch.|Quit playin'.
I don't wanna play|these type of games. Come on.
Shit! I almost broke-
What the fuck?
All right, motherfucker.|Y'all wanna do this shit?
Motherfuckers|wanna act ignorant?
Where the fuck you at?
You wanna jump, motherfucker?
You wanna be froggy nigger?|Leap!
Jimmy Bones, is that you?
We killed you, motherfucker,|and buried your ass... nothing but|your bitch's bloody rags.
Now I can count the holes|in your motherfuckin' chest.
Is that it?|Your big-ass tidal wave?
You think I'm-a do it?|Think I'm-a do it?
Fuck you, Jimmy,|you jive-ass nigger.
Man, where the fuck are you at?
I'm here.|Where the fuck are you?
Man, I'm at the spot|where I said I was gonna be.
- Now get your ass over here!|- I'll meet you there.
Bones, you motherfucker.|What you done to me?
Not half of|what I'm plannin' on.
Man, this is|some twisted shit, man.
What you need with my head?
I'm just usin' it|to carry your soul, sucker.
My soul? Fuck you.
I killed you, you killed me-|we even!
Damn, why you gotta get all|meta-fuckin'- Physical, nigger?
Shit! I'm sick-
You just gonna bang my shit|up against the wall?
Jesus fuckin' Christ.
I need this like I fuckin'|need a hole in my head.
Oh, yeah, you better be scared.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You heard the man.
Try it!
You next, Lou.
I told your ass, boy.
If you wanna get ahead|in life...
Was that fuckin' necessary, man?
What's up with these gates?
Let's see if these gates|can save Jeremiah...
...when his past comes callin'.
We have to save him.
Save who?
Can Jeremiah come out and play?
What it is,|and what it will be, my brother.
And it will be your ass.
How the hell|did you get in here?
At a time like this... that what|you really wanna know?
How the fuck I got in here?
Oh, my God, Jimmy.
What the hell|are you guys doing?
Somebody please tell me-
Yeah, right.
It makes me feel better.
Where are you going?|I just called 911.
Then we really gotta go,|'cause I can't explain this.
I'll be back,|hopefully with Dad.
- We're coming with you.|- No, you're not.
You gotta stay with Mom!
Jesus fucking Christ,|what is this place? Oh, my God!
Shut the fuck up.
You two bitches were just meat.
You never had any idea smarter|than getting yourselves...
...a little bit more.
But my brother J-Bird, here,|this nigger was smart.
He didn't just want more.
He wanted more|with compound interest.
Come on, Jimmy. Please, man.
- Get Lou.|- Get him.
Get that fucker.
Bye, Loopy Lou!
- It's the blood.|- What, Mama?
Remember when I told you|that a person...
...has more than two parts,|they have three?
Body, soul, and spirit?
The spirit|lives in the blood...
...and the spirit keeps|the body and souI together...
...and sometimes|the spirit lives on.
Jimmy's blood|must still be in that building.
Let's go.
Look here, Jimmy.|I got $20,000 saved up, buried.
Don't nobody know|where it is but me.
You can have half of it.
All right.|You can have it all, man.
Come on, man.
I really don't-
Jimmy! Jimmy!|Come on, man, Jimmy!
And now, J-Bird, my brother...'s time for you|to collect your interest.
This is it.
We found that skeleton|right down here.
All right, it was here.|Right here!
- What'd he have on?|- Nothin'.
No, wait,|there was a green rag.
My god, my dress.
My bloody dress.|We gotta burn it.
We gotta close the door.|Find my dress!
The blood on the dress|is keeping him alive!
- I couldn't find anything!|- Look for it!
You was my main man.
Since we was grasshoppers.
I always looked after you.
You had a piece|of everything I had.
I didn't want|a piece of yours, Jimmy.
I wanted my own.
And fuck everybody else, huh?
God damn, Jimmy!|Think about it, Jimmy.
If it had happened to you... would've done|the same goddamn thing, man.
Nah, brother.
I wouldn't have done|any manner of what you did.
It's a trip, ain't it?
Oh, my God.|Are you all right?
- Baby, you OK?|- She's all right.
- Be careful!|- Oh, hell, no!
Bill, slow down! Be careful.
Don't get hurt. Be careful.
Oh, shit.
Watch your step.
Stay back.
Come back!
Find Jeremiah!
Mama, come back!
Tell me, Jimmy.|What will it take, huh?
What do you want?|Just tell me, Jimmy!
Oh, man, that's easy.
Think you can give me|my life back?
Can you swing that, brother?
You know I can't do that!
You're fuckin' dead!
Dog eat dog, brother.|Dog eat dog.
- We can climb out.|- Where?
Anywhere but here.|Come on, man. Let's go.
Turn around, baby.
You know I always loved you|in this dress.
Oh, damn.
Come on, give me your hand.
Look out. You cool?|All right.
Did he create all this?
No, but he's a part of it.
This is...|the city of the dead.
We just have to remember|what was here and follow it.
Those stairs should take us|to the second floor.
Didn't I tell you, baby?
Didn't I tell you I'd be|strokin' your neck tonight?
I took out my revenge|'cause I had to.
Now stay here with me-|forever.
OK, where do we go now?
Oh, not now.
Come on!
Oh, my God.
Bro, where you goin'?
- Maurice, where you goin'?|- Bill, wait!
That's not Maurice.
Where you goin', man?
Where the hell you at?
He's gone.
This way.
Cynthia, wait.|I gotta find Bill.
Welcome home, baby girl.
Cynthia, no. Wait.
Cyn, wait!
Help me, Patrick, please!
Please, Patrick.
Oh, no, Dad.
Help me, Patrick!
Jimmy Bones did this, Patrick!
Help me, Patrick!
Help me!
Surprise, nigger.
Die, motherfucker, die!
Stop it!
Stop it, please!
Daddy, let him go!
Daddy, stop!
I love you.
Oh, my God!
Cynthia! Come on!
We gotta go now!
Run! Come on! Let's go!
Come on! Run, Cyn, run!
- All right, we have to jump!|- I can't!
We have to! Now!
Cyn! Come on!
Come on! Jump! Hurry up!
Are you all right?|Come on, baby, we gotta go!
Come on! Go, go, go!
Oh, shit! Go!
Dog eat dog, boy.
Dog eat dog.