Boneyard (2024) Movie Script

[morose music playing]
[Petrovick] The Bible says
we should rejoice
in our suffering.
Suffering produces
perseverance, character,
and character, hope.
I'm still waitin'
to find the joy in suffering.
- [wind blowing]
- [bird chirping]
[soft music playing]
[Duke panting]
Hey, Duke.
Duke, come here.
- [sighs]
- [barking]
Come on, boy,
what are you doing
over there?
- [barking]
- What are you doing,
digging for some buried
treasure? [sighs]
This dog's gonna
kill me.
[Diane groans]
Oh, shit.
[exhales sharply]
[phone beeping]
- [barking]
- [dispatcher] 911,
what's your emergency?
["Under Your Feet"
by Lis playing]
[police radio chatter
[shutter clicking]
I think we found
a serial killer's graveyard.
[shutter clicking]
["Under Your Feet" continues]
[shutter clicking]
["Under Your Feet" continues]
[Young] Do you really think
that one guy could've done
all of this?
- You don't think so?
- Well, I don't know
what to think, Chief.
I mean, they're still
digging up bodies
over there.
[ominous music playing]
[shutter clicking]
[brakes squeal]
Let's go!
[high-energy music playing]
- [Mark] Ready when you are.
- [officer] Move in.
[door knocking]
[Mark] Keep it down.
What the fuck?
Damn, homie! You knock
like the fucking Judas!
Fucking... Damn.
My bad, homie.
Hey, I need, um,
a dub on fiddy.
- I got you.
- All right, thanks.
Ayo, if you come across
some stamps, holla at me.
It's my girl's b-day
this weekend.
Okay, cool.
It-it's all there.
Yeah, I still gotta check.
[money rustling]
We good, man.
[Moore] Police!
On the ground!
[Graham] Let's go!
Chill out.
Lookie what we found
here, Sarge.
- Ooh.
- Stashing some heavy
firepower, huh, boys?
Look like someone's
going on vacation
provided by the state
of New Mexico.
- [Felix] Fuck you.
- [Mark] Time to go, buddy.
I'll be out in no time.
Fuck you, pigs!
Tsk, another one
in the books, Jesse.
I gotta say,
you have not
failed me yet.
- [handcuffs clicking]
- And that works
in your favor.
Another one like this,
and I believe
we can conclude
our relationship.
I got you, Graham.
Soon as I get
another one lined up,
I'll be sure
to get in contact
with you, all right?
- High five.
- Man, get the fuck
up out of here.
All right,
take it easy.
Jesus! Fuck.
- [TV] We have breaking news...
- Hey, Sarge!
...from the Albuquerque
Police Department.
We're going live
with Chief Carter's statement.
Approximately six weeks ago,
one of our concerned citizens
came across human remains
while walking her dog.
She immediately reported it
to the Albuquerque Police
With the help
of crime scene investigators,
we discovered
the remains of 11 women
and one unborn child.
- [ominous music playing]
- [shutters clicking]
We're sending the remains out
to forensic pathologists
to help identify
and determine how our victims
may have died and when.
When we have more information,
we'll address
the community again.
Until then, this is
an ongoing investigation.
[reporter] Does Albuquerque have
a new serial killer?
As I said earlier,
this is an ongoing
we're not at liberty
to discuss
further information now.
That's all for today.
- [reporter] Chief Carter!
how many victims do you have?
- [reporters overlapping]
- Let's get this guy.
- Already got some leads.
Chief, I'll start going through
the missing persons list
because it'll take
a while for the labs
to come back.
We got a predator amongst us
and not the four-legged
but someone who lives
and works in the community
with a compulsion to kill.
What we label him
doesn't matter to me.
We just need to stop him.
Oh, I almost forgot.
The Mayor wants
to bring in the Feds on this.
They're sending over
one of their profilers.
You two are picking him up
in two hours.
- Who's driving?
- I'm driving.
[plane engine whirring]
[soft music playing]
- Getting sandblasted here.
- [Ortega] I know.
- How are you?
- Pete.
- Detective Ortega.
Nice to meet you.
- Call me Pete.
[music playing on the stereo
[exhales sharply]
No, no, no, thanks, Detective.
That stuff will kill ya--
high blood pressure
and anxiety.
So, uh, you're one
of those guys, huh?
A health nut.
Oh, hell no.
I'm a swig of bourbon,
toke of weed
in the morning-type guy.
That stuff will kill you too,
but it's a lot more fun.
Oh, I don't suppose
either of you
have a-a spliff
or a-a stiff one
on you. No?
No, sir, we don't.
Just testing.
Good work, Detective.
Now listen, I didn't get
any sleep on the plane.
You mind if I close my eyes?
Knock yourself out.
What, are you, uh,
you scared of flying?
No, I love it.
No, these flight attendants
on these private jobs,
they ply you with enough booze
to put your lights out.
But, there was
no flight attendant.
Well, we can take you
by your hotel,
give you a chance
to get some rest
and maybe--
Oh, no, no,
I want to go straight to HQ.
I want to be
on a plane and out of here
by the end of the week,
you know.
Been looking at the file,
I want to spend
as much time on this one
as I possibly can.
You play golf, Detectives?
A little bit.
- You?
- Occasionally. You?
You dig any more holes
in that Boneyard,
you're going to have
a back nine.
[ominous music playing]
[Petrovick] Hey.
- Hey.
- Chief Carter, I presume.
- Hope you had a good flight,
Agent Petrovick.
- I did. Call me Pete.
- Pete. Pete it is.
- [both sigh]
Well, thank you for coming
all the way out
to our neck of the woods.
Oh, yeah. Well, hey,
I had planned
to come out here anyway,
uh, doing
some cold case work--
looking into some of those
missing indigenous girls
from years back.
- Any connection to the case?
- I don't think so.
You got any leads on who
the serial killer might be?
Hell, I don't know,
I mean it could be you.
Nah, I don't think so.
It's more likely him.
If I was you,
I'd keep an eye on him.
Look, even after I see
the evidence
and the crime scene,
the best I can do is make
an educated guess,
that's it.
What's your best guess?
Who should we be looking for?
The best guess...
Oh, God.
Why don't we talk
about serial killers
for a minute, okay?
- Here.
- [keyboard clacking]
[phone ringing]
- [computer beeps]
- Okay, wow,
it's the all-stars.
I don't think
it's any of them,
all right?
We put these clowns
into four categories.
First, you got
your visionary.
They hear voices,
you know.
The neighbor's dog
tells them to kill people
and they go right ahead
and do it.
Next, there's
the power-control-oriented.
Prolonged torture and killing.
Life and death
is at their whim--
they're playing God.
Later they get their rocks off
from the trophies
that they keep.
Bring the gloves
and the hand sanitizer
when you search that place.
- After that,
we got hedonistic.
- [beep]
Here's your lust killers,
They'll boink their victims
whether alive or dead,
sometimes six months
after they're dead.
They're into mutilation,
drinking blood,
These ones have definitely
chosen the psycho path.
But I don't think our guy
is any of those.
[raps table]
I put my money on him being
a mission-oriented killer.
He thinks
he's making the world
a better place.
How is he making
the world a better place?
Well, in his mind,
he's getting rid
of all the people
that caused him to sin.
Or just anybody that happens
to shit in his pond,
you know?
But I can see I'm boring
the shorts off you,
so try this one
on for size.
He's probably
an Hispanic male,
30s, extremely religious,
arrested at least once
for solicitation
of prostitutes,
and most likely lives
in proximity
to the Boneyard.
Lives with his mother?
Well, not every serial creep
lives in his mom's basement.
BTK was the life
of the party.
No, this guy's probably
very stable. Employed.
He's lived in the area all
or most of his life, okay?
In other words,
he's just a regular Joe
with a lawnmower,
a toaster
and maybe a jar
of what might look
like pickles.
- Basically,
it could be anyone.
- Yeah!
But, hey, I'm here
to narrow it down.
Don't worry,
I've been doing this
since, uh,
since before you were bribing
the Tooth Fairy for cash.
[laughs] Needle
in a haystack, huh?
This Petrovick guy
seems to be quite
the character, huh?
"Best of the best,"
they say, only here to help.
Is he?
Or is he here trying
to give us a crash course
on how to do our job,
wasting time
when we should be out there
gathering real evidence?
What's with you?
- Nothing.
- [man] Your food, sir.
I mean, guy's a weirdo,
but I don't know.
I just feel like we're walking
in fucking circles here.
- [line ringing]
- [sniffs]
Hola, it's me.
How you holding up?
Well, I just want
to let you know
that I sent in the DNA
to get processed.
Now it's going
to take a while,
but they're the, uh,
they're the best
in their field, okay?
We'll know soon enough.
I gotta go. Bye.
[hangs up]
You want some coffee?
Too much of that stuff
will kill ya.
Oh, God, don't...
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [siren wailing]
[Young] So this happened
around 2001?
After he pulled the gun,
what happened?
He made me blow him
with the gun pointed
at my head.
Then this motherfucker
made me fuck him
while he held the gun
in my mouth.
Told me he was going
to shoot me,
and then dump my body
on the west side.
How did you get away?
Grabbed the gun
when he was nutting.
And I aimed and I shot...
and it wasn't even loaded.
So I ran for my life.
Can you describe
what he looked like?
He was a Chicano,
in his 30s.
Pretty big guy,
about 200 lbs?
Uh, he had an old tattoo
on his arm, just...
I think he said
his name was Caesar
or something like that.
What kind of car
was he driving?
How the fuck would I know?
Is there anything else
you can remember?
Around the time
I was hanging,
I had a run-in
with an undercover cop
named Tate.
He was good looking,
but an asshole.
Dirty as fuck!
Tell me more about Tate.
Rumor has it
that pregnant girl
that you found on the Mesa
was pregnant by Tate...
and he got rid of her.
I, uh, I need
to check someone out.
- One of our own?
- Mm-hmm.
It's Tate, in Narcotics.
What does Young
think about this?
I want to get
more solid evidence on Tate
before this gets around
the department.
See, well,
that I don't disagree
with you on, Detective.
Tell me what you got.
Well, Tate's name
keeps popping up
under my investigation.
I understand
that he was suspended
for misconduct
and then later
he was reinstated?
Got a few complaints
about faulty busts he made,
made them go away
in exchange
for sexual favors.
- How long
was he doing that?
- Who knows?
Came across a savvy hooker,
Maria Orta.
Yeah, IA had recordings,
pictures, the whole nine.
Hold him dead to right.
The IA guys thought
it'd be a good idea
to have him face to face
with his accuser,
to see if Tate would crack.
Hello there.
Maria, Maria, Maria.
Here we are...
just the two of us.
Are you sure we should leave her
in there with him
by herself?
- [Tate] You look fantastic.
- What's he gonna do?
Snap her neck?
Bust through the door,
- fight off a hundred
police officers?
- I mean...
He's gonna crack.
He's cooked.
- So...
- I got him
marinating in there.
By the way, which one
are you sucking off exactly?
The fat one or the one
making google eyes at you?
Fuck you.
Fuck me? Hmm, okay, wow.
Better question:
tell me...
[groans lightly]
how is your mother?
She's doing okay, huh?
She get
those immigration papers
worked out yet?
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Fuck you!
- Motherfucker!
Piece of fucking shit!
- Shit!
Tu madre--
Fuck you. Fuck you!
- Piece of fucking shit!
Fuck you!
- [Bivens] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you thinking?
- Hey, relax, relax.
- Tate...
- What?! What are you
talking about?
- You have the right--
How is this piece of shit
still on the job?
You know the drill.
Union red tape
wouldn't allow us
to can his ass.
He took an extended vacation
via his suspension
and then was allowed
to be reinstated
after he finished the time.
You know,
a former sex worker
was saying
the girl he knocked up
went missing
after she told him
he was the father.
You know we found a girl
and a child down on the Mesa
that meets that description.
Who else knows about this?
Just you and I,
Keep it that way.
What's your next play?
Well, I'm cross-referencing
the names
off the missing person's list
with the list
of missing prostitutes
from 1999 to 2006.
I'm still waiting
for the DNA results
to come back.
[sighs] Keep working
your case.
Keep me in the loop.
[Petrovick] So many victims.
So much pain and death.
It's more than one can bear.
A father knows.
The killer's still out there,
it's only a matter of time
before he kills again.
People ask me
why I keep going,
why I keep chasing
after these guys.
I tell them, "I can't stop.
The voices of the innocent
are too loud."
- [truck door dinging]
- [groans]
Hey, baby, my powers
of detection tell me
- you got a flat tire.
- [rattling]
Your powers are right.
[Petrovick groaning]
I already know.
I don't need to hear it.
I wasn't going to say anything.
I wasn't going to say shit.
Oh, yeah,
'cause you're never
wrong, right?
[laughs] I did make
a mistake once
about 18 years ago
with your mother.
Don't talk about me
like that!
I don't want
to get into it right now,
I'd never say bad things
about your mother
in front of you.
I'd wait 'til it's
behind your back.
How about
we get this rolling,
and when we do...
we drive it straight
to the scrapyard?
Got a deal?
You going
to get me a new one?
I'll help you
with the down payment,
how's that?
- Yeah?
- One condition--
you gotta listen to me.
- Mm, I'll think about it.
- [laughs]
All right,
you think about it.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
[man] Petrovick!
[dramatic music playing]
You son of a bitch!
[pants, clears throat]
- [poignant music playing]
- [coughing]
Sam? Sam.
Sam, Sam, Sam!
Sam, come on.
Sam, honey, come on,
wake up, honey.
Come on, get up!
I gotta stay vigilant.
God knows
I let my guard down
once before.
I took too long,
my suspect found me.
Never again.
[poignant music continues]
[breathing heavily]
911, what is your emergency?
[poignant music continues]
- Hey. Have you
seen Ortega?
- No.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [chopper flying overhead]
- Yello.
- [Young] Hey.
Where are you?
I'm grabbing something to eat,
you want something?
Nope, I'm good.
- I'll just see you
back here, okay?
- All right.
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [engine starts]
Oh, God.
Hey, Candy.
- What the fuck you want?
- Relax. I have
a couple questions for you.
- I don't answer questions.
- It's about some missing girls
you might know.
Which girls
you talking about?
What do you know
about them?
I don't know nothing. Bye.
Whoa, whoa. Selena.
It's my niece.
These are my sisters.
Flaca went missing
like a month before Selena.
Do you have any idea
what happened to them
or where they might have gone?
Every time we get in a car
or go in a hotel room,
there's a chance a bitch
might get popped, robbed,
or killed.
their luck ran out.
I remember this night.
It was Flaca's birthday.
Oh, we partied so hard.
She went missing
a week later.
that's another story.
What's her story?
Look, man, I'm still
out here on the streets.
I don't want to be next.
- But I could protect you.
- [laughing]
I like breathing.
You ain't got no clue.
I don't want
to pressure you, okay?
I just want you to come down
to the station.
The station?
That den
of dirty motherfuckers?
I just need you to look
at a couple photographs
and make a statement
and that is it, okay?
It'll really help
my investigation
and we can find out
what happened to your sisters.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, hey.
Give me a call
when you're ready, okay?
[brakes screeching]
[girl screaming]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey!
Hey! Stop the car!
I said stop the car!
- I'm going to get you,
you son of a bitch.
- [engine starts]
[breathing heavily]
Oh, fuck it.
Keep the fucking cops
away from me!
[continues crying]
All the suffering...
[eerie whispering]
[ominous music playing]
[doorbell rings]
Welcome in.
[music playing over speakers]
[cooler door closes]
Hello, Caesar.
How are you today?
That's all for today?
Yeah. Yes.
[doorbell rings]
[ominous music playing]
[eerie whispering]
Brother, are you okay?
[eerie whispering gets louder]
Um, it's $2.11.
[Caesar] Here.
W-would you need someone
to walk with you
to wherever you're going?
Hey, brother, your change.
[doorbell rings]
- [Milon] Hi.
- [girl] Hi.
He's... crazy.
[breathing heavily]
[ominous music continues]
[Young] So I wrote down
some names
that could be possible hits
from the missing persons list.
[phone ringing]
- I don't know.
- Ortega.
[woman] Hey, uh, I think
I'm ready to talk.
- Who's this?
- Naomi Harks. Um,
I'm at Central and 5th.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.
I can, uh...
I'll text you an address
and I'll meet you there
in an hour.
- Okay, I'll see you.
- I'll see ya.
[hangs up]
Who's that?
That was the, uh...
that was my friend.
You didn't recognize
your friend's voice?
She, uh, she's all
stuffed up,
she had a cold.
[Ortega] Uh,
thank you for calling.
I've, uh,
been thinking
about this for a long time.
Will you state your name
and that you willingly agree
to make a statement
regarding a missing person
and that you may
have information
about their disappearance?
Uh, my name is Naomi Harks
and I am agreeing
to give this statement.
Well, tell me
what you know, Naomi.
- Um...
- [waitress] Hi, can I
bring you anything else?
Selena, China and I
used to go in
on hotel rooms together.
Hey, Daddy. I need you.
I'm sitting on 150 bucks.
- ["Make It Up"
by Puka-Nora Milton playing]
- [laughs]
Tradewinds, room 224.
Thank you, baby.
- They on their way. Yes.
- [girls laugh]
["Make It Up" continues]
[China] Okay.
- [whooping]
- [China] Hey.
[Candy] Shots, girls.
[Candy laughing]
Y'all still ain't heard
shit on Flaca?
I can't believe
she got you like that.
I mean, we all fucked up,
but not like that.
We sisters.
I hope she all right.
All I know is, she better
have my shit when I see her.
- Yo! You bitches good?
- [squeals]
[Candy] Finally.
Please tell me
you got something good.
The guys around here
don't got shit.
Baby, this shit
is certified A1 yolo.
One bump of this and you going
to hit your head off the moon.
["Make It Up" continues]
[Candy] We was partying
pretty hard that night.
Selena, a little more
than usual.
I got the impression
something was on her mind.
And when was
the last time you saw her?
Um, we were all
on the block that night,
pre-gaming at the Allsups
when she got a call.
It was sort of a slow night,
just some assholes lurking.
[Jason] Good. Can't wait.
Oh, hey, girls.
We got some booze and, uh,
you're probably not
going to get
anything better than us tonight,
so want to hang out for a bit?
Jason, you know that girl
- slept with Billy
last week, right?
- Are you serious, man?
- Yeah, but who cares, bro?
- Right. Billy sleeps
with everyone.
Boy? Bye.
- Oh, fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- [Selena] You guys
aren't ready for us anyway.
We change lives
and religions.
Really? Are you
Mother Teresa tonight?
How much money you got?
Fuck these girls, Tommy,
let's go, man.
Let's go, girls.
Isn't it past
your curfew anyway?
Besides, I want you all
to meet these Memphis boys.
They like to trick
with some down ass bitches
so be them bitches tonight.
- [text alert dings]
- [all chuckling]
So, look, um,
I gotta hit this lick
real quick.
I'll hit you guys
when I'm done,
see where you at?
Who are you fucking, bitch?
[Candy chuckles]
Bitch, please.
[ominous music playing]
[Candy] We watched her
get in the car that night
and never thought
twice about it.
You never think
that's going to be
the last time
you see somebody.
But off she went.
Selena crept off
into the night...
never to be seen again.
And do you know
who picked her up?
One of yours.
Fucking sleaziest cop
on the beat.
Wouldn't be surprised
if he killed
those Boneyard girls too.
And you are sure
that it was Tate?
It was
a dark Chevy Malibu.
At the time,
he worked Vice.
He'd catch you slipping
and make you "work off"
the charges.
He became a regular.
And you think this is
what he was doing
with Selena?
Hell, yeah.
Selena ran with us
for, like, six months.
We took her in
after she got kicked out
of Eduardo's.
Who is Eduardo?
He's a cool cat
that has a refuge
for girls like us,
a place to rest
from time to time.
So why didn't you
report this?
[laughs] Man...
No one listens
to street hoes.
Besides, I lost China
to an overdose
a short time later.
I guess I just...
packed it all away
until I spoke to you
the other day.
- [ominous music playing]
- [line dialing]
- [recording] Your call
has been forwarded...
- Fuck.
Something's wrong.
Selena would've called
by now.
I don't trust Tate,
fucking dirty ass cop.
Fuck it.
We can't wait any longer.
[ominous music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
I found four missing girls
that match the profile
of the missing pregnant girl.
The girls' arresting officer
was Tate.
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone beeping]
I thought getting
some fresh eyes on what you
had to show me would be good.
This is some good stuff
you got here.
Plenty of it.
Here. Take a look at this.
[Ortega grunts lightly]
Twenty of those girls
that went missing
from 1999 to 2000
had arrest records.
Twelve of those
were arrested by Tate.
So, you telling me
the serial killer
could be an undercover cop?
One of our own?
Linking 12
of those missing girls
to Tate's arrest reports?
Smoking gun, Chief.
When he was being suspended,
none of this was known
at the time.
We could still charge him
with it if everything
you have here checks out.
But before I authorize this,
you have to be totally sure.
If our Jane Doe
on the Mesa's DNA
comes back as a match
for Loretta Garcia,
then we can get
a warrant for Tate's DNA.
And if his matches baby Doe's,
we got our guy.
[Petrovick] Hallelujah,
we got our guy--
simple and easy.
Does Tate match
the profile?
Our killer, he's predatory.
He's got to be out there,
He'll be constantly scanning,
searching for prey.
It'll be someone who's off
their guard, unaware.
He'll be acting on impulse.
Ritual stalking.
He'll be methodical,
He'll know we're coming.
Every second that goes by
puts someone else at risk.
Obsession will drive him.
He won't be able
to stop himself.
His drive will build
until murder becomes
the only thing
that satisfies him.
[ominous music playing]
[balloons popping]
- [vendor] We have a winner!
- Whoo!
Oh, thanks.
[ominous music continues]
[shovel thudding]
- [line ringing]
- [Ashley] Hey.
Hey. Did I catch him
before he fell asleep?
It's almost nine.
No, you missed him again.
This is the third time
this week.
I cannot keep doing this
with you, Ray.
It's not fair to them
and it's not fair to me.
- Okay.
- Figure it out.
I'm tired of this,
I'm so tired of this.
Quiet down!
I said quiet down!
- Hurry up!
Shut the fuck up!
- Move!
[screaming continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
Get in there!
Move, move!
Shut the fuck up!
Sit down!
Shut the fuck up!
Clear the compound.
Get in formation.
- [radio crackles]
- [officer] Clear left,
clear left!
[suspenseful music continues]
- [distant gunfire]
- [screaming]
Two down, two down!
Three down, three down!
Man down, man down!
[distant gunfire]
Contact down.
[suspenseful music continues]
[girls crying]
- [gunshots]
- [girls wailing]
You're okay.
We're here,
you're safe now.
[soft music playing]
[Petrovick] What a crew we are.
The walking wounded.
Each of us carrying the ghosts
of the ones we were
supposed to protect.
They were dead,
and we were alive,
and we couldn't forgive
ourselves for that.
Chief Carter had
his two dead cops.
Ortega, his niece.
[exhales deeply]
And then there's...
This case was personal.
[Johnson] Hey, Chief,
good time?
We got Agent Petrovick,
Agent Womack.
Hello, gentlemen.
Good tidings
from the Albuquerque
Field Office.
[Womack] And bad tidings
for your investigation,
I'm sorry to say.
When Agent Petrovick informed me
that you were looking into
Officer Tate,
we thought it'd be
a good time to meet.
You mean to tell me
the FBI's been at our backyard
investigating Tate
and didn't bother
to mention it to the APD?
What we were doing was
on a need-to-know, Chief.
And you didn't feel
like we needed to know.
In matters of sex trafficking,
we feel that the less that are
involved, the better.
We work closely with the CRU
and the VCACS.
The Civil Rights Unit?
Violent Crimes
Against Children Section?
- Top secret shit.
- Okay, no offense,
but in the past,
when we have worked
with local PD,
we find that cartels
and Russian mobs
magically get informed
and pull up stakes.
How does Tate fit into all this?
Well, we all know that Tate
has a thing for girls.
A lot of those girls
ended up at the mansion,
the ones he busted.
The very same ones
on your shortlist.
Well, we've been working
on stopping them as well.
We could have coordinated
on all this.
So, you suspect Tate
was working with the cartels?
No, he's not that ambitious,
but we were hoping
that some of the girls that
he'd been canoodling with
would lead us to them.
And he started
killing them instead.
Tate's a lot of things,
but we don't think
he's a killer.
Your case
is more layered, guys.
Like an onion, my friend.
Now we are happy
to put all of the resources
of the FBI and Agent Petrovick
into finding
and arresting your killer.
[Carter] Well, you heard
what the Feds had to say.
Since when do you agree
with the Feds, Chief?
They're wrong.
Tate is our guy.
And I'm going to prove it.
Why didn't you tell me
you were going after Tate?
Why are you sidelining me?
Is there anything else
you need to tell me
that you're hiding from me?
We're supposed
to be partners
and I don't know
how we're going to work together
if you keep me out of the loop.
You wouldn't understand,
Is that how you see me?
Is that the story
you're telling yourself?
Because you know what?
I care more about this case
and these victims
than you could possibly know.
Oh, is that so? Why?
Because you're a woman?
Fuck you!
You know what?
I am trying to do my job
and I don't know
how else to do that
if you're hiding shit
from me all the time.
I don't have time for this.
[vehicle approaching]
[muffled rock music playing]
[rock music blaring]
[Caesar] Come on,
hey. Hi.
Don't mean to bother you.
Come on in, uh,
it's not-it's not safe
out here.
- Where you going?
- Just the bus station
Oh! Oh, yeah.
Come on in.
All right.
Thank you.
Yeah, no worries.
Of course.
[rock music continues]
Look, I have evidence
that puts Tate in my scope.
And I understand that you guys
are under a lot of pressure
from IA already,
and I wanted to come
talk to you first.
Man, this is
all I fucking need.
And I was hoping to have
a little chat with him now.
Without a lawyer
or union rep?
This is a brother in blue,
Yeah, I know.
He's also
a possible murder suspect.
[tapping keys]
Tate, come in my office
real quick.
Have a seat, Detective.
You wanted to see me, sir?
Detective Ortega
wants a word.
Your involvement
with a girl.
A girl?
I'm not sure
I quite follow.
Well... [groans]
You used to work Vice
before Narcotics, right?
Why'd you transfer?
All right, look...
[quiet chuckle]
It's no secret.
I paid the price
for what I did, okay?
But once I got reinstated,
I made a valid point
of transferring myself
over to Narcotics
- to keep myself
out of trouble.
- [chuckles]
Keep yourself
out of trouble?
And so far you're
the cleanest cop
in the clique, right?
Okay, great,
so if this isn't
my six-month review...
what the hell
am I doing here?
I just want to let you know
that we're investigating you
and your relationship
with some of the girls
on the Mesa.
This is bullshit.
I did my time,
I kept my nose clean.
I paid my dues.
This conversation's over.
I want to speak
to my lawyer and union rep.
I'll be in touch to set up
that formal investigation
That went well.
This could get ugly.
You can count
on that, Sergeant.
[rock music playing]
[Tate] So,
it's completely up to you.
But if I do this,
the charges go away
for good?
I can't make any guarantees,
but, um,
I could certainly talk
to the officer who arrested you.
That's for sure.
[ominous music playing]
Sure you want to do this?
'Cause I don't want you doing
anything you don't want to.
- [rock music ends]
- [patrons cheering]
[zips up]
[grunting, groaning]
[pained groaning]
- Oh, God...
- When they told me
you were coming here...
- [straining]
- ...I didn't have a problem
with you, Tate.
Everyone on the team
has a little dirt
under their nails.
But murder?
You fucking psycho!
- Sarge...
- Shut up!
We already got a fucking ton
of heat on us already, asshole.
Now we got the weight
of the DA's office,
IA, and fucking Ortega
breathing down our necks!
I built a ton
of relationships out there
with some important
and dangerous people.
We don't need this shit!
- Sarge, please,
I didn't do--
- You better pray
to whatever God
you believe in
that the DNA results
on that Jane Doe
come back
without your sperm
all over it!
You got a problem
controlling yourself
- and I will bury you
dick first...
- [blows landing]
...before I let you
burn my team.
[Tate groaning]
Now clean yourself up
and pay your tab, bitch.
- Sarge!
- [door squeaks]
[groaning] Sarge!
Nina. Hey, sis.
How you doing?
I'm good.
- [soft music playing]
- [shutter clicking]
Come on.
You know, before I left,
Selena and I,
you know, we lost touch.
Do you know who she was
hanging out with
from the old neighborhood
that I could talk to?
She was in
and out of the house
most of the time.
We argued so much
back then.
She hung out a lot
with Eliza.
- Fuentes?
- Yes. That's her.
She had this boyfriend,
real shit, I--
- It's okay. It's okay.
- [sobbing]
I-I think his name was...
or something like that.
I think I know who
you're talking about.
How didn't I...
how did I not
see this coming?
I mean, I did everything
I could for her, Paul.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that. Don't.
This is not your fault
and you know that, okay?
- Yeah...
- Okay?
Hey, listen to me.
She just fell in
with the wrong people.
I know you're going
to find her, yeah?
Yeah. I am.
Based on Agent Petrovick's
we've narrowed
our list of suspects
down to this dozen
or so men.
I want each of you
to begin eliminating them
until we find our man.
Agent Petrovick,
anything else
we need to know?
Uh, just, uh,
don't be looking
for the boogeyman.
Instead, focus
on the regular guy
just hiding in plain sight.
All right, keep me informed
of everything going on.
[all] Yes, ma'am.
- Petrovick?
- Yeah.
We're gonna
need you to stay
until we find this guy.
I'm not going anywhere
'til we make this son
of a bitch a piata.
I want first crack.
Hit a couple of home runs,
you know.
Good. Counting on it.
All right.
[ominous music playing]
[muffled screaming]
[screaming and crying]
[blow lands]
[shovel thudding]
[suspenseful music playing]
Who the fuck are you
and what do you want?
Hey, tranquilo, bro.
I just want to talk
to you for a second.
- I know you?
- You should.
I grew up here,
it's my old neighborhood.
And now you're a cop.
Damn, chico.
You hated it
here that bad, huh?
Don't bother telling me
you don't know her,
'cause I know she bunked up
here with you a while back.
Yeah, this bitch?
She shacked up with me
for a hot minute.
Then she got
outta pocket.
Give me the fucking picture.
What do you mean,
"out of pocket"?
We used to party here
and then she got
a little sticky
with the fingers,
if you know what I mean.
When's the last time
you talked to her?
The day I kicked
her stealing ass
out of here.
- What day was that?
- I don't know.
Do I look like
a fucking calendar?
[deep sigh]
Can you think of where
she might have wound up
after she left here?
Not too many places
bitches like that wind up.
Selena. Okay?
Her name is Selena.
if I was guessing,
the traffickers.
Those vatos
prey around places
looking for pretty faces.
And you know the rest.
They split them up
between here,
Texas and TJ,
pimpin' 'em out.
So you, uh, kicked her out,
knowing that she'd either
wind up OD'd
or sold to traffickers?
Man, you's a dumb fuck.
Get the fuck back--
Fuck you! She's
my goddamn niece, asshole!
Show some fucking respect!
Okay, man, you got it.
You got it, bro.
Chill out, cop.
Ah, fuck.
Got it, cop, got it.
[sighs] Fuck! Fuck.
You staying?
Yeah, for just
a little bit longer.
All right,
have a good night.
- Oh, you too.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yup.
[Young] Graham.
- Detective Young.
- How's it going?
It's going.
What can I do for you?
Oh, you know,
I've just been hearing
a lot about Tate lately.
Just wondering what you think
about the whole thing.
I'm kind of skeptical
of your timing.
I hear that,
um, but between you
and me,
I kind of feel
like my partner's
hiding something.
And that doesn't sit
very well with me,
we're investigating
the biggest case
this department's
ever seen.
Sounds like we need to do
our own investigation.
[Vanessa] Hey,
what should we get Dad?
We didn't order him anything.
- Enjoying it?
- [Graham] There they go.
I'll be right back, girls.
Stay here.
- [Vanessa chuckles] Hey.
- Hey.
What's going on, baby? Mm.
Missed you.
- All right.
- You guys order yet?
I'm hungry as hell.
- Dad's here, guys.
- Hi, ladies.
How y'all doing?
[phone ringing]
Hold on.
Hey. Yeah.
There's a lot of heat
on the department right now
with this damn
serial killer investigation.
Look, you know
I don't play
by department rules.
I made a deal
with your organization
so you can expect
my top priority
to protect your interests.
Just keep taking care
of me and my boys
and we'll keep it tight.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey, baby,
want to party?
No fucking way.
Okay. Let's party.
[ominous music playing]
Your CI mad
that I rattled his cage?
Something like that.
Do you ever go home?
I was going to ask you
the same thing.
You're really in this
with both feet, huh?
Let me guess, you got
the same setup at home.
Converted a room
into your own Batcave
with files and shit
- What brings you by?
- Professional courtesy.
I know that Tate could be
in some serious shit, but--
My turn to guess now.
You and your boys
don't want to let
the ghosts of Tate's past
rub off on you, right?
So, we understand
one another.
Listen, so far,
none of this blows back
on you or your squad,
but you know I have to be
And I have to ask
the tough questions.
And even though Tate's
new to your crew,
don't sit there
and act like your shit
didn't bear down
some scrutiny.
We're not the same,
You ain't
squeaky clean either.
I gotta kick over
all the rocks,
Sgt. Graham.
Yours too.
And if nothing's there,
you got nothing
to worry about.
- I'm not worried.
- Why you here?
I'm here on behalf of the men
who serve under me
and their families.
And I'm here on behalf
of the yet-to-be-identified
bodies of the women that are
buried in that field.
If Tate is your guy,
he did that shit solo,
not on my watch.
I don't doubt that,
Sgt. Graham.
But you're gonna have
to kick over them rocks,
Every last one.
Don't work too late.
[ominous music playing]
So, this is everything
on Ortega?
[Petrovick] Okay, buddy,
what do you got for me?
I'm ready for your download.
[Milon] I have been the owner
of this mart for 11 years now.
And I have seen
most of the victims
from Boneyard case.
Is that right?
You're an observant guy.
Caesar started coming
into the store
around that time.
It just happened again
last week.
Still the same now.
- [Petrovick] Caesar Monto.
- He came in.
He got his regular drink.
Then walks in a young girl.
Maybe the girl was 14,
15 years old,
high school student,
a regular.
He scared her.
He scared me too.
[Petrovick] You know,
you could walk past
at least 36 serial killers
in your lifetime.
Which means they're
pretty much everywhere.
Albuquerque's no exception.
Most of us go about our day
and we don't even think twice
about what lurks
out there in the streets.
You can't let your guard down,
not even for a second.
- Yes?
- Nina?
- Yeah.
- I'm Detective Laura Young.
I'm your brother's
Do you mind
if I come in for a minute?
- Can I offer you some coffee?
- Oh, yeah, that'd be great.
Thank you.
So, how long
have you lived here?
It's so lovely.
Ah, thanks,
for a little bit.
[light chuckle]
Any cream or sugar?
No, black is good.
You been working with Paul
for a long time?
Yeah, um, a few years.
Surprised he hasn't
mentioned me.
Oh, no, he has, um,
I mean, he loves so much
what he does.
[camera clicks]
Thank you.
Have you gotten
the DNA back yet?
The DNA?
- [door rattling]
- [dramatic music playing]
[Mark] Cover the rear entrance.
Stand by to breach.
[Graham] Ready. Break!
Everybody on the ground!
[police shouting indistinct]
Mr. Pablo Ruiz.
You know I'm going to have
to take you down for this,
But, if you do me a favor,
I can knock off
a considerable amount of time.
why didn't you tell me
about this confidential
I thought you was going
to keep me in the loop
on everything.
I have.
What's going on?
I got Ruiz back at the Ranch
singing like Luther Vandross.
Looks like you got
your arrest.
He's pointing
the finger at Tate.
Ruiz? He's not my CI.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
Let me guess,
Graham brought him in?
Part of a coordinated
drug raid.
Ruiz volunteered
the info.
You mind telling me
what the fuck is going on,
Graham's hanging Tate
out to dry
to save his own ass.
[door opens]
Care to get the class
up to speed?
Routine bust, Chief.
We got lucky on this one.
We had ole Pablo there
with a few keys, weapons,
and a pile of money.
As we were getting ready
to bring him in,
he volunteers some information
that was pertinent
to the Boneyard investigation.
Ain't that convenient!
[scoffs] Like when the charges
on him went up,
the blessings came down.
God works
in mysterious ways,
huh, Chief?
What? This is bullshit,
and you know it.
- Bullshit?
- Watch yourself.
We're all
on the same team,
You expect me to believe
that you just lucked up
on a treasure trove
of information on my case
while doing one
of your "routine busts"?
Get the fuck--
Chief, you can't be
believing in this bullshit!
Seems convenient
as hell, Sergeant.
Ortega here is just mad
he didn't get the Scooby Doo
reveal he wanted.
[door opens and closes]
Bring Tate in.
[siren whoops]
Officer Tate,
stay right there.
Keep your hands
where we can see them.
What the fuck, Ortega?
Wha-- what's the problem?
Got a warrant
for your arrest, scumbag...
- What the hell
are you talking about?
- ...for the Boneyard murders.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Cuff this piece of shit.
Get against the car.
Get the fuck off me!
Piece of shit.
[exhales sharply]
What the fuck, Ortega?!
What the hell happened
to the formal interview?
We have a witness.
It's a crock of shit.
This bitch is
a pathological liar.
Look, "tire tracks
at the scene
place a car where a body
was buried nearby."
And? So what?
[papers rustle]
None of this shit in here
has anything to do with me.
I'm gonna need
my lawyer and union rep.
[raps table]
Now what the hell
is that supposed to be?
Take a hard look.
[evidence bag rustles]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Ortega] We found that necklace
on one of the dead bodies.
Coming back to you now?
You get me
my goddamn lawyer
and union rep.
- [bangs table]
- Now!
I am so sick of this shit.
Get out of my face.
You know he asked
for his lawyer
and union rep twice, right?
It ain't my fault
he kept talking
after that, Chief.
You're taking a risk here,
Listen. The names
on the missing person's list
versus the bodies
they're digging up
can't be a coincidence.
Outside of the names,
you don't have witnesses
or physical evidence
that ties Tate
to the murders.
You did a good job
rattling his cage,
a circumstantial case,
but we're going to need more.
Once he lawyers up...
[exhales sharply]
Rattled people
get sloppy, Chief.
Yeah, so do
overzealous detectives.
[distant siren wailing]
[door opens, squeaks]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[cell phone dialing]
[line ringing]
[voicemail] Hey, it's Candy--
leave me something sweet.
Hey, Naomi,
it's Detective Ortega.
Uh, when you have a moment,
I'd really love for you
to come down to the station
for a formal statement.
Looking forward
to hearing back from you.
Thank you.
[cell phone ringing]
Bill. Get some results back?
[Bill sighs]
Sorry, Ortega.
It's a match with Selena.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, thank you.
Talk to me.
- Bad news.
- What is it?
DNA came back negative.
Tate's not the father.
Gotta let him go.
No, no, no.
I know he did it.
[sighs] Going to need
more than that, Detective.
You're not paid
to speculate.
[exhales sharply]
[ominous music playing]
Based on the profile
I built,
I came up with one...
Caesar Monto.
He's our guy?
Yeah, I think so.
He lives about a mile
from the Mesa site.
He's worked
for the same cable installer
for the last 20 years.
He's been arrested
for soliciting prostitutes,
but he goes to church
every Sunday.
He's a good boy.
[Young] He doesn't look
like a crazed killer.
Well, crazy
doesn't have to mean
pissing in the refrigerator
and screaming
at parking meters.
Some of the biggest CEOs
in the world are
sociopaths and psychos.
Both of which are not
considered mental illnesses
by the American Psychiatric
Association, by the way.
Where's he at now?
We got two agents sitting
in front of his house
watching, waiting for him
to do something
and we're also talking
to some women
to see if they've had
any interaction with him.
You don't think
he's our guy, do you?
I never said that.
Tell you what.
I'll bet you a year's pay
he's not your guy.
- That's all.
- [Womack] All right.
We'll let you know
if we find anything out
or if anything happens.
So, it turns out
one of the victims
is actually Ortega's niece.
- His niece?
- Yeah.
I just found out, Chief.
[sighs deeply]
[door squeaks]
Start from the beginning.
He looked
like a nice guy.
I could always tell
these types of things,
you know?
I'm not about
to walk up in a car
that looks like a cop,
no offense.
Hey, sugar.
You looking to have
a good time tonight?
[breathing heavily]
[Nella] He was sitting there
looking pitiful.
And normally we don't give
a shit about the tricks, but...
I actually
felt bad for him.
Where did he take you?
Tsk. [chuckles]
Man, you know the place.
He was like a...
like a little deer.
Now I can see your eyes.
Scared of my every move.
[breathing heavily]
Then what happened?
- [eerie music playing]
- Please stop.
Look, man, I ain't
into no weirdo shit.
Look, you crazy motherfucker,
- I don't know what it is--
- I just lost my Mom.
- What?
- [shuddering breaths]
I'm sorry, I...
I'm sorry, I, uh...
I just lost my mother.
Sweetie, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let Nella make you
feel good, honey.
You want me
to go down on you?
We can do that.
We can do that.
You know, after a while,
you get used
to freaky dudes, right?
Some like... piss,
fingers in their asses
and even a little choking.
When I looked
into his eyes,
his fucking eyes
were dead, man.
And then he-he says,
he starts reciting
something, he said--
Sin does not stop
God's grace
from flowing,
but God's grace
will help me
to stop all sin.
[Nella choking]
And then, outta nowhere,
my creepy knight
in shining
armor shows up.
Sin doesn't stop
God's grace from flowing.
Punk ass piece of shit.
[Caesar groaning]
Get him out of here.
You okay, Miss?
[Womack sighs]
[Carter] You mind
explaining this to me?
When was you going
to tell me about this?
You know what kind of damage
you would have done to this case
if people knew about this?
- Chief.
- I don't want to hear it.
You're being assigned
to a new case
effective immediately.
No, no, no, no, no.
Tate is guilty,
and Graham is fucking hiding
something, I just know it.
What kind of evidence
do you have?
That's what I thought.
You're dismissed.
Oh, fuck.
If it makes you feel
any better,
we think we found
a witness to help tie
the FBI's guy
to those girls.
They're interviewing her
right now.
[door opens and closes]
[exhales sharply] Fuck!
[engine starts]
[poignant music playing]
Hey, go finish
your homework,
honey, I got this.
Detective Balogh,
I know this
can't be good.
[soft music playing]
Your time's up, Graham,
I gotta put a halt
to your operations.
You couldn't control Tate.
I'm not going to fall
on my sword for you.
We're done covering your ass
and you're on your own
from here on out.
So, there's no way to have
your guys in IA
back off of me?
No, man,
it's not happening.
I'm sorry, Graham.
[ominous music playing]
[body thuds]
[engine starts]
[engine starts]
[bottles rattling]
[engine starts]
[ominous music playing]
- How you doing, gorgeous?
- Hey. How are you?
- [Tate] It's a nice night.
- [light chuckle]
Couldn't stop yourself,
could ya?
You wanna go for a ride?
[Tate] Is that... Ortega?
[dramatic music playing]
What the hell do you want?!
[dramatic music continues]
Son of a bitch.
Fuck off!
[tires screeching]
- Outta the fucking car!
- [groaning, coughing]
You're done, Tate!
I hope you enjoyed that,
cerveza fuckhead.
[unbuckles safety belt]
[exhales sharply]
So, we're good?
You'll talk
to your officer buddy?
Yeah, in the meantime,
try to stay out of trouble.
[Tate sighs]
[light buzzing]
[ominous music playing]
[engine revving]
Hey, hon, you looking
for a good time?
[eerie whispering]
- [siren whoops]
- [gasps]
- [panting]
- [tires screeching]
[breathing heavily]
Step out of the car
with your hands up!
You got the wrong idea, man.
I didn't even do anything.
- Look my hands,
I have nothing in my hands!
- Las manos!
Las manos!
Show me your hands.
Please, I'm a religious guy!
Just going home.
- Just going home.
- Show me your hands!
- [agent] Stay down!
- [Caesar mumbles]
- Don't move!
- You fucking bitches!
Qu te dijo?
- Don't move!
- [groaning]
You can't even do it,
you fucking piece of...
[yelling in pain]
Keep your hands visible!
[Caesar] Ah, man, the fuck
is wrong with you man?
Fucking monsters!
I hate you all!
[bird cawing]
[Tate on tape] What the fuck?
I didn't kill anybody.
- I was just talking.
- [Ortega]
...trying to pick up a hooker.
Not to mention you have
a six pack in the front seat.
[Tate] Graham,
he put you up to this?
He put you up to this.
He threatened to kill me.
Fuck! Fuck!
I asked him this
right after the car accident.
And he admitted
to everything that Graham did
to coerce and intimidate
He was abusing
the power of the badge.
- [Vanessa] Ah, it's a surprise.
- [girl] You don't know that!
...I'll tell you where to go.
- Everything good?
- [siren wails]
[brakes screech]
[dramatic music playing]
Gig's up, Graham.
We've got a warrant
for your arrest--
official misconduct,
criminal coercion.
[dramatic music continues]
- [family crying]
- [girl] Mom...
[suspenseful music playing]
Nice work, Agent.
Monto isn't our guy.
His DNA didn't match
the Boneyard victims.
So what about the dead girl
in his vehicle?
He said it was
a sex act gone wrong.
Look, we all know
the guy's a killer,
he's just not
the Bone Collector.
Do we know for certain?
[Ortega] So, I, uh,
I guess
your profile was wrong.
The profile wasn't wrong,
the guy killed a girl.
So, this leaves us
back at square one.
Well, that's not fair.
I just call it a setback.
We just pick up
where we left off.
Left off? What the fuck
do you mean, left off?
You know, where we were
when we finished.
What the fuck
are you still
doing here, man?
Shouldn't you be
retired by now?
Oh! You're saying
I'm too old?
Yeah, I might have,
uh, bad joints
and hemorrhoids,
but I still got it up here
for dancing, buddy.
- Let's get back to work.
- [Ortega] Yup.
[Ortega sighs]
What, are you
taking your ball
and going home?
Like I might look
like I'm fucking around,
but I'm serious.
- Are you?
- As a heart attack.
Do you want to catch
this fucking guy
as much as I do?
Oh, you know I do.
[inhales deeply]
Sam, Sam!
Sam, come on, baby,
get up.
Come on, honey, get up.
Come on, baby!
No father should have
to watch his daughter
get killed
by a fucking maniac.
That's all
I'm going to say.
- [poignant music playing]
- [birds chirping]
[Petrovick] The DNA results
came back on one
of the remains.
It was a match
for Ortega's niece.
I gotta hand it to him.
The toughest job
is telling your loved ones
the truth of what they
already know.
[poignant music continues]
Someone a lot smarter
than me once said
that no one can
get through life
without pain.
All we can do is choose
how to use the pain
that life presents to us.
My pain is deep,
but it gives me purpose...
Purpose to give a voice
to those taken from us
far too soon.
"From their callous hearts
comes iniquity,
their evil imaginations
have no limits."
There is a truth out there.
And there are those of us
who won't stop at nothing
to find it.
We'll never stop
and we'll never forget.
Oh, God!
Can't believe you reached out
to my sister behind my back.
Come on, it's nice to have
a little family dinner.
- Oh, geez,
not your buddy's.
- [Young chuckles]
How else am I going to get
all the gossip about you?
- [both laugh]
- [cell phone ringing]
- Hold on.
- [beep]
- You CSI guys don't take
a day off now, do ya?
- Hi!
You need to get back
down here.
Back down where?
The Boneyard.
They're everywhere.
I-I told you, I'm not
on that case anymore.
[sighs] Chief said
he wants you here.
- He wants you
back on the case.
- [detector beeping]
What's going on?
We found more of them.
Well, we told you
there might be
a possibility
you'd find more skeletal
remains, so...
You're not listening.
These are not skeletons.
We decided
to search further out
on the other side
of the Boneyard
in case we missed anything.
We were
about to pack it up,
and we caught something
on the GPR.
What'd you find?
We found... a new boneyard.
[suspenseful music playing]
["Can You Hear Me"
by Xaysana Phantip playing]
[song continues]
[song continues]
[song ends]
[instrumental music playing]
[music ends]