Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical (2024) Movie Script

(radio whirring)
(gentle instrumental music)
(gun firing)
(gentle instrumental music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(cars whirring)
(guns firing)
(gentle instrumental music)
- In a haze of swirling smoke and dust
sits a 1934 gray Ford sedan,
riddled with bullets,
engine still running.
Clyde Barrow is still behind the wheel,
blood dripping down his face.
Beside him is,
beside him is Bonnie Parker.
Her lifeless head resting on his shoulder.
- The automobile was hit
with 167 steel jacketed bullets
from the high powered rifles
in the hands of police officers.
- And many of the bullets passed entirely
through the door on Clyde's
side, through Clyde's body,
struck Bonnie, passed through her body,
and out through the door
on her side of the car.
- Any of these rounds would
have been fatal to both.
- But after having killed 14 people,
most of whom were officers of the law,
and having come safely
through so many gun battles,
it did not seem advisable
to fire just one bullet.
- At 25 and 23 years of age,
Bonnie and Clyde died as they lived,
by the gun.
I can see me
I can see me
Livin' just like Clara
Sipping champagne
Can't ya see me
In the middle of a dance floor
That could be me
That could be me
Doing things like Clara
Flirtin' madly, lookin' dreamy
These are things you take a chance for
It must be great to be called
The it girl
Your face on every magazine
That's where I'm gonna end up one day
Trust me
I want to be her
I want to be her
Dressed in style like Clara
I can see me
Can you see me
The main attraction
at the picture show
Like Clara Bow
Like Clara
(gun firing)
I want to live the life of an outlaw
I'm gonna be like Billy the Kid
And when the law has got me surrounded
No doubt
I'm gonna shoot my way out
There weren't a man
alive to outdraw him
No barroom bully could stand a chance
He had the looks that
everyone goes for
Me too
Billy, I want to be you
Bang, bang, you're dead
Bang, bang, you're dead
Ain't nothing I cant do with a gun
- Clyde Barrow, look what you've done.
I hope you know how to lay eggs.
- I hope you know how to fry chicken.
- Give me that
and go help your pa load the wagon.
- I don't want to leave, ma.
Why can't we stay?
- We don't own the land.
And it ain't worth it
for them to have your pa work it no more.
But you're gonna love West Dallas.
(gentle instrumental music)
- It's the Devil's Back Porch.
- You watch that mouth of yours.
- I didn't give it that name,
it's what they call West Dallas.
- With your father gone, we
cant afford to stay in Rowena.
- But why here?
- Because grandma Mary
has been nice enough to take us in.
- God, this place is a shit hole.
(audience laughing)
(gentle instrumental music)
I'll be ready, I'll be ready
When I switch to Clara
Riding horses, going steady with a guy
Who owns a jazz bar
- Deputy, please.
- This is the third time
your boy has had
a run in with the law.
I'm gonna make
A whole lot of money
I won't count cents like my ma and pa
I will wear Sunday
clothes on a Tuesday
Some day
No one will stand in my way
- I'm gonna have to take him
down to the station, c'mon.
- Deputy, please, he's only 12,
you cant put him in jail.
- I can throw him in juvenile detention.
- That'd be a step up from
the damn tent we're livin' in.
(gentle instrumental music)
They say when you're
a star in the movies
You get to keep the clothes you wear
Big stars make $30 a week
I wanna be her, I wanna be her
Dressed in style like Clara
I can see me, can you see me
The main attraction
at the picture show
Like Clara Bow
Like Clara Bow
The main attraction
at the picture show
Bang, bang, you're dead
Bang, bang, you're dead
Ain't nothing I can't do with a gun
(audience applauding and cheering)
- [Judge #1] Marvin Ivan
Barrow, Clyde Chestnut Barrow,
you have been found guilty
on one count of burglary
and two counts of auto theft.
You are both hereby sentenced to two years
at the McLennan County Jail.
I'm gonna be the guy kids look up to
They'll cut their hair
the way I cut mine
Capone was just like me
When he started, some guy
He made it big and so will I
It must be great to
be called the it girl
Capone is more to me
Than a year
It isn't what
They're calling me
But one day soon I bet you they will
I wanna be like him
Trust me
I wanna be her
I wanna be
Like Al Capone
I wanna be her
Dressed in style like Clara
He's my hero
Al Capone, I wanna be you
I can see you
Can you see me
Bang, bang
The main attraction
at the picture show
Bang, bang
Like Clara Bow
Bang, bang
Like Clara Bow
The main attraction
I wanna be like
Al Capone
Clara Bow.
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- Hiya, Bonnie.
- Oh, hey, Ted.
Apple pie and coffee?
- My, thanks.
Hey, listen, a friend of mine
is throwing a party Saturday night.
Bob Mayfield?
Went to Cement City High
School when we were there,
maybe you remember him?
- I don't think so.
- Thought maybe you'd like to go?
- Sure, are they going to have a piano?
- Hey, I'm pretty sure there's
going to be a whole band.
(laughing together)
- Hey, Ted,
Sheriff's on the phone.
- I'll pick you up Saturday at 7:00.
- A whole band.
It must be great to
be called the it girl
That isn't what they're calling me
But one day soon, I bet you they will
(gentle instrumental music)
- Oh, damn it,
damn it, damn it. (coughs)
(Clyde huffing)
- Hey, hi.
Engine trouble?
- Engine trouble, tire trouble,
oil trouble.
- Oh, looks like
you and me got the same car.
It runs through oil like a,
like a preacher through whiskey, huh?
- Yeah.
- Listen, how about I fix you up
and maybe you can give
me a lift in West Dallas?
- Sure, thanks.
- Alright.
- So you live in the Devil's Back Porch?
- Oh, not much longer.
- I don't know anyone ever
made it out West Dallas.
- Well, you do now,
Clyde Barrow.
- Bonnie Parker.
(crickets chirping)
- You got a beautiful smile,
bet you hear that all the time.
- Why yes, I do.
(audience laughing)
- Me too.
(audience laughing)
- So where are you moving to?
- Anywhere I want,
just like the legendary Billy the Kid.
- Billy the Kid, he was an outlaw.
- Why, yes, he was.
- And wasn't
Billy the Kid ambushed and
killed by some sheriff?
- He was not ambushed, he died an old man
in the arms of a young girl,
- No, I'm pretty sure
he was gunned down.
- And I am telling you.
- in some hotel room.
- It don't even matter.
I got plans.
- Everybody got plans.
- Everybody's got dreams, I got plans.
(gentle instrumental music)
The men in this town live and die
And are forgotten
And it doesn't seem to scare them
I can't wait to get away
Away from the drought
And the homeless and the hungry
Where they talk about foreclosure
Every hot and dusty day
I don't intend to waste
my life round here
I got it all mapped out
If I can pull just three jobs a year
I'll be rich.
I'll have wealth and fame
Everyone will know my name
- Pull three jobs, what does that mean?
- What do you think it means?
Just like Billy the Kid and Mr. Capone
Every kid will idolize Clyde Barrow
One thing, young lady
I guarantee
Is that this world will remember me
Yes, this world will remember me
(upbeat music)
Don't you think it's
time that you lost
That egg-stained apron
And wore something made of satin
From a fine Manhattan store
Yes, I can see you in a car
With your own driver
You are headed for your penthouse
That will overlook the shore
Your face should be up
on the silver screen
You got that it girl look
I can't believe that
you see that in me
I always knew I'd be a star
How intelligent you are
We are wasted round here
We're too good for this place
We weren't born to
live and die in Texas
This is my plan, there's no plan B
And this world will remember me
You and this world will remember me
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- Oh, shit, shit.
(sirens wailing)
- Those cops looking for you?
- Well, my brother and I
did just bust out of prison.
So, yeah, probably.
Hey, hey, hey,
I ain't looking for trouble.
You know, you ain't got to worry about me
because I've been to jail.
- Oh, I know plenty of
men who've been to jail.
- Well, how many you know busted out?
(audience laughing)
- What were you in for?
- Oh, you know, robbery,
auto theft, a few things,
like to keep busy.
(audience laughing)
Aw, come on,
just give me a lift in West Dallas?
- The police are looking for you.
- They ain't ever going to get me.
This time tomorrow I'll be 500 miles way.
I just want to see my folks before I go.
(gentle instrumental music)
- Okay.
You and this world will remember
(gentle instrumental music)
- [Narrator #1] Ladies and gentlemen,
here's Edith Murray.
- Are you crazy, bustin' out of jail?
- Now, baby-
- Don't you, now, baby me.
How in God's name did you let Clyde talk
you inta fugitivin'?
- Well, it was my idea.
- Yours?
- Yeah.
- How could you go and do this?
Here I am, praying my heart out
they shorten your sentence.
- Well, your prayers were answered,
this made it real short.
(sirens wailing)
- Shit.
- Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- I'm leaving.
- You, sit down.
You, get up, gimme your bib.
- Daddy, they're coming.
- Magazine.
- They're walking to the,
they're coming to the door,
whats your plan here? (gasps)
- Right, now everybody
just take it real easy.
I was never here.
(audience laughing)
- Evening, ladies.
- [Together] Evenin', Sheriff.
- I'm here about your husband, Marvin,
aka Buck Barrow, you heard from him?
- Oh, no.
Not since he got himself arrested.
I don't have no room for a
man like that in my life.
You'll find him sittin'
in McLennan County Jail.
- No, you won't.
- What?
- He should be sitting
there, but he ain't.
- What?
(audience laughing)
- Your husband and his
brother got it in their heads
to escape.
- What?
- Well, if you see him or know
anything of his whereabouts,
you call the Dallas
County Sheriff's Office
straight away, you hear?
- Of course.
(audience laughing)
(sheriff sighing)
- You have a good evening.
(glass banging)
(audience laughing)
Sorry to interrupt your hair-doings.
- Oh, baby,
baby, you were fantastic.
- I'm having a heart attack.
They are not gonna stop looking, Buck.
They never do.
- That's right.
- They're gonna get him.
- They ain't never gonna find
me if we go away someplace,
maybe New Mexico?
- How romantic.
- How beautiful.
- They're gonna get him.
- You're always talking about
wanting to go to New Mexico,
start fresh.
- This wouldn't be going to New Mexico,
it would be running from West Dallas.
- She's got a point.
- Well, still,
I hear New Mexico's real nice.
- They're gonna get ya.
(audience laughing)
- You want to be like your brother, huh,
always runnin' from the law?
Always looking over your shoulder?
I love you, daddy,
I love you more than life itself,
but we cannot start fresh like that.
- You tell him, Blanche.
- Yeah, you tell him, honey.
- We start fresh when you are free
in the eyes of the law,
and saved in the eyes of God.
- Amen.
- Praise the Lord.
- Thank you, Jesus.
We cant spend our whole
lives hiding, Buck
That ain't no way to live
It is time to wipe the slate clean
Ask the good Lord to forgive
- Amen.
- Praise the lord.
- Thank you Jesus, twice.
You've got to serve your
sentence without fail
Buck, you are going back to jail
- What the hell are you talking about?
Won't be scared to turn a corner
Or to open our front door
When you're on this side of justice
You ain't nervous of the law
Now pull yourself together
Because you've gone pale
Buck, you are goin back to jail
- But baby, you don't know
what it's like in there.
I know it's hard
To share a cell when you got nothin'
To look at except prisoners who smell
But when you're done
When you have served your time
We'll still be young and in our prime
Ain't been free more than a minute
Ain't had time to change my shirt
I've been dreamin' of a hot meal
With you as my dessert
Bring your face close to mine
And just let me inhale
Buck, you are going back to jail
- But baby, I-
- We'll call the sheriff
and tell him you're turning yourself in
right after church tomorrow.
- Blanche.
- It's going to be just
as hard on me, daddy.
Oh, Stella,
you know what it's like
having a husband in jail.
Tell him how hard it is
not having Carl around.
- Are you kidding?
It's a treat to get my nails done
Have time to read a book
- Stella.
Sure beats washing out his long johns
It's a pleasure not to cook
- Okay, that's enough.
Thank God those prison walls
Are much too tall to scale
My darlings nice and safe in jail
- I don't want her coming
round here no more.
- Trish's husband's
been in jail two years,
and she's miserable without her man.
Well, at first
I really missed him
I thought I would waste away
Then I met this boy from Tucson
And he owned a Chevrolet
- That's enough.
He had a lot of things
that my Joe lacked
Like teeth and hair
And cash to be exact
I've now got lots of
habits I can't curtail
I gotta keep him locked in jail
Keep 'em inside, keep 'em inside
If we see him once a month
We will be more than satisfied
Ain't that the truth
Don't mean to be unkind
Can't put a price
On peace of mind
- Blanche.
I ain't like these other women
I will wait till kingdom come
I want the world to see
That I ain't married to some bum
It will be hard for us
But we well come through
I can't believe
What you are asking me to do
One thing's for certain
Our love won't go stale
(audience laughing)
- Jesus, close your eyes.
- Blanche I ain't going back.
- Yes, Buck, you're going back.
Tomorrow he'll be back in jail
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(gentle instrumental music)
- So I figure, right,
first thing to do is hit
up a place with a payroll,
gas station, grocery store,
can't do nothing without cash.
And after that, ooh,
after that, I hightail
it to another state.
You know, cops can't cross state lines.
Yeah, they ain't gonna be looking for me
in Ohio or New York. (chuckles)
After that, after that,
I'm a free man, I can do whatever I want.
And you know what?
- What?
- You're gonna come with me.
- What makes you so sure?
- This smile.
- Just because I'm smiling
doesn't mean-
- I was talking about mine.
(audience laughing)
- I should get home and you want
to see your folks.
- Oh, that can wait.
What are you writin'?
- A poem.
- Poem, what kind of poem?
- Kind that's going to be published.
- Wow.
- Yep,
you're going to see my face in the movies
and my poems in the magazines.
Poetry by Bonnie Parker.
And a beautiful picture
of me to go alongside it
like this one.
That is what you call a glamour shot.
- Alright, this is the best
picture I have ever seen
in my entire life.
- It's a little old now,
but I'm gonna get a new one
in a nice hat.
I look good in hats, I got a hat face.
- Well, read me your poem, go on.
- You like poetry?
- When it's coming
out of your mouth.
- Okay.
(Clyde grunting)
- "Billy rode on a pinto horse",
Billy the Kid, I mean.
- I love Billy the Kid.
- I know.
- "And he met Clyde Barrow ridin'
in a little gray machine."
- You writin' about me?
You wrote a poem about,
oh, you are so in love, sugar.
(audience laughing)
- "Billy said to the Barrow boy,
is this the way you ride?"
- In a Ford deluxe sedan-
- Are you gonna interrupt
me at every line?
- I'm sorry.
- I can't read
if you're going to do that,
- I won't say another word.
- there is a rhythm,
a flow to these.
- I am sorry.
- I appreciate
the enthusiasm but-
- My lips are sealed.
(audience cheering)
- Boop.
(audience laughing)
- "Billy said to the Barrow boy,
'Is this the way you ride,
in a car that does it's ninety per,
machine guns at each side?'"
- Tank.
- "I only got my pinto horse
and my six gun, tried and true.
I could shoot, but they got me.
And someday they will get you."
(audience laughing)
- Well, what're you writin' that for?
That's a lousy thing to write.
- It's dramatic.
- It's stupid.
- Don't you call my poetry stupid.
- Well, it is when you say it like that.
- You don't know crap about poetry.
I am gonna be famous for my poems
and my acting career,
so don't you ever call my poetry stupid.
- I'm gonna be in control
of my own goddamn life.
Man, I want you right now.
(audience laughing)
- Should have thought of that
before you called my poetry stupid.
(Clyde laughing)
- Don't you laugh at me.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't you ever laugh at me.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm going to be famous,
I'm going to be a poet,
and an actress, and singer.
- A singer.
Oh, well, let's hear something.
- I'm not in the mood.
- Oh, come on,
I want to hear you sing.
Unless that's also going to be
about me getting shot up.
(audience laughing)
Come on.
Hey, hey,
you're in a nightclub in
that there Atlantic City.
Oh, me and Capone,
we're sitting ringside,
but the crowd is screaming,
Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie.
How 'bout a dance
What do you say
I got some moves that
I'd love to show you
Let's find a spot
And dance the night away
(gentle instrumental music)
- [Clyde] That's one of my favorites.
How 'bout a dance, it's always fun
Come over here
Let me get to know ya
Can't beat a band to
lift your spirits up
(gentle instrumental music)
You look so handsome
How 'bout a dance
Let's make a start
Music like this can really throw ya.
You'll lose the blues
And you may lose your heart
- Oh.
Tonight is the night
I've been waitin' for
Even the moon looks just right
I'm sure the crowd will
make room on the floor
When they see you, look like you do
So how 'bout a dance
Let's make a start.
Music like this can really throw ya
You'll lose the blues
And you may lose your heart
(gentle instrumental music)
You'll lose the blues
And you may lose your heart
(gentle instrumental music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(knuckles rapping)
(gentle instrumental music)
- Bonnie.
- Ted, what are you,
what are you doing here?
- Following some leads on a prison break.
Since I was in the neighborhood,
I figured I'd stop by,
you know, make sure you
and your ma are okay.
- Oh, we're fine,
thanks, Ted.
- Geez,
the last time I was in this house
is when your grandma died.
- That was a long time ago.
- You know, that was the first time
I ever saw a dead body.
(audience laughing)
I mean, she was wearing
lots of makeup and all,
but you could still see she was dead.
- I hated seein' her like that.
- And I remember how we both
hid under the front porch.
- Eating buttermilk pie.
- And playing cards.
(laughing together)
Yeah, so I'll pick you up Saturday.
- And you keep
this door locked, alright?
- Alright, Ted.
(gentle instrumental music)
(Blanche screaming)
(laughing together)
- I think most folks
would be shocked to learn
just how unchristian you
are in the bed, Mrs. Barrow.
- Oh, daddy,
you hush that mouth of yours. (laughs)
- I'm going to miss that
over the next eight months.
- Oh, the time you're
away is going to fly by,
you'll see.
- And I'll work.
The salon's still busy.
No matter how bad things get,
women always find money for their hair.
(audience laughing)
Eleanor's kids haven't seen
real milk in over a year,
but that woman gets her
color done every two months.
(audience laughing)
- I love you, Blanche.
- I love you, daddy.
(knuckles rapping)
- What in God's name?
- It's Clyde.
- Marvin Ivan Barrow,
you are using our home
as a criminal rendezvous point?
- Oh, come on, Blanche,
it's just Clyde.
- Which makes this
a criminal rendezvous point.
(audience laughing)
I want him out of here as
fast as possible, you hear?
- He's my brother.
- That man puts the hell in hello.
- Hey.
(audience laughing)
- You okay?
- Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
- You look like shit.
- I slept in the woods.
- You see today's headline?
- No.
- See the paper?
- "Buck and Clyde on Barrowed Time".
(laughing together)
What the hell does that mean?
(audience laughing)
- It means we are on
the front page headline
right alongside Al Capone.
- Oh, damn.
- Oh, remember when we saw Capone run
through town in the
middle of the afternoon
in a white Model T Roadster.
- In a white Model T Roadster.
- That is gonna be us, Buck.
(laughing together)
Driving the open road in a Model T.
Hey, you ever see a picture of those MGs
over in Europe?
They got a four speed gearbox
with a top speed of 65 mph.
- Hey.
Oh, ain't no car
Too smart for me
I got the whole thing figured out
Two door hardtop Model T
Limousine or runabout
Put me behind the wheel
And stand well back
Like a Cracker Jack
I'll get your heart pumping
Ain't no car that you can't drive
I would bet my life on that
Hot rod, Roadster
Pickup truck, 40 miles in nothing flat
Ain't nothing better than
to drive through town
With the throttle down
Watch the old folk jumpin'
(upbeat music)
When I drive, when I drive
I'm in love, I'm alive
And I forget about everything I hate
when I drive, when I drive
I can reach 65
I won't pay the law no mind
They'll always be behind
And man, that just feel great
(upbeat music)
Hey, look
There's danger up ahead
Here comes a curve
Will you stop tugging at my sleeve
Just hold your nerve
Give me a full tank and an open road
And watch me explode
Hey, look at me
I'm driving
When I drive, when I drive
I'm in love, I'm alive
And I forget about everything I hate
When you drive, when you drive
Life just flies when you drive
We are the heroes who
The people look up to
And brother, that feels great.
I can float
I can float
I can fly
I can fly
This is how
This is how
I wanna live, I wanna die
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm alive
I'm alive
When I drive
(audience applauding and cheering)
(whistle trilling)
- She's here.
- Who's here?
- Is he gone?
- Well, I think he's coming back.
- Why?
- I think he went outside to get a girl.
- A girl?
- Yeah, that's what he said.
- When on earth did Clyde find the time
to meet some tart?
- Excuse me?
- Bonnie, this is here
is my brother, Buck.
- Pleased to meet you.
- And this is Bonnie Parker.
- Pleasure meeting you.
(audience laughing)
(Blanche coughing)
- And that there's my
sister in law, Blanche.
- Yep.
- Pleasure.
- All mine.
- How you feeling, Buck?
You feeling strong?
- Why?
- I got some ideas.
- Hell, what kind of ideas?
- Buck.
Ideas going to get you
out of this dump.
No offense, Blanche.
- Buck.
- So I figured first we hit
up a place with a payroll,
you know, gas station,
grocery store.
- Buck.
- What is your problem, woman?
(audience laughing)
- Tell him.
- Tell me, what?
- See, yeah,
I kind of got a plan too.
- I'm sorry. (laughs)
No, let, let,
let's hear it.
- See, I'm, yeah.
I'm, I'm going back to,
I'm going back to prison.
(audience laughing)
- I'm sorry, going back to where?
I'm going back to, I'm
going back to prison.
- Okay, I swear it sounds
like you just said-
- Buck is gonna go back
and finish his sentence.
And if you had any sense,
you would do the same.
- What is she talking about?
Blanche decided, and me,
you know it were both of us, yeah,
the best thing is for me to go back
and finish out my sentence,
you know, and then we can
go and drive after that.
- I feel like I'm losing my mind here.
- Me and Blanche, we want to start fresh.
- No running, no hidin'.
- Maybe you should go back too.
How long would it be-
- Hey, going back
ain't what I do.
- It's the only way to
wipe the slate clean.
- Well, you can wipe all you want,
Blanche, it ain't never going to be clean.
Don't make no difference what we do,
they've been coming after
us since we was kids.
- You been stealing since you was kids.
- Even when we didn't.
- That is true.
- How many times they come by the,
by the tent and haul us
off for no damn reason?
- Plenty.
- Or when I worked
over at Masons-
- For a week.
- They come by and they, they pat me down,
right in front of the customers.
Now, hows a man supposed to keep a job?
It don't make no difference what we do.
The laws are going to
keep on coming after us.
- Not if you seek forgiveness.
- The Sheriff don't give a rat's ass
about no forgiveness, Blanche.
- Forgiveness from the Lord.
Clyde, it's the only way for
you to truly be set free.
- Well, I ain't never
going to be set free,
Blanche, freedom is
something I got to steal.
Alright, so what's it going to be, Buck?
- I'm going back, Clyde.
I want to start fresh.
- And what are you going to do
when you get back, huh?
Come back here and work,
doing what, huh?
Picking up scrap metal for $0.03 a load?
Oh, or maybe with pa
over at the gas station,
hoping someone rich enough
still own a car stops in.
And what are you going to eat?
I'm going to live how I
want, out on the open road.
You have yourself a nice
time locked up in a cage.
Come on, sugar, let's go.
- Maybe your brother has a right idea
maybe go-
- Yeah, my brother
can do whatever the hell he wants,
Clyde Barrows ain't never setting foot
inside a prison again.
- So maybe we go someplace else.
We want to get out of Dallas anyway,
you could find a job someplace and work.
I want you to be a man, honey,
not a thug. (gasps)
- Don't you ever talk
to me that way, sugar.
(flesh squelching)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- Don't you ever raise a hand to me, baby.
(audience applauding and cheering)
- My advice to you is to
stay far away from that man.
Don't you look at me like that, daddy.
You know I'm right.
If he wants to descend
to the depths of hell,
he doesn't need to drag anyone
else down there with him.
Not you, not me,
not that poor, misguided
trash he picked up last night.
- I thought you said
it was wrong to judge.
- That was not a judgment,
it was an observation.
(audience laughing)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(gentle instrumental music)
God's arms are always open
He'll not turn you away
He is there to lead the way for you
Through each night and day
God's arms are always open
Your voice is always heard
Even though your prayers
are silent prayers
He hears every word
No one need to feel alone
Just turn to him
And when you do, his light will shine
His light will shine
And peace will come to you
God's arms are always open
And everyone's his friend
When you find him
All your darkest fears
will come to an end
Fears come to an end
Run to his arms if you seek salvation
Wash your sins away
(upbeat music)
This is the time for some jubilation
Run to him today
God doesn't speak of retribution
Everyone's soul is saved
He will forgive even
those who misbehave
Undo the chains that
you've tied around you
Your hand holds the key
Your hand holds the key
You're gonna feel thing
that will astound you
Soon you will be free
Soon you will be free
Be proud to join in his congregation
Take a walk in the sun
You're welcome here
There is room for every
You're welcome here
There is room for every
You're welcome here
There is room for everyone
Praise the lord
(upbeat music)
God's armS
God's arms
Are always open
Are always open
You gotta run
Run to him
He'll set you free
He'll set you free
Come on and join
God's arms
His congregation
Always open
God's arms
Run to him
They hold the key
He holds the key
No more retribution
God's arms
No, no
God's arms
- Put the keys on the seat
and step away from the car.
I do not want to have
to use this gun, mister,
but I swear to you right now I will,
hey, are those seats leather?
(audience laughing)
Damn, that is a beautiful car.
You are one lucky fella.
Well, you know, until now. (laughs)
God's arms
God's arms
Are always open
Always open
You gotta run
Run to him
He'll set you free
He'll set you free
- Would you look at that dress?
Oh, Bonnie is gonna love that dress.
Put in the bag.
Oh, come on, come on.
Oh, hey, you got a gift card?
To Bonnie, I can't wait
to rip this off of you.
(upbeat music)
God's arms
God's arms
Are always open
Are always open
You gotta run
Run to him
He'll set you free
He'll set you free
God's arms
God's arms
Are always open
Always open
You gotta run
Run to him
Day by day
He holds the key
Come on, children
God's arms
Come on, children
God's arms
- Put your hands in the air.
Finger off the trigger, son.
Now place the gun on the ground,
step away from the weapon.
Cuff him.
God's arms, always open
God's arms, always open
Hey, God's arms, always open
God's arms, always open
(singers vocalizing)
Amen, amen
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
- Hey.
(prison guard laughing)
- Ted.
- You missed some party Saturday night.
- I'm so sorry.
- Listen, I've been meaning
to come by the diner this week,
but I've been busy as hell.
Evictions mostly.
Thought maybe you'd want
to make it up to me?
- Ted-
- Let me take you to dinner
tomorrow night?
- I don't know,
I mean, I don't think I can.
- What are you doing here?
- Just visiting somebody.
- Who?
- Clyde Barrow.
- Clyde Barrow?
You know him?
- He's a friend of a friend.
- I don't know who your friend is,
but that Barrow is a bad seed.
You'd do yourself a favor
to keep a good distance.
- Thanks for the advice, Ted.
(gentle instrumental music)
How you doing, sugar?
How am I doing, I'm miserable without you.
I can't think of nothing else but you.
- I'm sorry, sugar,
I'm sorry you got to go through this.
- When you get out of here
you're going straight,
you understand?
- [Clyde] I got a friend that
knows a guy in construction
in Worcester, Mass-
- I'd go anywhere
on this earth with you, baby.
- And you know, if that don't pan out,
they got places to rob
up there, same as here.
- No more hold ups, baby.
We are gonna start clean.
- Oh, okay, sugar.
- I brought you a picture, baby.
- Brought me a picture?
I give you fair warning
He's no bed of roses, sweet Bonnie
(gentle instrumental music)
I can't see him finding the time
To raise children, hell, no
He's wild and he's reckless
Ain't nothing but trouble
You're better without him
You think hard, sweet Bonnie
And then you should think once again
We both know
You can do better than him
Why, you deserve someone
Who's there all the time
Someone who thinks crime don't pay
I still see the snowy
white dress that you wore
Playin' the angel in
some dumb school play
For a while I thought that you would
Fly away
(gentle instrumental music)
I still see the apple-cheeked girl
That you were
Hiding in treetops
And feeding the birds
Making up rhymes
How you loved pretty words
(gentle instrumental music)
You could find someone
who people respect
A man who is rich and smart
Someone who's known in
all the right places
And knows the good book by heart
But I know
But I know
You won't do better than me
No, not when it comes down to love
That is true
There's no man who could love you
Like I do
(gentle instrumental music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- Good luck with the
hearing tomorrow, Blanche.
- Oh, pray the good Lord brings
my daddy home to me tomorrow.
- I will.
- What?
- I just hate to see you get hurt, honey.
That man of yours has been
in and out of jail ten times.
- Seven.
- All I'm saying is-
- I asked for you to pray,
Eleanor, not to judge,
and if you can't do that.
- I'm sorry.
(suspenseful music)
- Charlie says he's only going
to be able to keep me on another week,
there aren't enough-
- Margaret Cummings said
she saw you get on the bus
to Eagle Rock yesterday.
Where'd you go?
- Must have been someone else,
someone who looks like me.
- No, she was sure it was you.
- I really don't see-
- Why are you lying to me,
What is so awful that it's caused
my daughter to lie to her mama?
- I'm in love, mama.
- You're married.
- You and me both know Roy
ain't never coming back.
I wouldn't want him if he did.
- How'd you meet a boy
who lives in Eagle Rock?
- He doesn't live there.
He's just staying there a short time.
- There's nothing there but
the penitent, Bonnie Parker,
you're flirting with a convict?
- I'm not flirting.
- What is going
through your head?
- I love him, ma.
- You love who?
Who do you love?
Clyde Barrow.
I love him, mama.
- Oh, Clyde Barrow.
You don't know him.
And what you do know ain't so good.
- I know him, mama.
I know-
- He's a convict.
- You always said you and
daddy was love at first sight.
- Do not compare some
convict to your daddy.
Your father was a fine,
upstanding citizen.
He earned a good living.
He was a good father to you
and a good husband to me.
Do not ever compare some
convict to your daddy.
(gentle instrumental music)
I know my heart
Don't care what people say
All I know is that I've
never felt like this
And besides, I wouldn't
change him if I could
No man's all good
I always knew what I was taking on
But I always felt that
I could change his ways
Even if my man will never fall in line
I'm glad he's mine
'Cause you love who you love
And you can't help how you're made
You don't have no say,
your heart decides
It's that simple, I'm afraid
Oh, you love who you love
Common sense may say it's wrong
And there's a part of
him, you know is wild
Maybe that's what made
you love him all along
I only care that he's
mine and I am his.
There ain't no rules, that's how it is
Most girls would hate to
be standing in my shoes
But true love's something
you don't choose
Oh, you love who you love
And you go with what you feel
And you never think
whats down the road
While the fairy tale seems real
Oh, you love who you love
Common sense may say it's wrong
There's a part of him you know is wild
Maybe that's what made
you love him all along
Could be that's what made you love him
All along
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
- [Judge #2] Marvin Ivan Barrow,
the court has reviewed your record.
And for turning yourself back in
and for your good behavior,
you shall be released
into the custody of your
wife, Blanche Caldwell Barrow.
Clyde Chestnut Barrow,
you have been found guilty
of seven counts of robbery over $50
and are sentenced to receive
two years on each count,
plus an additional two
years for your escape,
for a total of 16 years at
the Eastham Penitentiary.
- [Clyde] You got to
keep him away from him.
- Who, Ed Crowder?
- Yeah.
- Oh, he seems like a nice enough fella.
He's a model prisoner.
- I'm begging you.
You know what he's been doin' to me.
Ed Crowders just being friendly.
He likes you.
You should take that as a compliment.
(Clyde sobbing)
(gentle instrumental music)
I can't take no more of this
This nightmare has to end
In this godforsaken place
Death would be a welcome friend
I could pay a crooked guard to kill me
Yeah, that's it
Better that than 16 years
Dying slowly, bit by bit
All I did was rob a few stores
Justice here, don't fit the crime
I've been broken by the devil
Justice here's a waste of time
I won't get to heaven
Why not raise a little hell
- Hey, Clyde,
your other girlfriends here.
- My God, what happened to your face?
Baby, what's going on?
Clyde, can I do something?
Somebody help him.
- There's a gun, under the
porch at the gas station.
- What seems to be the problem?
- Look at him.
- Yeah, I heard he took
a pretty bad tumble
down the stairs to the yard.
- That does not happen from a fall.
That does not happen by accident.
- Visiting time is over.
Come on, sweetheart.
- Get your hands off me.
- Just get me what I asked for.
- I'll be back for you later.
Ed Crowder wants to
see you again. (laughs)
(upbeat music)
He'll see me
But it's the last time
That filthy scum has gotta go
By tonight it will be over
When I strike the fatal blow
No way out
I gotta do this, come on
Him or me, okay, lets play
Never killed, but now I have to
Time to make Ed Crowder pay
I won't get to heaven
Why not raise a little hell
No way I'll see heaven
So let's raise a little hell
(suspenseful music)
(Clyde grunting)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- Here are some things for Clyde.
There's a pair of shoes and a bible.
- Thanks.
- I don't know what he'd do without you.
You're the one ray of
sunshine in his whole life.
(gentle instrumental music)
Who would've thought that
a waitress from Rowena
Could have had the
balls to bust me out
With my old .45
And who would've thought
that a farm boy from Toledo
Could outsmart the smartest lawmen
And walk out of here alive
(suspenseful music)
- Stop
Give me the bag.
I gotta search you.
Come on.
- Are you done?
- No.
Come on, spread your legs.
- You having yourself a nice time?
Hey, what's this?
- My mama doesn't like me smoking.
- You got five minutes.
My name is gonna make
the history books
Too bad I won't be here
I may have started out
with small time crooks
In a year or two
I'll be as known
As Chicago's Al Capone
(gentle instrumental music)
- Bye, baby.
- Ill see you soon, sugar.
Thanks to you, Bonnie, babe
I can make plans again
I got lots of reasons to keep living
It's true that love can set you free
- Hey, Clyde.
And this world
Will remember me
- Shit.
- Get in there.
- Alright.
- Get in there.
- Alright, alright.
(Clyde grunting)
(suspenseful music)
(gentle instrumental music)
- What do you mean she's gone?
- She's headed to Utah.
- When?
- Last night.
- With who?
- A friend.
- Who?
- I don't know.
- Clyde Barrow?
- No.
No, that boy's in prison.
- No, he's not.
He busted out.
You said you'd go straight
Clyde, I want to be in movies
I can't name one movie star
Who's doing robberies on the side
I know in my heart, babe
That Hollywood is calling
How can I be in the spotlight
If we always have to hide
We'll need some dough
to get to Hollywood
Hey, one or two jobs should do
But after that, we
will be done for good
Babe, when Hollywood gets hold of you
They'll be saying, Clara who?
- Come on.
- Blanche, look at this front page.
- What?
- He busted out.
Clyde busted out again, son of a bitch.
- I ain't interested in
your brother's doings.
- [Ted] It don't make sense.
- Well, how else did Clyde
Barrow get a gun smuggled in?
- I don't know, but,
Bonnie's not a criminal, I know her.
I'm telling you, she's innocent.
- So where is she?
- Well, her mom said
that she went to Utah.
- And that's your proof?
- No, no, no, she's a good girl,
a straight-A student, she's got a job.
It don't make sense.
- She's the only one
who could have done it.
- No, I know her.
- Maybe you don't.
- "Clyde Barrow somehow
smuggled a gun into his cell,
pulled it on the guard, and
demanded he be set free."
He's free, Blanche.
- He's a fugitive.
- They ain't never gonna catch him.
No one drives like Clyde.
Dang, he's famous.
(upbeat music)
No need to rush, everybody
gets our autograph
Hell of a ride
Will be the words on our epitaphs
- Come on.
Two living legends.
that what we will be
And that's okay with me
Every place that we go
Folks will turn their heads
They'll be hollering
from Dodge to Denver
We are the pair hat they'll discuss
Yes, this world will remember us
We are making dang sure
that we leave our mark
You don't leave your
mark by digging ditches
No wonder we're who they'll discuss
Yes, this world will remember us
This dag world will remember us
This cold world will remember us
No way they won't remember us
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
I don't care how hard the hardship
No one has the right to steal
And you cannot buy your soul back
God don't make that kind of deal
When your prayers all go unanswered
And the dust is getting worse
When you live near open sewers
With just pennies in your purse
That is when the good Lord
will become your savior
He will lead you to the light
We are all God's children
His arm's always open
We must all do what is right
We may be in debt
Wake up in a sweat
But lets not forget
We were made in America
We may be in debt
Wake up in the sweat
But let's not forget,
we were made in America
We were made in America
We were made in America
- Oh, wait,
wait a second.
- What?
- All I got to do was sit in the car
while you hold up the store, right?
- And keep the engine running.
- Oh, my God, I'm nervous.
- Maybe you shouldn't
be doing this.
- Wait a minute,
did you see the movie "Shadow of the Law"?
- No.
- Clara Bow has no choice
but to join a criminal gang.
She pretends to go crooked,
but really he is carefully
plotting her revenge.
- Bonnie.
- Okay, I'm ready now.
- Alright, come on.
(upbeat music)
You can't blame them
Who can blame them
Ain't their fault
They turned to crime
A bar of soaps a luxury
Don't get much change from a dime
You can't blame those kids
For wanting to fill
up their shopping bags
City Hall is low on kindness
But it don't run out of flags
They both grew up hungry
They were getting nowhere
Thanks to good old USA
All who sin must answer
And those two will answer
When they face their judgment day
- Have you heard from your brother?
- Him and Bonnie are
okay, I brought a letter,
make sure you burn it.
- What the hell is he thinking,
busting out of prison again?
- Pa, Clyde ain't never
gonna stay in prison.
- Papers say he's been robbing again.
- Pa, folks are calling him a hero.
Sure they robbed some men
And they will again
Poor kids, hmm
But then they were made in America
They had holes in every shoe
No dream could come true
They stole, wouldn't you
(gun firing)
(suspenseful music)
We may be in debt
Wake up in a sweat
But, lets not forget
We were made in America
We may be in debt
Wash away your demons
Wake up in a sweat
And lead not to temptation
But let's not forget
We were made in America
We were
We were made in America
We were made in America
We were made in America
Made in America
Made in America
(audience applauding and cheering)
(suspenseful music)
- Oh, Jesus,
you scared the life out of me.
Come to bed, baby.
Oh, what's the matter?
Clyde, look at me.
- I was holding up a grocery
store over in Hillsborough.
It's easy money, you know?
In-and-out, nobody gets hurt.
Grocery store.
And this stupid idiot cop comes in
and tries to be a hero.
- Clyde.
- He had his gun right on me.
- What happened, Clyde?
- I had no time.
- What happened?
No, no.
- It was him or me, sugar.
- I can't stay.
- Bonnie.
I gotta get out now while I still can
While I'm still in the clear
- Bonnie.
The dream is done
It's over now
Gotta get me out of here
Don't say that, we're both in shock
We need to think this through
It ain't my fault, I had no choice
Nothing I could do
With that bullet
You shot him and you shot me
Clyde, how stupid can you be
It's too late to turn the clock back
I wouldn't do it if I could
We can talk about this forever
But it still won't do no good
I wouldn't hurt you
for the world, babe
But we'll get through this somehow
I'll get through this,
cause I'm leaving
Not too late to turn back now
- Hey.
- God dang it.
- Gimme that.
Gimme that.
Thought I'd sign with MGM
I won't see that dream die
I don't give a damn about MGM
And don't you say goodbye
How can you think of leaving
Get those thoughts out of your head.
You ain't going nowhere
Clyde, I meant what I said
Come here right now
Show me that Bonnie smile
Babe, I need to see that smile
It's too late to say I'm sorry
It's too late for all of that
We cannot change what has happened
Lets face what we're looking at
You got every right to be mad
But let's move on, anyhow
We were born to be together
It's too late to turn back
(upbeat music)
My mistake was loving you
Even if I walked away
My heart won't let me get far
I would die without you, Clyde
I would die without you, babe
Now look how alive we are
It's too late to turn the clock back
And it's too late for all of that
It's too late to beg forgiveness
Lets face what were looking at
I knew I would make the headlines
But I wasn't sure just how
Feel our journey is just started
It's too late to turn back now
It's too late to turn back now
It's too late to turn back now
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- And then there's this
grocery store in Hillsborough
I'm going to hit.
Easy money.
In and out, nobody gets hurt.
I think we can rob my
first bank next week.
I'm casing out a couple places.
I will keep in touch,
and I will find a way
to see you and the folks.
Your brother, Clyde.
Say what you want about Clyde,
but he never forgets family.
- Maybe you could ask him to try harder.
(audience laughing)
- Don't you ever want it
just a little bit, baby?
- Want what?
- All the things you can't have.
I have everything I want,
and it pains me that you don't, daddy.
- Oh, I have everything
I want too, baby,
but there are still things I want.
And I want to give you
everything in the world.
- Well, you stop that,
I don't have room for
everything in the world.
- Nice clothes, good food,
somebody doin' your hair, a fine bed?
- I mean it, daddy, stop.
- Just think how nice it would be, baby,
buying anything you want.
It's the American dream, sugar.
- I ain't interested in
no American dream, daddy.
Just an ordinary life
Easy days and quiet nights
Lazy walks beside a stream
Now that's what you call a dream
- But baby, we could have.
No ideas and no big plans
Happy with the way things are
No one with a scam or scheme
Now that's what you call me a dream
These dreams of yours
make no sense at all
It's what's inside,
not what's out there
We both could have the perfect life
And not go anywhere
You miss a lot when you ask too much
You're all I need, not one thing more
Buck, all I've ever wanted
Is on this side of that door
With children playing in the barn
Buck is rocking in his chair
In the house the candles gleam
Now that's what you call a dream
In the house the candles gleam
Now that's what you call a dream
(gentle instrumental music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- I have been worried sick about you.
- I'm okay, ma, I'm okay.
- And Bonnie?
- We're okay.
- The papers said you
killed a police officer.
I don't know you anymore, do I?
Not since you went to that prison.
- It was him or me, ma.
- It ain't safe for
you to be here no more,
the laws keep coming round.
- I want to see you.
- I don't think
that's a good idea.
- Well, we'll meet somewhere,
I'll get a message
to you and pa-
- No.
No. (sobs)
- Ma.
(Cumie sobbing)
(gentle instrumental music)
What was always good
enough for you, pa
Hate to say, ain't good enough for me
Plowing fields and planting seeds
Till your mind and body bleeds no way
Up before dawn and
you stop when you drop
Then you ask your God to forgive
Praying for rain
Without rain there's no crop
This ain't no way to live
What was always good
enough for you, pa
Will not satisfy your wayward son
Jesse James had much more fun
Building dreams with just a gun
That's how the West was won
(gentle instrumental music)
What was always good
enough for you, ma
Gotta say ain't good enough for me
Making punch and baking pies
Paintin' barns and swatting flies
Oh, no
Writin a diary is tough around here
Boring as hell, sorry, ma
I want to wear diamonds
One stud for each ear
Bright as the morning star
What was always good
enough for you, ma
Will not satisfy your little girl
More to life than potting plants
I don't want to miss my chance
I'm looking for romance
This country's had it's day
Depression and bread lines are all
That tomorrow will bring
- You tell 'em, Clyde.
The Bible has got it wrong
Just look at the poor, babe
The meek don't inherit a thing
There ain't nothing
good enough for us here
We deserve all we are gonna get
This world should be notified
It'll be a bumpy ride
Thanks to Bonnie
And Clyde
(audience applauding and cheering)
(Clyde coughing)
- [Archie] There ain't no
time for this, we gotta go.
I got my mama waiting, I gotta go.
- Alright, this here's a hold up.
I don't wanna see anyone with their hands
lower than their ears.
(audience laughing)
- You're Clyde Barrow and
Bonnie Parker, ain't you?
- Why, yes, we are.
- Can I get your autograph?
(audience laughing)
- Sure.
- You want, alright.
- Oh, wow.
To, to Archie, if you will.
- All the best, Bonnie and Clyde.
- Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
- Hey, hey, hey,
why does your name come first?
(audience laughing)
- Bonnie and Clyde sounds
better than Clyde and Bonnie.
- Clyde and Bonnie sounds just fine to me.
- Bonnie and Clyde rolls
off the tongue better,
there's a melody to it.
- Hmm.
Hey, yeah, Archie?
- Yeah, yeah?
- What you think sounds
better, Clyde and Bonnie
or Bonnie and Clyde?
(audience laughing)
- Clyde and Bonnie.
- He's just saying that
because you got the gun.
(audience laughing)
(audience applauding and cheering)
Now which you like better?
- Oh.
(audience laughing)
- See.
- We will talk about this
when we get home.
Now, my partner here is going
to approach the counter with a bag
that I would like very much
for you to fill with cash.
- I'm afraid I can't do that.
- Do you not see this gun, mister?
- I can't feel your bag with cash
because there isn't anything.
- They're saying the bank is broke.
- Not a nickel in the drawers.
(audience laughing)
- You're telling me
that I'm robbing a bank
with no money?
(audience laughing)
- Complaint forms are over there.
(audience laughing)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- You, you own every piece
of land in the county,
everyone's homes and everyone's damn farm.
How can you have no money?
- Who are we going to sell the farms to?
No one can afford to buy them.
- You know, I should
just shoot you right now.
- Come on, Clyde?
- What kind of stupidity?
- Come on, baby.
- No, I lived in a tent for
nearly three damn years,
the bank took the farms
of near everybody I know.
- That's right.
- Clyde.
- No money in a bank.
The hell is this country coming to?
(gun firing)
- Clyde.
(gun firing)
(suspenseful music)
- Yes. (grunts)
(suspenseful music)
- I gotta got to him, he needs me.
- I need you, daddy, I need you.
- Clyde's been shot, he's in trouble.
- Clyde's always in trouble.
Clyde's always going to be in trouble.
He is not
your responsibility, Buck.
- He's my brother.
You know, maybe I can
get him to stop running
and come back.
- It's too late for Clyde.
- It's never too late, you taught me that.
- Don't you walk out that door.
- I gotta go, Blanche.
- You're not going because
you want to bring Clyde back.
- There ain't nothing here for me.
Come with me, baby.
- You walk out that door,
daddy, it's over.
I mean it.
(gentle instrumental music)
(Blanche sobbing)
(Clyde grunting)
- Okay.
- Okay.
Ow, shit.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
- I can't do it.
- Just get a good, firm,
grip on the bullet and
yank it as hard as you can.
- No, I can't.
- Oh, come on,
don't even think about,
it's like, it's like removing a splinter.
- There is a hell of a lot more
blood there than a splinter.
I can see clear inside your shoulder.
- I don't want to see
that, don't show me that.
Come on here and close your eyes.
- Okay.
- Go on close them.
Alright, now just feel for the bullet.
- Okay.
(Clyde groaning)
- Okay, just do, okay,
grip hard between your fingers.
Okay, pull.
- Oh, by Jesus.
Oh, that was disgusting.
Oh, are you?
- I'm okay.
Yep, yep.
Oh shit.
(audience laughing)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- I figured we'd be halfway
across the country by now.
- Well, at least we're out of West Dallas.
- I want to stop running.
- We gotta keep moving.
- I'm sick of running
and driving.
- We gotta law low.
- I'm sick of that car.
I want to settle down.
- We settle down, I'm dead.
- So this is it, this is our life?
- Sugar.
- I should have left you
when I had the chance.
- Yeah.
Look, maybe we'll find someplace
to stay for a while.
You know, they're
looking for us in Kansas.
We're alright as long as we
stay here in Oklahoma, huh?
We'll get an apartment, yeah,
some, something nice.
Hey, just read, read me one of your poems,
you know, I love it when you read to me.
- I'm not in the mood.
- Oh, come on.
- You've heard them all,
and the one I'm working on now ain't done.
- Well, read me anything,
read me what you got.
- I ain't done yet.
- I don't care.
- Okay, but I ain't done.
- Well, I understand.
(audience laughing)
Thank you.
(Clyde groaning)
- "You've read the story of Jesse James,
of how he lived and died.
If you're still in need
of something to read,
here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde.
Nothing rhymes with Clyde and Bonnie."
(audience laughing)
(audience applauding and cheering)
- Oh, what about?
Alright, go ahead.
- "Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang,
I'm sure you all have read
how they rob and steal,
and those who squeal are
usually found dying or dead."
- Like that there bank teller.
Bam, bam, bam.
- "There's lots of untruths
to these write ups,
they're not as ruthless as all that.
Their nature is raw,
they hate all the law,
the stool pigeons, spotters, and rats."
(Clyde chuckling)
- Oh, you have got the lingo.
Baby, you've got the lingo.
That is good.
You send that to the
papers, they'll print it.
- Really?
- Hmm.
- You think they'll print it?
- Oh, they'll print
anything's got to do with us.
- Oh, my God, I'm going to be published.
(gentle instrumental music)
- That bitch just killed four people
and they're printing her poetry
like she's Emily freakin' Dickinson.
(audience laughing)
We look like fools.
I got a warden who can't
keep criminals locked up
and a sheriff who can't
catch 'em when they escape.
- Governor Ferguson,
in all fairness-
- Fairness?
Two police officers and
two civilians are dead.
And public opinion is
Bonnie and Clyde are heroes.
There is no fairness, Sheriff.
- I swear to you,
we're on their trail, Governor.
- I've read the report, you have no idea
where the hell they are.
- You know what I'm working with here?
I got no money, no resources,
I got three deputies sharing two shotguns,
for Christ's sakes.
We almost had 'em in a roadblock,
but the guy drives like the devil.
Before you know it,
he's at the state line.
- That's cause Clyde steals
the fastest cars out there
while you drive the heaviest cars built.
Police cars weren't built for speed,
they were built for back roads.
Which is why even if you caught him,
you couldn't catch him.
- Who the hell are you?
- Frank Hamer.
- I contacted retired Texas Ranger,
Captain Frank Hamer, and convinced him
to accept a commission.
- A commission to do what?
- Hunt down Bonnie and Clyde.
(gentle instrumental music)
- "True Detective" says
they're looking for us
in Louisiana and Missouri.
Oh, and listen to this,
"Escaped with Bonnie Parker,
the ravishing redhead."
- That's you, Sugar.
- Ravishing.
I like it, it's,
it's more than beautiful,
- It's you.
- I wish there was a picture.
They should have a picture
to go along with this.
- We don't need no pictures, sugar.
The job is hard enough.
The last thing we need is pictures.
- Just seems a shame not to
have a nice big picture of me
alongside where it says ravishing.
(laughing together)
Or on the cover.
I want my picture on the cover.
Who do we gotta hold up
to get my picture on the cover?
You don't need no picture, sugar.
Once someone sees your face,
they ain't never gonna forget it.
- You're just partial.
- Hell, I am.
When I start thinking about my Bonnie
- You wrote a song about me.
From the minute I wake up
- Ooh, you are so in love, baby.
And that feeling is
the best I ever had
- Ravishing and a song,
this is a fine day.
She's in my shaving mirror
She's in my coffee cup
I must be in love
Or else I'm going mad
- This might be
the finest day-
- Are you gonna keep on
interrupting me?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- How am I supposed to sing if you?
- I won't say another word.
- I got a rhythm,
a flow I got goin here.
(audience laughing)
- I understand.
I would like to write to Bonnie
Tell that girl the way I feel
But I'm better with
a car than with a pen
Used to be I'm only happy
When I'm sat behind the wheel
Now I don't care if I ever drive again
(gentle instrumental music)
That girl's got something
Nothing scares her
No, only piece of luck
That's ever come my way
I can't wait to tell her
How much I've missed her
Feeling sorry for James Cagney
'Cause he's never kissed her
I start dreamin' about my Bonnie
Just as soon as I'm asleep
They're the kind of dream
That keep you in your bed
I am makin' love to Bonnie
And that sure beats counting sheep
Got a feelin' there are good times
Up ahead
(gentle instrumental music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(knuckles rapping)
- It's Buck.
- Oh, he's here.
- Clyde.
- Anyone follow you?
- No, I swear.
(audience laughing)
Just Blanche.
- Where's your horse?
- They're fashionable and
they're comfortable in the car.
And your brother came to try
and talk you into comin' back
to give yourself up.
- Blanche.
I ain't never givin' myself up, Blanche.
If I give myself up,
they give me the chair.
And as happy as I'm
sure that will make you,
well, I'm just going to pass.
Hey, you have to take
a look at this place-
- Hey, Buck,
did you see "True Detective"?
They called me a ravishing redhead.
- Alright.
- Redhead, please.
That was not a judgment, Lord,
just a professional opinion.
(audience laughing)
(gentle instrumental music)
- Bonnie, Bonnie.
- Mama.
- Oh, my God, my baby.
Are you alright?
- I'm okay, mama.
- Oh, my precious baby.
Listen to me, honey,
you've got to give yourself up.
You've got too.
- I know how hard
this must be for you, mama,
but I swear, Clyde is a good man.
- Listen to me, honey-
- He loves me.
- Bonnie.
- Mama, like a poet,
he loves me.
- Bonnie.
- I'm okay,
I just missed you is all.
- Listen to me, honey.
Ted says you'll only get a prison sentence
if you come in now.
- Mama.
- And while that's bad still and all,
it's nothing compared to what may happen
before this is over.
I'll be happier with you in prison
than as you are, honey-
- I'm not gonna leave him.
- Listen to me, I can't live like this.
I can't live knowing you
could be dead any minute.
- I'm the only one alive, mama.
Me and Clyde are the only ones alive
in this whole damn place.
Everybody is walking around
dead, but me and Clyde.
(whistle trilling)
I gotta go.
- No.
- I gotta go, mama.
- Don't leave, Bonnie.
- I'll see you again soon.
- Come home with me,
I'm begging you, please.
- I'll get a message to you
and we'll, we'll meet someplace soon,
I promise.
- No, don't leave.
Don't leave, Bonnie. (sobs)
(gentle instrumental music)
- And now I got Hoover and Roosevelt
breathing down my damn neck.
- Why the hell are they getting involved?
- Because Barrow and his brother
just broke into the West Texas Armory.
- And what did they take?
- Enough weapons to start a small war,
including three Browning automatic rifles.
- Holy shit.
(gentle instrumental music)
- [Buck] Holy shit.
It's the end of small town thinkin'
Say goodbye to .45s
Now our dreams are so much bigger
These are gonna change our lives
Been a long time coming
So let's raise a little hell
- [Clyde] Alright.
- This is Bob Alcorn, best sharpshooter
this side of the Mississippi.
- What the hell are you planning?
- I want to walk down Main Street
with Clyde Barrow's head on a stake.
- Just get me within 300 yards of him,
and I'll put a bullet through his neck.
- Since when did we get into the business
of murdering people?
- Topeka Sheriffs Office
said they had a bank
robbery a few hours ago.
The Barrow Gang.
- Well, how do they know?
- Parker signed autographs.
- Aah, Jesus.
- Jesus Christ.
- Another teller was killed.
(upbeat music)
(dogs barking)
Why do folks want to be heroes
Why do they love standing tall
Why don't they just hand it over
It ain't their money after all
We won't get to heaven
So let's raise a little hell
- [Clyde] Come on.
(upbeat music)
(gentle instrumental music)
- Missouri police report that two couples
matching the description
of the Barrow Gang
have been living at 1521 Joplin Street
for the past three weeks.
And get this, when the
garage door was opened,
one neighbor reported
seeing what she described
as a box of guns.
If we drive through the night,
we can be in Joplin mid-day tomorrow.
- We don't have jurisdiction in Missouri.
- I don't give a crap about jurisdiction.
I was hired to do a job.
Now let's go get em.
- Let's do it.
(upbeat music)
All I want to do is save her
That is all that matters now
Clyde took everything I gave her
I won't rest until I finally see
Barrow die
Big times are just around the corner
I can feel it in my bones
We are gonna be more famous
Than a hundred Al Capones
We won't get to heaven
So lets raise a little hell
I'm coming for ya
Been a long time coming
So let's raise
A little hell
(audience applauding and cheering)
(suspenseful music)
(air whooshing)
- The two of them are
out doing God knows what,
and you can just sit there like that?
- Yes, I can.
- You're as crazy as he is.
- You keep talking like
that, you just might be
the first person I kill.
(audience laughing)
- You two deserve each other.
- Yes, we do.
- You know, I don't understand.
You're an attractive woman.
I'm sure you could have any
man you set your sights on.
Why are you here?
- Why are you here, Blanche?
- I'm trying to stop my husband
from getting himself killed.
For some stupid reason, he
feels obliged to be here.
- Maybe there's just not enough excitement
to keep him at home.
- Our life would be perfect if
it wasn't for you and Clyde.
- You think you are so much better
than everybody, don't you?
- I'm just trying to be the best person
I can be in the eyes of the Lord.
- And are you having fun, Blanche?
You enjoying life?
- I'm grateful for every day
I spend on God's good earth.
- Take a look around, Blanche,
God's good earth is dried up, it's dead.
- You are so completely and utterly lost.
All I can do is pray for you.
- Don't waste your time, Blanche.
I have everything I want.
(air whooshing)
- You know, they're gonna kill Clyde
when they catch him
- If they catch him.
- Probably going to kill you too.
- They better.
- You can't tell me you ain't scared.
Dyin' ain't so bad
Not if you both go together
Only when ones left
behind does it get sad
But a short and a loving life
That ain't so bad
(gentle instrumental music)
I only hope to God that I go first
I couldn't live on memories
I'm sorry, but I'm not that strong
There are some things in
life you can't replace
A love like ours don't happen twice
When all his days are through
Mine will be too
Cause dyin' ain't so bad
Not if you both go together
Only when one's left
behind does it get sad
But a short and loving life
That ain't so bad
I've met boys who talk
about farms and horses
And they don't do much for me
I don't need to end
up in a rocking chair
Since you get to live
your life just once
If that's how it's gotta be
Then I'd rather breathe in life
Than dusty air
Dyin' ain't so bad
Not if you both go together
Only when ones left
behind does it get sad
But a short and loving life
But a short and loving life
But a short and loving life
That ain't so bad
(gentle instrumental music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(knuckles rapping)
- Oh, thank God.
Oh, thank God
- Hiya, Sugar.
- Hey, baby.
- Where were you?
- Prescot.
- What were you doing in Prescot?
- We went to have lunch-
- And to rob a bank.
- Oh, sweet Jesus.
- Police near caught us,
but you should have seen Clyde drive.
- Ford Deluxe sedan, it
just don't get no better.
- Baby, baby,
you wait till you see what I got.
Try some of this cake.
(audience laughing)
- Did you steal it?
- No, I bought it.
You know, with the money
we stole from the bank.
- Oh.
Oh my God.
(audience laughing)
Oh my God, that is the most heavenly thing
I've ever tasted in my entire life.
- Got it from a general
store in Texarkana.
Guy says they just come out.
Yeah, it's called a,
oh, it's called a.
- Oh, I don't know.
Oh, it's got the two.
- Pair, 'cause it comes
in the two.
- 'Cause it's like.
And we made
a joke about how it was,
- And it's a twin.
- you know, twins?
- Twinkie.
- That's it.
- That's it.
- [Radio Presenter] That was
the Goodrich Zippers Orchestra featuring
the incomparable Henry Burr.
Now how 'bout a dance?
- Oh.
- Baby, it's our song
- Well, why don't you sing for us, sugar?
Come on up here.
Ladies and gentlemen,
that beautiful redhead.
- And ravishing.
- That ravishing redhead
who just held up your bank,
is now going to hold up your
heart with her rendition
of "How 'Bout a Dance?"
Everybody, come on.
- Whoo, Bonnie.
How 'bout a dance
What do you say
I got some moves that
Id love to show you
Let's find a spot and
dance the night away
- Alright.
- Ain't she something?
Hey, Blanche, come on.
Come on.
How 'bout a dance
It's always fun
Come over here, let me get to know you
Can't beat a band to
lift your spirits up
- Wait, what's the matter, baby?
- The laws are outside.
- What?
- Shit.
- Oh my God.
Oh, God, no, no, no,
you gotta give yourself up.
No, daddy, don't.
- No, no, no.
- Shut her up.
Buck, shut her up.
- You're crazy,
we're gonna get killed.
- Shut her up.
- We're gonna die, daddy.
- Shut up, come on.
- We're gonna die.
- Shut up, Blanche.
- We're gonna die. (sobs)
- [Clyde] There's, uh,
there's one hiding behind the tree.
- There's another behind the white car.
- And there's two more comin' round back.
What are you gonna do, Clyde?
- Alright, alright,
we're gonna shoot our way out of here,
just like we done, in Belleville.
- Oh, God, mo.
- They ain't gonna
be expecting us.
- No.
- And we go downstairs in the garage.
- [Blanche] No, Buck, don't listen to him.
No, no.
- We get the automatics
out the car, we open up the doors,
guns firing.
- And we scare
the shit out of them.
- That's right.
- No, Buck.
- And once we're firing,
you start shooting from up here,
sugar, alright?
- Okay, baby.
- Okay, hey, hey,
we are gonna get out of this, okay?
(guns firing)
(suspenseful music)
- It all comes so quick,
and it happens so fast.
You're there and they're there.
They've got gun, and you've got guns.
You know it's going to be you or them.
And there's no time to
think about anything else.
You grit your teeth and come down on it.
Then it's over and done,
and there's no going back.
You killed a man.
You'd see him lying there,
if you have the time to wait and look.
Life's gone, you took it.
And he'll never live,
and breathe, and laugh again.
But if he'd beat you to it,
you'd be lying there like that.
It gets mixed up, the whole business.
Them killing you, you killing them.
You wonder why you were born?
Why anybody was born?
Why God should bother with the whole mess.
(Clyde gasping)
(gun firing)
(gasping and grunting together)
- Alright, alright.
That better, sugar?
- My legs burning.
- We got to keep moving.
You gonna be able to walk?
- I don't think so.
- Buck needs treatment.
- Hey, Blanche,
they are on our tail.
- He needs to be in a hospital.
- We can't get to a hospital.
- He, he needs a doctor.
- He's beyond a doctor,
- He's your brother.
- Yeah.
- Your flesh and blood.
You're just gonna leave him to die here?
- You gotta come with us, Blanche.
- I'm not leaving him here.
- Go with them, baby.
- No.
(Clyde grunting)
You're an animal.
(Buck coughing)
No, no, no.
(Buck gasping)
(Blanche sobbing)
Come on, daddy,
don't you give up on me.
- I'm sorry, baby.
- Don't you be sorry, okay,
you just, you just stay with me,
you hear?
- I didn't think it would be like this.
- I know, daddy.
- I just wanted us to get started.
- And we're gonna move on from here.
We're gonna put this behind us, okay?
You just hang in there,
daddy, okay?
(gentle instrumental music)
- I want you to go back home, Blanche.
- I'm not going to go without you.
We're going to get you well.
- And we're gonna go far away.
Don't you remember New Mexico, daddy?
- I do, baby.
I do.
No one needs
To feel alone
Turn to him
And when you do.
His light will shine
- No.
And peace will come to
- No.
- Come on, get up.
- No, you killed him,
he was a good man and you killed him.
God's arms are always open
- Blanche Barrow, you are under arrest
for the aiding and abetting
He'll not turn you away
- of known fugitives,
armed robbery, bank robbery,
suspicion of murder
He has lead the way for you
For each night and day
(Blanche sobbing)
God's arms are always open
Your voice is always heard
Even though your prayers
are silent prayers
He hears every word
No one needs to feel alone
Just turn to him
And when you do
His light will shine
And peace will come to you
God's arms are always open
And everyone's his friend
When you find him
All your darkest fears
Will come to an end
Fears come to an end
(gentle instrumental music)
- [Ted] We got the pictures
from the camera in Joplin.
- They look like they're celebrating.
- This is Bonnie and her mother.
- What?
- What's with the rabbit?
- Wait, this wasn't taken that long ago,
which means they must have come back here
to see Bonnie's ma.
When was the last time
they were in Dallas?
- October, and before that,
- Easter.
- What?
- Explains the rabbit.
- And what were they here
for in October, Halloween?
You got any pictures
of them with a pumpkin?
- What's the date in October?
- The 14th.
- That's Bonnie's mother's birthday.
- And you're telling me that two murderers
are risking capture just so
they can see their folks?
- I think so.
- You haven't staked out the parents?
- We didn't have the
money or the manpower.
- Get a tap on the parents phones.
- Right, we'll take shifts
staking out the homes.
- And get these pictures to the papers.
- And when we find out
where they're meeting
we'll scout the route and
find a good vantage point.
We can hit the car on
the road with automatics.
- No, no, no,
we're not going to open
fire on a moving car.
- Yes, we are.
- No, we're going to try
for an arrest.
- They shot their way through
nine officers in Joplin,
including a sheriff, Sheriff.
- Clyde Barrow has no intention
of giving himself up, ever.
- What about Bonnie?
- Her fate was sealed the day
she broke him out of Eastham.
The next time they see their
folks will be their last.
I still see the apple-cheeked girl
That you were
Hiding in treetops
and feeding the birds
Making up rhymes
How you loved
- It's going to take at least 15,
16 hours to get from here to West Dallas.
Baby, if we don't leave soon,
our folks are going to be standing
in the middle of the woods all alone,
and I know my mama's bringing food.
(audience laughing)
- How am I gonna face my folks?
They gonna think I killed Buck.
- No, you didn't.
- And they gotta hate me.
- No.
- It is my fault.
- Buck made his own decisions.
- Yeah, I should be dead, too.
(Bonnie gasping)
- We're going to be, baby.
I finished our poem.
- I'm not in the mood.
- "Someday they'll go down together.
They'll bury them side by side.
To few, it'll be grief.
To the law, a relief.
But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde."
I'm sorry, baby.
Nothing rhymes with Clyde and Bonnie.
(laughing together)
(Clyde sobbing)
Seems you get to live
your life just once
If that's how it's got to be
Then I'd rather breathe in life
Than dusty air
Dyin' ain't so bad
Not if we both go together
Only when ones left
behind does it get sad
But a short and loving life
But a short and loving life
But a short and loving life
That ain't so bad
- Come on baby,
we don't want to miss our folks.
- Yeah.
(gentle instrumental music)
- What?
- Honey rhymes with Bonnie
if you say it like haw-nee.
(audience laughing)
Lotta folks say that, they say haw-nee.
Yeah, my momma says it haw-nee.
She gonna bring us some
biscuits and haw-nee.
(laughing together)
- Come on, let's go.
(gentle instrumental music)
You'll lose the blues
And you may lose your heart
(gentle instrumental music)
(guns firing)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(audience applauding and cheering)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)