Bonnie's Kids (1973) Movie Script

Yeah, but it's $2.
All right, I'll see your two.
Well, I got to see this. I call...
...maybe we'll take all of it.
- What do you got?
- Three aces.
Three aces?
Billy, you'll break my zipper.
Now, you be good.
Billy, you're gonna tear my dress,
now stop it.
Come on, Myra.
Let's drive over by the river.
You know you want to.
You know I want to, but it's late.
Hell, since when do you ever care
about it being late?
You sleep 'til noon anyways.
Come on, Myra.
I'm all turned on.
I better be getting in.
You know if old Charley finds us out here,
he'll kick your butt all the way back to town.
Your stepfather is a pain in the ass.
But you'd sure be worth it.
- Call me, tomorrow?
- Yeah, you know it.
Good night, you guys.
All right. I'll call.
Ace's over.
Oh, man, I have never seen
the like of your cards.
Hey, Charley, maybe doll face
here can change your luck.
Man, I sure wish I were your age, Myra.
I'd show you a good time.
Why, Mr. Burns?
What's age got to do with it?
You tell him, Myra.
Hell, you'd tease him to death.
Damn your hide, Myra. Clean up these butts
and get us some more beer out of the icebox.
Sure, Charley.
Don't you want me to be
nice to your friends?
Yeah, what do you say, Charley?
You just do as you're told. Your mouth
is getting bigger and bigger. Now, move.
- Who's deal?
- Mine.
How about studs?
You fucking idiot.
You listen to me, Myra.
If your old man gives you too hard a time,
you come over to my place.
Honey, I'll treat you real nice.
Nobody ever had a better step daddy
than I got.
Go on. Go on.
I'll get you those beers.
I'll open for a buck.
Charley, I don't know how you do it.
- Pass.
- I'll call once.
Call. Do what?
Control yourself.
Having a sweet young body like Myra
around the house is one thing.
But that sister of hers!
Hell, man, that's a real woman.
I wouldn't mind that any old time.
- Hi, Ellie.
- Hi, Ellie.
Hi, guys.
- Want some coffee?
- Yeah.
Give me one of those chocolate ones
with a jelly inside.
You know,
I got a real sweet tooth going.
- Oh, I know, guys, who have worse habits.
- Like what?
Well, Harry Phillips, you're the law around
this dumpy place, you ought to know.
I wasn't thinking about the law.
I was thinking about the sweet
young things over at Melvin's place.
Hey, Ellie.
Married three months and he's
already catting around. - No, I wasn't.
Harry Philips, you just got
a dirty mind, don't you?
I sure do.
Well, you see, Ellie, an honest cop, but
I ain't married and you know I'm dishonest.
Need a ride home tonight, Ellie?
Not with you two, you're dangerous.
Besides, I got Charley's pickup truck
and a 25 dollar mechanic bill.
Since when does this old tight wad Charley
spend 25 bucks for anything? - Outside of booze.
He's driving to Montana tomorrow.
His old man's terminal and I guess
he wants to see him before he dies.
Hell. With his disposition,
he never had an old man, the bastard!
I hope you yellow-bellied jackasses
get yours. Cheating mothers.
You know, there's one thing
about you, Charley.
You've always got the three M's.
You're mean, miserable,
and demented.
What a bunch. Drink my booze, take my money,
and all you can do is badmouth me.
Hey, Charley, I got a great idea.
When you get to Montana, why the hell
won't you stay there? Don't come back.
Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?
You'd all like that.
Don't worry. We'll take real good care
of your pretty little daughters.
Good night.
See you, Charley.
Hey, look what I found.
Does it got a label on it?
All I can tell you is
it was made in this county.
Hell, man, this is the best damn
county in the whole world.
Hey, Wally, look.
Yeah, man.
How would you like to
touch her all over?
How sweet.
So sweet.
If I didn't know you fellas so well,
I figure you were looking at that pretty
young thing like some kind of perverts.
Well, hell, George,
we just stopped for a minute.
Out of the corner of his eye,
Jack here,
well, I mean he spotted Myra
standing there naked.
Showing everything she's got
to the whole world.
There ought to be a law. It's not right to
go around showing it the way like she does.
- It's manslaughter.
- Manslaughter?
That's right. It's wrong.
I mean, a body like that
can be a dangerous weapon.
That's right, as long as she keeps
what she's got concealed.
She keeps showing it off like that,
she could tease a man to death.
I think you two fellas had better be moving along
before your old ladies come looking for you
and then get your
behind in a sling.
I don't care what you say, George.
There ought to be a law.
I may be married
but I sure ain't dead.
Come on, lover boy.
Let's call it a night.
Why, Glenn,
you know I can't do that.
Because that's why.
Well, I guess he's gone to bed.
I don't hear a sound.
I don't mind kissing you like that.
You like it, don't you?
Come on, now. You got hot blood
just like the rest of them.
OK, then.
How about when I rub your back
and make all those goose bumps?
You are lying, Glenn Stensel.
You're the biggest liar I know.
Of course I like you.
Don't I show it?
Of course, if you think
someone could do it better...
Of course I like you, Glenn,
you're a sweet boy.
You sure smell good.
I like a boy that uses scented
colognes. I think it's sexy.
It turns me on
if you know what I mean.
Of course I like you to touch me.
I like to feel your hands
all over my body,
making my skin tingle and
making me aching for loving.
Glenn, you sure know
how to take good care of me.
I wish you were here right now.
You no-good little whore.
I'm going to give it to you good.
What do you do, give it to every
male goat who comes sniffing around?
What's the matter, step daddy?
Afraid there ain't going
to be any left for you?
You dirty old man!
You're just like your old lady.
No damn good and never will be.
I've watched you throwing your
body around, tempting men,
baring your breasts to any boy
who will give it a try.
And I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll
never forget. You no good little whore.
You get away from me.
Get away from me,
you horny old man!
Horny? Horny? I'm going to
show you what a man's like.
I'll teach you to throw
your body around.
I'm going to rip you.
You hear me?
I'm going to rip you!
Charley... Charley!
Charley, let her alone.
Hey, Ellie, come on over here.
You know she's no damn good.
Just like her ma, no damn good.
You know,
you're the only good one, Ellie.
Come on, give Charley a kiss.
Remember, Ellie,
when you were a little girl?
I'll treat you good, you will see.
Don't be afraid of Charley.
I'll take real good
care of you, Ellie.
Sure, Charley.
Sure you will.
Come on, baby, come on.
Ain't no one
going to find him down there.
Come on.
Come on, Myra,
will you hurry up?
What is your hurry?
Just don't give me any lip.
Benjamin Seaman Enterprises.
Yes, I'll connect you.
So... I swear they were both 90.
Anyway, it was the whole smear,
you know.
I'd like to see...
We'd like to see Mr. Seaman, please?
Do you have an appointment?
- Oh, no, we don't, but we...
- Fill in these forms and take a seat.
- So, we were sitting there and this...
- Look, you don't understand.
Could you just tell us... - Sweetheart, Mr. Seaman
does not see anyone without an appointment
and besides you'll have to be screened
by Miss Paula Clark first.
Just fill in the forms.
Tell Mr. Seaman
Ellie and Myra are here.
Ellie and Myra.
Just tell him Bonnie's Kids.
Hey, listen to me,
you dumb coon.
I told you Mr. Seaman wanted that shipment
in Frisco by noon tomorrow, right?
Ben, I thought this would be a terrific look
for that new magazine cover we're doing.
You know, soft semi-nude look.
What do you think?
My god, look at the kids.
- You must be...
- Myra and she's Ellie.
Imagine that my sister's kids.
Hey, everybody!
Say hello to my sister Bonnie's kids.
- Hello.
- Hi.
OK, everybody out.
Come on, girls, sit down.
You too, Eddy. Blow.
Sure, Ben.
It's always a happy day
when the relatives show up,
especially when
they look like that.
See you later.
Come on, girls, sit down.
Make yourselves at home.
I'm sorry I didn't get up
for the funeral but,
well, it was our busy season,
you know, and...
The flowers you sent
were really pretty.
Mom would've liked them.
It was a fine funeral.
My god. Bonnie's been dead
for over two years.
How time goes.
You girls need any money?
Well, everyone needs money, Uncle Ben.
But, well, you're the only family
we've got now.
- What happened to what's-his-name?
- Charley?
Yeah, Charley, your stepfather.
Oh, well, he took off.
Yeah, he said he was going to
Montana and never coming back.
I hate that man.
After momma had left,
it sure got worse.
Every payday he'd go off on a drunk.
He picked up women.
Sometimes he'd bring them home.
Sometimes, he even... - He didn't
care about us. He never cared about us.
Oh, I could tell you things... - After he
left us, well, we didn't know what to do.
So, we decided to come here.
Our momma always said that
you'd help us if we needed it.
Our momma said
you'd take good care of us.
Sure, sure.
You can always count on me.
Your Uncle Ben is going to take
real good care of you. You'll see.
After all, you're Bonnie's kids,
aren't you?
Boy, Ben, you sure have a
great looking place here.
Yeah, it's a thing with me.
You know, it's a hang up,
you kids would call it.
Collecting beautiful things.
I really enjoy it.
Everybody calls me The Collector.
What about people?
Oh, I particularly enjoy
beautiful people.
What about Myra and me?
- Ellie, I just told you.
- Uncle Ben,
I think what Ellie's trying to say is
she's worried about our future.
I mean, what's your wife
going to say?
Come on, horse.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
I didn't expect you.
I have a little surprise for you.
Come and meet the kids.
- Ben, what are you talking...
- Come on, will you?
- This is Ellie and this is Myra.
- No, I'm Myra.
She's Ellie. - Yeah, well, anyway.
They're my sister's kids.
Can you imagine all of a sudden
they just showed up?
- What a surprise.
- Yeah.
They're going to stay with us.
You know, they're family.
The only family I got, and we're
going to take real good care of them.
Of course, Ben.
I want you girls to get acquainted,
you know, get to know each other.
I'd like that.
Diana, I want you to make sure these girls
get everything they need.
- We got to make up for lost time.
- Oh, thank you, Ben.
Why don't you show them their rooms
or something. Get them squared away.
I got to go in town.
See you girls tonight at dinner.
Hey, we're really sorry we barged in on you
like this with no warning or anything.
Ellie, Mrs. Seaman
doesn't mind, do you?
Of course not.
As I said it was a surprise.
Must get lonely living way out here.
I bet you'll appreciate the company.
It is lonely sometimes.
Ben is not home much anymore and
it will be fun having you stay here.
- Yeah, just like one big happy family.
- Yes.
We'll have a real chance
to get to know each other.
I'd like that, Mrs. Seaman.
Please call me Diana.
That's what we'll call you, Diana.
Yes, Miss Clark.
I'll send her right in.
You. Miss Clark will see you now.
One of the kids, remember?
Which way?
Come on, come on.
We haven't got all day.
- We're all your friends, Ellie.
- That has nothing to do with it.
This is business.
Mr. Seaman asked that we do something with
you and Mr. Harris will decide what we do.
And Mr. Harris' only interest in his women
is how they look, not how they feel.
- Well?
- Well, what?
Any questions?
What's to ask?
Would you please go behind the screen,
take off your clothes, and put on the robe?
Get with it.
We're busy people.
I said, get with it.
Pretty, isn't she?
Funny Mr. Seaman never mentioned
her or that other one to me.
You're his secretary,
not his priest.
We're waiting, Miss Thomas.
Over here, please.
The robe, remove it.
Stand up straight, sweetheart,
so Mr. Harris can see everything.
Good legs.
- Full name?
- Eleanor Thomas.
- Age?
- 24.
- Eyes?
- Blue.
- Height?
- 5'5".
Turn around.
Why is it I must always start
with scrap iron.
Because, Harris, you're an artist.
- Weight?
- 114.
Your nearest relative?
Harry Belafonte.
Cold as ice.
Harris, have you ever worked
with marble?
No, but it would be interesting.
Presently employed?
Favorite recreation?
Is she kidding?
Can I help you?
Yeah, I think so
if you're detective.
If you're looking for Mr. Burns,
he's out of town.
Too bad.
Anybody else?
Then why don't you tell him
we're here, sweetheart?
Larry, there are a couple of guys
out here to see you.
Right through that door.
You know, sweetheart,
you do that real well.
Hi, my name is Tollin,
and my associate, Mr. Brown.
How do you do?
- That girl called you Larry.
- Yeah. Larry Evans.
- Would you sit down?
- Thank you.
Larry, Mr. Brown and I
need your help.
You see, we just recently
moved here from Seattle.
Well, you know,
it takes time to get settled.
Seattle? That's a nice place.
Yeah, I really miss it.
You know, I drove a cab there
for a while.
- No kidding.
- Yeah.
Well, anyway,
to get back to business.
As I say, we just moved here
and we don't know a soul.
Well, this is not the most
friendliest town I ever lived in.
People just don't seem
to extend themselves.
It doesn't cost you
10 cents more to be friendly.
That's how Mr. Brown and I feel.
In fact, there'd be probably less trouble
in the world if people just got along.
You know, Mr. Tollin... - Our business
is going to take us out of town for a while
and we need somebody
we could rely on.
Well, you came to the right place.
- Now, what kind of business you're in?
- Mining.
All kinds. We work out at
Desert Springs and Las Vegas.
You spend much time in Las Vegas?
I don't know much about mining,
but those long-legged Las Vegas women.
Evans, are you available?
Available? Yeah, sure.
For what?
Eddy, tell him. Tell him.
We're going out of town next week and we'd like
you to do a little babysitting for us, that's all.
Yeah. I know. You got this pretty
doll-faced wife that's playing around.
Oh, no. I'm happily married.
We just want to spend a few days
in the Springs on us, of course,
and do a couple of favors for us.
Favors? Like what?
We're expecting a very
important package, Larry.
It has to do with our business.
We want you to pick it up and see
that it gets delivered. Simple.
No sweat.
When do you want me to start?
We'll let you know.
Larry, this is a private matter.
We prefer you handle this alone.
I'd appreciate it if
you kept quiet about it.
Didn't mention it to anybody.
Are you kidding?
Don't you worry about that.
Well, good then, it's settled.
You know, nowadays, with industrial spying,
one company is stealing secrets from another,
I guess we have to be
a little extra careful.
- You understand?
- Sure.
Oh, the company's fee is
$50 a day plus expenses.
If you do a good job, we'll make
another 50 for you. What do you say?
You'll get a job you'll never forget,
Mr. Tollin. You can count on that.
You see, Mr. Brown?
I told you we could find
an honest man.
- That was wild.
- You ride very well.
You really do.
Not as good as you.
Ever since I was this high,
I could remember riding a horse.
Where are you from?
Texas, near Houston.
Really? I bet you lived on one of those
big ranches you always hear about.
No. But I have friends who did.
We used to visit them and they'd have these big
barbecues and invite everyone from miles around
and everyone would have a good time.
Oh, god. I even remember
the first time a boy kissed me.
It was at one of those barbecues.
It made me feel all warm
and excited at the same time.
I guess it's something you
never forget, a first kiss.
What was your first kiss like?
- Kind of embarrassing to tell.
- We're friends, aren't we?
Sure, but... - And good friends
trust each other and help each other.
Myra, will you let me
be your friend?
Say, man, no sweat.
Good show, blood.
We have got black power.
Hello, Ben. It's Eddy.
Hello, Eddy.
Well, how did it go?
Right on.
Found a guy so dumb
he's got to be on it.
Well, I'll be up in San Francisco.
Look don't worry, will you.
I'll be up there the whole week.
Yeah. Now listen, Ben.
We're all set with the pickup.
What about the delivery?
I'll take care of that. You just
make sure you take care of your end.
Anyway, they always say
blood is thicker than water.
Check with me later.
Come on, Digger.
I'm going to buy you a drink.
So what's the celebration?
We're going to be rich, Digger.
This little old ticket
is going to make us rich.
You no good little slob,
you stole this, didn't you?
I told you, she let me borrow it.
You're lying, Myra.
Then why did you hide it?
I didn't want to lose it.
You are such a liar! Now, I want
you to go put it back right now.
What's the difference?
She's got tons of money.
I don't care.
She's never going to miss it.
Oh, yeah?
Supposing she reports it? Supposing the cops
come and start asking questions? Then what?
They're never going to find him.
The worms got old Charley by now.
You just listen to me.
Now, I want you to go
put this back right now.
- You hear me?
- OK.
But it's a lot of noise
about nothing.
Now, well, you just knock it off.
Sure, Ellie.
I'm a good girl.
Don't you put me on.
Oh, hi.
Oh, hi.
I was just trying on some perfume.
I never had any back home.
Help yourself.
Diana, you're sure lucky.
You're rich and have pretty clothes and
things. I bet you get everything you want.
Ben takes good care of me.
He's sure a lot older than you.
Well, I'm a lot order than you
and we're friends.
Is he your friend?
We have a relationship.
What kind of relationship?
Well, it's not the heart-pulsing,
wild love affair you always read about.
Do you love him?
No, I don't love him.
Myra, I'm glad you are staying here.
I can do things for you,
even though you have an older sister.
- I'd like...
- What would you like?
To help you.
Buy you things
and get to know each other.
Diana, you sure have pretty rings.
This is the most beautiful ring
I have ever seen.
Do you want it?
Sure as you're gonna die.
Here. It's yours.
- Put it on.
- Are you kidding?
I've never had something
as beautiful as this.
Is it really mine?
I'm not kidding.
It's yours.
I've never had any one in my whole life
treat me as good as you do.
I'm going to love you
'til the day I die.
Mr. Evans.
Yeah, what do you want?
We want to see you.
It's urgent.
Who wants to see me?
Tollin and Mr. Brown.
Just a minute.
- Sorry to bother you, Larry. Something's come up.
- Wait just a minute. You guys can't...
How did you guys find me?
You in the phone book?
- Yeah.
- That's how we found you.
Look at her, Eddy.
She's naked as an Indian's back.
When can you leave?
I don't know.
When do you want me to leave?
Here. There's a reservation in your name
at the Fire Creek Motel in Desert Springs.
Everyday at 12 o'clock,
the bus gets into town. Be there.
It's always on time.
The package you're to pick up
is in the name of Mr. Brown.
You sign the receipt Robert Brown.
Give them the baggage ticket
and they'll hand you the package.
The baggage number is 1-2-2-3-5-9.
Don't lose it, Larry.
Well, OK.
I got the package then what?
You're to deliver it
at 2 o'clock sharp,
Room 240 at the Oasis Hotel,
2 o'clock sharp, Larry.
Well, do I hand it to anyone in 240?
What about a name?
He's my cousin.
Tell him it's for Brown.
Is there anything else?
No. Just be careful. Remember
what I told you about my competition.
Well, I'll leave today.
She got a name?
Yeah, Rosemary.
When we get back from this trip,
maybe you'll set me up with Rosemary.
Sure, anytime. - Good luck,
Larry. We'll be seeing you.
Hey, do me another favor, will you?
Sure, what is it?
- Tell Rosemary she's got great legs.
- Digger.
Rosemary, you've got great legs.
I don't give a damn what you think.
I don't want any mistakes
and I don't want any slip-ups.
Come on, Ben. It's smooth as ice.
Nobody gets involved. Just outsiders.
Hey, everything is
right on schedule.
Don't worry about a thing.
You know, Eddy,
something bothers me.
Every time you tell me
not to worry, I begin to worry.
Just make sure
you stay close to it.
Sure, Ben.
What about number2?
I told you I'll take care of that.
I'll see you later.
As I said, what's to worry about?
You know, Brother Henry, you're
the only one I can really talk to.
I mean, Ellie is so damn bossy. She acts
like she's some kind of warden or something.
But, Diana,
she gives me everything I want.
She says she's lonely.
Even though she's sort of my aunt,
she says she wants to be my best friend.
You know, be close to me.
Hell, I bet she's some
kind of pervert or something.
Let's go in the house?
Come on, baby?
- No, Ben. I don't feel like...
- I said, I want to go. Now.
- If that's what you want...
- That's right. That's what I want.
And so the dutiful wife
bares her body to her lover.
- Rape me, dear husband. Rape me.
- Oh, for Christ's sake...
Oh, what's the matter,
you crude bastard?
Don't you want me?
You did say now, didn't you?
Listen, I wasn't a crude bastard when
I found you and gave you a job, was I?
You didn't mind stripping
that body then, did you?
Now, you listen to me, sister.
Everything you are and everything you
own belong to me. You understand that?
Oh, I understand, all right.
- I'm part of a collection, right?
- That's right and don't you forget it, either.
- You belong to me.
- I belong to myself.
Ben, I can't stand you talking to me. I can't
stand you touching me. I can't stand you!
Listen. I'll shove your nose in so far
you'll never come up for air.
You better shape up, sister!
Or, I'll have a few friends come out here
and show you what life's all about.
Harris tells me with some hard work and his
expert handling, you could really be a top model,
be in big demand.
- Would you like that?
- Who wouldn't?
You know, there's no telling how far
a girl like you could go?
How far, Ben?
- That would be up to you.
- And to you.
Miss Clark likes you.
Said she'd work with you.
Miss Clark's got cold hands
and a very warm heart.
You're a smart girl, Ellie.
You know something?
- You sure look like your mother.
- Yeah?
People back home say
she was no-damn-good.
Some say she loved
every man in town.
I guess that kind of makes me
a bastard, doesn't it?
I like you, Ellie.
I like you very much.
You're straight
and you tell it like it is.
You know what?
I like to do something
real special for you.
You have already, plenty.
How do you like to take a vacation,
at the same time do me a favor? - Vacation?
I haven't finished the one
I'm on yet.
I like you to run down to
Desert Spring for a few days.
You can use Diana's car.
She won't need it.
You can do a little
shopping, too, on me.
- But, Ben, I...
- You don't understand, Ellie.
It's very important
that you do this for me.
You know, I can use
a bright girl like you.
What about Myra?
It's only for a few days.
Besides, I have already made
all the arrangements. What do you say?
Sure, Ben.
I'll do anything you say.
Good girl.
You won't be sorry. You'll see.
Listen, won't you stick around.
Stay in town, have dinner with me.
- Just the two of us?
- Sure, Ben.
I told you I'd do anything you say.
Hi, Eddy.
You're late.
You were supposed to call at 5.
All right.
I'm a few minutes late, big deal.
What about number one?
He's a beaut.
He's on his way down there now.
Number two's all set.
She should be checking
into the motel by tonight.
It's supposed to be a he.
Eddy, it's all arranged.
Ben wants it this way.
Eddy, you can wave the green flag.
OK, baby. It's all go.
Operator, I'd like to call
person to person to El Paso, Texas.
Oh, Mr. Robert Brown, B-R-O-W-N.
Fill it up.
What do you say?
Hello there.
Tell me, things always this quiet?
Well, take care.
Sure will try.
Here you go.
Yeah, operator, I want to call area
code 213. The number there is 469-9011.
Yeah, I'll hold on.
Hi, Ellie.
Hi. I just got in. It's really
a great looking place here.
Man, I sure wish I was with you.
This is the dullest place
I've ever been in.
I mean, nothing ever
happens around here.
Where's Diana?
She's in town.
She'll be back tonight.
Hey, Myra, I got to thinking
about leaving you alone.
Hell, you act like I was nine years old.
I can take care of myself.
I know that, except with all that's happened
I don't want you making any mistakes.
- Don't worry, I won't.
- OK.
I mean, things are going really good for us now and
we just got to be careful for a while, you understand?
When are you coming back?
Oh, a couple three days.
All right. Well, I'll see you then.
You have a good time.
- Bye-bye, Ellie.
- Myra!
How about some beer?
Man, this is really the life.
You know, if Mr. Seaman
could see me now he'd kill me?
- I won't tell if you won't.
- That's a deal.
- You've been with a lot of girls?
- Some.
As pretty as me?
No one as pretty as you.
You really are something, Myra.
You got any money?
Nope, and I don't want
none neither.
Why not?
Think of the things you could do.
Like what?
For Christ's sake, you're not
going to charge me are you?
Hell, you're not going to play with horses
the rest of your life are you?
And what's the matter with that?
Diana pays me pretty good.
And I'm making it with you, aren't I?
You're dumb.
You could get just about anything
you wanted if you weren't so dumb.
What are you talking about?
Look around you, there's
nothing but money around here.
I'd rather look at you.
How would you like to
look at Diana? Naked?
Well, sure I'd like to
look at Diana, naked.
But how am I going to do that?
She's a lonely woman, Harry.
She needs some loving.
All you'd have to do
is be nice to her.
Besides, who'd want to turn down
a handsome buck like you?
Everyday at 12 o'clock the
bus gets into town, be there.
It's always on time.
The package you're to pick up
is in the name of Mr. Brown.
You sign the receipt
Robert Brown, B-R-O-W-N.
Give them the baggage ticket
and they'll hand you the package.
The baggage number is 1-2-2-3-5-9.
Don't lose it, Larry.
Larry, this is a private matter.
We prefer you handle this alone.
I'd really appreciate it if you kept quiet
about it, didn't mention it to anybody.
Nowadays, with industrial spying, you know,
one company is stealing secrets from another,
you have to be a little extra careful,
you understand? - Sure.
Oh, the company fee is
$50 a day plus expenses.
Do a good job and we'll make it
another 50 for you.
Oh, OK,
I got the package, then what?
You have to deliver it at 2 o'clock
sharp, room 240 at the Oasis Hotel.
Two o'clock sharp, Larry.
Well, do I have to hand it to anyone
at the 240? What about a name?
He's my cousin.
You tell him it's for Brown.
- Telephone call, Mr. Hagen.
- Hi.
Look, we haven't met
and my name is Evans.
Larry Evans.
Well, you sure don't look like
Mr. Brown's cousin.
Gee, I don't know Mr. Brown or his cousin, so
why don't you just go... - Now, that's not nice.
You know, you really
ought to be more careful.
Oh, I try to be.
I mean, this hot desert sun on a
young tender body can be dangerous.
- So can strange men.
- If they're not on your side.
We're on the same team.
Look, we're working together.
That's right.
You're in Room 240, aren't you?
And you're expecting
a package, right?
Well, I'm the fellow
that's making the delivery.
Where's the package?
Didn't show, but don't worry,
I'll check on it tomorrow.
Oh, boy, I sure hope you do because
I'll just toss and turn all night long.
Well, now that sweetheart would
really be something worth my watching.
Look, why don't you just figure
you're one of the have not's, OK?
You want to know
something far out?
I don't think
I have a choice, do I?
No, you don't.
But you and I are
going to have a relationship.
A relationship?
That's right.
Well then, your place or mine?
You see,
you women are all alike.
I mean, why does it always
have to start with sex?
My goodness!
Now, why should I carry a gun?
I might shoot someone.
Well, you're a detective,
aren't you?
I'm a private detective.
Oh, OK, a private detective.
Why, I thought
all you guys carry guns.
Some. Hey, honey.
Can we have two more?
I'll have the bourbon and Seven-Up and
young lady, she's drinking a screwdriver.
Listen, I wouldn't touch a gun
if you paid me.
- Are you afraid of guns?
- No.
But too many things go wrong.
I just don't want any trouble.
You see, live and let live
is what I always say.
Well, I don't know, you just don't
look like a detective type to me.
I mean, every time you read about them,
their either kicking someone's head in
or knocking down the door or
making out with some chesty blond.
Well, they're usually divorced or
about to be divorced, but they're married.
And if they're married, they're bored and they're out
looking for trouble. I hope you're not one of those kind.
What's the matter, baby?
Don't you want a little
excitement in your life?
Hey, you want some?
Oh, no thanks.
I'll have some of yours.
Son of a gun, you've got the
bitchinest legs I've ever seen.
Oh, you a leg man?
I like good behinds too.
They turn me on.
How about my behind?
I love it.
What else turns you on?
I'll show you.
Hey, Mr. Greedy.
There's plenty for everybody.
I tell you what, you'd even make
Santa Claus horny thinking about you.
Listen, why don't you finish your drink
and I'll be right with you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, Ellie.
- Where are you from?
- Lots of places.
- Well, like where?
- Guess.
You're not a big city girl,
that's for sure.
You're too down to earth.
What about your people?
What about them?
Well, where are they?
We're orphans.
- Who's "we"?
- My sister Myra and I.
You mean to tell me
that god made two of you?
God had nothing to do
with it, darling.
Am I?
You know it.
That damn horn freak.
I like to stick that horn up his...
Bus now arriving from El Paso,
Tucson, and Yuma, Arizona.
Here you are, ma'am.
May I help you?
Here you go.
Is this what you're looking for?
My name is Frank,
Frank McGuire.
Always willing to help out
a little lady in distress.
It helps pay expenses
when I travel.
You know sometimes I pick up two or three people here
who'll pay to ride in the car instead of the bus.
That must be really cozy?
Yeah, sometimes. Especially when I...
when I meet a little doll like you.
Last call.
Bus leaving for Indio, Riverside
and San Bernardino, last call.
- You have to sign this receipt.
- Sure.
You know, we could have
a great time together.
You and me,
the old expense account.
Thank you, Mr. Brown,
here's your package.
All set?
Yeah. Bye, Mr. McGuire,
thanks for the light.
Sure, anytime.
Anytime at all.
Hey, hello there.
Looks like you broke the law.
I recognize the car.
Sure is a beauty. - Thanks.
You better take care of that or
I'll have to come looking for you.
Take it easy.
That's what he said, Mrs. Seaman.
He said they found him murdered.
I didn't think I should have told them
anything until I spoke to Mr. Seaman.
Muriel, you did the right thing.
What did he say about the girls?
He said that Glendora police wanted
to question them about a murder.
Did he say anything else?
Just that he knew Mr. Seaman was their only
relative and would he call him when he got back.
You really think
they killed him?
Listen to me.
I don't want you to say a word
to anyone, do you understand?
Not a word about what's happened.
Yes, Mrs. Seaman. But what if they
really did kill their stepfather?
Well, maybe it's a bomb
for all we know.
Take my word for it,
it's not bomb.
Yeah. But I just don't get it.
I mean, two men hired you to pick up
a package and they leave town.
Uncle Ben asked me to do him
a favor and he leaves town.
OK, so what's in that package
nobody wants to handle?
Look, baby, sometimes
it's best not to get involved.
Now, there are many reasons.
I don't care if there's a
million dollars in the package.
Tomorrow morning, we're going to take
that little old booty back to town
and you and I are going to live
happily ever after, OK?
Oh, Ellie...
Ellie, this is Myra.
Listen, you got to get
back here right away.
What's the matter with you?
Ellie, they know.
They found Charley's body.
How do you know that?
Diana told me some cops are looking
for us. They want to question us.
Have you said anything?
No, but I'm scared, Ellie.
I'm scared.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
You keep your mouth shut and
don't answer any questions, you hear?
Ellie, I'll do anything you say.
OK, then, you play dumb and innocent
and you don't know anything. All right?
I'll call you back.
I'll think of something.
What's the matter?
It's my sister.
She's in trouble.
I didn't do it, Diana.
I didn't do it.
Ellie did it.
I tried to stop her.
I truly did.
Look, she fired both barrels of
the shotgun. Help, please help me.
I will help you, Myra.
They won't find you.
Charley was always fooling around messing
around with me, pretending to be playing,
but he did it just to
touch me, just to feel me.
Stop it, honey. You don't
have to tell me all this.
He's always squeezing me and saying
how nice and big I was growing.
He always had his
dirty hands all over me.
He was always watching,
watching me undress,
just trying to catch me naked, then
he'd run his creepy hands all over me,
kiss me with his dirty mouth.
I'm glad he's dead.
I'm glad he's dead.
I'm glad he's dead.
Supposing there was a
million dollars in here.
Supposing it's worth
a lot of money.
Ellie, it doesn't make any difference.
It doesn't belong to us.
It can't hurt to have a look.
Besides, who will ever know.
A briefcase.
Who'd put a briefcase
in a package marked "fragile"?
Nothing breakable.
Well, open it.
My god!
I have never seen
this much money in my life!
Well, there must be three or
four hundred thousand here.
Larry, what do you think?
Well, I'll tell you
what I think.
I think we should put it back
the way it was and forget it.
What would happen
if I didn't take it back?
I mean, it got lost or something.
You've got to be kidding.
Baby, you and I could
take that money and split.
They would never find us.
Oh, they'd find us.
We'd be together,
Mexico, Europe, you name it.
Honey, I'm telling you,
this is bad money.
They'll find us and rip us.
If it's bad money, they can't go to the police
and by the time they found out we'd be gone.
I don't know.
I just don't want any trouble.
That's what our lives have been
all about, trouble!
Piles of trouble!
You'd work all your life
and never see this much money.
Larry, I'd do anything
to be with you, anything.
But it's so easy!
Aren't you tired
of being a loser?
Come on, man, it's a chance,
how many people ever get a chance?
She's gone, checked out Saturday.
Nothing in his car.
They must have taken hers.
What do you think?
I think we've got a problem.
Sure, I remember.
Nice looking fellow.
But I don't remember
any girl with him.
And he signed for the package
and then left?
Just picked it up and left.
- Thanks a lot, pal.
- But he brought it right back.
He did what?
It was crazy, but he shipped it right back to
El Paso, to himself, Robert Brown, that's it.
Is that any help?
Yes, operator. 213-469-9011.
Yeah, I'll hold on.
Where the hell are you?
Myra, listen to me. I've left Desert Springs
and I want you to do exactly as I tell you.
I'm calling from a pay phone
and I don't have much time.
You got any money?
Yeah, about $40, why?
Honey, I can't tell you too much right now,
but we're going to have it made.
Now, I want you to meet me in El Paso.
El Paso, Texas, Friday night. Do you understand?
Yeah, I hear you.
OK. You get yourself a bus ticket and I'll meet
you there Friday night at 8 o'clock, you got it?
Come on, Ellie, you make it
sound like it's life or death.
Now, you listen to me. You get
your tail down and you do it now.
OK, I'll be there,
8 o'clock, Friday night.
And I'm warning you, Myra. I can't
wait for you if you're going to be late.
- I won't, you'll see.
- OK.
Honey, we've got it made.
I'll see you, OK, little one?
- Is something wrong?
- No.
You know, it's almost 5 o'clock.
We must have fallen asleep.
Yeah, I guess we did.
Myra? Are you coming back?
- What's the matter?
- You got any money?
I guess so.
Myra, I'd like an explanation.
How much?
I don't know, a hundred or so.
Look, I'm going away for a while
and I'm going to need some bread, OK?
- Where are you going?
- Away!
I don't understand.
What are you doing?
I'm taking some money,
for services rendered.
I'm not talking about the money.
I'm talking about you.
Are you hard of hearing?
I'm splitting, leaving for good!
Myra! - Let go of me.
I'm going to meet Ellie.
No! She's not good for you.
She'll only drag you down.
Stay with me. - What?
You're jealous of my own sister?
She's a murderer!
Now, you said so yourself.
The police will catch her
and you too.
I can take care of myself.
Now, let go of me!
No! I won't let you go and I won't
let you destroy yourself because of her.
I'll call the police.
I'm going because of you.
Supposing I can't take your
creepy hands all over me.
Stop it!
Hell! I know what you need.
I'll call Harry up here.
He'll know how to
take care of a woman like you,
or don't you make it with men
anymore? - You no good little...
Just think of it, Diana,
you and Harry together naked.
You want to know how many times
Harry and I made love?
You want to know how it feels
to be with a young man?
Stop it! Stop it! All I wanted
to do was to take care of you.
I wouldn't come close to you
with a 10-foot pole.
You know what? You're sick.
You're perverted.
You like girls instead of boys.
But don't worry. After I'm gone, you'll find
yourself another little girl to play with,
because face it, you're a dyke,
a lesbian, a no good queer.
All this love and kindness,
so good,
is that the way you get
all your little girls?
I'm gonna tell the whole world
that you're a goddamn queer!
Brother Henry, I sure am glad
you're just a plain old rat.
You don't cause anyone
any trouble, do you?
What a creep.
I mean, how would I know?
I'm no expert.
The man said it will take two,
maybe three days to fix.
Why so long?
One day to get the parts
and one day in the shop.
- Oh, man, we haven't got two days.
- Then what are we going to do?
Dump it.
We can get another one.
The mechanic said
he'd drive us into town.
We can rent a car there.
Honey, relax.
When you got all the money in the world,
you can do anything you want.
I'm telling you, he would've never
ripped us if it wasn't for that dame.
The first time I saw her I knew
she was trouble. - Jesus Christ, man!
What are we doing fooling around out here
in the middle of the desert for?
The money is
on its way to El Paso,
and I'll bet you a cold beer,
it's just exactly where they're headed.
- I don't know.
- Well, it's simple.
We catch a plane and we wait there
for them to show up in comfort.
Yeah. That is simple, but supposing
that's exactly what they want us to think.
Did you ever stop to think that maybe
they shipped something else to El Paso,
that they still got the money?
Oh, hello.
May I help you?
Oh, yes.
We have reservations, Evans.
I phoned you this morning
from Temple City.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans, yes.
It's lucky you called.
This is our busy season.
All right. Room 360.
Would you register please, Mr. Evans.
We have color television
in every room.
- Are you folks from California?
- Oh, yes.
On a vacation?
You might say that.
Oh, I know. I bet you're
newlyweds. Am I right?
- Amazing.
- Oh, I can always tell.
You know, we get a lot of young people here
who find this desert country very romantic.
- There you go.
- Very good.
And I hope the time you spend here
are days you'll never forget.
Well, what would you know?
I think we found some of the
family jewels, Digger. - Yeah.
They leave a trail about as wide
as a preacher's smile.
Listen, Digger, go check out that car. I want to see if
this man can answer a few questions for me, all right?
Is that you, honey?
Oh, who are you?
There must be some mistake.
We're supposed to have this room.
Well, Michael just went to the office to see if we
could have it for another day. Didn't they tell you?
No, they didn't.
Well, I'm sorry,
but this is our honeymoon,
and Michael only has one day left
until he has to go back to work.
That's no problem.
We'll just get another room.
You take care.
- We will, and again, I'm really sorry.
- OK.
Yeah, Ben, I'm calling from a
nothing place called Temple City.
This morning, they rented a sedan and as
far as the village idiots around here know
they headed east on highway 66.
The money, for chrissakes!
Where the hell's the goddamn money?
Now, you listen. I don't want to hear no
long stories. I don't want to hear no excuses.
I'm holding you and that nigger responsible
for that double crosser you hired. You hear me?
Come on, Ben, I told you not to worry.
Just leave everything to me, please.
Worry. Why should I worry?
Dumb broad.
Hello, operator? Give me the police.
Well, what did the man have to say?
He made it simple.
He said to kill them.
You know, I've been thinking,
maybe we shouldn't stay here.
- Maybe we should be more careful.
- What's bugging you?
I told you I've been thinking.
Right along we left tracks
like some drunken soldier.
From the very beginning,
we were stupid.
You're stupid.
Well, what makes you think
that they're even after us?
Uncle Ben is probably still waiting
for his sweet little niece to show up.
I just got this gut feeling.
I'm telling you we should
have been more careful.
If you'd stop playing detective and act like a man,
maybe you wouldn't be so scared of your own shadow.
Oh, baby, what do you think
we're dealing with? The FBI?
They got a chance of finding us
like a snowball in hell.
WMM 915.
Looks like we owe that car rental place
a commission, now don't it?
Palms Hotel.
Hello, hi. I'm wondering
if you can help me.
Certainly if I can.
I'm trying to reach my brother.
It's very important.
His name is Evans, Larry Evans.
He's supposed to be staying there tonight.
Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Evans are staying here.
Would you like me to connect you?
Oh, no, no. Don't bother.
I'm driving up tonight,
and I'd really like to surprise him.
By the way,
what room number is he in?
Room 360.
Oh, thanks. Thanks a million, pal.
Bye, bye.
Somebody out there?
What do you want?
The cleaning maid found them.
There was blood all over the place.
They even had their
"Do not disturb" sign on the door.
What happened?
Oh, Mr. Evans, you can sure thank your
lucky stars you didn't take this room.
We still thought
you're in room 360 here.
You know that young couple
was murdered.
- What?
- It sure wasn't robbery.
Even though their room was ransacked, the
police said that no money was taken or anything.
Who do you suppose would want to
kill a nice young couple like that?
They were both murdered.
What are you talking about?
That was supposed to be us.
Well, what happened?
Last night, somebody
killed those kids in 360.
They were both shot.
Larry, you don't think that... - We were supposed
to be in that room. We registered for that room.
They were out to kill us.
It's too late.
We'll never get away with it.
Larry, if it's true what you say,
then maybe we can get away with it.
You know, I was crazy
for listening to you.
I was out of my mind.
Larry, you've got to listen to me.
They made the mistake.
They think that they've killed us.
Well, luck is with us, baby.
We're going to make it.
For chrissakes, Ellie.
How long do you think this is going to be
before they catch up with us again?
How long do you think it's going to be before
somebody puts a bullet between your eyes?
You want some more coffee?
Yeah, and take this.
- How about you?
- Why not?
You got a name?
Everyone's got a name.
It's Sharon.
You hear that, Eddy?
Well, Sharon, outside of being
a swinging looking chick,
you are undoubtedly one of the greatest
breakfast cookers I have ever met in my entire life.
No kidding.
I bet you never had to sit
at the back of the bus.
I don't do the cooking.
The greaser in the kitchen does that.
I just serve the customers.
I just bet you do.
We interrupt this program
for a KRKD local news bulletin.
Late last night
or early this morning,
a young man and his wife were shot to death
in their room at the Palms Hotel in Rosemead.
The couple was identified as Mr. and
Mrs. Michael DeSantis from San Diego.
Mr. DeSantis, aged 21, and his blond wife, aged 19,
were married just five days ago in Las Vegas.
Stay tuned for further news
on this double murder in Rosemead.
Hey, you guys,
what about paying for the food?
Hey, you see that guy?
What about him?
He's the one who tried to pick me up.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about a way out, baby.
Well, hi, Frank.
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle
if it isn't the little doll.
Boy, it sure is a small world
bumping in you like this?
Well, the pleasure is all mine.
Say, are you alone or
are you still with that guy?
Oh, well, yes I am,
but Larry is just like a brother.
We're down here doing
some business together.
I'm not tied down.
Neither am I.
Can't stand the old handcuffs
if you know what I mean?
That's how I like to travel, I tell you.
It gives you a sense of freedom.
Oh, for sure.
Say, Frank, my friend and I are
giving up this car we rented today
and well, we were just wondering if maybe we
could help you out with the old expense account.
Then these babes,
geishas or whatever you call them
start climbing on my back and walking
up and down like a goddamn escalator.
Boy, I couldn't straighten up
for a whole week.
Were you ever in the service, buddy?
No. Never had the pleasure.
You'd like the Navy.
I was in supply myself.
Made a pile of dough under the table
if you know what I mean.
Only thing I didn't like
was those damn buttons.
Oh, boy, Frank, it sure sounds like you led
an exciting life traveling around and everything.
It's the everything that's really fun.
Only I wouldn't change it for the world
if you know what I mean.
As a matter of fact,
that's how I got into guns.
- Guns?
- Yeah. Bang, bangs.
I sell them,
travel from town to town,
you know, sporting good stores,
police departments.
Wherever they have guns,
Frank will sure find them.
You carry guns in the car?
Right in that case back there.
Only I keep the ammo locked up.
You never know when you're going to run
into some kind of a nut or something, do you?
No, you never know.
You can have all these puny,
little, newfangled fancy guns.
Snub nose this and automatic that.
For my money, I'll take a .357 Magnum
Marc 3 with 6-inch barrel.
Boy, I could blow a black bear's
ass off at 50 yards.
Come on. Whoopty-doo.
Oh, it sure sounds like
you know your business, Frank.
You bet your sweet... tooties I do.
Speaking of business,
what line are you in?
I sell insurance.
I saw this movie show once,
a double something or other, and this insurance
agent hooked up with this rich guy's wife.
Guess, she wasn't getting
enough loving or something.
Well, anyway, they put their two heads
together and knocked him off.
Made it look like an accident,
so his old lady got paid double.
Do you get much of that stuff?
I mean, people knocking off people.
No, I'm afraid not.
Look, I want to run over to
the drug store for a minute,
get something for my stomach.
I'll be right back.
Boy, he sure is a nervous one,
isn't he? - Yeah.
- How about another beer?
- Oh, no, no.
Frank, I've got to talk to you.
I'm in trouble, really big trouble,
and I don't have much time.
What's wrong?
- Can you trust me?
- Trust you?
- I think he's going to kill me.
- What are you saying?
Well, I lied to you before because I
had to, but I'm telling you the truth now.
I was running away from him
to get a divorce
and he found me and he said
if I ever left him, he'd kill me.
- You want me to call the cops?
- Oh, no, no.
Just take me away from him
as soon as possible.
I promise,
you'll never be sorry.
Come on, let's get out of here.
- Hurry, Frank!
- I got them somewhere.
Will you hurry up.
- You two going somewhere?
- Run, Ellie, run!
Run for the police, Ellie!
Goddammit, run for the police!
What the hell is going...
Oh, my god!
What are we going to do?
I think you killed him.
- Get in the car.
- Larry, you killed him.
Shut up and get in the car!
Give me your purse.
Give me your purse!
- This all the money you got?
- Yeah.
Yeah, from now on
I want to keep this, too.
- Come on, let's go.
- Where?
We're going to pick up
our little package
and then we're going to backtrack
the way we came,
take side roads to Vegas, and then take
a plane from there. Now, come on, let's go!
Baby, you got to listen to me.
I'm really a dummy.
I just wasn't thinking straight.
I mean, after what happened back at the
motel and those kids got killed and all.
Oh, Larry, you got to believe me.
I wanted to run and
Frank was just a way to hide.
I want to stick by you,
no matter what.
No matter what?
I told you once.
I want to be with you.
C'mon, baby, give me another chance?
I made a mistake, that's all.
Just you pray to god
you don't make another one.
Oh, man, what's happening?
It's a cop.
What are we going to do?
Maybe nothing.
You, step out of the car very slowly.
Keep those hands in sight.
- Look, officer, if i was speeding...
- Put your hands on top of the car.
Spread your legs apart.
Alright, lady, slide out this side.
Larry! Larry!
Larry! Larry!
Help me up, help me!
Oh, my god!
I'm gonna die.
We're both going to die and it's
not going to end until they kill us.
Why did you have to kill him?
Why did you do that?
I was afraid. I don't know.
What are we going to do, Larry?
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
We're going to make it.
If we keep our heads.
We're gonna make it.
- Can I help you?
- Oh, yeah. Just those here.
I'm in a hurry.
Digger, you awake?
- Guess who's coming to dinner?
- What?
Take a look.
Well, hallelujah, brother.
You see, Digger.
I told you somebody
up there likes us.
I think it's OK now.
Where are we?
I just turned off Highway 40.
There's supposed to be a lake around
here somewhere. Maybe it will be cooler.
This place gives me the creeps.
Give me a hand will you.
Come on, let me see.
- Looks like the bleeding stopped.
- Yeah.
As soon as we find that lake
I'll get some bandages on you.
You'd be all right, you'll see.
Then we'll pick up that money
and we'll head for Mexico
and live happily ever after, just like
you say, baby, "Bingo, the jackpot!"
Ellie, I'm hurt bad.
Oh, for Chrissakes, Larry. I'm trying to
help you, I just don't know what to do!
l need help. Maybe we
ought to find a doctor.
Where the hell am I going to find
a doctor in the middle of nowhere?
Besides you know
what would happen.
You just got to hold on.
Hold on.
I got a bullet inside me
ripping my guts apart,
she says "Hold on."
To what?
Light me a cigarette, will you.
The guy at the gas station said
there was some cabins by that lake.
We can hold up there a couple
of days and then... Larry, look!
Let's get out of here.
Get in the car.
I'll take care of myself.
Come on, come on!
Damn it!
Give it more gas.
It won't start.
- Well, pump it.
- I'm trying to!
Come on.
Get out of the car.
Hand me that box of shells.
Can you make them out?
Well, maybe it's nobody?
I know that one.
Those are the two who hired me.
What are you doing?
Get back here!
Look, I know what you want.
The money... it's in El Paso.
I wanted to give it back.
You see, I still got... the money.
It's all there.
I don't want it.
It belongs to you.
Bus arriving in El Paso from Memphis,
Little Rock, Fort Worth and Pecos.
Now arriving.
Bus 331 westbound to Las Cruces,
Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico
will be delayed 30 minutes,
departure time now 11:15.
Hey, baby, need a ride?
Maybe, I was supposed
to meet someone, but...
Didn't show?
Afraid not.
I'm supposed to meet my sister.
She's probably out somewhere
having a ball for herself.
Come on. Get in.
You don't want to sit around
the station all night, do you?
Live a little, have some fun.
Sounds OK.
Sure got a good looking car there.
We can come back here later
and see if she was asking for you.
Nah, never mind.
Hell. Who cares about her anyway.
My name is Myra, Myra Thomas.