Bonnot's Gang (1968) Movie Script

Callemin as known as "Raymond La Science"
(Executed on April 21st, 1913)
(executed on April 21st, 1913)
"Eugene Dieudonne"
(sentenced to 14 years forced abor)
"Red Venus"
Who wrote that ?
Was me, friend.
- Think you're smart ?
- What about you ?
- What shop do you work ? What is your name ?
- Sorry, I'm not part of the cattle.
That's right ! Cattle !
Look at yourself !
You sons of the Commune,
what have you become ?
A herd !
They give orders and you obey.
Do something, anything !
Cattle for cattle, cow for cow :
you should learn to graze !
Listen to me !
Listen to me !
Look at it ! Look at your factory !
Look at it right !
It's about time you realize
that it's not your factory, but your prison !
Listen to me !
"What you do,
do it all, not half" (Ibsen) .
"The sun gives life only to whom
has already germinated" (Tolsto)
"Men spend half their lives
to forge their chains,"
"and half, complaining about
having to charge them." (Mirabeau)
Workers, remember this well :
bosses are people like you.
They have a single head
and a single ass !
Listen to me !
"Being governed..."
"...being governed, is being targeted,
is to be inspected, spied..."
- here come pigs...-
"...legislated, controlled, directed..."
"...they neither have no science,"
"nor virtue..."
"or title"
" any resistance or at first complain :
being suppressed, vilified, annoyed..."
"harassed, scolded, beaten, disarmed,
scolded, imprisoned, shot-machine-gunned..."
"...suited, convicted, deported,
sacrificed, sold, betrayed..."
and at the top of it, Carouy :
"scammed, used, abused..."
Last time, you had enought time
to tell them
that was a quote from Proudhon.
- You wrote this, Dieudonn ?
- Yes.
"The smokers, opium addicts,
morphine addicts and fans of Baudelaire..."
"...are all morons."
- Have you ever read Baudelaire ?
- Never in my life, I have no time to lose.
Remove it, at now !
- One can't condemn an author without reading.
- He won't remove anything !
No one taught you to read :
it gives you every right.
The Science, Carouy !
Oh, my milk !
Every time I meet you,
is the same thing :
I remember our antics
of young people in Belgium.
We were thinking a lot about you,
these last six months.
How are things ?
Is not the circulation of the "Petit Parisien",
but goes well.
This is all the milk we have.
If you want to eat,
have to go to market.
Come, Dieudonn.
We go to the market !
It's about time we come back !
Things here are worse than before.
...always theory, theory again.
And what about action, then ?
I'm a worker, do you understand ?
A worker who has read a little,
but, after all, a worker.
I know we've talked too much.
We have to act, now.
So, you're against even individual recovery ?
However, is part of the doctrine.
Raymond, no words adorn :
steal at market is not anarchy. It's stealing !
you claim that property is theft.
Fully apply the theory !
No more watch... more thief.
Come on !
Where are you going?
We'll rigorously take care
about thieves redemption.
Sir please,
do you know where "Piti Hospital" is ?
I'm not from the neighborhood.
Me neither,
but I was told it's around here.
Should not be far away.
Thank you.
Don't touch my briefcase !
My briefcase.
Poor idiot.
Provoke us ?
It isn't YOUR briefcase, but A briefcase !
Difference !
Don't touch it !
Do you see my hands?
I've worked on every job :
baker, bricklayer, metallurgist...
I need only kill a pork !
My briefcase.
My name is Bonnot,
Jules Bonnot.
Do not pay attention.
They are part of the frame.
He recites poems, she listens.
That's it every day.
That does not bother anyone.
That was in Lyon. We were a small group
and one who said rhymes.
One day, it was rime which
were finished with him :
he was hit by baton,
during a demonstration stroke roll.
He had a fragile skull.
Who's that one ?
A camarad.
What is all that money?
Are these Napoleons
you've robbed from the Bank of France?
Artist's job.
Worthless currency.
they'll circulate throughout France.
Then, England.
We forgot to introduce you :
this is Garnier,
The wizard of counterfeit currency.
What are they made of ?
Chocolate ?
Golden crystal.
You said there's a conference next ?
Kibaltchiche. He'll talk about the relationship
between society and anarchy.
Society !
Society !
Society is anything you want,
but not stupid !
No more conferences.
I'll take fresh air,
words makes me depressed.
A friend of mine who returned from the Belgian Congo
and has a beautiful rifle for hunting elephants.
Yes ?
He told me he bought it here.
A repeating 12 gauge ?
That's it.
I see.
Sir, you probably have knowledge,
you can see that the shape of the butt :
it gives an excellent perspective.
Easily reloadable ?
A child's play.
If you Sir let me his gun...
Explosive bullets.
Very effective.
You can load up to five.
There it is, there's nothing easier.
Be careful, it's loaded.
I wonder if it's enough for an elephant.
Sir, one knows that elephant's leather
is particularly resistant,
but I guarantee a big hole.
What would happen to your leather ?
Here. Take care, it's loaded.
Enough, enough !
Let's go !
If you move,
we'll play elephant hunting.
We have to change the world to the point
that society has lost its virginity. But beware,
Not by any means,
Of course, impatience grows
as much as the extent of injustice,
But that's precisely where society waits us.
She wishes an attack that allows,
on behalf of good morals,
to mute the libertarian movement.
We can not fall into that trap,
can not be tempted with
the act for act,
violence for violence.
How stupid !
Anarchy is pure water. A single drop of blood
would be enough to contaminate it.
A real stupid !
A single crime only,
and we would no longer be anarchists,
but murderers.
Oh, the king of fools !
There should not be a black flag here,
but a crucifix.
And instead of chairs, kneelers.
Words, just words.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Exactly, no more words,
no more speeches.
So beautiful you want tomorrow's society
that you respect it too much, today.
It's not society but the man I respect.
Some of us here do not want
to wait any longer.
Talking of removing virginity,
then we'll shag your society and quite fast.
You know Kibaltchiche,
I like the bourgeois and the police as well,
I really do like them.
But in the cemetery !
Come on !
Raymond, do not let yourself driven out,
even by your heart.
You're one of the most generous among us,
- ...but we'll no longer recognize you.
- I don't want to see men kneeling, ever.
Nowhere ! And never !
They will come back.
If they were real wolves...
...they would'nt announce
they're going to bite.
It's quite difficult,
there are chains and padlocks.
Let's go inside and get the keys.
You're crazy !
I come with you.
I'm not afraid.
Use the crowbar.
Is that you, Loulou ?
Madam, we would like garden's keys.
Yes, garden's keys.
In the kitchen,
near the clock.
You're cheating on your husband ?
God will punish you.
Bitch !
Here they are.
Have you finally opened the box ?
How much does it makes ?
5226 francs...
...55 cents.
What about checks ?
For bearer or nominee ?
In Rouen, we'll throw the car
into the river Seine.
The Seine is behind us,
we're on our way to Dieppe.
So cops will believe
we ran away to England.
Let's go to shore pals,
just like bourgeois !
Last stop.
Come on Bonnot, go to the sea !
Go walk, fresh air with iodine
is perfect for tuberculosis.
You're wrong, Carouy.
You should not be interested in birds.
Why ?
A bird is cruel.
Are you proud of us ?
What is clear to me is that...
you didn't need to kill him,
you just had to take the bag.
Do you realize what you say ?
If we would have done this,
we would be thieves.
But with a capitalist soldier
killed at battlefront,
we still are anarchists.
According to me Jules,
- that's only that matters.
- Look !
Look at the sea,
it is the first time I see it !
Want some chocolate ?
You know Jules, I appreciate you.
I have an idea about the checks.
Marie knows someone in Belgium.
Wait for me at the bar,
I'll be back.
We wait at the bar.
Hmmm...some bitches.
Hello !
I have no time.
I told my friends
that we could count on you.
What is it about, precisely ?
It's about nominative checks,
around 50,000 francs.
Well, at now business is difficult.
Listen, we didn't came here
to hear your sorrow.
What is the problem ?
You haven't read the papers ?
Every cop is pending in Brussels
and everywhere around as well.
Some madmen killed some receipt guy
in Paris and ran away by car.
Seems they were shooting at the crowd.
You must be in a hurry...
We want to meet the broker soon,
therefore do whatever
it takes to find him.
Meanwhile, we'll stay here.
Well, I'll try to fix that.
Come have a seat.
Come on girls, a bit of joy,
pretend that the baby Jesus is watching you.
What do you think about ?
My book.
"I can hear violins,"
They must have taken a boat.
They're probably already in England.
Or that's what they want us to believe.
Do you know Proudhon ?
These are no thugs who made it.
At 7.30 pm, in the "Elegant Bar".
During the movie session.
He'll recognize Marie.
- All right, that suits me.
- Good.
Okay, bye.
Anarchy lives !
Anarchy lives !
Anarchy lives !
Anarchy lives !
What are you gonna do with it ?
Liberate it.
He's an anarchist,
we can not let it in jail.
Look Bonnot...
Parrots are like men,
if you get them out of their cage,
they stand above it.
And they call that freedom.
What is he waiting for ?
He must have arrived at 7.30 pm.
He'll come.
For sure.
What ?
Will we stay until the end ?
- Let's go.
- Not yet...
When I think about it...
"50,000 francs found out
in the Boucaine Square's sewers".
Next time I go to Brussels,
I'll give your friend a surprise.
Anyway, we need to separate.
They're looking for four men and a woman.
We can't stay together.
He's right.
Marie and you get out.
No, I'll stay with Raymond.
We split up.
You and Soudy get down here.
We'll meet in Paris.
You're pleaseant to look at,
you all three.
Bourgeois would be more dramatic.
They should talk about alimony.
"Long live Anarchy..."
- Quite nice, right ?
- Yes.
One don't play with weapons.
No smoking, dangerous to bent out.
It's a pleasure to travel with you.
Marie's right.
It would be nice if,
occasionally, you could leave us alone.
Watch the corridor.
It's a fluke. 10 centimeters more
and he would have it in the lung.
- Does it hurts ?
- Yes.
Was it from here ?
- What ?
- We heard a noise, like a gunshot.
- Didn't you hear anything ?
- No.
- You neither ?
- No. We were asleep.
- I think I had already asked for tickets ?
- Yes, in Arras.
It's a chance he didn't
asked for the tickets.
I would have killed him,
because of your stupidity.
I hate to kill a defenseless man.
What happened to the Italian going with you to Paris ?
How did you feel when you killed him ?
Don't you ever talk about it again.
Do you hear me ?
Never again !
I get off at the next station.
Good trip.
It's him.
I recognize him.
That's untrue.
The day of the attack, I was in Nancy,
how could I shot in the Ordoner street ?
Enough, take him away.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate your cooperation with justice.
He can't imagine how much.
Because Dieudonn's completely
innocent in this story.
"Paris, January 14th, 1911."
"- To the 'le Matin' newspaper's editor...
- "Mr Jouin, deputy police."
"We declare that Dieudonn is innocent
of the crime that you know we've made.
"Since you have made us
famous in the press"
"and this has been
the main talk across the capital,"
"you announce our capture is imminent,"
"but you should know that all these
rumors do not prevent us"
"from enjoying in peace
the joy of life... "
Ouch ! It burns !
They call you "the shotgun man",
but you faint with every suction cup.
- Does it strips ?
- Yes, it does !
Therefore, it means that works.
- I'll remove them in 3 minutes.
- Come on, go on !
- "Ehm... of life.
"Your 10,000 francs reward offered to betray us
is a pittance for you to spend state money."
"Gentlemen, multiply that by 10,"
"and we'll surrender
with all our weapons and briefcases..."
Your turn.
"We know that the struggle's being waged between
the great arsenal available to the society and us,"
"We know that we'll defeat,
but you'll pay a price for your victory..."
- You make me laugh ! I was about to drop the suckers.
- "Waiting to have the pleasure of meeting,"
Signed by Raymond Callemin,
as known as "Science",
and Octave Garnier.
That's all you have thought in ?
Denounce yourself ?
They'll never believe you wrote this letter.
One would imagine
an anonymous denunciation
And then you would stay
alone with your feelings.
I don't have any nutcracker.
Can I take these one ?
I still don't know
why I get involved with you.
- I've read newspapers, congrats about the letter.
- We have declared Dieudonn's innocence.
You think so ?
You have denounced us,
now we're all sentenced to death, point.
And that will not prevent them
to lock up Dieudonn.
Feel happy ?
You defy society !
You were less pretentious two weeks ago,
after returning from Brussels.
You know, Jules...
since this morning,
we just thought about meeting you again,
thought that luck was about to change.
Why do you have to ruin everything ?
100,000 francs goes for one
who arrest these gangsters.
My God ! That's money amount !
But, that may not be possible !
Miss, are you countrywoman ?
Is it true what you just said ?
I'ts indeed a good amount !
I would also enjoy those 100,000 francs...
but I already know
I'll never enjoy it...
Sir, may I ?
Kind and gentle man, really...
- But they do not look like murderers.
- That's what I told my friend.
This one even seems gentle,
isnt' he, Gustave ?
Sir, let us your address.
If we find them, we'll write to you.
For sure.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- I was told about business in the south.
- Great ! The riviera !
What kind ?
Not the kind of Ordoner street...
What about risks ?
We need a car.
Waiting in front,
it's the last Schneider model.
Let's go !
- The waiter's too long.
- What about the bill ?
"Bourgeois, priests and bastards"
"The watch dog,"
"The watch dog,"
"running down the street,
down the street"
- "Revolution begins..."
- Isn't this mechanic ?
- "The revolution will triumph..."
- It just does whirs...
"Revolution is on her way,"
"And future will triumph !"
Why proletarians can't drive a car,
just like everyone else ?
Let Baron's car overtake !
What is it ? What ?
- Aren't you glad ?
- Let us pass !
Rubbish ! Vermin !
Rotten ! Slaves !
They are nothing ! Miserables !
Let us pass !
Very well, very well...
Show me your IDs !
Oh, look he's handsome !
Street inclinates,
put the second gear on and declutch....
Do you think I will tolerate
that drivers mock the police ?
During its duty !
Excellent ! Poor fool !
Beware !
Quick, your IDs !
- Come on Raymond, show your Id.
- Oh, he's handsome !
You know Raymond,
the same ID as in the Ordoner street...
Speed up for God's sake !
Speed up !
Got it, now I guess ?
Give me the briefcase !
Listen Jules, we didn't look for problems,
this pig came to bother.
You, back to kennel !
And don't talk again about revolution,
you must be mad to kill a cop. Goodbye !
- Bonnot !
- Shit !
Victor Kibaltchiche ?
Yes, what do you want from me ?
Police !
You know, those who come here are friends
and have no need to ring.
- I have questions.
- You got a warrant ?
You really want to see it ?
- Listen, you make the rules, not us.
- Find out all who lives in this house.
- Listen to me...
- You know why we're here and who we seek.
I know you Mr. Kibaltchiche,
and I know you well.
I respect your ideas,
but ideology is not what I come to speak of.
- You know I think it would be better if...
- I come to talk of murderers.
"Ordoner Street case" :
does it means anything to you ?
The murder of the police officer, neither ?
Callemin Raymond (as known as "Science"),
Soudy, Carouy, Garnier...
- Don't you know them ?
- Yes I do, they've worked for my newspaper.
They soil the cause you serve,
under the pretext of a supposed freedom... murders !
It can't be true,
that you approve such acts,
and you're not ashamed of what they do.
One can't be embarrassed in front of a cop.
Yes I know, and I know
you have the right to despise.
Killing innocent people in the street without
any reason, makes you indifferent Mr Kibaltchiche ?
I already told you, I know you.
If I dare to ask what follows,
is because I know whom I ask.
I guarantee you as well that no one
will know what you'll reveal me.
And you will have no problem.
You may have a very embarrassing job,
I'm sure that you're distressed to talk the way you did.
Where are you going ?
Prepare my things. Between people like you and me,
there is nothing to talk about, therefore let's stop.
- Mrs Maitrejean ?
- I am.
Mrs, you also have to answer
to some questions.
What about my children ?
I have understood that you live in a community.
Your friends can care about your children.
What about these ?
Illegalists, but there's no issue about.
Of course, no one has anything to say...
Well, we'll be back.
What do we do with this one ?
Who are you ?
Dieudonn's companion,
the so called "offender" you arrested.
The so called "offender", no !
Dieudonn is innocent.
on fishing,
the worm is always innocent,
but nevertheless
an excellent bait to catch trout.
Listen : if you're smart enough
to tell me what you know,
your man's issues could improve quickly.
If you're looking for a traitor,
look elsewhere, damn cop !
Come on.
Stop shooting.
- This bourgeois is very fierce.
- At the count of three, we take off.
Ready !
...three !
Try to find Bonnot.
Bonnot !
Easy ! It's me !
You would have been shot in the head,
and would diserve it.
Why are you here ?
- Are you alone ?
- No, no. The others remained outside.
They did well.
Do you think he will agree ?
First he will say no...
and then accept.
Come on.
Carouy : what can you expect from Carouy ?
He's dextrous,
but he's made to live in the countryside.
With a faithful woman,
a barnyard and birds.
A beautiful acquisition you have here.
When you've finished bullshits,
maybe he could recite poems in front of scaffold.
- And about "Raymond the Science"...
- He knows what you think of him.
But do you know what "Science"
thinks about Bonnot ?
I'm not interested in.
I'm an anarchist, that's all.
When I'm hungry or thirsty,
I'm eating, I'm drinking.
When it comes to living,
my best friend is me.
Well, my best friend is the revolution.
The Revolution is like plumbing :
you need specialists, therefore you're the boss.
But the boss does not intend to get caught.
So, no more impulsive shots.
No more free crimes.
No zeal, just banditry.
According to me,
this is revolution.
"when cold is the meadow,"
"when in the knocked down hamlets,
the long angels went quiet..."
"on the nature whose flowers were shed
make swoop down from the big skies"
"the dear delicious crows."
"Strange army with severe shouts,
the cold winds attack your nests."
"You, along the yellowed rivers,"
"on the roads with old ordeals,
on the ditches and on the holes,"
"disperse, rally !"
"By the thousands, on the fields of France,
where sleep deads of the day before yesterday,"
"circle, won't you, during the winter,
so that every passer-by think again !"
"Be then the crier of duty,
oh our funereal black bird !"
"But, saints of the sky,
on top of the oak tree,"
"Lost mast in the charmed evening,
leave the warblers of May..."
- " those who are chained deep in the woods..."
- Come on !
" the grass where none can flee,
by the defeat without future"
Garnier, hurry up !
- Faster ! We're gonna be late for hunting.
- Yes, my Lord.
- Cerisole, what happens ?
- A cyclist in the middle of the road, my Lord.
Fast, fast, Cerisole !
Everyone's life depends on that machine.
Neither too hard nor too soft on,
and the engine will stop at worst time.
Get away, get away I said !
Come on, get away !
Dear Mr Prefect,
I kindly request my resignation.
- Your what ?
- My resignation.
When one fails to quickly catch the murderers,
french people do remember
they have a government.
Now, it's easier to catch
officials rather than criminals...
Understand me well.
Knowing that I quit my function,
the public think that the government
has proven his authority,
- calm will return in a few days and...
- No ! I reject your resignation.
We are soldiers and this is war !
I give the formal order, listen to me,
to immediately arrest...
But, Mr. Prefect, they are impossible to catch.
They're seen in Poitiers and actually are in Belgium.
We found their trail in Vervier,
and they attack in Chantilly.
But they're not driving all the time.
They stop to eat, to drink, to sleep.
They have accomplices, lovers.
What about informants ?
You know, those individuals
who do not exist
and that no democratic police have used.
What are you waiting to use them ?
Anarchy is not underworld, Mr. Prefect.
Good tricks no longer work.
But luck...
is Dieudonn's innocence.
I keep it for later.
If "Science" and Garnier had not written that letter
to newspapers, his wife would have worked for us.
But she will...
- sooner or later- lead me to Bonnot.
Mr Prefect, this morning newspapers.
- Is that Bonnot ?
- Yes, looks like.
- Unbelievable.
- Not true to life.
- Who is on the right, near the door ?
- Must be Garnier.
- Garnier ?
- It's Soudy.
Ah, it's Soudy !
Without my glasses,
it's more difficult.
And where are you ?
- I must be other here.
- Oh, look at your face they draw.
- I have no luck.
- You're more attractive in real life !
Very kind of you.
Do you know about marine maps ?
Big ones.
The charts, as they are called.
I love them ! In them there's everything :
lights, lighthouses, tags, buoys,
It's fantastic.
You know, Concarneau at night,
when you look at the sea,
first light that shines,
is "Sheep Island".
Afterwards, "Glenans".
and there are nine like this,
it's beautiful !
Why do you tell me about that ?
It's good to dream a bit,
...isnt' it ?
- We'll be fine here, you'll see.
- Yes.
An attic, some books,
and both of us.
We just need curtains on the windows.
It's funny how a 20 cent curtain
beautifies a room.
20 cents, is the price of a book.
If you like so much books,
why not steal ?
A book is not for stealing.
- Raymond.
- Yes ?
- Isn't this, to live ?
- What ?
What you're doing at now :
organize your books,
read poems,
and everything that remains
to do together.
You know, life for me
is just not being dead.
There are so many people who died
and did not realized.
Never get angry,
nothing awakens.
You know, I wish I could have helped,
being their tool.
With that ?
Oh, no !
I would have preferred with words,
but people are so deaf,
and I haven't got a very strong voice.
You know, there's Proudhon's method,
And Bonnot's method.
This one at least makes noise.
What about Marie's method,
do you like it ?
It seems funny what you're reading.
What is it ?
I get distracted, it's "L'Epatant".
- You came to cure ?
- I waited too long to cure,
and pharmaceuticals are expensive.
Are you alone ?
Alone, I feel accompanied.
Came long time ago ?
- Have you had a good fishing ?
- Yes, excellent.
Have a look !
Now you're caught Soudy, do not move.
How did you find me ?
Put him cuffs, fast.
I felt you less annoying in photographs,
Mr. Jouin.
And you cheated on me
with your landing net and basket.
You seemed so decent,
I did not think you were a cop.
- Come on !
- Oh, calm down, you caught your prey.
Maybe you'd get a medal for that.
Come on, be gentle.
We managed you enough.
A shame I did not have the pleasure
of shooting a bullet in the head.
To die before you depresses me.
You will not be so proud
in front of the firing squad.
Dying well or tuberculosis,
anyway, I only have a few months left.
How many animals more do you want ?
This is what I have to spend.
- I only have the pretty birds, 8 francs.
- What is the difference with these ?
These already ringed to send messages
and 6 francs you have to ring them, says the law !
I want as many pigeons as possible.
A 8 francs, and with that amount,
how many does it makes ?
250 pigeons.
I want 300.
It's not the price ! It isn't !
Okay, your price will be mine.
I put everything I have in this business.
And I'm in a hurry.
So each one makes 10 francs.
You can make your accounts later.
Where are the others ?
In there.
What the hell are you doing ?
Are you mad ?
You need to request a release
authorization in Prefecture !
Surrender Carouy, you're caught !
Take him away !
Don't hit me !
I could shot but I didn't.
I have too much respect for human life.
I had already spotted you from the station.
10 on one !
That flatteres me, Chief.
You will lose your reputation.
We caught you like a beginner.
- Take him away !
- I've been denounced, don't know who or why,
but I don't care.
Chief !
Can I clean my nose ?
Yes, but fast.
Would be nice to die during this beautiful
spring day, don't you think, boss ?
Bye mates !
This bastard poisoned himself !
Bastards !
Take him !
Good morning ma'am.
Could you please follow my mail ?
He's from Bonnot's gang !
Son of a bitch !
Murderer !
The sails will be large enough,
I measured it yesterday.
We'll place the pilot's seat here,
and the door is wide enough.
We'll bring it to Issy les Moulineaux,
by the road.
But you know Bonnot,
it will cost you a lot.
I fell indebted to Chantilly savers.
I would appreciate for once,
to use this money wisely.
- Have you ever seen an airplane ?
- Yes, in a picture.
Now you will see a real one,
made of cloth and wood.
And you'll go into it.
Can you imagine
what it might be flying a plane ?
You tower everything.
Wherever you are,
there's nothing more.
No one,
you're alone.
Go see, fast.
This is freedom.
Mr Bonnot !
Mr Bonnot, the police.
- How many are they ?
- 5 and 4
Go this way.
Don't you move !
Then ?
Well, I'm not sure.
But I think so.
Ah yes, now I remember.
Yes, he's the same.
He got close and shot.
Yes, he was there and shot.
You still deny having attacked this man
in the Ordoner street, this last December 21st ?
I do not deny anything.
I just learn.
Do you recognize yes or no,
been part of...
But what are you expecting ?
You caught us, right ?
You now can see your anarchists,
made of the flesh and bones,
and also caged, in top of it.
The murderers,
monsters with human face,
blood suckers : that's us.
But should cut our heads off fast,
before we infect you with our disease.
I do not understand all this lost time.
When poor Mr. Jouin caught me...
he told me I have an appointment with DeBlair.
But where is DeBlair ?
That's right !
And where is Jouin ?
You shouldn't forget
that we killed the police deputy.
Shut up !
Do not write that !
Sir, we thank you for the help
you have given to justice.
May escort Mr. Cabi.
Hey ! As long as I've had the cuffs,
I coudn't make any statement, but I admit !
The death of Louis XVI : was me.
The assasination of Sadi Carnot : was me.
Henry IV : was me.
Ravaillac : was me.
Ravachole : was me.
Caserio : was me.
The regicide, the parricide,
the copicide : was me again.
This is the reason why I ask
for a public execution,
and national funerals.
Callemin, you talk and talk.
But the evidence are just here !
I'll tell you the truth :
you feel uncomfortable
with your role as a murderer.
Allow me, please :
while we're giving references,
have a deeper look at our crimes.
Because niether Dieudonn, nor the others
have anything to do with this.
I'm talking about Soudy,
myself and rest of the gang.
You will notice that the dead were a tax cashier,
some policemen, the police deputy, and some bourgeois.
But never a worker ! Never a poor homeless !
Ah, yes, yes, yes ! I killed a sergent cop !
But what about you ? How many tonkineses ?
And you, how many niggers ?
And you, poor fool guy behind the typewriter,
how many men here have been beaten to death ?
And their cries, how do you write them ?
With small exclamation points ?
Where I and my fingerprints are ?
with bankers, officers, general managers ?
We have nothing to do
with people like you, bastards !
We...tell you : SHIT !
You see, Kibaltchiche,
what they have done of anarchy ?
Now it does not matter more.
Even if they had more blood
on their hands,
I would love them even more.
That's true, Raymond.
Take them away.
You still have not caught Bonnot, Garnier.
Anarchy will always be alive !
I have Venu's address.
For the kind of visit I'll do,
I'd better be clean shaven.
That's not her fault, Jules.
She could'nt do it in another way.
Don't move, we are surrounded.
- Chief, Bonnot is with them.
- God damned !
Go to precinct and call the Prefecture.
I need reinforcements immediately.
Cease fire !
Cease fire !
Cease fire !
On behalf of the law,
Surrender !
Any attempt of resistance is useless !
The place is surrounded !
Do not shoot !
- There's a woman with us and will come out.
- But I don't want to !
Leave this and you,
get her out !
But, leave me !
I want to stay !
Come on, Marie : go away...
Damn pigs !
Come see...
A Hotchkiss machine gun.
I never saw one before.
Section, halt !
Arms down,
machine gun in position !
Get in lay position !
In position !
Set fire !
Hey Jules, did you see ?
They've even brought a flag.
They're Tonkin shooters.
We will also show our flag.
Cease fire !
Section, halt !
"I'm a famous man."
"My name has been trumpeted
to the four corners of the earth.".
"All those people who go through so much trouble
to get others to talk about them, must be very jealous".
"Should I regret what I've done ?"
"And if I had to keep doing it, I would."
"If this had not happened,"
"I would have spent all my life
talking at street corners to despised men,"
"I could have died unknown, ignored..."
"...a loser."
"This last moment..."
" ours."
"This agony..."
" our triumph."
"Everyone has the right to live his life,"
"and while your imbecilic criminal society
tries to stop me,"
"...too bad for it..."
"...too bad for you,"
"...too bad for all of us."
"I die..."
"Dieudonn is innocent !"
"Live anarchy !"