Boo! (2019) Movie Script

[eerie music]
- [siren wailing in distance]
- [dog barking in distance]
[eerie music]
- [dog barking]
- [indistinct chatter]
[kids laughing]
[kid 1] What about you?
[eerie music]
[eerie music continues]
[kids chattering indistinctly]
[kids] Trick or treat!
[kid 2] Come on!
[kids laughing]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[car engine rumbles]
[car engine stops]
[paper rustling]
[car door slams]
[cocks gun]
[keys jingling]
[kids chattering in distance]
[eerie music]
[kids chattering in distance]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
[loud rumbling]
[loud thud]
[eerie music]
- [birds chirping]
- [dog barking in distance]
[leaves rustling]
[Morgan] What? You don't like
constant sunshine?
You know, mountains, beaches?
I can get a nice tan for you.
[floor creaking]
Uh, okay.
What about, um...
New York?
Well, I'm not picky, Ash.
Anywhere is better than here.
Rotting corpse of Detroit.
I'm serious.
As soon as school's out...
Hmm, it's only been two days,
but I... I miss you, too.
I really, really like you, Ash,
you know that. I just...
Don't pout.
Just tell me
what time you're picking me up.
[James] Keep us from harm
and in one another's company,
so that we may be there
for one another
when there is a need
for comfort.
We thank You, Lord,
for our health, for our faith.
And we pray
for Your mercy and grace.
Cool. Should we eat then?
[cutlery clinking]
Is that an owl?
Oh, yeah.
Can I see it?
[James] Caleb.
- Awesome.
- [chuckles]
You know, that's permanent,
I mean, the guy in the alley
told me that it'll wash off
in two weeks.
Well, shit.
I mean, how am I gonna go
to cotillion like this?
You know what else is permanent?
- Family.
- Family?
Morgan, you're our daughter,
and you always will be.
[James] Nothing can change that.
Your mother is entitled
to show concerns
about the decisions
you're making about your future.
What affects you
affects all of us.
Okay, James, can we just...
Can we just have breakfast?
- Oh, yeah. Okay, all right.
- [Elyse] Okay? Um...
Morgan, can you just pass
the eggs, please?
Oh, yes. Yes, ma'am.
Thank you so much.
[doorbell rings]
I'll get it.
You sit.
[cutlery clinks]
[bird cawing]
[birds chirping]
- Who was it, Dad?
- [door closes]
Oh, it's just some dumb kids
playing a prank on us.
"The air is cool,
the season is fall,
soon, Halloween will come
to all."
Is that a Boo?
It's nothing, Caleb.
Uh, nothing looks a hell lot
like a bag of candy.
Let's just eat, okay?
[Caleb] "The air is cool,
the season is fall,
soon, Halloween will come
to all.
Terror and horror,
spooks galore."
[James] Caleb.
"Tricky witches
are at your door."
[foreboding music]
[Caleb] "The spooks are looking
for things to do.
In fact, one brought this Boo
to you.
The excitement comes
and goes like you,
copy this note and make it two.
We'll all have smiles
upon our faces,
no one will know who Booed
whose places.
But Hallows' Eve
will sure be grand.
Laugh along and follow the plan.
If you fail to pass this Boo,
the spooks will bring your past
to you."
Are you finished?
Yes, sir.
Did you hear me
tell you to stop?
Jesus! He's just messing around.
- Gotta have some fun.
- Uh, no.
It's paganism is what it is.
We don't do Halloween
in this house.
we have to.
Excuse me?
It's not a joke.
It's not a prank.
If you don't pass it along,
It's... it's a curse.
[Elyse] Okay, James,
could you just please just get
that damn thing out of here?
- No. No, don't.
- [Elyse] It's okay.
Sweetie, it's okay. It's okay.
Dude, it's just
a stupid chain letter.
That's something
for the neighborhood moms to do.
There's this kid at school,
Gabe Dawson.
His cousin got a Boo.
When she didn't pass it along,
she died in a bathtub.
Morgan, that's not funny.
[Caleb] And there was this,
this, this Vietnam vet,
old guy in the 80s.
All the kids hated him,
so one year, they Booed him
as a joke.
[James] Ghost stories, Caleb.
- But...
- [James] No. No buts.
Give it to me.
That's it.
And you're lighter.
I don't have a lighter.
Yes, you do. There's nothing
that goes on in this house
that I don't know about.
Give it to me.
- Let's go.
- Lighter?
[James] Yes, lighter!
Oh, no!
[dramatic music]
The only ghost is a Holy Ghost.
The only curse
you need to worry about
is when you take His name
in vain.
Are we clear on that?
I said, "Are we clear on that?"
Have a nice breakfast.
[Elyse] Oh, James.
Oh, god!
Fucking nuts.
[rasping in distance]
[dog panting]
[breathing heavily]
[ominous music]
[dog groans]
[soft whine]
[breathing heavily]
[reporter 1] A house fire
on Detroit's West Side
from last night's
Devil's Night activities
is strongly suspected of having
been yet another case of arson.
Now, according to police,
witnesses have told them
that a group of teenagers
have been loitering,
all afternoon
and into the evening,
near the vacant houses
on Piedmont Street,
in the city's
worn-down neighborhood
between Tireman Avenue
and Joy Road.
At approximately 11:15 p.m.,
neighbors reported seeing smoke
billowing out of the attic
with flames erupting thereafter.
Now, some residents said
they called the police
and fire officials promptly,
but that neither
the fire department
nor the police showed up until,
well, after the fire
was out of control.
So the rushing fires
of Devil's Night
again continuing this sad
and dangerous tradition...
[pen rasping]
[somber music]
[breathing heavily]
[Elyse] Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
[ominous music]
[Elyse whispering]
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
[spooky music]
[indistinct chatter]
[paper rustling]
[Caleb] It's just me
and you, Reggie.
What's wrong?
I'm scared, too.
Are you?
Do you believe in...
[upbeat music playing]
[floor creaking]
[creaking continues]
Burn the street,
Burn the cars
Pa-pa-power, pa-pa-power
Please make me better
Broken glass, broken hearts
Pa-pa-power, pa-pa-power
[door squeaking]
Please make me better
Broken glass, broken hearts
Pa-pa-power, pa-pa-power
- [door squeaking]
- Please make...
- Boo!
- [Caleb gasps]
- [Caleb pants]
- [floor creaks]
What are you doing?
I think there is something
in our home.
It felt like...
I don't know,
like I was being watched.
Yeah, I know exactly
what you mean.
You do?
Yeah. I don't appreciate it.
You go. I'm trying to get ready.
[wind howling]
[suspenseful music]
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[approaching footsteps]
[switch clicks]
[James whispering]
[switch clicks]
[clock ticking]
[approaching footsteps]
[rushing footsteps]
[Elyse] Where do you think
you're going?
- [keys clink]
- [Morgan] Oh, shit!
Uh, I'm just gonna head out
and see Ash for a little bit.
You're watching Caleb tonight.
But why?
You're not the only one
who has plans tonight, honey.
[Morgan] You can go down
to the bar
where everyone knows your name
and drown your sorrows
any night of the week.
Uh, I mean, looks like you got
enough here to do the job.
It's Halloween. And whether
we celebrate it or not,
it's a night where you just
still like go out and have fun.
What about my fun?
You already had yours, remember?
[Morgan] And maybe
a little bit too much.
You're looking at it.
You have no idea
what you're talking about.
I can do the math.
Upstairs, now!
[Elyse] You're not going
anywhere tonight.
Or tomorrow.
Or the day after that,
or the day after that!
[retreating footsteps]
[eerie music]
[kids giggling]
[kid 3] Run!
[kids] Trick or treat!
[Morgan] Bitch.
You didn't hear that.
I'm gonna head out, okay?
See Ash for a little bit.
What about the curse?
What if it happens
and I'm here alone?
There is no curse.
Just some lame-ass superstition.
You know, like, uh...
Dad's religious bullshit.
[horn honks]
All right, that's... that's him.
I gotta go, okay?
Don't leave.
You're the only one left.
What are you talking about?
Mom and Dad,
they, they don't care anymore...
about each other, about us.
That's not true.
You don't care either.
Why are you doing this to me
right now?
I do care, okay?
But I care about Ash as well.
Let me go see him
for a few hours,
and then you can, uh,
I don't know watch a movie,
eat some candy.
And, I don't know,
if the doorbell rings,
maybe just don't answer it.
Be brave, creep.
It's like Freddy Krueger, right?
Curses can't hurt you
if you aren't afraid of 'em.
[horn honks]
[door closes]
Morgan, you can't go!
You know,
this hide-and-seek should...
- [yells]
- [Morgan] Oh, shit!
[Ash chuckles]
- Are you serious?
- What?
Come on, it was a joke.
It's Halloween.
- I...
- I thought I'd be funny.
- It's not...
- [chuckles]
It's not funny. It's funny
when I do it to Caleb.
It's not funny
when you do it to me.
Sorry, I just didn't think
you'd be such a pussy about it.
[Morgan] Oh, okay.
You're an asshole.
- Thanks.
- [Morgan] Mm-mm.
[keys jingling]
[Ash] Sorry.
It was a joke. I'm sorry.
Jokes are funny.
That was something...
- Oh!
- Okay.
[car engine starts]
Come on, I was joking.
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
[loud crackling]
[Ash] Baby.
Come on.
You still pissed at me?
No, Ash.
I'm not pissed at you.
You know me. I'm...
pissed at everyone.
[clicks tongue]
Okay, well...
Well, let's just go
and have some fun, okay?
[foreboding music]
[spooky music]
[spooky music continues]
[ominous music]
[kids scream, laugh]
[all] Trick or treat!
- [kids] Asshole!
- [sighs]
[rock music playing]
[foreboding music]
[water rippling in distance]
[crickets chirruping]
So you wanna talk to me now?
Listen, I know something's up...
'cause your ring
is dark as hell.
I'm no color expert,
but I can only imagine
pitch black
doesn't mean you're happy.
Or... horny.
Or whatever it is.
I got the cure.
Yeah, but it just cures
the sickness,
not the disease.
What? So you got a disease now?
My family is.
Uh, what are you talking about?
I don't know, just...
something Caleb said earlier,
I guess.
- Mouthy little fucker.
- [both chuckle]
Yeah. He's a little fucker.
But he...
he notices things, you know?
What about your mom?
You know,
we never talk about her.
Oh, 'cause she doesn't exist.
Not anymore.
That must be nice.
No, trust me.
Not having a mom sucks.
[clears throat]
I meant the non-existing.
I mean it.
Jesus, I was fucking joking.
- I'm not!
- Phew.
I love you.
Oh, why does it bother you
so much when I say it?
Means I'm not ready to say it.
Then don't.
I'm not forcing you to.
We're just talking about me.
Yeah, but it's not
just something you say.
I know.
It's something that you feel...
for a while.
And then you don't.
And then...
you're stuck.
I don't know.
I mean, you're not thinking
like one day...
I guess, I just shouldn't...
I guess I just wouldn't mind
being stuck with you.
Stupid, I know.
Like would being stuck with me
be so bad.
I just...
I don't know. I...
I gotta get out here.
I can't take another four years
of this house, I swear to God,
of Mom's drinking and...
Dad's fire and brimstone shit.
You'll get out.
What if I just wasn't
good enough,
like I don't get in anywhere...
You worry too much, baby.
Hey, did I ever...
Did I ever mention that to you?
[both chuckle]
You're so beautiful,
and you're smart.
I'd be fucking lucky
to have you.
Okay, what if, just for a night,
let me tell you I love you.
I mean,
not worrying about tomorrow.
Or yesterday.
[Caleb] Mom. Mom, it's Caleb.
Can you just...
Will you just come home
when you get this?
Morgan's not here,
and, and I'm here alone.
And, uh, I'm...
I'm really scared, Mom.
I think there, uh...
I think there's something here
with me.
Mom, please.
Please, just come home
when you get this.
[light music]
[both moaning]
Pick it up, pick it up, up
And start again
You've got a second chance
You could go home
Escape it all
It's just irrelevant
It's just medicine
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
It's just medicine
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
You could still be
What you want to
What you said you were
When I met you
You've got a warm heart
You've got a beautiful brain
But it's disintegrating
From all the medicine
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
From all the medicine
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
From all the medicine
[phone keys beeping]
[phone line ringing]
[puffs, sniffles]
[ringing stops]
[phone keys beeping]
[phone line ringing]
[baby cries in distance]
Where the hell are you?
Caleb's alone, and you, missy...
the second you get home,
you are in so much trouble.
Whatever you did,
wherever you were,
I hope it was worth it.
[baby cries in distance]
[eerie music]
[phone keys clicking]
[phone line ringing]
[Elyse] James.
[James] You okay?
[Elyse] Your daughter
snuck out again.
I need you.
- I need you...
- [baby cries in distance]
- [James] Where you at?
- [baby cries]
- [James] Elyse?
- [baby wailing]
[James] Elyse, are you there?
Are you there?
Elyse, are you there?
- Elyse?
- Shit!
Okay, question.
[Ash] So the "A" on your hand,
can I ask you about it?
You did already.
[Ash] No, you told me
to ask you again later.
What? Goddamn!
Like a fucking, you know,
Magic 8-Ball.
[Morgan] It's this thing
that I use to...
kinda remind myself that...
I'm actually here,
and that it's not a dream.
That this is real.
You and I are real.
Oh, so it's not...
- No.
- [Ash] No?
- No.
- [both chuckle]
So I was thinking I was gonna
get an "M" right here.
Like, uh, be like Joe Pesci
in Home Alone.
Yeah, yeah, I mean...
- [Ash] Yeah?
- Sure, whatever.
[ominous music]
[man's voice echoing]
You'll be okay.
What the fuck!
What the fuck are you doing?
- I need to go home, right now.
- [Ash] It's all right.
[Ash chuckles]
It's fine.
- I want to go home now!
- [Ash] Are you...
Okay, okay, okay.
Look, it's okay, it's real.
Look at your hand.
- I wanna go right now!
- Okay, let's go.
[book thuds]
[eerie music]
[eerie music continues]
"And if any mischief follow,
thy shalt give a life
for a life,
an eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth."
[James groans]
[breathing heavily]
[James grunts]
[sinister laugh]
"A hand for a hand,
a foot for a foot,
burning for burning,
wound for wound."
What the...
[breathing heavily]
[keys clinking]
[engine starts]
[ominous music]
Ah, fuck!
[thrilling music]
[Caleb] Reggie?
[approaching footsteps]
[Caleb sobbing]
Reggie, Reggie.
[Elyse] What's wrong, baby?
He died.
- [Elyse] Who?
- [whimpers]
It is happening.
Nothing's happening.
- No, no.
- I'm here.
Okay, it's... It's the curse.
It killed my fish.
- [sniffles]
- Goldfish die all the time.
You know what?
We'll get another one.
I promise.
I promise.
[Elyse] Hey, you know what?
You know what, baby?
Let's just...
Let's get to sleep.
Let's just go.
Let's just get to sleep.
[Elyse] Yeah, there we go.
There we go.
Here we go.
Yeah. There you go, babe.
Snug like a bug in a rug.
It's just that it's, um...
It's been a long time
since you hugged me like that.
When you were little,
you used to get scared
and you would make me
stay with you
until you fell asleep.
And I would...
I would play in your hair.
My beautiful baby.
Now, close your eyes.
[Elyse] Close 'em.
Let's just go to sleep.
It's been a long day
for everybody, right?
[Caleb] The ghost...
The ghosts are gonna get me.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Ghosts aren't real, baby.
You have nothing
to be afraid of, right?
I guess.
Sweet dreams, my love.
[eerie music]
[eerie music continues]
[Elyse sighs]
[eerie music]
[water trickling]
[foreboding music]
[in soft voice]
I'm so...
I'm so fucked up.
[car engine rumbling]
[door shuts]
[creaking softly]
[door thuds]
Where were you?
[man's voice whispering]
You have to.
It's the only way
to make it stop.
You'll be okay.
You have to kill Elyse.
[Elyse] Okay, I know that you
are going through some things.
But you can't just abandon him
like that, Morgan.
He's 12 years old.
When I was 12, I took care
of myself all the time.
[door opens, closes]
[approaching footsteps]
[James] Hey, sweetie.
[retreating footsteps]
[lighter flicking]
[James sighs]
I hate Halloween.
It was a weird day.
You scared Caleb earlier
with that poem stuff.
I didn't write the damn thing.
I know, but he's a kid, though.
He needs to grow up.
I don't know if I'm ready
for him to.
Look at Morgan.
She's growing up,
and I'm terrified.
What happened to my little girl
who used to...
pick wildflowers with me?
Or... Oh, my god.
Or used to want her toes painted
just like mine?
You should talk to him.
I think he's still up.
I'm beat.
I had a rough day, too.
[light knocking on door]
[door clicks]
Son, you awake?
[James] Hey, what are you doing
with the light on?
Mom says you're a little scared.
It's okay.
It's okay to be a little scared.
What you don't wanna be
is too scared, all right?
So scared
that you can't see straight.
You gotta remember
God's got your back, always.
That's why you are never scared?
Oh, I am, on occasion.
But when I was your age,
I was scared all the time.
Of what?
Um, this guy I knew.
He used to chase me around.
It was terrible.
Take my lunch money.
It was the worst.
But as a kid, it was like
that was the worst thing
in the world.
One day,
I was out by the lake,
I was out by myself.
Setting off a box
of cherry bombs that I had.
He started chasing me,
going after those cherry bombs.
Sent me like right up a tree.
Literally up an old oak tree.
I just sat up there watching him
hover below just like a shark.
He was calling me names,
and saying he was gonna do this
and that to me when I came down.
So, what did you do?
I got scared.
Like really scared.
I mean, so scared
I couldn't see right from wrong.
I just... I mean...
I started lighting
the cherry bombs off
and dropping them
right on his head.
[James sighs]
So, what happened?
Something I regret very much.
So I'm trying to tell you, son,
fear, it's a dangerous thing.
But aren't some things
worth being scared of?
Some things, of course.
Like the curse.
[James] Who told you
about the curse?
Kids at school.
They... they say there was this
guy, in the 80s.
He got... He got a Boo.
Yeah, Vietnam vet, right?
Someone Booed him.
He didn't pass it along.
He said it was a prank,
like you did.
That's not a true story, Caleb.
[Caleb] It is true.
Really? What was his name then?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
It was some city name.
Uh, Memphis?
Uh, I, I don't know.
[James] Yeah, Memphis. Uh-huh.
Anyone know this Memphis?
Or just friends of friends
of friends of friends?
Son, that's something they call
"an urban legend."
You believe in talking snakes,
God, angels.
But you don't believe me.
I have seen things, Dad.
All right, you know what?
We'll talk about this blasphemy
in the morning.
[TV static]
[keyboard clacking]
[ominous music]
[spooky music]
[kids laughing]
Good boy, Torque.
[indistinct whispering]
[eerie music]
[man's voice whispering]
Pick up the razor.
[Morgan sobbing]
[man laughs]
[man's voice whispering]
- Just do it, you fucking coward.
- Just do it, you fucking coward.
[Morgan grunting]
[blood trickling]
[man's voice whispering]
You stupid fucking bitch.
Just fucking do it.
Oh, just fucking...
Just fucking do it.
Do it!
[panting, sobbing]
- [thuds]
- [groans]
Fuck, fuck!
- [glass shattering]
- [grunting, sobbing]
- [thuds]
- [groans]
[Morgan panting, sobbing]
[TV static]
[baby cries in distance]
[ominous music]
[baby wailing]
[eerie music]
[baby crying]
[crying continues]
[baby wailing]
[foreboding music]
[disembodied whispering]
[baby wailing]
- [indistinct whispering]
- [baby wailing]
[wailing continues]
[distorted evil laughter]
[Elyse] Oh, James.
Oh, shoot!
Honey, you scared me.
You couldn't sleep either?
I'm having bad dreams.
Me, too.
Where is Papa?
I don't know.
Downstairs, I think.
So, um...
Am I gonna get an apology,
or we're just gonna pretend
like it never happened?
For what?
Okay, we're just gonna pretend
like it never happened.
Girl, you're gonna be the death
of me, literally.
[slide viewer squeaking,
[eerie music]
[breathing heavily]
What was that?
What was that?
[slide viewer squeaking,
[squeaking, clicking]
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespassed against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory
forever and ever. Amen.
[door opens]
[Caleb] It... It's here.
- What?
- I told you.
All we gotta do
is pass it along.
It'll be fine,
but you didn't believe me.
None of you did.
I'm getting
a little tired of having
this conversation with you.
I'm not asking you,
I'm telling you,
go upstairs and go to bed
before you wake everybody up.
Too late, we're up.
I'm calling
a fucking family meeting.
You can't call a family meeting.
- You don't have the authority...
- Jesus Christ, James!
It's not parliament.
We need to talk.
We're not talking about this.
There is no curse.
Well, there's something.
We've all felt something.
Dad, we've been seeing things.
[James] You left your brother
alone, and he got scared.
You felt guilty
and had a bad dream.
It happens!
We are haunted by our mistakes,
not by ghosts.
Sometimes, they are the same.
[Elyse] James?
What did you see?
Who says I saw anything?
Okay, we may not
speak much anymore,
but I've lived with you
for 20 years.
I know when something
is upsetting you.
Really, Elyse?
What was your first clue?
Yes, I am upset!
Because none of you are...
are willing to put your trust
and your faith into the Heavenly
Father or the earthly one.
That is me!
Here we go. The Good Book.
We're a God-fearing family.
I lost a child
in this house, James.
A child!
I know.
A child
that we didn't expect, want.
And until that moment,
I didn't understand.
You were down here
with the Good Book,
I was upstairs in the bath,
my, my stomach tied in knots!
That horrible minute.
That horrible minute,
it's all I wanted in my life.
And I wanted to come to you.
I wanted you to be there for me.
But you know why I didn't?
'Cause I knew
what you would say.
This is God's plan.
Fuck God if that's His plan!
I'm not gonna listen to this.
No. Of course, you're not.
You don't hear anything
that you don't wanna hear.
Hey, where do you think
you're going?
I'm calling Ash and I'm leaving.
The hell you are. You get
right back here and stay here.
Why? So you can give us
another sermon?
She's right. You know,
that's all you ever do.
You're gonna sit me down again,
have a conversation
about the coward's way out?
The only coward that I see here
is you.
Too afraid to admit
that there just might be
something wrong.
Goddamnit, this is my house!
It is not safe anymore.
Caleb, go upstairs
with your sister.
Get your stuff, get my purse,
we're leaving.
Would you like to come with us?
'Cause we're gonna go.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- [Elyse sighs]
[eerie music]
Talk to me.
[wood creaking]
[light thudding]
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
[Caleb] Talk to me.
[distorted record playing]
[Caleb] Talk to me, talk to me.
Talk to me!
[man speaking indistinctly
via record]
[wood creaking]
[man speaking indistinctly
via record]
[Elyse] What was that?
[James breathing heavily]
I don't know.
[James] It's locked.
It's locked!
It won't turn.
The door's locked.
[Elyse] What do you mean
it's locked?
[James] It's stuck.
The handle won't even turn.
[Elyse] Well, it can't just...
That doesn't make any sense.
Caleb's right.
It's been after us all day.
And now we're here all together.
[James] All right, listen.
You just need to relax.
Calm down.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I promise.
- [loud thud]
- [Elyse] James!
[Morgan] What the fuck!
[tense music]
[ghostly whispers]
[Morgan] Caleb, we gotta go!
Torque! Torque!
James, wake up.
[Elyse] James. James.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- [Elyse] What the hell?
- You go get the kids!
Go get the kids!
[breathing heavily]
[Elyse] Okay.
[retreating footsteps]
[ominous music]
[floor creaking]
[fire bursts, crackles]
[ghostly whispers]
[disembodied whispers]
[Morgan] Caleb.
Caleb, where are you?
[indistinct whispering]
[dog squealing]
Hey, buddy.
Hey, Torque.
Hey, buddy.
- [whimpering]
- [Morgan crying]
[Morgan] I don't know
what to do.
[door creaking]
[Morgan] Mom?
[ominous music]
What the fuck?
- [thuds]
- Oh!
[baby crying in distance]
[eerie music]
[baby wailing]
[wailing continues]
[baby wailing]
[ghostly whispering]
- [indistinct whispering]
- [thumping]
[James] Stop it. Stop! Damn it!
- [James grunts]
- [loud thudding]
[pounding on door]
[Caleb] Torque?
[wood creaking]
[man speaking indistinctly
via record]
[Caleb] Oh, family.
Family, oh, family.
Oh, family. Family, oh, family.
[foreboding music]
Honey, what are you doing?
Nothing can hurt you.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
It's so cold.
- [sniffles]
- [Elyse] Okay, Morgan.
I need you to get up
and come with me.
You can't protect me.
No one can hurt me again
if I do it to myself.
[Elyse] I love you so much
and I'm so sorry
I wasn't here for you
when you needed me,
but I'm here now.
I'm here now,
for as long as we have.
And I understand.
No, you don't.
Baby, just please, just...
[Elyse] Can you just talk
to me, please?
Please, just... Okay.
Baby, just, just...
Just put down the knife.
I promise.
I promise I'll listen.
[foreboding music]
[James] What? You?
Oh, no.
No. No.
[thrilling music]
[James screaming]
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
- [James screaming]
- An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
An eye for an eye!
[ominous music]
[Caleb] Torque!
[breathes heavily]
[panting continues]
James? James, are you down here?
- Dad?
- [Elyse] I have Morgan.
- Do you have Caleb? James?
- [Morgan] Caleb!
- Dad?
- James.
[James] Bring your past to you.
The spooks, the spooks,
the spooks.
The spooks will bring
your past to you.
The spooks will bring
your past to you.
The spooks will bring
your past to you.
The spooks will bring your...
James, it's Elyse.
Morgan is here, she's with me.
Hey, Dad. Hey. Hey.
James, what's wrong? Look up.
- Look at me.
- Dad?
Whatever this thing is,
I think we can beat it.
Together, we can beat it.
Dad, it's not real, okay?
We are real.
Damn it, James, we need you.
[Morgan] Dad, wake up.
- Wake up!
- We are a family.
We can get through this
as a family.
- Listen to me, okay?
- [pants]
I... I need you to know that...
I love you so much, okay?
- [sobs]
- [Morgan] Hey.
[breathing heavily]
Hey. It will be okay.
I can see.
My eyes.
- They were... They were gone.
- No, it's okay.
- They're back now, okay?
- I know.
[Elyse] Caleb was right.
And so were you.
It's just a dream.
Caleb. On the boulevard.
Where is he?
[banging on door]
[Elyse] Caleb?
We were looking for you.
You were right, son.
We should have listened.
[James] We'll write down
the poem,
and we'll pass it along.
Just like what you said
in the first place, okay?
[Elyse] Caleb?
Caleb, what the hell
are you doing?
- Oh!
- Caleb!
- [James] Caleb!
- [Elyse] Oh!
Open up, Caleb!
Caleb, open the fucking door!
- [Morgan] Caleb!
- [Elyse] Caleb!
- Please, Caleb!
- Open the door!
Please! Open the door!
Caleb! Caleb!
[Morgan] Open the fucking...
Open the door!
[Elyse] Open the door!
- Caleb!
- Please! Caleb!
[indistinct whispering]
Open the door!
[Elyse] Caleb!
- [Morgan] Caleb!
- Caleb!
- [Elyse] Oh!
- Caleb!
- Caleb, please!
- [thumping]
- Caleb, please!
- [Elyse coughing]
[indistinct whispering]
[fire roaring]