Boo Main Dargi (2024) Movie Script

In 1865, to protect their
kingdom from the British invasion,
King Sajjan fought numerous battles.
Sadly, the king perished
in one such battle.
Later, under mysterious circumstances,
the queen also passed away.
Since then, the palace
has been abandoned,
and villagers believe that
the queen's spirit
resides in that palace.
Shinde, what are you doing here?
My mom asked me
to go and check if the
neighbors have electricity or not.
Pali, I've come here to meet you
what work would I have here?
Aren't you scared at all?
I was scared that I might accidentally
wake up your aunt instead of you.
I can't say anything about Auntie
if uncle accidentally woke up, the
whole village would be up in arms.
You go away from here.
Now we both will go.
Please, try to understand,
uncle might wake up.
I've come here to meet you after
carefully dodging walls and
entering the house stealthily
I took so much risk
A kiss is mandate, dear.
Have you gone mad?
- You are the reason for it.
I feel shy.
Do one thing, you close your eyes.
Oh man! Whenever I ask you to close your
eyes why do you widen them even more?
Thief is here! Thief!
Run away from here.
- Look there.
Catch him.
- He's here, catch him.
Catch him! He's right here!
There are two thieves here.
Oh damn! There are two thieves!
There's only one thief, I am Shinda.
I am from the search team.
I've checked here, he's not here.
He must have gone there.
Let's go.
- Come on, catch, catch.
Hey, they'll catch the thief for sure
Catch me, you idiots!
I'm about to fall.
Come on, pick him.
- Help me.
Hey, catch me, let's
run away quickly now.
Uncle, why did you need to come,
leaving auntie alone at home?
You could have rested at home.
Catch the thief, hurry up.
- See, how breathless you have become.
Bloody rascal, thief,
where the hell has he gone?
Just abuse thief
what's his sister's fault
in the thief's actions?
Ensure that you don't face
repercussions alongside the thief.
Pick up your beloved son.
Wake him.
- My lad!
My lad, wake up, a thief has
come to the village, go with your dad.
Let me sleep.
I am least interested to go.
I am afraid.
"I am least interested
to go, I am afraid."
What kind of Rambo have I raised?
I gained nothing by giving
birth to a son like him.
I'm going alone.
Wait, bloody rascal thief!
Wait, I will fix you!
Get up!
- Run!
Who's there?
- Catch the thief!
Hey, let me sleep with you.
Where are you? I'm scared.
- Where are you sneaking?
Are you here to find
the thief or hide him?
Hey, I'm not the type to
be scared of a thief like you.
You go, get a hammer, and I'll show
you how to hit the thief's head with it.
Oh my goodness!
- Bring it.
Bring my halberd, today I
will prove you my manhood.
- Now I'll show the thief his stars.
Alright, now go.
- Just drop me off a little outside.
Come on, go be a man.
- Oh God! Save me.
Where is the thief?
I'm here.
Don't worry, I'll teach
him a good lesson.
Your auntie must be worried, dude.
Don't be scared now,
the Jatt has arrived
Jatt will show you what a real man is.
Manhood is shown when one survives.
Move forward.
No matter how much you intimidate him
he can do nothing.
Stop talking rubbish
have you seen speed?
Watch my speed.
Come on, brothers.
- Let's go.
Pick me up.
Come on, let's catch.
- Catch him.
Catch him.
Stop, I'll see you.
Catch him, come on.
The thief shouldn't escape.
Hit him, catch him.
Hit this, scoundrel!
Hit him!
Hey, wait, stop.
Stop it.
Do you want to kill him?
Is he dead?
- Hey!
Hey, step back.
Pahad Singh, I think
he's dead.
Oh goodness! He is no more.
(The one who can't be perceived)
On Saturday
at the crossroads,
a man is murdered.
Taadka roars fiercely,
confronting Death itself.
Ghosts, witches won't dare approach
give me such blessing.
Hail Saint Machhundar Natha!
- Praise!
A murder has occurred here.
The soul
has transformed into a ghost.
You will receive
justice, without a doubt.
The soul's funeral
rites must be performed.
The soul's funeral
rites must be performed.
Hey, saint, stop your fakeology.
- Hey, doctor, examine him.
Hey, doctor, examine him.
- I forgot
that I am also a doctor
along with being a watchman.
No problem, I'll see.
Let me see what happened to him.
Move aside, don't worry.
I'll treat him.
Hey, he is dead.
Fools, he shouldn't have been killed.
- Just shut up!
He shouldn't have been killed.
Did we kill him?
Even you were venting
out your aggression.
I was just pretending to hit him.
Stop accusing each other
and arrange a place to hide the body.
I'll make the arrangements.
- He will do it.
We'll be in trouble if the police
come early in the morning. Take it.
Manu, put the body in the sack and
throw it far away from
the village in the haveli.
Neither human or any
one else dares to go there.
The ghost resides in the mansion there.
The one who goes is gone forever.
the one doesn't come back.
It's not the mansion's door
it's the door of death.
If it opens
the whole village will be in trouble.
Disaster will strike here!
Once the ghost awakens
she won't sleep again.
she will put all the villagers
into the sleep of death.
Hey, child of the
ghost, shut your mouth
or I'll cut your throat
with my halberd.
Hey, listen to me
don't follow such fake people.
Call Magar Singh and let's
take the body with us, let's go.
See, his breath may stop.
Be careful!
- Keep him here.
Do whatever needs to be done quickly
my wife is waiting for me at home.
- Just shut up!
Hey, everyone think
if what the saint said is true
then the ghost will ruin all of us.
Go to hell and die!
There's no ghost or spirit.
He was talking nonsense!
Damn rascal!
Have you ever heard of a ghost
possessing a genie?
Listen, is the genie your relative?
Oh no!
- The ghost is here!
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on, run everyone.
- The ghost is here.
"Come, O Lord, and drive
away the ghost, O Lord"
"Come, O Lord, and drive
away the ghost, O Lord"
Will God come here to suffocate
himself in such a smoke?
Press the clutch.
Make sure you don't choke
on your breath because of me.
Tell me, why you took
the truck to the mansion
last night without consulting me?
Who stole our truck there?
Pahad Singh contacted me,
informing that there was a
need to transport a deceased.
So, did you keep the truck
to pick up people's corpses?
Couldn't you tell Pahad Singh that
"Pahad Singh, my wife will send
the truck only when you die
to pick up your corpse"
Are you going to burn me?
What's about you making me aggressive?
The animosity you have with
Pahad Singh is more than
the enmity truck drivers
have with toll collectors.
As if he has done so
many good deeds for us.
Our son's engagement
with his niece was fixed
then he broke off the
engagement abruptly.
What was wrong with us?
Be thankful he only
broke the engagement
otherwise he would have taken
the married girl back. - Why?
Because of your actions.
- What actions did he see in me?
Relatives stand by each
other in good times and bad
you stood against him for the
village head elections without thinking.
What else would he have done if
he hadn't broken the engagement?
Be thankful that your life is so
beautiful because of a woman.
You're here to talk big words!
Which woman?
Wait, I'll show you.
You idiot! I will fix you!
- Come.
You stupid!
Take that!
Hey, village head, stop
your drama and listen to me.
Do you know anything?
My wife hasn't slept all night.
Was I supposed to sing
lullabies to your wife?
"Sleep my child wild cat is coming."
The whole village was awake last night
and the village head was
peacefully sleeping at home.
I was just fulfilling my duty.
If the thief had any accomplices
you all were chasing after him
and if he had sneaked into your
houses from behind and done robbery
then what?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Hand over the leadership to me
and give her watcher's duty.
She performs this duty very well.
- Yes.
All the villagers come to me for work
and when you come, you
come asking for leadership.
Should I hand over the
leadership to you so easily?
I know everything
forget about all this talk
you all should do something
if anyone asks you anything
just say that some
animal might have eaten it.
I don't know anything.
- Oh!
You all deny it. You
don't know anything.
I am your village head
I will manage everything,
you guys don't worry.
Uncle is here
today there's a chance to meet Pali.
Pahad Singh, you telling the truth
that the village head can't do anything.
We will figure something out.
- Okay, then let's go.
Did you really come?
You call, and I don't come.
Even if I'm dead asleep,
if you call, I'll come.
Hey! Don't say such things.
May your enemies die.
If it's like that, then your
uncle's death will happen.
Is he your enemy?
Every parent wants their
daughter to live like a queen
in the house she marries into.
And you know
uncle has never treated
me less than his daughter.
Uncle will only marry me
where the groom gives me a gold set.
Not one, I'll give you two gold sets.
I hope no one should come.
Give me a kiss.
I feel ashamed.
If you feel ashamed,
then close your eyes.
Every time I ask you to close your
eyes, why do you widen them?
Alright, fine, be quick.
Excuse me.
- What happened now?
Look, someone might come.
Who's there...
He's... he's... here.
- He's here.
I was saying that
ghosts don't exist.
- Yeah, they don't.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Ghosts don't exist, don't be
scared at all. - Yeah, absolutely.
Hey, stop.
- Yes.
The door is this way.
The door is over there, I
was just going that way...
Do you know
your relationship has ended with her?
Yes, you broke it.
- Yes.
And if you come back here again
I can break your bones too, son.
Come on, get out of here.
- What?
Not from there, go from here.
- Get out!
Come on, get lost from here.
Get lost!
Stop, devotee, the
saint is not talking to you.
He is telling to ghost.
When did you come to this house?
When did you come to this house?
Saint, ever since the
marriage happened
she has been after me.
Saint, this is just from yesterday
I don't know what he
has seen in the mansion.
what he has seen in the mansion
I can manifest in front of me here.
(Chanting mantra)
The ghost is haunting.
Leave him, let him go.
What do you want?
11 flowers and five betel nuts.
Two and one-fourth
kilograms of basmati rice.
Half a kilogram of clarified butter.
501 rupees with it.
You'll get more.
Saint, yes, everything
will be provided.
but will he be alright after all this?
The treatment for this is
only with Saint, devotee.
His treatment cannot
be done any doctor.
Listen to me, young lady!
Your youth is passing by swiftly.
Concentrate on your tasks.
How do you know if this
youth is rising or falling?
This is just a matter of perspective.
Oh beauty queen!
People come to me for medicine
I have to see them
and they keep looking at you, get out!
Hey, it means to go inside.
Go inside.
Hey, why are you getting angry
over love, buddy?
Hey, you silly fool...
- I mean, your love.
Here are my best friends!
See who is coming or going?
Have some shame.
Dude, where did we
go? We've just arrived.
Sit down, sweetheart,
I mean his sweetheart.
Doctor, talk about something else.
- Hey, what else should I talk about?
Listen about Paale, he has two friends
and both of them are rogues.
They trap Paale in talks
and said him, "today we
feel to have some drinks"
and that idiot Paale
says take out money,
I'll go get the bottle.
So leaving the alone woman at home
the fool goes to get alcohol.
Although it's a bad thing
Paale shouldn't have
left his wife alone at home.
Forget about this Paale's topic.
Look at the weather, how nice it is.
Why don't we drink alcohol today?
Come on then, take out money.
I'll bring the bottle of alcohol
and we'll also prepare non-veg.
What are you waiting for?
Here, take it.
- I'll bring it.
Be careful when you come.
Don't drop the bottle on the way.
Until then, let's talk
to the sister-in-law.
Shut up! No, I'll do it alone.
It's all over, Dholki.
Man, don't feel bad.
I'll bring some snacks.
Hey, I'm not talking about snacks.
I'm talking about your sister-in-law.
Shinde, is sister-in-law unwell?
- What's wrong?
Uncle is unwell.
- What's the big deal?
Let's go inquire about his well-being.
If we approach him,
he'll thrash us so severely that
others will come to
inquire about our health.
Hey, bro, can I give you some advice?
Forget about Pali.
Whatever I say, I
say it straight forward.
You're not talking, you're
inviting slaps on you face.
Let me tell you something
I will become Ranjha.
Listen to me, Romeo.
Heer's brothers had
beaten Ranjha badly.
He fled to Takhat Hazara.
That's fine, I'll take
on Punnhun's role then.
Punnhun faced many
hardships personally.
People didn't stop until Punnu was gone.
If this is the thing, this means
all lovers were in trauma.
Man, you won't be able to do anything.
Dude, that was Dharmendra
Who showed courage and
made a scene standing on the tank
and the person in front
accepted him and got him married.
Foolish, your fate is really bad
in our village, there isn't even a tank.
Who can explain this to him?
- Yes!
Hey, villagers
- Hey, now speak up.
If today you all don't make me meet
with my love, then I'll commit suicide.
I'll commit suicide.
I want love.
Hey, dear, which love are you
talking about? Mother's love?
I'll give you mother's love myself.
Oh my beloved, I love you so much!
Dear, I'll give you
father's love, come down.
This rascal is talking
about someone else.
He's talking about Pali.
I don't know what spell
she has cast on him.
Hey, why are you humiliating
me in front of the village?
Hey, Dad, please be quiet.
Hey, mom, even you stay quiet.
I want Pali.
Get Pali married to me
the saint of Sahnewal said
I mean, Dharmendra Saint said
that in the village where lovers die
there disaster comes.
Be prepared, bad times are coming.
Hey, villagers, I request you all
to sort out this lover's matter.
Today, this stupid guy is behind a girl
otherwise, in the future, after
dying, he'll turn into a ghost
and chase after all the women.
- Yes.
After this, will you make
me climb on a trunck?
To throw him off?
No! If his issue gets resolved
then I'll also do havoc
regarding Chano and me.
Oh God, please sort his matter out.
Will you come down or
should I cut you the tree?
Why cut the tree, instead,
you can cut me, uncle.
Anyway, what will I do without Pali?
Come on, you come down
I'll deal with you.
- No.
No, uncle.
- Get lost.
Uncle is also here.
Uncle, Jai Hind!
Uncle, please give Pali to me.
I fold my hands before you...
Will you come down or
should I bless you from up here.
Village head, see, your son is
ruining my daughter's reputation.
She is not just your daughter,
she is also my daughter-in-law.
She was your
Daughter-in-law, not anymore.
I will marry my daughter to any
handicapped or a dark complexion person
but not with him.
Will Tipu Sultan come
to marry your daughter?
Men like you often lose
good boys in their pride.
If you weren't a woman,
I'd punch you in the
face, I'm telling you.
And if you weren't a man
I would have pulled your ponytail
and scattered your
hair all over the village.
Listen to me carefully.
- What?
If your son is seen near
my house after today
I will break his legs.
And you also listen to me carefully
and even you listen
if you don't wander
around his house then
I will break your legs too.
No problem, I'll go trembling.
Hey, don't fight,
find a solution for me.
It's amazing, if you agree,
I'll come down from here
otherwise, I'll just jump like this.
You come here, I will
teach you a lesson, fool!
Why are you hitting me with shoe?
- Come, I will fix you!
Oh my goodness!
- Oh my goodness!
Blow the wind, buddy.
Brother, you'll have
to walk by yourself.
Let me try.
Today, you saw your son's actions.
How he climbed the tree chasing
after someone else's daughter.
I regret having given birth to you.
'Press the clutch.'
Did you give birth to him or did I?
- What?
I gave birth to him.
- I gave birth to him.
I said, I gave birth to him.
- I gave birth to him.
I gave birth to him.
I gave birth to him.
- You guys just flip a coin.
Dear, if I wanted to flip a coin,
I should have done it on the day
when I was going to marry him.
I wish a decent guy
would marry a girl like me.
This reckless girl has
made a mess of my life.
Am I a mess?
Even on the wedding day,
you wore a suit, didn't you?
Did you forget?
I might forget the truck's route
But I can never forget your
father arranging our marriage.
If it's so difficult, then leave me.
That's the problem with truck drivers
they think that once we
load the goods onto the truck
they become our responsibility.
'Press the clutch.'
You! Am I goods? Wait, I will fix you!
Hey, wait.
Hey, let me take slippers.
Come, let's get my medicine.
Put my slippers.
- Wait, I'm doing it.
Let's run away.
Hurry up before they catch up with us.
Keep fighting.
Shinde, where are you going?
I'll make it first class.
Don't worry, you've come here.
look, I'll come up with such a solution
that all your sorrows
and pain will disappear.
Here, take this, Romeo.
- How I have to eat?
You don't have to eat, you
have to apply it like an ointment.
Apply it, this will reduce the pain.
This isn't the pain you're thinking of.
This is the pain of a break-up.
Guys, I want to meet
Pali, give me some ideas.
Do you love her endlessly?
Listen, knock on her door and
tell her family, "I love your daughter"
"Marry her to me."
What's the big deal in that?
That's the big problem.
Her uncle and aunt won't
let her meet me. - Is that so?
She can neither meet me
at her home nor outside.
Dholki, you suggest a way.
Bro, by giving solution I
don't want to get beaten up.
You give some solution.
Dear Shinde, you'll have
to find the solution yourself.
Anyway, I don't want to bring problems
into my life by giving you solutions.
What did you say?
Hey, dude, I said that
by giving you a solution
I don't want to bring
problems into my life.
Did you understand?
Hey, do you have any problem or not?
- No.
Welcome to this bulletin of
news, I am Chaman Kumar.
First of all, let's...
let's hear some special news.
The biggest news coming up is
there is a possibility of a big flood
in the villages near Kasauli today.
It's not a possibility, consider
it as the flood has arrived.
All the skilled, courageous,
and proactive individuals
are requested to go to the
villages and spread this news.
Spread the news like fire
so that the people of this village
can be saved from loss of life.
This is not the time to yawn.
- This is not the time.
This is the time to earn praise.
- This is the time to earn praise.
Yes, right.
All the skilled, proactive, courageous
and enthusiastic individuals
who are listening to my voice
should spread this news.
Now is not the time to think,
it's time to go. - So go.
Go, go tell everyone.
- Hey, villagers.
Hey, there's a flood.
"Washing powder Verma!"
"Raju Washing powder Verma!"
- "Verma!"
Hey, villagers, there's a flood.
Hey, come out of your houses.
Those who haven't come
out yet should come out now.
There's a flood, villagers.
- Oh my goodness!
What will happen now?
- Hey, where is the flood coming from?
Has the flood informed you before
coming? Wait, I'll show you now.
Everyone's out except Pali.
Oh God! Have mercy
on the entire village.
Dear, did you take all the money
and belongings from home?
I didn't get any money.
I only found 50 paise
which I tied in my dupatta.
We'll see when the flood comes.
I first...
- Hey, stop it.
If the flood comes,
I'll incur a lot of loss.
Your tire is already punctured.
What more loss could you have?
Come here, housewife.
I'll throw the battery at
you and break your head.
This housewife is mine.
- Yes, she's yours.
Come here.
Yes, that's fine, you
can go, he's my friend.
Where's Pali?
That's what I'm saying,
why hasn't Pali come?
Shut up! Bloody foolish!
Be mindful of your thoughts, or
else he might resort to violence.
You idiot! - Hurry up, let's go,
before the flood comes.
Look, there she is.
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"Let me transform into a vision
with eyes rimmed in kohl."
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"My love, your laughter is no
less than sweetness of honey"
"My beloved, your gaze
is like a pair of graceful geese"
"These eyes, never
fixed, wander ceaselessly"
"In mist-laden mountains,
love's essence is traded in kohl"
"Your mesmerizing eyes
have ensnared my soul"
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"A thread binds two
lives, intertwining them"
"You break my silence,
and I shall break yours"
"In these remote valleys, we wander"
"By the lakeside in the evening,
we'll gaze upon the stars"
"Upon our return from the lake
summon me into your dreams"
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"You are strong like the
rocky terrains of village"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
"I am like the soaring clouds"
Hey, what's wrong? You
seem down today, Pali.
Nothing much.
I felt sad thinking about
I was missing him.
- Help me out.
Hey, why are you keeping secrets?
I'm curious to know
what's going on too.
Sis, if they wanted us to know,
why would they be so secretive?
Pali, don't worry,
you'll get married to Shinde.
Come on, ladies, it's
getting late. Let's head home.
Let's go.
Behold, the graceful
queen of pots approaches.
With each step, she
fills the pot with water.
A beauty has graced our village,
her regal presence evident from afar.
Toss away the pot and be my queen.
How are you, glamorous lady?
Hey, what's wrong with you?
I have diabetes. You want
to give me some neem juice?
Thinking youself as a doctor.
I don't allow our village's air
to escape to another village.
And here you are, fetching water.
If any of you return here after today,
I won't aim for your
pots, but for your heads.
Bro, should I fire at them
if they keep blabbering?
No! Absolutely not!
Why waste bullets on them?
I'll just give them a good scare.
Why are you afraid, sweetheart?
- Get lost!
I'm already living in a nightmare.
Brothers, should I make
her your sister-in-law?
How can she be our sister-in-law?
You frightened them away!
See, they're leaving.
Who can survive snake venom
and Bagha's gun?
Let's get out of here.
Are you going to run away when she
calls men and we're outnumbered?
Let's go now.
Village head,
if this shooting
continues in the village,
soon there will only be men left here.
Hey, what if a bullet hit my wife?
Then I'd be a widower.
- I mean to say you.
We share everything.
Silly! She's not just
land, she's my wife.
Village head, was this meant to happen?
Did I imagine something
like this would occur there?
There's no water, no roads,
no buses come here,
and I don't understand
who made you the village head?
"There's no water supply, no buses!"
Do you not know we
don't even get grants here?
All talk and no action.
Just get to the point, we need water.
Why shouldn't I install a
hand pump just for you?
Just drown and disappear!
If you can't handle village tasks,
then let me take over leadership.
- Yes, she should step down.
Uncle is correct.
- There's much to do.
Even if you swapped a bed for a chair,
you'd still be useless.
Just wait, you vile rascal!
Don't worry.
I'll find a solution for all of you.
I'll write a letter to the minister.
Come, doctor.
Write a letter.
I'll write it now.
What should I write?
Respected minister,
our village has never
received any grants,
and we're facing
severe water shortages.
Please provide assistance.
That's all.
Village head.
- Yes?
Place your thumbprint here.
- What's this for?
It's a letter to the minister.
Or should I write hymns
by Narendra Chanchal?!
Just give your thumbprint.
There, it's done.
Listen to me!
It's important.
I need to make Guli Danda for the kids.
- Then what?
I can't take the letter.
Find someone else.
Then he will go.
I'm not going.
I'll not leave my empty shop.
No need to worry when I'm here.
I'll go,
just provide travel expenses.
Okay, it's settled.
- What did he say?
I'll fold this letter into an airplane
and villagers have
provided me the money.
I've got funds for 2-3 days.
Here's my airplane,
off to the park you go!
And pass on my message
that I want to have
a drink with a pigeon.
The door's open now, let's
go inside and have a drink.
Run! Hurry!
You scared me half to death.
My dear, you mean everything to me.
I don't want to kill
myself by killing you.
I may not know much about you,
but you'll surely be
the end of me someday.
I won't wait any longer.
To get me killed?
- No, for marriage.
See what your uncle wants.
Goodness gracious! Where
did you steal these from?
Not from a jeweler.
I stole them from a circus truck.
These are fake.
He wanted gold and silver.
Do you love gold more than your lover?
I'm referring to my uncle.
What would I do with gold?
For me, my lover is as
precious as a diamond.
Oh my!
- You're my everything,
and no one can change that.
- Auntie.
There's no auntie.
- I mean, my auntie's here.
Your auntie?
- Get out of here.
Not from there, run!
I'm coming, auntie.
Who's this?
This is Shinda.
- Shinde? What's he doing?
What are you doing here?
Dad, I was just cleaning.
Oh my goodness!
Look, if I hadn't taught him proper
manners since he was young,
he wouldn't be acting like this now.
Whether you agree or not,
I only see dirt in his cleaning.
Trust me.
Dad, you scold me when I work,
and you scold me when I don't.
Your constant scolding
is overwhelming me.
Village head!
Village head, come out quickly.
What's wrong? I'm coming.
Let's go.
This truck is like Dad's second wife,
he rushes out whenever
someone touches it.
Come fast!
What are you talking about?
The village has gathered
Rodhu's wife at the panchayat.
Rodhu's wife has called the
entire village to the panchayat.
Got it.
- Yeah.
Let's go then.
- Yeah, let's hurry.
Let's go.
Look, the village head is here.
Now things will get sorted, Mason.
Her husband is also here.
I want my husband back.
Village head, her husband is missing.
You need to find him now.
Will this chubby lady find him?
She's come here all dolled
up in the middle of the day.
Look at her.
You arrived before me,
but what have you accomplished?
What was I supposed to do?
How would I know which
minister you sent him to?
He hasn't gone to any minister.
We saw him heading to the
mansion with a bottle of liquor.
If you don't believe
us, you can ask her.
Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
Someone was dragging
him into the mansion.
Village head, may you be cursed!
You've got my husband killed.
I'm ruined!
Stop your lamenting!
Did I send him to the mansion?
I sent him to the city.
It's a disaster!
That phony Saint is here again.
- This is a serious disaster!
He won't return now.
Saint, why?
- Hey, fools!
I warned you earlier
not to enter the mansion
or even touch its door.
But no one listened to me.
Who should listen to you now?
Stop your drama or
I'll yank out your hair.
That's enough.
- I'll pull out your ponytail!
Naive fool!
Your time will come too!
Anyone who will dare to enter the
will face consequences.
Shut up before your time comes!
Hey, girls, can you tell us
what happened on that day?
Yeah, a ghost took
Rodhu into the mansion.
Oh no!
There's going to be trouble!
That ghost is definitely going
to make its presence known.
Don't worry about your husband.
Just stay calm and listen to me.
Let's head to the mansion
and bring your husband back.
No, I'm not going.
Whoever sent him should
be the one to bring him back.
Stop crying.
Let's find a solution.
- I have an idea!
It's all up to him
who controls time.
It will happen!
Everyone will have their turn.
It's coming.
- Everyone will have their turn.
It's coming.
- Everyone will have their turn.
Why do I always need to go to the
bathroom in the middle of the night?
Oh, no--
Chindo! Chindo!
There's a ghost in this pot!
What's wrong? You're
not letting me sleep.
Look, there's a ghost in the pot.
Oh no! I'm scared.
Saint's prediction has come true.
Why are you still here? Run!
Yes, run away from here.
- Come inside, close it.
Come inside, close it.
Saint, what's going on?
We couldn't sleep all night
because we were scared.
There's a ghost in this village.
I warned you before
that wherever the ghost is present,
there's destruction.
Saint, we've come to you with hope.
You're our only
support, our everything.
Please save your devotees.
You need to make a red handprint
outside the house.
- A handprint!
- We'll do it, Saint.
And tie neem leaves.
Okay, we'll tie them, Saint.
Seven pieces of red clothing.
Okay, we'll tie them, Saint.
Saint, I'll fetch a bundle of cloth.
You can get as many
clothes stitched as you want.
One and one-fourth
kilograms of melon seeds.
And seven and one-fourth
kilograms of clarified butter.
The village head will provide that.
- What?
Do you think these
ghosts are my relatives?
A sack of wheat.
You'll have it, Saint.
You'll get it.
You'll also receive it.
A pair of silver snake couples
weighing a hundred
and twenty-five tolas.
Not for me!
This is what the ghost
requires for appeasement.
Shut up! Or I'll shut you
up along with your chants.
Let's go!
Come on, fools, I'll
deal with all of you!
Get over here, you rascals!
Saint, Pahad Singh might
calm the villagers' fears.
He's our obstacle.
Saint will set things right.
Hang it here.
- Hang it up.
Come on, let's do it quickly now.
- Yes.
Make the impression.
Wow! Impressive!
Huh! That's impressive!
Hang it here.
Keep it up. Great job!
Wow, Saint has done amazing things!
Thank goodness!
Are you starting to
believe in Saint too?
Are you going to hang it up too?
Yes, I need to hang it now.
- I'll choose and hang it.
I'll select and use it.
Hail Saint!
- Hail Saint!
Wait, let me tell you, wait!
Call your Saint!
Where's your Saint?
I'll deal with all of you!
I'll tell your Saint!
Stop there! I'll deal with you!
Wait! I'll fix you!
Where's your Saint?
Call Saint, where is he?
I'll confront your Saint today!
- No, please.
Today, I'm going to meet Channo.
The doctor should
currently be on watch duty.
If he's still present, I'll wear
this mask to frighten him away!
Channo, I've arrived.
I'm here, my Channo! My beloved Channo!
Please take a look at the time.
Why do you engage in activities
that could result in your death?
Lovers have faced death in every era.
I'm the first lover wandering
as a ghost before dying.
Dad, do you think Pahad
Singh will be scared?
Talking about fear?
He used to walk around in
broad daylight with a candle.
Even in the restroom,
he would chant my name.
Praise Saint!
Praise Saint!
Praise Saint!
Praise Saint!
Dad, this isn't a matter of pride!
Son, even if it's
not a matter of pride,
everyone should fear.
Get ready quickly.
Let's go scare them now.
Dealing with Pahad
Singh isn't a big deal!
We've frightened many people before.
Uncle is awake, run!
Oh my! There's a ghost!
Look, it's a witch.
Oh, my dear wife!
Hey, what's that sound?
The noise is from utensils falling.
Its not about noise father
If a witch is near, not only noise but she will beat you up as well
Wife, please come inside.
They might kill you.
There are ghosts and
demons playing outside.
Come inside.
- Me?
Previously, you used
to fool the entire village,
now you're starting this
nonsense even at home.
Oh, Saint!
Where's the Saint? I
need to apologize to them.
The Saint is meditating inside.
Bring him out of meditation gently,
or else I'm going in. - No, no.
You wait, I'll call him out.
- Come out here.
People have arrived.
I'm not stepping outside.
Who knows if ghosts or witches
have taken on another form.
You go outside, or else
no one will come here again.
- Let's hurry.
Saint, may I ask you something?
Do ghosts and spirits actually exist?
That's precisely what I'm saying.
Last night, I was attacked by ghosts
with scissors in their hands.
- What the Saint is trying to convey is,
that he interacts with
witches and ghosts
and he was playing games
with them at night.
When? When did we play games?
Now witches will play games
with the entire village. - No.
Saint, what should we do now?
I've already told you 50 times,
hang neem leaves in front of the house.
And put handprints on the walls.
Put handprints in our house too.
I'll put handprints.
I will put handprints in the
where there aren't any.
Come, come.
Pass me.
Hurry up, if someone sees
us, they'll break our legs.
I'm already walking on one and a half
legs, how many more can they break?
That's why I'm saying, hurry!
Quickly, let's run!
Let's go.
- Oh, Channo.
He ran away with Channo. Villagers!
Jhukti ran away with
Channo! Come, villagers!
Hey, what's going on?
- Come here.
Villagers! Jhukti ran away with her!
- Come.
Jhukti is here.
He is Jhukti.
I feel like cutting his knees
and making him handicapped.
Look at this era, someone who
can't walk is eloping with a girl.
Look at this, he ran away
with a married woman,
we can't even run away
with an unmarried girl.
Tell the watchman that there's
been a robbery at his house.
He thinks of himself as a watchman!
I'm leaving.
- Go!
Let's catch him quickly.
Stay alert!
Stay vigilant.
Let me rest.
Thief! There's a thief!
I'm not a thief, I've come to inform
you that a woman has eloped.
How could a woman elope like
this? You should have control over her.
A man should be brave.
Oh, brave man, your woman has eloped.
Oh really, my wife has eloped?
And she ran away with Jhukti.
Then he couldn't have gone too far.
Catch the thief!
Put on your sandals.
I won't go in there;
it's a haunted mansion.
I'll protect you from the ghosts.
If the villagers catch me,
we won't be spared.
Come on.
- Oh, I'm not going.
I'm not going.
He brought her inside.
He took my woman inside.
- She's gone.
How can she be your wife?
She's the wife she eloped with.
I will take his wife with me.
You can't go inside. Come with us.
I'll take her with me.
- We'll find you another one.
The one inside won't
come out now; you go.
Stay alert.
I stayed awake all
night doing this.
I kept you awake throughout the night.
While you were still awake,
someone ran away with my only wife.
I'm utterly devastated!
My life is in ruins!
I want my wife!
Oh, my beloved wife!
She ran away with the man
you used to drink and eat with.
If only you had kept her as
close as you keep your battery,
she wouldn't have run
away with someone else.
Stop giving me advice, village head!
I've heard enough advice. No more!
I want my wife.
Village head, you're
quite the clever one.
Now, go and retrieve
his wife from the mansion.
You're the village head, after all.
It's your responsibility to assist
the village. Go and lend him a hand.
Here you go!
Step forward and take
on the role of village head.
Why should I shoulder
this responsibility?
I'll face the adversity
while you enjoy the fun.
Let me make it clear, I have
no desire to be the village head.
Pass it on to someone else.
Many are vying for this position.
Take it.
Come and accept
it. I offer it willingly.
Here, take it.
You take it, Laala.
- No, thank you, village head.
I'll craft a grander seat for you.
Take it.
- Oh, what are you saying?.
I have no interest in
being the village head.
Doctor, please calm down.
I'll get you a new one
from Uttar Pradesh.
I have no interest in
marrying a girl from UP!
"As Chhapra moves, so does Baliya."
Mr. Lala,
All I want is my Channo.
Only Channo.
Channo isn't some Miss
Punjaban; she's also from UP.
If you want to sulk, go
ahead and cry alone.
It's fine.
I won't cry alone.
When I make the whole village cry,
and when I reveal all your secrets,
that you all are the ones who killed
the thief, then the police will come.
I'll land myself in trouble,
and I'll drag you into trouble too.
Then you'll understand
what Channo meant to me.
Oh, Villagers,
resolve his issue.
- Yes.
Or else, he'll create trouble for us.
Not just trouble, mister,
you will get a
thrashing with a belt.
We won't comply.
We won't comply.
Then who will go?
Saint! Saint!
I'm pleading with you, I won't go.
I have no issues with ghosts.
You sort out your own problems.
Agree to enter the mansion,
this way, our followers will increase
and we'll also receive money.
No, my son, I've made my stance clear.
Listen, devotees, I refuse to go.
Why won't you go?
Oh Saint, you have no choice
but to go,
either to the mansion
or to the police station.
Otherwise, I'll implicate the entire
village by revealing to the police
how and where you
killed that thief.
Now, tell me, will you comply or not?
But I was the last
one to arrive.
The villagers can attest to this, Saint.
The police are unaware of this.
The police will only be informed
of what we disclose to them.
Very well then, agreed.
But I have a condition as well.
What is your condition, Saint?
One member from each household
will accompany me.
No problem!
They will surely accompany you.
Fantastic! The
entire village will join.
A whole truckload will head
out to rescue my Channo.
Stay alert!
Taadka roars fiercely,
confronting Death itself.
Give me such blessing that
ghosts, witches won't dare approach me.
Saint, what mantra are you chanting?
With this mantra, devotee,
we will not fear ghosts and witches.
So let us not be afraid.
No, feel a little fear
and move the truck.
The door is shut, Saint.
Magar Singh, ram
the gate with the truck!
Village head, come here!
Hey, Shinde, come here.
Find my wife.
My love!
I'm here.
Mr. Ghost, they've arrived.
Mr. Ghost, I request you
to release his wife.
We have no enmity with each other
and if there is any issue,
we can sit and solve it.
Please, see, I've come myself.
I am the head of this village.
Mr. Ghost!
What enmity do you have
with this watchman, tell me.
The ghost has closed the door.
Saint, cast your spell.
I'll cast the spell.
Taadka roars fiercely,
confronting Death itself...
How beautiful the witch is.
Oh my!
My sweetheart, where are you going?
I'm here. Hey, don't go there.
She is my Channo, I recognize her gait.
If you had recognized Channo's gait,
this situation wouldn't
have arisen today.
Let's go now.
What is this!
Run! Run!
Excuse me, sir.
Can you please
tell me the way to the exit?
I've been here watching
TV for the past 25 years,
but I'm still unsure
how to find my way out.
Excuse me,
which way is the exit?
Could you please direct me?
Thank you very much.
I've been wandering for so long,
and you're the first
person to guide me.
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Cast a spell, Saint.
- Mantra mantra mantra.
Cast your spell.
Run from here!
I'm unable to locate the exit.
Me too.
- What seems to be the issue?
What's the matter?
Taadka roars fiercely,
confronting Death itself...
responsible for all of this.
Hey, buddy, stop arguing,
and let's search for the way out.
No. No. No
Before leaving,
find my Channo.
We all got lost while
searching for Channo.
It's all your fault, step aside.
Hey, Channo.
She is Channo! Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
- Run!
Oh gosh! Run!
What is this?
Wait! I will fix them!
- Come, brother.
Hey, come here, Channo.
My love, come here, dear.
Hey, are you leaving me or not?
I don't want to leave
my body! You come here.
Hey, where are you taking me?
Sister, why don't you just tell
me which spell will work on you?
We belong to your village.
- Save us.
You bastard!
[Inaudible conversation]
My Channo!
She's my Channo.
There's no ghost here;
they're trying to fool us.
Have you been trying to
deceive us all this time?
There's no need for this, son.
Keep it down, you
might accidentally shoot.
Just tell us,
what have we done wrong?
It's not their fault either, those
whom we had imprisoned earlier.
If you want to save yourself too,
come with us and
search for the treasure.
'It means the
queen's treasure is
still in the mansion.'
'If I obtain that treasure,
then I will marry Paali by
giving Uncle the earrings.'
'Everything will be fine.'
I told you, there are
no ghosts or anything.
Tell me, where are the
ghosts in the mansion.
Not in the mansion, but
they are in the village.
I'll tell you the truth, but
please don't get angry.
There are no ghosts
in the village either.
Hey, what about the
blood stains in our house?
Those stains were made by
my wife.
Did the pot move itself?
The pot didn't move by itself.
My son had put a mouse
in that pot.
- Huh!
I'll tell you the truth.
- You scoundrel!
I'll fix you.
You've misled all the villagers.
Not misled, but frightened
them with ghosts.
Listen to me.
You may curse me,
but if you raise a hand on Saint,
it's a great sin.
- Shut up.
Listen to me.
This is an old matter,
a very old matter.
I have a new scheme,
with which all of you will escape.
What is it?
- Yes, listen then.
Everyone come here.
- Let's go there.
Tonight, we will all
flee from here.
Hey, you lunatics.
Have you gone mad?
You think about one thing.
- Yes.
What's the use of running away?
If we find treasure,
we won't inform them.
It would solve all our problems.
And the issue of water
would also be resolved.
How will you deal with
the guns they possess?
They can take down three
men with a single bullet.
Why are you trembling, my friend?
We'll all come together
and handle them collectively.
Don't exaggerate.
Brother, deal with
your own issues later.
First, locate the person
who's been interfering in my affairs.
Friend, why bother
searching? Here is Jhukti.
Here he is.
- I came here to find my friend Rodhu.
The journey was long, so
I thought I might get bored,
that's why I brought
sweetheart Channo along.
Shut up, don't talk nonsense.
You could have taken me along too.
You've eloped with my wife Channo.
You turned out to be a traitor.
Oh my! Why didn't I pass
away before hearing this?
May worms infest you.
You're the most handsome man to me.
Oh, you're my Dharmendra,
you're my Satinder.
How did you think
your Channo would betray you?
Yes, indeed.
My baby, may worms infest the
not your Dharmendra.
Big worms!
They have slandered you.
What has happened?
Sister, there's a witch in this hut.
Everyone, move aside!
I am doomed!
Witch, couldn't you
find any other village!
You only found our village!
Come out once, if I
don't pull your hair,
then I will eat my own words.
You killed her husband!
You killed her husband!
- Aunt, enough now.
Now who else will you kill!
You killed my husband too!
You bloody witch!
Come out, I will teach you a lesson!
You'll be advising in
ghost assemblies that
you can visit any village,
but avoid the one where Mindo resides.
Please step back.
Otherwise, Mindo will lose her life.
- Keep quiet!
If she isn't restrained
today, she won't go!
Laala, instruct this witch
to take a seat and articulate
whatever she needs to convey.
She troubles us every day.
I stay scared all the time.
- What can I do?
Is she my relative?
- Come on, son.
Let's go to the Saint.
- Let's go to the Saint.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
- Hail the Saint.
The village is facing trouble.
- Hails to the Saint!
Hails to the Saint!,
Hails to the Saint!.
Hails to the Saint!,
Hails to the Saint!.
Hails to the Saint! Please come.
Hails to the Saint!
Speak, devotees.
Saint, please have a look and inform us.
the one who perceives
is seated in the mansion.
Mother, he is the Saint for us.
You may have him seated on the throne.
How can we seat the junior Saint?
Mother, please guide Saint,
then we will even
lift him and seat him.
Alright, if you insist, I will take
this responsibility, devotees.
Hail Saint Harku Das!
Saint Harku Das!
Saint Harku Das!
- Praise!
Come on, devotees, have a seat.
What do you ask, devotees?
- Junior Saint.
Half the villagers has disappeared.
Show us your mercy
and see
the events unfolding in the mansion.
Show me what's going
on inside the mansion.
Amazing situation.
Amazing! Devotees, amazing.
The Saint
has caught the witch by her neck.
All are doing work here.
Are you a guest?
If you require any
assistance, let me know!
No need for that.
I sense a simmering
sensation in my stomach.
I'm unsure why I feel like vomiting.
Do you have the
orange candies, wrestler?
- Oh my my!
See how he is testing his
strength on the old man.
There are many young people here too,
try your strength there.
- You!
We found the treasure!
We found the treasure!
We found the treasure!
Hey, we found the treasure!
We found it!
- Quickly open it.
Hurry, open it quickly.
We did it!
This is quite big.
- There's another box inside.
What could be inside?
There will be
diamonds and jewels in it,
the king wouldn't have kept
veggies in it.
Quickly, take it out.
Take it out.
Be quick, but careful! Excellent work!
Hey, there's another
chest inside the chest.
Will you only take out this, or
will something else come out?
The chest is crafted so exquisitely.
It appears that a skilled
artisan made it.
Take out the diamonds from it!
- What will come out of it?
I feel like this is a love letter
from some King.
Rip it!
Only paper is coming out of it.
This was the map of the treasure.
- Oh no!
Bro, it was a map, my bad.
But no worries, I'll patch it up.
Oh, thank goodness,
the map is patched up.
According to the map,
the treasure is not far.
Let's all set out.
- Okay.
If you comprehend the map,
then all of you accompany us.
Why should we accompany you?
Now that you have the map,
discover the treasure yourselves.
Let us head home.
We'll go home and meet our family.
You can check your houses
later. For now, lend us a hand.
We can't leave, the
police are after us.
That's why you'll have
to give us your support.
We'll give our support.
We also want half of the treasure.
You'll get your share.
But how will you manage
to get us out of here?
The truck is filled
with circus dresses.
We'll disguise ourselves as
circus performers and leave.
"Among guys..."
"Among guys..."
"I am well-known among the guys"
"Every girl yearns to meet me"
"I am well-known among the guys"
"Every girl yearns to meet me"
"I am akin to whisky"
"I am akin to Peter Scotch whisky"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of rum"
"My love, I am akin to red wine"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of alcohol"
"My love, I am akin to red wine"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of alcohol"
"I consume fruits daily, my
mother provides juice every day"
"We exclusively consume
sugarcane from our farm"
"Our acres are filled with grapes,
and soon berries will bloom"
"We solely consume milk from our
home, we avoid packaged products"
"My effect..."
"My influence is akin to Kiwi"
"The Jatt's influence
is akin to almonds"
"My love, I am akin to red wine"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of alcohol"
"My love, I am akin to red wine"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of alcohol"
"The Jatti adorns Patiala Shahi salwar"
"Darling, we drink patiala shahi pegs"
"I exclusively choose
suits that cost lakhs"
"I roam around with lakhs
of rupees in my pocket"
"Jatti is akin to lioness"
"The Jatti has always
been likened to a lioness"
"The Cheema hunts a lion"
"My love, I am akin to red wine"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of alcohol"
"My love, I am akin to red wine"
"The Jatt ascends like
the intoxication of alcohol"
"Radke Radke!"
"Radke Radke! If our
conversations don't align"
"If our conversations don't align,
I'll raise a ruckus on the balcony"
"Radke Radke, hadipa!
"Radke Radke! If you make commotion"
"If you make a commotion, I'll
grasp your ears and bring you down"
"If you make commotion"
Turn left.
Turn right.
Walk straight.
Turn back.
Oh Dammit! You guys
actually turned back.
I was conducting PT.
Oh Dammit!
I was just getting you to exercise.
Listen to me,
I won't stop on the way,
so keep following the
footsteps of my feet.
And whoever lags behind, stays behind.
Keep following this direction.
Come on.
Just support me.
According to this map,
this is the direction.
Guys, come.
Today we'll find it!
Keep coming.
Don't show laziness. Come on.
Hey, mason.
- Yes.
The dressmaker has
made numerous errors.
What? - They've mistakenly
attached a dog's tail to the bear.
And it's such a small tail.
The tailors has indeed erred,
and the dressers have also
made numerous mistakes.
They've given a monkey
a tiger's dress code.
You're a bear!
- You look like a monkey.
Come, I'll show you.
I'll arrange your
wrestling in the village.
First, let's find the treasure.
- I'll deal with her later.
Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
From what I understand of astrology,
Hey, Saint!
According to your
astrology, it doesn't indicate
that in the presence of
four intelligent individuals,
you shouldn't display
more intelligence there.
The ones possessing intellect are merely
the three of us,
the others are simply foolish.
Hey, Saint!
If you start your astrology lecture,
I'll hit you!
If you had to insult me so much,
then why did you bring me along?
I'm going back to my village.
Shall I sent you back to the village?
I was just kidding.
How will I find my way back to the
village in the middle of this jungle?
Then starting walking.
My astrology tells me that I should
walk at this time.
Come let's go.
Mobster, get some tea.
Which day is it today?
- Tuesday.
I don't drink on Tuesdays.
Drink it.
Massage his head properly.
Nephew, things have
not gone well for us.
Uncle, even these poor
people have not been spared.
They're receiving massages here
and they've deceived him.
Indeed! This poor, poor
man is getting a massage here.
They're armed with rifles.
And I suspect the rifle
will end up in his hands,
while someone else takes the treasure.
It can't be like this.
Mobster, we're not implying
that your men are at fault.
Are our people trustworthy?
If they were trustworthy,
they wouldn't bring us along.
I was suggesting if we
could acquire one ring.
Your point is absolutely valid.
Ajgar can do anything for treasure.
There's still time,
shall we go by truck?
How will we go by truck?
We don't have a map, so
how will we find the way?
Hey, drivers know all the roads.
We don't have a map
but if we find people,
we'll find the map automatically.
Let's go.
Let's go then.
"Paali is the queen of heart"
"Bagga is her lover"
"If you touch her, she'll die"
"If you show her a
gun, she'll be scared"
Hey, how are you, my sweet heart?
Don't you feel ashamed teasing girls?
I do.
- Then?
By being shameless,
the shame ends itself.
What do you want?
I want to marry you.
I love Shinde.
What's the problem?
You can love him as well.
But marry me.
I'll only marry Shinde.
I came to pick you up
but I think I have to
deal with Shinde first.
Where is Shinde?
Hey, girl, tell me.
- He is in the mansion.
In the mansion.
Come on.
"We were looking for your lover"
"But he's nowhere to be found"
Hey, what else could I do?
He was going to kidnap us.
Hey, keep walking.
If you take the wrong
path, I'll chop you.
Listen to me.
What happened?
Hello, what happened?
Nothing, it's a small
matter, you guys keep going.
Pahad Singh.
- What's up?
I have got a pressure.
- Okay.
So handle it.
Even the government can't
stop it, so how can I stop it?
You go on, I'll follow.
Go ahead, watch out for monkeys.
Oh, dear!
Listen to me!
From Kanyakumari to Kashmir
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari
I know every alley, every street,
every sewerage
you guys just follow me
like goats follow the shepherd.
First, his chatter,
and top of that,
this never-ending journey.
Man, how much more
will you make us walk?
Even passengers don't pester
drivers as much as
you're pestering me.
You're not less than a driver.
At least they tell us the right
time, but you're just making us walk.
I've never been this tired even
during the pilgrimage to Mani Mahesh
as I am today.
Oh my goodness!
Now, I can't walk anymore.
Do one thing, get me
a horse or a carriage,
then I can go with you guys.
Am I supposed to turn
into a horse for you?
Saint, why don't you sit
under this tree and meditate,
we'll pick you up on our way back.
Some animal might eat me
before you guys come to pick me up.
I'm requesting with folded hands,
let me rest here for some time.
Does anyone have almond oil?
I'll apply some to my feet.
Are we wandering around
here with almond oil for you?
I'll assist you in
locating the treasure,
but does anyone have mustard oil?
Hey, we're here to find the
treasure, not to fry puri.
If anyone annoys or troubles
me now,
I'll tear the map like this.
Don't let yourself be torn by me,
it will be difficult for
people to understand
whether an animal ripped you apart
or it was Ajgar.
- Take the treasure.
Rascals, don't count me as a fool.
If you knew about the map,
you wouldn't ask me for directions.
- Ajgar, leave him.
Ajgar, leave him,
or else who will take
us to the treasure.
Come on, start walking.
Come. Come,
Hold My Hand.
Come on
Lets go
Hey, village head, listen to me.
At least walk a bit
faster than you think.
What do you mean?
I don't mean anything.
I was concerned that the
monkeys might start chasing the lion.
Hold on, let me wear lion mask.
- Done.
I'll grab your tail.
- Leave the tail.
Let's start walking.
Never grab the tail,
or you'll get shocked.
Who's there?
Who's there? Don't panic.
It's okay, I think
some animal attacked the mason.
- Don't panic.
Don't be afraid, I'll go
check, you wait here.
- Don't leave me behind.
Oh Lord Shiva!
Hey, thirty-three crore
gods and goddesses,
on this Nag Panchami,
I'll offer milk.
Why do you have this hand saw?
For difficult
situations, Pahad Singh.
Wasn't that a difficult
situation, silly! Come down.
Will the snake return?
- No, come down.
Oh God! Where the hell am I trapped!
I'm not a village head.
I'm a bear. Have a look!
Look at me.
Bro, can't you talk in Punjabi?
I don't understand English.
Man, I can't understand
anything other than your 'Ha-la'.
Hey, idiots, are you scared
of me or trying to scare me?
Oh mason!
Where did that chubby lady gone?
I guess a religious gathering
is going on somewhere.
A religious gathering?
- Yes.
Then let's go and listen to
hymns and have something to eat.
It's been a long time
since I've had good food.
- Come, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Take it easy, walk slowly, be careful.
Don't worry, the lion is with you.
The village head is there.
- Where is she?
I told you no animal can harm her.
Look, they're with them.
Hey, mason.
- Yes.
I wouldn't have been able to rescue
her from these individuals either.
Today, they will turn the
village head into a tandoor.
Dude, before they make
our tandoor
let's get out of here.
Let's save ourselves, Pahad Singh.
Otherwise, they'll hang us upside down.
I'll do something, wait a minute,
let me put the mask on properly.
Come, come with me.
Pahad Singh, we're trapped.
(Other language)
Now, having turned the
village head into a tandoor,
they'll consume Pahad Singh as a curry.
Ask this fool what he's saying.
He's saying to walk straight
or he'll tear your chest apart.
Where did you get stuck with them?
Where did you guys go?
- 'Jinga lala'.
'Jinga lala.'
They are asking me to undress myself.
You both also sided with them.
Who knows, this might be their Jaikaara.
Keep talking, who knows
they might let us go out of pity.
Keep saying that wait, I'll tell you.
They might turn you into their prey.
Where have we got stuck?
Village head!
You be a lion.
Don't be afraid.
Village head, now we won't survive.
If you have any last wish, tell me.
Ask him,
please don't cut my neck
with an axe, it will hurt a lot.
I usually faint anyway.
Oh my goodness!
What were you carrying?
Dude, I wasn't carrying
anything, my legs are hurting.
Oh my goodness!
Thank you, God.
The jungle has ended.
Hey, look here!
Look here.
Come from here
and from there...
Oh, that's it!
The treasure is there!
It's right there.
Here in front?
- Yes.
Idiot! This is the police station.
We could have come straight here.
Why did you take us
in the middle of jungle?
Will we find treasure
in the police station?
Your mind has gone crazy.
This is like trying to put
clothes on a monkey.
This is very difficult.
- Listen, don't lose courage.
Let me tell you a scheme, come here.
Hey, come closer and listen.
Quickly tie your boots
tightly and run away.
If you have showed quickness earlier
we would have reached here an hour ago.
What treasure could we have
found by arriving here an hour early?
Talking like this won't
lead us to the treasure.
Let's find a solution to this.
Think of something.
How do we get inside?
I have an idea.
Don't keep it to yourself.
- Share it with me.
What is it?
- Come closer.
Get up!
Why are you hitting me?
What's my fault? I
haven't stolen anything!
That's the swiftness of Tejpal.
I catch the thief before the theft!
But I was just
contemplating stealing now.
Oh, fool!
That's the speed.
Before you think, I've already thought
what were you thinking?
Hey, sir, spare me this time.
If I ever contemplate stealing again,
it would bring shame to my father.
Hey! Let him go.
Hari, has this rascal
did his attendance?
Yes, sir.
Sir, I am ruined, destroyed!
No one can steal money in
Tejpal's area during a wedding.
Hey, how did you get robbed?
I had saved up money
and bought a truck.
That truck was stolen.
Now tell me,
how will I give rides
to my little children?
Dude, first tell me,
do you need a truck or ride?
Police officer, we will give rides to
the children ourselves.
Bro, just get our truck back.
- Yeah.
How did your truck look?
It has a four-letter number.
It's a yellow-colored truck, it has 6
tires, and its horn honks 'Paa-paa'.
'Po Po'.
- Yes.
Hey, boy, don't worry.
Now witness the speed of Tejpal
how I will catch the thief.
Listen to me,
Keep the doors open.
I'll catch the thief.
- Okay, sir.
Don't become dishonest
upon seeing the treasure.
You, who steal rings at fairs,
what do you know about treasures?
Uncle, will we make it there?
- Hey, don't worry.
My truck has outpaced many ships.
They are on foot.
Uncle, don't talk too
much. Just drive the truck.
Before we arrive there,
Ajgar will get all the treasures.
How will Ajgar get all the treasure?
Jhukti is here with you.
If we find the treasure, then
I'll take two bags of bhukki.
Two bags of bhukki?
Uncle, speed up.
- Yeah.
Uncle, police!
What do I do now?
Hit them! Press accelerator.
Hey, stop.
Jinga lala, leader!
Jinga lala, leader!
Jinga lala, leader!
Jinga lala, leader!
Jinga lala, leader!
Jinga lala, leader!
Chandala leader!
Jinga lala!
I believe our brother's face
resembles their
ancestors. Take a look at this.
Come here.
Jinga-lala dhamsa, jinga-lala dhamsa.
jinga-lala, jinga lala.
jinga-lala, jinga lala.
Get down
within two minutes.
You're unaware of the boss's temper.
He could drive you
to the brink of trouble.
I will handle this matter.
Greeting, sir!
You're driving around with a
stolen truck in Tejpal's area!
No, sir.
You made a mistake, this truck is mine
and its papers are in the
truck, should I get them?
Faster than Tejpal?
Did you prepare RC before taking it?
This truck is owned
by the circus people.
Blah blah Blah, I will take leave.
Please stay here.
Keep calling him, if
you need us, we'll come.
You'll call the village! Shut up!
I'm saying, let's go!
Jingla lala!
Let's go!
- Oh, run!
Shinde, we outsmarted the police!
We even dug up the police station.
As I mentioned, based on the map,
we were supposed to dig from this spot.
My friend, no matter
how deep you must dig,
keep digging.
To the best of my understanding,
we won't discover the
treasure here either.
He's foolish himself,
attempting to deceive us as well.
Show me. - Take a look.
- Hurry up.
Am I wrong?
Pass the map here.
Oh, foolish!
He stick
the map upside down.
Oh, foolish one, the treasure lies
beneath the statue in the mansion.
Have a look!
Bro, it's pointing here.
The treasure is buried
under the ground here.
Dig here quickly.
- Hurry up and dig here.
With force!
Hello, Parbhar.
Hey! Who removed your clothes?
Hey! Where did that circus team go?
Oh, sir!
Hey! Who's faster than
Hey! Run, run.
They've outsmarted the police.
Let's go, we're also departing.
We don't need to abandon the treasure.
- Let's move.
Seeing Channo didn't
bring me as much joy
as discovering the treasure did.
Hey, listen.
Put all the treasure into my bag.
Yes! It's all yours.
Pass me the cloth and
put the treasure inside it.
Here you go!
Where are you taking this treasure?
Give us our share.
- We agreed to split it evenly.
Oh dear!
Does anyone else want the treasure?
Want it?
Shinde, heed my words!
Come here, come here.
- Grab him.
Shinde, run!
He took the treasure!
Wait! I'll fix you, rascal!
Shoot! Shoot!
Wait! I will give you
a good thrash, rascal!
Hit him!
Where are you running!
Catch the treasure! Let's go!
Come! I'll fix you!
Leave me! Leave me!
Hands up!
Beware, if you try to escape.
- I'm not running away.
You're running away from the truth.
Lad, I've read your face.
Keep it down.
Oh my!
And your face reading says that
you're the illegitimate
child of your parents.
My mother said it once.
But I didn't trust her.
Forget your mother.
Trust me. Should I make you legitimate?
- Yes!
Give me 151 rupees.
151 Rupees! Make me legitimate!
Saint, I only have 50 rupees.
Saint, take 100 rupees from me
but remove this stain from my boss.
I'm ready to do it. Just chant my name,
I'm about to fulfill your request.
Hails to saint!
- Hails to saint!
Oh my man! Show me the treasure!
Oh! You hit me!
Rascals, I will show you!
I'm coming! Don't panic!
Wait! I will shoot you!
Come along, and if we discover
the treasure, I'll take you overseas.
First, let's retrieve the
treasure from these individuals.
I'll handle that now.
You'll regret messing with me.
Come here!
Dad, come here.
Catch this!
Hands up, hands up!
Drop it!
Put your hands up and
hand over the treasure!
Do you want the treasure?
Give me the treasure.
I won't spare you!
"Desires and the mind neither perish."
"The body perishes."
This is written in the scriptures that
a man dies!
But the desires doesn't die!
The treasures of this
world remain here.
That's why, my devotees
close your eyes,
and meditate!
And sing!
What's the matter?
Why did you stop?
- Oh, sir!
This car broke down.
For the first time, someone
has surpassed Tejpal.
Come! I'll fix you!
Jeone Morh has acquired the treasure!
Now, I'll fix everyone!
Where are they?
We mustn't let the treasure slip away,
even if it means resorting to violence.
Let's go then!
- Let's go.
Who will take the treasures
of the world along with them?
They will stay here.
"This world is a fair"
"This is the fair"
Ajgar, we found the treasure!
Open and see!
- Yeah!
I have brought it with
great difficulty.
Grab the treasure!
We found the treasure!
Yeah! We found the treasure!
- Let's go.
You got the treasure?
I also have a share in this treasure.
- We too have a share.
Don't let greed for wealth consume you,
or in your next life, you
might indeed turn into a snake.
Treasure is mine!
We also have a share in this treasure.
Otherwise, I'll eliminate everyone!
What about our share?
I humbly request,
give me this treasure.
I'll solve the water
problem of our village.
Please, brother!
- Come!
Catch him!
Hey, run!
- Get the treasure!
He's threatening to kill me.
- What's going on?
Look! He might kill her.
Someone, please rescue me!
- Shoot her. We don't need her.
I'll become the village
leader! Kill her!
Sir, it's fine, shoot her!
- Stop!
Do you want your
mother or the treasure?
Catch it!
My name is Bagga,
stealing is my job.
This is my treasure,
I have to take it along.
I might go crazy!
I won't allow even a single
drop of water to leave my area
and you're stealing the treasures?
We've been following
you for so many days,
but you don't know that we have
a habit of eating prepared rice pudding
If you try to be too clever,
I will kill everyone!
And we believe more
in kidnapping
than killing.
Don't you believe in me either?
We do!
Run! What are you waiting for?
- Start the jeep!
Let's go!
Catch them!
- They are taking the treasure!
Run! Stop them!
Sir, they ran away!
Let's go! Follow them!
Come fast
Let's go!.
Let's go!.
Let's go!.
Today, she said to me,
"Arrange for your
daughter to marry my son."
The guy who couldn't
manage the treasure,
how will he manage my daughter?
Just get your daughter married to me
I'll take care of both your
daughter and the treasure.
Where is the treasure?
Just a minute!
Hold on!
Oh my goodness! I was already
saying that my son is like a diamond.
My son is like a diamond! Amazing!
Pahad Singh, I had
already read his face.
Are you going to keep talking or
begin preparing for the wedding?
Let's get moving!
Folks, now that the treasure has
been found, one thing is certain,
Shinde and Paali
will be getting married.
And another certainty is,
the village's water issue
will finally be resolved.
Additionally, it's now clear
that there's no ghost in the mansion.
However, another mystery remains,
whether Ajgar and Bhagga have
been apprehended by the police,
or if they will attempt another assault
to reclaim the treasure?