Boogens, The (1981) Movie Script

Was about time fellas.
Bring that generator over here.
Alright, alright.
I'll tell you. I'm going nuts.
I can't take any more of this.
You know, it's been 11
days and 6 hours...
- Is that all you can think about?
Getting Laid?
I mean she's coming
up tomorrow.
I'm not talking about getting laid.
I'm talking about that's... long it's been
since I last saw her.
I'm sorry, I must have
lost my head.
Jesus, you must think I'm a
sex maniac or something.
Actually, it's been 11 days and 7
hours since I last got laid.
Why would I think
you're a sex maniac?
What can I say? I looked at the
clock next to the bed.
I'd like to remember the major
events in my life.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
Right over there.
Mark, we're operating
on channel 2.
Keep those radios on all the
time we're in the mine.
Right, right.
Any questions don't
hesitate to ask
When we're in the mines the rules are
simple enough for you to understand.
No fucking around.
Watch your step and keep
track of your buddies.
This place has been closed since 1912,
no telling what kind of shape it's in.
Danel and I have re-opened a lot of
these mines and fellas.. long as you do exactly as you're told
there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
- You got that Rog?
- Oh, yes, sir!
- Where'd you find this guy?
- Under a rock.
Good! He should feel
right at home.
Ok, move it guys.
Get going.
- Isn't Frank coming?
- Yeah. He'll catch up to us.
- He's gotta check in
with the office.
Great, Brian gets the trailer
and we get the shaft.
You guys hang back
about 10-15 feet.
What are we doing?
He's checking the beams.
See if we have to replace any.
That one's alright.
That one's alright?
That one's alright?
Maybe Brian needs some
help with the trailer.
You know I'm a good
trailer man.
Come on.
This one's gotta go.
- Why did they close this mine
in the first pace? - Cave-in.
I don't think we're getting
paid enough for this job.
- You guys alright?
- Yeah, yeah. We're fine.
- You smell anything?
- No, no. Why?
I just shit my pants.
You might already be one of
interrupt this little surprise.
I know what the blind Randes.
This is not blind got a date.
- Yes, of course.
He will come on the weekend to help Jessica to move.
Name is Trish, they went to school together.
I remember the last thing that you've got a date
set up, it's a great girl...
Quasimodo daughter.
No! Svidee you Trish. Really!
You did?
Furnished said.
Let there be light.
This is it.
Yes, you're right, Dan, looks bad.
This will suit you. What do you say, want to
Treis or want to peai?
Hell, peaimo.
Better hurry.
I'm telling you, with Trisa
to get along.
Listen, I want the whole weekend
to be alone, okay?
Good, turn on the lights.
I get out of here. - OK.
Has perfect tits.
Knock it off already.
Perfect boobs...
- I'm telling you, I saw them.
You see them? Both of the two?
- Yes, we have taken a hot bath together.
Hot bath?
Hey, guys, we did a good job today.
Let me buy you a drink.
Not tonight, Roger and I have to pack.
She's moving into a new house tomorrow after work.
See you tomorrow!
Thanks for the warning!
Oh, my God!
Damn deer.
Shut up!
Hi, it's me.
I'm at home.
I thought I'd stop by the house,
to light a fire.
Coming tomorrow!
I got the earlier you do it?
I do not think so.
Listen, I'll have to spend the night here,
because the car was in the ditch.
Do not... Derailed deer before me.
Unleash it!
Because the car was in the damn ditch.
Mean me. There is no
food, and already starving.
No, it's fine, there's no point
izostane from work tomorrow.
I'll already be somehow
car's only problem.
I'll be fine.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I love you.
This unit No.147.
License plate number:
as Charlie, a B Baker
S as freezing as
and my ass here... 117,
Message received. I repeat: EBS 117?
're Talking today with the Guard?
Some 20 minutes.
82 degrees Fahrenheit and has a sunny weather.
I'm going back to base. End patrols.
Message received.
Now what?
To put the lamp?
According to the map this way
should be split into two parts.
Look again.
Well Brian, it depends on you whether
are you going to keep the bag and apron
Or you can choose a tunnel No.1, No.2
tunnel or tunnel No.3.
- Yes.
Why they closed the mine 1920s?
This is not even on this
damn map.
These maps are not good.
What do we do?
- This damn thing is 70 years old.
I'll be back and I'll call the office
if you have a newer version.
In the meantime, you clean up
points to this. Let's go!
Come on, Molly, you can not do that.
You have not changed. I still give
female names in my car?
I'm still better than Roger.
Do you know that he gives the names of their body parts?
You're kidding.
Are you ready for this?
Name him Herman.
You do know everything!
Trish, my dear, you should be
navigatorka. Remember?
I know it would be much easier,
if painted by
roads as indicated on maps.
You know, the blue paths of blue lines,
red roads to the red line.
Well, while you're thinking about this,
we shall pay homage to nature.
You need to go left.
Great, now this.
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!
Come on, Tiger!
Come on, little pokvarenjae!
Come on, Tiger!
Jessica, this would not listen to us at all.
Yes, I know, this is stupid. Let's go back.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Jesse, this happens every time.
What can I say, I said I was sorry.
Let's drown the little bastard.
This is what I went to school?
At least I understand this.
Holy shit.
What is this?
- Come and see for yourself.
What do you guys think?
- This is amazing.
This is a natural cave?
- Exactly.
What is it? - What?
- Over there.
What you get?
- I do not know.
Looks human. - Yes, he was definitely one of those
miners stuck.
Say when do you want guys to pack,
I'm for it.
Hey, look over there.
There are at least 20-30 people.
It is, Mark. There were 30 people there.
Now there are only 3 man and a
huge pile of bones.
It will be better if the sides down here.
Silver City
is not exactly what I had imagined.
Why here? Why did we have to come here
Saw the homeless there?
Look, Roger said that the house was great and
will come and Mark.
I hope that's the truth.
Do not worry Jess, this is a sweet little
and I'd bet that the same people and
so kind.
Hi, how are you?
Tigre, stop it!
This is my bed.
This will be a good track to me and Rodz.
The Total sexual maniac.
Just purely for information...?
It's been 12 days...
O, this will not serve you.
just distract you with something, I do not think
we're going to see a lot of
The next three days.
I think I'll take a cold shower,
because these stories are killing me.
But there will be a Mark!
This dressed anywhere we can go.
There is no hot water.
- I thought you wanted a cold.
Ice cubes drop from the tap.
Where is the heated water in these places?
Surely you just need to switch on the heater warmed.
Mostly in the basement.
Oh, man.
These little prokletnie!
If I catch you...!
Roger, I'm not interested.
Uhvatiu is pocepau
with all her clothes, piece by piece,
until I saw every Deli
her beautiful naked body.
After 'll be entered into spau room
oboriu on the bed,
poeu the toes,
after that I'll lick the...
Jesus, you're disgusting.
Just got a call from Denver, we have a few new folder
, Roger, you should go for them.
You're kidding, are not you, Brian?
- I'm dead serious.
Brian, my girlfriend had just arrived.
It's already 12 days!
What am I, damn, damn you got a date line?
We're trying to open a mine.
What would I go?
Yeah, how about we go on?
I need Mark, tomorrow we will start to
binding wire.
Brian, can every other evening just not tonight.
I'd rather come here to work but...
You do not have to go before 3 am, it should be
enough time for what you have in mind.
I want you to come back tomorrow afternoon
, at 3h40 '.
- Do not be late!
What about the car?
It'll be up tonight.
- We'll probably have dinner in the city?
Well, Dan and I are going to play pool with
Come here.
Do you take the keys.
Around 9am.
Yeah, right.
OK. We'll see you there.
Hey, guy, do not be
prenapregne in business.
Yes, of course.
What are you laughing at?
- Oh, nothing.
Come on, you would not be able to get laid
all night even if he wanted to.
What? You doubt the ability of the hormone
There is a hormonal man!
Able to satisfy any woman!
Hormonal man against
sadness, loneliness and dissatisfaction.
Hormonal man!
Roger, stop it!
Please stop!
What's going on here...
I thought he attacked
a total stranger.
No, Trish. What, you did not have
where to go, huh?
No, I did not want to leave in two
Apologize. I'm Mark.
Oh, yes. Bye.
If you do not mind...
We'II finish what I have begun.
Mind, I definitely considered.
Roger, you've been too long in the mountains,
infect your brain.
Yes, you're right, but my brain is not
part of that body who is having problems.
Hey, guys, you will not close the door
before you start the mission?
Hi, Mark.
- Hi, Jessica.
Good day, Mark.
Hello, killer.
What is it, Lassie? Jimmy is in trouble?
Hey, whatever it is down there,
probably twice bigger than you,
and in the blink of an eye would have whacked,
in it can not be sure.
Okay, you ready?
Shoot down!
Come here and sit down. Time to man and dog
little talk.
Good guy.
Listen to me. This will be very
Dugaka winter, especially for
if you're not present clear.
And the trailers outside is very cold,
that says your name, dude.
I see you've met with Tiger.
I too well.
There is beer?
In the fridge. Help yourself.
Practically, we are cousins.
What do you say, Tiger, you want a beer?
Mani him, he was still a minor.
Is there a couch that you need to tear
carpet that needs to pee?
He listens.
Well, Jessica had simply
threw at me.
Did she say what I did
Tigris for Christmas?
I made a miniature
electric chair for dogs.
Really done, I'm done.
You do it as a hobby or are you
a professional performer for dogs?
I just used my college education with
job, an electrical engineer.
And how do you become a miner?
Couple company asked me to do
electrical engineer them immediately after graduation.
I'm not prepared for this.
So we came in with Roger
mountains to do this mining stuff.
This is just a job.
So what's your story?
Jesse and I are going to the same school.
They offered me a job in the Denver Post, and
I moved from Pennsylvania two weeks ago.
So you're a writer?
In a weekly periodical.
Some kind of wizard.
I'm glad I met you.
- The same.
Excuse me.
Oh, hey, come.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm looking lady
who owns this house, Martha epmen.
I have not seen.
No, I have not seen anyone since
we got there, about 4h before.
She was supposed to come here because of you.
That's when they were last heard of her.
We found her car a half-mile of
My partner potisao papers.
I have never met these people.
Is that Roger Lavra?
- Yes.
Is he here?
I would talk to him.
Well, I'll be in in a minute.
O, Jess...
Hey, Roger!
Better be something good.
Listen, that you may not see you and Jessica
a woman here... March epmen?
This is not good enough.
Roger, I'm serious.
What is this, a joke?
- No, the cops are.
We are sorry that we could not
, to be of greater help.
If you find out anything about her,
call me, okay?
Thank you.
Uhvatiu it.
Okay, leave it
out to play a little bit.
Yes, we obuili
time to clean up.
Okay, thank you.
Wait a minute. Now that you're already dressed,
how about dinner?
Nothing personal, but I do not think
can not remain there until breakfast.
Come on, Jessica.
Playful psiu, you stay here.
You can not come, because you do not got a date.
I do not savae is anything I have bought.
This includes socks, T-shirts, chairs,
underwear and especially in my shoes.
If I catch and eat my shoes
then I called Roger to fit
just in your little nosi.
Come on!
He's so cute.
Silver City Tavern
I just insisted that I go.
This is really cool. We get there,
and you have to go to Denver.
Come on, guys, this is not the end of the world.
We have a whole winter.
Rodz, is scientifically established that
too much sex can be a hazard to health.
Hey, you never get to interview miners
no employees.
But the truth is, too much sex can
blur vision, cause loss of coordination...
Let's go already.
Food, food.
- Come on, come on.
When I saw that he could no longer eat,
then I ordered the wine.
My hero.
Listen to me, definitely tomorrow
we stop by the shop,
we must not lose beer.
It would not be the first time.
Svratiemo then and there.
Food do you have?
- Yes.
You have a store here. People do not live on Indian
But as I saw it.
I thought I'd buy a few things...
You need for a
cake and tomorrow I'll make a cake.
Hey, I remember.
Tomorrow will be the anniversary of your first orgasm.
Son of a bitch.
- Catch it!
Guess that patient!
We have it! Again!
Two goals!
Here we are.
Hey, boss.
I want present to you my girl, sexy
He's always been like this?
- Yes.
Guys, this is Trish.
Only Trish.
Well, would you beer?
No, no, no, keys,
go on the road for a couple of hours
I'll try to sleep, but
I do not think I'd make it.
me to go with you? - That would really like, but then the
sleep would not be anything.
Why do not you stay and we'll have fun
tomorrow night? - OK.
Drive carefully, fella.
It's gonna be iced.
I want. Thank you very much.
See you Rodz.
Guys, know how to play pool?
Yes, a little.
A little?
Thank you.
Hey, I was working for the Post.
You have not talked to her about this hellish story about
mine and its history?
A, that, in
collapse we found human bones miners.
These are the most terrible mining disaster
events in local history.
This is already something.
Yes, a hell of a story.
Yes, thank you. 'll Check.
The environment.
Damn! Have you seen it?
Impressed you?
Impressed? I'm angry, sad
I was kicked.
I have to tell you, guys,
I was very nervous when playing in cash.
So what do you say, Brian, heading towards?
Get them, Pennsylvania.
Okay, now you've gone too far!
I'd better hide.
Double or nothing.
Well, the money is yours.
Not for long.
OK, I'm playing.
Roger would liked this.
Revenge of the working class.
Tigre, you little shit, where are you?
Enough, Tiger!
Good, Tiger, you're screwed.
To stay hidden and not be found!
Hi, beautiful. Do you live here?
I'm the new girl in town.
I see you looking at me. Probably
've seen my face somewhere already, right.
I believe so.
Pretty face.
Embarrassed you?
- No.
No, I always react this way when I feel that I
catch up with this profoundly depressing, self-pitying.
I see.
This happens often?
Only when I am afraid that I will
a beautiful young girl down.
There is a chance for that.
Do you already said you were a
you a beautiful young woman?
And did you say that you have beautiful eyes
I got that cute nosi?
I got that sexy lips?
All this you have already said?
Unfortunately, I feel that again
crashing into a deep depression self-pity.
Please do not stop now.
I love to hear the old compliments.
I have not stopped. They just ran out of compliments
Oh, I know. How about an old
soft music to me? It's good for you?
And here is the beautiful music.
Oh, yes.
Oh, I know already. I know already.
Old moonlight still works.
Okay, okay... snow.
How about...
How about an old-fashioned romantic
fire in the fireplace?
An old-fashioned romantic fire in the fireplace?
My favorite.
I have a fireplace for you.
Prove it!
Jess, we must go back to the ranch.
Thank God. You could not get a
another game. I would be embarrassed.
Wait a minute, that there is money
my son for lunch.
Gambling is a sin.
Come on, give him a chance to equate
After that we'll take.
We'll have money for tomorrow's dinner.
- OK.
See you, guys.
- Goodbye.
Fuck you!
You better not hide, you'll get tomorrow
certainly Tigre.
What the hell?
But it's true.
No, it can not be.
This is more like it.
Can I get you anything before
than light a fire?
God, I like your eyes.
No, no, no. My name is Mark.
God's the guy with the huge beard...
I're funny.
I'm not that bad, you know.
Where is he?
Probably started sooner,
because of the snow.
the bed.
So... Now where were we?
Right here.
I scared you?
No, no, no. It's okay.
I did not think you were awake.
I have not slept a good thing.
Have not seen Tiger?
Well, we almost had
"Manaz and it" last night.
I have not seen him since.
So, you did not let him out?
- No. Why?
Not sleep in bed with me last night
and I could not find any this morning.
Well, already late for work,
let's go look for him.
There you are. What were you doing there?
We must have scared
last night when we yelled at him.
I do not know.
Hey, listen. I have to go to work.
Hey, what do you think of her?
Do not Trish special?
Very poebna.
I'm glad you like it.
Hey, I really need to go.
Hey, do not forget:
okoladna cake tonight! - Great, I'll see you later.
Maybe it was vandals, I guess.
Vandals? Pretty weird from vandals.
Hey, are you done some more damage?
Truck, some of mine?
Do not look like that.
This is another strange thing.
We have a lot of radio in the truck,
mostly on the go,
but they did not not even touched.
Well, someone should keep an eye on the generator,
to avoid problems later.
It costs 5-600 dollars.
Or 1,000.
Well, as we said
they were vandals, that's all.
Pretty weird by vandals.
Damn weird from vandals.
Remind me not to budge.
Are you finished with the bathroom?
- Yes.
Well, it's pretty clean for mountain
girls and miners.
Two hours I need.
What this great store?
Right to Let us not budgets.
Oh, yes.
It smells great.
Happy coming home.
I would join.
're Not even thinking about getting married?
- I hand over this bizarre connection?
Could you imagine Roger as a father?
Probably our children were mischievous little brats
who would drink beer all day.
No, thank you.
You made the list?
- Yes, there is on the table.
Good. Svratiu to the grocery store as soon as
I ended up in the office.
I really want to write about the mine?
At least I will have a press kit.
If you forget something, call me.
Hey, thanks for the bathroom.
- Hi.
I worked at the Post.
Yes, in 1953. year.
In 1953. and 1954's.
The extension.
I was the first raznosaica newspaper.
You know I could write about this topic:
First raznosaica newspaper in Denver.
Yes, this sounds fascinating.
It'll definitely remember.
It was a summer in 1953.
A Articles Resources on mine?
O, that erosion.
How's it going, guys?
- Great.
What are you doing?
- I want to take some samples.
Before you come from a surveillance...
I'll send some samples to Denver for analysis.
I want to ask you something about
these bones.
Yes, what about them?
If these died from gas or
because of lack of air, or from hunger...
Their skeletons should be separated,
rather than a pile of bones.
Yes, you're right, this is really weird.
OK, we're done with this.
Roger would ever need to return.
I want to call the office and ask
when he was there.
We need the maps should
work in these tunnels afternoon.
I am sure that there are no problems
, otherwise the call.
Well, you certainly find out!
Come on.
Come on, do not give me a hard job.
Now this is more like it already.
They wrote a lot of stories about
these collapses.
What is this?
Lieutenant in the U.S. Army limo
was sent from Denver
spasilaku to lead the operation.
But by the time he arrived on Tuesday, anyway...
Rescue camp was abandoned...
This is weird...
Do not write why they broke up with a rescue.
Why did I tell you that in this day and age
write worse. This should see.
Listen to this.
Suspect that it was done by a miner named
Harold Griswold, who caused the tragedy.
Griswold was the only man who survived the collapse of
But was not able to testify in court on
accident in a mine...
Remanded to hospital for mental health problems
Why would a man mad?
Yes. It's for you.
A girl by the name of Jessica.
Thank you.
- Hi! You look like a real miner.
What's going on, huh?
So, what's up?
I do not know.
Roger had problems with the car or something?
Well, I've spoken to Jess, she looked
garage and pick there.
Brian's pick?
Yes, I do. Roger's with the
should go to Denver.
Came back? It's already
to come back now.
I do not know. I mean, I,
we have not heard about it.
I'm talking now with the Denver office,
but Roger has not appeared there.
Do you think he had the accident on the road?
- On With what? The car in front of his house.
Might be stopped.
Roger did not want to go so
in Denver.
This is really weird.
Do you want to hear something else weird?
Well, I was in the office of the press
by some articles of the collapse.
I one of the miners actually pulled,
and said that they were attacked.
Supposed to testify here in Denver
but totally freaked out, went crazy,
after he was transferred to a mental hospital.
This does not seem to have much sense.
- A lot of things now, so it seems.
Listen, I want to now go back to the
Jessica, right?
'll Talk with Brian,
I'll see if he can let me go early.
Okay, great.
I have to stop and pick up some groceries.
What do I say?
Tell her I'll find out what's going on,
and tell her not to worry.
And do not you worry.
See you soon.
Where are the rest of the bags?
Need for samples.
Got there a couple.
OK. Pogledau.
Oh, shut up.
What hell are you doing?
- Any of something in the water.
Come on, you're imagining things.
Not imagining anything.
Something floating there.
You reach?
What the hell?
- I do not know, but it's stuck.
This is Roger!
My God.
Jesus Christ, look at his face.
Well, get it.
This is the young man who
work for you, right?
Who's there?
You could not leave them alone
, is not it?
You had to set them free.
Who are you to hell?
I warned you.
You've set the damn cross?
Now we have to close them again,
is not it?
What are you, the hell you talking about?
You let them come out.
And now we have to close it again.
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, Mark!
Your friend... is dead.
But Roger was at home.
The mine was closed.
How is it possible...
These tunnels
water everywhere under the city.
They are associated with the home.
Your explosion freed them.
Popee through tunnels and
uhvatie them.
Through the tunnels?
Tunnel to the house.
Go get them!
You go get them!
Come on, for God's sake,
go get them.
I bring some help, hurry up!
They are...
They closed my father...
An asylum, after the great collapse.
No one did not believe him.
I would check out the
tunnels over the years.
To make sure they are well sealed
I checked and tunnels
at home, too.
Yes, I'm sure this can be solved somehow
That was my job.
Well, you see, we we want to help you
Do not you, Dan?
- Yes.
You see, we we want to help you in your job
, if only...
You opened the tunnels,
you let them come out.
You have not listened to my warnings, I
I have to close them again explosion.
My God, is returning to!
We have to stop him!
For Christ's sake, answer the damn phone
Yes, operator, give me
sheriff's office. It's an emergency.
O God!
Jessica !
That's it! That's it!
Take it easy!
'll Be all right.
Jessica's dead.
What is this hell?
Whatever it is, it's probably
attacked Roger at the mine.
Roger is dead.
O God, what is happening...
This is najudnija
damn thing I've ever seen.
No, Jessica...
For it already is nothing we can do!
could explode at any moment.
No, no. Do not worry, come on.
Do you know where we are? - Yes, this is
connects to the main tunnel.
OK. Just be careful.
Come on! Get out of here!
Brian, slowly, slowly.
It'll be all right.
There's more.
Okay, okay, we're almost out
. - There's more.
We need to blow up and shut
this damn place.
What I'm saying?
Dan is dead, and the old man.
Izveu you out.
We'll all get out!
Dynamite, take the dynamite.
There is back.
We have to close this damn mine.
Come on!
Stay close to us,
in case.
Just in case.
No, no, no. It's okay.
Done. We stopped them.
Come on.