Book of Secrets: Aliens, Ghosts and Ancient Mysteries (2022) Movie Script

[electronic atmospheric music]
[dramatic suspenseful music]
- [Narrator] There have been
many attempts to encapsulate
and explain the many
mysteries that surround us.
These include everything
from the contents
of the Vatican secret
archives, the paranormal
and UFOlogy, and even
subjects that seem
to slip between the
cracks of reality
into the realm of
high strangeness.
And now the United States
government has finally admitted
that many of the unexplained
sightings of craft
may very well be
alien technology.
[dramatic suspenseful music]
This film draws on
all of these threads
as it weaves its way through
the many twists, turns
and possibilities that define
the subjects discussed.
Just about all of the
subjects examined in this film
are inter-linked at
one level or another.
It is as if the ancient
Eastern concept of oneness
was recognized by our
forefathers long before
the arcane physics
of quantum mechanics
demonstrated its reality.
Perhaps this is a contributing
factor to the belief
that all points in space
and time are interconnected.
In fact, it is thought
that this particularity
is how UFOs manage to traverse
the incredible distances
between the stars and
perhaps even the galaxies.
Of course from our current
level of knowledge,
the mechanics of such technology
can only be speculated
upon, or can it?
We are about to discover.
[dramatic suspenseful music]
This film will discover and
explain who these aliens are,
how they come, and why.
We begin with antigravity.
The concept of an antigravity
device has been the dream
of scientists and physicists
for many, many years,
although several have tried
and failed to create a machine
that can produce this effect.
Perhaps in the ancient
past, our forefathers
actually managed to achieve
this remarkable feat.
Was this on their own,
or might they have
had some unusual help?
The first such devices to
use antigravity technology
may have been the
Vimanas often mentioned
in the sacred Hindu Sanskrit
texts called the Vedas,
which date from between
1500 and 700 BC.
These astonishing devices
were used by the gods
as they traveled from
the heavens to the Earth,
but more worryingly,
they also used them
to wage catastrophic
wars around the planet.
In addition, these ancient
texts repeatedly referred
to not just machines that
defy gravity and flew,
but all kinds of
sophisticated weapons
that used technology
we can only guess at.
This information also appears
in the Indian classic,
the Mahabharata,
which is one of the
oldest books in the world,
and it mentions a flying chariot
with sides of iron that
was clad with wings.
The Rigveda describes
one of the weapons
used by the Virmanas.
It is called Indragni,
and it was a weapon
that used two types of force.
The ancient Hindu texts describe
the first half of the word,
Indra, as the kinetic energy
of subatomic particles
that ignite and burn.
The second half of the word,
Agni, is described as a fire
that is both thermonuclear
and electric.
Modern commentaries
about this weapon
suggest that it may have
been a plasma-based device
and it was activated by sound.
A passage in the Bhagavad Gita,
which forms part
of the Mahabharata,
describes a planet-wide
disaster caused by a weapon
described as a ray of iron.
This ray of iron melted
the ground and rocks
and turned them into glass.
According to the Mahabharata,
the Vimanas were kept
were kept in Vimana Griha,
or buildings that serve
the same purpose as
aircraft hangars.
The Ramayana, the work of
equal age and importance
to the Mahabharata,
describes these machines
as double deck circular aircraft
with port holes and a dome
that flew with the
speed of the wind
and emitted a melodious sound.
Amazingly, these craft
were also supposedly used
not only in Earth's atmosphere,
but also in space
and even underwater.
The power for the
Vimanas reputedly
came from a mysterious engine
that used liquid mercury
as the power source,
and one of these craft
was allegedly found
in a cave in Afghanistan
during the recent conflict.
It is known that in
2010, four world leaders
paid unscheduled
visits to Afghanistan.
Had they been told about
what had been found?
People still hold
rituals and ceremonies
to honor ancient
beings inside caves.
It is the use of a cave due
to the fact that it is hidden
and mysterious and has
strange properties,
or is some long-forgotten
race memory
of a previous existence,
and are they still
trying to make contact
with their ancestors?
Here we have this strange
connection with the same
thin, faceless entities
seen thousands of miles away
in the cave near
Karama in India.
The Maya also had
similar beliefs.
This time they involved
a place called Xibalba,
which means the place of fear.
Again, it is
underground and is ruled
by various fearsome death gods.
The entrance to this
vast underground world
was believed to be via a
cave near Coban in Guatemala.
There are similar cave
systems in nearby Belize
that are also thought to
be entrances to Xibalba.
Oddly and perhaps significantly,
some Mayan legends say
that our galaxy, the Milky Way,
is the real road to Xibalba.
Is this the reference
to extraterrestrials
who were involved
with the human race
from the very earliest times?
Does it also imply that the
caves may have once served
as portals between worlds,
and that the portals
served as two-way streets,
in that there was passage
in both directions?
Once again, one has
to ask if the wall art
is an attempt by our ancestors
to depict what they saw.
All of this seems to add fuel
to the legitimate question,
what were these ancient
people attempting to depict?
As if this was not enough,
there are also indications
that this mysterious underworld
might be even stranger
than we can imagine,
because deep underground
there are the crystal caves,
vast caverns filled
with huge crystals.
One spectacular
example is a cave
which is 1000 feet below
Naica in Chihuahua in Mexico.
It was discovered by
miners in the year 2000
and is accessed
via the Naica mine.
These crystals are huge and
are formed from selenite,
which is a form of gypsum.
The largest of these
crystals is 39 feet long,
13 feet in diameter, and an
estimated 55 tons in weight.
The thing about crystal is
that it is an ideal medium
for information
storage, and it is usual
for various kinds of crystal
to be used in computer networks
for information
and data storage.
Another curious fact
about this cave,
is that samples taken from
the water that once flooded it
have revealed microbes
that are unknown to science
and they are well in
excess of 10,000 years old.
Might this giant
crystal cave in Mexico
have been left as a kind
of data storage facility
by the beings worshiped
by our ancestors
because it is capable of holding
an incredible amount of data?
It is possible that this
might even be the fabled
hall of records, or even the
legendary Akashic records,
which contain every single
piece of information
concerning the human race.
Every thought, word, emotion,
event and deed that has ever
occurred or will ever occur.
Might caves like
this even be a part
of a worldwide communication
device that could still
allow us to communicate
with the gods, our creators?
Because various crystal caves
exist all over the planet.
Another curious fact is that
obelisks that have been built
both in the past
and in modern times
all have a similar
crystalline shape
to those in the crystal cave.
Does this mean that
people who made them
were unconsciously
accessing race memories
to recreate the
crystals that may have
allowed communication
with the gods?
At one time, the great pyramid
was also caked with granite,
yet another type of crystal.
Was this just decoration,
was it a symbol of power,
or was it to enhance the
mysterious properties
inherent in the pyramid?
Recently scientists have created
what they called
the Superman crystal
named after a device shown
in the Superman films.
This invention can
store an astonishing
360 terabytes of data on
a tiny piece of glass,
which is another
kind of crystal,
less than half a
postage stamp in size.
This recording medium
has a lifespan estimated
at around 13.8 billion years,
making effectively everlasting.
because of mining and
tunneling, et cetera,
we are mostly aware of
what lies beneath our feet
and are starting to
understand just how complex
the subterranean
world really is,
because there are indications
that there could be
entire cities deep below
us, is this feasible?
The answer is yes, and they
could lie within a huge area
known as the Moho.
The Moho, or the
Mohorovicic discontinuity,
stretches right to the planet,
and it lies beneath the
crust and the mantle.
It was discovered in 1909
by Andrija Mohorovicic,
a Croatian seismologist,
and it is located
about eight kilometers
beneath the ocean floor
and 32 kilometers
beneath ground level.
Although normally shown
in neat, regular slices,
the layers that comprise the
planet are far from regular,
and the boundary of
the Moho consists
of immense gaps and cavities.
Some of them are vast and could
indeed contain a small city,
or anything else
for that matter.
While this might
include an unknown
subterranean race of people,
it would equally make
an ideal hiding place for
an extraterrestrial race
that wished to remain concealed.
There have been many
instances where UFOs
have been seen emerging from
caves dotted around the planet.
UFOs have also been
seen entering the earth
in a similar manner.
Are they based in the
hidden cavities of the Moho?
Perhaps strangest of
all is the reincarnation
of Jesus Christ, who after
his death on the cross
reincarnated in a cave.
The only evidence of this
is his burial shroud,
which bears the
imprint of his body,
and this may have been created
due to a burst of energy
released by the
properties of the cave.
Likewise Christ was
also born in a cave.
Yet another factor in this,
that churches were often built
above caves and other
ancient cities of worship.
Was this instinctive,
or did the builders
know something that we do not?
One example of this is in Rome
at the Basilica
of St. Clementine,
where the Basilica is built
directly above a
temple of Mithras,
and these temples
were always in caves.
There have been a few written
accounts of underground
and possibly
extraterrestrial races.
One such comes from the author,
the late Richard Shaver,
who along with his
publisher Ray Palmer,
wrote tales of warring entities
hidden deep underground,
of which he claimed to have
had personal experience.
This was a fundamentally
evil ancient civilization
called the Deros, who lived
in caverns under the earth
and used fantastic technology
against the human race,
and frequently kidnapped them
for their own
nefarious purposes.
The technology they
used originally belonged
to the benevolent
extraterrestrial race
from whom they were descended.
There is another account
from an Englishman,
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
who wrote a little known
but influential book
entitled "The Coming Race",
which elaborated
upon the concept
of a subterranean
superhuman civilization,
with noble and honorable
ideals emerging
as the savior of the human race.
Here the energy source
was referred to as Vril.
This is quite the opposite
of what Shaver had in mind,
and perhaps the beings that
Bulwer-Lytton wrote about
were guardians protecting humans
from attacks of
Shaver's evil Deros.
If this is the case,
then perhaps instead
of seeking answers
to ET contacts in the
depths of outer space,
we should turn our
attention to inner space,
and the hidden depths of our
own world to find the answers,
because that is where
the evidence may lie.
There are a great many
places around the world
our ancestors thought were
of special significance,
locations held
sacred and revered
as places of power and healing.
What about these places
has been so different,
so unique, that cairns, temples,
and eventually churches
were built there?
The answer is obscured,
layered in magic and legend,
protected true believers
who prefer to attribute
the inherent unique properties
of supernatural agencies
rather than naturally
occurring forces.
The entire world is
crisscrossed by a network
of lines of power,
geo-magnetic energies
generated by the
planet in the inferno
of its rotating
molten iron core,
like an incredible
gigantic dynamo.
These lines of power have
also been referred to
as lay lines or
lays, and spread out
like the filaments
of a spider's web,
carrying natural magnetic
force all over the world.
They have become associated
with UFO sightings and
other paranormal events.
This is not really surprising
because there seems to be
a deliberate plan regarding
various structures
like standing stones erected
on or adjacent to the lays.
There is one use of
conventional interaction
with geomagnetic
energy that is perhaps
the best known of all,
the skull of the dowser.
Perhaps this aspect
is the most elusive,
yet common practical use of
Earth magic known to man,
and each one of us can
be taught the skill.
The ability is probably present
in our prehistoric ancestors
and is recorded in ancient
Egyptian hieroglyphs.
The normal function of dowsing
is the location of water,
which creates an ionizing stream
as it moves through
the rock strata,
which in turn produces
an increase in local
field strength.
The dowser, who through
experience recognizes it
as a reaction to the presence
of water, detects this.
If the purpose of
communication with the gods,
or aliens as some say, it is
likely that the stone circles
are permanently manned
rather than only
at specific times or holy days.
So instantaneous communication
may be nothing new,
but things can get a lot deeper.
In fact, beneath the feet
are unchartered caves,
caverns and tunnels that
crisscross the world
entirely out of sight.
Just what is down there?
Do they perhaps contain
knowledge from the past
that we have forgotten,
or perhaps never
even knew about?
It is possible that
there is evidence
of extraterrestrial links here,
evidence that
remained out of sight,
perhaps for our
benefit and safety.
In 2014, ancient cave
patterns were discovered
inside caves near
the town of Charama
in the Kanker district of India.
These images, which
are 10,000 years old,
show thin faceless
beings standing beside
a strange-looking object,
a machine perhaps,
supported on what looks
like a tripod undercarriage.
The archeologists who made the
discovery have asked for help
from the Indian space
agency and also NASA
to help identify the images.
The local people, some of
whom worship the paintings,
tell of the rohela people,
also called the small ones,
who used to arrive in
round flying machines
and remove one or
two of the villagers
who were never returned.
There is a history of
visitations like this in India,
especially in the
ancient Hindu texts,
like the Vedas and
especially the Mahabharata.
Both of these texts tell
of gods coming to Earth
in their disc-like machines,
and also what amounts to
the ongoing abduction of
Earth people buy these gods,
and this was anywhere between
4,000 and 10,000 years ago.
It seems that alien abduction
is a far from new phenomenon.
There are rock paintings
from places as far apart
as Algeria and Australia,
and all depict a variety
of strangely similar beings
that seem part animal
and part human.
Why should these
bizarre similarities
exist between cultures
separated by both
distance and era,
because this cannot be
a simple coincidence?
There is a modern tale
that may answer some
of our questions.
The Montauk project, and
all that went with it,
has tantalized
researchers for decades
and involved a
series of top secret
US government projects that
took place deep below ground
in Montauk Air Force Station,
which is located on Long
Island in New York state, USA.
Claims that research into the
viability of weather control,
time-travel, and
incredibly how to contact
alternate dimensions
was carried out.
In addition, there
are also claims
that a 50-foot tall
pyramid made of titanium
was constructed
entirely underground.
It is speculated that
the alleged esoteric
and magical properties
inherent in the pyramid shape
were part of the
experimental procedures.
Was this a modern attempt
to contact alien gods?
But how did these aliens
travel across vast distances?
In order to travel
the distance required,
alien craft would have to travel
at multiples of
the speed of light,
and in doing so they
would experience
temporal distortions.
In other words, experience
a degree of time travel.
This is not a fantasy,
it is proven fact
using our own
understanding of physics.
The usual answer to this
is that the ETs used
some form of exotic
subspace warp drive
or hyper drive, or some
other means of propulsion.
From a practical point of view
this is technically
unfeasible if not impossible.
One of the theories holds
that everything we do,
every single action
we intend to take,
exists as a series
of probability waves,
until we decide on one
definite course of action.
The probability wave then
collapses into reality
and therefore existence
in this universe,
although it could equally
happen in another one,
but in a slightly
altered manner.
The other theory suggests that
according to super
string theory,
we exist in a series
of M-brain universes,
all comprising only
two dimensions,
although obviously
we see our own
as having three dimensions.
What exists on these
M-brains is anyone's guess,
but it is just possible
that given the right
set of circumstances,
whether produced
artificially or naturally,
contact can be made,
and it is there
that these exotic
creatures may reside.
With the possible
existence of these
hitherto invisible regions,
comes the strong possibility
they are inhabited by
beings we call aliens.
Dr. Terence McKenna neatly
characterized the situation
with the following statement.
"We are part of a
symbolic relationship
with something which
disguises itself
as an extraterrestrial invasion,
so as not to alarm us."
This deeply insightful
observation does indeed
cover most of the bases
and aligns UFO experiences
with the spirit quests
of various shamans
who have consumed a
range of hallucinogens,
such as peyote, mescaline,
and of course ayahuasca,
prior to encountering
a range of strange
and unearthly beings
during their journeys.
The odd thing is that
the beings they encounter
tend to be the same or similar,
and they also share
many resonances
with the entities observed
during UFO sightings.
Quite what this
implies is not clear,
but it does seem to infer
that somehow contact
can be made at levels
other than physical.
In the Old Testament, Chapter
One of the book of Ezekiel
recounts a vision in which
Ezekiel sees an immense cloud
that contains fire and emits
lightning and brilliant light.
It states, "The
center of the fire
looked like glowing
metal, and in the fire
was what looked like
four living creatures."
These creatures are described
as winged and humanoid.
They sped back and forth
like flashes of light,
and Vaya moved back and
forth among the creatures.
The passage goes on to
describe four shiny objects,
each appearing like a
wheel intersecting a wheel.
These objects could fly, and
they moved with the creatures.
When the living creatures moved,
the wheels beside them moved.
And when the living creatures
rose from the ground,
the wheels also rose.
What on Earth had
Ezekiel witnessed?
Probably nothing
on Earth at all.
This is obviously an
ancient man's depiction
of a UFO lighting up the sky.
In fact, the Bible is full
to the brim of alien history.
There are powerful holy
weapons that are capable
of wiping out mankind, such
as the Ark of the Covenant.
There are angels
flying down to Earth,
ladders to their heavens,
a Messiah rising into the
sky back to the heavens,
floating beings,
walking on water,
shape-shifting and so much more.
All of this needs to be
re-appraised in a new outlook,
an outlook of ancient alien
visitation upon planet Earth.
The history of
mankind shall remain
incomplete until we do.
However, there is
more to the tale.
In the Bible, in
the book of Enoch,
these shining ones
are called angels,
archangels or cherubim.
Of course, we must not
forget the Seraphim
of Numbers 21:6 and elsewhere.
These are not mystical beings.
They have hands, a face, legs,
but they do have powers from God
because they are in the light,
and they have the symbolic
wings of the early shaman,
the bird flight, the dream-time
trance, ability to fly.
Their name means shining
ones or fiery serpents.
They are enlightened beings
via the power of the serpent.
Mystical Jewish literature tells
us that the angels can fly,
tell the future, shape
shift, speak Hebrew
and are emanations of
the divine shining light.
In the Old Testament
God is indistinguishable
from the angel or
messenger known as Yahweh.
He looks the same and acts
as his representative.
There is no difference
here from Babylonian,
Egyptian, and shaman practice.
In the New Testament, the
angels actually take part
in the judgment at
the end of times.
Alternatively, they may be those
who had experienced
enlightenment and
then fell from grace.
We are told that the Nephilim
or Watchers are the angels
who seem to have been
the military arm of
these shining ones
and who were initially employed
to guard The garden of Eden,
then began to mix with the
indigenous peoples of the area.
From this union, a
hybrid race was produced.
A race of giants,
so we are told.
These insurgents also
passed on knowledge
and taught them combat
and how to make weapons.
All of this was seen
as a violation against
the set of laws
laid down by the shining ones,
who were possessive
of their knowledge.
Enoch, a scribe who was
taught by the shining ones,
was then employed as a
messenger or intermediary
between the shining ones
and these fallen ones,
who had decided to
abandon their divinity
to live amongst
the tribes of man.
Enoch was then sent
to tell the insurgents
that a severe sentence
had been passed on them
and that they were
soon to be punished.
In brief, the punishment
sent is the flood.
It is as if the shining
ones wanted to wash away
the sins of the Earth
that had been created
by their own kind,
the fallen ones.
So are we still being watched?
There are Watchers found
in the Old Testament
book of Daniel
and later sources.
And given the era, they
are assumed to be angels.
In Daniel they are obedient
angels, or benevolent overseers.
But as we have seen
in the book of Enoch,
they are referred
to as fallen angels.
In both cases, it is recognized
that these so-called angels
came from above which again,
given the era, was heaven.
The concept of space
travel, let alone beings
from other worlds was thousands
of years in the future.
Both of these
biblical sources imply
that everything that
has ever occurred
that affected the human
race was brought about
by the actions of
these angelic Watchers.
In the case of
the book of Enoch,
which was part of
the Dead Sea scrolls,
we find that Enoch was
taken aboard a fiery chariot
that took him to heaven.
However, nowadays this
could equally mean
that Enoch was taken aboard a
spacecraft and while on board
Enoch spoke of lights
shining through crystal walls
and illuminating
the entire craft.
This book specifically
mentions 200 Watchers
who were tasked with
overseeing the human race
and taught them about astronomy,
medicines and the use of metals.
This process is reflected
in various civilizations.
The Inca, for example, and
that creator god Viracocha,
who was the father
of all Inca gods.
As we have seen, our ancestors
all seem to have been taught
by beings they refer to as gods,
but for they really
powerful extraterrestrials?
They all fulfilled
the same function,
and were the same race
known by different names,
especially to the
ancient Sumerians
who called them Anunnaki.
it was the Anunnaki who was
assumed to have passed wisdom
to the human race,
and are also said
to have come from the stars.
Much of this myth of the
Watchers is found to be
within the tales of walls
and merging of peoples
across the Middle East,
between Canaanites,
Egyptians, Sumerians, and
even Asian civilizations.
But the underlying
current is a belief
in the shining ones as leaders,
with Watchers doing
their bidding,
evolving into God with
his angelic beings.
The terms Anunnaki,
Anakim, and even Nephilim
means those who came down
to Earth from heaven,
and is a reference to
their position and location
on the plateau of Eden.
They looked down on the
people below and watched,
something that would
sound very familiar
to thousands of people
around the world today
who have experienced
alien visitations.
They represented the sun,
moon and planets on Earth.
The truth of the story
of the shining ones
and their Watchers
has been the subject
of a purging of many
Jewish authorities
who were understandably
that the myths of these
angels and their worship
would distract people from
the worship of the one God.
To this end, the book of
Enoch and the book of Jubilees
mentioned previously were
stricken from the accepted list
and are now known as Apocrypha.
What we do know though, is
that these Watchers continued
in what has been described
as the underground stream
and were called Igridors.
They somehow bred with
humanity and melted away.
Very soon, massive
secret societies emerged
that fostered the original
teachings of the shining ones.
So were these beings
creatures of God,
or were they from an
entirely different,
but physical, non-Earthly
point of origin?
In fact, the whole thing
is steeped in ambiguity,
as there are three
quite different streams
of thought here.
Along with the traditional
angels and demons,
there are the Watchers
and the Nephilim,
although a bit later
they both seem to morph
into the decidedly
extraterrestrial Anunnaki.
Encouraged by their
leader Samyaza,
they decided to
abandon their role
as teachers and instructors
and have relations
with the human women and the
end result were the Nephilim.
The problem was that as
they grew up the Nephilim,
who were half human,
half angel hybrids,
became war-like and violent.
They are said to have
been cannibalistic
and sinned against
all mankind and God,
who in this case
could be compared
to an extraterrestrial
project manager,
was far from pleased and
launched his own reprisals
in the form of the Great
Flood against them.
This presents a problem
because it clearly says
that the Nephilim were on
the Earth in those days,
and also afterward, the
two words, also afterward.
In fact, the presence
of the Watcher gene
may still exist
and has been found
in many tall human-like
skeletons that have
been discovered,
and they had special,
magical powers.
In ancient times, both church
and state regarded magic
with a mixture of profound
suspicion, fear and loathing.
Those who practiced and
studied its arcane arts
or sought mastery over them
were often put to death
in the most hideous
ways imaginable.
Yet nowadays it has secretly
been turned into an
undetectable weapon of war,
financed by secret and
unaccountable black budgets,
and those who seek the
methods to make it work
have become modern sorcerers.
This was especially
true of the Russian KGB
and its American
counterpart, the CIA,
both of whom
collaborated closely
with their respective
armed services
in their relentless quest
for the ultimate weapon.
One of the men chosen to
work in this unlikely field
was the extremely capable
former special forces operative
Colonel John Alexander, PhD,
who deserves much
closer attention.
This man came to accept
that ancient concepts
and experiments, which
in any other context
might be described as magical,
could be harnessed for
military advantage.
It is arguable that this
man may have even warranted
the once feared
title of sorcerer.
He was evidently
extremely talented
in the methods of
extracting information
from unwilling people, and
was also a keen advocate
of military applications
of the paranormal,
which his associates frequently
termed as pseudoscience.
In fact, he had something
of the "X-Files" about him.
And one can only
wonder if Chris Carter,
the creator of
that unique program
actually based any of
his characters on him.
Surely these life forms are
curious about the same things
and have pushed out into the
universe to find the truth.
We must not forget
that similar projects
were underway in the
USSR and other countries.
These include techniques
designed to allow soldiers
who had been suitably
trained to literally
walk through walls, become
invisible and read minds,
all within the remit
of the Watchers.
It may seem rather odd, but
one can almost understand
why a human being
might just be able
to pass through a solid object.
At first sight, the
project seems impossible.
A solid object, say a wall
or door, consists of atoms
and even smaller
particles existing at
specific frequencies.
The person who
consists of particle,
wall or door acts as a barrier.
However, if one could
somehow change the frequency
of the person or the obstacle,
then the theory goes,
they should be able to pass
through the solid object.
Maybe the genes of the
Watchers allows this to happen
more easily in
some modern humans.
Such is one of the
possibilities faced by those
who have accepted
that their offspring
belong to the so-called
Indigo Children,
babies that although born
naturally of human parents
are credited with being
children of a star.
Their parents are regulated
to little more than caretakers
charged with their Earthly
welfare and upbringing
until such times as they are
able to look after themselves.
The children appear to possess
exotic talents and abilities.
Chief among these is their
facility to channel information
from their real
extraterrestrial parents,
coupled to a range
of psychic powers,
including healing and
natural telepathy.
It is well to consider
at this point,
that claims made of individuals
who are were here on Earth
to assist in spiritual
revolution are not new,
and many iconic and
spiritual figures
such as Christ, Mohammed,
Abraham, Buddha,
Osiris, Tammuz and
other spiritual leaders
were sent to save the human
race from its own failings.
All of them, according
to the era and society
they arrived in,
were able to convert
huge numbers of
people to their cause,
and indeed the majority
still command disciples
and believers numbering
in the tens of millions.
This is a concept
which broadly speaking
means that the more
people who come to accept
the new idea or practice,
the more people are likely
to display the same practice,
whether they consciously
learn it or not.
In other words, according
to the innovative biochemist
Professor Rupert Sheldrake,
an invisible field of
information energy surrounds us,
that in the right conditions,
percolates into us almost
by a type of osmosis.
Or more correctly, we
inadvertently receive it
like organic radio or TV sets.
We can in fact open portals.
Modern-day research
regarding UFOs
occasionally mentions portals,
or as our ancestors referred
to them, star gates.
it is speculated that these
doorways were and are utilized
by extraterrestrials
from other realities.
One of the most
talked about doorways
is that of Ayuamarca in Peru,
or as it is better known,
the gate of the gods.
The Native tribesmen say
that the larger doorway
was used by the gods themselves,
and the similar one
used by mortals.
They also said that
the gods were giants,
and on occasion mortal humans
could become immortal
if the gods decided.
Only those thought to be
courageous and honorable
were granted to live
amongst the gods.
Legends speak of one such
mortal during the 16th century,
at the time when the
Spanish arrived in Peru
to loot Inca riches.
A high Incan priest
by the name Amaru Maru
fled the temple with
his golden sun disc.
This was a treasure
that was revered by many
and was called the key to
the gods of the seven rays.
Amaru discovered the gate
of the gods at Ayuamarca,
and noted that the doorway
was continually guarded
by several shaman.
Once he presented
them the sun disc,
the shamans conducted a ritual
consisting of
meditation and chanting,
and after a short time,
Amaru started to do feel a
pressure build in his ear.
Then suddenly a bright flash
emanated from the gateway.
He turned to see the
smaller doorway open,
and beyond it was
a shimmering light.
Leaving the sun disc
behind, he was able
to pass through the doorway
and on to another reality.
It was the reality
that the shamans called
the land of the gods.
In modern times,
investigators and researchers
visiting the location discovered
an interesting
indentation in the rock
on the right hand column
of the smaller doorway.
On close examination,
they found that a slim
disc-shaped object could
in fact be inserted
into the indentation
and be held there
by the surrounding rock.
Was this some type of
keyhole in the door?
If so, then Amaru's sun disc
may have been
appropriately named.
Some people visiting the
location have managed to capture
strange energy emanating
from the doorway.
Several years ago, some
researchers visiting the gateway
conducted a number of
acoustic experiments
that led one of them
allegedly vanishing
for over 20 minutes.
7,500 miles from Peru lies the
site of Abu Gorab in Egypt,
which is another location
steeped in myth and mystery,
said to be one of the
oldest sites on the planet.
Abu Gorab sits on top of
an alabaster platform.
Alabaster is sometimes
known as Egyptian crystal,
and it is claimed
to have been attuned
to Earth's frequency
of 7.8 Hertz.
It is theorized that
this low frequency
can enhance human
senses of communication
and align human consciousness
with sacred energies.
Just as in Ayuamarca in Peru,
Abu Gorab is thought
to be the location
of a doorway to the beyond.
Egyptian legend speaks of
communication and travel
between the worlds
of mortals and gods,
almost mirroring those of
Cherokee Native Americans
whose traditions talk of
formless thought beings
who travel on a wave of
sound from their home world
in the Pleiades star system.
As well as Abu Gorab
being referred to
as some type of star
gate, there are also signs
of what some would perceive
to be advanced technology
having been used
to create the site.
Precise circular
holes have somehow
been drilled into the alabaster.
For millennia, ancient
man hunted and gathered
like many animals on our planet,
but something happened,
something amazing.
Suddenly after thousands
of generations,
mankind settled down and
civilization emerged.
Soon, humanity was
ordering its own society,
creating rules and regulations.
Laws emerged as if from nowhere.
Complex tools, art,
literature, agriculture,
transport, and more
emerged as if by magic.
We looked to the stars, to
the very heavens above us,
for navigation, inspiration,
and to inform us
of the time of day or even year.
We built huge monuments to
the gods we saw above us,
to the same gods we claimed
had come down to us from heaven
and given us knowledge and life.
A new phase in so-called
evolution had begun.
A new humanity had emerged.
The gods were aliens, the
change in humanity was genetic.
The knowledge was
given to the chosen few
by the ancient
watchers over mankind.
This is their story,
from the Egyptian gods
to the Greek Pantheon,
from the bizarre array
of Hindu deities and
their flying machines
to the alien messengers
of the Bible,
this is a story of
profound importance
and terrifying proportions.
We have two choices, mankind
evolved over a vast period
and then suddenly
changed overnight
from wandering bands to
complex, civilized societies.
Or ancient man was chosen
by a visiting alien race
to be genetically modified,
and then given
immense knowledge.
It may sound crazy, but both
ideas may be equally so.
These ancient
astronauts gave humanity
knowledge, religion,
and culture.
It was a mirror of their
own mother culture.
They aided in the building
of huge and complex
structures across the globe,
from the pyramids of Egypt
to the stone heads
of Easter Island.
They aided us to
worship over them.
Over time, our memory
of these alien visitors
has become our religions.
The giants of the
Bible are everywhere.
Millions of people around the
world have witnessed UFOs,
millions have undergone
some bizarre experience
from tunnels of light to
out-of-body experiences,
from alien abduction to visions
of unearthly apparitions.
Millions more remain silent
through fear of being ridiculed.
The fact is, what modern man
is experiencing is not new.
In fact, it has been
going on for millennia.
The various recorded
histories of the world
reveals the truth.
We are told about
the experience.
We are given the knowledge
of amazing machinery.
We are even given the
names of those ancient gods
who gave humanity
incredible knowledge.
We know them today
as the Watchers.
They came, they taught
humanity, art, culture,
agriculture, and science.
They became masters over mankind
and a hybrid race was born,
but all was not well in Eden
and a great battle ensued.
This is the incredible story
of mankind's ancient past
and it's link to the millions
of alien-related stories
in our modern era.
This is the story
of the great lights
that descended from the sky
and watched over mankind.
We live on a very big planet
and an even bigger solar system
within a massive galaxy that
is only one of trillions
inside of vast universe.
With every passing day,
scientists are discovering
that life exists in places
they previously
believed to be barren.
They discovered water
in massive deposits
on distant planets.
They find fatty acids on Mars
and strange gas plumes
that should never be there.
When we walk into the
desert on our own planet,
we say that there
can be no life,
and yet nature finds a way.
The truth is that the
deserts of our world
are teeming with life.
We just have to
alter our perception
and search a little harder.
If life can find a
way in searing heat
and minuscule amounts
of water, then surely
it can find a way somewhere
in the vast universe.
In mankind's short history,
we have moved rapidly
from sticks and stones
to atomic weapons
and smartphones.
And yet there are
galaxies out there,
billions of years
older than our own.
Somewhere out there
alien life forms exist
and somewhere they have
technology so advanced
that it will be beyond
our own imagination.
Of this, there is no doubt.
Surely these life forms are
curious about the same things.
Surely they have pushed out
into the universe
to find the truth.
They must have found us, and
shouldn't we have evidence?
The fact is we do have evidence,
we have it in abundance.
Aliens have reached out.
They have found us
and have visited us.
Across the world,
thousands of men and women
have seen with their
own eyes the visitors.
They have seen their craft.
They have even come
into contact with them.
The fact is there have been
dozens and dozens of UFOs
to have reached our planet,
and we have witnessed them.
What are they doing?
Our secretive military
and inner governments
know what is happening, and
they are hiding it from us.
They close down every site,
cordon off recovered
technology and corpses,
and then cover up.
They have been doing
so for decades,
and we are being fooled, why?
As we have seen,
there are more things
under heaven and Earth
than meets the eye.
Modern science is
continually revealing
that our ancestors
were more in tune
with other realms of existence
than we currently realize
in our materialistic world.
What shall we discover
in the future?
Maybe we will find the key
to unlock another dimension
where the aliens or gods reside.
Maybe we will come face
to face with our makers.
One thing is for sure,
we must maintain an open
mind to all possibilities.
[soft mysterious music]