Boom (1968) Movie Script

Getting Goforth on the phone!
Shove the phone! What I want
Goforth on, is film and tape.
You idiot birdbrain,
get your butt on the boat.
How did you get aboard?
I, uh, just missed the boat
she sent for me.
You know Goforth?
If you're a friend of Goforth's, you can
pay your passage by getting her to see us.
They say she's a bitch to approach.
How well do you know her?
Well, it's been some time since
I've seen her, but... well, actually, I...
a- actually, I know her quite well...
Bloody bitch of the world!
Mrs. Goforth!
Another one of their
goddamned village delegations...
Buon giorno.
Basta, basta!
Does one of you speak English?
Yes, I speak enough.
Signora, we have come here because
of the widow of the man you killed here.
The widow of this young man,
does have no money to live.
The widow of that ladro - robber - will
be given money to leave this island.
- Quando? - Uh, Quando?
- Quando.
When she gets on the boat with
her fantastic lies - then, then is when!
Mrs. Goforth!
- Where was I?
- "The prince said to me...
Oh, yes.
The, uh, prince said to me,
"Madame Goforth, your exact origins
are a mystery to all of us. "
And I said to the prince,
"Without champagne, my origins
are a mystery even to me,
"but I think it's safe to assume that
I originated in the womb of my mother,
"with some assistance from
a father unknown,
"on a day unknown,
of a year unknown. "
Mrs. Goforth!
My name has been in lights
since scarcely more than a child.
Then marriage to five
industrial kings,
all who had vast fortunes,
which, according to the looks of
them they deposited in their bellies.
A pyramid of tycoons.
But then, after them,
is once love.
My sixth and last marriage was
to a young poet,
light as a bird,
who had a passion for altitudes
far above sea level.
Mrs. Goforth!
No interruption!
In these pictures, which I'd like reproduced
at this point in my memoirs,
he's shown preparing to
climb a mountain,
down which he fell to his death.
Five thousand feet down to his
death in a field of snow.
My heart fell with him,
and was shattered, as he was.
How in hell can I work with those goddamned
dogs of Rudi's barking up a storm?
Go tell Rudi to either shoot them
or shut them up!
Call your dogs off him before
they tear him to pieces!
hurry up, play golf. Play golf.
Did they hurt you much?
Well, I'm alive.
Mrs. Goforth!
What does the sign on
the beach say?
'Private property, keep out. '
Just 'keep out'?
Not 'beware of dogs'?
Says nothing about dogs.
Go down there right away and
put up a 'beware of the dog' sign,
in three languages.
And Arabic.
If that man's gonna sue me
I'll have to prove that there was a
'beware of dog' sign.
Move, move, quick!
Mrs. bloody Goforth!
He's out there shouting my
name as if he knew me.
Would you do something for me?
Would you tell Mrs. Goforth that
Mr. Christopher Flanders is here to see her?
Oh, yes, and, uh...
and give her this book,
and tell her that I wish
to see her.
And don't mention the dogs.
Just say that I...
climbed the mountain,
and I'm tired.
Very tired.
Man bring this up road.
Man dogs bite?
Yes, this brings up mountain.
Man resemble this photo?
Yes, this man.
Go out and tell...
Vada fuoir e dica...
Tell him to go out and say that
I'm terribly upset
about the accident with the dogs,
but I want to know why he came here.
And that I am not responsible for anyone
that comes here without an invitation.
No, I will not.
Ha, you will.
I can't give a man nearly killed
by dogs such an inhuman message.
What's human or inhuman is not
for human decision;
now you get out there
and interrogate him!
Now, you put some questions to him.
Such as, what he wants here.
If you get the proper answers,
put him up in the little pink villa.
Tell him I'll see him after my siesta.
Lord knows I could use some
male companionship.
Sorry, I forgot to warn you.
It's mountain spring water.
God, it's cold. Brrr.
What's all this metal for?
Well... I'll, uh... I'll, uh...
I'll show you.
This one actually has a title.
It's called "The Earth is a Wheel
in the Great Big Gambling Casino".
I'd like you to show it to
Mrs. Goforth as soon as possible.
You see, I, uh, I want to please her as
soon as I can, as much as I can.
Perhaps it'd be a good idea
if you hung it in the wind...
so that it would show to
best advantage.
I heard - I was told - that Mrs. Goforth
hasn't been feeling too well lately.
Mrs. Goforth is a dying monster.
Seems to think her legendary existence
couldn't go on for less than forever.
Insists that she's only suffering
from bursitis, neuritis...
"Itis" this, "itis" that, this "itis", that "itis" -
anything but death-itis.
Does she... does she remember meeting me?
She inspected you through her
owl window and seemed to like your looks,
so I think you're in for a while.
Ah... well, tell me, what will be my
program after I've woken up?
Don't you make out your own programs?
Oh, well, not when I'm visiting.
Is that much of the time?
Well, you might describe me as a
professional houseguest.
You like that thing?
Very much.
Why don't you keep it.
Thank you, but I couldn't.
I'd better go now.
Oh, uh.. I wonder... would it be possible...
could you get me a bite to eat?
I'd especially like a glass of milk.
I'll tell the cook.
Thank you, you're the kindest person
I've met in a long time.
What are you grinning about,
what's so funny, huh?
Stronzi! Stronzi, che stronzi!
You mustn't call them that.
It has a very insulting meaning.
I know what it means, Miss Black,
and that's what I meant it to mean.
Now tell them to bring the
table over here,
so I can put my chair in the shadow
when I want it in the shadow.
My skin's too delicate to be in the
sun for more than half-hour intervals.
Now tell them what I want
put on the table:
a cold bottle of mineral water,
suntan lotion,
cigarettes, codeine tab, a bucket of ice,
a glass, a bottle of brandy, my newspapers.
The Paris Trib, The Rome Daily American,
The Financial Times,
The Wall Street Journal,
The Daily Express.
What's that goddamned thing?
Something he gave me to give you.
It seems he makes mobiles.
Does he seem like some kind of a
nut case to you?
Help me up, will you? The
sun's making me dizzy.
Oh- god damn, you... broke the
skin with my ring.
Bring a telex report out to me.
Ow! Shit on your mother!
God damn it, I'll sign myself
into a criminal institution!
What does this Manders- Sanders
have to say for himself?
His name is Christopher Flanders, and
he wondered if you remembered him or not.
Well, I may have met him sometime, somewhere.
When I used to like to meet people.
Before they all seemed to become the same
person over and over again,
and I tired of that person.
Blackie... you know what I need to get
me over this depression this summer?
What would do more good than all the shots
and pills in the pharmaceutical kingdom?
I need myself a lover.
What do you mean by a lover?
I mean a lover. What do you mean by a lover?
I've only had one lover, my husband
Charles. He died last spring.
Yeah, last spring... it beats me how you
could have a husband named Charles
and not call him Charlie.
Hmm, mixed market with
light trading...
Did he take a bath without resistance?
He seemed happy to bathe.
Did you hang around and have a look at
him in the bathtub?
Naturally. Yes, of course.
Well, I would've looked.
I'm not a child of nature,
as you say you are.
The only clothes he as are the
ones the dogs demolished,
so I suppose you'll have to
provide him with something to wear.
I'll provide him with
something to wear.
That should be an
interesting costume for him.
Robe of a professional Japanese warrior.
Put that in the pink villina.
Oh, wait.
- With the sword?
- Heheh... Yeah, why not?
A man has the right to defend himself if he
wants to. Now, do that, and do this:
Call the uh, Witch of Capri.
The one that wired me last month,
"Are you still living?"
Say I've never been better, and to come
here for dinner this evening.
And that it's urgentissimo. And that
I'll dispatch a boat around sundown.
Urgentissimo... like
everything else this summer.
The bitch would have me
over here at high tide
so's that I should get up there
looking like a bit of seaweed...
Well, no comment?
hurry up
The Witch of Capri has landed.
Hey, what's this third place at the table?
Are you having dinner with us?
No, thank you.
Well, who's the third place reserved for?
The man in the pink villa.
I thought he'd be dining with you.
Well, you thought wrong. He's having no
meals with me till I know more about him.
The Witch should be able to give me the
lowdown on this mountain climber.
Yahooo, yahoooo... yahooo. Sissie!
don't tell me we're going to
have a Chinese dinner!
This isn't a Chinese costume,
it's a Kabuki costume.
That so...
Yes, it's, um, some centuries old.
Hmm- don't you feel ancient in it?
Hahaha... No... no, no, no, no.
Actually, I studied Kabuki once.
That's right, I became quite good at it.
Is that so?
Umm. I was the guest artist
at a relief thing for...
tycoon, or typhoon victims.
I can still do... watch...
Haha- I have a touch of,
er, neuritis tonight.
I'm suffering too, Sissie.
The sea is full of medusas -
you know, those giant jellyfish that sting.
One of them got me today.
Ah- what did he do with you,
or would you rather not say?
Have a gull's egg, Bill.
Oh, no, I can't stand gulls.
We eating their eggs cuts
down on their population.
What is this monster of the deep?
It has a very horrid expression.
Well, don't look at it. Eat it.
I couldn't possibly.
Are you still living on
blood transfusions, Bill?
Not good, turn you into a vampire.
Your neck's much too thin, Billy love.
Is it true that you had all
those monkey glands
or shots, or whatever
they are in Switzerland?
I don't approve of it.
It keys you up for a while, and
then you have a complete collapse.
What did they say at
the hospital, Sissie?
I just went into the hospital
for a regular checkup.
The doctors were disgusted
with my good health.
When you called me this morning,
I was so relieved I could die,
I shouted a silent "hallelujah"
to myself.
I've heard some very disturbing
rumors about you, Sissie.
Rumors? Such as what rumors?
I love you too much
to repeat them.
Repeat them. Astonish me with them.
Well... this party you
had over from Capri...
Last month went back to Capri...
babbling about poor Sissie.
They said they couldn't sleep here
because you spent the whole night
shouting over loudspeakers and
pressing electric buzzers.
Capri has turned into a
nest of vipers,
and the sea is full of medusas,
and the medusas are spawned
by the witches.
Male and female.
The kind that have little forked
tongues in their mouths, like lizards.
I shall tell you truth,
if you should care to hear it.
I am writing my memoirs over a
very elaborate intercom system
to my secretary, Miss Black.
And that is the truth of the story.
Has it ever occurred to you
that life is all memory?
Except that each present moment goes by
so quickly you can hardly catch it?
Ha-ha, now, don't depress me.
Oh, no, look - watch...
I walk.
When I was there, is a memory.
I take another step.
Where I was before I took the
other step is a memory, Bill.
Now watch - watch:
I walk to the end of the terrace.
I come back.
When I was at the end of the
terrace is a memory now.
A shooting star.
Shot! It's a memory.
All husbands, all lovers...
are a memory now.
You seem very wrought up, dear.
Today when I was dictating
to Blackie
the story of the one great
love of my life,
my marriage to a wildly
beautiful and
beautifully wild young poet
named Alec.
He loved mountain climbing,
fast cars, roulette,
and me.
We'd begin our day at sundown.
He'd get out of bed and put on
the robe of a Samurai warrior,
with the sword belt and
the sword,
and I'd jump out of bed
as naked as he,
and pick up a little
pearl-handled revolver.
Then we'd threaten each other.
I'd say, "Surrender your sword
or I'll shoot you!",
and he'd answer, "Put down your
pistol or I'll chop off your head!".
What fun!
Oh, yes.
But the point is,
Today, while I was describing Alec,
the poet and mountain climber,
another poet climbed the
mountain to see me.
He, uh, he sent this book to me.
to identify himself. His
picture's on the frontispiece.
What, Christopher Flanders,
still in circulation!
Well, God help you, Sissie.
I don't want to go into
any terrifying details,
but Christopher Flanders
has the unfortunate reputation
of calling on a lady just a step or
two ahead of the undertaker.
Why, just last summer he was
staying with some Texas oil people,
not in the best of health,
but in the worst,
Well, one night at dinner that
wicked old Duke of Parma -
we always called him
the Parma Violet -
poured a bottle of champagne
over Christopher's head, and said,
"I christen thee Christopher Flanders,
the Angel of Death.
Il angelo de la morte. "
And the name has stuck to him, Sissie.
I'll tell you more:
When the Texas oil lady
found out why
the Parma Violet had given
poor Chris that name,
she was thrown into a panic,
and told him he must check out
the first thing next morning.
Well, that night he swallowed
some sleeping pills, Sissie.
He's done this before.
We called it a sleeping trick.
And it is a trick, because Chris always
tells a servant wherever he's staying
to call him early in the morning
so that he can get on the road.
Consequently, you see,
he's always found
and revived,
before the pills can be fatal.
- Bill, follow me.
- Where to?
The pink villina. He's been
asleep ever since he's been here.
I think he may have been playing
his sleeping trick on me!
Now, be quiet. Shhh!
Breathing and pulse, normal.
Good color.
Seems to be sleeping naturally.
What the hell is that?
Many years ago I had a call
in New Orleans,
a particularly elegant gentleman
know as 'Cher'.
who would never go out in the
evening without
a little vinaigrette like this
filled with ammonia.
And whenever he saw a girl
approaching along the sidewalk,
He would cry, "Poisson, poisson",
means fish, you know, dear,
and hold the little cut glass
decanter to his nostrils
until the girl had passed by.
Be that as it may, I've always
found girls to be fragrant...
in any phase of the moon.
Pronto, dica.
Sicily? I didn't place any
phone call to Sicily.
How do you like that? He's making
long distance-telephone calls.
And what's that - a tray of food.
If there's anything I can't stand,
it's a houseguest,
especially one who hasn't been invited,
you views your house like a hotel,
charging long distance
telephone calls,
calling up room service.
Pain... awful...
Oh... oh, God!
Yoohoooo - Sissie...
Sissie! Yoohoo...
Chris, Chris...
Where were you?
Sissie! She's disappeared!
She's left me, she's lost.
You're drunk.
I don't understand bird language.
No, don't go out. Don't go, stay!
Pain gone till tomorrow...
You still prowling around here?
Well, I... I just woke up hungry.
What're you hungry for, huh?
You want some of this?
You hungry for this?
How does that feel, does that
feel good on your stomach,
- you want some more of that, do you?
- What's going on here?
Oh, he's got the dry heaves, Blackie...
He's Mrs. Goforth's guest, you drunk
gorilla, now get off the terrace!
Mr. Flanders, what happened?
Thank you.
I'm lucky that you were...
not asleep.
I don't sleep much this summer.
I couldn't find any clothes when I
woke up, so I put on this strange robe.
I think I'll take off this sword.
I would keep the sword on
at all times while you're here.
Don't I, uh, don't I look frightening?
- No, but...
- You look frightened.
Last spring I lost my husband.
What are you...?
It's wrong? I'm going to do
two simple things for you:
First I'm going to put this picture
of your husband in the drawer,
and I'm going to put away
your sleeping pills.
In the drawer.
Now... one more thing:
I think you're taking unfair
advantage of...
Of a... chance situation?
Yes, and you're using...
No, right!
Oh, it's her!
She wants to give me dictation.
I can't. Yes?
Yes, Mrs. Goforth.
It's night. Late at night.
Yes, it's late Mrs. Goforth.
Don't answer me, this is dictation!
Don't interrupt me.
This is clear as a vision.
The death of Harlon Goforth.
Remembered, just now, clearly.
Clear as a vision.
It's night. Late, late night.
Without sleep. And I, scarcely
more than a child,
am in bed with the great
Harlon Goforth,
whose name I still carry after
five later marriages.
The great Goforth,
king of munitions, a gentleman.
A warlord who monarchs and presidents
place next to their wives at banquets.
In bed... all dignity gone.
A powerless thing without shame.
Now... he mounts me again.
He's crushing me under the
awful weight of his body.
He mounts me again.
He's trying to make love,
he never could.
He stops suddenly now.
He whispers, "Baby, I have a pain.
I have a terrible pain in my head. "
Silently I say to myself,
"Oh, thank God",
but aloud I say, "Tablets?
You want... you want tablets?"
Harlon. What is it, Harlon?
He answers me with a grunt,
with a groan.
I look at Harlon. I see
death in his eyes.
I see, I know...
He has death in his eyes,
but he has something worse in them:
Terror! He has terror in his eyes!
I see it. I feel it myself.
I get out of the bed.
I get out of the bed as if
escaping from quicksand.
I don't look at him any more!
I move... I move away from the bed.
I move from the bed.
I move from death! Terror!
I leave him with, It's him, it's him!
It's not...
I go straight to the door.
To the door, yes.
Wanting escape. The door...
It's closed!
I can't open it!
I leave him alone with his
death, his...
I've got out!
I've got out now.
I'm on the terrace, 25 stories high,
above the high, high city of Goforth.
I see lights blazing below the
high, high city,
but there's not a light
blazing, no, not one,
not a light blazing as bright as
the terror in his eyes!
Ohh, wind... cool wind, clean.
Release! Relief!
Escape after the night after night
weight of the impotent...
crushing me, weight of the...
dead? No.
Behind me now...
body of Goforth! Goforth!
- Goforth! Die!
- Mrs. Goforth!
Don't move!
I'm lost, I'm blind!
I'm dying.
Oh, Blackie, don't leave me alone!
Don't leave me alone!
Blackie, don't leave me alone.
Still here?
The air's turned cold.
Church bells are waking up.
Taking off my sword.
Everything you say or do
is like you're playing a game.
Games can be honestly played.
Hot sun, cool breeze,
white horses on the sea,
and a big shot of vitamin B in me.
Now- I want to begin this chapter
on a more serious note:
The meaning of life.
Pictures now?
What's he pushing that thing
out here for?
Looks like a baby buggy for
a baby from Mars.
It's just a portable X-ray machine
that your doctor in Rome sent here,
to spare you the trouble of going
back there for another examination.
Examination for what?
Later. A little later.
Leave that here!
And get your fat ass and your
sneaky grin off this terrace!
Down! Go!
Shall we call it a day?
Hurry up.
Continue dictation.
Meaning of life.
Monkey off balcony! Remove it!
There's nothing out here but
black coffee and saccharin tablets.
But soon as I get a chance,
I'll raid the kitchen for you.
Sooner or later, a person's obliged
to face the meaning of life.
No, no. Reflection.
I'll raise my hand when I
begin dictation.
I've often wondered about...
wondered more, lately...
what the hell are we doing?
Just going from one goddamed
frantic distraction to another.
Tell finally one too many goddamed
frantic distractions lead to...
Eclipse of,
total of, total... sun?
There's a fog coming in. Do you see
that over there, that fog coming in?
Why, no. It's perfectly clear
in all direction today.
Excuse me.
Blackie, will you kindly
or unkindly...
Yes, immediately!
Meaning of life, what is it?
Oh, ho... no wonder.
- Banzai, samurai.
- You're the kindest person I've ever met.
Er, sorry, I seem to have disturbed
you in your work.
This day's work is shot to hell!
Blackie, what's the matter with you?
Manners. I have them too.
Yeah. I guess they're epidemic.
You've had the pleasure of meeting
this gentleman. I haven't.
Blackie, will you introduce me to him?
I was hoping you'd remember
our meeting, Mrs. Goforth,
- I'm Christopher Flanders.
- That I had suspected.
No, no, I don't go in
for hand kissing.
- Well, it was in, er...
- Yes? Name a date.
Mrs. Fergusson's table at the ball...
Did you come out for battle
with that sword on you?
Well, not unless I run into
those black devil-dogs again.
Ah, yes. I heard about your little
misunderstanding with the dogs.
I'm sorry if it disturbed you, but
their bite was worse than their bark.
Well, didn't you read the 'private
property' sign in three languages?
The 'beware of dog' sign in
three languages,
as you climbed up that
goat path?
I didn't notice any reference to
any dogs in any language.
Naturally not.
The 'beware of dog' sign was put up
after Mr. Flanders'
little misunderstanding with the dogs.
Blackie, that is not so.
Yes, it is so, I was in the room
with you when you ordered that...
Blackie, you were not hired this
summer to contradict me!
I've never been hired for a job
that called for supporting falsehood.
Miss Black, it's obvious that I
trespassed on private property,
- it's, uh- it's quite true.
- That is true.
It is true.
If that true statement is
typed up - Blackie, type it up -
would you be willing to
sign it, Mr. Flanders?
Yes, certainly, of course.
He was attacked again
last night.
What, the dogs attacked him
last night?
Your watchman Rudi attacked him
when he woke up hungry and came out...
Blackie, get off this terrace!
I try to help you, I try to feel
sorry for you because you're...
What? What am I?
Allright. Go on, it's all right.
I've been surrounded by
traitors all summer!
I, Christopher Flanders, agree that I
entered a gate called 'private'
at my own risk, and that the encounter with
the dogs was my own responsibility.
Chris Flanders.
Unscrew that bottle.
One tablet?
Thank you.
the boss is sorry she
took her nerves out on you.
It's those nighttime
injections, I guess.
Oh, God, Blackie. Some awful things
crawled up the mountain
this summer, and I've gotta shove it off
like I did that baby buggy from Mars,
it scares me. Maybe... it
just could be... possible that...
the boss is... dying...
this summer, under that angry
old lion, the sun...
and the... the... unsympathetic, insincere,
sympathy of the far-away... stars.
You have a good pair of
legs on you.
I mean, under you.
I find them very useful
for climbing mountains.
You've good teeth, too.
I'd love to sink them into some
hot, buttered toast, Mrs. Goforth.
Oh, no, no toast, no-no,
thank you, but I...
I- I never have anything solid
or semi-solid for breakfast,
because I find it takes the edge
off my energy for work.
Now, I began today's dictation with
a serious comment on the meaning of life.
Then you came out on the terrace.
Well, if I distract you, Mrs. Goforth,
I'd be delighted to go into the kitchen
- and make myself a bite of breakfast.
- No, have some coffee with me.
Ah. With cream and sugar.
Well, we have no cream,
but, um...
do have a saccharin tablet,
Mr. Trojan Horse Guest.
Ah, yes, well, it was in the
Waldorf Astoria some years ago...
quite a few... you said that whenever I was
in Europe I should stop in and see you.
Ah. Well, uh, passports expire, and
so do invitations.
How about a little piccolo passaggiato?
That means little walk.
I was hoping you'd show me
your... kingdom.
We'd better got no further,
I'm frankly scared of a
cliff without a balustrade.
You won't be scared with me
beside you. Come, I'll show you.
No! No, turn back,
I don't know you!
If I were a doctor,
and you were my patient,
I would make a little
note in your files:
the fearless lady's subject to
fits of unreasonable panic.
Have I... changed much since
you last saw me?
Why, no, not at all.
People are always amazed
at how little I change.
Hurry. Who? What?
I've paid you several compliments.
Now it's time you paid me some, huh?
Yes. Well, I've never in my life
met anybody at all like you.
You bet you haven't.
You stay around here, you're in
for a lot of surprises, mister.
Because when I return to this
mountain every summer, I shed.
I throw off all social
conventions, shams and
proprieties of behavior.
I live in absolute naturalness
of nature.
And if it shocks anybody?
Too bad.
Goodbye, anybody. I give
not a tinker's damn.
Yes, I pop out with
things unexpected,
and I do anything I have
an urge to do.
Some people... can't take it.
Ok, then - goodbye, some people.
Mrs. Goforth, some people -
most people -
get panicky when they're
not cared for by somebody.
I get panicky when...
I've nobody to care for.
Is that so?
You seem to be setting yourself
up as a saint of some kind.
Yahoo-oo. Yahooo.
Oh, God...
Why, it's Christopher,
Christopher Flanders.
I think I saw you last night.
- What's this?
- He must've been dreaming about me.
Yeah, having a nightmare.
How is it you missed the return
trip to Capri last night?
Oh, last night. What confusion.
Chris - where was it I
last saw you?
I know - that party those Texas
oil people gave in Portofino.
You were staying with them.
And you were terribly depressed
over the sudden death of...
- Yes. - What's that curious
costume you're wearing?
It's a Samurai warrior's outfit.
Better watch the sword, Bill,
he might chop off your head.
The chopping of a head is a sure cure
for a tongue that's too big for a mouth.
Something dreadful happened, and
you were involved in some way.
I can't remember the details.
Let him forget!
Yes, it's best forgotten.
Are you leaving us, Sissie?
Yes, Mrs. Goforth.
I originated in the womb of my mother,
How did this happen?
The Witch spent the night here!
He's out there now, putting the make
on the poet. Call the boatman!
He's going straight back to Capri
whether he knows it or not!
Going? You're going?
No, I mean Sissie.
She's going.
It's ghastly.
Do you intend to stay here?
Well, if invited I'd like to stay.
You've been foolish too long.
The years you devoted to that
Ferguson bitch, and what did it get you?
She had you. You were had.
And she left you with nothing, I'll bet;
otherwise you wouldn't be here
at poor Sissie's, wearing one of
her mad, Oriental costumes.
Go, quickly,
before she dies and the talk
about you starts all over again.
Don't make me say things about you
that I'd rather not say.
What could you say about me
that hasn't been said?
You're the heart of a world
that has no heart.
The heartless world that
you live in.
Has that ever been said about
you before, Mr. Ridgeway?
"Barone", Mr. Death Angel Flanders...
Ah, yes... we both have
new titles.
Sally, Laurie, Phyllis,
Emerald, Sissie...
Time for death, old girls!
Beddy-bye. Beddy-bye,
old girls!
The Death Angel's with you.
No dreams.
Now, now, now- No violence.
My heart pumps blood that
isn't my own blood,
it's the blood of
anonymous blood donors.
And as for the world I
live in, you know it.
You've lived in it.
Oh, Chris, come to Capri.
It's a mountain too.
Are you frightened of the
new nickname they've given me,
the new title, Angelo de la Morte?
No, I think it's a joke you take
too seriously,
you've become too sullen.
Let me take that curse off you.
Come to Capri.
The boatman is waiting for you.
Mr. Flanders, get off
that balustrade!
If you lost your balance, you
would fall one thousand feet down!
I can't go back in a dinner
jacket before sundown.
Oh, yes, you can.
Frankie, put this 'gentleman'
in the funicular, and
speed him back to Capri
in a speedboat.
Chris, come down and help me,
I'm being evicted, haha.
- Be brave, Sissie...
- Brave about what?!
Heheh, you two watch out
for each other.
Would you care if I fell
a thousand feet to the sea?
It would make a scandal.
Mrs. Goforth...
I'm going to tell you the truth about
myself, if you'd like to believe it.
The truth about yourself, I think,
is the only thing I would believe.
I had an invitation to visit a lady
who lives on top of Ravello.
I wired her that I'd arrived.
She sent me a wire back.
What the wire said was this:
"Not yet. Not ready for you yet,
dear Angel of Death. "
Hmm. An inconvenience,
since I'd, uh... -
Since you'd invested all your
income in this
standing invitation that
had stopped...
Stop this, this... exhibitionism,
or I shall put an immediate
stop to this meeting!
I usually let a man know
when I want to be kissed.
And it's not so quickly.
There. It's moving again.
Fearless lady subject to fits
of unreasonable panic.
When the villa and the villinas
are overcrowded,
I pick out the ones I want
to get rid of and
send 'em down here, to my charming
little grass house on the beach.
Down they go, and what becomes
of them I do not know.
No skeletons in here!
Get back in your robe!
Put your clothes on!
I can't take the beach today.
You've got more things going
for you than your teeth, baby.
What've you got there, Blackie?
Some food for Mr. Flanders.
Oh, Blackie's so-o thoughtful
Put it down over there.
I said, over there, not here!
And bring my menthol inhaler
and tissues, I've run out.
Take that tray away, I can't
stand the sight of food now.
Mrs. Goforth, I feel my presence
here has disturbed you, annoyed you.
Don't reach for a smoke!
Wait till I offer you one.
May I have one?
Kiss me for it.
Mr. Flanders keeps looking at my
jewels, as if calculating their value.
And he's constantly
fiddling with that sword.
Oh. The sun's left the terrace.
I have, what the French call,
droit de domain,
which means 'complete dominion'
on this island.
And freedom to do whatever's
to protect myself and
my possessions
from any and all
possible threats.
That should make you
feel safe.
Safety is something I
never take for granted.
I suppose you, um...
dine out here,
just about the time when the little boats
are going to sea with their lamps,
for night fishing,
and the poem's sea fades into
the poem's sky.
Not 'firmament'? Why not call it
'firmament', much more poetic.
Hey! How many books of, uh...
poetry have you come out with?
Just the one I brought you.
You mean, you burned out
as a poet?
You mean, you burnt out
as a poet?
Ha ha ha.
Why are you laughing, I didn't
say anything funny.
Well, my nerves are...
Gone, like your list of suckers?
Mate in two.
Do you want me to go,
Mrs. Goforth?
- That depends.
- Depends on what?
Well, frankly I've been
lonely up here this summer.
I can understand that.
Now, you're not stupid.
You're attractive to me,
you know you are.
You deliberately set out to
make yourself attractive to me,
and you are. So don't be
a freeloader.
Mrs. Goforth, I think you've been
exposed to the wrong kind of people...
Oh, don't give me that
moral blackmail!
You know what that is - people who
impose on you with that old, old trick
of making you feel that it would be
unkind of you if you
did not permit them to
impose on you.
I give away nothing.
I sell and I buy in my life.
And I always wind up with
profits one way or the other.
You came up here with
an old book of poems,
published 10 years ago,
by playing on the terrible,
desperate loneliness
of a rich, old, broken-hipped
I made her walk again.
She published my poems.
You latched onto a good thing.
I didn't need it, I was, uh...
fashionable then.
Do you sit while a
woman stands?
Sorry. Sit down.
"In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan,
a stately pleasure dome decree
"Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man:
"Down to a sunless sea. "
You're suffering from the
worst of all afflictions,
and I don't mean one of the body,
I mean, the thing people feel
when they go from room to room
for no reason,
then go back from room to room
for no reason,
then go out for no reason,
and come back for no reason.
All I have to do is
pick up that telephone,
and this island will be so
crowded with anybody I...
Is it so easy for you?
Is it so easy for you this
summer, proud as you are?
Full known, absolute monarch
of an island kingdom that
a golden griffin?
You don't summon guests who
might ignore the summons,
because you've developed some
curious habits,
like keeping a revolver
in your pocket,
and keeping your hand
in the pocket.
And there's the still unclarified
story of the young fisherman,
one of your subjects
from the village
that you had sentenced to death
and executed one night...
Vicious lies! M-malicious distortion!
So, he's still living and fishing?
He's as dead as the deadest fish
he ever netted or caught.
Look. See this ring with the
famous stone, called The Aurora?
It's a very noticeable object.
I noticed you noticed it.
Well, late one night
I woke up,
feeling the ring being
pulled from my finger,
pressed the alarm button
under my pillow.
On the way down the mountain
he was, naturally, halted.
I put his widow on a
very generous pension.
That's not true, he was in
your bedroom by invitation.
What if he was? Or wasn't?
The shock of each moment,
of still being alive.
When a wave breaks against
the rock it looks like a fan.
A delicate, white lace fan.
- But if it hits you...
- Me?!
But if it hits you, you would
be smashed against the rocks,
and you would be broken in pieces.
You're... you're fiddling too much
with that sword.
You suspect me of being
a possible assassin?
Take it off.
Take that off, take that sword...
give it to me!
Call for Mr. Flanders.
For me? How could anybody
possibly know I'm here?
Oh, cut the bull. You received
a phone call here last night.
Business must be picking up
for you.
Excuse me.
Take it here!
Pronto, pronto?
Madelyn, how are you?
How's your dear mother?
Oh, my God.
I meant to go straight
down there.
Was the end... what they call...
Yes. Yes, I know, but...
Simonetta - tell Etti -
Listen! Understand!
Tell Etti, that man on
the terrace,
bring his - Simonetta!
Bring his bags on the
terrace. Capito?
Subito! Capito!
Rudi! Rudi!
Come back to the terrace.
I think... I think...
It was expected and
inevitable, yes,
but I did so hope to
be there when it happened.
I had to stop off at
Madame Goforth's island.
Had to... had to!
Oh, did you.
And you, Madelyn, how are you?
Are you all right?
Yes, I know, but, er...
I could come along and make some
arrangements, I'm good at that.
Well, Madelyn, what can I
say, but...
...accept it...
Accept it.
I've just had some news
that shocked me.
Another name you had to
scratch off the list?
Did you say list?
You know, I went to a
spiritualist one.
And she said to me, "I hear
many dead names calling Flora, Flora".
I knew then that she was a fake,
since all my close friends call me Sissie.
So I said to her, "Tell them
to mind their own business,
"and play their gold harps and
mind their own harp playing. "
Sissie Goforth is not ready
to go forth yet,
and will not go forth until
she is ready!
What's that noise?
Open - open el sacko, open it,
empty everything out!
Mrs. Goforth, you mustn't
do this. It's ridiculous of you.
This is my island, and you are
on my island, all of you.
And I reserve the right to do
as I please on my island!
Droit de domain.
Hurry it up, presto,
this is not a Christmas stocking!
Oh, for god sakes,
Rudi, you open it,
Empty everything out,
dump it out!
What's that black thing that
looks like an address book?
Exactly what it is.
Lady Emerald Fowler.
She's been in hell for 10 years.
Cristobel Smithers. That name
rings a long-ago church bell
for a dead bitch too.
Nancy Cove. Dead...
Mary Cunningham. Dead.
They're all dead!
What are you, some kind of
graveyard sextant?
I'm a man who has lost
many friends.
Now, is that finished?
P- put everything. er, back in the sack.
Er, tutti dentrez el sacko.
I'd rather do that myself
if you have no objection.
What I did was the natural
thing to do.
Yes, yes, you're quite right,
since I invaded your island.
Buona sera, buona sera...
This man is a complete stranger to me,
and I've heard very odd things about him.
Senora... -
Mr. Flanders, I can get a fishing
boat to take you off the island.
Oh, no you can't. A guest of mine
leaves my island
on one of my own boats.
And you, what're you doing
out here?
Do you have any business
out here?
The air is too cold
for you now, signora...
Off the terrace,
all of you off!
Not you, Mr. Flanders.
Me? You're talking to me?
You don't want me to go?
I want you to stay.
We all of us invite death,
Mr. Flanders.
The light has changed. It's
darker than this time of day.
It's the kind of light that comes
from an eclipse of the sun.
The sun of- has gone off the terrace,
and there's no...
Lower terrace to go to.
- No!
- Which way is the sun?
Where does it sit? In the sea
or beyond the mountains?
The lion.
Ohh. Let's go back to the table.
You're at the table now.
- Oh. I-i-it's... It's the...
- It's the eclipse of the sun, unexpected.
Your... body... has more warmth
than most men have.
It burns through the sleeve of your
robe like radiation.
It makes a difference to me if
a man's skin is... warm or not.
I know they all have the
same temperature,
but some are warmer to
touch than others.
Yes, and your voice - it
vibrates in my ears.
Not so much like a voice,
or a sound,
so much as like a
Radiation? vibration?
You'll make me as vain as a
peacock if you go on like this,
and I have to keep the
humility of my faith.
Is this a time for kissing?
Thank you.
A woman doesn't usually thank
a man for kissing her.
Especially when she's lovely, and owns
an island, and the man is a guest.
What's usual is usually
You want to sit down, or
do you want to walk awhile?
If we sit at the table,
we'd be at opposite sides.
Let's walk a bit further.
Not as far as where the
balustrade ends.
In my faith I have
to be humble,
but about my voice, yes,
I suppose it's a good one,
because many ladies have
asked me to read to them,
by their bedsides.
And in their beds, too.
Never read to a lady
in her bed, with her.
No! No further!
It was silly of me,
but.. but.. it was silly of me.
Yes, a great many people in your nervous
condition are frightened of heights.
Especially unprotected ones.
That Polynesian hut on the beach
attracted my very much.
I... I'd better go in now.
Have a little siesta.
Might I stay there
for a while?
What? No, I must sleep now.
I didn't mean your bedroom.
I meant the grass hut on the beach.
Mrs. Goforth, is it true you've
discharged the kitchen staff again?
Yes, that's true.
Haven't you heard about the inventory?
What inventory?
Inventory of what?
I had an intuition about
things disappearing,
and had Rudi check my list
of fabulous chinas.
And half of them were gone!
And my Medici silver, banquet
silver used by the Medicis
hundred of years ago - gone!
That's what the inventory showed.
Mrs. Goforth, is it possible
you don't remember?
You had it shipped to a storage house
in Naples with an armored convoy.
- Me?
- You.
That's not true!
Mrs. Goforth, when people are
very ill, and taking drugs for it,
they sometimes get confused.
This mountain has been
systematically pillaged,
- that's what the inventory shows!
- An inventory made up by the
- ex bodyguard of a syndicate gangster?
- How dare you suggest - and I have a guest.
I will always dare to say
what I know to be true.
Blackie, go into the house
and get my checkbook,
and write yourself out a check
for whatever is coming to you.
Bring it out here and
I'll ok it for cash.
Now, you've wanted out.
Take it! Go on...
Glad to! Gladly!
Mutually gladly. Go on!
Hurry, hurry.
Fantastico! The hemorrhaging
has stopped!
She has had a transfusion, I've
given her a shot of adrenalin.
And now she want the gentleman
to... to come in to join her.
Heheh. Well, that is sufficient.
I put a bottle of milk by your
rucksack, in the library.
You did, you're the kindest
girl I ever...
You said the same thing to
Mrs. Goforth just a few hours ago.
Yes. Yes, well, I frequently tell the
same thing to different people.
Who is out there?
It's, uh, Chris Flanders, Mrs. Goforth.
Uh, wait up there a moment.
The doctor gave me a
shot of something that made me
uh, a little light-headed.
So, you're feeling better?
Oh, it wasn't much, just
a little blood vessel
at the back of my throat,
but the doctor did tell me to...
to lay off the heavy work
for a while.
So I'm just going to finish the
volume I'm working on now,
facts... and a figure.
And then... save the... rest till...
for... se- sequel.
I think that's a wise idea.
Yes, I've... I'm worn out,
I'm burnt out with the pressure,
I'm literally burnt up like
a house on fire.
All right... I'm coming out.
You look, uh... you look
wonderfully recovered.
Well, I never had paid a
morbid attention to illness,
it's usually so... so
nothing much.
All that happened was,
I stayed on the terrace too long,
in the sun.
You see, you were so
fascinating in your
Samurai warrior's robe
that I forgot...
time was imprudent.
It's so much cooler
at my bedroom...
or it's this robe is too heavy.
I'm going back into my
bedroom. Come on in.
I have lots of art treasures
in my bedroom.
Heheh, including myself.
Come in, what's holding you up?
Ahhhh... That's better.
Come in!
- Oh. Excuse me, I'll wait until...
- Modesty?
I wouldn't have suspected you
of suffering from modesty, Chris.
Myself, I've never indulged in
that kind of foolishness.
If you have a world-famous figure,
why be selfish with it?
It was a privilege and
a pleasure.
Well then, why do you
back away?
Back out of my bedroom?
Ohh, I love the cool air and cool
water on my skin in the summer.
I think it's the nicest thing
about summer.
So throw off your robe
and come in.
it's tiring my voice to
talk across the room.
You have a beautiful body,
Mrs. Goforth.
Let's cut out the Mr. and Mrs. bit,
now that we're on intimate terms.
And now I'm going to lie down
on these nice cool, clean sheets.
Why are you standing there in the
doorway, as if you were paralyzed?
How many times do you have to
be invited into a lady's bedroom?
You knew I was famished.
What was it you offered me?
Black coffee, or else.
And the else was nothing.
Was nothing else!
Tell the cook what you
want for supper.
Cuchina? Senta...
Pranzo questa sera.
Pastina in brodo.
Capish? Si, si, si.
Una grande pesca, uh,
carne freddo, freddo...
Roast beef. Uh, Bif - Beeef!
Prosciutto, legumi,
tutti, tutti legumi. Capito?
Poi, un' insalata verde. No, Mista!
Insalata mista, Mista!
God dammit! They don't even know
their own bloody language.
E vino bianca e rosso.
Si. Va bene.
Now, you see?
You're not only going to be fed,
you're going to be wined
and dined in high style.
On the terrace tonight.
But in the meantime, we're going
to have a long siesta together.
In the cool of my bedroom.
Mrs. Goforth, I'm afraid it's
too late for me to
accept your... invitation.
To dinner.
Where else have you
been invited?
Where else in the world?
I'm past the point where
I wait for invitations.
But I think the spinster lady
whose mother died last night
will make me welcome.
And how're you gonna
get there?
Can you walk on water?
Goodbye, Mrs. Goforth.
Mr. Flanders. You have the
distinction -
the dubious, the insulting
distinction -
of being the first man
that ever - ever -
ever went from my bedroom
without getting into my bed.
Oh, bravo, hero... Angelo.
Man bring this up mountain?
This... this insult?
- I brought something up the mountain.
- What else did man bring up mountain?
Oh, his book of poems.
His calling card.
You must be running out the them.
Take this back!
What did I bring up
the mountain?
Up the goat path,
past the dogs?
I brought you this possibly
timely piece of advice:
That tough as you are, you're
not so tough that one day,
perhaps soon, you're gonna
need someone, or something,
that'll mean God to you,
if it's only a human hand.
Or a human voice.
You came to bring me God,
did you?
- I said someone or something.
- I heard what you said.
You said God.
My eyes may be out of focus,
but not my ears.
All right, then, bring him!
How do you do it, huh?
Do you whistle?
Do you ring a bell for Him?
Or do you press buttons for Him? Huh? Huh!
Can you hear me?
Can you still hear me?
I failed. I've... disappointed some
people in what they wanted from me,
or thought that they
wanted from me.
Sometimes I've been able to
give them what they need,
even when they didn't know
what it was.
Rudi. Rudi!
Your bodyguard's gone,
Mrs. Goforth.
If Ru- all my important
jewels are with me.
If Rudi's gone I want
you to go.
You - you've tired me.
You've done me in.
This has been the most
awful day of my life.
Yes. That's why you need me here.
No! Don't, you... you scare me!
Let me take you to
your bedroom, Mrs. Goforth,
- and I'll put you to bed.
- No! No!
Go! Let me go!
Did somebody tell you I was
dying this summer?
Did somebody tip you off that
Sissie Goforth was
about to go forth this summer?
That's why I came.
Well... I've escorted six husbands
to the eternal threshold
and come back alone.
Without them.
Now it's my turn.
I've no choice but to do it.
But I want to do it alone.
I don't want to be escorted.
I want to go forth alone.
And you - you counted on
touching my heart
because you knew I was dying.
Well, you miscalculated
with this one.
The milk train doesn't stop
here anymore.
A paper rose.
Before you go, would you
help me up to my room?
I don't think I could
make it alone.
Don't leave me alone.
Are you frightened of me,
or attracted to me, or both?
Perhaps I should...
yes, I will.
Tell you a story.
You know- you knew -
Sally Ferguson.
Well, I was staying in her
mountain home, above Palm Springs.
I wasn't used to her world,
the bloodless cold, cold
elegant ritual of it.
So one day I went down the
mountain across the desert
to Baja California,
where a great Indian teacher
had gathered disciples about him.
- You look...
- I look forth.
touchingly young, tired, sleepy.
Why don't you rest in my arms
while I tell you the rest of the story.
So I went down the mountain,
across the desert, to
Baja California.
On the way there, I passed
a rest home for the incurably ill.
It looked more like a
grand hotel.
Royal palms, marble statues,
And a little further along
I came to the ocean.
An inlet, an estuary of
the ocean.
It was a boiling day,
the beach was deserted.
The water was cool.
I swam out, lay on my
back in the water.
Suddenly, I heard someone
crying from the shore.
I looked back. It was
no longer deserted.
There was an old man
standing there,
crying for help as though he were
in the ocean and I were on the shore.
I swan back, fast.
He stood there, pitifully thin,
finely dressed. "Why did you
call for help?", I said.
Help to get out there.
I've gone past pain I can bear.
He stretched out a
withered hand to me.
I took it and led him
into the water.
As the water rose higher,
he panicked for a second,
but I held him as
tightly as a lover.
When the waves rose to our
shoulder, he took out his wallet,
took out the money, and thrust it,
much money, into my hands.
You took it?
Oh, yes. The sea had no
use for it.
A wave broke over our heads
and blinded my for a second.
When I was able to see again,
the tide had carried him out,
light as a leaf.
I went back to the
Hindu teacher, and I said,
"Master, I've just helped a dying
old man to get through it",
and what he said to me was:
"You have found your vocation".
And I gave him all the money
the old man had given to me.
I'll bet you did.
Too tight...
Ah, yes... yes, the ring...
Cuts your finger.
Be here when I wake up?
Dr. Luilo, your patient is... is weak.
Hurry up! Lights off.
The shock of each moment.
Of still being alive...