Boomer Uncle (2024) Movie Script

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Greetings to all!
Before watching this movie,
a small story about this film.
When I approached the Producer of this film,
he asked me only one question.
Brother, will this film be a hit
among the family audiences?
Immediately I asked him,
What do you need?
Song? Yes, it's there.
Fight? Yes, it's there.
Dance? Yes, it's there.
It's a complete entertainer.
Once I said this, he was happy and immediately
agreed to produce this movie.
But he didn't ask me
whether there is a story.
He approved to start the shoot immediately.
I was astonished!
The whole night I watched KTV, wrote
a script and went ahead to shoot.
When I screened the film to the producer,
he said it doesn't have any logic.
Where is the logic! I searched all over
for the logic but I couldn't find.
For a moment, I got dizzy!
Oh no! I realised everyone will question me.
Oh no! The yellow shirt reviewer
will also question me!
The green shirt reviewer will question me!
The red shirt reviewer will question me!
Above all the blue shirt reviewer will tear me apart!
I was totally puzzled!
I searched all over
Like the missing well...
To find out the logic.
It might be there!
If you trust me...
Come, let's all together search the logic.
Tell me, Nisha
Have you confirmed it?
He belongs to the Boomer squad, right?
How many of them are present?
Yes, maam, he belongs to the Boomer squad.
He alone is here.
He forgets instantly what he said
and unable to tell anything completely.
He will tell.
I'll come over and enquire.
Hey be seated, madam will arrive
any moment, listen to what I say.
- I don't know.
- I said madam will arrive now.
- I don't know.
- Be seated.
- Listen to me, please.
- Don't hit him, madam has arrived.
Good morning, madam.
Who is this!
Good, you came.
I'm leaving.
Sit down.
This a real story, right?
That is...
Tell me!
What do you know about the house?
Why no one went there
for past seven years?
I don't know anything about
the house, leave me.
Let me go.
Hello, tell me the fact.
Who are you?
Why are you cornering me?
Where is Harini?
Shut up!
Tell me about the house.
Yeah, I'll tell.
What is there in the house?
- You know, right?
- Yes, I do.
What happened to all
who were with you?
What people talk in the town is true?
Tell me.
That is...
Super heroes!
Billa! Dawood! Vembuli!
- All the doors...
- Stop, you're saying very beginning.
Madam, do you know this story already?
Sorry, madam.
Is it from the beginning?
I didn't take diabetic pill, that's why.
Earlier my hands were shivering...
Nowadays my mouth is shivering, damn it.
Sorry, madam.
Do you want to drink?
What is the relationship
between you and Nesam?
Tell me what happened?
Again from the beginning?
It's a long story.
If you want to know about it.
You should go to 90's kids time.
We believed one can give birth just by kissing,
such rugged single boys we were.
But we don't know how to kiss.
So we decided to learn how to kiss.
One day after school hours, we went to
watch Malayalam movie, leaving Nesam.
Nesam became angry
and made complaint with the Panchayat.
Is watching devotional movie a mistake?
In our language, devotional movie
means "Adult" movie.
Can you tell the title of the movie?
"Come here".
Is it?
Sorry, madam.
We were humiliated in the panchayat
for watching the movie.
They decided not to give us bride.
We were in anguish
since our life got doomed.
But he happily fell in love
and got married.
That too not a local girl,
he married Amy from London.
We came to know Nesam is coming
to celebrate his first night.
Knowing this, we were
unable do our routine.
That is to the extent of
not even able to pee.
Among both, one of you should relinquish.
Life is all about give and take.
One of you can relinquish, isn't it!
I can't live with her, better separate us.
If I touch her, she says a bear is touching.
Both of them are boozing all the time.
Amy, why? What is your problem?
Tell her.
My grandmother came to India in 1947.
- Maam, wait!
- Now what for you?
I'll tell the whole story.
Yeah, please.
In 1947, her grandmother fell in love with a guy
Paruthi without knowing the language.
Sadly, since India got independence,
they left India.
After many years her grandmother returned to
India and she died in the graveyard of her lover.
'Look how she is adding spice.'
Their love story deeply influenced Amy.
That's when Amy decided...
To marry a Tamilian
and finally got married to him.
'Shall I leave her and marry this girl?'
It's a lovely love matter.
What is the problem now?
Akilandam, didn't you watch
the film, "Madrasapattinam".
I have seen the film
but unable to recollect.
That's what she is narrating as a story.
Look her face.
He has got a palace in his village.
She belongs to a royal family.
Does she belong to a royal family?
So she wish to start her life in a palace.
Where is the palace now?
That's a good question, Akilandam.
In his hometown, his parents
has a property.
Nesam, then why don't you
start your life in the palace?
My life has already started.
Listen Akilandam, in that house the film
"Evil Dead" has been shot, I can't live there.
It's better to divorce.
Nesam, like "Mouna Raagam" hero
you shouldn't take decision immediately.
I asked you to divorce, do it.
For no reason, if you both get divorced.
Then your future will be spoiled.
Better be cautious.
I saw "Baba" movie yesterday,
I'm even ready to go to Himalayas.
No one will come forward to give
you a bride and you can't get married.
You better declare divorce,
if not I'll propose you as a bride.
- Nesam, I'm already married.
- That's okay.
I'm ready to give divorce.
But on one condition.
What condition? Tell me?
The condition is, you should take her
to your hometown and stay at your house for a day.
Then she will give you divorce.
For what? Already four
villains are waiting for me.
I can't take her to my hometown.
You better give divorce.
Just for one day
take her to your hometown.
Next day I'll get you divorce.
Listen Akilandam,
I can't stay long in my hometown.
I'll only stay just for a day.
Then as you said, get the divorce.
Okay, I'll take care.
I'll go buy liquor and come.
Being crazy on Hollywood, now
scared to go to my own house.
Hey go left!
Hey Dawood!
Dear Dawood!
Since morning you're washing
the same vessel!
No, I didn't, just now I started
washing the vessels.
You stupid, since morning you are washing
the same vessel repeatedly.
God, don't know when he will change.
- Don't know what I'll do with him!
- Dawood!
Nesam is coming.
Is Nesam coming!
I'll go inform everyone.
Nesam is coming.
Is Nesam coming!
We knew Nesam is coming to town,
so we headed furiously to meet the priest.
You said he will never get married
if we do black magic.
Now he has come with a gorgeous girl!
Is this why we spent you for beer and biriyani?
My black magic has never failed.
Something went wrong!
- Which city does the bride belong?
- She is a from abroad.
Immediately I must see.
Hey, he is asking the mobile.
I thought he is asking for the payment.
She is looking good.
Isn't there a full size photo?
Listen! The black magic works
within this boundary.
He has married a girl from abroad,
nothing can be done.
Our devil and theirs are totally different.
Our magic doesn't work abroad.
Will it work with passport and visa!
All in hell!
He is frustrated.
Give me.
Hey priest, before he steps
into our town...
...we must do something.
Roll the dice and let me know,
I'll finish him.
Hey before he spits, tell us!
If my prediction is right, tomorrow
morning he will step in our town.
Hey, why are you rolling
the dice after telling it?
Nesam has arrived.
He came today itself.
Our biggest mistake is we trusted you.
Wait and watch what all problems going
to occur in life.
Who is it?
Hey, check how to open the door.
Hey, dude!
Open the door!
- Hey, dude!
- How are you doing?
I'm doing good.
Hope I'm responsible?
How is the house?
- Okay, see how I have maintained.
- I have seen the house in the movie "Sultan".
Am I maintaining properly?
I heard you're renting
the house for shooting?
Hey, nothing as you think.
All of you come.
Yes, all of you come.
Hey, go open the door.
Wait, I'll go turn on the light.
Only that work you haven't done yet.
I'm coming to this house after ten years.
Don't know how will my life move on.
Amazing! Beautiful!
Having such a big palace,
why were you struggling in Chennai, Nesam?
You're not worried about
two years baby left at house.
What to do! I was living alone.
Buddy bro!
Yes, tell me!
Who is that in the photograph?
They are my parents.
My father is a scientist.
Is it! What did he invent?
How to waste time,
that's what he has invented, stupid guy.
My mother married him
believing he is a scientist.
She is looking beautiful.
The match doesn't look good!
My mother is a princess from East Africa.
My father with a smiling face,
made my mother fall in love.
My mother's life was ruined.
Hey, shabby nose.
Tell me, dude!
Tell them our rules.
Arrange everything for them.
More importantly, no one should go upstairs.
You can play at the entrance, okay?
All of you come, let's go to the room.
Look she is walking as if back from gym.
Hey, what's the sound there?
- What?
- Brother!
What happened?
- What happened, Vicky?
- Is he alright?
- Don't know!
- What happened?
Hey, what happened?
He became unconscious!
Nothing to worry.
He will faint even if we wish him
for his birthday.
He will faint if he listens to anything.
You go inside.
- Buddy bro!
- What?
Why shouldn't we go upstairs?
Listen to what I say,
if you go, I'll thrash you.
Why bro?
Again if you call me bro,
I'll dip you inside the water tub.
- Bro!
- What?
Gift for you!
For whom?
I brought it for you, bro.
Thanks, brother.
You'll see, so l will open it later.
So far in my life,
no one has given me a gift.
Brother has given me,
hope it should be a good gift!
Shit, he has gifted which I hate.
Where is she going!
Come here.
Why are you going upstairs?
Just to check what is there upstairs.
You're "Chandramukhi" Jyothika going
upstairs to find out what is there.
I told not to go upstairs, right?
Go away, wear the dhothi.
Nesam ensured no one go upstairs.
What is the problem between you and Nesam?
We three are yet to get married,
that is the problem!
For watching an adult movie,
Nesam created trouble to me.
We'll not spare you
And will not allow you to get married,
that's how we wrote a letter to him.
Reading the letter, he sent four pills
to regain our youth.
Just a pill!
Our life was shattered.
Memory loss for me!
Another guy has speech disorder,
stammering. And another became deaf.
That's why we were more furious.
Yes, brother.
Are you ready?
Nesam, I have arranged everything.
What is that in your hands?
That's for your first night.
Who are you to me?
I'm your friend.
But your action isn't so.
Hey, why do you say like that?
Listen, just do what I say.
If not better hang yourself.
Why are you humiliating me!
Don't know when he is going get thrashed.
- Buddy bro!
- What?
All fine, all you have to do is
to remove the pants.
What are you saying?
Chill bro! I meant wear traditional dress.
Already I'm worried as my father appeared
in my dream, you get lost.
Whatever you say,
I will get the milk.
No need of milk, make tea and bring.
You're always joking.
Yes, you're very alert.
I have come with my own problem,
not knowing that they create another problem.
Yes, Reshmika! I'm here.
Nesam, did you see my costumes?
You mean the trouser?
Don't play.
To close the rat hole, there isn't any cloth.
I closed it with your trouser.
Hey, take the trouser from rat hole
and give her.
This is what I expected.
Come baby, let's go.
She is elder than you.
You do one thing, take the fruits
and take her to my room.
I don't like it!
To stop his first night, we all broke
inside the house furiously.
Come... come...
Come slowly...
Feeling too sleepy.
I thought of doing something
after coming inside the house.
Hey, come...
Hey, step aside.
I thought of something!
Now I remember, I thought to pee.
Where is the washroom?
Don't know which way to go!
There are ten rooms but don't
know where is the washroom!
Oh, no! Why is he walking across!
He is here, come let's go.
Is the gunny bag XXL size?
I have got XXXL, careful, it might tear.
Look there.
Here he is!
Catch him.
Hey, we'll find out
even if you hide inside mushroom.
Hey familiar music,
it seems like uncle's phone ring tone!
Uncle's mobile!
Why does it look so weird!
Is it your uncle's head!
Uncle... uncle...
Nesam ensured no one goes upstairs.
Nesam's wife went upstairs,
to stop her, Nesam went behind.
To catch Nesam we too went.
That's when my brain was activated.
Hey, stop!
Is this two rupee coin yours?
No, it's not mine.
Hey, stop.
Listen to me.
How about this five rupee coin?
Yes it's mine, my pocket is torn.
Just now it fell down.
Total five plus two, seven.
Smack him.
Silly guy, having property worth ten crores
but greedy for five rupees coin.
Good, you're doing new kind of comedy!
His wife was searching something upstairs.
Vembuli too came inside the house
to avenge Nesam, like us.
Vembuli! Who is he?
He is our Village Chieftain.
He is our Village Chieftain.
What is the problem
between Village Chieftain and Nesam?
There isn't any problem
between Nesam and Village Chieftain.
the village chieftain was also hurt.
Whatever things enter our village,
chief has the habit of testing it first.
Out of the four pills, we consumed three.
Hey it's me your Village Chief speaking.
It's me who abducted that one pill.
First it's for me, only then you can.
Out of four pills, village Chief had
one and lost his eye sight.
That's why he too wanted to avenge Nesam.
Hey Nesam! Where are you?
I'm struggling, what is
the need for your first night?
No one should be happy, I'm coming.
You're in this room right,
you noodles-head.
I'll slaughter you.
Oh, no! my spectacles.
My gosh! Spectacles fell down,
how to manage!
Oh no! I can't see
anything without spectacles.
Hey Nesam! If you don't listen to us.
Then we'll abduct your child and torture.
Hey idiot, it's not Nesam's child,
it is his childhood photo.
Don't blabber.
Hey! He was awful in childhood
and also now.
How he is allowed
inside the house?
Leave it, uncle..
How to kill him now
whether by making him to sit...
Or by lying him down...
Or by making him stand...
Or by shouting...
Or kill silently without any noise...
You don't need to do anything.
There are thousands of people
waiting outside to kill him.
Because of enmity.
Hey, it's ten years enmity.
Not from yesterday or today.
Hey Nesam! You should also
undergo the pain we suffered.
How can he feel,
when he is unconscious.
I thought he might get married
to awful girl and does a security job.
Instead he got married to a foreigner,
came to our village and teasing us.
My stomach is burning, uncle.
Hey, I'm feeling hungry.
Why had he bought rotten
tomatoes in wholesale!
Why has he kept so many glasses!
Might use it for boozing!
Are you the cook?
No, I'm your husband.
I said, I'm the cook, madam.
Thank God!
I feel empty, can you give me something?
Madam, if you're okay,
I'll even give a baby.
What did you say?
I said I'll give you steamed rice flour
and black chick peas curry, madam.
So nice!
Do you want nice dosa?
You sit here and read the book.
I'll cook and keep serving you.
It's too humid here,
can you switch on the fan?
Okay, I'll switch on, don't you
have the habit of wearing pants?
My uncle Dawood, he is sixty years old.
He is a rogue, better be careful.
She is glittering like bathroom tiles.
Must wash with the soap.
Don't know what they're doing
but tied me up.
I heard him telling old jokes,
but now performing it.
Oh, no! Urgently I need to pee.
Hey Vallarasu, urgently I want to pee,
come soon and untie me.
Painful things can be taught only by pain.
You set a wrong example
to the entire caste.
What caste!
I'll not allow it to happen.
Hey, samosa-mouthed, stuff
the caste inside your pants.
Oh, you need samosa!
In midst of the problem,
should I go buy samosa?
Hey, I didn't ask samosa.
Then do you want lentil snacks?
Hey, how dare you ask for it?
You didn't expect this, right?
You didn't expect that we'll abduct you
on your first night, right?
Yes, I didn't expect
all of you will trouble me.
Hey, untie me.
Are you in such a hurry,
do you want to hug her?
However you plead or scream,
your first night will not happen.
I too have the same thought,
first untie me.
See, how I'm going to run.
Oh, are you so excited to run?
If you're longing, go hug her.
Your first night will not happen.
Do that first and get me divorced.
My classmate is waiting for me,
I'll marry her.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm trying to impress the girl
and get married.
What? Are you going to seduce her?
Excuse me!
Hey, she is asking to kiss,
Am I looking smart?
Will it take time?
I will give right now.
Shall I kiss like actor Kamal or Simbu?
I'm feeling hungry.
My dear is feeling hungry!
Immediately I'll get you juice.
A for Apple.
B for Banana.
C for stupid.
Hey, you dead cat.
In two minutes I'll get you.
- All are lunatic.
- Please...
She looks awesome!
She is gorgeous!
I feel irritated.
You be quiet.
Listen, you may prepare juice or whatever.
At the end, she will be
for the one who is lucky.
- Let's see.
- Prepare the juice.
Prepare the juice.
By 9 o'clock I should reach America
don't know where I kept my passport.
Hey Vallarasu, did you see my passport?
- Hey...
- Hey move away.
That's when I saw my angel.
My Juliet, Queen, Darling,
immediately I had crush on her.
How beautiful she was...
Very nice!
Why is he wriggling
like a pregnant Kangaroo!
See, how he fell down
like a electrified pig...
...looking her.
In another ten days, his obituary card
will be printed,
But see how he is struggling
to print the marriage invitation.
He is flirting!
Who are you?
I came to scrape...
I came to scrape the coconut.
Coconut chutney will be nice.
Oh, cooking...
You naughty!
Hey you decent dog,
move away the lady's finger.
Hey who are you?
What are you doing here?
Cooking, sir.
This guy!
We didn't call you.
We didn't even call you.
Hey, what!
Catch it.
Hey, go tie him in the sofa.
Better sit in the chair.
Hold him, brother.
Hold him...
Instead of fighting among ourselves...
We decided to convey our love
individually to Harini.
The condition is, whoever wins,
others should move away.
We played Saa-boo-three game
and I won it.
I went behind her to convince
by falling at her feet.
Stop, you're always telling about
your love story.
Tell about the house,
tell about Nesam's wife.
For your sake,
I'm telling Nesam's story, isn't it?
So for my sake,
you should listen my love story.
Okay, tell me.
Thank you.
Throw it in the garbage bin.
She squeezed my love
like a handkerchief and threw it.
But still her hand touched it.
But Billa and Vallarasu competed with me.
I'm coming...
Hey, lunatic!
Harini, nail underneath...
I protected you with my hands
since the nail might poke you.
Hey, I'm wearing sandals, right?
Go check your hands with a doctor.
- What is he doing?
- Should I take my hand?
See how she is going?
Hey, she touched my heart.
Was she ruined by someone?
Vallarasu will give her life
though she was ruined.
See how I'm going to impress her.
Hey, go...go...
Go carefully....tell some old joke.
I was behind you longing
for your love but you ignored me.
That's why I come with a knife.
If you reject my love, I'll cut myself.
Tell me your love,
f not I'll cut my hand...
- Better do it.
- It got cut.
We were going behind Harini...
But the white lady was looking for something else
instead of her husband for first night.
We didn't understand anything.
Everything seemed to be a mystery.
I can't identify between her leg
and sofa's leg.
Both look similar shining as if varnished.
I want to ask you one thing.
I'll not allow you.
Is this a vegetable market to ask?
It's love, first I'll propose
my love to her.
If she denies,
then you propose.
If you ask her,
she will surely deny your love.
If I propose her,
she will surely lend her heart.
Will she kill?
She will surely kill you.
She likes me,
I'm willing to even die for her.
Take this.
Stab yourself and die,
let me live with her.
Hello... hello
what is the problem among you?
- "I Love you".
- "I Love you".
I have witnessed proposal in anger.
Only now I'm witnessing
a proposal in chorus.
Hey, bat!
How dare you challenge me.
How dare you!
What do you know about love?
Hey, stop.
He looks like a cook in a haunted movie.
- Harini!
- Thank you.
He is on cloud nine just for a touch.
Has he not taken the BP medicine?
My life got fulfilled.
Can't you explain to this crazy guys?
Hey, why are you guys creating problem?
I'll smash your face, you...
Get lost from here.
Look, what he is doing!
Do you like it?
'I love you Harini'
Uncle, you too!
What? Uncle!
He got ashamed.
She must have called you grandfather.
I'm still single.
At this age of kidney failure,
he is worrying for his love failure.
Why do you call me uncle?
I'm also single.
What got delayed.
Tamil...Tamil is a beautiful language,
you know it, right?
Do you know why all like Tamil?
In Tamil...
It has love and affection, Harini.
You called me uncle
and humiliated me, Harini.
Harini, it's very painful.
My heart is painful.
My hip is painful.
Harini, I didn't think about beauty.
I didn't think I'll fall in love with you.
But all this has happened!
Hey, sentiments will not suit you.
It'll not suit you.
Your are born to win, Dawood!
You'll win, you will.
You'll win... You'll win.
You'll win.
Suddenly I heard a noise.
When I turned, I saw the white lady
coming in hurry from upstairs.
Why Nesam is not allowing to go upstairs?
Should I only answer for all the questions?
Harini too asked the same question.
We all three said three different tales,
do you want to listen?
Oh, that story!
Have you seen Nesam's parents?
Yes, I saw them on photo.
You saw only their photo
but we have seen them in person.
At our childhood, often Nesam's parents
indulge in ruckus.
At school, Nesam used to share his
grievance about his parents.
One day, their parents had a big fight, his father
took Nesam and left the village.
After that no one came to his house
and it remained the same.
That's why Nesam would've
restricted not to go upstairs.
Those guys have arrived.
Hey Billu!
Tell me the full story and then leave.
I'll tell you the balance story
on first night, wait.
What will be in the upstairs?
Hello, what did
that dog bitten bone tell you?
I called him to go upstairs
but he is telling some tales.
He doesn't know anything,
I'll tell you the story.
Once upon a time,
this village was ruled by a Sultan.
All his valuable assets
were guarded by a Genie.
A Genie!
Hey, it's not alcohol like you think.
Like in films "Conjuring"
and "Kanchana", it's a devil.
Whoever comes seeking the treasure,
the Genie will kill them.
Hey leave that,
Come, let's go upstairs and check.
If you go upstairs,
then you'll be dead.
Come, let's go find out.
Hey leave me.
She dares to go upstairs!
Better let me go and check.
Wow! What dress is this, uncle?
Where are you going, uncle?
Harini, the only word
I hate in English is "Uncle".
In Tamil there is a nice word
"Mama" (Uncle), Harini.
Else call me Dawood.
You can even call me "Hey".
But don't call me Uncle.
Uncle, why are you getting angry for that?
Again you mention it!
You're coming from upstairs,
why don't you take me then?
That is...I'm from this village
so I'm allowed to go there.
You shouldn't go, Harini.
Why? What is the reason?
Come, let's go.
You hold my hand, come let's
go to park and beach.
I want to go upstairs.
Listen, if you go upstairs you'll die.
Then tell me the reason.
Okay, listen carefully.
Nesam's father is a renowned scientist.
He never sleeps till midnight.
He will leave home
and go straight to the graveyard.
He digs out the corpse and bring it's skull
to home and experiment to bring it alive.
One day when he was experimenting...
Wonder he is doing magic!
His blood melted down.
He is telling an irrelevant story.
From then, whoever goes upstairs,
like him they'll also...
Damn sure he became lunatic.
Are you coming?
No, I'm feeling thirsty,
I'll go drink water.
If sees her beauty when in fear
won't feel hungry for sixteen days.
My angel!
Angel! You crazy!
Did you topple and fell down in the toilet?
Your mouth is bleeding.
Uncle, why does your face
look like a bandicoot?
Hey shut up, you guys are
jealous on me.
Hey, you guys propose your love
through status.
Why is he blabbering?
But Dawood will directly propose love.
Get lost...
I'll call Kilpauk hospital
and inform a lunatic went missing.
Why is he dancing like
a weak battery doll?
What is he doing?
- Let his legs be broken.
- Come, let's run away.
Hey, are you jealous
since I touched Harini, right?
Look, still he is dancing.
My spectacles...My spectacles...
Oh, no!
Without spectacle I can't do anything.
Don't know where it fell.
My spectacles...
Somehow I will find it.
Just hold.
What did you do to Nesam?
Who has tied you?
Hey awful-faced, they hit me...
I'm here to rescue you, Nesam.
I'll untie you.
Okay, please.
You only tied him up,
then why did you untie him?
Hey, hurrah!
You deserve this.
Vallarasu, someone has tied up Nesam.
I had untied him, need not worry.
Hey, you amnesia patient,
we only tied him.
Why did you untie him?
Had we tied him?
Hey where are you guys,
I'll break your bones.
Hey, let's go
else he will lynch us.
Just because my father tied me
a waist band, I bit his ears.
How dare you tie me up?
By the way we treat him today,
he shouldn't think of his first night.
What? Is he going to sleep
with a crocodile?
Yes, he is going to put his leg
on the crocodile, hug it and sleep.
Do lit up the mosquito coil also.
You stupid, he shouldn't enjoy
his first night.
You'd have told that first.
Uncle, don't worry, let's prepare the juice,
make him drink and he will start farting.
Unable to tolerate the stench,
the girl should run away.
The first night must be called off.
Stenchy idea.
- Good idea.
- Watch out.
Where did my father keep the gun!
I have committed ninety seven murders,
another three, then I'll complete hundred.
Nesam, why are you getting furious?
That too for this small issue.
Tell them affectionately
and make them understand.
Hey drum-mouth,
how did they come inside the house?
How much money you took from them?
I had a doubt when seeing you
wearing a new shirt.
Just for holding the gun on the neck,
he fainted.
Why is he wearing a dhothi
and boasting himself?
- Hey, what!
- What did you do?
- She called me darling, now hugging him!
- Wake up.
Something wrong!
- Honey!
- What?
He is unconscious, do something.
Hey don't pretend, I know that.
You want to hug him,
that's your plan, right?
- It's serious.
- Who?
Is he serious?
Because of him many are serious.
Hey, wake up.
Without piercing of the bullet, he died.
Honey, wait.
Get some water.
Hey, Shanmugam!
Brother, juice for you.
Hey why are you covering your face
and coming?
There is a mole in my face.
Is it the fig juice?
I'm coming.
He believes whatever I say!
Let me flee.
I'll somehow unite you both
even if it costs my life.
What are you saying, Shanmugam!
I predicted it right!
That's why, I came back.
I had a doubt that you both
are in relationship.
Hey, your plan will not succeed.
Take your belongings
and leave from here.
My friend is an innocent.
Don't spoil his mind, better leave.
Hey buffalo! Someone has broken inside,
until then what were you doing?
Hey not one, already all are inside.
Hey, are you not ashamed to tell this?
Hey, I'll surely shoot you all.
Nesam, check in this room.
- Where? In this room?
- They must be in this room.
Hey, why my dad's photograph
is kept upside down!
Leave it, tension.
All of them are here, right?
Yes, all were here,
they tied me in this room..
We can catch them in this room.
In this room?
No one is here!
Hey, If you're dare enough, come out.
Hey, tell me the truth,
where did they escape?
I swear, all were here only.
Hey, I'll not give up.
Look, they're running upstairs.
Where are they?
Shanmugam, one guy is dead.
Not upstairs, this rogue is dead, wastrel.
Hey, here I come.
Why the juice is spicy!
Those who own a house and leave abroad,
don't trust your friend and leave.
If you leave to your friend,
this is what happens.
Hey, if I catch you...
I know you're hiding somewhere here.
Better come out.
Hey if you come out
I'll forgive you.
Hear the bell ringing!
Whoever comes and open the door,
I'll forgive you.
Who is ringing the bell?
Don't know which rogue will come next.
At this time who is ringing the bell!
Hey wait, coming.
It's our dream girl.
Smiling queen.
Fairy Oviya!
Why Oviya is half nude!
What! Has Oviya came home?
Yes, Oviya came.
I too belong to "Oviya army", sir.
Better retire.
No, she is Oviya...
Oh, it's Oviya!
What is this?
This is used to lit up
when power goes off, a lighter.
Such a huge one!
My dad is a scientist, he invented this.
Okay, why are you dressed up like this?
I was in shooting nearby,
moreover it's late night
and my car broke down.
If you don't mind, can I stay here?
Maam, this isn't my house,
this is Oviya's house..
Come inside.
You can neither run nor hide
because the lock can't be opened.
Beautiful house!
This is my grandfather's private place.
Why are you holding the gun?
Without my knowledge four wild cats
has entered the house, it's to shoot them.
It's rolling the glass there, just wait.
Come, let's run.
It's head would've busted.
Oh, God! You're great person.
Myself and Thala Ajith together took
shooting training.
That's your room, go sleep.
Okay, thank you so much.
Excuse me, madam.
I like you a lot.
Thank you.
I know you act very well.
Thank you.
I know you also booze.
A Big boss contestant told me.
Oh, you said about that, okay..
Hey, what!
Shut your trap and go.
What is your name?
So sweet.
Thank you.
Nesam, can I get coffee, please.
Sure I'll get you.
Thank you so much.
- You go...
- Okay.
Oh, no! Someone his coming.
Hey, a guest has come home, if anyone
tries to misbehave, I'll shoot you.
Go somewhere and be happy
with children and family.
Don't irritate me.
Hey since we're cursed without family,
that's why we're here to take revenge.
What's the need to buy a bag? Had you told me,
on the way I'd have brought it.
Hey not bag, I said revenge.
Suddenly she asked coffee, buffalo milk is
available, fine let me prepare with it.
He drank the juice
and seems to be happy!
Girls like the boys who prepare them coffee
than who buy and give.
He knew the trick, dude.
Why is the tamarind
kept in coffee box!
Hey it's okay even if you don't come out but
tell me where have you kept the coffee powder.
Will you tell me or not!
Next to the mustard container.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, can't you keep your mouth shut?
Who said it now!
Okay, first I'll prepare the coffee
and finish them.
Heard the female artists life
is very hectic
Now I'm witnessing.
What? Here is your coffee.
Nesam, a bad news.
Did your love cheat you?
The car isn't ready yet,
so can I stay here tonight?
This isn't a bad news,
this is a good news.
You can sleep wherever you wish,
even under the wooden bed.
If she sleeps with me
that will be nice.
But to stay here, I have a problem.
What is it?
I have a bad habit.
Will you booze before sleeping,
now the shop must have closed.
No Nesam, when I sleep I hug
the teddy bear and sleep.
- What?
- She will hug the teddy bear and sleep.
This isn't a bad habit but good one.
Now what you want,
a teddy bear, right?
Look at my face.
Your face....
Hey, I got it!
I can relate, you look like a teddy bear.
If you don't mind,
can I hug you and sleep?
Why are you asking this question!
Wait, I'll lock the door and come.
Just wait.
Uncle, throw this.
Idiots, they have dropped a pillow!
Wow, super Nesam!
This is enough.
Thank you so much.
These guys will not allow me to be happy.
What happened?
Mosquito is biting.
Can we go to another room?
Another room!
Okay, come.
Nesam, I'll surely kill you today.
I'm coming, whoever comes in front of me,
I'll kill them.
I'll wait until I accomplish
even if it takes a year.
I'll stab you in front and back.
Let's see.
We can't tolerate
since Nesam got married.
We were afraid that he might
also succeed in getting Oviya.
That shouldn't happen.
That's why I kept his marriage photo
so that Oviya will notice.
Oh, no! What a combination is this!
It's like cashew nut in a black vessel.
Sorry madam, it happened by mistake.
Madam, I was born in that room.
Oviya looks like a doll
My grandmother died,
the moment I was born.
After that no one stayed there,
you go now.
What about upstairs?
You're allowed to stay anywhere
in the ground floor.
But prohibited to go upstairs.
Do you understand?
Who kept this here!
Hey, are you married?
No, I'm not.
Idiot he is telling lies,
he is married a to a foreigner.
- Oh, no! He pointed out.
- Hey, don't lie.
Yes, madam, I'm married only once.
Why are you so worried?
Then what, 80's kids fell in love through letters,
2k kids love through Twitter.
We 90's kid didn't know the source
to fall in love and our time has elapsed.
Because of that, we lost faith on love,
marriage or God.
But now I have faith.
On what?
Upon God.
My gosh!
This is the best acting.
Madam, shall we both take
a selfie as a memory?
Why only selfie, let's take reels also.
Thank you, madam.
Come, pose your usual style.
"I'm the naughty of 90's"
"You're the beauty of 2k's"
"It's the love..."
Saturn has left you...
Don't overdo .
Sing the song.
"He is impressing me
in the loop time"
"He is telling me tales
and made me to fall for him"
"We are so cute couple..."
"To celebrate the honeymoon,
shall we time travel to Adam's period?"
"O' Come...come...Bombay rocket...
I put bracket to enjoy"
Watching him play music
and the girl dance...'s like watching Shivaji and Padmini
in Thillana Mohanambal film.
"You're the Rose of Hollywood
I'm the Jack of Kollywood"
"When black and white come together,
it's a celebration for the town"
"Half of my heart belongs to you.
If I seduce you, then everything is mine"
"I swear, I have become crazy
because of you"
"Hey, param...param...paramasundari..."
"I'm waiting, bid bye and come along"
"Listen me, accept me,
I'm young, I'm an innocent..."
"Overwhelmed with love,
I have kept everything..."
"Young...young...young aunt..."
Hey, you tried to cheat me, isn't it?
"You tear as you wish"
"Kiss abundantly"
"O' innocent..O' innocent..."
"You come to my room"
"Rock a dance"
"You're my KD baby"
"I'm your spinach vada"
"You're a perfect spicy vada for uncle"
"He keeps watching and made me
to fall for him"
"He stares at me
and rocks everything"
Instead of asking me who I am,
go ask someone else who I am.
It's all your talent, uncle
It's not talent, dude
"O' grace...O' grace..."
"If we get you,
that's the grace for us."
"O' grace...O' grace..."
"If we get you,
that's the grace for us."
What is this?
They won't allow me to kiss.
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm Dawood...
- Come.
- Uncle!
Yes, dear.
There's more to say about me.
I'm taking care of this house.
My father owned this house.
Oh, no!
I went around America, France,
German and returned.
Since I didn't get job anywhere,
finally I settled down in Australia.
There four girls Andrea, Santrea, Mantrea...
Where did she go?
She is missing!
Where am I?
Oviya came here, I touched her hip.
The hip is missing.
Let me ask Vallarasu about the missing hip.
Hey, uncle was blessed to be in paradise.
I touched her, the hip is missing.
The hip is missing.
The whole Tamil Nadu knew
that her hip is zero size.
Are you telling us about it?
Hey, listen to me.
Hey, uncle! We saw
how you behaved.
Don't tell tales.
Hey, I touched but it's not there.
Hey, oldie duck! Why are you irritating?
Got electrified as soon as I touched.
You will be electrified the moment
you think of her.
No wonder that you were electrified
when you touch her?
See now how am I going to abduct?
Hey, no!
Hey, you will enjoy pinching her
hip but expect us to be idle?
What! Are you going to kill?
Yes, you have to be killed.
Come, take the sac.
Billa and Vallarasu didn't listen
to me and went to abduct Oviya.
Your father has
a smiling face in all photos.
Was he so enthusiastic?
Shame of him,
he will keep smiling even at a death house.
He is a psycho scientist.
Isn't he positive?
Not positive, he is just a negative person.
He kept on screwing something
in name of research.
When I went and saw what it is,
He gave me a pill to the extent
that I don't respect anyone.
Now I don't respect him too.
Lunatic people!
I have decided, Oviya.
Your mom is my Mother-in-law.
Only after abducting,
I knew that it's not Oviya but a ghost...
You don't fear...
Hey, instead of a girl,
you've abducted a statue?
How does this came here?
It's you who dragged it here.
Why are you blaming me?
Hey, she is not Oviya, it's a ghost.
Though a ghost, it'll look beautiful.
Get her and come.
Hey old lunatic, don't blabber something.
Hey seedless grape, you're frustrated
that we will make her to fall for us.
Am I frustrated?
Hey, I'll prove in front of you
that she is a ghost.
Yes, she is a ghost!
Why are there
so many restrictions upstairs?
It has been a long time
since I went upstairs.
My mother won't allow me
to go even if I try.
One time I took risk
and went upstairs.
He gave me a pill that I couldn't laugh
even if it's funny.
I'll sit on that sofa
and cry out loud.
No one will laugh
though whatever fun I make.
See how my father has made me suffer.
No, I can't tolerate.
My stomach is burning.
Uncle, he is living with the ghost!
Hey, I told you already
but you didn't listen.
Uncle, I'm afraid to the core.
Come, let's go away from here.
Come, let's go...
Uncle, Nesam?
- Hey, he won't retrieve, come let's go.
- Leave him, come.
Uncle, Nesam is my childhood friend.
How can I leave him?
Though Nesam is our enemy now,
he was once our friend.
That's why we saved him
from the ghost Oviya.
Oviya, this entire house is built
with teak wood.
Did your father build this?
Not my father, mason Ramalingam
designed the set.
- Nesam, an important information.
- What?
Have you started begging
inside the home itself?
No, if you talk like this,
you'll be into trouble.
She is a ghost not Oviya.
See well.
I saw her well.
Are you enraged since she fell for me?
Oviya has turned as a ghost.
Take the vessel and get milk, go.
What happened?
Nothing, today is April 1st, right?
He is trying to fool me.
Not fine, I'll go.
I'll go fast and tell immediately.
Go tell immediately.
You'll complete in the evening.
Hey, coin-faced...
That's nothing, he is trying
to say good cook...
Go cook.
It's not right,
I'll tell the fact to Nesam.
- Nesam!
- People will be of that kind only.
- Nesam!
- Who is that?
- Nesam!
- What?
I have to talk to you about
an important matter.
When were you back from town?
You said that you want to tell
me an important matter.
I have forget that, leave it.
When were you back from town?
It has been a month.
How many children?
Four children.
How many boys and girls?
All the four are girls.
All the four are girls?
I'm worried how are you
going to settle them?
He is a good guy but thinking to
admit him in Ervadi for few days.
Many machines are here.
I don't understand anything
Let me check what's there in the laptop.
Such a big syringe!
Hey, who is that dare to call
at this odd time?
Hey, don't hit.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Where are you?
Follow a line.
Come to take prasadam.
- Come immediately to Nesam's house.
- Why?
Why? What's the matter?
We have to drive away a ghost.
Ghost? An unknown ghost is better than
these ghosts.
Hey, take that stick
I'm coming.
Come soon.
I'm coming.
Hey, give me this stick.
Oh, gosh! What's this?
Oh, it's a step!
They scared me,
I'll not leave today.
Hey Billa, come
See there, brother.
Come, Billa, why are you fainted?
Oh, no!
If there is a big house
then there will be a ghost.
It has become a routine.
Is it inside?
It's here.
Here I have stabbed you...
Oh, no! It's not here.
What will I do?
It's here!
It's here in this house!
A ghost dwells in this house!
And seven sinners are also here.
First, I must drive them away.
Swamy! Swamy!
- Come close...
- Swamy!
You called me to his home
and asking to treat him.
Yes, you said you will
drive away the ghost.
Who is haunted by the ghost?
Look there!
The girl accompanying him is
haunted with the ghost.
Hey, I expected you will drive away
the ghost but you're flirting.
Do something, swamy.
She looks gorgeous,
you're saying her as a ghost!
You said you've no interest in
anything other than spirituality.
Now you're admiring everything, swamy!
You seductress!
I'll catch you...
What are you doing?
Be silence...
Be silence...
It's a powerful ghost.
We must immediately save Nesam.
Come,swamy, let's go.
There is a room that no one knows about.
Come, I'll show you.
- Yeah.
- Catch him..
What happened?
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, dude!
What are you doing in my room?
I know who you are and what
are you doing in this house.
You're my assistant, remember that.
I'm not your assistant anymore.
Stop it, swamy!
Only he is our enemy, not his wife.
- What are you saying?
- She is not his wife, it's a ghost.
Senseless, you call
the other's wife a ghost,
Have I brought you up
so disorderly?
Then, shall I call your
wife a ghost?
Hey, keep quiet.
Maam, are you okay?
What's this, Nesam?
Why is he staring me?
What did you do? She started
speaking in Malayalam.
If you do anything again,
I'll break your mouth.
Keep it.
I saw your laptop
and you are cheating Nesam.
I'm going to deactivate your
hologram right now.
Nesam, see Oviya is missing now!
- You idiot!
- Don't...
Hey, she is standing like a rock.
You lost hearing, have you been blind too?
Hey, don't touch it.
- I will kill you.
- Move...
See now, she has disappeared!
She is back!
She is standing!
Hey, shut your mouth.
She is here...she is not here... it.
Hey, white lady!
You beast!
You can't escape from me
What is he doing?
Neshu, what's this?
They are trying to do comedy
from the beginning,
What to do?
Kindly adjust.
Dear, come...come...
Let me completely delete it.
Go to your abode.
If you sprinkle tap water?
She'd have headed straightaway there.
Yes, she has left!
- Did you see?
- She has left!
I gave room to a ghost.
Swamy, you're great!
Vicky...Vicky...get up.
Just wait.
Let's go.
Come, let's go...
Hey, joker faced! What
harm did I do for you?
Why are you trying to kill me
by sending with a ghost?
- O' disciple!
- Swamy!
Ghosts like virgin men.
That too you're a handsome virgin.
Am I?
Will it leave you?
Then does it roll out a mat to sleep?
Hey, be quiet.
Swamy, let it be a ghost
All three of you, arrange my marriage
with her and make me a family man.
The same feelings!
Uncle, we too are virgins, isn't it?
The same feelings!
Hey, even the ghost falls
in love for money.
If it falls in love for personality,
why would it fall in love with a pig like this?
It'll like a decent guy like me.
They are not letting me
even to live with a ghost, damn it.
I have no peace.
I will go somewhere without seeing you.
- Nesam!
- Swamy!
I have locked the ghost.
But it is not good for you
to stay here any longer.
That's all I can say.
Oh, no!
Amy...Amy...get up...
Our work is not done yet.
Amy, get up.
- Come on, hurry up,
- Come on.
No matter how much I have betrayed you,
you've fought the ghost and saved me.
Who are you all?
Nesam, there may be enmity
but we have affection.
Whatever, you are our friend.
Nesam, though I call you disrespectfully,
I'll talk about you to all with affection.
Even if you say it affectionately,
it sounds like an old joke.
I'll sell all my property and get you
all married on my supremacy, understand?
Nesam, finally you proved your affection.
"Dearest friend"
Come, get blessings!
Where are they coming from?
Get my blessings
Disgusted swamy!
Nesam, let's leave.
Have you brought your suitcase?
- What happened?
- Oviya has became a ghost in this house
Come, let's go.
Oviya is a hologram,
she is not a ghost.
From Saligramam everything around
is under our control.
It seems to be new.
It's very confusing,
will you please be quiet?
I too should talk something, isn't it?
Hologram means it's not real,
it's a shadow.
It was a machine created by Amy.
Then, it's made by China.
Brother, I'm scared! Let's leave.
There is a formula upstairs.
Amy has come to take that.
It's not safe to stay here.
Let's leave from here
Come soon.
She made drama all these days.
First let's leave from here.
Come, let's go.
Oh, no!
Oops! We are caught!
Then came the white lady.
Why did she often go upstairs?
- We understood it later.
- You silly clowns.
So, finally you're leaving?
Yes, I'm leaving.
Before that, take away the mangalsutra
I tied and leave.
How did you tie the mangalsutra
when she is taller than you?
I made her to lie down and tied,
shut your trap.
You are stupid
Do you think I'm married to you?
I came here for a different reason.
You still don't care it...
Hey, leave his hand.
What is she saying?
She is not here to live with you.
Hey, it's my mistake to tie mangalsutra
to you for my height.
Moreover, you had a master plan with me.
What's your next plan?
- Wait, I'll go ask her.
- I'll show you.
She is having the mangalsutra,
get that too.
Hey, who turned off the light?
Who is he looking like a green mountain?
Nesam! Come, let's go.
- Come...
- Take this cockroach.
Here is a secret room
Come, let's go there.
Who are you all?
Teacher, why have you caught me?
I have to go to cook.
I'll break your head.
Tell the story.
What should I tell you?
You have been telling a story?
What story?
Nesam's story.
- Nesam?
- Oviya came, right?
Yeah, I remember.
Got it?
Love will make us feel sleepy it seems.
Who is the one wearing green colour shirt?
Tell me about the new character.
The white lady was searching something
inside the house.
She couldn't open the door.
Then she brought Oviya there.
Nesam didn't allow anyone upstairs.
Oviya mesmerized him and took him upstairs.
She made him open that door
with his hand.
Because, that door will open
only if Nesam touch it.
That white lady needs a rowdy.
She made Vicky faint and took him there.
At that time, Vembuli came on his own
and stuck there.
He is our village playboy.
Who are you?
Who are you?
That's not who are you?
Who am l.
That's Jackie Chan film.
Don't make me fool.
Idiot, what do you want?
She is speaking with phone.
My granny is speaking on phone in Google.
Google shows the distance of 400 kilometres
just for 4 kilometres.
Now, tell me.
Tell me.
- Idiot, who are you?
- Idiot, who are you?
Me? I came to kill
your husband, my darling!
- Where is your husband?
- That's good.
I too hate him.
Tomorrow morning
I'm going to divorce him.
So you don't like your husband?
You divorce him and marry me.
We will do his final rites...
...And begin our life, okay?
You like me?
Tomorrow we both together
will kill your husband.
What's this?
This is my body language.
Are you okay?
The white lady convinced the chieftain
that injection will give him power.
But one favour.
You have to take one injection.
Are you trying to kill me
with that injection?
It'll give you
the power of hundred elephants.
The Chieftain believed it.
Not just one, give me as many injections
as you want.
Then see, I'll lock the door.
Come here.
The Chieftain had lust on the white lady.
Cheap fellow, so he started listening her.
Just a small injection.
While talking to him,
she injected him.
He was partly unconscious.
More superhero costumes were there
designed by Nesam's father.
She made Vembuli to wear that
superhero costume.
Harini was hiding and
watching everything.
What is the next plan?
The man who wore that green colour shirt
is our village chieftain Vembuli.
Love will make you feel sleepy it seems.
Hey Vallarasu, why are you
dressed up like me?
Not only you, even if thousand people
are dressed up like me...
Harini is mine.
Hey, you wastrel...
Who is he?
He looks bulky just like the villain
in Vijaykanth's film.
When did you come, Harini?
Wait, Harini.
Such a huge frog?
A frog?
- Damn it.
- A frog?
If he hits you,
you can't hear for six days.
- Oh, God! He is coming.
- Good, the door is open!
I can't.
Do you have water?
He is bigger than a biriyani vessel.
Nesam, keep your hand.
I am not that kind of person.
I'll keep my hand.
I'll also keep.
Come this side.
Keep your hand on that switch.
Oh, you told to keep on this switch.
Just miss.
The competition is high now.
Everyone is coming dressed up like me.
I won't leave.
I'll make extra effort.
Dawood is here, born to win.
I'll keep on making efforts.
Harini is for me.
We cannot open the door.
Find something else.
Come on.
I cannot understand.
Repeat one more time.
Door touching...shocking...
Don't open.
You stupid.
Okay, I got it.
Who is he?
Look how big he is.
How do I know?
He came in disguise.
He is no one other than
your Village Chieftain.
Is he the chieftain?
He looks swollen..
Amy changed him like this.
Why has he come here?
To take revenge on you.
Why he has to take revenge on me?
Do you know what happened to him
after he took that pill?
Pills would have been over.
Not only pills, his life also was over.
I knew before itself
that you're cheating us.
You ended our life.
I couldn't understand.
See the flashback on east side.
East side?
Wonder the pill which I gave
have worked like this?
You're aware about this house
more than my father.
How do you know?
Vicky and myself are junior scientists.
We heard a lot
about your father's research.
But nobody has the research files
and documents.
Because his discovery
will protect the world.
At the same time, it will destroy too.
Who found him?
What my dad found?
Project 90.
- Has your father discovered alcohol 90?
- Keep quiet.
It is a highly powerful super weapon.
You know your father
is an ordinary scientist.
But do you know how great scientist he was?
Your father invented
all the super heroes in this world.
But at that time, our Indian government didn't give
any recognition for your father's invention.
Your father didn't stop there.
He kept on discovering new things.
For his research,
he used his own children.
He had done the trials also.
But the Indian government didn't give
permission to his research.
Indian government didn't give permission
so he tried to get patent rights abroad.
But the foreigners cheated your father.
They had stolen your father's invention.
He was totally broken.
And he died also.
Recently, we heard that he has hid
his invention somewhere.
But we didn't know what it is.
That's why, we came here to find it.
Then we saw Amy with you.
Amy is actually a Russian spy.
We found that she came with you
to find out the project.
Then we followed her.
I joined Amy and Vicky joined you.
Then we came to know that your
father's most powerful weapon is...
"Project 9.0"
To know about this project,
Vicky joined you.
I joined your wife Amy.
But later we came to know that Amy is
a Russian spy, who came to steal the project.
That's why she created so much drama.
If it is so, we will give
that power to her.
Yeah, we will give it to her.
This is our Nation's treasure.
We shouldn't give that to anyone.
Already Americans has stolen
original version from us.
Now she has come from Russia.
If you give that to her,
she will definitely kill you.
Then we will go to the police.
After she closed that door,
time has started.
We should take
that super power before dawn.
Or else this house will explode.
This is my grandfather's house.
Will it explode?
Shut your ears.
That rowdy is there.
What can we do him?
If we have to hit him, we should have
a super power like him.
Super power?
Where will we go for that?
The super power which defeats him
is in this box.
You were talking useless by
having this in your hands.
Come, keep here.
Sound like a real scientist.
But that's not so easy.
To activate this, we have to
read the instructions.
It is in different language.
Different language?
Do you guys know Malayalam,Telugu, Hindi?
I don't anything.
Wear the dress I gave you.
This is a trial version.
So the power will stay for some time.
Already foreigners has taken the originals.
Be careful.
Okay, we will wear it and see.
I will also wear a dress.
You can't wear anything.
Because your mom made your father
to swear not to use you in any research.
Brother, it's shaking.
Do you know what a comedian will say
at this time?
We will see what comes.
How is it?
Someone is knocking the door.
Go and see.
Don't be scared.
Open the door.
Hey damn it, come inside.
Our men only scare us.
What do you want?
I went to take a puff.
Meanwhile everybody came inside.
Where were you?
I said I went to take a puff.
Are you lunatic?
Why are you all dressed up like me?
Is it to impress Harini?
Harini, no.
Hey Dawood, see there.
Has someone came to impress Harini?
Who is he, looks big?
He is our village chieftain.
Hey, I'll thrash you.
Our men are ready.
Very good.
Come, Nesam.
We are waiting for you.
Hey Jambuli.
Hey, he is Vembuli.
Hey Vembuli, I'll come to thrash you.
If you have guts, stand there.
You come.
Green frog.
It's very hard to escape.
That's why you should hide like me.
Hey, Priest!
Didn't you run still?
When did you let me go?
When I went out
to sprinkle the holy water...
...all the doors are locked.
It is electrifying,
if we touch the door.
Oh no!
The chieftain is a lustful guy.
Nesam caught him with this point.
Do like this, we will catch him.
Look how he is looking like a puppy
yearning for butter biscuit.
We asked her to act
but she is showing off...
What are you looking at?
Go and catch.
Catch him.
Where are you running?
Don't know what he is going to do.
The hero has arrived to save.
Come on.
We will go.
I'm trying to seduce her
but you've come to save her.
Get up.
Because of this weakness,
his power went down.
Nesam tied him with the rope.
Hey, wait.
The rope isn't enough.
Hey Russian spy!
Drag her here.
Stop it.
- Hands off me.
- Come.
No, leave me.
Stop it.
Shall I stab her?
See, how we caught you
by your idea?
See, how we caught you
by your idea?
See, how we caught you
by your idea?
You also tell.
See, how we caught you
by your idea.
All these ideas are to trap her.
Hey, you don't know.
What mistake you have done.
I know.
You will pay for this.
I know...I know...I know...
Admiring Nesam's fluency in English.
Yesterday he watched Raghuvaran's film in TV
and repeating that dialogue.
When did he notice that?
Hey, you...
You're repeating "I know"
like a lunatic.
I have seen her somewhere.
- Cylinder...cylinder...
- Hey, what's this?
- What's this?
- Oh, she is her aide!
You all gonna die now.
What are you doing?
What is that?
- Go away...
- She injected a booster to Vembuli.
He has become strong again.
Hey, you were dressed like him
but did anyone dare to hit him?
Brother, I thought the thread
will come out from the hand
But the glove is torn and seen my hand
Aren't you ashamed to say this?
Nesam, I don't have energy
to lift this hammer.
All the power has gone.
What are you doing?
What are you doing
by standing there?
I'm admiring my beauty in the mirror.
- Damn it.
- He is a nuisance among these problems.
Just shut up.
Who is she who came from upstairs?
yeah, a girl came.
I opened the door.
She called me "dear"
Then I opened the door
and brought her in.
She is not there
when I turned back.
Get lost.
She is your wife's aide.
Is it?
She was watching you all these days
from outside.
Knowing that the house is in their control,
she has entered now.
There is no other way.
For all...
- Nesam!
- What?
Here is a way...
Hey, this is closed, there is the way.
This house is the climax for all of us.
What is this?
Which one?
This is a time travel machine.
If we travel in this time travel machine,
we can prevent having the pill.
Before that, we saw a movie,
we could stop watching it.
Hey, it's not a time travel machine.
Whenever my mom hits my dad with broomstick,
that's where my father hides.
There is an another way.
It seems you know more
about my house than I do.
What's the way?
Another option is...
Tell me.
If we bring the booster which Amy
gave to him and ingest to these guys
...they will get the power.
If they get the power,
it will be mere waste.
There is no other way.
This is our only chance.
Your father has many counter
attack devices.
This can distract the power of it.
- What's that device?
- "Hologram"
Through hologram, we can create
babies and send.
Usually no superhero will harm babies.
So through this, we can distract
the chieftain...
...and get the booster from upstairs.
After you had the pills,
you guys had a problem, right?
Similarly, what's the problem
the chieftain had?
He can't see if he removes
his spectacles.
And lust with women.
I thought he'll fall for women
and alcohol...
...but he has problem in eyes too.
This is enough to finish him off.
Hey, if you increase the booster anymore,
the dress will get burned.
This is the machine
that controls the power of chieftain.
Through this board, I'll finish him.
He is going beyond limits.
I'm pleading to all four of you.
Just remove his specs
and I'll take care of the rest.
- Okay.
- Go away.
"The green colored hulk
is coming here in bulk"
"The one with the snotty mouth
is going to scream now"
"He chases him rudely"
"He is going to hit
and blow the scalp"
"You don't run away seeing the monster"
"He is going to trouble you, don't subdue"
"Don't make drama with your joker face"
"Don't sing hymns and stand aside"
"He is like a ranger,
don't irritate him"
"He is dangerous,
don't frustrate him"
"Don't try to catch the spider
in a web"
"This is a tiger, don't make fun"
"He is of world class
and a powerful face"
"Don't hinder him by rules"
"He is going to make
the rugged boys like noodles"
"He will tear you, tie and hit"
"The green colored hulk
is coming here in bulk"
"The one with the snotty mouth
is going to scream now"
"He chases him rudely"
"He is going to hit
and blow the scalp"
"You don't run away seeing the monster"
"He is going to trouble you, don't subdue"
"Don't make drama with your joker face"
"Don't sing hymns and stand aside"
Harini, take him.
Where are you?
Harini, where are we both going?
There is no one in that room,
come let's go.
Oh, gosh! I didn't expect
you'd change your mind so soon.
There is no one in that room.
If we go now, we can take the booster.
Come, let's go.
Where is it?
He is not even here.
Show your face.
Where is Amy?
That white lady?
- Come, let's go.
- Where are you going?
Come, I'll show way to this world.
Come, see she is here.
See, how am I going to attack her
and dump in the box?
See now.
- Amy!
- Hey, where are you from, tell me.
Come, let's go.
Who is this?
- Come...
- Harini, are you going to reveal your love?
Oh, no! Go inject this booster
on her hip, okay?
What are you going to do?
If we get the super power, this won't
be enough to fight against them.
We need bigger superpower
than this, okay?
It's in this room.
I will activate this, go soon.
- Go...
- Nesam, we got the power.
We got the power.
Buddy bro?
Are you here?
Be safe here, I got a gun.
I will shoot him.
Sure only a hero can do it, go.
You buffoon!
Fuse out bulb?
I can't tolerate the pain.
- I'll finish the work and see you.
- I can't see anything.
Take me with you
We expected the priest
will lock her but he didn't.
Hey, stay still.
Not me...not me...
- Leave me.
- I was coming happily as I got the booster.
I got the booster.
Nesam! Vallarasu! Billa!
I got the booster.
I got the booster.
Dawood, what happened?
Why did you come here?
I came to sleep here. Save me.
It's a good machine.
It's a failure project of
Nesam father's room.
It doesn't like anyone
coming to its room.
It'll leave if we play
it's favorite song.
Play the song.
Wait, let me play it.
What a wonderful song this is.
You doomed...
Not knowing this,
I was getting hit so long.
MSV played well.
What about that machine?
That's for part-2.
Since the earlier one was a failure,
he left it.
He went out to make
that machine ready.
He was haunted by the ghost there.
I don't have time to listen to your tales.
Tell me everything about the booster.
Go away...
Hey, what are you doing?
None of your plan will work out.
All your people are in our custody.
Where are you going?
I won't leave you, stop...
Leave me.
Hey, come here!
Shut your mouth and sit
or else I'll stab you.
Sit down.
Tie her to chair.
Leave me.
You people are so dead.
How dare are you trying to run?
How does that feel?
Our work will be finished soon, Amy.
Vallarasu, I got the booster.
- Where?
- Ingest it, uncle.
Next for me.
- Energy.
- Take it.
- Great!
- Nesam...Nesam...
- Nesam, take it.
- Great...Great...
- Nesam!
- Great, uncle!
- Ingest it.
- Nesam!
- Nesam!
- Power! Power!
A big hammer is here.
I'll finish him with this.
We will finish them with this.
Shouldn't spare anyone.
- Nesam, we got the booster.
- Superb!
You come out now...
We will thrash them.
What? Did you all ingest the booster?
Yes, done.
Dare to mock me? Hit him.
We must hit you.
Hit me?
Hey, no...
You stand like a rock.
Stop it, hereafter you should
listen to whatever we say.
Her life is in our hands.
Country broots, do what she says
or else she dies.
You wear this chip.
We will wear it, madam.
Save Harini.
Where is my specs?
It's in washroom, brother.
Bring it.
Here it is...
We want Harini.
He thrashed me.
Hereafter you will listen to this red chip.
Oh, no! You sinners!
I'll not spare you.
I'll lynch you.
- Pity him.
- She has changed everything.
We all were caught.
We don't know what to do.
There came our goddess!
After seeing her furious face,
everyone was shattered.
She thrashed everyone.
She saved Nesam, left him
in room and she came out.
She saved all of us and disappeared.
We don't know what to do.
What's there in that house?
Where are those who were with you?
Have you found the formula
which Harini told?
Who helped you after that?
- Go inside.
- Come inside.
Hey, Oviya has disappeared.
What to do now?
Buddy bro, I don't know much.
Harini will tell something.
Okay, I'll try what Harini has told.
Do something.
Your father has invented a lot.
We will see if we can find help from that.
Look into it.
Don't hide inside like a coward.
I need the power.
- Don't switch it on.
- Hey, get lost.
Give it to me.
Hey, you look into it.
Take it, do something.
Take it.
Why did you go to school?
Take it.
It's switched on.
Hey, what's it?
Hello, version 3.0
Scientist personal hologram,
What do you need?
Who is this new one here?
This is the previous hologram we saw.
Your father's assistant.
Oh, I see!
It looks tall.
He is the scientist's son.
We have to leave from here.
Tell us soon the way to secret room.
I too don't know. I will check.
First, come and check it.
Come and see...
Have to get blessings from your father.
Even I didn't get blessings from him,
why do you need to?
Buddy bro, we need to take
your father's blessings.
Where will I go for his legs now?
Look, there is a photo
but legs aren't there.
There is a photo of him in hall,
is that okay?
Your mother is also there.
It's programmed to get
blessings from a separate photo.
- Is it upstairs?
- No.
- Downstairs?
- No.
- Next room?
- No.
Backside room?
Buddy bro, there is a photo
Brilliant, you found it.
Look at him wearing coat like
the hero Vijaykanth in film "Pulan Visaranai".
Is that okay?
Even though I scold you,
you're my father.
For the first time, I'm seeking
your blessings touching your leg.
Do that good thing.
The countdown has started
We have short time.
We should go fast and start it.
Hey, why are you holding the fire torch?
Seeing the fire, the ghost will run away.
Come...come fast.
Don't you sense the ghost is approaching?
Hey, keep going.
All of you come.
Nesam, keep your hand on the door,
we have short time.
- Hey, Nesam!
- Yes, the doors are opening!
What is this!
Looking magnificent!
Nesam, this lamp once protected the world.
This isn't a language,
it's the light.
This isn't magic but full of tricks.
How does we get power
when it's turned on?
Only you know the password for it.
- Your father invited this power with great difficulty.
- How do I know!
It's code word would've been taught
by your mother in your childhood.
Only you know it, recollect it.
You can...
Think well.
- Your mother has taught you.
- Give me some time, let me recollect.
Did you recollect?
- Hey, don't distract me.
- Got it, tell us.
It'll be in your mind.
We have no time!
You don't worry
I'll take care of that.
You will get the power.
Do something.
Think well!
- Think well!
- Come on, recollect.
No! - Think deep!
- What's the password!
- I can't recollect.
- Think well, what's the password?
- Come on, you can do it.
- Think!
- Think deep!
- Think...think...
How deep I think, I can only recollect
my father scolding my mother.
What to do?
Keep quiet.
Better think deeply.
- Buddy bro, you can!
- If not, it will blast.
Come, fast!
- No, I'm not able to recollect.
- Have you got it?
Have you got it?
Switch it on...
It's your father's property.
- What is the password?
- Think well...
Stop it, Nesam.
I don't know what would be the password!
- Hey, do not activate that power, Nesam.
- Go...go take it.
- Go, take it and give me.
- Harini...
You don't go, you come here.
Please don't hurt Harini.
Better tell him.
Please don't hurt Harini.
Please don't hurt Harini.
Nesam, don't do it.
- We don't have time.
- Hey Nesam, take the power and give.
Hey, move.
I'll activate this power.
Nesam, don't listen to him.
- I'll take and give it.
- Switch on the power.
- Hey, fool!
- It's electrifying!
You can't revoke the power.
Only Nesam can!
Don't listen to them.
If you listen then your father's hard work
will go waste.
- Hey!
- Switch on.
- Don't do it.
- Think.
- We have short time, think...
- Nesam!
- Give the power to me.
- Think and recollect.
Don't active it.
- Yes...yes
- Stop it
Boomer uncle is back!
- Wow!
- Boss is back.
Hereafter no problem for you
I have come.
Boomer uncle is back.
Like you, I'm going to step up
and jump.
- Don't do!
- Don't do it, Dawood.
Dawood, don't do it.
I have escaped.
Bang him in the mouth.
Have you arrived!
Boomer uncle has come.
Hey, why are you irritating me?
I was made to lie on a bench
and portrayed like flying towards the moon.
I was made to jump on the same spot
and portrayed like jumping from the sky.
You too believed it,
fell down and ruined my life.
The characters introduced after me like postman
and spiderman are doing many series.
I'm struggling to live my life
and became bald headed.
I have returned after twenty five years,
don't ruin my life.
I can't perform like before
I have become old.
Who are these people?
Boomer uncle, you have returned,
we know surely you'll save us.
But we need a help from you.
What help?
Nothing big, why are we
not yet married, uncle?
Help us to get married, uncle.
All are getting married.
When young guys get married and cross us,
they tease us and laugh.
Uncle, why are forbidden to get married?
- We feel ashamed, uncle.
- Yes, uncle.
Uncle, fix up a bride for us to marry.
For me also, uncle.
No, if I tell the fact
you can't tolerate it.
It's okay, tell us.
Uncle, it's okay tell us the fact.
Tell us, uncle.
Do you know who is the reason for all this?
Who, uncle?
Who is it?
Tell us, uncle... Tell us...
Nesam's grandmother Karuthamma.
In the village, if a baby girl is born,
they bring it to Karuthamma
since they can't afford to nurture.
Because she is a specialist
in feeding spurge milk.
She hates baby girls.
She will kill the baby girl
by feeding spurge milk.
This incident took place not only in your village
but also in the surrounding villages.
That's why, you guys didn't get a bride.
Hey Vallarasu! Granny must have
killed my wife isn't it!
Hey, why are you crying now?
Now what is use of crying?
Uncle, tell me one thing,
how 2k kids are getting girls?
It's because of your village Chieftain.
- Village Chieftain?
- Yes, because of village chieftain.
The village chief got jealous seeing
the spurge milk business doing well.
He wanted to ruin the business.
So he implemented GST.
Since then, granny's business
slowly started to diminish.
Finally her business has stopped.
Because of that mental agony, she died.
Today's 2k kids have girl friend,
girl bestie, boy friend and boy bestie.
Who is the reason for it?
Your village chieftain.
Since he implemented the GST.
My gosh, we became the victims
of not getting married.
Uncle, won't we get a bride?
You'll get.
I'll get you guys.
Hey this is our boss
He is getting us married.
Okay fine, Is he married?
Boomer uncle, save me from this.
Why it's not working!
Are you checking palmistry?
Power is injected, you can't wake him up.
I'll not harm you, but who directed
you should come here now.
You don't know who is my boss!
Who is your boss?
Talk to him, my professor will come to you.
Who are you?
Hey, don't laugh.
Who are you?
Tell me, I can't tolerate.
Don't call me disrespectfully.
Call me "Sir".
Sir! Okay sir! Tell me, sir.
Sir, who are you?
I'm the creator of you.
You don't know about me, right?
Hey, it's me who brought you back.
I'm coming for you.
I'm waiting...
The laughing sound, who's voice it is!
It's none other than Nesam's father.
What? Nesam's father?
How did he appear?
He is dead, right?
What happened?
What am I doing here?
Hey Boomer, it's you
narrating the story, right?
- A story?
- Yes.
Oh, no! I'm leaving.
I don't know any story.
Leave me.
- Hey, stop.
- Harini will be searching for me.
- Hey, listen to me.
- Hey, Boomer!
Harini will call me, uncle.
Uncle, you forgot to take your box.
Hey, tell the balance and go.
Greetings, maam!
Who are you?
I'm Mamakutty, Esther's brother.
I haven't so far heard
about you in the story.
For now on, you'll see.
Watch out for Mamakutty's game.
My gosh!
Lead for Part 2.
Are you guys planning for Part 2?
'Mamakutty's game begins'