Boomika (2021) Movie Script

FRIDAY, 9:30 P.M.
Where has she gone now?
She has time for everyone but her family.
God! She has made this a habit!
Where has she gone?
How could she go
leaving the milk like that?
Then there's him! It never occurs
to him to call me before he leaves.
I have to take the initiative every time.
Where are you?
Where would I be?
I'm on my way, just past Chidambaram.
I hope you're wearing the seat belt.
When have I ever driven
without wearing it?
She isn't here either.
You were saying?
I just sent you a meme.
I'm going to beat you up
when you get home.
Hey, I came up with it on my own.
And you're proud of that?
Why is it that I'm always
the target of your jokes?
Just wait and see, I'm going
to name our kid after him.
I'll slap you!
Yeah, we'll see!
How was the joke, dear?
Forget about that.
It seems you got the cheque.
You didn't tell me about it.
We sealed the deal last week.
Oh! Now, how about that!
I thought I'd tell you once I cash in.
Were you worried that I would jinx it?
Fuck you, bastard!
- Go, die!
- Where did you pick up such language?
Don't worry about it.
He was driving recklessly.
Anyway, forget it.
What's the update on
Bhuvana's betrothal?
Mom, where are you?
please tell me you're fine!
Mom! Where the hell are you?
Damned idiot!
Dear! Everything is okay, right?
Please say something!
Come here fast!
Please say something!
Good boy!
He only listens to you, madam.
I can't deal with his antics at home.
Everyone in the neighborhood
calls him mentally ill...
It's you who needs counseling, not him.
Look, ma'am, just follow
the exercise I have prescribed.
He'll be fine.
Siddhu, repeat after me. Okay?
- Ma!
- Ma!
Alright. Now...
- Pa.
- Pa.
- Pa!
- Pa!
- Ma.
- Ma.
- Ma.
- Ma.
How was your flight?
Where's your wife?
I read his reports.
I don't see any problem
with his vocal cords.
To me, this looks like a typical case
of social withdrawal syndrome.
It's actually quite common
these days, Samyuktha.
As you probably know,
a major incident need not be the reason.
Even extremely silly incidents
that take place in school
can push kids into a shell.
As you know,
it's been a year since he spoke.
And that was the only reason
why we moved here from Madras.
Got an Indian SIM card?
Look at her, busy on her phone,
wearing makeup on the road.
Hi, bro!
Hi, Gayatri!
- What?
- Who is she, your younger sister?
- Show some respect!
- What's your problem?
Let me guess. Did you
flunk all your exams as usual?
Hey, boy!
Hey, I've been waiting up for you.
How are you guys?
Yeah, baby, I'm a little jet-lagged.
- How are you?
- I'm okay.
I think Gowtham is getting busy.
So, when are you
planning to come to India?
Hello, sir. How are you?
How's the work going?
We can start from next week.
Very good!
Very good!
You said that a foreign architect
would be coming.
She's here, sir, I just picked her up.
We're headed to the property.
You are there with your family.
Do you need anything?
The Pollution Control Board and forest
department are giving us a headache.
Not even the common man respects
the Pollution Control Board these days.
They are inconsequential
to people like us, brother!
Don't worry.
We'll take care of it.
Also, sir, it'd be easier to work
if you could get us
an electricity connection by next week.
Who is that district representative?
- Aarmugam.
- Aarmugam?
Wait and see for two days.
If he doesn't fix it, tell me.
I'll give him an earful and make him do it!
Okay, sir.
Anyway... the project.
Sir, I'll get it done by the
deadline that I promised.
- Okay, take care of it.
- Okay, sir. I'll keep you posted.
- Who were you talking to?
- It was an important call!
- Who was it?
- The minister!
Greetings, sir!
I have given it to the shop.
I can pick it up in the evening
- Fine, get in.
- What about my bicycle?
We'll come and pick it up in the evening.
Okay, sir.
Sir, you go ahead.
I'll follow.
- Come in quickly!
- Okay!
- I'll come and unload the luggage.
- Yeah, okay.
What the...
How did you find this?
They're all colonial structures!
I strongly recommend that we
only work on the buildings
and not touch the landscapes.
It is really tough to find such skilled
architects these days, Gowtham.
Sure, Gayatri.
I had the same idea.
This property, which was
abandoned ten years ago,
is filled with shrubs, plants and trees
which are getting in our way now.
Let's get rid of all this
and build an Eco-friendly
township with 500 villas.
It could be the most environment
friendly township in all of South India!
Listen, Gayatri,
I have been doing my research
on sustainable buildings
and renewable energy.
- That is why I brought you--
- Shut the...
All you're doing is adding jargon
to statements that make no sense!
You really don't care
about what I do, right?
You just want my name
attached to this project!
Isn't that the truth?
Look, Gayatri...
my father hasn't left me millions,
unlike your father, Mr. Raman.
Only if I earn today can my son
run his mouth in the future, like you.
Why would you say that?
- Hey!
- Sit here.
Don't pretend as if all this fraud you're
committing is for the welfare of your son!
Tell me something.
When we were kids, did we know that
we'd have to pay for drinking water?
No, right?
But look at the world today!
Your son will grow up one day,
and he will be in a world where people
will have to pay to get fresh air!
He won't look up to you when that day comes!
He'll spit on your face!
Look at him!
This is why I didn't want to come.
- This doesn't suit me, Sam!
- Gayatri, chill!
Why are you getting tense?
This is just a silly matter.
I've known him since we were kids.
Your husband is a...
Don't get upset.
Remember, Gayatri and I have been
close friends since we were little.
Yeah, right!
I can see how close you are!
Sam, introducing him to you
has been my biggest mistake till date!
You finally realized it!
Aditi, come on! We're home.
Enough with the makeup.
- Have we arrived?
- Yeah, we have.
She walks like a duck!
She just has to argue
with everything I say.
- Hey! Careful, Siddhu.
- Welcome to my humble home.
Dharma, keep the luggage inside.
- Don't worry about it.
- Wow! So, this is the house?
- Oh, my God! This is so pretty!
- Go straight inside.
Come on in.
Let me get the bag.
Ma'am! I told you I'll take it.
It's okay, Dharma.
Thanks, Sam.
Can you hear that?
Look over there!
A red sparrow!
It's been ages since I saw one.
I wonder if it'll still exist
when you grow up.
Come on. Your mom
will start looking for you.
Let's head home.
How old is Siddhu?
Haven't you tried art therapy
to treat him?
Maybe he wouldn't have had this condition
if he had his grandparents around.
Didn't you try
talking to them at all?
you don't know what
my father is really like.
My family isn't like yours.
They give an image to the outside world.
But deep inside they
are very narrow-minded.
Can I tell you something?
As far as I know, in our country,
once you make a little bit of money,
all this crap like caste
suddenly disappears.
Gowtham is facing the brunt of it.
I'm supporting him as much as I can.
Amidst all these problems, do you
know what our only silver lining is?
Bagging this contract.
You bought this whole property?
If the minister heard that,
he would skin me alive!
So, this is not ours?
When are you heading back home?
Leave him.
Say, "Gayatri Auntie".
Say it and I'll spin you faster.
Come on, say it, Siddhu.
Please, Siddhu.
Say, "Gayatri Auntie".
- Dharma!
- Yes?
What are you staring at?
Nothing, sir.
It's getting late.
Go and turn on the generator.
Okay, sir.
Sir, wait!
Sir, I'll go and replace the belt.
The generator is a big hassle!
Don't worry about it.
We'll have electricity here by next week.
Do you know that hair
straightening damages the hair?
But this is completely herbal.
Who are you texting, sis?
An old friend. Krishna.
You mean the guy who is
known as "Useless Krishna"?
Isn't he my brother's friend as well?
He used to visit us at home very often.
He was so handsome!
That was a long time ago.
Why are you drooling over him?
He is married!
Just for fun.
Sis! Ask him for his
latest photo, please.
Why do you need his photo?
Just to find out if he still looks
the same, or if he has gained weight.
I think that's a bad idea.
I'm just having some fun, please.
When your brother gets
back home, I'll tell him.
I'm just kidding, right?
Please? Please?
Please! Please! Please!
Fine, I'll ask!
- "Aditi is asking for your--"
- Sis!
Let it seem like you're asking.
Oh, really?
Let's not seem desperate and ask him.
First, we'll send him our photo.
Sis, it'll look better
if we sit on the couch.
She is torturing me!
Fine, come on!
Oh, God! This girl!
"Now, you send us your photo."
"My photo is already in your phone."
How could it be in my phone?
"Don't check your photo gallery.
Check the photo you just took,
and you'll find me in it."
What the hell is he saying?
Can you check?
"You will see me when you
start taking things seriously."
Sis, just give me your phone.
Look over there!
There's just the two of us here.
So then...
the third person in this photo...
It's okay.
That's my phone.
What happened?
What happened?
Remember Krishna, that dog?
We texted him, but he's
scaring us with his replies.
He's saying that
he's with us in this photo.
Show me.
What do you see here?
do you see that flower vase?
It's the vase's shadow.
You're afraid of your own shadow.
Look closely.
It's just an optical illusion.
That's all.
I think your sister-in-law has a point.
"Who is that?"
Look! He even knows that you are here!
He just asked, "Who is that?"
This story makes way
too many leaps of logic.
Look here.
He just made a wild guess.
He's Gowtham's friend, right?
That's how he would be!
How is that?
I'm telling you! He knows
everything that is happening here.
Aditi is scared.
Ask him to stop doing that.
He must have gone crazy.
Don't reply.
"If you don't reply..."
The more you reply,
the more he'll mess with you!
Just listen to me! Ignore him!
What happened?
Didn't Dharman come with you?
He has gone to get his bicycle.
Is he okay?
- Water.
- Sure.
What do you need?
I'll get it.
- Hot water.
- Okay.
Go there.
I got a call.
Remember our friend, Krishna?
He died in an accident last night.
He was on his way to see
his wife at Nagapattinam.
We don't know if it was a truck or...
His wife is nine months pregnant.
Hey, idiot!
Why are you crying?
You barely knew him.
Krishna has been texting us
for the last one hour!
His messages are terrifying!
He even says he is here with us!
Look, I'll tell you
what must have happened.
Some rogue must have got his hands on
Krishna's phone at the accident spot.
He must have looked for a girl's number
to mess with and ended up messaging you.
Sam... have you lost your mind?
They aren't making any sense,
and now you've also joined them!
When did we ever have
mobile network here?
They removed the tower eight years ago.
There's a chance it could happen.
Sometimes a weak
satellite signal can cause this.
Has something like that
ever happened before?
It's possible!
You're talking through your hat, Sam!
I think she was right all along.
Block that number.
Switch off the phone.
Should we visit Nagapattinam tomorrow?
His body hasn't been brought
home from the mortuary yet.
I told you to switch off
the phone, Gayatri.
Look, I even took out the battery...
- Aditi, calm down!
- Guys, stop screaming.
Gowtham! There is an emergency lamp
in our bedroom. Please use that.
There's no way am I touching it.
Let's leave. I am scared!
- Aditi, relax!
- I agree. That's the right thing to do.
"I agree!
That's the right thing to do!"
You are all bark and no bite!
You jerk! A phone
without a battery is working!
Are you kidding me?
Let's leave! Please!
Hold him for a moment.
Come with me, Gowtham.
Look, Gowtham, you know
I don't believe in all this.
whatever is happening here is
way beyond rational explanation.
I feel the right thing to do is to leave!
I promised the minister that I'd
submit the project plan in two days.
Gowtham, their safety
matters more than that!
I've seen this a lot in my profession.
Fear can push us to any extremes.
Ask them to pack for just tonight.
Come on. Pack your things.
We're leaving.
Come on, let's go!
Aditi, hold the kid.
Give him to me.
Come here. Okay?
Are you okay?
- Shall we?
- Let's go.
What happened?
What happened, Gowtham?
- Say something! What happened?
- The car won't start! Wait!
Here, take this torch.
Oh, a torch!
It's nothing! Relax!
It's nothing, Aditi!
- You're scaring the kid.
- Don't scream.
Don't scream. Please.
It's okay. Relax.
It's okay.
What happened now?
Wait here.
I'll go and check.
Aditi, don't worry. It's okay.
- It's okay Aditi
- I'm really scared.
It's nothing!
Come here.
I tried everything.
Nothing worked.
We have to go back in.
Go and get them.
Fine, I'll take care of it.
we have to head back inside.
Are you freaking kidding me?
Gowtham tried everything.
The phone line isn't working.
We can't hire a taxi at this hour.
Going back inside
is the right thing to do.
Is there no other way?
Come on. Let's go.
Come on, Aditi.
Let's get away from here,
even if it's on foot.
There are 15 kms of forests around us.
If any wild animals attack you...
Not even your bones will be found.
Come on.
It's okay. Let's leave.
Let's leave, please!
- Come on.
- Please, let's leave.
I won't go in there.
- Come on.
- No, I won't.
- I don't wanna go in there!
- Shut up and come!
- I don't want to!
- I said, come on!
- Come on!
- I said, I won't! You go!
Well, then...
stay right here and die!
Why are you guys reacting
like all hell broke loose?
What else needs to happen to convince you?
Why not look at it this way?
Your friend Krishna
has sent you a message.
That's all.
Why are we reacting like
this without analyzing things?
Okay, I admit...
there is some paranormal
activity happening here.
But all he has done
so far is message us.
What if he has some unfinished business?
Who else would he ask for help?
Makes sense.
My dears, isn't that a bit
too much, even for you two?
It's not just our friend,
Krishna messaging us.
It's our "dead" friend Krishna.
do we have any other choice?
We don't, right?
Gowtham, go get that phone.
"Mount Roseyard School mystery."
"Mount Roseyard School mystery."
"Mount Roseyard School mystery."
That's all there is.
What does that mean?
As far as I know,
it's an infamous incident
that took place eight to ten years ago.
I have a vague memory of
reading it in magazines but...
I don't remember the details.
What's going on, Sam?
You heard her.
Tell her.
That Mount Roseyard School,
where the incident took place...
do you know where it is?
Where is that school?
I told you! Why did you sign this
contract knowing nothing about it?
Is that really important now, Sam?
Just tell me this.
How is Krishna linked to this?
Was he involved in
this contract in any way?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
I think he's gone.
A phone is still working
without the battery.
He hasn't left.
I think he just doesn't
want to talk right now.
Why is he telling us about this mystery?
why tell us when we
are in the same place?
he's trying to use us
to figure something out.
How do we figure
anything out at this late hour?
The answer lies
in the problem itself.
School library.
Aditi! Come upstairs.
Here you go.
So? You guys have decided
to stay back here, right?
didn't you hear what
your brother said?
You better come and sit here.
I don't care if no one wants
to join me! I am leaving!
Aditi, stop!
Hey, Aditi! Stop!
It's too dangerous to
go anywhere at this hour!
I'd rather go out and die
than stay here!
What happened?
Sam, that crazy girl is really going.
She won't go anywhere.
I've seen enough
of her drama to know that.
She will just go to the gate and return.
You come upstairs.
Where is Aditi?
I tried to talk some sense into her,
but she didn't listen and left.
She wouldn't have gone anywhere--
As if this matters now!
Get inside! Go!
You heard me! Go inside!
Go before they get in!
Why would you let her
out alone at this hour?
Come on, sir!
Are these wild dogs?
One wild dog, we can still manage.
Three wild dogs are enough to kill a lion!
Where is your sister?
Where is Aditi?
Three wild dogs have got inside.
- Aditi!
- Don't go out without telling me first!
- Give me that.
- Hold this. Aditi!
- What happened?
- I hope she's alright.
What's that wound in your hand?
Why did you step out alone?
Come on.
- Come on.
- Sir, are you alright?
- It's fine. We are almost there.
- We are almost home.
Why did you step out in the dark?
What happened to her, Gowtham?
- Nothing to worry about.
- It's nothing, Sam.
Just take care of her.
You'll be fine. Come on.
- You'll be okay. Just relax.
- Aditi!
- Aditi! What happened!?
- Nothing!
What happened?
Nothing. You check on Gowtham.
- Gowtham, what happened to her?
- It's nothing.
- Why is your hand bleeding?
- I'll be fine.
What's going on, Gowtham?
He's fine, madam.
Please get inside.
- Come on.
- Gowtham, what happened? Tell me!
I'm telling you it's nothing!
Sir, whatever it is,
please go inside and talk!
They just don't understand!
Did you find anything?
Let's go.
Go on.
Look at this headline.
"Mount Roseyard School mystery.
Boomika's death."
It mentions the cover story is on page
number five. Now, turn to page five.
It's missing.
Look at this magazine.
"Mount Roseyard School Campus.
No suspect on cards yet."
It says the cover story
is on page number eight.
But again, page number
eight and nine are missing.
Not just this. Look here.
"Roseyard incident.
Was it a murder or an accident?"
It says there is a story about
Boomika on page twelve.
And it's the same scenario.
The page is missing!
I can only infer one thing from
these magazines and articles.
A 15-year-old girl named Boomika has died.
But there are no other details here.
Someone has specifically
torn out these pages.
On purpose!
What happened?
She needs a rabies shot within 12 hours.
But for now, she needs a tetanus shot
and her wounds need to be cleaned.
But I doubt that she will cooperate.
She is too paranoid, Gowtham.
her screaming will wake Siddhu up.
He mustn't know anything
that's happening here.
Can you take him inside and tuck him in?
- Gowtham, how can I leave her like this--
- I've got this.
Trust me.
Go on.
- Take care.
- Fine.
Okay. Don't worry. We'll be fine.
Come here.
What is it?
Did Krishna message you that
you can see him somewhere?
He said I'd see him when
I take things seriously.
So, have you started
taking things seriously?
Why do you ask?
What the hell is this?
Gayatri, any luck?
Did you find anything?
Gowtham, what happened?
Come on.
- What happened, Gowtham?
- Come, I'll tell you.
How long has it been since
you saw our friend Krishna?
- Why do you ask?
- Come, I'll tell you.
Would you like to see him?
Who is that girl?
All this time, the one messaging us...
wasn't Krishna!
Then who was it?
We assumed it was him because
the messages came from his number.
So, who has been
messaging us all the while?
It's okay. It's over.
It's almost done.
No. It hurts.
Lie down. You will be fine.
Stretch your legs.
What's wrong with you?
I even tried to address her as Boomika,
and yet there is no reply.
That phone is just a
medium of communication.
That's all.
If we lose this, then we will have no way
to understand what she wants to tell us.
Let's leave! I am scared!
First, get her to shut up!
She's starting to look scary too!
Don't be so rude.
Come here.
The only clue we got was that...
there was a 15-year-old girl
called Boomika. Right?
Ideally, which grade
would a 15-year-old be in?
Probably... in the 9th or 10th grade?
These are the school registers
from the year 2010.
The name Boomika is not mentioned
in any of these registers.
What is she up to?
what are you doing?
Look here.
She has sent the same sentence
over and again.
Haven't the messages been that way
right from the start? Einstein!
Gowtham... look at this.
These sentences are
not written in the same way.
What do you mean?
It's simple.
I have written down the sentences
in the exact way she sent them.
Read them carefully.
See how the spaces and spellings
vary from word to word.
It keeps changing!
I got it.
She has typed the same content
multiple times and sent us.
If someone is sending
a message in this manner...
then she must have also processed it
in her mind in the same manner.
If that is the case,
she is not a normal girl.
She must have been
differently abled in some way.
It could be autism.
Are you sure?
I'm just guessing this.
That's not all. If we look at
the events that took place so far...
she was obsessively
messaging us, right?
It later stopped after a point.
Once they are unable to communicate
something, they stop talking altogether.
No matter how hard we try,
we can't get them to respond.
So, what are you going to do?
as a psychologist,
I am trying to regain her confidence.
I am so proud of you.
You must be the first ever
psychologist to psychoanalyze a ghost!
Shut up!
If by any chance my guess is correct...
she will reply now.
Let me do this.
Stop kidding, Sam.
Look, Gowtham...
I have no idea
what Aditi will do this time.
Only you can handle her.
Be careful, Sam.
Excuse me, you think
you can open that?
Here, hold this, madam.
Here you go. Be careful.
- Here.
- There are insects in there.
Dharman, give me that lamp.
Why don't you listen to me, madam?
Be careful.
Hold this. Come here.
What are you looking for?
Tell me and I shall find it for you.
Show it here.
Your husband did something,
then his sister went outside,
and now you are up to something!
Please, tell me!
What's happening here?
This campus is haunted!
Are you happy now?
A place abandoned for ten years
would have a hundred ghosts in it!
Why would they harm us?
For roaming around at this hour, we're the
ones that the ghost should be afraid of!
Are you feeling better?
Look here.
- Keep the books back in the same place.
- Sure, sir.
"Don't judge a book by its cover."
The life of the librarian Ganesan
is quite similar.
That school, its library, the staff
quarters within the school campus...
and Boomika, who stays there.
Though she lived in the school
campus, she never studied there.
But it was her whole world.
Bring fresh carrots tomorrow.
What's up, Mr. Ganesan?
You seem to get younger by the day!
Isn't that obvious?
Why don't you find me a bride?
How long can I stay a widower?
Well, then, her life will be ruined.
Talk like that and even
dogs won't mess with you!
That's what you're here for.
My child! What are you doing?
- Boomika, come on. Time to study.
- No.
Time to study, dear.
- Come on. You've been painting all day!
- Dad! I want to go to the tree!
- To the tree! I want to go to the tree!
- Fine!
I want to go to the tree!
- I want to go.
- Okay. Come, let's go.
Ganesan's only dream
was for Boomika to appear for
the 10th grade public exam
from that very school.
I will teach you.
You need to focus and learn it well.
And then, recite it correctly.
Only then can you do well in
your exams and pass. Okay?
Boomika, I am going to teach
you a very important theory.
Listen, learn and then recite it. Okay?
"While the beginning
of the Paleozoic Era
is often described as
an explosion of life...
the end of the period that happened
over 251 million years ago...
was more like an implosion of life.
As much as 96% of all life on earth
went extinct during the event,
known as the P-T extinction.
Although the cause is not entirely understood.
The P-T extinction almost
turned earth into a lifeless planet."
Now, recite it.
Boomika, don't be playful all the time!
Now, repeat after me!
"While the beginning of..."
"While... while the beginning
of the Paleozoic Era
is often described as
an explosion of life,
the end of the period that happened
over 251 million years ago...
was more like an implosion of life.
As much as 96% of all life on earth
went extinct during the event
known as the P-T extinction."
Go on.
"Although the cause is
not entirely understood,
the P-T extinction almost
turned earth into a lifeless planet."
Perfect! Spot on!
Well done! Well done!
My darling!
If anything was rearranged
or disturbed in her home,
she would scream
as though she was in distress.
If the patterns she had
arranged were changed or sorted,
she couldn't accept those changes at all.
What happened, dear? Don't worry.
I will arrange it. Don't worry!
Don't shout, dear!
Quiet! Oh, God!
Somebody, please help! Help!
Excuse me!
Do you have any sense?
How many times do I have to warn you?
What did I do?
She's the one screaming!
- I was just cleaning!
- You are such a pain in the neck!
- It's my fault?
- Just get out!
- To hell with this job!
- Get out!
I'll find a better one!
- Fine! Get out!
- I won't work here anymore!
Don't worry!
Ganesan was always focused on keeping
the situation under control for Boomika.
Look, the bottles are here.
Where is the brush?
Here you go. Take the brush.
Let's keep the bear over there.
Look at that!
That's a beautiful tree you painted!
She loved to wear clothes that
were made out of natural things.
She wouldn't allow artificial material
like polyester to even touch her.
What happened, dear?
What happened, dear?
Look here!
Look here. What happened, dear?
Why are you so reckless?
Why do you do things she hates?
Poor child! I brought the dress
for her out of love.
To hell with your love!
In so many years, I thought
she would have changed.
Change yourself first! Alright?
Don't keep bringing
unwanted trouble!
How many times have I told
you not to paint outside the paper?
Your paintings are all over!
Cleaning them is all ever I do!
Please, obey me.
Don't be stubborn.
Look, paint here.
Once she starts painting with dedication...
then books or paper
had boundaries for her.
Did I forget to return books?
- No, sir.
- Then?
I wanted to talk about my daughter.
How many times
do I have to tell you, Ganesan?
Put your daughter in
a school for special children.
When she didn't paint, she spent her time
in a vacant house in the neighborhood.
Sir, while I'm here, how can I leave
her alone in a school somewhere?
She is not at all like what you think.
I have trained her in
all the subjects at home.
All I want is for her to write the 10th
grade public exam as our school's student.
Ganesan, I've told you already.
A new rule has been passed in 2007.
It is not as easy as you think.
This 150-year-old school
fell in the hands of a shrewd
businessman called Samuel Sagayam.
Samuel Sagayam started making
aggressive plans to develop the school.
In the 350 acres of this property...
Dad, it's 345 acres.
School building occupies around 25 acres.
Even if you add the quarters and other
buildings, it's not more than 50 acres.
The rest are just forests.
There's no point in claiming
that you respect nature's beauty!
A real man would know
how to convert it into profit!
Well put, sir!
That was when
I came to that school with my husband,
a world-renowned artist, Ismail Akthar.
Sir, it's a 150-year-old building.
British construction.
Sir, the previous management
was running this school into losses.
Sir, this is our school library.
- Hello, sir. Hello, ma'am.
- Sir, this is our vice principal.
Sir, this is an ancient library building.
It's just a basic structure, but
we are now slowly building it.
My God!
Whose paintings are these?
The librarian's daughter's.
Can I meet her?
- Sir, our students are better than--
- Please!
Sure, sir.
That is where we first saw her.
My daughter, Boomika.
Hi, Boomika.
Excuse me, sir.
Boomika, here's a gift for you.
Say, "Thank you."
Thank him.
This is the one thing
she hasn't learned.
It's okay.
- Your daughter's...
- Paintings.
- Paintings. Can I see them?
- Leave. Let him see it.
There will be a one-week art workshop.
Bring your daughter along.
she is not a student in our school.
Any problem?
No. No problem, sir.
That school, the people
living in that surrounding,
and the father, Ganesan...
none had observed Boomika from the
dimension my husband, Ismail observed her.
"India is a secular country..."
I have been helping you
buy meat every week,
but not even once did you share
some of the meat curry you make.
He buys just 250 grams.
How many people can he share it with?
If my daughter writes her public exam,
I'll host a feast for the whole village.
We want a grand meat feast, sir.
It'll be your meat then!
What's up, Granny?
Fish curry today?
Do you have any plans for Boomika?
Sir, I have trained Boomika really well.
I'll somehow get her
to this year's public exam.
Ganesan, Boomika has no such needs.
Without an education?
In today's world?
- Have you used the color I told you?
- Aren't certificates very important?
I have been observing
your daughter for a week now.
She is not an ordinary child.
She is a very, very talented girl.
We are leaving tomorrow.
I am going to submit one of Boomika's
paintings in an international competition.
- Okay?
- Thank you, sir.
Though we left...
we kept thinking of Boomika, since
we didn't have a child of our own.
We kept sending her art supplies
every now and then.
What's going on, sir?
Answer me!
Why am I paying you salary?
None of our school students
will ever prosper!
A librarian's daughter!
She has won an award!
If one of our students
had won this award,
I would have used it
as an ad for our school!
the award still belongs to our school.
Ganesan, who spent all his time
ensuring Boomika was always at peace,
in his excitement,
didn't notice her anxiety that day.
I have good news!
You got admitted in the school!
Thanks to the principal!
This would not have
been possible without him.
Let us go and give him
this sweet and thank him.
Come, dear!
All you ever do is paint!
Come, let's go.
Listen to me, dear.
Look... shouldn't we thank the principal?
Isn't that good manners?
Give me that brush.
Enough painting for one day.
Come, let's go and thank him. Okay?
Good girl!
Come on, dear. Come on
After that, we have no
idea what went wrong.
Boomika went outside on that day,
but she never made it back home.
Ganesan refused to open
up about what happened.
Poor soul, he had lost his daughter!
So, we didn't want to ask
him too many questions either.
- I have something on my mind.
- What is it?
What if this is the school
they were talking about?
Oh, God!
Based on the remaining
bits of information we have,
there are some set of strange incidents
revolving around Boomika's death.
Based on the dates,
the school must have shut down
a few months after she died.
After which, the people from the nearby
towns and villages must have also left.
I guess the school and the
whole of Roseyard valley,
no longer than six months from her death,
became completely abandoned and was
reclaimed by nature as part of the forest.
What exactly happened here?
Please, leave me!
Let me go, please.
Stop overreacting!
I'll slap you and knock your teeth out!
Aditi, come here.
Calm down. Breathe.
Look at me.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Everything will be fine. Do it.
- Breathe--
- Get lost! It's all your fault!
If not for your cursed
phone, none of this would have--
What? You can't stop me! Crazy woman!
Breathe in, breathe out, my foot!
Hey, you!
Are you nuts, Gowtham?
How dare you hit a woman?
Gowtham, this is unfair!
Who do you think you are?
Forget it. It's okay.
Go ahead, hit me! I'm sure you
brought me here to finish me off!
I know you very well!
You'd stoop to any level for money.
You want to kill me off
and take all our assets!
As if our father has left us millions!
And I want to kill you
so that I can have it!
All he has left behind is debt!
If you want, take half of it and get lost!
What did you just say?
What did you just say?
How dare you talk
about our father?
Aditi, come here!
Would you have the guts
to say this if he was alive?
Come with me.
He is watching you from above!
He will make you pay!
He never did anything right
even when he was alive.
Gowtham... it's getting serious.
We have no clue as to why
people have vacated this place.
And we too are in the same place!
But what happened to Boomika...
Even if Boomika knows she cannot say it.
Listen, Gowtham...
we have got to find out what she wants,
get it done and escape.
That is the only right thing to do.
- Fine.
- Gayatri, come here.
Give me that phone.
Look here.
second floor.
Do you have a headache?
Would you like some tea?
Don't overthink.
You know how your brother is.
Just leave it.
I'll get you some tea. Okay?
It's okay. Wait.
Sam, do you want some tea?
Here, Dharman.
My grandfather is very wise.
I fought with him,
left my village and came here.
I made a mistake!
I didn't understand him fully.
We belong in the forest.
It has been that way for generations!
It was only a few years ago that
we were chased out of the forest.
Before that, when I was a kid,
the government had built us homes.
But we never liked that.
people would break
into the forest and ruin it!
We didn't like that either.
Now, tell this to my grandfather,
and he would
go to those abandoned houses...
the ones which have tree roots
all over and encroaching them.
He would look at that
and laugh hysterically!
Some looked at him and
called him a wise person,
while some called him crazy.
I never understood the reason
behind that laughter of his.
But now...
I understand why
he laughed looking at that.
Have you ever sown a seed, nurtured
it and watched it grow into a tree?
Yes, I have.
Then you must already know.
Okay... suppose we sow a few seeds.
For the seeds to sprout, we need the
right mud, fertilizers, water and whatnot!
Only then will they grow into trees.
Even when you take
utmost care to make them sprout...
only few grow into trees.
Isn't that right?
In that case...
how can tree roots grow
all over a concrete house?
Call it whatever you want.
Science or whatever!
All I understood from it is one thing.
Our earth...
is communicating with us every minute.
It is making itself very clear.
Guess what it's telling us?
"I know how to save myself.
If you can, you should try
saving yourself from me!"
Sounds like Gaia Hypothesis.
What's that?
It's not a hypothesis anymore.
It's a scientific theory.
I don't understand a thing.
In simple terms...
In 1950s, we, in the sense...
the progress of science and the industrial
revolution caused global warming.
This idea started to become popular.
Many scientists and environmentalists
started researching on
how to rectify this.
That's when the British scientist,
James Lovelock, proposed this theory.
According to this theory,
the whole earth is a
single living organism.
Like how there are millions of bacteria,
virus and fungus living in our bodies...
in a similar way.
we live on this Earth
This Earth fluctuates and adjusts the
temperature according to our livelihood.
But if by chance...
the count of any
germs in our body rises.
what do you think happens?
The body automatically
starts correcting the issue.
We'll get a fever.
What exactly is a fever?
Rise in the body
temperature, right?
Similarly, that is why
there is a global warming.
Global warming, climate change is
like the fever that has affected earth.
Now, this is a sign.
How the fever kills the
rise in bacteria in our body...
similarly, using the same mechanism,
the earth has begun to eliminate us.
This is not the first time.
The earth has done the same thing
to many species that existed before us.
This is the sixth extinction.
Why did you bring this up now?
A little while ago, didn't
you read that girl's story?
What did you understand?
I doubt if I can
make you understand.
Who is Boomika?
- An autistic kid...
- Boomika is none other than...
The Earth itself!
Think again about what
you read in her story.
Only then will you understand.
She cannot differentiate
between good and bad.
All she knows is to
show and spread love.
She can never accept
anything that is artificial.
She has her own ways and
doesn't like if anyone changes it.
Fine, I'll put the
teddy bear back.
There is no way anyone
can take control of this earth!
How many times have I told
you not to paint outside the paper?
She has no boundaries!
If you think of changing her
as per your needs, will it work?
You got admitted in the school!
Boomika has no such needs.
You all are crazy!
The intelligence of something
that sustains so many lifeforms.
None of us have the
capacity to understand that.
You will do whatever you please...
thinking that she
won't retaliate!
Isn't it?
Even her smallest act of
retaliation would wipe out everyone.
But we still want
to act like the rulers.
Gayatri, where are you?
Why do you look like
you've seen a ghost?
Oh, shit!
Okay! You'll be fine.
Nothing to worry about.
Dharman, what are you looking at?
Help me!
The bleeding won't stop!
We need to take her to
the hospital in half an hour!
What happened?
What happened?
Please be quiet.
you go and start the car.
But it won't start.
Madam, please listen to me.
It will start. Just go.
- But--
- I got this. You go!
Just leave without making any noise.
Listen to me. Just leave.
Fine, hold her.
You leave.
Quiet! Easy. Go.
Get in!
Get in!
Quick! Get in the car!
What is going on! Gayatri's got a bad
wound in the head and Aditi is missing!
What about Siddhu?
What happened?
First, look for Gayatri and Aditi.
Go, look for Gayatri!
Open the door!
Open the door, Siddhu!
Thank you.
We never told anyone about the incident
that took place on that day.
Siddhu also got his speech back.
He even started
attending a regular school.
Will you teach me how to fly?
But Aditi is yet to
come out of that trauma.
Dharman went back to his hometown.
And Gowtham...
Well, what can I say? Forget it.
Fine, I'll be on my way.
Don't joke.
Mom's making us lunch.
Sorry, Gayatri.
I need to leave now to
reach home before dark.
When is your flight?
At 3 o'clock.
Take care of yourself.
Take good care of your health.
- Okay? I'll miss you.
- Yeah.
Do you know what
happened to Boomika?
In this 350 acres of this property...
the rest are just forests.
The aggressive development
plans of the new management
started affecting Boomika
little by little.
Initially, no one noticed it.
Ganesan was threatened
to keep his mouth shut.
You should say thank you
without throwing tantrums, okay?
Boomika, stop! Stop!
Boomika, listen to me!
- Yes, Aarmugam.
- A girl is not letting us cut the tree.
- She seems mentally ill.
- Don't cut the tree.
Must be the librarian's daughter.
You don't know my daughter!
Just push her aside and carry on.
Please, I'll talk to
the correspondent.
My child!
My child!
My child!
My child!
My child!
My child!
I have been doing some research
for the last few days.
After her death, many others started to
die there under mysterious circumstances.
So, do you finally understand
what the Mount Roseyard mystery is?
I hope you now understand
who committed those murders.
Don't you still get why
Boomika murdered those people?
None of them who died
were students or teachers.
All of them were
involved in construction.
When she was alive...
she never liked any
changes around her.
- Similarly--
- Correct.
Now, that whole
environment is her space.
Boomika, who
died to save a tree,
kept that place safe for eight years
and restored an ecological balance.
Look over there.
A red sparrow.
It's been ages since I saw one.
We are the real evil, who
entered to destruct all that.
This property, which was
abandoned ten years ago,
is filled with unwanted
shrubs, plants and trees.
She won't allow anything
to disturb that space.
It was right of us to have left.
- Gayatri, I must leave!
- Hey!
As far as I know, that property was
abandoned eight to ten years ago.
No one would risk it
if they knew its history.
I wonder why our minister
unnecessarily invested in it!
But execute the project
and we can make a fortune!
Where is this property?
Why are you so excited?
You see, we are those
who swim in a tsunami!
When will we make
some money of our own?
Go and check the property,
and then we'll talk about it.
We can't survive here
if we are timid, Gowtham.
Whatever happens, we'll face it.
Take my word for it.
Get that project.
Sir, I emailed you the details
two days ago.
If such projects are
implemented in our place,
it will be top notch!
Sir, we will be hiring her
to execute this project.
She looks very young.
Has she really achieved so much?
I know Gayatri very well.
I'm certain that she won't come.
No matter what, you must
make her a part of this project!
You don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
You did it!
It seems you got the cheque.
We sealed the deal last week.
How is Krishna linked to this?
Was he involved in
this contract in any way?
the ball is in your court.
Tell him we'll take the project.
Let's start with the work, sir.
If I were scared, I would
have never showed up.
What about that issue?
She has cured your son.
She isn't a ghost or a devil.
She's a goddess!
Our ancestors didn't just
make this stuff up!
All these rituals and traditions
are to control the spiritual powers.
Not knowing the tradition behind it
is the root cause of all problems.
Let's perform a ritual to Mother Earth.
And then, you may start the work.
Everything will work out smoothly.
- So, the next time when you visit...
- I'll definitely have lunch!
Don't be such a glutton!
I meant, when you visit the next
time, be prepared to sign a deal!
You are one of the shareholders.
I'll tell you the percentage
on your next visit.
- Alright?
- Okay, sir.
- See you.
- All the best. See you.
My grandfather always told me that...
land, air and water belong to none.
And yet, we want to rule over all of this.
Humans are a crazy species!
She has been giving signs and
warning you over and over again!
But no matter what happens,
you just won't budge!
If you still want to continue
living on this Mother Earth...
then you ought to drop your arrogance,
shut up and start listening to
what she has to tell you.
When a child starts to eat the mother's
breast instead of just having the milk,
that will be the day
the mother turns into a monster!