Boon (2022) Movie Script

You're early, take a seat.
Little formal, don't you think?
I got a date after this.
So please, with all due respect,
what the fuck do you know?
See, that's the problem
with you government type.
You can't enjoy your job.
Now, I'm no fed.
Ain't trying to walk in
your shoes but if I was,
I assure you I'd
be living it up,
you guys got to have
short lifespans.
Come on man, you know I'm right.
Oh, take it easy, Uncle Sam,
I'm just fucking with you.
If you want this to go through,
I encourage you to tell
me exactly what you know.
Guy you're looking
for is up north now.
Washington, little
town near the border.
What town?
Place called Morgan.
Probably move there for all the
fucking beautiful mountains.
These sons of bitches
are everywhere.
How long has he been up there?
Two, baby.
Wow, I sure do love me
these college girls.
- You know-
- Listen to me,
you hillbilly scumbag
son of a bitch.
I'm calling my superiors
in DC in one minute,
and if you don't give me
exactly what I asked for,
you can kiss this sweet
deal of yours goodbye.
I'll leave this shit
kicking Podunk town
and you will never see me again.
But before I do that, I'll
drop a line into your old boss.
I'll tell him you and I
are drinking buddies now.
Hell, I'll even tell him
what bar we like to frequent.
I'll make sure you spend the
rest of your miserable life
looking over your shoulder.
Am I making myself clear?
This guy man, this guy
is a fucking nightmare
for everyone now.
He was his best killer.
Fucker could track anyone down.
You'd never even know he was
in the same room with you
till he popped you in
the back of the head.
Then one day, boom, he
started offing everyone.
Shot up the boss
real bad, left town.
Now, I got close sources that
say since he's left the boss
has sent at least three
or four guys after him.
Guys? Contract killers?
And none of them come back.
Here's your coffee, sir.
Thank you, ma'am.
How do you know
he's still in Washington?
My inside man.
He said yesterday, boss
heard from someone.
They're now following him.
Worst information
boss has had in weeks.
So naturally my inside source
said he's pretty excited.
So, how about my deal?
Son of a bitch.
Don't talk to him.
Yes, ma'am.
My name is Catherine.
My son found you
on our property.
It looks like you were shot.
I tried to clean it
up as best as I could.
Are you a doctor?
You'll probably wish I
was when the meds wear off.
Preacher, actually.
I know, most men have the same
reaction when I tell them.
I guess it's odd,
especially for a Catholic.
I noticed your rosary,
it's on your hat there,
along with your Bible.
What happened?
I gotta go.
No, you need a doctor.
I'll be okay.
I live in a cabin not
too far from here.
Fellow's Cabin?
Elijah, go back to your room.
I didn't know if Fellow
was renting that out.
I'll have to ask him about that.
So we're neighbors.
Mind telling me
how you got shot?
Did you call the sheriff?
I thought about it,
but you would have bled out
by the time they got here.
Did you find anybody else?
Was someone with you?
I think I'm being fair here.
I take you in my house
and I clean your wound.
I tell you my name
and you say nothing.
Well, Nick, I
think it's only right
you tell me how you
came to be shot.
My son plays in these woods
and we've had
hunters trespassing.
It wasn't a hunter.
If you can walk, I'll
take you into town.
There's a doctor-
They're a day early.
Stay there, I'll be right back.
So how's things sweetheart?
You boys are pretty early.
Thought the crew
started tomorrow.
Prettiest preacher I ever seen.
Where's your boy?
He's getting ready for dinner.
Dinner? I'm starving.
There's a diner about
20 minutes from here.
You should ask for
the Fish and Chips.
You seem scared,
something wrong?
No, I'm fine.
You got company?
No, of course not.
Yeah, just couldn't
sleep, right?
Yeah, I just like sleeping
by the fire, that's all.
Someone got hurt?
My son cut his
knee on some rocks.
Get your foot off my table!
Listen, I
could stand up here all day
and talk to you good people.
God knows I love the spotlight.
But I think I'll
just get right on it.
Today with the help of the
Fitzgerald Community Fund,
we celebrate the groundbreaking
of this fine outlet.
This will be a beautiful
establishment to help the city
and keep us moving in the
right direction which is up.
Thank you.
I can assure you we'll
be done in two days.
Now, can you assure me you'll
have what we negotiated?
Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald
Investment Real Estate
and the President of
Fitzgerald Community Fund.
Wow, the ceremony was that bad?
These people are blind.
They live in their own world.
Yeah, well, that's
good for business, girl.
They're best kept in the dark.
Speaking of business,
heard the preacher
has been acting funny.
Well, we should go visit her
I wasn't sure if this
was the right cabin.
I thought I'd check up on you.
Oh, it's better.
And I also wanted to
apologize for last night.
I'm just protective
of my son, obviously.
And we've had a crazy week.
We have some work
being done in our land.
I understand.
You probably need to
rest, so we'll be off.
If you should ever
need to go into town,
I don't mind taking you,
until you're healed up.
That'll work.
So Nick, where are you from?
Lots of places.
Moved around a lot?
My father was a Colonel
and I've seen tons of
army bases in my life.
When I got married
and I got pregnant,
I was so happy to
plant some roots.
I didn't want them growing
up like me, vagabond.
Widowed or divorced?
So how long have you lived here?
A few weeks.
Weeks in that cabin?
That place is pretty-
- Shitty?
Elijah, keep that kind of
language out of your mouth.
Yes ma'am.
Pardon me, but he's right.
It's shitty.
But I like it, it's
quiet and it's-
- Hidden?
I sympathize,
sometimes I wish Elijah
and I could just disappear.
Stay hidden from everyone.
St. Francis has mass today,
and that's why you're going?
They have those beautiful
bells that ring every day.
I've always liked the
Catholic tradition
of daily mass, actually.
One must be very
devout to go every day
or have a lot to atone for.
Thanks for the ride.
See you kid.
Heavenly father,
please give us strength.
We know you have a plan
for all of your children,
and we know you comfort
those who are waiting.
After you.
Thank you.
Good morning, young man.
You ever heard of knocking?
Yes, thank you.
Is your mother in?
Mr. Fitzgerald?
We need to talk, Catherine.
Well, Mrs. Nelson's
husband just passed,
so I really need to
be here right now.
Oh, that's terrible.
I'm sorry for your
loss Mrs. Nelson.
Thing is though...
We have an appointment.
You do?
Okay, give me a
second, will you?
Of course.
Didn't you used to
have a secretary
or something around here?
Had to let her go.
Half of my congregation
left after I took over.
But you know that, don't you?
Well, I hope there's no
hard feelings about that one.
I mean, I have no problem
with a female pastor.
I mean, it's 2021,
for Christ's sake.
Some of my partners, some
people in the community,
are a bit more
conservative than me.
Got it.
I thought maybe you came here
to tell me that I'd see you
at the Sunday service.
No, no, no.
As much as I do love to
hear the word of the Lord,
I'm a very busy man, very busy.
But I always have
my Bible with me.
So you don't have
to worry about me.
We have come here today
to talk about a little project,
and how it's moving along.
This is a good thing.
It's a great thing
for the community.
For you. That little
man out there.
You may benefit, but I'm not
so sure about my son or me.
You know how much I trusted
your husband's judgment?
His friendship?
I took his counsel.
He's a godly man, a good man,
and you should trust him.
I did trust him, but that
doesn't mean I trust you.
I don't know what it
is you're going to do
when that tunnel is dug.
I don't care to know.
I just want you to do it,
do it and leave us alone.
That's exactly what we
intended to do, Catherine.
So just turn a little
blind eye for a while
and we'll be gone, okay?
We're just moving cargo.
Nothing to worry about.
Look, my son and I have
done everything you asked.
We've kept our head down and
we've let those low lives
into our home for you.
We won't get in your way.
I'm so happy to
hear that, Catherine.
Happy, happy, happy.
'Cause I would have
hated to remind you
of the debt your
husband owes to Emilia.
And what you and
your family owe her.
You'll never have
to remind me of that.
Have yourself a good day.
I appreciate the
ride and everything.
Maybe we'll bring you
dinner tomorrow night.
I'd like that.
See you later, Nick.
Damn fine tunnel we made here.
As a bonus.
You think they'd throw
in some those guns
they're smuggling?
Why? What, you
hunting with AR-15s now?
Keep your mouth shut
about that, all right?
You don't ever talk
about the cargo.
This Fitzgerald guy's paying
us a shit load of money.
So we don't wanna
go fuck it up, okay?
Hey kid, where's your mom?
When a man asks you a question
it's better you answer.
Hey, pretty preacher.
She's upstairs changing.
Wish I could join her.
What game are you playing?
You see when I was your age,
it was just me and my mom too.
And I remember one day
coming home crying.
Bigger kids roughed
me up, again.
She went inside, she
came storming back out
with a switchblade.
And she said, "If one of
those bigger kids ever come"
at you again, you cut
those mother fuckers.
"And I promise you, they'll
never pick on you again."
You see kid, look
at me, look at me.
You can choose to be fearful
or you can choose
to be fearless.
Now you tell me what
that game is gonna do
for you right now.
What's it gonna to do?
What's going on here?
Saved by mommy.
Where were you earlier today?
I was at my church.
Well boss lady
doesn't want you in town
while we're working,
you stay here.
Well if I don't go to my
people, they come to me.
And that's not allowed
right now, correct?
You just keep
everyone off your land
until we're done, okay?
Elijah, come help
me with the firewood.
Please leave my house.
Prettiest preacher I ever seen.
I'll be in the tunnel.
You better lay off that
shit, you look fucking messy.
Fuck you.
Up we go.
What's wrong, boy?
Do I scare you?
I do?
Little old me?
Shit I ain't scary.
I know scary, men.
I'm pretty nice once
you get to know me.
Always on that video game thing.
Book, game, whatever.
How much these things worth?
Let me see the damn thing.
You better tell your little
boy here to be careful.
You don't touch him,
ever, you hear me?
Well, aren't
you all high and mighty.
You're drunk.
Hell yeah, I'm drunk.
I'm celebrating, woman.
And I'm getting paid
pretty handsomely.
Completing the tunnel and all,
and well, I thought
you could join me.
I know since your
old man is dead,
you in need of some good
old fashioned adult company.
You got something sweet for me?
You go play in the woods, boy.
I'm warning you to shut up.
The fuck you gonna
do about it preacher?
No! Elijah run.
Where you going, preacher?
Fucking bitch!
You gonna be a
good whore for me?
Where you going jackrabbit?
Sir, help!
I've always wondered
what it's like to be
with a woman of God.
I bet it's divine.
You can't do this.
I can do whatever
the hell I want.
Are you all right?
Everything's good, it's
going according to plan.
Hey, hey!
Stop! Drop it!
Drop it.
Get your ass up, Pryce.
Someone wanna tell me
what happened here?
He assaulted us.
Assaulted? He hit you?
Oh, you mean he tried to...
You stupid mother fucker, Pryce.
You wouldn't want this
going to Mr. Fitzgerald.
You know I wouldn't.
If he so much as looks
at me again I'll tell him.
Where'd you come
from white knight, huh?
You the preaches boyfriend?
He's our neighbor.
Oh, yeah?
Well, ain't that
fucking neighborly?
Coming over here to help.
Good on you.
Pryce, get in the damn truck.
You'll be seeing
me again, big boy.
I promise you that.
Who are they?
What did they want?
Nick, Nick, don't.
Please, don't.
What are they moving?
I don't know. I
don't wanna know.
I gotta go.
Elijah, come on.
Please, don't go.
I'm scared.
Kid, if I stay, you and your
mom will be in more danger
than you already are.
At least for tonight.
Just to make sure Pryce
doesn't come back.
I made him angry. Please.
Where the hell are you?
I'm afraid I
can't tell you that.
You know what kind
of you're getting into?
Well, I wouldn't be good
at my job if I didn't.
When I grab this asset,
we'll be able to bring
that whole damn house down.
Man, you're fucking crazy, Redd.
Yeah, I take that
as a compliment.
Did I find you?
Oh, I think I did.
I think you're being
a bit presumptuous.
People around here
don't have vision.
Nobody wants change.
I say okay to a
condominium development
and my office gets
hundreds of complaints
because you know why?
People want green surrounding
them in spring and summer.
And they want white snowy
mountains in winter, not concrete.
That being said, I agree
with you and your party.
I say, develop the
town, but do it right.
Yeah, Maxine,
I've been called a lot
of things in my life.
Presumptuous has never
been one of them.
You see we've been securing
all this real estate
for the miles, just
for this reason.
And me being the sole
financier, should have you jump
out your knickers to
get involved with this.
Think, no outside
investments, no foreigners.
Home grown talent,
building up this city.
Then that is a beautiful thing.
That Mayor is the
American dream.
Emilia, care to join?
I'm sorry, I forgot your name.
It's Mateo.
Mateo, cab.
Make sure it has legs.
Nothing sexier than
a woman who runs a tight ship.
Glad to see that your
business is doing good.
Yeah, since my boy passed,
rest his soul,
Emelia here has been
running this business
like a little empire.
Hey, the usual,
make it a double.
Oh, Jesus.
Well, got to cut it short Mayor,
but as always,
it's been an honor.
Now, you make sure
you push them permits
through right quick, okay?
It's good for town and I'll
make sure it's good for you.
You take it easy, Mayor.
The check when your ready.
So, how many times have I told
you can't fucking come here?
Sorry, this was an emergency.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I'm assuming the
tunnel is finished.
Yeah, yeah, we're finishing up.
What's the emergency?
It's the preacher woman,
she had someone fuck up Pryce.
I came out of the shed
and Pryce was getting
his ass beat by this guy.
Almost took his face
off, fuck him up good.
I don't...
Who is this guy?
Tall. Had white hair. But
he knew what he was doing.
I guess Pryce was breaking
balls with the kid
and preacher lady
didn't like it.
So she came down, she punches
him and this fucking guy comes
out of nowhere with a
shovel and fucked him up.
Oh, preacher ain't no saint.
Okay, well, you
shouldn't fuck with her kid.
When we have a mother scorned.
That's gonna be rough.
We should go talk to this guy.
Have a chat.
No, no, no, no, no.
This first deal
has to get through,
no matter what, on time.
We'll revisit this, go see
this white hair feller,
and we'll all get along.
Great, mother fucking kumbaya.
You see that,
Bud? Can't have it.
I can't have Emelia
going off the rails.
It never ends well for anyone.
So you tell Pryce
to keep those creepy
little redneck hands
off that mother and son.
What about this guy?
I mean, if Pryce sees him,
he's not gonna stand down.
He's gonna go after him.
Pryce ain't go do nothing.
When this is done, you
can take care of him.
You can take them all out.
But that tunnel... that
tunnel gets finished.
Is that your son?
He was.
How did he die?
Emilia put a knife
through his throat.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
Of course you fucking did.
Thank you for staying
until he went to sleep.
I'm sorry we kept you.
You're gonna judge me
for this, but so be it.
I thought so.
I used to hate
the thought of it.
Drinking to drown your
sorrows always seemed so weak.
No need to confess to me.
That's another thing
I've always liked
about you, Catholics,
Hard thing to do, spilling
your guts to a stranger.
I can tell you have
something eating at you.
Something eats at me as well.
My husband spent his whole
life avoiding it, preaching.
He put his faith above it,
and I was so proud
to be his wife.
But he soon fell into sin.
All because of his wrath.
Our daughter was taken from us
by a young man, car wreck.
He'd been drinking.
Elizabeth just
needed a ride home,
but she was the only one to die.
He lived, served his time,
but Don couldn't get past it.
He was consumed by it,
our church floundered.
And then he made a
horrible decision.
He found out what
Emelia and Fitzgerald
really did for a living.
Kept it from me, but he knew
the kind of people they were.
He went to them for vengeance.
They took that man and
killed him.
Don sold his soul to the devil.
I have to let them
use my land now.
That's my confession.
That's what eats at me.
I killed people.
Most deserved it.
Some I'm not so sure.
Would you do it again?
If I had good reason.
Well, look at
us, two lost souls.
You and your son need
to get out of here.
That's not an option.
I have my church.
For God's sake, my husband
and daughter are buried here.
Do you think these people
are just gonna up and leave?
There are two options here.
You're gonna get
arrested with them
when the cops find the tunnel
or they're going to
kill you and your son.
So if you won't leave, you're
gonna have to deal with it.
Deal with it?
It seems like the only option.
I am not going to kill anyone.
I didn't say you.
I am not going to have
anyone kill on my behalf, ever.
They need me and my son for
whatever it is they're doing,
and they'll be gone and I
can move on with my life.
They were my sister's.
She used to collect them.
What are you reading?
"Gulliver's Travels."
You're back.
You're heading into
town this morning
to meet your business
partners, right?
I'm going to my church
and then I'm going to see
if Fitzgerald can just
forget the whole ordeal.
I'm coming with you.
And then what?
I don't know.
Tell him you hired me.
Hired you for what?
Odd jobs.
Just let them know that I'm
gonna be around for awhile.
So this is not going as
swimmingly as we had hoped,
has it now, Catherine?
Well, I came to tell you that
we won't be a bother
to you anymore.
Not that we have been.
To be fair, it's your
men who aren't very-
- Very what?
Uneducated? Uncouth? Zero tact?
I know this, it's
why I hired them.
To get the job done.
Much like your friend.
Nick, is it?
Tell me something, Nick.
What brings a fella
such as yourself here
to our little town?
Shh, hey.
Guys, excuse my daughter-in-law.
She can be very passionate.
I was just passing through,
but now I think
I'll stay awhile.
He's just renting a cabin
on the property next to us.
Catherine hired me to
fix the place up a bit.
Did she now?
I'm mighty good with my hands.
Well, I bet you fucking are son.
And no doubt you now know
about our little enterprise.
You've got one month until
we shut the tunnel down.
Now wait!
After that, you'll
get off her land.
Okie dokie.
Thank you.
One for the road.
Fuck off.
Catherine, see you after.
He's gonna be trouble.
Not for much longer.
You're what?
I'm fucking angry! How
dare you speak for me!
Catherine, calm down, I-
- Get your own ride back.
And you know what?
Don't step foot on
my property again.
- Catherine-
- No.
Yeah, I got eyes
on him right now.
You want us to do it now?
Not in town.
A little longer, buddy.
I'm gonna smash his
nose with a shovel.
I brought it.
That's the dumbest
shit I've ever heard.
White hair, gray fedora, bingo.
Don't move, keep
looking forward.
The fuck?
Who's that?
It looks like is you after
all, hiding in plain sight.
Clever but not original.
You probably think
I'm one of those guys
hired to come out
here and kill you.
I'm gonna have you take
a little trip with me.
Where to?
One way ticket to DC.
Oh, and I forgot to
introduce myself, Agent Redd.
I'm actually surprised
how easy it was to find you.
Once we got the drop
on your location,
all it took was some inbred
informant to give you up.
Okay, we've got
to grab them both
and take them out of town.
Don't you fuck this up, Pryce.
I know what to god damn do.
So why won't you go on
and slide on these cuffs?
Try not to make a scene and
make this easy for yourself...
The fuck are you?
Shut up.
Come one shot.
I'm the big, bad wolf baby.
Now both of you, get
in the fucking truck.
I'm afraid that's a negative.
Why don't you go on and
get out of here, pal...
I got a rental any way.
Don't make me ask twice.
I will light you
up mother fucker.
Hey, it's Bud.
I know who it is, is it done?
No, there's a problem.
We didn't get him,
we ran into trouble.
There's someone else
trying to take him out.
I don't know, maybe he
got him, I don't know.
We're on our way to
the preacher's now
then we'll head to his shit hole
cabin and we'll do a clean sweep.
Okay, no more fuck ups now.
Oh, and one more thing, kill
the preacher and the kid.
It'll be okay.
No, I told you, I
don't want you here.
They're gonna kill
you and your son.
You've got to trust me on this.
Shit! Shit.
I know that you're trying
to help and I appreciate it.
God damn fed is here, shit.
I got to call the boss lady,
you keep your damn cool, Pryce.
Shut the fuck up, dad.
That's it, here we go.
Whoa! Hey, preacher bitch.
Why don't you come on out here?
Does that thing work?
I don't know.
I got something for you.
You and your fucking kid.
I'm gonna go talk to them.
Shut the fuck up, Pryce!
I'm gonna put them both
in the fucking ground.
Shit, mother fucker!
That was pretty savage, cowboy.
The way you killed Pryce,
you did me a favor.
I was going to kill
that idiot anyway.
You out of bullets aren't you?
Where are you?
Fuck you.
Oh, shit!
We're 30 minutes out.
Is it done? Bud?
It's done.
That's it, it's all over.
You have more shells for this?
Catherine, do you
have any more shells?
I know where they are.
We have to get out of here.
I have to save Elijah.
We don't have time for that,
they're already on their way.
We have a better chance
to hold our ground.
Oh, Jesus.
You gotta love phones these
days, you can track 'em.
Just in case some one tries
to take and steal your car.
We don't have time for this.
Don't you even think about it.
Now, you and me are gonna take
a little walk back to my car.
I'm not going anywhere.
You sure about that?
Any second now
there's gonna be people
coming up that hill
ready to kill all of us.
We're wasting time.
I don't care.
All I want is for you
to get on a plane.
Now move.
And leave them here to die?
Leave who to die?
Son, you don't wanna get
yourself involved with this.
You know what happens
when you pull a gun
on a federal agent?
I do.
Over by the fireplace.
Welcome to the shit show.
Give me that.
What are we gonna
do? Kill them all?
Five in total.
Lady, I don't know how you
and your son are involved
with this man, but you should
know he's bad for your health.
He's one of the most ruthless
criminals in the country.
Are we on schedule?
Yes, of course.
And Catherine?
We're going with plan B.
Emelia, that complicates things.
If you gonna do this
they have to disappear.
They will.
Listen, no pain, just dead.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry for all of this.
Where are you going?
I can stop them from harming us.
Fitzgerald knew my
husband, they were friends.
They're not gonna kill me.
Should be me the
one going out there.
I'm the fed, they'll
listen to me.
Shut up.
I can't let you go out there.
Mom? Mom?
You really need all
these men here, Emelia?
Just being thorough.
Enough of this.
I've been bullied and
scared for too long.
I'm not gonna hurt you
or your son, preacher.
But that man inside
there has to die.
And then it would just
be business as usual.
This all can stop now.
I've tried to live with
what my husband has done
for too long.
I've tried to do
right by my son.
What are you trying to say?
Help her.
We have to do something.
Do what you will, Emilia,
but know that I won't be
your prisoner any longer.
I'll tell them what he did.
The deal he made, what you did.
May the Lord have mercy
on my soul and yours.
Did you think
I had a conscience?
That I don't just sleep easily
at night knowing what I did?
Because I do, and
trust me when I say,
after I kill you and your son,
I plan on going home tonight
and laying my head on my
pillow, sleeping peacefully.
That's more like it, preacher.
Elijah, Elijah, Elijah!
If you go out there,
they'll kill you.
Trust me, okay?
Take this, go in
your room and hide.
You're okay?
I would've killed you sooner,
if it weren't for my pathetic
If it were up to me, I would
have murdered all of you
just taken over your land.
Did you think someone was
gonna come rescue you?
If we get out of here,
you're coming with me, deal?
This is F.B.I. Special
Agent Lloyd Redd.
I'm in the Breaker's pass
territory under heavy fire.
Need back up now!
I'm out.
I got to get to her.
On three we move.
I guess you're not so much
of an asshole after all.
This is it?
Let's have some fun.
All right.
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
Elijah! Elijah!
Give me your jacket.
Come on, give it to me.
Hold it there.
You're gonna be okay.
She'll be fine.
Come on, take your mom.
Take her, hold her.
Fuck off.