Boonie Bears: Entangled Worlds (2017) Movie Script

Set these with the other samples.
Okay, Doc.
Do you need any help, Doc Watson?
Scan this for me.
Sure thing, Doc.
Could it be the lost
Deer Tribe of Fantastica?
This carving is incredibly ancient.
Never seen anything like it.
Here, have some of my water, Doc.
Lucia, this is the lost totem
worshiped by the Deer Clan.
After every deer
dies, the deer tribe...
...put the antlers
here to honor them.
To the tribe, the deer
were not just respected...
...but thought to be
mystical, almost divine.
Doc Watson, I found something!
Work hard all four seasons... you don't waste
a minute of time.
Hmm, sensible.
Regret belongs to the lazy.
Dare to have the courage
to pursue your dream.
A man without a dream is
like a fish in a bucket.
My dream starts right now.
I won't be a bucket fish!
Oh my.
Yeah, fish in a bucket are
my favorite kind of food.
Ah, jeez.
Get back here!
There's nowhere to run!
That's it, just a
little further now.
Doc Watson, I think I
may have found something.
She found it.
Okay, mini sphere, do your thing.
Doc, are you getting this?
Could this be a link
to the migration...
...of the Deer Tribe
out of Fantastica?
Hold there.
Coco, scan that image
and get back here.
Scanning complete.
Doc Watson.
Doc Watson!
Now, Pounder.
Oh yeah. One more trinket
for Boss trophy room.
Coco, we're fine! Protect the map!
Initiate Booster Protocol!
Booster Protocol?
You can't run.
Coco doesn't run.
Coco flies.
Bye bye.
Move it! Boss needs those antlers.
Get up!
Hey, wait for me!
Stop right there.
No, you two stop.
Logger Vick, stop running.
It says so in this
book I've got here.
I'll read you something...
"Don't give up easy
when things are bad...
"because you just might be
one step away from success."
Isn't this great?
Stop me if this is going
past your intellectual level.
Says here, you can
change your fate.
Anyone can do it, even you?
No way! Oh boy, that's okay!
Fools take a look at me now!
Your fate is closer than you think!
I may be poor now, bears, but
I'm going to change my fate.
We can't let him cut our trees.
It looks like he ran away.
After him!
-Briar, what's that?
-Ollie ollie oxen free!
-Briar, who are those people?
-I don't know.
-But they don't look friendly.
-I know who you are.
Trying to beat us to those antlers,
-What antlers?
-Get the robot!
Quick, follow them.
What's going on?
-On it!
Where'd they go?
Down there.
Look, Briar!
Get off me.
This is the craziest day ever.
Logger Vick, what is that thing?
I don't know.
What do you think you're doing?
I'm all over the place!
Where are my tracks? My hand?
I'm just repairing you.
Only one around here who can.
-Your shell is broken...
...and your control panel's
all busted up.
But I can fix it for you.
Are you sure about that?
-What now?
Are you actually
qualified to do this?
-Robots are easy.
-I'll take that as a no, then.
Lookie here!
I'm famous around here
for repairing things.
Cool, huh?
Yeah, okay.
If I had legs, you'd
be pulling them.
I think you're being unreasonable.
I'm not charging ya.
We're back, here you go.
Hey Vick,
did you fix the robot yet?
-Oh man. Look at you.
-Excuse me!
-Bramble, come on.
-Put me down!
I'm not a toy.
Are we still doing this?
Okay, well I'll believe
it when I see it.
Oh, you'll see!
So, what's your name, huh?
I am Coco 503,
track-type Titanium alloy... exploration and
archeological robot.
Robo-girl, that's
what I'll call ya!
Please don't call me that.
So Robo-girl, what're
you doing way out here?
Oh, and who were
those bad guys, huh?
Coco. It's not that hard.
Let go of my speech center
before you mess me up even more!
Job's all done.
Hey, do you mind?
I just thought it'd
be more dramatic.
Hang on, my chip is
produced by Fantawild... track is equipped
with sensors...
...and my cover utilizes memory
alloy by the aerospace bureau.
What do you call this old thing?
Oh, I see.
Yo, yo, check it out, yo.
All right!
Victor the repair guy...
...fix this robot, yeah.
What'd you think?
I think you're wasting
your time as a repair guy.
You should be a
professional rapper.
So, there are four
of us on the mission.
-Me and three archeologists.
-Who'd make such a sassy robot?
Certainly has some
nerve, doesn't she?
Not even a single thank
you for fixing her.
-We need to get to Fantastica...
-Toffee nose. find the treasure
before those bad guys do.
-That's right.
A pair of golden antlers
that have been passed down...
...for thousands of years
among the Deer Tribe.
Vick, this is where
your life changes!
Deer tribe?
I need to protect
the golden antlers.
I have to go. Bye guys.
-Hey, hold up.
-We only just met.
Hold on, guys!
Archeologist Victor,
ready to show you around...
...and find the treasure.
-Of course!
From hence forth, I'll guide ya.
We can find that treasure together.
-Vick is a tour guide now?
-I don't know.
Maybe hes lost it.
Fine then, you can
go alone all right...
...but when you break down again...'ll want me to
fix you, won't ya?
I will not be breaking down again!
The golden antlers have
been hidden for centuries.
But we should be able to find
some clues in this projection.
Hey bro, what is that thing?
-Hmm, no idea.
-But you're the smart one.
Obviously you can't
understand this.
Archeology isn't
like finding honey.
Hey, finding honey is not easy!
Well, hmm, could be, if you
happen to know the right guy.
A long long time ago...
...there was a lone hunter who
traversed the open wilderness.
He was agile...
...the truest shot.
There was a snow, unlike any
Fantastica had ever seen.
The entire land was covered
in a blanket of ice.
The hunter was hungry and cold...
...and felt death beckoning him...
...when suddenly there appeared
a bright golden deer.
This mystical creature
carried the hunter on its back...
...all the way to safety.
The deer was exhausted, and
fell over, never to rise.
Suddenly the snow melted
away and in its place...
...was left a green paradise.
The hunter was saved.
The body of the golden
deer disappeared...
...leaving only a pair
of golden antlers.
Since then, the
descendants of the hunter...
...have been known
as the Deer Tribe.
Yeah, bravo!
And what about the mural?
But of course. The stone!
Above it shows the tribe and
the deer living in unity.
And below, it
shows the migration...
...of the Deer Tribe
out of Fantastica.
If you're asking me, you
will find your treasure... Glade Glacier!
But how do we find
the glacier, huh?
Head north from here, and you
will find an ancient forest.
Find the forest, and
find the glacier.
Isn't that where we used
to hang out as little cubs!
Wait, you know this place?
-Let's do it!
-Before you go.
These antlers are sacred.
If they are removed, the
whole world will end!
You should have seen your face.
It's just an old fairy's tale.
I know that. I wasn't scared.
Oh wee. It smells in here.
Hey, you think if we
get these antlers...
...the bossll come
to my birthday party?
He never RSVPd.
Shop's closed. Come back later.
-Where's the robot?
Wait, who are you?
You heard me.
Don't make me ask twice.
You can't do this!
Put that priceless
fossil back, and leave!
All right. I'll talk.
Your beat up old
truck is super slow.
I'd get there faster on my own.
You're sure about that?
An embarrassment to all wheels.
Don't just stand there. Pull!
We made it!
Careful, the trees here
are all very ancient.
Few people have ever
set foot in this place.
Ah, that's good to know.
We're the only ones who
know about the deer tribe.
Well, here we are.
Who could've thought?
Hey, let's talk about
those antlers, eh?
Hey Briar, are we
in the right place?
Absolutely, Bramble and I
used to live here as cubs.
Oh, I'm sorry, Coco.
It wasn't on purpose.
-It was an accident.
-Of course it wasn't on purpose.
You did it with purpose!
How can I make you less angry?
In situations like this...
...I believe you humans
call it the cold shoulder.
-What now?
-I'm done.
You're not gonna make
this easy for me, are ya?
You might as well go home.
You can't contribute
much help anyway.
Say what?
And for your information, I've
been helping you all the way.
I didn't ask you to, did I?
Without me, you'd be scrap metal!
-That's not true.
-It's not true?
I don't want to
talk to you anymore.
-We're finished!
-Fine with me!
That's enough!
We've been walking
for two days now.
Are we there yet?
We should be getting close.
Let's rest here.
I'm exhausted!
Bramble, don't mind me.
Can't you control that?
That's good. Oh yeah!
Hold on.
That looks familiar.
Oh, I know this place!
-Bramble! Hey!
Hey, you remember, we used
to scratch our backs on this?
- Oh and over here.
-Bramble, be careful!
Hey, wait up.
Hey Briar, look, you remember this?
Is this where we used
to play hide-and-seek?
Come on, it's this way.
Oh man.
Oh, what's wrong?
What'd you stop for, bro?
Bramble, does this hole
look familiar to you?
I remember.
Briar, how do we get out?
Think of something!
Hey, what do we got here?
-A couple of bear cubs, huh?
-Stay back, bro.
We could make a nice
buck or two for this catch.
You said it.
-Hey, what's that?
-What the? Look out!
You there, stay safe.
Can a bear's memory last that long?
Mm-hmm, that's right, yeah.
Hey Coco.
-Follow me.
-What the?
Hey Briar, where are you going?
We're here.
This is it.
Whiplash, they went this way.
Move it.
Hey guys, don't leave me.
Oop, why'd you do that?
Gentlemen, I
give you Glade Glacier.
According to the
analysis of the ice here...
...this cave was formed over
two million years ago...
...during the last ice age.
This symbol is trapped.
And this one too.
I'm sure all these signs
have to mean something, Coco.
-Need any help, eh?
I need you to stay out of my way.
Briar, what do these signs mean?
I wish I knew.
Hey Coco, have you
seen these icicles?
I don't like this at all.
We're here for you.
We're trying to help.
Something cut this
ice like a knife.
Or something stronger.
Something much stronger.
Slap my circuits, I've got it!
Hey, I thought you said
you didn't need my help.
-You won't need that.
-That's my hat, robot!
-Don't move!
-Hey, hey.
Stay here and hold still.
You are the key to finding
the golden antlers.
And perfect.
Coco, what're you doing?
-Why am I over here?
-You'll see soon enough.
Remember, don't move a muscle.
Hey, Briar, Briar, look.
My brain box is tingling.
Vick, you can stay
if you're scared.
Got ya Bramble, be careful.
I miss the forest!
-What is that thing?
-It's a map.
It's going to show us how
to get to the antlers.
Were so close now, I can taste it.
We'll be taking that.
And that's why
they call me Pounder.
On me!
Get them.
Briar, are you okay?
The map.
See ya.
I surrender?
Hit the deck!
Guys, I think we found it.
Get 'em!
Give me the map.
No way!
Fine then, have it your way.
What was that?
Boss is not gonna like this.
This place would be scary
if I weren't so brave.
Please dont hurt me,
Im a nice bear!
Coco, you're okay, thank goodness!
I don't care who you are,
or where you came from.
That map is ours.
Don't be sad.
There's plenty of
beatings to go around.
Too easy.
We should be on our way now.
C'mon. Back to the portal.
So did we win?
Thank you so, huh?
She just left?
But who is she?
I bet she's from
the Deer Tribe, yeah.
The Deer Tribe disappeared
several years ago.
That's what my database says.
Not right here. It is useless.
-Is not!
-Come on.
Let's get going.
Where are they?
Sorry, we had problems.
A simple task, why have you failed?
They were unpredictable
and much stronger.
The golden antlers are protected... a robot.
And a beautiful girl!
A girl?
You don't say.
Are you kidding me?
Just give us another chance.
A girl and a robot, how terrifying!
Fine, we'll all go back.
The fish.
Woohoo, I found the fish!
Coco, let's take a
break and eat something.
I'm so starving.
I can't go on.
You mammals sure are
inefficient explorers.
Ugh, it's gross!
It's so weird.
I've never seen any of
these plants before.
Here we go. Actinidia arguta,
commonly known as a kiwi.
That doesn't look
like a kiwi to me.
It doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense!
There, that's a raspberry.
It belongs to the genus
Rubus of the rose family.
-We can eat that.
Outta the way!
It's walking away!
This can't be happening.
It's grapefruit?
-This way guys, come on.
Or mango?
Coco, run!
There, climb that tree!
Where's Coco?
This doesn't make sense.
I have a database of
every plant, animal...
...and mineral in the entire world!
None of this should exist.
Speaking scientifically,
this place is bonkers.
It doesn't make sense to me!
Your super brain needs updating.
You did this to me!
You're blaming the
guy who saved your life?
-We found food!
This berry contains poisonous gas.
She saved you.
But who is she?
Look, she's eating those!
Got it.
I'm so glad I don't have
a stomach holding me back.
What mineral is this?
I need to conduct further research.
-Hey Coco.
Bet you wish you could eat now.
These're great!
What the?
What is that?
Well boss, welcome to Fantastica.
Hey Boss, weve stolen stuff
from lots of cartoons before.
This is the first
time youve come with.
Pretty trippy, right?
Hey Boss, don't step in that!
That was a close one.
-What is that thing?
How should I know?
It's gotta be Coco's fault.
I didn't do anything!
Maybe it's because
you guys ate its food.
Don't stop, it's gaining on me!
It's scared to come in.
I hate to say it, but maybe...
Stop this!
You're all cowards.
These are just plants, and fruits.
Don't touch it! It's getting
stranger by the minute.
There's no telling
what will happen.
Oh, come on!
This is just a piece of fruit.
And this is just some pollen.
Oh, it's so pretty!
Oh, it's like a balloon!
What's happening?
They're sticky!
Get away from me! Get away!
Release me! Let me go!
What are these things?
Briar, what are we gonna do?
I'm stuck!
Coco! It wants its child!
-Try and be brave!
Hey little guy, you
can go to your mommy now.
It can fly?
Where'd she go?
Right here!
Hey bro, did you see the feathers?
Let's go!
-Hold on there. Wait for me!
-Where are you going now?
Look at those!
They're beautiful.
Can I keep one?
Just simple tricks to attract kids.
Nothing special.
Yeah but Boss didn't you ever watch
cartoons when you were little?
And why would I do that?
It's nonsense.
Jeez, your childhood
must have been pretty dull.
But if you dont like cartoons, why
do you want all these cartoon junk?
What is it? Let me at it!
You want the whole
forest to hear us, huh?
Hi there, I'm Bramble.
What's your name?
-It's Naya.
-The name's Briar.
Oh hiya.
I'm Vick. It's nice to meet ya.
Naya, those feathers,
I've seen them before.
They're my grandpa's.
Ah, when we were real
little your Grandpa saved us!
You're from the Deer Tribe, huh?
A mushroom elf.
That was clumsy of me.
In Fantastica, we
believe our life is sacred.
Even the trees.
Grandpa Oak said that
it's going to rain.
-Grandpa Oak?
-A tree can't speak.
It has no brain, and no mouth.
That doesn't make sense.
Oh come on. You don't either.
I'm the only thing
our here that does.
A tree predicting the rain.
I don't trust it.
-Come on, Coco, I'll carry you.
-Put me down!
Put me down!
Oh yeah!
My Grandpa taught me.
But now, he lives
with the Golden Deer.
The Deer?
He told me, there were
lots of them in Fantastica.
We all lived together.
If there was danger,
blow this, then...
...the Golden Deer would
come and save us!
It's so amazing!
I have faith that
they're still here.
Naya, have you heard
of the Golden Antlers?
-Of course.
Long ago, the deer left us.
The Golden Antlers were
stored in The Antler Valley.
That's where they'll be.
But those thieves,
they're coming for 'em.
-Oh, but why?
-But don't worry!
Well protect them the
bear brothers way!
No matter what it takes!
-Now you're a true bear.
-I was always a bear!
Hey Coco!
Hey Coco, can you hear me?
Let me see.
She's been turned off.
Must be an on switch.
Coco, what happened?
Last night, I was...
What's wrong?
The map, it's been stolen!
Where's Vick?
I bet it was him who stole the map!
All the Antlers are mine.
I'm going to be wealthy.
Thanks, Seymore. See you.
Hey, come back. Just a second.
Let's you and I make a deal.
Bring me the Golden Antlers...
...and I'll make you
rich beyond your wildest dreams.
Move it.
Why don't you give me that map?
Oh boy.
A map you say?
Don't play dumb with me.
Take it!
It's due the first of
the month, suckers!
Think you can outwit
slick Vick, do you?
I'll be.
What was that?
Where did that foot come from?
Come out and face me, you coward!
Give it back!
-Vick, you little sneak!
-You tricked us!
-You're kidding me.
-How could you?
Freeze, Vick.
Whatre you doing here?
Why did you do it?
I, well...
You promised to protect
the Golden Antlers.
You're a bad human!
You pretended to help me,
then you stole the map...
...and powered me down.
-You're a liar.
-We trusted you, Vick.
You were our friend.
How could you!
Vick, you do this
every single time.
I think you'll never change.
Yeah Ma, I'm doing great here.
Don't worry.
You're so selfish!
No Ma, I'm not gonna
make it home for Christmas.
You're no better than
those evil thieves!
And you can
forget about your salary!
You're right, I am a
thief, and I'm selfish.
I betrayed my friends.
I'm just a bumbling idiot
who never finishes anything.
I slaved my whole life away...
...but I still can't afford
to see my family!
-Get away!
You don't know anything about me!
You don't get to judge me!
If I can just get
hold of the antlers...
...this miserable life
can be put behind me.
-Leave him, Bramble. Let's go.
-Bye Vick.
Your body-scan shows high blood
pressure and stress levels.
You should watch
out for your heart.
Give me an inch
and I'll run a mile.
Give me a chance, and
I'll change my fate.
Bad Vick.
Everybody's gone.
Why are you still here?
Oh, you stayed with me?
Thank you.
Come, this way.
The Golden Antlers are nearby.
Leave a little surprise
for our special friends.
The Moon Bridge.
It's been destroyed.
Is there another way?
I'm afraid not.
It's all Vick's fault.
Since he stole that map,
things have just gotten worse.
But... if he were here,
he might be able to help us.
Yeah, if we needed
something stolen!
Listen up, guys. We can do this!
After all we've been through,
we have risked everything...
...and we've come too far.
So no matter what lies
ahead, we can't be stopped.
We look pretty stopped to me.
Please don't eat me,
bears don't taste good!
This creature is our friend.
He'll take us to the antlers.
We're finally here.
There it is.
The Antler Valley.
They're so glorious!
Come to Papa!
Force sealed, huh?
I'll show that rackem'
frackem' good for nothing.
Nice, how about some fire?
It's no use.
The power of the Golden Antlers has
generated a gravitational field.
Hence the spatial warping.
Not a problem.
I brought this.
I was solving equations like
this when I was still in school.
Step away from the antlers,
and get out of our home!
It's time to see what
these puppies can really do!
He's turning into
a truck or something!
Easy dude, this isn't
a superhero movie!
-Are you kidding me?
Focus on your own fight, girl!
Naya. Are you okay?
We've got you cornered.
Now there's nowhere to run.
And I ain't even broke a sweat!
You didn't even stand a chance.
Where's the robot?
Oh no.
After it!
Time to run.
-Vick is back.
-Yeah, Vick's a good guy again!
Take me over there.
Gotcha! Let's go!
It's done!
-Okay, here's your chance.
-Wait, I'm not ready.
I'm not ready!
Okay, bug buddies, charge.
You will never get
the Golden Antlers!
What's going on?
What the?
They don't belong to you!
Let go of my leg!
Get! Get off!
Of! Me!
Get off of me!
What are these things?
C'mon, Coco might need us.
Let go! I said...
It's my job to protect the antlers.
I will never let you have them!
You don't tell me
what I can't have!
You can't take it away!
It's not yours. It's not yours.
It's not yours. It's not yours!
It's not yours!
Well, can I play with it?
-Most certainly not.
-You don't have toys.
It all belongs to me!
I have the power!
Go Boss! He made it to the antlers!
This isn't happening.
Come on.
Don't leave me!
So long, Fantastica!
Get to the trees!
Watch out!
Oh no. Coco!
Where am I?
The map.
The body of the
Golden Deer disappeared...
...leaving only a pair
of Golden Antlers.
If they're removed, the
whole world will end!
I have faith
that they're still here.
Blow the conch, and the Golden
Deer will come and save us.
The conch.
Must reach conch.
-Must blow conch.
-Coco, stay there!
Briar, what's she doing?
Keep going.
A little further.
Almost there.
I got it.
Coco. Stay calm.
I'll get you out of here.
Leave me, Vick.
Take the conch and blow it.
It's the only way to save you all.
It can't end this way.
What do we do?
It'll be okay.
-Blow the conch.
-Oh, stop being so foolish!
Vick, stop.
I am a robot.
I'm made of metal.
Save yourselves.
What are you talking about?
You're one of our
best friends, Coco.
And I always will be.
Thank you, Vick.
Farewell, my friends.
Easy, Boss, are you okay?
My magnetic field.
The storm fried the portal.
He's here.
I did not sign up for this!
This isn't right!
You can't take this world from me!
My entire life, I sacrificed
everything to be here!
Those Antlers are mine!
Schrodinger, let's play!
Just amazing.
Our home.
She didn't deserve this.
She didn't.
I'm sorry, Vick.
Time to go home.
Wha? Coco!
You didn't think I'd let you
keep my one good hand, did you?