Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey (2013) Movie Script

Oh, that looks good!
Oh, yes, it's awesome!
That's very good, yeah!
What are you doing?
You missed a spot.
Ok, I got it! Is this a good spot?
Perfect!...double knot it.
Right! You got it!
Hehe! This will be the
most awesomest party...
That the forest will be witnessing.
Yeah, it will, no thanks to you.
It was me and the other guys.
We did all of the construction.
You know it!
All you did was choke down bananas...
Whoa! I'm supervising!
That is the job suited for me.
Ha! Well we don't-uh?
Wait a minute. Bramble?
Yeah, over here, briar!
Bramble, let go of that!
That does it. It took me all the morning
to create that mastery.
And now it's broken.
You done crushed all the snacks!
You made me look like Woodstock!
And you gave me this! And it hurts!
This is all your fault! What do you
have to saying for yourself?
You all right?
Hey! Wake up right now!
Wake up!
You guys don't have a hibernation season.
You just don't know how lucky you are.
We have a mental capacity...
Far superior to yours, so we need
hibernation to rest our minds.
It's complicated-anyway,
it's about time we get back to the cave
and have along nap.
You're kidding me...
You'll be going nowhere
after what you two did!
Yeah, whatever you say.
It's non-negotiable.
Hey, come back!
Get back, you-or stay gone forever!
Brother rat, brother ox from the sacred faction
tiger and the rabbit gotta see 'em in action
horse and the ram comin' down
for the fight, now
dragon's to the east,
snake's to the west, now
monkey! Rooster! Get the kung fu knack down
dog and the boar, you know
they're never gonna back down
circle of twelve, got celestial connections
like the mighty keepers
of the four different directions!
And now, the news: Travelers this
holiday season are in for a shock,
as ticket prices have doub...
Ha! Suckers! My folks are
in Hawaii this holiday,
so I've got nothin' to do but relax!
Where am I?
How weird...
Uh? What am I
supposed to do with this? Huh?
What the... ah!
Those little guys are really hungry!
Uh? That sure was fast... ah!
Gotta make my quota!
This work is never finished!
If I don't make my quota,
the boss is gonna fire me!
Faster, faster!
Keep moving!
They never stop...
Eeeee, I know those faces.
It's you two?
Let me go! Ahh!
How crazy! What a weird dream.
Who in the world could be calling? Alright.
Let's see. Hello?
Hello, vick! There's
been a change of plans!
What's that? I'm busy now, darn it!
Excuse me?
- Is that any way to talk to your father?
- Give me the phone!
- You should show me some respect...
- Don't talk to my baby like that, frank!
Hey, Vicky, this is mom.
I thought they were on vacation.
I don't need this.
- Vicky! Vicky! Hello?
- Ah! Oh, hey! Hi, mom.
How dare you hang up on...
Your own mother?!
We raised you better than that!
What is wrong with you? What kind of
son hangs up on such loving parents?
What are you, a big shot now?
Don't have time to talk
to your mother?
I'm sorry. The lines must have
got crossed.
That's been happening a lot out here.
You should call the phone company.
Oh, I will right away, dad.
So how was Hawaii?
Your mother couldn't stand the humidity.
We decided to come home.
- Now you can come back home for the holiday.
- Yeah! Whoa!
See? Great news!
Let me talk to him. Honey, you know
how I sweat profusely in...
That kind of heat. It was keeping
your father up all night!
Uh, too much, mom.
Are you keeping yourself fed?
You sound like
you're getting skinnier...
Everything's fine.
Pish-tosh! You couldn't take care of
yourself for love or money.
Now you get your heinie
on the first train home...
Unless you like making
your mother worry...
Mom! Don't worry!
I am capable of taking care of myself.
I'm actually living in a really nice place
and saving a lot of money.
You gotta trust me.
Things couldn't be better.
Good! Then you've got money
to come home!
I promise I'll visit soon.
Don't be sad! Ah!
No. Don't bother. I'd hate to
inconvenience Mr. Big man...
Who's too important...
To make his mother happy.
- Come on!
- No, it's fine!
I got a lot of laundry to do.
If he's not gonna come,
he's not gonna come.
I'm joking! Of course I'll be there;
You actually fell for that? Hehe...
I'll have everything ready
by the time you get here.
If you're late,
we're startin' without you!
Ok. Alright. I'll see you later!
Hey vick! I heard your parents
canceled their vacation.
Good luck getting back
to your hometown...
- So close to new year's, sucker!
- You'll regret that, Nelson!
I hope
you run out of gas, you jerk!
Wait a sec. He's right. It is close...
So today is the twenty-fourth?
Oh no!
That only gives me...
Five more days?!?
No... no, no...
It isn't enough time!
I gotta get ready...
This is travel world, Betty speaking...
I need to book a ticket to stillwater.
It looks like there are only first class
tickets still available, sir...
First, second, fourth, fifth,
just get me a ticket!
Alright, sir. The price for your ticket
will be 875 dollars.
Will that be cash or credit?
Once again?
That will be 875 big ones, sir.
875?! That's the price for one ticket?
Well, um, can you hold on
- for a minute...
- This is a busy time of year, sir.
I don't have time to waste waiting for...
Penny-pinchers to scrounge up
loose change. Good day, sir!
Uh? Hey! Hold on!
You hung up on me! Dang you, Betty!
Looks like I'm going to have to go
into my savings.
Stay outta my boot,
you stinking pest!
Ah, I found it! Hehe.
Haha, I can barely count it all!
Three hundred fifty six, point eight.
What? That's not even half the price!
Just when I thought my luck...
Was finally turning around...
Oh, now what? Uh?
That's right!
Jenkins still owes me money...
Look at all these ious.
That's more than enough
to get home!
How did I let that rotten root-picker's
debt get so out of control?!?
Jenkins better pay me back,
and I mean now!
I work so hard all year 'round,
and that Jenkins just takes and takes...
And I'm sick of it!
If he tries something smart,
I'll rip those hair plugs right out!
Hello, this is Jenkins.
Oh? Hey Jenkins, ya big jerk...
I mean, I was just messing with you, hehe.
- How are you? That's nice...
- What, now?
I just have this quick question
for you: I was wondering...
If I could collect on those ious.
They have really been piling up.
We have quite the collection now, and...
Yeah, that's right!
Oh, yeah, umm... sure thing...
Yeah! All right!
But there's one condition...
I'm only about half way through
the week's wood choppin' quota,
you know what I mean?
Finish it for me, and I'll pay you.
Say what?! Half a week's quota?
But that would take me all...
Take it or leave it!
I don't have time for this.
And don't call back till you're done!
But Jenkins, you owe,
uh... hello?
Sorry, the person you're dialing has
chosen to ignore you at this time...
Darn you Jenkins, that's not fair,
that money is mine... ow!
Who let the owls out?
Who let the owls out?
Cool! Bring me another one!
Eee-zee... go on, get a moving on!
No slacking off!
Yes! Right, sire!
You're the only slacker here!
You show respect! I've got to
managing all of you!
So don't give me hard time! Hear?
Bad news, sire! Warren's gone.
Say what?!
Oh, yeah... where'd that guy go?
Far, far away! You guys'll handle it!
Now, as for me-
I've got sculpting to do!
And now we'll toss on the olllll' head!
Ugh... yep! He's gonna pay me
every dime he owes!
That fool!...Mess with me...
He always has been such a mooch!
That was so much harder
than I thought it would be.
I really need to get in shape.
This is...
This is too gorgeous!
This was absolutely worth the climb!
Jenkins' area has much
better wood than mine.
Wow! You're so beautiful!
I'm gonna cut you down!
You're my ticket home!
These giants are such majestic beauties.
Well! Time to get to work!
Why, you...
Someone barbequing?
If I have to make this
stupid thing again...
Are you kidding me?
How'd that even happen? Yes!
Smart, vick!
That feels much better.
Good as new!
Huh? Logger vick? What's he doing?
The blade...
Top quality...?
What are you made of-steel?
I'm gonna go back and build a...
monster tree-chopping machine!
Don't go anywhere!
That looks like nedric's tree!
I'd better go investigate!
He's crazy!
One and two,
now here's something new!
Three and four,
hear the lumberjack roar!
I wanna see my pop,
and the mom I adore...
Slash! Trash! Lop! Chop!
Down in a flash!
There's really nothing
this machine cannot do!
Plunk! Plunk! Clink! Clink!
Here comes the cash!
I'm just a one-man
tree-chopping crew!
Comin' home to yoooooooooooo!
Everything is gonna be fine!
Train ride home is gonna be mine!
Time to chop down ev-er-y pine!
Say! Hey! Let's take her...
For a drive!
Oh! I've got to hurry and warn the others!
Well, that went ok...
That tree won't stand a chance!
This is my ticket to buying my ticket!
I love the great outdoors!!!!
Hoo hoo! Come on,
I need a hand over here!
Yep, I'm comin!
Now that's a handsome monkey!
Like me! Oh, boy!
Heads up, guys! Logger vick is...
Chopping trees...
Remember your blood pressure,
Say what?!
Vick's doing what?
Chopping down trees?
That's right! And he's got this giant
tree-chopping contraption!
And you know what? He's headed
straight for nedric's tree!
Oh, no! Not nedric's tree!
Let me think... man!
That crazy ol' logger vick
ain't gonna stop...
Logging unless we destroy
that confounded machine of his!
- Ah! I can fly...
- You're so right!
Humph! As your king,
I've decided
we will destroy the machine.
It is a brilliant idea, yes!
We've got to go after vick and
destroy him...
Before nedric moves to
our part of the forest!
Uh, no offense, but... I...
Alright, let's get going!
This is the moment of vengeance!
This is the day that vickie will rue!
Whoohoo! Brilliant!
You're a true genius, my king!
What's goin' on? Hey, Warren!
Holy Toledo! Vick's coming!
Oh. He's coming to the party?
No. He's not coming to the party;
he's coming here to destroy us all,
hoo hoo!
You don't say! I gotta go!
Sound the alarm!
Save the women and children!
You go ahead
and take a rest there, guy!
Hehe! Nice work. Vick'll be done for.
Yep, hehehe... like I planned.
No! Too small...
Well! It's not so scary!
Alright! Now you listening here, vick!
Put your feet on those brakes,
or else!!!!
Ahh... that is not what I said!
Ugh... that's it!
Animals, charge!
Sunny day,
everything's a-ok!
Dangit! What are you doing??
Logger vick!
How are you going to cut down...
That tree after I stun you
with my hypnotic gaze?!?
Am I doing this right, Warren?
You're getting sleepy, vick, sleepy...
'Cause I don't think
I'm supposed to get dizzy.
Your eyelids are getting heavier...
Get away from me!
Oh no! Hehehe... well, I hope you
enjoyed the show!
Let's not turn this into
a personal thi... ow!
Haha! Later, you little twerps!
Aye aye aye... what an embarrassment sight!
- Here!
- Move it!
It's my turn, monkey breath.
Babu, fight for your king!
Yes! Right, sire!
Nice try!
Get down!
Oh, I'm surely gonna pay for dis one.
- Haha...
- Sire?
That's why we keep
your kind in zoos!
- I hit a tree!
- We tried everything!
Sire! Oh, man! Please, sire!
Whatever you do...
Please just don't go into the light!
I'm not dead!
But, you are supposed to protect me!
This is a poor reflecting
of your loyalty.
Let's face it, right?
We need the bears!
With this baby, I'll be knee-deep in
lumber faster than you can say uh...
"Look at that cool guy, he's so knee-
deep in lumber. What a guy!"
Briar! Bramble!
Wake up, bramble! Briar! Briar!
Wake up!
Come on. Come on, briar,
come on, get up! Emergency!
- Babu!
- Sire!
Commence operation wakey wake!
Yes, sire!
So this is hibernation?
What if they don't wake up?
I've got one more trick up my sleeve...
Free honey!
Bramble, thank goodness
you're awake!
We've gotta stop logger vick...
Argh... why does that always
happen to me?
- Ow! That's not honey...
- Yeah! This is serious!
Ok-your brother is stealing from you!
Huh? What happened? What?
You woke us up
'cause he's cuttin'one tree?!
But that's nedric's home, bro.
Ah, yeah!
So, we meet again, old friend!
I hate to do this to you,
but I really don't have much of a choice.
It's really nothing personal...
Well, gotta do what I gotta do!
Ahh! What's the big idea?!
Well, if it isn't king crazy
and his royal pains!
You dare mess with me?
Feel my wrath!
Hehe! What the heck? You nuts?!?
Huh? So it's you two!
Hey, oi' vick!
Not so fast. Engage tennis defense!!
Match and set!
Uh? Humph!
For my king!
Oh, my eyes! Ouch!
Spray paint in the eyes?
You're totally going to ruin my look...
With the ladies! How am I going to
get a date looking like this?
When I get my hands on you...
Hehe! Now!
Got it!
Hehe, yeah... uh?
Stinkin' bears! That was the last straw!
Now say good-bye!
Huh? Why'd it stop?
This doesn't make any sense.
Uh? What... argh!
Yeah! Warren did it!
Haha. Let's enjoy the show.
We win again, vick!
- Haha, what a sucker!
- Haha, he fell...
The best laid plans of mice and... uh?
Get away from me,
you stupid piece ofjunk!
You're supposed to cut down trees!
Haha... so, you guys wanna watch?
Stay back! Stay baack! Leave me alone...
Oh, no! Ahh! Argh!
That's the last time I trust a
machine I build in one montage!
Gotta keep it out!
This is your boss! Have you got
the lumber ready?!
Just because you're covering a shift
doesn't mean you can slack off!
I don't know why Jenkins trusts you
to get this done.
But you'd better figure it out or you'll
go back to being a toll collector...
For minimum wage!
Vick, are you listening to me?!
Can I call you back? Ahh!
Don't give me that attitude!
I can't believe Jenkins left you in charge.
I should never have let him
go on vacation early!
Go on vacation early? Ow!
Did you saw your brain in half?
Jenkins left this morning
after talking to you;
he said you wanted
to prove yourself.
I can't believe Jenkins played me
like that!
What are you talking about?
Played you?
I'm covering his quota so he'll
pay back the money he owes me.
Your personal money issues
are not my concern.
You agreed to cover his quota.
You get the lumber. And that is that!
That all you got, loser?
What did you say? Who you callin'
a loser? I know you weren't just...
Talking to me!
Vick? Vick!
I'm only gonna say it one more time!
Come on!!!!
That's it. I'm tired of the attitude
and the excuses!
You're fired!
Hang on! Lemme explain! Hello?
Hey! What else could go wrong?!?
Even we eeee-vil
mean, and dastardly peeee-ple
can't get to sleeee-ple
when the cash is running low
if only sheer greed
guaranteed what I need
and that's some dough!
Must I skip my trip
to mom and dad's house
to toil for that louse?
A train ticket's only a dream
my knees start shaking
my noggin's aching
if the boss or folks should call
tell them all
I'm going to crawl
to Portugal!
Hello, ladies... I'm out saving the world,
one tree at a time.
Leave a message after the "beep".
Vicky, this is your mother.
We need to know what time...
Your train gets in so your father can
pick you up at the station.
Tell him I'm making
my famous plum juice!
He knows,
you make it every stinkin' year!
Anyway, call us back
when you have a chance.
Will you stop smothering the man?
He's an adult.
He's my boy, and I'll smother him
- for cryin' out loud, he's a grown man.
- I'm sorry, mom;
- he'll call when he calls...
- I'm sorry dad...
Thank you, mr obvious.
You know, you...
I wanna come home.
I do.
But I can't even afford a ticket...
That poor vick. He looks really sad now.
If only there was a way to...
Maybe we should help him out.
Are you crazy?
Yeah! Are you?
Look, he just wants to get home,
I believe you forgot
who we are talking about!
Not true!
As the king, I am forbidding of this.
Let us be going, babu.
You know, I don't like my royalty-ness
being challenged!
That's right sire!
No one shall embroaching
on my degree.
I've never seen such
treachery behavioring!
Too bad, we're busy.
- We've got things to do.
- When the king has spoken,
- he is finished speaking!
- Now let's get a move on.
Now come on minions,
there's plenty working to be done.
Raise those lanterns,
hang the streamers.
Everyone get back to working.
I must fix my ice sculpture...
Diggs, go find us some food!
The rest of you go to
get the partying decor.
Humph! Oh, man.
This is just not fair!
If he had a wheelie machine,
he'd be able to get home.
That's it! I'm gonna build a car
for Vicky.
Oh bramble, you've done it again.
He's a mechanic, mechanic,
and he's a genius!
Time to get to work!
Oh, I don't even know
where to begin!
Ahh! Alright, then. Have it your way!
Ahh! My foot! Argh!
This thing is heavy...
Huh? Did somebody just
turn off gravity?
We're here to helping!
I knew you guys
would come through! Let's do it!
Oh, bramble!
Isn't she a beauty?
She sure is.
That's how it's done.
Let's go get vick.
Not fair...
Everyone... expecting me...
My father is making plum juice.
Wanna go home...
You'll be home before you know it.
Engine's working. Herb?
Looks good down here.
And up here, too!
Thanks hoo hoo, you're the best!
Alright, alright, let's get going!
Warren, out of the way.
- Wish us luck, everyone. We'll need it!
- I'll miss you guys!
- Now, you guys take care, alright?
- Uh? Where are tiki and babu?
Who cares, let's go!
Yeah, you're right.
The mission can't wait!
- Have a good trip! Take care!
- Drive safe!
Don't forget to bring us
some presents!
Right... right. Right!
The hibernation's over now
and the clover's just in bloom.
A cheerful birdsong woke me up
and chased me right out of my room.
Sunshine beams through
the leaves and branches
and the pines stand tall and proud
dandelions dazzle...
And the nectar flows
and tiny forest critters shout out loud
"the grass is green.
The sky is blue.
The brook is babbling, friend
and so are you
we'll seize the day for endless play.
Picnic and party...
That's our woodland way!"
Danger lurks, but we'll be fine
we're gonna get you home,
vick! Don't you worry!
Honeycomb and apple tree
there'll be plenty here for you,
and you, and you-and meeeeee!
Briar! Hey, hey,
did you see that sign, briar?
It said that we're on the right track
to vick's hometown! Hehe.
Yup, soon he'll be out of our fur.
Sire, what if they find us back here?
Who is caring?
They aren't the bosses of me...
Yeah! I can't wait! Hehe.
Ouch!! What was that?
No! Not my fish!
Uh? An apple?
No one litters on my highway!
- Oh? The cops!
- What?!
Hey, blue truck! Pull over!
What are we gonna do?
I won't survive in jail!
- Get a grip, fool!
- Last warning! Pull over!
You're only making this harder
on yourself!
Hehe... perfect!
Disrespect my authority!
You know why I pulled you over?
Hey! You can't be serious.
Uh? Are you even paying attention
to me? I'm talking to you!
Uh... yeah. It happened back there.
You threw an apple into the road!
An apple?
Hey sire, they know
about your apples.
Humph. Relax, no big deal.
- Babu!
- Sire!
Do you country bumpkins know
what the fine for littering is?
Well neither do I,
cause no one's ever tried it!
That's it! License and registration...
Um, uh... one moment...
- Hurry up. That wasn't a request!
- Come on, come on...
Now move it!
There's gotta be something in here
that'll help us...
I don't have all day!
What's going on in there?
Why you...! You just got "resisting arrest"
added to your charges!
Uh? A monkey? What the...?
Hey monkey! That's my lunch you've
got there! Give it back, right now!
- Don't make me come up there and...
- Hehe, take that!
- Why... you... little...
- Bye-bye!
- You're gonna regret this!
- Monkeys?
Get down here!
- Briar, did he just say "monkeys"?
- Be quiet!
- We're getting out of here, bro.
- I'm gonna count to three...
Now you've done it!
Briar, maybe I should
check the back...
I can't believe you're still going on
about those monkeys!
- Wait, sire!
- Give it to me! I want the fish.
- Tiki, babu?
- It's you two?
What are you doing here?
We said to stay in the forest.
No one commands the king of the forest.
Whatever, it's too late now.
That's right!
All units, the perps are just ahead!
Oh no, they caught up to us, bro.
Careful, they're armed with
apple-throwing monkeys.
Pull over!
Ah! They're gaining on us, briar!!
Watch this!
Uh? Bramble, logger vick's awake!
What?! Looks like the jig is up...
Yeah! We got rid of them!
Briar, who knew you were
such a good driver?
See? I told you to
bear with me. Haha!
Surprise, surprise.
Put your hands in the air.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say - uh? Argh!!!
Haha, yeah! Never fear when
the bear brothers are here!
Let me try! C'mon, I want to drive!
- Settle down, babu...
- Hey, get off!
You're not driving! Ahhh!
That was a close call, bro...
This is all you guys' fault!
Thank goodness we wore
our seat belts, right?
Ah! You call that driving?
Where did you get your license?
You and your monkeying around!
So much for making good time...
We'll never get vick home like this...
What's with all these cars, anyway?
What's going on here?
Those stinking bears?
They are trying to get rid of me
once and for all?
Humph! Not on my watch!
Hehe. Perfect!
We may never getting a chance...
To mess with vick again!
This king needs a nap.
- Babu, come be my pillow.
- Coming!
Come on, man! We've hardly
moved at all in the last hour.
Maybe we should stop for lunch?
Oh, yeah! Tiki, hand me an apple.
Huh? Briar, look!
Who did this to you?
Who do you think did it? He escaped
through the roof up there.
Huh? I can't see him anywhere.
How could he have gotten away
so fast? Huh? There!
- Vick!
- Come back!
- Logger vick!
- Uh? Oh, darn!
Logger vick, I got you!
Come on! Logger vick!
Get back here! Stop making me run!
Hehe... hi!
Hehe. Daddy, look! A Teddy bear!
Hey look where you're going, buddy!
There's a bear back there!
Get out of the way!
I'm already miles away
from the forest.
What do they want?
Uh? Stillwater?
What do you know? I'm pretty darn
close to my hometown...
Uh? They found me.
Come on, think, vick!
What to do? What to do?
We got you now... oh?
Uh... check under the cars!
Huh? Where can he be?
I know I saw him.
Maybe we should head back
to the truck now.
Uh, fine.
Argh! What a klutz!
Hey, there he is!
There you are!
Come back here! Wait!
Later, losers!
Now what do we do?
Hey, look!
The railway?
Yeah, that's right!
Hey, you fools! Get outta the way!
Bite harder!
Humph! You ain't getting away
this time!
Hands up! Do it now!
What? Nobody's inside?!
Wait a tick...
No! Come back!
Make way for the king!
Dirty thieves! That's state property!
Where am I now?
So close, but still so far away...
The train bound for
stillwater is about to arrive...
Could it be true?!
- Attention, passengers, please stand by.
- What was that?
The train bound for stillwater
is about to arrive...
Attention, passengers, please stand by.
- I'm... I'm at the train station!?
- The train bound for stillwater
is about to arrive...
- Please have your ticket ready...
- Yeah, I'm gonna make it!
Huh? Bramble, jump off!
Where's vick?
- Please! I've gotta get on that train!
- Over there!
And stay out!
And don't even think about
coming back without a ticket! Humph!
But I'm broke. I can't even afford
a single one.
I'm sorry, mom; I won't be
coming home this year...
Attention passengers, now boarding
for the stillwater-bound train.
Please have your ticket ready.
That's it! I'm getting on
no matter what!
Good doggie... ahh, go away...
Uh? He must have sensed
my hunter's instinct! Haha!
Attention passengers,
this is the final boarding call
for the stillwater-bound train.
Hey, what are you doing?!
Once again this is the final boarding
call for the stillwater-bound train.
This car is too crowded.
Hey, get a move on. They ain't
gonna load themselves.
Yeah, yeah, don't rush me.
Finally, it's quitting time!
Oh? There's plenty of room in here...
Hey! What are you sneaking
around for? Where's your ticket?
I don't... know
- come along with us, buddy!
- I must have dropped it!
- Just let me go!
- You've got a lot of explaining to do!
- That's right, pal!
- Hey, let me go! Let me go!
- Save it for the cops!
- Oh no! Logger vick got caught.
This is horrible.
He'll never make it home.
His poor mother will miss him, briar...
Let me go! I gotta get home.
You just don't understand!
Let go of me!
Hey! Get back here!
I'm getting' on
that train! I've gotta go home!
We have no choice.
C'mon bramble,
let's finish what we started, bro.
Uh? Ehm!
Please! I'm begging you!
Daddy... I'm tired of
waiting for the train.
Just a little bit longer, sweetheart.
It's so boring.
Ah! Daddy,
it's the giant Teddy bear from before!
How are you?
- Come on, dear!
- Hey!
Ahh! Bear!
Are those bears on the platform?
They don't pay us enough for this!
It's those two... what're they doing?
Never mind! Now's my chance!
It worked! Hehe.
Uh? Thank goodness, it's almost over.
Hey, you two, get a move on.
You're coming with us you filthy animals!
- Let go of me!
- Let me go!
Quiet down!
Lock 'em up tight, boys! Haha.
So they caught the bears?
Hehe! How perfect!
With those stinking bears out of the way,
it should be smooth sailing! Haha!
But what were they doing here, anyway?
It doesn't really make sense.
Why would they be this far
from the forest?
Babu, is logger vick still tied up?
- Yes, sire!
- Good!
What's going on here?
Uh? Stillwater?
Go away!
Could it be!? Could they
have been helping me?
That's just crazy.
They would never do that.
I'm their archenemy, after all;
They hate me. Haha!
And I do hate them, hehe.
No way!
Ahhh! Bears! Run!
They don't pay us enough for this!
It's probably just a coincidence.
Maybe those bears are traveling
for the holidays, too...
But where would I be without them?
I certainly wouldn't have made it this far.
Attention please,
the stillwater-bound
train is about to depart.
Please take your seats. Thank you!
Haha. Forget about those stinking bears.
They'll probably just be sent back
to the forest.
And everything will be just great!
Did you hear what I said, Ralph?
Yeah, that's right, two giant bears!
And you want to know the best part?
Bob, he'll buy 'em. Yep, that's right,
pal. And he'll pay top dollar.
They said that bear meat melts
in your mouth.
Hahaha. I can't wait! I'm gonna go
preheat my oven right now.
Yes, you can bring Peggy...
Nighty-night, bear!
Ahh! They're gonna eat the bears!
I can't let that happen!
Attention please,
the stillwater-bound train
is now departing.
Have a safe and pleasant journey.
Alright, then! He got on the train.
Come on, time to escape!
Everything's ready on my end, Bob.
Remember, bring the money.
Right. Yeah.
Hurry up, bramble!
Or we're gonna end up on
the side of a grill. Uh?
Hey! Looks like you need
some help settling down.
Nothing that this bad boy can't fix.
Oh, man...
Hehe. You're gonna make me
a rich man, indeed.
I might even have me
a couple of bearskin rugs!
It's time to say good night. Haha!
Oh? Logger vick?
I thought you'd left already!
There! That makes us even!
Wait! Don't leave without me!
Come back here!
Hehe, I got the rope, hehe.
Don't leave without me, please!
Come back! Slow down!
I can't catch you. Please!
Slow down! Don't leave without me...
I only wanted to see my family.
Come on, you guys.
Put your backs into it!!
Briar, faster! Bramble, pick it up!
That's easier said than done,
logger vick!
Bramble, keep focused!
We're gaining on it.
Ah?! No way!
Yeah, that's the way! Oh, yeah!
Gotta get a little closer!
I'm already going as fast as I can.
Grrr. Uh? Argh!
I'm kinda losing my grip here.
Please help me!
Oh, no!
I got you, bro!
Don't let go...
- Great job, tiki!
- Alright!
Hehe! We was just passing
your neighborhood through.
That was close... ah, oh no, look out!
Are you crazy?
Where are we going?
We've gotta get back to the train!
Look out for the rock!
Look ma, no hands! Hahaha...
A tree! No, no! Turn! Turn!
Ahh! Wait!
Come back! Come back...
Uh? Ahhhhh!
Hey, logger vick, we're over here.
I'm losing it!
- Give me a hand here!
- Okay.
Ahhhhh! Ah! Pull me up!
Pull me up!
Hey, you take the wheel.
I'm gonna go check out that noise.
Yeah! Bro, good job. I got you, vick!
It's gonna break.
Gangway! Coming through.
Pardon me, y'all.
I got it...
Hurry up before it breaks!
Don't worry.
Now which one?
I got it.
A little more.
Come on...
Oh? Someone's coming.
- Ahh!
- Got you!
Look at this mess!
Whoever left that door
open ought to be shot!
Well that's unusual!
Yeah! Yay! We did it!
What an amazing adventure!
Get down!
What a close call... uh?
Thank you...
Huh? Hehe...
The curtain falls on yesterday
now home won't seem so far away
the storm that raged has drifted by
and left behind a moonless sky
but the shooting stars will light the way
so before the night has turned to day
let's imagine... our tears ahhhh-waaaay...
If I look back in time
and say the blame was
yours, it's also mine, also mine
now I sing you this song...
Ok, dudes, look! Let's ring in
the new year! All together, now!
Five, four, three, two, one-
happy new year!
If we're friends for just one day
who on earth can say
we can't chase the stars hand in hand
night sky's ablaze with light.
This time we got it right, friend
attention passengers,
we are now arriving at stillwater.
This will be
our final destination today.
Please collect all of your luggage,
and on behalf of our team,
I would like to wish you
all a very happy new year!
Where'd they go?
Hey, bears!
Hey, bears!
They're gone?
Briar, are we really gonna walk
all the way home?
I'm already too tired...
Bro, what kinda bear are ya?
"Gummi", from the sound of it!
At least I'm soft and delicious,
unlike you, bro.
Whoohoo! Haha!
It's tiki and babu! Haha!
Can I offer you ladies a ride?
- Ah! Of course!
- Haha, yahoo!
This thing is way too slow.
Yeah, I wonder why...
'Couldn't be cause of the extra weight...
I'll be flat as a pancake
by the time we're there.
Pancakes! That sounds real good!
- Bramble, what are you doing?!
- Watch where you are going! Argh!
Hey, mom and dad! I'm home!
Oh, hehe, hi, everyone!
In the end vick made it home,
but not without hilarious outtakes.
Haha! Enjoy!
Wha... what's going on? Uh? Ah!
What am I doing tied to this rocket?
Now, let me go! What's going on, here?
Let's talk about this, first!
Why am I tied up? Get that away from me!
Get awaaaaay!
Don't worry, vick-a-roonie, I'll
get you home. Hehe. Bye byyyyyye!
That's got some real kick to it!
Help me! Stinkin' beaaaaar!
Uh? It exploded? Oh, no!
Hang in there, vick!
What do you think you're doing,
you stinkin' bear?
Put me down right this instant,
you hear me, huh?
What are you doing?
Come on-let me go, bramble!
Let me go!
Let me go, bramble...
I promise, I'll be nice to you...
Ahhh! Let-me-go!
That's not good!
Bramble! This is not a good idea!
Ah! Argh!
Ah! Now you're just messing
with me...
It's the thought that counts...
Hi! It's me, your old pal,
logger vick.
That's right! Thanks to those bears,
I made it home just in time
for new year's day!
Maybe I should be nice to them.
That's my new resolution.
I'm gonna treat those bears
like they were my family!
Haha! I heard that!
- I take that back!
- Well, that's all, folks!
We hope you all enjoyed our
holiday special and one more thing...
Seasons greetings,
and have a happy new year! Hahaha!