Bordertown (1935) Movie Script

My country, 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing
Land where my fathers died
Land of the pilgrim's pride
From ev'ry mountainside
Let freedom ring
And now, ladies and gentlemen
And members of the graduating class
Of the Pacific Night Law School,
Whom it has been my duty and pleasure
To guide along the paths of legal learning,
It is my high privilege and honor
To introduce to you the
honorable Rufus Barnswell,
Who will address you on
this momentous occasion.
The honorable Rufus Barnswell.
It is my privilege and honor
to address you, gentlemen,
As you step toward the new careers
For which you've toiled
and suffered and sacrificed.
Your fathers and mothers and your friends
May well be proud of your
courage, your determination,
Your will to succeed.
Your applause must be for these young men,
Not for me,
For such young men as one
whose history I happen to know
And who sits among the graduates
Because he had the courage
To lift himself above his environment,
To overcome handicaps
Which threatened to make him a criminal.
I reveal no secrets when I say to you
That this young man was the tough guy
Of a tough neighborhood.
At an age when most boys were in high school,
He was a child problem-
A problem to which his
parents had no solution,
But they didn't need it.
This boy solved his own problem.
He realized his opportunities and duties
As an American citizen,
And with that realization came ambition,
Which has led him to toil at
The hardest manual labor by day
So that he might study
And arrive at the point in his career
At which he stands now.
That young man, ladies and gentlemen,
Sits there.
Johnny Ramirez.
Mrs. Ramirez, you should
be very proud of your son.
I am, seor. I am very proud of my Juanito.
And excuse me, he was
not a bad boy, Excellency.
Only one little bit wild, maybe sometimes.
Julius Pasquani.
Good luck.
Charlie Plonk.
Johnny Ramirez.
Ijuanito! Ijuanito! Ihijo! Ihijo!
Happy, Johnny?
You bet, father.
Oh, Johnny, I think you
going to be the best one.
Ah, she's the best of all.
That really belongs to you, mamacita.
If it wasn't for you-
Oh, no, Johnny mio.
And I guess you wouldn't let
him get away with that crack
About me being tough.
But seor judge, she did not understand you.
And the seor police, she
never understood me either, huh?
Juanito, it is not nice
To make a fuss of your mother!
Oh. Behave.
Oh, mamacita!
Atencion. Atencion.
A toast to you, mi muchacho.
A toast to Johnny, no?
Isi! Isi!
Success, long life, and happiness
To a young lawyer.
Iviva! Iviva!
Gracias. Gracias.
No, Johnny. With wine.
Nix, Alberto. You know I ain't drinking.
You don't used to be that way.
Well, I didn't used to be a lawyer.
That stuff got me into more trouble.
Well, if you can't handle your liquor.
I can handle it, all right
- By letting it alone,
And that's just what I'm doing.
Hey, hey, hey!
Johnny, I think you going to make a speech.
Well, everybody, thanks.
All I got to say is this.
There was a lot of talk at graduation today
About hard work and study.
Sure, it was tough,
But look at Abraham Lincoln.
He worked hard, didn't he?
And he studied nights, too, didn't he?
You bet.
All right, I done
- I did, I mean, like Lincoln,
And I'm going to keep on being like Lincoln.
No, Johnny!
Hmm? What's that?
Not with whiskers.
Not with what?
Whiskers. I look in those book,
And seor Lincoln has the whiskers.
Now, please, Juanito, no.
All right, mamacita.
No whiskers. No whiskers. I promise.
It's like the judge said,
"This is a land of opportunity. "
In America, a man can lift
himself up by his bootstraps.
All he needs is strength and a pair of boots,
And I got them.
I'm quitting my job at the service station.
I'm going to open my law office.
I'm going to keep on working hard,
And someday, I can be
judge of the supreme court,
And I'm going to do it.
He was a great man, mamacita.
Only not so great like
will someday be my Johnny.
Yeah, but none of those whiskers, huh?
No. Juanito, you have promised me.
All right. No whiskers.
No whiskers.
If I only had some law books to put in here.
What for you need law books, Juanito?
You are a lawyer now.
Sure. I just want them for looks.
Come here.
It is good you have it, no?
"J. Farada Ramirez. "
Mi Juanito.
"Attorney at law. "
Mi Juanito.
Oh, ma.
Ma, that's-
Aw, gee, that's swell.
Mama mia.
Aw, gee.
"J. Farada Ramirez, attorney at law. "
Oh, "J."
- Ma.
There you are. "J. Farada
Ramirez, attorney at law. "
but where did you get the money?
Be a good boy and mind my own business.
Your wedding ring.
I'll make it up to you, mamacita.
Someday I'll be the biggest
lawyer in Los Angeles,
And I'll buy you diamonds and sealskin coat
And rings on every finger.
Oh, Juanito, could it be a Persian lamb coat?
Sealskin is kind of old-fashioned.
Sure, mamacita. Any kind of coat you want.
My poor Juanito.
But don't you understand, Jose, compadre?
I can't bring your case to trial
Until the court fees are paid.
I thought for an old amigo...
but listen, Jose. I don't get the fees.
I'd be glad to do the work for nothing,
But the fees must be paid in court.
The judge get a salary?
Sure, he does.
And why I must pay the court
Because someone tried to cheat me?
Let me explain again.
Now listen, Jose.
When you get the money,
You come back, and we start action.
You understand now, don't you?
I don't get the money,
The judge doesn't get the money.
The state gets the money.
Then I'll pay the money.
Buenos dias, padre.
Buenos dias, seores.
Adios, Jose.
Adios, padre.
Adios, Jose.
It goes slowly, hijo mio.
It doesn't go at all.
But I hear you have many clients.
Plenty clients. No fees.
I've collected just $2.00 in the last month.
Yet there must be a greater
satisfaction than mere money
In helping your own people.
If I only could.
It isn't the money.
I'm used to doing without that,
But I'm not getting anywhere.
They're all petty cases
Before the small-claim courts,
Justices of the Peace.
When a case amounts to something,
The poor client hasn't got money enough
To fight it,
And I don't get a chance
to show what I can do.
At least a guy's got that coming, hasn't he?
Don't grow impatient, my son.
Your chance will come.
- Patience is one of the virtues of our people.
Sometimes it's hard
To tell the difference, isn't it,
Between patience and just giving up.
You must not grow bitter, Juanito.
Anyway, I'm not giving up.
I'll get a chance someday.
I'll get a break someday,
And when I do, so help me, padre,
Nothing's going to stop me.
Johnny. Juanito.
Yes, Manuel?
You got to help me,
please. I got much trouble.
Well, who ain't?
What's it this time, Manuel?
No. My automobile
- She's no wish to go.
Do you want me to sue the
old heap or get an injunction?
No, no, Johnny. You help me, please.
If the automobile is no wish to start,
I can't go into market and get my vegetables.
I can't deliver them,
And, Johnny, I'm going to starve, I'm sure.
I'm supposed to be a lawyer,
not a mechanic anymore,
Which is probably my mistake.
Anyway, I'm coming right down.
We'll take a look at the
menace to the traffic.
Come along, padre.
If she won't listen to legal arguments,
We may have to try prayer.
There we are. I think that'll do it.
Get behind the wheel,
padre. We'll wind her up.
All right, Juanito.
Give her the gas, padre.
There we are.
We certainly won that case, didn't we?
Thank you too much, Johnny.
You know, Johnny,
This automobile, she and we,
We got many years.
Someday, she don't start at all,
And Manuel stop.
You know, I think I die.
Huh, considering my clients,
I hope my law business runs
as long as this truck does.
Well, good night, Carlos.
Good night, miss Elwell, Mr. Manville.
I hope you had a pleasant evening.
I did if I feel as well
in the morning as I do now.
Shall I say whoopee?
You did yourself proud, Carlos.
Gracias, seor.
We'll see you soon, won't we?
And how's your health, sweet lady?
I feel glorious. Having fun.
We do manage to have a lot
of laughs together, don't we?
Don't we just? Whoo! Cactus.
You know, I've suddenly become
Quite sentimental about you.
That's the first symptom
of a very bad hangover,
No. This is not Mexican wine talking.
I really mean it.
Let's us get married, Dale.
Brook, darling, I made up my mind
Never to marry anybody
At half past 3:00 in the morning
On the sidewalk of a Mexican street.
Oh, now, come on. Let's talk
this over calmly and reasonably.
Refuse to argue with you.
You're too good a lawyer.
Why shouldn't you marry me?
Now I'll ask one. Why should I?
There's every reason in the world you should.
I'm a very admirable fella.
Who speaks very well of himself.
Pull in your ears, my lad.
We're off to the races.
Look out!
Oh. Oh.
Miss Dale Elwell, huh?
And you say you were
coming from the market, eh?
Si, Johnny, I just going on work.
Just going on to work? I see.
Oh, Johnny, what I going
to do? My poor automobile.
First, I'm going to have
a doctor look at you.
No. It don't make no
difference about me, Johnny.
You remember I told you-
Automobile won't go, old Manuel won't go.
Don't you worry. I'll
see that you get justice.
Si. Johnny, and you think
You are going make them fix it real good?
If I can't, I've wasted
five years studying law.
Gracias. Gracias al cielo.
Mrs. Ramirez, your favorite son
Is going to court today
To fight his first real case and win it.
Be careful, Juanito. They are very rich.
They'll be poorer by the price of a truck
Before I'm through with them.
It's my first chance, mamacita,
To show what I can do,
and boy, will I show them!
You going to make them fix it pretty good?
Fix nothing. We're going
to get you a new one.
Oh, I don't know.
That old automobile, she's pretty good.
You just wait, compadre.
If I don't win today,
You got the rottenest lawyer in town.
I got the best lawyer in the whole world-
Even Mexico City.
And what kind of fur coat
Was it you wanted, Mrs. Ramirez?
Don't you never mind about fur coat.
It is too hot to think about even.
porque no tienes, porque le falta
How can I win this case without you? Come on.
I going, too. Adios.
Please, holy mother,
Make it for my Juanito to win his case.
Many times I ask you to help him,
But this time, it would break his heart.
Help him, blessed Mary.
I don't want a fur coat.
I only want him to win.
Your honor.
After telling the plain
facts about this case,
I feel it is my duty,
Not only to my client,
But to the court,
To make just one more point.
I found out that the defendant
Carried no insurance on her machine.
She's had so many accidents
That no insurance company
will accept her as a risk.
I object, your honor.
Objection sustained.
What? Can't I-
Mr. Ramirez, former charges
against the defendant,
However well-Founded,
Can form no part of the present hearing.
Proceed, please.
O.K., your honor.
Then I'll move on to another point.
It is almost sure that at
the time of this accident,
The defendant had been drinking-
Was kind of drunk.
I object.
The allegation so presumptuously advanced
By my, uh, learned opponent,
Is no part of the complaint.
What is more, there are
no witnesses to testify
To the condition of my client.
Objection sustained.
But, your honor, I'm only trying to prove-
The court realizes what
counsel is trying to do.
The counsel should realize that
This court is not a law school
And that he should not come before it
Without proper preparation of his case.
How can I present my case
when he keeps on objecting?
I object.
Is that your way of being a lawyer-
Squawking "I object" like a parrot?
I object, if your honor please.
Counsel's remarks about my failings
Are incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial.
Objection sustained.
Don't you want to hear the truth?
Don't you want to see justice done?
This poor old man's truck
was wrecked by a drunk driver.
His living has been taken
away by a spoiled dame
Who thinks she can get away with murder
Because her old man's rich.
What's more important to this court-
A lot of legal technicalities or the truth?
This court is interested in the truth,
But allow me to point out, sir,
That you, in failing to
prepare your case properly,
Have failed in your duty to your client.
Not only that, but you have
been in contempt of court,
For which I fine you the sum of 50-
No, I'd better make it $25.
I haven't got $25.
I'd like to recommend, your honor,
That the fine be suspended.
Fine suspended on recommendation
of the attorney for the defense,
And the court dismisses the case before it
Because of insufficient evidence.
Court is adjourned.
Well, that's that. You're a free woman again,
And you can thank your
lucky stars for a good lawyer
And a bad one.
- Johnny, you didn't make them fix my automobile.
Why-Why, Johnny?
What do you want?
Well, perhaps you won't believe it,
But I'd like to help your
client get his truck fixed.
We don't want your pity.
Oh, that's not it.
You convinced me, even
if the judge was stubborn,
So please let me.
Aw, please.
Well, that's swell of you to-
After I couldn't make you do it.
Don't be a fool, Dale!
By giving him money,
you admit responsibility,
And he can still bring criminal charges.
Would you?
Of course not.
I promise.
Nonsense. As your attorney, I forbid it.
It's the same as an admission of guilt!
But he won't bring charges.
Well, that's what you think.
But he just promised.
What good is a promise from a cheap shyster?
He'll be blackmailing you-
No. No, no, Juanito.
No pelees. No pelees, Johnny.
All right, Ramirez.
But this is the last time
you'll appear in court
Except as a defendant.
I implied in court that
you were not a good lawyer.
I say now that you're no lawyer at all.
If you knew any law, which you don't,
You'd still be mentally unfit to practice.
You ain't bawling me out because
I smacked that big windbag.
You don't want a guy like me who
comes from where I do to get a break.
It isn't where you come from, Ramirez.
It isn't a question of nationality or creed.
It's you. You're a ruffian at heart-
Brutal, cheap, bad-Tempered,
And you'd be that in
any country in the world.
Unable to hold your own
In a match of professional intelligence,
You resort to brute force.
Is that all?
That's all, except that
As a result of your stupid performance today,
I think that your legal
career is just about ended.
You're trying to throw a scare into me, huh?
Not at all. I'm merely trying to inform you
That Mr. Manville happens to be
On the grievance committee
of the bar association.
Why, you- You
don't think he'd-
He'd try and get me
disbarred, do you, your honor?
I'm not a mind reader, Ramirez.
All I know is that if I were an attorney
Opposed to you
And had won my case because you
had prepared your case badly,
And after the trial, you had assaulted me,
I certainly would do everything in my power
To have you disbarred.
But, uh, that
- The grievance committee
Will ask your opinion
before they do anything,
Won't they, your honor?
Undoubtedly. I'll have
to tell them the truth.
Well, I-I admit I
sort of lost my temper-
The kindest thing I can do
Is be brutally frank with you, Ramirez.
In my humble opinion, you
are not a proper person
To practice law in this community.
But, judge, listen, please.
All I did was lose my temper.
It won't happen again, I...
I studied for five years.
I worked day and night like a dog.
Please, give me another chance.
Not-Not so
much for-
You see, my mother, she-
She will-
Please, judge.
Don't you understand?
I'm sorry, Ramirez.
Disbarred, huh?
Sure. Disbarred,
You think that's the way to face her?
Well, I had to do something
to keep from thinking.
I'm sorry for you, Johnny.
Really sorry.
Well, I guess I made a pretty slick job
Of messing up my career.
To find oneself
- That is to find real contentment.
You'll understand this, my son,
When you're older
- As old as I am.
But I'm not old!
Forgive me, padre,
But life is just starting for me.
I have a right to get ahead.
Perhaps you seek to get ahead
In the wrong direction.
You mean trying to be a lawyer.
I mean putting gain and glory
And false ambition
Above peace of spirit,
Trying to scale impossible heights
And forgetting the pleasant valley below.
I know, padre.
In a nice way, you're telling
me to go back washing cars
Or digging ditches
Or being a farm laborer.
Surely there is no disgrace
In such occupations.
Many have found happiness in them.
Our fathers were of the soil.
They were good men.
And you're a good man, padre, a good man,
But I'm only a man-
Not even a gentleman, but a man-
And I'm going to take
what I want from the world.
Patience, my son. Patience.
I've used patience!
For five years I was patient-
Starving, working, studying,
Trying to make a gentleman of myself.
For what?
So those white little mugs who call
themselves gentlemen and aristocrats
Could make a fool out of me-
Break me, bar me out of court?
You may get another chance.
You bet you I will,
But I'll make the chance myself.
I'm going to climb.
I'm going to get power, money!
You seem so eager for money.
I'll tell you.
I lost my first law case
Because the other fellow had
$30,000 worth of education,
And I had a
five-And-Ten-Cent one.
They laughed at me in court
Because I didn't have
money enough to pay my fine.
And he thought he could insult me,
Treat me like a servant,
Not because he was a gentleman and I wasn't,
But because his old man had
a million-Dollar bankroll.
Don't you see, padre?
Money is what made the difference,
And I'm going to get money.
Juanito, please...
don't go away.
It is the best thing for me, mamacita.
Don't try to stop me.
Here is your home.
Here is all the people who know you
And love you.
The people who love me are poor-
Dirt, like I am.
They can't give me what I need, mamacita,
And I won't be dirt anymore.
I'm getting out of this town.
Juanito mio.
Please, why?
I don't understand.
A guy's entitled to anything he can grab.
I have found that out,
And I'm for grabbing from now on.
Good-Bye, mamacita.
I will write you as soon as I can.
Good-Bye, mama.
Juanito! Juanito!
Hijo mio. Juanito.
Hop in, buddy. Where you going?
Where you going?
Way south.
Well, that's just where I'm going-Way south.
O.K., kid.
Boy, that cleans me.
Give me another stack of whites, Joe.
Sorry, sir.
Mr. Ramirez told me not
to sell you any more chips.
Listen, I'm not taking any
orders from Johnny Ramirez.
I am!
What do you want?
Say, a guy wants to pay with a check.
Is Mr. Ramirez in there?
Yeah. He's in there with the boss.
I would not bother him now if I was you.
Whatever made you think that
I wanted to sell this place?
It was sort of our idea.
You see, we thought we'd get together
And form a little company, you know,
To kind of take care of
all the gambling in town.
Something like a syndicate.
So we decide, seeing you're a right guy,
To give you a run for your money-
35 grand.
That's smart dough, Charlie.
Ha ha ha! No sale, boys.
Why, the slipper's worth
three times that much.
Sure. Tonight, Charlie,
But a month from now, you won't
be able to get 10 gs for it.
Boys, I think I heard the boss say no.
You aren't going to let
your strong-Arm manager
Talk for you, are you, Roark?
You heard him.
Sorry, boys.
On your way out,
Stop at the bar, and I'll buy you a drink.
What's the matter, Roark?
Can't you run your own business anymore?
That's the way I run my business, boys.
I always surround myself with smart fellas.
Keen, ain't he?
What did he do to get himself in?
Well, I'll tell you.
A little less than a year ago,
He blew in here
looking down-And-Out
And also looking for a job.
He run into Butch Andrews.
You remember Butch
- Used to be my bouncer?
Plenty tough, too.
So Butch says to him,
"Just what kind of a job do you want,
You panhandling
And Johnny says, "your job
will do, you big windbag. "
He says that to Butch Andrews?
And Butch was more surprised than you are.
He let a roar out of him like a lion,
And he started after Johnny,
And that's the last thing
Butch remembers, I guess,
Until he come to about an hour later,
Out of a job and with a busted beezer.
Ha ha ha!
So you hired Johnny
because he flattened Butch.
Well, I like a winner, don't you?
Come on, let's get those drinks.
Give me $20 worth of chips.
I can lick any three men in this place.
It's lucky I feel good, and I want to fight
Because, boy, when I want
to fight, I'm terrific!
Hello, Harry.
Oh, boy, am I having fun.
Everything's great.
I ought to punch somebody
right square in the nose,
But I'm having so much fun.
You want to fight, but you're too happy.
Is that it?
You said it, boy. I love everybody,
Even the people I don't like so much.
Oh, boy, am I having fun!
You really want fun?
What about that fun?
Well, there's a swell place up the street
- The blue mill.
There's a dump! Oh, boy!
Oh, boy, let's go!
Johnny, you're my pal, and I love you.
Well, that's great.
You just go up this street to the blue mill
And tell them you're a friend of mine.
You said it, boy. You absolutely said it.
Put it there!
Hello, Johnny!
Oh, hello, Mrs. Roark.
You saw me. Why did you turn away?
Well, how have you been?
Come on, let's go inside.
Charlie will be glad to see you.
Ha ha ha!
I don't need a lawyer anymore
since he's working here.
You know, Johnny can draw up
A better contract than a real lawyer.
For instance, I've got a mortgage
on a couple of houses here in town,
And I decides to foreclose and...
why, baby, this is a surprise.
A pleasant one?
Sure. Boys, you know the wife-Marie.
Hi. How you doing?
Pardon us a minute. Now, listen, baby,
I don't like to have you
coming into a joint like this.
Well, it's your joint, isn't it?
But even that don't make it
a proper place for a lady.
I can't stick home all
day and all night, too.
Got to have a little excitement.
Only fun I get is feeding the goldfish,
And they only eat once a day.
Oh, now, be a good kid and
run along home, won't you?
I won't be out late.
Johnny, will you take the
missus to her car, please?
Sure. A pleasure.
Well, all right, just as you say.
Be careful with your driving, honey.
And you be careful, too,
lapping up the gravy.
About 2 more inches around your belt
And it will take a surveyor
To measure you for a suit.
Ha ha ha!
A surveyor! Did you get that crack?
That's what I call a witty dame.
Ha ha ha! She kills me!
Ha ha ha! A surveyor!
$693.20, huh?
Almost 3 grand.
Not a bad take for a weeknight.
It could be better.
Never satisfied, eh?
It sure was my lucky day
when you blew in here.
Your luck may change, Charlie.
I don't get you.
Well, Charlie,
Time for you and me to have
a little talk, that's all.
Well, kid, if it's a matter of me
Paying you a few more bucks
a week, I'd be glad to.
Chicken feed. I want some real dough.
You know I'm worth it.
Now, don't keel over when you hear this.
But I want an interest in this joint.
An interest!
Because I've got a few other propositions.
Now, kid, you're not
going to quit me, are you?
Charlie, I like you. I like you a lot...
but business is business.
Well, I might be able to figure
Where I could cut you in on, say, 5% of...
still chicken feed.
25%, or I'm through Saturday.
Now, listen, boy, I'm your friend.
Nobody's my friend...
when I'm talking money.
25%! Holy mackerel!
Say, let me talk it over with the wife first.
You bet, but I've got to have
a yes or a no by Saturday.
You can have it tonight.
Come on and drive home with me.
Don't forget to tell the
fellows to turn the lights off
When they're through working.
No use us making the
electric light company rich.
Here, where are you going?
Well, I'm going to open
the garage door for you.
You're going to open what
door? You sit right here.
You see those two posts?
Keep your eye on the door
when we drive between them.
Say, that must be magic or something.
How's it work?
Ha ha!
Come out here, and I'll show it to you.
You see this gadget here on the post?
There's an invisible ray that
shines between the two posts
And hits an electric eye.
When we drive through, we break
the ray, and the door operates.
Say, that must have set you
back plenty to have those put in.
Sure, but there's nothing too good
For the house my Marie lives in.
Now watch the door close
when we go through here.
Ha! Has that got them?
When I get my 25%, I'm going
to buy me one of them gadgets.
You could knock me down with a feather.
Kid, you're in. Not a single
squawk from the squawker.
Sure, I voted for you.
Well, say, much obliged.
Shake, partner.
I won't be a real partner
till I'm getting 50%.
Ooh, did you ever see such a guy?
Watch out, Charlie. You'll
end up working for him.
Well, I wouldn't make him
such a bad boss at that.
Ha ha ha!
You know, baby, I think
this calls for a celebration.
How about me making us
a big stack of flapjacks?
And, boy, can I make flapjacks!
Stop threatening and go and make us some.
Won't take me but a minute.
Ha ha ha!
Won't you sit down?
You're a big shot now, aren't you?
I'm getting there.
Don't you think of anything
but pushing yourself ahead?
Anything wrong with that?
No. I was just trying to
make polite conversation.
Oh, thanks, I don't smoke much.
You don't drink...
no bad habits at all?
None I can't handle.
Doc, you know, I never felt
so miserable in my life.
Yeah? Well, just where do you feel bad?
Well, my stomach bothers me.
I get pains across my shoulders
And sometimes in my legs.
Uh-Huh. An old story to us
in the dental profession-
Just what I thought.
Just what you thought what?
Ha ha ha!
Why, doc, what's teeth got
to do with a stomachache?
My boy, teeth are the most important organ
In the entire human body.
Well, not mine.
I never been to a dentist in my life.
What? Never to a dentist?
What? Wait a minute...
Uh-Huh, I was right. Come on.
Come on in, doc, and pour yourself a snort.
Marie's asleep, I guess.
Boy, will she be tickled
when I tell her about this.
Now, tiptoe over and kick out
one of the windows, will you?
Just to be sure I'm awake.
Oh, I'm sorry, dear, on the level,
But we're going to Los Angeles.
Who's we?
Why, you and me. We're
driving up there tonight, now.
Don't you want to go and have some fun?
I'm having fun right here on my ear.
Come on. Doc carter's waiting.
What's doc carter got to do with it?
I forgot to tell you.
He's going to take out all of my teeth
And put in a new swell set of store teeth.
Is that your idea of fun for me?
No, thank you.
Oh, now, dear. I'm doing it just for you,
So I'll stay healthy and live longer for you.
Thanks too much, darling,
But if you think I'm
going along, well, I'm not.
I thought you'd be tickled
to take a little trip.
I can hardly wait.
No, you and your dentist friend
Push off on your little moonlight excursion.
Adios, amigo.
And don't come back with one
of those sets that rattle.
Hello, Johnny.
I decided not to go.
Well, Charlie gave me the key
And told me to put the money in the safe.
I thought he would.
That's why I decided not to go.
Well, go on with what you're doing.
Don't let me disturb you.
I won't.
Afraid of the dark, little boy?
The dark don't scare me,
And you don't scare me.
Listen, lady, I go for you.
I could go for you plenty...
but Charlie-
Oh, so that's the angle.
Charlie and me are partners.
We're doing swell.
What a chump I'd be to let a woman-
Any woman
- Bust us up.
I think you must have an adding machine
Where your heart ought to be.
Maybe so... but as long as it keeps adding,
I don't kick.
Someday you're going to fall hard.
Not me.
I'm always moving too fast.
Good night, Mrs. Roark.
Ha ha!
All right, boys. Just
get a close-up of these-
The swellest set of ivories
You ever saw off a piano keyboard-
And give a little hand
to the guy that done it-
Painless carter!
Stand up and take a bow, boy.
Tell the folks on the level
- Did it hurt, Charlie?
Did it give you any pain?
Ha ha!
Only when I got the bill.
Ha ha ha!
Comical, huh, babe? Did you get that crack?
Sure. Also I got a headache.
Now, honey, don't feel that way.
Let's have some fun. It ain't every night
You can set up and
celebrate a new set of teeth.
Is that a promise?
I feel like a new man.
And I liked the old one so much.
She liked the old one so much! Ha ha!
Did you get that, folks? Is that rich?
I'll tell the world I got a
frau with a great sense of humor.
Let's have another bucket
of these old bubbles.
Hey, Johnny! Here's a great boy!
Come on here, Johnny,
And dip your feet in some of this fizz water.
Why, thanks, but I got plenty
to do moving round the crowd.
Want to look at my teeth again?
Later, later, when I have
more time to enjoy them.
All right, now, Johnny,
Send over a couple of gallons
of champagne, will you?
It's on the house.
There's a swell kid, huh, baby?
My little Marie...
my little wife is the best wife I ever had.
My hero!
My lord and master!
I'd swap them both for a pack of cigarettes.
And that's what I promised
to love, honor, and obey.
How's he doing?
Need you ask?
I'm sleepy, big boy.
Sleepy... that old wife...
All right, Charlie. We go
home and take a little snooze.
All right, Johnny. Guess
I got a little plastered.
I guess you did.
Tell him where you want it poured.
Thanks, Marie.
Good night.
All right, lift him.
Here we are.
Oh, boy, Johnny.
Ha ha ha!
You want me to drive?
No, thanks. Not tonight.
I don't think you'll be
able to handle him alone.
You better let me come along.
Oh, I can handle him all right.
My little wife here will take care
Of old Charlie, all right.
Now, Johnny, you fly away and don't annoy us.
Home, James, and don't spare the horses!
So long, Johnny.
The old wife will take care of old Charlie!
Aw, Charlie, stop.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on.
Oh, sit up, you fat, drunken pig!
Come on, get up and walk!
Do you think I can carry you?
Oh, stay there.
Now, just one more question, please.
Where was Mr. Roark when you left the garage?
Asleep in the back seat of the car.
Very drunk.
There are sufficient witness to that fact.
Naturally I couldn't lift such
a heavy man out of the car.
He must have waked up, still drunk,
Turned on the motor, tried
to get back in the car,
And-And then fallen.
Thank you, Mrs. Roark.
You need upset yourself no longer.
The case is quite clear-
Accidental death by carbon monoxide gas.
I regret the necessity
Which forced me to question you.
You've been very kind, seor.
Please accept my deepest sympathy.
If there is anything this
department can do to help you,
Please command me.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Good-Bye. Good-Bye.
We may consider the disposition
of the estate settled.
Uh, except the insurance checks.
Of course.
You want them put through for collection?
No. The exchange is too high.
You better enter them in
the states for deposit.
We'll wait until the rate goes down.
You are fortunate in having
such a shrewd adviser.
I know that only too well.
At any rate, your affairs
are in excellent shape.
I am certain your worries
should never be financial,
Especially if you continue to
have such excellent counsel.
I'm sure of that. Good-Bye.
Here we are.
I don't know what I'd have
done without you, Johnny,
During all this.
Aw, forget it.
I'll be depending on you more.
I'm just a child when it comes to business.
Well, I'll take care of everything.
I'll make you more money
than Charlie ever thought of.
You will at that.
I'm going to sell the cafe
And build a new one, real elegant,
And charge fancy prices
and get the best people-
Judges, bankers, aristocrats
- And soak them good.
That is, if it's
- If it's O.K. With you.
Anything you do is O.K. With me.
You know that, Johnny.
It's going to be the class of bordertown.
You know, they never really had a nice place
Around this part of the country.
Keep it.
Oh, I-I can use the bell.
Well, keep it anyway.
You'll be, uh...
well, you'll be bringing money into the safe.
I can still use the bell.
...that won't do. I'll never stand for that.
Mr. Ramirez, the lumber-
The lumber! Don't tell me it
was the lumber that held you up.
I saw it on the ground two
hours before you needed it.
Yes, sir, boss, but-
This job has got to move faster.
I don't care whether you do
it with pick handles or bones.
You want me to kill my men?
I want this place to open
three weeks from today!
If you can't sweat some
work out of these guys,
I'll get a foreman that can.
All right, sir.
Come on, move them!
All right.
When will you have those built?
The lumber! He's always got something to say.
What's that?
Wong, missy, Wong.
You crazy fool! Stop
creeping around the house.
I no creep. I walk the same all the time.
Oh, shut up!
Yes, missy?
Wong, get my coat.
Yes, missy?
Call me a taxi.
What's the matter? All your automobile broke?
Mind your own business and call me a taxi!
Hello? Gifaro?
This is Johnny Ramirez from the La Rueda.
I'm coming up to Los Angeles tomorrow
To take a look at those materials
For the interior decorations.
All right, good-Bye.
Say, Jim, I've been thinking.
You know, that bar is a little too big.
I want it smaller.
It's architecturally perfect.
Oh, is that so?
Well, I want it smaller, so make it smaller.
Anything you say, Mr. Ramirez.
Oh, hello, Marie.
Came to take a look at the place?
No. To take a look at you.
Well, I've been meaning
to come over to see you,
But I got to stick around here
and push this job, you know.
Come on, I'll show you around.
No, no, let it go.
It's only a lot of lumber,
And it doesn't make much sense to me.
Listen, Johnny, how about taking
me up to Los Angeles with you?
You know, just for the ride.
I'd like to, but there's
a lot of work to be done,
And you'd only be in my way.
I wasn't in your way when you
needed money to build this place!
Stop squawking!
I'm going to make you more
dough than you ever had before.
I don't care about the money, Johnny,
Just as long as I see you once in a while.
That house is giving me the willies.
What do you mean?
It's Charlie. You know, I...
I sort of hear him walking
around in the living room,
Like he used to when he couldn't sleep.
Pretty soon he'll be writing
you letters on the Ouija board.
I know it sounds silly, Johnny,
But just humor me for the night.
Take me home, will you?
You're talking like
somebody's cracked grandmother.
Please, Johnny.
All right, come on.
Johnny, stop, stop, will you?
What's the matter with you?
I said stop!
Are you crazy or something?
I'm sorry, Johnny. I just
wanted to get out near the door.
I guess you were thinking of something else
And didn't hear me when I asked.
I thought for a minute you
were just doing it to be mean.
Oh, forgive me, Johnny.
Uh, you drive the car in the garage,
And I'll have some coffee
ready for when you come in.
Thank you very much. Very nice you're here.
How do you do? Glad you're here.
Boy, come here.
Take this plant and put it
in my office on the desk.
And put water on it every morning.
It's from my mother.
Now, if you don't take care of it,
I don't take care of you.
Run along.
Oh, it's a marvelous orchestra, Johnny.
Oh, you should hear the cash register.
Ha ha ha!
Well, well, George,
I certainly didn't expect you here tonight.
You certainly have a
magnificent place, Mr. Ramirez.
Well, that's fine.
Now, don't take too much of my money away.
Congratulations, Johnny.
A great place for the sucker.
Sure. Glad you came.
Hey, Mr. Ramirez?
There is a party of six out in the foyer
That insist on having a table.
Well, they insist? Tell
them to come next week.
These people are real class, sir.
You sure?
I am positive,
And they demand to see the proprietor.
Oh, they demand?
Well, all right.
They can see the proprietor.
Isn't this an unusual place?
Yes, isn't it?
My evening is now complete-
A couple of old friends who
forgot to make a reservation.
Don't tell me you're the proprietor.
It is the truth, nothing but the truth,
So help me.
I suppose we can get a table.
I suppose so...
as a special favor to old friends.
get me the best table in the house-
But the best-
And seat these people.
He will seat you.
This way, please.
I like personal service, savage.
Aren't you afraid that
I will pull the chair out
From under you?
I'll take a chance.
Come along, savage.
Hello? This La Rueda?
I want to speak to Johnny Ramirez.
This is Mrs. Roark.
I don't want to talk to the headwaiter.
I want to talk to Johnny.
One moment, please.
Mrs. Roark.
How do you do, Mrs. Roark?
This is Herrera.
Listen, you fathead, I
want to talk to Johnny.
Put him on and stop stalling.
He's very busy, Mrs. Roark.
It may take a few minutes to locate him.
I'll have him call you back.
Like dancing?
With you?
Very much.
You dance this well with everybody?
Well, only with dame-
With ladies like you.
And you are really the
first lady I've ever met.
Is that a compliment?
I don't insult customers.
Oh! So I'm nothing but a customer to you.
No, no. You are sort of mascot.
The first time I saw you,
I took a poke at your boyfriend,
And that threw me into this business
Where I am making a lot of money.
And now you are here on the
opening night of my place.
You must be good luck.
Better not lose track of me, then.
I won't.
I wonder where in the world
Dale ever met him.
Oh, he sued her once.
Used to be a shyster lawyer in Los Angeles.
Frightful boor.
Well, he may be a boor,
But I'll take even money
he'd never be a bore.
He looks like something out of Carmen,
Doesn't he?
Uh-Huh. The bull.
Well, thanks for the dance, miss Elwell.
Where are you going?
I've got to keep shop.
You can sit down a minute.
Brook, get that chair.
Nobody's using it.
This is Mrs. Garner, miss martin,
Mr. Cole, Mr. Garner. Johnny Ramirez.
Happy to know you.
There you are, Mr. Ramirez.
Thank you, uh, Mr. Mandillo.
I think your place
Is perfectly exquisite, Mr. Ramirez.
It will do.
Well, here's success.
To what?
To you, me, us, we, them...
anything you like.
My pick?
Well, here's to...
You've done admirably since
I last saw you, Mr. Ramirez.
Yes. The last time,
Although you weren't admiring me,
At least you were looking up to me.
You know, I was thinking
Of putting in a perfume shop here.
There is no duty.
What do you think of the idea?
I think it's grand.
Would you get me some chalon?
It's my favorite perfume.
Like it?
Well, there are only two
kinds of smells to me-
Good and bad.
I think your headwaiter wants you.
Yes, Herrera?
Oh, yes.
Uh, I have something to attend.
You will excuse me, please?
You promise to come back
and dance with me again?
Aren't you afraid you will
make his honor jealous?
Not at all.
I will be back.
Very happy to have met you.
Out of what cave
Did you lure that fascinating brute?
It's the prehistoric in me.
Amusing, isn't it?
That type of hood may not be
so amusing if he gets serious.
Oh, I'd love to see him serious.
Well, if she keeps on
going the way she is now,
You will.
I imagine he could be very dangerous.
But if he couldn't,
He'll be a great disappointment to me.
Hi-Ho, everybody.
Hello, Wong?
Yeah. I want to talk to Mrs. Roark.
Who is it?
Mr. Johnny said hello.
I thought you were going to call for me.
What do you mean keeping
me waiting two hours?
Well, I... I'm sorry, Marie,
But to tell you the truth,
I've been so busy, that...
well, I just forgot.
Oh, you forgot, did you?
Well, who do you think you are?
What are you snooping around here for?
I suppose you think it's funny.
Well, he can't stand me up, see? See? See?
Get out of here!
As far as the eye can see-
Hundreds and hundreds of miles...
nothing but desert.
It's heavenly.
I don't see how you could
have accomplished so much
In such a short time.
Oh, just lucky.
Ah, no.
I imagine you get what you go after.
Most of the time.
And that makes you very happy?
That's right.
Your, uh, wife must be very proud of you.
No, she isn't.
Because I'm not married.
A successful, bright young man like you
Not grabbed off yet?
Quit riding me, will you?
I'm not riding you.
Aw, don't be so self-Conscious.
I've never been this way before.
You make me feel kind of dumb.
You're anything but dumb, Johnny.
The trouble with you is
You work too hard all your life.
You don't know how to play.
I could learn.
Like me to teach you?
Sure I would.
All right. Now...
now, don't be so tense.
It's a lovely night.
There's a moon, soft music...
this is really romantic, my boy.
Drink it all in. Enjoy it.
Dale, you...
you're swell.
Of course I am,
And we're going to have lots of fun together.
Are we?
Suits me.
See? You're improving already.
Now, don't you feel nice and calm?
I'll tell you a little secret.
Neither do I.
Oh, we have company.
Hello, Marie.
Hello, Johnny.
Miss Elwell, meet Mrs. Roark.
How do you do, miss Elwell?
How do you do, Mrs. Roark?
Lovely patio, isn't it?
So glad you like it.
Johnny and I have planned
it for so long, that...
well now it's really finished,
we're just tickled to death.
Oh. We.
Haven't you told her about us?
Johnny and I have been partners
For some time now.
He does most of the work,
And I furnish most of the money.
That seems fair enough.
Yes, it's worked into a
very pleasant partnership
In every way.
That reminds me. There's
a very important business
I'd like to talk to you right now.
Excuse us, will you?
I'm so sorry I interrupted your little chat.
Come on.
Excuse us.
Of course.
What are you trying to do,
Make a sap out of me?
You seem to be doing very well by yourself
Without any help from me.
Sneaking down here, huh?
Spying on me.
So I'm spying on you.
One look at her and you,
and I got the whole setup.
What do you mean horning in...
when I'm talking to a lady?
Look what wants to talk to ladies,
What thinks he's a gentleman.
You're nothing but a barroom bouncer!
You'll always be one!
I'm advising you to keep quiet.
If it wasn't for me,
You'd still be rolling
drunks at the silver slipper.
I made you rich, put
swell clothes on your back!
Now just because you got your neck washed
You think you're a gentleman!
Nobody can make you that!
You're riffraff, and so am I!
You belong to me! You're
going to stay with me,
'Cause I'm holding on to you!
Why, I committed murder to get you!
You committed what?
Sure! Sure! Me!
I killed Charlie Roark to get you!
so that's what...
why it...
makes me sick even to look at you.
Marie, I'm warning you.
From now on, you stay away from this place...
and stay away from me...
or you will end up with Charlie.
Yes, sir?
I'd like to see miss Elwell.
She's not receiving, sir.
She's not what, sir?
Miss Elwell is not receiving anyone, sir.
Well, you tell her I'm here,
And see what she says, sir.
I don't think I know your name, sir.
Well, I don't know yours, either.
Mine's Ramirez-
John f. Ramirez.
I'll see that miss Elwell
receives your card, sir.
I will help you.
Please be seated.
Go on. Go on. Run along.
I'm right behind you.
It's the custom of the house
To announce all guests,
If you don't mind, sir.
Miss Dale?
Yes, Roberts?
There's a person to see you, miss.
Tell him to go away.
I did, miss, but he paid no attention.
Who is he?
Um, a Mr. Ra-
Here's his card, miss.
Oh, Johnny Ramirez.
Tell him I won't be able to see him now.
Why not?
Because I haven't any clothes on,
Because I'm taking a sunbath,
Because I have a thousand things
To do this afternoon.
What are you doing here anyway?
Well, I just bought a swell new car
And came down here to take you for a ride.
Boy, upstairs and get
miss Elwell some clothes.
Oh, Johnny, I can't.
Now, either you say you'll go with me,
Or I'll tear this thing
down and pull you out.
Now make up your mind.
Roberts, does Mr. Ramirez
appear to be kidding?
No, miss.
Roberts, my clothes.
How do you do?
Say, boy, get my drink. It's in the car.
How do you do, ladies?
Well, here you are again.
Fine. I'm always glad to see you.
How do you do?
Now, how's everybody doing? Winning?
That's fine.
Hello, Herrera. How are you?
Fine, thank you, Mr. Ramirez.
How was the take last night?
700 over the night before.
Not bad. If we don't run out of suckers
And the suckers don't run out of money,
We'll pay off the mortgage
on the old homestead.
What are you doing here?
Just looking after my interests.
I thought I told you to stay away from me.
Somebody has to stay here
While you play Casanova in Los Angeles.
You can stay here some
more because I'm going back.
You're going to go up there to see her?
What about it?
Well, I...
I hope you enjoyed yourself.
You bet I did.
I had the best time of my life.
And as soon as I sign this payroll,
I'm going back to have a better time.
She's taking me to a house party with her,
And after that, we're going to be engaged.
well, as long as that's the way it is,
I might just as well be
a good sport about it.
Best of luck.
You don't believe me, do you, Johnny?
No, I don't.
Well, it's the truth, Johnny.
I want to see you happy.
I want to see you get places.
I've got to hurry and pack my
golf clothes and dress suit.
See you later.
Yes, Johnny...
I'll be seeing you.
Are you sure of that, Mrs. Roark?
Yes, he made me kill him.
He said he'd kill me if I didn't.
I was afraid of him. I had to do it.
Johnny wanted the money I could get.
Oh! Just a moment.
Inspector, will you issue a warrant
For the arrest of Johnny Ramirez?
Get him and bring him here right away.
In other words, you are trying to tell me
You were coerced, forced by Johnny Ramirez,
Into murdering Charlie Roark?
Yes, that's it.
Hmm. I'm going to dictate for your signature
The confession you have
just made to me, Mrs. Roark.
Kindly correct me when I'm wrong.
"I, Marie Roark...
Did in effect of Johnny Ramirez... "
Hello, Louis! How are you, Francisco?
Could I talk to you
For a minute, Mr. Ramirez?
Not now. I'm in a hurry. Later. Later.
I'm awfully sorry, sir, but-
But! But! What's the matter?
You clocked me doing 70
miles an hour coming down?
All right. Give me the ticket and hurry up.
No. That's not it, Mr. Ramirez.
We have a warrant for your arrest.
What are you talking about?
A warrant for my arrest for what?
No. No quiero.
Seor Ramirez?
Su comida.
Never mind, Guillermo.
I'm getting my food sent
over from the La Rueda.
Muy bien.
Comida, muchacho.
Jorges? Guillermo?
Si, seor?
Mail this letter for me, will you?
You got visitors.
Who? A lady
- Young, beautiful?
All I know is you got visitors.
Abre la puerta.
Madre mia!
tell me.
No, padre. I didn't.
No, padre. He no do it.
Sometimes he's bad,
But never my Juanito lie.
And furthermore, not a natural crime
Prompted by overwrought emotions,
But a hideous crime of murder for gain-
The most vicious, contemptible act
That man can commit against society.
And now, your honor and
gentlemen of the jury,
The prosecution will prove that Ramirez,
By reason of duress and threats
Employed the wife of the murdered man
As ruthless as ever a man
employed a dagger or a gun
To commit for profit
A brutal, cold-Blooded, preconceived murder!
And now with your honor's permission,
I will call my first witness, Marie Roark.
Raise your right hand, please.
Your right hand, Mrs. Roark.
Do you swear on your solemn oath before god
To give complete and honest testimony
To the utmost of your remembrance?
Do you?
I do.
Be seated, please.
State your name, please.
- Marie.
Marie Roark.
A little louder, please.
Marie Roark.
You were, at the time of his death,
The legal wife of Charles Roark?
How long before the death of Charles Roark
Were you acquainted with
the defendant Johnny Ramirez?
Answer the question, please.
I ask, Mrs. Roark,
How long before your husband's death
Were you acquainted with
the defendant Johnny Ramirez?
He had so much to live for.
He was fat. He's still fat.
I can see him.
I can see him. Johnny wants me to see him.
He told Wong everything
At night when I'm asleep.
Wong would never have known.
That's why Wong let me be-
Mrs. Roark-
Yes! Yes! Mrs. Roark.
I'm Charlie Roarks wife.
That's me.
Remove the witness immediately.
Yes! Yes!
Charlie Roarks wife.
That's me.
Order! Order in the court!
Your honor, I move to dismiss this case
On the grounds that the sole witness
For the prosecution
Is obviously insane.
Yes, Mr. Ramirez?
Now that you got my name memorized,
Go in and tell it to miss Elwell.
I'm sorry, sir. Miss Elwell isn't in.
I'm sorry, too, sir, but I don't believe you.
Now, melt yourself down,
And go in and tell her I'm here.
Miss Elwell is just going out, sir.
Yeah, and I'm just going in.
Johnny Ramirez, no doubt.
Boy, you look swell!
Johnny, I'm so glad to see you.
They gave you a pretty bad time, didn't they?
Nah. The only tough thing about it
Was I couldn't keep my date with you.
I wanted to come to the trial
To lend my, uh, moral support,
But the family would have
made it awfully messy.
That's all right. I understand.
Just forget it.
I brought you something.
Thank you!
What a beautiful corsage!
Corsage, my hat. That's a genuine orchid.
Now pin it on you, and let's get going.
Let's get going?
You and me are having dinner.
I'm sorry. I can't. I was just leaving.
Well, sure, with me.
No, really I can't.
I was just on my way to a dinner party.
Late at that. The family already left.
Horn me in. We'll sneak out early.
No, I couldn't do that.
It's one of those very stiff formal affairs-
Older people, friends of the family.
Tomorrow night, huh?
I was hoping to see you
And talk an ear off you tonight.
I promise to save you my very best ear.
I've got to run now.
Let me take you.
No, Johnny. It's too far.
It's in Bel Air, beyond Beverly Hills.
Fine. The further, the better.
A genuine orchid.
Is this all the fast this Model T will go?
With you in it, yeah.
But, Johnny, I'm 45 minutes late already.
But, Dale, you're going to be later.
What now?
I want to talk to you.
My mother always told me
to stay out of parked cars,
Especially when I was keeping
her waiting for dinner.
I'm going to hail a taxi.
Aw, now, Dale...
wait a minute. Now listen...
Listen. Just a minute. Please.
I just want to tell you something.
I can't keep it any longer.
Johnny, I'm not kidding.
I must get to that dinner party.
I know. I'll take you,
But just listen what I've got to say first.
It's more important than a dinner party.
All right. What?
Well, I...
I love you.
The first time I saw you in court,
I wouldn't have had the right to say it.
I was busted. I didn't amount to nothing.
Now I've got dough, and lots of it,
And plans to make more. I'm somebody.
All the work and everything was worth it
Just to be able to tell you this.
That's a very nice compliment.
You're class, real class-
Something a guy can love
and look up to and respect,
And I do, Dale.
I want to... I want to marry you.
Oh, but, Johnny, you're being romantic,
And that's out of character.
Now, listen, now, I'm serious.
But you can't be.
Marriage isn't for us,
not even to talk about.
Why, it's for me to talk about.
I love you.
I'm asking you to marry me.
But that's out of the question.
You must understand that, Johnny.
No, I don't understand.
because you belong to a
different tribe, savage.
A different tribe?
You mean...
I mean, there's such a thing as equality.
Now please don't be annoying!
Equality? Why didn't you say that
The first time I kissed you?
You treated me plenty like an equal
The night we went for a ride.
You made a play for me.
Because I thought you were decent and swell,
I believed it meant you loved me!
You're hurting me!
Hurting you? You can't feel nothing
Compared to the way you're hurting me!
You think you can wash yourself up
By saying you're better than other people.
I don't stand for that!
Let go, you filthy brute!
Brute! Savage! I'll show you!
Dale, come back here!
Come back here!
Look out!
No, gentlemen, the price is $250,000.
Nope. 225 is as high as we'll go, Mr. Chase.
Get Ramirez on the phone.
Tell him not to be a chump.
We're offering cash on the line.
My client insists that the price is 250,000.
You know Ramirez.
Either you want to buy the La Rueda,
Or you don't.
All right, then. It's a deal.
Well, Ramirez is worth 250,000 more in cash.
You gentlemen have made a smart move.
Say, Mr. Chase...
it's none of my business,
But just why is Johnny selling
A gold mine like La Rueda?
Well, I... I understand he wants the money
To help endow a law school.
That guy giving anything to anybody?
I'm just telling you what he told me.
And I detest all my sins
Because I dread the loss of heaven
And the pains of hell.
But most of all, because
they offend thee, my god.
We're all good and deserving of thy love.
I firmly resolve, with the help of thy grace,
To confess my sins and do penance
And to amend my life.
Go, my boy, and pray... for me.
Thank you, padre.
Well, Juanito, where to now?
Back where I belong, padre...
with my own people.