Borg McEnroe (2017) Movie Script

Inspired by real events.
Silence, thanks. Silence.
Tennis uses the language of life.
Advantage, error, breakage.
Every match is
life in miniature.
Andre Agassi.
This is the tennis court's cathedral,
Center Court in Wimbledon, -
- where the world's top two players,
Bjrn Borg and John McEnroe, -
- to meet immediately.
It is the perfect showdown.
The backline player against the net runner.
The polar bear against the butcher's dog.
Bjrn Borg has four championships
in line and goes after his fifth.
Wimbledon finals 1980.
Bjrn Borg is number one on
the world rankings in tennis.
He chases his fifth
Wimbledon title in a row.
John McEnroe is the
sport's new star shot.
He is number 2 after Borg -
- and chases his first
Wimbledon title.
- Borg breaks McEnroe's service!
- McEnroe is up!
Their rivalry changed
the tennis world -
- and the two men forever.
Silence, thanks.
Key set. Borg server.
It was beautiful.
Do you play the Davis Cup?
Or is it Wimbledon, Bjrn?
Are you in the final?
- Yes.
Do you get tough resistance?
Monaco 1980 Bjrn Borg's home.
- Have fun at Wimbledon.
- Thanks.
- Bjrn, come home with the cup.
- I will do my best.
It is Bjrn Borg.
- Do I have to get your autograph?
- Of course.
Here you go.
- One more.
- Do you sell them?
Is there anyone after you?
Sorry, I do not speak French.
- A cup of coffee, please.
- Coffee?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Do they speak English?
- a little bit
Can I pay for it later?
I forgot my wallet in the car.
- No no no.
- No?
They can help me instead.
BORGS WORST MARERID Okay? That was all.
Thanks. Amedou.
- My name is Rune.
- Roona?
Rune. It is...
It is Swedish.
What are you doing?
I work as an electrician.
- Are you an electrician?
- Yes.
If you're an electrician,
then I'm Prince Albert.
Do you like to be an electrician?
Yes it is...
It's a good job.
An ordinary job.
- Where in the world have you been?
- I went home.
- Has something happened?
- Time just ran out of me.
Have you packed your bag?
Of course.
Come down and look at it!
Shut up!
When you make such an order,
it is clear we will protest.
And I want to shoot the audience.
Gu the hell was it inside!
Please continue playing, Mr.
Has any judicial error been committed
today? Answer my question.
Answer my question!
The New York Times
describes him as -
- The worst representative of
American values since Al Capone.
Ladies and gentlemen,
John McEnroe.
Did you get anybody
out of the box, John?
Not as far as I know. Not yet.
I like you, John.
And in three days, go to
London to play Wimbledon.
Everyone talks about Bjrn Borg's opportunity
to win his fifth championship in a row.
And the only thing that stands
between Borg and that record is you.
Here they write in London,
where you are not popular.
Tell me what are you
doing to the British?
Have no idea.
They are different over there.
It is a different culture.
They drink hot beer and so on.
Can you make them stop buhe?
I just want to play my game and
if I hit Borg in the finals,
- They make it difficult to
buhe when I am number one.
Bjrn, how is the shape?
Has it gone well?
What do you mean about McEnroe?
"At home, the press writes like this.
"I can be a nightmare for all.
It's hardly wrong to say, -
- you and Borg are as different
as two people can be.
You constantly mention Borg.
Is he on the run?
We are always talking about him.
It is me to be interviewed.
But Borg is often described as
the perfect ice-cold player.
Do you ever think
he loses his mind?
Have no idea.
It would be raining tomorrow,
but today it stays dry.
- It's not the usual car.
- Yes. They know it should be.
The seed pattern is not the same.
Well for hell...
I have to call them tomorrow.
You spoke the fandemen only about Borg.
We should talk about the future of the sport.
It's the power elements every time.
Such a spoiled shit!
This is useless, dad.
There are fandemen every single time!
There are two more days, Arthur, and
everyone talks about Bjrn Borg.
The 24-year-old Swedes can write
history with their fifth title.
Can McEnroe control the Borg of Throne?
Borg is under severe pressure.
Everyone expects him to win.
McEnroe, on the other hand,
is the perfect underdog.
You have played against them both.
Who is the best?
McEnroe is the biggest talent,
but Borg plays as a hammer.
If Borg is a hammer,
McEnroe is a scalpel.
A cut here, a plug there, and soon you're
covered with a sea of small wounds.
And then you are amazed.
Take it easy.
Self-confidence will probably come.
- Should there be no closed training?
- Tell the blood suck over there.
It will be OK.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
Borg comes straight away.
Are there any questions
to the other players?
Has he already won?
Bjrn, how was telegram
from the king's parade?
It's always nice when
somebody hurts on one.
How does it feel like writing
history with a fifth win?
I feel nothing special about that.
Here is the plan for the fall 82.
There are two more years, but then you know.
We aim primarily for Asia.
Showcases in Japan, South Korea, -
- Hong Kong, China and South Africa.
We said no to South Africa.
It's one million
dollars for one match.
But it will be to
support apartheid.
"We're going to wipe the chainsaw, Bjrn.
- You can just go in advance.
Come in.
Just style them there.
You must have a room for
wedding gifts only.
Daily Mail will buy the photo
rights for the wedding.
- And what was the second offer?
- The Post offers 200,000.
- We will keep the wedding private.
- Then you just sell the rights.
Otherwise, it will overflow
with paparazzi in the bushes.
What do you think?
- Bjrn? What do you think?
- About what?
They actually sit and
plan our lives now.
- You heard what they said.
- Yes, but what do you think?
Want to play in South Africa?
Do you want to sell the wedding?
- We have to decide.
- I can not think of it now.
No, that's clear.
If the wedding stresses you, we
can just postpone it a little.
No, it does not bother me.
We can scale it a little down.
Yes, if not already determined.
We can do as we please.
Hi there. Can you get me
some black sprittusses?
And a big piece of paper,
such in poster size?
Do you just send the sprittoes up?
Alright thanks.
- With the McEnroe family.
- Hi Mom. Is your father at home?
- He is in court with a client.
- When is he at home?
- After breakfast.
- When it is.
Do you want to ask him to call?
- Why should you talk to him?
- It is important. Why else?
John, let's be...
Me neither.
I do not want to be scared with you.
I have a lot about the ears.
That's what we have.
If you go to bed, I'll do the rest.
What's wrong?
Nobody will remember that I won
four Wimbledon championships.
- Only I lost the fifth.
- Enjoy what people think.
It's as if they're just waiting.
Waiting for me to fall.
Skide be with them.
Give everything you have in you tomorrow.
Even if it feels like it's
the last thing you do.
Herein, Bjrn. In here.
Party Olsson.
- It was out!
- No, it was inside.
Now you have to wake up!
- What did Borg say?
- It was out!
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Warning Deposit.
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Point removal City, 0 -15.
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Point removal City, 0 -30.
Who is he?
- His name is Borg. From Sdertlje.
- Energetic.
Yes, but there is something
wrong in the mind of the boy.
They do not know what to put up
in Sdertlje. He is a disgrace.
See his back. With two hands,
like it was a roundabout.
So, you win next time.
We must be able to find another solution.
I have spoken to Bjrn.
He does not make any more trouble.
Madam Borg, it is important
for us to state an example.
But is half a year's exclusion
not even legal much?
We are kidding down.
People call us from Halmstad,
Falkping and Stockholm.
It is the parents of the other children.
They simply do not want Bjrn
to play with their children.
Tennis is not like
football or ice hockey, -
- where it's all about winning.
It's important how to win.
It's a gentleman sport.
Let's be honest.
Tennis is probably not a sport
suitable for all walks of life.
What happens in your
mind when you play?
Look at me when I speak to you.
I do not know.
Then we have to sell the ketcher.
There are none of the
other kids who think so.
Stop it.
I'm turning off, boy.
Do you want a cinnamon stick?
No, I only have 1.75.
Good boys must have good cases.
Two cinnamon nails.
You also play ice hockey?
It explains your two-handed hand.
It's like a shotgun.
It will be harder.
Yes, it will be.
People say you're as good at
ice hockey as for tennis.
Perhaps it's better for me.
Who says that?
You know I'm Davis Cup captain.
It is part of my job to
look for new talents.
Most are not ruled out due
to unsportsmanlike conduct.
They say there's something
wrong with you.
Have they also told you?
Do you think it suits?
- It does not.
- No.
They think they know what's going on.
Do you think they have ever played
at Wimbledon's Center Court?
I have.
Quarterfinals in 46, 48 and 51.
I know.
Percy Rosberg and I think you
should come to Stockholm and train.
Do you want to do that?
Tell me something, Bjrn.
And you shall not answer what
they have said to answer.
What do you want with the tennis?
Become the best.
The best in Sweden?
No, in the world.
Can you see me do something else...
than to play tennis?
Can you?
You do not have to think.
Keep it simple.
He has a good service. Otherwise nothing.
Stay on the backside and play your game.
0 - 15.
40 -0.
Borg has unexpectedly hard against
the used Egyptian El Shafei.
No thanks.
No thanks, I said.
Pete? Holy shit...
Your old villain. See.
That's how it looks.
We two meet in the quarterfinals, -
- and then I meet Connors in the
semifinals and Borg in the finals.
- How long did it take?
- About an hour.
Do you have your wallet on you?
I need to get some air.
- How's your foot?
- Better.
- I've got a tie.
- Well.
Can you see the system?
We take them from here.
- And then we meet here?
- Yes.
We meet here. There you stop
and then the rest only runs.
Are you sure you beat me?
- Yes, for hell.
Any comments, Mr. Borg?
He played really well.
I beat him at last,
but it was not easy.
- Now I'm looking forward to the next game.
- Was it harder than expected?
It took time to get along with
the track, but I found my game.
I have often tried
to go into a fight -
- and play without emotions.
Like Borg.
It is impossible.
It's not human.
- Where have you been?
- We've been right here.
- Do you want a drink?
- Peter.
- I have a car outside.
- I'm going to be with Jenny.
- Sorry.
- Down with it.
- Come on.
- Hello Jenny. Come on, kisses.
Come on, come on!
This place is like my second home.
I love it. Everyone is so good here.
- Hi, Vitas.
- Good to see you.
- Where was it?
- You had hit me hard in my head.
Have you followed Borg's matches?
Have you also noticed that
he has become slower?
Much slower.
Is he out of shape?
- One day you will understand it.
- Explain to me.
He has four Wimbledon titles.
It's a lot of pressure.
Everyone wants to beat Bjrn.
Everyone wants something from him.
He is the loneliest man in the world.
These are good cases.
It's Eve and Eve, two
lovely British ladies.
They are completely wild with you.
I can not talk about tennis now.
Just look at them.
What more could you wish for?
Do you want to know what
Bjrn is doing right now?
He is sleeping in
an ice-cold room, -
- because he wants to lower
the heart rate below 50 bpm.
- He has a lot of rituals.
- Tell me now what I want to hear.
His parents are not coming this year. He
lets them only come every other year, -
- and they must wear the same clothes
during the entire tournament.
He always trains on the same lane,
renting the same hotel and the same car.
His coach brings 50 kettles,
the string is pissed up.
And every evening they meet and
go through all the chainsets -
- to sort them by
tension and sound.
It's like a religion.
His boyfriend, Mariana,
packs his bag, -
- always in the same careful way.
What is it about?
On the pitch he always takes
the same chair and two towels.
Not one or three, but two.
And he never walks on the backside,
because that means accident.
He is not an iceberg, but a volcano
that keeps everything shut down,
- until it says bum.
A bit shorter, right?
The geographic sample...
What went wrong?
I had 96 out of 100 correctly.
What about the last four?
I was the best in class.
How many students are
you in class, John?
The real world outside the school
is much larger than 30 people.
Is it the tennis
that distracts you?
Can you do anything about those pigeons?
Can not you hear them?
Up on the roof?
There is nothing done about
the dolls, Mr. McEnroe.
- The pigeons distract me!
- Please continue playing.
Please just shut up.
15 -0.
How about firing any fireworks while
I'm standing here and server?
Flirt a song or something.
- Silence, thanks.
- Thanks.
Close the ass!
Give me a new ball.
- He seems unconcentrated.
- No.
On the contrary.
Look now.
30 -0.
- The fool's shit!
- Bjrn, take control of you. 15 -0 to Bengtson.
Okay, that's enough. Thanks for today.
Why do you do that? You hit the
battle in the air after you peek it.
Concentrate on the
next stroke instead.
Are you listening?
Lennart, come in to
me when you're done.
- I want to talk to you about Borg.
- What's up with him?
- Should he go to New Zealand?
- Fandeme no.
Why not?
Do you think he's too bad?
No, but he is special.
We must not stress him.
You understand how much
talk it will give us.
If we set up with a 15-year-old
against, for example, Onny Parun.
It would hear the whole world,
even if he had to lose.
The youngest Davis
Cup -player ever.
- Mats, he's a kid.
- He is 15 years old.
I do not set a 15-year-old to
play against World No. 20.
Then I have to find someone who will do it.
Skide be with the fine.
My dad only quits protest.
But nice that you kept you
awake throughout the game.
- You won. Smile now a little bit
- Hold your fat jaw.
0 - 40.
This is not going to happen.
Can not we get the game exposed?
Exposed? We are at Center
Court and are sold out.
Go out and talk to them.
Talk to them.
- Bear...
- Talk to them, I say!
It will clear up.
They do not cancel the match.
Here, it's damp in the weather.
Have you talked to them?
You know, I do not have.
It does not help.
Into the shit.
- Out.
- It was on the line!
- Next ball.
- You want him to win!
- Out.
What the hell are you doing?
Next ball.
- Out.
What the hell?
- Pick it up.
- You are cheating!
- Pick it up.
- Put me in the ass, old fool!
Pick it up, I said!
You are about to retrieve the form.
How difficult can it
be to iron a chain?
- The string does not matter.
- Yes. I can feel that bad.
The chainsets do not fail
and you know that too.
It's all this celebrity cookie.
Showcases and sponsorships.
- You just have to play tennis...
- Shut up.
Just hold your jaw and tighten
the chainsaw properly.
- If I'm so bad, then piss me off.
- Okay.
- Are you serious?
- Guff, it's my seriousness.
- What do you want to do now?
- What do you want to do?
Sit at home and wrap your
three rotten quarterfinals?
Arthur, what does Borg think now
after this power demonstration?
If McEnroe keeps on, we
might have a new champion.
You're gonna beat him.
How do you know that?
I only know that.
There is nobody who knows.
I can smoke in the next game.
It's as if everyone
thinks this is easy.
In the shit, Bjrn. You are a star.
You can easily beat him.
"It's not easy for any of us.
- Should you play a match?
If it's so hard for
you, then turn it off.
- Bear...
- Yes.
You're just skipping.
You do not have to think.
You do not have to think.
I know how it feels.
I sometimes felt as if
I lost intentionally -
- to escape the nasty,
sneaky feeling of
- I had lost control
of the game.
And when I had lost, I often went
to the locker room and threw up.
I could not bear to lose weight.
And I know you're alike.
To you it is life or death.
It is not for the others.
They are not like you, and therefore
they are never as good as well.
But iron will also be a
result of losing the head.
As the only Swede I have played
three quarterfinals in Wimbledon.
In 1948 I could have
won the whole shit.
But then I lost the first set.
And the other.
I could not get my head off.
I should have shut off, -
- but I did not.
On Saturday I will play
you against Onny Parun.
- On one condition.
- I'm not sorry.
You do not have to.
But you must promise me one thing.
Where is Bjrn?
You must promise me that you never
again show a single feeling.
You must be like a pressure cooker.
Give the hell in everything around you.
And all that anger and horror...
and panic that you feel...
you must put it in the battles.
In every front and back.
In every single stroke.
Are you following?
The match on Saturday will
not be five sets for you.
It will be just one ball.
One ball at a time.
One ball at a time, Bjrn.
But if you lose your head
and start creating you,
- then we drop the whole shit.
Then you can stay in Sdertlje.
In here.
Bear, after your victory over Onny Parun,
you have taken the world by storm.
You have become an idol of the girls
who actually make up for you.
Is it a problem?
A little maybe.
The tennis world has never
experienced anything like that.
- What if your career goes into the sink?
- I do not think it does.
You do not think you get tired of
all the travel and the training?
To push will and nerves every
day over and over again?
- No.
- You want this.
- It's your life?
- Yes, that's my life.
In 1974 Bjrn won the French
Open as the youngest ever.
Into the shit.
In 1976, Bjrn wins Wimbledon
as the youngest ever.
Are you okay?
Do you want a bottle of champagne?
Bring some champagne!
- Has he thrown you out?
- No, he's asleep.
- Are you writing poems?
- A book.
My wedding gift to Bjrn.
I'm taking a shot.
You also need one.
It's the first time I'm in here
without it floating with kettles.
Can you remember my and
Bjrn's first date?
He had seen you play
in the French Open.
He called me from
the hotel room, -
- and I thought he read
off a piece of paper.
Then he invited me out.
I thought it would be him and
me, but then you sat there.
He was so nervous.
Yes, that was fun.
When did we stop having fun?
They slid him up.
For Bjrn there is no middle way.
Being number two or three is
for him to be number shock.
Does he start losing...
then it's over.
It felt like you gave
him up in the car.
It was him who fired me.
But you will not be
there when he falls.
Come and see the semifinals.
Here you go.
Tom, come with a gangster.
- Any one?
- Yes.
32 times 14.
- 448.
- Give him a challenge now.
122 times 46.
66,322 times 2,198.
Can you dance to Debbie Harry?
- You are 57 years old. You do not understand anything.
Hello boys
- Hi, Pete. Is everything well?
- Yes, I'm excited.
Then you and me.
John? Are you ready?
- See you out there.
- Frankly...
Do not you still want to talk to me?
Where is my ankle joint now?
What the hell?
Come on, John.
Give me my ankle joint.
This way, gentlemen.
40 -15.
John McEnroe slaughter his
countryman Peter Fleming.
I have not taken your ankle joint.
I could never think of doing that.
- Go to hell, John.
- Nice, I'm going. Fine.
See, I said so.
Did not I say that?
Get rid of the ankle tie.
Are we friends?
I say it only once.
You are going to win Wimbledon.
If it does not happen this year,
it's only a matter of time.
You will be number one.
I know.
But you will never be remembered as
one of the biggest. Do you know why?
John, look at me.
Because nobody cares about you.
There are no boys out there who
will be you when they grow up.
20 years in the future, people
will only say one thing:
Who was him kidding, who
always scolded the referee?
You destroyed my game.
I'm your friend.
Tell him now sorry.
John McEnroe.
Hello John. All is well?
Could you ask the receptionist
not to shout my name forever?
- Was not you the only one out there?
- Yes.
And it bothered me that she shouts my name.
It makes me annoyed.
Yes, we will not annoy you.
You should feel comfortable.
Last, you used the word 'defensive'...
It's your move, dad.
How's your back?
As usual.
He has already met
one left-handed.
It will not even be a surprise.
He has not met you.
We win.
Come along this road.
- Should you touch it?
- Yes.
If we decide now, we can get
them up before the final.
Is not that easy?
Should not we see another side of John?
What we are experiencing right now is unique.
Tennis players are like rock stars.
The colored leaves love him.
The battle between Borg and John causes
people to ask themselves: Who am I?
Gentleman or the rebels?
The weather is beautiful this
morning at the men's semifinals.
Bjrn Borg meets American
Brian Gottfried.
And then a showdown between two of the
most controversial players of the day, -
- John McEnroe and
compatriot Jimmy Connors.
First serve in the Wimbledon Semifinal.
0 - 15.
15 -40.
Party and other sets for Gottfried.
Bjrn Borg is hard against Gottfried.
Unexpectedly difficult.
Listen once. I can not remember
any other Wimbledon match, -
- where you have so much hesitated
- Hvabehar?
- It was out of line.
- It freaks up with chalk.
- The ball is judged out.
That was a correct order.
You can not be serious!
The ball was on the line!
It freaks up with chalk!
He saw it. Everyone saw it was inside.
You can not judge it out.
They get a warning for
unsportsmanlike behavior.
Borg does not play beautifully,
but defeats the useed Gottfried.
Congratulations on the final place.
Now either Connors or McEnroe are waiting.
What do you think of
McEnroe's opinion about -
- The machine Borg
will soon collapse?
I'm like everyone else.
I'm not a machine.
- You're a bunch of shots!
- Hold your jaw.
Stay on your own court.
You should close the ass.
Kraft Idiot.
You can just go home.
- Play some tennis!
- You can even play tennis!
John, congratulations on the victory.
What was a behavior?
- Can not we talk about my game?
Here's more people talk about your
behavior than about your game.
- At least, you're talking a lot about it.
- Do you think it's deserved?
- Do you regret your behavior?
I regret that I have to
sit here and talk to you.
Do you expect someone to
bump you against Borg?
I am well aware that
he is your hero, -
- and now you have to use a villain.
- Can you control your temper?
- Should not we talk about tennis?
- Do you enjoy being the villain?
- Can you control your temper?
You should close the ass.
Do you follow the matches?
You do not understand what
it takes to play tennis.
I give everything I have in me and
leave it all out on the pitch.
You just do not understand that.
Sir. Castle?
Sir. Castle?
We are landed.
Where are we?
Did you have a good flight?
It is the TV team from Argentina.
We start by telling you that you
are the world's best player, -
- that you have four Wimbledon titles
and that you are now chasing the fifth.
In the meantime, you play the garage
door like you did when you were a child.
I do not remember
which door it was.
- Can not you just pick one?
- No, it must be the right one.
Wait a minute with the camera.
"It's not that important.
- It is very important.
I have to think about it.
Now you have won Wimbledon twice today.
How does it feel?
It feels good.
Go your way, Labbe.
Now we'll do it here.
Do not hurt yourself.
You behave like...
You behave like a teapot child.
You are skiding on those who care about you.
Go out and hang your head.
Then you will lose.
Is that what you want?
Then you may as well stay out.
Say you're hurt, -
- or admit you do not
have your nerves...
Be quiet.
I know what you're trying on.
It is not necessary.
Everything I have done
has led to this moment.
One match left.
One ball at a time.
Five minutes, gentlemen.
Turn down for McEnroe's microphone.
- They change the page constantly.
- It's an order from the management.
It is the perfect showdown.
The backline player against the net runner.
Cold, Nordic blood against
New York's naughtyness.
The polar bear against the butcher's dog.
15,000 spectators and many millions
in front of the television screens.
Right now the whole world is waiting for
the giants to make their entrance -
- like two gladiators.
The first on the pitch is McEnroe.
The spectators buher at him. It's the
first time at a Wimbledon final.
Now comes Bjrn.
I hope Bjrn feels that you have
the whole of Sweden behind you.
Here he is, Bjrn Borg!
This course belongs to him.
The final we all have been waiting for.
Borg is a living legend.
There is enormous pressure on him.
He has won four times, -
- but the fifth time
will be even harder.
Silence, thanks. Silence.
McEnroe server. Clear.
Here you go.
15 -0.
McEnroe shows his talent
and takes the first point.
McEnroe is immediately online.
40 -0.
- There was Borg's flashing return.
- 40 -15.
- Party McEnroe.
- First party goes to McEnroe.
McEnroy's service and flight game
determines the game's first game.
- Out.
- McEnroe wins the party!
McEnroe comes amazing
from the start.
McEnroe server.
Party McEnroe.
Borg is having trouble with
McEnroy's left hand servant.
It's like trying to
catch a hummingbird.
Borg looks stunned out.
McEnroe humbles Borg and
makes him seem slow.
Borg is completely
thrown down by McEnroe.
It is sad to say, but the
beginning of this battle -
- suggests a change of faith.
Set-up for McEnroe.
First set McEnroe, 6 -1.
Bjrn Borg is in big trouble.
New balls.
Second set. Borg server.
Come on, Bjrn.
- Silence, thanks.
One ball at a time.
What a servant!
- Uha uha!
- So, we know Borg again.
- Out.
- Party Borg.
Borg has been transformed into second set.
Such! Bjrn Borg
attends to the ball!
Lot and other set Deposit, 7 -5.
That is exactly what
Bjrn Borg wants.
- 30 -0.
- McEnroe seems shaken.
It all changes when you fight
like a castle from the bottom.
It undermines the
opponent's self-esteem.
- 40 -15.
- Two seatballs to Borg.
- Out.
- Lot and third set Borg.
Bjrn Borg wins third set and
thus leads 2 -1 in sets.
We are now going to a fourth set.
If Borg wins, -
He is five-fold
Wimbledon champion.
I thought otherwise,
it looked good enough.
30 -40.
Second double fault.
It's out!
It seems as if it raises one of
McEnroy's notorious rage outbursts.
I think the judge is wrong.
How does McEnroe react?
30 -15.
Come on, John!
It's a good match.
Just play your own game.
Served by McEnroe!
McEnroe shows his strength now.
McEnroe leads 3-2 in the fourth set.
Uha, it was out.
- Come on, John.
All the pressure is on the Swede.
How did McEnroe reach it?
- Party Borg.
- Thus it says a 5.
What a return!
Now Bjrn Borg is ahead.
- An ace from Borg!
"He can almost taste the victory now.
Good advance
40 -15, match ball to Bjrn.
Now the server sponsors the championship.
Two match balls in a Grand Slam finale.
It has never been the fault of Bjrn.
Silence, thanks.
- No, you're wrong.
- It's out.
- Silence, thanks. Second serv.
One ball at a time.
Now it is there. No.
McEnroe survives the
first match ball.
- Second servant of the championship.
Come on, Bjrn.
Uha, it was close. He has lost
two match balls. Now it's right.
Borg must try not to think
of the lost match balls.
John McEnroe now has the advantage.
Silence, thanks. Silence.
What a moment. Borg server
after losing two match balls.
McEnroe is back in the match and
can now offset the position.
John McEnroe snaps
Borg's lead in one shot!
6 - 6. Now we are going out for a tiebreak.
No men's final is
ending in tiebreak.
For the sake of those who
are not so well-versed,
- then tiebreak is a final party
that can determine the set.
There are seven points, -
- but you have to win
with two excess points.
Bjrn Borg has fought
another match ball.
McEnroe rises again!
What a determination.
There we see his format. One opening
and he encounters as with a corpse.
Matchball number four.
John McEnroe! He has stolen four
match balls from Bjrn Borg.
Uha, where the american is playing.
Now it's him who has a ball.
McEnroe has the opportunity to
turn the whole fight on his head.
Come on, Bjrn.
It also survived Bjrn.
What a knockout.
Can they hold more fusses?
Had this been a boxing, the
fight had been stopped.
Fifth match ball to Bjrn.
Seventh match ball.
If Borg wins this ball, fly
the roof of the Center Court.
Come on, Bjrn!
- Silence, thanks.
Borg has been so close, but
McEnroe refuses to give up.
They both stared down into
the abyss and survived.
I have never seen a
tiebreak like this one.
Set-up for McEnroe.
Then it's there! No.
- The ball is judged out.
- 15 -15.
It is completely unbelievably close.
It just goes on and on.
- Uha uha!
- Football to McEnroe.
It is always good with excitement,
but this is almost uncomfortable.
It is unbearable.
So it's right!
It's incredible!
McEnroe wins tiebreaken 18 -16.
Bjrn Borg has lost seven match balls.
What does Borg think now?
The fifth championship was so close,
but was stolen from him seven times.
2 - 2 in sets.
McEnroe is not just back.
He has taken over.
Uha uha!
What's going on?
It's simply unimaginable.
No one comes back after
losing seven match balls.
But Borg plays completely unconvinced.
Now it must be decided by the hearts
that knock on each side of the net.
They can hit the ball, but everything
stands and falls with the hearts.
Once again there is a
matchball to Borg.
Now I turn a cigar and hope
it will be a victory cigar.
Uha uha! He has done it again!
The undisputed king of tennis!
Five times in a row!
I think this is the biggest
moment in Swedish sports history.
Party, set and championship City.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
number two at Wimbledon 1980:
John Patrick McEnroe.
There he comes.
McEnroe receives standing ovations.
His behavior today was immaculate.
John Patrick McEnroe did not
become champion today, -
- but he has long won the
hearts of the British.
And Borg is the king of the tennis world.
There is no doubt about that.
- Great game.
- Thanks.
Should not you be in there?
Should not we get rid of?
Can we do that?
We can do whatever we want.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Nice match.
- Yes.
- I thought you had me.
- It was about.
Maybe for next year.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Do not get a hug?
Come home
The following year John became
number one in the world.
He defeated Bjrn in
the Wimbledon final.
That same year, Bjrn decided
to set his tennis career.
He was only 26.
Bjrn and John later
became close friends.
Bjrn was a lover at John's wedding.
Former rivals, best enemies.
Translation: Henrik Thgersen
Scandinavian Text Service 2017