Boris and the Bomb (2019) Movie Script

(projector rattling)
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(explosion roars)
- Everyone seems to be in
hurry for world to end.
Have you noticed?
(solemn music)
Let me tell you a story.
Is good one, I promise.
Once upon a time, there was a good man
with a bad bomb.
Story of burden and sacrifice,
of love gone terribly wrong
and wonderfully right,
(water splats)
(Boris groans)
a quest for nobility,
a story of second chances,
enormous mistakes.
Is complicated story,
but is mine and yours.
(dramatic music)
And there you are.
And here I am.
And now we begin.
(solemn music)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
(Boris sighs)
Here we are, my bombastic friend,
together again,
like two atoms fused.
I keep hoping I can get
rid of you or ignore you.
But here we are, once
again, on the run (groans).
Boris has plan, this time.
Oh, you don't believe me?
Ha, you never believe me.
(sighs) It's true, I have plan.
It's good plan.
Plan that may end things
without you ending things
for us all (laughs).
(switch clicks)
(bomb beeping)
- [Bomb] Trouble, trouble.
(Boris grunts)
- You just beeped.
(gasps) You just beeped.
That is not so good.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
(metal clangs)
Come on.
(tense music)
Okay, stop it, stop.
No, no, no, no, stop, stop, stop it.
Boris Ivanov.
- [Bomb] Nyet.
- Boris Eliot Ivanov!
- [Bomb] Nyet.
Come on!
You're not listening to me.
(Boris grunts)
You never listen to me.
- [Bomb] Nyet, nyet.
- Now, now I must walk
faster towards solution.
I had plan, but plan will require car.
Now very fast car!
Now I, ah, this is not good.
This is so not good!
This not good.
This is so not good.
(tense music)
(suspenseful music)
(shovel thuds)
(Dwight grunting)
- [Dwight] Dude!
- Only two?
I am offended.
Still, only four.
- Is that it?
Get it!
- I just got hit with a shovel.
You get it.
(dramatic music)
- (sighs) Boris Ivanov.
- Hello, Rafael.
- You escaped.
- You made it possible.
Boris' escape brought to you by Rafael.
- (chuckles) Is that it?
Led us right to it.
Thank you.
That's, seriously, Boris,
thank you very much.
Right, Dwight?
- Super.
(phone chimes)
It's for you.
- He's here with us.
Take a look for yourself.
- Open the bag.
- Why don't you open the bag?
Oh, that's right, you cannot.
You are not here.
- Open the bag.
- You are like selfie stick for Wallace.
- Just show him what's in the bag.
- Is it heavy holding a video
of man with such big ego?
- You think just because you're going
to beat up Rafael's men and
make them feel weak and pitiful,
and then beatin' them within
a microsecond of their lives,
that I won't get what I want.
(laughs) You might beat these men,
but you'll never beat The Group.
(Boris laughs)
- Did he just say we were gonna lose?
- Hey, you answer to me, not to Wallace!
Get the bag!
(fighters grunting)
(strikes thudding)
(gun clicks)
(Boris groans)
- I'm not supposed to kill you,
but I, I really want to.
I really do.
(fighters grunting)
(strikes thud)
(dramatic music)
- Are you okay?
I'm so proud of you.
You did not go boom (grunts).
- [Bomb] Thank you.
- [Rafael] Boris!
(gun bangs)
(tires squeal)
- Get in!
(Boris grunting)
- Go, go, go, go!
(dramatic music)
Go, go, go, go.
(tires squeal)
(timer ticking)
(engine revs)
(tires squealing)
I do not think we are being followed.
You can drive more carefully.
(tires squeal)
God (groans), I took care of it.
They are not following (grunts).
(tires screech)
(Boris groans)
- I know it's hard to believe,
but not everything is about you.
Stay here.
(gentle music)
Lilly, what has gotten into you?
No kid of mine comes home from
a dance all covered in blood.
- At least it wasn't mine.
(Maya sighs)
Delilah had it coming.
- You broke her nose.
- She picks on kids all the time.
And she spread rumors.
She spread a rumor about you.
- What'd she say?
- She said that since
you're a yoga teacher,
that you probably sell drugs.
- Huh?
Little shit.
Is that why her mother
asked me about an eighth?
I thought she was talking
about eighth grade.
(Maya sighs)
- See, even you want to punch her now.
I just, I just wanted to remind Delilah
why it would be a bad idea
to keep pickin' on people,
you know, consequences.
- Violence only causes more problems.
- Right, that's what running away is for.
- Mother is right.
I had a good mother, hm.
She would say same thing.
I wish I had listened.
- Who are you?
- Lilly, headphones.
(upbeat dance music)
What is going on?
And why did you call
me from Rafael's phone?
And what's in the bag?
- Uh, I am not sure which
question to answer first.
To sum up, I may have
used your relationship
with Rafael to taunt Wallace
while escaping torture.
- What did you tell Wallace?
- I brought him with news
of you and Rafael, old news.
I did not think you would mind.
He was torturing me.
(Boris yelling)
(electricity crackling)
- Sorry, brother dear,
but I am done paying for your fuck-ups.
- He's no use to us dead.
(chains rattle)
(Boris gasping)
Your methods aren't working,
and we're runnin' out of time.
(Wallace sniffs)
- I hate you.
(Rafael chuckles)
- The feeling is entirely mutual.
(ominous music)
(Wallace sighs)
- Where is the bomb?
(suspenseful music)
- Maya (laughs).
(dramatic music)
- No!
(Boris grunting)
(Rafael growling)
- You know Maya?
(Rafael yells)
What about Maya?
(strikes thudding)
(Rafael groaning)
(Boris chuckles)
(Rafael laughs)
- Oh, boy, he, uh (laughs),
he's just trying to turn
us against each other.
He'll say anything.
(Boris laughs)
(Rafael sighs)
- What do know, old man?
- Rafael and Maya, they were a couple,
for several years, secretly,
before and after you,
probably during as well.
(Boris laughs)
They were in love.
You were an assignment.
(Rafael laughs)
(Wallace yells)
Rafael and Maya sitting in a tree,
(Boris laughing)
(Rafael gags)
(Wallace yells)
(Boris laughs)
(punches thudding)
(Wallace grunting)
(fighters grunting)
- No!
Don't even!
(fighters grunt)
(phone rings)
- He was torturing me.
I promise, this is all part of plan.
I will--
(tires squeal)
Maya (grunts)!
- I owed you, Uncle Boris.
When my parents died,
you were my only family.
But you have completely blown
up my life with this plan.
Get out!
Do not call me again.
Debt paid in full.
- Maya, I--
(gun clicks)
(Boris sighs)
I am going.
I am sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
You look more like your mother, every day.
- She's dead, and I'm not her.
Get out!
(engine revs)
(tires squeal)
- [Lilly] Who was that?
- No one that matters, anymore.
- You know, it felt good hitting Delilah.
Do you get that, like at all?
You've probably never hit anyone.
- When we get home, I need you to pack.
We're moving tonight.
- No, no, no, no, please, Mom.
I will take whatever punishment.
Do not make me move again, please.
- Baby, it's not a punishment.
It's just what has to happen.
Go pack.
(Maya sighing)
We're leaving in 20 minutes.
- I never finished unpacking
from the last time,
not that you would notice or care!
(Lilly grunts)
Thank you so much for your wonderful job.
(car door thuds)
- I am really messing up that kid.
- I am not taking you any further.
You're a rude passenger.
Now exit the car now.
- I'm not getting out of this car.
- Section B, paragraph 2 of
the Yuber user agreement says,
I do not have to take rowdy
passengers any further.
Please get out of my car.
I've asked you nicely, twice.
Now please get out.
- I don't give a shit.
You want me to give you a bad review?
I'll give you a bad, I'll
call Yuber or Youber or Uber,
or whatever the hell you call it.
- That's Yuber with a Y.
- I don't give a shit.
You're gonna drive me to a play.
That's what you're gonna do.
- I need you to leave the car now,
or I'll call the police.
- Beautiful, beautiful, fuckin' beautiful,
you're a goddamn fuckin' saint.
You just saved the whole world
by making me late, ya piece of shit.
Fuckin' asshole.
- No, fuck you!
- [Passenger] You, you
fuckin' arrogant prick!
(Jimmy sighs)
- Come on, Jimmy, only three more months.
(siren wails)
Money to Life with Stan Jenkins,
tired of your boring, one-road life?
Fuck yeah.
Get on the right path with Stan.
That's right, me and
you, Stan, me and you.
Financial adventure?
I just need some financial security.
- (sighs) Los Angeles County
Mental Hospital (coughs).
- What the?
Who are you, and what
are you doin' in my car?
- You are Uber driver, no?
- No, Yuber, with a Y,
and that's not even how
Uber or Yuber works.
- You pick people up from one place.
You drop them off at another, da?
- Well, yeah.
- Los Angeles County Mental Hospital.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Look, I'm not losin' my job, okay?
I got three more months
till I can take a vacation in Florida.
- Florida?
Why would you go to Florida?
They have beaches here.
I was just at beach.
It was very nice, very wet, very sandy.
- Florida is as far away
as I can get from my ex.
(ominous music)
Oh, will you look, look at all this sand?
We, do you know how hard
it is to get sand out
of the back seat, huh?
Will ya just please leave?
- Silly Boris, you forget
most important part.
- Don't, don't shoot, don't shoot, okay?
I'll take you wherever you want to go.
Just, just, just please don't shoot me.
- Okay.
I could, but I prefer to try this instead.
Is enough?
- Uh, yeah.
- Okay, Los Angeles County
Mental Hospital, please.
- Yeah, I'm startin' to think
that's exactly where I need to go.
(Boris coughs)
(siren wails)
(Taylor grunts)
(dramatic music)
- Hey!
- Sorry!
But I have to chase the bad guys!
(gun bangs)
A'ron, Scotts, pick up in the backyard.
- Come on, we got a cleanup.
Wake up, you idiot!
(fist slaps)
You are an asshole!
- Sorry, instinct.
(A'ron groans)
Hurry up, hurry up.
- Wait.
- He's bleeding out.
(quirky music)
Will you get my hand?
- Just...
- Thank you.
(dramatic music)
(Taylor laughs)
- Woo!
(Emily grunts)
- Oh good.
- Oh, what the hell's goin' on?
- [Scotts] Hey, let's hurry up, and relax.
(dramatic music)
(footsteps clatter)
- Howdy, boys!
It's all right.
They got an FBI bitch on my ass, okay?
Jimmy-Ray, Ralf, it's kind of
a shoot-on-sight sort of deal.
So kill her, please, a lot,
several times, if necessary.
- You want me to shoot
her in the eye, Taylor,
that's gonna be pretty
hard, if she's moving.
- No, I, no, shoot on sight.
That means, like, when
you see her, shoot her.
And that's it.
- We'll shoot her in the ass!
- Thank you, Ralf.
(Taylor sighs)
- How am I gonna shoot her in the ass
if I'm in front of her?
Do you want me to go around?
- You are dumber than a
bucket of wet hair, Jimmy-Ray.
(dramatic music)
- Look, just shoot her when ya, oh!
(gun banging)
Well, well, whatever did I do
to deserve this, Special Agent Holmes?
- You stole an experimental
stealth drone, Taylor.
- Well, I like to look at it
as occupyin' a experimental stealth drone.
(gun bangs)
(Taylor grunts)
(dramatic music)
(drone whirring)
(Emily yells)
(thrusters roaring)
(guns banging)
- Ah, Special Agent Holmes (laughs).
- Senator Duckwall.
- How's the FBI treating you
since I left.
- Uh, what do you want?
I'm a little busy.
- Hold on.
(phone chimes)
- Oh shit.
- Oh shit.
- Another heart attack
dinner there, for you, Kale.
- I'm on a stakeout.
I don't recall managing my diet being part
of our divorce papers.
- Kids, I hate your
personal history, okay.
It's gross.
I'm on the Senate Arms Services Committee,
and I'm on some other committees.
I need you to find your
old friend Boris Ivanov
and bring him in.
- What'd Boris do now?
- He has a nuclear bomb.
- Okay, I find that hard to believe.
- Hard to believe or not, it's true.
(explosion booms)
So bring him in alive, or mostly.
Be discreet.
- Why us?
- Because you worked
with him for four years.
You know how he thinks.
You know where he might
hide out if he's in a pinch.
(drone guns banging)
- Ooh, what does, what does
Boris want to do with a bomb?
- We don't know.
We'd rather not take the risk.
- And what's your source?
- A mole inside The Group.
- The group, which one?
- The really old secret
terrorist-type, mafia-type group
that calls themselves The Group.
- Yeah, that's a confusing name.
- Very confusing.
Hey, is that beer?
- You two, get Boris and the bomb,
working together, starting now.
The fate of the world might be at stake.
(phone warbles)
Oh, I, I, I got to take this call.
- But, sir, I, I, I, I have a drone
on autopilot shooting at me.
I need help.
(drone gun banging)
(explosion booms)
(dramatic music)
(phone buzzing)
(phone beeps)
- Pete, Peter, it's Kale.
- Oh.
Hey, Kale, I'm retired.
- Yeah, I know.
Have you heard from Boris?
- Tell whoever that
is, if they wake Zooey,
I will cut them.
(Peter sighs)
- Is that Amy?
You guys have kids?
- Uh, yeah, I've got one.
Yeah, we got to be quiet.
If we wake her up, she's
gonna want to play house.
So what's Boris gotten into now?
- I can't tell you.
It's classified,
and you are retired.
- Retired.
Yeah, I know.
I get it.
- [Kale] Call me if you hear anything.
- Yeah, sure.
- I see Dada, you!
(Zooey laughing)
- I'm awake!
(gentle music)
- So how was your honeymoon, huh?
- Um, it was--
- Is, how is our honeymoon?
You interrupted us, right in the middle--
- Right (laughs).
- Of playing--
- [Peter] Poker?
- I'm surprised you
two answered the phone.
(Boris laughs)
- Well, we are dedicated to our unit.
(all laugh)
- Gross.
- It's unsettling seeing you two together.
- Aw, are you jealous?
- Yeah, Pete, we all know
you had a crush on me.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
- No, no, I didn't.
- You're totally crushing on her,
and now you're all Mr.
- Emily's not the person
I have a crush on, okay.
- Then who?
- All right, we are here.
- (coughs) Who are we
fighting, again, tonight?
- Uh, I think Yakuza, Yakuza?
- Yeah, Yakuza.
(gun clicks)
- Great.
(guns clicking)
- Let's roll.
- Okay.
(solemn music)
Why is it in the middle?
- About here?
- I got this one.
- Heck of a cut you got there.
- Ah, it keeps opening up.
Very frustrating.
- How'd it happen?
- Cut myself shaving.
(Wallace grunting)
(strikes thudding)
(Boris thuds)
- You cut yourself shaving?
Why don't I believe you?
- You'd be surprised at
who might believe that.
- (laughs) Great.
I'm gonna die.
(fighters grunting)
(phone rings)
(phone beeps)
- How's our prisoner?
Where is it, Boris?
- Nowhere.
- Where's our little bomb, nearby?
Did you move it, huh, 'cause we looked
at the last place you buried it?
We found traces of radiation,
but we didn't find the bomb,
like the last 50 fucking times.
Where is the bomb?
- Gone poof.
Duckwall, I always knew
you were part of Group.
- Did not.
- I did.
You're terrible at being double agent.
- Okay, I've been in
The Group my whole life,
and now, I'm a U.S. senator,
so I think I got a pretty good grip on it.
- If you say so.
- You know what, you
are full of shit, okay.
If you knew it, you would've
done something about it.
Why haven't you?
- Timing.
(chains rattling)
(Boris yells)
(chains snap)
(dramatic music)
(Boris growls)
- Whoa, whoa!
(chains whirring)
(chains thud)
(Rafael grunts)
- Get him!
(Boris grunts)
(Wallace yells)
(punch thuds)
- So you like to hit?
(chain whirring)
(Wallace grunting)
(chain thudding)
(Wallace yells)
(punch thuds)
(Boris sighs)
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
(solemn music)
- You should have got stronger gang.
- I knew you'd beat them.
I'm going to get the bomb.
- I know.
I'm counting on it.
(solemn music)
How much longer to mental hospital?
- This is Los Angeles.
It's gonna be a while.
(Boris sighs)
(audience laughing)
- I'm like, what the fuck is that?
And then it happens again.
And I try to ignore it,
and finally, I'm like,
all right, honey, look,
that better be a queef,
or I'm gonna need my 30 bucks back.
You know what I mean?
(audience laughs)
This is not--
- Let me guess, queeving,
it sounds like a clown
making a balloon animal,
followed by something
about the F to VE rules.
- The fuck you doin' here, Nick?
- You stole my queef joke.
- I didn't fuckin' steal, oh, really?
You stole my #jizz thing.
You made it a fuckin' cat phrase.
You say it at every show.
And you put it on a fuckin' T-shirt.
- I offered to go halfsies
on the T-shirts.
- No, you didn't!
No, you didn't, eat shit!
You never did.
Now so fuck you!
(both grunting)
(strikes thudding)
(all grunting)
- Stick my finger up your butt!
I have your butt, dude.
Hey, hey, I got my finger in your ass,
'cause your jeans are cheap!
- Get your finger out
of my ass!
- I feel your balls,
right now!
- Get your fuckin' finger--
- I want my queef joke.
- Yeah, where's my
fuck, I want my hashtag.
(phone buzzing)
(Peter sighs)
- Peter.
- Hey, Keena.
- You'd better get out to the club.
- Hey, are you the one who pays us?
- Hurry up.
(Jerry gagging)
- Hey, two questions.
- Hon!
- Hm?
- There's trouble out back at the club.
(Amy sighs)
(gentle music)
- So what's in your sack?
- That is very personal question.
- Okay, what's your name?
- That is also personal question.
- Mine's Jimmy.
- Boris.
- So where you from, Boris?
You know, you sound German
or Russian, or I don't know.
I sometimes get those mixed up.
(engine rumbles)
- Jimmy, my new friend,
I will pay you $1,000
if you run this red
light when I tell you to.
- No, no, I'm not breaking laws for you.
- 2,000.
- You don't (whistles),
$2,000, that's a lot.
Uh, but, but, but, but,
but, but, but, no, no.
- When the people following us catch us,
take my sack and kill you,
I will let them know you
do not like to break laws.
- What?
- [Boris] Go!
(engine revs)
- Oh my God, oh, I hate this.
I hate this, I hate this!
- Okay, turn right, here.
(tires screech)
Okay, turn left into alley.
All right, pull to the right.
Cut engine, turn off lights.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
(Jimmy panting)
- This is not worth $2,000.
- [Boris] 3,000.
- Oh shit.
- Okay, not that one.
I am waiting for the people
that I do not want following us to pass.
- There's people you
do want following you?
- Sometimes (laughs).
- Are they gone?
- Not likely.
(engine rumbles)
Okay, start car, start
car, start car, start car.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
(engine revs)
(tires squeal)
- Go.
Go now!
- Why won't the car start?
Come on, car.
(engine revs)
(dramatic music)
(tires squealing)
- Turn!
- I'm pretty sure car
chases violates some sort
of Yuber user agreement.
(engines revving)
(gun bangs)
Did they just shoot my car?
- [Boris] A little.
- A little?
- A stronger deterrent.
- Gun, gun, you have a gun!
Shit, that's a big gun!
- Ah, you Americans, so
concerned about size.
(gun bangs)
Hold car steady.
(guns banging)
- Oh my God!
Will you hit him or something?
- [Boris] You try to do it.
You want to trade places?
- No, I'll drive.
(dramatic music)
- Cops (coughs), fuckin' pigs.
- It's over.
Hi, officer.
Keep going, keep going.
(engine revs)
Yeah, yeah.
- Is that it?
- No, no.
Oh man.
- I thought you had them.
- You're the one that was
driving like a turtle.
- Okay.
The tail is gone.
- But, but what's in the bag?
I, I don't want to be part of
some drug deal or gang thing.
- It's, it's, it's not,
it's not gang thing.
Oh, actually, it might be gang thing.
But, uh, no, it, I am not
gang, and it is not drugs.
- Is it illegal?
Did you kill someone or somethin'?
Oh my God, there's,
there's not someone's head
in that sack, is there?
- No (laughs), of course not.
This is just, uh (sighs),
who I was once upon a time.
I was different man when I was younger.
I needed less,
expected more,
easily swayed by honor,
by promise.
(solemn music)
(explosion booms)
- [Jimmy] Hey, hey, Boris.
(Boris groans)
- Sorry.
Lost in thought.
- You know, if I had messed
up as many times as you,
I would've been sold into slavery by now.
- Sonia,
shut up.
- Ah, look, I'm tracking the bomb.
It's leaving a trace of radioactivity,
which is increasing, by the
way, so we might want to hurry,
or it might go off, on its own.
(phone chimes)
Oh (laughs).
Oh, it's Dante.
Did you want the message,
or should I just,
I should just back off.
Just be glad that he's
texting me and not you,
since Boris has your phone.
- (grunts) Goddammit!
(gentle music)
(suspenseful music)
(engine revs)
(Boris groans)
God, ah, (speaking in foreign language).
(brakes squeal)
(tense music)
(speaking in foreign language)
(Jimmy grunts)
- [Bomb] Nyet.
- There, no bag, no one follows us.
You get to the loony bin.
I get paid and go home
and take a sleeping
pill chased by a scotch,
and we act like this never happened, da?
- You threw my sack!
- Yeah, I threw your sack.
- It is a bomb.
- (laughs) Yeah, so it's a bomb, sure.
- It is a bomb, a nuclear bomb.
- Sure, it's a nuclear
bomb (laughs), right.
Da (laughs).
It's a nuclear bomb?
- Da!
- In my car, this whole time?
- If they tamper with bomb,
it goes poof.
Everything goes poof!
Do you want everything to go poof?
- I don't want anything to go poof.
(Boris grunts)
- Get down.
(Boris groaning)
- Ah!
Give up, Boris.
This is the second time I've caught you
in a matter of hours.
It's becoming repetitive.
- (laughs) Caught but not captured.
There is difference.
- (laughs) Yeah, but now,
see, now you're not alone.
You have a liability.
- Have you shot gun before?
- I play Call of Duty.
- Cover me.
Just like Call of Duty, no big deal, huh?
(Boris groaning)
- But no, but, Boris, but--
- [Boris] No but, but, but, but, Boris!
- Shit!
I suck at Call of Duty.
(gun bangs)
- Dante, shoot the sidekick.
Dwight, get the bomb.
(gun bangs)
(guns banging)
(both grunting)
- What the, oh, oh shit!
- Ha!
(Boris grunting)
(Dwight groaning)
(solemn music)
(guns banging)
(tires squeal)
(Boris laughs)
- You are a tough little bomb.
- So how's our friend back there?
Is he ticking, still, or not ticking,
or whatever it is you say when
you don't want a nuclear bomb
to go off in the backseat of your car?
- Is safe.
Is dented (chuckles), but safe.
Dwight's head very hard.
- He got dented.
Well, that's not good, right?
Oh shit!
- It's okay.
Bomb is built to take a
beating, just like Boris.
(Boris laughs)
(bomb dings)
Or, um,
(tense music)
- Maybe what, what?
(bomb beeps)
- Oh, um, never mind (laughs).
(Boris groans)
(Boris gasps)
- Did I shoot you?
Oh, great, I'm a murderer!
- Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.
Rafael shot me before I got into your car.
Please, we must get to mental hospital.
- Sure you don't need a normal hospital.
(Boris laughs)
- No, Los Angeles County
Mental Hospital, please.
(Boris gasps)
(phone chimes)
- Oh, okay, we should stop.
- No, we don't have time.
- It's Boris.
He says check the trunk.
- Hey, careful, it could, hey, stop!
It could be a bomb, stop.
- (scoffs) Yeah, I'm sure
you felt the same way,
12 years ago.
Behold, the brat.
- Hey, Aunt Sonia (laughs).
- Lilly.
- Hey, Dad.
- I can't believe you gave up our spot
in The Group for that.
- Let's go, come on.
- Surprise (laughs).
- [Rafael] Let's get outta here, come on.
(Rafael grunts)
(solemn music)
(Emily sighs)
- What happened to you?
- Drive.
(engine revs)
You know what, I can't believe it.
After everything, you're
just gonna betray Boris
and hand him over to Duckwall.
- Boris may come off all cuddly,
with his justice not revenge and all that,
but more often than not,
he's got his own agenda,
and he doesn't care who
gets hurt in the process.
- 'Cause he's a spy.
- Yeah, a rogue one with a nuclear bomb.
And I'm gonna bring him in,
with or without you.
(Emily scoffs)
(Emily laughing)
Oh, you find that amusing.
- I would love to see you
try to bring in Boris,
just all by your lonesome.
- Captain Corn Dog would
go down, all right.
- Have a heart attack, running after him,
after that hamburger.
- Oh yeah.
(Kale laughs)
(engine revs)
- [Jimmy] Hey, you still alive?
- [Boris] (sighs) For a moment.
- Los Angeles County Mental Hospital.
- $6,000, if you wait and
take me to next destination.
- Eight.
- Eight.
(sighs) Eight.
(solemn music)
- Mine!
- Mine.
- [Zooey] Mine!
- Stop stepping on my dreams.
- Mine!
- This is my mic.
- Mine!
- I've got five good minutes.
- Mine, mine, mine!
- I've got five minutes.
I gotta do 'em.
- Jonny, stop, I'm sorry
about this, everybody.
Sorry, folks.
Sorry about this.
Princess, I need you to give
the microphone to Jonny.
(phone chimes)
- Tiki Taka Kentucky,
home of the surf and turf
and veggie burger, how can I help you?
- Peter Mulligan.
(fingers snap)
- Peter?
- Yeah.
Okay, hey, yeah.
- Give me my mic.
- Mulligan.
- Peter?
- Boris?
- Da.
- I'm outta the game.
- I know.
I need your help.
- Oh yeah, hold, hold on a second.
Princess, I need you to give--
Honey, I need some help, please!
- [Zooey] Mine!
- All right.
(Amy sighs)
(audience chattering)
- Microphone to Jonny, please.
Okay, good girl, good
girl, hey, good girl,
good girl.
- Let's start a comedy club
in the backyard, he said.
Work from home, he said.
So much quality family time, he said.
- All clear.
(punch thuds)
(dramatic music)
- Hello.
I need help.
- Boris?
- Amy!
- Da.
- Good news, everybody,
I have a date Friday night.
- Look, we're out of the game,
but if you're ever in the area, hit us up.
We're always good for a meal.
- I look forward to it.
I love Kentucky Gumbo.
(playful music)
- Hey, what's Kentucky Gumbo?
(baby cries)
(Professor grunting)
(electricity crackling)
- I never really saw you as motherly type.
(Professor gasping)
I am good judge of character.
It is why I had you committed.
(doll crying)
(Boris groans)
(dramatic music)
- I'll get that bullet out and sew you up,
if you get this thing to shut up!
(Boris sighs)
- Aww.
Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, little baby
- I honestly never thought of that.
Why, Boris, you're radiant.
(gentle music)
(Professor sniffs)
You've been exposed to a
significant amount of radiation,
(Professor sniffs)
low-level, but consistent.
What's in the sack?
- Nothing, just last meager
possession of poor Boris.
- Right, you know, I could
just let you bleed out
and find out for myself.
(Boris groans)
- And I could, uh,
I could wake the baby.
(Professor yells)
(Professor sighs)
(Boris groaning)
Oh (grunts)!
Oh, Professor, oi!
(gentle music)
(Boris gags)
(dramatic music)
(siren wails)
(bright music)
- Doing okay there, Boris?
- I, I, I...
What did...
- Hmm, just a few
sedatives, antipsychotics,
and something I mixed up myself,
'cause I'm a genius chemist.
(Boris groans)
- There are two of you.
(ominous music)
- You think you can trust anyone, ever?
So naive.
People do what they need
to do for themselves.
- Oh.
- And they never forget.
And they always come back.
(quirky music)
And they'll always steal your bomb.
(suspenseful music)
- [Boris] Professor, I need help.
- [Professor] It can't be disarmed.
So I can't help you, I can't
help you, I can't help you.
- [Bomb] The big bomb will
kill, big bomb will kill,
big bomb will kill,
(dramatic music)
big bomb will kill, big bomb will kill.
- It might go off, go off.
- It could.
They'll never know.
- Big bomb, big, big, big.
- [Professor] Oh dear (laughs)!
(punches thudding)
- Can you help me?
- Yes.
- [Boris] Help me now.
(Professor laughs)
(Maya yells)
(Boris grunting)
(Boris gasping)
(explosion roars)
(solemn music)
- [Bomb] The big bomb will kill.
(dramatic music)
The big bomb will kill.
- Stop!
Boris, stop!
Gimme the bomb.
(guns bang)
(bullet clangs)
- I know you.
- Yes.
- Sammi, Sammi Reddi.
You look good,
uh, older and bald, but good,
particularly for figment
of my mind (laughs).
- We were good friends.
- Once upon a time,
until I, uh, killed you.
- The bomb.
- Professor just stole.
- I saw.
- I do not think I like this
hallucination any longer.
- Our friendship was real, if
that means anything to you.
I didn't even mind you
falling in love with my wife.
- I didn't.
- Our marriage was just a cover.
- I saved her, that day,
and your daughter, the day I ran.
I saved her and Maya.
- Boris, stop!
Gimme the bomb.
- You know I cannot.
I'm sorry.
I never meant to hurt you,
Aashirya or your daughter.
That's why I'm running.
- [Man] Get down and stop, don't move.
- You misunderstand.
(guns bang)
(bullet clangs)
(somber music)
You did shoot me.
That's true.
- You are not here.
- I am here
to kill you and end this.
Some things should remain buried.
- But you are figment.
And you need me to stop bomb.
(chuckles) Is counting down.
Bomb is broken.
- What do you mean the bomb is broken?
It was activated.
- Bomb is old.
Bomb is not so well.
- Is it counting down?
- Da, less than 48 hours then boom.
(explosions popping)
(solemn music)
- Then you must go catch it.
(dramatic music)
- [PA Announcer] Maxine
Majors, nurses' station,
Maxine Majors, nurses' station.
(door clacks)
(Boris gasping)
- Stop.
- (laughs) You aren't going to shoot me.
You're the great morally conflicted Boris.
Let me guess, you were supposed
to set this sucker off but couldn't do it,
the fatal flaw that
makes you a tragic hero.
Come on, hero.
Murder me and save the world.
(gun bangs)
Oh shoot!
(Boris gasping)
(Professor growls)
- It did not go off.
Good (laughs).
Where did I leave Jimmy?
Jimmy, my friend, you did not leave me.
- No, I did not.
Blame my alimony bill.
(solemn music)
- Go away, figment, go away!
Let us go.
- So who's that bald
guy you were yelling at?
Is that who you came to meet?
- You saw him, too?
- Yeah.
- Let us go.
- You haven't told us
where we're goin' yet.
Ooh, let me guess,
to find a homeless person
who does excellent dental.
- (laughs) No.
That was funny.
You're funny man, Jimmy.
East, my friend.
East is where our fate is met.
(sighs) Okay.
(timer ticking)
- [Jimmy] Your bomb is
outside the window, Boris.
- [Boris] Oh (laughs).
(gentle music)
Skip on over, skip on in
The search within
- Pick up, dammit.
Rafael, pick up.
- [Boris] Maya!
- Boris?
Why do you have Rafael's phone?
- [Boris] I took it when escaped.
I needed phone.
- Lilly's missing.
- So why'd you run?
- She wants us to move, again.
- Oh, it's Boris again.
He says, "Call Maya."
You know, you really
need to get a new phone.
- I had a phone.
He took my phone.
Boris and the bomb and my phone.
(Maya sighs)
- Please, Lilly, please.
Come on, universe, make my
preteen not act like a preteen
and call me (groans).
(phone chimes)
(Maya sighs)
Next, we'll talk money.
- Hey, Mom.
- Little girl, do you have any idea--
- I'm okay.
I'm with Dad, see?
- Hi, she snuck in my trunk, again.
- Lilly, headphones now!
- I--
- [Rafael And Maya] Now!
- Rafael, what were you thinking?
- [Rafael] Boris has the bomb.
- [Maya] What bomb?
- [Rafael] The bomb.
- Boris had the bomb?
- [Rafael] If you help me,
I can bring in the bomb,
the bomb that The Group has
been looking for, for 30 years.
- Rafael.
- [Rafael] I can regain my status.
- Oh God.
- Bring me the bomb and we
can all start over again.
We can be a family.
- [Jimmy] So how long exactly
have you been carrying
that bomb around?
- Uh, (speaks in foreign
language), uh, 30 years.
Bomb was evidence, but I
didn't know who to trust.
So I buried the bomb, again and again.
I walked around the world
with my bomb, with my burden,
like a fool.
(solemn music)
- Well, at least you traveled.
(Boris laughs)
(both laughing)
- Do you hear that, little bomb?
We traveled (laughs).
(both laughing)
- (sighs) What am I doing?
Why am I here?
- [Peter] Get the bag.
- [Amy] Get the stroller.
- Gettin' the stroller.
- [Zooey] Let's go!
- Got it?
- I got it.
- Let's go.
- Want me to get it?
- No, no, I got it.
Ah, ah, ah, ah!
I got it, got it.
- [Zooey] Let's go!
Let's go!
- Get in there!
Get, get!
(Zooey laughs)
(Peter sighs)
Let's go.
Who's ready to go to Dollywood?
(Zooey laughs)
- Are you sure about this?
Boris is--
- Yes, family.
Family time always comes first.
- Go, Daddy, go!
- But what about Kentucky Gumbo?
- Yeah, that's, uh,
it's a little troubling,
but we'll be back before.
(phone buzzes)
- Okay.
(Amy groans)
- Poop.
- Go, go, Daddy!
- Come on, guys, we're on a schedule.
We've got a lot to--
(game beeping)
And who are you supposed to be?
- My dad told me not to
move, so I'm not moving.
- You're Maya's little chick, aren't you?
How old are you, exactly?
- I'm 12.
- No reason.
(birds twittering)
What are you playing?
Find the hidden tunnel,
yet, on level five?
- No.
- Let's have it.
Come on, I'll show you.
(game beeping)
So past the duck.
- Quack.
- And then, and then there's a fox.
(triumphant music)
Pass him, and there's a tunnel.
(Wallace laughs)
- I've been trying that for weeks.
I was gonna delete the game.
- Try it.
Go on.
(game beeping)
(triumphant music)
That's it.
That's it.
You did it.
That's it!
- Thank you (laughs).
What do I do at the tunnel?
- You explore.
(timer ticking)
- Tired, I need to stop.
What do you say we find a B&B
that takes same-day arrivals?
There's this app.
- Bomb is okay (laughs).
Sleep would be good, short sleep,
very short.
- And there it is.
Ah, great.
We're right next to a freeway.
We're never gonna be able to sleep.
No wonder it's so cheap.
- Why is my neck bleeding?
- Oh, you were sleep-fighting.
And you lost.
- I lost?
(ethereal music)
- Oh good, perfect timing.
We just had a couple cancel on us.
Okay, I'm not gonna lie.
They walked out, but it wasn't
because of anything we did.
- Oh, are these our heroes?
Hi, I'm Dani.
You have saved Francis and me.
I swear it wasn't because
of anything we did.
(Francis chuckles)
- What's in your bag?
- Uh, is, uh, just laundry, eh.
- Oh, well, I'd be happy
to wash it for you.
We're full-service.
Happy to wash it.
- I'd rather not.
- Oh no, really.
- Really, no.
- It's free.
- It's okay.
- No trouble.
- It's okay.
- Okay, let me--
- It's okay!
(cheerful music)
- Okay (laughs).
Well, anyway, I think
you'll really love the room.
It's very big.
It's very spacious.
- Very spacious, very comfortable.
- Sounds perfect.
- We will not be staying long.
- Okay.
(Boris chuckles)
Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah, no, I'm sure I
just cut myself shaving.
- I have Neosporin.
(gentle music)
(Jimmy grunting)
- Trouble sleeping?
- It's mocking me.
Look at it.
It's smirking.
(Boris chuckles)
- Is it better?
- I guess.
You know, I've never actually seen it.
- The bomb?
Do you want to see?
- Yeah.
Yeah, uh, no.
Yeah, let me see it.
Wait, no!
No, the less I know the better,
you know, when I get
interviewed by Homeland Security
and taken to a black site.
- Are you sure?
- Shit, just show me.
(Boris laughs)
Can I touch it?
- You want to touch my
bomb inside my sack?
- Hey, come on.
- Just teasing, go ahead.
- (gasps) It's warm.
- It's warm?
- Is that bad?
- No, it's fine.
It is old.
It's warm.
- Uh-huh.
- It's okay.
- How did you get this?
- That was not so okay.
I was young,
wanted to make impression,
volunteer for special program,
big Soviet honor in KGB.
I was a fool.
(Jimmy laughs)
- So who's the girl?
(Boris chuckles)
- Her name was Aashirya.
And I was in love with her.
And she was in love with my
best friend, Sammi Reddi,
as the story always goes (laughs).
(Boris sighs)
They had Maya.
They were a family.
I was to detonate bomb in London,
set timer with my partner Nikolai,
get out in time to stay alive.
(Boris laughs)
- What is so funny?
- I had a change of heart.
Oh, my friend's daughter Maya
told me joke, this morning.
Here it is.
Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- It's your cousin Knock
Knock, from next door.
(Boris laughs)
- [Bomb] Subject, Nikolai.
(strikes thudding)
(both grunting)
(guns bang)
(dramatic music)
(solemn music)
(gun bangs)
- And so I ran.
And still run.
(Jimmy snores)
And I will tuck you in, too.
Nighty-night, little bomb.
- We tracked the bomb to Missouri,
just outside Saint Louis.
He used the B&B app we sent,
group-friendly safehouses.
- Right-o.
Dwight, find this B&B he speaks of.
- It's called BGB&B,
Bad Guys' B&B (laughs).
- I don't care!
Stop talking.
You're boring me.
Just book it.
(solemn music)
- It's clear night.
To think each of those stars is filled
with little bombs, like you, huh,
exploding and exploding.
Poof, poof, poof, poof.
Is matter.
Is not matter.
One moment, is, one moment, is not.
Or is that Hamlet?
I may still be very high from
professor's drugs (laughs).
- Is that why you decided
to destroy my life,
(solemn music)
Because I don't matter or
I just don't matter enough?
- Maya.
- I know you killed my father.
I know it was you that ran.
God (laughs), all this time, I thought...
I infiltrated The Group
to find his killer!
- It's not what you think.
I ran to protect you and your mother.
(Maya scoffs)
If I had not, you would both
have died in the explosion.
As long as I am alive and
bomb is hidden, buried,
The Group could not touch
me or the people I care for.
- I don't know if I believe you.
(container pops)
(suspenseful music)
(bomb thuds)
(Boris grunts)
(solemn music)
- I wouldn't want to sleep in this site.
It makes one soft.
- I have my daughter with me,
and I appreciate security over
arcane ideas of manliness.
(quirky music)
- Yes.
Anything for the daughter.
We require lodging.
- But first we're gonna discuss the rules.
If there's going to be any killings,
I'd prefer if you do them outside.
For body disposal, we
have plastic sheeting
in the plastic sheeting room.
There's also bleach in the bleach room.
And I need all of your
weapons to be stored outside
in the provided cubbies
because of the residue.
You understand.
This way, please.
- What do you mean you
don't have the bomb?
- Not to worry, I can track
bomb but only from so far.
She's just ahead of us,
leading us to final chapter.
We must hurry,
'cause time is ticking.
- I'm hurrying.
I'm not even awake yet, but I'm hurrying.
- No, I meant clock on bomb is ticking.
We have less than 30 hours before poof.
- I hate you.
- Another one left.
- We're not doin' somethin' right.
- We?
(upbeat dance music)
(Sonia gasps)
(Dante panting)
- You know what would really turn me on?
- What?
- The bomb,
a big, fat nuclear bomb.
- Oh Sonia.
- Get me the bomb.
(Dante chuckles)
You know where to find me
I can't help what happens if you stay
(door thuds)
You're making me regret
- Who slammed that door, hmm?
And you, you can't have food
outside of the dining room.
(groans) I have a peanut allergy, ah!
Take your best shot
Give it all you got
Watch me as I work so you
could tell me if it's hot
(Wallace gasps)
(both moan)
- Ah.
Welcome home, little bird.
- I brought you the bomb.
Now let me take Lilly and go.
(both gasping)
It's what I do
(Wallace grunts)
- Is it counting down?
- [Maya] Yes.
- We'd better hurry then.
(solemn music)
- Shit!
- Peter!
- Who's Peter?
- He's my old partner.
- He doesn't want to kill you, does he?
- I hope not.
You got my text.
- Next time, not so many emojis.
Almost went to Mexico.
- Oh.
- Mexico!
- Ah!
Are you ready for this?
- I didn't just drive six hours
to turn around and go home
and get yelled at by Amy.
She said, "Find the bomb, save the world,
"it's on the couch, you."
- If we don't get this thing,
I don't think there's
gonna be a couch left.
He knows it's nuclear, right?
- Yeah, I know.
Who's this?
- Oh, this is Jimmy, my Uber driver.
- Well, Yuber with a Y, high-five!
- So, did you get the help I asked for?
- Yeah, they should be arriving
at the Tiki Taka Kentucky now.
They said they may have a solution.
- Let's hope so.
Now, let's go get the bomb back.
(timer ticking)
- We're going to Kentucky?
- [Boris] Da.
- I am so miserable.
I am just so happy.
I'm not gonna lie.
Can I take a swig off your drink?
What is this?
- Hello!
- Oh!
- 10 buck cover.
- Oh, um (coughs), did someone
here call about a bomb?
- A nuclear bomb, specifically.
- We're closed.
Everybody, out!
- All right, fine, we will find Boris.
We'll figure out what's going on,
and then we'll decide what to do.
- This time, let's keep
'em till breakfast.
This is a bed and
breakfast, not just a bed.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- We heard about a room.
We just got remarried (laughs), yeah.
- Oh.
- Yeah, do you have a room?
- Yes, one just opened up.
A Russian guy just took
off with his boyfriend.
- How long ago?
- About an hour.
- Russian guy.
- Wait!
You can't just come in like that.
That's not how this works.
- We're FBI.
It's how we work.
I'm sorry, you said he
had a boyfriend, really?
- I think they were just friends.
Dani sees love everywhere.
- Oh (laughs), that's nice.
- Really?
- Yeah, it's cute sometimes.
- Really?
- Sometimes.
- They said they left in a car that seemed
to be an Uber or something.
I don't know.
Maybe we could track it.
- Well, you know exactly where he'll head.
- Peter.
- Hey, we could, uh, crash here
for a couple of hours, if you want.
- Maybe.
- Maybe.
- Maybe.
(gun bangs)
(suspenseful music)
(Maya moaning)
- Thank you for that.
That was beautiful.
(Maya grunts)
You stole my child, Maya.
Lilly, she is mine, isn't she?
(Maya sighs)
Isn't she?
- Yes.
(door clacks)
(door thuds)
(Maya gasping)
(gentle music)
(playful music)
- Jeez.
(objects clattering)
(Wallace and Maya grunting)
- I see Maya brought the bomb,
and not to you.
- Dad, my phone's dead,
and the weirdo host won't let me charge.
I'm gonna go in the car.
- It's okay, Lilly bug,
do whatever you need.
- She's Wallace's, isn't she?
We can use this.
We can leverage Lilly.
(hand slaps)
(solemn music)
- Maya, hold on, listen up!
(both grunt)
(Maya squeals)
(dramatic music)
(Maya grunting)
(Maya gasping)
(Wallace laughs)
- [Maya] Rafael.
- Finally, I have a good
enough reason to end you.
(both grunting)
(strikes thudding)
Bloody hell.
(Wallace grunts)
(both grunting)
(strikes thudding)
- Dad!
(gun clicks)
(dramatic music)
(glass clatters)
- Sorry.
- Get away from my dad,
- Lilly!
I promise I'll explain later,
but right now, I need
you to put down the gun.
- I'm okay, sweetie, I'm okay.
I love you, put, put
the gun down, come on.
There you go.
(Lilly cries)
- Shh.
It's all right.
So since everyone's lost their minds,
and I have the bomb, I'm taking control.
- (sobs) Daddy!
(tense music)
- Sonia, come on now, put the gun down.
- Did you not notice
the bomb ticking down?
No more liabilities.
(dramatic music)
(clock ticking)
(solemn music)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
- Hah!
(glass clatters)
(henchman thuds)
(solemn music)
You guys go ahead.
I'll wait here.
(dramatic music)
(elbow thuds)
(Lilly grunts)
- Ah, ah!
- Give me the gun!
- No, let go, you stupid brat.
- [Lilly] You're trying to kill my mom!
- [Sonia] Yeah.
(gun bangs)
- Lilly!
(dramatic music)
(Sonia gasping)
(Lilly sobs)
(solemn music)
Well done, Lilly.
That's my girl.
(tense music)
- Ah!
(strikes thudding)
(both grunting)
(Rafael gasping)
(Wallace roars)
(clock ticking)
(gun bangs)
(dramatic music)
- Kale!
(Wallace roars)
(Rafael gasping)
(gun bangs)
(Wallace gagging)
(solemn music)
(gun clatters)
(Emily gasping)
- This--
- It's okay.
- This is not good.
- No, you're fine.
You're fine, you're gonna be fine.
It's fine, you're great.
Okay, okay, baby, okay?
(Kale coughs)
- I missed this.
- What, getting shot?
(Emily sobs)
- You.
(Kale gags)
- Don't die,
don't die, don't die on me,
don't die on me, Kale.
(Kale coughs)
Don't you fuckin' die on me.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't you fucking die.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
(somber music)
(Emily cries)
(dramatic music)
(footsteps clack)
(bomb humming)
(suspenseful music)
(Maya sighs)
- For bomb that has yet to go off,
so much destruction.
I am sorry about your father.
- I know.
- We need to go.
They're waiting on us.
- Why did you kill him?
- He shot.
I reacted, reflexes.
It's not the first time
we shot each other.
But I am not sure now
what really happened.
I may be very wrong.
- What do you mean?
- I must go.
- Go, go, go.
(dogs barking)
(metal clatters)
- Shh!
(door clacks)
Boris, wait for me!
(suspenseful music)
- I'm taking Lilly.
(Lilly sobbing)
I know.
(Rafael yells)
Drive as fast and as far as you can go.
I'll be in touch if, when I can.
- Oh, don't worry, she'll be safe with me.
Hey, are you okay?
- I wish I could tell
you how not okay I am.
(Lilly sobs)
Baby, hey.
I love you.
- Love you, too.
And I like the British accent.
(Maya laughs)
- Yeah, you didn't have
that before, did you?
- Go, go.
- Let's go.
(Maya sighs)
(dramatic music)
- Get to your feet.
We know where they're going.
(siren wails)
- No, the FBI will not
be cleaning your carpet.
I don't care whose blood it is.
- What?
- I thought the blood
actually accents the--
- So, well, what if it
was your blood, huh?
Would the FBI come and clean that up?
- Yes, of course.
- Don't help the psychopaths.
- So what happened?
- Larry wants his brother
Barry to kill A'ron
so the FBI will pay to
clean up all the blood.
- Right.
- Yeah, remind me to never
ever talk to you first again.
- Yes, sir.
- A'ron.
- Looks like The Group was staying here.
- Did you transport Kale's
body from the other B&B?
- Yes, but it was just him and
the two women, no assailant.
- Well, that's not good.
Well, who died at this B&B?
It wasn't Boris' blood, was it?
- No, uh, Wallace and
a woman, uh, a Sonia.
- Well, I know where they're off to, then.
Okay, take these two in, secure this site
and meet me in the third act.
I have a feeling there's
gonna be a higher body count.
- Oh, and apparently the
bomb is ticking down!
- Probably should've led with that.
Now, turn around.
(plane whirs)
- Barry, get him!
- We're close.
- You've made a mess.
- She's not mine.
- Not yours?
You raised her.
You were there at her
birth, her first birthday,
her first word.
You seemed happy.
- You knew.
- I know everything about
my granddaughter Lilly.
When this is over, I'll
make sure that you go
and raise Lilly somewhere in peace,
until she's ready to help with the cause.
- And where are we going?
Why don't we just have
Boris deal with the bomb?
- Boris' bomb is not the only bomb.
- Oh, goody, story time,
just what we need (laughs).
Can you step on it, please?
- Seven bombs, seven continents,
seven pairs of agents,
reset the world, turn it
off, turn it back on again,
that was the plan.
And we enter the chaos and run the world.
Boris' bomb was the key bomb.
When it went off, it would've
triggered the other six.
- And what happened?
- Boris.
He grew a conscience,
in love with my wife.
It was the '80s.
It turns out we didn't
need a nuclear solution.
The Group was back to power
with the most predictable
of devices, politics.
Right, Senator Duckwall?
- And we can't have a nuclear war.
We would never get reelected.
- Why not help Boris disarm the bomb?
- Because it is not his bomb.
It's mine.
Is that him?
Is that Boris?
- Yeah.
- Run him off the road.
(dramatic music)
(timer ticking)
- Oh shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit, shit (gasps).
Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
- Where's Boris?
- I don't know.
(gentle music)
- How's the bomb doing?
- You may want to speed up.
Did you miss it?
- I'm semi-retired.
I don't do fieldwork, but I dabble.
Amy hates it when I dabble.
You know, we surprisingly
run a successful comedy club
in suburban Kentucky.
That and a three-year-old, I
don't have a lot of free time.
- [Boris] Ah.
- Of course now I'm
driving a dented, smoking,
countdown nuclear bomb towards my family,
which could all go boom, thanks to you.
- I know, I know.
- Look, I'm not trying to be an asshole.
It's just I do have a wife and a kid.
And that's a nuclear bomb.
- You have a life.
I will not let you down,
just because I made different choice.
But you might want to drive faster.
(engine revs)
(gentle music)
And I was well out of sight
Till the turn of the tide
Cut through the ice,
so I could see outside
And I've never quite known
what's real from a dream
But when I'm out on the peaks
I feel right in between
Lookin' down
Lookin' down
I'm lookin' down
- You are so spun, man, relax.
I probably won't kill you.
- Hey, pull over.
We're gonna get someone.
Here's good, stop.
(gentle guitar music)
Rainbows of shadows
all tossin' and turnin'
Minds disappear with the night
Waterfalls crashing
and dewdrops of rain
(Rafael sighing)
- Go, go!
What are you fuckin' waitin' for?
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
Who turned him to stone
And here I sit, always
alone in my mind
I'd like to take a shot at the world
Just open my eyes and fly
Take a shot to remind myself
That this is where I'm alive
That this is where I'm alive
The boy ran away to be a clown
To ride in the circus
on their merry-go-round
So we follow the laughter
from town to town
Just to get thrown in the well
The mountains, they opened
and started to shake
The waves crashed down
on the tropical lake
The fool had been kissed
by a princess forsake
They were blown away with the wind
I'd like to take a shot at the world
Just open my eyes and fly
Take a shot to remind myself
That this is where I'm alive
That this is where I'm alive
- Boris, this is Dr. Jones,
Dr. Baker, my bouncer Keena.
- Hello.
- Is this the bomb?
- Da.
- Oh!
Don't worry.
- Gently.
(Dr. Jones grunts)
- [Dr. Jones] Come, Dr. Baker!
Dr. Baker, let's go.
- [Dr. Baker] Careful.
(Dr. Jones grunting)
- The gate, the gate!
It's badly damaged, dented.
- Did someone use this
nuclear bomb as a weapon?
- You should get the club.
Amy needs you.
- Oh, you mean she's mad at me.
- Yes.
- [Peter] Coming, sweetie!
- Don't even think about it.
- All right?
- I am fine.
- I'm taking you in.
- First, I have to stop bomb.
Then, if you must--
- I know that Duckwall is involved.
I get that that bomb is a nuke
and probably about to go off.
I get all of that.
What I don't understand is
why did Kale have to die?
- Kale is dead?
- Yeah, Boris, Kale is dead,
chasing you.
(suspenseful music)
- [Dr. Jones] (whistles) Here we go.
- We have six hours left.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay?
He asks me if I'm okay?
No, no, I am not okay!
You're supposed to be semi-retired,
not bringing us closer to Armageddon.
- I am semi-retired.
(switch clicks)
(shelf squeaks)
- Dammit!
Does, does that look semi-retired to me?
- I knew you'd be angry!
And those are your knives.
- We're here.
Um, you know, I'll just, um--
- Dwight, would you please
take care of the driver?
(solemn music)
- [Rafael] What are we waiting for?
Boris is in there with the bomb.
- So impulsive.
If you're gonna lead The Group,
you need to learn patience.
(gun bangs)
Show that to me, today.
- How?
- Kill Maya.
- Maya took Lilly and ran.
I have no idea where they are.
(Sammi laughs)
No, she didn't.
- You never cared before.
What changed?
- I'm pregnant!
(bomb clacks)
- Oops!
- Oops?
- You're pregnant?
- You just say oops?
- Yes, first, congratulations on the baby.
Second, the bomb, we have, um,
we have 20 minutes now.
- How exactly is it that
you're being helpful?
- I am sorry for Kale.
He was my friend, too.
- He was my husband.
I don't give a shit what the
fuck this is about anymore.
I don't care about The
Group or Wallace or Maya
or your damned, stupid, fucking past!
Kale is dead.
- Emily.
- It just went from six
hours to 20 minutes, Boris.
(Emily sighs)
- When this is over,
you're so fucking mine!
(dramatic music)
- What happened to bomb?
- Uh, we had a bit of an oops.
- My family's about to die
in a nuclear explosion,
and all you can say is oops?
- Well, there is some good news.
- We may have neutralized the
polarity with this device.
- And?
- Potentially no boom.
- Or potentially bigger boom.
- Or potentially small boom.
- Well, you two are very reassuring.
Okay, how far away can we
get in the next 18 minutes?
- Not far enough.
- Ah, Boris, now would you
grab the handle of the bomb?
- I need my old partner Nikolai
or the biometrics not work.
- I can save your information
into the limited memory
of the computer, as old as it is,
and that might get us
halfway to disarming it.
- Is true?
- Couldn't hurt at this point.
- Boris Ivanov.
(bomb beeps)
- Oh sure.
(gentle music)
- Well, that's good, right?
(Peter sighs)
(bomb hisses)
- Okay.
(Boris sighs)
- We're all gonna die.
- Sammi's alive.
(dramatic music)
- I thought he was a bad guy.
- Turns out no.
(bright music)
- Oh, it's Jimmy, my Uber driver (laughs).
- Yuber with a Y.
- He is with me.
It was not a dream?
- No, and he's here.
You want to fill them in.
(Boris sighs)
(dramatic music)
(timer ticking)
- Make it count.
- Oh, I will.
(punch thuds)
(both grunt)
(speaking in foreign language)
(Dwight laughing)
(Boris groaning)
Got him.
(solemn music)
(gun bangs)
(Jimmy groans)
- For once, I wish you'd
fill us in on the whole plan.
- Right?
- Not that this isn't fascinating,
but we do have a nuclear
bomb here set to explode
in, oh, 18 minutes.
- Not one, seven.
(Dr. Jones gasps)
- This bomb is key bomb.
If it goes off,
bombs in countries all
over the world go off.
The Group used the KGB to
try to start world war.
They framed Russia, also USA.
- Our latest intel shows that
six bombs are still out there.
- That's just fucking great!
- Oh, and I'm CIA, so you might
want to put your guns down.
(playful music)
(gun clicks)
(suspenseful music)
- Where's Lilly?
- She's safe.
(dramatic music)
- 17 minutes.
- Incoming hostiles!
Lots of incoming hostiles!
(hostiles yelling)
- No, no, no, no, no guns, please.
The bomb's in such a fragile state
that one stray bullet could set this off.
(dramatic music)
(blades clink)
(hostiles yelling)
(both grunting)
(knife clinks)
(hostiles yelling)
- Huh?
(fighters grunting)
(strikes thudding)
- Take that!
(Jimmy grunts)
(Jimmy gasps)
(fighters grunting)
(strikes thudding)
(knife clinking)
(fighters grunting)
- [Amy] Peter!
(gun bangs)
(Amy sighs)
- Love you, baby.
- Love you, baby.
On your three!
(fighters grunting)
(strikes thudding)
- Catch assist.
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
You're pregnant?
- Yeah.
- Sweet.
(Amy laughs)
(Dante yells)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
- Oh, Boris, oh.
(punches thudding)
(Dante grunting)
Oh, I can't look.
(Dr. Jones grunts)
(punch thuds)
(flesh splats)
- No, it can't be 3.5.
It was 3.25.
- It's not working.
It's not working!
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(gun bangs)
(Dante grunts)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
- Come on, Dwight, come on!
(Rafael groans)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(Rafael gags)
(dramatic music)
(gentle music)
(strike thuds)
(Rafael grunts)
(Emily gasping)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
- Oh sure.
- I'm in stasis!
- Well, Dr. Baker,
stasis is death.
(gun bangs)
(dramatic music)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
- Fuck that.
(gun bangs)
(solemn music)
(Dr. Jones grunting)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(Armando yells)
(bomb whirring)
(ominous music)
- Sammi.
- Hello, old friend.
(gun bangs)
- No!
- Get Boris.
(henchmen yelling)
- Fuck this.
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(solemn music)
- Maya, my sweet Maya.
- You died.
I was at your funeral.
- My shift simply ended.
I went home
to my real family.
- No.
- I'm sorry, for what it's worth.
It seems a waste
but not entirely.
We have Lilly.
- What do you mean?
(ominous music)
- No!
Let go of me (sobs)!
- Why are you doing this?
I'm your daughter.
- The legacy, The Group.
- You keep Lilly out of this.
- Too late.
Given that her bloodline is
filled with mine and Wallace's
and raised by your (laughs) boyfriend,
or whatever you think he is.
(gun clicks)
But he's loyal, and I like that.
I can't have another anchor to my past.
(solemn music)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(neck cracks)
(Boris grunts)
(strike thuds)
- Sammi!
- Boris.
(strikes thudding)
(Boris grunting)
- I killed you!
- Not very well.
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(thunder rumbles)
(timer ticking)
(both grunting)
- And now you want the bomb to go off!
- A lot you know.
I can't risk The Group losing power
because of an old KGB
washout and an ancient bomb!
(both growling)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(gun clicks)
(solemn music)
(gun clicks)
(both grunting)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(Peter and Amy gasp)
- This is more fun than I remember.
(Peter sighs)
I love watching you fight.
(blades clink)
(Peter groans)
Here, here, let me see.
Ah, it's not too bad.
- Yeah, yeah.
(suspenseful music)
(timer ticking)
(bomb clangs)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(Boris growls)
(neck cracks)
(Dante grunts)
(kick thuds)
(Dante yells)
(strikes thudding)
(fighters grunting)
(Dante yells)
(Boris growls)
(neck cracks)
(solemn music)
- Stop fooling around and get the bomb!
(gentle music)
- I may have used all your data.
(Boris and Rafael chuckle)
(dramatic music)
(Sammi yells)
- You ruined everything.
(punches thudding)
(Sammi grunting)
- I saved your--
- They were not my family!
They were job, just like you.
Now I'm trying to save my real family,
but you have to be so noble.
I'll get that bomb and
stop it or die trying.
You have to die!
(Sammi growls)
(gun bangs)
(solemn music)
(Boris gasping)
- You do know how to drive, right?
(Boris laughs)
(timer ticking)
(engine revs)
- It's time for the end,
my little bomb friend.
I had so hoped I could
avoid you going boom.
But I made mistake, many mistakes.
I was arrogant.
And now (sighs), you will
incinerate me for my arrogance.
(solemn music)
There's a lantern on a branch
That glows against the sky
Fire sparks golden wings in the night
And the eagle cries
So we laid to rest our
country down, down, down
And people gazed as
banners waved goodbye
- [Boris] If we all have our bombs,
the decisions that define us,
the mistakes that motivate us,
ticking and ticking,
sometimes we embrace the
past or accept our future,
and sometimes we have
to let the bombs go off.
All ideals are lost
- [Boris] To find something, no,
a future to believe in again.
Once proud to praise
Now who will raise our flag
- [Boris] We all have our bombs.
Come the dawn
From coast to coast
And on throughout the land
- I understand, Mr. President,
but, yes, yes.
Stories of our past
Were carried once again
The constitution
- Call you back.
Had faded with the use
Yet people longed to reunite
the states that disappeared
The mist shall rise
The lantern shall glow
As kindle creaks, incentive speaks
To those who feel they know
And men who shall prevail
over what's lost, lost, lost
And morning dew to wake the few
From slumber's softened frost
- I was not expecting this.
(gentle music)
I am going to miss you.
You've been whispering
to me, for 30 years,
beckoning me back to the past,
when I fell as a person
and ran away with all my principles.
Principles, huh.
All I did was avoid and put off,
delay what needed to be done.
(somber music)
(sniffs) You are my family.
My nuclear family.
(Boris chuckles)
(dramatic music)
(Boris panting)
(explosions popping)
(Boris laughing)
Little bomb, you are little bomb,
not big bomb (laughs).
(Boris sighs)
It is done, it is done.
(speaking in foreign language)
(explosions popping)
(dramatic music)
(water gurgling)
(upbeat rock music)
Young love
Throw in some dumb luck
But not scared enough
To turn around
Gotta prove
We belong here
Home sweet home
The sirens scream one block over
'Cause we're leaving far behind
All the kids from the small town
The cheerleaders and jocks
and the guy from the K-mart
Drive till the sunset
Didn't get a round trip
I don't need a reason
I don't need a membership
Walkin' down Seventh
Street, but I'm not worried
Got a key between my
knuckles like a switchblade
Bullocks Wilshire, where we
haunt the night like devils
Dirty city
City of Angels
Late nights, whisky-born fights
Hit the taco truck
Then we'll subway home
On the Red Line,
breathing smog and smoke
40 ounces of, in brown bags of hope
We're takin' home
'Cause we're leaving far behind
All the kids from the small town
The cheerleaders and jocks
and the guy from the K-mart
Drive till the sunset
Didn't get a round trip
I don't need a reason
I don't need a membership
Walkin' down
- Oh my God!
Oh my God, there's a body.
He's dead.
Oh my God, it's a corpse on my carpet!
You got your blood on my carpet.
You leaked all over!
Why no plastic?
We discussed this.
Look at it.
Oh, it's on my shoes!
- We're gonna need the big jug of bleach.
Neighbor falls, you pick them up
Skank, you mosh you circle up
No one's special, no one cares
Don't hold it back, nobody cares
Suck it up, nobody cares
Suck it up, nobody cares
'Cause we're leaving far behind
All the kids from the small town
The cheerleaders and jocks
and the guy from the K-mart
Drive till the sunset
Didn't get a round trip
I don't need a reason
I don't need a membership
- Stay safe.
Now, all I need to do is call Yuber,
so I can get a ride home
to Los Angeles (laughs).
Boris has got my phone.
Stuck in the middle of Kentucky,
with no car, no phone.
Walking down Seventh
Street, but I'm not worried
- With a shit load of cash.
This is all gonna lead to more trouble.
Bullocks Wilshire, where we
haunt the night like devils
Dirty city
City of Angels