Born a King (2019) Movie Script

At the beginning
of the 20th century,
Emir Abdulaziz bin
Saud returned to Riyadh
from exile in Kuwait,
eager to recover
his lands in the Nedj.
These lands had been usurped
with the help of the Ottomans
by the house of Rashid.
Immediately, after
the first world war,
the territories of the middle east
were carved up by the victorious allies
who sought to
keep Arabia divided.
Abdulaziz and his loyal
warriors reconquered his lands
expelling both the Rashidi
and the Ottoman armies.
This was the dawn of
the unification of Arabia
and the holy city of Mecca
was open to all Muslims.
This is where our story begins.
Where's the prince?
He has a high fever.
Nothing too sick.
The prince has malaria.
But I can't be certain
he'll reach England.
I won't make. I won't make it.
I was as strong as
my father and brothers,
tell him. Tell him yourself.
Youre strong.
You have got his blood
and your brothers sword.
Tell my father, I died in
Allahs service.
Come on, Marzouq, hurry.
Run, Marzouq, hurry up.
Allah be praised, a great
future awaits this child.
I bring news!
I bring news for you!
I have good news!
Emir Abdulaziz
has had a third son!
Tarfa had her child!
Tarfa had her child!
I bring good news,
I bring good news!
God be thanked, God be thanked!
News at last, news at last!
Emir Abdulaziz has had a
third son, God be praised!
Its a boy! Emir Abdulaziz
has had a third son!
Emir Abdulaziz
has had a third son!
A brother to princess
Turki and Saudi.
I have good news,
I have good news!
Emir Al Saud has a new son!
Your highness, the queening
will make you feel better.
Your servant hasn't left you
aside for a single moment.
He is not my servant.
He is my brother,
my middle brother.
Will he recover?
His body is fighting the fever.
Hes stronger than he looks.
There's a good chance, yes.
I hope you are correct.
The destiny of our country
depends on this mission.
Never again shall the Ottomans
and Rashidis invade our lands.
Thank God.
Here is your son. God willing.
Where is Faisals mother?
Resting. She is weak.
She had a difficult labor.
Welcome back.
How are you?
I hope you are not ill.
Im fine.
I gave you a boy.
There is no God
but Him, the All-Mighty.
One more, Mayor, with your sons.
Turki, Saud, come and
have your picture taken.
Turki and Saud, our
country will be in good hands.
Faisal, smile.
Say, Abdulaziz.
Now your fame will
travel all the continents.
Won't it, Philby?
Let me see.
Your son, Faisal, he
was not in the photograph.
Philby's recently
returned from Lahore
and says, you have the complete
support of the British government in India.
They believe the days of the
Ottomans in Arabia are numbered.
And they recognize you as the
only Emir capable of bringing unity
to the Arabian Peninsula,
ruling in the interests of all.
They want to recognize
you as king of Arabia.
Let him speak.
But London has
yet to be persuaded.
They will continue to
support Sharif Hussein.
However, the British government
will continue their support
by supplying the
necessary ammunition
and equipment to
defend yourselves.
I am sorry, Emir.
Divide and rule,
that is their strategy.
I apologize, adviser Nian
was born in Constantinople,
you know the Turkish people
can be a little hot-blooded.
Let's go for lunch.
Let us go and eat.
Such bad news won't
break our friendship.
So, is it true that there
will be war in Europe?
I fear so. The European tribal
chiefs don't trust each other
despite the fact that some of them
are related by blood or marriages.
In Arabia, only Allah and the prophets
are more important than the family,
where kings should sit
down together, drink tea,
solve their issues,
just as we do.
Come on, Turki.
You can do it, Turki!
Good fight, you are a
champion, my brother.
Fight with me!
If you unsheathe
it, killing will follow.
Blood will be shed.
Power shouldnt be used
to wage war and kill others.
It should be used
to protect our people.
True power lies in keeping
your sword sheathed,
not in anything else.
All I ask is to fight
by my fathers side.
And make him proud, like you do.
The poet Imrul Qays
had to wait many long
years to win his fathers favor.
although a thousand
years have gone by,
we remember his poem.
Do you remember the
poem that our father sang?
I do.
When we rode our
thoroughbred horses
All the enemy warriors fled
Like scattered meteors
in a night of lurking wolves.
We were brave
and true fighters.
Listen, Faisal.
If you wish to be as
strong as the hawk,
your dignity must climb
higher, like the hawks.
Have the eyes of the hawk,
and be wise.
Only then you will
know the real strength.
You alone do we worship
and implore for help.
Guide us in the right path,
the path of those on whom You
have bestowed Your blessings,
those who have
incurred Your displeasure
and those who
have not gone astray.
Tell me about Surah Al-Asr.
Speak, Faisal.
The Surah says we are
not lost if we have Faith.
What do we need?
To be generous,
fair and fearful of God.
What else?
Strong and brave.
Follow me!
To the well!
Who is going to
dare jump this time?
Who is brave enough to climb up?
Ill go in alone.
My lord and father.
May God have
mercy upon his soul.
What none achieved in battle,
the poison of sickness
has accomplished.
I wish I were lying here.
He was a brave man, one
of your best warriors, my lord.
Turki would want you to have it.
Now you will ride with
us to conquer Mecca.
The time has come.
Well approach from the South
and surprise the
enemy by the oasis.
You, the Ikhwan, will arrive
from the West and wait for us.
We shall attack
Sharif Hussein at noon.
Why, wait?
We can finish them off.
You will wait for
my order to attack.
Is that clear?
Excuse me.
Ibn Luwai!
Our victory will open
the way to Mecca.
We shall follow
the Emirs order.
Men, attack!
You had to wait for my
orders! I couldnt hold my men.
We have to unite the country
through peace, not killing.
Dont expect a wolf to change.
British guns.
Theyre arming both sides.
Divide and rule.
Who is this? We
found him this morning.
Let him go.
What are you doing here?
I missed the desert.
I heard captain Shakespeare
was shot in Jarrab.
He's a good man.
Very loyal. He
believed in you, Emir.
He wanted to fight by your side.
He paid the price
dearly with his own life.
Have you also come to fight
alongside with us, Philby?
No, no. I've come to talk.
I hope the purpose of this
gift isn't sweet and bad news.
I'm sorry, Emir
but the British government requested
you postpone your plans to conquer Mecca
and return to Riyadh.
I've raised a huge army,
traveled many miles
across the desert,
now we are one day
away from Mecca,
expect me to just turn back?
No, no. Not me, Lord Curzon,
the secretary of state of the
foreign office and my superior,
a very powerful man.
Lord Curzon.
Yes, I keep telling him, you're the only
one of capable of unifying Arabia. But
no, it's all his fault.
Colonel Lawrence, he's
hypnotized a lot of them
Curzon, Churchill and the
Prime Minister, Lloyd George.
And he supports your enemy.
He's made her saying all sorts of promises
which the British government won't keep,
or can't keep.
The Balfour declaration has reversed
all previous promises for the Arab people.
Yes, it's true.
According to rumors, there are
ample deposits of oil near the red sea,
precisely, in the
domains of Hussein.
And without oil, the
British navy cannot sail.
The fleet has switched
from coal to oil.
You're very well informed.
Only the holy cities matter.
Mecca must be
open to all Muslims.
But let's see if peace can
be achieved by other means.
We postpone the military campaign
to Mecca and return to Riyadh.
Don't you think
our city is beautiful?
No, it's glorious.
I had the choice of living here in
London, well, it wouldn't be easy.
Your wife and son might
have a different opinion.
You know what, Emir,
the people of England
know nothing of the virtues of
this land or the
Ibn Saud family.
Lawrence has made
your enemies famous.
He's photographed
and formed over.
He's invited to garden parties and
palaces and political conferences.
I want to put the name of Ibn Saud
on the lips of every Englishman.
It's designed to
tell me, Philby.
I think the time has come
for you to come to England.
You'll get to know Curzon,
Churchill, and the king.
You'll be able to explain directly to the
British people what's happening here.
I just answered the
military expedition to Mecca.
If I leave now, the enemy
will attack us immediately.
Sit down.
Then let Saud go,
a dashing prince. Everybody in
London will want a piece of him.
Saud must stay here.
When do you think the
visit should take place?
Well, the sooner, the better.
And Faisal will go.
Please, excuse me, Emir, but
Faisal has no experience.
Faisal's my son.
He's a man already.
I'll have my adviser,
You said the sooner,
the better, did you not?
You have seen
the terrible consequences
of a battle.
Yes, father.
You will now taste diplomacy.
Its flavor is even more bitter.
This rifle is the pride
of the British Empire.
But you, my sons, are my pride.
Youll be the first Al Saud
to set foot in England.
I shall not disappoint
you, father.
My son, Faisal.
I look into your eyes and I
see courage and wisdom.
But do not forget,
our one and only goal is Mecca.
Remember, if you succeed,
you will have achieved more
than any victory in the battlefield.
I once had a dream.
I remember it as
clearly as the night sky.
I was with my father and Turki.
Our horses charged
against the enemy.
The noise of clashing swords
and firing rifles was deafening.
When it was over,
I got off my camel
and climbed on a hill.
And then
I woke up from the
deepest dream ever,
feeling very calm and at peace.
The fighting was over.
Last night, I had a nightmare.
I dreamt that the ship was
being destroyed in a storm
that was good.
At least, I wouldn't
be able to humiliate
my father in front of
the king of England.
Your fever is turning
you into a fool.
Some are born great,
some achieve greatness.
And others have
greatness thrust upon them.
Are you ready to carry on with
your studies, your highness?
Your highness, you're
looking very well today.
Thank you.
May I see your painting?
Oh, yes.
You're very talented.
Your highness,
Shakespeare is waiting for you.
Can you please
stop all that noise?
Enjin, relax, I'm
sure that this will end.
Yes. Well, I'm
glad you think so.
Come on. His royal
highness is almost here.
you promised a
huge crowd to greet the delegation,
where is everyone?
There's still time.
The king.
Im at lost.
All we need now
is a little sunshine.
The mighty British navy,
but never forget,
it was only with our help
that the allies were victorious.
Ah, gentlemen
and ladies.
Thank you all for coming.
You have the privilege of
witnessing a historic moment.
Finally, please excuse me.
So, Montague, I thought
you wouldn't arrive on time.
Where's lord Curzon?
At the races, sorry, Philby.
Ah, guess what we need.
The ship has docked.
Little lord of Arabia
Your royal highness,
welcome to Great Britain.
Most respectful greetings on behalf
of my father Abdulaziz, Emir of Nedj.
Very good to see
you, this is wonderful.
Your highness, allow me to
introduce the Mayor of Plymouth.
Prince Faisal.
Sir Henry Stokes of
the royal household.
Do you think this is the
way to receive a prince?
Your highness, allow me to introduce
Sir Montague Smythe of the foreign office.
Your highness, on behalf
of his majesty's government,
welcome to Great Britain.
When I crossed central Arabia,
over 600 miles of desert,
I went entirely unmolested
and received hospitality
from every quarter.
Because I traveled on
the authority of his father.
I consider him a friend and this
country is lucky to count him as an ally.
But the prince is very young.
Well, indeed. But in Arabia,
at his age, he's already a man.
You seen that sword,
doesn't carry it for
sure, believe me.
He's a great warrior
like his father, Al Saud.
There are just too
many people here.
Did they fight with Lawrence?
Al Saud have nothing to
do with Lawrences rabble.
They've fought and defeated the
ottomans on their own without help.
But with British guns
and British support.
That may be,
Al Saud didn't need a jumped up
archaeologist to tell him what to do.
The Emir Al Saud is his own man.
The young prince
who terrified the Turks.
That's good.
Your highness, shall we mark
the occasion with a photograph?
Could you please get closer?
Your highness, could you please
turn your shoulder
a fraction this way?
English tea, your highness.
From India.
So, it is Indian.
Where is Lord Curzon?
It is a pity he couldn't be
here to greet his highness.
Yes, indeed. I'm afraid Lord Curzon
had a meeting at the cabinet office.
He's probably still there.
But nobody's here.
Is this a royal welcome?
I know. I know it's not
what I was expecting either.
As with many things in England, I
suppose we must blame the weather.
Please trust me, . I've spent
weeks planning all the fine details,
you need to have no concern.
I'll have a word
with Montague now.
What the hell is
going on, Montague?
This reception is an insult, the
delegation traveled weeks to be here.
You got your wish, Philby.
An official visit to the United
Kingdom for the Al Saud family,
some people in Whitehall might think
sending a child is a total waste of time.
Doing Whitehall?
But I'm sure you'll
make a success of it.
Something wrong?
Nothing important.
Look, the cars
are waiting for us.
Welcome to the Victoria, Sir.
Good afternoon.
Welcome to Queen Victoria.
So, he is the young prince.
Correct, and he's rather tired.
Surprised, he didn't
come on his camel.
We made it, England.
You misplaced my mirror.
As usual.
What is all that noise?
Come on, dear.
What's the problem?
They were praying.
Well, I'm awfully
sorry, Mr. Philby.
But they can't pray here,
this is a hotel not a mosque.
They're disturbing our guests.
Don't you pray
before going to bed?
It's not the same.
Yes, it is. Of course, not. All
that murmuring and chanting.
They must leave before midday.
They are guests of his majesty's
government and his majesty himself.
In that case, I suggest
you speak to his majesty.
What do you think this says
for British hospitality, hmm?
In Arabia, a guest is treated
as a member of the family.
I expect them to be gone
by midday, excuse me.
Ah, your highness.
Is there something wrong?
No, everything's all right. Did
you sleep well, your highness?
Is this man removing us?
No, it's all a misunderstanding.
You should be staying in a much
better hotel, we'll have a new one.
May we speak in private?
Yeah, of course.
His highness is concerned about the
absence of any news from Lord Curzon.
Your highness, Lord
Curzon will receive you,
he personally gave me his word.
But what for the time
being, he has other priorities.
I have the impression that we
won't be meeting Lord Curzon
or Churchill or the king.
Imagine what your
father would say.
Our prince Faisal, son
of Abdulaziz Al Saud
arrives on a visit
to Great Britain.
You see you're already
becoming famous.
King George will be reading
this over his breakfast.
His majesty will think
you are here for a holiday.
A holiday? He thinks
I'm here to amuse myself?
What we need to do
is capture the attention
or the imagination
of the British public,
tour the country, be
seen, build up support,
then the British government
cannot ignore you.
You'll be taken seriously and listened
to with respect and given your due.
We must ensure
that your highness
is right there.
That's where your
highness should be.
What good are all these photographs
when I go home and face my father?
Three months in England
and not a word for Lord Curzon
while our enemy
declares himself king.
The bitch are
playing us for fools.
Sometimes, I think Philby
organize this whole visit for himself.
Come in.
Good news, your highness.
Has Lord Curzon finally
agreed to meet us?
No, but the King of England has.
Remember, your highness?
Yes, no politics,
just small talk.
But how can I ignore the fact that
Sharif Hussein has declared himself king.
The British haven't
recognized him.
I'm sure his highness's
presence here is one reason why.
We just have to
play our cards right.
Your enemy is 3000 miles away,
and you have an
audience with King George.
Let's enjoy the advantage.
Remember, you're
not just a prince,
you are a warrior too
and have nothing to fear.
Prine Faisal Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud Ahmed Ibn
Sunyan -and Mr. St John Philby, your majesty.
In the name of Allah, the
merciful, the benevolent,
my father Abdulaziz bin Abdul
Rahman extends his warmest
and most sincere
greetings to your majesty.
He thanks your majesty for
the support and close friendship
of the United Kingdom
and looks forward to many
more years of friendship.
Gift from the Nedjs
for his majesty.
It's quite magnificent.
The gold is from
India, your majesty.
Oh, really? I'm curious.
There are no gold
mines in the Nedj.
The gold is imported
through Bahrain and Kuwait.
You've been making
quite a name for yourself.
The warrior prince
made a habit of appearing
in my morning newspaper
in many different places.
I have seen many wonders.
You've even driven a motorcar.
Yes, your majesty.
That was a great day.
Well, don't get into a car with
my son, the prince of Wales.
He's a rotten driver.
With our blessing,
for your father.
I don't mean to be rude
but you're terribly young.
I am 14.
I mean too young
to be a warrior.
In Nedj, we learn to
fight at an early age.
Is that so?
Our customs oblige us.
Well, at your age, my brothers
were dressing up as pirates.
His, you know, highway
men of the seas, swords,
eye patches, and cutlasses,
was a birthday party favorite.
And how do you
celebrate your birthday?
Oh, the date of your birth.
That is not something
we celebrate.
My mother neither.
She's always complaining
about getting old.
You've made a great ally of
his father, I hear, under travels.
I consider myself lucky to
call him a friend, your majesty.
Emir Abdulaziz Al Saud commands
enormous respect across Arabia.
He's a true king, worthy
of our trust and support.
Of course, my loyalty is
to the crown, your majesty.
141 Philbyns have
served in the armed forces.
There is no more
constant family in England.
Well, keep up the good work.
We must make the young
prince feel at home, one of us.
Victoria's sponge cake,
the secret is to add
buttercream to the jam.
Have you actually
fought in a battle?
Yes, I rode alongside
my father and brothers.
We surprised a great
arm with a lightning strike
and finished them off.
Finish them off? Goodness!
And how many
warriors were there?
Two thousand.
And how many of you?
About three hundred.
And you're all on horseback?
No, on camelback,
my father leading.
Would you like some more tea?
Yes, please.
I think I'm getting
used to the taste.
I will be all right. Thank you.
Princess Mary, do
you know Lord Curzon?
Yes, a little bit.
Why do you ask?
Well, in my country, the
decisions were made by the king,
but here
Here, it's Lord Curzon.
Everything you've heard is true.
He's a very powerful
man, have you met?
No, if I return to Arabia
without meeting Lord Curzon,
I could never face
my father again.
You should come to the meat.
The meat?
Yes, there are fox hunts up and
down the country called meats.
I hunt and so does Lord Curzon.
You are at an English hunt,
if your father
could see you now.
Have Lord Curzon arrived yet?
Not yet. I'm sure he's on his
way, he never misses the meat.
Yeah, there's someone
who'd like to say hello.
My son, him.
Your highness, it is a
great honor to meet you.
The honor is mine.
Come on.
You have a catapult?
Here, your highness, could
you show me how to use it?
It would be my pleasure.
Find me a good
walnut or a dead stone.
He's been asking so
many questions about you.
Look at your young Arabian.
This is Marmaduke, your
highness, ride him well.
Let's take that off, shall we?
Careful, Philby.
My, he's riding bareback.
Well, very daring.
I won't find any man
here going bareback.
Pick up ascent.
Lets go.
Well done.
Marmaduke, youre smart.
Prince Faisal!
You were right.
Of course. Im more worried
about poor Marmaduke.
He'll be fine.
Where's the fox?
The fox got away.
My goodness, you're hurt.
Just relax, I won't kill you.
I'm a trained nurse.
I work at a hospital in London.
Your father allows that?
Yes, my father's very pleased.
We girls,
we princesses aren't
supposed to get our hands dirty.
But you changed everything.
Princess Mary, why
are you so kind to me?
I know how it is to create the
respect and affection of your father.
Have you lost
anyone close to you?
Yes, my little brother, John,
died last year.
He's the same age as you.
He was no normal prince
because of his health.
Because he was
different, they hid him away.
I think about him a lot.
I also lost a dear
brother, I think of him too.
Right. Well,
let's see if Lord Curzon's
arrived, just like the fox.
Possible to catch.
I must admit, Philby, I'm rather
impressed by your young prince.
Seems to be right at home here.
Which is just what we want.
If Lord Curzon doesn't receive
him soon, he'll be going home,
to his real home.
Not too soon, I hope.
Im sorry gentleman, I just heard that
Lord Curzon won't be coming today.
He is lunching at checkers
with the prime minister
and Lawrence.
In fact, I have to join them there
for a briefing, please, excuse me.
Damn it, Montague.
This might just be a game to
you but lives are at stake here.
If we don't support Al Saud,
there'll be a war across Arabia.
This is no game for
me, I can assure you.
I'm most concerned.
This morning, we learned that Sharif
Hussein has conquered Hijaz, sorry, philby.
That's our land. You
see, it's war again.
The British government
strongly condemns the incursion.
Incursion? It is an invasion.
Which we shall do
our utmost reverse.
You know what the
problem is Ahmed,
they think there's oil in the
Hijaz. But what if they're wrong?
What if there's oil in the
East of Arabia, in the Nedj,
then Al Saud will
be your best friend.
Your cynicism doesn't
become you, Philby.
The fact is Arabia
is an irrelevance.
The priority of the British government
is protecting the sewers canal.
So, they can ship the
oil from Mesopotamia.
That means keeping
Palestine under our control.
Palestine is the priority.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Think for yourself, Montague,
stop toeing the party line.
Careful, Philby.
This obsession of
yours has gone too far.
People are talking in Whitehall,
whose side are
you really on here.
It's Lawrence, isn't it?
He's the one driving
Arabian policy.
Curzon thinks he's touched by
greatness and so does most of England.
Lawrence is no
friend of the Arabs.
He's loyal only to himself. His Arab revolt
was nothing but a self-serving stunt.
And how about you,
Philby? Who do you speak for
other than yourself?
I speak for the
millions of warded
who lost their lives in a
pointless conflict to preserve the
imperial ambitions
of the great powers
including my two brothers.
Something the matter?
Yes, your highness.
There is Sharif Hussein
has taken us here.
My country is at war.
I have to do something
to help my father.
I cannot fail him now.
And he won't.
Prince Faisal, I have an idea.
My brother, David, the Prince of Wales
is hosting a private dinner next week,
important men sitting
around changing the world.
Now I know for certain,
the Lord Curzon has accepted.
You could come as my guest.
None of them know more
about your country than you do.
How do I look?
Like a king.
We will get to meet
some great men tonight.
Don't you think it is time
we return to the Nedj?
I am sure your father is
raising a big army to the
We should be there with him.
The British say, politics
shouldn't be discussed over dinner.
And it's almost dinner time.
I think the British have a
habit of talking about everything
except those things
that really matter.
In any case, we are not British.
Be careful this
evening, your highness.
The British are very clever at
making you feel part of the club,
one of them,
to stop you and your father
causing trouble for them.
Are you saying, Princess Mary
should not be trusted? She invited us.
All I'm saying is
be on your guard.
Good evening, your highness.
Welcome to St. James's palace.
Good evening.
Mr. Boylan. Mr. Boylan will
show you to the servant's quarters.
Come this way, your highness.
Prince Faisal. My dear
Faisal, come with me.
My brother is so eager
to meet you. David!
Oh, Prince Faisal.
How splendid to meet you.
My sister has told me so
much heard, all about the meat.
You cut quite a dash.
It's a day I will never forget.
I bet.
Now, what will
you have to drink?
Homemade lemonade, rather good.
So, I must admit I prefer
something a little stronger.
You sure I can't tempt you.
Come on now. Let's move on.
Don't encourage him
to come to.
Now, Lord Curzon hasn't arrived
yet, but Winston Churchill has.
Just go over here.
Your highness, your
reputation pursuits you.
You're a great horseman
and warrior I'm told.
Princess Mary's too kind.
I passed out of sandhurst
as a cavalry officer.
When you're on a great horse,
it's the best seat
you'll ever have.
I couldn't put it better myself.
Tell me about Arabia, I
want to hear everything.
Hes secretary of state
for war, Winston Churchill.
Yes, it was Churchill's decision
to switch the fleet from coal to oil
when he was first
Lord of the Aberralty,
complete egoist.
He's the duke of Marlborough.
But he's nobody's fault,
very independent-minded.
Damn back.
Good evening. Is it?
-One moment darling.
Blasted pills.
Time to meet the prince.
Lord Curzon.
Princess Mary,
always a pleasure.
Lady Curzon. My goodness,
that necklace is beautiful.
Has our young prince arrived?
Yes, of course.
We'll have to tear him
away from Winston.
They've become very
firm friends already.
Your father is known as a
man of courage, a great leader.
I am honored to be his son.
Yes, being the son of a
great man has its burdens.
My father, Lord Randolph,
did you know what
he once called me?
Idle, useless and unprofitable.
I'm sorry to
interrupt, gentlemen.
My esteemed foreign secretary.
Lord Curzon, Prince
Faisal Abdulaziz Al Saud.
Lord Curzon, it's a
great honor to meet you.
No, no, no. The honor
is mine, Prince Faisal.
I can only apologize
about the length of time it's
taken to finally bring us together.
It seems that you have
a gift of making friends.
Bless us, o lord and these thy
gifts which we are about to receive
from thy bounty
through Christ, our lord.
Your royal highness, forgive me.
He's always late, does
it deliberately I'm sure.
My lecturer at the
rds overran horribly.
You're in great demand.
I tell you what
really slows it down,
everyone wanting to have their photograph
taken with you, it's most tiresome.
Ah, Philby, old man,
long time no see.
I trust the foreign office is
making full use of your talents.
And you must be Prince Faisal.
Not finding England
too chilly, I trust.
On the contrary, the
weather is most clement.
Spoken like a true Englishman.
Mark my words, there is a
revolt brewing in Mesopotamia.
We must honor the
promise of self-government
as laid out in the
Anglo-French declaration.
Wouldn't you agree, Philby?
I would, absolutely.
And we must let Faisal
Hussein govern Mesopotamia.
He is in my estimation, the
finest Arab leader since Saladin.
If I may?
No man commands
more respect across Arabia
than Prince Faisal's
father Abdulaziz Al Saud.
This I learned when Saud rode right
into the heart of Hussein's territory.
You may wonder how I could enter
the kingdom of the Hijaz unannounced
with no invitation,
like the sun in the sky
as old Hussein protested.
Because I traveled on
the authority of Al Saud.
We have no greater friend
in the whole of Arabia.
What do you say, Prince Faisal?
Is it true? Could your father,
the Emir, one day
be king of all Arabia?
I thought an Englishman never
discussed politics over the dinner table.
How's the restoration
going, podium?
Never buy a castle, Montague.
Gertrude bell is most persuasive
on the matter, you must read a report.
Hes keep avoiding me.
Wait till he's drunk
his first whiskey.
Your master has
asked for mint tea,
would you be kind enough
to show us how it is made?
Of course.
Over there.
How is the dinner going?
All good.
You simply don't have the resources
to maintain control of Mesopotamia.
Day after day, week after week,
there's a continuance of
this wasteful, miserable,
sporadic warfare.
Yeah, yeah.
Probably not a single friend
in the press upon the subject,
cradle of civilization
and they can't affording.
Doesn't this remind
you of being at home?
The men discussing
affairs of state.
I feel most at home.
Before you leave for Arabia, you
must come to my club as my guest,
the food there is excellent.
I would like that very
much, Lord Curzon.
But I hope we can have
another meeting first
in private.
High time you went
back to the desert.
What the bloody hell?
You did that on purpose.
No, it was an accident.
Marzouq, apologize,
do something.
I apologize most
sincerely, he's still learning.
Splendid evening,
your highness. Yes.
But not as good food
as at the Lyse palace.
Please, excuse me.
Where's Marzouq?
He's in stables.
I have failed you.
No, we are brothers.
And between us, not a
drop of water must come.
Forgive me.
Remember when we
arrived in Plymouth,
saw the huge ship,
the might of the British navy.
British navy.
I felt so small, so I know
why should the
British listen to me?
A boy from the desert.
Because you are
Prince Faisal Abdulaziz.
Am I really?
You are a prince amongst men.
Tell me something. Was it an accident
when you spilled the tea over, once again?
No I never liked that man.
We're going home.
We are lost.
No, we are going
back to our real home,
Nearly four months in
England and all Lord Curzon
has offered is
lunch at his club.
We must leave.
If the British won't support us, we
must try and resolve our problems
at the conference in Versailles.
Perhaps, French policy is more sympathetic
to the problems of the Arab people.
If you leave without a commitment
from the British government,
your father's position
will be greatly weakened.
And whose fault will
that be for bring us here?
The future of Arabia will be decided
at the conference of Versailles
or on the battlefield.
Your highness, if you go,
it will destroy your father's
relationship with Great Britain.
Your highness, we must leave.
Your father needs
you at his side.
Damn it.
Montague is downstairs.
Ah, good morning, Philby.
God, give me strength.
It's on.
What is?
A formal meeting. Lord Curzon
wants to see Prince Faisal.
This is what we've
been waiting for.
A proper meeting?
Yes. Montague says, Curzon was
most impressed by your highness.
He thinks you're a young man
with a very promising future.
This is just a trick.
It's a trap to help
Sharif Hussein Ahmad.
That's an insult
to Prince Faisal.
He's proved himself most
worthy of Lord Curzon's respect.
Divide and rule, Faisal.
They have divided Arabia, and
now they want to divide your family
and turn you into their puppet,
their very own English
gentleman of the desert.
Your highness.
My father warned me that
diplomacy is more bitter than battle.
The decision is mine.
And I have decided
that we stay.
Lord Curzon is a
very astute man.
Perhaps, it is better
if I do the talking.
What's in the newspaper?
Churchill says, the treasury is
running out of money and can no longer
afford expensive
foreign commitments.
Please, read it.
It's gratuitous that after
all the struggles of war,
just when we want to get together
our slender military resources
and re-establish our finances,
we should feel compelled to go
on pouring armies and treasure
into these thankless deserts.
Your highness, gentlemen.
Lord Curzon has asked
to see Prince Faisal alone.
I hope that doesn't
present any problems.
No problems at all.
Good. Good.
Excellent. Please, come through.
Minister, Prince Faisal
bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
Prince Faisal.
Very glad to see you
again, Lord Curzon.
This is my pleasure.
Our last meeting
ended rather abruptly.
My apologies. Please sit down.
Montague got these
especially for you.
I hope these are not too
sweet and the bad news.
No, no, certainly not, sir.
I believe the red
ones are very good,
isn't that right, Montague?
Yes, indeed. Strawberry.
Abdulaziz Al Saud, your father,
is a great warrior.
He's a great man.
Yes, quite.
A most wise man
as he demonstrated
when he retreated from Mecca.
It was the right decision
but we are concerned
that he's about
to make a mistake,
a grave mistake and go to war
with Sharif Hussein.
I'm not sure that your father
can see the bigger picture,
but I have every
confidence that you do,
you're a very bright young man.
The bigger picture?
The long-term friendship
with Great Britain.
Have you not felt welcome here?
Most welcome.
And have you not
made friends? I have.
And seen for
yourself, the wonders
of the civilized world.
The civilized world! Oh, yes.
It has taught me a great deal.
But I have learned too
what real friendship is about.
Friendship is about respect.
Friendship based on
superiority is no friendship at all.
My father respects all
Muslims and his allies
and can be trusted
to keep his word,
but he will not stand by
while his land is being invaded.
He will fight back. Right now,
he is gathering a great army.
We are sending a
peacekeeping force.
Your father must not retaliate.
That would be most foolish,
to have one army armed with British
weapons fighting another army armed
with British weapons.
Divide and rule.
Young man.
Surely, it is in the interest
of Great Britain to have a
strong united Arabia,
can you afford otherwise?
Do you want to spend years getting
bogged down in the internal affairs
of a thankless desert?
Think of the expense.
Let Hussein and his sons govern
Mesopotamia and trans Jordan,
if they have enough support.
But leave Arabia to my father.
He is the only true leader.
Your highness, did it go well?
He gave me this.
Prince Faisal.
Is it true Prince Faisal is going
home to fight Sharif Hussein?
You'll be at war with
the British Empire?
The sands of Arabia are going to be
turned red with the blood of good people.
Because British government policy is
determined not by friendship or respect,
but oil. Print that.
Your highness,
you have a visitor.
A visitor?
Please come with me.
Just the prince, I'm
afraid, sir. Your highness.
Princess Mary.
How did it go? I'm so eager
to find out. I don't know,
Lord Curzon is so
cunning. He's just like
just like a fox.
Princess Mary,
thank you for your friendship.
I'm going to miss you.
I'm going to miss you.
Life will be far more
boring without you.
There's something I need to say.
Yes, what is it?
I'm not a warrior.
I was trying to make
myself sound brave.
You thought, I believed you.
I got brothers, you know.
What is that?
It's a birthday cake.
In this country, we
celebrate the date of our birth
with a cake,
candles for every year.
So, this is a small gift to remember
our friendship in our funny ways.
I wish someday I had the
opportunity to return your hospitality.
Better ones have a
saying in my country.
You are dear to me
like the apple of my eye,
oh, my camel.
You are as dear to me as
my health, oh, my camel,
how sweet are my ears, the
sound of your bells, oh, my camel.
Are you calling me a camel? No
Your royal highness,
Prince Faisal,
my apologies for
the interruption.
Well, what is it?
Lord Curzon asks that his
highness does not return
to Arabia
before the foreign secretary
has had an opportunity to discuss
your situation in detail
with the prime minister
and the king.
Welcome back. Thank you, father.
It was Gods wish that you
returned safe and sound.
I bring a letter from
the English King
to the Sultan of Nedj.
Go ahead, read it.
Dear Sultan of Nedj,
I am entrusting this
letter to your son,
Prince Faisal
with whom I have had the
pleasure of becoming acquainted.
It marks what I hope will
be the beginning of a very
fruitful relationship
between our two kingdoms
following the unanimous
decision by my government
to formally recognize you
the Emir of Nedj.
You were our best ambassador.
You have brought us more
honor than fifty victories.
Your brother Turki
would be very proud.