Born Bad (2011) Movie Script

I kiss her now.
You know...
Why do I always end up with random guys?
Do you at least know something about me?
Can I say that...
You recently left a relationship.
has difficulty trusting people.
Three months ago...
2 years.
Not bad!
Not bad.
Sun and cursing.
I do not know what kind of girls you used
leave, but...
I'm not the kind of girl who likes men
in control.
Do not?
What is your problem?
Stop! Stop!
Seriously! Stop!
Can not do this to me, please!
You never learn,
is not?
You need to control the situation always.
But never let the situation control you.
Damn, girl!
You're crazy.
You're a psychopath.
Not good for you, dear
No! Please!
-Where do you think you're going?
Stop! Please!
Please stop!
Please stop!
Shut up!
Let me go, please!
Special Participation Isabela and Rapfiedler
What about Cleo?
As for Cleopatra.
I like.
What kind of name is Cleopatra?
Hey! Brooke!
Can I ask your opinion?
What do you think of the name Cleo?
I can not hear it.
How do you think Brooke will act in tea?
Should be as planned.
Yet gotten over
that letter she sent to the mother.
She had answer?
Not that I know of.
I understand that the woman
wants to rehabilitate, but...
I feel bad for Brooke,
she deserves better.
I know.
I would like her to trust me more.
I asked her to listen to her.
Dear, I thought I had gotten rid of it
Better safe than sorry, right?
-I hide in the guest house.
You will not see it again.
I promise.
Wait a minute.
Hi, Dana! Is Brooke.
-Brooke Duncan? Former Bryan?
Yes, I just got his number
to him.
Where are you?
You moved here?
Definitely moved.
Come on over.
Has a bar angry out of town.
Come with me.
Do not know
is a little late.
What is? Let's get,
will be so much fun.
Okay. Email address
SMS and I'll meet you there.
See you soon!
Wait! Excuse me!
You know what Dana's room?
Yes, following the
left corridor.
Thank you.
Hi! You came!
My God! Look at you!
Grown up!
Sit down! Take your time.
You are great!
-I love that bag.
-A friend made for me, love,
is a unique piece!
-Have a beer.
No, I can not.
Tell me all the news,
not seen her for so long.
Well, is living here now,
no longer dating Bryan.
-That sucker.
Bryan and I,
get along better as friends.
No need to explain,
totally agree.
What else?
My mother was away again.
So I'm living with my father and stepmother.
My parents divorced when I was 12 years
best you can do is not think about it.
Seriously, you can get depressed
perfect solution for you.
-Come on.
Take a look!
I think those guys are looking at us.
What are you doing?
-Just having fun.
Ladies! Ladies!
How are you?
Hello! These bottles are empty
Why not take something that
are we drinking to?
What we're drinking.
You are from?
No, we are new in town.
Speaking of which, my name is
For some reason I feel that I have to know her.
I can not explain why.
Do you mind if I take your friend
out there? It has a lot of noise here.
-Yes .
-Take care of my purse?
-Go, go!
Take care of her.
Thank you.
It's nice out here.
Yes, it's great.
What are you doing?
Are you a student?
-Yes? Where do you study?
Bayview, right?
I am a veteran high school.
There's nothing wrong with that, right?
moving and did not want to come, is not it?
How do you know?
I'm watching you for months, Brooke.
Why? You're a psycho stalker
Actually rapist.
I do not know.
Just felt something about you at the bar.
The way we looked at the place, you know?
It's like meeting a new environment.
I think I was meeting.
What happened, Brooke?
What is it? Boyfriend?
Just some family matters.
Is my father...
He expects us to accept another person
as if nothing had happened.
It's like my stepmother
tried to be my mother.
But my mother...
We love each other very much.
We were all, you know?
She did not even talk to me.
It does not hurt just...
It hurts because you're good.
There you are!
I took care of it, but you did not enter
My God!
It's almost 2 in the morning.
I know!
It's early!
Got it.
Let me see it for a moment.
Call me tomorrow.
Thank you. Enjoyed myself,
call you!
Call me!
-Think apelido.Mandy, Andy...
Seems so antiquated.
Sounds like a suitcase.
Mala! What? But
liked the name Cleo.
-Cleo, is cool.
Have you seen?
I ask people in the tea
and I think Miranda will prefer.
We have four months to decide.
Sufficient time.
Must be weird to have a
little person growing in her belly.
It's weird to me.
I think you grew up here, boy.
Tell me about it...
Good morning!
Hi, Sleeping Beauty!
-Shut up.
scrambled eggs and bread with cottage cheese if you like.
I just want coffee.
Let me clean,
out of there.
It was an accident.
Party fun last night?
What are you talking about?
Maybe they put acid in my sauce last night
and I have seen and heard things.
What happened?
I hate you.
I also hate.
Let me.
What do you want?
-I just want to talk.
I went with a friend quickly.
Does not matter.
You have to say when we will leave.
is still grounded, remember?
Okay, next time ask your permission Katherine
and pretend we're a happy family?
Brooke, where you going?
Anywhere that is not here.
Brooke tea
baby is today and...
And I would love to be here.
I'm off to take a look, okay?
What's wrong?
There is nothing wrong.
I understand that it is difficult to adapt.
Please! I. ..
Brooke! Wait!
Help me a bit.
I love you, Dad. But
can not be here today, I'm sorry.
Let her go.
I'm glad you called.
Do not know anyone here besides Dana.
And she's not answering his phone.
She is still with your friend?
No! I have not seen here, she
gone for some time.
I decided to leave home.
Find me on the hill,
know where it is?
I know, yes.
Not'm good enough for you?
Do not tempt me.
She's not a slut like you.
I'm sorry,
for making her wait.
-How are you?
Can we stay here?
Yeah, sounds good to me.
Tea are offering a baby today. I will not.
Sometimes your family can fuck you, you know?
Not always do what we want.
Did not want my life to be so bad.
What is? It is not so bad.
You have me.
Want to get high?
'll Feel better.
Yes, I know.
I've done it before.
Let me put it in your mouth
inspire only, right?
You had never smoked.
You. .. you're right.
Alright, let it out.
-I feel nothing.
It is normal for the first time.
-Leave me alone!
You brings out what's good in me.
Know that?
Do not know what to say.
I should go home soon.
I'm with you.
Are you crazy?
They will know me and will like me.
Are you serious?
They are just people, Brooke.
People like me.
Trust me.
I got this, right?
Who are you?
Excuse me, sir.
This is my fault.
and I were talking and we lost track of time.
Her cell phone was in vibration,
so they had seen on
insisted us to come here immediately.
By the way, my name is Denny.
But my friends and colleagues call me Denny
-How old are you?
-I'm 19, sir.
Very pleased, Denny. You seem like a good person
but now is not a good time
to receive visits.
Hello! I assume
have a guest.
Look, if now is not a good time
, I understand.
I can imagine what is
have a daughter to worry about.
And knowing who she was
alleviates this concern.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Denny.
I understand had a baby shower today.
Congratulations! I feel responsible for Brooke
not be present.
Is the following, Denny.
Join us for a snack.
Thank you.
How long have you lived here?
I came here for about 4 years.
It is good to know that Brooke has a
friend here who can leave.
can be difficult to make friends in a new environment.
You never know who may be dealing
It is good to know that Brooke has a family
so cool.
Well, it's getting late...
It's time to call it a night.
You have to take your car in the morning.
Yes, thanks for reminding me.
What's wrong with your car
I do not know. He hisses.
Makes a sound like a squeak.
I would be happy to take a look at
car tomorrow.
-Only if you want.
-Surely, I come.
No, you can leave.
-Walter, thank you.
-Denny, was a pleasure.
-Thanks for the meal.
You're welcome.
I'll take you home.
-Brooke, back then.
-Okay, do not worry.
Good night, folks!
Is a nice guy.
Did you? I do not know, sometimes it seems
Okay, I'm impressed
It's easy when
realize that everyone wants the same thing.
Reinforces the idea that they are right.
What values are true.
This is the secret?
That's right.
I had to do it.
You're crazy.
But I like.
So, guys?
-We... whatever.
-This bitch lives here now?
You bitch!
-Let me see that ass!
Frankie, like that ass?
Sure, man!
Not now!
You do what I say!
Relax, man.
She's in her.
-Brooke will know.
Where you think you going?
Enough of what?
Sorry for Brooke.
Release Me!
What is happening?
I'll tell Brooke!
I'll finish it for you!
This should resolve.
That's it?
-Are you ready to ride!
No hiss!
My God!
No idea how much it was annoying hiss.
If I knew it would be so fast,
would have solved it long ago.
It was nice to have waited for me.
I will not charge anything for it.
Thanks for coming over here and...
Hi, Brooke!
Good morning!
Denny just fix my car.
There was no biggie.
Was a loose chain.
Is good like new.
Great! Denny,
once more, thank you.
I'll leave you alone,
he ended it.
-Bye, Katherine!
What was that?
What are you talking about?
I do not know...
You and her?
I'm just being nice to make your life easier.
You're my girl, is not it?
Yes .. 'm your girl.
Do not worry about it.
Hey, Denny!
Are you the tools ready?
I'm going, man.
Right back.
They are understanding, is not it?
Seems so.
Brooke wanted to say I'm not upset about losing
I was a little disappointed, but now I totally understand
You know...
My father left my mother.
when he brought a girlfriend to my life...
Great , Katherine!
What do you want me to say?
Do not need to say anything.
I just want to be careful.
What do you mean?
With Denny. Understand?
He is older.
Do you really think I would accept
love advice from you?
Good game, kid!
I hope to win next time.
Talk to me. Looks like you
understands Brooke.
Maybe I'm way out.
I do not know, man.
She's a good girl, you know?
It's just the situation of mother and stepmother.
She is angry.
And that anger will not go so early.
But I also know that she loves him.
She will not be angry forever.
Hopefully not.
E. ..
Please understand
I like her.
I really like.
I know she's vulnerable right now...
I would never take advantage of it.
Appreciate that, Denny.
I'm glad she has a good friend.
My pleasure, man.
Hey! Are you finished?
See? She is all brabinha
'll Play another time, right?
We will.
Look at that one.
Which one?
I loved!
-How is it?
Thank you.
You're so...
As pure.
Pure? This is funny.
Do not?
Want to try something?
No, I can not.
It's not so bad.
My dad would kill me.
I expected that.
This is so bad, Denny.
No, this mixture is
very good.
-I breathe it?
I can not.
No, Brooke.
Do you think you can not.
You can.
Fuck your father.
Do not listen to you...
Sir Walter!
Mars pleasures, Walter.
Let me ask you something.
Will do what his father
send the rest of your life?
Prove it.
Oh my God!
I feel... my God!
Yes, I feel.
I love you.
Wait! I. ..
Is everything okay?
Yes! Yes
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Hayden are great
working with media.
I am interested.
Yeah, you too.
Talk to you more later. Thank you.
I may have another job for us.
An internet company needs all layout.
Brooke has not returned.
She's fine, dear.
Walter, she is not well.
I'm sure she's with Denny.
I do not know, something seems to be wrong with it
, understand?
I swear, the other day,
thought he was flirting with me.
You're pregnant... Who gives
upon a pregnant woman?
I do not know. But I swear,
felt his eyes... whatever.
This is because you are so beautiful,
up with that belly.
It is a small town guy
, is his way of being.
Do not worry about it.
Where he said he worked?
In a lumberyard.
Deposit wood.
What are you doing?
-I'm checking.
A deposit of wood in the county.
-Reaches the phone?
Deposit wood Dockson.
Hello, I'm calling to find out if someone is
working today.
Do not know any Denny.
Maybe he works in the yard,
do not know all the guys there.
Is there any way to find out?
Sure . I have his number on caller ID
call so I know for sure.
Okay, thank you.
-No problem.
I can not avoid my concern for her.
Do not worry.
-She needs guidance.
I'll call her again.
Feel free.
Hi, Katherine, of course it is the
Denny. How's the car?
Hi! What are you doing?
Watching Television.
-You all right?
should have gotten in a while.
I'm sorry,
in next time for sure.
-What's for dinner?
Spaghetti with meatballs.
Looks tasty.
See you soon.
I think Denny will dine with us tonight.
TV, eh?
Children will go home for dinner?
We gotta go.
is one of the best days I've ever had, dear.
I also.
I feel like part of the family now
You pretty much is.
Are they new?
No. It's Bryan,
he is the brother of Dana.
Hi, Bryan.
What happened?
sorry to bother you, but saw Dana?
No, I do not see
a few days ago.
My parents are desperate for friends called
for school, up to
Dana's boyfriends.
're About to call the police.
Do you know where she might be?
Yes, I called it
the other day and she did not answer.
Not her habit.
How strange.
I'm sure she's okay.
If you know of something I'll call you, okay?
Why did he call you?
Because I know Dana went to school with Bryan.
Classmates, right?
More or less.
Bryan is your
ex-boyfriend or something?
There was serious.
You have seen Dana?
Because he was pretty nervous.
I said what was the
last time I saw her, I was with you.
You know...
it is a bad influence, Brooke.
You should
out with another girl.
Honestly, that girl is a slut
I choose that strange kind of person as a friend.
And your friends?
If she is a slut, what are they?
What do you mean?
Seriously, you...
They are your friends, right?
They mean nothing!
Honey... dear...
My God!
I'm sorry.
Sorry. I love her.
I will never hurt you.
I need you to forgive me.
I understood. Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Forget this happened, okay?
Okay, never happened.
'm glad you're okay.
But when you need to call if
-We were waiting.
-Katherine, she was with me.
I would not let anything bad happen to her
, you know.
What happened to your face?
Was rubbing my eye.
Why will not wash?
I'm finishing dinner.
Your father will come down in a minute.
Do you mind...
You do not have 19 years?
Can I take care of myself,
Katherine, do not worry.
You cook, clean and
is beautiful...
Some woman, Katherine
This is not appropriate, Denny.
I'm just being polite.
And another thing, I do not feel comfortable with you drinking
I will wash up there.
Hi, Walter!
I miss anything?
Stay cool, okay?
Delicious... always delicious.
You know what? I will compensate them
do my pork ribs.
You'll love it.
Pork ribs special, huh?
Dude, melt in your mouth.
-Here is Dockson Gary Jr.
Someone called looking for someone?
Can you wait a moment,
Excuse me, but I have to take this call
Yes, all right.
-Gary, thank you for waiting.
-No problem.
What can I do for you?
I'm checking one employee, who Denny.
Mean, Denny Firm?
This is a gust of wind from the past
it does not work over here, lady.
-Look surprised.
I'm surprised.
I have bad information about it.
What else can you tell me about it
? I would be very grateful.
The guy is not who he says,
it is a really sleazy.
He did horrible things to the daughter of my friend.
The guy has problems with
law since I met him.
He is a negligible
and a bum.
It has a very long history.
One more thing.
The real name
it is Dennis Nelson.
Stay away from him.
Is all I can say, lady.
Thank you.
Sorry. Honey,
I talk to you?
Yes, please.
Excuse me, be right back.
Is there something wrong?
's Okay.
What happened?
He lied to us.
Dennis Nelson,
is his real name.
Yes! I just talked to the old
his boss.
The guy said that he is a crook and a criminal
Yes, he...
The guy said that it
is always in trouble with the law
and he was caught abusing a little girl and
Wait, what?
I do not know,
he did not tell details, but...
Had nothing nice to say.
Told to stay away from him and...
Has a red mark on her face.
Do you think he...
I do not know.
I do not know.
I saw something...
You are no longer welcome here.
I suppose you have a problem.
I just talked to
his former boss, Gary.
Do lumberyard.
In which you no longer works.
He has interesting things to say about you, Denny.
Or should I say, Dennis?
-You checked the?
Yes, I checked.
You do not know anything.
But he was snorting cocaine in the bathroom
before descending.
What is this, man?
He's lying!
-You cheeky!
-I'm cheeky so what?
You think I'm weak as you?
It is not pro its beak!
I tie forcibly, coward!
Come on, Denny!
Let's get out of here!
You are not going anywhere.
It will not take that from me too!
Brooke, I said no...
Take your hands off me!
I swear, if I see the new
will be your end!
Is that a fact?
It's a fact!
I'll crucify him!
Get out of my house!
Get out!
Stay there!
-Get out of the car, Brooke!
Do not call her.
Brooke, please listen!
You do not want to do that.
no good, should not
rebel that way!
You make me feel like shit
, Katherine!
Because I just want to like you,
to my dad like you!
This is not true!
I really care about you!
Please, Brooke!
Out of the car!
I can not tell you what to do!
Because you're not my mother!
Get out of that car!
-I care about you!
-Get out!
We should call the police!
What will they do?
I let her go!
I'll heat it.
So the guy said that he is a criminal?
That's what he said.
-Why was he arrested?
-I do not know.
-And the real name is Dennis Nelson?
Yes Where you going?
Let's see what the internet has to say about
Dennis Nelson.
's Okay.
What is the problem?
Honey, do not worry about them
They are trying to make your head, do not allow.
You're stronger than that, I know that is
Besides, who cares,
it is not really your family.
Yes, but not only that...
What is it then?
Honey! What?
You can tell me.
You can tell me anything.
Do not even know what to say.
I think I made a mistake.
What does this mean?
What does this mean?
I do not feel well.
Could take me home?
Do not think it's a good idea.
Well .. I. ..
Denny, I know that this bag
was Dana.
You're probably right.
She was here,
you saw with Joseph
And she forgot the bag as
happens and come get it later.
Who cares?
You have to rebuild now.
-You are freaking out.
-I... I think I have to go.
-Calm down.
-I'll just call my dad.
I do not think you can call.
Everything was fine!
Why you had to ruin everything?
Why did you do that?
Because of them?
They love it!
see I'm the only
that really love?
You're hurting me.
This hurts?
You're a little girl, Brooke.
I'm trying to help you!
Can not you see that?
Everything was perfect!
We are doing this for your own good.
We will be something serious.
Something true.
We can be together forever.
Because we have something!
Can not you see that?
Leave me alone!
I'll take you home.
-Between there.
In the car.
Get in the car!
And be quiet!
Shut up!
Shut up, dammit!
Should not have forced me to do so.
Found something interesting?
Yet, but
may have something here.
Let's take a look.
Sound familiar?
Look! Is your ex.
Is Bryan.
Hello, Bryan?
Who is speaking?
Hi, man!
I am a friend of Brooke,
she said you'd call,
're looking for Dana.
She told us that you are concerned.
No idea where she is?
I do not know, man. She has to
appear somewhere, right?
I'm going to talk to the college roommate.
Great! Please
meet me in the parking lot east of the dorm, okay?
'll Be there in less than 5 minutes, right?
Do not miss it.
Okay, I'll wait.
-Okay, dude! Until now, thanks!
Relax! Jesus,
'm trying to help!
I'm Denny!
Do not worry, friend.
-Brooke is gagged?
About Dana...
Sure that it
is rotting there.
-Sound familiar?
My God!
18 years old,
jailed for three years...
-Theft, assault...
Are you kidding me?
This happened 2 years ago.
-So he's 23!
-He said he was 19.
He said yes,
he is a liar!
I'll call her.
-I just try to...
-I'll try again!
Hi, sorry...
-Damn, why she never answers?
Leave a message
I return.
Brooke, when you hear it in
call is urgent!
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me,
right, dear?
Wave, is trust.
I love you.
I really love.
Do you love me too?
I'll be right back.
Okay? I promise.
I'll call the police.
What else are you seeing?
Wait a minute!
-The phone is dead.
The internet also fell.
We have to call the police!
-Take my phone, come on!
Oh my God!
Hey, guys! Alright!
-Drop it!
Do not hurt him!
Back !
Come back!
Shut up!
Where's Brooke?
Where is Brooke, Denny?
-Do you understand?
Do not... no!
You are smart.
Destroy phones, Walter.
I want to see them in pieces.
Destroy them right now!
Father ..
Where's Brooke?
She is safe.
Okay. I have not the least
slept with Brooke.
Why did I hurt
I do not want anyone to get hurt here.
But at this point does not depend on me.
I'm good for it.
And we will be happy together.
Okay! Please!
Do not need to hold it so strong.
He can not breathe.
He will not run away.
You dominated us, Denny.
You. ..
Come on, Denny.
Think about what you're doing.
Take one roll of tape.
Denny, think about what you're doing.
Think what you're doing here.
Walter, sit on the couch.
Sit on the couch!
Okay, Denny.
Tie the arms and his legs.
Tie now! Now!
My goodness!
's How it works:
I command and you obey. Get it?
's Okay.
's Okay.
Is okay. Look at me.
'll Be okay.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Okay. Enough of this!
Tie it right now.
Tie the legs...
's okay.
What? No!
No! You are sick!
Jesus! Women...
I'm sorry.
Get up!
Thank you!
Go there!
Do the same on it.
This is my family,
This is your family?
You'd better not do anything stupid.
I think you better do what I say!
And all will be well!
Tie it!
Do you know?
's Funny.
When Brooke comes to his beautiful house.
With its rich family, will
everything you always wanted.
... Otherwise E
She chose me.
It is not my fault.
It's your fault.
You do not pay.
Good job.
Is not that interesting?
What's going on?
Stop soiled, man.
Gives time
one last move before we move on to the next town.
I need you to bring the truck.
Scanner, protection...
All, right?
You will not cry, right?
What is happening there?
Nothing, dear.
Honey, what is it?
What's wrong?
What made
my family?
Nothing! Nothing!
Honey... My God!
No, no, no.
Nothing, whit.
Listen. I never hurt them.
Look, I'm doing all this for you
Actually, there is something I want to ask
You run away with me?
Just you and me, you know?
A beach...
Mexico or...
any place you want.
Just need to borrow some things from home.
You know...
to follow this dream.
Do you know if your parents have any place where
hide things?
As a safe or something?
I. .. I do not know.
We'll find.
tell me what is happening?
Just trust me, honey.
'll Be on the way soon.
Stay expecting.
Can do this for me?
Come on, friends!
Is this house, follow me.
Alright, folks!
The little things first and costly.
When everything is calm,
take larger items.
Easy as taking candy from a baby.
A bearded.
How to handle a family.
Obtained bitch in charge.
We are well.
Let's boxing, man.
Let's get up there.
Watch down here, Joseph
Certainly not here, man.
How's down there?
-All right.
Joseph, put it down!
Something wrong .
-There's something wrong, man!
This door was closed.
I swear to God, was closed.
Let me take a look.
Where were you?
A task, Jos!
Come on, Frankie!
That's what I'm talking
, Frankie!
What's the combination?
I do not know.
-What's the combination?
-I told you, I do not know.
Let's do it all night?
You. .. what is the combination?
I do not know.
I do not know.
Three seconds.
Last chance, folks!
We do not know.
Was empty when we moved.
The combination
is written on a piece of paper around.
There is nothing inside it.
For you serve, then?
I mean, if you do not know anything
What use do you have for me?
You are human garbage, Denny.
This is a pity.
We could have fun in together.
Go after her!
Go after her!
What will you do now, Katherine
I have your family.
I'll kill your whole fucking family!
Do you want this?
Or I'll have to kill her, Katherine
And your baby.
Your Family...
You did it!
You caused this!
Why did you do that?
Why did you do that to me?
I thought I could trust you.
Put all in the garage.
-Damn, man, I...
-Take them!
Gotta go to the hospital, his girlfriend
stabbed my foot, man.
Do not be cool.
Put them in the garage now.
Fresco? Let's summarize:
her mom's out there.
And if she call the police?
You know what? I. ..
Calm down!
Calm down, man!
It was toward the house
guest, understand?
There is nothing out there.
I know the 100 acres,
and nothing, has no
phone has nothing.
Not going anywhere.
We have unfinished business.
Do you understand?
What's up, man?
We have...
Do not go anywhere!
Until the woman is dead, Frankie!
Do you understand?
Hey, lady!
Do you think he got?
If he took...
Where is he?
If I'm not back in 15 minutes...
Kill everyone.
Where are you, Katherine?
You picked up a bit,
was not, darling?
Yes, you got it.
's Okay.
It's okay.
She was very quick.
Hello! It's the police!
Anybody home?
Lady, put the gun down,
Put your hands where I can see them!
yell at a cop with a gun in his hand.
I could have killed her.
What is going on here?
Suffered an invasion in our house.
And they tried to kill us.
Who's trying to kill her?
-Denny... Dennis...
But there are other...
Has a guy there,
but he is dead.
They are here now?
Yes, 3 of them have...
But may have more...
Becker asking for reinforcements, 227
Spring Village, home invasion
armed suspects.
The reinforcement is on the way,
no idea where they are now?
No, they can be
inside the house. I do not know.
I try to get to the door, right?
Lucky the first time.
-Wait! Brooke
What are you doing?
Do you want me, right?
You can stay with me,
let's run away together.
Right now.
You had your chance.
's Not too late,
because I still love you.
Let's forget it all, right?
And let's get out of here.
It's all their fault.
You know that, right?
None of this would have happened if they were legal.
I know. I know that.
Let's forget them...
Let's get out of here.
Just you and me.
Right now, shall we?
I'm serious, right?
I do not want them, you want
Just you and me?
Just me and you.
You are full of lies.
Are you trying to manipulate me.
No! No, dear!
I love you!
I love you so much.
I love you too.
-Walter, no!
Put the gun down!
Desist, Katherine!
You will only lose.
Get away from my daughter!
Your daughter?
She is not his daughter.
She does not even like
you, Katherine.
Actually, she hates you.
I know this is not true.
What will you do?
I'll kill you if you need
, Denny.
It seems that finally...
Just your luck.
Seems that just the luck of both Denny.
How about we make a truce?
I think I've passed that point.
Still have a trump card.
Really? What is it?
You is not nothing but a whore
How does it feel?
Knowing that you are about to die?
I will not lie,
is my stroke of luck.
Are you okay?
Yeah, all right!
Thank God you're okay
All right.
How are you?
I'm happy to report that
the baby is 100% healthy.
Thank you.
This is great news.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
You. ..
You called me daughter.
Can we start again?
Definitely .
You know, I'm excited to have a little sister
Just promise me one thing.
Do not call Cleo.