Born Into a Dream (2023) Movie Script

[upbeat salsa music]
ANNOUNCER: I want my movie.
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful electronic music]
[whimsical music box melody]
[bird cawing]
Go ye and seek the
book of wisdom.
Go ye and seek the
book of wisdom.
Why am I always
last in these dreams?
Can I go back in?
No, absolutely not.
Go ye and seek the
book of wisdom.
Why are you following me?
I'm not following you.
You backed up into my space.
You sound absolutely insane.
And what is that ridiculous
outfit you're wearing?
Do not ever speak
to Cesar of Dreams
that way, or I will have your
head on a silver platter.
The only thing
I'm gonna have is
my foot crushed against
both of your mouths,
dashing and bleeding.
This man needs taking to
the dungeon and chained up.
No, no, no.
I just wanted to see what
he's doing in our dream.
I have no idea how I got here.
The only people that
I know are you two.
Why do you say that?
I entered the same time you did.
Look, just stop following me.
Render unto Caesar
what is Caesar's.
[suspenseful electronic music]
Somebody's been here.
I know you're out there!
I thought I told you
to stop following me.
What do you mean?
You're following us.
It's obvious
that you're lying,
or these dreams are
dictating our thoughts.
Don't you take the hint?
I don't want to be around you or
anyone else, including myself.
I don't need any fire
friends, so run along, you,
and whatever this
strange creature
is this dream put upon us.
(SINGING) Invited to follow you.
Listening to the madness.
Give me that
chicken, you glutton.
I'm hungry.
Mr. Hungry insulted Cesar
and called me a creature.
I have low blood sugar.
I didn't mean to be mean.
I'm just hungry.
It's just because of this--
this curse.
What curse?
Why the hell are
we in this dream?
She's a real stiff one,
that Queen of Dreams.
I wanted to end my existence,
but she stopped me and put me
in this horrible dream.
I was going to off myself
for various reasons.
I just want to go back to my
city and find the Green Witch
and slaughter her!
(SINGING) Listening
to the madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to the madness.
Look, I don't want to be
here any more than you do.
But I know if we don't find
that book of wisdom, none of us
can leave this dream or
none of us can go home.
(SINGING) Invited to follow you.
Listening to the madness.
Maybe it's better in
this dream than to go back.
I was done with myself anyways.
Cesar, would you
like some chicken?
[both laugh]
You eat like an animal!
What are you, a peasant?
[both laugh]
Dream chicken is really good.
Chicken is good all the time.
What the hell?
Did you just come in
from the last raindrop?
Why are you eating
a dead chicken
and how do you know my name?
Your name is Rain Drop?
Don't tell me you're a vegan.
I am indeed.
You're indeed what?
Or your name is Rain Drop?
Both are correct.
I assure you, if you keep
eating dead chickens,
their family will get you
in this dream-- if not
in this one, in a nightmare.
Look, beggar, I did not came
here to negotiate with you.
You used the B-word
in front of him?
I came here to warn you.
I've been sent by
the Queen of Dreams.
There, in that
forest, the Kazmen,
it's a dark deadly soul.
This can't be happening.
I want out of this dream.
We do not have time to argue.
If you do not find
the Book of Wisdom,
the Kazmen will, and
they might spell trouble.
I must disappear now.
I can't speak anymore.
She's gone.
She disappeared.
You're smarter than you look.
How did I end up
getting surrounded
by a bunch of mental cases?
I just want to get out of here.
I simply want to
go back to my life.
Even if it was a living
hell, it was at least real.
I mean, come on, Rain Drops?
One thing we agree upon.
Look, we have to be smart.
We have to band together
like Rain Drops told us to.
Otherwise, we can't go home.
How the hell are we going
to find this book of wisdom
when we're surrounded by
the strangest creatures?
What is your name?
Tell us, Americano,
what is your story?
We all have one.
And believe me, I think
that the only way to save us
is the Book of Wisdom.
It has the answers for us all.
Ah, maybe.
I have to tell someone.
It hurts to keep
one's thoughts alone.
I had a lonely path for so long.
I promised myself I would
not make the same mistake
as my parents did.
I chose chastity and
I chose celibacy.
I wanted to find my soul,
but one day I woke up
and my heart started hurting.
You had heart issues?
No, Sherlock, I
was heartbroken.
Be kind to Cesar.
Remember, I have a serpent and
it is a very powerful serpent.
I'm not afraid of a serpent.
I got the crystal
from the gates above.
Go on.
What happened?
I woke up and I was so alone.
I felt empty and sad.
And then one day
I went out and I
saw this green-eyed, pale skin.
And she smiled at me
and asked for my name.
And then I said, my
name is Americano.
Hey, I saw you around
the neighborhood.
You're such a handsome boy.
And I love your eyes.
I only want a warm embrace.
Come with me.
Your chastity is a
horrible way to live.
Do as I say and you will
never be lonely anymore.
I will be the one to cure
your soul with my embrace.
Do not look above
for the answers.
Look below.
That is where I come from.
I think I love you.
If you must.
[sobs] It hurts.
It hurts.
It hurts.
It hurts!
She cursed me.
The Green Witch of the
mountain, she cursed me.
The only way it could be
removed into the pit is to--
is to--
Tell us, Americano.
She must have what?
She must have what?
She must have a pure
and kind soul to remove
this curse once and for all.
It's all so
strange, these words.
They make sense, yet they
are followed by riddles.
Don't you know?
That's what they call me,
The Prince of Riddles,
the Prince of Loneliness.
How can such a fair prince
have such a low sense of self?
Those are the riddles.
Once we find that Book of
Wisdom, we'll find the answers.
But you, Mitro, how did you
end up here in this dream?
It is Cesar's turn.
And he I serve.
No, Mitro, say your piece.
I want to know as well.
In the future zone, I
was to be the greatest
warrior in all of wrestling.
It was my dream to be the very
best like no one ever was.
My mother, she was
so proud of me.
Years of training,
years of discipline.
I did not drink.
I did not smoke.
I did nothing but train
to try and be the greatest
wrestler of all time.
My mother was devastated.
She spent all her
earnings on my career
and I had to win the fight.
We made a deal.
We bet all the funds we had to
buy a home in a trailer park
with the money if I won.
But sadly, I let my
poor mother down.
My son, Mitro!
[cheering, yelling]
That's my son, Mitro!
[crowd yelling]
Come on!
Come on!
MAN: Give him the hammer!
Give him the hammer!
gentleman in front
looks like he eats
ninjas for breakfast.
[crowd yelling]
MAN: Give him the hammer!
[crowd yelling]
That's my son, Mitro!
Get up, you idiot!
That's my son Mitro!
[dramatic music]
You're my son.
I believed in you, and you lost.
You lost and I believed in you.
You're my son, and you lost.
And I believed in you.
I had to find
my mother's money.
It was all she had.
The only way I
could do it was to--
was to--
Wake up, Mitro.
You were telling it was to?
Was what to, Mitro?
Was to-- to sell the serpent
staff, for it is the only way.
It is very valuable,
very mystical.
My grandfather, he would
come in one day at home.
And he had this book filled
with verses, the page.
He would sometimes shout
it out loud in gibberish.
It was about an old
man with a staff
and tales of these witches
with a cane as well.
The old man with the white
beard came in with the staff,
dropped it on the ground, and
it turned into a giant snake.
It ate all of the smaller
snakes and returned back to him.
Exactly what I saw when
the serpent was handed to me
by the Gatekeeper of Dreams.
This is what I saw.
Americano, you may be
the Prince of Loneliness.
But I am the King of
Poverty and Suffering.
ALL: Blessed are
the poor in spirit,
for they shall inherit
the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the poor in
spirit, for they shall
inherit the kingdom of heaven.
And you, Cesar, I
serve you in this dream.
But tell me, what is your story?
Maybe we should go to sleep.
We're all tired.
Are you out of
your freaking gourd?
Go to sleep?
I went through the gates of
hell to tell you my story.
Look, I'm sorry, Cesar.
Just please tell me your story.
I want to know.
It was a warm summer night.
My father, well,
it was our empire--
not like in Rome,
not in this dream.
In Seguin, Texas--
--my father, he owns a
little Mexican restaurant.
(SINGING) Have you
ever met Miss Lindy?
She's the gal with
the bright red hair.
Now she stands out
from all the rest.
You'd know her anywhere.
Well, she's mine.
Yeah, she's mine.
Well, I love that little girl
with the bright red hair.
Well, Miss Lindy--
Can I get you anything?
Just a tea or something.
love that little girl
with the bright red hair.
Cesar, come here son.
(SINGING) Have you
ever seen Miss Lindy?
She likes to dance all day.
Can I get a tea?
Yes, papa?
What can I do for you?
Hey, take care of that
beautiful lady over there.
Her father is the
mayor of this city.
And I don't want to get
a bad health report.
(SINGING) Well, I love
that little girl--
Man, papa, she's so beautiful.
She gives me butterflies.
With a girl like that,
she goes for the bling.
She ain't gonna give me no
kissy-koo without no gold.
I know.
I tried to make her look at me,
but she doesn't even see me.
Like, I really like--
Put this on your neck.
You'll get some attention.
I paid a fortune for this.
(SINGING) Well, Miss Lindy.
My Miss Lindy.
Well, I love that little girl
with the bright red hair.
Have you ever seen Miss Lindy?
She likes to dance all day.
Thank you.
Hey, wait a minute.
Sweetheart, that is a
beautiful medallion.
Is that real gold?
24 karat.
Well, after this, why don't
we go to the Dairy Castle
and go get some ice cream
when you get off work?
Of course, I'd love that.
Say 8 o'clock?
Sounds good to me, honey buns.
(SINGING) And when
Miss Lindy smiles
at me, oh what it makes me do.
Well, she's--
[upbeat rock music]
Oh, no.
No, thank you.
I'm good with my water.
I love this ice cream.
I could tell.
Oh, you're-- Hold on.
You're looking at me
different from earlier.
Are you OK?
I mean, yeah, I'm OK.
I just-- where's that--
that beautiful
medallion you were
wearing while you were working?
Well, I don't like to wear
it in this particular part
of the neighborhood.
Oh, well, I mean,
that's too bad.
I just thought, you know,
like, since we're dating now,
like maybe you would want to,
I don't know, gift it to me.
Well, I thought you liked me.
I guess you liked my gold
medallion and my money more.
Right on the
money, honey buns.
Come on, you can't be
this much of a dumb-dumb.
I mean, no offense, but like,
look at you and look at me.
I am to die for.
I mean, I put the
H in hot sauce.
And you, well, you should
have brought the medallion.
I mean, at least you
knew I liked that.
[laughs] Stop being so
dramatic, honey buns.
Like, maybe we can negotiate.
Like, let's work something out.
What do you think?
That's not a
nice thing to say.
You only like me for
my golden medallion.
This is just horrible.
Honey buns, stop being
such a drama queen.
This is the worst
night of my life.
You know I care about you.
Honey buns, where are you going?
Honey buns!
Don't ever call
me honey buns again.
I hate money.
I just hate it.
Sorry, papa.
[sobs] I'm sorry, papa.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, Cesar.
Hey, you.
Who are you?
What are you?
I'm the Queen of the Forest.
I seek freedom.
And you seek the mystery
of the Book of Wisdom.
I feel it in your spirits.
You seek forgiveness
from your mother.
Will she ever forgive you?
No, I don't think so.
If you don't feel it,
it won't become alive.
Feelings create all life.
Feel it, Mitro.
How did you know my name?
I know all names.
It is my duty.
Do you know my name?
Your name is hard to live
up to, something you've
been doing your whole life.
Do you think your papa
will ever forgive you
for losing that gold medallion?
She knows my name.
She knows our stories.
Please, Princess of
the Forest, tell me,
will I find the gold medallion?
Tell me, is it in
the river of life?
I have to give it to my papa.
Only your search
for the Book of Wisdom
will solve the mystery
of the whereabouts
of what the gold
medallion means and is.
I feel your pain.
It is as deep as the forest.
Let out your anger.
Let out the resentment.
Americano, do you not see
what is in front of you?
Get out of my way.
I don't want to have anything
to do with your magic.
It's a light that shines darkly.
All we want to find is the
Book of Wisdom and to go home.
Your tricks don't
mean anything to me.
You're just another witch to me.
Americano, do you
not see who I am?
Do you not understand
the mystery?
Look into my eyes.
There's no way I'm
gonna look into your eyes.
It's just another curse upon me.
Let's go, guys.
Just a pretty cunning little
princess that's gonna probably
turn us into frogs soon enough.
If you do not believe,
Mitro, if you do not feel,
Cesar, if you do not
forgive, Americano,
you will never find
the Book of Wisdom.
Go yes now follow the monk
who travels the great river.
He has the map to
the Book of Wisdom.
Go ye now and find your path.
[sitar melody]
Guys, guys, come!
Come listen!
Where's the monk?
Where's the monk?
Monk of the River,
are you in there?
Are you the monk that the
Princess of the Forest
spoke of?
We need the Book of Wisdom.
We demand to see
the Book of Wisdom.
You are Mitro the great.
I am not great.
I lost.
I am the King of Losers.
I am the King of Poverty.
I am nothing but a figment
of your imagination.
I want to return to my mother.
My father was killed.
Everyone was taken
to dream limbo.
We are no longer a tribe
anymore, the great blonde tribe
of Rubius.
We were destroyed by the Kazmen.
I wanted to kill them all.
What happened?
Why are you here?
How did you survive?
The sky monk, he came
down and taught the rest
of my tribe great wisdom.
We honor him now.
He is in that cave.
He is filled with
power and wisdom.
Do not dishonor his presence.
Ye all seek the
Book of Wisdom.
Look toward the sky.
Look at the river of life.
In the sky is the power.
In the trees is the power.
In the river is the power.
The power of him who was
yet to come who created
she who was yet to come.
You seek the Book
of Wisdom, yet you--
you are consumed by resentment
toward the mayor's daughter.
You lay awake at night
conjuring spirits against her.
She has a past you
do not understand.
What you see in her
is a shiny false gold.
But she uses real
gold to hide her pain.
Your pain is no
different than hers.
You plan revenge.
How can you seek
the Book of Wisdom?
Mitro, Mitro, your
struggle has been so long,
your pain so deep.
You thought winning
could restore your self.
You thought your ego could
restore your empty soul.
Well, your father left you.
Your mother became
both mother and father.
You both could have
lived very peacefully.
You chose your ego.
How can ye seek
the Book of Wisdom?
I feel your pain,
your loneliness.
You seek the Book
of Wisdom, you do.
And you will find it.
How can I seek
the Book of Wisdom?
I am the King of Loneliness.
You are the King
of Unforgiveness.
You must forgive yourself.
The Book of Wisdom
can only be opened
by she who has yet to come.
The Book of Wisdom is not here.
He threw away the book.
How am I meant to break
this witch's curse now?
Help us.
I want to go see my papa.
I want to see my mother.
Go ye seek the Book of Wisdom.
[dramatic music]
[sitar melody]
The book!
Cesar, Mitro, run
towards the trees
and meet me at the small island.
I'll be running
with the current.
We'll meet at the
eternal fire at sunrise.
This book will never be found.
We will.
We ill find it.
Why do they toy
with our minds?
Why did they throw the book?
We will never find it.
Come on, let's go.
Why am I always suffering?
Why does this
always happen to me?
Who are you?
Hey, man, it's 25 Cents.
What's up?
Man, you like the rest of us.
Everyone suffers.
We all must suffer.
Creatures suffer.
Animals suffer.
Every creature is
just suffering.
And suffering is in the Book
of Wisdom, which you just lost.
Angels also have their bad days.
I mean, I'm like kind of like
a guardian angel here, man,
but we'll just
keep it like that.
I don't have time for
your rhymes and riddles.
I need to find the truth.
I need the result of my hope.
Nah, man, that book is gone.
Two doves just picked up
the book from the water
and took it to the
castle to be stored, man.
Man, classic.
I appreciate your help, I do.
It's just, Mitro
and Cesar, they've
been struggling in this dream.
This dream is just so enduring.
One day you will
realize the wisdom.
Man, y'all must be hungry
from that long trip,
you and your boys, man.
Have some raindrops.
How did you know I was hungry?
Man, it's my duty to
know this dream, man.
I run this joint.
Now, those things will
fill you up like turkey
dinner on rice, man.
And make sure you give one of
them to your boys over there.
Because I know they
might be hungry too.
Because that'll fill
them up real nicely.
[flute melody]
What do you want?
Why are you playing for me?
Wait, did you see
the Book of Wisdom?
Why did that crazy monk
throw it into the water?
I want out of this damned dream!
[drum beating]
Stop drumming!
Who are you?
What do you want from me?
[drum beating]
[suspenseful electronic music]
To be or not to be,
that is the question.
Whether it is nobler in the mind
to suffer the slings and arrows
of outrageous misfortune.
A wise man wrote that.
But an even wiser man said,
blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.
Are you merciful, Americano?
Do I know you?
You look familiar.
I see you've had the
fortune to meet Sagrada.
Sagrada, stand your
position, please.
Wait, dad?
I remember you when I was young.
I knew you died.
I remember.
Is it really you?
One never knows in
this dream what is truth.
And even truth may
not be the truth.
Yes, I died.
It was even a shock to me.
It was in the prime of my life.
And all one has to do in dream
limbo is contemplate one's life
and be guarded by Sagrada
until the beams of light
stand on the right.
I often thought how
much you meant to me.
When I was little, you
told me don't be afraid.
It made me felt safe.
(SINGING) Listening to madness.
Trying to follow you.
Listening to madness.
I, uh--
I feel their presence.
I feel the Kazmen.
Can't you protect him, Sagrada?
Can you not protect my son?
It is forbidden.
Run, son!
The Kazmen!
A dream within a dream.
Where's Mitro?
I don't know.
We gotta save him.
[non-english speech]
Are you insane?
They are way too
powerful for us.
We must think our
way out of this one.
I'm not afraid to
die for a friend.
You can't be a coward.
I'm not a coward.
I'm just smart enough to think
our way through this dream.
I want to save Mitro.
I don't want to die
here by his side.
You better think
of a way to save him.
I have a snake.
I remember, remember
what Mitro said
to make the snake come alive.
If you're not right, Cesar,
then I will render unto you
which is Caesar's, all right.
[non-english chanting]
I think I remember.
I think I do.
What the hell do
you mean you think?
Do it now!
Go ye and protect
the mystical warrior.
Go ye and destroy the evil
Kazman, ye serpent of desire.
No, wait.
I'm not going out
without a fight for Mitro.
He's our friend.
He needs us.
I thought you didn't like him.
I always admired
fellow warriors.
I remember it now.
I remember.
You got one second.
He-- he asked me
to say it with him.
Only two souls can unite
the wise as serpent power.
Go ye and destroy
the evil Kazmen.
BOTH: Go ye and protect
the mythical warrior.
Go ye and destroy
the evil Kazmen.
Things that occurred.
Let me go now and
I'll kill you all.
[non-english speech]
Get him, baby!
[non-english speech]
[non-english speech]
[indistinct speech]
You said it, Mitro.
Hold on a second.
It's OK.
Son, wake up.
You've been asleep
for hours on end.
We need to talk.
I know you think I'm mad at you.
I'm upset.
I'm upset at your
more than anything.
How could you do
this to our family?
We worked so hard for
everything we've obtained.
I'm sorry.
I know you're asleep.
I had to say that.
Sleep all day if you must.
I know you looked everywhere
for the medallion.
I wanted to say
something else to you.
I'm just not ready to.
Sleepy head.
Mitro, did you
notice Americano,
well, he never mentioned
his father or his mother.
I feel sad for him.
All he mentions is
that curse that he got
from that woman who hurt him.
We've got to help him.
There's gotta be a way.
It's only the right thing to do.
He is a fellow warrior.
How do we help him?
We help him by
asking questions.
What would I do for a coffee?
I don't even drink coffee.
But it'd be a great
time for it right now.
Oh yeah.
I got these raindrops
from 25 Cents.
He said it'll fill us up.
Hand one to Mitro.
How do you know
you can trust him?
What do you think
these are made of?
Isn't he one of you people?
Don't you trust him?
Hey, what do you
mean by "my people?"
I'm just saying,
you look mystical.
He looks amicable.
Not all little
people get along.
We can be pretty
damn mean sometimes.
Bet on that.
Yes, we know with
you and the Kazmen.
Here, I'll be your guinea pig.
Oh my goodness.
This is so amazing.
It's like-- it's like--
It's like what?
It's like-- it makes me--
it makes me want to dance.
You know that dance?
Not that again.
That's some weird malarkey.
[sitar melody]
This raindrop, it makes
me just feel like if I had
just eaten a feast for a king.
I'm Cesar the great.
I'm Cesar the great!
Are you nuts?
I'm not having that raindrop.
No, I will do it.
I am Cesar's warrior.
Come on, fellow warrior.
It's fun.
There is a time to fight
and a time for flight.
Come fly with us.
Eat the raindrop, Americano.
Stop the mopey hero crap
and have fun like us.
I'm not gonna dance around
like a bunch of morons.
You guys look like
flower children.
No way.
Eat the raindrop, Americano.
You'll be happy like us.
You won't be hungry anymore.
You won't be hungry anymore.
Americano won't
eat the raindrop.
Americano is a scared boy.
Americano is a scared boy.
I'm not afraid of anything.
Eat the damn raindrop.
the damn raindrop.
Eat the damn raindrop.
Eat the damn raindrop!
The wind of the west is upset!
I'll eat the damn raindrop.
I'm starving anyway.
Oh, not you again.
You always appear with your
sitar and cause trouble.
Piss off.
[upbeat rock music]
[flute melody]
What in dream
hell is going on?
Wake up!
I said wake up!
[groans] My head.
My head hurts.
What are you doing?
Sleeping all day?
You all are on a journey
to seek the Book of Wisdom.
I'm feeling a
little bit queasy.
Would you turn down
the volume a bit?
I will do nothing of the sort.
I am the queen of this dream.
And you will do as I say.
You all look like a
bunch of teen dreamers
high on raindrops from
the mystical creatures.
Wait, how'd you know?
They gave you some raindrops?
We danced and danced
like a bunch of monkeys.
You know you
can't trust 25 Cent.
He gets dream points for that.
Now he will be smiling,
knowing he will receive gold
and treasure rocks
from the dream demons
simply for pulling
one over on you.
I thought he was supposed
to be one of our guides.
Well, yes, he is
one of your guides.
But he's also a
mystical creature
that loves to play jokes.
It's what he does.
It's his soul makeup.
He thinks it's fun.
We had fun for a bit.
You think this is fun?
You have two moons to
find the Book of Wisdom
and learn your dream
knowledge or you will not
be able to go back and wake up.
If you do not complete
the dream knowledge,
you will not ever be
able to return home.
Unless maybe you like it here,
you want to stay in the dream.
I mean you do love
Sandhu's beautiful music.
Believe me, he plays
all millennium long.
I want to go home to my dad.
He needs me.
I gotta work in the restaurant.
My mama, she can't
do it on her own.
She needs me to
take care of her.
She has a bad heart.
She needs me in the real
world, not in this dream.
I need to break this curse.
I want my spirit back.
Did you not hear what I said?
Two moons.
You do not have time
to sit and chat.
Go ye and seek the
Book of Wisdom.
I never thought being in a
dream would be such hard work.
How do you think I feel?
I get tired after 20 paces.
I don't like that
Queen of Dreams.
She's mean.
I miss my mother.
She always made those
amazing chicken pies.
Raindrops and burnt chicken
just ain't cutting it for me.
It was nice being in
this dream for a while.
But then I started to see things
I never thought I would see.
I started to feel
things I never felt.
I said things I
would be afraid to say.
I love that woman in
real life so much.
I was head over heels.
You know, I was the most
voted in my spelling class.
I felt good about it till one
day I met that shifty little--
Witch, I know how you feel.
With all due respect,
Cesar, remember
what the sky monk said.
She had a pain like yours.
I wonder what he meant by
you seek the Book of Wisdom,
yet you are angry at her?
I don't know why he doesn't see
why we are angry about things.
Maybe that's why we're here.
Maybe that's precisely
why we're in this dream.
What do you mean?
Don't you get it?
We're in this dream and
seeing thoughts that we
would never see to think anew.
We have to see things
of our thoughts
in this dream that
manifest in this world
and see them differently and
think deeper thoughts about it.
It makes sense to me.
I mean, the sky monk
made sense to me,
even though I didn't
understand him completely.
There's something inside of
me that he said that makes
me want to stop hating.
I even wanted to forgive her.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.
That sounds familiar to me.
Where did you hear it?
My dad told me.
Your dad?
I thought--
He was in a dream, a
dream inside a dream.
He told me the truth may not
be the truth within a dream.
Especially a dream in a dream.
What happens if
we're in a dream inside
of a dream inside of a dream?
This is all madness.
You are all now on the right
path to the Book of Wisdom.
Oh no, not you again.
What was in that
raindrop that you gave us?
What's the big idea?
I don't know where you're
getting that big from, mister.
Look, little
brother, you might
be able to pull the wool
over these bigger folks,
but you won't get
one over on me.
How much did they pay
you to get us high?
Who paid what?
The Dream Demons, the
Queen of Dreams told us all.
How much they pay you?
I still have a banging headache.
But you danced the night away.
It was fun, right?
Look, buddy boy--
Don't call me no boy.
I'm a grown man, dude.
You better put some
respect on my name.
25 Cents, the Queen of Dreams
told us we have two moons left.
And we have to find
the Book of Wisdom.
If we don't find
the Book of Wisdom,
we're gonna be stuck
here eating raindrops
that Jimi Hendrix left behind.
Jimi who?
Never mind.
Look, can you lead us the way?
Even a hint will do enough.
It is forbidden, man.
It is forbidden?
Why is everything in this
dream world forbidden?
I gotta get rid of this curse.
I just want to hug my mother.
And I just want to get back
and find the golden medallion
to give it to my poor dad.
Dude, man.
Come on, give back my
bag of jewels, man.
Hey, fella.
Come on.
Hand it over.
Hey, I thought you
didn't get any jewels
from the dream demons.
Hey, big fella, come on.
Hand it over.
You see those castle
tops up there?
That ain't a castle.
That's a theme park, right?
It's not even
open in this dream.
You need to go down the slide
to get to the other dream, dude.
The new Americano shall seek the
Queen of the Forest, a chance
to get a cure for your curse.
Come on, let's go.
Man, a brother can't get
no respect around here, man.
This must be the kind that
small monk had spoke of.
His family must have
all been killed here.
This is sad.
This is a tragedy.
I think he was
lucky to escape alive.
The Kazman leaves no prisoner.
Everyone dies.
Are we dreaming or is this
our reality and when we wake,
we enter the real dream?
One never knows, do they?
The truth may not be the truth.
What did you say?
Never mind.
Hey, we gotta go and look
for the Book of Wisdom.
That little rascal 25 Cents
led us here to nothing.
It's not so bad.
I mean, I had a
good time dancing.
Stop the fun and games.
I have to stop this curse.
I'm sick and tired of
hearing about your curse.
We're all cursed.
We're all here.
We're all suffering.
You guys are always
arguing over nothing.
I was just trying to keep it
real till we get that book.
Nothing is real here.
Everything is disjointed.
I just wanted to have
like a light moment.
The anger that you
have toward that girl,
I mean, it's understandable.
But you take it out-- you
take it out on everyone.
You must make a change.
Try and push yourself.
Cesar, I serve you.
But can't you see, he is
suffering deep inside.
No, it's fine.
I just-- I want to smile.
I want to dance.
I want to live.
And I used to be so
carefree with my heart.
And then I let that
witch enter my heart.
And I trusted her so.
Americano, I
know what you mean.
I understand you.
I had the same
thing happen to me.
Maybe she wasn't a witch.
Maybe she was a narcissist.
Americano, look, we all
have our sufferings.
We all entered this
dream for a reason.
I think we entered this
dream to help each other.
We must all guide each
other to the Book of Wisdom.
I've grown to like you, Cesar.
Your words are rare and
kind, they make sense.
And you're a kind soul.
But no matter what poetry,
no matter what art,
it doesn't come to the mind
that that witch's curse is
still upon me like a dark cave.
Americano needs the cure
of she who is yet to come.
We all know it.
But look what you did.
You had it in
front of your face.
The curse could have been gone.
[whimsical music]
Now y'all gotta deal
with my big brother.
Americano, we've been sent
by the Queen of the Forest
to speak with you.
She has heard your call for her
in the spirit of the forest.
What the hell?
She heard my call
from all the way here?
Man, you must be joking.
That girl is a spirit reader.
She heard me calling?
I didn't even scream it out.
How would she know?
She reads the spirit like
an old dog chasing a bone.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I'm not gonna go see
that queen again.
There you go again,
messing it up for all of us.
Come on, Americano,
think about all of us.
Friends for eternity.
All right, already.
Let's go see her.
What's your name?
Big Daddy. 'Cause
I got it like that.
I ain't going up that thing.
Man, what you talking about?
You have one moon left.
It's freaking nightfall.
So I think you should scurry
your big butt up there, Cesar.
Come on!
[whimsical music]
Queen of the Forest,
why are you in the dark?
Why are you alone?
You have no subjects?
No guards?
What are you talking about,
there ain't no guards?
Man, I'll turn you
into Caesar salad.
I'm always alone.
Where is that
creature Americano?
Did you bring him with you?
Yes, I'm here.
I'm in your realm.
None of you cared enough
to ask me any questions
about my dream entrance.
I have never seen
such selfish men.
You were in my presence.
I gave my advice to you
all and not one of you
asked how and why I am here.
She's right.
We were all selfish when
we entered the dream.
It was all about me, me, me.
Queen of the
Forest, can you please
forgive our selfish hearts and
give us the Book of Wisdom?
I wonder if any of you deserve
to see the wisdom in the book.
Americano, do you still carry
around all that anger with you?
Queen of the
Forest, I am so sorry.
Forgive me.
You have given me what I should
have given you, kindness.
You have learned.
You have.
You see, Americano,
I too entered
this dream as a cursed queen.
I had a boy who broke my heart.
We are both heartbroken.
We both gave our souls
to the forbidden craft.
There is a presence in
this world and the world
you come from.
If we upset the presence,
we suffer the consequences.
We deserve all of our suffering.
Do you not understand?
We bring our suffering
to ourselves.
You were cursed too?
I'm so sorry.
You must feel really hurt.
I learned that we mustn't
think about ourselves,
but we must learn about others.
That is what I learned.
The Book of Wisdom,
it is upon us.
Come on, man.
You gotta wait for the
queen to say what's up.
The presence of this
world and yours is happy.
He gave the book to the doves
and they dropped it upon us.
You may look now.
Mitro, seek and ye have found.
The Book of Wisdom.
It is upon us.
It's blank like an empty void.
The book is empty.
You see, you must
go back to yourselves.
You must heal yourself.
You must cure your own soul.
For it is you who enters
the presence alone and one.
Ye seek outside of
yourselves the answers.
All the answers are
within your spirits.
The whole time they
were here within us?
You've learned, Cesar.
What else have you learned?
What do you feel about the
woman in red, her selfish heart,
her desire for money?
Queen of the Forest,
I have learned.
I have learned to forgive her.
Something must have
happened to her.
The medallion, the
gold medallion.
The presence is
happy, so very pleased.
Mitro, you, what
have you learned?
I have learned, my queen.
I have learned to put
my mother before myself.
She is getting old and for
years and years, she has toiled.
She worked very hard.
And all I cared
about was winning.
And that was our downfall.
The presence is also
pleased with you, Mitro.
Go and lust for power no more.
It is not winning that causes
laughter, it is learning.
What else have you
learned, Americano?
I have learned not to bring
the daughter of misfortune
upon me.
And daughters who war
against the presence
who are taught to
charms and spells,
I will not allow my soul to
be enticed by their trickery.
I have learned to embrace
kindness that you given me.
I will not match anger
that was bestowed upon me.
And I will not
project it on others.
The presence is so
very happy with you all.
Your curse is broken.
Listen, your curse is gone.
[thunder rumbling]
It's gone.
I can feel it.
Tell me, what can I
do for you in return?
Yes, long ago, I
missed the entrance
back to the Queen of Dreams.
I passed too many moons, and
thus I stay here for eternity.
Unless-- unless I--
Tell me.
What is it?
What do you need?
You don't have to do this alone.
I'm ready to go home.
Please, listen.
I must knight one who
is of a pure heart.
Then my curse will be broken.
I will be able to
have one moon to enter
back to the Queen of Dreams.
How can I be your knight when
I lost my sense of innocence
because of that witch?
Come on, man.
Are you kidding?
Come on, B. Do your thing.
You must believe
you can be pure again.
You can be whole again.
The presence knows
when you forgive.
You must forgive Americano.
You are pure again.
Stand with me, please.
You must forgive yourself.
Remember, like the
small monk said.
All is forgiven.
All is in the winds of forget.
All is forgiven.
I-- I forgive myself.
I do.
[yells] [laughs]
Go ye to the dream tunnel.
Tell me.
Tell me what you've learned.
Come with us!
[non-english speech]
The moon is near!
Where's Mitro?
He has already gone back home.
Hurry, the moon is near.
Come now!
Mitro, what's wrong?
Are you all right?
Are you OK, son?
It was just a dream.
I think I'm ready to tell you
what I wanted to tell you.
OK, papa.
What is it?
I forgive you, son.
It's OK, papa.
I love you.
That's OK.
Thank you.
Mitro, what's wrong?
Are you all right?
Mother, I had a dream,
a very strange dream.
Son, I was crying all night.
Can you please forgive me?
I was so angry that you
lost, but not at you.
I was angry what we
did to ourselves.
Mama, don't worry.
It is I who am sorry.
I was wrong.
I was only thinking
of myself, my ego.
All I wanted to do was
win, win, win at all costs.
I didn't think about
you in the process.
Mother, please forgive me.
No, it is I that
wants forgiveness.
I was so mean.
I was so unforgiving.
Mama, let's
forgive each other.
Where did you get that?
What are you writing?
I'm just writing something.
I have a deadline tomorrow.
Can I tell you something?
Go ahead, son.
I had this dream.
It was so heart-aching.
And I was happy when I awoke.
Son, you can tell me anything.
I'm your dad.
Come on.
You were dead.
It was so vivid.
Well, we all gotta
die sometime, don't we?
But it was a dream.
Can I ask you for a hug?
Of course.
Come here.
It was just a dream, son.
It's all right.
Thank you for being my dad.
It's my duty, son.
Now look, go ye to the
pub and have a good time.
Enjoy yourself.
Did you just say ye?
You never say ye.
I'm writing an old
story about the old times.
It was just a joke.
Good night, dad.
Good night, son.
(SINGING) Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Have a good time!
[upbeat rock music]
[suspenseful electronic music]
(SINGING) Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.
Invited to follow you.
Listening to madness.