Born to Be Bad (1950) Movie Script

I suppose
i should have phoned
of just dropping in.
You'll love
I'm happy to do it.
Christabel's uncle has
always been wonderful to me.
I hope this repays him a little, at least.
I'm going to miss
working for him.
If it would make it
simpler for you,
christabel doesn't have to come tomorrow
- maybe later in the week.
Her uncle says her business
school starts monday.
I don't know why my brother insists upon
christabel going to business school...
if she's going to work in his
office, it seems so unnecessary.
If she eventually
gets my job,
it will be helpful.
Excuse me.
miss foster.
Come on up, kenneth, and leave
the door open, will you, please?
I wish we had time
to sit down
and have a nice talk,
miss caine.
Well, it's so late, and
you have so much to do.
You've been most kind, and i'm sure
christabel will be very happy here.
I do wish i could keep her with me,
but there aren't many opportunities
in santa flora for an
attractive young girl,
and christabel
is so-so alive.
Don't miss her
Would you put all that
in the kitchen, please?
Yes, miss foster.
I'm so sorry i'm rushed like this, but
the one day i decide to give a party...
everything has to happen
at the office.
Well, come on up, and leave the door open.
Ha ha ha!
I'll go now.
Please wait. I'll
walk down with you.
Hello, margaret.
Don't bother.
I'll be all right.
But l-no, margaret!
The party's
after the play.
Well, you can come back
with us in curtis' car.
Good evening.
Gobby, put those things
in the kitchen.
Who was the gypsy?
Yes. Yes.
Who are you
talking to?
Margaret? Let me say
hello to margaret.
Gobby wants to say
hello to you.
Hello, margaret.
Hello, gobby.
Oh, gobby.
Thank you
very much.
Gobby, there are a million
things we have to do.
We? Who is
the hired help
you were
just talking to?
They work for curtis. They
brought some things over.
Instead of moving
his house over here,
why don't you wait until
you're mrs. Curtis carey?
Then think up
the party,
and somebody else can do
the work and pay the bills.
How much
do i owe you?
$14.71, including
old age pension,
unemployment insurance,
and withholding tax.
Oh, gobby-
you want this stuff
in the icebox?
Please. I forgot soda. Order
it for me, will you, gobby?
or bicarbonate?
Whose picture did you
bring this time?
That's the one i did
for mrs. Herkimer.
They are going to be
here tonight, aren't they?
Why do you keep using my
apartment for your gallery?
Why don't you use your
own place, or better yet-
no temper, please.
Be careful
what you say.
i'm only helping you
because you're
going to be rich.
Hello. I want
some soda water.
Hello. I'm
christabel caine.
But you're not coming
until tomorrow.
I'm not?
I mean, you're not
expected until tomorrow.
But aunt clara
couldn't have-
she couldn't have
made such a mistake.
When uncle john came
up to santa flora,
he talked about a party or something,
and i understood from aunt clara
i was to come the day after.
The party was
last night, so-
but the party
is tonight.
Your aunt clara
was just here.
Oh, i didn't
It must have been-
oh, i'm so sorry.
Think i ought to put
a price tag on it,
or would that be
too obvious?
Christabel, this is
gabriel broome.
This is christabel-
john caine's niece.
How would you like to have
your portrait painted?
You want
to paint me?
I'll paint anyone
with a rich uncle.
Was that the only piece
of luggage you brought?
Oh, i'm not staying
I wouldn't dream
of staying.
I'll find a room in a hotel somewhere.
Please don't worry about
me. I'll be all right.
Where do you
want these?
Well, i guess you just better
take them down again.
If you'll just put them in here, please.
Whoever you are,
come on up.
The room looks
beautiful, donna.
Thanks, gobby.
And you're
And john caine's niece will
be beautiful, too, won't you?
Sure you will.
See you at the theater.
Hello, curtis.
Hello, gobby.
You'll find
your bride-to-be
sticking toothpicks
in the shrimps.
They're dead,
Well, both domestic
and beautiful.
What a combination.
You're too early.
I thought
i could help you.
You're too late.
All right,
the truth, then-
i couldn't stay away
another minute.
Donna, you'll never know how
long a day can be without you.
I like you.
You know, i believe
you mean it.
You can keep
right on believing.
Donna, you're not
ready yet.
I thought i'd go
just as i am.
This is the man
i'm marrying for his money.
Curtis carey, christabel caine
- john's niece.
Why, hello.
All those nice things your
uncle john has been telling me
about you
are obviously true.
Thank you. It's so sweet of
you to take both of us tonight.
I'll get ready.
What does she mean,
take both of you?
Did you get
an extra ticket?
You can get one,
darling. Call somebody.
I've never been
to an opening.
It's opening night.
Is it hard
to get tickets?
Oh, no, it's
no trouble at all.
Joe bishop,
Call joe bishop,
Well, do you know
where i can reach him?
call joe bishop!
This is curtis carey
I need another ticket
for the londer opening
Not even
in the balcony?
Well, there must be
Tell him to leave it
at the box office, dear.
All right. Yeah, yeah,
i know you would.
Thanks very much.
you'll need a wrap.
I couldn't get
another ticket.
Why didn't you call
joe bishop, dear?
I did call
joe bishop.
What are we
going to do?
Why don't
you two go?
That's silly.
Why don't you take
Well, now,
wait a minute.
I could stay here.
I don't think
i made enough
hors d'oeuvres, anyway.
Now, i wouldn't hear
of it.
Well, let's all
stay home.
Isn't there someone
you can phone?
Yes-joe bishop.
Here, let me
help you.
That softens your face
so much.
Isn't she beautiful?
Very. Come on, we have
to go. It's getting late.
I feel simply dreadful
about this.
I don't want to hear
another word.
See you later.
Have a wonderful
Oh, aunt clara, i've
been trying to reach you,
but your line's
been busy.
You don't know how worried i've been
waiting for you
to answer.
i've been frantic.
I've called all over town
for you. Where are you?
I'm at donna's. I know how you must
have felt when you got home, and-
just a minute, aunt
clara. Somebody's just-
hello. Hello?
Christabel, is everything all right?
I talked to donna,
and l-
oh, yes, dear, i'm having a wonderful time.
Get off the phone!
Hello? Hello.
What are you
doing here?
What are you
doing here?
I live here.
Oh, no. Try again.
Who are you?
How dare you interrupt
my telephone call.
Careful or i'll shut off
the water. Who are you?
I'm christabel caine.
Ok, chris,
where's the salt?
I don't know.
You'd know
if you lived here.
Does miss foster
know you do this?
I think you'd better
get out of here.
Now, where's
the pepper?
I don't know.
You don't know very much, do
you? Well, you don't have to.
'Cause you're
awful pretty.
I'll start things
in the kitchen.
Here, you hide in here,
and i'll fix it
so you can crash
the party later.
Donna, there's a monster in your kitchen!
She always keeps her monsters on ice.
Hi, nick.
Where do you hide the
mustard? Hiya, curtis.
Hello, nick.
I was afraid you wouldn't get here.
Been wondering the same thing
about you. Do you know this woman?
I'm sorry, nick.
This is-
i know.
We've been rassling.
Give me another.
I left a manuscript here
for you to read, remember?
It's good...
except in places, i think
it's still too brutal.
That's funny. I copied whole
passages right out of little women,
just for people
like you.
I know the stories you've
told me about china.
Stop acting as if china was a garden party.
I've always wanted to know
somebody who's been to china.
Tell me about it.
A lot of chinese
live there.
She's real pretty.
At least
i'm well-mannered.
Thanks, curtis.
Who is he?
The monster?
Nick bradley.
Friend of yours?
Well, donna
knew him first.
She discovered him.
He's an author.
Oh, her protege?
Oh, i didn't mean
Ha ha! I know
you didn't.
Let me take that.
All those people...
all right.
Hello, senator.
Good evening,
All those people are
very anxious to meet you.
I'll make it as painless
as possible.
This is your house?
Yes. Big, isn't it?
Donna should be
very happy here.
You know, they used to say about
me that my slip was showing-
my bank deposit slip.
Oh, that's
because they know
all the wonderful things you're doing-
charities, foundations, everything.
Uncle john's told me
all about you.
There's still an awful lot
of people without money
who expect me to apologize
for having it.
Ha ha! Well,
don't you do it.
Don't worry.
I never do.
You're very wise.
You know, i think
i'm going to like you.
Come on, let's go.
Hello, gobby. Tried to find
you during intermission.
I was being
trampled on.
on your mind?
I want you to invest in something terrific.
I told you you'd
be beautiful.
Thank you, sir.
Invest in what?
In me, of course. I want
to have a one-man show
late this summer-
august maybe.
It will cost about $500, but what's money?
Mine or yours?
Yours, of course.
I have none.
Well, don't be
so smug about it.
Where are the herkimers?
My palm is itching.
Hello, uncle john.
Why, hello.
Hello, john.
This niece of yours
turns out to be a very
surprising young lady.
Quite surprising.
I'll be
right back.
I thought we decided that you
weren't coming until tomorrow.
I wanted to come
to the party.
Besides, it was much better for aunt clara.
Did you know she took a trip down
here today to arrange things for you?
I knew she came
to see the doctors.
Did you call her
and let her know?
I did it the first thing, uncle john.
John, this is
nick bradley.
Hello, mr. Caine.
I've been looking forward to seeing you.
Have you read it yet?
Not yet, but if donna
says it's a good book,
i'll certainly read it.
Put it on my desk
monday, will you?
You can take it home
with you tonight.
She's a tough critic. Had me
rewriting for months. I hated her.
Do you go around
hating everybody?
Do you two know
each other?
Oh, yes.
We're old friends.
Had a lot of laughs
together, haven't we?
Mr. Caine, i'd like you to
see a portrait i just painted.
I did mrs. Herkimer.
They're supposed to be here.
I heard the herkimers
were getting a divorce.
She left him,
Oh, no. Now i'm stuck
with mrs. Herkimer.
You don't know
who she left him for, do you?
Ha ha ha!
Here we are.
You look even better
awake than sleeping.
You were asleep when i first
came in. Very appealing.
Donna tells me you're going
to the business school.
When you go to school,
i'm going to carry
your books for you.
What kind of books
are they?
I'm going to be
a file clerk.
At least, that's what
i'm going to start out as
after donna and curtis are married.
A file clerk? You?
It's not always easy
working for a relative.
They sometimes bend over
backwards not to show favoritism.
Not planning to take
donna's place, are you?
Oh, yes.
Have you seen
the view?
It looks better
with me in it.
You promised
to introduce me.
Right away.
If she played
her cards right...
she could win me.
Smells good.
What is it?
Beef stroganoff
- specialty of the house.
You could have
had it sooner.
I didn't miss it.
How do you know? You haven't tasted it yet.
How come donna
broke down
and let you visit a
strange man's apartment?
Oh, she didn't make me
turn you down
the other times
you called.
It was just that-
well, i was so busy
with school and having
my portrait painted.
Tagging around with donna and curtis.
Can you think
of any better company?
Oh. Ha ha!
your shorthand?
Oh, it's terrible.
I've given it up.
How come?
Well, i don't think i can ever
replace donna in the office.
No, i don't
suppose you can.
Why not?
Now, look, it was
your idea, not mine.
Now, sing
for your supper.
Tell me the story
of your life.
Well, it's not
very wonderful.
Just a girl
who lost her parents
and went to live
with her poor aunt.
Of course, i could have
gone to live with uncle john.
He's the rich member
of the family,
but aunt clara
needed me.
It was worth
the sacrifice
just to bring her
a little happiness.
Go on.
That's all.
Ok, i'll get
the rest later.
Well, i told you, though,
there isn't any more.
I know you did, but that
isn't going to stop me.
I want to know
what's going on
in that pretty
little head-
in both
those heads.
What does that mean?
I think there are
two of you.
One is fictional-
a little gal
who sees herself getting
all the things she never had-
and the other one is real,
and i like her a lot.
Ha ha! Now you sound
like an author.
I am an author
and a darn good one.
You want to stay away
from me, don't you, chris?
At least
one of you does.
Why is that?
What's the reason,
chris? Is it this?
You want to know
You're like me...
both of you.
Stop turning your head
and hold still.
Are you
this disagreeable
to all the women
you paint?
Yes, if they persist
in talking.
You don't care much
for women, do you?
My dear girl,
apart from painting,
my major occupation is convincing
husbands that i'm harmless.
Now can we get to work?
You would like to have
this shown, wouldn't you?
Of course i would. I've even
sacrificed business school for you.
after flunking out.
That's not true.
This is gobby.
I suppose you're
walking out on me again
this afternoon
with nick.
Mm-hmm. We're going
to the beach.
You're wasting my time,
Nick will never be
rich enough to buy this.
I told you uncle john would buy it.
And uncle john
told me
that if i kept you away from
business school another day,
he'd report me
to the truant officer.
He doesn't know about
your quitting, does he?
I haven't had the opportunity to tell him.
Yes, she's here.
It's for you.
I can't see why you don't take
your calls at home.
Of course i'll talk
to mr. Carey.
Hello, curtis.
Are you really calling me?
Why, of course
i'll help you.
Is anything wrong?
Any time at all.
I'll be there...
thank you
for calling me.
You turned
your head again...
or has curtis
turned it?
Really, gobby. I can't
imagine why i put up with you.
Because i know
too much about you.
As a result, you can
be yourself with me.
The way you treat
your friends.
I have no friends,
only creditors.
I suppose we'll
have to let him in
before he breaks
the door down.
You rang?
Hi, whistler.
Hello, mother.
What are you hiding,
Now, isn't this enough art for one exhibit?
Look, nick, i've got 3 more hours of light.
Give me a break,
will you?
Every time i take chris out,
i do you a favor.
Artists have to suffer,
you know?
You ready?
I can't go
with you today.
You got
a good reason?
Well, i promised
gobby i'd stay.
"Hmm" what?
Just "hmm."
What's wrong with it?
Don't ask him.
Looks like a cross between lucrezia borgia
and peg o' my heart.
Even with two heads, you
couldn't look like this...
or do you know
something i don't?
Never heard of anything
so ridiculous.
Why don't you
go back to china
and write another book
about it? Right now, i mean.
I like it here.
In that case,
i suggest
that you stick
to your typewriter,
and i'll stick
to my palette.
And chisel?
Well, i think
it's wonderful.
that settles it.
Come on outside.
I want to talk to you.
Now, look-
i never suspected you knew
so much about everything.
It's most enlightening.
Where do you get
dialogue like that?
Not from anything
you wrote.
Oh, you read my book.
Come on.
You didn't like it.
I hated
every word of it.
Well, i...
the norwegian sailor
confuse you?
Yes. I thought he was a brutal character.
Especially when
he murdered the girl.
Yes. I like to think of
people as human beings.
Christabel, if you ever
draw an honest breath,
i want to be there
to see it.
I've never seen anybody
choke to death.
You can't make me
lose my temper.
I don't think i want
to see you again.
Come here.
What do you want?
You'll find out
when you get here.
If we're going to say
good-bye forever,
we might as well
do it right.
Dinner's at 7:00.
We just said
You didn't mean that.
You're incurable.
Your place?
My place. Want me
to pick you up?
I'll be there.
All right.
There's no norwegian
sailor in my book.
Don't go around telling people there is.
Now can we
get to work?
What are you doing?
See you tomorrow,
It's very handsome,
but that's not quite it.
Hello, curtis.
Am i late?
No. Almost perfect
How are you at picking
out engagement presents?
No experience, sir, but
i'm glad you thought of me.
It has to be something just as special
as donna is. That makes it difficult.
When you called me, i
thought you were in trouble.
I was. I'd already been
to 3 different shops.
I was worried
about you.
Oh, look.
Oh, that is
You think
she'd like it?
Oh, no. It just happened
to catch my eye.
It's one
of our finest pieces.
Yes, i'm sure it is.
Let's look over here.
It's lovely.
Well, what
about a wristwatch?
Mmm. No. I don't
think so, do you?
They're rather showy.
They're all matched
stones, sir.
It's beautiful.
These are not only
matched stones,
but notice
the sapphires.
Oh, curtis,
come here.
Did you find
Look at these
darling cameos-
so old-fashioned,
so like donna.
Those are not real
cameos, madam.
costume jewelry-
what they call
costume jewelry.
Could i see
that one, please?
Ahem. Certainly.
Isn't it sweet?
Well, l-i...
don't you love it?
Well, l-
oh, it's exactly
what i would want,
but then i suppose no two
people have the same taste.
Oh, christabel, this
necklace really is beautiful.
Oh, that.
Don't you like it?
Oh, of course i do,
but isn't it
awfully expensive?
Not for what it is,
Donna wouldn't think
of the expense.
It's just a question of
whether she'd like it or not.
Curtis, you make her sound so
mercenary. She'd never accept that.
Oh, this is so sweet.
Excuse me, madam,
but there really is
no comparison.
No, i suppose
there isn't.
Oh, i'm sure donna
would love this.
Well, you know her
better than i do.
If you think that would make her happy...
oh, i'm sure it would.
I do, indeed.
I'll take that.
Now, why don't you let me
give you the cameo
for helping me out?
Well, i wouldn't
dream of it.
You've been much too extravagant already.
Thank you
for your trouble.
Good evening,
miss foster.
Hello, arthur.
Mr. Carey's
on the terrace.
Thank you.
Hello, darling.
Hello, curtis.
Exhausted. Oh, never
to have to work again.
Christabel's been with me all afternoon.
I asked her to stay
and have dinner.
Oh, how thrilling.
We're outside.
You were so late
i had curtis telephone you at the office.
It was
a madhouse there.
I escaped and went home
to change.
What were you and curtis
Is it a secret?
Tell her. Don't
make her wait.
Well, i had thought
we've made such a mystery of it already.
Thank you.
For you.
It's an engagement
Happy engagement.
You like it?
Like it?
Oh, curtis.
Any time you two want
another secret,
go right ahead.
Isn't it the most beautiful
thing you've ever seen?
quite beautiful.
See? You were wrong.
She did accept it.
Curtis, you're
supposed to hook this.
You do know her
better than i do.
What are you two
whispering about?
Nothing. Christabel just
thought you might not like it.
Not like it?
Why shouldn't i?
Well, of course
you should, donna.
It's the finest piece
they had.
Salesman said so.
She thought you'd rather
have something more simple.
I'm glad i was wrong.
I picked out
the sweetest little cameo,
but curtis wouldn't hear
of it, would you?
Well, i was sure you'd
rather have the sapphires.
they cost more?
Well, you know that had
nothing to do with it.
is served, sir.
Thank you, arthur.
Would you help me?
Oh, please don't
take it off.
It looks lovely on you.
Doesn't it, curtis?
If you like, i'll
exchange it in the morning.
No, curtis.
Didn't somebody say something about dinner?
Nick bradley
is here, john.
You tell him. You handle
these things better than i do.
i've got to go.
You look tired.
You work me
too hard.
Nonsense. It takes your
mind off your wedding.
Send nick bradley
in, please.
Really, john, he'd rather hear it from you.
mr. Caine.
Have you read any good books lately?
Nick, i've got to go
and keep an author
from talking
to the press.
a good writer, nick,
with a genuine gift
for words.
Our eastern office
agrees with me,
and they've
accepted the book.
Of course,
it needs cutting,
and i want you to work on
it with one of our editors
when he gets back
from boston.
Mr. Caine's car
is here.
All right.
You take over
from here, donna.
Thank you very much,
mr. Caine.
I hope it makes a lot of
money... for both of us.
What do you know?
You sold a book.
That's what you've been telling
me all the time. Celebration.
Come on.
You call curtis,
and we'll have
a great big celebration.
No, nick. I can't.
Look, i'm happy,
and i have a habit
of wanting the people i like to be happy.
Anything wrong?
No. Nothing.
Not at all.
Here. I've got
a nice, dry shoulder.
You cry on it.
Nick, if you were
very wealthy,
would you know if someone was marrying you
for your money
or for you?
If i were curtis, i wouldn't
have any doubts about you.
You don't miss much,
do you, nick?
In my pursuit
of truth
and the elusive
i've seen an awful lot of you and curtis.
It doesn't take
much savvy to know
that things aren't
the way they were.
Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe. Maybe you're not
fighting curtis' doubts.
You can't fight
doubts, nick.
At least i can't.
Either curtis has faith
in me, or he hasn't.
The old pride, eh?
Come on. I'll buy you a
drink, and we'll drown it.
I can't. I have to
meet curtis.
Why don't you come
with me?
Where to?
The osbourne gallery.
Gobby's one-man show.
Oh, yes. I promised gobby
faithfully that i wouldn't be there.
Let's go.
Thanks for
the shoulder, nick.
Use it any time.
Personally, i think curtis is
the all-time all-american sap.
You know,
john is right.
You have a gift for words,
but you do need cutting.
Come on.
Yes, ma'am.
Who was it?
It says,
"gabriel broome."
Oh. So is this.
All of them are.
Is he living or dead?
Dead, of course.
Ida mae, look.
That's the girl
in the portrait.
Maybe he is alive.
Hello, gobby. Is this
your dull, blue period?
How's it going?
People are just
beginning to arrive.
Have you sold me yet,
No. The olsons were here, but they
still think you're too expensive.
Something is missing.
Where's donna?
She's still at the office, i suppose.
The olsons are back.
Excuse me, will you?
Gobby knows too much
or thinks he does.
It's just because
you're upset about donna.
It makes you oversensitive,
and you shouldn't be, curtis.
Donna loves you.
I'm sure she does.
I wish i were sure. Most men have to go out
and make their successes. I didn't.
All my life, i've had to prove one thing-
that people wanted me and not my money.
You don't have to
prove it to me, curtis.
I know that.
I didn't think
i had to prove it
to donna, either.
Now l-i don't know
If two people
are really in love,
they should accept
one another
with trust
and understanding.
That's a big if.
Isn't there some way you
can find out how donna feels,
just to satisfy your own foolish doubts?
If i let donna suspect
i have any doubts,
i'll lose her
But she needn't suspect. I know
very little about these things,
but isn't there
some arrangement,
the sort that
lawyers work out
between a husband
and wife?
I don't think i understand what you mean.
I'm not very sure that
i understand, either,
but when two people marry,
isn't there something
about rights and things?
Dear, i'm getting
all mixed up.
You aren't suggesting that i ask donna
to give up any rights to my estate?
Curtis, that's
a wonderful idea.
But it's your idea, not mine.
I wouldn't dream
of such a thing.
Of course not,
not really,
but i just meant
as a sort of a test.
No. That's out
of the question.
But, curtis, you're
not being fair to donna.
At least you ought to give her the chance
to prove
that she loves you.
That's what i would want
you to do if i were donna.
The olsons have decided they want something
that looks more
like an ancestor.
I guess i'll have to
do a self-portrait.
I'm glad
you didn't sell it.
It would be just like
living in a stranger's house.
I have to eat,
and what's more,
i like eating.
Then go right ahead
and sell it.
Gobby, before
you sell it,
check with me,
will you?
Oh, there's donna.
Oh, excuse me.
Please be nice
to her, curtis.
Isn't that terrific,
Look at the skin texture
on that girl.
And just the suggestion
of the men
watching this beautiful
creature as she stands poised
on the threshold
of life.
Look at those eyes.
Have you ever seen
such depth?
That picture happens
to be called
hungry man
digging potatoes.
My error.
Hello, gobby.
I'll thank you to stop
scaring away the customers.
We're all down in front
of christabel's picture.
All kneeling?
Hungry man
eating potatoes?
Oh, digging.
Donna, i thought you'd
never get here. Nick.
Hi, nick.
Hello, darling.
Lucrezia borgia
or peg o' my heart?
Don't start
that again.
Have you sold it yet?
I'm not
quite sure.
Now that it's finished,
you'll have to dream up
another excuse
for breaking dates.
Just for that, you can take me to dinner.
You've made
yourself a date.
What's the quickest way out of here?
The window.
I wonder if nick is the right
kind of man for christabel.
Do you feel responsible
for her, curtis?
Yes, in a way.
Don't you?
You know, she was so
unhappy- like a kid-
when she thought of some
stranger owning her portrait.
Let's give it
to her.
It's your money.
Do you always have
to talk about money?
It seems to be very much
on your mind these days.
If it's going to
upset you,
i won't give her
the portrait.
The portrait has nothing to do
with what we're talking about.
I simply thought it would
be a nice thing to do.
After all, christabel has so little.
I wouldn't worry too much
about christabel.
She'll get more.
Donna, has christabel done anything to you?
I wish i knew.
I happen to know that
she's extremely fond of you.
Only a few moments
ago, she told me
how wonderful you were,
how much you loved me.
Do you need
her reassurance?
Why, of course not.
I'm sorry
if it hit home.
This isn't like you.
It's not like
either one of us.
Donna, not so loud.
Things are getting worse
all the time.
It's as though
you no longer trusted me.
I wonder if we can ever
get back to where we were.
I don't know. There
might be a way.
How, curtis?
I think
that lecherous old man
ogling christabel's
is going to buy it.
Excuse me, donna.
stop there.
Please, nick. It's getting
late. I ought to go in.
Not yet. I don't
want to lose you.
You won't lose me.
Well, not when we're
alone like this,
but when we're
with other people-
donna and curtis,
you're gone.
It's just
your imagination.
Well, i admit it's vivid,
but it's very accurate.
Why don't you marry me
and quit getting lost?
Nick, please.
That's no answer.
I can't, darling. I need
time. Give me a little time.
Time for what?
Just a little longer.
All right.
I won't push you.
I'll give you till tomorrow
night. My place at 7:00.
I can't. I have to go
to the ball,
the carey charity ball.
Did anyone ever tell you
that charity begins at home?
All right.
The next night.
Good night, nick.
How many times do i have to tell you
how much
you love me?
What are you doing,
Where are you going?
With curtis?
I'm glad everything
is all right.
Did you think
anything was wrong?
Of course not, silly.
I just didn't know you
were planning quite so soon.
Tomorrow afternoon.
But the ball.
I won't be at the ball.
But curtis
has to be there. He-
i said
i won't be there.
Donna, how terrible.
Yes, isn't it?
Terrible for everybody
but you.
I don't understand.
What do you mean?
You almost stumbled,
as i did once.
When you came here
that first day,
i fell flat on my face
over your suitcase.
I never really got up.
But surely you're not
blaming me for what happened.
You can't. I've done
I've even talked
to curtis.
Yes, you did,
and curtis talked to me.
He gave me the acid test
to see whether
i loved him enough
to give up all rights
to his money,
and then i realized it was
you who provided the acid.
But you're not fair. It's
not true. I only said that-
i know pretty well
what you said.
If i were you, curtis...
if i were donna...
i can just hear you,
being so helpful
and so helpless,
helping to mess up
people's lives
for your own
selfish purposes
and just about
as helpless as a wildcat.
Somebody should have told
the birds and bees about you.
Go ahead, donna.
I know
you're not happy,
and if it makes you
feel any better,
say whatever
you please.
Sacrificing to the end,
aren't you, christabel?
Only it doesn't fool me
I'm not going to hold
this against you, donna.
You've been
very good to me,
and i'll never
forget that,
no matter
what you say.
That's very touching.
I'm sure curtis
will be deeply moved
when you tell him how
noble you've been to me,
and after the way
i've treated you.
You wouldn't think
that i could-
i've stopped thinking.
It's easier that way.
I told my agent
to rent the apartment,
but don't worry,
I'm sure of one thing-
christabel will take care
of christabel...
every time.
And then i told donna
that i forgave her for all
the things that she'd said
and i didn't ever
want her to feel ashamed.
Don't worry.
She wasn't.
Uncle john, what did
donna say about me?
She said nothing
about you.
Donna and curtis were
in love, deeply in love.
What happened,
L-i can't imagine.
Surely you don't believe that
i had anything to do with it.
Why did you confide in
me unless you were afraid
that donna had
already told me?
Or unless you had
a guilty conscience?
I confided in you because
you're the nearest thing
i've ever had
to a father,
because i love you
and i need you.
That's all
very well, but-
stop moving
my papers about.
I was tidying up
your desk.
Uncle john,
how would you like me
to help out
while donna is away?
I wouldn't like it.
Look, christabel, you left business school,
and since you're obviously not equipped
to work
in this office,
i can't see any point in your not returning
to santa flora
and your aunt clara.
But i like it here.
I've got friends here.
Nick is going
to boston.
My editor
can't get away,
so nick has to go there to work with him.
He leaves on
the midnight plane.
So soon?
You may as well
return tonight.
I'll send the car
for you.
But the ball is tonight.
I'll make
your excuses.
But i've looked forward to
it so. It's my first ball.
Probably my last ball.
Let me go back tomorrow. Another
day won't make any difference.
No. I guess
it won't at that.
Oh, uncle john,
you do understand me.
Gobby, isn't this
just like heaven?
Don't ask me.
I've never been there.
You know what they're saying
about curtis and donna?
No. What?
I don't know.
I thought maybe you did.
L-i wonder-
curtis is on the terrace.
Shall we dance?
Oh, let's
- let's say hello to uncle john.
All right.
Here's your niece,
Good evening,
uncle john.
Good evening, christabel. Hello, gobby.
Hello, curtis.
How are you?
You look
Thank you.
Curtis, my dear, it's going
even better than last year.
Money is just
flowing in.
That's because you always do everything
so charmingly,
mrs. Bolton.
Hello, john.
Mrs. Bolton,
my niece christabel caine.
Why didn't you tell me you
had such a decorative niece?
I would have put her to work
selling programs. Well, next year.
I'm afraid
i won't be here.
My niece
is moving back
to santa flora
What a pity.
Come along, john.
I need you to start the
bidding on the cadillac.
So long as i don't
have to end the bidding.
You, too, curtis.
When was all this decided
about your going away?
Uncle john
thought it was best,
and i suppose
he's right.
You see, donna-
i mean, the apartment is sublet,
so that sort of leaves me out in the cold.
I'm sorry, christabel.
I'll miss you.
Will you, curtis?
Why, of course i will.
Maybe you blame me,
Blame you for what?
I'd rather not talk
about it.
I'd rather you had.
What is it, christabel?
You see,
donna had the idea
that what happened between
you two was my fault.
Your fault?
Yes, and if you felt that
way, i couldn't bear it.
We can't talk here.
Come on.
But your guests.
They'll survive.
I hope i haven't
upset you, curtis.
Why should you think that
i'd blame you for anything?
Maybe-maybe i am
to blame.
Why do you
say that?
Well, i wanted
to protect you.
L-i wanted you
to be happy,
even if it meant
my own happiness.
You shouldn't feel
responsible for my happiness.
L-i can't help it.
Christabel, l-
please, please
don't say that.
I've tried so hard to
fight against what i feel.
I didn't want you
to know ever.
You've been so sweet
and kind to me,
but that's your nature.
It doesn't mean anything.
Oh, it means
a great deal.
That's very generous of
you, curtis, and charitable.
I don't mean
to be charitable.
No. I know you didn't.
It's just you.
Well, i'd better be going home.
I have a lot of packing to do.
Don't look so unhappy,
curtis. Don't worry about me.
I suppose no one ever
died of a broken heart.
Curtis, you do love me.
Hello, nick.
I thought your plane
left at 12:00.
It did. They have
a habit of leaving
whether i'm on them
or not.
Please what?
There'll be another one
tomorrow night,
and we'll be on it,
both of us.
I can't do that.
Give me one good reason.
I won't accept it,
but give it to me anyway.
I'm going to marry
curtis carey.
What did you say?
I'm going to marry
curtis carey.
That's what i thought
you said.
Is he going to marry
donna, too?
Donna's gone away
to london.
So that's what
you were up to.
Nice going, christabel.
Nick, i'm sorry
i had to hurt you.
Don't mind me.
Don't mind donna,
And while we're at it,
let's throw in curtis.
Curtis loves me.
Come on. Let's
get this over with.
Tell me
that you love him.
He needs me.
What do you think
you need?
It's not my fault that you fell in
love with me. I didn't ask you to.
And you didn't want to fall
in love with me, but you did,
in spite of "we're not
good for each other, nick.
"This thing between us
is no good.
It's just
a sex attraction."
You're right.
It's all of that,
and name me something
better if you can.
That's why you'll never
get me out of your blood.
That's why when you're with
curtis, i'll always be there.
mrs. Curtis carey.
I'd like to say, "be
happy," but you won't be.
You'll just be lonely.
You little fake, don't you
know what you really want?
Make up your mind
and make it up now
i'm a restless guy.
Curtis, darling.
I was just sitting here
thinking of you.
Hold on a minute, please.
Of course i'm happy.
I love you, too,
I'll never be lonely
again, will i?
Good night, curtis.
I think the wesley
hospital committee
has done
an excellent job,
and i'm very flattered that
you want me on the committee,
but i know so little
about these things.
My dear, we want you
to join us.
Besides, we can use
your membership fee.
Just $1,000.
I'm afraid you'll
have to ask curtis.
There won't be any
trouble about that.
Will there, curtis?
as it should be.
I must say,
i disapprove of women
having anything to do
with finances.
Christabel was brought up
in the old-fashioned way-
in a little town
and with no luxury at all.
Really, aunt clara,
i don't believe
these ladies are interested
in my life history.
My dear, i didn't mean-
i just meant that we hope
curtis will keep you
as simple and unaffected
as you always have been.
Don't we, john?
I think we can leave that safely to curtis.
Sorry. I must go.
Can't you stay
for dinner, john?
No, thanks.
Good night.
Good evening.
It was so nice having you here, uncle john.
I wish you'd come
more often.
It was good to see your aunt
clara enjoying herself so much.
She's been very lonely
in santa flora.
It was sweet of you
to ask her.
Am i still
your favorite niece?
I was a little
especially when you and curtis
were married so soon after donna-
i guess
those things happen.
Good night, dear.
When is nick bradley's book coming out?
Pretty soon.
We've had some delays.
Have you seen him lately?
No. He's still away, but he'll
be back by publication date.
Good night,
uncle john.
Good night, dear.
Good night, arthur.
Good night, sir.
Do you know
what day this is?
No. What day is it?
Close your eyes.
Ooh, i love
Happy 6 months
Oh, curtis, darling.
Don't you remember?
Yes. Of course i
remember. The jewelry shop.
I tried to give it to you
then, and you wouldn't let me.
Curtis, i don't want
to seem ungrateful,
but couldn't you find something for me
that was just ours,
especially ours,
with nothing to do with
the past or anyone else?
I'm sorry. Your aunt clara
thought you'd like it. So did i.
I guess we were both
I'll get you
something else.
You're sweet.
Then maybe you won't mind
if i scold you just a little.
Have i done
something wrong?
I do wish you hadn't
told mrs. Bolton
to see me about
your membership fee.
But, curtis,
it is your money.
Whatever i have
is yours.
You know that. You
don't have to come to me.
You spoil me.
I couldn't possibly spoil
anything as perfect as you.
Aunt clara seems
to be worried
about whether you can keep
me simple and unaffected.
I think i can manage
with her help.
You two are very good
friends, aren't you?
I'm very fond
of her.
What's more, she's
given me several pointers
on how to treat
a wife.
You don't need
After all, i was a bachelor
before i was married.
But i like
being married.
I like particularly being married to you.
Curtis, i forgot to say
good night to aunt clara.
Aunt clara.
Oh, christabel.
I was waiting for
our evening talk,
and i dozed off.
You let yourself get
overtired. Taken your medicine?
No. Not yet, dear.
I'll fix it for you.
Oh, christabel, you're so good to me,
and it's so nice
being here.
I'm glad
you've enjoyed it,
and i'm going to
miss you.
Miss me?
I wanted to keep you
here a lot longer,
but i don't dare.
You don't want curtis
to leave me, do you?
Why, but,
i thought curtis
liked me.
He told me
he liked me.
Darling, we've enjoyed every
minute you've been here,
but we don't want to impose
on curtis' generosity, do we?
Oh, no.
No, indeed.
No. I'll leave
in the morning.
Aunt clara,
i'm going to miss you.
Here. Take your medicine
like a good girl.
You will come
to see me.
Of course i will,
darling. Good night.
Take your places,
Last year,
as you know, i wasn't
actively concerned in the
management of the ball,
and i don't want
to seem critical,
but the decorations,
for instance-
a little to your right, mrs. Mayer.
However, this year, with
mr. Broome in charge,
i don't think
we need worry.
All right.
Hold it, now.
Thank you.
I also observed that the
arrangements for selling tickets
were handled in
a most haphazard way.
May i have one of you, mrs. Carey?
Yes, of course.
Now, hold it.
Thank you.
If you'll excuse me,
my husband's waiting,
so go right ahead
with the other details.
And now, what's this i hear about your
charging $2,500 for the decorations?
This is christabel,
Aren't you
donating anything?
Of course i am. I'm only
charging for my materials.
I'm donating
my genius.
And how much
is that worth?
You couldn't
afford it.
Now, go away. I want
to be alone with curtis.
That should be
a novelty.
Darling, i'm sorry
they held me up.
Uncle john,
how nice to see you.
Would you like
a drink?
I'd love one.
Did you finally get through
with all your committees?
Yes. I'm yours
till dinner.
That's fine. That gives
me all of 15 minutes.
Darling, don't sulk. After
all, it's for charity.
Did you bring
the programs?
I also brought you a copy
of nick bradley's book.
Oh, how nice.
How is he?
He's fine.
Is he still
in the east?
He got back
the other day,
but i'm going to
send him out again
to do some promotion work
with the women's clubs.
You remember nick,
don't you?
Of course i do.
My old competition.
Don't be absurd,
Funny you should think i'd forget him.
Why? What
do you mean?
It's just that i knew him a
long time before i knew you.
How is his book doing?
It's too early
to tell,
but it had good reviews,
and i think it may sell.
Ask him to call
us up, john.
I'd like
to see him.
You heard uncle john say
that he was going away.
You and curtis ought to go
away for a while, christabel.
Why don't you go
down to the lake?
It would be pleasant. We'll
think about it, won't we?
I already have
thought about it.
You're tired.
You need a rest.
Please don't
worry about me.
Besides, i hardly
ever see you anymore.
You're always knee-deep
in committees.
And i've
missed you, too,
and there's nothing
better that i would like
than just the two of us going away
together, but i can't right now.
What is it, arthur?
Miss foster on the phone
for mr. Caine.
Take it
here, john.
No, thanks. I'll use
the one in the hall.
I didn't know
donna was back.
Yes. She's been back with me
a couple of weeks.
Did you know?
Yes. John told me.
Why didn't you
tell me?
I didn't think you'd be
particularly interested.
I can't understand
- neither one of you telling me.
I hardly ever get a chance to speak to you.
Now, let's get back to
why we can't go away.
The ball,
for one thing.
Darling, the ball has been
held-and very successfully-
for 25 years
before you came.
Darling, this
isn't like you.
I only took charge of the ball
because i thought it would please you.
You're sweet.
I didn't know what
i was getting into.
No, there's something
else upsetting you.
Curtis, is it nick?
No, it isn't nick.
I'm glad it isn't because
i wasn't the least bit upset
the way you and uncle john made
such a secret about donna's return.
Ooh, look at the time.
I must get dressed.
So must you.
All right, as soon as i finish my drink.
why don't you set up
some interviews with the press for friday,
and on saturday, a cocktail
party for the critics?
Well, nick wants to go
back east, doesn't he?
Yes, he wants
to go back.
I don't want
to go back.
He'll love lecturing to
all those women's clubs.
I doubt that.
I won't love it. I hate
women, and i hate clubs.
You'll do what
you're told.
I'll get plane reservations for him.
if possible.
Yes, monday.
Uh... how's curtis?
Oh, fine. Fine.
See you
in the morning.
Good-bye, donna.
How is curtis?
He's fine.
How can anyone be fine
with a hook in his throat?
I hope
he's happy.
I hope she's miserable.
Now, then, you
ready up there?
All right.
Let's go.
Higher than that.
Fine. Dixon will show
you where to put that.
Good morning.
Well, it's
about time!
Please, christabel,
must you shout?
You were supposed to be here
at 9:00, and now it's 11:00.
I had to do all
the decorations.
I must have got hold
of a bad ice cube.
Now that you are
here, look at you.
If you think i look bad, you
ought to get a load of nick.
What a farewell party.
We said good-bye to everything,
including the lining of my stomach.
Got any tomato juice?
Mm-hmm. When
is he leaving?
Monday, if he recovers.
I don't know that i did, but if i did
invite him to your clambake tonight...
and if you did invite him, what did he say?
He said something about wanting to come
and see how the fish was rising to the bait.
The boy was fractured.
Yes, he certainly
must have been.
mrs. Carey.
Who is it, arthur?
Mr. Caine, madam.
Tell him i'm terribly
busy and i'll call later.
He said it was
very urgent, madam.
He's phoning
from santa flora.
Oh? All right.
Oh, arthur.
Yes, sir?
Somewhere in this
great big house,
there must be a teeny
little can of tomato juice.
I'll bring it
right out, sir.
Do that,
will you, arthur?
What are you doing
in santa flora, uncle john?
Is anything wrong?
I'm at your aunt clara's.
A doctor phoned me
about 3:00 this morning.
She's... she's
very sick, christabel.
And i think it might help
if you would come.
I can't possibly come today with
a party tonight and everything so...
are you sure you're not
worrying too much, dear?
She's had
these attacks before.
But i'm afraid
that this time it's...
christabel, don't you think
curtis would want you to come?
I think curtis would want me
to stay right here,
but i'll be glad
to ask him.
Uh... i'll call
later in the afternoon.
Give her my love and tell her i'll be
down to see her in a day or two. Bye.
What's the matter?
Is something wrong?
It's aunt clara.
She's not too well.
I'm sorry to hear that. Why don't you
run down and visit her for a few days?
It's nothing serious.
She'll be all right.
Come and look at
my lovely decorations.
That's wonderful,
I'm looking forward
to our waltz, major.
Good evening,
mr. And mrs. Tudwell.
Good evening.
How are you?
It's an awfully
nice party.
Enjoy yourselves,
won't you?
Everything's going so
beautifully, christabel.
You've been such a help, mrs. Bolton.
Thanks, dear.
How about giving the host
a dance with the hostess?
Why, of course,
Excuse us,
mrs. Bolton.
You can stop
looking now.
You found me.
I was looking
for gobby.
There he is,
right over there.
Hello, gobby.
Nick bradley.
You remember
my name.
What a nice
Hello, nick,
Hello, curtis.
Here. You don't
want that.
Come on. I'll buy you a real drink.
I understand you're quite a celebrity now.
Yes. The critics say my
novel is very promising.
I don't know what it
promises, but it's promising.
Too bad you didn't bring copies.
We could have raffled them off.
Why don't you make a speech
and tell us all about india?
or bourbon?
My book is about china.
I'm glad you read it.
Now you're being difficult. I
suppose i will have to read it.
Don't bother. I'll send you a
synopsis. May i dance with your wife?
Of course, nick.
Go ahead.
I'll have some
scotch, curtis.
Two scotches,
Hello, nick.
Well, there was
this norwegian sailor.
Ha ha!
I want to hear
about your book,
but i want, right now,
to hear about you.
What about me?
I wish you weren't
going away so soon.
Curtis and i hoped we'd
see something of you.
When are you going?
Pretty soon.
Is boston amusing?
Big laughs.
What are you going
to do on the trip?
I'm going to plug
my book.
Donna bullied me
into it.
Dear donna...
so capable
and efficient,
such a practical
You ought to see her
change a tire.
i didn't mean...
i can't talk
to you like this.
Oh, mr. Broome.
Do you think my husband would like to see
a picture of me hanging over the fireplace?
I think your husband would like
to see you hanging anyplace.
Ha ha!
critics say i have a definite
flair for brilliant dialogue.
I'm glad
to see you again.
I find our meeting
rather painful.
Why did you come?
Because i thought i could
take you again, and i can't.
I think i'll get
out of here.
Don't go.
What do you want, christabel?
You've got everything
you went after, and it's very becoming.
Do you think
i'm happy?
Bed of roses.
It's not what
it seems.
You'll have to spell out what you mean.
I'm not happy.
I... i'm so confused.
be careful. You're getting real again.
Oh. Oh, nick. Nick,
it's you. It's you.
What are you going to do about it?
I don't know.
You're calling
the shots.
I've missed this.
All i know is i have to see you again.
So that's the way
you want it?
Sorry. I'm not cut out
to be a backstreet boy,
and i don't make dates
with other men's wives
unless they bring written
permission from their husbands.
So long, mrs. Carey.
I love you so much,
i wish i liked you.
Oh, freddy.
Excuse me,
will you?
Nick, i...
sorry to disappoint you.
Curtis, i...
we'd better join
our guests.
I brought us up
some coffee.
Mmm, don't want any. I
just want to go to sleep.
And i want
to talk.
Oh, but, darling,
i'm exhausted.
Then have some coffee. I
said i'd like to talk to you.
Curtis, if it's
about nick-
nick is only part of what i want
to talk to you about, christabel.
I don't like
our marriage.
You've very carefully arranged
your life so that i never see you,
and i want to know why.
But, darling,
it's so simple.
It's because i'm your wife that
all these demands are made upon me-
committees and boards.
I have committees
and boards, too.
You can get away from them if you want to.
But of course
i want to,
and we will go away.
We'll go tuesday.
Nick's leaving
on monday, isn't he?
Yes. I think
that's what he said.
What has that
to do with it?
I was just wondering why you
had to wait until tuesday.
Why, if you think nick's keeping
me here, it's too ridiculous.
It's even more than that.
It's shameful and degrading.
It's not worthy
of you.
What does nick
mean to you?
He doesn't mean
anything to me.
He's a friend of mine,
that's all-
a friend of yours,
as well as mine.
And if you think his
being here in town is-
i've always trusted
you, christabel.
I'd like to go on
trusting you.
And i only want you to be
happy, and i like our marriage.
What is it that
you want me to do?
I asked you once
to go away with me.
You said no, gave
the ball as your excuse.
The ball's over.
I'm asking you again.
Don't make such
a problem of it.
Of course we'll go away, in a few days.
That's not
good enough.
When do you
want to go?
At this hour?
At this hour.
Yes, i think we should
go out of town.
Shall i pack for you?
Hey, you, wake up.
We're here.
Good ride.
It was wonderful.
I needed it.
Are you sure you don't mind taking
this character back to the stables?
Not at all.
See you at lunch.
Right. Pick us up at our
cottage in about an hour.
You know what?
Mm-mm. What?
I ought to ring
the desk,
order some dinner.
Can you do it
without moving?
then don't.
The day's passed
so quickly.
It must be
almost dark.
I've never been
so happy.
You're not
confused anymore.
You've finally decided
what you want.
Promise me it will
always be like this.
Now, i ought to
order some dinner,
and we ought to get
started for the lake.
Nick, you're not going with me. You can't.
We have to
do it right.
I have to talk
to curtis.
Don't you think it would be
better if i talked to him alone?
Suit yourself.
But i'll drive back
with you.
I don't want curtis to
think i'm hiding out on him.
Darling, let me handle this in my own way.
What is
your own way?
Well... rather than
talking to him tonight,
wouldn't it be wiser
to wait a little while?
Well, i mean...
so he asks
for the divorce.
I don't get it.
You came to me today and told me
that you'd made up your mind,
that you
wanted me.
I thought
you were
definitely through with curtis.
But i am. I will be.
Which is it?
Darling, i know how much you love
me, and you mustn't be impatient.
We oughtn't to hurt curtis
any more than we have to,
and meanwhile, we'll have
days like this together,
oh, darling,
so many days.
I told you once
- i don't play that way.
It still goes.
But it's
different now.
We love each other,
and we'll be together.
You and me
and curtis.
Oh, darling, it's not
going to be like that.
You're so right
it isn't!
An honest woman would
decide whether she wanted
to keep her
husband's money
or take the man she loves, but not you.
more resourceful.
You're working it out so you can keep both.
It's not true.
What do you know
about truth?
You've been with me
for 5 hours,
and you've been lying
to me every second of it.
I haven't. Nick, i love you. I do love you.
You love only one person
in the world, christabel,
and it's the love
of a lifetime.
Now, get out.
You can't do this.
You can't send me away.
Oh, yes, i can.
It's a lot easier
than i thought.
My only regret in kicking you out
is that you'll go back to curtis,
and that's a pretty filthy
trick to play on any man.
Now, beat it.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Would you call mr. Carey at the lodge
and tell him i'm on my way, please?
Mr. Carey telephoned,
ma'am. He's on his way home.
He should be here in about a half an hour.
Are you all right?
Yes, of course.
Good evening,
Good evening, sir. Good evening, mr. Caine.
May i have a cup of coffee, arthur, please?
Yes. Sure.
Curtis darling, i stopped
here on my way back,
and arthur said that you were coming home.
Why didn't you
stay at the lake?
Why did you leave?
Didn't you get
my note?
I had to go to santa
flora. Aunt clara was-
i got your note.
I'm sorry it ruined
our nice weekend.
You know how much
it meant to me,
and i tried to find you
everywhere before i left.
I waited,
and i waited,
and then i got so worried about aunt clara.
You can imagine
how i felt.
Christabel, when i checked
out of the lodge at noon,
this long-distance call
was charged to my bill.
The hotel clarendon is where
nick is staying, isn't it?
I can explain that.
Where were you today?
I told you. I went
to santa flora,
and as for that, why, nick
called me while i was out,
and i returned
his call.
That's the least
i could do.
He just wanted to thank us for last night
and to say
good-bye again.
How'd you find
your aunt clara?
She's fine now. She's been so restless.
Poor darling. I heated her some broth,
and she drank it
just to please me,
and then i read to her for over an hour.
She's going to be
all right now.
I think my coming
helped her.
Your aunt clara died at 3:00
this afternoon, christabel.
We tried all day
to reach you.
She wanted very much
to see you.
Good night, curtis.
Uncle john, i...
i never dreamt...
uncle john!
i'll be gone
exactly one week.
Don't be here
when i get back.
Curtis is
just coming in.
I was afraid...
Oh, not really,
but you were looking up at the sky.
Your thoughts must have been miles away.
Not so far away,
When i married
i gave up every
other interest
i ever had
in my life-
golf, tennis,
most of my friends...
even my work.
Am i boring you?
Oh, no, curtis, no.
I want to hear this.
And my whole life revolved
around only one thing-
for christabel.
I made a big mistake
when i gave up flying.
Maybe i'm one
of those people
that has to back
away from things
to see them clearly...
because once i'm up
in that plane,
all by myself,
i can look down and see
things as they really are,
in their true
The big and important
things look big,
and the little dirty
things look like just that.
Try to put up
with me, donna.
I almost lost you once.
You're the only thing
in my life worth having.
Excuse me, please.
Now, what about
the furniture?
I wouldn't want anything
that belonged to curtis.
It would only remind me
of... happier times.
Won't those remind you
just a little?
I'll simply have
to force myself.
Good-bye, madam.
Good-bye, arthur.
My portrait.
That's mine.
Curtis gave it to me for
getting you out of the house.
Even you couldn't be
so despicable.
Sure, i could. Listen,
will you do me a favor?
I didn't want to ask you, but if
you'd just get yourself mixed up
in one more little scandal, i'd
be able to sell you for more money.
It only stands
to reason.
What's happened already
between you and curtis
has made
your price go up.
Yes. You're right.
Just a minute.
Where's the key
to the house?
You're contemptible.
No. I'm gobby,
The key.
Uh, my portrait.
May i have
the key, sir?
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