Born to Dance (2015) Movie Script

We're ready, we're ready
Yeah, we ready, ready,
ready, ready, ready
Major lazer is ready
We're ready yeah, we're ready
Ready, ready
-Ready, ready, ready
Look how the sun now raisin' up
And the crowd now wakin' up
For the third year in a row,
the international hip-hop
champions are K-crew!
Representing from New Zealand!
We got it! It's us! We out!
Before we head out on the road
The gyal dem wine nonstop
So let me see your hands up
So everybody now
put your hands up so
So if you're ready for the
road, let your friend dem know
We ready for the road
Major lazer ready for
the ro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ad
Major lazer ready for the...
All state, baby... we training!
If you think you got what it
takes to dance with the best,
hit us up.
Show us what you got.
You know we're off the clock,
we're waiting for you, man.
Yeah, yeah. What
are you watching?
K-crew's new vid's up.
Bro, they just
got back from tour.
They're mean as.
You're obsessed
with those little,
rich north shore bitches.
Those rich "north shore bitches"
won internationals
three times in a row.
Only 'cause I wasn't
there to carve them up.
Give them a little
southside heat.
Gonna represent, yo!
There's a dog!
Hey, hey, hey!
Yeah! Get it, Kalisha.
Hey! 'Sup "G"?
What's up, man?
What's up, Boo?
What's up, Benjy?
-What's up? Hey.
What's happening,
what's happening?
Hey, so, I've got
an idea for tonight.
Hey, really?
-Whoa. Stop. Like, give up.
-1, 2.
-1, 2, 2.
What do you think?
Hey, yeah, maybe we could,
like, add a bit more swag to it.
-Wait, wait. Watch this.
Hey, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, what if you
just sit back down?
About to do this, and
then you just took over.
Anybody else got something?
-Hey! Yeah!
-Hey, hey, hey!
Unh! Okay, okay!
Yeah! Hey, hey!
Hey, hey!
What's up, boys?
-Hey, hey!
-Hey, hey!
Hey, I'm gonna
go and get a cone.
Keen for a feed?
No. Eating with my dad.
All right. You sure?
Oi! Don't forget
the battle tonight.
Whatever, mum.
Hey, you off home?
No. I got to go study.
Meet at yours at 7:00?
Yeah. Later, loser.
For the land of the long white
And my mom for the whole flight
Yeah, just a small-town
kid with the midas touch
Trying to make some memories
before the time is up
And it's all
I feel so good today
I feel so good today
How was your day?
Same as yesterday.
You're done with school.
What are your plans
after the summer?
I don't know?
Hey, I got the job
at the warehouse.
-Recycling plastic.
-It's work.
Heaps of people around
here don't even have jobs.
I promised your mother you'd
make something of yourself,
and that's why I've decided
if you don't have a better
plan after the summer...
You're joining the army.
-You heard me.
You got six weeks to decide what
you're gonna do with your life.
-That's bullshit.
-Watch your mouth.
Look, I know the army
isn't a flash life,
but this is something
you can be proud of.
Oi! Loser, we're gonna be late.
Sarge, the army's your thing.
If you don't find
something better,
it'll be your thing, too.
Tu, hurry up!
Let's go.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Young, young sid
Young, young, young sid, ho
Young, young sid
Young, young, young sid
Young, young sid
Young, young, young sid
What's your name now?
Sidney diamond,
fresh off confinement
Ready for assignment,
kill my rivals
No gang beside him
I solo-ride in any province
I'm king
North and south island,
put your hands up
I'm back
Change the climate,
chasing climates
Choking on a cohiba
Sculling back Cuba libres
Eating lots of seviche
in another time zone
Where it's no habla ingl?
Bonita se?Rita
Won't believe it till you see it
Who's the freaking man now?
I ain't need no
artist and repertoire
Tell me... I already know
Hey, check my own records, boy
Boss... playa del Carmen
Breaking the broads in, aw...
Sunshine, skin tan
Now, that's Karma for my losses
You see that? It's your dreams
You can never
hold on to my seams
Ain't no other rap cat in n. Z.
Besides one... with me
Forget your instagrams
and your tweets
I'm out here, getting
horsed on a beach
Yo, I'm a stylish...
Right now I bet
you wish you were me
2pk, 2pk, 2pk, 2pk, 2pk, 2pk!
Army or no army, you're
always part of the crew, cuz.
Forget that.
I am not joining the army.
What else are you gonna do?
Yo, Tu!
Check it out.
-That's bad.
-Far out.
I'll flick you the link.
Cheers, bro.
If we want to rip
it up at regionals,
we have to start going harder.
Yeah, like that's gonna happen.
Straight up. If only
everyone just focused.
What do you care?
You're off to uni soon anyway.
Bro, I'm not going anywhere
without that scholarship.
You're brainy.
You got this.
Maybe I should join the army.
What? I'd be a better
soldier than you would.
Yeah, probs.
Chin up. Sarge might
change his mind.
Not even.
See you tomorrow, loser.
Later, nerd.
We got to get you ready
for boot camp, soldier.
Rise and shine!
Up and up!
Up and up, son.
We are moving!
Life isn't a box of chocolates.
We couldn't afford
chocolates, so I had no idea.
Come on, son.
Don't let your old
man show you up.
-Hold up!
-To the top.
You'll do better tomorrow, son.
Tomorrow? What?
And every day until you enlist.
We'll find something
better to do with your life.
What if I do have something?
Recycling plastics
doesn't count, son.
-Forget it.
-Okay. Well, tell me, then.
-hop! Dancing!
No, mate. Nice try.
I mean a real job, Tu.
That is a real job.
People make mean money
going all around the world.
People like your
mates from work?
You think they'll make
it big anytime soon?
This heat is bullshit.
Aw, man. There's only one damn
fan in this whole building.
Got any sprays?
Yeah, in the back pocket.
Don't tell me you're
holding at work.
I'm not holding at work.
I'm not gonna leave it at home.
My auntie would thrash
me with a jandal.
Well, are you
using that or what?
Look at this place, man.
Yo, are you Tu kaea?
It depends.
Who's asking?
You might want to check
that attitude, bro.
-Brant, relax.
We didn't come all this
way to start trouble.
We saw your clip.
-Not bad.
Kane thinks you have what
it takes to join our crew.
I've already got a crew.
So we've come all
this way for nothing?
Can I think about it?
-This is a one
-time offer.
Studio's on the north shore.
Address is on the site.
Be there at 4:00
or don't bother.
Hope to see you there.
Who was that?
Bro, you're not
gonna believe it.
That was K-crew.
-Real?! Like the k
-The k
They want me to audition, man.
Should I do it?
Hell yes! This
could be it for you!
This could be your chance
to get out of this place
and to do it big.
I don't know.
Look, imagine you're me
and your best
mate just got given
the opportunity of a
lifetime dropped in his lap.
Now, what would
you tell him to do?
What do I tell the others?
-But Vonnie.
Vonnie don't need to know.
No one needs to know, not
till they need to know.
Yeah. I guess you're right.
I know I'm right, and so do you.
It's there. Pretty mean.
Sort of get in early, get
out early kind of thing?
I've been working with kids
on their school holidays
for 20 years,
and no one's ever wanted to
start their shift earlier.
Since my dad's got me up
at the ass crack of dawn,
I reckon I'd just start the day.
6:00 on the dot.
Don't make me regret it.
I won't.
Try and keep up, old man.
Good to see you
finally showed up, son.
Check it out, 1, 2
Hey, yo, hey, yo
I came a long way
since back in the day
From a teenager tryin' to
make it, rappin' this way
Ever since I was a kid,
i had somethin' to say
Rockin' Mikes was the dream,
i didn't care about pay
I sacrificed late nights
and goin' out with my friends
Just to stay home alone
with my pad and my pen
Had my eyes on my
prize, my mind on my goal
As I carved these rhymes
out with my heart and my soul
I didn't have a cd,
all I had was a tape
On the dole through my
flow was my only escape
From a world where they
didn't want to see me prevail
Don't want to see me take it all
They'd rather see me fail
It's like
I was down and out, struggling
Wondered how I'm
gonna make it through
I got a dream
All I had was a pad and a pen
Holding on
Wondered how
I got a dream
I won't let go 'cause I got...
Come on.
Thanks for coming.
Really stoked to have you here.
We've seen your footage.
You know you got the moves,
but do you have what it takes?
Behind me are the best
dancers in New Zealand,
among some of the
best in the world.
And with myself, we make up
the K-crew's national team.
Three-time world champions.
Yeah, buddy.
You have six weeks
before regionals
to show us what you got.
You show us you got the k-factor,
you're in K-crew.
But if you're ever late or you
don't show up, I will cut you.
I don't care if you're sick.
I don't care if you have jobs.
Either we're your
priority or we're not.
And if we're not, leave now.
All right then.
Brant, take them through.
All right, guys, we're
doing basic choreography.
Here we go. Music. Let's do it.
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
It's close.
But for it to work, you have to
do it just like everyone else.
Watch me.
So, you know everyone here?
Kind of. I know
of everyone here.
What's her story?
Moved over last year.
Been repping out
competitions ever since.
Moved from where?
New York.
-Is she with Kane?
-Better believe it.
Off-limits, Romeo.
Yo, you guys both made it in.
Next session's tricks, though.
Sweet. Thanks, brant.
You fellas got a beef?
Let's just say
not everyone is as comfortable
with my sexuality as I am.
-What a dick.
-I'm used to it.
Hater's gonna hate.
I bet they're gonna
work us like dogs
to get us ready for regionals.
Woof, woof.
Tu, come on. Wake up.
Bro, they've got
a massive studio...
All these mirrors,
locker room, showers.
Sweet setup.
So party on the
north shore, is it?
Nah. We'll party on the
shore if I make the crew.
So when do you find that out?
Six weeks of auditions.
Six weeks?
Is Phil all good with you
working half days that long?
I'm here at 6:00,
opening up shop.
Look at you?
Can you flip me the key
so I can hustle some green?
Uncle Tucker's been
bugging me for a new spot.
This place is busy,
but low-key it is
and heaps of places
to stash my stuff.
Just 'cause I ain't
gonna dob you
doesn't mean I'm
gonna help you out.
Yeah, yeah.
But I'm serious about a
party on the shore, though.
Put a little brown
in browns bay.
Got the "little" part right.
Go from this last part.
Smash it out. 5, 6, 7, and 8.
Go 1 and 2 and 3 and ta.
Ta, ta, ta, ta,
ta, ta, boom, ka.
-Okay, all good.
Practice that. Take a break.
We'll come back to it.
Crew not good enough
for you anymore, docks?
Yeah, my auntie said that
she seen you on the bus
going to the north shore.
What's up with that, man?
Are you gonna tell
them, or should I?
What? Tell them what?
Gather around.
-What's happening?
-I've got an announcement.
Benjy, don't.
What's up?
On me.
Tu's in love with a shore girl.
Sad, but true.
-It's nothing serious.
-Nothing serious?
Hell, she got this
maori catching a bus
for three hours two days a week.
Boy's whooped!
-This boy's wet!
When a rich, white
girl call for him
Take a break.
He got to ride that
bus to the north shore
If he want it,
he got to ride it
so he can wine it
baby, baby
if he want it, he got to ride it
Benjy, what?
So he can grind it baby, baby
if you want it, you got to
ride it till you can grind it
-See you fellas later.
Bro, stop stalling.
You've got to...
Hey, Tucker, it's Benjy.
Yo, Tu!
"G," do you remember
that video I made of you?
That's had 20,000 views.
I don't think your head's
allowed to get any bigger.
It's ugly enough already.
Yo, Tu. Tu, can I talk to you?
What are you up to you?
Don't you worry about
what we're up to.
Get home before
you get in trouble.
Whatever, ball sack.
Come, Ceejay.
The girls are having
a heart-to-heart.
Bro, my uncle's
place just got raided.
I really need your key.
What? No.
Bro, I just need it for tonight.
Then I'll give it straight back.
-I could lose my job, man.
-I know.
I wouldn't ask if
this wasn't legit.
Tucker's on me hard.
Did I help you before?
Yeah, but...
So two-way street, bro.
I'm serious, Tu. I need this.
I want it back tomorrow.
Tomorrow, first thing.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, yeah. See you.
Nice, Conrad.
Show you how it's done.
Keep him in the middle,
team! Let's go!
Wallin' on it
let's take it up a notch.
Brant, Andrew.
Wa, wa, wallin' on it
Wa, wallin'
We got any pairs in the house?
Twins, bro. Twins.
Madison, give me some queen bee.
We got any girls left?
Yeah. Tino's left.
Brant, that's enough.
-All right.
I got this.
Sasha, your turn.
Tu, what you got?
Top that?
What's the holdup?
So, won these today.
Not really my style.
What are you on about?
These kicks are choice.
Turns out you have some tricks.
A couple.
I seen you guys jam before.
Didn't know you
could dance like that.
Well, ballet really
isn't Kane's thing.
Probably 'cause he can't
lift his leg up that high.
But he does know how
to win championships.
Anyway, I'm out.
Check you out, girl.
See you next week?
Out of the trenches!
Let me see your war face!
Outside for stretches!
Move it, move it, move it!
I got the new world in my view
On my journey I pursue
I'm running
Running for the city
I got the new world in my view
They ain't got muscle, no hustle
No backbone, I stand alone
Not trippin', just
sayin' I'm different
Ain't hangin' on to the
coattails of the next man
Passport in my left hand
Thinkin' that you are next
Heck, hope you ain't
holding your breath, man
'Cause I'm out here
Boom, boom.
Ain't had this much drive
since my Honda civic got rusty
You should leave.
See ya.
Run it again.
Spoiled it on me
like Willie beanie
Sip it for me like cappuccino
Instagram and tuxedos
with my peoples
We growin' up
Still the scene of us slowin' up
Tense wall we throwin' up
Every time, we be showin' up
Get it while I'm livin'
Up, up, up.
See them?
So I'm 'bout my business
And I'm runnin', I'm runnin'
I'm runnin' with them now
They don't wanna give it up
We gonna make it out
Hey. I'm almost done. I promise.
You're breaking in?
-No, i
-i got a key. I got once cut.
So you involve me
in this bullshit now.
-No, no, no, no.
I can't believe you!
Piss off, Benjy!
Get that shit out of here.
I've been
Feelin' a little lonely
Okay, stop playing around.
Not until you teach me
some of your fancy moves.
Okay, you're not
taking it seriously.
Excuse me?
I'm trying to broaden my
dance horizons, a'ight?
I see you inside my daydreams
Do you want to try some lifts?
Okay. I'm gonna run to you.
Turn around. Face this way.
I'm gonna run, put my leg here,
and you're gonna wrap
your arm around my body,
and you're gonna flip
me over your shoulder.
This shoulder?
Like superman.
-Like superman?
-Use those muscles.
-Okay, ready? Try it slow.
5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, grab, pull forward.
So... not there!
No, okay. Again?
Yeah, yeah, okay.
You want to try running into it?
Here we go.
1, 2, 3, 4, lift.
So close.
What do you mean,
close? That was it.
No, hold up.
Let's dance.
Pardon me.
It's no surprise
That we ain't in heaven
We're on the earth
But you
You meet me in my darkest cavern
Can't count what you are worth
'Cause, baby, when
the waves crash over me
And, baby, when
the skies turn crazy
You're the only one
i want next to me
With every passin' second,
every drop of fallin' rain
I realize I'm lucky
to be holding you
When my ground starts shakin'
and my bones start breakin'
I realize I'm lucky
to be holdin' you
We ain't in a perfect world
But you still
bring the stars out
I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting something?
Sasha was just
teaching me some lifts.
How nice of you to
help our guest, Sasha.
Hey, ladies. Is that us?
-No, thanks.
-No, thanks.
Sweet. Up to you.
We're going for a
feed. Burger time.
Bro, they so want this.
-You've got issues.
Is everything all right at home?
-You know you want this, too.
And that's why you're single.
Aw, stop.
Tu, is that us?
Madison kept stepping on me.
She's just not used to
dancing with hobbits.
-Shut up.
-Nah. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So, do you guys, like,
go out or something?
No. She's my sister.
-Don't worry, "G."
I used to think they
were dating, too.
Bro, I thought she was
totally out of your league.
Can you not be awkward?
Hey, 'cause you're
pretty all right.
No, really. Just stop.
So, how'd it go with brant?
It was tough, man.
I mean, I hit him
with my best stuff,
but if I couldn't
make it look K-crew,
then he doesn't want
to know about it.
I mean, you're the ish
and everybody knows it.
-And if we can't dance like
them, then chk, chk, chk, chk...
Get the K-crew cut.
I'm not a stalker or anything.
I just saw the lights on.
It's all good.
Working on something new?
No, just conditioning.
Hey, we all good earlier?
I hope I didn't get
you in trouble with...
No, no.
It's totally my fault.
Kane doesn't really
like us messing around
during rehearsals.
It's all right to have
a little bit of fun.
You hungry?
Welcome to my home.
Far out.
You sure your olds
won't be mad I'm here?
No. Dad's in China for business,
and mom still lives in New York.
So you got this whole
place to yourself.
Pretty much.
I hope quinoa salad's okay.
Sounds good.
How is it?
You liar.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Do you ever ask yourself
if it's worth it?
If what's worth it?
All the things that we
do to win, to be the best.
Of course it's worth it.
'Cause dance is everything.
To dance with the best.
Man, I'd do anything to
be in K-crew with you.
I'd be living the dream.
I don't know about dream.
Hey, beats joining the army.
The army?
Dad's thing.
Family tradition.
And your mom?
She's not around anymore.
This your mom?
She's the real deal.
Yeah, well, she's only agreed
to this whole hip-hop phase
'cause K-crew's doing so well.
Second we stop winning...
You sure I can't take you home?
'Cause you're driving
all wrong for a 'cuda.
Yep. You got to roll
the windows down.
-And you got to ride low.
Like this?
No. Like this.
And you got to
turn the music up.
What's up?
Don't judge me.
You got to pump it.
I wouldn't want
to embarrass you.
I don't know
anybody around here.
Turn it up, turn it up.
That somebody loves you
Somebody thinks you
got a halo above you
He thinks you're wonderful
He thinks you're beautiful
In everything you do
Somebody loves you
He wants to tell you
every time you're near
We can't.
Somebody loves you
Somebody loves you
He's right here
I know.
Auger broke.
I opened it up and
already clocked you in.
Move your ass!
I won't be long.
Hey, sorry about last night.
We're gonna be late.
How we all feeling?
Hey, congrats on
making it this far.
But this is just the beginning.
We're going up a level.
We're doing three days a week.
Pair up.
Tu, you're with me.
I just want you to
be honest with me.
What's up?
Are you still serious
about being in my crew?
Of course I am.
Then, why are you holding back?
Well, most of my moves
aren't your style.
True. Your moves
are messy as hell.
I could fix it.
It just looks like you
don't want to dance with us.
-What? No. I do.
-I get it.
You see my nice ride,
my private studio.
You think I come from money?
Bro, I come from pommy,
straight-up ghetto trash.
I know what it's like
to come from nothing.
Everything I have now
i got from dancing.
And I got it 'cause I'm all-in.
-So what if I go all
-in but it's not enough?
That's on you.
But if you don't go all-in,
I'll cut you... tonight.
Tu, you're a solid dancer,
and I really want you
to make it into K-crew.
-Tell me what to do, then.
-Bring your "a" game.
So when do we start?
What did he say?
Well, what did you guys do?
-You're so his favorite.
-You're so his favorite.
-Clue us up.
-Clue us up.
Whoa, sis. Let the man breathe.
No, but honest,
what did Kane want?
Nothing. He just wanted to talk.
So you guys just talked?
-Jammed a little set.
-So he danced with you?
He wants me to come up
with a K-crew style set
-and show him next time.
So at least one of us is in.
The way I see it,
the best dancers they could
pick are standing right here.
That's right!
She must be some girl to have
you dancing in the street.
You're out late.
I got the scholarship.
Straight up?
-For real?
-For real.
I'm going to uni.
That's mean, Von!
-Hell yeah!
I always knew you'd crack it.
Yeah, I know you did.
And you never listen to me.
Yeah, 'cause most of
what you say is stupid.
You know that means I'll
have to leave the crew
when school starts.
You'll be around for regionals.
Yeah, but after that...
I'm gonna tell the crew
at practice tomorrow.
Go to bed, loser.
Whatever. You're the one
hanging around like a creep.
Creep? Aw, shut up.
You're home late.
Where've you been?
Was out with the boys.
You know, living it up
before I get shipped away.
Well, you kids have
got to grow up someday?
Get some sleep.
We're up in four hours.
Any luck hooking
some shore honeys?
Bro, you can't stay
angry at me forever.
I've got to go.
You holding, G?
Take one.
-How much?
-Just $20.
Got any mates?
Got some mates downtown
who might want to
have a word with you.
Aw, shit!
Against the wall!
Get off me!
Benjy tuhoro,
you're under arrest!
Love you! Whoo!
Hey, look at him.
-Love you!
-Yeah, boy!
I'm gonna go.
All right.
See you later, all right?
Bye, babe.
Twins all good?
Gadarthy got cut.
Bro, it could be
any one of us next.
You look terrible.
Bro, I can't even.
What is it?
What's up?
It's just a lot of pressure,
I need to get into K-crew.
If it's too far from karae,
you should just stay up here.
We have a spare room.
All good, bro.
I got to get home, got
to keep my old man happy,
keep my boss happy,
keep my crew happy.
You still jam with 2pk?
Well, I didn't know if this
was gonna be locked down.
And I didn't want to piss
them off over nothing.
All of us left our crews.
This is Kane's national team.
I know, man.
And it's only Tuesday.
It's Wednesday.
Man, I've got to go.
-See you tomorrow.
-If Vonnie hasn't killed me!
Von. Sorry. I got mixed
up. I'm coming now.
Practice is canceled anyway.
That's why I was
trying to call you.
What? Why?
Benjy got arrested.
We're at the warehouse.
Hurry up.
What's the haps, man?
What are you on about?
You, being late for practice.
You were a no-show today.
I've been working, man.
Ceejay said that you've
been leaving early for weeks.
Bro, regionals are
almost here, and you're blowing...
Blowing us off for some
girl on the north shore!
I thought this crew meant
more to you than that.
Bro, not even.
Then what?
I've been... trying out...
For K-crew.
-Hey! Hey!
-Chill! Chill! Chill!
-"G," get off me, man!
I still want to dance with
you if I don't make it!
What?! So we're
you're second choice?
-Your side crew, is it?
-I just...
-Just what?!
I'm nearly there!
I only have to make it
through one more practice
without getting cut!
So we're just supposed to wait?
Bro, who do you think
you are? Like, honestly.
Benjy's out,
and you think you can just
waste our time like that?
You have to choose.
Vonnie... you guys are my crew.
So you choose us?
Tu, don't you dare
leave us like that.
-What do you want from me?!
-Why didn't you tell me?
'Cause you'd have
talked me out of it!
I'm not like you, okay?
I'm not smart. I'm
not going to uni!
So, yeah, I saw a chance to
make something good of myself,
-and I took it!
-Then why didn't you just leave?
Why lie to us, make up
some girl on the shore?
I didn't make her up!
It's hard to explain.
What do you even care?
You're gone soon, anyway.
'Cause I was gonna leave
you in charge of the crew,
and I thought you
gave a damn about us.
What're you doing here?
Coming to work.
You don't work here
anymore. You're fired.
Give me your key.
Benjy said he stole your key,
copied it, swore
you weren't involved.
Is that true?
Whatever it is you're doing...
Hope it's worth it.
All right, listen up.
Today's your last chance.
Show me how much you want this.
Pair up.
Sasha, pair up.
You know, if I make it,
you have to start
talking to me again.
Let's just dance.
5, 6, 7...
-What's wrong with you?
Then why are you
making me look bad?
Today's my last chance!
Tu, this is just a
friggin' dance crew.
For you, maybe!
My whole life depends on this!
-Tu, I'm so sorry.
Can I get another
partner, please?
Run it from the top. 5, 6...
How are things at work?
It's too hard to say. You
know, same stuff every day.
You think I don't know
what a lie looks like, boy?
So you know nothing
about all that dope
the cops found at
your work, then?
I'm not doing any of that stuff.
Straight up.
I was on the shore all day.
-Out there dealing?
-What? No.
Just... give it to me straight.
Tu kaea, what have
you been doing, son?
I'm one of the
final five in tryouts
to join the best hip-hop
crew in New Zealand.
You're joking, right?
This is it for me.
This is my break.
And what happens if
they don't take you?
What are your plans, son?
They'll take me, dad.
They'll take me.
Move it.
It's good. From the top.
All I can say is that this
is a really hard decision.
You're all mean dancers, but
K-crew can't take you all.
When I call your name, come up.
That leaves one more, right?
Congrats, guys.
Everyone else...
That's just last year's crew.
Yeah, it is.
Thanks. You can go.
Tu! Tu, wait!
What was that?!
What were you guys
doing in there?
All I saw were you guys
doing my set, my moves.
Well, technically,
they're our moves now.
-Stop! Hey! Wait!
-We were never going to get in.
They just wanted
to steal our sets.
I'm a winner.
I win at all costs.
Something you should learn.
Babe, let's go.
Be right there.
Later, freaks.
How long did you know?
-How long?
I didn't mean for any
of this to happen, but...
But what?
You were having too much
fun in your flash car
and your flash bloody mansion,
laughing with
your stuck-up mates
about how you would trick...
You tricked me.
That's not fair.
You tricked me into
thinking I had a chance.
-No, I just... I have to figure
some things out, okay?
It's too late for that.
You surprised me.
Just came to check on my girl.
Hey, what's wrong?
What are we doing?
What it takes.
It's wrong.
This is so wrong, Kane.
Are you questioning
how I run my crew?
-No, I just...
-You just... what?
Think you could do a better job?
I didn't say that.
I took a huge risk
letting you in my crew.
You had no hip-hop
experience, no rep, no chance.
But now look at you.
People know your name,
girls want to be you,
guys want to date you.
I made you a winner.
Now, we both know what happens
when you stop winning, right?
You go home.
I don't want you to go home.
Do you?
Then be a good girl.
Keep winning.
Hey, loser.
What do you want?
I didn't make it?
It was all a lie.
They lied to me.
To bite our moves.
Forget it.
Have fun at uni!
Bro, drop the act and harden up.
So you didn't get asked to dance
with some rich
kids from the shore.
They were my only shot!
No, no, no, no, no.
Bro, you're all
wrong. Look at me.
You are your shot.
You don't need them.
They needed you.
If they're so stale they've got
to bite other people's moves,
they already know
they're on the way out.
But you?
Tu, you got nowhere
to go but up.
-Thanks, Von.
Just remember Benjy's in jail
for being even more of
a loser than you are.
Go and see him, loser.
It's not that bad.
Great TV.
I'm out on probation in a week.
I ain't never coming back here.
Thanks for not narcing on me.
Bro, I put myself in here.
And what am I gonna do?
Bring you down with me?
We're all looking
for a way up, cuz.
I just looked in
the wrong place.
Yeah, me too.
Bro, you're a mean dancer.
K-crew didn't think so.
Hey, k-crew know you're one of
the best dancers in the city.
That's why they scammed
you all in the first place.
Benjy, you're a genius!
Thanks, bro!
What did I say?
-Yo, what's up?
-How are you?
What's up, brother?
-Hey, what's up?
-Hey, what's up?
-Welcome to kuda.
-How are you?
-You guys are here, so I'm guessing all
Five isn't enough for a crew.
Well, good thing I called
some mates to come help out.
-Look, there they are.
-Easy, tiger.
Nah, I'm over twins, man.
Double the trouble.
-I know the south side ones.
-Hey, guys!
My gosh, I haven't
seen you in so long!
-Hey, how are you?
Look, it's a nice idea, but...
They took all of our best sets.
Our meanest choreography.
They took our
best K-crew style.
K-crew dance 'cause
it's what they do.
But we dance 'cause
it's who we are.
When was the last time you
guys danced just to dance?
It's a celebration
people, get your drinks up
hey. How you doing?
Call me.
I'm finna let it, finna
let it, finna let it go
yeah, girls.
O-original, original
You know I'm original
We feelin' the floor
I know you're feelin the floor
I never did this before,
when I'm killin' the floor
I said I reel in the dough
You know I reel in the dough
and I'm stealin' the show
That's right, I'm
stealing the show
That's why they feelin' the show
I got good energy
in all of my chakras
Kickin' all the
bitches like soccer
Doin' it till
death of my partners
We gon' keep up but
they callin' us monsters
I got superstars
all up in my roster
Shakin' off all of the imposters
You know I bring the
fire like a roster
You a hater, see ya later
'Cause I lost ya
Bong, bong, bong, bong
They gon' be like,
"this my song"
Send a shout to my deejay
We gonna party all night long
Bong, bong, bong, bong
They gon' be like,
"this my song"
Diggy, diggy,
Diggy, diggy, all night long
Turn me up in my track
'cause I'm finna let it go
I'm finna let it go
I'm finna let it go,
I'm finna let it go
I'm finna let it go
I'm finna let it go,
I'm finna let it go
How does it feel not
to be a dick anymore?
Pretty good?
You think our crews can
make it to nationals?
-It's my last chance, so I'm going all
You always do.
Yeah, I do, I do.
To the freaks,
the freaks, freaks!
Of course, K-crew...
They're off for the
nationals once again.
We cruisin', we rollin'
But when we hit the scene,
Best believe we gonna go it
Number-one girl in the game
White man think they
gonna bring flame
Boy, what's your claim to fame?
All right, give it up, guys!
Yeah, give it up!
Advancing to the nationals...
Set it off, set it off,
don't bust your head
five, six, seven eight. One,
two, three four, five, six.
Yo, yo!
You guys need to
check this, man.
Freaks made it
through regionals.
They're gonna be at nationals.
They're nothing.
Back to work.
He's not home.
Excuse me?
It's Sasha, right?
You must be Vonnie.
Yeah, and you must be dumb if
you think Tu wants to see you
after what you did to him.
Look, I know you guys are close.
He's my best friend.
You used him, you lied to
him, and you stole from him.
I know what I did was wrong.
But I really do care about Tu.
Funny way of showing it.
Is he okay?
He's tough. He's
always gonna be okay.
Look, if you really
care about Tu,
then leave him alone and let
him focus on nationals tomorrow.
Can you just please
tell him that I was here?
Yeah, whatever.
Who's that?
Just somebody after Tu.
What's the boy done now?
Don't tell me it's this
dance rubbish, either.
Don't you know?
Know what?
What's this?
Your son.
He's hit over 800,000 views.
What's up, bitches?
Look what you did.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be at work?
Can't a father
give his son a lift
on the biggest day of his life?
Can you hurry up?
We're gonna be late.
Where's Tu?
He should be here.
-There he is.
-Tu! Hey!
-Hey, Tu!
-What's up, G?
What's up? My gosh.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
You got this.
Auckland city, are you ready?
I said, Auckland
city, are you ready?!
Give it up for Steve grey!
Lauren dunningham!
And my man, Gandalf
In our first battle, we
have last year's winners.
Please give it up for K-crew!
Up against neon faction!
Let the battle begin!
Breakin' all these hos
Takin' names is why I'm doing it
Calling all for the broads
But the car got two in it
Never downplay my greatness
Don't do so 'cause
I'm provin' it
My advice is revise your plan
Whatever it is, I ruined it,
started with a dollar bill
Won't stop till i
get a hundred mil
Then I'll build to the top,
then I'll build from the nine
Brand-new wars that I got
Then I prove to the
block hard top drop, drop
Why waste time that
i really don't got?
You feeling me now?
'Cause the lord is my witness
He's the king,
get it high, get it
I'm trying to make a
billion before I finish
I'm trying to make a
billion before I finish
Sho' nuff
'Cause the lord is my witness
He's the king,
get it high, get it
Sho' nuff
Please give it up for K-crew!
Hey, yo
Hey, yo
All right, judges, most
importantly right now
we need to know
what do you think?
It's K-crew!
It's unanimous!
So, we doing this or what?
2pk against the freaks.
-But what if this doesn't...
It's too late for what ifs.
That's us.
We go hard, bro, no matter what.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
the competition is heating up.
Right about now, we're
gonna bring out 2pk!
Give it up!
Yeah, and they're
gonna be battling it out
against... give it up, y'all...
For the freaks!
Yeah, this is what
I'm talking about.
Y'all ready to get this started?
I said y'all ready
to get this started?!
Deejay, drop that beat!
Beat yourself down, down, yeah
It's the remix
Yeah, yeah
Beat yourself down, down, yeah
It ain't good
It ain't good
'cause you get your...
I don't know anybody
Y'all know what
this says... act right
It's the kid coming up
next, what was on tap
Rubbing off grass,
throwing off raps
Off the hit skill
that'll crush cats
But it's hard to spit
without coming off
Never getting an assist
Dropping off, never gonna sit
Mouse running in cheddar
and get it all predicted
So y'all never say
'Cause the state won't give
me your words to play, y'all
And I'll make your
pretties look thick
Like you wrote it in crayon
Let's go how many dudes you know
Who float like this?
How many dudes you know
who float like this?
How many, if any?
I don't know anybody
Yo, scrumptious, so give it up
And I put the Mike down when
i pick it up, I rip it up
So don't miss it,
everybody want to hit it
But y'all need to breathe,
'cause we're going on
We refuse to leave,
you can't get rid of us
Yo, if you think I'm on
drugs, please come in the club
And I'll be dancing by
myself like I don't give a...
What, what, dropping
the Mike and let it flow
If you drop it as you
go for the Liberty slow
I'm hypothetical,
physically, whatever you know
I got my rhyme packed
tight and I'm ready to go
I made some mistakes in
the past that was yesterday
Relax and take a breath, y'all
What the...
R-R-R-Relax and
take a breath, yo
-Hell no.
-Let's go
I'm here to stay, get
out, you're in the way
Can I get a guess
so? Yes, yes, yo!
Man, check it out
Yo, check it out. Check it out
Ain't no one like me
Man, check it out
Check it out, check it out
Ain't no one like me, like me
How many dudes you know
who float like this?
How many dudes you know
who float like this?
How many, if any?
How many, if any?
How many dudes you know
who got the skills to go
And rock a show like this?
I don't know anybody
Please give it up for seven
Forget them.
Holy shit. Thank you very much
All right, for the
first time in history,
it seems like two crews
have merged together.
I don't know what the official
word is on that, judges.
Seems like it's cool with
them. It's cool with me.
All right, moving on
to the next round is...
Make some noise for
the new crew, 2-freaky!
2-freaky, 2-freaky!
Yeah, 2-freaky!
Yeah, 2-freaky!
Did you see their faces?
Sniped them-stealth as.
Nailed it, bro.
Hold up. Hold up.
We just took a risk.
It paid off, but
if we can improve
in more than just
a one-dance window,
we have to bring it.
Whoever we've got next is
gonna want it just as bad as us.
So we'll take them down...
Then take K-crew down.
Easy as.
"Easy as"?
Stolen moves aside,
K-crew's last hit was fire,
and they just came on top.
Forget them.
This isn't about them.
It's about us working together
and making our own breaks.
Let's take it one
round at a time?
Bro, you know they
might actually do it?
-Make it to finals.
-So what?!
Are you scared?
Do you remember the
last time we lost?
'Cause I don't, either.
So we win today.
No matter what.
Aw, yeah.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have our final four!
Of course, K-crew, infamous,
eminence, and 2-freaky!
First up, though, we got
K-crew versus eminence.
Let's go!
Give it up for K-crew,
three-time world champions!
K-crew, smash up the place.
All right, so, what
do our judges think?
It's unanimous! K-crew!
You're up next! Come
on, come on, come on!
-Coming to the stage right about, 2
battling up against infamous!
This is you going all-in?
Too bad it won't be enough.
Leave it.
-You ready?
-Let's go.
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
I know y'all seein'
that we back again
I know y'all seein'
that we back again
I know y'all seein'
that we back again
I know y'all, I know
y'all, I know y'all
We stompin' on your mom
Shoot, you can't keep up
Say it again we
stompin' on your mom
Shoot, you can't keep up
Say it again we
stompin' on your mom
Shoot, you can't keep up
Say it again we
stompin' on your mom
Shoot, you can't keep up, whoo!
I'm lookin' at the paper,
checkin' on my, yeah
Think I want to spend the
cash on a trip to the moon
I might be the first,
but we really don't know
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
chica-chica boom
I'm lookin' at the paper,
checking on my, yeah
Think I want to spend the
cash on a trip to the moon
I might be the first,
but we really don't know
Hey, hey, hey
Chica-chica bang,
chica-chica boom
I'm lookin' at the paper,
checkin' on my, yeah
Think I want to spend the
cash on a trip to the moon
I might be the first,
but we really don't know
Don't know
Hey, hey, hey
Yo, please give
it up for infamous!
We're infamous.
Well, that was a
tough round, for real.
Let's see what we got.
We got a 2-freaky.
We got an infamous.
And the winner of this
round... 2-freaky!
What up, fairy?
You know we're gonna kick
your ass tonight, right?
Bitch, please. Don't touch.
What the hell, brant?
You're so tough.
You think I've never
had to deal with idiots
like you before?
You think you're the man?
Prove it on the floor.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
let's hear it for
our two finalists...
Last year's winners...
And of course, the
news, the challengers.
Make some noise for 2-freaky!
All right, people,
if y'all are ready
to get this battle started,
let me hear you say, "ho
-You all done?
you sent him to beat
up tino, didn't you?
What is wrong with you?
Shut your mouth.
I'm making sure my crew wins.
Let the battle begin!
It's not worth it. I'm out.
We don't need her.
No mistakes.
She came to see you yesterday.
She wanted to say she was sorry.
It doesn't change what she did.
Like you've never
made mistakes before?
At least she was trying
to make things right.
That was one of the
illest performances
in the history of
this whole competition.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
let's hear it for K-crew!
I just wanted to tell
you how sorry I am.
And good luck out there.
Right about now,
taking to the stage...
It's your time to shine.
It's your turn to burn.
Please, ladies and gentlemen,
please give it up for 2-freaky!
How freaky?!
What a finish, but, judges,
what we all want to know
right now is what
are the final scores.
Won't leave you behind
I'll carry you through
I'll stand by your side
nothing we cannot do
Representing us at the
world championships...
And that's new champions...
Give it up! Give it up!
Let me hear you say,
"2-freaky, 2-freaky!"
I am with you
I'll be with you
Don't be afraid
We can start again
You can stand
You will rise
You can start again
You can start again
You can start again
I'll hold you close
You can stand
You will rise
You can start again
I will be your anchor
I will not be moved
Your burdens are lifted
Out of you
Now, you opened my eyes
to reclaim this life
I was drowning at sea
until you rescued me
So come on, babe,
to the battlefield
I will be your armor
The sword and shield
We will rise again
With our broken wings
We will learn to fly
where our souls are free
With every door that closes in
Don't be afraid to start again
I am with you
I'll be with you
Don't be afraid
We can start again
I'll hold you
close, you can stand
We can stand
You will rise,
you can start again
You will start again
you will start again
You will start again
you will start again
You will start again
you will start again
Start, start
'Cause you will start again
You can stand
You will rise
And you will start again
I'll hold you close
You can stand
You will rise
You can start again
Start again
Start again
New on the scene, the ocean mean
Ain't no crown but she the queen
Dreads been locked since 17
Tryin' to hit the
jackpot, slot machine
We go down
We cruisin', we rollin'
But when we hit the scene,
best believe we got it goin'
Number-one girl
in the game, what?
Been lifting, gonna
bring the flame
Boy, what's your claim to fame?
I got to play in the
game, never be the same
I got to tell you, boy
What, other girls
that's cool like me
Told 'em all they
ain't roll like me
Schooled 'em all, they
ain't enrolled like me
Fake girls, nah,
they know Jess b.
Unh, go on, jump ahead
See 1,000 hands,
wanna pump and hit
You girls all fine,
Donald trump your heads
Set it off, set it off,
don't bump your head
Bounce, make you break your neck
So all you homies
better learn respect
Check-mate, homey,
like my fist connects
Car crash slow, get
ahead, get wrecked
Get wrecked
Everybody wanna
cruise with a crew
Can't do what I do, make
'em all go "boo-hoo"
She come through
as socks on a tutu
Wanna spill your brains
out, like I shoot you
His head is like a
voodoo, they all cuckoo
Middle finger up
means "screw you"
Let the bee hit your kung-fu,
I'm gonna dunk on a player
Haven't figured
that I shoot hoops
Just be banging like
a drummer, though
Got heat in the kitchen
in the summer, though
It's that red-hot-spot flow,
tight like a fresh knot,
Blocked the shot, guess
you got to ball so hard
Got me thinking that
you're gonna blow
Flow so tight, so
tight like a dreaded fro
Chicks so sick, so
sick, no medic, bro
Done sweaty for a minute,
giddy as you're ready, go
Gotta grip, fall, slip,
fall, pick up your bottom
Lift before you trip-fall,
Gotta grip, fall, slip,
fall, pick up your bottom
Lift before you trip-fall
I'm so on
I'm so wrong
I'm so lit
I'm so gone
New on the scene, the ocean mean
Ain't no crown but she the queen
Dreads been locked since 17
Tryin' to hit the
jackpot, slot machine
We go down
We cruisin', we rollin'
But when we hit the scene,
best believe we got it goin'
Number-one girl
in the game, what?
Been lifting, gonna
bring the flame
Boy, what's your claim to fame?
I got to play in the
game, never be the same
I got to tell you, boy
What, other girls
that's cool like me