Born to Race: Fast Track (2013) Movie Script

ND Hai. Oct., 2014.
Where are you, Krueger?
::: Chip ::: Bong ::: Bon :::
Come on, baby.
BORN 2 RACE - 2014
Welcome to Bradford
The home of Kendall Performance
Same corner, every times.
Come on. I don't realize how you turned.
Hey, hey, you need to pick up the pace.
- You'll buy it.
- No, no, after you.
You give me first then I'll give...
- Surprise!
Whoa, what is all this?
We can send you a celebration
before you go out?
Thank you!
Great job!
- Congratulations, son.
- Thank you.
- You have confidence?
- Yeah.
- 'Cos this scholarship is a big opportunity
when your mother and I
cannot afford to give you.
I know.
- Alright.
- Okay.
- Go and join your friends.
- Hey, Dad.
- Yeah?
- I got it.
- I know you.
- Okay.
- Go ahead. It's alright.
- What's up?
- Hey, Max.
That was so awesome, thank you.
- You're welcomed.
- Hey!
Don't erase your memories, Krueger.
Alright, drive safe.
Ow! I have something for you.
Do you?
- What is it?
- It's a steering wheel.
I'm wearing a matching one.
I love it.
Thank you.
It's going to be an awesome Summer.
- Oh, good.
And I'll get it up for all the Fall.
- You do?
- Look.
I know you said you're long for Columbia, but
it's really not about self-control, you know?
Ah come on, we can live together
in L.A, by the beach somewhere.
You have a lot to figure it out, don't you?
Our future is just now, Jess.
International Raceway
TOYOTA, Official Pace Car
Hey, what's your problem?
Nice wing!
Does it fly, too?
It's a nice car.
Is that a rent or you bought from your dad?
Comical! You need a sense of humor
to drive something like that.
That's what I thought.
Can you believe it?
Fast Lane!
Hey, I'm Markus, from Molsbroek.
Hi, I'm Danny, from Los Angeles.
Finally, someone who speaks English
that 'em might like to hear.
What d'you got for, Danny?
- No.
- World Challenge.
- Nice! Me too.
So who d'you think it gonna be?
- What do you mean by that?
- I mean the top douth.
- "El numero uno".
- Why?
Someone is looking for an autograph?
Well not unless you can archive
five championship wins at NASCAR
with a little Late Model Series there,
Fish 'n Chips.
How about a 7 championship wins,
and British karting, SCP karting
and Super One Series.
I gave up go-kart since I was 12.
And you give up boys, too?
Oh, the other ones just couldn't keep up.
Well, I can keep up.
Want to know the top douths are?
Come, front.
Enzo and Paulo Lauricello.
They're both from the top sports
in the Coppa Italia every years they race.
They have a room in the villa
just for trophies.
Oh those Italians are about
to get themselves
to taste Luke Lebow's sweet
Texas' tar smoke.
So, what about you?
What kind of racing have you done?
I won a high school's race last year.
That's it?
Looks like somebody brought
a baby bottle to a cocktail party.
Well, well. What we've got here?
The new hope fools.
No phones in here, ever.
The Versace twins.
How 'bout you guys share those beautiful
Italian eyes with the rest of us, huh?
My name is Richard Duncannon.
This gentleman is Liam Sterling.
He's the head of Fast Lane Racing School.
We'll be instructors for the next 4 weeks.
Every years we get about 3,000
applicants from all around the World.
We pick only 8.
Being the best which you got in here
is not gonna be enough to help you graduate.
Now I'm sure you think
you've got nothing left to learn.
Yeah, I'll prove you wrong.
And the process we can make you
better than you could ever imagine.
I'm no, teach.
I've got in me a pretty wild imagination.
Looks like we get us a Lone Ranger, Richard.
The question is - who's this Tonto?
We set your program apart from
all the others is, I'm emphasis,
I'm working in teams.
By end of the day,
at least be assigned your partner.
The difference between success and failure
is collaboration.
At last to pass, each and every
class requirement as a team,
in order to graduate.
If one of you fails, you both fail.
Is that cleared?
Now I know you're all anxious
to show us what you got.
So go ahead and shoot up.
It'll be a first of many opportunities
to humiliate yourselves.
We're putting you through
a preliminary time drive
to gage your current skill level.
Your car is equipped with a transponder
that will record your lapse times.
The score board will display your
best times and keeps track of your progress.
You take one warm up
and you'll find lapse seats.
You're only racing against the clock,
so no riving.
Ah, yes!
We've got ourselves the wild bunch.
That's unbelievable.
Could be the fastest 1st-lapse times
I've ever seen.
Why d'you think that's it, Richard?
May be the track is stickier than usual?
Yeah. Mike will test it for us.
I'd love to.
I'll take the slowest car, just to make sure.
- Tough first day.
- Yeah.
Maybe it's the car, Krueger.
It's not the car.
You slowed us down.
And cost another 2/10.
You see, drag racing is for the fast car.
Road racing, that's for fast drivers.
What d'you think, paisanos?
May be we'll be teaching this thing, huh?
Hey, you think that was fast?
Remember we're just instructors.
He's wearing not the cowboy boots.
Alright, the bad news:
You kids got a lot to learn.
The good news:
Our friend in the World Racing team
is discussing for new drivers.
One month after graduation,
the toughest 2 students from this class
will be back here driving for
World Racing in Lucas Oil's cup.
So the biggest drivers in the world
lost their career in that competition.
Two among you could be next.
Not with those times.
Snowmen get a better chance
to get a sun tan.
What Dick is trying to say is that
you get a lot of hard works outta here.
You can after bring you a game.
Okay, listen up!
Here're teams,
teammate a room together.
Enzo with Paulo, Markus with Tak,
Danny with Luke.
- Konichiwa!
- Tariq with Michelle...
- ... in separate rooms.
- Tu, from Iowa.
Got it?
I'm sorry, sir.
I can't be paired with Danny.
He stinks and I hail a loser dork.
Then you just smell like home.
Follow the line, cowboy.
Yes, sir.
Damn! I got a mouth disease.
It's a stress.
You shoot a real good driving
out there today.
Yeah? Well,
May be a lot faster than your ass.
You'd hurry learn them turn it, little dork.
I won't pull us both far away.
Come on, Yankee, come on.
- Hey Jess.
- How's my guy?
I'm good.
You're okay?
The rips up here are really good.
You know, I mean...
real good.
The first day, don't be so hard on yourself.
Anyway, what's news back home,
Max got another speeding ticket.
Would that be the third one this year?
You know you'd better hurry
become a lawyer.
He's gonna need you.
- I miss you.
- I miss you, too.
"Columbia University"
- Ah, here we go.
- Thank you, Darling.
- Ah, Gods bless America!
- Amen with that, brother.
If I finish all of this,
you'll give me your number, right?
That's no, boss.
Oh, no. She wants it.
I'm crashing on this.
Ah, that's no way of that.
Go ahead!
Mangia, mangia!
Have a heart attack.
You want less driver?
You still have me
to worry about, sweetheart.
Who's worried?
If your partner gets any slower,
I'll have to race on motor tri-cycle.
- Sorry.
- What?
Come on.
Hey, don't let them get you.
Just trying with what you have.
Yeah, think their heads up.
So how d'you get into racing?
Well, I'm the youngest among three.
And my elder brothers are rally racers.
They take after our dad.
So I don't know. I wanna fit in
So when I was 14 I started
to sit down my dad's pickup
and I thought myself, better race
on a fractural road
Two weeks after my 16th birthday,
I won a local championship,
and the rest is history.
I'm impressed. A Canadian
who doesn't like hockey?
I love hockey.
I just rather be behind the wheel, you know?
Which shows you're fast.
I could be faster.
Hey, my philosophy is simple.
You wanna be fast,
you'd gonna know your car.
Stretch straight up the engine block.
Oh, the cowboy's philosophy now, huh?
When it comes to engine,
you're damn right I am.
Oh I guess you'd know anything
about it, would you?
Or it's time you get your hand
'cos you're doing for each other's tare.
Let the Philosophy talks.
If you're fast, you would be number three.
My old man sees my lapse time
he will kick my ass.
Uhm, so it's in your blood, too.
Yeah, it was in a little.
I used to travel with them in a team.
- When he's a driver for NASCAR, so you know?
- Cool.
He taught me everything I know
about racing, and cars,
and never knows I'm addicted to everything.
Anytime you want, though.
That's it. Let's go outside...
- Go ahead!
- Calm.
I'm fine.
It's alright.
And there we go, my teammate.
Lucky me.
- Take it easy.
- No, it's alright.
Don't you worry.
You're right, you're right.
You know something?
Sorry, no way in hell. I don't let
the pizza boys get away with that.
- Hey, look at you.
- Luke!
My God!
Wait, guys, the food...
Check, please.
Hey, come on.
What you gonna do?
Trs bien!
Let's send the cowboy back to Texas.
Little bit closer!
Little bit closer!
Oh, he's been in a hole in ass.
Oh my God!
What happened?
Call 911.
- Hey, you alright?
- I think I've broken my leg.
Enzo, it's been too tract.
Come I did talk.
One less driver.
My God!
In 14 years, I have never had
an incident like this.
If any of you guys prove a Vin Diesel
stuff like this again, off the track!
You're out of... Hey!
You're out of here.
Which brings us to an ex-order business.
How did things get this far, Krueger?
I had nothing to do with this.
Don't you get it?
That's exactly your problem.
As a team, you're responsible
for each other.
Even if your partner do something
foolish off the track
It's the other's job to rail him back in.
What about Enzo? Huh?
I mean, he is engaged the entire thing.
Yes, may be. But by always I can't see
backed off when things got serious.
It's Luke's wish to let it go.
That's the stubborn Hill Billy.
That stubborn Hill Billy was your partner.
You can't continue without one.
Your only chance to stay in here
is we can find you a new partner
Alright, let's see.
Mullen's in Europal summer.
DeLuca committed another school.
Ramsey looks too far away,
he can never make it in our time.
It's not looking good, kid.
Somebody might know?
Oh, no, not... not him. No!
- He lives nearby and available.
- Done some karting,
has been in our waiting list twice.
No, it got to be somebody else.
There is no one else.
We should go forfeiting
this year's scholarship.
We'll place it next year.
That's World Racing Patrol,
be upper graph.
Sometimes the devil you know
is better than the one you don't.
Somebody misses me?
No, I like it they go.
Hey, switch in the World Racing
is bold move, man.
You steal lapse for me, too?
Good to see things haven't changed.
Well, if this isn't Jake Kendal?
How're you eager, beaver?
That's the hell ever quick trip,
- just pumped to be here, sir.
- Good.
Well, first thing first.
Let's see what you got.
Not the hell, he got above me 1/10.
Not bad.
Yeah, not for first time back on the track.
Looks like your new partner.
He's close to a series killer, right?
Let's get a move, all.
We have a lot to get to.
What the...
- Why you moved my stuffs?
- 'Cos in my bed.
I want a bed by the window.
Yeah, then you shoot the guy here first.
Ah, you're more appall than usual.
Is certain thing I shouldn't be here?
Why would I think that?
I earned my spot.
Because of your lapse times?
No, the only reason you're here
because my motor blew.
You can re-write history all you want
but stick with the fact, okay?
You blew your motor. No one else.
Oh, here's the fact.
Your scholarship should've been
mine all along
and now that I'm here, it only proves it.
- It's faith, Danny.
- It's not faith, man.
You see, because I picked
your name off a very short list.
But not because you're the best.
Because you're available.
Look, I'm here to win,
even after drag you along with me.
Either one is dead race, Danny.
You just don't know yet.
Hey, Jess.
Nothing, I... Look.
I don't wanna talk right now, OK?
Let me call you back, though.
Yeah, I felt great.
Getting behind the wheel again driving,
ways better than I thought.
God! You should check if this real.
Hey, I know you could make it, son.
Yeah, I made 5th place on my first run.
Well, started like this is being expected.
Next time I call I expect it
the 1st place lapse time.
Yes, sir!
Dad, when I graduate,
it gonna be just like we said.
A Kendal name on a real race car.
I promise.
Why? Why it's only one
but not the whole team?
Yes, sir.
Now, making the crack line to turn 9
with speeds ever 100-130 or else.
135 miles now.
Just come up here.
Show us how you take.
Jake. You don't agree?
No, no I don't, sir.
Now you need a late apex
so you can ply power earlier.
to maximize your speed on thrust away.
Which gives you more options
if you wanna overtake.
Yes, sir.
Hey, I'm available for trooping after class.
We're gonna do that.
Taking the crack line is
only half the equation.
Having absolute control in your car
through that line, the other happens.
This afternoon we'll start with
the leap-follow exercise.
Faster teammate will lead
the slower teammate
through the track till they're able
to match the speed
Then you'll switch positions.
Nice track, Tak.
OK, let's switch.
Hey, what takes it so long?
Danny's been in five lapses
You should kart up by now, buddy.
How's the view from back there?
You should see it yourself.
Slower so you always see
the back of the class, Krueger.
Come on, man. It's my turn to lead.
You want to lead?
Come and get it.
Come on, man. Don't be a jerk.
No, no, if you want to lead,
you need to get in front of me, Danny.
Hey, guys!
You need some help?
Follow me. I'll show you how.
May be you guys need a little push, huh?
Hey guys, do you like music?
Let me sing a song for you.
Follow the leader, leader, leader.
Follow the leader, see I'm here.
Enzo, come on.
Tell them to go a little bit faster.
- Come on.
- Enzo, Paulo,
what the hell you're doing out there?
- Get off the track.
- I can't believe these guys.
Those idiots.
How was that view?
Bravo, nice stunt!
You'll compromise your life.
You know, man.
At least the kids know handling.
Okay, not bad, not bad.
Thing's looking up to you.
You think so?
What you did on the track earlier
was impressive.
Yeah, well, didn't help on
my lapse time very much.
Yeah, but still that's an impressive
car control.
The total snitches are fed in here.
I'm telling you, Frankfurt,
The only reason me and
my brother came to America
just because, this is the real money is.
Suppose to you, 2 o'clock.
Now things are getting interesting.
I'll be back.
Let the Italian show you how it's done.
Hey, I'll get this one.
Hey, Danny, Danny.
Come one.
That's the Ferrari, not the Chevy.
You can't handle it.
Or a hundred bucks just say I can.
I'll make it 200, but I'm afraid
you cannot afford it.
I'll make it 200, now.
Good luck, my friend.
I give him 30 seconds.
I mean it's top and he's done.
Oh, no.
I mean this job is done.
Any take it?
What were you... just looking at?
Krueger is just about to a crashing burnt.
Yeah, it's the... they're on fire.
I don't think it finishes in such a while.
So pay up.
Ah, I can't believe you drove
all the way out here.
You had me worried.
You weren't returning my call, or text.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's got a lot of my mind, you know?
- You mean Jake?
- No.
Get a room, my birds.
Hey, Jess.
What brings you up here?
For making sure you 2 behave yourselves.
We're team players.
Right, Krueger?
- Yeah.
- Fine
- Hey, where are you going?
- Where the night brings me.
Oh, by the way. I never had a chance
to thank you for the followers
you sent me to stand up.
They really brighten up the room.
Come on.
Flowers, Jess?
During the hospital and followers
is great thing to do.
After everything that he tried to do to me?
It told you have been nice.
I'm nice.
Seriously, Danny?
I didn't drive up here for that.
Of, then what's the reason
you drove here for?
I came because I was concerned about you.
And I even convinced myself for moving to L.A
with you might not be my compromise.
Wait, wait. A compromise?
Why it'll be a compromise?
'Cos you gonna be in Columbia.
Wow, good for you.
So, you wanna move to New York.
When you'll tell me?
When you're back.
I don't want it to distract you.
After everything we talked about?
You talked about it, Danny.
You never asked if I want it.
But what is that you want?
Because that's sure there hasn't us.
It's not fair.
I never said that.
- I can't do this right now.
- Danny!
- Talk to me.
- What's the point?
Oh, I thought I was in the men's room.
You are.
The shower in my dome don't work.
Yeah, well. That sounds
you don't use it often, huh?
I mean, hey... I can come back later.
Why? So I can be naked?
You look tired. Long night?
Yeah, a kinda.
She's a cute... girlfriend.
- You guys will get a long?
- I'd rather not to talk about it, okay?
Not any more.
We broke up.
You know, she just doesn't get it.
You know, what I'm trying up here.
I'm here for a passion for racing.
Very few people understands.
So it's the problem for you, too?
Of course.
It's intimidating for a guy bearing
the girl does something so physical,
and surrounded by many other guys.
So how d'you deal with that?
I date guys who understand.
You should smile more often.
I've never seen any Canadian
with tanned line before.
I hope I wasn't interrupting foreign relations?
I was just leaving.
Oh, come on. I thought you people
like the Americans.
- We do, just not the arrogant one.
- Oh!
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
In today's exercise
you'll be working on your communications skill.
You take turn driving and co-piloting.
Drivers must take direction
from their co-pilots.
- Yeah.
- Maybe a little bit...
a little bit more throttle.
You want to hit the apex,
and retreat back out.
You are 4/10 faster this time, Enzo.
- Oh, man...
- Hey, what're you doing late on tonight?
That's it, Markus.
Still the gap the whole time.
Push it, push it!
Why are you breaking.
You've got to work with me.
You can have way more speed
coming down here.
What did I tell you?
Well, they should beat you.
These two, so ridiculous.
It's fun. Like watching dogs
fighting for scrap.
Doberman right here,
snapping on your hits.
Oh yeah.
Very good. Enjoy!
Tomorrow, it'll be nothing but a memory.
Forget it, come on.
Is that what you two call teamwork?
Everybody else's pushing better times,
except for the two you guys.
This time, let's start dropping,
or we will drop both of you.
- Understood?
- Alright.
Starring at your phone is not
gonna make him call.
I know.
Oh, call him.
Purity hasn't mis-happened, I'm trading
him in for an ivy leaguer's education.
Does he knows how much this means to you?
- Not really.
- Then explain it.
If you wanna be a lawyer you're gonna
have to learn to argue your case.
Like your daddy used to say:
"You got a name to claim it."
I never know he meant by that.
How you're gonna get what you need
from someone if you're afraid to ask?
What if he won't listen?
The you're talking to the wrong person.
And it'd better you find out,
sooner or later. Okay?
So, this is where you've been hiding.
Just studying up a few...
assured racing techniques.
Wow, boy is determined, I know.
Oh, I think this belongs to you.
- Thank you.
- Sure
We're going to the Stagecoach.
Wanna come?
Ah... no, I, you know.
I'm staying, study.
Can't say that I buy meal.
- Food there is pretty bad.
- It is.
We could go somewhere else?
Just the two of us.
I really appreciate the offer.
But it's not a good idea.
Yeah, I know. I... understand.
You should study.
You need it.
It's Danny, leave your message
or I'll text you later...
You need to turn it way earlier.
You're still way wide.
You see it outside, we're out here
You ought be inside, closer to the line.
Danny, you're 3/10 slower than I am.
Brake! Brake!
- Hold the track.
- You brake way too early there.
Then why's my average's been high?
I don't know.
You're doing something wrong.
- My lapses are better than yours.
- Yeah, that's the way you like.
- Got something to say, then you say it.
- Yes, I do.
Jesus, Krueger, turn!
- Jesus!
Great car control skill, man.
Yeah, maybe you had that in your direction.
What's wrong with my direction?
Oh, bullshit.
You tried to mess with me
so that you can stay ahead.
So what you're gonna do next, huh?
Come my brake lines again?
Come on, let it go, Krueger.
- I never touched your car.
- Yeah, that's right
You never get your hands dirty,
with daddy paid people before.
Bravo, team America!
- Yes, team America.
- Keep it up!
Yeah, very good.
Good work.
Hey Frankfurt. I told you.
You're still hesitating on turn 9,
I saw it.
If you want to keep up,
you need to take that turn like...
Yeah, like a man. Huh?
- One more round.
- No, man. Take a break.
- Get a step away...
- Let's go.
You two are embracement.
Yeah, well. I'm sorry, sir.
But I cannot work with this...
Whoa! Work with them -
you won't work with them
is a big difference.
That's how you feel, pack your back,
get the hell out of here.
You waste my time.
What's up that?
Easy, Markus. Easy!
Corner too fast.
Tu, it'll be my fastest lapse.
Slow down. Slow down!
Hey Mike.
Get your team to turn 9, now.
That's right.
Take along how it looked.
'Cos that's reality to face
when you drive beyond your skills.
You are each other's checks in balances.
You stop listening to your partner,
consequence can be deadly.
Markus and Tak are lucky.
They're be back,
not in this class.
I'm pretty sure you and Kendal
be the first one to hit the wall.
You are on a team.
You're couple of rocking balls,
playing last man standing.
Yeah, I never wanna be his...
Why the hell you think you're chosen, Danny?
You can pick your family,
or can pick your team?
Not when you're a rookie.
You take what you're given
and you make it works.
How the hell you think
Duncannon and I got started?
Look, if you're gonna do this,
you've got to stop going after
each other's weaknesses,
and start focusing on your strength, son.
So what's the perch you haven't tried?
You alright?
- You'd better learn how to punch.
- That's what I meant.
But next time be sure to knock
the chip off your shoulder,
at least, then we'll have chance.
You're the one with the chip on the shoulder.
Given our history, can you blame me?
Sterling's right, you know?
If we don't get it together,
we might on walk now.
Okay, look. You take the track
better than I do. I admit that.
But you're not carrying enough speed.
That's why I'm always catching up to you.
Just level with me, what's really going on?
I'm having hard time pushing
the car to its limit.
So you keep breaking early?
Okay, then you help me with my line
and I'll help you to speed up.
Look, Jake.
There're 2 spots available in here
and there's no reason that
we can't win them both.
Are you in?
Rise 'n shine, Kendal.
Unless you hit a car, go away.
Come on, get up already.
Let's go.
And here's another one
you turn way too soon.
And use the track more.
Remember the rule?
Slower the turn, the later the apex.
You've got to set yourself up the turn 4, man.
That's the double apex.
Yeah, that's the other tricky one.
Speaking up tricky one,
what's up with you and Michelle?
So what was that in locker room
the other day?
Was a mistake.
Can we continue with this, please?
Or we used to crush, blind, obviously.
Stay wide.
That's three on road and
we got 1/10 each other.
and I think this got it.
Then how the hell the altered car
you ruled so well?
This gotta be smoother.
And I'll show you.
Stand on one leg.
If I do this, what happens?
- Hey, take it easy.
- What happens?
- I loose my balance.
- Right.
Now I apply the exact same
amount of pressure, smoother
you'll come to feel it and you lean in it.
So drive your car in the same way.
Drive it smooth.
That way if it starts to loose,
you'll have time to react to get it back.
It's genius.
Slowly and wider steering, right?
Here is the apex.
Nice, man! 7 miles an hour faster.
Yeah, buddy.
So what's going on with you and Jessica?
I'll get some short time to figure it out.
I wouldn't wait too long. I wouldn't.
You got a girl who drove all the way
out here because she cared.
You don't know how rare there is
until you're laid in hospital bed
and it's the only people come
to visit you and your parents.
Trust me.
Going up there on August.
My mom's going with me,
about a week, you know.
To help me to settle in.
Hey, Jess.
- How're you doin'?
- Fine.
- What d'you do after here?
My boy Tony got a house
for the raging up the canyon.
- Wanna go?
- No, thanks.
I'm good.
You're single, right?
At least, that's the rumor.
- Where did you hear that?
- Good news travels fast.
Does it?
- What're you doin' here?
- I need to talk to you.
Oh that's not when you're ready
to talk and I'm supposed to listen.
You're the one who walked away.
Damn, Krueger. That must stop.
Jess, please, I'm sorry.
- Give me five minutes.
- Get the hit, man
- She's not interested.
- Why don't you stay out of this.
Whoa, you never play football, man.
All this bumble's embarrassing.
Your team was nasty for how long?
Really, Krueger?
- You wanna do this?
- Yeah.
What if I hurt that? Tell her I'm win it.
Tell it to my boys.
We'll go, okay?
You can have her.
What d'you want us to talk?
Ever since I got to Willow Springs,
I've been struggling to keep up.
Everyone there is ways more
experienced than I am.
And then I loose my partner
and this prick Jake
forfeited my scholarship.
Ever since he got there,
I've been looking over my shoulder.
Except today.
This is the first day I can actually breath.
You think saying all that
can make things better?
I... I don't know.
It doesn't work out, Danny.
Every time you've ever had a problem,
I've been there for you
but I never seen the way
or anything you want it.
- I know.
- So the one time I want you do something for me
you throw it at my face and tell me
must be thinking about us.
Jessica, that's not what I meant.
Oh, all you can see it's how it affects you.
D'you even know what calls me in dreams?
Used my dad odd motto.
Whenever best and easy time
spent together was touring the campus.
And there's a clear desire I had in me
that looked in his face and I told him
that would be my odd motto, too.
How I'm supposed to know that?
- You never told me that.
- You never asked.
I'm sorry.
I'm going.
I have to.
Just like you to get to Willow Springs.
Will you leave us?
What d'you mean?
I'm in.
I've always been in.
I want this to work.
Do you?
Yeah. Of course, I do.
Come on, closer.
Close to the forehead?
That's what I'm talking about.
No, no way.
No way.
That's alright.
- Alright, see you then.
- Alright.
Gets by 4/10.
I like it, Danny.
But I came here to win.
Now they're too fast, Enzo.
Alright. This is it.
Your final test.
Ten lapses, wheel to wheel race.
The top 2 drivers will be shaking hand
with the World Racing team.
The starting position's been determined
by your individual lapse time.
I expect it's a very competitive race.
Since the top 5 times, you're all
within a second to each other.
So missing things out there?
No, no. Not so much anymore.
Maybe we'll have another day.
- Hey, old man.
- Hey, Jimmy.
Can you believe that,
our boys are working together.
- Who'd thought that?
- Hell, no.
We just talked about that all the way over.
Let me park this piece and we'll find 'em.
- Great.
- You know him?
Who? Me?
Remember, don't rush overtake.
Look for when the other guys
make mistake.
Soon as you're ahead,
most important thing is drive your car.
Soon as you start thinking too much
about the guy behind you, it's over.
Yes, sir!
You okay?
Wasn't sure ever see you on the track again.
Take your mask.
Non farmi imbarazzo
Buona fortuna, ragazzi
- How's your feeling?
- I'm good.
I don't want a jinx or anything,
but if I can sign on with World Racing Sports
I'll be visiting your first class
in Columbia anytime I want.
Hey! You're ready to do this?
- Let's do it, baby.
- Good.
Remember. You take your lead
and I'll get your back, okay?
Won't be the first time.
I was wondering when our paths
will cross again?
Mr. Afshar.
What brings you here today, sir?
I come every year. It's good to count it.
Good luck, Krueger.
- Wasn't that the...
- My former sponsor.
The guy whose the car you crashed.
Drivers, come to start line.
I think they may have real shots on it.
Take the inside and I'll take the outside.
There's no way you can block us both.
You aren't, I'm not letting by.
Kendal overtook that bambina.
He's on my ass.
- Where's Krueger?
- Behind us.
Let him by.
Let's have some fun.
That's my boy.
Mario's down.
Luigi's next.
Yeah, I saw it.
It's little too easy so watch your back.
Jesus! He's bobbing me.
He's just doing that to mess up
your head. Focus on Enzo.
Or they got a brake test on me, man.
Danny, they got me sandwiched.
Get your ass up here.
Stay focused.
Don't overtake until I get there.
Nice move!
Hold up your position. I'm on my way.
Krueger's catching me.
Deal with Kendal first.
I've got to get out of this, man.
I'm going forwards.
No, no, just wait.
I'm almost there.
- What just happened?
- My God!
- Thank you, sir. Thank you!
- Yeah!
I told you to wait.
- I was right behind you.
- Danny.
And tried to pass them on turn 4?
I had your back, man.
Why didn't you just listen?
Come on, Danny.
I bet everything I had on this, Jess.
He's got the money to come back.
We don't.
Frank! You'd better get over your boy.
Come on, kid. I know.
Walk it off.
Walk! Come on.
Alright. Let's forget this.
It's in the eye of the storm.
We have to wait it out.
- How're you doing?
- It's OK.
Just taking some medicine measures.
Just be safe.
- It's okay.
- No.
- No, it's not.
- It's just a bump on the road.
- We get to pass it.
- How?
We'll figure it out.
You did good out there.
I'm able to get to race together
again soon.
How d'you feel on today, kid?
Same as yesterday and the day before that.
And reminding me that you have
to claim about it again?
You walked away from a crash
with the whole life ahead of you.
The world that day you may want
to jump in, do it.
It's only Bradford, that's all I can see.
Didn't you see it?
Tell you what.
When you're done with all your pissing and
moaner, let's give me some help around here.
I don't get it.
We were team, you know?
What d'you think happened out there?
Talk to him about it.
This doesn't matter I'm in here, am I right?
But Jake is the only one who seems
to have an answer you're after.
And your attitude is beginning
to get on my nerves.
Somebody has a bad day?
No, son. This doesn't figures in
my top 50 years bad days.
And it won't be for you, either.
- Yeah, right.
- You wanna know what a bad day is?
The day your car hit the wall
at 150 miles/hour,
that's a bad day.
When your career you sweat 'n blood for
get shattered like your clutch-like,
that's a bad day.
The day your wife leaves with your son
and the only thing keeping you
accompanied is a fifth of vodka,
Those are bad days, son!
It's just a walk in a park.
So just listen.
I want you...
to change your diaper and get to work.
Okay? You're gonna be alright.
Looks like you've got a visitor.
Run this right for Fernando, alright?
Ah, what's up, Krueger?
Oh, just in the neighborhood
just wanna see how you're doing.
I'm alright.
This should be often by a week.
So you're working here full time now, or...
Oh, look. I...
I need to apologize for the way
the things we've done off track.
All that's a lie.
I'm sorry.
You've nothing to apologize for.
What happened out there?
I don't know. I...
I shoot up.
I should've listened to you.
Hey, what's done is done.
I will see you around.
Wait up.
Look, something's been outfitted me
since my crash last year.
I kept tellin' myself to figure it better
that all I need to do is to get back
on the track.
Every times I tried to push my car
to the limit, I freeze.
This cold panic, it grabbed me
and I can't shake it.
It's a lot, you know.
Oh, come on. You're not the first one.
- It'll not come back for you.
- No.
A driver afraid of speed
is like a fish afraid of water.
It doesn't work.
Your partner should be honest with you.
I'm sorry.
I spotted the Krueger cake came here by.
Is he bursting your balls again?
No, he came to apologize.
Good. He's out of that line.
- No, he wasn't.
- Yeah, of course you were.
Blaming you is bull shit.
It's my fault, dad.
I panicked.
What d'you mean?
So you was out of control?
Yeah, I thought so, too.
Okay, there's a little bit, having said that.
It happens.
You should get back out there
and that's only way to be over it.
I tried, Dad. And you saw that happened.
Then try harder, damn it.
And so wouldn't be enough to afford it.
It never be.
I gotta be smarter, I gotta be fast,
I gotta be tougher.
There's always one more thing with you.
What're you talking about?
You wanted this since you're 6 years old.
You remember the yellow go-kart?
We couldn't get you out of it.
Just gonna piss it away and give up?
I'm not givin' up.
But I have to do with my way.
What d'you think?
You hungry? I bought lunch.
You know these extra hours
might have enough money save up for ticket.
For what?
Come up there about a week,
having moved in your dom.
Never been in New York.
Look, I'm an excellent tour guide.
Oh yeah?
That sounds just like Jake's Mustang.
So, this is where magic happens, huh?
What d'you do in this side of town?
I just want you to be the first to know.
My dad and I has formed
our own racing team.
We're going to enter Lucas Oil's Cup.
That's awesome.
Decided to give it another shot, huh?
No. You are.
What d'you mean?
I want you to drive first, Danny.
Are you serious?
You're the better driver than me.
Just say yes.
Oh, yeah!
Now you do realize
that's made me your boss.
Hey, Danny.
What's goin' on?
Looks like I just signed with a race team.
By the way, we're still looking for
a head mechanic.
I dont have anything against Mustang,
I'm just saying that we should probably
start with something a little lighter.
You know, maybe under 3,000 pounds.
Something foam,
just like the China says.
Kendal's customers buy domestics
then if I spend my advertising budget
on a race car
it's gonna be a domestic.
Guys. We're not doing anything right now.
Why not?
First, it's not like we have
enough time to build a race car.
Oh, buy one.
We don't have qualifications
that needed to enter.
We need to be in 3 regional races.
What if we partner with the other race team?
You know this is the long shot, right?
It's an interesting proposal, Krueger,
but not one that I consider.
We'll be supplying driver and crew.
Yeah, you need my name,
my credence and my car.
With your track record,
that can make me uncomfortable.
With all the due respect, Mr. Afshar.
There're 2 types of drivers.
Those who have crashed
and those who will.
Yeah, and not every driver has a team
race to share half of your responsibility
and pay half of expenses.
Yeah, a brand-new race team
with that un-proven driver.
And you haven't established
a race team with no driver.
We know your drivers have been
in sideline for entire the season.
Guys, I'm sorry but I decided
to cease this for now.
We could win the Lucas Oil Cup
this season.
And who knows,
the World Challenge series, maybe...
I like your confidence. I do.
Too risky.
During that race,
Danny broke student's lapse record
that held for 10 years.
You're not gonna find a better driver.
Sort I heard.
But that was before the tour you
crashed into each other, right?
What d'you say, boys?
You're ready to see your new car?
Pep Boy is one of my biggest sponsors.
We have the full support.
- Mark is here to help out.
- That's right, anything you need.
Hey, Franco. You might help us now.
This thing is sweet!
- I'm jealous.
- Why?
The way you admire the car.
It reminds me of you.
- At least, this's rear low drive.
- Ready to run?
Yeah, just a few more installations
and some tooling,
then it'll be ready to race.
- We have a deal?
- Yeah! Yeah, we have a deal.
Welcome to the team.
This car is great base.
We got a lot more out of it.
You know, few tricks.
We got 5 days. So let's move.
Switch out the header,
replace the exhaust with 3 inch.
Twisted expansion.
This sucker's gonna fly!
- I always want my own team, Frank.
- Same.
How I imagined it,
but never interested me.
Preacher's looking for a choir, my friend.
We'll have a big day tomorrow.
Let's settle it.
Hello everybody and welcome to
the Willow Spring's raceway.
for the annual Lucas Oil's cup
20 of this year's top talents
will sough the asphalt
in what will be the battle for racing glory
So buckles and get ready
for some left and right turns
at full throttle, here,
at Willow Spring's raceway.
So Eric, how do you think
you're gonna do out there today?
Come one, they should just
give us the Lucas Oil's cup
and save everyone from the hassle.
Our Whelen-Callaway come here
to dominate this race.
You heard it here, right on MAV TV.
Ciao, bambina!
Tranquilo, huh.
Paulo, Enzo, say hello to Chris Rado,
World Racing.
- Nice to meet you, sir!
- How are you?
- Hey.
- Their farther, Giancarlo.
- Gusto.
- How are you, sir?
We're big fans.
You're very good racer!
Thank you very much.
All teams get on supplies.
Brought to you by Mishimoto and Ferrera.
You'd better win.
Qualification starts in 5 minutes.
- Are you ready?
- I don't know.
Let's go.
Alrighty. Learn your car
so that you can get it out in,
don't worry about your lapse times
It seems we used to crash
on turn 4, right?
I look much better
when I use a seat out here.
Go, Danny!
Take it smooth.
Give a few flap clutch.
This dude's pretty good, Kendal.
Neutral twirls slipper.
Pushes the tires up.
This Darling moves over-steered.
Overall, man.
We've got one great race car.
- 8th place.
- Better than I expected.
Hey, what d'you know
about Robert Thorne?
He's great on this.
Really heard about.
Back from the death.
- Team America.
- Amazing.
Tonto, Kemosabe, don't forget
to feed your horse. Just in case.
Want to dance?
Take it easy, tough guy.
Remember, race your race.
It's for us.
Drivers, ensure your tires.
You can catch all the actions wide
on MAV TV.
- Hey.
- Hi.
How're you doin'?
I think about to send
a couple meatballs back to Italy.
And now we have a special guest here
the speakable famous word in racing.
Please give an warm welcome to
Mr. Richard Gunn, from Lucas Oil.
Start your engine!
This is it, buddy.
K-Pax, Robert Thorne leads the pack.
World Racing, Enzo and Paulo Lauricello,
hard on his tail.
And being back, we have Eric Curran
and his teammate Leopoldo Arroyo
in the Whelen-Callaway of Camaros.
On the tail is Christian Rado
of XF Wing Scion.
Thorne drifted through slippery turn 5.
He's clearly feeling confident out there.
As they come around for lapse 2,
Thorne is setting up a brisking pace.
20 lapses to go,
let tires warm up a little.
Or you'll end up like that guy.
OK, Paulo. Let's get him.
World Racing is catching up
using grafting to their avenger.
- I got you.
- Damn it.
Paulo, I'm gonna throw him down.
- When I do, pass him.
- Okay.
World Racing's cars are now leading the race.
Thorne's never been overtaken so quickly.
Keep this up, you'll be a slam dunk
Italians are on the move.
Get your ass up there.
I'm on it.
And No. 77, Danny Krueger
is crawling his way up the pack.
by passing David Gallagher in the outside.
Kendall's driver, Danny Krueger
is really moving up the field.
And now he's going after
an Evo Sport, Mercedes
It looks like Krueger has that
little superior one Ford Boost,
as he's powered by!
Hey, the 2nd K-Pax car
- brakes early in turn 7.
- Yeah, I noted that.
I'll give a try to pass him there.
Nice, man. Keep it up!
You're all mine, Throne.
This is Baja 1000.
They telegraph on your move.
You've gotta back off a little
so they'll forget about you.
Alright, but he's going down.
Why he isn't getting a black flag?
As long as it doesn't look too deliberate.
- Looked too deliberate to me.
- That's the game you play.
- That's race.
- Yeah.
- You raced.
- You remember.
There're 10 lapses to go.
World Racing has been dominating
the first half of this race.
Remember me?
Danny Krueger is once again
in 4th position,
and he's going after Robert Thorne.
Alright, I'm going forwards.
Krueger is on the attack.
But Thorne isn't gonna let by easily.
Looks like Thorne clipped
that gap too hard.
Robert Thorne is out of the race.
It looks like he's got a flat tire.
Kama sucks!
This put team Kendal in the 3rd place.
Danny Krueger is really moved up the field.
He's about to go head to head
with top of the World Racing cars.
8 lapses to go and it has been
an exciting race so far.
Alright, man. This is it.
You can keep pass Paulo,
keep a press on Enzo.
You'll kill their tires.
Try to stay ahead.
Copy that.
Krueger is truly behind you?
Yeah, he's coming up fast.
Then let's loosen.
Do not loosen him, Enzo.
Only 4 more lapses.
- Take him out.
- We have time.
Our tires could not last.
Take him out!
Che, saro squalificato!
La squadra vincer
What the hell is that?
So they roam me off the track!
Oh, so aggressive!
Driving from Paulo Lauricello.
Paulo, what happened?
Fuck! Crankcase is blown off.
Paulo Lauricello's gone off track.
It looks like he's out.
It's better we worth it, Enzo.
Three lapses, all is down to
Enzo Lauricello and Danny Krueger.
Come on, Enzo.
Alright, Enzo.
Let's see what you got.
Just 2 more lapses!
Enzo Lauricello and Danny Krueger
have really broken away
from the rest of the pack.
You see it coming every time,
You know the best part to overtake.
I wanna pass him on 5.
Be careful, man.
That's the dangerous one.
Here we go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
- That's wow!
- That's right.
Enzo, keep yourself focused.
Let's do that thing. I can't be talked.
Papa, the tires are almost worn out.
Pass him! You pass him now!
Come on, boys. Your last lapse.
It's gonna be no more.
Oh! My...
Enzo, stai bene?
- I'm... I'm okay.
- He's okay.
It's just blown out. He's fine.
And it's a win for Denny Krueger
and team Kendal.
You did it, man.
Yeah! Yeah!
It is a pleasure that I declare
Denny Krueger of Kendall Performance
is the winner of this year's Lucas Oil cup.
Thank you!
On behalf of Forrest and Charlotte Lucas
and the entire Lucas Oil family,
It's my honor to hand you the Lucas Oil cup.
Thank you, sir!
This caused by...
Sorry, my friend.
Get up here. Come on.
- We did it, Pops.
- Proud of you, son.
Thanks, Dad.
What d'you say, boys? You'll use full-time.
Next race is in the Laguna Seca.
Are we doin' this?
::: Chip ::: Bong ::: Bon :::