Born Wild (2013) Movie Script

[ Buzzer Sounds ]
[ Objects Sliding ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Sighs ]
It's time.
- Open number two.
- [ Buzzing ]
[ Handcuffs Clicking ]
[ Men Chattering ]
Good luck.
Have you sign there.
There you go.
Will you, uh,
mail those for me?
The mail drop is for inmates only.
This one come in this mornin'.
- [ TV: Male Reporter Chattering ]
- Oh, thanks.
[ Sighs ]
You, uh,
got a razor?
[ Whispering ] Fuck.
[ Shower Running ]
[ Hard Rock ]
Here you go.
No problem.
Not a local, are ya?
How's that?
You're not one of 'em?
So, are you just passin' through town?
Somethin' like that.
Yep. Well...
It seems it's always that way.
People goin' somewhere else besides here.
you just let me know if
you need anything else.
[ Whispering ] Hey there.
[ Whispering ] Hey.
How you doin'?
I'm okay.
Yeah? It was nice last night.
Yeah, it was.
I gotta go, C.J.
My kids'll be up soon. [ Inhales ]
[ Voice Quavering ] Maybe
I'll see you again sometime.
I don't think so.
Do you mind if I wear this?
[ Sniffles ]
[ Banging On Door ]
[ Banging Continues ]
How's it goin', C.J.?
Figured you'd show up.
Sooner or later.
- Drink?
- No.
- So, how was lockup?
- You've been there.
You tell me.
He your latest and greatest?
He's a good boy. Best we've had
riding with us since you went down.
So, how was that titty bar?
They got some fine pussy in
there for a local dive. Am I right?
[ Chuckles ]
This is how it's gonna go down, Billy?
this is not personal.
This is strictly business.
I-I know I should've never
let it go on this long.
- I guess I was hopin'...
- You were hopin' what?
Somebody done it for you on the inside?
- Huh? Well, they tried.
- You know me plenty damn good, man.
I got no choice!
I took a lot of heat for you
when the shit hit the fan, man.
You killed one of us.
- Caused a big fuckin' mess, man.
- I never ratted you out.
- Or anybody else. Not once.
- I know. I know.
And that's good. Really good.
It's just that...
sometimes you gotta do shit you don't like.
[ Grunting ]
- [ Wheezing ]
- Listen to me.
It ends here, Billy.
I'm gonna walk out that door,
and I'm never gonna look back.
- Fuckin' do it!
- Shut up!
- You gotta forget I ever existed, man. Look at me.
- [ Crying ]
Look at me!
I'm leavin', man.
But you can't follow me. All right?
'Cause if you do, I gotta fuckin' kill you.
- [ Crying Continues ]
- Okay?
[ Dog Barking ]
Hey, Russ?
- C.J.? [ Chuckles ]
- Been a while.
- It's just me.
- Thought maybe there were...
- some of them, you know...
- No.
Not anymore.
So, uh, how's everything?
[ Chuckles ] Better than
some, worse than others.
Can't complain.
So, um, all good with you?
Gettin' out and all?
So far.
You know, I, um... [ Clears Throat ]
think a lot about them summers I
spent with you and Aunt Mildred.
Miss your mama.
I'm sorry you weren't
there when she passed.
- Yeah.
- [ Clears Throat ]
So, um, guess we should
get to it then, huh?
Um, got your boots and some
clothes in those boxes right there.
[ Sighs ]
Been motorin' it since the day you left.
Got the oil changed, uh,
started her up from time to time.
Everything's up to date,
just like you asked.
She's street-legal and all.
Money you sent, um, worked out just fine.
[ Chuckles ] Even got myself
a pint or two as a tip.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ] Anyway...
- Here's the key.
- Thanks.
Man, I just love your bike, you know?
What I wouldn't do to
own somethin' like that.
Someday. [ Chuckles ]
- [ Sighs ]
- I gotta get goin'.
It's yours.
[ Man ] And there's
blues in the blender
Heartache in the glass
Teardrops in the bottle
The pain that won't pass
But I keep on drinkin'
till I get that thought
Constantly thinkin' you'll
walk through my doors
But life ain't the same
When you lose what
you're livin' for
[ Country ]
Hey, Johnny, you got
those drinks I ordered?
Sorry, Chet. There you go.
Three Duck Farts. Tequila
chasers comin' right up.
- Tanya.
- Oh, yep.
- Hey, boys.
- Cheers, boys.
- This has been goin' on for months.
- You know what? I just wanna...
[ Chattering ]
Well, you know, I mean,
business is business.
I mean... Aw, I've tried to
work this thing out now, Ricki.
[ Man Squeals, Laughs, Pounds Counter ]
- Pretty tasty, huh?
- That'll get you goin' straight. Whoa.
- Yeah, straight to hell is more like it.
- All right. Here we go.
- How'd it go?
- Just like we thought.
- Got 30 days.
- Son of a bitch.
You know, maybe I should
stick around tonight.
- Everybody...
- No, no. Ain't gonna change things.
- Yeah, but I think this...
- Look, you need a night off.
- Yeah, I'll just...
- Would you get out of here?
- Stop worrying so much.
- I can't help it.
It's in my nature.
I need anything, I'll
have a shout with Chet,
and we'll figure it out
the old-fashioned way.
[ Scoffs ] I know. Get out of here.
- Have a relaxin' night.
- All right.
- You just call me, if you need anything.
- Go on. Get out.
- [ Clears Throat ]
- Chet.
- I'm ready. You ready, boy?
- No, I'm on duty.
- Mm-mmm.
- Okay. Put 'em down.
[ Car Door Closes ]
What are you still doin' here?
Man, this work should've
been done hours ago.
I had to help Mom with
a few things earlier.
You think bein' my son gives you the
right to come and go as you please?
What am I supposed to tell these
other ranch hands that work for me?
Well, I don't work for you, Dad.
- I work for Gilley.
- Oh, is that a fact?
Yes, sir, it is. [ Grunts ]
You think you know it
all, don't ya, big shot?
Got all the answers.
I know enough not to
turn my back on people.
It always comes around to the same
old thing with you, doesn't it?
You know, that hole your mom
and Johnny dug themselves into...
- with that bar, it ain't got nothin' to do with...
- You own the bank, Dad!
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, and it's a business.
We got rules just like any other business.
That's capitalism hard at work.
Survival of the fittest.
Not some half-ass entitlement
program givin' handouts.
When that bar goes under,
guess it's meant to.
Fifteen years Mom gave you don't
mean nothin' to you, did they?
Gave me?
Tell you what, big boy.
Next time you get the chance,
you just ask your mom why she left me.
You see what she says.
Then we'll talk.
- I'm done here.
- Yeah, you are.
Brody, one of these days,
you're gonna have to pick...
which side of the fence you wanna stand on.
Son, it can't be both.
I already have. I quit.
What's that all about?
Ah, he's mouthin' off about quittin' again.
Ah, he'll come around.
Kids always do, especially when
they run out of money. Beer?
Yeah, sure, thanks.
[ Sighs ] You know, I really didn't
like him workin' out here anyway.
- Especially at night.
- Relax. All right?
This place is tight as
two rats fuckin' in a sock.
Ball doesn't drop till
midnight. You know that.
- I know, I know.
- Hell, Brody's harmless.
Works his balls off. At least he's not
livin' off the dole, like Ty and Joey.
Hey, you created that problem.
- Everything go in town?
- Goin' good.
Served the notice myself.
- Payback's a bitch, huh?
- Yeah, then some.
I want that dirt, Wade. Understand?
I don't need any
encouragement. Trust me on that.
That's my partner.
Taste for blood. Go for the kill.
You're not careful, you might
end up filthy rich, like me.
[ Country ]
Well, I, uh, checked out the
main water connection, and, uh,
I hate to say it, bud.
But if you wanna figure out what's
goin' on with your water pressure,
you gotta get down there and dig underneath
and get a good look inside the pipes.
You're kiddin' me. Tell
me you're kiddin' me.
You're probably gonna
have to re-pipe the copper.
Well, how much is that gonna cost me?
There's no way to tell till I get up in it.
Oh, all right. Well, shit.
- Sorry 'bout that.
- Hey, if it ain't one thing, it's 10 more.
You can guarantee that
one. We'll see you, buddy.
- Anything worth drinkin' back there?
- You name it, I got it.
How 'bout somethin' special then?
Holy... Well!
[ Laughs ] Johnny Boyd.
The things you see when
you don't have a gun.
- [ Laughing ]
- C.J. Jennings.
- How are you, Johnny?
- My main man.
- How you doin', buddy?
- Doin' awesome.
Well, it's good to see you.
So, uh, how's everything?
Depends on who you ask, I guess.
- Always does.
- Tanya?
- Yeah.
- Break out the shine.
Sure thing.
It's gonna get ugly, huh, with the shine?
I don't know a soul who is stupid
enough to drink that with me.
- Except you.
- Yeah, well, that's their loss.
Yeah. Think the last time
I saw you was Sturgis.
Black Hills rally. [ Laughing ]
That was some good times.
That's right. You were runnin'
with a pretty rough crowd back then.
- Yeah. Seemed right at the time.
- Mm-hmm.
And now?
I'm standin' here, aren't I?
Thank you, darlin'.
- No.
- All right.
Oh, boy.
[ Inhales ] Just like Mama used to make.
- Here we go, huh?
- To hard living... and good times.
And friends like you.
I, uh, can't exactly say
the same about myself.
Ah, shit. Don't be so
hard on yourself, C.J.
You've always been a damn good bad example.
[ Chuckles ]
She ain't here. It's her night off.
- That obvious, huh?
- Well, let's just say, if we were playin' poker,
- I'd have all your money right now.
- [ Chuckles ]
So, how is she?
Like I said before, depends on who you ask.
- [ Woman Laughing ]
- [ Inaudible Dialogue ]
Got the next best thing though. Hey, Brody!
Come over here.
What's up?
This here's an old friend of mine
and your mom's. C.J. Jennings.
- All right. Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Brody is Ricki's son.
- Guilty.
- C.J. and I used to run together back in the day.
Oh, is this the guy you talk so much about?
- The very one.
- Uh-oh.
Yeah, probably a bunch of
half-truths and half-lies.
- Kind of like fishin'.
- Well, listen, I got a few things I gotta wrap up here.
Why don't you all have a
cold beer, visit for a few.
Okay. All right. Sure.
- Tanya?
- Yeah.
- Take care of these guys for me, would you?
- Sure thing.
I might even give 'em drinks too.
- What can I get for you guys?
- Oh, uh...
- Your call.
- Couple of cold ones is good.
You got it.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Here we go. Sure.
Lead the way.
Sounds like you and Johnny tore
it up when y'all were younger.
Oh, yeah. We ran pretty hard.
You know, I've known Johnny
and your family ever since...
I don't know... ever since
I can remember, really.
Johnny and I were
inseparable when we were kids.
- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
You know, buildin' forts and
chasin' girls, of course. [ Chuckles ]
- Got our first little dirt bikes together.
- Oh, my God.
Johnny's told me so many stories...
C.J. Jennings's legend, I call it.
- [ Laughs ]
- So...
- Can I ask you a question?
- Name it.
Is it true you rode with the underground?
Yeah. It's true.
Wow. Is it everything they say it is?
[ Sighs ] Probably not.
- Ha!
- Hey, Brody.
Hey, Joey. What are you all up to?
Oh, you know. Thought we'd come by
and see how the other half lives.
- Yeah, well.
- Ty.
- Who's your friend?
- Ah, Joey Daniels, C.J. Jennings.
- How you doin', Joey?
- Old buddy of Johnny's.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise. That's my brother.
- Hey, man.
- You're comin' out to the ranch tomorrow?
Ah, probably not. I, um...
I'll be here at the bar working.
Unlike you trust-fund babies.
Last I heard, your old man was makin'
plenty of money, right alongside mine.
Yeah. Well, I don't need his money.
- Yeah, right.
- So, what's a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?
- Uh, well, what would you like?
- Whatever you like, I like.
[ Laughs ]
What about tonight?
What y'all got goin' on?
We're meetin' a friend of
Jake's here and then, you know...
- Bro, she's hot as sin. Stops traffic.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Hey, Jake.
- Hey, Morgan, how ya doin'?
- Y'all, this is Morgan.
- You're lookin' good.
- Hey, Morgan. I'm... I'm Brody Locklin.
- Hi. Hey, Brody Locklin.
How ya doin'? Uh, can I get you a seat?
- Sure thing.
- Here ya go.
You didn't ask me to have a seat, Brody?
- Uh, yeah, uh, well...
- You what?
- I didn't mean...
- I'm just teasin'.
Hey, man, we gotta get goin'.
Uh, don't you guys wanna hang
around and have a beer or something?
I wouldn't mind hangin' for a bit.
- We're all here, but...
- Let's hit it.
We'll let you know how the party goes.
- See y'all.
- Later, Brody.
- Yeah, so...
- What's all this I hear about a party?
- Ah.
- Hey, Johnny.
- [ Kisses ]
Joey and Ty are havin' a party
down at the ranch tomorrow,
and I was just tellin' 'em that
I gotta work, not gonna make it.
- Oh, that's too bad.
- Yeah.
I don't remember seein'
your name on the schedule.
Well, I guess we'll be partying, huh?
Looks like it. Sure does.
- Wanna walk me to my car?
- I do. I do, yeah.
- C.J.
- Good to see ya.
- See ya, Brody.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh, Ricki's workin'
tomorrow. Got the day off.
What do you say we get out on
the road, take a little ride?
That sounds good.
- How's it goin'?
- [ Muttering ]
So, what do you think?
Well, it's... Hey, it's a nice house.
Actually, I was talkin' about the bike.
[ Laughs ] The bike?
[ Laughing ]
Oh, that's a beauty, man.
Yeah, it is a badass.
So, what's the deal? You don't live here?
- No, this is...
- [ Woman ] Hello, C.J.
Well, didn't think I'd be
seein' you this mornin'.
Funny how things work out, huh?
He didn't tell me you lived here.
Yeah, well, told me y'all
were meetin' at the bar.
Well, I guess I got confused.
[ Chuckling ]
Which reminds me, I'll be right back.
No, no, Johnny...
- Ricki, I'm sorry. I didn't mean...
- Yeah...
Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
Yeah, I just... I just wasn't
expecting visitors. That's all.
Nice to see ya.
So, Johnny told me that you were out.
You, uh... You look good.
Thanks. You know, so do you.
You, uh... You never were
much of a liar, you know.
[ Chuckles ] No. No, not really.
I mean, I always knew what
was inside of you. I just...
Guess you just needed
some time to figure it out.
So, how does it feel to be back?
A lot's changed over the years.
Yeah. Probably me the most.
- [ Johnny ] Hey, Sis?
- Yeah.
- Mind if I borrow your guitar?
- No, of course not.
- You got room in your overhead luggage for that?
- Sure.
- So, what are y'all up to today?
- Just ridin'.
- Mmm.
- Whatever the day brings.
How long you in town for, C.J.?
I, um... I really don't know.
All kinda depends.
Yeah, well, you take
care out there, ya hear?
- Always.
- [ Chuckles ]
Um, I was hopin' we could,
you know, get together sometime soon.
- Catch up.
- Hey. Let's get going.
- I don't have forever.
- Guess we'll just see how things go.
Y'all be careful.
C.J., come over and give me
a hand with this, will you?
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Chattering ]
So, I heard you quit workin' at the ranch.
Yeah, yeah. I don't know, I just got
tired of my dad thinkin' he owns me.
So... I'm sorry.
I can talk to my dad for you, if you want.
He's sweet. He'll understand.
That's okay. I'll...
I'll figure something out.
All right then. Maybe
you'll figure me out someday.
- Is that what you want?
- I want a lot of things.
[ Ty ] Hey, Brody.
What do you say we, uh, take
this party to another level?
All right. What do you wanna do?
[ Ty ] Each man gets a barrel.
Three cans. Three shots.
May the best man win.
There's a
hundred-dollar buy-in.
- I'm in.
- I didn't ask you.
You down?
I don't mess with guns, so...
You-You don't mess with guns?
You afraid of a little
friendly competition?
It's too dangerous for you?
- Who's up first?
- All right.
That'll be me.
I said I didn't mess with guns. I
didn't say I didn't know how to use 'em.
All right, double or nothin'.
All right.
Aaah! You son of a bitch!
- No, no, no!
- Break it up!
- [ Girls Shouting ]
- Break it up. No, step back.
[ Groaning ]
Fuck you, man!
- You're a fuckin' asshole!
- Cool it, y'all.
- Come on, man.
- You think you're somebody 'cause your dad's Gilley?
You spoiled shit.
Brody! Brody.
- He's not worth it.
- This is...
I just need some space right now, Joey.
- I...
- Just talk to you later, all right?
[ Guitar ]
[ Man ] You got a big old pain
[ Men ] Pain in this
old liver of mine
Hey, Johnny.
Well, shine, shine, shine
Folks tell me it'll
make you go blind
But I'm gonna keep on drinkin'
Till it's time for
me to wear glasses
[ Both Laughing ]
- Oh.
- Oh.
We never should've quit our band.
I know. We were kids.
I still remember those... those bike rides
we used to take with those two hot sisters.
- [ Laughing ]
- Oh, man.
Ricki was always so jealous when we'd
get home and she'd see them with us.
Yeah. Well, it's 'cause she loved you.
I know.
So, how was it seein' Ricki after
all these years, this mornin'?
Well, aside from the fact that
she still takes my breath away...
No kiddin', huh?
It was, uh... It was awkward.
Not like I imagined it'd be.
Yeah, what did you expect?
She's been hurt... more than once.
- She's still married to Wade?
- Oh, God, no.
They got divorced about... oh,
I don't know... six years ago.
But it was over long before that.
Never should've got
married in the first place.
Wade was her rebound from
you, and everybody knew it.
Even him. Wade's had a hard-on
for Ricki ever since she left him.
Brody get caught in the fallout?
[ Clears Throat ] Pretty much.
Brody and him are like dry grass and
gasoline, you know... buttin' heads.
Wade's got a rich business
partner, Gilley Daniels.
They're buyin' up all these
ranches and properties around town.
They even own the friggin' bank.
That a problem?
Well, it is when they hold
the mortgage on our bar.
Been behind on my payments
for a little while now,
and those two are just sittin' there like
a couple of vultures, waitin' to swoop in...
and foreclose.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, Wade
served notice yesterday.
Where does that leave you and Ricki?
Close to broke, with a pile of debt.
I'm sorry.
So, you wanna tell me why you're here?
It was just time, I guess.
I've been away from
Banshee over half my life.
- It wasn't the better half.
- You walked out on a lot of people back then, you know?
Your family, your mama.
- Your friends.
- I know.
So now what?
I'm not sure.
I'm sorry, Johnny.
Yeah, I know. I know you're sorry.
Lot of folks take off to see the world.
Leave the familiar behind.
Lot of folks come back home too.
Why don't you give that to Ricki for me.
You've done enough matchmaking for one day.
You know, the older I
get, the more I realize...
it's the relationships in this
world that matter the most.
But we come into this world
alone and we check out alone.
And in between, I believe, we're
meant to be with each other.
You've been doin' as much
soul-searchin' as I have lately.
Probably so.
I'm dyin', C.J.
Johnny, what are you sayin', man?
Ain't that a fuckin' pisser?
But I'm not gonna have
tubes runnin' down my throat,
needles in my arms, C.J.
Some stranger wipin' my ass.
That ain't my style. [ Clears Throat ]
- Johnny...
- Promise me you'll take care of her.
Johnny, just come over
here and sit down, man.
- I've always loved you, C.J., just like a brother.
- [ Truck Horn Blaring ]
Johnny, there's a truck comin', man.
[ Knocks On Door ]
C.J.... Where's...
[ Sobbing ]
It's Johnny.
[ Brody ] His arm started
goin' numb. That was it.
Point where he couldn't even raise it.
- He just kept sayin' it was from workin' too much.
- Yeah.
He was so damn stubborn.
It was only till he collapsed one night
at work that he agreed to see a doctor.
Thank you.
Stage IV leukemia.
Spread throughout his entire body, so...
Just a matter of time.
He made us promise not to tell nobody.
So, uh,
Mom and I just did what
we could to help out.
He sent me a telegram.
Said it was urgent and I should get back.
Well, now you know why.
- I'm glad you were with him in the end.
- [ Ricki ] Mm-mmm.
No, in the end, he should've
been with his family.
The people who loved him.
He, uh...
He gave me this before he passed.
Said I should give it to you.
- Well, how honorable.
- Mom.
It's all right, Brody.
You gonna open it?
I can't read this.
"Dearest Ricki,
If you're reading this
letter, it means I've moved on.
And I hope you know how
much I love you and Brody.
It also means C.J. was there
to give this letter to you.
I know old wounds are slow to heal, but...
I hope you find it in your heart to see
in C.J. what you saw all those years ago.
And C.J., if you're listenin', the
only thing I have to say is this:
Take care of my family for me.
Love to you all. [ Whispering ] Johnny."
What happened between you two?
It doesn't matter now.
[ Sniffles ] What's done is done.
It's complicated.
Don't y'all think I kinda deserve to know?
Before you were born,
- when your mom and I were kids...
- Please.
You'd think enough scabs have
been torn open for one day.
Tell me, C.J.
- Your mom and I...
- C.J.
- We were...
- That is enough, damn it. That is enough.
- Now, I want you out of...
- He's only trying to explain.
Please, leave.
Just go.
- Mom...
- [ Door Closes ]
Hey, C.J.! C.J., wait up.
Hey, listen. She didn't mean
what she said back there.
Okay, she's just upset, is all.
She's got a right to be.
I'm not a good man, Brody.
I don't believe that, C.J.
And I know Johnny didn't.
Well, hey, where you goin'?
Same place I've always gone.
What the hell just
happened back there, Mom?
I mean, what is it with you two?
It's been, what, 20 years
since you seen each other?
- Why'd you treat him like that?
- 'Cause...
Because why, Mom?
Did he hurt you, do something wrong, what?
Because... he's your father.
[ Sniffles ]
[ Crying ]
- You know, Dad told me to ask you two why you broke up.
- Oh...
It was the least of the reasons why.
Well, does he know?
- Who?
- C.J., Mom. Does he know?
- I don't know. What does it matter?
- Hell, yes, it matters.
- It matters to me.
- No... No, he doesn't know.
All right?
God, Mom, you know? I love you.
But damn you and your pride.
- [ Footsteps Receding ]
- [ Door Opens ]
I'm, uh, here today to...
tell you how sorry I am.
I'm more than the love I wasted...
and the hurt I caused.
I just pray you forgive me.
Maybe look down on me, let
me know you're still with me.
You're gone.
[ Crying ] And Johnny's gone.
And I'm pretty much lost.
I love you.
Ray Jennings?
Who's askin'?
Hello, C.J.
How you been doin'?
Why don't we go and skip
the pleasantries, huh?
Fair enough.
- Well, you want a soda pop or somethin'?
- No.
Well, you're here.
- What now?
- That's a good question for you, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
- This was a bad idea.
- I know what you're feeling.
Regret. I've lived with that for 40 years.
Back then, I'd have got on
that chopper, cranked it up...
and driven as far as I
could go away from here.
It's a lot easier to run
away from the problem...
than it is to face it head on
and take a chance on gettin' hurt.
But at the end of the day,
all you're left with is...
And that goddamn regret.
You know, uh,
Mom used to tell me stories about you.
What a good man you were.
How you loved us.
How you were off fightin' the war,
defendin' this country.
And then one day,
you were home.
And I finally had my dad with me.
I still got that one picture...
Mama took of us,
when we went to see Grandpa.
I remember.
And then one day,
you were gone again, and Mom
made all kinds of excuses for ya.
Until there weren't any excuses left.
For a lot of years,
I blamed all my problems on the war...
why I left you and your mom...
[ Chuckles ] basically everything.
I found my comfort in
the bottom of a bottle.
Truth of the matter was,
I was a goddamn coward.
Afraid of failin' as
a husband and a father.
If I could go back...
and give myself one piece of advice,
it'd be this:
You don't have to be a great
man and a good provider...
to be a good father, husband.
You just have to be there.
[ Motor Stops ]
Hey, Brody.
We need to talk.
[ Sniffling ]
[ Door Opens ]
[ Sniffling Continues ]
[ Crying ]
I went by your place.
Who gave you the key to get in?
[ Sighs ]
Our son.
Ah, I suppose you had to find out somehow.
Why didn't you tell me? My
God, maybe I would have just...
Do what? What, stayed? No.
I told myself a long time ago that if
you stayed, it would be because of me,
and not for the right reasons.
It's just a choice I made
a long time ago, so...
You're right.
You didn't owe me anything back then.
I'm the one that walked away from you.
But you've gotta believe
me... I've changed.
And I want to be a part of your life.
We're not kids anymore, C.J.
We can't just... go back.
I know that.
[ Sniffling ] I'm sorry.
Listen to me. Johnny
asked me to look after you.
- Oh. C.J.
- And that's what I'm gonna do.
It's not because I have to.
It's because I want to.
So, if that just means being friends,
so be it.
Either way,
I'm stayin'.
[ Crying ]
[ Crying Continues ]
Well, that about does it.
Hey, you don't gotta do this tonight.
Johnny would have wanted it this way.
[ Door Opens ]
I guess so.
[ Footsteps ]
Come here.
Well, I guess the word's out about Johnny.
'Cause that whole
parkin' lot is fillin' up.
[ Band: Country ]
[ Man ] You've been a phone call away
For too long
And you have failed to admit
You were wrong
And though it's not been forever
Wanna dance?
Um... [ Chuckles ] Sure.
[ Chuckles ]
We haven't been properly introduced.
- I'm Tanya Price.
- C.J. Jennings.
It's, uh... It's nice that you're here,
given what's happened and all.
Yeah, I guess.
[ Laughs ] I haven't met many
guys like you around here.
What's that, drifters?
[ Laughing ] I guess.
And though it's not been forever
Since you've gone
You've been a phone call away
For too long
- Good night, Ricki.
- Good night.
Never did get that dance with you.
No, you didn't.
[ Guitar: Ballad ]
I, uh, been doin' a lot
of thinkin' about us.
Oh, really?
- It's good to be home.
- Yeah.
So you think you got me figured out
Before I crossed the room, you knew
that you were gonna shoot me down
Yeah, I'm rough around the edges
Hmm, with a touch of attitude
But for you
I can be smooth
Oh, oh
[ Motor Stops ]
[ Hinges Creaking ]
[ Exhales ]
Bring back memories?
I wish he was still with us.
[ Sighs ]
How'd you find me?
I stopped by the motel.
They told me you checked out.
I figured you were one of two places.
Either gone... or here.
- So now what?
- I, uh...
I pick up the pieces.
I was hoping you'd say that.
[ Whistles ]
I'll vacuum if you scrub the toilets.
- [ Chuckles ]
- [ Ricki Laughing ]
- Deal?
- Come on.
Y'all are somethin' else.
- Uh, I guess so. It's a deal.
- Should be fun.
[ Man ] I love the smell
of fresh-fallin' rain
And the sight of a clear
mountain range in the spring
And the joy that it brings
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
I love the waves
break on the sand
And the way that you
make me feel like a man
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Just holdin' your hand
And all those things
will never mend
And broken dreams
I left back when
I was too young to know
That rings are just things
- That stand for so much more
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]
Than what two people
say on that day
When life and
love are joined
And represent a
constant state of heart
That time alone
can't part
Key to the house.
You're welcome anytime, all right?
Make yourself at home.
- You and I got a lot of catching up to do.
- All right. Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Be careful.
- All right. Thanks.
- Good.
- So long, C.J. Thanks a lot.
- See you around.
- All right. Mom.
[ Engine Starts ]
He's a hell of a kid.
Did a good job with him.
Well, he comes from good stock. It helps.
[ Chuckles ]
Well, I better get goin' as well.
I'll see you later tonight?
Yeah. And every night after that.
I'll be there by openin'.
Got a few things to do first.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Woman ] You walked
into the party
With her on your arm
Hey there, Ricki.
- Son.
- Doesn't look like it, does it?
- So the cat's finally out of the bag, is it?
- What do you want, Wade?
I figured your last visit would buy me at
least a week before you came by to gloat.
On the contrary, I came to pay my respects.
Real sorry about Johnny.
He and I had our differences,
but he was a good man nonetheless.
Thank you.
Why don't you give me a shot of tequila.
Good stuff. None of that cheap shit.
- You good, Mom?
- It's fine, Brody.
Now what?
I know we've been a little strained lately.
Johnny's death got me to thinking.
You mean about someone other than yourself?
You think this is easy for me?
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Anyway, I mean, what you gonna
do when this place goes under?
- Where you gonna go?
- Okay, Wade.
I'm perfectly capable of taking
care of myself, thank you very much.
Let me finish.
What's that?
This is $25,000.
[ Chuckles ]
"Made payable the day the
bar gets foreclosed on."
Why am I not surprised?
Hey, it'll help you get back on your feet.
Should've known your intentions were
more than an actual stab at sincerity.
Listen, personally, I think Johnny
would agree with me on this one.
Well, you didn't know
Johnny very well, did you?
'Cause he would've kicked your ass out
of here the moment you made the offer.
Well, guess what? Johnny's
not here, now, is he?
You've gotta get out from
under this mountain of debt.
You really don't have any options.
Well, she's got one.
Oh. Well, look what the dust blew in.
Man, I heard you were back in town.
I just did not want to believe it.
- Mind if I join you?
- Hey, Ricki and I were just conducting a little business.
I wasn't talking to you, was I?
I was askin' Ricki.
- Yeah. Please do.
- You know what?
You can invite the whole
dang bar if you want to.
It's not gonna change a thing.
Twenty-seven days, this
place is gonna be mine.
This offer right here?
It ends when I stand up.
Yeah. About that.
What's that?
It's, uh, back payment on the mortgage.
Should be enough there to get him cryin'.
Oh, boy, you've been
livin' in a hole, hoss.
Why would I think this check's any good?
From your bank.
You know what? You don't
have the authority...
I don't need your permission,
Wade, to pay off a debt.
Especially for my partner.
What do you say?
Works for me.
Well, good.
There's $50,000 there
made out to your bank...
from your bank, so...
you can just run off and cash it.
[ Clears Throat ] I believe
that's your cue to take it...
and get the hell out of here.
Good stuff.
[ Glass Shatters ]
You know, you have no idea what
you've gotten yourself into.
You're right.
I should have gotten myself
into this a long time ago.
[ Laughing ]
What was that about?
Oh. C.J.... just became my partner.
He gave your father...
He gave Wade the money
owed for the back payments.
Where'd you get that kind of money?
I, uh... I borrowed it.
Used my mom's house as collateral.
Oh, no, no. I wish... I
wish you hadn't done that.
This place is old.
It needs a lot of work. I mean...
What if things don't work
out? I mean, then what?
Then you've lost everything.
I've slept under the stars a million times.
I can do it again.
And now that I am your new partner,
I got a couple of ideas
I wanna run by y'all.
[ Tanya ] Ladies and gentlemen...
- And y'all know who you are.
- [ Cheering ]
I would like to welcome you all...
to the first annual Thriftstore
Cowboy Wet T-shirt Contest!
[ Whooping, Cheering ]
Now, if y'all are ready,
let's get this party started.
Yeah, you can read the
menu, but don't touch.
Oh, don't you worry about it.
Yeah, you said it, boy. We do
all right in the country, huh?
Shit, yeah.
Be right back. Keep
your gun in your holster.
Love you. I love you both.
- C.J. Jennings.
- Kyle Rich.
- How you doin', man?
- Oh, still standin'. I can't complain.
Uh, I heard you was back in town.
Yeah, here I am.
I guess I haven't seen you
since... what, high school?
Yeah? Somethin' like that.
[ Laughing ]
Look at that.
So you're the, uh, sheriff, huh?
Fifteen years later, this
town won't let me quit.
What you doin', Kyle?
Still riggin' elections?
Oh, kiss my ass.
Look, I can see you're busy.
- I just thought I'd say hey.
- Yeah.
Why don't we get together some time?
- I'll bet you got some stories.
- Yeah? Quite a few.
I'll just bet.
- Take care.
- Good to see you.
- Hey, C.J.
- Hey, Tanya.
- Two, please.
- Sure. Yeah.
- Well, it looks like your plan worked.
- Yeah, yeah.
I tell you what... I like
a man who can think, like me.
Well, you got the girls here from Austin,
so good job.
Mm-hmm. So what are you doin' later?
Um, workin'.
Well, what do you say,
when you're done workin',
you and I go get a drink?
[ Chuckles ] I probably have
one too many drinks after work,
but I appreciate it.
All right.
You just let me know
if you change your mind.
I, uh, got to probably get a
little work done. Excuse me.
Hey, Brody.
Hey, Ricki. It's going good, huh?
Yeah. Appears that way.
Tanya's a nice girl, right?
But I'm here for you.
Don't give me that face. Come on.
[ Crowd Cheering ]
One more?
- One.
- One for you?
- Ricki.
- What's the problem?
- Water's out in the women's restroom.
- Really?
- Mom.
- Let me guess. Water's out.
All right. We can use the five-gallon
jugs of drinking water in the storage room.
- I got it.
- That oughta get us through the night.
And, uh, we'll just figure
out things in the morning.
- All right.
- Yeah, we'll check it out in the next break.
Here you go, sir.
[ Exhales ]
Well, I gotta tell you.
This is out of my league.
Johnny had the pipes looked
at a few days ago, but...
he said a plumber wasn't available
for at least a couple of weeks.
He the only one in town?
Well, he's the only one who
actually knows what he's doin'.
I got an idea of somebody
that can maybe help us.
[ Pounding On Door ]
[ Pounding Continues ]
That's a damn good way to get shot!
Rumor has it you're a plumber.
Here it is.
[ Sighs ] Well, let's see what we got here.
That's where your mainline comes in.
- So?
- So...
we play like a couple
of half-ass surgeons...
and do a bypass.
That oughta keep you in business...
till we can get the whole place re-piped.
Tell me what to do.
I've got some old scrub pipe
and some PVC in the truck.
Let me see what I can rig out of that.
Need a hand?
Yeah. Let's go get it.
- Hey, Joey.
- Hey.
Just wanted to see how you were doin'.
Hadn't heard from you since the other day.
It's like 2:00 in the mornin'.
- That looks sore.
- Yeah.
[ Clears Throat ] Well,
what are you doin' here?
You're a smart guy. You tell me.
[ Laughing ]
I'm sorry Ty was such a jerk the other day.
Can only take so much of him and Jake.
Yeah. That makes two of us.
[ Sighs ] So...
are you just gonna stand there,
or are you gonna invite me in?
Uh, I-I would love to...
No. Hey, no, it's not that.
I-It's... It's just
this is my mom's place.
You don't have to explain it to me.
I still live with my dad at the ranch.
Yeah, well, I, you know...
[ Laughs ]
You wanna go for a walk?
Or a drive.
All right.
- Lived in Banshee your whole life?
- No, no.
I've had more addresses
than a call girl has tricks.
Two years ago, I retired and...
moved back here.
what made you start
writin' me those letters?
A lifetime of regret and your mom.
- Mom?
- Yeah.
After I got back here, I decided I
should get in touch with her and...
try to make up for all
the... pain I'd caused her.
Then... took me a long
time to work up the nerve.
Finally, I called her,
and, uh... [ Laughs ]
she couldn't have been nicer.
All that pain I'd caused her.
She... acted like she'd
found a long-lost friend.
All along I'd had a woman like that,
and I was too thick to know it.
Anyway, the next day,
I went, uh, by her house,
knocked on the door.
No answer.
Turned to leave.
One of her neighbors came out and said
she'd passed away the night before.
One minute she was there,
the next minute, gone.
[ Sighs ]
I spent all those years, and
I could have been making up...
for what I'd done to her.
You're old a lot longer
than you're young, C.J.
I wasted so much time.
I didn't want to have the
same regrets about you.
It's all right, Dad.
[ Engine Shuts Off ]
Well, this is it.
Whose place is this?
My dad's.
Wade lives here?
Long story.
Uh, he's not home,
but, uh, he left the key.
Is he, um, cool?
I'm pretty sure of that.
This pipe is loose from the wall.
- Shouldn't be any give, should there?
- No.
No, there shouldn't be anything
on the other side of that wall...
but rock and dirt.
- What do you think?
- Hell if I know.
There's air comin' out of these holes.
Wait a minute.
Look, these holes have been
drilled from the inside.
- God.
- What?
There's light comin' back from there.
Son of a bitch.
This ain't no water cavity.
Let's find out what this is.
- [ Blows Landing ]
- [ Grunting ]
[ Groaning, Panting ]
[ Groaning ]
Ray. Ray!
You all right?
I can think of more fun
ways of bondin' with my son.
Where in the hell are we?
I got no idea.
Last thing I remember... [ Sighs ]
we were breakin' that
wall out in the basement.
Evenin', gents.
[ Grunting ]
Seems you boys picked the wrong time...
to go stickin' your noses
where they don't belong.
How long you known about the tunnel?
That's why you wanted to bail Ricki out.
We found it fixin' the plumbin' tonight.
[ Chuckles ] Is that a fact?
Son of a bitch! Beat me if you want to!
Come on! He doesn't
know anything, all right?
Trouble just seems to follow
you everywhere, doesn't it, C.J.?
You have really stepped in
a big pile of shit this time.
How long you been runnin' drugs, Wade?
[ Laughing ] Drugs?
That's old news, friend.
Show you somethin'.
Weapons is where the real money's at.
We goin' straight into Mexico.
Go fuck yourself.
I'm gonna ask real nicely...
one last time.
[ Door Opens ]
Who else knows about the tunnel?
We got the girl.
[ Gasping, Grunting ]
- Ricki.
- Bastard!
- Stay with them.
- How could you?
- [ Gasping ]
- Oh, yeah. You're a tough guy, huh?
You're a real tough guy.
What the hell is goin' on?
Damage control. What the
fuck did it look like?
We never discussed this!
What do you think would have
happened when she got to the bar...
and found that little hole in the basement?
- What about Brody?
- He wasn't there.
You let me find him.
I'm already on it.
- Gilley!
- You work for me, you understand?
I call the shots!
And if I were you, I'd
think long and hard...
before I opened my mouth again.
[ Chuckles ]
You got work tomorrow?
- Only till closing.
- [ Chuckling ]
- I should get goin'.
- Okay.
Maybe I'll come by and see you.
I'd like that.
Maybe I'll even hang
out and help you close.
Well, I'd like that even more.
[ Screaming ]
- Mom?
- [ Screaming Continues ]
- Brody!
- [ Shouts ]
[ Shouting ]
[ Gagging ]
One more move, and I'll
kill her. I swear to God.
Oh, Brody. Brody.
Joey, it's okay.
[ Gasping, Shouts ]
Oh, Joey. Oh.
- [ Groans ]
- Are you all right?
I know... him.
He worked for my dad.
- Brody?
- Call the police.
[ Phone Beeping ]
Hey! Hey, police!
What's wrong? What the hell
happened? What the... hell happened?
He... He was in my car.
A-And Brody... Brody came.
Okay. All right.
- Coffee?
- Thank you.
I'm gonna need you to go to
the station with Deputy Brooks.
It's just a formality
with this sort of thing.
- What about my mom?
- We got an APB out on her.
That's the best we can do right now.
Deputy Brooks also said that, uh,
you knew the man that was shot?
Yeah. He worked for my dad.
All righty then.
Well, we're gonna have to check into this.
In the meantime, I need to get
you back to the ranch and your dad.
- Does he even know you're here?
- No, sir.
Well, he's gonna be worried sick.
I wanna go with Brody.
No can do. Not unless you're family.
I'm sorry.
- I'll see you when I'm done.
- Promise?
Come on. Right in here.
Okay. Thanks.
[ Man ] Sheriff.
You just hold it right there.
[ Engine Starts ]
Joey, don't.
- Joey!
- [ Gasps ]
Come on. Come on now. Let's get you home.
Come on. Come on, darling.
[ Radio Chatter ]
Hey. Station's back there.
We got called out.
Gonna take but a minute.
[ Radio Chatter, Distorted ]
[ Chuckles ]
It's Brooks. We're en route.
Come on out, Sleeping Beauty.
Get him up.
Come here, you son of a bitch!
All right!
- So it's come down to this?
- Where's Mom?
She's safe... for now.
If you hurt her, I swear
to God, I'll kill you.
[ Laughing ]
I know you're upset, Brody.
This thing hasn't exactly turned
out how I thought it would either.
You gotta believe me though.
This thing is out of my
control. Now fall in line.
Or what?
Pretty soon, I'm not
gonna be able to help you,
even if I want to.
Oh! Goddamn it!
Put him in with the others.
Hey, sweetheart.
What did you do?
He was your son.
What was that all about?
Ty's dead.
What do you wanna do?
[ Exhales ]
- [ Ricki Gasps ] My God. Brody.
- [ C.J. ] Brody.
- [ Brooks Chuckling ]
- Shit.
[ C.J. ] You bastard.
- [ Brody ] You all right?
- I'm fine.
- You okay?
- I'll live.
- What's so funny?
- Well, well. Here we are.
One big, happy, dysfunctional family.
[ Laughing ]
[ Sobbing ]
It's okay.
It's gonna be all right. Okay?
I got a knife in this
boot if you can get to it.
Kick it over.
Got it. Okay.
- [ Footsteps ]
- C.J.
Come on.
C.J., hurry!
Get up.
Don't touch her.
I said, get up!
Or what?
[ Grunts ]
- What's so funny?
- [ Grunts ]
[ Gasping ]
[ Grunts ]
- They still inside?
- Yeah, Marco and Shane are bringing 'em out.
Don't bother.
- What you gonna do?
- Kill 'em all.
Hey, you sure about this?
Life's full of tough decisions,
Wade, and one thing's for certain...
nobody fucks with me.
- Brody!
- Come on, Mom. Come on. Come on.
[ Squeals ]
Oh, shit.
- Damn it!
- Come on, Ray.
- C.J.
- [ Ricki ] Brody!
- [ C.J. ] Brody!
- Brody!
Wade. Finish it.
Damn it, I said finish it.
[ Gun Clicks ]
[ Rifle Cocks ]
[ Groaning ]
- [ Gasps ]
- [ Groaning ]
You son of a bitch.
[ Groaning ]
[ Gasps, Groaning ]
[ Ricki ] Joey.
- Come here.
- [ C.J. ] Come on. Stay with me.
Ray. Come on. Stay with me.
You... You ain't gonna
get rid of me that easy.
Oh, shit. That hurts.
Get me to the doctor and
get this damn thing sewed up.
All right.
Tough old coot. [ Chuckles ]
Fifteen minutes till we open.
What do you boys say to a shot?
- All right by me.
- Thank you.
To the fullness of family.
The good stuff. [ Laughing ]
What are you doin'?
Lovin' you.
[ Man ] I was lost
With nowhere to turn
To escape the cost
Of the bridges I'd burned
So I kept running
Mmm, like I'd always been
A little low on luck
And clean out of friends
Then you came along
Sang me a song
Of forgiveness
Sweet forgiveness
Glory, glory, love
You saved me
Once upon a time
But lately
It seems I've lost
my way again somehow
Though I don't know how
- But love
- Love
- Glory, glory, love
- Love
I need you now
He ain't goin' nowhere now.
If he does,
I'll go after him and bring him back.
Oh, I can't pretend that
my defense is ignorance
I know exactly what
I did, it's true
How much you can do
Glory, glory, love
You saved me
Once upon a time
But lately
Seems I've lost my
way again somehow
Oh, I don't know how
- But love
- Love
- Glory, glory, love
- Love
I need you now
[ Ends ]