Bornoporichoy: A Grammar Of Death (2019) Movie Script

"He never idles away his time.
He performs his tasks on time.
He doesn't waste time by playing
when he is supposed to study."
'Borno Porichoy', the book of alphabets
by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.
You must have read it as a kid, Shaon.
Know it by heart even, or not?
Sorry, sorry, sorry...
You are in no state to talk.
What can I do?
My hands are tied.
Even I like to do everything
at the right time.
I'm not the bad guy
just because I've brought you here.
I'm really not the villain.
Believe me, I'm really good.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm not a boy.
That's there.
"Light a match...
and you'll get fire."
You must have heard the song.
Asha Bhonsle?
The song is a little naughty.
Smoking is injurious to health.
It causes cancer.
What about the cancer affecting
our society, Shaon?
Say this body of yours...
It'll end up in a forensic lab
all butchered up.
But isn't it more important to get rid
of the cancerous growth in the society?
Oh, no!
I'm not like Rajnikanth,
the film hero.
I can't walk in like a hero
and change the society.
I don't have society's responsiblity.
I'm only resposnsible for myself.
I'm not a hero.
Be right back.
You see, Shaon...
I love playing with fire.
You love playing with fire too,
don't you?
You can't say no now.
I know that you do.
The fire as our witness today,
we'll find out...
Who does the fire love more?
That's it.
We're almost done.
Stop fidgeting.
Five thousand years ago,
in Egypt...
when pharoahs died....
they were buried
with their favourite things.
You see this?
Your favourite thing, money.
I got everything for you.
I must keep so many things in mind.
That's why I told you
I'm extremely good.
Now you have proof.
It's almost done.
I must continue on my path
In my own way
People call me evil
Whose desires are these?
Who sniffs me out?
"Bonomali, may you be Radha
in your next birth.
The fire burns within
Our eyes are set ablaze
As mankind falls further
Gods just recite hymns
Even our breath pollutes the air
Who is going to clean up
this decaying society?
Time is calling
Sleep eludes the scared eyes
No place to hide
You can't blame your anger
on the moonlit sky
No one answers the call of the night
Nothing more left to say
Let me read to you
from the book of alphabets
The fire burns within
Our eyes are set ablaze
As mankind falls further
Gods just recite hymns
Even our breath pollutes the air
Who is going to clean up
this decaying society?
Nothing more left to say
Just the book of alphabets
The entire city is shocked
by this disturbing news.
The dead body of a man has been found
in an abandoned factory.
He's been murdered in a very well planned way
using kerosene to burn him.
According to the police,
he was burnt alive.
Yes, Malini. Tell me.
Mani, there's a call for you.
- Who is it?
- Joy.
And please don't fight.
I missed your call earlier.
I was in the bathroom.
Why lie, Dhananjoy?
After seven years of living with you,
I can tell when you're lying.
Don't you know that?
Why were you calling?
Wanted to remind you
of Gogol's birthday.
You know
what my problem is, Malini?
I don't forget anything easily.
That one criminal...
has ruined my life.
I've been chasing him
for the last five years.
And we've been chasing you.
Just for your time.
Anyway...You be...
happy with your life.
We'll make do.
I want to forget, Malini.
I really want to forget.
I've tried so many times...
to forget but...
every time I shut my eyes...
Can I give you an advise,
Mr. Ex-police Officer?
Try to forget us.
That'll be the best for all of us.
Set a reminder on your phone.
Otherwise, Gogol might think you scored poorly
at being a father. one can take the law in their own hands.
Law will take it's own course.
Our correspondent, Sutapa is online.
Police says the investigation
has started.
But there are too many questions
left unanswered.
The body has been identified.
The name of the victim is Shaon Basu.
He was the owner of a real estate business
in South Kolkata.
Recently, a suspicious fire was reported
at his office.
Police are trying to find a link
between the two incidents.
Dhanonjoy Chatterjee might be...
completely mad now.
But two years, back he was the best detective
in the department.
He would be able to tell you everything
about this case.
Sir, I heard...
he couldn't catch the killer
although he tried very hard.
He had almost solved the case.
There was just one thing
he couldn't figure out.
Why were these people being murdered?
Was it at random?
Or was there a motive?
Dhanonjoy believed that this man is...
an ordinary, middle class, simple Bengali.
Someone who can disappear
in a crowd very easily.
He keeps a watch on his target
with the crowd as his cover.
He attacks his victim
when the time is right.
He would spot his prey.
Then he would delve deeper
into each aspect of the target's life.
His homework was thorough.
And after he was 100% sure
of the target...
he would prepare his weapons.
Duct tape, pistol, hand cuff...
Whatever he needed.
Then he would wait in the shadows
to hunt his prey.
Rohit, careful.
The clock is ticking.
Who the hell...
Dhanonjoy said his biggest virtue
was patience.
He would wait like a scorpion.
To sting at the last moment.
And then he would strike from behind.
Your time is up.
Can we get Dhanonjoy Chatterjee's help
on this case?
I'm sure he'd be able to solve this case
with his eyes closed.
Have you read 'The Mahabharata'?
If Arjun, the warrior, decides not to fight...
It's very difficult to bring him back
to the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
Very, very difficult.
Dad, Dad, icecream.
I want an icecream.
One butterscotch, please.
But he likes vanilla.
Okay, give him a vanilla.
- Daddy!
- Gogol!
- Daddy!
- Gogol!
Wait, Gogol, wait!
- Daddy!
- Gogol!
- Gogol!
- Gogol!
- Are you hurt, Gogol?
- Gogol!
How can I get hurt?
I knew it.
You would rescue me like Superman.
That's enough, Gogol.
That car might have hit you.
Nothing would happen to him, Malini.
As long as I'm alive
nothing will happen to him.
You don't need to act like a hero
in front of your son, Dhanonjoy.
I left because I wanted him
to be away from you.
Let's go, Gogol.
We're late.
Your granny is waiting for you.
She's made your favourite pancakes.
Daddy, come with us.
You can have pancakes too.
No, kiddo.
Our home will be completely empty
if I leave.
- Go...
- Come on.
We've been able to recover
very few evidence.
There's a Royal Bengal Club brochure.
Two books.
Rabindranath Tagore's
'Boat Wreck' and...
Manik Bandopadhyay's
'The Boatman of the Padma.'
A bubblegum wrapper...
We found the blood stained knife earlier.
And a torn shirt.
Other than the blood stained knife,
we didn't find anything important.
You never seize to amaze me, Indra.
Every thing is important.
- All you need is an eye for details.
- Sir.
(indistinct chatter)
What do you want?
Even if Lord Krishna recites from 'The Gita'
I'm not going back.
Sir, that's the only unsolved case
of your career.
You've tried so hard to catch the murderer.
Sir, don't you want the murderer...
Do we get everything we want?
There's gap between wanting and getting
that needs to be fulfilled.
Sir, I am a huge fan of yours.
If anyone can solve this case,
it's only you.
Please don't flatter me.
It doesn't go well with alcohol.
Sir, any suggestions?
Actually, we're completely out
of our depths.
When the murderer has returned...
he'll come back in style.
This is his first episode.
There are going to be more episodes.
Be prepared.
A letter for you, sir.
Keep it on the table.
I'll check later.
It came by speed post.
It says urgent.
Let's see.
Thank you.
Dear friend,
The way you're drowning in alcohol...
I'm sure you won't feel like
reading my letter.
That's why I'm sending the letter
to your senior colleague, Mr. Karmakar.
I'm hoping he'll deliver my letter to you
on time.
I'm writing to you.
Because this time too,
like all other times...
your ex-colleagues will fail
at the investigation.
They'll make a fool of themselves.
I'm an ordinary man.
That's why I don't trust the police at all.
I remember that day clearly.
The day we almost met.
I felt very proud for you.
You had a powerful energy.
Your math hasn't improved, Karmakar.
You're not counting the corpse
sitting right in front of you.
He has...
murdered me a long time ago.
I'm growing old.
Maybe, that's why my calculations
are a little off.
But I can still read the clock.
And guess what the clock says?
He wants to finish off the game.
He is directly challenging you.
I want to tell you a lot of things.
Because I believe...
one day you'll tell my story
to the entire world.
Only a friend shares
this kind of understanding.
And I want the world to know my story.
I haven't found a better messenger
than you.
Nothing has been acheived
by trusting the law of this country.
That's why I am depending on you.
You love poetry.
Sending you a poem I wrote.
"The ones you're too scared to name
Will eat your body out
And your mind will be eaten
by doubt."
"Think about it".
"I know you appreciate good literature."
"Happy new year. 20..."
"Twenty five".
"With love.
Your dear friend."
Twenty twenty five.
Why 2025?
My sails flutter in your untamed breeze...
Hey! You can't give up already.
Please don't hurt me.
- Please forgive me.
- No, that's not possible.
Forgiving you means letting you live.
You don't even have a spine.
What's the point of staying alive?
You are more of a pimp
than an insurance agent.
What happened?
Why are you shivering?
Your hands don't shiver
when you take bribes.
When you beat your wife...
your hands didn't shiver then either.
So, why is it happening now?
You find joy in hurting
and insulting other people, don't you?
I just had a thought.
You look like a puppet now.
And I control the strings.
My sail flutters in your untamed breeze...
What? What's this?
Why are you scared?
Isn't this a familiar place for you?
This is where you bring other women
behind your wife's back.
This is where you made the secret deals
with your clients.
They would give you loads of cash.
You'd carry on with the corruption
without any worry.
What's wrong?
What's happening?
The thought of women usually make you drool.
How come your throat is drying up
so easily?
I should have offered you some water, right?
I'm ready to drown...
I've always had a very deep connection
with water.
I was a great swimmer.
Sometimes I felt like a sailboat.
Sometimes a swan.
And sometimes I felt like a warship.
But that's all water
under the bridge now.
Whenever I see a disgusting man
like you...
I'm washed over by a wave of violence.
It's like a tsunami.
Actually, Rohit, the thing is...
everyone is judged by Time.
No one can get away from it.
Except for the judge himself.
I love playing the judge.
I was just joking...just joking.
Doesn't it feel
like the ebb and flow.
Sometimes you're high and I'm low.
And then I'm high and you're low.
Okay, let's do something.
Let's see which way the river flows.
Take this.
You can beat me with this.
Come on... Take it.
What's wrong?
I'm a very good boy.
I gave you your favourite weapon.
This is the hand you take bribes with...
beat your wife with...
But your hands are tied.
No problem. I'll do it.
The atonement for your sins...
You can't stop now.
The game has just begun.
Five years...
Five murders.
And yet he didn't leave behind any clues.
Every time the forensics were messed up.
Five murders in five years.
Although, in just a few days,
there are going to be two murders.
He has increased his strike rate.
Which means he is in a rush.
But why?
Sir, you said the first murder was like
the last murder from five years ago.
Shaon Basu too was burnt alive.
This serial killer should be called
Mr. Five Elements.
All his crimes revolve around the five basic elements
mentioned in 'The Rigveda'.
The five elements...
Dhanonjoy, correct me if I'm wrong.
The five elements.
The five most important elements.
Everything in this universe
was created with these five elements.
And they are...
The elements are...
This man is probably a monk.
He might be a copycat too.
Maybe, he's copying the patterns
of the earlier murders.
Yes, for that...
you'll have to check if he has left some signs
on the crime scene.
I mean any kind of signature.
Correct. Correct!
All we need to do is
look for these signs.
He killed five people in cold blood
over five years.
Do you think he'll act so rashly?
Come on... Time to wake up.
"I'm ready to drown..."
"I am ready to drown."
I'll have to leave
for my son's birthday now.
We're leaving the evidence box here.
If you think of something...
Where did I leave my motorbike keys?
Dhanonjoy you're drunk.
I'll book a cab for you.
Thank you, sir.
Cab is booked.
Dhanonjoy, we can't solve this case
without you.
My job is on the line.
If you walk around the fire seven times
during the wedding rituals...
how many lifetimes is the relationship
supposed to last?
- Seven.
- Seven.
- Seven.
- Seven.
That man has taken away everything from me
in this life.
Even if that man is hanged
seven times over...
my son's birthdays
are not going to come back.
I hope you understand that.
I know...
Your cab is here.
Sir, need your blessing to move ahead
in this investigation.
Happy new year.
Dhanonjoy, today is 30th December.
"Happy new year" is day after tomorrow.
Just for your information. Bye.
Sir, the letter he has sent me...
it says "Happy new year,
twenty, twenty five."
If it was according to the English calendar
it would have been 2019.
And according to the Bengali calendar
it would be 1425.
If you take a closer look at the letter...
There's a colon between twenty
and twenty five.
Check it... Just...
What does this mean?
"Happy new year" is first of January.
And 20:25 is the time.
8:25 p.m. according to military time.
First January, 8:25 p.m.
Happy new year, sir.
Has Daddy forgotten my birthday?
Not at all.
He's probably stuck
with some important work.
I know Daddy is trying to catch a bad man.
So that he can save a lot of people.
Keep this.
Please give it to Daddy.
- Now please try to sleep.
- Good night, Granny.
Mom is putting Gogol to sleep.
Please let me see Gogol at least once.
I know I'm late.
Karmakar had come home.
It was about the case... That's why...
So, you've invited people from work
to fill up the empty house?
The murderer has sent me a letter, Malini.
I had to answer a few questions.
Just a formality.
I've said no to them.
You obviously don't have the word
responsibility in your dictionary.
A little boy expects his dad beside him
when he cuts his birthday cake.
You've missed his birthday before too...
I've begged your forgiveness
for that night many times.
Only for that one night?
Birthdays, parent-teacher meetings,
sports days...
You've always been an absent father.
Your apologies won't bring back
the happiness lost.
That's why...
I don't wear the police badge anymore.
For you, for Gogol, for us...
Don't you think I'm trying?
Gogol's class teacher wanted to know
if you'll attend the parent-teacher's meeting.
I've told him, you're unwell.
Making excuses for you
has become a habit.
I'll be there...
For the parent-teacher's meeting.
Please let me meet Gogol just once.
Please, Malini.
You'll spend two minutes with him
then go home and drink again.
Gogol won't have you around.
He fell asleep crying.
It won't be possible
to wake him up now.
- You should leave now.
- Malini...Malini...
Just once, Malini.
A late night flight
A song that doesn't let you sleep
Keeps playing in my head
I reach out in emptiness
I run through the ashes
At the call of the falling leaves
Is that why I'm homeless?
Where should I go now?
Where can I find him?
Where should I go now?
Where can I find him?
Has he changed his address?
No one stares out of the window
The sky keeps getting darker
With the depressing chimney smoke
Where's the inhaler?
- Daddy...
- I'll call him.
I can't talk right now.
I'm busy.
Please get an inhaler
and come home quickly.
Gogol is having another asthma attack.
A person's life is at risk.
I can't get it right now.
What about your son?
Come home now.
A man is about to get killed.
At least you're there with Gogol.
This man is also someone's child.
Do whatever you want.
It burns!
Help me... Save me...
I'm burning...
This sunburnt country
Finally have I arrived
I've found the eye of the hurricane
I walk very slowly
So that the earth doesn't shudder
But I turned blind
when I opened my eyes
Where should I go now?
Where can I find him?
Where should I go now?
Where can I find him?
Has he changed his address?
No one stares out of the window
The sky keeps getting darker
With the depressing chimney smoke
Wasn't expecting you.
I couldn't help myself.
Please go back to your work.
Take up the case.
Catch the culprit.
I've no idea what you're talking about.
If you can catch the guy
you'll find peace.
And I'll get my family back.
You know that, chasing that guy...
made me lose everything in life.
Why don't you get it?
If you're the one who cuffs the culprit...
you'll get your entire life back.
Please excuse me.
I can't do it.
Gogol sent this for you.
He made this in his drawing class.
May be for you or my daughter,
you're a defeated man.
But for my grandson,
you're Superman.
Now, you decide...
will you remain a defeated man?
Or do you want to be
your son's Superman?
It's completely your decision.
You can ask me what's in those files.
I know them by heart.
Karmakar, I've realised
life is the greatest rehab.
I want to start living again.
And there's only person
who can keep me alive.
That murderer.
Welcome back.
Thank you, sir.
The five elements.
He's back.
The body you found here
belongs to a man named Shaon Basu.
He set his own office on fire
to get the insurance money.
Many people were killed.
So, if this man didn't burn to ashes...
who knows, there could have been
more fires in the future.
More innocent people would have died.
In the city of mirrors
near my home
My neighbour lives there...
Who I just saw.
My friend...
how are you?
Who is this?
Your neighbour
from the "city of mirrors".
You chased me for seven years.
But you couldn't save the day.
I used to think you're smart.
But now I see that you're foolish.
Don't think that you're God...
And don't sing the last line
of that song, please.
Why don't you think it's over?
Oh, you want to play some more?
Extra time, tie-breaker
and then you'll win at the last moment.
There's no end.
And the end you have in mind
is going to change the game for you.
My game is going to change later.
But first you must change yourself.
How much longer are you going to be
like a cheated lover...
celebrating your defeat
drowning your sorrows in alcohol?
I have an advice for you.
Don't dismiss it because it's free.
Since you're trying to defeat me...
you have to become like me.
Otherwise, there'll be a few more
pointless corpses in Kolkata.
And you'll try to solve the puzzle
without any success.
But it won't work.
The last scene of the film...
and the last page of the book...
should never be seen first.
It ruins the story.
You think you're writing the story.
But I'm changing the plot of this story
very slowly.
And you don't even have a clue.
Bravo! Bravo!
I love the fact
that you're so relentless.
Now do you understand
why I chose you?
Some days I wake up and ask,
I can just end it here.
But then I shut my eyes
and think of you.
That face in distress...
Your wife and kid have left you...
The agony of not being able to catch me...
But an invincible force drives you ahead...
Pushing you through...
You've entered the arena again
to defeat me...
I know you can do it...
I thought if you searched
for a famous person on Google...
you find out everything.
But I'm not a famous person.
How did you know
so much about me?
I didn't have to look you up on Google.
I was checking my compatibility
with the police.
I found you.
We're very similar, you know.
We're both seekers of truth, my friend.
We're both in pursuit of the truth.
I'm trying to find the truth
in the five elements.
And you're trying to find my truth.
There's one difference.
I'm running alone and you've become alone
because of the chase.
Both of us are very lonely.
Is that why you need a play mate?
That's where you've gone wrong.
I'm not here to play with you.
I've come to stop you.
Now let's get to the point...
shall we, "friend"?
We found a cup's print
on the Royal Bengal Club brochure.
You've highlighted that on purpose. Right?
Now do you see why we're friends.
You got it.
Your deductions give me goosebumps.
Makes me feel, life is beautiful!
Do you want to live beautifully?
You still have time.
Where is the man you kidnapped?
Is he alive
or have you killed him?
A gap of two years.
Why have you come back?
The questions are easy.
And you know the answers.
It's been seven years, my friend.
You need to hurry up now.
Or else, someone will be killed every day.
Sadly, we don't have much time.
You know that already.
"Time flows on
Like the currents of the river.
The one who doesn't understand
Woe be on him."
Best wishes for you.
We'll talk later.
"Time flows on..."
Happy new year, 20:25.
Tomorrow evening...
"Time flows on" meaning time.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
the next victim is...
still alive not dead.
But not for too long.
Tomorrow 8:25 p.m.
His time will be up.
The mark on the Royal Bengal Club brochure...
indicates the year, 1827.
What about the books, sir?
The professor couldn't decipher anything.
"The Boatman of Padma"
and "The Boat-wreck."
What's the connection?
- Boat.
- No.
River! That means water!
Yes! Yes, simple!
The second element, water. Right?
Correct. That means
the next crime will be committed on water.
Right before he hung up,
he said...
"Time flows on
Like the currents of the river."
- Indra?
- Sir!
What's the first river you can think of?
The Ganges.
Maybe, the victim is somewhere around
the Ganges.
Brilliant! But where?
Proshun, give me the letter he sent me.
Yes, sir!
"The ones you're too scared to name
Will eat your body out
And your mind will be eaten
by doubt."
"The ones you're too scared to name
Will eat your body out
And your mind will be eaten
by doubt."
"The ones you're too scared to name
Will eat your body out
And your mind will be eaten
by doubt."
During the Kali festival, the "Aghori" monks
visit the crematorium.
And people believe
they should not be named.
And these monks eat human flesh.
"The ones you're too scared to name
Will eat your body out
"Aghori" monks?
But what's the location, sir?
Except for Rabindranath Tagore
and Manik Bandopadhyay...
has no other author written anything
on rivers or water?
- Why?
- Why?
Both were cremated
at the Nimtala crematorium.
And Nimtala crematorium
was built in 1827.
And that's where the "Aghori" monks go.
That means the victim has been kidnapped
and kept hidden in Nimtala crematorium.
Indra, call the ambulance.
- Ask them to go to Nimtala.
- Right, sir.
- Ask the force to get ready.
- Yes, sir.
We'll move right now.
Come. Let's go.
Come on, guys. Move.
There's just one piece of the puzzle
that I can't figure out.
"Our little river...
meanders through...
The summer heat dries it
to a tiny stream.
Cattles cross over, so does..."
I've been reciting this rhyme
since I was a kid.
But I've never wondered
how much water there might be during winter.
Do you know?
"Cattles can cross over,
so does the cart.
The banks are high
and the depth is shallow."
Dhanonjoy, I think you should take it up
from here.
You should lead us.
- We'll follow your instructions.
- Yeah.
Make one thing very clear in your head.
The guy we're going against
is like a cobra.
He can come out of any hole
at any time and attack.
Although, very soon your life
will be out of balance.
But have you noticed
the poem's rhyming scheme?
Tagore goes on to write...
Why are you crying?
Don't cry.
What's the next line?
Do you remember?
You don't remember.
Bengalis! "The sand glitters.
No mud to be found.
The far banks are lit up
by the white 'Kans' grass."
If he was going to drown the victim,
he wouldn't tell us the time.
We're playing chess on a board
that he has created.
He can change the game up
any moment.
Look at you still crying.
This is the beauty of poetry.
It can make a culprit like you cry.
Just see.
Please forgive me.
Please have mercy.
Forgiveness is out of the question.
I've heard, all your sins
can be washed away with water.
Wipe away your tears.
Let me see.
Let's test it then.
Virtue and sin.
"Boom" bubblegum.
"Time flows on..."
Time bomb?
"Time flows on
Like the currents of the river".
- No, no...
- Shut up!
Not one word!
Your time is almost up.
I'll take your leave now.
"The one who doesn't understand
Woe be upon them."
No! No!
Help me!
Help! Help! Help!
Help me!
Please help me!
- S--t!
- Help!
Help me! Help me, please!
A flock of birds chirp and play.
And foxes howl at night."
Save me! Save me! Save me!
Dhanonjoy! Come back!
Dhanonjoy, don't feel sorry for yourself.
You could have saved him.
If you had a little more time.
You could have...
If we can't find out what happened
in that man's life seven years ago...
we'll never be able to solve this case.
Indra, I'm busy.
I'll talk to you later.
Sir, it's very urgent.
I'm at the Nimtala crematorium
like you asked.
I've found a bag here.
I'm at my son's school now.
Sir, please hear me out.
I've found a dictaphone.
You have to listen to this.
This man's name is Rohit Biswas.
He would have killed his wife
if he wasn't stopped.
Just like his wife was drowning
in his rage...
the holy waters of Ganges
consumed his sins.
This is poetic justice,
isn't it, my friend?
What else was there in the bag?
A calculator with the number
And a piece of white cloth
with three blue stripes on it.
What about the symbol?
Sir, the symbol is a...
pentagram of the five elements.
What does this mean?
This means we've got the location
of the next victim's murder.
There's going to be another murder
in a few days.
Usually, he's not late...
There he is.
This is Gogol's class teacher,
Mr. Bhattacharya.
My husband, Dhanonjoy Chatterjee.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Finally, we meet.
Gogol enjoys his studies.
But he loves drawing the most.
He can spend hours with his crayons.
That's why children are like magic.
In this gray canvas of life..
they paint their joyful rainbows.
Grown-ups, at the most...
paint their own lives.
It's a call from the office.
It's urgent.
Can't you take it later?
You just got to the meeting.
Stay for a bit.
Is there a problem?
No, actually... I'll have to leave.
Daddy, please don't go.
- Sorry, sir.
- Don't worry.
Nothing to worry about.
How will you learn new things
if you don't make mistakes?
Adults make mistakes all the time.
But everyone deserves a second chance.
Gogol, let's do something.
- How about we start fresh tomorrow?
- Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
Excuse me.
Please don't be angry.
Try and understand, please.
We're very thankful for the way
you're teaching Gogol.
Yes, you're his favourite teacher.
Gogol is my favourite student...
Absolute favourite.
- I'll walk you out.
- Okay.
- We'll meet again.
- Of course.
- Hello, sir!
- Take a seat.
Ask forensics to process
the fingerprints quickly.
Okay, sir.
Sir, if he makes one mistake...
then the case will be thrown open to us.
And we'll have to wait
for that moment.
And by the way...
the phone he'd called from...
Have you traced it?
It was a fake SIM card, sir.
We can't let him kill one more person.
But there's one thing
I can't figure out...
He killed five people first.
He waited quietly for two years.
Then, two more murders.
Shaon Basu and Rohit Biswas.
Are you sure there's no connection
between these seven people?
Indra, check the evidence thoroughly.
Maybe, the clue is right in front of us
and we can't see it.
Sir, forensic lab called
after checking the mud sample.
There's human DNA in the mud.
What is he trying to say?
What does he want?
Why is he calling you now
after two years?
I'm sure there's some reason
behind it, Karmakar.
I don't want to play his game
but he is forcing me to face him in battle.
The game is afoot.
And it will not end until one of us wins.
I think he was missing you.
No, Indra.
He's testing me.
So that, I take longer to solve his puzzles
and he can continue his killing spree.
Sir, the number on the calculator,
What does it mean?
Password or an account number?
And why the mud?
Mud means soil.
Soil is earth. Earth!
The third element!
Mud, soil, dirt, dust...
"For dust you are...
and to dust you will return."
Karmakar, the next location
is a cemetary.
This is your last chance, madam.
Do you want to perish like pests
after blowing away your inheritance?
Or do you want to live with respect?
Do you know how insects die?
Crushed under people's shoes.
Sir, are you okay?
I'm fine.
176 plus 721 plus 790
equals 1687.
Job Charnock finds Kolkata.
No, no...
After the High Court ruling in 2003
Job Charnock rules out.
1767 to 1790...
White cloth with three blue stripes...
You mean blue and white, sir?
Anything political?
This stands for
Missionaries of Charity's colours.
White stands for
honesty and divinity.
And the three blue stripes
are for poverty, obedience and chastity.
Missionaries of Charity.
Mother's House.
Mother Teresa...
We know that there's a cemetary involved...
Is it the one where
Mother Teresa was buried?
She was buried in Mother's House.
On the ground floor...
Not in any cemetary.
Mother Teresa Sarani is...
The former name of Mother Teresa Sarani
was Park Street.
Before that it was called
Burial Ground Road.
South Park Street Cemetary
was built in...
in 1767 and...
it was closed in 1790.
And that's on Mother Teresa Sarani.
South Park Street Cemetary.
That's where our next victim is.
(indistinct chatter)
Come on, Dhanonjoy.
Pick up, pick up. Pick up the phone!
- Oh my God!
- Come on. Come on!
Up! Up!
Dhanonjoy! Dhanonjoy!
- Is she alright?
- Yes.
- Prasun, call an ambulance.
- Okay, sir.
Thank you so much.
Thank... Thank you...
You did it this time, Dhanonjoy.
You did it!
Sir, dictaphone.
Play it.
Hello, friend.
The person you've found here
is Menoka Churiwal.
She had kicked God out of her life.
She had thrown away
the precious gift of life.
She'd have wasted away her father's money
if she were alive.
She would have harmed others.
Her addiction would have turned her
into a living corpse.
She would have disregarded
other people just like her father.
That's why I buried her alive.
Once she's returned to earth,
she will realize...
how she has disrespected
the world and her life. She deserves it.
No, he's lying. After my father died,
I got depressed.
And I got into drugs
with some of my friends.
To keep myself distracted.
Okay, relax.
What's your father's name?
And tell us about the accident
that killed him.
My papa's name is Prakash Churiwal.
It wasn't an accident.
Somebody kidnapped him
and burnt him alive.
I know, I know.
I was investigating your father's case.
Listen, you've seen the killer.
You need to tell us
so that we can make a sketch.
- You need to help us, right?
- Yeah.
Sir, the ambulance is here.
- Please take her.
- Please come with us.
Fire, water, earth.
Three elements are done.
All that is left is sky and air.
Sir, can I say something?
Isn't it becoming too complicated?
Let me explain it to you.
First victim, Shaon Basu.
He was burnt alive.
His office was burnt down too.
Which he had done himself
to claim insurance money.
And the second victim, Rohit Biswas
was an insurance agent.
Sir, was Rohit Biswas
Shaon Basu's insurance agent?
You'll have to find that out.
Third victim.
Menoka Churiwal.
Rich, drug addict, brat.
And her father was also burnt alive.
Churiwal was a silent partner
in Shaon Basu's company.
That means he must have received
an equal insurance payout.
All the murders are related
to the five elements.
Look at the way each murder took place.
Shaon Basu and Churiwal
both killed by fire.
And since Churiwal's daughter
was spending the insurance money...
she was buried alive.
Then why was Rohit Biswas drowned?
You need water to put out fire.
And after a fire accident
there is insurance claim.
That means money.
Rohit Biswas must have realised
while drowning...
money can run life
but it can't save it.
I'm sure he must have made a lot of money
from that scam.
You mean to say...
all these murders are related
to the office fire incident?
So, the people who were killed two years ago...
Were they also related to Shaon Basu's office?
Replace the question mark
with a full stop, Indra.
I'm sure they are all connected
to the office fire.
Two elements are still left.
Air and sky.
Those two people are still alive, Karmakar.
What is it?
What are you thinking?
Anything wrong?
Sir, my intuition tells me
that the murderer is right here.
And he's watching us.
- Dhanonjoy! Come! Follow!
- Sir!
Why did you get up?
The doctor has asked you to rest.
My wife and child have left me.
What's the point in resting?
What is this, Dhanonjoy?
How can you risk your life
chasing a criminal like that?
When there's no life left
where is the risk?
Anyway, do you have
any new information on the murderer?
- Indra, update him.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, all your intuitions were right.
Rohit Biswas...
He was the one taking care
of Shaon Basu's case.
He was involved in the scam.
And the two policemen
who died two years back...
Yeah I know...
Prantik and Sandip Bhattacharya.
They were killed because
they took bribes to cover up the case.
Yes, sir. Then we're done.
All the conspirators are dead.
In fact, both the silent partners too.
Slow down.
Let me think.
Play the clip again.
- Sir, the audio clip?
- Just play it.
Let's see if your Superman dad
can save you.
Pause it...
Sir, did you find a clue?
He was speaking
very clearly on the phone.
I mean fluent Bengali.
Your deductions...
give me goosebumps.
Doesn't it sound different here?
Play it again.
Let's see if your Superman dad...
Just stop it.
Sir, I think he recorded
someone else's voice.
That means there's someone else
with him.
- Indra...
- Sir?
Do you know how these cartoon voices
are made?
Yes, sir.
First they record the voice normally.
Then they manipulate the speed...
Sir, did Mr. Five Elements
record the sound like this?
Unmix the voice and play the real voice.
Yes, sir.
Ready, sir.
Play it.
Let's see if your Superman dad
can save you.
This sounds like a kid's voice.
Let's see if your Superman dad
can save you.
You would save me like Superman.
Gogol sent it for you.
He made it in his drawing class.
That's Gogol's voice, sir!
He's using my son.
Sir... Gogol...
Let's go, Gogol.
I'll drop you home.
Get in.
Wear the seatbelt.
What? Gogol isn't home yet?
Anyone at school knows anything?
Gogol is missing!
- I know...
- What do you mean?
- Indra...
- Yes?
I need the list of all the people
who died in Shaon Basu's office fire.
- Right now!
- Yes, sir.
I'm such a fool.
I took seven years to realise
that it is a case of revenge, sir.
He is a family member
of one of the victims.
But I can't figure out who it is.
Someone who is connected
to Gogol's school.
It's all your fault!
There's no peace even
when we're away from you.
Gogol is in danger
because of you.
There's no point in blaming me, Malini.
I'll not let him take Gogol
away from me.
I'll not let him win.
Seven murders can be pardoned
but not the eighth.
Please bring Gogol back, Dhanonjoy.
Please trust me
for the last time in your life, Malini.
I will bring Gogol back.
Otherwise, no Gogol will ever trust
their dad again.
Sir, the list of casualities is ready.
The people who died in the accident
were a security guard...
the peon and a woman
named Sneha Bhattacharya.
She is survived by her husband.
His name is Arko Bhattacharya.
Arko? Arko Bhattacharya?
Gogol's class teacher's name is
Arko Bhattacharya.
What does that have to do with Gogol?
That's why children are like magic.
They paint the grey canvas of life...
with their joyful rainbows...
with their favourite colours.
Where's the sketch?
Suresh... Sketch.
Finally, we meet.
He has... He has...
kidnapped Gogol...
You are his favourite teacher.
Gogol is my favourite student.
He has not only kidnapped Gogol...
He has committed seven murders.
Sir, he has cancer too.
Show him the report.
Lung cancer...
I don't have too much time left.
Excuse me.
That's why the rush.
We've got both motive and clue.
- Prasun.
- Sir!
- Get the force ready. We'll leave now.
- Yes, sir.
Let's move.
I'll go alone, sir.
He has taken Gogol hostage
because he wants me to face him.
Now you say it.
Just like I taught you.
Let's see if your Superman dad
can save you.
Your turn.
Let's see if your Superman dad
can save you.
Very good.
What does it mean, sir?
A very warm welcome, my friend!
Where is Gogol?
Speak softly.
I just put Gogol to sleep
after a lot of effort.
What if he wakes up now?
Let's finish our story first.
Bengalis can't do without tea.
I'm sure you'll have some.
You don't have to tell me any story,
Arko Bhattacharya.
Your story is very clear to me.
It took you seven years
to understand my story.
Sugar? Oh, you don't take sugar...
Go ahead.
Tell me the story that's clear to you.
I'm all ears.
I'll correct you if you're wrong.
Your wife, Sneha.
She died in the office fire
of "Panchamahabhoot (Five Elements) Pvt. Ltd."
The owner of the office, Shaon Basu.
He set the office on fire
to get insurance money.
Since then, you've been killing
one person after another...
Don't turn my story
into a cheap novella, please.
Maybe, you should get back
to catching cat burglars...
I'm out of your league.
Your life is not in any league now...
It's in my hands.
Just remember one thing, friend.
Life is relative.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
But the soul never dies.
It dissipates.
Just like Sneha's soul.
It dissipated.
And one more soul with her.
In it's most nascent stage.
What do you mean?
You're going crazy
because you haven't seen Gogol for a day.
You've come to me to solve the mystery.
Tell me.
How would you feel...
if you lost Gogol forever
right in front of your eyes?
Just stop it!
Stop it right there!
You can plot your revenge against
Rohit, Shaon, Churiwal but...
not against Gogol.
But Gogol is a part of it.
If Gogol wasn't there then...
the five elements...
the five senses...
the five components, the five years...
None of it would add up.
Maybe, instead of Gogol,
the name would be something else.
That day, alongwith Sneha, our...
Sneha was pregnant?
Bloody hell!
I thought police always arrives late
in movies.
Why are your ideas coming to you late?
You were so busy drinking...
that you didn't even check
the medical reports of the casualities.
I can show you sympathy, Arko.
But I can't forgive you.
You've killed one after another person
in the name of revenge.
And that's a crime.
When God and Satan play a game of chess
they do so honestly.
If God loses he calls it betrayal.
And Satan says it's the rule.
I thought you would understand me,
know me.
But now I see...
Stop your nonsense
and tell me where Gogol is.
Where is Gogol?
Why do you keep thinking...
that you'll win at the game
that I created?
You can win...
when I accept my own defeat.
Think about it.
Who should be alive?
You, me or Gogol?
Come on, Move! fast!
Come on!
Hold your fire until you get the order.
This way, my friend.
- Gogol...Gogol...
- Quiet...
Keep your voice down.
Can't you see he is sleeping?
I am ready to lose.
Please let him go.
He has not done any harm.
- Please it's not his fault.
- What was his Sneha's fault?
- What?
- Yeah.
What was my child's fault?
And what's my fault?
I've never smoked in my life.
Then why do I have lung cancer?
Why this injustice?
Please, please, I'm begging you.
Let him go.
I had also begged like this.
Knocked on every door...
looking for justice
for the murder of my wife and child.
No one gave me justice.
That's why you'll kill a child
for revenge?
This is my protest.
What is revenge for you,
is protest for me.
You've completely lost your mind.
You've gone mad!
We're all crazy.
I'm chasing the five elements
like a mad man.
And you're chasing me
like a mad man.
- Arko, no. Arko, please...
- No, wait...
- Gogol loves me.
- Don't...
He will take me further.
Don't move.
Just see what happens.
Just wait and watch
where he takes me.
- Arko, please...
- Just watch...
Please don't do this.
- Arko... Gogol!
- Hey, don't move.
How long are we supposed to
wait outside like this?
We have no clue about
what's happening inside.
I think we should move in now.
No, sir.
There's something I've learnt
from Dhanonjoy.
That is intuition.
Deduction, sir.
And my intuition tells me...
It's not a failed cop who walked in...
but a father trying to save his son.
He'll definitely come back with his son.
Sir, we should wait for the signal.
Please, sir.
Please wake up...
I can't breathe...
Daddy, save me...
- Gogol...
- Why are you afraid, Gogol?
You told me you're dad is Superman.
He'll save you for sure.
Even God doesn't consider himself
The day He does...
there won't be a difference between
God and Satan.
That's why I like you so much,
my friend.
You're right at the edge
but you refuse to give up.
Only time will tell who is right
and who is wrong.
Do you get it?
The wind is changing direction.
Gogol...tell your dad...
what I've taught you in class.
What's the definition of wind?
Tell us.
Wind is air we breathe.
God's energy...
Wind is our life.
Good boy.
So, now do you get it, friend?
We're all tied together
with the same string.
You have heart problems.
I have lung cancer.
poor Gogol has asthma.
Two sides of the same coin.
Black and white.
Order and chaos.
Yin and yang.
Please, let me through.
- Please...let me go...
- Madam, please stop.
- Gogol! Gogol!
- Please let her go...
- Gogol! Gogol!
- Please don't go ahead...
- Calm down.
- Relax.
Please let me in...Please.
- Don't worry. Relax.
- Gogol!
Arko, please help him.
He can't breathe.
Just let him out of the room.
He'll survive please.
Arko, please, let him out.
Now can you understand
what is important in life?
Air... that you can feel...
And your son is as important to you
as the air you breathe.
And he can't breathe...
He's in a lot of pain.
"I give myself to the winds of spring"
I've given up my entire life
just for this moment.
Just to stand in front of you.
Don't ruin this moment.
Please let Gogol go.
Please Arko.
Please give me the inhaler, Daddy.
I can't breathe.
Gogol, keep breathing.
Try to breathe.
Take deep breaths.
Gogol, keep breathing.
Arko... Arko...
Please send him out of this room.
Arko, he will live...
No one lives forever.
Everyone has to die.
They only leave a mark behind.
"I give myself to the winds of spring"
Go, go, go!
The war is over, Arko.
Only the tiebreaker was missing.
I'm a teacher, my friend.
My real lesson is doing
the right thing at the right time.
The ones who waste time playing
when they should be studying.
Can't forget "The Book of Alphabets".
I can't leave before my work is done.
There's just one thing left for you to do...
Going to prison.
Five... The five elements...
Earth, water...
fire, air and...
Arko! Arko, wait!
- Gogol!
- Mom!
Thank you, God!
- Are you okay?
- Yes...
And... Sky... Space!
You want to kill me under the open sky?
There's nothing left in life, my friend.
Look, so many people are waiting to see you.
To see you... To hear you...
Your turn is up, Arko Bhattacharya.
Now it's the police's turn.
It's a tough game to play with the police.
Will you be able to handle it?
You've killed a lot of people
for your principles.
You will be punished, "friend".
"At the end of the battle of Kurukshetra,
two drops of tears fell from Arjuna's eyes.
For his own brother, Karan."
Karan won that day even though he died.
When Arjuna cried for him.
And today, even though I got caught...
I'll defeat you.
I won't let you win, Arko.
- This is cheating.
- What about how life cheated me?
I have the opportunity today.
Let me go.
Today I'll defeat life
and be one with the sky.
You can't change the rules
of the game like this.
Without space nothing adds up.
The circle completes.
Perfect rhyme, my friend.
We'll meet again.
On the path to salvation.
Goodbye, friend.
Coming home after losing a friend
Dusty fields, hold me down
No tiremarks felt behind at the curb
No neighbour with a wall
Who? What? When? Why?
The disobedient candle flickers
Why is there a crack in my window?
I have no hidden agendas, neighbour
I know you can hear my song
You are lending me your ear
And you are lonely just like me
But I'm not as good as you think
Don't think too much
Don't stay up too late