Bosco (2024) Movie Script

(grand orchestral fanfare

(helicopter blades whirring)
(birds screeching)
(indistinct party chatter,
(engine starting, idling)
(chattering continues)
(chattering continues)
(hip-hop music playing)
(talking indistinctly)
(party chatter continues
in distance)
(mid-tempo music playing)
(footsteps approaching)
Bosco, what are you doing, man?
When are you gonna grow up
and stop playing
with all this baby shit?
It ain't baby shit.
This is 1,000 pieces.
It ain't easy.
You mean 999?
(Tootie exhales)
(exhales softly)
You think you're smart...
but you don't know shit.
Why are you not outside
playing with the others?
I just like puzzles
and animals more.
You know, we out here
with some real animals.
You don't know shit.
'Cause you're just
a little mama's boy,
playing puzzles and video games
all goddamn day.
I'm a real motherfucker now.
That's me, motherfucker.
You understand?
A real lion out here
in these streets,
running shit, getting money.
See, I deal with little
goofy-ass niggas like zebras
that's changing they stripes.
They one way in your face,
and then when you turn
your back, they snitching
and running to the pigs,
and putting your business
out there.
Jealousy, envy.
Real goofy-ass niggas.
You better grow the fuck up,
you understand?
Fuck the game.
Sit your ass down!
Don't you fuck with me.
Look at you,
crying like a little bitch, huh?
- (siren wailing)
- (dogs barking)
(people clamoring nearby)
(banging on door)
Give me your backpack.
Give me your backpack.
(banging continues)
Listen, I need you to go
out this back door.
Go to your mama's house.
You didn't see shit,
you didn't hear shit,
you understand?
Go out the back door.
Go now. Hurry up!
- (helicopter blades whirring)
- (hip-hop music playing)
This that 1994 flow
Butter tins in my wardrobe,
a butter rim
Black bandana
and nine in my torso
The young Snoop Dogg
on the mic
At the Source Award Show
The house that Dr. Dre built
I stole from shows
before they foreclose
I guess only the Lord knows
you copy my style
from not criminals
I shank you and trap
Been a while since
I gave you niggas
Balls like this
Pulled up
with the doors open
Show your cars like this
Last time I did it
Me and 50 was
in the same group
Me and Eminem
was in the same booth
Me and Dre
was on Cedar Block
Taking pictures
by the same crew
Now, all y'all niggas do
is tell stories
About shit that ain't true
Fucking hoes behind me
Eat that pussy,
till your face blue
Cat got your tongue, now,
your teeth ain't strong
And since
we talking stronger
Had our up and down
like Nasdaq
You know it's true
BBL scores between
the ass crack
I'm in this rag Chevy,
my red rag heavy
My palms never sweaty,
I hold the DRACO steady
Been ghosting Machiavelli
and my 16s deadly
Compton across the belly,
I prove we All-Star ready
We shooting indirectly
I'm aiming at your neckpiece
I run you for your jewels
And wedding pictures
to the ex piece
Still got them fragments
in my chest
Them bullets ain't affect me
Compton across the belly
I prove we All-Star ready
Got Compton tatted on me,
black, and I keep it on me
Black rag up in this Chevy
(fading): Don't try me,
this feels too heavy...
From that moment,
I did anything I could
to keep the lights on
and food in my mama's fridge.
Then I grew up.
- I was still running.
- (panting)
I just ran faster.
(helicopter blades whirring)
They'd catch me, throw me in
and eventually have
to let me out
just to catch
my stupid ass again.
Got sick of the gang,
so I started letting myself out.
Could almost
taste freedom, twice.
The penal system hates looking
like they can't do their job.
That's why I'm here.
- (indistinct radio transmission)
- BOSCO: Supermax.
Two men sell the same plan.
One ends up
with a million-dollar smile.
The other...
...gets 35.
35 years...
...for some fucking weed.
(water sloshing)
- (gate clangs shut)
- Where you from? Hey!
We got some fresh fish, fellas!
(chuckles mockingly)
What'd you do? What'd you do?
THE BULL: Man, quiet
your little ass down, Rooster.
Man, fuck you, man.
It's a free country, man.
(indistinct radio transmissions)
Get the fuck in there, 759.
Open the fucking door!
Open the door!
(breathes heavily)
Don't smile at me,
you fucking pussy.
Open the fucking door!
Yeah, you scared of me,
ain't you? Huh?
You don't know me!
None of you motherfuckers
know me!
None of you motherfuckers
in here!
So, you just gonna watch me
like some kind of
fucking Peeping Tom, huh?
Like I'm a fucking animal.
I know your bitch ass
hears me up there!
Like I'm a fucking animal?
I'll be a fucking animal!
(continues howling)
(growling scream)
(mutes sound)
(indistinct radio transmission)
(indistinct radio transmission)
(no audio over monitor)
(chains rattling)
(keypad beeping)
(line ringing)
AUTOMATED VOICE (over phone):
You have a collect call from...
Laurie, please don't hang up.
- Laurie...
- (line clicks)
(brief exhale)
(chains rattling)
Why is your skinny ass so mad?
The walls are thin
as hell in here.
Why the fuck ain't you mad?
'Cause I don't give a fuck.
I don't either.
Yeah, if you didn't,
you wouldn't be mad.
How'd your ass end up here?
I transferred from Folsom,
landed upstairs,
then I robbed
a commissary guard,
and they sent my ass down here.
What'd you say?
Yeah, I had no money
on the books,
so I grabbed a sprinkler blade
and reached through the slot
and grabbed the new duck
by his tie.
Came down on you, huh?
No, fuck, no, man.
It brought me back to calm.
He didn't want to tell anybody
he got buffed
by an inmate, right?
Why the fuck you get
caught up then?
Motherfucking snitch!
- ROOSTER: Goddamn, man.
- THE BULL: Got me 90,
but I've been here
for like, fuck,
I've been here,
like, a year maybe.
Maybe... maybe two.
Then some other shit,
then they...
they caught me messing
with the phone.
Hunt gave me ten in the desert,
and that's some hard time.
(buzzer sounds)
(gate rumbling)
Boss man! Boss man! Yo!
Can't you take some time off
for good behavior?
For I ain't been in shit
for ten months, bro.
Straight. Come on, man.
A'ight, a'ight, a'ight.
Look, look, look.
Just forget I said anything.
Step back, 759.
Step the fuck back, 759.
(chains rattling)
(lock clicks, clanking)
(indistinct radio transmission)
Why is he still in cuffs?
Sorry about that, Adams.
Why don't you kneel down?
We'll take them off.
Now, how do you think
we're gonna remove them cuffs
if, uh, if he doesn't
kneel down?
Place is a shithole.
You want something
to clean it up with?
Sorry, I-I didn't catch that.
Is that... Is that a no?
I do.
That's "I do, sir," 759.
Now, you can stand up now,
Adams. Stand up.
You fucked up my camera.
You know, this is just as much
for your protection
as it is for mine, son.
You know why?
'Cause it holds
everybody accountable.
Right, Ramos?
That's right.
Welcome to my jail, son.
I got one objective here
and that is to keep
everybody safe.
And contained.
See... (inhales), you let me
control the situation,
and we're all gonna
get along just fine.
And everybody's
gonna survive it.
That's all I want.
But I got some news for you.
And I want you to have this,
I really do,
but with your history...
...and my camera...
...I don't want you to get
any fun escape ideas
like you did a few years ago.
'Cause you're not in County
This is max.
And you're in here
'cause they say you got to pay.
I'm in here to make sure you do.
So, let's go easy
on each other, huh?
'Cause if it weren't me,
it'd be some other
son of a bitch in my place.
And if it weren't you in here,
well, look around.
Man, they built this place
just for you.
Fuck you.
You look a little
more intelligent
than just a simple "fuck you."
I hope you're smart enough to
know that if you try anything,
anything, there's only one way
this ends.
A bullet.
Right... there.
congratulations, Adams.
You are a father.
Yeah, check it out.
(indistinct radio transmission)
Did you know the chances are
that a kid without a dad
is gonna end up standing
right where you are?
That's a fact.
You think about that
long and hard.
You're gonna spend the rest
of your life in here.
You ain't never gonna
see that...
- (clicking)
- (yelling)

(door slams shut)
I'll kill you, motherfucker.
Kill you, motherfucker.
You gonna get up today?
You know, you don't have
to be like him, right?
But, Mama...
I want you to have choices
he never had.
I've made my choices, baby.
You can only protect yourself... your choices.
You're too smart not to be.
Come here.
I love you.
(Willa sobs)
I love you, too.
It's gonna be okay.
(door opens)
Man, you look like shit, man.
Boss didn't even hit you
that hard.
What, two weeks
and you're coming out
looking like Nelson Mandela?
Boy, your ass look stanky.
(chains rattling)
(door slams shut)
BOSCO: Of course, he took
the one thing I wanted most.
I never thought
about being a father,
but for two weeks
in the hole, that's...
that's all I did.
I couldn't wait
to see that picture again.
But I dreaded reading
that letter from her.
(intercom clicks, man sighs)
(indistinct radio transmission)
HUNT (over intercom):
Welcome back.

For a runner like me,
breakfast is always cold oatmeal
seasoned with spit
and pepper spray.
What's in, OG?
I know you got
the hot-hots for me.
Says here you got
two chicken ramen
so that's what you're getting.
Uh-uh. Nah, fool. Nah, man.
You got to give me those
hots, man. Give me those hots.
BOSCO: Lunch? Probably
a cream bologna sandwich
and an apple that's been
kicked around for extra flavor.
Ain't got no money on the books.
Better luck next time.
And dinner?
Dinner's the same as lunch.
People tell us when to eat,
shower and shit.
Choosing what we want to buy is
our only taste of independence.
ROOSTER: What about the chicken?
That's mine!
Hey, what the fuck, man?
- Give me my shit!
- BOSCO: That's what I call
a snitching plot
over commissary.
That's why they kill
over commissary.
BOSCO: To avoid dying
on the toilet from dysentery.
I ain't shit in six days.
Oh, shit.
HUNT (over intercom):
Show yourself, inmate.
If I don't see you,
we're coming down there.
Um, I'm here.
Stomach's fucked up.
I need a visual confirmation.
(indistinct radio transmission)
Location confirmed.
Cell check suspended.
Hey, yo, uh, Hunt.
I'm gonna need
some more TP down here.
That a'ight?
If that would make you
feel better.
Time to play the game.
Y-yes, sir. It would.

Time to play the game.
(indistinct radio transmission)
(knocking echoes)
(overlapping chattering
in distance)
When all the cons eat,
I can think.
(indistinct chatter, laughter)
(chattering quiets)
Yo, you hear that?
It's fuckin' summer already.
It's about to be boiling
up in this bitch.
You ever hear that before?
Heard all types of shit.
So what?
(chuckles softly)
(crickets chirping)
BOSCO: Hearing such a sound
in this cage
was like seeing a rose sprout
from concrete, man.
To The Bull,
they were just sounds...
(chirping continues)
...but to me,
they were sounds
of sweet fucking freedom.
(birds screeching quietly)
If freedom's a state of mind,
I guess my dream
should be enough.
(dial tone, beeping)
HUNT: Man, they built this
place just for you.
OFFICER (distorted):
Inmate Quawntay Adams.
Where's your father?
But dreams ain't freedom.
There's only one way this ends.
BOSCO (echoing): You're gonna
do this shit to me?!
You're exactly like him.
I ain't content with dreaming.

There's information everywhere.
(keys jingling)
Judging from the click-clack
of Hunt's hard bottoms,
there's about 15 feet from
the cell block exit to here.
Coming in the first day
I saw about, what,
60 cinder blocks leading
up to an air vent.
At eight inches each,
that's about 40 feet up.
Can't exactly just hop out.
- (buzzer sounds)
- I can use the buzzer
with the three-second...
Um, make that a five-second
wait period
- as my early-warning system.
- (gate rumbles open)
Counts come every 30.
Only been about what, 20?
So they probably coming
to shake someone down.
(tapping on glass)
Oh, fuck. Check it.
Entering your cell, 759.
BOSCO: Even with my
special treatment,
all eyes are on me.
Even though Hunt's trying
to get a gold star
from the warden
for keeping me in here...
You like to read, huh?
BOSCO: ...humans are still
the greatest weakness
in any security system.
What is this?
Prisons aren't inescapable.
They're just meant
to feel that way.
- (clicking)
- (officer cries out)
(breathing heavily)
That ain't gonna work.
I need a better plan.
(short, sharp breaths)
(breathing rhythmically)
(quietly): ...three, four,
five, six, seven...
(grunting and panting)
Yo, Bull.
I need a favor.
How long have you known me, man?
This is a... it's an easy one.
I need you to mail something
for me.
You know my policy.
You can read it.
Ain't nothing that's gonna
get you caught up.
Man, I don't give a fuck
about getting caught up.
I just don't do favors
for anyone.
What if I got you
some commissary?
You ain't got shit on the books.
- I will.
- Well,
if you pay me,
it ain't a favor, right?
How about a hundred bucks?
What about some...
some hot-hot, some coffee?
- What you think of that?
- So now you're playing.
You got a tattoo gun yet?
We have a winner.
You get me a gun and some ink,
I got you, whatever you need.
Good, 'cause I need
another favor.
Let me get another one
of those girls' numbers.
You have a collect call from...
THE BULL: Now what girl's gonna
pay a dollar a minute
to talk to you?
You're in a box, bro.
He's right.
I need a direct line.

Truth is,
it's hard to get shit in here.
But desperation finds a way.
Commissary charges
five to ten times
what you could get it for
on the outside,
and credit with The Bull
is twice that.
But if you want something
that you can't buy
from the prison pimps--
drugs, weapons, info--
shit, tools like the ones
I need,
you gotta go fishing...
make it yourself.
Every item I get, my bill
goes up with The Bull, so...
gotta make it worth it.
I always was good at puzzles.
(keypad beeping)
(buzzer sounds)
(keys jingling)
(line ringing)
You have a collect call.
(keypad beeping)
(line ringing)
You have a collect call from...
(buzzer sounds)
New fish, fellas!
We got some fresh fish, fellas!
Ha ha!
Yes, sir.
Prison's a revolving door.
(Rooster chatters indistinctly)
BOSCO: Just my luck,
a first-timer fiend
on a comedown
who can see my every move.
After the drugs wear off,
combined with the lack of info
about his case,
and just before he accepts the
hopelessness of his future,
he'll do anything to get out...
Let's welcome him home.
- BOSCO: ...snitching included.
- ROOSTER: Ha ha!
Hunt knows that.
(keypad beeping)
(line ringing)
(line clicks)
Yo, who this?
Twink, you ugly-ass
motherfucker nigga, it's me.
Nigga, they let
your old streaky ass out.
They ain't never letting me out,
nigga, you know that.
Shit, I'm out.
You ain't out.
What you mean, nigga?
It's another sunny day
in Compton.
Yeah, no sunny days
for the melanin.
Hey, man, you depressing me
with this fucking
Black power shit.
The sun is out, the hoes is out.
This shit is paradise.
- What more could you want?
- I need your help, actually.
I ain't got no money, Bosco.
How long your little ass
been fucking hustling,
you still ain't got shit
to your name?
Nigga, for somebody
who need my help,
you sounding like, like a hoe
right now.
(siren wailing over phone line)
You got that last letter
I sent you, right?
I know the game, bro.
Nigga, I ain't sending
no fucking blade in a book, man.
Shut up, nigga! Shit.
Can you fuckin' chill out?!
Quiet as kept in here.
Now, you know the fucking drill.
You fucking listen to me.
I got something for you
if you do.
I'm listening.
You remember my pop's
old stash spot, right?
There's still some product left.
You can take whatever you want
in there, that's fine with me,
but-but the cash...
The cash, partner, I need you
to give all of it to Laurie.
All of it.
Every cent.
Every fucking cent.
You got that?
(hip-hop music playing)
Six feet, 50 feet...
BOSCO: Next piece of the puzzle
was something
to cut through
that ceiling with.
Now, I can't trust anybody
inside to get it.
Shit, a... a metal blade
would be faster,
but a ceramic blade will
get through the detectors.

But... even if Twink
hides it perfectly,
Hunt's got such a hard-on for me
that anything with my name
on it,
he's gonna obsess over it.
Hmm.- We got guns
with drums on it
You gonna need some medical
Chill the fuck out,
respect the locals
That's what you better do,
all these bad bitches here
You niggas show spirit
Came for a good time..
Yo, you play chess?
The fuck I look like?
Seeing if you want to learn.
No. I want some new ink.
Now, come on, man,
I told you already
I got you, man.
Working on it.
Let me get another one
of those numbers.
If you answer a question.
All right, maybe.
I mean, I would never
ask this if it didn't come up.
Nigga, say what you got
to say to me, man.
Well, the rumor around here
is that you killed Tupac.
- What the fuck did I do?
- That's why you in here.
They say you killed Tupac.
I ain't kill no fucking Tupac.
What are you talking about, man?
(laughs) -THE BULL: All right,
that's cool.
- I got you.
- No, no.
I'm-I'm being straight-up
with you, man.
My-my pops is a Crip
and all that,
yeah, but...
I-I ain't kill no fucking Tupac.
Man, I-I fuck with Tupac.
Well, I didn't rob
that bank, either, so...
Nigga, you robbed a bank?
(chuckles softly)
Fuck, man.
It's fucking hotter than
a two-dollar pistol
in this bitch, man.
I can't do this shit, man.
I can't be fucking talking all
this dumb shit all day, man.
Dude, you know you fucking
with my Zen, right?
It's fucking hot.
Just chill out, man. Shit. Fuck.
Yo, hold up. Check this out.
(clears throat)
Call this number.
attractive career woman
looking for excitement and
an honest man to take care of."
It's 555-8634.
Where's that shit you owe me?
I want some new ink.
(insects chirping)
TAMMY (over phone):
Hey, beautiful.
Got your number from your ad.
Oh, um, hey, there.
My name's, uh, Quawntay.
My friends call me Bosco.
Like the syrup?
Are you, um...
Is that a problem for you?
I-I was just... No.
Sorry. I'm-I'm Tammy.
Like Tammy Wynette?
You know, "Stand by Your Man"?
That's that
country-singing bitch.
You have a roomie?
That's my... neighbor.
(crickets chirping)
35 years just for some grass?
Yeah. Yeah, third strike.
You know, there's tons
of people in here for...
worse shit for less time,
you know?
It's just how it goes, though.
They can't do that.
(laughs softly)
They can, and they are.

I hope it wasn't rude to ask.
No, come on, it's...
It actually helps.
So, um, thank you.
I can't believe how unfair
they're treating you
just because... you know.
It's a gosh darn shame,
if you ask me.
(dog barking over phone)
You got a dog?
It's my neighbor's dog.
I want one,
but my roomie won't let me.
She's probably just hungry.
Aren't we all?
TAMMY: Well, what
do they feed you in there?
BOSCO: Let's just say, uh,
I'd rather be eating
that-that dog food right now.
Oh, geez.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, yeah.
It's all good.
Once I get some-some money
on my books,
I'll have enough
to get some commissary,
I'll be straight, you know?
I'll be good.
I-I can give you some money.
No, no. You, uh...
So soon? No, that's--
Y-You can't do that-that for me.
No, I-I would like to help you.
(buzzer sounds)
(gate rumbling open)
BOSCO: Hey, let-let me
call you right back.
Okay. I'll be here.
Oh, shit.
I didn't take you for a reader.
ROOSTER: What the fuck
is socio, you know...
There ain't even no pictures
in here!
What are you building
that house for?
It's for when I get out.
You ain't getting out.
No, man, I-I could get parole
or something like that.
No, you right.
You right. I ain't getting out.
I'm gonna run this
through the metal detector
- one more time.
- Hey!
Excuse me,
I-I need my medication, please.
It's for your own good, son.
BOSCO: The more desperate,
the more dangerous.
Please, please. Please.
The walls are closing in on him,
and he's losing his shit
without his meds.
- CARLOS: Please!
- BOSCO: I need that fucking saw
before I lose mine.
And I hope Twink's high ass
didn't put the saw
in the wrong book.
They coming if he did.

(distant shouting)
BOSCO: Cell extractions
are like a game.
Some don't want
to go to medical.
Some don't want to go to court.
Shit, some ill motherfuckers
don't want to go home.
This concrete coffin
becomes you.
And you're more at home here
than back out to a world
that's left you behind.
With the people that left you
behind in a society...
that gave up on you.

(no audio)
But that ain't me yet.
I got a life outside
that I got to get to now.
- Please, Dad, I'm not...
- But there's only
so much time down here
a man can take.
Dad, I-I need you to get me out.
I-I'm not gonna survive
this place. Please.
No, please do not
leave me here. Dad...
all your hope rides on one call.
If you don't get the response
you want... can break you.
(keypad beeping)
(line ringing)
- (line clicks)
- Laurie, please don't hang up.
I should have listened to you.
Look, listen to me,
listen to me.
(over phone):
Don't hang up.
I know I fucked up. I fucked up.
All right?
I-I shouldn't have gone.
Look, I just want to be there
for my fucking kid.
But it wasn't my fault,
Laurie, it...
(line clicks)
(birds chirping)
Yeah, it can break you.
You know what, babe?
You're right. You're right.
You're right, I'm-a, I'm-a...
I'm-a, I'm-a tell him
I'm not going.
Yeah, I'm-a, I'm-a tell him
I'm not going. It's simple.
You're right, baby.
You're right. I...
I-I'm-a tell him I'm not going.
I'm-a tell him,
I'm-a tell him...
I'm-a tell him I'm not going.
I'm-a tell him I'm not going.
Do you promise?

Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, don't lose your shit.
Don't lose your shit.
Don't... don't lose your shit.
Don't lose your shit!
Don't lose your shit!
Holy shit, man.

(sobs, sniffles)
(chuckles, sniffles)
(clears throat)
I'm good.
I'm good.
Don't lose your shit.
(birds chirping)
You got a visitor.
- What you mean? Who?
- Some lady.
- Laurie?
- I'm not your fucking secretary.
Hey, how does she look?
She's not your type.
BOSCO: Shit, my type
is any woman with a hand
to grip a steering wheel and
a foot to mash the gas pedal.
Nah, for real, man,
how does she look, though?
Like Officer Smith
without a moustache.
ROOSTER: That got to be
a big girl right there.
I'm refusing the fucking visit.
No, no, let's go.
Uh, let-let me just get,
like, like,
a couple seconds of privacy,
I'll be right out.
RAMOS: I'm on my way out...
hurry up.
Yo, you spic bastard.
When do I get
my fucking comm back, bitch?
RAMOS: When you know
your fucking role.
(indistinct chatter)
It sure is.
I told you not to come.
I was worried about you.
Are you mad?
No, no.
Just a little surprised,
you know?
A good surprised, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, good surprise.
Glad you did.
You're more handsome
than I imagined.
Thank you. Shit.
Thank you. Thank you.
You are, too. Gorgeous.
Just like I imagined.
Why don't you stand up and...
show me a little something, yeah?
You like what you see?
You look good.
You don't have to get all
dressed up and shit for me.
Oh, I'm on my way
to a party, but, um...
I would dress any way
you want me to.
You go to a lot of parties?
I have a lot of friends.
I'm kind of a socialite,
you know?
Fancy parties,
but it's gonna be boring.
What you mean,
how-how can a party be boring?
Same people
doing the same things,
getting schnookered
on the same champagne.
I hate it.
Come on. Don't say that.
Don't say that.
It's true.
I wish you could come with me.
It wouldn't be boring then.
I'd love that more than anything
in the world right now.
Wish I could just...
jump through the window,
be with you.
Know what I mean?
If you jump, I'll catch you.
Money on the books.
Thank you, Tammy.
Now, I'll get The Bull
off my back, pay my debts
and have enough left to get
what I need to get out.
Shit, it's looking all right
for me.
It's looking all right for me.
(indistinct radio transmission)
HUNT: I see you got some money
on the books there.
What? You don't like my food?
I don't know. You're...
You're a regular Julia Childs.
HUNT (over intercom):
Eh, I'm disappointed.
I spent a lot of effort
on that menu.
I think you should be grateful.
Are you not grateful, Mr. Adams?
I think you should thank me.
Don't you want to thank me?
Well, if you don't feel
grateful, what do you feel?
You said...'re angry.
Or you're just...
I don't feel shit anymore.
And there goes my commissary.
The only pro of being deprived
of all human contact
is the private showers.
Once a week, my little
three-minute cold shower
and some sun
are usually my only solace.
But I can't get what Tammy said
out of my mind.
Like, if I can trust her,
if she meant it, that's...
that's a big piece to my puzzle.
Can't let anything
shake my focus.
Enjoying those snacks, Quawntay?
You should really
deliver them bags.
Wait, what?
What should I do in my own jail?
How much time you got?
See, he's quick.
But you don't think, man.
You know, that might actually be
your main malfunction.
Kind of typical,
people like you.
I bet you're a mama's boy,
aren't you?
Most criminals are mama's boys.
Is that right?
You see...
a criminal will rape and kill
and fuck shit up
just for the fuck of it, right?
But they still love their mamas
because they lie to them.
They tell them
they're worth something
when we all know
they ain't worth shit.
That makes sense.
You must be a mama's boy, right?
You see, they get dependent
on those lies.
But then the world shows them
who they really are
and they get angry.
Real angry.
And you know what?
That makes them, ironically,
just like what they hate.
Their fathers.
I bet you're just like
your father, aren't you?
Why you think that?
Because he was
a fucking criminal.
And he died in prison.
What did you say?
What did I say?
What-what did I say?
What, you...?
All that time on the telephone
and nobody told you?
I'm sorry, son.
Yes, I regret
to inform you, your...
Your father's dead.
Hey, don't shoot
the messenger, pal.
I'm just here to deliver
the bad news,
and it don't bring me
any pleasure to do that.
I promise you.
But, hey.
You should be happy.
Just think about how much better
your kid's gonna be
without you around.
(sighs loudly)
It's all his fucking fault, right?
Yeah. And he's finally
fucking gone.
Why don't you pretend I'm him
and take a shot?
Yeah. That's it.
Take a shot. Take it.
Come on. Take it.
Take it!
(breath trembling)
That's why you're here.
Nobody else is around.
Let it out, man.
- Come on.
- No. No. No way.
You can do what you need to do.
Come on. You want to take it.
Do what you need to do.
Go on.
(Bosco laughs)
That's all you got? Huh?
(Bosco panting)
(spoon clinking)
You thought I was gonna keep
my windows unlocked?
I could've killed you creeping
around my house like that.
And where's your father at?
You was supposed to be
with him this weekend.
- He sent me home.
- (scoffs)
Motherfucker couldn't even spend
the weekend with his own son.
Something else happened?
Nothing else happened, Mom.
I'm about to kick
your butt out, too.
- Mom.
- You know what?
Mm-mm. No.
Mm-mm. Come on, get up.
Get up. Get up.
I'm not gonna be
dragged into this again.
Mom, you're not.
Can't I just go to my room?
Only truth in our house.
Fine. I'll leave.
Well, you know
where the door is.
Lying is little kid shit, Bosco.
No, it ain't.
Dad said I was a man.
What do you know
about being a man?
Believe me, I have tried,
I have really tried.
And now I have another liar
in my damn house.
You may have forgotten
what he done to us,
but I can't.
I did what I had to do,
but that's my past.
And I thought it was yours, too.
It is.
Stay or leave.
Stay, and I want the truth
when you wake up.
(buzzer sounds)
(gate rumbling)
(chains rattling)
Hold up.
Toss his cell.
Toss the fucking cell.
(Ramos sighs)
Turn around.
Stay out here.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, Bosco.
I'll trade you this book
for some Top Ramen.
Take one step back.
You think reading's
gonna save your ass?
Give me that book.
(door slot opening)
Socio Economics.
You think, uh...
your salvation lies in some kind
of leftist lie bullshit?
No, I do not, sir.
I'm straight, G.
All clear.
You think you won?
No, sir.
Just want to keep my head down
and do my time.
Well... (sighs)
have at it, inmate.
Sorry to hear about your father.
If you, uh,
think of anything I can do,
you... you let me know.
(buzzer sounds)
(gate rumbling)
34. 33.
32. 31.
27. 26.
18. 17.
Eight. Seven.
Five. Four. Three.
(sharp exhale)
(indistinct radio transmission)
BOSCO: Why couldn't you curb
that loudmouth fuckup gene
you got from that bastard?
You could've just told him no.
You could've stayed
like Laurie wanted. No.
You should be happy,
but now you're back in here
giving a shit about someone who
didn't give a fuck about you.
Fucking pathetic.
This how you doing shit now?
Surprised you showed up.
They say you got soft.
Heard you got old, nigga.
At least one of us is right.
Not too old to fuck you up.
Man, take me home.
Man, I don't need this shit.
If you don't need it,
why are you here?
I'm only here
'cause you kept asking me
to do this fucking favor.
I don't need no favors, bro.
1,400 pounds.
We could both use some of that.
There they go.
BOSCO: Man, you said this shit
was about to be a give-and-go.
They're like two hours late.
(hip-hop music playing
over speakers)
They're here now
so it don't matter.
Man, these niggas look like
some fake-ass Nelly knockoffs.
On my cue,
you take this bag and you
switch it out for the van keys.
Just hold it down.
BOSCO: They supposed to come in
from the other way.
- Sup, man.
- Sup, man.
(speaking indistinctly)
(indistinct shouting nearby)
- (Carlos whimpering)
- (Hunt grunting)
Take him to psych!
(Carlos cries out)
Take him to psych!
(Carlos screams) -Please,
please, take him to psych, man.
(Carlos screaming)
Get him his brake fluid.
The kid needs his...
Fuck. Fuck.
Junkies don't need more junk.
This ain't fucking rehab, pal.
Please, please,
take him to psych, man.
You got a problem with that,
or should I tie you
to the fucking bed, too?
I-I'm gonna kill myself.
I'm gonna kill myself.
Shut up!
Go ahead.
Who the fuck would miss you?
BOSCO: Now, I don't have many
advantages from my position.
But the one thing I do have
is time.

- (beeping)
- Go, go
Go, go, go, go
(line ringing)
- (buzzer sounds)
- Go, go, go, go
I guess they want me
on that rappin' shit
But beware, I spit that shit
that never got no cap in it
Yes, she got a body, but that
coochie got a trap in it
Give a fuck,
I'm-a still boot up
And run a lap in it
And I'm feeling freaky, so I
might just hit it passionate
Like Bobby,
hit your Ricky Bobby
Do it sloppy,
put the fast cash
Then I throw the copy, Nike
Black mask when I feel
like doin'
- (buzzer sounds)
- Something cocky
In that Rari room
and the only time
My big ass feelin' jockey,
I'm respected
In the 310, 323 and 424
My partner from the Racks,
so he'd say "Phone him"
I'd say, "Brody, bro"
In school the shorties
laughed at me
I used to play
with Roly posin'
Now I got her back,
she wanna suck me out
My holy ghost, whoo
Hallelujah, she just
knocked... - Hallelujah
I miss you, babe.
I miss you, too.
I knew the nerds,
I knew the school shooters
Put it this way, they ain't
never need a ruler
Got me feelin' gas but I'm
out here feelin' Tesla savage
I'm a wink and clap twice
if you test the savage
I can't check
this Louis luggage...
Do you love me?
Sacrifice my heart and soul
I got to flex
the cabbage, nigga
(Hunt speaks indistinctly
over intercom)
Go, go, go, go, go, go
They know my mama.
(thumping echoing)
(metal clattering)
(clattering, grunting)
(laughs softly)
(loud thumping echoes)
What the fuck?
Where's the--
Where's the lights?
Where's the sounds?
Man, I got ten minutes before
I have to get off the can
- and show my face for count.
- (buzzer sounds)
Fuck. Fuck.
They're coming for someone.
Oh, shit.
(keys jingling)
Hey, Hunt. What the fuck's
going on, man?
(lock rattling)
What the fuck?!
Fucking God. Fuck!
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Fuck.
Don't fucking tell me
that kid is dead, Hunt.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
BOSCO: Are you fucking
kidding me, Hunt?
Yo, what's going on over there?
I fucking told you!
I told you he needed
fucking help!
- Shut up!
- No, fuck you!
You piece of fucking shit!
Shut the fuck up!
- You fucking did this!
- Shut the fuck up.
You fucking hear me?
You did this!
It's your fucking fault!
This is your fucking fault!
Hey! Look at me! Shit!
You fucking did this!
You fucking know it!
Man, there's blood everywhere!
What the fuck? (mutters) Shit!
Don't go fucking
hiding evidence!
Are you fucking kidding me?
Get him out of here.
- RAMOS: What happened?
- Just get him out.
What happened?
- HUNT: Fuck does it look like?
- BOSCO: Fucking asshole.
- You fucking asshole!
- Get him out.
Own up to your fucking shit!
- Back up, 759!
- Fuck you!
- Get the fuck back!
- Fuck you!
Fillet that fresh fish
down here.
BOSCO: How the fuck do you
fucking live with yourself?
How can you fucking
live with yourself?
30 days in the desert.
Fuck! Fuck!
Come here,
you fucking bitch. Fuck!
- Get on your knees.
- Man, fuck you.
- Get on your knees, Adams!
- This is your fucking fault!
Fuck you! Fuck... (yells)
Get off!
Get the fuck off me, bitch!
Get off! Get off!
(door clangs shut)
(groans softly)
(crickets chirping)
(indistinct radio transmission)
You got any plans for Christmas?
You should join us.
He was a junkie.
Happens every day.
Especially in here.
He got what he deserved.
I'm not gonna say a word
to anyone.
You should just take
whatever the warden gives you
and get on with your life.
You ain't an inmate in here.
Is that so?
(Ramos sighs)
Uh, I'm gonna go do count.
Yeah, knock yourself out.
(Bosco breathing deeply)

Got what you need.
Come on.
(ignition clicking)
(sirens wailing)
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
(vehicles approaching)
(over speaker):
DEA. Don't move.
Hands on the steering wheel.
Comply! Drop the weapon!
Get the fuck on the ground!
(helicopter blades whirring)
Let him go!
I don't give a fuck who you are!
Let him go! Uncuff him!
You're gonna do this shit to me?
(groaning, sighs)
- (insect buzzing)
- (grunts)
TAMMY: No, no.
You don't seem to understand.
I demand to see him.
I haven't heard from him
in three weeks.
He would have at least called.
I'm gonna need you
to calm down, ma'am.
I've seen it a million times.
You're probably not
the only one on the hook.
(TV playing indistinctly)
(TV continues playing)
(TV continues indistinctly)
(ringtone playing)
- What are you doing?
- TAMMY: I'm sorry.
I-I could have sworn
it was on silent.
(TV continues indistinctly)
- It's me.
- (Tammy exhales over phone)
Come on.
(music plays softly)
TAMMY (over phone):
You disappear for a month,
and that's all you have to say?
I went there.
They told me you had
another girl visiting.
Come on, that's bullshit.
I thought you were different.
Okay, I-I...
They-they put me in the SHU.
I had no way to tell you.
That's all it is.
What happened?
Look, I...
I don't even want
to talk about it.
Fuck, man.
(sighs) Come on. Fuck.
(music plays softly)
Come on, come on, come on.
(over phone): Tammy, please,
please do not hang up on me.
Just listen.
Look, I am so sorry.
You're all I thought about,
every single day.
I can only imagine how hard
it's been for you,
but you got to think about
how hard it was for me.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
I wanted to be there for you
physically, but I couldn't.
I-I can't.
I mean, even though I want that
more than anything
in the world, I...
can't change that.
You were the first person
I called.
There's no other girls,
you promise?
Okay? There's-there's
no other girls, promise.
I can't do this anymore.
I love the way
you make me feel, but...
Just listen, okay?
Just listen to me.
I want to be there for you.
I-I want to be that for you.
I can.
You-you just got to trust me.
You hear me?
You got to trust me.
Listen to me, soon,
I'll be holding you in my arms.
I mean,
that's what we've been...
we've been dreaming about
all these months, right?
Will you catch me?
I'm running the streets
as we adapt to crime
Trap my body
if they trap my mind
I'm in my prime, 23,
lockdown 23
It get deep when you sleep,
even the blind man can see
I was dreaming I was free
by the water out in Cabo
I got to dig a tunnel
like El Chapo
Yeah, they're trying
to break me down
- Trying to stop the wave
- Wave
But they can't box me down
till I'm laying in the grave
You know, I never
squealed like John Gotti
No comprendes
And I'd rather kill myself
like Aaron Hernandez
I'm thinking about
a master plan
I got to make it back
to the fam
- Montana
- Montana
I'm thinking about
a master plan
I got to make it back
to the fam
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah
I'm thinking about
a master plan
I got to make it back
to the fam
I'm thinking about
a master plan
I got to make it back
to the fam
- Yeah
- Oh, yeah
I'm thinking about
a master plan
I got to make it back
to the fam
DDG, the way I'm hopping
out of Suburbans
I forgot I'm from the hood,
prices on my head
They trying to get me gone
for good
But I'm still in this city,
still lit
Whipping foreign whips
jacket overseas
Paris, France,
this that foreign drip
Make a whole M, split an M
with the whole gang
Bad little vibe,
pop the casa
Ate the whole thing...
BOSCO: I've been searching
for days, man.
Inch by inch.
It's an endless maze
of pitch-black hope.
Hope that dwindles
with every second I'm up here.
When you don't got it,
freedom's addictive.
I don't sleep.
I'm either up there searching
or down here planning
my new life out there,
- with them.
- (buzzer sounds)
(birds chirping)
My patience is wearing thin.
Weeks, no progress.
Still so far.
Still so fucking far.
(men shouting in distance)
(distant alarm sounds)
(alarm sounding)
(distant shouting)
- (shouting, clamoring)
- (alarm sounding)

You have a parole appearance.
Strip and prepare
for extraction, inmate.
Come on,
let's make it easy this time.
Nah, I ain't going nowhere.
All right, hard it is.
Bring it on, motherfuckers.
- (door slot opens)
- (metal clatters)

(hip-hop song playing
(screams, grunts)
Homie tapping on his faith,
watching the rain
All this time I made you
change the shape
Heavy on your brain,
try to cope, but go insane
The rain, think about the past
when you
Down on your ass, your mask
You went broke,
you had to ask
Out the trash, have it
Like, who cares?
You might get a few stares,
I'm changing the...
(song fades)

- (crickets chirping)
- (heartbeat stops)
A fucking revolving door.
I know having Bull
next to me was pure luck.
Not being moved, more luck.
My luck never fucking lasts.
I'm-I'm so fucking close.
It's like the same nightmare
over and over.
They're gonna find
that fucking hole.
They're gonna
find that fucking hole,
and I'm gonna rot in here,
forgotten by everyone.
Trying to come home
to my-my 35-year-old kid
who ain't gonna want
nothing to do with me.
What kind of fucking life
is that?
- (heavy thud)
- Fuck!

(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
A panoramic paradise.
I've been in a tiny,
gray box eight months.
The colors sting my retinas.
The sunlight burns my eyes.
What a beautiful burn.
People don't appreciate
the freedom
that floats on every breeze,
that's contained
in every bird's chirp,
the flap of their wings.
I'm so close to not only freedom
but also to being a real father.
It all rides on my next moves.
But if I fuck up,
they throwing away the key.
(hands clapping)
(rubbing hands together)
(buzzer sounds)
(gate rumbling)
Five, four,
three, two...
(keys jingling)
Why you up so late?
Oh, you know.
Just, uh...
...waiting to go home.
You arrogant bastard.
(rubbing hands together)
- (clapping)
- (chuckles quietly)
BOSCO (voice-over):
All right, so at 1:45 a.m.,
right, turn the lights off,
but keep the car running.
You there?
Look, I-I could get someone else
to pick me up if you want.
You trust me?
(indistinct radio transmission)
(indistinct radio transmission

(crickets chirping)
(playing low):
The way you move
Makes me feel like
I need you
So tell me, tell me, tell me
What can I do?
(crickets chirping)
To get over you
'Cause I know that I need to
I know that I need it

(keys jingling)
Oh, my gosh.

Hey, Adams.
Hunt's not coming back.
You might as well take this.
Adams, Adams, Adams.
(no audio)

If you don't take it,
it's going in the trash.
(tapping on glass)
Hey, 759.
Don't make me come in there.
(door handle rattling)
Oh, fuck. (pants)
Fuck. Fuck.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey!
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.

- (siren wailing)
- (engine racing)
OFFICER (over radio):
All units, all units.
10-34 in progress.
Repeat, 10-34 in progress.
Inmate Quawntay Adams.
OFFICER (over radio):
Suspect is a Black male.
Roughly, six feet tall,
170 pounds.
He's believed to be accompanied
by a white, Caucasian female.
Fight for every fucking day
you can, son.
OFFICER (over radio): He's
presumed armed and dangerous.
(sighs, burps)
OFFICER 2 (over radio):
2-60, okay.
124 here.
Uh, we calculated
we might need another vehicle.
Oh, my God.
OFFICER 2 (over radio):
Can you send them over, patrol?
OFFICER (over radio):
Uh, copy that.
We have a neighbor calling.
OFFICER 3 (over radio):
We're at, uh, Chicago Avenue.
We need a rescue team. Over.
OFFICER (over radio):
Copy that. We have to change...
- Shut up, will you?
- (radio static crackling)
(turns off radio)
Yeah. I'm-I'm...
I'm in the middle of a suburb,
couple hours outside of Alton.
You know, some spot called, uh,
the Lion's Hammond Motel.
What do you want me to do?
It's all over the news.
I need a ride.
Pick you up in Missouri?
And then what?
You just gonna run
for the rest of your life?
Gonna make them run for
the rest of their lives, too?
- A'ight.
- WILLA: Bosco?

Come on.
WILLA: Protect yourself
by your choices.
WILLA: You know, you don't
have to be like him, right?
I'm not gonna let nothing happen
to you, all right?
It's okay.
You trust me?
I trust you.
We gonna have to split up.
I don't want to leave you.
Can't we just stay here,
and nobody will find us?
A Black man and a missing
white lady in a hotel room?
They're gonna find us.
And when they do...
Then I'll tell them the truth.
I'll tell them they're wrong.
These people, they don't,
they don't see...
they don't see me like you do.
Then what should I tell them?
You still got that letter
that I said I was getting out?
At my house.
I want you to tell the cops
that you did pick me up
because you knew
I was getting released.
that you dropped me off
at, uh...
See if there's a phone book
in there.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, tell them you were
supposed to drop me at the, uh,
McCarlow says on Lynn Street
in St. Louis.
Make some U-turns, drive down
some desert areas
so you can see
if you're being followed.
Just please don't let me down.
I don't want to let you down,
but I don't know
if I could do this.
You're an intelligent,
beautiful young woman.
You got this. Yeah?
Will I see you again?
One day,
you're gonna find somebody
that sees you the way I see you.
Genuine soul.
Take care of yourself,
all right?
I will.
(car engine starting)
(car driving away)

Chasing freedom.
You stupid bitch.
BOSCO: That ever so elusive
fucking freedom.
No more!
Quawntay's not dangerous.
Please don't hurt him.
My ancestors have come and gone
with dreams of freedom,
only to never attain it.
(labored breathing)
Many never even knowing
what it really means to be free.
Freedom from oppression,
Freedom from poverty.
Freedom from the prison walls
and the invisible ones.
So, even if the jury acquits me,
the judge releases me,
or if I successfully escape,
I still won't be truly free.
If he makes a move to resist,
eliminate the threat.
I will be wandering through life
with shackles on my mind,
being provoked
and controlled by man,
propaganda and shallow desires.
(no audio)
BOSCO: And just like
the blind fool I used to be,
just like the ancient slaves
singing, "We shall overcome,"
I would still be chasing freedom
by standing still
and thinking backwards.

And if I was who
they wanted me to be
and ran...
I'd be dead.
BOSCO: So, after wasting
my first 14 years
destructively confined
to the ghetto,
23 of the following 25
confined behind bars,
chained and paralyzed,
I've accepted the fact
that I'm too intelligent,
courageous, charismatic
and influential
to be living my life
chasing cars up the street
like any old dog.
Hey, baby.
Say hi to your father.
Hi, Daddy.
BOSCO: I am removing
the restraints from my mind.
I found my meaning
and purpose in life,
so massa can have his rusty,
bloodstained shackles back.
I'm taking over now.
I might be caged,
but I ain't running anymore.
I'm finally free.
I'm on an island right now
I could feel it in the air
Oh, oh
I know this shit gonna go
I could feel it
in my soul, hey
It's like my angels
let me know
Ah, ah, oh, oh
They know that
I'm feeling numb, hey
They put me back
on that road

Everybody need that
pick up sometimes
I feel like
I'm givin' up sometimes
Hey, hey, I wish a milli
for the trap niggas
Gon' put that rich a milli
on that fat nigga
Pimp out for a minute now,
I'm back up
And I think attack their bag
I'll show you where
I'm at, nigga
Chopped liver, cold-hearted
nigga, she tried...
I cannot forgive her,
that sound got bigger
Bag got bigger
Now I won't give a damn
if she ain't got a sliver, uh
And same for all the guys
that doubted that
This gonna hurt
your small circle
Fuck it,
I think outside of that
And it's not to curse you
if you make it
Just know I'm proud of that
It's just that one way love
I can feel it in the air
Oh, oh
I know when shit going wrong
I could feel it
in my soul, hey
It's like my angels
let me know
Ah, ah, oh, oh
They know that
I'm getting on, hey
They put me back
on that road
Everybody need that
pick up sometimes
I feel like
I'm giving up sometimes
One time for the dope boys
Two times
'cause we made it out
Third time for the
scamming niggas, yeah
It's four,
a life if they still doubt
Fifth time for the felons
The ones who held it down
(fading): Do whatever
they tell them...
I see no one I knew
See my brothers and sisters
Are becoming very few
'Cause they're being caged
Day after day
By the ones in blue
My country, 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
But not for all
(siren wailing)
Land where my brothers die
Mothers and children cry
A loved one gone
They say, "All lives matter"
When we say
"Black lives matter"
But we know all lives matter
It's society that says
the latter
When folks are startled
in the street
By seeing folks
who look like me
We got to change
that mentality
That, if you're different,
you must be a threat to me
I just want to be protected
From those whose minds
are infected
With racism, prejudice
and hatred
Whose authority
needs correction
My country, 'tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
But not for all
Land where my brothers die
Mothers and children cry
A loved one gone
Huh, hey, huh
Land of the free,
home of the slaves
Free for who?
My lil' bro in a cage
Free for who?
And ain't nobody paid
Free for who? They don't even
get freedom in school
I seen a demon in blue
Hard to believe
what I see on the news
Body camera
one keeping the proof
Is that not the same thing
as a noose
When the bystander
get it on camera
Is that not the same thing
as the truth
He protected
if he wearing a badge
He could do whatever
he want to do
Still get to go home
to his family
He's telling me he just
need an excuse
He ain't even have a reason
to shoot
He's telling me he just
need an excuse
We got excuses
We ain't have no guidance
Ain't nobody leave
no blueprint
They target us and profit when
we locked in in institutions
They maximize the time
we go to trial
They don't reduce it...

We rose from the streets
With no shoes on our feet
No money, no heat
Four in the bed
when we sleep
I'm a cat, I like to roam
I'm a dog searching
for a bone
I fell from grace
People all in my face
My mom, my titi
Don't want me being happy
I'm working, I'm still poor
But he's gonna
work some more, bro
Just look how far
we've come - Oh, yeah
- To another rising sun
- Oh, yeah
It's looking like
the have-nots
Finally got us some
- I was out there in the cold
- Oh, yeah
Scratching around
for crumbs - I was
I wish that I could say
I was
But I ain't the only one, no
So stay cool under pressure
It's your life
you need to measure
Get some joker,
get some joint
Trying to test
your boiling points
And the popo's out of line
Trying to give your boy
some time
She looking good,
she looking thick
Throw her down
and give her some...

Just look how far
we've come - Oh, yeah
- To another rising sun
- Oh, yeah
It's looking like
the have-nots
Finally got us some
- I was out there in the cold
- Oh, yeah
Scratching around
for crumbs - I was
I wish that I could say
I was
But I ain't the only one, no
No, I ain't the only one
Finally got us some, yeah
Just look how far
we've come - Oh, yeah
- To another rising sun
- Oh, yeah
It's looking like
the have-nots
- Finally got us some
- Finally got some
- I was out there in the cold
- Oh, yeah
Scratching around
for crumbs - I was
I wish that I could say
I was
But I ain't the only one, no
No, I ain't
the only one, no
Hey, hey
Yeah, yeah.