Boss (2013) Movie Script

Situated in the heart of lndia...
clustered by Haryana and...
surrounded by
the Saraswati river...
is this historical place.
The Kaurava's and the Pandava's...
fought an epic battle
at this very place.
Centuries have passed
ideologies have changed...
but the battle is
still being fought here.
These days theres
one warrior in Kurukshetra...
who fights to protect
the honour of truth.
We also know him as Big Boss.
Although he's called
the transport king...
of this area
but the Big Boss' real job...
is to abduct
stumble and deliver bad guys.
Big Boss conjures blessings...
as well as enemies.
Today he's off to Mirzapur
in regard of anew contract.
But Big Boss doesn't know that...
life has already put a death
contract on him.
Move the car.
Why did you park it here?
Did you have to
take the station road?
What to do Big Boss?
The highway's closed.
This is the only alternate
route to Mirzapur.
Big Boss can I go pee?
Or else I'll wet my pants.
Go on.
Hurry up
or youll pee in your pants.
Big Boss. For you.
It's really hot. Give one to
my men as well. - Yes.
- Listen.
- Yes.
See that boy sitting there.
Yes Big Boss.
- Give one to him too.
- Yes.
I dont have money.
I didnt ask for it.
I'm as old as your father.
Take it as my blessings.
Here. Take it son.
Hey boy.
Won't you thank the Big Boss?
Offering water to the thirsty
is a good deed.
And you've earned a merit
because of me.
So should I be thanking him
or will he thank me?
I must admit. He's no ordinary boy.
Because he talks
about common sense.
I forgot Lallan.
Even a bag of rice has pebbles.
And you Dushyant.
Why dont you setup a cracker-shop?
Maybe you'll do good business?
You made a big mistake...
taking up enmity with Dushyant.
No guns. I'll hack you
to pieces with this axe...
And all of North India...
wont be able to put you back.
Hey boy let's go.
Stop. Stop.
Why did you save me?
You're like my father.
But such obsession.
You forced me to sit in the car.
Otherwise I wouldve
shown you more.
Here's an advice.
Listen carefully and follow it.
Live larger than life.
Laugh more than you can cry.
Forgo your anger.
And finish your
enemies with a smile.
Get it?
There's a rage in my heart too.
They killed 10 of my men.
I'll kill 20.
look at the boiling
point of my mind.
It's still zero!
- Name.
- I want to forget mine.
Who I am where from everything.
Still I would like to know.
You can have a little
faith in the Big Boss.
What do you say Boss?
And this way
Big Boss made that boy...
heir to his world and his heart.
And gave that nameless boy name...
that fitted his stature.
Boy saves Haryana's
transport kings life.
You're still reading 15 year old
news about your son.
You know very well Raghunath.
Surya didn't save
any transport king...
he saved a gangster.
And only he can
do such a lowly job.
Time heals all wounds.
Physical wounds may heal with time.
But hes inflicted
a wound on my heart.
He's your son just like Shiv.
Blood ties dont make up relations
You've to abide by it too.
And Shiv has done that.
He has.
He's so cultured.
He's always first
to lend a helping hand.
He never does
anything wrong behind my back.
And even today...
he never forgets to give
respect to his elders.
He always leaves a mark behind.
Thats true.
Yes. Shiv. Where were you?
Listen. You're going
to Delhi tomorrow.
To your uncle.
Pack your bags.
Yes father.
Come nephew. Sit.
So are you prepared?
What's happened?
Some seniors were ragging
the new students. So...
Look son. You should
be careful in such situations.
Otherwise you will stumble.
Who stumbled?
No... no one.
I was just saying he
should be careful in life...
otherwise one stumbles.
Yes. That's a good advice. Right.
And son.
You know whom we're
sending you to in Delhi.
Your uncle sub-inspector Zoravar.
He'll take good care of you.
And I've heard
he's no ordinary man.
The whole of Delhi's afraid of him.
I've heard that people fear him...
more than 'Chulbul Pandey'
and 'Singham'.
Zoravar's so feared...
that he always catches
the goons he's after.
Police. Help.
Don't beat me. Don't beat me.
Beat him.
I never imagined...
I'd come to Delhi
and see you in this condition.
- How did this happen?
- Nephew.
They were 20 and I was alone.
But I beat them black and blue.
My name's inspector Zoravar Singh.
I can make arose stink.
Give a swine swine-flu.
And give lice to a bald head.
You can't even lie properly.
- Shiv the truth is...
- Kamini!
He's no brave officer. Kamini!
- He's a coward cop.
- Kamini.
- What?
- Kamini.
Kamini. Calm down.
He's been beaten
up by the local thugs.
You're not worthy
of being my husband.
I say youre not worthy
of this uniform either.
What did she hurl at me witch.
It's like this.
I'm actually a sub-inspector.
I couldnt become an inspector.
You see.
I had been appointed
for the security...
of that crazy ACP
Ayushman Thakur's sister.
Now how do I go
with this broken hand?
You don't get it. See.
What are you doing? Take look.
This uniform transforms
a common man into a hero. - I see.
This uniform can turn
an out-of-form guy...
- into a macho-man.
- Idea.
Only you can save me
from suspension now.
- What?
- You take my place.
Go posing as inspector Zoravar.
- Zoravar can...
- Hold on uncle.
This is impossible I cannot do it.
Why do you think the ACP chose me?
Because he knows
it's just a formality.
And I assure you...
she will believe you're Zoravar.
Because she has never seen me.
It's headfirst to Delhi.
It's just fo rthree days.
Here's her photograph.
Whats the problem?
- Ankita!
- Yes she's...
You know her?
Yes I know her very well.
We met last year during
the Jaipur lnter-college festival.
Her voice.
Her eyes.
That mind-blowing attitude.
Different. Unique.
This is one view thats been
shown over a thousand times.
But each time the
effect is amazing.
- Hi Ankita.
- Shiv.
You joined the police force?
And now l'm here to join you
for your security.
But when did you become Zoravar?
I'll tell you. Let's go.
Okay. I get it.
- Hey Ankita.
- Hey how are you?
- Shiv Dimple.
- Hi Dimple.
You two go on I'll park my bike.
Ankita. Hello.
Vishal I've already fixed
my program with my friend.
Even our weddings
been fixed Ankita.
My dad and you rbrother fixed it.
And pop... Oh!
And you know who... my pop is.
Home Minister Pradhan.
And do you know
why you're given police protection.
Because I said so. Me.
Because this property is sold.
And any trespasser
will be executed.
You get that baby. Yes.
Excuse me Vishal.
But our films just begun.
Oh! Let the film's begun...
then the hero's got to hold
the heroine's hand.
Leave my hand Vishal.
Oh so sweet.
Or else?
Move. Move.
I hit him.
Watch out.
Shiv are you okay?
Ankita this is a big problem.
The real problem will start
when brother finds out.
Come on.
Come on keep walking.
Why bring us here sir?
I tried explaining nicely
but you wouldn't listen.
If you go against
Minister Pradhan and...
roam around like a big oaf
you'll be put down like a dog.
There's just one
way to save yourselves.
Kill me and escape.
Don't try to run from death.
People have a wrong
notion about death.
Its life that makes you suffer.
Garbage cleared.
My record's also cleared.
Mr. Pradhan your job's done.
Sometimes I can't decide...
who the bigger rascal is.
Doesnt make a difference.
We're both serving the country.
If you're eager
on taking a decision...
then decide when
I'm going to be CP.
I'll sign on your
promotion letter...
only when your
sister and my son...
sign on the marriage certificate.
Even I can't decide Mr. Pradhan...
who the bigger rascal is.
What to do Ayushman?
My son's heart is
set on your sister.
And my son's wish is my command.
On that note let's celebrate
at your house today.
- Sir.
- What is it?
The police thrashed Vishal.
They threw him down
from the multiplex.
What happened Mr. Pradhan.
That police officer
whom you appointed...
for Ankita's security
thrashed Vishal.
Threw him down from the first floor
of Galaxy Multiplex.
Whoever he is.
That midget beat-up Vishal.
I'll look into it.
- Get the car.
- Yes sir.
- Jadhav.
- Yadav sir.
Get me Galaxy Multiplex
CCTV footages now.
Yes sir.
It can't... be Zoravar.
It's someone else.
No ones took a stand for me ever.
You gave him a fitting reply
only for me.
Ankita some decisions
are taken instantly.
And those decisions
come from the heart.
"It's just few simple words..."
"Why is there still
a rift between us?"
"I can't say it or control it."
"Why is this helplessness?"
"You dwell in me I dwell in you."
"You're fo rme I'm for you."
"It's not easy to find love here."
"Not everyone... finds
love in life."
"Not everyone... finds
love in life."
"We're fortunate to experience..."
"...this beautiful feeling in life."
"Not everyone... finds
love in life."
"Without love... life
is meaningless."
"Without a lover... devotion
is meaningless."
"Without love... life
is meaningless."
"Without love... life
is meaningless."
"Without a lover... devotion
is meaningless."
"You're my happiness."
"You're my love."
"When we're together
everything's okay?"
"So why pretend to be strangers?"
"You dwell in me I dwell in you."
"You're for me I'm for you."
"It's not easy to find love here."
"Not everyone... finds love..."
"Not everyone... finds love..."
Brother I...
Hey... What the hell is this?
Sir it's entirely my fault.
I gave him my uniform.
He's new in Delhi.
- Jadhav.
- Yadav sir.
Type his suspension letter.
And file charges on Shiv.
1. Damaging public property.
2.Assaulting the
Home Minister's son.
3. Donning a police uniform.
4. Slapping an on-duty constable.
He never slapped me sir.
He did now.
Write it down.
Sir... what are you doing ACP sir?
You're misusing your
power and position.
Who is he?
Look he's Shivs father.
I called them.
Hello uncle.
You should've told me earlier.
Uncle why did
you take the trouble?
You should've called me.
What would you like to have?
Black coffee green tea?
Get some water for uncle.
Take a seat don't stand.
Sit. Sit.
What the...
Filmy emotion.
Hit here but the pains there.
Stop it!
ACP sir what are you doing?
Get lost.
Listen old man.
I'm going to skew your
son everyday in my jail.
I'll make him suffer slowly.
I'll pressure him to death.
Every time he breathes...
I'll file new
charges against him.
I'll make his life
hell but won't kill him.
Because people are
mistaken about death.
When actually life
makes you suffer.
Get lost.
Bloody cripple.
The law rules the people here...
follow only Ayushman Thakur.
But weve to get Shiv
justice under any condition.
We'll need to deal
with Ayushman Thakur...
we'll need someone
as tough as him.
And we know which tough guy I mean.
You're right Raghunath.
No matter how polluted
the water is...
it always douses fire.
Ayushman Thakur.
Only abada can deal
with the likes of you.
I will call him and he'll come.
Life wont trouble you anymore
he will.
That mountains coming...
to lock horns
with you every moment.
That mountains coming
to fight for my son.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
Boss... Boss.
You're here to settle the scores...
Then come face me in the middle.
What are you doing on the right?
You fool. Havent you heard?
The Boss is always right.
Then you can stand
on the right and talk.
Because this chair is occupied.
Im the Boss after all.
I always carry my
rocking chair along.
You call this a chair!
What do I care?
I just want to get the water.
Bajrang I've just one business.
- What business?
- Transport.
Dont interfere!
Bajrang all these
trucks are from my uncle.
Except for one.
Except for one?
Once I saved my sister's honor.
She gifted me this
vehicle as a token.
And what did I do?
I named it' Bahen Ki Lorry'
(Sisters truck).
What did I name it?
'Bahen Ki Lorry'!
Dont interfere!
Because I'll buy all
the stuff at the right price.
Because everyone
knows... I'm not a cheater.
Like everyone knows you are.
What do they know?
Say it.
Say it. I've to conclude my dialogue.
Say it.
- Cheating.
- Dont interfere!
Beat him!
Play the music...
so I can whack their drums.
Okay... Boss!
What happened?
What's wrong?
- He hit the Boss?
- What now?
Start the music.
What are you doing? I'm
not getting in the mood. Come on.
Save me.
Save me.
Save me.
Help. Help.
Save me.
What do I care?
I just want to get the water.
Boss. Thank you.
You're truly our benefactor.
That's not true uncle.
The real benefactor's
the One up there.
Boss. Tauji...
wants to meet you... tomorrow.
Regarding anew contract.
Trilok your name's really apt.
Three diseases locked in your body.
I can't drink a glass
of water in a single breath...
and you hiccup sneeze and cough.
Get your self treated.
I've changed my doctor.
But Boss.
Trilok's contract is for tomorrow.
And tomorrows Saturday.
Saturday means no work.
Only singing and dancing.
"There's clam our all around."
"When the boss roars."
"Once he gets enraged."
"He rips the earth apart."
"Attitude like a minister."
"Everyone takes my favour."
"I've a high approach."
"Im the Boss."
"I'm still rustic."
"All trucks have AC."
"The music's always high."
"I am the Boss."
"The ace of spades Boss."
"He's one in a million Boss."
"It's written everywhere Boss."
"Boss." "Boss."
"The king of six-packs Boss."
"Wears only branded clothes Boss."
"Only attitude makes you Boss."
"I never praise myself."
"I'm only scared of the Lord."
"If anyone tries to be my boss."
"I beat him to a pulp
and show him his place."
"The only king of Haryana."
"I've a huge fan-following."
"But it doesnt make
a difference to me."
"Hes the only benefactor
for all of us."
"I'm a little naughty at heart."
"But I never make a fool of me."
"I like you today."
"Come on baby. Dont be mean."
"Lets take you on a ride."
"Buy you Gucci and Louis..."
"Akshay Kumar's my brother."
"Just say it and I'll get
your picture clicked with him."
"The ace of spades Boss."
"He's one in a million Boss."
"It's written everywhere Boss."
"The king of six-packs Boss."
"Wears only branded clothes Boss."
"Only attitude makes you Boss."
One of our viewers
has sent us this picture...
through MMS.
Look at the ugly facet of the police...
Mr. Pradhan.
You here?
Are you here with the token?
I'm here to show
you your qualities.
Take look.
Take look how
ACP Ayushman Thakur...
is openly assaulting
an injured man...
in a quiet housing-society.
The people demand an
answer from the police.
Because if the
protector turns cruel...
then whom will the people go to?
The police are often accused...
Mr. Pradhan those with name...
Often get defamed.
But l'm a minister.
If get defamed my
party will be finished.
Vishwas fired a shot.
If Shiv's questioned...
then me and my
son will be in trouble.
The election's around the corner.
The media cannot be trusted.
Why dont you understand this?
Lets take care
of Shiv permanently.
Let's burn him and bury his body.
I want to be on the top
touch the sky...
and you're still
busy burying people.
I want to be a hit in politics
not be on someone's hit-list.
- Mr. Pradhan...
- Enough.
You won't move a muscle.
I'll take care of things now.
If anyone asks say that
Shiv's still being investigated.
The dog will definitely die.
But someone else will kill him.
Get it.
Let's burn him and bury his body.
Someone else.
The inspector's here...
To inquire about Bajrang.
Go on. Go to the dispensary.
Otherwise even the rats
at home will fall sick.
Welcome Inspector.
For the first time...
an inspector's surrounded by goons.
- Boss...
- Hey!
You don't show the
finger to the Boss.
Arent you ashamed?
You thrashed Bajrang's
men in Rajanwadi.
When someone's fit for a beating
he's bound to get it.
But wheres Bajrang? He's been
missing since you thrashed him.
No matter where the rat hides...
you're going to blame me for it.
Boss. You're acting too smart
because Bajrang is still missing.
What will you do if you find him?
I will lock you up...
lock you up for assaulting him.
There's your man.
All the pain you
took delivered him.
Now you beat him up along with me.
Now youll be arrested too.
But... proof?
It's all about perspective.
Two strands of hair in
a glass of milk seems gross...
but on a bald head
it seems too less.
From my perspective...
the Boss did justice
to the farmers.
The Boss is always right.
- Say it louder.
- Hail Goddess!
- Boss...
- He sneezed again.
Pale Anna.
Welcome. Welcome Pale Anna.
Sorry for canceling that meeting.
Not at all issue sir.
The contract's
for a schoolteacher.
You've to kill him.
I've brought the money along.
Driver let's go.
Oh God!
He didn't even have tea...
Dont interfere!
He made a big mistake.
He could've brought
a contract for anyone...
but not a schoolteacher.
Go ahead.
This way. This way.
Shiv won. Rajan lost.
Shiv won. Rajan lost.
Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal!
Why play if you're
a sore loser Rajan?
Are you okay Shiv? Yes brother.
See. He's back to save his brother.
A little longer and...
his brother would've
been crippled like his father.
Speak up.
What's your answer?
He abused you father.
Satyakant. Better teach your son...
before teaching Dharam kunj.
Start teaching about
right and wrong at home.
Look how cruelly
he's been beaten up.
Only a thug or goon
can beat someone like this.
You seem to know a lot about goons.
What do you want to say?
Am I a goon?
Your sons action justifies that.
Forth first time...
I hit someone.
That too my son.
You will never hit anyone again.
I... apologise...
On behalf of my son.
Let's go!
This boy has humiliated
Satyakant's honor.
I'll handle him.
He abused father.
I can endure anything in life.
But if anyone abuses my father.
I won't endure that.
The teacher's
reputation was maligned.
What happened today?
Why is he so timid today?
On one hand
the father los this reputation...
and the son his stubbornness.
Look Rajan.
I'm not saying anything
because father's asked me to.
What a family?
The son can't speak
the father can't walk.
Teacher. Surya and
Rajan are fighting again.
Father. Father. It's not brother's fault...
Shut up!
Until you two dont patch up...
you will stay locked
in the same room.
Surya's returning to
Dharampurafter3 years.
Wont you go bring him home
He hasnt achieved
any act of bravery...
that l should welcome him.
He's a murderer.
He's returning after
serving his sentence.
Exactly Satyakant.
He's served his time.
Look Satyakant.
Every saint has a past...
and every sinner has a future.
If you don't support
him at this delicate moment...
then you might lose him forever.
Father. Please forgive brother.
Let's go.
Hail Mahadev!
I've already been
punished for my crimes.
Let's end this enmity.
For that one needs
to kill the enemy.
Go on. Kill him!
Catch him.
No matter what color
you paint on black...
it'll still remain black.
He's already slipped
out of our hands.
And now hes out of Satyakant
Shashtri's life too.
Listen carefully.
Satyakant has just one son.
And thats you.
And you.
Get out of here.
There's no place for
a murderer in Dharam kunj.
From today you're dead
for me and for all of us.
You're dead!
You're dead!
So Boss.
You should've called
me instead uncle.
No no it's always the needy
that come to the provider.
How can someone
like you be sulking?
What's wrong?
Nothing uncle.
People live their lives...
Im teaching my life to live
that's all.
Long ago I gave you an advice.
Forgo rangefinder
your enemy with a smile.
I think you didnt learn.
I did. I learned.
I also learnt that
if you want to move ahead...
pull down your opponents pants.
He'll bend over
and I'll hop over him.
And I'll win.
That's it.
Come on lets talk work.
There's a contract.
Let's sit and talk.
- Yes.
- You won't learn.
Lets talk business.
The job is from Home
Minister Pradhan...
and he's an old customer.
And the contract's ACP Thakur.
This boy recently arrived in Delhi.
And he tried to disgrace
Ayushman's sister.
They need outside help
so I had to come to you.
Uncle. Is your information right.
Why? What's wrong?
The boy looks decent.
I cant believe.
Sometimes innocent looking people...
are the most dangerous ones.
And the Big Boss has
accepted the contract...
and thats it.
End of discussion.
If the contract's been taken
the job will be done.
Fine then I'll leave.
- See you uncle.
- Bless you.
Boss. An elderly person's
waiting for you outside.
I asked him to come
in but he refused.
He's standing outside
in the hot sun.
Ask him what he wants.
No he wants to meet only you.
What's his name?
Name. Satyakant Shashtri.
What happened?
What did you say?
Satyakant Shashtri.
"Your fathers your identity."
"Your fathers your life."
"The only reason you're alive..."
" because of the
life your father gave you."
"Your fathers..."
"Your God."
"All the Gods..."
"...dwell in you."
"All the Gods..."
"...dwell in you."
"All the Gods... dwell in you."
You... here...
To see me.
I'm here to meet the Boss.
I'm here to give a
contract to a gangster.
This is...
This is the picture of my son.
His life's in danger.
You've to save me.
I am so unfortunate and helpless.
I had to see this day.
I had to request
a goon to save my son.
But I didn't come empty-handed.
That's not all.
This is just the advance.
Satyakant Acharya Shashtri...
will sell his home
his land everything.
But hell pay you your price.
Father. Please come in.
I'm a simple
decent and self-respecting man.
Visiting a gangster's house is...
a sin for me.
"Whats the value of a father?"
"I could never know when
I was close."
"Love your father."
"But could never say."
"Your father... means everything..."
you dwell in my heart
my mind my soul.
Every inch of my body
except for one place.
My destiny.
"All the Gods..."
"...dwell in you."
Whats this? Just one bundle.
That's worth millions
for your Boss.
Ayushman Thakur gave
a contract to kill him.
And this uncle wants to save him.
Both are same Boss. Take look.
Boss. Who was he?
He's your Boss' father.
And he left.
Small brother. Small brother.
- He's handsome right.
- Yes.
Just like me.
Boss. That means... That means...
ACP Ayushman Thakur's the one...
that's been duping the Big Boss.
A goon in police uniform.
What now Boss?
Now Delhi's not too far.
Ayushman Thakur. I'm coming...
to turn your birthplace
into your graveyard.
Now Boss will fight because...
The Boss is always right!
No children.
Father is always right!
Catch me. Catch me.
Run. Run. The police are here.
Run. Run.
Ayushman. Ayushman. Ayushman.
The Boss has received advance.
I still say let's
bury Shiv and burn him.
Stop it.
You see... first time
my fathers money...
is being put to good use.
Just let the job get done.
These children don't even
let me drink tea peacefully.
Verma's son. Listen.
Cute isnt he.
Take this.
You see Bittoo.
Shoot him here.
Where will you shoot him?
- Here.
- Good. Go on son.
Okay uncle. Thank you uncle.
Welcome son.
What did you do? Is that empty?
Yes. It's empty.
Just one bullet.
Hey! Stop.
What's his name?
Verma. Stop. Stop.
What are you?
What if he had fired?
If he had fired
Bittoo would be dead...
and Verma's son
would've been hanged.
The same thing...
will imply on Boss and Shiv.
I didn't get it.
Boss will kill Shiv...
and he'll be
foreshadowing crime.
But the Boss workforces.
I don't trust my father.
It's an old rule.
First clear the garbage
then clearly record.
Hi Ankita.
Why did you come out?
From today your outgoing...
Yeah hello.
And your phones
incoming is barred.
Go lock yourself in the room.
There are 200 channels on Tata Sky.
Sit at home and watch television.
I'll call you when it's
time for the engagement...
and nuptial ceremonies.
Don't come out until
I don't call you.
Don't stand here.
Do you want a slap?
Come on.
Yes okay okay okay.
Ayushman. Boss is in Delhi.
See. Like this.
Like this. Do you see?
Wheres the Boss?
He's jogging.
On the jogging truck.
Sick man.
It's called a jogging track.
You punk. It's jogging truck.
What the...
What do I care?
All I want is to get the water.
Your sweat's so strong.
It made the plants grow.
That's what you call power-plant.
So you're Ayushman Thakur.
Arrange the meeting
in the 5-star lobby.
Whats this?
Im the Boss after all.
I always carry my
portable lobby along.
Where do I sit? Here.
Don't sit there you fool.
It'll crack the eggs.
So there are eggs inside?
No. There are nails.
They'll pierce through.
Yes Mr.
Thakur. How can I be of service?
Are you going to kill Shiv in jail?
Why are you being so eager Thakur?
I know all about you.
First you clear the garbage
and then your record.
If kill him in your jail...
wont there be
an investigation on you?
The media's been showing
your footage with that boy...
and boring you to death.
If kill him wont you be blamed?
He's right.
Then what do we do?
It's simple.
We wont kill Shiv in jail.
We'll get him out first and then...
Superb. Let him escape.
What do you say Ayushman?
Let's make him flee from jail.
Stupid fool. Make him flee?
Mr. Thakur wants to become the CP.
Tomorrow if people find out that...
one of his inmates has escaped...
then you can flush
his chances of a promotion...
down the drain.
What's on your mind?
Clear all the charges
against Shiv...
and set him free.
Once his connection's
severed from you...
I'll cut his connection
with life permanently.
Wow! What an idea! Great.
Im the boss after all.
Free advice along with contract.
I'll give Shiv clean
chit and release him.
But dont mess up the contract.
He won't.
How can he?
When he kills Shiv
I'll be with him.
Right Boss.
Get out. Go on.
Let's go.
Who are you?
Dad our players
entered the field. Yes.
Now l understand
why that ACP let me go.
So that the Boss can kill you?
So what are you waiting for?
Come on kill me.
Not even your father...
Don't speak about my father!
Because I can endure anything.
But I can never endure
anyone abusing my father.
'I can endure anything.'
'But if anyone abuses my father.'
'I cannot endure that.'
I'm your brother.
I want to hug you bro.
But... the rascal on the
left keeping an eye on us.
Dad. The Boss has Shiv in his grip.
Yes. Hes too good.
Now play along with me.
But I cant act.
Thats the problem
with you new-comers.
That's why I've come prepared.
Look. Take a good look. Look.
- This is the lion's paw.
- Yes.
If that's a paw... then
I have a strong hand.
And when I pound
someone with this...
he never gets up again.
Strong arm!
Dad Shiv turned out
to be a Sunny Deol fan.
Sunny Deol.
Sunny Deol.
You'll be the one
running for your life...
when you see this muscle.
These arent muscles but fire.
See carefully.
Don't do me any A.R. Rehman?
A.R. Rehman?
A.R. Rehman?
A.R. Rehman?
Where's A.R. Rehman?
Do me a favour
don't do me any favour.
I'll do just one favour on you.
And that's this...
I've lost it now.
Don't anger me.
Now push me down.
Snatch my gun and run.
That wasn't for you to read
do it fool.
Prove what you say
and I'll believe it.
Rascal. Attacking from the back.
Shiv and the Boss are fighting.
The gun's in Shiv's hands.
- Take the gun.
- What?
Take the gun.
Dont run.
Dont run.
Dont take my car.
Don't change gears. It's automatic.
Dont move.
Don't drive too fast.
Don't drive too fast.
Stop. Hey!
He humiliated me and escaped.
He'll run out of petrol someday.
That day I'll gun him down.
Hello son. What happened?
Did the Boss kill Shiv?
No dad.
He grew plants.
Grew plants?
Grew plants?
"Move aside man."
"Cant you see the Boss' coming?"
"Boss. Boss."
"I never spare.
I beatup thrash..."
"...those who lock horns with me."
"I never spare.
I beatup thrash..."
"...those who lock horns with me."
"With the straightened collar."
"And the torn jeans."
"With the world tied
around my finger."
"I move on merrily."
"Swaying left and right."
"The funs full-on."
"Who can stop me?"
"The funs full-on."
"Who can stop me?"
"I never spare.
I beatup thrash..."
"...those who lock horns with me."
"If anyone talks with an attitude."
"I'll string him up on the moon."
"I've a carefree attitude."
"Im the Boss while
the rest... are my slaves."
"All the while they... salute me."
"The world follows... my rules."
"I know l am stubborn."
"But l've a clear heart."
"Thats the song
I strum on my guitar."
"And without a worry on my mind."
"I move on merrily."
"Swaying left and right."
"The funs full-on."
"Who can stop me?"
"The funs full-on."
"Who can stop me?"
"It's not over yet fool."
"Beat the drums."
"Play the guitar."
"Now the flute. Don't
you want to catch your breath?"
"Orchestra. Play."
"I've a simple philosophy."
"Live life filled
with fun and frolic."
"I want the heart
to be always happy."
"I am amazing."
"You can ask all the beauties."
"I made their hearts beat."
"My news is all over
the papers... every day."
"I love on my own terms."
"If you dont believe me
you can ask anyone."
"I move on merrily."
"Swaying left and right."
"The funs full-on."
"Who can stop me?"
"I never spare.
I beatup thrash..."
"...those who lock horns with me."
"I never spare.
I beatup thrash..."
"...those who lock horns with me."
"The Boss has left
stop jumping around."
Don't tell father l'm here.
You got me exempted from
all the charges and set me free.
Maybe father will
be pleased upon hearing this...
and might forget the...
What Shiv?
Are you crazy?
You're getting carried away.
I'm just a goon-on-hire for father.
If he finds out
he'll sell his property...
and give me my final payment.
I know my father.
Welcome. Welcome.
Father's self respecting.
He'll be stubborn.
Go on.
Tell him you got
out of jail on your own.
What about your happiness?
Your feelings?
What about my feelings?
All I want is to get water
what else?
Go on. Go on.
Go on. Go on.
It's normal in the market.
- There he is.
- Father.
Son. How are you?
- How are you?
- Im fine.
You're looking nice.
Yes. Yes.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes.
- All okay.
- Yes father.
Shall we go?
What? Scared of all these men?
No normally theres always a bunch
of beggars outside the temple.
Minister Pradhan's sent us.
We're here to take you
to ACP Pradhan's farm house.
Come quietly or else
we'll beat you up.
No. I am scared.
Im frightened.
Look at this
I'm getting goose-bumps.
Don't beat me. Don't beat me.
Boss. Run!
You jump.
Tell me something will
anybody be at home?
Daddy the Boss is here all alone.
Where are our goons?
Hello sir.
I could've pulverized
your goons back there.
But then I had a brainstorm.
I left those rascals
back in those lanes.
And I came visiting your home.
And thought
why dont l come to your home...
drink water in your house and...
break their bones here.
Sir you know... Dont interfere!
What do I care?
- All I want is to...
- Get water out.
Welcome Tauji.
I've invited him here specially...
to tell him about your deeds.
And show him too.
Your man's taken our contract...
and he's been
beating up our men...
instead of doing our job.
My rule is we can
sacrifice our kin...
but never fail from
completing a contract.
Sometimes... we make a mistake.
In life
we often make small mistakes...
as well as big ones.
They are 3D villains.
3 generous villains.
They gave me one chance
to catch that scoundrel.
They'll give me a second chance.
Third... fourth... fifth...
Stop it.
Are you going to keep running
after him all your life?
Mr. Pradhan.
Contract cancel.
What did you say?
What did you say?
We cancel the contract we gave you.
Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!
Uncle you heard.
They cancelled the contract.
When the contract's canceled...
there's no question of betraying.
Now l'll make a call.
- Zoravar.
- Yes.
Were you waiting on the pole?
Contract canceled
advance returned.
Very fast.
Darling Ankita. Go inside.
Ankita hold on.
Did you have to interfere?
I'll come straight to the point.
Do you love Shiv?
Hey. Move aside.
Your brother wants to
get you married to that moron.
- Moron?
- Look at his face.
Do you love Shiv?
Do you want to marry him?
Dont be mad.
He has an entire army with him.
The Boss announces a contract...
to get Shiv and Ankita married.
But Boss
how can you start the contract...
without advance money?
This is against your system.
- You're right.
- Yes.
Contract money?
Hey moron come here.
Yes Boss.
That's it. I've the advance money.
Brothers will pay for
their sisters betterment.
He's getting Shiv married
to Ankita instead of killing him.
Why dont you say something?
The Boss has taken
up anew contract.
The rules say... you
may sacrifice akin.
But never miss a contract.
And anyway this is about
blood-ties and not contract.
Because Shiv is my brother.
I'll say it three times.
He's my brother...
my brother... my brother.
The Boss' blood boils.
And when it does
he spares no one.
You were right Ayushman.
We should've burnt him.
We should've buried him.
Go on. Go...
Didnt you hear?
Shiv is the Boss' brother.
The Boss is being
but l'm going to use my brains.
By playing the right
card at the right moment.
Daddy. By the time
he plays his cards...
Shiv and Ankita will
already have their honeymoon.
I'm moron.
Hold on. Jabbar bhai.
Dad call Jabbar bhai right now.
On the spot
finish his entire family right now.
- Father's here.
- So what?
- Father's here.
- Shiv?
I told you well be visiting
the saints tomb one day.
And return to Benaras after that.
We'll visit the shrine today.
It's a good day today.
I'm pleased that
you've been released.
And even happier...
that you didnt need
that goon's help for it.
Brother come in.
No actually I couldn't do the job.
So I'm here to return Mr.
Satyakant's money.
Brother come... come in.
- I'll leave.
- Please.
Please. Brother come...
I'm going to the shrine.
Are you coming?
Yes father.
Can brother come along too?
Everyone has a free will.
They can come if
they want or not come...
if they don't want to.
It doesnt make a difference to me.
How much is this for?
You dare attack from behind?
Come on put it in neutral.
Who is it?
Jabbar sir it wasn't us.
Here. Get your self treated.
Here. Goodbye.
That's Jabbar the beggar...
What happened?
Did the tank explode?
No you've been exposed.
Take look. Look.
Last night was the
most embarrassing night...
in the History of politics.
The entire country
was shocked to see this.
25 MLA s of minister
Vishwas Pradhan...
were caught along with
prostitutes late in the night...
and in front of the entire media.
The unknown person
that informed the media...
calls himself a social-worker.
This is a conspiracy of the opposition.
The parliament speaker...
has decided to
suspend all the MLA s.
And the ruling have
given a statement that...
they are ready
for a hung assembly...
But they will never take
the support of these MLA s.
I am ruined.
My power's gone.
And wife too.
Rascal swine pervert.
Is this why you disappeared
every other day?
No no I...
I snatched your power.
Next you attack my father...
I'll pull the earth
from under your feet.
And this isn't just a statement...
it's the Boss' prediction.
Ankita has to come sir.
Shivani is a common friend.
And her moms in the ICU.
She's in a state of shock.
So I thought
if Ankita just met Shivani once...
she will feel better.
And anyway
I couldn't contact Ankita earlier.
So I had to come here.
Okay. Take her along.
You will bring Ankita back home...
sooner than Shivani's
mother's eager to die.
Okay sir.
I... I'll bring her back home soon.
Hurry up Dimple.
Poor Shivani...
What happened?
I'm taking you to Shiv not Shivani.
Shivani's mom is alright.
Now call him. Here's my phone.
- Shiv.
- Ankita how are you?
I wasn't okay until now but...
I'll feel better after l meet you.
I'm going out to see my brother.
He's throwing a party today.
Why don't you two come too.
He's invited influential people.
Fine send me the address.
I'll be there.
Okay I'll send it right now.
"Open up the bottles."
"Let the alcohol pour."
"Take a peg and forget the world."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Hear me out everyone."
"No matter how hard you try."
"We'll party all night."
"Stop us if you can."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Hear me out everyone."
"No matter how hard you try."
"We'll party all night."
"Stop us if you can."
"Open up the bottles."
"Let the alcohol pour."
"Take a peg and forget the world."
"Keep playing on..."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Anyone who wants to party
come inside."
"Whisky Teachers... and
chicken to relish on."
"Girls from Noida
Gurgaon and Delhi have come over."
"They've also brought
CDs of Yo-Yo."
"Passengers... are responsible
for their luggage."
"Party all night
tomorrow's Sunday."
"When the music plays loud
aunt will call the police."
"Someone tell aunt the
party will still go on."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Hear me out everyone."
"No matter how hard you try."
"We'll party all night."
"Stop us if you can."
"Open up the bottles."
"Let the alcohol pour."
"Take a peg and forget the world."
"Keep playing on..."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Free booze free food."
"Everyone's saying
no going home tonight."
"Message your dad."
"Make some excuse
and come join me."
"The partys too good."
"The views are just stunning."
"There's just one problem."
"Uncle's still a bachelor."
"The girl in shorts
is gulping down vodka."
"She cant finish one
but she's ordered another."
"Look at her dance
she's setting the stage on fire."
"Look at your size and
you're creating a ruckus."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"Party all night."
"We do all party all night."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Still... The party will go on."
"The party will go on."
"The party will go on."
"The party will go on."
"Hear me out everyone."
"No matter how hard you try."
"We'll party all night."
"Stop us if you can."
"Open up the bottles."
"Let the alcohol pour."
"Take a peg and forget the world."
"Keep playing on..."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Everyone... Keep playing on."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"Aunt will call the police."
"The party will go on."
"The party will go on."
"The party will go on."
"The party will go on."
Sonakshi I really liked
that you attended the party.
Me too.
Just a minute.
Shiv. The police
are beating up my men.
I've to go.
Take Ankita and Dimple home okay.
Look after yourself.
When will we meet again?
At the end of the movie.
- Bye.
- Hurry up please.
Or else my dad will kill me. Bye.
- Some water?
- Thanks.
On one hand you claim
to love my sister.
And on the other you
rape her best friend.
Rape. Rape. Rape.
What nonsense.
Dimple what happened?
How did this happen?
Tell him...
She's already said everything.
She's given her statement.
Read it.
Shiv brought me to Kurukshetra...
which is 142
kilometres from Delhi...
and raped me in this car.
I'll handle it from here.
Heard that.
Anything that you say
anything that you don't say...
will definitely
be used against you.
Ayushman you dont know...
You don't know that
rape is a serious crime.
No bail and along prison sentence.
You'll live like a dog get that.
You're trying to trap me in this.
Dimple's lying.
- You know...
- Who's lying?
She's lying.
Will a decent girl defame herself?
Did she bring you here?
Did she bring you here?
You didnt bring her.
She... drugged the water.
She made you drink it.
She got you unconscious.
Listen boy.
It's all about facts and figures.
You were stuck on her figure.
And the fact is...
that youre a bloody rapist.
Come out.
Ayushman what are you doing?
Come on. Ayushman this is wrong.
you're doing the wrong thing.
What are you doing?
I am doing my duty...
and now l'm going to scwyou.
- Ayushman you...
- Hold on.
You think Dimple's apart of my plan.
Is that what you think?
You are right.
She is part of my plan.
She sleeps with me every night.
So she can at least
do this much Boss.
That reminds me...
let's forget what you think.
Think about what
your brothers dilemma...
when he finds out.
The Boss' land of destiny.
He's honored and respected here.
I'll get areal kick out of this.
When I'll defame
your brother using you.
I'll humiliate you
but he'll feel ashamed.
That's why they say...
People defame death.
Life... makes you suffer.
This is the second
time I hit anyone.
And both the times it was you
only you.
I was scared since
the moment l learnt...
Shiv's going outwith you.
Now hes paying forit.
Behind bars.
And only you are responsible
for you. Just you.
Look Satyakant.
It's not his...
It's his fault and yours too.
I know about your real job
under the pretext of transport.
He chose crime but
you showed him the way.
He was a murderer but
you made him a criminal.
And that's the truth.
It's you who doesn't know the truth
and you're blaming me.
I'll tell you...
Uncle. Don't say anything.
Don't say a word.
What are you saying?
I will tell him.
You're worth just one thing.
You're right Mr. Satyakant.
I'm worthy of what l've
been getting all my life.
But I promise you...
Shiv will be out
before sunrise tomorrow.
And if he doesnt then
the sun wont rise tomorrow.
What... what have you done
Your own son... He's not my son.
Someone who chose
crime over his father...
cant be my son.
Stop it Satyakant.
15 years.
For 15 years I raised
him like a son.
But for him
you're still his father his God.
He keeps your...
red towel closer
to him than his heart.
I don't know whether
he's your son or not...
but he surely is yours.
Do you know what
happened years ago...
in that school which
ruined Surya's life?
You don't know the truth.
You know nothing.
If you have the strength
to hear the truth...
then hear me out.
'You two will stay locked-up
in the same room... '
'... as long as you dont patch-up.'
You've seen Surya's temper...
but not his generosity.
Where's my son?
Where's my son?
I'll take you to him.
I'll take you to him.
What does he want?
Why is it paining so much?
Why did you tie my hands? Quiet.
Sir I want to know.
How do we make
amini-size time-bomb?
Whats the procedure?
- It's simple.
- I see.
First of all... pour RDX
in a bowl of Nitric acid.
Then fasten it with nuts and bolts.
And detonate it with
a hand-made remote.
- Boom!
- Wow!
What wow!
What are you two talking about?
Its paining...
Tying me here isn't
going to help you.
I'll call dad.
My phone. Dad... My phone.
- Your phone...
- Here you go.
Thank you. Thank you. Call him.
Now watch.
My car.
My car...
Wrong button.
Dont jump around.
I've fitted a similar
bomb in your back.
Boss. What do you call this bomb?
- Bomb-chiki-chiki-bum!
- Yeah!
Bomb in my bum!
Bomb in my bum!
Yes. You see
for the first time in the History...
of the world the Boss
fitted a bomb in your centre...
and not on the right.
Dont believe it?
Boss switch it on.
Hold on. Hold on.
Stop it. Stop it.
Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.
He's already scared.
What do I do what do I not do?
First of all dont try
to disarm it or youll explode.
Second don't ever...
sit down anywhere.
Otherwise you'll explode.
Third no more eating lentils
kidney beans fritters...
you'll breathe your last.
And you'll explode.
- Fourth...
- What nonsense.
I'm scared to death here.
Whats the solution?
You've three hours.
Before you run out of time
take the help of your father.
Go to Kurukshetra.
Get Shiv out of jail.
And if... you leave any loose ends...
"Bomb-chiki-chiki-bum!" Boss...
We can have issues about
rights with the music companies.
Yeah... they file a case.
"There's a bomb in your trunk."
- Sing again.
- Daddy!
Careful. Keep your legs apart.
We kept our promise
now you keep yours.
Only four minutes left.
Three minutes.
Daddy three minutes.
You seethe one that fitted
the bomb will get it out.
Whos that?
- Nandu plumber.
- Plumber?
Nandu plumber from
Aurangzeb Road Delhi.
He fixes the taps
of all the ministers.
Daddy. Not him.
Time's running out Boss.
The easiest and simplest way is...
we first tear apart
his seat and then rip it out.
Tear apart? Rip out? Daddy?
Trying to scare us!
He's a liar. Liar.
No liar. Pliers.
Come on coward.
Behind the cartyre.
Boss. I've become a poet.
Boss. I'm really going
to enjoy watching this.
I am on fire.
Just 1.5 minutes left.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's get it out.
I'll get it out in a jiffy.
Have fun.
Careful. - 22 seconds.
Go on.
Tell him what you want.
Dont worry. Go on.
Till today I was afraid
because you were my brother.
But l'm not scared anymore.
Because you're not worth this bond.
You wanted to humiliate me
on my soil didnt you?
Now l'll get these two
married on this very soil.
Because life isnt fun...
if your enemies arent jealous.
Let's go. Party.
- Is Boss here?
- He just left.
But why are you...
Where did he go?
I know everything now.
This time...
death's going to be painful.
Raghunath couldnt make it.
And your father...
I couldn't control myself son.
I had to tell him the truth.
He was eager to see you
apologise and hug you.
I was on the way when this...
Where are you?
ICU or the morgue.
Even if you're not in the morgue...
you will soon get there.
Can you talk?
Or are you busy
gathering their pieces.
I'll be quick.
Once you're done with
this emotional scene...
come see me soon.
I'm waiting right here... for you.
In Kurukshetra.
I'll turn you and your
family to dust right here.
It'll be fun.
Come on.
Hurry up.
See you.
I always said...
eradicate your
enemies with a smile.
But today...
you've to make
him suffer to death.
You've to assume
the role of Arjun...
and fight this
battle in Kurukshetra.
You've to finish
that demon forever!
"He's anointed himself with
the dust of his father's feet."
"He's obsessed with
fighting for his father."
"His blood's boiling
because his fathers hurt."
"When the father's humiliated..."
"...the son says to the world."
"I'll show you the bond
I share with my father."
"I'll destroy the entire
world if my father's hurt."
"All the Gods..."
"...dwell in you."
"All the Gods..."
"...dwell in you."
It'll be much more
fun in killing you alone.
This time you'll be facing a son
not the Boss.
'I'll turn you and your
family to dust right here.'
'It'll be fun.'
'Even if you're not in the
morgue he will soon get there.'
'I'm waiting right here... for you.'
'In Kurukshetra.'
My son is... always right.
"It's just few simple words..."
"Why is there a rift
still between us?"
"I can't say it or control it."
"Why is this helplessness?"
"You dwell in me I dwell in you."
"You're for me I'm for you."
"It's not easy to find love here."
"Not everyone... finds
love in life."
"Not everyone... finds
love in life."
"We're fortunate to experience..."
"...this beautiful feeling in life."
"Not everyone... finds
love in life."
"Without love... life
is meaningless."
"Without a lover... devotion
is meaningless."
"Without love... life
is meaningless."
"Without a lover... devotion
is meaningless."
"You're my happiness."
"You're my love."
"When we're together
everything's okay?"
"So why pretend to be strangers?"
"You dwell in me I dwell in you."
"You're for me I'm for you."
"It's not easy to find love here."
"Not everyone... finds love..."
"Not everyone... finds love..."