Boss of Bosses (2001) Movie Script

Fifty bucks! That police sticker
ain't good for nothing.
Tommy, we could have been towed.
Relax, it's Christmastime.
Yeah, merry Christmas.
Gotti broke the rules, Paul.
He knew what was going on with his
crew. You should take him out.
No, I promised Neil on his deathbed
we'd see what he's got to say.
If he knew, he goes. End of story.
Who's security for the sit-down?
Di Cicco set it up.
He's got some of our best guys.
Sparks Steak House.
Where's our guys?
No security? No nothing?
Where the hell are those clowns?
Tommy, get back in the car!
Yo, Tommy.
We are being tested... the temptation to despair.
Every day...
...I see those who sell their bodies.
I see those who break in and steal.
Our souls are the battleground...
...where God and Satan fight...
...over each and every one of us.
There. Here's your change.
Number 24, my sonny's birthday...
...and number 9, the Cardinal's.
Them is my lucky numbers.
That's a nickel a ticket, lady.
- How much does it pay off this week?
- 300 bucks for the lucky winner.
Same every week.
It's Carlo. I gotta get the money.
Just give it. I don't want you
going around with him.
Be right back.
Paolo? Didn't you hear what I said?
I no want you with that no good Carlo.
Don't worry, Ma. Relax.
I'm gonna be right back...
I don't want to relax.
We got work to do.
Put the coin on the floor
with the rest.
Nice suit.
Why the long face, Paulie?
The world, it ain't right.
Front-door people who got dough... and walk out with the turkeys
and the hams.
But out back in the alley,
people with nothing...
...they're lining up like sheep.
- Sheep is right.
There's two kind of people
in this world:
Them that take and them that want.
Makes you wonder about God.
Get smart, kid. I'll introduce you
to Vito Genovese.
Your own wheels, a new suit
every day of the week.
Yeah. I'm ready for action.
- Lf you mean that, we'll start now.
- Any damn thing!
I don't care no more.
Listen. Them Nardinos are
trying to move into our neighborhood.
They ain't kicking in. Need a couple
more guys to teach them some respect.
What's their story?
Annellio Dellacroce's tough.
Joey Armone's gotta prove
he's figured it out.
Hey, Annellio, Joey. Get over here.
This here's my cousin, Carlo Gambino.
We got a job for Vito.
Vito Genovese?
Who we gotta kill? You?
Are you a tough guy?
Carlo, please. He's only kidding.
Then cut the crap. We got work to do.
I'm gonna give you a shot.
You show some balls...
...maybe I introduce you to Vito.
Let's go.
Come buy a fresh tree.
Here's the gag.
With each tree, a case of booze
they deliver. Nice cover.
Let's see who can do some damage.
Wait. Let's split up.
If we take out those guys by the alley
first, then we're even odds.
I like the way you think, kid.
If they put heaters on us, go for the
legs first, not the heads.
That way you get a piece of something
even if you miss.
When they go down, then swing
for the heads. Come on, you.
Come on!
- Get the truck. Who can drive?
- I can drive. Let's go.
- Just the booze. Dump them trees.
- Why?
A lot of poor kids never had a tree.
- What am I, Santa Claus?
- Trust me. Come on.
All right. Get in the truck.
Thank you. God bless everyone.
Oh, my goodness. My God!
From Vito Genovese,
have a very merry Christmas.
From Vito Genovese,
have a very merry Christmas.
Pine trees, my leg's killing me.
Them bastards.
A very piney Christmas to you all.
"Piney," that's you from now on.
- Hey, Carlo, come here.
- Mr. Genovese!
Who we got here?
This here's my crew,
cousin Paulie Castellano...
...Neil and Piney.
Word is a bunch of kids took off
the Nardinos over on Mott Street.
Then they're giving out free trees?
Carlo, whose idea was all this?
Paulie. It was his bright idea.
Castellano? The butcher's kid?
Get away.
Paulie, huh?
I like it. Make people happy.
Don't cost, that's good for business.
Hey, look at me.
You got "costanza," kid.
- Carlo, Neil and Piney helped too.
- Good.
Here, hand out a couple bucks
with the trees.
People can't eat no pine cones.
You keep thinking, Paulie.
I'll remember your name.
Hey, come here, you.
Here, next time use these.
- Put them away, guys.
- Finally.
- Thanks, Mr. Genovese.
- Don't mention it. Go.
Big Paul, the thinker. You and me,
we're gonna go a long way together.
Right to the top.
- Ain't it nice up here?
- Yeah, it is.
You see them skyscrapers?
That's where the power lives. The guy
with the gold, he makes the rules.
The guy with the gun gets the gold.
- That sounds like Carlo talking.
- Well, he's right, Nina.
There are two kinds of people:
There are those who take
and those who want.
Well, I don't want
a little butcher shop.
A bunch of kids crammed
into some fourth-floor walkup.
That's not for me.
That's not for you.
I want you in a big house.
I want you riding in a nice
luxury car.
Our kids in the best schools.
You know you want it... much as I do.
I could see it in your eyes.
I want that life that you're talking
about, I do.
- I'm afraid what might happen to you.
- Well, don't be.
Don't be. I can handle it.
And we can have it all, Nina,
just you and me.
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
You know, Nina.
You know.
All you got to do
is say you're with me.
- Promise me one thing.
- Anything.
Promise me!
You keep our children clean.
Never involve them
in that filthy business.
That I promise.
That I vow.
Carlo Gambino isn't just sick.
He's dying. Heart and liver both.
- Well, he's 76.
- Son of a bitch.
He's gonna die peacefully
in his bed, a millionaire.
Only question now is, who's gonna be
the next Godfather?
Dellacroce. He's got
all the muscle, the toughest crew...
...Gotti and the other animals.
Well, Castellano has
his tough guys too, but more.
He's the brain. He knows how
to hide the money.
Gambino always listened to him.
What about Piney Armone?
He's one of the originals.
Gambino's consigliere,
but he's a follower, not a player.
Come on. Castellano?
I mean, the guy's too cerebral.
They say, you want
to find Big Paulie...
...don't look in a social club,
look in the banks.
They're right.
Look at this. Garment industry.
Concrete. Paving.
Wholesale meat. Garbage.
Porn. Gambling. Prostitution.
Lines of Gambino influence
that run through all the unions.
Big Paulie set it up.
The guy could have been CEO
of a corporation.
Exactly. When Gambino dies,
he'll name Big Paul.
Neil Dellacroce and Piney
will back Castellano.
I agree.
Dellacroce and Castellano
are like brothers from way back.
It's gonna be Big Paul.
Follow the money trail
just as far as you can.
It goes up to capo level usually,
then nothing.
That's this guy's genius.
I don't care how insulated he is.
Get evidence the street
crews are connected to him...
...we'll get warrants to bug the capos
all the way up the ladder.
Sooner or later, we'll bug
Mr. Castellano himself.
I want Big Paulie behind bars.
I love it up here.
If I had to do this for a living,
I'd starve.
Somebody's gotta do it.
Yeah, I'm glad it ain't me.
I'd rather be a second-story man.
You guys miss all the beauty up here.
Here, you forget about
the porn, the hookers...
...all the filth down there
in the street. Right, Tommy?
Business is business.
That filth you're talking, Paul,
it's what's fed us all our lives.
Piney, when your grandkids
sit on your lap and say:
"Grandpa, how'd you get this
beautiful house? Those nice cars?"
What do you say? "I'm a pimp."
"I'm a highjacker." What?
You know the answer. I lie.
I kept my kids out of the business
just like you did.
Amen to that.
Hey, welcome to the 14th floor.
I hear we have a problem.
Now that we got the union to vote you
in, suddenly you don't want to pay.
- No, let him speak, Tommy.
- Now, I've been thinking.
Without me nothing gets to the site.
No concrete, no l-beams,
no sky-crane crew.
Mr. Gambino, he knows I wrap
things up tight, do I not?
Mr. Gambino isn't your problem,
my friend. I am.
You bid the jobs,
and I make sure the guys are there.
If the bid ain't right,
I make sure they don't show.
So I don't see how out of my ass...
...I gotta pay the same two points as
the other dumb schmucks in the unions.
- That's unwise, my friend.
- It's all right, Piney.
I like a man who says where he stands.
I'm gonna tell you where I stand.
We voted you in.
You knew the deal,
and now you don't want to pay?
- Do you like soup, Malone?
- What?
Soup, do you like soup?
Yeah, I like it.
What's that got to do with?
Good. I'm glad you like it.
After Tommy breaks your jaw,
it's gonna have to be wired.
The only thing you're gonna be
able to eat is soup through a straw.
So now, you tell me... you like soup that much
not to pay me my two points?
Well, I thought we could work
things out.
Things happen. It was my mistake.
A deal's a deal.
I'm glad we straightened it out.
Talking about food, I got hungry.
Let's get something to eat.
- Dude, look at this.
- That's attractive.
Give me a break.
They sit in there eating steak...
...and we get indigestion.
Wait a minute.
I love this car.
I got an idea. Know what we do?
Bug the place.
Establish probable cause,
get a warrant, then find a way in.
I'm telling you, keep turning up
the heat and sooner or later... of them's gonna panic.
What the hell is this? Watch.
It's Gaggi.
- Nino.
- Hey, easy with the guns, guys.
- Here.
- What's that?
Fresh espresso and homemade cannolis,
compliments of Mr. Castellano.
And just leave the tray at the gate.
See what I mean?
They're definitely panicking.
The face of fear.
Nina, always the best.
Still think I need a maid?
What maid could cook like this?
To clean up, the way you slave.
Forget about it.
Look, Connie's still not here.
Should we start dinner without her?
Without my only daughter?
It's Sunday.
Must be that thug husband.
He's one of yours.
Nina, don't start. I had nothing
to do with them meeting.
The boys are here.
They want to talk.
Be firm with them.
Don't forget what you promised.
How could I?
Dad, we want to be part of it.
Forget it. End of discussion.
It was good enough for you.
I hate school.
- You only made it to eighth grade.
- Look at me. What do you see?
You hold your head high.
That's respect.
Respect or fear?
Think I busted my ass all
my life for you to be wasted?
You will graduate from college,
with diplomas...
...with your heads held up high,
nothing to fear.
Dad, those feds always parked out
on the road in the cheap cars.
Where'd college get them?
Let me educate you about those guys
out there with the broken-down cars.
They got the toughest mob
in the world.
And if I mess up, they will crush
me like a cockroach.
As long as I know that,
it keeps me stronger than them.
This ain't the movies, boys.
People die sometimes,
and you won't be part of it.
Wondering who'll nail you,
your best friend or the FBI.
What kind of life is that?
Listen, I've been waiting
to tell you this.
Paul Jr., Joe.
I'm giving you Blue Ribbon Meats.
That's right.
Phillip, I'm setting you up
in Scara-Mix Cement.
All legit.
You'll have part of nothing else,
You're my sons.
I love youse. Come here.
Thanks, Dad.
How does it feel to be millionaires?
You did it.
You really did it.
I promised before we married.
I promised you on that rooftop,
didn't I?
- Our kids will be clean.
- Thank you, Paulie.
God bless you.
Good night.
Good night.
So who vouched for her?
IKatherine's maid knows her sister,
fresh from Colombia, no ties here.
Make sure she knows
my study's off-limits...
...and to keep scarce
when my guys are around.
This wasn't my idea, Paul.
Nina, you'll relax, go shopping,
visit with Connie.
Thirty years, I never complained.
Nina, go enjoy yourself.
Man, you'd think it was the pope
that was dying, not some old gangster.
Neil Dellacroce, Nino Gaggi,
muscle, loansharking.
Come on, Neil, big smile.
Roy DeMeo and Tommy Agro.
Hijacking, extortion.
DiBernardo, Mr. Pornography.
Piney Armone, Castellano's
construction union.
We got them. They're all home.
- Like sharks in a feeding frenzy.
- Yeah.
Mrs. Castellano.
Hey, Paul, how you doing?
- Oh, Piney. How's it going?
- Nina, I'm glad you're here.
Big Paul! Where's my Big Paulie?
I'm right here, Carlo.
You and me, kid, we're still here.
We're still here.
All my life,
I do any damn thing I want.
It was God who made me strong.
Now the priest wants me
to say I'm sorry.
To who? I ain't sorry.
I loved every minute, every second.
I know God ain't gonna
forgive and forget...
...for a couple of Hail Marys.
I'm scared, Paulie.
Scared? You? No, never.
Maybe there ain't no God.
I hate it, being scared.
Nobody gets out alive, Carlo, right?
Hey, Paulie.
Remember the Christmas trees?
Yeah, I remember.
You were always the thinker.
You rest, Carlo.
I got you into this thing
of ours, Paulie.
And now I'm gonna make it worse.
I'm naming you...
..."capo di tutti i capi".
What about Neil?
He's street.
You got the brain, the vision.
Neil already knows.
Listen, Paulie. I'm putting a curse
on you, not no blessing.
Now you'll learn...
...what it is... be alone.
Rest, Carlo. Rest.
Congratulations, Paul.
Neil, are you and your crew
all right with it?
Yeah, it's the right thing.
I ain't no Godfather.
I'm an old street dog.
I'm gonna change things.
You're my underboss, my right arm.
Just cut the young guys
a little slack, okay?
Don't push them too fast.
Young crews, they may not understand
the things that you want.
Well, they better learn fast.
These young kids are so tempted.
They got big balls and weak minds.
They want everything fast and easy.
Sounds like a couple of kids we knew.
The world has changed,
and we gotta change with it.
Well, it's in your hands now, Paul.
Use me and my crew.
Gotti over there and Angelo.
How do I take them all to where
I want to go? You tell me.
We started together,
we'll see it through together.
The boys are looking lean
and hungry tonight.
They're all wondering who you're gonna
pick for Miami.
Tonight, you'll see.
Paul, Paul. There's somebody so bad
wants to meet you.
Oh, my God! Mr. Castellano.
- This is Brenda, she goes to NYU.
- I'm a drama major.
For me you're just... You're the
master of drama, the real world.
I saw the "Godfather" 16 times.
Hey, Paul, I was thinking maybe me
and you could go somewhere and talk.
Can I call you Paul?
- I got some business to discuss.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- Hey, how you doing? Good.
- How you doing?
Will they keep these young girls
away from me?
A girl like that is
like putting a bullet in your brain.
Just like that
Samson and Delilah bitch.
She cut his balls.
His hair, Tommy, not his balls.
Whatever, Piney.
She took his strength.
A beautiful woman
will do that every time.
For every beautiful woman,
there's a guy tired of banging her.
Remember that.
Look, spread the word.
IKeep those girls away.
I take it as a personal insult.
I'll take any you don't want.
I wouldn't throw no babes
out of no bathtub.
It's "babies," and it's
"out with the bath water."
Yeah, well, I'll bathe them too.
Or whatever.
- Mr. Castellano?
- Yeah?
Please, join our group over here.
Not now, Joey. But I want to talk
to you about some business.
Thank you.
So it's Bazzini.
He gets Florida, huh?
Look, Joey's a steady.
He's a good earner.
He's not violent or wild.
For a year I'll see what he does
with the dog tracks and the books.
The others see what kind of guy gets
rewarded, they'll calm down a bit.
All right?
Come on. "Salute"!
Two hundred mil.
"Babies with the bath water."
"I love that theme song".
"It gives me a chance to say"...
We'll begin at the beginning
by saying:
Good morning, welcome to
The Joe Franklin Show.
I'd like to say welcome to
The Johnny Carson Show...
..."or" The Phil Donahue Show...
Want to know why we do it
slow this way?
Not with a bullet?
To send a message.
Discourage fools
dumb enough to mess with you.
That's good thinking.
That's very good, Paul.
Take him up!
Watch. Learn.
Bad dream.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
I'm all right now.
Here, sir. Hot chocolate.
Good night.
Sorry, what was your name again?
Gloria, yeah. Sit down, sit down.
- No, sir.
- Please...
...I like to get to know
the people who work for me.
It's pretty good.
Ginger and nutmeg...
...for sleep.
So... you know who I am?
Yes. You are the boss.
Yeah, I'm the boss.
Your English is good.
In our school,
the priest said English... the language of power
of the nations that rule the world.
Power, money...
Is that why you came to America?
No, sir. My own reasons.
Do me a favor. Drop the "sir," okay?
I feel old enough as it is.
Just call me Paul.
That is not proper, sir.
If I'm the boss,
I say what's proper, right?
Excuse me.
Thanks for busting me
out of that dream.
In this life it is the living
we must fear, not dreams.
You're way too young
to understand something like that.
Good night... Paul.
See, that wasn't so hard.
Have good dreams.
This is a great tribute.
It honors me.
You know, my cousin Don Carlo
was a great man.
We'll miss him very much.
But we must get on to
the business at hand.
I have a plan... control all of New York City... ensure all our friends
have jobs...
...we will build construction fronts
and bid our way to the top...
...using our unions.
We will own the New York skyline.
All of it.
We'll make a fortune, and the law
won't be able to touch us.
But to do this...
...we must keep a low profile.
I want your crews
to devote their talents... money-lending, numbers,
the waterfront... businesses.
Businesses that won't draw attention.
And like always,
no cop killing or civilians.
And, everybody, hear me on this one:
No drug dealing under the penalty
of death. You deal, you die.
No exceptions.
I know Carlo turned his head
sometimes, but I won't.
Any friend of ours gets caught
dealing, no meeting, no appeal.
You become a memory.
No one could help you.
From now on...
...our way will be the business way.
And we'll rule
longer than the Roman Empire.
Presidents of unions come to us now.
One day it'll be
the president of the United States.
What do you got?
Low-level stuff, mostly.
Nothing that can get us to Big Paul.
Here's something.
We got a warrant
to bug the Bergin Social Club.
Excellent. That's Dellacroce's crew.
Gotti's the key to that.
He's got a big mouth, likes to brag.
- So get on it.
- Yes, sir.
That contract is still out
on Agent Joe Pistone and his family.
The Donnie Brasco thing
will never be over for them.
Castellano has inherited that
along with everything else.
I think we ought to do
something about it.
Like what? Ask Big Paul
to drop the contract?
Yeah, maybe.
Look, let's just do something
that can be done.
Get the bugs in place
at the Bergin Social Club.
We got to connect Castellano
to the street crews.
Then we can get a warrant
to bug his house.
I want him.
Find a way.
You want to steal from us?
Let me get a better shot.
Last play of the game. The snap...
...the kick!
It's good!
- What are you doing?
- Softening him for you.
I told you I wanted
to talk to them first.
How can I talk to them like this, huh?
You Irish have been warned to stay
out of our territories with numbers.
Please what?
Who the hell are you talking to?
Mr. Castellano...
...let us make everything right.
You will make it right.
There are no "next times."
And don't ever mistake kindness
for weakness again.
I want to talk to everybody right now.
Didn't I say not to do anything
until I said?
They've been warned before.
They gotta learn.
Did I give the order?
All due respect, but Neil said...
I don't care what Neil said.
I'm the boss of this family, not Neil.
I don't want to say that again.
Go ahead, take a swim. Why not?
No, I was only looking.
I don't know why I have it anyway.
Nobody ever uses it.
It's very beautiful.
It must be nice
to have such beautiful things.
Money makes life comfortable.
It doesn't make you happy.
Look at the dreams I have.
I like the way you look at me.
Like you could read my mind.
Maybe I can.
You swim anytime you want.
Thank you.
We'll take care of it, Mr. Castellano.
We're making money hand over fist.
I've never seen nothing like it.
200 mil a year, at least.
- It's a beautiful thing.
- I wish Carlo could see this.
How about Vito?
What would he think?
He'd think:
"Not bad for some dumb, guinea
street kids."
Your dream, it's working.
Just like you said.
It's only the beginning.
We'll bid into everything.
I want us in every job site
in Manhattan.
Come on.
- Sure you want to do this?
- Joe Pistone is my friend.
- Feebs. Look at this.
- Like a boil on the ass.
Back off, Tommy.
Mr. Castellano, Agent O'Brien.
This is Agent IKurins.
- So?
- Special Agent Joseph Pistone.
Your crew knew him as Donnie Brasco.
There's a contract out
on his head, 500IK...
...and on his family.
I don't know Donnie Brasco.
Joseph Pistone.
Joseph Pistone, not Donnie Brasco.
I'm advising you that should
anything happen to Joseph Pistone...
...or his family...
...if they should die crossing the
street or in a nuclear disaster...
...the full resources of the FBI
and the Department of Justice...
...will be brought to bear
upon you and your associates.
Have I made myself clear?
Most fed suits don't have your balls.
They sneak around cars like wimps
with those long lenses.
That's not an answer
and I'll need an answer.
Then I'll give you one.
If you knew about me, you'd know
I'd never approve of that situation.
And I'd condemn it.
But since we're being straight,
do me a favor.
What would that be?
When you come at me, do it this way... men, like you are today.
Don't ever frame me.
Don't make something out of nothing.
I've seen it,
and it stinks of cowardice.
Good day, gentlemen.
Good day, Mr. Castellano.
Lift the Pistone contract.
Paul, you ain't serious?
Carlo was wrong. Pistone's a cop, his
family are civilians. End of story.
What about all those solid
guys that bastard screwed?
All the ones he put inside.
Neil's right.
Lots of guys won't like it.
That's not my problem.
We're done playing street games.
We're going all the way.
The decisions I make, I make.
- That ain't right.
- I understand. All right.
Let's grab an espresso.
Neil, it should have been you.
Carlo picked the wrong guy.
We're losing the streets, you know?
The niggers, the spics, the Chinks,
"they're all moving in".
Tell us what to do.
I can't hear you.
You didn't say none of that.
What's he doing?
No payback for Brasco. Cutting back
the rackets, that's our blood.
Construction, trucking, what is this?
What happened to our thing?
I'll talk to him.
He doesn't respect tradition...
That's enough!
Dead meat, Johnny-boy.
I love you like a son, but even I
"can't help you if you talk like that".
What did I say? You know I'm right.
I love you too, you know that.
But I put my life in your hands.
You can't talk like that.
"He's the boss".
That's it.
We give that to a judge,
we got a warrant to bug him.
Still gotta find some way
into his house.
Let's be resourceful.
We're smarter than they are.
Let's prove it.
One more thing.
Don't be grateful to him
for dropping the contract on Brasco.
- Relieved, not grateful.
- Don't kid yourself.
Castellano's a stone-cold killer,
and there are 3000 more under him.
No mercy.
What's wrong?
- Please, don't.
- No, no, no.
Look, I won't touch or harm you.
Just tell me, why are you crying?
Can't I just cry?
Here, sit down. Sit, here.
I want to know why. Tell me.
You will think less of me.
Gloria, whatever it is...
...l've heard and seen worse,
believe me.
Just say it.
In my village...
...south of Bogota... was my time for communion.
I was on my way home from market...
...and he grabbed me.
He used me like no woman
should be used.
But I wasn't a woman.
I was a child.
God was not there.
God was hiding in the church.
I woke up in a garbage dump
where he left me.
Now you know what I am.
...we're all violated.
All of us.
What happened to you is in the past.
You were forced...
...and it wasn't your fault.
But I am dead.
Inside, I am dead.
I've felt that way too.
Why you?
I get lonely sometimes.
And sometimes I feel...
Sometimes I feel old.
But I like talking to you.
You make me think of another time.
When I was younger.
You have the eyes of a boy.
- I must go.
- No.
I don't mean to interrupt you.
I just wanted to have a word with you.
I'm Agent O'Brien.
And this is my partner, Agent IKurins.
We're with the FBI.
Your family in Bogota is well.
Your sister Lucita had a cold,
but she's over that.
You talked to my family? Why?
Maybe they'd like to visit.
How'd you like that?
We could talk about it.
I wanted to talk...
- Move, move! Get out of my way!
- Easy.
I left my country
because of bastards like you!
This is America!
- They really yelled at her?
- Yeah. It was so beautiful.
She left them holding their salamis.
Most chicks would have freaked.
You had to see her, Paul.
What a spitfire!
The feebs are looking for any way in.
To come after the maid,
they must be desperate.
- You won't like this.
- Please, no more headaches.
It's Bazzini.
Worse than an embarrassment.
He's ignoring the vig on the loan...
...and used our money
to front coke and smack deals.
This better not be a rumor.
Would I bring it to you
if it wasn't confirmed?
I want to puke.
Word is all over south Florida.
I give him Miami,
and he spits in my face.
The worst is, everybody south
of Ft. Lauderdale knows about it...
...and now they will up here.
Drugs are too big.
There's too much money.
He knew the law. He's got to die!
- Let me have his ass, Paul.
- Not you. Send Agro.
Tell him to make a statement,
but no mess.
Make him a memory.
Bring the Caddy around here.
I hate walking.
My shirt is soaked with sweat
already. This humidity sucks.
I'll crank up the AC.
Yeah, sometime this decade
maybe, huh?
Move your jelly ass!
That ain't Bazzini.
But that's his car.
That's Bazzini's car.
You know who I am?
I'm Joey Bazzini!
And you're dead!
FBI Federal Agents!
FBI! Put it down!
Do it!
Hands on your head!
Do it, do it!
You're a very lucky man, Joey.
We figured you'd want to know
"about Bazzini".
Let him sweat a few hours.
We'll be there.
You guys are the best. Thanks.
Okay, we should just make
that last flight.
Ten years, I'm a good earner.
I get behind, and sure,
I deal the powder.
For that they send that animal Agro?
We're all you got.
Ah, that makes me feel a lot better.
Look, you testify you fronted
these operations for the Gambinos...
And that you were blessed
by Castellano.
Or we go back to New York.
You can have him.
We don't want him
unless he makes our case.
Do we?
I'm dead.
Can't win for losing.
Why not?
I don't give a damn no more.
Smartest thing you ever did.
"Bazzini names Castellano".
Then you guys subpoena Big Paulie
as a witness.
We got enough on Bazzini
for an indictment now.
I know. But we don't care
about him, he's yours.
We just need Big Paulie down here.
So he can deny
ever hearing of the guy?
No, down here to get him and
Bilotti out of the house.
Perfect. It's perfect.
"To testify".
We got the best lawyers money can buy.
They didn't indict you.
Agro's a maniac!
And DeMeo's just as bad.
Everything we've worked for
can get ruined.
The legit building permits, the bids.
Even the unions will turn their backs.
Bazzini's all they got.
Sure, they busted Agro,
but he won't roll.
They don't listen.
Can't work clean.
It's gotta stop.
Piney, we have to send a message
to Bazzini's family.
Whack his wife?
Are you crazy?
You talk through your ass
because your mouth knows better.
What's wrong with you?
You put 50IK in Bazzini's account.
- He'll understand.
- That we can be nice. Good move.
Then Agro.
Use our Florida contacts
inside the jail down there.
You help Tommy remember
who we reward and who we punish.
While I'm in Florida testifying,
we start cleaning up loose cannons.
Who you got in mind?
You know who they are.
For starters, that maniac, DeMeo.
He loves killing too much.
And Sacco...
...always with the drugs! He's next!
Clean house, huh?
Right, clean house.
Consider it done and clean.
Let's make the time productive
while I'm away.
And while I'm down there...
...they say I have to go.
They can't blame me
for what happens while I'm away.
That's very smart.
A vacation would be nice.
Why not?
Gloria, I just want to be with you.
No. It's wrong.
Your wife.
If two people feel this way,
how can it be wrong?
I don't know.
How do you feel about me?
- You have given me a better life.
- That's all?
And the money I make,
I send to my parents.
It has made their life better.
So is that what this is about?
You care about me because of your job?
No, no. That's not...
You know what? Forget it.
Really, forget it.
No, no. Paul...
...I can't say how I feel.
We are in this house...
...and you are married.
You are my boss.
Can't you see...
...I can't tell you
what's in my heart.
Then you forget that I'm your boss.
Forget that you work for me.
Forget the bad things that happened,
because I can make it better.
I can make all the bad stuff go away,
Just look at me as a man
who cares about you.
All I want to hear
is how you feel about me.
Just tell me.
Tell me.
How do you feel about me?
- Have you completely lost your mind?
- I don't want to discuss it.
Taking her to Florida?
What will people think?
- Have you no respect?
- I don't want to talk about it!
I forgot, you're the boss now.
...where's my gold cuff links?
Ask the maid to find them.
You like it?
You want to rob him of his tip?
Come on.
You've been serving all your life,
it's time somebody served you.
Here you go.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, I'm walking here!
I'll take you both
and squeeze you like a sandwich.
See you later.
I've got something for you.
You got something for me?
We got something for each other.
- You first.
- Sure.
Get in the car.
We'll do it in the car.
- Hey, kids, look what I got.
- Hey, what the...?
I can't believe I'm here.
Well, believe it,
because you are here.
And you're here with me.
Thank you, Paul.
- For what?
- Everything.
For showing me the beauty in life.
After dinner, I want to see
your new outfits.
- We will go places?
- Going places, doing things.
Whenever I'm not in court.
Will it be okay?
It's gonna be fine.
You trust me.
It's gonna be okay.
Three minutes, in and out.
- Check.
- Let's do it.
Let's go.
Us too. Another one.
Compliments, Mr. Castellano.
Cheers. To you.
Everyone looks happy for you.
I testified, they lost their witness.
Nothing came of it.
They're sending me champagne
to celebrate.
Are they powerful men?
As powerful as you?
That you don't need to know.
I know they are not.
Hard faces, hard eyes...
What is my face like then?
You have the face of a thinker...
...a man of deep feeling.
Maybe too deep.
You see all that?
I feel it.
- Welcome back. Nice timing.
- Everything all right?
Good. Tommy.
Give me a hand.
It'll be okay.
This is my home...
...not a whorehouse!
Everybody's calling me!
Everybody here knows!
"Nina, be quiet. Be still now".
You and that girl!
You know how many people
must be laughing at you?
At me!
At our family!
Gloria, man.
It's like a tornado hit that house.
The Yoko Ono of the Gambino family.
- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.
All this, you can have it.
I'll just take my clothes.
I'll go live with Connie.
Nina, this is your home.
It's not right.
- I don't want you to go.
- You want too much.
You can't have it all.
I still have my dignity.
You can't take that away.
Neil, good seeing you.
- John.
- How are you?
- Nina, she's not here?
- No, she's at Connie's.
Neil, you look terrible.
Are you all right?
Forget about it.
Nothing tastes right anymore.
Bad kidneys, lazy pump.
Doctor says I need more tests.
But what do they know, right?
But don't worry.
Johnny's been running the crew
while I was in the hospital.
I'm worried about you, Neil.
I'll be fine.
I'd just like you
to give John your blessing.
So, John, you ready for a step up?
That would be a great honor.
I'll do anything to prove my loyalty.
With Neil's supervision, of course.
The kid here, no better earner.
Not that I can remember.
Promise me you'll give him
your support.
Of course.
John, I have some business
to discuss with Neil.
Yeah, sure.
Listen, I think we got a problem.
All these clips while you were away,
lifting the Brasco contract...
...the feds all over us...
...the guys, they're getting nervous.
I'm getting nervous too.
Piney's hearing things on the street.
And I don't like it.
What things?
Your people might be dealing.
That's wrong. You know I'd
never stand for nothing like that.
Who is it? Tell me who?
Angelo Ruggerio and Gene Gotti.
That's the rumor.
I can't believe that.
How could I not know?
I can't believe that your boy
John doesn't know either.
I don't know what to say.
There's nothing to say.
You know the rule.
What do you want do?
Whack them all out?
You're not sure and you want me
to clip a guy who's like my son?
Neil, the rule is you deal, you die.
Rules! Rules! What rules?
These are gangsters!
-Tough guys! Things like this happen!
- Come on, I want to talk.
You're trying to turn this thing
of ours into AT&T and it's not!
We are what we are.
You gotta understand that.
It's all confusing to them,
all this white-collar stuff.
You know, unions, cement contracts...
I don't even understand it!
It's when guys start thinking
of themselves.
That's when this will be destroyed.
- They're greedy from drugs.
- Can you blame them?
Yes, I can.
It's better to make 200 million
with no risk...
...than 500 million
with the feds up my ass!
Can't you see that? Doesn't anybody?
Am I the only one?
And don't tell me about tough guys.
As soon as today's tough guys
get caught and face hard time...
...they sing better than Pavarotti!
In our time...
Our time! Our time is gone!
...l've been loyal to you all my life.
When you were made Godfather...
..."I was happy for you".
"Carlo knew you had the vision".
Just give everybody else
"a chance to catch up to you".
"That's all I'm saying".
I'll try.
Look, I'm sorry
if I got upset and everything.
Forget it.
I'll look into this thing
with my crew and all...
...but we should call a meeting
of all the families.
Try to straighten all this out, huh?
I appreciate your advice...
...but a meeting now... too dangerous.
I think it's the right move.
I'll think about it.
Promise me you won't move on John...
...unless you know for sure.
You have my word.
"I'll look into this thing"...
This is it.
..."we should call a meeting"
"of all the families".
Try to straighten all this out, huh?
You hear? "All the families,"
with Big Paul presiding.
It could be bigger than Apalachin.
If it happens, it better be soon.
Our warrants are running out.
Maybe if we back off, they'll feel
safe enough to call a meeting.
I don't believe in luck.
We close in tighter.
Sooner or later, Big Paulie's
gonna have to call a meeting.
Then we own them all.
We'll have the biggest RICO
in history.
Six in the morning.
This better be good.
Indictments, but not against us.
Filed last night in Nassau County
Fed District Court.
Angelo Ruggerio and Gene Gotti.
Both arrested, they're in MCC,
conspiracy to traffic in narcotics.
Our lawyers say the feds got it
all on tape from phone taps.
This ain't Neil. It's all Gotti.
Gene, his brother,
and Ruggerio, his street dog.
Neil's in the hospital dying,
and now this.
They didn't arrest Gotti.
No evidence against him personally.
Don't take this personally.
This is happening in all the families.
Neil was right.
Neil was right.
I'll call
a commission meeting tomorrow.
I want the heads
"of the families there".
- Commission.
"-But the feebs"...
..."they'll be watching like hawks".
Am I the boss?
Am I head of this commission
or what, huh?
Greedy kids. They're crapping
on the richest feast in history.
Where will I recruit guys?
You tell me.
Harvard? Yale?
I wish I could.
I'm stuck trying to make morons
into legitimate people.
Tommy, find a place.
"Not a hotel or restaurant".
"-We got crash-houses here".
- Listen!
"Near Cameron and Oberlin".
"Tell them we guarantee security".
Cameron and Oberlin, that's out here.
- Other end of the island.
- Let me see.
Go ahead. Go.
- Here comes Tommy.
- We don't tail him.
We know where he's going.
- What about the van?
- We change it.
Let's go. This thing
could come together fast.
Here. Here we are,
Cameron and Oberlin.
IKeep your eyes open.
Come on, where are you, Tommy?
I think we have something.
There's Tommy's car.
Let's go around the corner.
Now we do what we do best.
We wait.
Join the FBI.
Visit amazing places.
Meet exotic people.
- You know what's weird?
- What?
We're gonna get him.
And I know it's all gonna be over.
Easy, Joe.
Don't start feeling sorry for him.
He's one of the bad guys.
But he's not the worst.
At least he had some class...
...stuff, something.
What about the guy
who'll take his place?
We'll get him too.
Andy! Up!
Andy, Salerno.
Salerno. Get the camera.
- Camera, come on!
- All right.
Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno.
Boss of the Genovese family.
Got him.
Who's up here?
Bingo. This is the jackpot.
Look at this.
Tony "Ducks" Corallo,
boss of the Lucchese Family.
Carmine "The Snake" Persico...
...and Boss Gerry Langella
for the Colombos.
This is happening.
It's amazing.
It's like wild animals in Africa.
My, oh, my.
RICO. Racketeering Influenced
Corrupt Organizations Act.
They just show up at the same place
and boom, gotcha!
Criminal conspiracy.
We'll get them all.
"We all love our families"...
...and we're building a great empire.
Yet in each family there's
young guys, impatient and greedy...
...who deal on the side behind our
backs and some of us know it.
This cannot go on.
These guys got to be punished.
Drugs will destroy this thing of ours.
It'll take away our white-collar
business that's drowning us in money.
Listen, the construction money
is out of this world.
You was right all the way.
But these Young Turks,
they sneak around.
Right. And some of us look the other
way because the money's so good.
With all due respect. Your family
has the newest drug indictments.
You're right.
And when I leave here today...'ll see what it means
when I say you deal, you die.
I expect no less from all of you.
The time has come to get rid
of the renegades in this family.
You guys knew the law.
I'm responsible for my crew's actions.
John, not for nothing,
but you knew what we were doing.
- I didn't know nothing.
- Yes, you did.
- You knew!
- Johnny, let him go.
You knew what we were doing.
I never asked.
The reason you stayed in
is because the money was good.
That's not important anymore!
- Shut up.
- Get out of here.
Johnny, what are we gonna do?
How we gonna fix this thing?
Neil's dying.
Once he goes, Big Paulie
will come down and whack us all.
We're dead meat, all of us.
What'll we do?
Well, well.
Look what the dog brought in.
- What's this?
- Constantino Paul Castellano...
...on federal indictment, Class A
under the RICO conspiracy law.
- I have a warrant for your arrest.
- Racketeering, Influenced...
- I know.
Piney called me.
It's all right. Come here.
What is it? What's going on?
I have to go with these guys.
It'll be all right.
It'll be okay.
Piney, take her to Connie's.
- It's all right. It's nothing.
- Yeah, sure.
It's nothing. Okay?
I'll go with you.
No, you stay there.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
In my own home, you shame me.
Just doing our jobs, Mr. Castellano.
- That makes it right?
- Let's not talk about "right."
Normally we would've cuffed you.
The media vultures come to feed.
The gang's all here.
- Carmine, will they get Paul?
- Talk to my lawyer.
Did you think this would happen?
Any comment?
Come on, let's go.
Are you taking me through that?
No, let's go to the service bay
in the back.
I thought they took your hearts out
when you graduated the FBI academy.
Donnie Brasco.
No idea what you mean.
We heard the tapes,
you in the kitchen with Neil.
We know you called off the contract.
Tapes? What tapes?
You bugged my home?
You bugged my house?
My home, where I live?
Where my family...
I don't believe that.
That's too low, even for you guys.
You bugged my home.
A place of business, fine,
a social club, but not a man's home.
I don't believe this.
What else you hear?
Me and Gloria in the bedroom?
You whack off and giggle?
We try not to listen
to personal stuff.
It's not right, you bug a man's home.
It's not right.
Mr. Castellano...
...I admit I've waited
a long time for this.
You've been arrested
on the charge of conspiracy...
...under the RICO act.
As have several of your colleagues.
You could spend the rest
of your natural life in prison.
Is there anything you'd like
to say to us now...
...before formal charges
are presented?
Don't I get a trial first?
Of course...
...just like any other citizen
of this country.
...l'm from Brooklyn.
I was born poor.
I'm not saying being poor means
you didn't have to live by the rules.
I hate that crybaby stuff.
I made my own choices.
Some promises a man makes carry more
weight than 100 Bibles full of law.
You live by those promises.
And if you don't,
you should be dead anyway.
So I got nothing to say.
So do what you gotta do.
We will, Mr. Castellano.
His attorneys have made bail.
Three million dollars.
We'll see you in court.
You know, you guys are worse
than we ever were.
We didn't do this to you,
Mr. Castellano.
You did.
I want to talk with that
greedy bastard, Gotti.
- All of this, triggered by him.
- Why meet?
If he knew his crew was dealing,
he blessed that.
If he knew about it, he goes.
End of story.
I promised Neil.
Paul, listen...
A promise to a dying friend.
What's more sacred?
Okay, we'll arrange a meet
through Di Cicco.
Plenty of security.
Someplace uptown Manhattan,
an upscale restaurant.
- Spark's Steak House.
- Set it up.
Look at that bridge, huh?
It's beautiful.
Looks the same.
You got no eyes.
That bridge has been here 100 years.
You see it?
Yeah. A bridge by any other name.
A bunch of iron bolted together.
Tommy, pull over
on the side of the road.
We still got to work out
the details of the meet.
There's plenty of time.
Tommy, just pull over on the side.
My uncle worked on this bridge.
He riveted his name
up high in the steel.
I asked him, I said,
"Who's gonna see it?"
He said, "Nobody.
God sees it."
I see you.
Not a bridge.
It's about this thing.
About leaving some reminder.
You lived, you were there, you tried.
You talk like a man already dead.
The next days and weeks
will decide that.
...go away with me.
We can go to Florida.
Or to Colombia.
We can go to my country.
You swore you'd never go back.
You'd do that for me?
And what would I do there?
It doesn't matter.
We would be together.
I can't.
What about us?
A man and a woman loving together.
We could do it.
As much as I want to, I can't.
This is my life.
This is where I took my stand
for my family.
Don't make me choose.
Well, you chose.
You chose me!
Be a man!
A man without all those animals
waiting for you, watching you.
Love me.
Be with me.
People are counting on me.
Their lives depend on what I do.
Fifty bucks! That police sticker
ain't good for nothing.
Tommy, we could have been towed.
Relax, it's Christmastime.
Yeah, merry Christmas.
All right, let's go.
In my life, I've commited
"many evil acts, Father".
"So many".
From the misery of others, Father...
...l've made millions of dollars.
They call me the Boss of Bosses.
And yet you could not
boss your own heart.
Oh, Paulie.
Brightest of all my children.
Satan seduced you...
...and I was too weak to stop it.
Are you remorseful?
I have dreams.
Very bad dreams.
For your sins, my son...
...make an act of contrition.
I wish it was that easy, Father.
Say a prayer and make it all go away.