Bostonian (2015) Movie Script

Tragedy has struck the hub again
as a south Boston woman
was attacked at her home
earlier tonight.
Police believe that she is the
latest victim of the so-called
Bostonian serial killer.
The latest attack is the tenth
in a string of killings
dating back
from October of 2012.
All the victims have been women
between the ages of 35 and 52
living in higher-end
areas of the city
such as back bay, the south end,
and last night, the city
point section of south Boston,
which has seen...
I know what you like.
My big boy.
All of the victims were
home alone at the time of the attack
and had their throat slashed
with a medium-sized blade.
The assailant was
able to gain entry
into all of these residences
with relative ease
and lay in wait for these women.
He seemed to know
their routine, lifestyle,
and whether or not
she lived alone.
All but two of the victims
did indeed live alone.
And in the other two cases,
the spouse was away on business.
Both men have been
ruled out as suspects.
We believe this guy
is either unemployed or homeless,
or for some reason has an ax
to grind against wealthy women.
No pun intended.
The WQBs team spoke
with captain Michael Donovan
of the Boston police
about the case.
We're looking at
the possibility that, in a way,
these were financially
motivated attacks,
not robberies or the like, just,
to put it in simple terms,
Maybe a case of
the have and have-nots
and the have-nots went too far.
There was no sexual aspects
of the crimes and all.
These women were all wealthy
and powerful, attractive.
And a lot of men
don't like that.
Profile is an angry white
or Hispanic male,
20 to 40, working class.
The killer left no prints,
fibers, or any other evidence
of his or her presence,
save the corpse.
Though tragic, police believe
this latest attack
may improve
the Bostonian's undoing
as they report two major errors
were made by the killer.
I'm just saying this guy
has been doing so good for so long
he got sloppy.
Police will not go into details
to what these mistakes
might be. How...
It was too dark.
I was too quick.
Hey, you know
what a night owl I am.
See you later.
I already went over this
with detective Burke.
Well, let's go over it again.
It might trigger something.
This is important, Dan.
You can stop this guy.
Well, my girlfriend broke up
with me that night over dinner.
So, I left after that,
about 8:30.
I took the bus and it's
about a ten-minute walk
from the bus stop
to my house here.
And Ms. Kerstas's
house is between
your house and the bus stop?
Why were you so interested
in her house, anyway?
I mean, it's dark, it's raining,
why would you be
standing out there?
I just saw her looking
out the window.
Yeah? So?
I kind of had a crush on her.
I mean, for an older woman,
she was really attractive
and I just...
No problem with that.
When I was 36, I got divorced.
I started tapping this
57-year-old lady for awhile.
You know, she kept
herself tight.
I figured, why not?
That's what they say these days.
Dan, continue, please.
Anyway, I saw her looking
out of the window,
so I stopped and looked up.
And I knew that the back door
to her building was on
the side of her house,
and I thought I saw a movement.
Only, it didn't
look like someone
was just opening the door.
It's like they were having
trouble with it, you know.
And he was fiddling...
You knew it was a guy?
He was tall, pretty broad.
The figure just seemed
manly, you know.
He was wearing all black,
but I managed to see his face
for a split second
in the stairwell light.
And he was white, but...
I tried to warn
Ms. Kerstas.
I went up and I
pounded on her door,
but she wouldn't let me in.
I knew something was wrong,
especially with a serial killer
running around like that.
So, I went back to my apartment,
got a baseball bat, came back.
And when I finally broke
through and broke in,
I saw him ran out the back.
And that's when
I saw her like that.
So, that's it?
Okay, Dan.
If you think of anything else,
you just give us a call.
Yup. We're all done.
We're all set here.
Thank you for your help.
No, you can't leave.
Are you kidding me?
You're not going anywhere.
Hi, Katie.
Hey, dad.
Hey, I just wanna say thank you
for switching days and,
you know, for the...
For the nice dinner.
I'm really not cool
with you paying.
I make, like, three times
as much money as you, dad.
I know that.
I'm not really proud of that.
And sorry,
I had to cut it short.
No, it's okay.
I'm sorry. I'm gonna reschedule.
What, you have a hot date?
Would you really
wanna know if I did?
All right. Look,
I have to get going.
I just have to get going.
You're going out again?
Just have to go out, all right?
Mystery drink partner?
All right, I love you.
Talk to you later.
All right.
Love you too, Katie.
The guy is practically
a fucking party girl.
Hey, Boston police, asshole.
You got me, officer.
- Good evening.
- Hey.
Hey, sorry about the change.
Not a problem.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah, I just had
dinner with a friend.
We have dinner
every other Thursday
and we had to reschedule.
Quite the social butterfly.
Drinks with me every week,
dinner every other Thursday,
all you need is a lady friend
and your calendars.
Something to drink, sir?
Oh, yes, what he's having.
Woodford reserve.
The thing is that the scum
of Boston is filling up
my calendar again,
my wealthy friend.
And with all the free
dinners and drinks
from you and from her,
I'm in the black.
So, a woman would
only mess up my cash flow.
Listen, Sean, I know a couple of
widowed and divorced
ladies from my circle
who would love to spend time
with a worldly gentleman
of character.
For a change.
Yeah, and what about me?
Oh, you got me, Sean!
I heard about
last night's attack.
Just terrible.
You still on the case?
The woman had just come back
from her father's funeral.
Oh, Jesus.
Jesus fucking Christ, is right.
The news said
two things were different.
Yeah, I can't say,
but believe me...
We got him this time.
Because this time,
the stupid bastard
really fucked up.
You really fucked up this time.
- You really fucked up.
- You really fucked up.
You really fucked up.
Numbers don't match, marshal.
We need them for tomorrow.
Jenna, I don't even
know these files.
I wouldn't even know where
to begin how to format that.
Well, Robinson quit and you're
the most qualified person.
I'm your boss
and I'm telling you,
get it done,
make the numbers work.
You think I wanna be here
on a Saturday with you?
Look, marshal, if you can't...
I fucked up?
I fucked up?
Damn it!
Damn it!
Christ, I didn't fuck up!
Shit! I'm just gonna move
to fucking Pittsburgh.
I fucked up?
Son of a bitch.
I don't fuck up.
That's fucking ridiculous.
- Oh, Jesus, I'm...
- Jesus.
Oh, gee, lady, I'm sorry. Oh.
It's totally fine.
Are you okay?
Your phone okay?
I'm good. Thank you.
Listen, um, listen, uh,
my name is marshal.
Marshal with one l.
Hi, Katie.
Is that I-e or y?
Oh, I like that
spelling very much.
yeah, yeah
life is so crazy sometimes
so good, I hide
and I can explain to you
why I couldn't
and I never could...
Who knew? Heading out
just to, uh,
grab some ice cream and end up
having a drink with a guy.
Life is full of
pleasant surprises.
So, why were you in
such a hurry?
Well, it's been pretty
stressful at work,
I needed a long walk.
I wasn't paying attention.
I'm sorry about that.
It's okay.
Workaholic, huh?
Yeah, I guess.
I'm at Kappel, Roberts,
and Hollabaugh.
I like my work,
but it may be time to move on.
I could retire.
You must have done well, then.
Unfortunate circumstances,
marshal, but congratulations.
You're the best person
to replace Jenna.
How about you?
I do okay.
VP of human resources.
Uh, I don't love it.
Hell, I don't even like it,
but it pays the bills.
But I don't work enough
to have it as an excuse
for my non-existent
social life.
My father has more of a
social life than I do.
Oh, ha-ha.
No, I'm not kidding.
What's he do for work?
He's a cop.
Well past retirement.
You know, one of my
best friends is a cop.
Police work has
always fascinated me.
Always has.
We get together once a week
and I drill him with questions.
You know,
I think it's beginning
to annoy him.
People secretly love talking
about what they do,
especially cops.
He'll always say, you know,
"I don't wanna bring
my work home",
but an hour later
and a couple of drinks,
he's spilling his guts.
He and your mom
do up the town, much?
No, my mom died 10 years ago.
So good.
I got to go.
Oh, work?
Don't like heroes when
They make you feel like
you can't win
Oh, well, hey,
let me give you my card,
um, you know, if you're ever
looking for a job or
We didn't really try
I'm daring you to tell a lie
Give me your bedroom eyes
So if you slip
inside my heart
And tore the place apart
You really fucked up.
She was a rich slut anyway,
I could tell.
She would have left you
like your father left me.
Piece of shit.
At least he gave you your looks.
He was good for that.
God, he was gorgeous.
Those blue eyes.
You got those, too.
You're sweet though.
Not a fucking prick like he was.
My sweet boy.
Sit down, sweetie.
You'll never leave mommy.
Holy shit.
Marshal, I want you.
I wanna feel you inside me.
Kiss you.
I wanna kiss you.
- I wanna hold you.
- Hold you.
Touch you.
Watch your blue eyes
as you come inside me.
Come inside me.
Make my big, beautiful
boy feel good.
And you make mommy feel so good.
Give mommy a kiss
in a special place.
Make mommy feel so good.
Give mommy a kiss
in a special place.
Those blue eyes.
You feel so good inside me.
Touch you.
I want you.
I wanna feel you inside me.
Marshal, here.
How are you?
Listen, uh, Katie,
how would you like
an all-expense-paid trip
to Lorenzo's steakhouse?
Courtesy of your local marshal,
A.K.A. Me.
Uh, Saturday,
does that work for you?
That would be fabulous.
I'll meet you in the bar?
I'm looking forward to it.
Saturday at 8:00.
Right, right.
Great. Me, too.
Oh, I don't know.
Come, uh, make yourself at home.
Thank you again for dinner.
It was really good.
It was my pleasure.
Now, what can I get
you to drink?
Oh... Club soda?
Club soda it is.
Let me take that.
Thank you.
Nice place.
Very decorated.
Thank you, I think.
Part of the...
The benefits and drawbacks
of living alone,
I can do whatever I want
whenever I want,
but there's still no other voice
keeping me in check.
I kind of have
the opposite problem.
So, blue-collar,
even though I make money,
I never splurge.
My place is nice,
three-bedroom condo,
but it would be nice
to have someone say,
"go buy a painting,
it's okay."
You know,
I have 12 beautiful pieces
just sitting in storage.
I think we'd make a great pair.
I'm really glad you called.
I'm having a nice time.
Oh, don't mind me, marshal,
go on.
Are you okay?
Yeah, marshal,
you okay?
What's wrong?
She a little too thin for ya?
Too refined?
Too fucking fake?
Yeah, she's pretty.
But she got something
you can...?
Can she ever know
what you need...
Like I can...
My sweet boy?
What the fuck?
Hey, want some advice?
I wanna give it to you anyway.
You should take a chance.
I mean, if she's a couple
of years younger.
Who cares?
She dumped you
because you're too old?
Big deal. At least
you had it for awhile.
But if it sticks...
No, you... you can't go through
your whole fucking life
not doing anything.
"Better to have loved and lost,"
right, Sean?
Yeah, more or less.
I mean, what's worse,
uh, saying, "oh, the
relationship failed,"
and "woe is me"?
Or, "I'm not a fucking
all-time loser.
Who never felt anything."
Wise words, my friend.
It's just that...
Uh, oh, I've been under
a lot of stress
and I think I acted
strangely in front of that girl.
She probably wants you more.
Well, that's probably true.
Uh, hold on.
Yeah, Burke here.
Yeah. I'm in my car.
Yeah, yeah, Rosemont, 75.
Just up the street
from the scene.
Hmm, Bogle is good.
All right.
Sorry, business.
Not a problem.
Sicut parabus situs nobis.
Preserving the peace
is good, Sean.
It's been a while since I was
in the altar boy business,
but, uh, I'll take that to mean,
"bless me father
for I have sinned."
The witness is spooked.
Wants some protection
until we catch this guy.
So I'm gonna send in
a new guy tonight.
Oh, the killer?
Oh, no, I shouldn't have
said anything to you.
Sean, your secrets
are safe with me
as if you spoke them
to a dead man.
Well, I appreciate
being able to vent
to someone outside
the department.
Hey, marshal, what's with
the thousand-yard stare?
The girl.
Hey, got to go.
I'd wait a while
before I go in there.
You stay here, Dan.
I'm gonna go check this out.
Burke said you're gonna be
about 45 minutes late.
And here you are
15 minutes early.
I'm starting
to like you already.
Our witness is fine.
He's just playing
on his computer there.
So, guess I'll see you
in about twelve.
And, Dan, next time,
get the two percent milk, okay?
Detective McCarthy, is it?
Well, you can help
yourself to anything.
This must be tough
having all those cops
in your place.
I guess it's a waste.
I mean, I hardly saw the guy.
I'm sure he didn't
see me, either.
But if you guys just
wanna find a scapegoat
and have me say that he did it,
then that's fine with me.
Those cops?
I didn't see you.
I can't ID you.
Now you can.
Oh, shit!
Mr. Fausser?
Yes. Yes?
Sean Burke, Boston homicide.
You mind?
Have a seat.
Your co-worker?
Oh, you're aware.
Yes, I've heard all the chatter,
saw the police.
Doesn't take a detective,
you'll forgive the expression,
to figure it out.
No, it makes my job easier.
Saturday afternoon,
where were you?
Here! Until, uh, 3:00 pm.
Um, badge was swiped
at 2:48.
Working alone?
No, uh, Jenna was here.
She left,
wow, I'd say
an hour before me.
We were working
on the quarterlies.
Uh, listen, it's a little hard
to keep track of time
when you're putting
in a 65-hour work week.
The thing is,
her badge wasn't swiped.
Security guard
never saw her leave.
Jenna was a smoker.
They used to go down
the back stairwell,
prop open the fire door.
Well, she was found
on the side alley.
Looked like a mugging.
She was choked,
pockets gone through.
Oh, god.
She probably didn't even
have her purse with her.
I've seen worse.
But so early in the day.
Well, I wanna get
a statement from you,
cover all my bases.
Thanks for your time,
Mr. Fausser.
Thank you for
your time, marshal.
Uh, detective...?
I've gotta get
a drink after work.
And after all this and Jenna,
you know,
frankly I could just
use the company.
Police work
has always fascinated me.
Uh-uh, I don't know
about that.
I'm buying,
the good stuff.
Meet me downstairs at 7:00.
Sure, why not?
My hero,
twice today
you've come to my rescue.
The first time
was when you gave me
some stellar advice
on taking care of the ladies.
The second time
was this fabulous meal.
Thank you, Sean.
Well, you probably
bought me, what,
$5,000 worth of drinks
over the last few years?
And bursting pipes,
oh, that really sucks.
Indeed it does.
The entire building is flooded,
from my penthouse
down to the garage.
But thank god,
the Audi is okay.
Fancy-ass building.
Prestigious location,
but building mechanicals,
not so much.
Hold up, bad phone.
Yeah? Burke here.
Sergeant Burke, it's McCarthy.
Yeah, what's up?
The witness is dead.
I got there, like, 20 minutes
late, okay, and nobody's there.
I found the guy
and his throat's cut.
It's a fucking bloodbath, Sean.
I don't know what to do here.
Where the fuck is Bogle?
I don't know, he wasn't there.
I called his cell,
I called the station,
I called his house,
I can't find this Fuckin' guy.
Hang up the phone, Sean.
You got to get over here, Sean,
I don't know what to do.
Should I call
crime scene or what?
When I killed Jenna,
it was the one moment of peace.
You were a true friend.
My only friend.
Sicut parabus situs nobis.
Katie is so special.
No, marshal.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
A Boston detective was
gunned down in his home last night,
shot to death
with his own firearm.
Police are not releasing
the identity of the detective,
as he was part
of an ongoing investigation
and it is believed his death
is related to that inquiry.
No evidence of break-in
was apparent
and authorities believe
the fallen hero
may have known his attacker.
Hello, Katie.
I was thinking about you.
How are you?
Oh, marshal.
Hello, Katie?
Marshal, are you busy?
No, is there anything wrong?
Can we get a cup
of coffee or something?
Some place quiet.
Of course.
So, tell me about your father.
I can't.
I never knew him.
Ugh, I'm sorry.
I guess that's worse.
My dad, he's a...
Was a good man,
not a good father.
I don't know.
Well, neither of us
ever walked in his shoes.
Oh, what?
Being a cop?
No, about being a parent.
Maybe being a cop parent.
I don't buy it.
I mean, they were kids,
they had parents, they had no...
I was always the glue
keeping them together.
When we were together, it was...
It was pleasant,
but it was never a lot.
I mean, he was always gone,
chasing bad guys.
And then it all went to shit
when I went to college.
My mother would call,
She was lonely,
the house was quiet,
and still,
all he did was work
and drink Whisky.
He could've retired.
I mean, they could've
traveled maybe...
You know,
from what I've seen,
being a cop is not just a job.
It's more like being
in a state of mind.
A bird doesn't retire
from being a bird.
Yeah, I guess.
I don't know.
My mother had a heart attack
and died in my junior
in college.
It took me a long time
to get over that,
to forgive him for that.
And now when things
are finally getting decent
with him and I, it just...
So, you never really knew
your father at all?
Mommy said he ran off
after I was born.
Said he didn't love her.
He was wealthy,
and handsome,
and he was married.
So, he ran off
and he moved his money around.
Back in those days,
it wasn't easy
for mommy to work the system,
but she was too lazy
to do anything about it anyway.
So tell me about her,
your mother.
She did her best, I suppose,
did what she knew.
She was lonely.
Different guys in and out,
no more than a few
months at a time.
It was just her
and me since the beginning.
The day after I left
for college,
she got drunk and high,
came to the beach,
and walked right into the surf.
She was found the next day,
She found peace,
The beach,
this is what I needed.
Sean was a good man.
Rich bitches.
That's what she was, marshal,
thinking they're better than me.
You oughta be happy
you're rid of that cunt.
I raised my kid alone,
no father,
no nannies,
no big fucking car.
And look at you,
you're refined.
You don't gotta be rich
to have taste and shit.
Don't gotta go off to college
in Vermont or some shit.
UMass Boston's fine,
maybe Suffolk.
Fucking NYU and Chicago,
that's where they go.
That's where they send
their faggot sons.
Look at you.
God, you're handsome.
Rich whores would be lucky
to have my boy
marry their slut daughters.
Lucky to get what I get.
That's about all he had.
The guy was always on the move.
Yeah, he was quite
the minimalist,
people and possessions.
Wait, his gun.
Don't you guys need this?
No, we're certain that
that was the murder weapon.
Ballistics was easy.
It was wiped clean so
it'd be useless even
if we had a suspect.
But I was able to get you this.
What? I asked you
for the case files.
I know, those are the summaries.
That's... that's all
I could get.
Well, Katie
I was suspended,
so, I'm damn lucky
I was able to get that.
Even if I wasn't,
there's no way I could get you
the entire case files.
Kappel, Roberts, and Hollabaugh.
What's that one?
Oh, a case he was working
on before the killer.
Another cold one.
Cold cases really burned him,
you know, being the best
closer on the force and all.
Did my father ever mention
having a friend
outside of the force?
No, but he wouldn't have.
Hell, we wouldn't
have known about you
if you hadn't totaled
his car in '99
or gotten that tattoo
freshman year.
God, he went ape-shit
over that one.
So wait, why were you suspended?
Well, I let in the guy
that might have killed
the witness.
Well, he said he was McCarthy.
Well, what did he look like?
Did you get a look at him?
I... I really didn't
pay attention.
It was night.
I was tired.
Get out.
Get out, you incompetent,
piece of shit.
Get out!
Write love songs
cool green grass
as the wind is passing
I'm feeling red letter
you can't turn
at 2:00 in the morning
It just started stirring
and I'm feeling red letter
I never thought
it could feel as easy
as drifting along
on a summer's breeze
that's how I feel
when you kiss me, baby
kiss me, baby
leaving gray sky
haven't we, baby?
Haven't we, baby?
Oh, you were a model,
so typical,
you, rich bitch model.
You think you're better
than them.
Leaving gray clouds
and the silver lining
and I'm in it for it all
And you can't
come in my world
Sick fucking bitch!
Shut the fuck up!
- Turn over.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Turn the fuck over!
- No!
You fuckin'...
No! What...
- No!
- Turn the fuck over.
Take your fucking pants down.
You, fucking, like beer?
It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.
Go back to bed.
Go back to bed.
Hey, do you have time
to talk today?
Thank you for meeting me.
Anything I can do to help.
Your dad was such
a huge inspiration for me.
He was a great cop,
a great man.
Well, you guys would know
better than I do.
What can I do, Katie?
I came to you because you
always seem like
you had more brains in your head
than the rest of the cops.
Maybe not so much more brains,
just less penis.
Did my dad ever mention
to you having any friends?
All right, well,
I met this guy, marshal,
from Kappel, Roberts,
and Hollabaugh.
So before these serial
killings, weeks before,
there was a employee
who was found mugged
and killed in an alley
outside Kappel Roberts.
Yeah, I remember.
Well, a marshal Fausser
was questioned
about the killings.
He was the last person
to see the woman alive.
Well, since then, my dad had
been meeting someone for drinks.
I don't know who, every week.
And this guy, marshal, I met.
Said he had a friend
who was a cop.
Whoever killed my dad
knew where the witness was.
They knew who was supposed
to relieve Bogle.
They knew when.
Marshal from Kappel, Roberts,
and Hollabaugh
was my dad's friend.
He killed my dad,
he killed the witness.
He is the Bostonian.
You wouldn't believe
the fucked up stories
he was telling me
about his mother.
He fits the bill
of a serial killer.
You have to look into this guy.
All right, all right, all right.
Did you sleep with this guy?
Are you kidding me?
You're seriously asking me that?
I mean.
Sounds like you're
a little bit burned.
It's really, kind of,
a stretch, Katie.
Can you really not
connect the dots here?
This is where it all started.
You're a detective,
how can you not see it?
What can I do, Katie?
I mean, even if I could,
I don't have enough on this guy
to even look
at him cross-eyed.
Really, I'm sorry.
All right.
Look, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna talk to a few
of the guys at the station
and get their take on it.
And just one thing.
I just need you to do one thing
for me, can you do that?
Lay down, sweetie.
I was 10 years old.
So are you gonna cum or not?
Don't feel bad.
I understand.
Two loads in my mouth
and one in my pussy.
Not bad for someone
over 21 years old.
Pretty impressive.
You know,
you're weird.
Fuck, I broke the fucking lock.
Get the fuck out
of the way, bitch.
Oh, my god.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Oh, Sean.
You would be proud.
Hey, Sergio, it's Cedra.
Listen, I'm checking out
an art space
for a client of mine
and, well, it's not gonna work.
It is way too industrial.
Way industrial,
but I thought of you.
I know you're looking
for a space
for your anti-Christmas-
retro-goth experience.
I'll text you the address
and the contact info, okay?
Is anyone else here?
The manager is upstairs.
That's it?
You're sure there's
no one else here?
God damn it.
I didn't know
Sean was your father.
Maybe mommy was there.
You killed him.
I didn't want to.
He would've figured it out
after the witness.
I have to get
that detective too,
I don't think the witness
could've I.D.'D me
But I've been too careless,
too arrogant this time.
I shouldn't have chosen her.
But she was so...
Marshal, do you
think your mother...
My mother made me feel good.
I know it wasn't
right, even then.
But I didn't know what to do.
It felt so good, Katie.
A good and beautiful woman...
You can't exist.
Someone to have a life with.
Marshal, you can get help,
honestly, you can.
I have so much stuff, Katie.
My apartment is in
the best part of town,
my car is beautiful.
I want to be with her so bad.
I'm the only one that she knew.
She was the only
one that I knew.
I... I just want
to be with her.
I know she's not right.
No, marshal, let me help you.
- Give me the gun.
- Oh, no, no.
I... I killed Sean.
I know.
I have a shirt
that costs $500,
cotton, plastic buttons.
A shirt.
Rich fucking whores,
thinking they're better than me.
Who are you?
I've filed the power
of attorney weeks ago
and my lawyer immediately
sent a draft over via courier
and we have the signed receipt.
Do you happen to know
who signed for the file?
I don't know,
some incompetent bitch.
I'm sorry,
I don't happen to have
that particular document
in your file.
You piece of shit.
My father is on his deathbed.
I'm his only child,
I take care of him,
and your incompetence
will not deprive me
of my estate.
And when this gets sorted out,
Kappel Roberts will not
be managing my funds
and you can expect
to hear from my...
life gets
so crazy sometimes
And so do I
and I can't explain to you
why I couldn't
and I'll never know
why I couldn't
keep you satisfied
but before we part ways, boy
I just got to know
does she love you
like I love you?
And does she kiss you
until you fall
asleep at night?
And does she tell you
all the things
that you wanna hear?
Does she
does she, does she
and why didn't I?
Well, life gets
so crazy sometimes
And so does love
and I'm trying to separate
my head
from my heart
but know you're
no good for me
Makes it no easier
to let you go
but it's a matter
of pride now
I just got to know
does she love you
like I loved you?
This will work.
Where is he?
I think he's up there.
Is he up there?
I heard him, you know.