Bottled with Love (2019) Movie Script

Oh, I used to wear them
to church.
I can see that.
Oh, how I love a wedding.
Mary Abigail, I can't believe
you brought work with you
to a wedding.
I didn't I just- I like
to be prepared so I-
it doesn't matter.
Listen, I told Scott that
I would meet him out here
so let's get you seated.
Um... hi, I'm Abbey
and this is my aunt, Francis.
Nice to meet you.
And um, there's gonna be uh, uh,
three of us on the groom's side
so if you could just
get her seated uh,
somewhere on an aisle,
maybe like four to six rows
from the front.
[together] And not behind
someone with a big hat.
See ya in there.
[message alert]
[message alert]
I think I'm burning up
in the summer sun
Your body glistening
My heart's on overdrive
I think I'm coming up
and it's just begun
I know you're listening
I see the stars align
A toast!
My wish is for each one of you
to find the love and happiness
that we found today.
A toast to love.
To love!
Wherever you are.
Don't look at me like that.
Well, it's his loss.
Yeah, that's what
everybody says,
but I'm the common denominator
in all of these break-ups.
I'm the one that's- that's
too cold and too closed off
and too judgemental.
Or too critical of herself.
Yes. Thank you.
You can add that to the list.
That's not what I mean.
I mean you've always been
so hard on yourself.
I mean, have you ever looked
in the mirror and say,
"Hey Abby, you're great"?
Well, you should.
In fact, I think you should
do what your father always did
when he was feeling discouraged.
When he and I were kids
he got into the habit
of writing himself
pep talk letters.
My dad?
Yeah. Pep talk letters.
Letters listing all the things
that he liked about himself.
Things that he knew the right
person would appreciate
about him when he fell in love.
My dad did this?
You seem surprised.
I am. He doesn't seem like
the romantic type.
Do you have paper in that office
you brought?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, why?
Well, just give it to me.
I want you to write a letter.
Open up your heart,
just be vulnerable.
Don't be nervous about it, it's
just you and a piece of paper.
Just don't think about it.
I don't... I- no.
Just don't think about it,
just write to the universe,
or to your love who is
out there somewhere.
Just write about your passions.
Your dreams.
Who you are.
Who you want.
Just let it all pour out.
And then I want you
to take that letter
and I want you to put it
in this bottle
and then I want you to throw
that bottle out in the water.
I want you to throw your whole
heart out into the world.
Oh, I mean, it's symbolic
but it'll be very,
very good for you.
Very good.
[jazz music plays softly]
Dear love, somewhere
out there...
This is so silly.
Do you ever feel unknown?
Like everyone has already
labelled you and filed you away
as complete without giving you
the chance to learn and grow?
I have a big heart.
I feel so much, but I've never
known how to show it.
I'm loyal and trustworthy.
I have a deep conscience.
I stole a pack of gum once
in the second grade
and I couldn't sleep for a wee.
I'm a good listener,
I'm great at my job,
and I love pancakes.
Pancakes will make me happy
any time.
But mostly, I want
something real.
I have the depth to walk throuh
real life struggle
and come out the other side
and I'm looking
for someone like that, too.
Flawed, but open.
Impossible to label
and file away.
I think we all deserve that,
don't we?
I'm willing to take the risk.
Come find me.
This is ridiculous.
Technically, I'm about
to pollute.
Abbey! Abbey!
Everson's going public.
So now is your chance
to impress Mr. Everson
and get that big promotion.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, Abbey hi.
Elaine mentioned you went to
a wedding at the Rowing Club
on the weekend
and we would love
your thoughts, please.
There was a mix-up
at our original venue
and we need to find a
replacement as soon as possible.
Oh, uh... yeah, sure.
Ok, let's see, Rowing Club.
Um... food was spectacular,
views were amazing.
The staff was well-trained,
everything seemed
really organized.
Decor was amazing.
I think it gets a big
thumbs up, Sophie.
Oh, fantastic. I'm going
to call them.
Yeah, sure.
See you.
So, how'd it go, introducing
Scott to your Aunt Francis?
Uh, it didn't.
He broke up with me instead.
Yeah, I was a mess
for the whole wedding.
And uh... somehow my
Aunt Francis convinced me
to write a letter to love.
And then, uh, put it
into a bottle.
I threw it out to sea.
I'm sorry, just give me-
just give me a minute to wrap
my head around that.
I blame the whole thing
on Aunt Francis.
And champagne.
But I have to say...
you know me, I mean,
I don't, like, open up a lot-
I mean, a lot.
Right, yeah.
It did feel really good
to be that open.
Sounds like you had a few things
bottled up there.
Oh, geez.
Well, it's all out there now.
In the bottom of Boston Harbour.
Where it shall remain.
I've made a ranking of all
our possible acquisitions.
The uh, green tab is all
the players and breakdowns.
Nice work, Abbey.
Thank you.
The blue tab is the schedule
of all the meetings.
Did we just say "meetings"?
I'm giving Abbey the job of
adding another money maker
to our portfolio
before we go public.
Oh, fine, but you are under
strict orders from your doctor
to cut your schedule in half.
I'm sorry, Abbey.
I know it would be helpful
to have dad with you
in some of those meetings
but he just can't do it.
Sophie's right.
I understand.
I would go with you, but uh,
between two product launches
and the wedding I'm so slammed.
No, don't worry about it.
You know, I know we don't have
a lot of time
but we have some great
companies lined up.
I can do this.
Thanks, Abbey.
I gotta take a look
at that schedule,
see what I can make.
I would love that.
It always helps to have
an Everson in the room.
You know, that Abbey
really is impressive.
I agree.
She's structured, focussed.
Would be a good influence
on your son.
He's floundering,
he is not focussed.
Is it wrong for me to want him
to have some stability?
Some roots?
Oh, of course not.
But that would involve
getting him back here.
He worked here for two years,
he did a terrific job,
then one day I get a postcard
from a salmon boat in Alaska.
He said he couldn't work
in an office anymore.
It wasn't him.
Dad, you can't exactly
fault him.
He makes his own money,
he sublets his place
when he's out of town,
and he has never once asked you
for a single thing.
He's not in his '20's anymore.
I was hoping he'd get whatever
it was out of his system by now.
Dad, I can't make a single one
of these meetings.
It would be nice to have
Nick back.
You know, maybe there is a way
we can get him back here.
He'd never go for it.
Every time I broach
the subject he bristles.
Yes, but that is always you
wanting him back here full time,
which is this big,
daunting commitment.
What if it was just something
for the short term?
Something just so he can get
his foot back in the door?
See if he might like it again?
Imagine that.
Who pollutes nowadays?
[phone ringing]
How're ya doing?
Well, if you walked
into my office right now
you would think I was
a wedding planner
not an executive VP
at Everson.
But aside from that I am great.
Kevin and I are really excited
about the wedding
and I just emailed you
the schedule,
but I'd sure love to see
you before then.
I'll be there for the wedding
and everything related.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
So dad's about to call
and ask you something
and I want you to say "yes".
I'm invoking full
bridal privilege.
As long as it has nothing
to do
with me coming back there
to work.
I already had that argument
with him enough times,
I'm not having it again.
It's not what you think.
It's just a short-term project.
No strings attached.
Yeah, somehow I doubt that.
The company's going public and
dad wants to make a big splash.
That sounds like dad.
Well, he's gotten it in his hed
to add this new acquisition
to the portfolio and it would
really help
to have an extra Everson
around helping out.
Nick, you know the business.
And it would give you a chance
to get to know Kevin better.
Ok, alright.
I guess I'm coming back
to Boston.
This is gonna be so great!
And it's just until the wedding.
Well... I love you.
I love you, too.
[phone ringing]
Hey. How are ya?
[message alert]
[message alert]
Here we go again.
Sue, can you tell Nick
we're waiting for him?
Yes sir.
(Nick) Yeah, yeah great seeing
you, as well.
We'll continue it in a minute.
-Hey, guys.
-Morning Nick.
Coffee upgrade, huh?
Look at that.
There he is.
There he is.
How're you doing, Nick?
Good to see you, dad.
You too.
Hi. Abbey Lawrence.
Hi, Abbey.
Nick. Everson.
You're late, Nick.
Oh, yeah.
Dad, you had no coffee mugs.
All I could find was this.
It looks like a preschooler's
art project.
That pottery class was a gift
from my Secret Santa.
Keep working on it.
I've asked Nick here to come and
help you with the acquisition.
Help- help- help
me- help- help- how?
With so much work tied
up in this and me being
less available,
plus wasn't it you who said
it can never hurt to have
an Everson in the room?
You said that?
I did say that.
I did say that.
So what company did you
come from?
I uh... I was in Brazil,
Alaska, Peru...
Is there- is there a particular
acquisitions company
that you worked for, or...?
Tuna Trawler?
Yes, that should be
very helpful.
Nick, Abbey is our top analyst
in acquisitions.
Our ace.
She has incredible taste,
laser focussed.
I think you can learn a lot
from her.
I think this is really
gonna work.
I don't get it.
I don't need help.
When was the last time I asked
for help on anything?
That would be never, sweetheart.
Yeah, exactly.
And when I said it would be nice
to have an Everson in the room
I meant Mr. Everson,
or Sophie.
Nick is the one that you
never see.
He's the Everson
that you hear about
never showing up for holidays.
He's not even gonna take
this seriously.
Maybe he'll surprise you.
No, he's gonna slow me down.
Like it or not, it looks like
you're gonna have to try
to make the best of this,
Mary Abigail.
I hate when you call me that.
You're right.
I mean, I have a promotion
coming up,
I have to find a way
to make it work.
I'm gonna set the tone
right away.
Dear Nick, attached you'll find
the research files
concerning our meeting tomorrow
with Kat and Charlie
of Kat and Charlie's Ice Cream.
Please read all files.
Look at this.
It's my newest beer creation.
Ranking out of five or ten?
Ten. Come on.
This is the best yet.
This is an eight and a half,
for sure.
I think I'm gonna retire.
Yeah, you could do that.
And move home.
Make beer.
That's a- that's a-
that's a great idea.
Oh yeah. Very great idea.
Hey, listen.
So... Abbey Lawrence.
I don't think she's exactly
thrilled about me being here.
How well do you know her?
Very well.
She's great.
Ok, well you know that I'm
pretty good at reading people,
and I think that I know exactly
who she is.
Controlling, and a nitpicker.
What does that make me then?
Ok, she is a professional
and she is smart
and we are very lucky
to have her.
[message alert]
You're entitled to your
own opinion.
Oh, look at this.
This is her right here.
"Dear Nick, attached you'll
find the research..."
Sending me a ridiculous amount
of files.
If we're to work together
I expect you
to be fully prepared
and up to speed.
"I expect you"?
What am I, 12?
-Nick, give her a chance, ok?
Dad is thrilled you're here
and I think this is gonna be
good for you.
Soph, I hate to say this
but when we're through
I'm going back.
Well, brother, I'm just glad
you're here.
Even if it's for a little while.
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
How'd you get in there?
Dear love, somewhere out there.
Do you ever feel unknown,
like everyone has already
labelled you
and filed you away as complete
without giving you
the chance to learn and grow?
I have a big heart.
I feel so much, but I've never
known how to show it
so it always seems like
I don't have a voice,
like I'm not here.
But I am here.
I'm loyal and trustworthy,
I have a deep conscience.
I stole a pack of gum once
in the second grade
and I couldn't sleep for a wee.
I'm a good listener,
I'm great at my job,
I do a mean impersonation of
a trumpet and I love pancakes.
Like, pancakes will make me
happy any time.
Yes, I want all the romance
of travel and stargazing,
night swimming.
That's nice.
I have the depth to walk throuh
real life struggle
and come out the other side
and I'm looking for someone
like that, too.
Flawed, but open.
Impossible to label
and file away.
I'm willing to take the risk.
Come find me.
ML Beantown.
She's here?
In Boston?
He just couldn't tell
a good joke.
Like he always missed
the punchline?
Yeah, absolutely.
[email alert]
Oh, it's probably Nick Everson
complaining about
the amount of work I sent him.
Reeltraveler, your message
in a bottle.
Oh no!
Someone found my letter.
A complete stranger found
my message in a bottle
and just emailed me.
You started this.
Well, just don't stand there.
This is exciting.
Open it.
Read it to me.
Ok, ok, ok, ok.
Dear ML Beantown,
I'm writing to tell you that I
found your message in a bottle.
You put your heart into this
letter and I wanted you to know
that both the letter
and the sentiments inside
are safe with me.
Well, that's not so bad.
That's kinda nice.
If you're interested
in exchanging a bottle
for the far more
conventional method
of an online chat,
I'm here and intrigued.
Oh, this is exciting!
What're you waiting for?
Write him back.
Write him back.
I'm not gonna write-
that could be any-
no, I'm not gonna
write anything.
That could be anybody.
Yes, it could, but it also
could be a somebody.
And I'm gonna leave you to it.
Dear Reeltraveler,
thank you for letting me know
that my letter is safe.
I'm a bit embarrassed,
I have to tell you the letter
was written after a weak moment
at a wedding.
[email alert]
[message alert]
Nothing to be embarrassed about,
I've had one or two
of those myself.
Wait, I'm the guy.
I'm supposed to be tough.
Was I supposed to admit that?
Oh, ok. You're a guy.
I found your openness
That's nice of you to say.
It would have been easy to
be judgemental or critical,
there's a lot of people
out there like that.
You can say that again.
ML Beantown, can
I go ahead and ask,
have you found someone yet?
What do you mean, you
didn't write him back?
It's a very personal question.
The man already knows
your most personal thoughts
because you put them
into a bottle and threw them
into the sea.
I know, I know.
But, you know, statistically
this is a person
who found a bottle,
so it's probably just like
a 90 year old ex-convict
from Poughkeepsie.
Forget statistics.
Something exciting
just happened to you.
Somebody found your message
and contacted you.
Please don't shut it down.
Just play it out.
Ok, alright, I will write
him back.
You just made some
90 year old ex-convict
in Poughkeepsie very happy.
I love this side of you.
We're supposed to be at Kat
and Charlie's in 30 minutes.
I'm kinda surprised I have
to come remind you.
You didn't.
I told you the meeting was
an hour earlier than it is
because you were late yesterday
and I didn't want to take
any chances.
Well, that's fun.
Is every meeting gonna be
like that?
So Kat and Charlie's
has a lot of potential,
they're a good fit
for the Everson brand.
The problem is they're
a relatively new business
so there's not a long history
of sales to bank on.
And not a long history
of sales to bank on.
Did you read the files
I sent you?
Enough of them.
Oh, come on.
Not a person in the world
could have read through
all the files you sent
in one night.
Follow my lead.
Follow my lead.
This is amazing, what
you guys have built here.
Did you know that you were
gonna get into ice cream
when you met each other?
To tell you the truth
we were just
a couple of grad students
having fun.
Suddenly our crazy flavours
caught on
and the whole thing
just took off.
We were surprised as anyone
by how it grew.
Don't get us wrong,
we have had a blast
in the last few years.
But neither one of us planned
on spending our lives
in the ice cream business.
Right this way.
Wow, look at this.
The financial records that
you asked for are all in here.
Thank you.
And here are some of our
top sellers for you to try.
Oh, thank you, Kelly.
Looks terrific.
Well, we will leave you to it
and if you have any questions
we will be at an employee event.
Thank you.
Yeah, let's try some ice cream.
No, we're not here
to try ice cream,
we're here to work.
You're not gonna try the product
of the company
you might acquire?
What if you don't like it?
It doesn't matter if I like it.
It matters if other people
like it.
Past sales.
Projected sales.
Operating costs.
Why don't we take
a walk around?
Meet some employees?
Get to know the place, you know?
Get a feel.
Ok, ok.
I think we probably have
very different ways
of going about this
so why don't you assess
the company the way
that you want to and I
will assess the company
the right way?
Right way?
Yeah, this is-
this is fun, guys.
Do you do this all the time?
This is great.
Ok, up next:
green tea wasabi swirl.
I don't know how I feel
about this one.
I can't-
We need some water.
Um, yeah, thank you.
That one- that one
has a big kick to it.
Ok, moving on.
Strawberry bourbon blast.
Oh, right.
Yeah, it's a Mardi Gras
in my mouth.
The winner of the $500 gift cad
and a limited run
of their flavour put into
production next month is...
strawberry bourbon blast.
Way to go, congratulations.
Let's hear it for our
guest judge!
Judging from what I saw, Kat
and Charlie's is too risky.
Their books show a major shift
in earnings
over the last quarter,
their financial projections
for next year are way off.
Judging from what I saw
they're inventive, fun,
they have great product,
and it's a company
that Everson Valley Farms
can really take places.
I like the idea of bringing a
youthful element to the brand.
Mr. Everson, my mission is
to find you a money maker.
A company that makes
this place
as strong as possible
before we go public-
They have-
This isn't it.
A delicious product.
That matters.
She didn't even taste it.
Books don't lie.
Nothing great comes
without a little risk.
Alright, this is
not a competition.
You both make valid points.
Cat and Charlie's seems like
a company to track
but for right now let's put it
on the back burner
and keep looking.
We need a real game changer
for our portfolio
that'll take us
to the next level.
Now, we don't have
the luxury of time here.
You two need to get
on the same page.
Hi. I'm just meeting a friend.
Looks like the weekend
came just in time.
You look exhausted.
Yeah, I am.
'Cause I'm working with someone
who's exhausting.
Yeah, let's buy a kitschy little
ice cream shop
and then guess who's left
holding the bag
when it doesn't
work out?
So the search continues
I assume?
I just feel like I got thrown
a real curve ball.
In fact, I gotta
nip this in the bud.
Anything from Reeltraveler?
Uh, no.
Not yet.
It's probably for the best.
[sends email]
[message alert]
Attached is all the data
from Monday's meeting
with Harbor Coffeeworks.
Please read all the files.
You gotta be kidding me.
You're relentless.
Why am I even here?
[message alert]
Wanna chat?
How was my
Better already.
[message sent]
Ugh. I have to.
Reeltraveler, I've told you
that I'm single.
May I assume that,
if you're writing me,
you are too?
Yes, I am single.
And in case you were wondering,
I'm 36.
He's 36.
He's 36.
Well, this just got interesting.
What are the odds?
Me too.
I know we're not sharing
too much about our location
or identities yet but I have
to ask...
Where did you find my letter?
I'm dying to know.
[message alert]
On a beach in Maine.
Go figure.
Why don't you tell me more
about yourself?
I just wanna hear
more about you.
Me too.
You first.
I don't know where to start.
I guess you could say
I'm someone
who hasn't quite figured out
where home is yet.
Home is Boston.
My parents had me when
they were older, though,
and now they're retired
and living on the other side of
the country, which I hate.
It makes me feel really
lonely sometimes.
But I'm lucky.
I have an aunt here in town
and I absolutely cherish her.
I have always wondered what it
would be like to have a sister.
I know I would have loved it.
I got lucky.
I have one and she's a gem.
What's been your favourite tri?
Fly fishing in Patagonia.
The aunt I told you about,
she took me to Paris
for a week after I graduated
from high school.
I'll never forget it.
I can knit.
My mom taught me.
I'm crazy about dogs.
It kills me not to have one.
But it doesn't make sense
for me to have one
right now.
I get it.
I can't wait to have one.
And I want it to be
an older dog.
When I see those
faces at a shelter,
the ones with the sprays
of white on their muzzles,
they're so beautiful.
I just know they have
a story to tell
and you could see how much they
would love to be loved again.
I can't believe it's Sunday
night already.
Talking to you has made
the weekend fly right by.
Honestly, the idea of going
to work tomorrow
doesn't exactly thrill me.
The project I'm
working on...
well, there's a co-worker
I'm having trouble with.
A real know-it-all.
Incredibly stubborn.
I know the type.
But if I were to be
truly honest,
my problem isn't
with my co-worker,
it's with my boss.
I want him to know
how much I respect him.
We just see things differently.
I can give advice but I'm
afraid it's going to be blunt.
Give it to me.
At the end of the day, you are
there to do the job at hand.
Are you getting it done?
Ask yourself have you really
given it your all?
If you have, then unfortunately
there's nothing more
that you can do, really.
But if not, then that's on you.
So, Reeltraveler, which is it?
So we just went back and forth
all weekend
and he's so easy to talk to.
I just feel like I can open
up to him, you know?
Good things happen when
you're willing to go for it.
[both laugh]
Well, I like the look of this.
I'm settling in.
I actually got some advice
from a friend over the weekend
and uh, I'm taking it.
It was someone I met, actually.
You met someone?
You have to tell me.
No, no, no.
I just- it's too early
to even say anything yet.
We're just emailing,
online chats, you know.
You're using the internet.
I know how to use the internet.
I haven't been living
in the woods that long.
Mmm, it's been a while.
It's just we... had this
instant connection.
She's open.
She's engaging.
She's passionate about things.
I like the sound of her already.
I actually stayed up half
the night working on this
Harbor Coffeeworks meeting
and today Abbey Lawrence
isn't gonna know what hit her.
Yeah, I'm even early.
You are, actually.
Speaking of which,
have- have you seen her?
I'm supposed to meet her
in the lobby.
Hey! Yeah.
I swear, I was on time.
I've been here for hours,
But I was in the office.
Oh, well, on time usually means
being in the agreed upon spot,
not just in the building.
Just tell me you're ready.
Harbor Coffeeworks is exactly
the kind of company
we're looking for.
Oh yeah, started small,
steady growth,
great numbers, they source
their beans exclusively
from a farm in Indonesia
that grows in volcanic soil.
I'm impressed.
You actually did
do your research.
But we're not the only game
in town
and we have to convince
Stan Tucker to sell to us.
No problem.
I will follow your lead.
We'll go straight, right?
The car's over here?
Thanks, Stan.
You got 'er.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Harbor Coffeeworks is built
off my impeccable taste
and good judgement.
I don't plan on letting
them go too easily.
After last week's article
in the Globe,
naming us hands down
the best coffee in Boston,
let's just say there's been
a lot of interest.
As well there should be,
but I would like to point out
that this meeting has been
on the books
for the last three months.
We saw what you had here well
before that article came out.
You did.
I like that.
But why should I sell over
to Everson so easily
and so early on?
Why don't I just sit back and
wait for the highest bidder?
Do you mind if I take this one,
Thank you.
[clears throat]
Stan, I did my research and I
know this all started with you
pushing a coffee cart around
a mall with your best friend,
Bernie Cranford.
And I also know that Bernie took
the investor that you found,
along with your original blend,
and he started Bernie's Brews.
But that didn't stop you.
No, I started over again on my
own and developed a new blend.
A better blend, and
I built all of this.
And now Harbor Coffeeworks
is Bernie's Brews number one
competitor in the north east.
That's why-
We can make you go national,
Our Aunt Betsy's Breakfast
Boutiques are opening up
in every major city
across the country.
Picture Bernie's face
when he gets off an airplane
in California and he sees Aunt
Betsy's Breakfast Boutiques
now featuring Boston's
Harbor Coffeeworks.
Keep talking.
You can sit here and wait
for offer after offer
because you've created
something special, Stan.
Or you can join the Everson
Valley Farms family
and have the future of Harbor
Coffeeworks start now.
Let's do this.
Ok, Stan.
This is gonna be
the best decision
that you have ever made.
Yeah, I hope so.
I- I can't help but notice,
I- it's a great photo.
Yeah, thank you very much.
Aw, that's very sweet.
Who doesn't like an
ugly sweater party, huh?
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
He's kidding.
I meant- yeah, no-
He has terrible taste.
Awfully- it looks like an
awfully expensive sweater.
It just looks very fancy.
It's like a very fancy sweater.
I just- she's got
beautiful long hair, too.
This meeting is over.
That was Stan Tucker.
The offer is officially
Sir, Stan is a temperamental
man and I think that
if we give him a little time
we could circle back.
We don't have time
to circle back.
The Harbor Coffeeworks
deal is dead.
How could I have known that
his wife had such bad taste?
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
You know how to do this, Nick.
Sir, actually Nick gave-
You don't need to explain,
Maybe my expectations
were too high.
Let's start over.
We really don't know anything
about each other
except I can see you have
some tension with your father.
Yeah, he wants me to follow
in his footsteps.
It's great for Soph,
she loves it.
But it's not you.
The Everson Valley Farms
that I fell in love with,
it wasn't a corporation.
It was my grandfather's farm,
you know?
A place I'd spend my summers
working outside with my hands.
I just... I don't speak his
language like you and Soph.
I wish- I wish I had
what you have.
You can just walk into a room
and be spontaneous.
You're so open.
I don't like to be spontaneous.
I don't know how.
I never would have guessed that.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm working on it.
Thank you.
Wanna be spontaneous right now?
Come on.
Hey, little buddy.
This was such a good idea.
Ah, dogs.
An instant mood changer.
If you could take home
one of these today
which one would you take?
I think I'd take this
one home right here.
You'd take an old dog?
I think everybody deserves
a second chance.
Don't you?
You know, at first I um...
I felt forced into this.
But helping grow
the family business,
it's important to me.
I think if we're gonna do this
let's go big.
Let's do it right.
I have an idea.
Wilmore Estates.
It's a cidery, orchard and inn
with huge possibilities
for expansion and the owner,
George Wilmore,
is notorious for refusing
to sell,
which is why I took it off the
list because we just don't have
enough time and I was trying
to be conservative.
But I have to be honest,
I've had my eye on this place
for years.
This place looks incredible.
I know.
It's the ultimate get,
but we'd have to rearrange
our whole schedule with all
the other prospects
but you're inspiring me.
I think we should go big.
Let's go for it.
[both laugh]
So um, here is a list of
all the other companies
we have meetings with.
You call them and I'll call
the Wilmore Estates.
You're looking upbeat.
I thought the meeting at Harbor
Coffeeworks went badly.
Oh, it did.
It tanked.
But we got our heads back
in the game
and now we're going
after something big.
Which makes me think...
why not go big in other areas
of my life, too?
Like with uh,
little miss internet?
Hi, this is Abbey Lawrence.
I'm calling from Everson Farms
and I'd like to make an
appointment with George Wilmore.
Yes, I can hold.
[email alert]
The project I've been working on
is here in Boston.
Should we meet?
This whole time he has been here
in Boston.
That's good.
I guess.
I mean, it's kinda weird.
I've been imagining this guy
I've been getting to know who's
great and he lives in Maine.
It's so much easier to open
up to somebody who's far away.
It's- it's like- It's safe.
A bit of a fantasy.
Trust me, sweetheart.
This is better.
This is exciting.
This is real.
Real is what I want.
Yes, let's meet.
Let's meet.
[message alert]
[message alert]
How's tomorrow?
Tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow.
Tomorrow it is.
Yes, I'd like to make a
reservation for tonight,
for 7:00.
For two people.
Name is Nick Everson.
Alright, thank you.
See you then.
How's 7:00 pm?
Just off Cook Street.
A little restaurant
called Luigi's.
Aw, I love that place.
Hey, before you go
on your big date
I need Abbey's list of companis
I have to call?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll...
The list?
Uh, one- one second.
Yeah- yeah.
[phone ringing]
Hi, Nick.
It's Abbey.
Uh, listen, I just wanna
make sure you had
that list of the companies
to call.
It needs to be done tonight.
Can you just give it to Sophie
and she'll do it?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm- I'm giving it to her right-
right now.
It's you.
Yes, it's me.
It's you.
Yes, it's me, Abbey.
The handwriting.
It's the same as the letter.
I don't know what's going on,
but I gotta go.
Nick, what is going on?
Why does Abbey have stationary
with the initials ML on it?
Her full name is
Mary Abigail Lawrence.
Abbey is ML Beantown.
Abbey is ML Beantown.
She's the one that
I've been emailing.
She's going to meet me at
the restaurant right now.
She knows me as Reeltraveler175.
It's too early.
It's gonna ruin everything!
This can't happen!
It's ok.
Just calm down.
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
This is what I do know.
I have never seen you
this happy before,
so whatever it takes to keep
this woman, do it.
Soph, I just... I need a minute
to process this right now.
[message alert]
Yeah, you don't have a minute.
[message alert]
Dear ML Beantown,
something's come up tonight
and I can't meet you.
My sincerest apologies.
I believe that there are more
layers to people
than we ever imagined.
Is this really Abbey?
Oh, I can't believe I just
left you standing there.
ML Beantown, I feel so terrible
about last night
and more than anything I want
to apologize and explain.
She blocked me.
I brought you a little coffee...
a doughnut with some sprinkles
on it.
That's... thoughtful.
Yeah, well you've been holed up
in here all morning,
I just wanted to make sure
you were ok.
Are you ok? You alright?
Yeah, fine. Thank you.
Oh, uh, you should know George
Wilmore passed on the meeting.
I couldn't really get past
the front office.
I don't know why I let myself
get distracted with it.
I'm sorry.
You know, you put yourself
out there and you-
you get your hopes up and then
you just get disappointed so...
um, this- this is
what we're gonna do.
Smith's Oatmeal.
It's a small company,
tiny actually,
but it fits with our brand
and we can sweep in
and just scoop them right up.
What happened to going big?
Uh, we don't have time
and I don't want to try
for something bigger and
then end up with nothing.
Are you giving up?
This may not be big enough
to wow your father
or warrant a promotion but it is
an addition to the portfolio.
It's something.
And that's better than nothing.
Owner of Wilmore Estates,
George Wilmore shares his five
favourite fishing spots.
His favourite being in his own
backyard at his cidery and inn.
I need you to go home.
Start prepping.
For what?
I'm picking you up early
tomorrow morning
and we're heading
to Wilmore Estates.
Bring an overnight bag
just in case.
I told you George Wilmore
doesn't want to sell.
It's impossible.
Oh, it's not that impossible.
I put my feelers out there,
spoke to a few friends,
and I was put in touch with
somebody who works for him.
Her name is Deirdre.
Deirdre who?
I'll have a whole bio written up
for you tomorrow,
you can read it in the car.
The whole point is, is we're
meeting her at 10:00
and then we're meeting him.
I can't believe
you got a meeting.
I couldn't even get in the door.
You know what?
Honestly, it doesn't matter
because Wilmore's gonna say no.
This is probably a huge
waste of time.
Ok, look.
I know we don't know
each other too well
and hopefully I'm not crossing
a line here
but you were all
dressed up yesterday
and today you're upset.
Did you have a bad date?
You guys are all the same.
You know, you see a woman upset
and you automatically assume
it's about a guy.
You know, it's not
always about you.
It's not about a guy?
It's... it is this time,
but it's just annoying
that you would assume that.
Well, you should forget
that guy.
Look, we have an opportunity
to meet George Wilmore.
The Abbey Lawrence that I know
would not walk away from that.
And read all the files, ok?
If we're gonna work together
I need you to be fully prepared
and up to speed.
Yeah, suddenly he's leading
the charge,
he's taking initiative, he's
actually got us this meeting.
Sounds like he has a lot more
going for him
than you first thought.
Yeah, I don't know.
If my experience
with Reeltraveler
is of any indication I'm not
a great judge of character.
You don't know for sure.
Something could have happened.
But you'll never know
because you blocked him.
Is this fancy cheese
or just mold?
Reeltraveler, I was hurt when
you didn't show up for our dat.
My first instinct
was to block you.
[message alert]
Well, I look forward to telling
you everything in person.
For now, please know that I
feel awful to have hurt you.
It's not that I didn't want
to see you,
it's just... I'm still
working it out.
Good morning.
Is Abbey-
No, no, no, no, no.
You're in the right place, Nick.
Come on.
Come right in.
H- Hi.
Hey, Aunt Francis.
What're you doing here?
Well, you gave me a key
last Christmas.
Did you sleep over?
The key was for emergencies.
This is an emergency.
I needed to check out the guy
that's taking my niece
on a road trip.
Well, I'm the guy.
Hi, I'm Nick Everson.
Oh no, please,
I'm a hugger.
Aunt Francis, I have heard
wonderful things.
Thank you.
I like him.
Ok, bye.
I mapped out our whole-
oh, thank you.
I mapped out our trip
on this travel app-
Oh, we're actually going
to make a stop on the way.
Oh, yeah, don't worry about it.
I've already arranged that
we're gonna meet Deirdre
an hour later.
I got it all worked out.
You're having a really difficult
time with this stop, aren't you?
No, I'm fine, I'm fine,
I like diners.
It's all fine.
I mean, I do like to know
what's going on.
I'm not sure why you didn't
just tell me we had a stop.
I could have planned that
but that's fine.
Um, you never told me who
this Dee- Deirdre- Deirdre.
It doesn't matter.
Who is she?
Trust me.
Trust me.
You just said that.
You said that a second ago
when you ordered for me.
You ordered a number two
on the menu,
which I don't even know
what that is-
It's the best thing
on the menu.
But I don't know
what it is.
No, it doesn't matter
if you know what it is.
How are you just gonna
steamroll over me
when you don't even
know what I like?
Thank you.
Oh, these look so good.
Maybe this wasn't such
a bad idea after all.
Oh, oh, that's beautiful.
Look how good that looks.
-Oh, man.
You know, I really do love to
get out of the city sometimes.
Did I tell you I have a thing
for pancakes?
Here are the keys to your rooms.
Let me know if there's
anything else we can help with.
Thank you so much, Deirdre,
I really appreciate it.
It's beautiful here.
Uh, uh, is that the-
that's not the Deirdre-
that's not our contact
that we're meeting, right?
She works for Wilmore,
and we just met her.
Here's your room key.
What about Wilmore?
There's no meeting with Wilmore,
is there?
I promise you we are
meeting Wilmore.
He just... doesn't know it yet.
I knew it!
I knew you couldn't get
a meeting that fast!
How could you just drag me
all the way out here?
You told me yourself,
you're not spontaneous.
If I would have told you that
we were driving up here
and just winging it
there's no way you would have
gotten in the car.
Just have a little faith,
Think of it as an adventure.
You're gonna need those.
What is- what is this?
Meet me in the lobby
in 20 minutes, ok?
What is this?
I hope there's a good reason
for this.
Well, if you're gonna
meet someone
it helps to know
where they're gonna be.
Ok, you coming?
l out here.
This could be it.
This is the third spot
we've tried.
Yeah, well the article said he
goes fishing on his property,
not where on his property.
Well, this is business,
that's what I told you,
we have to plan.
There he is.
Here's the plan.
We have no plan.
Oh, hey!
Didn't realize somebody else
was here.
Oh, it's mine.
-I'm Nick.
And this is Abbey.
Yeah, she lost the coin toss.
That's right.
Ok, but as soon as
you catch your fish
I want us to go out
to the orchards, right?
We're gonna go check it out.
Oh yeah, deal.
We're gonna go to a tasting,
I want to see all that.
Yeah, deal.
So, you're gonna keep
your elbow high,
don't break your wrist.
Not a lot of movement
in your wrist.
Hope we're not distracting you
too much.
No, it's fine,
I'm- I'm enjoying watching
the two of you, actually.
Pull it up, pull that line out.
Like flicking paint on a wall.
This is it?
This is so easy.
Alright, yeah.
That's pretty good.
It's not- it's not easy.
Yeah, you know, he's right.
It does take a lot of practise.
Oh, wait.
Oh my gosh!
-You do have something
- I totally have something!
-You do have something!
-I have a fish.
Lock your reel.
Lock your reel.
Oh my gosh!
Reel it in!
Oh gosh.
Look at that!
Look at the size of it!
It's a big one, too!
Talk about beginner's luck!
I never seen anything
like it!
I'm gonna set this guy free.
We caught a fish!
You caught your fish!
Ok, let's go.
You caught your fish.
I should catch a fish, too,
The deal was to catch
a fish and then-
We're already out here.
I want to go taste the cider.
Listen, you two.
Please, you're scaring
all the fish.
Just- just go to the cidery,
Sorry about that.
I- I'm George Wilmore.
If you promise to go
to the cidery
I'll take you both
on a personal tour
if you just go and let me fish
for an hour of peace and quiet.
Of cour-
Absolutely. Of course.
Gee. Thank you so much.
I'll see you in an hour.
Peace and quiet.
-Sorry. We're not even here.
-We're not here, yeah.
After the harvest we ferment
from anywhere form four weeks
to several months
depending on the type of cider.
We uh, keep the temperature
at a constant,
that's critical, and
if you come this way
I can show you
another little secret.
So we have two regular ciders
and five of the hard ciders,
but we're always changing
things up.
I look at cider making the way
wine makers approach wine.
Here's a few of our newer,
harder ciders if you care
for a taste.
Yes, absolutely.
Thank you.
Is that pineapple I'm tasting?
Oh, no.
I believe that's uh, orange,
Very perceptive.
Thank you so much.
I can't thank you enough
for taking the time
to show us around the property.
Actually, Mr. Wilmore,
we have something we would like
to talk with you about.
The two of you just enjoy
your time here.
We're having the cidery's 30th
anniversary party tonight
at the main house.
Our friends and employees
will all be there.
Let's talk then.
Yeah, that sounds great.
But first, let me show you
the orchard itself.
Right this way.
This is it.
This is amazing.
It reminds me a lot of
my grandparent's farm.
That was my favourite place
in the world.
You've built something
really special here,
Mr. Wilmore.
Oh, thank you.
Yes, I have.
And now I've got some business
to deal with
but you two enjoy the orchard.
Oh, we will.
Thank you for everything.
Yeah, thanks so much.
It's been my pleasure.
I'll see you two at the party
later tonight, alright?
Oh yeah.
Thank you.
You know, we're only an hour
from the city.
Families are coming here,
bringing their kids,
going apple picking...
Going for hay rides.
We can expand
on the fishing.
We could build cabins
for extended stays
and make this a wedding
The possibilities are endless.
Abbey, I mean...
you were right.
This place is special.
I need the uh,
the land evaluation.
Thank you.
Looks like we're
pretty well all set.
Now we just gotta
convince him.
I have been watching you here
and you seem different.
This place really brings
something out in you.
I think I'm a little
more relaxed.
It reminds me of a time
when Everson Valley Farms
was just a farm,
not a corporation.
Well, you keep surprising me.
You know, the other night um...
when I was upset,
I had a date and this guy
that I thought
I had a great connection with
just really let me down.
And then you, somebody
who I didn't really trust,
are coming through
all of a sudden.
You always do that.
Arrange things.
I do?
Oh, I do.
Yeah, you do.
And if you don't wanna
do something,
or you don't want
to go somewhere,
you have the funniest quirk.
You go...
Right there.
Right there?
Oh no.
Well, we should probably
get ready for the party.
Hey, that guy that let you down.
You gonna talk to him again?
I don't know.
I thought we had a really
great connection,
but I don't know.
Maybe it's time to give
somebody else a chance.
I think we should go.
[soft music playing]
You look absolutely beautiful.
Thank you.
Excuse me, everyone.
If I could have your attention,
If you could all just come in
a little closer, please.
I just want to say a few words.
30 years.
It's gone by in a flash.
But I loved every one
of those years
because I had my lovely wife,
Nancy, by my side.
Nancy and I met when I was
in the army
and she got assigned
to be my pen pal.
We wrote back and forth
for months on end
and before I knew it I had
fallen in love with someone
I had never met.
And just my luck she was
beautiful, too.
Tonight I'd like all of you
to know that you are our family
and you make our estate
feel like a home.
So I'd like to make a toast.
To my home.
To the Wilmore Estates and to
everyone that makes it special.
I've climbed
the Eiffel Tower
Do you want to dance?
Your shot.
Your chance.
Yeah, yeah.
Mr. Wilmore.
Abbey, I'm so glad you could
make it.
Would you care to dance?
I would love to.
It's a great party.
You and your wife are such
a lovely couple.
Oh, thank you.
I think you and Nick make a
pretty nice couple, yourselves.
Oh, oh we're not together.
That's funny,
that's not what I saw.
Um, about us, I actually wanted
to be honest with you
about why we're here.
Oh, I know why you're here.
I may have my secretary
refuse calls from all
acquisition people
but I still take a look
and see who's called.
So you knew who we are and
you still showed us around?
Well, you did
catch that big fish.
And the truth is I've always
promised my wife
I'd sell the place one day
and travel the world
but I just keep putting it off.
Maybe the two of you showing up
here on the 30th anniversary
is a sign.
Now, don't get your hopes up,
but I'll hear you out.
Ok. Oh...
Send any paperwork up
to the house tonight
and I'll look it over, alright?
Yes, I'll send it right away.
I'll see you both tomorrow
morning at 9:00 am sharp
in my office.
Thank you.
I've been to Rome
and Venice
To New York for golf
and tennis.
He had us pegged
for the entire time.
I know, I can't believe it.
But he still wants
to meet with us.
Thank you.
This is turning out to be
a really good adventure.
Well, thank you for being
willing to take the risk.
I uh... I should get back
to my room.
We have a really
big day tomorrow.
[message alert]
[message alert]
[pne rging]
Hey, did you by any chance
tell me the meeting
was an hour earlier
so I wouldn't be late?
Uh, I'll see you soon.
Oh, you're the best.
Ok, I break down the numbers,
wow him with the offer.
I represent the family,
give him the big brand pitch,
wow him with what he's going to
be handing his legacy off to.
We got this.
Oh yeah, we do.
Octoberfest cider,
Christmas cider-
Honey Valentine's Day cider.
I like that.
Uh, St. Patrick's Day cider.
What's that one you said?
Easter bunny.
The bunny cider!
The bunny cider. Yeah.
We can build the Wilmore brand
both locally and nationally.
In short Mr. Wilmore,
we see everything
that you've built here.
And we love all of it.
Well, my wife and I
have been going over
this offer all morning.
It's very impressive.
I want you to know that we
gave it serious consideration,
but the- the answer's
gonna be no.
Um, Mr. Wilmore, I understand
you may have hesitations...
you said you were willing
to sell
and this offer
is unbeatable.
It's an incredible offer.
Yes, it is.
And maybe who I end up
selling to won't be able
to offer me anything close
to this but uh,
I've realized that
the idea of
letting everything I've built
just get swallowed up
into a big corporation
makes me uncomfortable.
I'm sorry.
I like you both very much
but the answer's no.
I knew it was a long shot
but I really thought we were
going to pull it off.
I don't regret that we tried.
Yeah, me neither.
I guess we go back
to the office now,
head back to corporate
and leave this place.
You don't belong in corporate.
You belong in a place like this.
Your dad never said you had
to work in corporate,
he just wanted you to be a part
of what he built for his family.
You are a genius.
Come on!
Come in.
Mr. Wilmore, could we bother you
for one more moment
of your time?
Um... Mr. Wilmore, ever since
I got here this place,
it felt special to me.
It felt like... like home.
What if it was purchased
by Everson Valley Farms
but run by me, Nick Everson,
learning every detail
of the place from you?
Well, that would make selling
to a big corporation
feel different.
I'm gonna talk to my wife.
Hey sweetheart, can you come
in here for a moment?
Thank you!
I can't believe it?
We did it!
Talk about cutting it close
to the wire.
I can't wait to tell
your father!
It's gonna take him
a minute to digest,
the me running
the place part.
I think he's gonna love it.
We've got so many kinks
to iron out.
We've gotta get attorneys
involved- I'm just-
I'm so impressed with us.
Well done. We did it.
No, you did it.
This is... this is exactly
what I wanted.
I um... I need to tell
you something.
Why do you have my letter?
I found it, fishing in Maine.
I had- I had no idea
that this was you.
You're Reeltraveler?
That's not possible.
By the time that I knew
it was you it was too late,
you had already gone to meet me
at the restaurant.
Why didn't you show up?
Because it was too early.
We still had to work together.
So you just thought you'd hold
on to this
and then bring me on this trip-
this whole trip,
the whole time, you knew
to get me pancakes
'cause you knew
I loved pancakes-
You knew how to look at me
and tell me I was beautiful
the way that I wanted-
Yes, but you are beautiful.
I meant everything I said.
It- I would- it took me a while
to connect the person
that I knew from the letter to
the person I knew from work.
The stubborn know-it-all
who just made you dread
going into work every day.
Um, I'm- I'm glad that I could
help you find yourself
and this is mine.
I'm going to find my own
way home.
I... I still can't believe
Nick was Reeltraveler175.
And sitting right across
the hall.
I know.
And he had my letter
the whole time.
You know, there were times
when we were emailing
when I felt like this is it.
This guy gets me.
And then there were times
with Nick when I thought
something's... something's
really happening.
And now I don't know what
to trust or what to believe
and I don't feel like
any of it was real.
Of course it was real.
Well, I don't know.
I don't know if I'll ever know
that for sure.
I just... I really don't get him
not telling me,
and I feel like I got played.
I wanted to say
I'm proud of you.
Not only did you and Abbey
come through for me,
you brought us a place that lets
Everson Valley Farms
get back to its roots.
A place that reminds me
of where it all started.
That- that part was all Abbey,
She saw the fit.
She's been following what
Wilmore's been doing for years.
You've really found a place
for yourself here, too.
I think the thing I'm most proud
of is that you've always
stayed true to yourself,
even when it put us at odds.
That took guts.
I'm happy to have you back
in the business, son.
Thanks, Dad.
is that we triple strain.
[message alert]
Each one of these barrels holds
59 gallons,
and they're handcrafted,
made in Hungary.
Uh, summer 2014, we try
to do our best to...
Making pancakes.
Comfort food.
What's the matter?
What've you got there?
It's an invite to Kevin
and Sophie's wedding.
I just don't think I can go.
He's gonna be there, he's
part of the wedding party.
I want you to do something
for me.
Get your letter.
The message in a bottle?
It's right here.
Read me the end of the letter.
Tell me- tell me what it says.
I want something real.
I have the depth to walk through
real life struggle
and come out the other side
and I'm looking for someone
like that, too.
Flawed, but open.
Impossible to label
and file away.
I think we all deserve that,
don't we?
I'm willing to take the risk.
Come find me.
That letter is you.
Still believing in love.
Remember that.
And you're going to the wedding.
I am not allowing my niece
to hide from life.
[whispers] He's right there.
Ok, let's just go.
Don't look!
Do you, Kevin, take Sophie to be
your lawfully wedded wife,
to have and to hold from
this day forward for as long
as you both shall life?
I do.
And do you, Sophie,
take Kevin
to be your lawfully
wedded husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward
for as long as you
both shall live?
I do.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[cheering and applause]
Come on baby,
feel the serious groove
Get next to...
You doing ok?
It's just hard to be back here
where it all started.
Yeah, well you did it.
You're here.
I think it's time that
I exit gracefully, now.
Excuse me, miss.
This is for you.
Look to your right and follow
the candlelit path.
Dear Mary Abigail Lawrence.
I can't apologize enough.
You see, the more I've thought
about it
the more I realized just
how vulnerable you were.
The whole time you were
the one with your heart open,
exposed in a letter.
You were the one left standing,
And throughout everything
my heart was always safe.
So now it's my turn to make
myself vulnerable.
To put my heart
out into the world.
I love the Abbey who shines
at her job
and expects the same
from everyone else.
Who's never late.
I love the Abbey who takes
such good care of her aunt,
and the fact that pancakes
can make you so happy.
I even love that you are
terrible at making pottery.
I think you're beautiful,
inside and out.
I hate that I couldn't see rigt
away that you and ML Beantown
could be the same person,
and I can't begin to tell you
how much I miss that person.
All I can do is stand here and
tell you how much I love you
and ask that you forgive me,
and hopefully that
you love me as well.
I've never been inspired
to strive for something more
or be willing to learn and grow.
I don't want to run anymore.
I want something real.
And I even- I adopted a dog.
You got Archie.
I can't-
I can't believe it.
You opened your heart when you
sent that message in a bottle.
And now you've opened mine, too.
Oh, you know it's true,
I only want to be
with you,
Oh you know it's true,
I only want to be
with you,
[guests cheering]
[cheering and applause]