Boulevard (1994) Movie Script

Ah, I love you.
It's a girl.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.
Are you expecting someone?
N... no.
I'm Mrs. Braverly...
from social services.
Before we can complete this adoption,
your admission form states
that you are not married
and there is no father on record.
Sign where you see the "X," please.
Your baby will be placed
in a wonderful home.
Don't you worry. Thank you. -
Good luck.
Who among us can lay claim to purity?
Who among us can say
they have seen the garden of temptation
and turned their backs on it?
What's the next bus out?
The Toronto bus was due in ten minutes ago.
Is this enough?
Yeah, that's fine.
Hey, sweetheart! Hey, honey!
Ah! Ah!
Yeah. Yeah.
Ah! Ah!
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah.
Oh, baby.
Hey, hey, hey.
Not so rough.
- Maybe I ain't finished.
- Yeah? Well, it'll cost you.
Hey, sweetheart.
What're you lookin' at?
I know you two have not lost your mind.
You two get your fat Black ass off my spot!
Go on! Get away from here!
I told you, I'm serious!
Hey, baby, want a date?
Hey, honey.
You want a date?
- Hola, Miss Ola.
- Hey, Coco!
What's up, girl?
They just drivin' right by you tonight?
Did you forget to shave?
Did you?
You're just getting my leftovers, honey.
Mm-hm. -
Hey, there, crisp biscuit.
What you sittin' all alone there for, huh?
The night is cold, child. Don't you
want to get out of the cold? Come on.
You want a friend? I'll be your friend.
You hungry?
I don't bite, child.
Tell this girl, Lorraine. I don't bite.
What do you want with this trash?
Why don't you shut the fuck up?
Please, I'm so cold.
You and that stupid bitch
better stay off my track!
This is my shit. You got a problem with it,
we can go right here, right now.
Hassan says this ain't your corner no more,
Who the fuck is he?
He's gonna be suckin'
dick in jail in about five mins,
you junkie bitch!
You better step back, black girl...
What the fuck?
Ain't nobody fixin' Ola...
Bitch, you just back off,
you pimp-suckin' girls...
You have run off your mouth...
Don't you call me a ho. -
Take that fuckin' wig off your head.
Why don't you fuckin' chill?
What the fuck is up with this, ladies?
It's embarrassing.
You clockin' on me, bitch.
Go make me some change.
Go. Go ahead on.
I been here six years.
You ain't been here nothin' but six minutes.
I've seen a dozen tired-ass
pimps come and go.
Ain't one of them take my shit.
Not one of 'em.
You ain't gonna take it neither.
You walkin' into a world of darkness, bitch.
You're gonna walk into me one day real soon.
You're a real poet, Hassan.
And you're a funny girl... Hm?
You watch you don't get too funny.
What are you lookin' at? -
Coco, sister, look.
Hey, get up! Get up.
- She looks stoned.
- She looks dead.
Come on, get up.
Fuck it. Time is money. Come on, girl.
Come on! Get up!
Come on. The cops will think
I jumped you or something.
I'm so tired. Please...
Now get yourself to a shelter.
You're gonna get into a whole
lot of trouble out here.
- I'm sorry.
- Go on!
I got nowhere to go.
Not my problem.
Fuck it.
Guess I'm done for the night.
Taxi! Come on.
Come in.
It's cool here. -
It's just us. No surprises.
I'm too fuckin' tired to pull any tricks.
Take your coat off.
Stars that shine Up in the sky
The lovers' dreams That never died
Though you're blue
When the stars Create a stairway
Just for you
To hang your broken heart
Upon the blue moon She cries
For you
So you're...
You know you're sad
When the bad...
Are you hungry? Want something to eat?
So what's your story?
All right.
So who decided to make you a punching bag?
I always hoped...
that things would get better with him.
I had to go because I...
I couldn't have him hurt my baby...
Just not my baby girl.
Where is she?
I just gave her up for adoption.
But they told me
that I had 90 days to get her back.
And I'm gonna.
So who knocked you up?
What's the asshole's name?
Does dick-wad know where you are?
No. He would never imagine this.
I would never imagine this.
Me, neither.
I'm gonna go to sleep.
You can sleep on the sofa.
You should take a shower first,
'cause you stink.
Help me!
Have a nice trip.
Hey, buddy.
Have you seen this girl?
Well, what, is that a yes or a fucking no?
Have you seen her?
I don't know.
I think I had a girl like this through here.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. She paid me
in a whole pile of change.
Where did she go?
I think she took the express to Toronto,
if... if it's the same girl.
Okay, Miss Thing,
I ain't gonna kick you out right now.
And I ain't expectin' anyone, so don't
answer the phone or don't answer the door.
If you get sticky fingers,
I'll make dick-wad look like a holiday.
- You hear me?
- Mm-hm.
Here. I got my standards.
Don't mess with me.
I won't.
Pink's your color.
Get your ass out of the car.
- It's cold, ain't it?
- Give me the jacket.
Anybody here want a coat?
Oh, shit.
This is fine leather.
I wasted my money on this bitch.
Please... Come on.
I got a nice warm coat right here.
Please. I'm freezing. Please.
You skim on me, bitch,
I skim your ass right back.
Are you fuckin' listenin' to me?
- You okay?
- I'm out of here. I don't need this shit.
Yeah. Let's go.
I cleaned up a little bit.
I see.
I tried to stay awake, but...
I fell asleep.
Don't you get scared...
with all those different men?
I scare them more than they scare me.
I'm used to it.
I don't think I could do that.
Good, 'cause nobody's askin' you to.
Hoein' ain't for everyone.
I know. I...
Come here.
Come here.
Look at yourself.
You're young,
you're pretty.
Get a job,
go to school...
Just don't start.
What's that in your pocket, honey?
Walk that hard thing this way?
You are looking much better, girl.
So, what are you doing out?
Ola is showin' you the ropes?
I don't think Mama Ola would turn her out.
Lucky for us, girl.
There's too many young
things on this block already.
Hey, honey,
if you need any advice,
come to Coco.
I know two big-mouth hoes
who'd better shut the fuck up.
Let's go.
Good luck.
Back to church, Ola?
Smell her.
Hey, Ola, who's your friend?
Hey, Chester.
He likes them young.
Brown sugar scares him, though.
Is his name really Chester?
No, it's John.
Baby, how much you chargin' tonight, huh?
I don't know. How much you got?
I don't know, I think we got enough for her.
Better fuckin' let go of me!
Chocolate pussy, huh.
No! please!
Son of a fuckin' bitch!
- Give me my money!
- It's okay. Calm down. Calm down
Suck this, Hassan. We don't need your help.
- Slimy dog.
- No, really. Don't thank me.
Broke my fuckin' nose, man.
Maybe I'll put my money on her next time,
Get yourself a nose job.
- What y'all lookin' at?
- MAN: Hey, man. Nothin'.
Look, I... I'm sorry.
It's just sometimes I need a break.
You don't ride no more, bitch.
Come here.
Come on, Hassan, I...
I said I'm sorry.
Hey, boys.
You lookin' for some action, baby?
- I don't know. What's up?
- MAN: Fuckin' whore!
Like your mother, skeezy motherfucker!
Fuck this. I'm out of here.
You know,
I like a ho with a little bit of fire.
That's good for business,
you know what I'm sayin'?
But you steal from me, dig?
- I wasn't stealing.
- You said you steal from me, bitch.
And then you try to take off, huh?
Now I can't have people on the street
thinkin' they can fuck me over.
So you tell me somethin'.
You wanna try and run from me again?
I wasn't runnin' from you.
Then what you doin'
down at the fucking bus station
with a fuckin' ticket and a suitcase, huh?
I was just gonna see my
mama for a couple of days.
I don't wanna hear that shit!
Oh, man. He's always yellin' at some chick.
I said, "Are you gonna try
and run away from me again?"
That's right.
You're gonna remember this when
you look in the mirror, bitch.
Do you hear me?
Shit! See what happens?
Why the fuck did you make me do that?
Call the police!
Hold on, Lorraine.
Hold on, girl.
Somebody get help!
Don't die on me, girl.
Please don't die.
Just hold on.
Look, honey, you were there when she died.
I said I didn't see nothin'.
- I got it.
- Save it, McClaren. I already talked to homicide.
The least you could do is keep
these kids off the streets.
What about you? What're you doin'?
Wait, don't tell me.
You dropped a contact lens
and you were lookin' for it.
You didn't see a fuckin' thing, am I right?
Maybe my eyesight would get a lot better
if it made a fuckin' difference.
Tell it to the judge.
- Oh, man.
- I thought so.
I can't do a thing if
every time I come out here,
every chick gets amnesia
because she sees my fuckin' face.
It ain't amnesia we get, brother.
It's disgust.
You just do your job, and I'll do mine.
Hey, McClaren. Half price tonight, darlin'.
You pitch, I'll catch.
Fuck you, Coco.
Open up there, half pack.
Suck on that, baby.
Hassan approaches the green.
The motherfuckin' dog lady.
He line up his putt.
A hush fall over the crowd, see?
That's a shitty putt.
You're havin' a party.
You got the wrong fuckin' address.
You're pimpin'!
I'll bust ya for resistin'.
Sit down.
Ah, nice place.
You got a can?
Afraid not.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Little girl got killed right
outside here the other night.
Yeah, I heard.
You heard it happen...
or you heard about it?
Or maybe you're the one
that shoved her fuckin'
head through the glass.
What's up, McClaren,
A little birdie tellin' you stories?
He was with me.
We was up all night...
we was up a party at St. Catherine's.
What's your name again, mouth?
Tell the man.
See, I got a dozen folks stand up for me.
I got names, addresses, phone numbers.
Bring 'em with you when you
come to pick up your car,
'cause I had it towed.
Open a window in here.
This place smells like a fuckin' toilet.
Fuckin' asshole pig.
Give me some shit.
What the fuck do I pay you for, huh?
Motherfucker walked right in here.
Thanks, baby.
I don't do coke,
and I only drink when I'm at work.
You ever try it?
No. My parents are born again.
You know, my mom wasn't so bad.
She kept quiet.
But my father...
"Let me bear witness to your sins."
And he'd... he'd come into my room...
Then he'd do the laying on of hands...
all over my body.
Oh, let me heal you.
Oh, let me purify you.
The end of the world is comin'.
You know, Ola, it's really up to me now...
to save your soul.
It felt like he was here.
Oh, God,
I thought I could get away from him, but...
Shh! shh! shh! Calm down.
You're safe. You're safe. Shh!
We'll never let him hurt you again.
Raccoon waddles up to the
birdbath with a sugar cube,
He scrubs it, poof! It's gone... melts.
Goes through the whole box.
Just give me a second.
That's a dumb fuckin' animal.
He screws himself over and over again
and never gets the fuckin' message.
Gettin' screwed is what I do for a livin'.
So why don't you just
let me go back to work.
Can't keep your fuckin' mouth shut,
can you, girl?
Fuck you, Sheila, you stupid ho!
- You guys got secrets from me?
- No!
You got your residence papers?
Why you doin' this to me, McClaren?
Honey, cooperate with me.
Oh, man. I ain't gonna...
That's it. I've had it. -
I try to give you a break.
You're just tryin' to set me up!
Get her out of here.
Go bail 'em out.
I know how much it costs,
so you bring me the change.
Damn. Where is she?
What's up, crisp biscuit? Mm?
What's a pretty little girl like you doin'
sittin' all by herself?
Seems to me like you got a worried mind.
You got, you know,
dark clouds roaming around inside your head.
I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Hmm. What's wrong with just talking,
you know, talking like this?
Huh? We're just having a conversation.
Look, I really have to find Ola.
I'm sorry. You must not have heard.
Heard what?
See, Ola got busted.
But if, uh, if you want,
I could maybe take you downtown
and help you bail her out.
I don't think that that's such a good idea.
Well, you know, listening, it's up to you,
but I'm just offerin' my help.
I'm just trying to be a gentleman.
Here you go.
Look like your mind could use it.
No, thank you.
how much further is the police station?
Why don't you just relax, baby?
You know,
I think about you before I go to sleep.
You know that?
You a sweet, sweet child.
I should walk.
You know, it's a long way,
and it ain't safe.
Here, go on. Get off on that.
I don't got no cash on me for all this bail.
so I'm gonna have to make a stop.
I hope you don't mind.
Why don't you feel free?
It's beautiful.
Only as beautiful as the
eyes that are lookin' at it.
It can leave you cold, though.
I don't mind tellin'
you it gets lonely sometimes.
Nobody to share it with.
When do we go see Ola?
why are you always thinkin' about Ola?
Why don't you think about yourself?
You're a very special lady, you know.
You're a survivor.
I can see that in your eyes.
You got a fire, you know?
Oh, sweetie.
It's okay.
You see?
You see that?
You poor baby.
Now, who...
Who would ever hurt a
precious jewel like you?
See there? Don't that feel nice?
Wrap you up and keep you warm...
and take care of you.
I got you
Right where I want you
Where I want
Where I want
I got you
Right where I want you
That's right.
That's right.
You're mine.
You're mine now.
No! No!
Freaky bitch.
I realize it's about protection.
That's right sir.
I know that's what shelters are for.
That's the rules here.
Yeah, but, look, I'm... I'm her brother,
not her boyfriend.
I mean,
doesn't that make a difference to you people?
We don't give out information, period.
Look, I...
I just want to send her some flowers.
Confidentiality is what
makes the system work.
You have to understand that
the safety of our residents
is paramount...
Hey. Hey, honey.
Yeah? Same place?
Sister, I can't find Ola anywhere.
- Have you seen her?
- Don't worry.
McClaren sent her back to the States.
So what's it gonna be, honey?
What? Well, is she coming back?
I don't know.
Hey, baby!
Mother of my children.
- You win the lottery yet?
- Fuck you.
Are you still workin' for that shithead?
Are you stoned?
Ladies, the word for the night is rehab.
We ain't talkin' to you. Come on, Mona.
Your lipstick's all smeared.
Hey, baby.
Excuse me.
Hey, hey, hey.
You're a very pretty lady.
It's a dangerous neighborhood.
A hooker got her throat slit
right around the corner.
Yeah, I know.
You know?
Be careful.
Ola, you're back! You made it!
I can't breathe.
Girl, let go of me.
Where have you been?
You should have seen me
talking this trick into
driving me up here. Motherfucker was drunk.
Sixty-five. Had his hands all over my body.
Yo, get you're snatch here.
Oh, Lord.
But I made it.
And you're okay?
I missed you.
What did you do?
What do you mean?
Who'd you talk to, hang out with?
I was looking for you.
I asked everybody where you were.
Did he make a move on you?
I wouldn't let him touch me.
Listen, Ola...
I tried to find a job.
I need money.
I can't depend on you forever...
And I was hoping that
we could work together.
I don't know.
Go away.
I'm tired. I want to sleep on it.
So are you going to help me?
Okay. All right, baby, I'll help you.
Could you look under the sink
for my red polish, please?
I can't find it.
Keep looking.
It's all right, baby. I got it right here.
Come on, Hassan, hook me up, man.
I want to ride the ride.
How much you make today?
There ain't nothing but limp dick out there.
I ain't started yet.
Yeah, well, talk to me when you fuckin' do.
You got a fucking search warrant...
Get over there!
You want a fucking search warrant?
There, how's that? Spread 'em.
You're holding out on your chicks, man.
Lighten up, McClaren. I ain't that stupid.
What are you doing with this prick?
He's gonna kill you, too.
This is a tap on the shoulder, shithead.
I can pull quarter keys out
of your pocket anytime I want,
and there is no judge going
to ask where it came from.
Keep it up. My lawyer loves this shit.
Entrapment, harassment.
Fuck your lawyer.
I get a cock that'll walk
like you once a month,
and we flush every fucking
one of them down the toilet.
You got the life expectancy of a housefly.
And it's winter.
You ain't going to see spring, man.
Damn, baby. You all right?
Maybe we ought to get a new crib.
You still want that taste?
Yeah. Hook me up.
Well, then, relax me.
What do you mean?
"What do you mean?" Come on. Hm?
You're my number-one girl.
You know what to do.
That's it. -
That's it, bitch.
Ola, I've never looked this good.
Everything is extra.
Blow jobs are 50 bucks.
They want to touch your tits,
it's another 20.
Always get the money first.
Never get in the car with
more than two tricks.
If you get a bad feeling, listen to it.
There's always a trick
that won't use a skin.
Like we're waiting in line to get STDs here.
- Try it.
- STDs?
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Use your teeth.
Now suck.
It's dangerous out there.
So you got to watch your back.
I'm not always going to be there.
So you're going to need this.
I'm not going to need that, Ola.
I wouldn't know what to do with that thing.
Try it.
Like this.
If the cops catch you with it,
it's a felony.
So drop your bag and
act like it ain't yours.
Don't trust anybody...
except me.
Come on.
Are you all right?
- Ola?
- Yeah.
I made it.
Congratulations. Come on.
I made it, Ola.
Wait, wait, wait.
I need to get inside.
You think that's it?
- Uh-huh.
- No more?
I don't want you puking on my carpet.
All right! Nice legs.
Hey, sweetie, you look good!
Oh, shit. Here she comes.
Hassan thinks he can just drop his trash
anywhere he wants.
Sheila, what the fuck are you doing here?
About ten times the business you was, Ola.
I don't think so.
this ain't no place for an old ho like you.
Who you calling old?
Why don't you go get yourself pimp-slapped
before I pimp-slap you myself.
- Whoa.
- What are you, huh?
You ain't Black, and you ain't white.
You're nothing.
Fuck you!
I gonna mess you up.
Go on! Get the fuck out of here!
Get your tired asses out of here!
What are you looking at?
Hi, baby.
Hey, you want to take a ride?
Go. I'll be fine.
Fucking faggot!
Fucking freak!
What am I supposed to do?
She almost broke my nose.
How can I work like this?
Well, you use your mouth and not your nose,
Listen here, half-pint.
Go out, earn yourself a new fur coat.
Look at this shit.
Go ahead on.
Hey, it's the bobbit twins.
So sorry to disturb you.
What's up with this?
We need protection...
and we'd like to work for you.
It's my block, and they want to work for me.
Really, we could make good money for you.
Come on, this was a dumb idea.
What you got there, huh?
You're not men.
And you sure as shit ain't bitches.
You're freaks.
What the fuck am I supposed to do with you?
So sorry we took up your time.
Did I say you could leave?
Now here it is.
My cut is 75%.
Get your ass to work.
Hey, baby.
Yo, Ola. What's up?
You know that sweet chicken of yours?
She's good, you know?
I ain't had a piece like
that in a long time.
Not since Lorraine, anyway.
Yeah, she going to make me a lot of money.
If you touch her, I'll kill you.
You listen up.
She's already gone, baby,
and you're history.
You just walkin' around here
'cause I tolerate it.
You know, I'm not a violent man...
But I'll do what's necessary. You dig?
It's time you joined the family.
Ain't no more fuckin' around.
You okay?
Were you going to tell me about
you and that piece of shit?
I was with him once. -
You lying bitch.
I should have known. Oh...
I was looking for you, Ola.
He tricked me. I...
I'm sorry. I was scared.
Shit like you gets beat
because you're so fuckin' dumb.
Oh! Man.
No. He drugged me.
Get out of my face...
'cause I'm not gonna go down
for another fucked-up ho.
What're you saying?
Ola, don't just walk away from me!
I didn't tell you because I...
I didn't want to hurt you.
I trusted you...
and this is what I get.
Where's she at, huh?
It's a sad, sad thing to be all alone.
See? It's only a matter of time.
Ola can't protect you.
And I'm still here.
You motherfucker!
What's your problem?
Sick fucker.
Just... take her...
- and shoot her.
- Ola!
What the fuck are you doing?
What's wrong? Go.
Shut the fuck up.
Is this it?
What are you doing, giving it away?
I ain't runnin' no fuckin' charity.
Nobody move! Nobody move!
Freeze! Freeze!
Get down! All of you, down!
Get down now!
Get down...
Now! In! In!
So what are you gonna do?
My job. -
We got a witness.
No thanks to you. We got a Chinaman.
The guy can't even speak English.
His girlfriend talked him into
coming down and talking to us.
This prick is going down for Lorraine.
You've got nothing to be afraid of anymore.
Have you got anything to add to that?
- No.
- Come on, come on.
I never want to see this again.
Go home. Sleep it off.
Get the fuck outta here.
Get outta here!
What are you doing?
Making dinner.
Well, I want you to get out.
You're not being fair, you know.
Can't I make any mistakes?
I'm not here because I need
a place to stay anymore.
Look, Ola.
I know that you're scared.
Okay, I'm scared.
So let's just deal with it.
To my friend.
To my sister.
I am very sorry.
Don't say that!
I don't know how to do this.
I don't remember...
one moment of love.
Not one.
I love you.
Are you crying out day by day
and hearing no answer?
Do those around you mock you?
Do they hurl insults at you?
That one's for you, baby girl.
Oh, thank you. I'll take him.
Hey, handsome.
Whatcha lookin' for, huh?
This girl.
Seen her?
What's up, girl? Go on.
Go on.
Have you seen her?
Hey, hey. Hold up. Um...
I don't know.
Why don't we, uh, go somewhere, huh?
You could relax me...
maybe refresh my memory?
Come on.
You won't regret it.
What'll it be?
I want this girl.
What's the matter with you, huh?
I mean,
is she the only girl who can get you hot?
You know, if you give me a chance,
I'm sure that I could do much, much better.
- Oh!
- Shut your mouth, you stupid piece of trash!
Let go! You're hurting me!
Where is she?
Okay, okay.
Just relax.
That's Ola's whore. She works the strip.
No. No.
Liar! -
Goddamn fuckin' whore!
You are the whore!
Get out of the car, bitch.
Tested. The word for tonight is get tested.
What? Vice?
Hey, boys.
Yo, sister.
Ain't that the trick that picked up Debi?
I just heard his car.
Aw, chill. You got nothing to worry about.
It's okay.
No rhyme or reason
Come on, Denise, put them in.
My body's reelin
No rhyme or reason
To what I'm feeling for you
I don't look at you
'Cause I know you inside out...
I am soaked.
I want to go home and change.
I want to work the room a little bit.
Uhh, okay.
Come back and find me?
You gonna be okay?
I'll be fine.
I'll be here.
- Hurry back.
- Okay.
Can you send me a cab, please?
Half an hour?
No, no. Forget it. I'll just flag one.
No. No!
Don't! Get... get...
Shut up!
No, J-Rod! Aah!
Not a goddamn word!
Hey, can I get a drink?
Take my child from me...
- Aah!
- Mine! You are mine!
Yo! Sheila! Hold up!
I don't talk to snitches, Ola.
I just want to know if you saw Jennefer.
Hassan's out of jail, Ola.
If he sees you, you're dead.
What're you gonna do?
Aah! No! Don't! No!
If you run now, I'll kill you.
Oh, my God!
- See?
- No!
Shut up!
You're just like her.
You're all the same.
You like being a whore, don't you?
Now I'm gonna treat you like one.
Say it.
Say it. -
- Say that you love me!
- Okay.
Okay. I love you, J-Rod.
I love you.
No! No!
No, J-Rod!
No! You son of a bitch!
Please, Hassan, help me find the girl!
You know I can't find Debi by myself!
You're fuckin' useless like this.
I said I'd find her? Didn't I?
Now, get your ass upstairs. Fix yourself up.
I'll go out and find that half-pint ho.
Now, go!
Where is she?
Ola, you fuckin' cunt.
Talk to me!
Why don't you put that thing away, baby?
What have you done with her?
I don't know who you're talkin' about.
Don't fuck with me!
You want to fuck with me, bitch?
Get your ass out of the car.
- Oh, no!
- Motherfucker!
Oh! Oh!
Think you're safe from Hassan, huh, bitch?
Did you think I wouldn't get you?
That's the last thing you'll ever do,
you stupid ho!
Don't! Oh!
Oh! Oh!
Don't you think that's enough, Hassan? Stop!
What did you say?
Do you want some?
You want some, bitch? You shut the fuck up!
Get your ass in the car.
Sheila. Seen Ola?
She shouldn't have said nothin'.
I don't know why she
didn't keep her mouth shut.
What're you talking about?
Hassan got out of jail, and he...
Where is she?
Ola's in the hospital.
I can't find Debi.
Something's happened.
Ola, can you hear me?
You can't die, Ola, okay?
Please, Ola.
You promised me you'd never leave me.
My name's McClaren. I'm a cop.
I'm not after you.
I just want some answers.
Yeah. Yeah, so do I...
Like why the hell Hassan
had to do this to her!
Can you tell me? Why Ola?
Did he do that to you?
Were you there when that happened?
She looks like she got
hit by a freight train.
Was she trying to protect you or something?
Oh, God.
She probably thought he had me.
Did he?
The bastard.
Don't worry, Ola.
He won't get away with this.
That bastard. He won't get away with this.
I don't want to do this no more, Hassan.
I want out.
There is no out, bitch.
Sheila, run away from him! Now!
Hey. Baby, come on.
We can talk this thing out.
Shut up!
Why did you have to hurt her, Hassan?
Why don't you just,
you know, put the gun away?
Don't move!
Get down on your knees now!
Do it!
Get on your fuckin' knees!
You put that gun down. Put it down!
Put it down. That's it.
Don't fuckin' listen to her.
- Stop shooting me!
- Don't fuckin' move!
You fuckin' idiot! help me!
Kick it over here!
Oh, Hassan...
Son of a bitch!
You get outta here!
Go on!
Sheila, go. Go, girl.
Son of a bitch.
I'll fuckin' cut you, bitch.
I swear, you just got lucky.
I was so scared, Ola.
I love you.
Hey, I'm sorry, you can't go in there.
We only allow one visitor at a time.
Someone's already in there.
but I just wanna see her for two seconds.
I'm afraid you'll have to wait.
Please! Is she going to be all right?
Now, we got to clear the air.
We got to cut through all the bullshit.
Find the chart. Try to get me a pulse.
Bad night.
Me, too.
You stay put.
Hassan is in emergency getting
bullets taken out of his legs.
You know anything about that?
Before I interrogate the prick,
where are you going?
I'm going home.
Where's that?
Far away.
I'm going to miss her.
I will, too.
You going to be all right?
I'll be fine.