Bound (1996) Movie Script

I had
this image of you...
inside of me,
like a part of me.
You planned
this whole thing.
We make our own choices.
We pay our own prices.
5 years is a long time.
Where's the fucking money?
- All part of the business.
- All part of the business.
- You made a choice once.
- What choice?
I want out.
Like a part of me.
Hold the elevator.
Yeah. I looked over
everything, sir,
and I don't think there
should be any problems.
Yes, sir. I ordered the vanity,
and I looked at the tub.
I'm pretty sure
we could rout it out.
Yeah. I'll start everything
first thing tomorrow.
Thanks again for this
opportunity, Mr Bianchinni.
Hi. My name's Violet.
We sort of met on the elevator.
- I'm Corky.
- Corky.
Well, I heard you
working in here,
and I was wondering
if you'd like a cup of coffee.
Come on in.
- Just give me a second.
- All right.
So, what happened to Rajeev?
He went back home
to India or someplace,
but I think he'll be back.
So, it's just a
temporary situation for you?
Yeah. Pretty much.
You know, one day at a time.
Hmm. I guessed you were
straight black.
- Good guess. Thanks.
- My pleasure.
To be perfectly honest,
I did have an ulterior motive.
I was wondering if I might
ask you a little favour.
- Favour?
- Yeah.
I'm kind of a night person,
and I was wondering if you
might wait a little bit
before you start
using the power tools.
- Uh, sorry.
- Oh, no, it's not your fault.
It's just the walls here
are so terribly thin.
It's like you're
in the same room.
If it's too much
trouble, I understand.
No. It's no trouble at all.
I got a lot of stuff to do here.
You doing all the work yourself?
- Mmm.
- That is so amazing.
I am so in awe of people
who can fix things.
My dad was like that.
We never had anything new.
Whenever anything was broken,
he would just open it up,
tinker with it
a little bit and fix it.
His hands were magic.
I'll bet your car
is 20 years old.
- Truck.
- Truck? Of course.
- '63 Chevy.
- I knew it.
Well, I guess I should be going.
You can drop the cup off
at any time.
My pleasure.
Well, well.
It's been a long time, Cork.
5 years, 2 months, and 16 days.
- How you doing, Sue?
- Like shit.
Well, now that we're all caught
up, can I buy you a drink?
Welcome home.
- So, did you get the job yet?
- Yeah.
Some plumbing,
painting, and shit.
I mean a j-o-b, a real job.
Nope. Not for me, Sue.
I'm just here to get laid.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Hey, Jesse,
what's happening here?
- Wait. I know you.
- I don't think so.
I didn't know you were out.
When you get tired of
Cagney and Lacey, find me.
# Nice and slow,
night and day
#When you stop to think
it just gets in the way
#And there's not
a single soul among us... #
Hey, Mr Bianchinni.
Yeah, everything's
going just fine.
Yeah. I got the tub drain
all cleaned out.
What apartment?
Oh, no.
Shit. I didn't know
he would call you.
You must think
I'm a total nuisance.
Not exactly.
Sorry, I'd usually call Rajeev,
but I didn't know what to do,
- so I called Mr Bianchinni.
- He said you lost something?
Yeah. Come on in.
I was doing the dishes, and
just as I pulled the stopper,
my earring fell in.
That's why I got upset.
It's one of my favourites.
You got a pot or a bucket?
Did you find it?
Oh, my God. I can't believe it.
I can't thank you enough.
You have to let me
pay you something.
- No.
- No?
I told Bianchinni
I'd do it. I did it.
Well, if you won't take money,
how about a drink?
You can't work all night.
All right.
- One drink.
- What would you like?
- Beer.
- Beer. Of course.
Sit down.
- Thanks.
- You seem uncomfortable.
- Do I make you nervous, Corky?
- No.
- Thirsty, maybe.
- Curious, maybe.
That's funny.
I'm feeling a little bit
curious myself.
That's a great tattoo.
Beautiful labarus.
Are you surprised
I know what it is?
I have a tattoo.
Would you like to see it?
A woman in upstate New York
did it for me.
Do you like it?
Took her all day to do it.
She promised
it wouldn't hurt, but...
it was sore
for a long time after.
I couldn't even touch it.
But now I love
the way it feels.
Touch it.
- What are you doing?
- Isn't it obvious?
I'm trying to seduce you.
- Why?
- Because I want to.
I've wanted to ever since
I saw you in the elevator.
I know you don't believe me,
but I can prove it to you.
You can't believe
what you'd see?
Can you believe... what you feel?
I've been thinking
about you all day.
You planned this whole thing.
You dropped that earring down
the sink on purpose, didn't you?
If I say yes,
will you take your hand away?
- No.
- Yes.
Please, Corky. Please.
Kiss me.
Oh, fuck!
Violet! Vi, are you home?
Yeah, I'm right here, Cea.
What's this?
What the fuck is this?
I didn't expect...
What the fuck is...
Corky, this is Caesar.
Caesar... Corky.
I thought...
Fucking dark in here.
Corky's doing some work
for Mr Bianchinni.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Right.
Don mentioned that to me.
Uh... Im sorry.
Hi. Welcome to the family.
So, uh, you're working
with Rajeev, right?
No. Rajeev's in India.
- She's doing the work herself.
- No shit.
Bianchinni hired you. You
must be good with your hands.
- He's a good friend.
- That's what Violet says.
Family, really.
- So, when did you get out?
- Jesus, Caesar.
What? It ain't
no big fucking deal.
I know who Don hires.
You know, he did time himself.
13 fucking years.
What did you do?
- 5.
- 5. That's not bad.
What for?
None of your
goddamn business, Caesar.
Right. It's none
of my goddamn business.
You don't have to tell me.
Look, it's just...
I want you to understand
one thing, all right?
You're amongst good people here.
Come on. Come on.
If you understand what I'm
talking about, you'll take it.
If you don't, then I'm
gonna have to worry about you.
Good. I hate to worry.
I got ulcers.
- I should be going.
- Why?
Nah. Stick around.
Get her a drink.
No. I got to go
clean out my brushes.
Another time.
Right. Another time.
Corky, Corky.
What are you doing?
- I had to see you.
- Look...
I don't think
this is a good idea.
- I wanted to apologise.
- Oh, please, don't apologise.
I can't stand women
who apologise for wanting sex.
I'm not apologising
for what I did.
I'm apologising
for what I didn't do.
You have a bed somewhere?
I can see again.
I needed that.
- So Caesar's Mafia, huh?
- You have to ask?
- No.
- Funny.
Nobody really calls
it that anymore.
Caesar just calls it
"The Business".
- How d'you meet him?
- Took over a club I worked at.
Caesar managed it.
- He's a launderer?
- Basically.
- How long you been with him?
- About 5 years.
- 5 years is a long time.
- Yes, it is.
- The redistribution of wealth.
- Excuse me?
That's what you wanted to know,
isn't it? What I did time for?
The redistribution of wealth?
That's what I tell someone
I'm trying to get in my bed.
But I'm already in your bed.
My cellmate would say she did
her time for getting caught.
She was always
a lot more honest than me.
You didn't have to tell me
if you didn't want to.
I guess I wanted to.
- I'm glad you did.
- So am I.
# Let me tell you
about a girl I know
# She's my baby
and she lives next door
# Every morning
before the sun comes up
# She brings my coffee
in my favourite cup
# That's why I know... #
You think I don't know
that he's gone?
Come on. Just...
I have to leave tonight.
Come on. Don't make
me beg, Violet.
Oh, come... 2 Minutes. Da-dink.
You look great.
I had this image of you...
inside of me,
like a part of me.
You are so beautiful.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Yes, there is.
You didn't want
to see me, did you?
If there's one thing I can't
stand about sleeping with women,
it's all the fucking
mind reading.
I don't understand.
I know.
Violet, that's because
you can't understand.
We're different.
We're not that different, Corky.
Ahh, let's see.
This is the part
where you tell me
what matters is on the inside,
and that inside of you,
there's a little dyke
just like me.
No, she's nothing like you.
She's a whole lot
smarter than you are.
Is that what
her daddy tells her?
I know what I am.
I don't have to have it
tattooed on my shoulder.
What are you saying,
you don't have sex with men?
I don't.
For Christ's sake, Violet.
I heard you.
Thin walls, remember?
What you heard wasn't sex.
- What the fuck was it?
- Work.
You made certain choices
in your life that you paid for.
You said you made them because
you were good at something
and it was easy.
Do you think you're the only
person that's good at something?
We make our own choices.
We pay our own prices.
I think we're more alike
than you care to admit.
What about that guy
this morning?
Who? Shelly?
Don't tell me.
You're a workaholic.
No. Shelly knows what I am.
He saw me in a bar
with another woman.
Yeah. I suppose he
just wants to watch.
Fuck it. I think
you'd better leave.
I think I'd better.
Try not to steal anything
on the way out.
Do you want to fuck me?
I didn't do it.
I swear to you.
Where's the fucking money?
Please! Caesar!
Where is it?
Oh, that hurt, didn't it?
Where's the fucking money?
Jesus Christ, please!
Please, Johnnie!
Oh, please stop it!
Please stop it!
Oh, don't make me beg!
Oh, that hurt!
Please stop what you're doing!
- Do you want to fuck me?
- No! No! I'm sorry!
We're going home,
you piece of shit!
- Nobody fucks me!
- I'm not fucking you!
I promise! I swear I'm not!
Johnnie! Ho!
He's making too much noise.
You hear that, bitch? Shut up.
Give me a towel.
Shut up!
Put it in his mouth!
- Caesar, I'm leaving.
- What? Why?
I didn't use a good towel.
I'm serious. I can't take this.
I have to get out of here.
Why? Because you know him?
Oh, you see...
Baby, that's what
I love about you.
You're so fucking sensitive.
But I like you here.
I want you to stay.
You know, this is
hard on me, too.
I like Shelly.
So why don't you watch some TV
or put on a cassette
or something?
Are you OK, Violet?
Mick, why is Johnnie here?
You know how I feel
about that psycho fuck.
Caesar, didn't I tell you
to get something?
Sure. Sorry, Mickey.
You shouldn't have to see this.
Why don't you get outta here?
Go for a walk.
Caesar wants me to stay.
Don't worry about Caesar.
I'll handle Caesar.
- You just get out of here. OK?
- OK. Thank you, Mickey.
Here you go, Mick.
Go all fucking night, Baby!
All night!
Hey, Johnnie, ease up, OK?
Pick him up.
I'm going to ask you 10 times.
You understand?
10 times.
Where's our money?
Aah, God!
You all right?
Come on. Let's get outta here.
Keep it.
Shelly was skimming
from the business.
He came to see me yesterday
because he was afraid
Caesar found out.
He wanted to run, but he
wanted me to come with him.
- Even though he knew about you.
- Yeah.
What, this guy's
in love with you, right?
That's what he tells himself,
but it's not even about me.
You see, he could
have run at any time,
but he didn't want out.
Sounds like he wanted
to get caught.
Yeah. Maybe he did.
He would brag
to me all the time.
He was never afraid
of Caesar because...
he didn't know him.
Not like I do.
I used to be able
to block it out.
I would just tell myself
that I wasn't really
there, and so...
none of it really mattered.
But I can't do that any more.
I'm making the same
mistake Shelly made,
but now...
I know what I want.
I want out.
I want a new life.
I see what I've been waiting
for, but I can't do it alone.
I need your help, Corky.
Caesar's gonna get the money.
He's gonna bring it...
How much money?
Shelly said
it's over $2 million.
So Caesar's going to get it.
He's going to bring it
by the apartment.
He's going to count it.
He'll go through the books and
figure out how Shelly did it.
Violet, do you know
what you're saying?
You're asking me
to help you fuck over the Mob.
Violet, these people
are serious.
You wanna know how serious,
you ask your friend Shelly.
They are worse than cops because
they have money and no rules.
You fuck them,
you'd better do it right.
That's why I need your help.
- You said you were good.
- I AM good.
All right, let's just
say for a moment
I believe everything
you're saying.
- You think I'm lying?
- I didn't say that,
but since you did,
let's say you are.
It would have been easy
for you to set up Shelly.
You could have had him killed
knowing that Caesar would bring
the money back to the apartment.
All you'd need to keep yourself
clean is someone unconnected:
Someone like me.
- Is that what you think?
- I'm just making a point.
You have no idea
what you're asking,
how much trust it takes 2 people
to do something like this.
I mean, stealing's always
been a lot like sex.
2 people who want the same
thing, they get in a room.
They talk about it.
They start to plan.
It's kind of like flirting.
It's kind of like foreplay,
because the more they talk
about it, the wetter they get.
The only difference is,
I can fuck someone I just met,
but to steal,
I need to know someone
like I know myself.
You think you know me like that?
I want to see the money.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't worry. It ain't mine.
- Caesar, what happened?
- It was unbelievable, Vi.
Shit. Look at this shirt.
Look at it. It's ruined.
It all started when Shelly
took us to the money.
I'll tell you something.
Mickey? He knows his shit.
He does. Shelly
took us right there.
So Shelly's down
on his knees, right?
And he's pulling out
this money
from the safe on the floor.
And I'm there,
I'm standing there,
and I'm looking at it, right?
Like, "Holy fuck,"
and all I can think about
is, "How the fuck
was he able to do this?"
When... Bang!
Johnnie caps him.
He capped Shelly!
Blood goes flying everywhere,
all over me, all over the money.
I have no idea if this
is even all of it.
And right then, I go
through the roof, and... BAM!
I punch the dumb son of a bitch.
I punch him, Vi, right
in his dumb fucking face.
I didn't give a shit
whose son he was.
I just wanted to hit him again,
smack some sense into
the dumb son of a bitch.
Look at the shit that I
got to fucking deal with now.
What'll you do with it?
I told him to run it
through the cycles, but no.
Johnnie calls up the old man,
and I guess he's got other plans
because he wants to pick up
this shit tomorrow night.
- Where's the laundry detergent?
- It's in the linen cabinet.
Come to my place
in the morning... early.
You think you
know me like that... like that...
$2 million.
You're having second thoughts.
You said Caesar washed
the money?
Then what, exactly?
- He hung it up.
- He what?
To let it dry.
It was unreal.
Hundreds paper-clipped
everywhere like leaves.
Then, one by one,
he ironed all of it.
- Did he sleep?
- No, but neither did I.
All night long,
I listened to that sound.
- What sound?
- The sound of money.
- Where is it now?
- It's in his office.
I saw it this morning.
I need to go to the store.
It's in a case on his desk.
Does the case lock?
- Tell me about Johnnie.
- Johnnie?
Yeah. Sounds like he and Caesar
don't like each other.
Like each other?
They hate each other.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Happened long before
I came around.
I think basically, Caesar thinks
Johnnie's a complete idiot,
but, you know, what can you do?
Johnnie runs Chicago
'cause Gino's his father.
Who's Gino?
Gino Marzzone.
As in Angelo Marzzone,
head of the Marzzone family?
Yeah. That's his brother.
Gino Marzzone's coming
to your place tonight
to pick up the money?
And Johnnie Marzzone's
his son. That's Johnnie?
Sweet Jesus.
It's perfect.
Gino Marzzone's coming
to your place tonight.
This is the big deal.
Caesar's gonna want
to do it right.
He's not going to want
to look like an idiot.
Has Gino ever been
to your place before?
- Yeah, twice before.
- What happened?
Well, Caesar was really nervous.
He kept cleaning the apartment.
The first time, he picked out
the dress he wanted me to wear.
- Did Johnnie ever hit on you?
- He hits on me all the time.
He hits on anything
in high heels.
Did Caesar ever see this?
He does it right
in front of him.
Oh, this is getting
better and better. Go on.
Well, Gino doesn't
speak much English,
or at least he pretends not to,
so he usually gets
right to the point.
Both times, they only
talked for about 5 minutes.
They had a drink,
and then they left.
What did Gino drink?
Scotch. Glenlivet.
I remember that because Caesar
made a big deal about it.
All right.
I've an idea how
to make this work.
Go back and get ready.
Take your time. Make it real.
What time did you
say they'd be there?
The plane gets in at 7:00, so...
I'd say around 8:00.
All right.
Now, at some point,
Caesar's going to quit,
I guess some time around 6:00,
making sure he's got
time to get ready.
As soon as he's done
you'll be right there
to put a big drink
in his hand.
what this guy Shelly did.
I'll tell you, Shelly's
one smart-ass motherfucker.
I mean, he WAS one
smart-ass motherfucker.
Poor boy has to work so hard.
We want him to relax, unwind.
You look good enough to eat.
Where will you be?
I'll be waiting
in the apartment next door.
Waiting for what?
For the shower.
That's gonna be our signal.
When he's done with his shower,
you'll go to the bar.
You'll get out the Scotch
that Gino drinks.
As you do, the bottle will
slip from your hands:
An accident.
Vi, what the hell was that?
Vi, you can't hear me?
Oh, fuck!
It slipped.
I was trying to get ready.
How the fuck did you do that?
Caesar, it was an accident.
I didn't mean to.
- I'll get some more.
- There's no fucking time!
Don't be silly.
There's lots of time.
I'll clean this up,
and I'll be back
- before you're even dressed.
- Ah, fuck, Vi!
When you open
the door, I'll be there.
- What if he sees you?
- He won't.
You can't know for certain
that he won't see you.
- Trust me.
- I'm just asking, what if?
If he does...
then I won't have
a choice, will I?
When I'm inside,
I'll get the money.
I'm going to need something
to fill the case.
Hide it near the desk.
And at that point...
There's no turning back.
When I get the Scotch,
how do I know you
wont just take off?
The same way I'll know that
you got the Scotch: Trust.
I still don't see
how I'll get away clean
with all the money
in the apartment.
Everyone's gonna think
I took it.
- Not Caesar.
- Why?
Because of what
you're gonna tell him.
You gotta be
as real as you can.
When you walk through that door
with the Scotch in your hand,
you'll be covered.
That moment's the most important
moment of the plan.
If you're real enough,
he's gonna believe you
'cause deep down, he'll want to.
Shit. I'm sorry.
They were early.
- What are you talking about?
- They just left, didn't they?
- What are you, drunk?
- They werent just up here?
- No. They're on their way.
- That doesn't make any sense.
Well, I just saw
Johnnie downstairs.
- What?
- Yeah.
I got out of my car
and saw him in his BMW.
Nah, it couldn't have been.
It was him, Caesar.
I'm positive.
- Vi, that's impossible.
- Caesar, I know Johnnie.
It was him.
I screamed when I saw him. I
couldn't believe I missed them.
I knew you were
going to be upset,
so I thought I'd apologise
and give Gino the Scotch.
I honked a few times, but he
didn't hear me and didn't stop.
Gino's plane doesn't get here
for another half-hour.
Actually, I didn't
see Gino in the car.
If Caesar hates
Johnnie as much as you say,
the second he opens the case,
he's gonna know in his gut
that Johnnie just fucked him.
He'll have no choice.
He can't go after
Gino or Johnnie.
There's only one way out.
He'll have to run.
And if he runs, everyone
will assume he took the money.
You'll be clean,
and we'll be rich.
Jesus, that's beautiful.
If you're this goddamn smart,
how did you ever get caught?
I had a partner once.
She fucked me.
- I won't.
- I think we're gonna find out.
- Oh, God...
- Caesar?
Oh, no. Oh!
Oh, God.
- Vi, I've been set up.
- Johnnie?
That fuck.
That rat fuck!
That motherless rat fuck!
Why? Why would Johnnie do this?
Jesus Christ, Violet,
open your fucking eyes.
Johnnie hates me
as much as I hate him.
I hate that motherless
rat fucker. I hate him.
I fucking hate him. I hate him.
- But you know he did it.
- Yeah, so what?
Violet, so fucking what?
Look, the money is gone, right?
Gino's coming to get it.
Now, do you think Gino
is going to believe me
when I tell him his
little rat-fuck son stole it?
Is that what you think?
Because I don't.
You know what I think?
I think I'm a dead man.
I'm one in the back of the head.
That's what I think.
Caesar, what are we going to do?
Well, I know what Johnnie
wants me to do.
Johnnie wants me to run.
He wants me out of here.
But if I run, then everybody
thinks I fucking did it,
and he gets away
with 2 million clean.
I can see him right now,
on the way to get Gino,
laughing at me.
Laughing at me. Laughing at me!
Laughing at me! Laughing at me!
Fucking laughing at me!
- Cea, Cea...
- Don't, Violet, please.
Don't touch me, OK?
I gotta think. I gotta
fucking think this through!
- Caesar...
- No. No, Vi.
I think we should run.
We should go.
We have to go now
before it's too late.
No, please, Violet,
leave me alone!
Please! All right?
Just leave me the fuck alone!
All right, Caesar.
I- I-I just, I got
to think. That's all.
I-I-I just got to think.
- It's me.
- What happened?
He totally freaked out.
I've never seen him like this.
He's out of his fucking mind.
All right, as long
as he believes it was Johnnie.
Believes it? Jesus.
It's driving him crazy.
He wants to kill him.
I don't know, Corky.
I don't know.
I'm getting nervous.
I'm getting really nervous.
I don't know
what he's gonna do.
It's all right, Violet.
It's working.
All we gotta do is wait him out
and see what he does.
What if he doesn't run?
That means he'll
probably kill Johnnie.
Oh, Christ.
I have to get out of here.
If he doesn't run,
all you gotta do is break down.
Go into the bedroom
and pack some things.
Start crying. Tell him you
love him, but you can't take it.
You're sorry, but you
gotta leave. Just walk out.
All right. OK.
We're almost there.
Just hang on.
He's coming.
I got it.
I know what I have to do.
- I have to get the money back.
- The money? The money's gone.
No, no, no. Johnnie's got it.
I gotta get it back.
But it could be anywhere.
There's not enough time,
Johnnie's picking up
Gino at the airport, right?
That means he's
probably got the money with him.
He's probably got it in the car.
He didn't see you, did he?
- No.
- Good.
That's good.
So that means I got the edge.
He doesn't know I know.
That's why he put
the paper in the case.
He wants me to hand it to Gino.
Then there's no doubt I did it.
Gino will put a bullet
in me himself.
But that's not gonna happen.
That jackoff's not gonna set
me up. No way, not like this.
This is insane.
What are you doing?
I'm leaving. I don't want
any part of this shit.
I don't wanna be involved.
- You can't leave.
- The hell I can't.
I need you.
You don't need me.
You've never needed me.
I can't help you. Understand?
I can't let you leave, Violet.
If you're not with me
I assume you're against me.
Caesar, this is crazy.
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.
Maybe you dropped that bottle
of Scotch by accident.
Maybe you didn't.
It would have been so easy
to let him in as you left.
You can't believe that.
I've seen the way
he looks at you.
He's always wanted you.
Maybe 2 million bucks
finally bought you.
I'm sorry, Violet.
I want to trust you.
I hope you understand.
I don't have any other choice.
You sure you don't want a drink?
- Yeah, we're here.
- Hey, Johnnie.
- Open the fucking door.
- Sure. Come on up.
Good to see you.
Vi, look who's here.
- Hello, Gino. How are you?
- Che bella.
- You shouldn't have hit me.
- You wanna get into this now?
No, Caesar, not now. Hah! Ha ha!
You are as radiant
as ever, Violet.
Gino, Glenlivet, right?
And I'll have whatever
Violet's drinking.
- I'm not drinking.
- Well, neither will I.
No, I'll have
a Tanqueray and tonic.
Mmm. Caesar, 2 T-and-Ts.
Salute, huh?
Roy, Pop, Violet, Caesar.
No, no, son.
No, Johnnie, no.
- I gotta make a bet.
- No goddamn phone. Not now.
Cesare, come and sit.
We're going to talk now.
Johnnie, you, too. No, no, no.
Cesare, look at me.
Johnnie said to me
what happened.
Cesare, you got to
do me a favour.
A personal favour for me, huh?
You got to start respecting
Johnnie the way you respect me.
Capisce? Good. Good.
And you, Johnnie, you got
to stop acting stupid.
You gotta earn this respect
that Cesare's gonna give.
Good. Done.
Where is my money?
We know how this was done, eh?
Yeah. I know.
- And it won't happen again, eh?
- No.
Good. Done. We go now.
Wait a minute, Pop.
Jesus Christ.
You got 2 hours
till your plane leaves.
Che minchia stai facendo?
So just relax. Have a drink.
Cesare, ancora del Glenlivet.
So, Caesar, tell me something.
What did it total out at?
- 2.176.
- Unbelievable.
- Can you believe that, Violet?
- Johnnie...
Come on. I just want
to know one thing.
Just one thing after he made
such a big deal about it.
I bet it wasn't such
a big deal, huh, Caesar?
- What's that, Johnnie?
- The money.
I bet it wasn't nothing
to make it clean
after you made such a
big fucking deal about it.
What did I tell you?
It's important to me.
It's a simple question.
If he'd just answer,
that's the end of it.
Where's this going, Johnnie?
Just admit it.
- Admit what?
- That you overreacted.
YOU lost it. Not me.
It was YOUR mistake.
You want to play it this way?
I can play it this way.
You want to know
who made a mistake?
Open the case.
- Caesar...
- Shut up, Violet.
This is between me and Johnnie.
You want to do this now?
Let's do it.
Open the fucking case.
Open the case.
- Where's the fucking key?
- You don't need a key.
Then how the fuck
can I open it?
- The same way you did before.
- What are you talking about?
All right, Johnnie.
Get me another drink.
What is this?
Don't. Don't you fucking move.
- Where is it, fuckface?
- Where's what?
The money!
OK, Caesar, I don't know
what you're thinking here,
- if you don't put the gun...
- Sit down.
Caesar, what is it?
Gino, your son stole
this money to set me up.
He fucking stole it,
and I can prove it.
Violet, tell them. Tell them!
For God's sake, Johnnie,
do what he says.
For Christ's sake...
This isn't happening.
Son of a...
The next one blows off
your fucking dick.
I'm looking at a dead man.
You're a fucking dead man.
- Basta!
- Gino, don't.
You point the gun at me?
You know who I am?
I'm Gino Marzzoni, capisce?
Non essere stupido.
Dammi la pistola.
- No, Gino, please.
- Dammi la pistola.
Gino, sit down.
We're... we're family, Cesare.
Your family, Caesar.
Give it to me.
Good man.
Don't shoot.
I had to do it, Violet.
You saw it.
I had no choice.
It was Johnnie.
Lying rat-fuck.
He made me do it.
You stupid fuck! You think
you could set me up, huh?
I'm a dead man, Johnnie?
I'm a fucking dead man?
Guess again, Johnnie.
Who's the dead man? Who?
Who's dead, fuckface? Who?
Who? I can't hear you, Johnnie.
Guess again.
Take another guess, Johnnie.
Take another fucking guess.
What are you doing?
Maybe 3 hours.
Caesar, what are you
going to do?
What do you think? We're
going to get the money back.
- What?
- If we get the money back
then none of this ever happened.
Caesar, you just killed
Gino Marzzone.
No, I didn't.
Not if the bodies disappear,
not if the money's here.
Then they never showed up.
What happened to them?
I don't know.
Maybe we'll never know.
My guess? It was a job.
Maybe the Carpellas.
All part of the business.
Look. Once we find the money,
then everything's
gonna be all right.
Somebody's called them.
- Fuck!
- Oh, no.
Caesar, what are we gonna do?
They're just cops.
Stall them as long as you can.
Gino, man...
Come on.
Answer it.
- Hello?
- This is the police, ma'am.
- The police?
- We had a report of gunfire.
- Gunfire? Is this a joke?
- No joke, ma'am.
Please open the door.
Um... How do I know that
you're really the police?
Ma'am, you have
to open the door.
All right.
Now, if you're thinking
about doing something stupid,
remember... I just
killed Gino Marzzone.
You understand what that means?
They're just cops.
See? We're for real.
I'm sorry. It's just that
sometimes you hear stories.
You did the right thing.
Come on in.
Hey, hey. Chicago's finest.
- How's it going tonight?
- Pretty good, sir.
I'm sorry. Got a bum ear.
Can't hear shit with it.
My name is Caesar,
and this here's my Violet.
So Violet tells me there's
some problems about gunshots?
Yes, sir. A neighbour
in the building called in.
- I think we know what happened.
- Probably just the television.
Oh, the television.
Honey, why don't you
turn it off?
This happened before.
This ear, I was born with it.
Today, the batteries went dead
on my hearing aid. I'm sorry.
- It's all right, sir.
- No big deal.
I hate to trouble you guys. Can
I get you a beer or something?
No, not on duty. Sorry.
But, uh, you mind
if I use your bathroom?
No. Sure. It's right over here.
Listen, you mind
if I make myself a drink?
- Yeah, right there.
- Sure, go right ahead, sir.
- This is a beautiful place.
- Thank you.
Is this a condo?
OK, let's roll.
Oh, try to keep extra batteries
around for the aid, OK?
Good idea.
Come on, let's go.
Fuck! Where is it? Where is it?
It's got to be at his place.
Get in the car.
- Caesar, I don't think...
- Get in the fucking car.
$2 million, Corky.
$2 million.
It's gotta be here.
It's gotta be.
I just... I got to think.
Think like Johnnie.
OK, I'm Johnnie.
I come in...
Where did I put it?
It's a lot of fucking money,
and I got to hide it.
I got to hide it.
I don't have much time.
I got to get to the airport,
pick up my fucking daddy!
"I can't wait to see Caesar's
face when he finds out. "
- Where did he put it?
- Cea...
Think. Think.
Where is it, you motherfucker?!
Where? Where?
It's not here, Caesar.
- Where is it?
- I don't know.
It could be anywhere.
We don't even know
if he was alone, Caesar.
Come on. We have to
get out of here.
We don't have much time.
What are you doing?
Got to buy more time.
More time.
Who are you going to call?
- Yeah?
- Hey, Mickey?
Oh, God.
what the fuck time is it?
Oh, Mickey, I wake you up?
Listen, I'm sorry.
I know it's late.
Look, I don't know
if this is a big deal,
- but they ain't showed up yet.
- What? They ain't there?
No. I called the airport.
The plane landed on time.
I even called over at Johnnie's
house, but there's no answer.
OK. Let me call around.
I'll see what I can do.
- Don't go anywhere, OK?
- OK, sure.
you still have the money?
Oh, yeah, Mickey.
I still got the money.
Staring right at it.
Good. Sit tight. I'll call you.
I'll start packing.
You know what you have to do.
I'll use Johnnie's car
to dump the bodies in the lake.
I need plastic bags
and rope and tape.
Just hurry.
Please, Corky, please.
- Oh, thank God.
- I'm still here.
I was so afraid
you were going to leave me.
You don't quit on me, Violet,
I won't quit on you.
Corky, it worked.
He's going to run.
He needs to take care of the
bodies to buy himself time,
but as soon
as he leaves it's over.
Just a little while longer.
I want to tell you something.
I know, Violet.
I know.
It's why I'm still here.
Who was that?
Vi, who the fuck was that?
Did you call Mickey?
Did you?!
Mickey? That you?
Who is that? Who's over there?
Who's over there? Tell me!
- Tell me!
- No! God!
No! Please don't!
Please don't!
No! No! No, Caesar!
Drop the fucking gun or die.
Drop it!
Turn around.
Holy fucking Christ.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Hey. Come on.
Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up, you fucking dyke.
I know everything now.
I don't wanna hear
any I-don't-know bullshit.
I should have seen this coming
the minute I met you.
Everybody knows your
kind can't be trusted.
Fucking queers.
You make me sick.
But you made a fatal mistake.
You tried to fuck the wrong guy,
and I swear to you,
I'm gonna kill you for it.
Where's my money?
- Don't tell him.
- Shut up, Violet.
- He can't kill you.
- Violet!
Not till he has the money.
Now. Where is it?
Lick me.
my... money?
Either pull the trigger or
get that thing out of my face.
Fucking cunt.
Caesar, stop acting
like an asshole and think.
Violet, don't try to
tell me what to do.
You need the money
just like we do.
Why don't you let us go?
We'll make a deal.
Shut the fuck up!
What? What? What?
What did you do to her, huh?
What did you fucking do to her?
That's not MY Violet.
- What did she do to you?
- Everything you couldn't.
You ungrateful fucking bitch!
Vi, you were nothing
before you met me!
Don't you remember
you had nothing?
Who gave you this place, huh?
Who gave it to you?
I did, Vi. I did.
You were nothing.
You had nothing.
What a load of crap.
Take a look at yourself, Caesar.
You're nothing
but a common thug.
You launder money for the Mob.
You rent women
like you rented this apartment.
You used me, Caesar.
Just like I used you.
All part of the business.
You betrayed me.
You murdered Gino!
Yeah. Sure. You made me.
I had to do that.
Bullshit. You did it.
Because you couldn't stand the
thought of Johnnie fucking you.
- Shut up.
- YOU shut up.
All right, Violet. All right.
You want the business, Violet?
All of the business?
I'll fucking give it to you.
I'll give you all of it.
I'm going to make you
fucking suffer,
just like Shelly, Violet.
Just like fucking Shelly.
I'm sorry, Corky.
Don't be sorry. Help me.
Oh, no, no, no!
Hey, Violet, you remember these?
All right. I'm going
to start with Violet...
So you get an idea
of what's coming.
I'm gonna ask you 10 questions.
Every time
I don't get an answer...
I cut off a finger.
Where's the money?
It's Mickey.
I said, where's the money?
All right. I'll tell you.
It's in the apartment
next door.
- I put it in the paint drums.
- Good.
Now, I promised you
I would kill you. Remember?
- You can't kill me.
- Oh, really? Why not?
I could be lying.
You're gonna be sorry
you said that.
Son of a bitch.
Keys. Keys. Keys. Keys.
I can kill you right now
if that's what you want,
or you can live,
but I need your help.
Help me make Mickey believe
that everything's normal.
Now, what do you want to do?
You want to live?
Oh, shit!
Christ, Mickey.
You scared the shit out of me.
What are you guys doing
with your peckers in your hand?
You going to do me, Mickey?
No, Cease. There was no answer.
I thought I heard
some knocking at the door.
I was buzzing, I was knocking.
I guess you couldn't hear me on
account of being in the shower.
You know, Mick,
I'm all wound up.
I'm driving myself crazy
over this Gino thing,
and, well, Vi, you know,
she thought maybe...
she could, uh, you know,
relax me in the...
That Violet is one nice lady.
I wish someone
would help ME relax.
Uh... let me get you guys
a drink, huh?
I got Scotch, bourbon,
vodka... Whatever you want.
We was worried about you, Cease.
Me? Why?
We went over to Johnnie's place
just to check it out.
- It was busted up... bad.
- What?
I started thinking,
maybe it's about the money.
So I call you, but all I get
is the busy signal.
I figure the phone is off the
hook. That's why I rushed here.
The phone. Shit.
That was me. I did that. Fuck!
That was a stupid thing
to do, eh?
Hey, if Violet
was helping me relax,
I'd probably do the same thing.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Why did you move
all the furniture around?
Let me guess.
That was Violet's idea, too.
Ha ha ha!
Yeah, actually,
she was nervous
about Gino coming,
wanted everything
to look perfect, and...
- You know women, Mick.
- Sure, Cease.
They make us do
stupid things, don't they?
- Is that the money?
- Yeah, that's it.
- What did it total out at?
- 2.176.
That fucking Shelly.
Gotta hand it to the guy,
but if I were him,
I would've bailed
a long time ago.
I mean, how much
money does a man need?
I remember I was just staring
at all this goddamn money,
Shelly down on his knees,
and the next thing I know,
Johnnie just blows his head off.
What a fucking mess.
Johnnie's laughing his ass off,
and that's when Caesar
lost it, and boom,
he cold-cocked him.
He cold-cocks fucking
Johnnie Marzzone.
Heee-eeey, Caesar.
Where's the key?
Um... the key..
Oh. They're in my pants
in the bathroom.
Ah, fuck it.
I don't need the key.
I didn't need a key
to get in here, did I?
Who the hell could that be?
Are you gonna answer it?
- Hello?
- Hello, this is Gino.
You're blowing your only chance,
asshole. Act like I'm Gino.
Holy, Christ, we've been
worried sick about you, Gino!
- Good boy.
- It's Gino.
- Where the hell is he?
- We were in a car accident...
They were in a car accident.
But everybody's all right.
Everybody's all right,
just bruises and shit.
I called those
highway patrol dumb fucks.
- I'm trying to hear Gino.
- Listen to me, asshole.
I know your gun
is behind the bar.
Either we make a deal,
or I hand this phone to Mickey.
- I'm listening.
- All right.
I want what's mine.
I want half the money.
We get rid of Mickey,
and no one else dies.
No one.
- Say, "Yes, I understand. "
- Yes, I understand.
Say I'm at St. Mary's, off the
Kennedy, in the waiting room.
Stay on the phone
until I come out.
OK. Right.
St. Mary's, off
the Kennedy. Yeah.
Johnnie's OK?
Mickey, what are you doing here?
Violet, it's Gino and Johnnie.
They were in a car accident.
Oh, my God.
Is everybody all right?
Everything's OK.
Bye. They're at St. Mary's.
Can you fucking believe this?
I can't fit them all
in my car. Give me your keys.
Sure. Vi. Vi. Vi!
Do me a favour. Go in the
bathroom and get my keys, OK?
Come on, let's go. Vi, let's go!
Thanks, V.
Call me as soon as
you get them, eh?
Leave your phone on the hook.
Now, that's teamwork.
I should have let him kill you.
- He would have done you, too.
- I knew I couldn't trust you.
I said I would let you live,
and I will...
Let's go see if your dyke
was dumb enough to lie.
Let's go.
You fucking bitch!
- Mickey?
- Violet?
Oh, God, Mickey,
he made me do it.
I was so afraid!
I didn't want to, Mickey.
It was Caesar, all Caesar.
He made me help him.
You have to help me.
Oh, God! Oh, God, he's coming!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, for Chrissakes!
It's over, Caesar.
I called Mickey.
He's on his way.
Get out of here, Caesar.
If you want to live,
you better start running.
All these years, Vi,
and you still don't know me...
- But I know you.
- Caesar, don't.
What are you going to do
with that, Vi? Shoot me?
Kill me in cold blood?
I don't think so.
If you were going to
shoot me, Vi,
you'd have done it
a long time ago.
If I were you, I'd have shot me
the minute I brought the money
back to the apartment,
but you didn't,
and I'll tell you why.
You don't want to shoot me, Vi.
Do you?
Do you?
I know you don't.
Caesar, you don't know shit.
I'll never
understand it, Mickey.
You didn't even call the police.
I told you. The family
doesn't want the police around.
We want to take care of it
ourselves and we will.
I'll find him.
- I swear I will.
- I know you will.
Sure you're going to be OK?
I mean...
If you're having
second thoughts,
my offer still stands.
Thanks, Mickey, but...
I have to get out.
You know, I have to get away
from all this.
But thanks.
Thanks for everything.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So, how'd it go?
- I'm here, aren't I?
Well, I thought
we might need a getaway car.
You know what the difference is
between me and you, Violet?
Me, neither.
#Well, she's all
you'd ever want
# She's the kind
I'd like to flaunt
#And take to dinner
#Well, she always
knows her place
# She's got style
and she's got grace
#And she's a winner
# She's a lady
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady
# Talking about that little lady
#And the lady is mine
#Well, she's never in the way
#Always something nice to say
#What a blessing
# I can leave her on her own
# Knowing she's OK alone
#And there's no messin'
# She's a lady
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady
# Talking about that little lady
#And the lady is mine
# No, she never asks very much
#And I don't refuse her
#Always treat her with respect
# I never would abuse her
#What she's got is hard to find
#And I don't want to lose her
# Help me build a mountain
from a little pile of clay
# Hey, hey, hey
#Well, she knows what I'm about
# She can take what I dish out
#And that's not easy
# Ooh, ooh, ooh
#Well, she knows me
through and through
#And she knows just what to do
#And how to please me
# Ooh, ooh, ooh
# She's a lady
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady
# Talking about the little lady
#And the lady is mine
# Yeah, yeah
# She's a lady
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady
# Listen to me, people,
she's a lady
# Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's a lady
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, she's a lady
# Talking about the little lady
#Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
# She's a lady
# Hey, hey, hey, she's a lady
#Whoa, Lord, she's a lady
# I can't live without
that little lady #
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