Bound By Movement (2019) Movie Script

- Day one.
Oh my God.
This is gonna be an adventure.
Let's go!
- Shakazuka!
- I think when I first started to imagine
what this tour could be,
I honestly would have
to say it was this idea
of promoting this pro-signature model shoe
that we were releasing and
the idea originally was like,
all right, let's just travel around
with hundreds of shoes in the bus
and just try to build
the culture of getting
these athletes around the
world to buy the shoe.
Unfortunately, but kind of
fortunately, we had a setback
and we weren't happy with the product
that we were making and
we kept wear testing
and it pushed us so far
that we didn't have shoes
ready for the tour.
With that being said, I had already set up
17 events around the USA
and I wanted to continue
to keep that momentum.
I didn't want to push it back,
I didn't want to cancel anything.
So, the next best thing and
actually the real best thing
was just using it,
using it as a way to build a community
and connect with people that maybe
I never really had a chance
to connect with before.
Right now we are picking up Marcus Zyrken!
Marcus, always filming,
you're always filming.
And Doctor Richard Ferreday.
I thought you guys said
you were getting water.
It's day one of the Lace Up Tour,
we're heading to the tour bus right now,
we've got all our stuff packed.
And we're about to get
on the road for 63 days.
Let's go.
Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- It's Sydney Olson!
- Whooh, hi!
My name is Sydney Olson.
I'm originally from Seattle, Washington,
but I live in Los Angeles.
I'm 25 years old, and I'm
a professional free runner.
- You ready for this?
- Yes!
- That did not sound very confident.
There he is!
- My name is Jeff Garrido.
I'm 23 years old,
from Folsom, California,
which is like Sacramento.
That's it, baby.
- Two more people joining us,
Robert Kirkland, our physio.
- Hey!
- You ready to do this?
- No.
- Let's do it.
- No.
- George!
- What's up, man?
- Thanks dude.
- Welcome back.
Almost ready to hit the road, baby.
We now had two goals for the tour,
post events that bring
communities together
and make a really dope film.
But it was almost like
the film and the tour
were two different things,
and one of the goals of
the film was to shoot
in unique locations all around the U.S.
no matter how hard they were to get to.
Right now, we're trying to head to a
abandoned ghost town
from the Gold Rush era.
But the road is a little rough.
- I really don't
know what I expected to see
when I came to Bodie.
Just a lot of old houses, I suppose.
Well, Bodie had 'em.
Some were standing, but leaning.
Some were leaning a little bit more.
The caretakers had the planters,
and their bosses got on very
well, all things considered.
That was one of the last automobiles
that had any call for it.
It kind of gives you an idea.
Like all mining towns, Bodie
has had a lot of fires.
That's the machine they
used to fight the fire.
- And that's like my favorite
part about going out to these
different locations, is that
this obstacle is nothing
that any of us has ever
been able to try to train on.
So it lends itself to, like,
a little bit more of a creative process.
- It's still
shiny and new looking.
Maybe that's because
of the work out it got.
They didn't have any
mining disasters in Bodie,
no cave-ins or anything like that.
No, I really can't say
what I expected to find
in a ghost town.
But certainly not people.
- Yo, we got a park ranger.
- What just happened?
- We just got a citation for
filming without a permit.
Kind of cool, I don't know how
much it's gonna cost, $1,000?
500, 5, 50, 500?
Who knows?
Let's get the out of here.
- What was that?
- Literally, where are we?
- Apple's Lake?
- Apple's Lake?
There's a big old lake right there,
and a bunch of mountains.
There's snow around us.
- S'no way.
- What's crazy to me is
that I've been working
on this for a year and a half.
Dream of having a full tour
bus, bunk beds and everything
and like seeing it in
locations like this one
is, like, sort of surreal.
And every time I look
back as we're walking away
from the bus, it's like this moment of,
It feels good, so
I'm gonna take a picture.
One of the ways in which we decided
to keep the tour stress-free
was just to go with the flow.
So, that night we all
decided to get tattoos.
We did it!
- Good stuff.
- I'm freaking out.
- I'm freaking out.
- It's just a tattoo.
- I'm now freaking out.
- It's your first tattoo,
it's fine.
It might not come out good.
It doesn't matter.
It's not like it's almost midnight.
Got his first tattoo.
After a late night getting tattoos
we all enjoyed an incredible meal
prepared by Jeff's family before heading
to our next location,
Woodward, Tahoe.
- Hi.
- My name's Jesse La Flair,
we're here with the Lace Up
Tour for the Parkour Week.
Okay perfect.
Let's see what happens, three, two, one.
Have taken us to Woodward, Tahoe.
Woodward, the largest action
sports camp in the world
invited us out to go train and shoot
at each one of their
locations while on tour.
And we couldn't pass up this opportunity.
This is also where our
pro roster began to grow.
Erik's here!
- My name's Erik Mukhametshin.
Originally I was born in Uzbekistan,
and then I moved Russia
and I lived there for about
10 years or something.
- Just to have fun, be
with all my friends.
- Hey!
- Oh, I'm so glad, man.
- Poor guy.
- I finally made it.
- Nothin' like sitting at
airport for three hours waiting.
All right, this is my first
time here at Woodward, Tahoe.
And there are so many cool features.
Like, look at this.
What is going on?
They just put in new rails.
This bar set up is so sick.
- What?
- Dude, I am really excited about this.
This is the type of spot that
inspires me to try to, like,
explore some really interesting
lines and use the space
in a way that I couldn't
do somewhere else.
- Oh!
- You know.
- So far, the training has been amazing.
Training with the guys has been great.
I'm definitely pushing
myself, while being pushed
by everybody else, and that's
just a great combination
in my book.
- You're not allowed
to do anything else, unless
you get this move right.
- Oh!
- That's what I was afraid of.
- I think I can make it, though.
- I think you can make it, dude.
- Yeah!
- Yep.
- No!
- That was close.
- That was so much better,
I couldn't land it!
I thought I was going to
'cause I was really high
in the air.
- Yep.
- Oh!
- No!
Dude, I got so freaked out!
I kicked the tree a lot that time.
Did you see that, just, this twist?
- Yeah, that was, you were, oh!
That was like a uh-oh-twist.
- Good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Yeah, man.
- Are we doing something else?
- That's what's so great about it, is that
we're here together, and
we're pushing each other.
So, when I get people like
Erik Mukhametshin in here,
teaching me new moves, it's quite a,
it's actually kind of a scary
feeling for me.
I have to learn to work past it, but
just the idea that someone
believes in me that much,
it makes me want to work harder.
'Cause he'll tell me
to do something, and I,
I'm like, ah, I don't
know if I can do that.
But then I work on it and I try it,
and eventually I'll get it.
- Never worn a thong?
- No!
- You don't
have to only wear that,
you can still wear your pants.
- Yeah, you get to
wear pants over it.
- For how long?
- Four hours.
- Four hours?
Um, I really don't want to do it,
one and 10.
- Ready?
- No, I'm ready, all right.
- Here we go,
- Three, two, one,
- three, two, one--
While playing the odds,
if you guess the same number
as someone who just odds'd you,
you have to do that dare.
- Eight.
- 10.
- Oh!
- I'm only
telling you this because
odds are, you're going
to see us play a lot
throughout this film.
So last night got a little crazy.
None of it got filmed.
- Oh my gosh!
- But it's okay, it's better that way.
We're doing a hot-swap.
No stopping.
All right.
Don't bump the wheel, whatever you do.
We are in an RV park.
I guess tomorrow morning
we going to wake up
in front of a beautiful lake.
We passed a bridge that we
think we saw a rope swing on,
so you guys can--
- I think some of my
favorite moments of the tour
were just the adventures that would unfold
from the openness of, like,
pulling over, or just not
having such a solid plan
that we blocked something magical.
All right, so we found a bridge
right as the sun was going down yesterday,
as we drove into this place.
And someone thought they saw a rope.
So we're going to go see
if we can rope-swing it.
Otherwise we'll shoot some
video on the bridge itself,
because it looked pretty cool.
- Whee!
- You nailed
that one, bro.
This worked out, huh?
"Hey, let's try to sleep over by the dam."
No, that didn't work.
"Oh, let's drive 20 more minutes, there,
"it looks like there might be an RV park."
Well, that didn't exist.
"Hey, let's park here for the night.
"Oh, look at that bridge!"
That's, like,
the journey we're on,
randomly getting cool shit to
happen while we're doin' this.
My two standouts has gotta
be Erik and Sydney, I think.
Erik's someone who always
comes off as this kind of cocky
But he can always back up
what he's being cocky about.
He'll say, "I'm going to do this,"
and he literally always does it.
Next shot, we're going
to drive the tour bus
over that bridge,
and Erik's gonna jump while it's moving
off the top and into the water.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Here we go!
- Oh my God, he wiped out!
- What?
- Yo!
- Yo, get him!
Help, help, help!
- Ooh!
- Come in.
- Sounds like a solid head hit.
- Little, little
concussion, probably.
- Whooh!
- Oh yeah.
- At that point, we were
only 12 days into the tour
out of 63, so,
for something to happen
that early on was kinda,
was kind of crazy, but if
anyone could've taken that hit
and walked away from it
essentially, it was definitely Erik.
- Don't remember anything,
that's so annoying.
- This was the first
time on tour where we realized,
when things go wrong, it
happens extremely fast
and with no warning.
But we had to get back on the road,
we had a whole tour ahead of us.
- Geez!
- My name is Nate Weston.
I am 21 years old.
I am from Seattle, Washington,
and I've been training parkour
for just under six years.
What initially attracted
me to the sport is
how free it is, and how you
can really express yourself
through movement, and there's
no real boundaries at all,
there's nothing you need to
do, or need to buy or anything,
and you can just train whenever you want,
and I think that's just
the most amazing part
about training, is being able
to do it whenever you want.
Dude, you've outdone
yourself, this is so nice!
- He's so excited for odds, right now,
that he just--
- No!
- Ask Jeff all about it.
- Let's just say, Nate,
I did not have a good
week, man.
- I've been seeing some
gnarly stuff goin' down.
- Welcome to tour!
It's Joey!
- Whaddup!
- Joey, you're our first VIP!
- Oh my God!
- My name's Joey Adrian.
I've been training for about nine years,
maybe a little less, maybe a little more,
and I'm from Portland, Oregon.
The thing that really
brought me into parkour
and, like, solidified that
this is what I wanted to do,
is this was the first
thing where I felt that
I can get good at whatever I
want, if I just practice it.
And that was the first thing
that I realized that for,
so I just, like, ran with it.
It's pretty lit!
- Are you going with them
on tour?
- You wanna have me on
for a little bit?
- You want to just jump on--
- Dude!
- Are you coming with us?
- Yeah!
- That's how it happens!
- That's how it goes, man.
- Where are we at?
- We
are at the zoo in Portland,
and we just parked the
tour bus, and apparently,
it's so big that I need
to pay for five spots.
But the machine's not working.
- Stoked, man!
It's also just exciting to
have everybody, you know,
in Portland, at the spot--
- at the spot
where you're training.
- Yeah, exactly.
- That's cool
- 'Cause that doesn't ever,
- Woo hoo!
- Thank you.
- Oh!
- Whooh!
- I can definitely do that.
- At some point I thought
I'm not going to rotate enough,
I was like, "I'm screwed."
- Oh my God!
- That was disgusting.
- Yeah!
- That's a wrap on Portland, baby!
- Odd'ed to 5.
- Ready?
Three, two, one,
- One,
- Four!
- My God!
- Oh my God!
Maybe there's some more.
- Mm mm, mm mm.
Let's go, let's go, I think
I'm going to throw up.
- I mean, there's very
few people out there that
can get a tour bus and
tour around the country,
for all summer, that's pretty insane.
And he had a very powerful voice as well.
And I'm really, really
thankful for what he's doing
with this whole tour,
because it's just showing
that there's so much more
you can do with movement,
and there's so many lives
you can affect through this
simple sport, and I think
it's super empowering.
- I didn't know, basically, anything
about how this tour was
getting set up or anything.
And then, talking with Jesse, knowing that
he's basically fronting
all the money for this,
realizing that our first gas stop,
it was like 200-and-some
dollars to fill it up.
And I was just like, wait,
You're paying 200 plus dollars
every time we stop for gas,
just so that you can
spread these good vibes
and bring these high-level
athletes to these communities.
Because the movement's one
thing, but that only goes so far.
We already have insane athletes,
but we don't have a lot of
people that are going out
and actually making opportunities happen.
So, seeing Jesse do that has
been massively inspiring to me.
- None of us had ever seen
Mount Rushmore in person before.
So we all decided it would be a dope place
to go and get some cool shots.
- Starting route to
Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
- We could feel that we were
causing too much attention,
and decided it was time to leave.
But right when we thought it was safe,
the cops pulled me aside.
Not just one , but
two tickets later,
meant it was time to leave.
- More about, like,
the interpersonal dynamic
between you three.
You became kind of like the
Three Musketeers, in a way.
- I know, it's crazy.
- Have you grown
as friends, do you think?
- Oh yeah, for sure, I've known Joey for
just about as long as I've been training,
because he lives in Portland
and I live in Seattle.
When I first started
training, he was literally
one of the first famous or
professional parkour athletes
that I knew at the time,
I'm like, "Oh, that's Joey!"
and when I met him, it was
just such a crazy thing,
because he just was a regular dude,
and I was just this kid
kinda looking up to him.
And to be able to be
training with him now,
as well as with Erik,
to be able to be training with them,
and at a similar level, and
just having a good old time,
and being friends, has
been really, really fun.
And I definitely got to know
Erik a lot more this trip,
which has been really a blessing as well,
because he was one of the first people
I really watched and studied.
Three, two, one, one!
- Two, one, one!
- Nate has to take a
picture of the waitress,
but with the flash on,
and it takes forever.
- Whoa!
- Sorry.
- Thank you very much.
- Get that for ya.
- Whaddup!
- What's up!
- I'm Mich Todorovic.
I'm from Montreal, Canada,
and I've been doing parkour for 14 years.
- Todorovik's ready now, too, so
it doesn't matter, right?
Hey bro.
- How's it going, man?
I mean, I was always a super active kid,
when I was young, and basically,
I couldn't afford to
play all the team sport.
I kind of sacrificed school for parkour.
At some point, I was like, you know what?
I have no idea why I want
to keep going to school,
if I don't know what I want to do.
And I knew that parkour was my main focus.
So I said, you know what?
I'm gonna drop school.
I'm going to do parkour is much as I can.
- With Mich now on
board, we drove off to a spot
that we'd all been waiting for.
- Where do you want to start?
- This park's insane.
It's almost, like, too much to do.
I don't know, what do
you want to start with?
- There's a hella
glass on this ground, so--
- Yeah, I know, there was
hell a glass over there too.
- Today's shoot location
is called Grand Fountain
here in Flint, Michigan.
It's easily one of the best
spots not only in the USA,
but in the entire world.
I guarantee you that today
it goes down.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- He's chillin'.
Sit down.
Be gimbal!
That was so, how did you do it?
- Let's go!
- Mich can do magical things.
After that pretty intense film day,
we all decided that some
relaxation was in order.
So we drove off to
Caesar Creek Lake in Ohio
to spend the night.
- Oh yeah.
- Turn around.
Turn around.
- Ooh!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Aw, that smells so bad!
- Ready?
- Three, two, one.
- Oh my God!
- One and five.
Who's going to go first?
Loser has to take some of that mud,
and stick it in their mouth.
You first, right?
- Mmm, no.
- Three, two, one,
- Two!
- Ya done!
- Yes, Jesse!
- Yes!
- Oh my,
- There it is.
- Yes, show us.
- Git it, git it!
- Oh!
- What are you doing?
- Oh my God, put
your mouth in the water!
- It's still on
your tongue, we can see it!
- Oh my God!
- So I love free-running
more than anything
in the entire world.
It's brought me to places
that I never would've expected
that I'd get to go.
And I've gotten to travel
to so many different places in the world,
and I've met so many
amazing people through this.
Being on tour has been
the most fun I've ever had
in my entire life.
And it's not necessarily
just the training.
It's the friendship, and it's
the going out in the water
and throwing mud at each other,
constantly playing the
odds game with each other,
and doing some really
dumb stuff because of it.
It really has been such
an amazing adventure.
- Rob lost the odds and
he has to shave his head.
Here we go.
- All right, I
think we're good!
- On the outskirts of Chicago,
we found there was this
abandoned mill or something.
Got graffiti all over it, we
did see some security in there,
and signs that say no trespassing.
But at this point, we
are going to try to go in
and scout it, and see what happens.
So, fingers crossed.
Let's check it out.
Hoping to get off some shots
before we get kicked out.
- Ready.
- Rolling?
- Rolling!
- Yes!
- I actually got a pretty
bad nail stuck in my bone,
I couldn't get it out of
there, it was so stuck,
so I just,
how did I not see it?
- Ah!
- Oh, there's security, we gotta go.
He told us to leave, I don't
think he called the cops.
But I'm not going to celebrate,
until we get back to the bus!
Fingers crossed.
- I'm gonna scare Sydney right now.
- Snake!
- Oh watch, Sydney!
What was that?
- Something weird, it's
really hard to explain,
it should be something really different
to all the things that I've already done.
It's hard to explain, I don't know.
Let's say there are two
walls next to each other,
with a good distance, but I could
cut 180 to a front flip
or something like that,
like some weird stuff.
It's just hard, like, most of the time,
I'm just finding something really weird,
and I'm like, "Whoa, I
wonder if that will work?"
And I'll just spend, like,
a couple of hours trying it.
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- Yo, that bar is jello.
- Oh!
- Oh my God!
- Yep!
- Come on!
- I am Corbin Reinhardt
and I'm from Los Angeles, California.
I started off as a student
and now I'm a pro free runner.
Well, the reason I wanted
to come on this tour
is because, obviously,
it's parkour free running,
which is, like, one of
my favorite things to do.
But also, all the stops
that you're going to
are places that I've wanted to
do before I even did parkour,
like Woodward, I've seen
that since I was a kid,
so it's kind of been on this pedestal,
I never thought that I would
ever actually be there,
but now the idea of coming as a pro
is a really cool thing to me.
- Dude!
Jesse's one of the sickest
cameramen I've ever seen.
The first time I saw
Jesse bust out the Red
and film one of my lines,
I was just expecting to be like, "Oh look,
"I can see the line, it's
on a nice camera, cool."
But no, he gets every
single angle perfect!
He's in the exact right spot
so that he's not in my way.
He's filming the exact thing
that you need to see in the movement.
And that's not something
that it's easy to do.
And then seeing him film,
like, Erik do a line,
or Nate do a line, or Sydney do a line,
Jesse somehow has this super tight view,
but doesn't miss anything
in the whole picture.
And it's been incredible.
I knew there was something
because I saw George filming.
- Oh!
- I believe it's in my DNA.
I love to challenge myself, I love to,
to be the best me I can.
And I was like that in soccer,
I was like that when I
used to play basketball,
when I used to skate or whatever.
Whatever I did, I always wanted
to kind of improve myself
as much as I could.
- Whoosh!
- Being with Erik and Joey all the time
has been pretty crazy, they're
both kinda nuts.
They always, they're wanting
to train all the time.
I'm more of a person that likes to
kind of take some rest days in between.
But they're always just kinda go, go, go.
And it definitely showed me on
this tour, it showed me that
you can train every day as long as
you're really doing rehab and stuff.
But, yeah, the combination of them,
going to these new spots and
seeing these new communities,
and training with all of these new people,
just kinda brings this
fire in them, and I see it,
and then it gets me all excited,
and I just want to train as well,
so it just kinda happens.
- Oh my God!
- Dude, you made that look--
- So easy!
- So simple!
- After some much-needed rest
and a couple of card games later,
we got back on the road.
But not before picking
up the rock star himself.
He's playing at the
Oh my God!
- Bart Van Der Linden!
- What's up, guys.
- So sweaty!
- Come here!
- One of my favorite things
about the parkour community
is getting to have friends from literally
all around the world,
and how, as pro's, we get to
hang out and train together
in different countries
throughout the year.
But every time we see each other,
it's like seeing family again.
- Whaddup.
- Oh, it's chill in here.
- Hey, dude.
- We finally
made it to New York City
but we only had four hours to go
before we had to get back on the bus.
So we jumped on a train got right into it.
Goin' to Times Square, baby!
You gotta love this place.
New York City!
Rock 'n roll.
He's not very good at this.
Three, two, one!
While on the road,
we had a group of
athletes reach out nearby.
So we posted up on social media,
saying that we'd stop in,
have an impromptu jam.
- New pair of shoes.
New pair of feet.
That's how I feel right now.
- We are in West Hartford.
Got my bodyguard with me, big Mich.
We're doing a meet and greet.
We going to say hi to some locals,
and see if anyone's out here.
- Hi, you met me before, actually.
- How are you?
Oh, good.
- I am
really nervous right now.
- The police are here!
I don't know what we're gonna do.
- Right as things got going,
a bunch of cops showed up.
Luckily for us, the West
Hartford parkour community
has a great relationship
with their local authority,
and they actually allowed
us to continue to train.
- That was dope, though, good job!
How'd it come out?
- What did you just get?
- Got some books, you know.
- Oh, nice.
- Wait, where'd you go?
- The library.
- Like, "Where did Mich go?"
Oh, he's just buying some books.
- Oh, Barnes & Noble.
- Wow, you're so attractive,
in so many ways.
- Jesse
La Flaire
Oh yeah!
- Yo, yo,
we're on the Lace Up Tour, you never knew,
we're going to a city near you!
I'm comin', gonna go through!
- Today's stop was one
of the most unique locations
of the tour.
Sidney and I's Team Yokohama
teammate, Travis Pastrana,
allowed us to stop by
the famed Pastranaland
to do whatever we wanted.
And for some of us,
this was even a bigger dream
come true than for others.
- You just put in the code?
Ha ha ha!
- Check that out.
Oh My God!
Being at Pastranaland was
huge for me, it was massive.
Whenever anybody asks a parkour guy,
"How did you get into parkour,
did you see a YouTube video
"or something like that?"
For me, it was Pastranaland.
I used to watch videos on
that since I was five to 10,
and it actually made me get up and go
to do what I wanted to do.
Especially at that time, as
motocross, I just wanted to
go out and I wanted to explore,
I wanted to really find things.
this is insane.
I've spent so much time,
just watching this foam pit
in my life.
It was also Travis Pastrana's house.
And I thought to myself, that
would be the coolest place
to really go, to be at, to get better at.
And I never thought I would be there.
But then, when you told me
that this was going to be on the tour,
I really, it really
amped me up, I would say.
Because it was one of those things
that I kind of put in the past,
saying that it wasn't going to happen,
and now it's happening.
And so that was really, really cool to me.
- Whooh, Team Yokohama,
baby, we're at Pastranaland,
let's go!
- It was nice to jump around,
I found some descents and stuff.
But really, when I got there, all I saw
was the things that were iconic,
like the foam pit, all
the ramps and everything,
it was kind of like tingling
in the back of my head,
I needed to get on a bike,
and I needed to just find
something to do a back flip on.
'Cause that was one of the main things
I've ever wanted to do.
- This dude's been riding
motocross bikes since before I was born
and winning prizes at it.
He's better at riding a
motorbike than I am at walking.
- That's the dream right there.
X Games, baby.
- Are you filming?
- Yeah.
Okay, so we got Lindsey
Pastrana's bike right here,
and I'm going to be sending
some back flips into this.
Bart's about to go for his
first back flip right now.
- Go, Bart!
- Missed the pedal!
- What just happened?
- Whooh!
- Well, that was the scariest
thing that can happen, so,
- Yeah!
- Oh my God!
- What?
- When we went on the
inside, it was really cool
to actually see that little foam pit,
because I've always seen that,
and you have everything around you,
which is pretty cool,
but it's kind of small.
So doing that back flip
was really awesome.
The real deal was the outside.
That was the big foam pit,
that was the one that I
have laid my childhood on.
So I really wanted to hit a
double back flip out there.
All right ladies and gentlemen,
anybody who knows Travis
Pastrana's house knows
that all of the stuff
goes down right here.
I really wanted to hit that
double back flip first try.
All right, so that first try
did not go so well.
The second one was much better.
- Where we at?
- We're at Pastranaland, baby.
Insane in the membrane, baby, oh my God!
So, the bottom line of Pastranaland was
we did not have long enough.
That place was so,
I would even say historical, for me,
that I just needed to be there,
and I needed to really feel it,
and we got a lot of that done that day.
But in terms of just being
there and being in that place,
it felt like what a kid
feels for Disneyland,
if they saw it for, you know, years
and then they went there.
That was the kind of feeling
that I had a my stomach.
- It's so good.
Corbin's a legend.
Every day of the Lace Up
Tour was ridiculously fun.
But a 63-day adventure doesn't come
without some bumps and bruises.
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Dude, I hit the tree branch!
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Ow!
Oh my favorite pink shorts.
- Oh!
- 14.
- Oh!
- Oh, my, don't!
- Oh, I knew I was gonna die.
- Uh!
- You know what?
I do love get injured once in a while.
Because it just brings you back, and
you can sit and kind of re-focus
and rearrange your system.
And every time I get injured, I feel like
I take care of myself even more.
I want to get in the
game as fast as I can,
so I'm like, I need to be super efficient.
So, I kinda enjoy getting injured
once in a while.
- Watch out.
- Nate, I just got
kicked out, but roll the Red cam.
I got one more thing that
I want to do before I go.
Miami might've been the perfect location
for some training at the beach.
But unfortunately, at
our next stop, Orlando,
the tour was going to
take a turn for the worse.
It's this inevitable truth.
It's like, every day we go
out and we do gnarly stuff,
and we push the limits
of what the human body
is physically capable of.
We are playing the game of odds.
Eventually, something
is going to happen, and
when we get comfortable
is when it gets dangerous.
- I was back in another corner
of the gym, shooting Mich.
And just before I stopped
recording on the camera,
that's when I heard the slam.
And just based on the overall
reaction that everyone gave,
I just knew it probably wasn't good.
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Get Rob!
- Lay him out flat!
- Can someone call 911?
- His neck, his neck.
He went straight in, his neck,
- Call 911.
- Let him breathe.
- Seeing Corbin on the ground
like that was, uh, a bit
of a struggle for me.
You know, on one hand,
you want to help someone
who's clearly not okay.
And on the other hand, you
kinda have this job to do.
- Corbin, you breathing?
- Corbin.
- As long as he's breathing,
- Yeah.
- Check his
- No, Corbin, stay down.
I need you to stay down, Corbin.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- There you go.
No, no, no, no, Corbin, stay down.
Stay down, Corbin.
- Was there any loss of consciousness?
- Watching Corbin go down in Orlando was,
was a shock to the
entire crew and the tour
and all the athletes.
I think seeing how
fragile our bodies can be
and how a head injury can, like,
put a huge hold on your life,
having to sit in front of him at the ER,
you know, just passed out,
and now dealing with him
trying to learn to speak again
is like this thing that
pauses me to reflect
in a way that I've never had to
look at myself in a way before.
I felt a personal
responsibility with this tour
being created by me
and the guilt of Corbin getting injured.
I didn't know what to do,
it didn't feel right leaving him, but
we had to keep moving.
After Corbin's injury,
it just so happened that
some of the other athletes
were scheduled to leave tour.
So, it was just down to Sydney and I,
and we had one more city to hit
before we started to head home.
This tour taught me a lot.
I learned never to take life for granted,
and that it will always
throw obstacles in your way.
But it's how you react and
overcome those challenges
that dictate your future.
And the way Corbin handled his injury
will forever inspire all of us.
- I don't know, I guess
it's kind of a blank space.
You know, it's weird having
that black, black dark space
where I just don't know what happened,
because I know it's
there, I've seen footage,
and it's just not there,
it's not there in my head.
I felt like I was normal,
I felt like I was talking,
I could talk to people,
but then I found out
a long time afterward,
it was probably months after,
that what I was saying wasn't correct.
What I was saying wasn't
even close to correct.
Everything I was doing was gibberish.
But yeah, I took speech
therapy for two months.
After that I had physical therapy,
and so I had to get my legs back.
Anytime I tried to lift my
foot, it would be very hard
to go from my brain to my foot.
So I would try to do this
but it just wouldn't happen.
And I was just looking at
my legs, like, "Come on.
"We can do this."
And, uh, yeah, it didn't
happen for a long time.
I think it's something
that needed to happen,
I think it's something that had to happen,
and now I'm kinda better because of it.
- Oh!
- Yeah!
- We can travel
and explore foreign lands.
We can start teams and build
brands to fund our endeavors.
We can create competitions
and host our own events
to support the sport
from the inside out.
We can pack a giant purple
tour bus full of pro athletes
and tour an entire country for two months.
We can do whatever we want.
But none of it is why we come together.
In the end, when we're
training, together or alone,
none of that stuff matters.
Only the essence,
the moment,
the movement,
and the memories.
- I don't know,
the tour's amazing, man,
who wouldn't want this life?
It's the best life, and it's,
it's doing good things.
Simple as that.
- It's kind of strange to be
in this place where I've
completely met my life goal, where
I could make a career out of this
and just focus on this and nothing else.
And it's brought so much
happiness to my life
that I never could've
gotten from anything else.
- To be on this tour, it's,
it's first of all, that friendship.
It's sharing those moments
with the people I love,
that's it.
- It's tour life,
- Tour life!
- Oh God!
- Ah!
- I'm so grateful
for this opportunity
to be able to travel around America,
wake up in a new city, see new people,
see new spots, and train.
It's been a dream of mine for
as long as I've been training.
It's so sick.
Yeah, and liberating.
I'm very grateful for it.
- Every single person on the bus is
ingrained in parkour,
so we all train together, we
all move in a similar way.
Styles might be different, but
the movement's still there,
and some might focus more on this aspect,
some might focus more on this aspect,
but the movement's still the same.
- That's what I love
about what I'm doing in my life
just because I can travel
and meet new people,
and those people becoming
not even just your friends,
they're like, more like a family.
And I feel like I can go
anywhere pretty much in the world
and just stay with
someone, or find friends
and just message someone and just meet up
and do some cool and fun stuff, you know?
So yeah, I guess our sport isn't terrible.
- The one
thing that's really nice
about especially the tour itself,
is the idea that wherever we are,
I still kinda come back to my own,
I still kinda come back to normal,
and I'm gonna do free running,
we're all gonna do free running.
We're all going to have that
one thing that connects us,
And it's basically movement, you know?
We're not just going there to sight-see.
It's not a tourist-y trip.
It's about doing what we love
in places that we've never been.
And I really like that idea.
- I'm crying.
- Travel isn't always pretty,
comfortable, or painless.
It changes you.
It should change you.
It leaves marks on your memory,
reshapes your heart,
and scars your body.
It binds you to those
you experience it with.
You take something with you.
And hopefully,
you leave something good behind.
- Yeah!
Oh my God!
- The next best thing, and
actually the real best thing
was just using it, using it as
a way to build the community
and connect with people that maybe
I never really had a chance
to connect with before.
And I have to say that
I think it was the best case scenario.
- What's next?
- Yeah.
I see where you're going
with this.
We have this thing that we love so much,
and we can share that passion together.
So I guess, basically,
we're bound by movement.
- I don't actually have to say it?
Oh, thank God.
- Um, okay.