Boundary (2022) Movie Script

What do you remember?
I don't.
It'll help jog your memory.
I was taking samples.
That's correct.
You still have some amnesia,
but you're doing better.
What happened to me?
Mr. Massey, a few days ago
you had an accident at work.
You almost drowned.
You were in shock
when they brought you
into the emergency room.
And because of the near
drowning, you had hypoxia.
That's a low level of oxygen
in the blood.
This has caused some injury
to your brain
and other organ systems.
I fell in.
That's correct.
You fell in and...
you were alone.
[ominous music]
I need to make sure
I can trust you with this.
When you've done the job,
go to the drop-off point
and meet me be back here.
This is your second chance.
Give it to me.
This plane lands at 2:00 a.m.
He always parks
in parking lot number six,
no security cameras,
very few people park there.
He'll be alone.
Make sure you are, too.
My name is Michael Massey
and I'm about to make
the biggest mistake of my life.
This one I saw coming.
The first one
crept up behind me.
I had my back turned.
[ominous music]
Hey, guys, wait up.
Sorry, I had to put
my gloves on.
Michael, put that barrel
over by the storage area.
[suspenseful music continues]
Floyd, I'm ready.
I had fun, I was tired though.
My hand was killing me.
I just needed one strike,
one strike
and I would've won the game.
You ever bowled a perfect game?
Never have. Must be hard.
My best score is 150.
Right now, all I see
is what lies straight ahead.
I need to turn and around,
I need to face the world.
I know what's there, family.
That was a sure thing.
They're waiting for me
to turn around and face them.
But before I do that...
Yeah, that.
...I have to squeeze
this trigger one more time.
[dramatic music]
[crickets chirping]
Nice work, ese.
Cleanest one so far.
I like a man who makes
my job easier.
It's just this one time,
open the gate.
I heard that one before,
but you?
You're different.
No bullet hole, no broken glass.
You got your corpses in trunk,
out of view.
You drive in a common vehicle
for these parts, homie.
I worked with guys
like you before.
I know why you're here.
You got something to prove.
Open the gate now.
Or what, ese?
You take out your piece,
blast me?
You got your piece...
but this here...
...this is my piece.
And an hombre like you,
clean, professional.
You're not going to let
all this good work go to waste.
You want to get paid?
Get your hands dirty, ese.
[speaking in Spanish]
[ominous music]
[footsteps approaching]
Hey there, you need some help?
I saw you carrying
all this luggage there.
I figured you might need a hand.
No, no, no, put this one down,
push that one back.
We'll put that one at last.
That's good,
now push it all the way back.
Keep pushing, keep pushing.
Put it right back there.
[sighs] Sorry, I'm late.
Don't look at me like that.
You could have cleaned
your gun after the meeting.
You wanted this job done right?
I did that.
No doubt.
This is
a different battlefield now.
-How do you feel?
I feel, I feel dirty.
Oh, that's right.
You do work at the...
How do you know that?
Relax, I did some digging.
I always like to get to know
the people that I work with.
Look, it gets easier.
The first one
is always the most difficult
but the next one, after that.
There's not going
to be a next one.
This was it.
Don't be so sure.
Anyways, you got
something for me.
The junk yard cretin
took care of everything.
Rodrigo's a scumbag,
but I put him to a good use.
He gets things done.
Well, this is cause
for a celebration.
-[scoffs] I prefer cash.
-Oh, no, no, no, no.
Watch, look at this.
We busted this guy last week.
He was acting strange,
so I pulled him aside.
You know what I found?
300 candy bars
just like this one,
stashed in a suitcase.
These guys get so creative.
It's quite a show.
As a customs agent,
I have front-row seats.
That's nice, gimme my money.
All right?
...I know how you feel.
Okay, you went to war,
it wasn't what you thought.
You never got to look...
...a bad guy in the eyes and
just fucking pull the trigger.
Tonight I gave you that chance.
You got to be a warrior.
Imbeciles like the candy man,
I just turn over to authorities.
The guy
you took care of tonight,
he wasn't a peon,
he was a major player.
You did the world a favor,
and so did I.
I'm not going to tell you again.
Give me the money, now.
Doesn't have to end like this.
You know we could be
a great team.
this concludes our business.
Don't ever contact me again.
Oh, I won't.
Might be somebody else
who will though.
I thought this was
a one-man operation.
It's this one guy,
might be a cop.
Someone from my work,
I don't know.
I've seen him follow me
a few times.
You need to take care of this.
This affects both of us.
I'm giving you another job.
This time...
...I'll pay double.
[ominous music]
[engine starts]
[bubble wrap rustling]
Where have you been?
What is that?
Our second chance.
A friend came through
with a loan.
Well, whatever it is,
it isn't enough.
-[Michael] How do you know that?
-Because the money we need
doesn't fit inside an envelope.
Look, it's enough okay?
In the meantime, I want you
to stop packing all these boxes,
get rid
of this bubble wrap and...
And what?
-[Michael] Give me a hug.
Well, something up here
is going to get squeezed.
Don't pop the bubbles,
that is so annoying.
You told me
to get rid of all of it
With all this bubble wrap,
it'll take all night.
Now stop, Emily, stop.
Look, they're not taking
this house, okay?
If they do, they're gonna have
to drag us out of here
kicking and screaming.
that's going to happen
to one of us anyway.
But he's going to have
to wait another four months.
Your hands are cold.
[water running]
It's just one more job.
[ominous music]
[crickets chirping]
Don't look at me like that.
He offered you another job.
I told you this was a bad idea.
You knew he'd give you
another one.
You must have
something inside you
that wants to prove something.
You should have
never gotten involved.
-We're both involved.
-No, not me.
You can find
another private investigator.
I am done taking pictures.
I wish I could say
the same for him.
Open it.
You were the one
supposed to take the pictures.
I hired you to follow him,
not the other way around.
Look, I did this as a favor.
You came to me, remember?
He offered me double.
I'll stop following him.
It's too late.
He wants you dead.
And he knows where I work.
It's only a matter of time
before he figures out
we're working together.
What if he already knows?
Then I'll have to squeeze
that trigger one more time.
Okay, before you do that,
some things
you might want to know.
His name is Douglas Gofft.
Former military, now a customs
inspector at the airport.
He must have gotten some intel
about drug shipments overseas.
He uses his position
to let smugglers sneak through
and then he steals their stash
and sells it for himself.
Runs a pretty
efficient operation.
All under the radar.
I got to get to my store unit,
I need to get my piece.
You can't do that.
You know what happens
if you do that?
I don't have a choice.
I'm busy, what do you need?
You seen James around?
He left early.
-He left early?
He did the same thing yesterday.
He left right after you did.
[ominous music]
Hey, Michael,
come here for a sec.
Hey, I need you
to take some samples for me.
The crew's late today and I'm
getting ready to head out.
Arms up.
Something wrong?
You violated your probation.
-[sighs in frustration]
Are you opening my mail now?
-[Emily] This is serious.
What were you doing
in a high school parking lot?
How is this going to benefit me
and our unborn child
if you're sitting
in a jail cell?
I was meeting with a friend.
He's the one
who gave me the money.
Well, next time
you meet this friend,
do it in public during the day.
There won't be a next time.
What are you looking at?
I was just waiting to see
if that guy out there
was going to come look
at the house.
Anyways, I talked to my brother.
He said he could get
an attorney that could work
with us for free.
[ominous music]
[tires screeching]
When a man becomes distracted,
he makes mistakes.
He makes bad choices.
He gets sloppy.
that man paid me a visit.
But who was it?
Douglas or James?
Hey, James.
You got a minute.
I'm busy right now.
What do you need?
You drive a black car,
don't you?
Michael, you've seen my car.
Now, what's this about?
I had a visitor yesterday,
a guy in a black car.
When I came outside,
he took off.
And you think it was me?
I'm not sure.
Douglas drives a black car, too.
Then it was Douglas.
Let's hope
he doesn't come back then.
'Cause if anyone comes near
my house and hurt my family,
they're going
to be sorry they did.
You're not allowed to have
a gun in your house, Michael.
I would be careful about
violating that court order.
Joey, come here.
You know what
I think would be a good idea?
Go get your crayons.
Get a sheet of paper
and draw daddy a picture.
I think he'll like that.
[dramatic music]
Mommy, look what I drew
for daddy.
I'm headed out.
I need you to take some samples.
James is here if you need help.
Everything all right
between you two?
Why do you ask?
You've been smoking
alone this past week
and when you leave,
he leaves behind you.
Almost like
he's following you home,
keeping tabs on you.
Anything you want
to tell me about?
Are you done?
-Are you forgetting something?
everything's fine between us,
don't worry about it.
I'm glad to hear.
Go down to the boundary
and take some samples.
James will give you a hand.
[ominous music]
Mr. Massey, a few days ago,
you had an accident at work.
You almost drowned.
You were in shock
when they brought you
into the emergency room.
And because of
the near drowning,
you had hypoxia.
That's a low level of oxygen
in the blood.
This has caused some injury
to your brain
and other organ systems.
[dramatic music]
[Michael coughing]
[Emily softly] Fuck!
Come on, get up.
-[Joey] Mom, look at my picture.
That's a beautiful picture.
Go show daddy, he's over there.
Daddy, look at my picture.
[ominous music]
That's good,
now push it all the way back.
Keep pushing, keep pushing,
put it right back there.
[dramatic music]
[crickets chirping]
Hold it.
Drink it, Michael, it's water.
What happened?
You need to tell me
what's happening.
I need answers.
Damn it, Michael.
This trigger will be pulled.
But what I really want to do
is pull back the hands of time.
Retrace every step...
...and start over.
[dramatic music]
But I can't.
I'm alone.
[ominous music]
I called an attorney today.
...I wanted to say, I'm sorry.
I know I've been really mean
these past couple days
and you're going through a lot,
and I'm going of a lot.
And I know that you're thinking
about what's best
for me and our family,
but I need to know
what's on your mind.
I'm going to go
to the grocery store
to get a couple things.
I'll be back in a few hours.
James, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, I'm in the middle
of something.
What you're doing
right now can wait.
I need to know what happened
the day Michael fell in
because I've got
the state investigators
crawling up my ass
wanting answers
that only you can give 'em
and you're not giving 'em to me.
He fell in.
Then why was your vest so clean?
You have the report.
Can I get back to work?
Go ahead and finish up.
[ominous music]
If you take this job,
you're gonna be watching
your back for a long time.
I don't have a choice.
[James] Let's just hope you
don't meet another man
who feels the same way.
[dramatic music]
[crickets chirping]
Where have you been?
Everything's fine.
Just go back to sleep.
[ominous music]
-[James] What's up?
-[Floyd] I need you to go down
and help Michael
get some water samples.
-[James] No problem.
-[Floyd] I'm heading out.
You guys are the only ones here,
so be careful.
You know
it's slippery down there.
[ominous music continues]
You got something to prove.
You need to take care of this.
This affects both of us.
Is something wrong?
[ominous music]
...put down the gun.
Is it the same gun?
Is it?
Answer me!
You broke our rule.
[crying] Our rule, you broke it.
I brought it back
to protect you.
This is my second chance.
This is our second chance.
we'll get a second chance.
[crickets chirping]
[rain pattering]
There is some concern that
the chemicals you were exposed
to might put you
at risk of cancer of the liver
as well as some
of the other organs and tissues.
There is a new experimental drug
I would like to put you on
which may help reduce your risk
of malignant conversion in cells
which have been damaged.
This may reduce your risk
of getting hepatocellular cancer
or cancers of some
of the other organs, too,
such as the bone marrow
or the kidneys.
I'm a little concerned
about your throat.
I'd like to schedule you
for another endoscopic
to recheck these areas.
[dramatic music]
What's the best way
to give a man a second chance?
Let him redeem himself.
A man needs to feel useful.
She didn't see me.
I made that mistake once.
I'm not gonna do it again.
The trap doesn't work
with vinegar, only honey.
Tape up the sides,
these boxes are pretty old.
So where'd you get
all these books anyway?
Here and there,
collected them over the years.
You got some pretty good ones
that should be at home
on a bookshelf
instead of here
in a dusty storage unit.
Things are better now.
That's what I heard.
Thompson said you
can start work next week.
Yeah, it's going
to be different this time.
Yeah, that's for sure.
We've been going through all
these safety procedures
since the accident.
They want to make sure something
like that doesn't happen again.
It won't...
...because this time...
...I won't turn my back on you.
Stand up and face me, James.
[ominous music]
Turn around.
I guess we're not here
to move boxes.
No, we're here
to find out the truth.
I told Emily mine and now
you're going to tell me yours.
What are you talking about?
Tell me the truth.
Michael, put the gun down.
If it wasn't for you,
Douglas never would've given me
that second job.
You should have
never taken the first job.
I told you not to get involved
with this.
You got in trouble
'cause you crossed the line.
Tell me the truth,
did you push me?
Is that what you think?
Tell me.
You want the truth?
I'll give you the truth.
When you went to Douglas,
it wasn't for money.
You wanted to prove
you could kill someone
other than your own kid.
Take one more step and I swear
to God it'll be your last.
You're working with him,
aren't you?
That's why you pushed me.
-He's paying you, isn't he?
-It was an accident.
I gave you CPR.
The only reason
you're standing there
right now is because of me.
Take a moment and think.
Try to remember.
[James grunting]
You'll be okay, you'll be okay.
One, two, three,
four, one, two, three, four,
one, two, three, four.
Listen to me.
We're both involved now.
It's only a matter of time
before Douglas comes out
to both of us.
I have an idea.
One thing I've noticed lately,
late night meetings
come in pairs.
[crickets chirping]
[cell phone buzzes]
[ominous music]
What's this?
Signing bonus.
I just want to make sure
my newest employee's happy.
-I thought you said
this was a two-hand--
-If you're referring
to the third wheel
of our business,
that's why we have layoffs.
Helps eliminate any liabilities.
He's at his house,
now's a good time.
[sighs heavily]
I only see one car,
but we may have a visitor.
His wife, she came back to him.
I thought you said she left?
She did, now she's back.
This will complicate things.
I'll also tell you,
his wife is pregnant.
Well then,
she better not get my way.
Oh, she has nothing
to do with this.
You kill her,
then you're going to have two
dead bodies you got to get rid.
It's not like I'd be doing
anything he hasn't done before.
Now I told you
that was an accident.
[Douglas laughs]
His own kid?
Was a new gun.
He was cleaning it.
Go up there,
tell him you want to talk
about something important.
Make sure you leave
the door unlocked.
Distract him.
Get 'em in a room
that's well lit.
Keep him away from the windows
and the furniture.
I'll go in and get a clear shot.
She's there,
I'm going to have to say
that I have
to talk to him in private.
Like about the investigation
of something so...
...let's keep this on the
same level, first floor.
Has the kitchen and a bedroom.
Go down the hallway,
both are on the right.
If we're not in the kitchen,
just keep going by.
-[ominous music]
-[engine starts]
[knocks on door]
Hey, what's going on man?
-[James] Hey.
-[Michael] Come on in, man.
-[James] Sure, sure.
-I came to check on you,
how you feeling?
-[Michael] Uh,
thanks, man.
You know, I'm doing all right.
-Just taking it day by day.
-[James] Resting?
Yeah, little bit.
[indistinct conversation]
[ominous music continues]
You know, it's been a while
since I pulled the trigger.
But I always love
a good challenge.
Getting close to him,
that'll be difficult.
At least one of us
tried to anyway.
You know, there are
better ways to kill a man
than to push him
into a pool of chemicals.
I didn't, he just fell in.
we get a second chance.
[ominous music continues]
I had my back turned
to the world for too long.
Now I've turned around
and what I see is
a world I neglected.
He said we have
to wear hard hats at all times.
Even on our cigarette breaks
A world I walked away from.
A world that has become
the one I deserve.
Anyway, the investigation's
about to wrap up.
-[Michael] Oh, that's good.
-[James] It'll be over soon.
[ominous music]
[gun clicks]
But I see something,
something I didn't see before.
[ominous music continues]
Someone walking towards me,
he looks familiar.
He isn't a stranger,
he's the man I used to be.
My name is Michael Massey,
and I'm going to pull
this trigger one more time.
Except this time... won't be a mistake.
[dramatic music]
[popping and rustling]
[breathing heavily]
You motherfuckers!
[guns firing]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music]