Bounty Hunter Vixens: Carnal Enchantment (2003) Movie Script

Only 30 gold coins for my head?
They're certainly underestimating me.
You must be Gaoh, the wanted man.
What if I am?
I'll take your head.
Who the hell are you?
I never imagined I'd see
a female bounty hunter.
Your arms look too fragile...
to cut my head off.
I can't stand it!
Pretty legs...
Black Tortoise! White Tiger!
Making me take you seriously?
Not bad at all.
For only 30 gold coins...
you don't wanna go to hell, do you?
If you choose, I could help you
go to paradise, you know?
For your information...
your head is worth 50 gold coins.
If I were to let a woman take my head,
I would disgrace my own name!
How foolhardy of you!
I'll settle this now!
You're a woman after all.
50 gold coins... in my pocket!
Bounty Hunter Vixens
- Carnal Enchantment-
A guy worth 50 gold coins is...
certainly tough.
Now, time to cut off his head.
I don't wanna die in a place like this!
I don't wanna die!
You specter!
Evil spirits and strong grudges...
I can feel them.
Have sex with me.
Have sex with me.
Have sex with me.
He wouldn't be able to go far though.
Stop it, you monster!
Have sex with me.
You monster!
I can't do it with a monster!
Have hatred, Gaoh.
Hate the people. Hate the world.
Burn in the flames of resentment.
Hate until you go into a trance.
That will be the source of my energy!
I'll kill you!
What a fierce grudge!
Very good. Pour more of
that energy into me.
I'll kill you!
I'll take your head.
That sword...
I'll see how it turns out.
It's time for your medicine.
Oh, dear.
What are you doing, brother?
Go back to your bed.
I found it!
You're drenched with sweat!
You don't get better
because you keep getting up.
Hello. Are you listening?
What in the world is up with you?
This peacock Buddha goddess
appeared to me last night.
I saw a battle.
A fierce battle against an evil spirit...
Yeah, yeah.
Got it. Now change your clothes.
Don't. I'll do it myself.
All right. Just stand up.
Listen, Misty. We did grow up
like siblings,
but people don't see us that way.
What if they mistake us for a couple?
No one's watching.
I'm just saying that we should
draw a line in our daily lives too.
Besides, you've reached puberty.
Yeah, yeah. Got it, Honorable Priest!
Ready to eat...
It never rains but it pours, huh?
Do me a favor, all right?
Ouch! Don't be so rough!
Who the heck are you?
Hello. I'm no shady character.
I am Wonton.
You're not human...
Right on.
I wandered from Sung
a thousand years ago.
I'm a stray haunting god.
As misfortune would have it, I got
sealed off in a crummy shrine like this.
Not only did you free me, but you
treated me to delicious yam porridge.
Thank you very much.
You specter!
This is the Talisman Sword.
Talisman Sword?
What? You have it without knowing
what it is?
Unused treasure is a waste of treasure.
How dare you?!
This is...
Well... tell me what it's about.
You'd never survive the wound
this sword would inflict on you.
See ya!
Hey, come on out!
This smell...
It smells like a dead body.
You are...
You failed to die peacefully?
What on earth...?
Is that all you've got?
Here we come.
What's up with these guys?
I've been waiting for you, Gaoh!
I have no time for small fish
like you two!
I'll kill you like them!
Damn you!
I must retreat for now...
Damn! She got away!
Oh, well. I'll devour her soon.
Brother, what are you doing?
You still have a cold!
I feel uneasy for some reason.
I couldn't stay in bed.
Ma'am, what's the matter?
Oh, no!
She is...
I'm happy for you that
your "hunch" proved right.
You were able to save
such a beautiful woman.
What are you talking about?
You're taking it so seriously.
I wonder what it's all about.
I'm gonna go run some errands.
Wait here.
I promise I'll be back.
Pops, don't go.
I don't want you to go!
Have you forgotten our promise?
You will become strong and
you won't cry no matter what happens.
Pardon me. What happened?
What in the world happened?
An evil spirit has a hand in this.
Don't look.
I've been waiting for this for so long.
- Who are you?
- Oh, you're awake.
I've brought you breakfast.
I used your bowl.
And I washed your clothes.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Make yourself at home.
MY bowl?
Hey, Wonton!
- You told me this is the Talisman Sword.
- Yes, ma'am.
I couldn't kill demons!
That makes sense.
The Talisman Sword reflects
the owner's state of mind like a mirror.
It works only as an ordinary sword
for a novice.
If I am a novice,
I wouldn't be able to kill you,
would I?
Wait! Hold on a minute!
It depends on the case.
I'm just a small fish.
What I meant was that you're not
quite on par with Dakini.
I spilled the beans...
I see.
So a Dakini is the one who brought
Gaoh and his henchmen back to life?
Is she a specter like you?
Don't put us in the same group!
I'm an authentic mountain hermit.
She's a sorceress of
a dubious Western religion.
Tell me what she looks like!
A sorceress usually looks like...
Oops. That was close.
No more blabbering. She's
well-connected and has a keen nose.
If Dakini finds me...
You're running away?
Looks like you're all better.
Thank you for everything.
Sorry for the trouble.
Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet.
I'm Tadasuke Mikado.
I'm a priest of this shrine. I'm also
studying Yin-Yang divination.
I am...
What a beautiful name!
By the way, I've sensed that
you are not an ordinary person.
You may be a holy person who was
sent to ward off evil spirits.
Don't guess wrong.
I'm not that kind of a person.
You don't need to hide it from me.
It's already been revealed to me...
that you are a holy warrior
sent by the peacock Buddha goddess.
I'm not as noble as you think.
I am grateful to the divine protection...
Of the peacock Buddha goddess.
Massage harder.
What have I done to myself?
Oh, shut up.
Shall I turn this into a manure pot?
No. Not that.
That young girl, Iris...
Her spiritual power, like her father's,
will soon help increase my power.
I can't wait to devour her heart.
It will be quite tasty.
That Yin-Yang master, on the other hand,
is certainly annoying!
Well... I just couldn't help it...
Tell me about the relationship
between Iris and the Yin-Yang master.
What can I say...?
They're both novices.
Neither of them is aware of
their own potential.
It'll be very difficult to
separate them, Lady Dakini.
The harder you try to separate them,
the tighter they'll bond.
The only problem is that
they are man and woman.
Love affairs among humans are
hard to read even for a hermit.
In particular,
that girl who grew up like his sister
could be dangerous.
She may cause trouble with Iris.
That's it!
I said something uninvited, didn't I?
I can feel it...
An evil mind is awaking in her.
Oh, no. What have I done?
He keeps talking about Iris
all day long!
What's so great about that woman?
He has a soft spot for her.
Rape her!
Torment and fondle her!
Be aroused to your heart's content!
I'm so sorry!
The sexual desire inside her
is coming to the surface.
The Talisman Sword reflects
the owner's state of mind like a mirror.
It works only as an ordinary sword
for a novice.
She's a sorceress of
a dubious Western religion.
Lady Iris.
I understand you're eager
to slay demons.
But you need to rest a little longer.
As fragile as you are now,
you won't succeed as you wish.
I can't waste any more time.
Lady Iris.
Master Tadasuke,
my ultimate goal is not to slay demons.
after the bounty money of 50 gold coins
on the wanted man, Gaoh's, head.
I'm just a bounty hunter.
Don't deceive yourself.
I know for sure that the light of mercy
is shining within you.
You're the holy warrior sent by...
Don't be absurd!
I am...
I am...
My father was a swordsman.
Instead of seeking a stable position,
he seems to have simply enjoyed
scraping together a living day by day.
My father was very strong.
No one could beat him... supposedly.
You demon!
I'll slay you with this Talisman Sword!
You think you can kill me
in that sorry condition?
It's laughable!
I can finish you off with one slash.
I couldn't shake off the bad feeling.
So I followed my father.
I ran and ran...
I ran after my father.
It must be painful to die leaving
your young daughter behind.
Have resentment!
Fill yourself up with resentment!
You demon!
Hate more and harder!
Nourish your evil mind more!
Ever since then, I've lived
as a bounty hunter.
I've hoped to avenge
my father's death someday.
So, that sword is...
your father's keepsake?
You must've repaired it.
I've told you a boring story.
Please forget it, Master Tadasuke.
Thank you for everything.
I'll be leaving tomorrow.
Do you think you'll be able to
kill those demons all by yourself?
I won't blunder again.
You know all too well that
you don't stand a chance.
Why do you still dare to do this?
Does it have anything to do
with your father?
If you fight alone now, you'll end up
just like your father.
What did you say?
Let's fight together!
With your swordsmanship and
my Yin-Yang divination powers,
I'm sure we can beat them.
It's my business.
I don't want to accept your offer.
Innocent villagers have been victims.
It is my duty, too, to slay demons.
Sometimes you need to cooperate
with others to overcome obstacles.
Lady Iris.
Just this time... please work with me.
Master Tadasuke.
Thanks in advance.
May I join you?
Ah, it feels so good.
You have beautiful skin.
I envy you.
It must've driven many men crazy.
What are you doing?
You! Filthy bounty hunter!
Pack your stuff and leave right away!
So many bad things have happened
since you came.
Innocent villagers have been killed.
It's such a pain to have you around.
You're a pest!
I apologize.
Do you need anything?
Lady Iris.
What can I do for you?
Please make love to me.
Well... um...
Master Tadasuke.
You don't like me?
Lady Iris!
I'm so happy.
Please make love to me.
Don't embarrass me.
We're a man and a woman after all.
This is the natural course of events.
Stop it, Misty!
Wake up!
You love her that much?
What's wrong?
Have sex with me!
Have sex with me!
Damn you!
You're possessed by a demon.
Pour your energy into me.
Oh, my! What have I...?
Don't say anything.
You're all right now.
Lady Iris...
This is not like me.
You're the only one I can count on.
Do you understand?
I'm a little scared.
But I'll do my best.
Good. Let's get started then.
Peacock Buddha goddess,
grant me Power.
Show me the whereabouts...
of the demon possessing you.
Show me the whereabouts...
of the demon possessing you!
Evoke the memory from your body!
Show me their whereabouts!
Show me their whereabouts!
I guess I didn't even have to
search for him.
I see.
Dakini is waiting for me?
That was easy enough.
Damn you, Dakini!
I'll show you something
you might have missed.
I can feel it.
I feel your eternal sorrow.
Do you hate me because I killed
your father?
Go ahead. Hate me and resent me.
Fill your heart with resentment
to the brim.
I'll tear you to pieces!
Your heart will be quite delicious.
Is that it?
Go ahead and hate.
Hate others and
intensify your hatred!
Hey, what's going on?
Who is it?
How imprudent!
Where is Dakini?
Look, Brother!
Lady Iris!
She's in trouble.
We need to let her out immediately!
We must defeat Dakini first.
I'm sure she's hiding
somewhere in here.
There she is!
I see.
All right.
Misty, wait for me there!
Hang in there, Brother!
Dakini! Show yourself!
I commend you for coming
all the way here.
How can I launch its power?
Ow... ouch!
Watch out! Don't break me!
Wonton, tell me how I can
defeat them!
Ow... ow... ow...
Come on!
Hurry up and tell me!
Unless you wake up, it's useless.
Just tell me how!
Free your spirit.
Now, see ya!
Good luck!
Hold it!
Free my spirit?
What now? Fight me!
Please give me strength...
I will not die!
Lady Iris!
All of you, kill him!
Lady... Iris...
Amaterasu, the Sun goddess, and
all the gods in nature,
please save their lives
in exchange for mine.
Amaterasu, the Sun goddess,
and all the gods in nature...
please save their lives
in exchange for mine.
Lady Iris...
Master Tadasuke...
Have you forgotten our promise?
You will become strong and
you won't cry no matter what happens.
Do you understand?
I can't do it, Pops.
I'm sorry I broke the promise.
It's time for my feast.
Please. I beg of you!
Iris, don't give up.
You bastard! How dare you!
Iris, your dad is right.
You shouldn't give up just yet.
Be strong.
Live to the fullest.
- Iris.
- Pops!
How imprudent!
All you bastards!
I'll throw all of you in a bloodbath!
What them?
I'll take you on, maggot!
Lady Iris.
Why, you!
I don't believe this!
Thank you, Pops.
Lady Iris.
Wonton, do something!
I can't save three at once!
Dakini completely drained me.
See ya!
You coward!
Lady Iris.
Brother! Oh, no!
Brother! Brother!
I'm sorry, Lady Iris.
I was able to avenge my father's death.
I have nothing to regret now.
Lady Iris...
The peacock Buddha goddess,
we'll be coming to you.
Don't you want to stop her, Brother?
Lady Iris is a free spirit.
It's not like her to stay in one place.
What if someone sees us?!
It doesn't matter!
Hey, Wonton!
Give me a break!
I've used up 100 years worth
of energy in that incident.
Leave me alone for a while.