Bounty Hunters (2016) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen
Today's guest of honor...
David Marshall, the fighter.
He won championships
in 3 different weight classes
in UFS and made history!
This is a party for him,
and those of you who are invited
are witnessing history.
No one can stop him.
No one can stop me!
Any questions for reporter?
Don't you think you were disrespectful
to your opponent who had lost to you?
Your ceremony seemed to go too far.
Who is that?
Any one can not speak like that!
Calm down. Hey. Calm down.
Red alert! Red alert!
Say! Say again!
Who's disrespectful! Say! How dare!
Calm down. Please
Red alert!
Red alert! San...
Ok, Ok.
How dare you!
Thank you.
Who are you?
I'm Lee San,
your bodyguard.
You are his bodyguard, not hers!
Really? Not hers?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Your epic fail is trending on WeChat again.
Another business
gone down the drain.
I love you
Don't you understand the importance of money?
How are we
gonna pay rent?
Can't even buy petrol for our car.
Even our car is pissed off!
We'll make it this time!
Ya! Where are you?
We're in the office.
Change the locations?
Hold on.
What's going on?
Don't give us trouble again, ok?
I can't promise
I need your help for a simple mission
Sure let's go, where to?
Sam, We will be right there. See you soon.
We gotta run, sit back
Told you we need a new car!
Nearby indeed! Just a flight away
Perfect! See you later.
It's our client, he put us at A Hotel!
Who's he?
Reporter? Why would a reporter need protection?
Not himself, but the informant.
He will pay us double for discretion.
Oh, it's triple now.
Triple! Isn't it great?
Internet fortune teller says today is my day.
Good things are coming. I love Korea!
Sam. Yes. We're at the lobby. So...
Nice meet you.
Ya, You're here.
I am sorry I made you come all this way.
Not at all. So Where is the other guy?
I'm waiting for the call.
Is this right room?
Should be.
You came at the right time,
- we lost our key.
- What's up
- It's ok. It's ok.
- What?
Room key sumida. Lost sumida.
Belly aching sumida.
Hurry up
Hurry up. Thank you very much
Thank you
Is it your birthday today?
What do you mean where I am?
You sent me a text massage
telling me to meet in your room 2003.
Then who sent the text massage?
You said you'd inform me about
the terrorist bombings
in Tokyo and Singapore.
I've hired 2 bodyguards.
So tell me where you are.
All right.
Bangkok. Sifuan...
Okay. Stay safe. I'll be alright.
How did you know that
there's cake and wine in the room?
What's wrong?
Don't eat the cake! We have to get out of here!
But, this is good.
Can't we take this cake with us?
No time to explain.
We have to get out of here, now.
What's going on?
Why so hurry?
There was a bomb in that cake in the room!
Let's just get out of here.
Simple mission huh?
Just run!
What's going on?
Power out?
Why is it so dark?
Hold on, something's wrong
What are you waiting for?!
Give me back the keys!!
Hey! Hey. Calm down
Turn on the lights now
My eyes! What kind of light is that?
Help me.
Jesus Christ!
Help me.
Don't go my livelihood!
Watch out.
Hurry up!
We're in deep trouble I think
Deep trouble indeed
They're bodyguards!
Let's get started, Swan!
Here we go!
Wake up bro, wake up!
I'll let you take over now.
the brake's networking! Wake up bro!
What did you say? Oh...
Watch out
Are you ok?
Check up on that reporter,
he hasn't paid his deposit yet!
Leave this woman to me
Let's talk like adults...
You very... tough
Stand aside, rookie
Who are you?
This is my final warning
No sea water please! It's really salty!
(lncheon A Hotel terrorist bomb attack)
(2 unidentified suspects caught,
possibly accomplices of terrorists behind
A Hotel attack in Singapore)
A huge blast hit A Hotel,
Songdo, lncheon,
at 11:50pm last night. Authorities believe
- it was a terrorist attack.
- We are suspects now?
The CCTV is rigged too
Police have found CCTV footages
of the two suspects fleeing
the hotel shortly before the blast
After analysis on the footage
Police concluded that the two men are very likely
to be accomplices of
the A Hotel attack in Singapore.
Interpol has been contacted for assistance.
Interpol has already
issued arrest warrant
on the five suspects
We're criminals now.
Making money is hard.
What did Sam say?
Who's Sam?
Sam the reporter!
You don't even know the client's name!
How can you be a bodyguard?
How do I know who that reporter is!
How could you? You talked with him
- Fine, you are always right.
- I... Over at the car park
You even asked
if today is his birthday
No! What are you talking about...
What did Sam say?
Those messages
are vital for catching the real terrorists.
Why should we believe you?
It's up to you,
I just want my answers.
He doesn't believe you but I do!
Don't be mistaken!
It's not the right answer!
Don't underestimate us
How can you
tie people up this way?
Figure 8 knot is too loose
- You should have
- Bro!
Used diamond knot.
See how hard it is to undo?
You need to exert a bit self control.
There's no need to pass out three times a night.
He is Wong Bok Yo,
born in Hong Kong, 38 years old.
An Interpol a year ago,
now just a security service agency owner.
He is Lee San, Korean, 28 years old.
Wong's partner at Interpol.
Both were fired after a failed mission
in London a year ago.
only we can help you.
We are both
Cat is a legend among bounty hunters
Bounty hunters?
How did bounty hunters become terrorist suspects?
We've been tracking
the Singapore hotel terrorist suspect.
We've been framed also.
we did see that terrorist.
We made this sketch,
but haven't got his ID.
Purandhri Dhupam. Bomb specialist.
How did you know him?
It's my weakness,
photographic memory.
Just one glance and it's stored here.
I've heard he later joined a criminal enterprise
Then fled to Thailand.
We told you everything.
What did Sam tell you?
This information is too expensive
to be given away
He said he's looking for a guy called Sipuan
in Bangkok.
That's all we have.
why did you give away everything!
Don't you know the basics of negotiation?
Quid pro quo
Wanna go to Bangkok with us?
Just wanna be partners before clearing our names.
You'll take all the bounty
when it's settled.
We're not short of money.
It's a $2 million reward.
Happy to work with you!
One condition:
I'll be the leader.
Yes boss!
Drink a toast
to our partnership?
I'm not interested in partnership.
I'll leave when my name is cleared.
Relax man,
take it easy.
We're wanted by
the Interpol now,
can't even get out of Korea,
let alone Bangkok
Don't worry,
Babe will take care of it. Ok
To partnership!
To partnership!
To partnership!
Drink and be merry!
What's this called? Bom...
Told you before!
Must cost
quite a lot
You can't even
afford one wheel.
This neither.
Are you unwell?
Why are you staring at me,
don't fall in love with me
Don't be ridiculous, idiot
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're approaching our destination
Get ready for landing
How do we get through security?
I'm sure Boss has a plan
We'll jump from here
1, 2, 3,
It's 20 mins already
Wait! Argh!
I can't swim!
Shopping at 8 am? You're kidding me
It's not open, no matter how rich you are
Criminals get caught
because their look says "I'm a criminal"
Just need to dress up
a little to pass
So we can take whatever we like?
only if the stylist approves
Are these two for real?
Who knows
Why work with them then?
We need a handsome one in the team.
This is not your style at all!
Almost done,
let's get Dhupam and Sipuan
Not yet
Not yet?
You need a hairdo
My hair is fine
You need to trust professional hair stylists,
they'll choose
the best style for you
Who's the hair stylist?
What's with this guy
Babe can do anything,
like the genie of Aladdin's lamp
My wish come true by rubbing him?
except making him fight
Babe is a good boy,
he used to be Cat's butler
He became a bounty hunter because of her
A Babe,
a geek
and a pretty heiress
The more I know you all,
the more I find you unbelievable
I know more than computers
Looks great!
I made this transmission device
powered by bio-electricity.
It's camouflaged,
GPS equipped. Tap and it's on.
Sawadee ka
Old man!
There're 24 Sipuans in Bangkok
5 of them could be
linked to the hotel terrorist attack
Look at their communications records.
Find every lead.
Leave Dhupam to us!
Really? Even Swan can't find him
We catch bad guys with our legs,
not fingers
Right on!
We're wanted too,
watch out for
other bounty hunters
How're you?
Hi Yo
My informant said he is in Thailand
Dhupam? Is he in Thailand?
Where about?
I don't know
Forget what I said,
keep them,
take care.
Who's that?
He's my informant in Thailand.
He works for gangs,
guess he's calling Dhupam
You're dead
Where's Dhupam?
This is Dhupam's girlfriend's home?
Stay here, I'll go with Lee San
I'll go with you,
San is a loner
I said I'll go with San.
You stay and watch the flat with Swan.
Take care, Madam
Yes Boss
What's going on?
What's that noise, Swan?
I didn't catch it, why?
Are you afraid of cats?
Cats? No way...
What are you laughing at?
I'm not laughing
Enlarge it, Swan
Why? Something's wrong?
The delivery guy seems weird
We have to tell them now!
Don't worry,
San is really good.
A Chinese ship was hijacked
by African pirates,
one guy captured all the pirates,
and saved 23 crew members.
That guy was Lee San.
Where? Where's the car?
Can you hear me?
Wake up!
You ok?
You're locked in,
I'm right behind you
Wake up, we gotta get out of here
What are you doing?
Untying your rope
Found them! Just nearby
There should be a switch behind you
Can you find it?
Ok I'll do it
Wait, let me do it
Stay still!
I'll do it!
I said let me do it! Roll over here
What's going on?
Why can't we see anything?
Why did you close it?
The car's so fast, it's dangerous to jump.
Where are you Yo, come over
Wait up, I'm following you
Damn, why are they speeding up
What's wrong Yo? Why are you speeding up?
Ready to jump
Madam, are you two ok
How's Yo? Hope he's not caught?
Can you hear me, bro?
We've got something on Dhupam!
Translate it Swan, see what he said
The card is stuck, wait a second
I'm scared, I had a nightmare
Are you ok?
I'm fine. Just scared, come back please
It's not a good time
I really miss you, come home tonight ok?
I'm sorry, I need to take care of something.
Gotta go, I love you
That's about it
There's nothing useful there
What a man...
It's not useless
He must be around, he misses this woman
What more did he say?
Have you located his cellphone?
Almost there!
What's going on?
A Hotel!
Sipuan is not a person's name...
How's the situation?
It could be the next terrorist attack target
Don't jump into conclusion
Look how scared you are
Not scared, just cautious.
Swan, find out which room the guy's staying
I'll check the hotel guest registry
Wait, rewind
12th floor. Swan,
enlarge here
Got it! Room 1210
How did you do it?
I sent him a message as his girlfriend.
Said I'm at his door
Told you he misses this woman.
Wait here, I'll go alone
Wait, I haven't...
He'll check with his girlfriend!
Sam's got one minute max!
Hurry up!
Why don't you go?
No necessary,
he's the guy who caught Osama bin Laden.
Not the African pirates?
First caught the pirates in Africa,
then bin Laden in Iraq
bin Laden... was caught in Afghanistan
Maybe it was Saddam Hussein?
He was an Indian commando after all,
have to be careful
I'll take care of myself, you should be careful
What's so miraculous
Why are there so many bombs?
How long until they go off?
You know what these are?
I saw them in The A hotel in Korea!
You were the guy who was with Sam.
How do you know Sam?
Because I was the source...
Soon the fireworks will begin.
Get out of here now.
this hotel will blow up soon.
Who made you wear this!?
Cat, we need to evacuate the building
Let go of me! He's our only lead!
If I don't do as she says,
she'll kill my girl friend...
Who is 'she'?!!
Former specially appointed SSG officer
We need to inform the hotel guests
It's too late...
Where can we find May? Tell us!
Jump now,
we're out of time
Let go of me
Hurry up, we don't have time
Take your hands off, we need more leads
There's no time now
We haven't tried yet
- Boom!
- Madam!
we're all alive.
Where there's life, there's hope
May is the only lead now,
you still see hope?
You think it's ok to catch the bad guy
and get everyone else killed?
Catching the murderer saves lives,
it's the big picture.
We don't have a choice, San.
As long as the boss is having fun?
You're entitled to be cold blooded
because your parents are rich?
Babe, stop the car!
Stop the car now!
Madam's parents were killed
at a bomb attack
when she was 7.
She swore to catch the terrorist.
She's using her trust fund to recruit people.
She doesn't want anyone
to go through the same pain any more.
Where are we, bro?
The village's name is Lakunbatun.
We need to fix the car
and run away from the police,
it's safer here.
Look! Seems like a wedding there
Where's Cat?
Cat... Cat is...
I'm fine
Almost done
One second
Look how happy they are!
Babe told us
about your parents...
so you caught the killers yet?
Caught recently.
Why were you fired by the Interpol?
It's ok if you don't wanna tell me
Yo and I followed a drug cartel for 6 months.
When we found their hided out,
I defied order for reinforcement
and stormed in.
We lost
the informant.
I was
too greedy.
Sorry for this morning,
I shouldn't have said that.
But if you kiss me
without permission again,
you're dead
I won't kiss you even if you want to,
don't worry
So high!
We will take full responsibility
to care for the patients.
We will cooperate to the authorities and Interpol
to the best of our ability,
to apprehend the terrorist.
It's getting worse now,
what shall we do?
A Hotel...
why target on this particular hotel?
Hotel A will undergo an extensive innovation
to remedy its management and security system.
How come...
What's wrong?
Hitler had the same face too,
a lone wolf.
It's not a time for jokes
The reporter said it's committed by a mole?
We should check this woman out
You're blind guessing
Old man is right this time,
There is something fishy
She's the officer Dhupam mentioned?
May is now the security manager of A Hotel Group
What does she get from bombing the hotels?
Only she knows
Where is she now, Swan?
Sources say the chairman
will be in Jeju Island's A Hotel,
May should be there too
If they arrive tomorrow morning,
we should be able to reach
Jeju before them.
Prepare the plane, Babe.
Dig more about May, Swan.
I have booked the suite opposite
to Jeju Island's A Hotel
So you are a Korean,
teach me
how to address you in Korean?
call me
"Oppa" (Honey)
I'm sorry Oppa!
Go away!
I'm sorry!
I'm ready, shall we jump?
Boss you own a department store right?
These are special weapons for combat.
Be careful not to hurt yourself.
This looks like a hairspray,
but it's actually a time bomb.
Set the time by turning the bottle.
You take it back.
You are petrified!
These are tasers.
We're bounty hunters, can't use guns.
Mine is way better than yours.
It's fully-charged
Looks great,
I'll use it when needed.
That's a bullet proof jacket,
double reinforced Kevlar fibre,
can resist most bullets.
And this is a rifle style taser,
much more powerful than mine.
Useful on a group target.
The gun is so so,
I like the jacket.
May is not on the
airline's passenger list.
She's coming alone on
A Hotel Group's ship.
Babe and Swan, bug the chairman's room.
Yo and San, come to pier with me.
I can go with Swan
It's ok, I've always done
this kind of technical stuff with Babe,
only he knows how to do it, right?
Ok then!
Don't pull that!
Ok ok!
- Don't touch it!
- What?
Take off his trousers!
Take off your trousers!
- Babe
- What are you doing?
- Hurry up Babe!
- It's a bomb!
- Bomb!
- Let me help you!
- Off!
- No! Hurry!
- Hurry!
- Take it off!
Stay down!
Are you ok madam?
Install in these spots. It should be fine
please, be careful!
Stop looking! Reverse the car!
Which way should we go?
What if that container is full of explosives?
Watch yourself, old madam!
Ok! Ok!
Is that preservative?
Is it necessary to store them separately?
Who are you? What's the matter?
Isn't it Korean? Translate it!
It's a dialect, I don't understand either
Freeze! We're customs officers!
Follow me.
We've got work to do, brothers
Try searching one
Scare the shit out of me
What are you doing up there Boss!
We're family, Boss,
there has to be another way
It'll be very painful, come down
No, please don't, really,
I beg you!
What the hell is going on?
She's using taser! Boss!
What did you say!
What's your relation with May?
You're bombing A Hotel Jeju?
May ordered you to do this?
It's May isn't it?
When will you bomb it?
What is May up to?
What does she gain out of bombing the hotel?
What does May gain out of bombing the hotel?
I said the same thing! Why copy me?
I'm sorry, my brain is shocked by the bombing
Why A Hotel?
Save your breath,
I won't tell you
He's not back yet!
- Shut up!
- Wait, you're Korean also?
It's your last chance
This is 10 times more power than
the taser you tried just now
You don't know what it's like to be tasered?
Kills lots of brain cells
Ok I'll tell you!
I don't want to know now!
I said I'll tell you everything
No need, I don't trust you,
taser him!
Taser coming! I'm gonna tase you now!
Tommy Tommy!
It's Tommy!
It's all Tommy's idea
Who's Tommy?
Son of A Hotel Group's founder,
used to be the successor.
I'm sorry,
Anyone there?
Who are you!
I'm Tommy
Lock him up
Hello! Nice meeting you.
It's much more beautiful
than I thought here!
Ding dong!
I just wonder who would make such
a joke in the chairman's room.
Turns out it's you lot
- Babe!
- Babe!
It's ok,
where's Swan?
Your cute friend?
She's fine,
and the bomb goes off
You're behind all these?
Why blame it on us?
You put the blame
on yourselves.
I just wanted the reporter to stay out of it,
but you guys stood in my way.
I could only blow off the ambulance.
What a beautiful terrace!
What a view,
must be nice to watch the fireworks here!
Do you like fireworks?
You need all the lights off for fireworks.
It would be fabulous.
This is a truth.
What a shame! The night is too bright now.
I've seen it before,
I'll let you take care of here.
You have one hour
to surrender your guns and bring the bomb,
or your friend will die.
Release Yan Shen too.
Where're the things?
On the car.
Where's Swan?
Cat, come with me, alone.
Where's Swan?
I'm stuck at this level,
do you know this game? Play with me,
I'll bring you to watch fireworks.
Cut the crap, let Swan go first
Let's play something else then,
come with me.
I'm gonna break this level!
If you win,
I'll release her.
The red pill is poisonous,
can kills you in 10 mins.
The blue one
is the antidote.
For the sake of explaining the rules,
let's practice first.
How many storeys are there?
15 storeys
This is gonna be fun. Haha.
10 mins, the game begins
He'll make Boss take the pills
I'll rescue Cat, you'll take care of Swan
What are you doing?
Lift! Lift!
Take this
and I'll give you the key.
Your friend is in the car park.
After 10 mins,
I will press this remote control at the car park.
Just like in the movies, bang!
You know it well.
In 10 mins will you
get the antidote to save yourself,
or save your friend.
Your choice.
Get out of my way!
Game starts!
The antidote!
Move away!
Looking for this?
today is
the last time anyway.
I wanted to follow the steps, but what now?
Since you're here, show me what you can do.
Let's see if she gets the antidote!
What are you tasting, just swallow!
I told you,
don't kiss me without my permission
I just want to save you!
Go get Swan!
Let's play the game!
I know you will come back for me
Everything's fine!
I'm coming!
Step back.
Why are you so late!
I came to help out, didn't I!
Thank you.
Back off.
I have lipstick in my left pocket
These folks really do work very hard!
What's with
these people!
I'm sorry
No problem,
that's the fun
We've got rid of them!
Be cautious still
I'm scared, Cat!
Don't give up
Lee San!
Where are you?
Look ahead
We'll see
what you've got!
Crash them!
Are you nuts?
These hotels are your father's life!
A Hotel Group Chairman,
you business people only have eyes for money.
What about your family?
Who's nuts?
Your father did everything for your sake!
For my sake?
He's always at the hotel on my birthdays.
For my sake?
When my mom died,
he's in some ceremony at the hotel.
For my sake?
He left his fortune for you
to manage when he's dead.
Still hungry for money even when he's dead.
I can give you back
all the money and hotels,
please just stop it!
What a bore.
You just don't get it.
The thing I used to love most
was watching fireworks with my parents.
Tommy, I...
Burn down this world corrupted
by money and desire,
then create
a new world
of love and peace.
the necklace is off?
unless all the battery inside is used up
We've installed an
electric wave barrier as remedy.
It should block the remote control.
Don't know if Lee San can come out in one piece.
We should help
What should we do now?
First stop the bomb from going off,
then get Tommy.
Hack into the hotel's server,
find out Tommy's next move.
Can't join the wifi network!
Is it Tommy again?
it's the wave barrier
Then we can only use the cable.
Thank god you came back safe!
Come on in!
What's the matter with you,
since you lost contact
Cat's been worried
We've wasted some time, sorry about that
OK! We'll clear our name then claim our reward.
Let's reorganise ourselves
and take down the nutcase.
Here's your room key.
We're having a lantern festival tonight,
please do join us.
How long do you need, Swan?
Just a second!
It's so complicated with cable!
Tommy would like it,
but not his men.
Neither do I
Quiet, let's get started! Swan
Set off
the bomb now?
Look, piece of cake!
Where's the bomb?
That can't be all of the explosives!
Tommy's not here either
Let's find it
What's going on!
What's going on, Swan
It's not the "go" sign yet, calm down.
Go back to the suite.
Babe is waiting for us at the basement, let's go
Don't go,
distract them.
It hurts!
It's bullet proof but not pain proof
- Run!
- Run!
Why are you up here
The basement car park is full of bodyguards
Move on! Madam let's go!
I hit someone!
Open the door.
The door is locked from inside!
They want to blow us all up too
Throw it away!
We can only set it off at the roof
We have no choice but here
What on earth is going on?
Can you hear me?
You are relentless!
We need to black out the entire city
for the perfect fireworks.
The view is indeed the best here.
You're gonna black out
the entire island for the bombing,
Why hasn't it gone off yet?
Take off your ear piece guys.
Wave barrier.
Why's it not working?
I hate this all!
Tommy will guess we have a barrier,
we must get him before he finds out.
We'll remove the bomb first. You guys get Tommy
What if you go and the bomb goes of at once?
Who knows when it will blow up
I have an idea. Go rescue Swan first.
What's your idea
You're my man! Let's go down,
Not even a goodbye
and take care before leaving, you guys!
Here I am!
Sure you're not afraid to die?
I'm not the only one!
Let's move!
Hurry up!
We're running out of time, move it!
Hurry up!
Go after Tommy,
I'll take care of the things here.
Are you sure?
Don't worry,
let's go, Babe
This thing stopped the bomb!
Let's carry on.
Stop it!
Just in time for the show!
Let's count down together
Please don't press it,
don't hurt the innocent
No sacrifice,
no victory.
You should change your weapon
Watch out!
- Madam!
- Babe!
Madam, I'm fine!
They've gone up!
Victory is...
playing fireworks game, you psycho?
Shut up! What do you know?
It's a present for my mom,
watching the fireworks in despair with me!
Stop it!
Yo made it!
Yo made it!
Back off!
The game's not over yet.
What's the story here?
Back off!
I'll throw it down
That's your final weapon.
If you do it you'll die too
I'm... really...
Game over!
Want a happy ending? Not so easy!
A happy ending will come for sure.
Lee San, get me the antidote!
Oh ok! It's for Babe!
You took it? Spit it out!
Save me, Oppa!
Hurry up!
hurry up!
Am I so easy? Why am I bullied again?
When can I get my reward?
Send it to my bank account tomorrow
Why does Yo love money so much?
Is he poor?
Thought I mentioned?
When he was at Interpol,
he learned that kids
who lost their parents in incidents
were sent to the orphanage.
He's been sending money to them from then on.
Thank you,
for saving me so many times.
It's just lip service?
That's my first kiss,
Whose order is it from?
Animals' rights group
Why send us to somewhere freezing cold?
They say there'll be a $2 million reward
Didn't I pay you salary?
It's not good enough for you?
2 million?
The plane ticket
to the North Pole alone costs 1.5 million.
My taser is running out of battery.
Weather forecast says
the blizzard will last for 2 weeks
What is that guy up to?
He's a penguin poacher
What's wrong?
There's penguins in the South Pole only!