Bounty Vixens 7: Treasure of Lust (2003) Movie Script

Wh-who the heck are you?
Don't you know this is
the local governor's mansion?
Did I scare you?
Who are you?
What is it?
You must be new here.
Hurry up and go tell that grumpy
old man, Lord Toda, that I'm here.
What in the world...?!
Don't call him that.
Yeah, yeah. Just go tell him
Rio is here.
Even a newbie can do that much.
If you don't hurry up, I'll wake up
this scary guy!
If you don't hurry up,
I'll wake up this scary guy!
My lord! My lord! My lord!
Bounty Hunter Vixens
- Treasure of Lust -
Misaki MORI
Masaki KATO
Tsuyoshi FUYUMI
Katsuhito MATSUO
Executive Producer
Planning and Production
Toshiyuki FUSE, Koichi KOBAYASHI
Written and directed
by Seiichi IGUCHI
Written and directed by
Seiichi IGUCHI
Here comes the money!
Thank you for your hard work.
As always, you are quite good.
Not that good.
Aren't you gonna tell me
your usual heroic tale?
You must've had a hard time
capturing that man.
Well, sort of.
Sort of? Wow, that's incredible.
Old man, that newbie is useless.
When I showed him my official tag,
he just huffed and puffed.
- Ow...
- A young woman shouldn't do that!
Young woman, huh? You are the only
one who calls me that, old man.
What are you talking about?
A young woman like you shouldn't
keep doing something like this for long.
If you let me, I'll find you
a nice husband or two...
Hey, old man.
Let's talk about the rogues
ransacking this area.
You mean Rage and his henchmen?
Tell me about them in detail.
All right.
Well, Rage is the head of the gang
called Haze.
They used to ransack an area
far from here.
But lately they've started
appearing in the nearby area.
She's mine!
They attack neighboring villages,
damage the crops, rape women
and kill villagers.
They are a bunch of extremely
atrocious scoundrels.
The police chief's punitive force
were annihilated.
People say it is impossible to
capture Rage of the Haze.
But we can't give them free reign.
We plan to send out another
punitive force soon.
But we haven't located
their hideout.
All the surrounding villages
have been attacked.
But your village is unharmed.
Shibusawa Area
you're right.
Listen, Rio.
Forget about what I just told you.
I should've known better.
Rage is far more of a hard case
than your past catch.
You may be very capable,
but you are a woman after all.
Happiness for women means...
Listen carefully, Rio...
How much is the bounty money?
2,000 gold coins.
Oh, no, no, no.
Listen, Rio. Just listen to me and...
It's a big one! Big bounty money!
Hello, Lotus. Anything wrong?
Don't play dumb!
How dare you steal the criminal
we caught!
Teacher, let me take a break.
You are such a wimp!
Hey, Lotus. Calm down.
You look like a heartless hag.
What did you call me? How dare you!
You make me so mad!
Kame, say something to her!
Miss Rio, thanks for the other day...
You got that wrong, you idiot!
Rio, you were paid the bounty, right?
You must give it to me!
Hold on a minute, Lotus.
Where did you hide it?
Hand it over!
No, it's mine!
How dare you say such a thing!
Don't get so mad.
It'll give you wrinkles.
Shut up!
Kame, I feel for you.
It's my destiny.
- Kame!
- Yes, ma'am!
See ya, Lotus.
Oh, no!
Help me! Get it out!
Kame, it's a snake!
It's crawling all over me!
Take it out!
Stop it! Stop!
Teacher, it's not a snake.
It's not a snake...
You moron!
Rio tricked me, but we're even now.
I wonder what this is.
Huh? That's weird.
Did I drop them somewhere?
I can do without the map,
but the money...
Oh, well.
Excuse me.
Is this the Shibusawa region?
Yes, it is.
Who is the most prominent figure
around here?
And where is his residence?
That would be the headman's, I guess.
This way.
Thank you.
You're new to this area, aren't you?
Why are you snooping around?
Who are you?
I take care of weird guys like you.
You're cute.
You can't get away.
What a good boy.
You go collect some more!
This is not enough at all!
You should've gone then!
Hey, wait!
What are you bitching about?
I'll sweep the floor. So you go
fetch some water.
It's been always your job
to fetch water.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
How may I help you?
Who made such a rule?
It's been decided for a long...
L-O-N-G time!
Oh, It's an official matter?
That's right.
Rage of the Haze has been attacking
the villages in the area except here.
So, I was sent in
to protect this village.
So, where is the man of the house?
Master is not in, unfortunately.
I see.
Since Rage is not guaranteed
to show up tomorrow,
I guess I have to wait for a while.
I don't know if any inns are available...
Please stay at this house then.
Master will return probably tomorrow.
Really? Thank you very much.
Please, come on in.
Sorry for the trouble.
I'm not a picky eater.
I enjoy sake, too.
Very well then. We will make
appropriate arrangements.
This is official government
business, isn't it?
Gin, show her in.
I'm busy.
Bell, you go!
I'm busy too!
Gin, don't off-load work on me!
You two! Don't be rude to the official!
It doesn't matter who.
Just show her in!
This way, please.
We have an open-air bath.
Help yourself, Miss Official.
Because you stink.
- Stink?
- Just a little.
Yup! Rio stinks! Rio stinks!
I don't think I do.
This way please.
An official, huh?
She doesn't look like one.
It's all right to let her in?
She might've found out
about this place.
Fury, send a message to Boss.
We can get rid of a young woman
on our own.
Why are you here?
Don't be so loud.
Besides, you'll catch cold.
Don't tell me you followed me!
How could that be?
Get out of here! Right now!
This is not your house.
By the way, what a nice bath!
Who are you looking for?
You perverts!
- You know them?
- No way!
The scent of orchid musk?
I will do the honor of punishing
insolent fellows like you.
Lotus, don't kill them!
They're being manipulated.
I know.
Those of you who run amok,
it's time to wake up.
Miss Official, what's the matter?
Miss Official! Miss Official!
Miss Official, what happened?
Nothing serious. Just a bunch of
rebels barged in.
Rebels? Are you all right?
I am fine. ls everyone
in the house unharmed?
Yes. No one got hurt.
Do you think it was Rage of the Haze
and his gang attacking us?
I don't know. I have no idea.
Anyway, I am relieved that you are
unharmed, Miss Official.
Your companion is already
back in your room.
- Companion?
- Yes, ma'am.
How much longer are you staying?
Go ahead and have a drink.
Teacher, I'm sorry but I don't drink.
Hey, answer me!
Besides, there may be another attack.
Don't worry.
You're such a worrywart.
Hey, don't ignore me!
It's yummy.
Rio, have some. It's delicious.
Rio, go ahead and have mine, then.
No, thanks!
By the way, Lotus, you have
something to give back to me.
Here you go.
No, that's not it!
You took my money!
Give it back to me!
Give it back to me right now!
That doesn't sound too good.
It was a reward I well deserved.
You have a stage face on!
Thief! Bitch!
Shut your mouth, you tomboy!
It was reward money for me.
Besides, if it hadn't been for me,
you wouldn't have been able to
lift the curse of the rogues earlier.
You're patting yourself on the back
as usual!
Anyway, give me back my money!
You are truly!
Look who's talking. You've come here
to snatch my catch, haven't you?
Just as I thought.
What are you after? Tell me
what you are up to.
Why don't we eat first?
I have no intention of collaborating
with you ever again.
Neither do I. I've had enough.
Never get in my way.
Have you forgotten that I saved you
so many times? What nerve!
Huh? Your phony tricks have
always interfered with me.
You phony!
What did you say?
Your weird skills are far worse!
Do you wanna fight it out?
I'll take you on!
All you do is bitch about everything!
Act more like a young lady!
Are you listening to me?
Why don't you speak up! You won't even
find a husband like that!
Serves you right! Hee, hee, hee!
You're such a tomboy...
Excuse me.
The soup is getting cold.
Hey, Kame, I'm the one who saved
you guys, right?
What are you saying? You always got
credit thanks to me.
Right, Kame?
What about the bandits of
I simply let my guard down back then.
Don't you remember? Afterwards,
thanks to my skills...
It was thanks to my efforts
behind the scenes...
Shut up!
Ah, Gin, thank you!
I'll bring you more, if you ask.
But you need to watch out
for your health, Miss Official.
Yeah, yeah. I'll take it easy.
Gin, you are so nice.
Now that you are here,
we feel safe.
Oh, really?
I'll bring you more.
So help yourself!
Why don't you have some first then?
Go ahead.
Thank you for your hard work.
I'm all right.
I'll bring some more.
So, hold on a minute.
Thanks, Gin.
I'll miss you. Come back soon.
I can't have any more.
Hey, Kame!
Has Kame gotten any stronger lately?
No, not a chance. He lacks willpower.
At least he tries hard.
I think he's too gentle-hearted
for this kind of business.
You know what? I've been
exhausted lately.
Sometimes it feels like
nothing is important anymore.
Maybe it's time to retire from
this kind of business.
But you want to avenge
your father's death, don't you?
Yes, I'd like to clear his name.
But, it's all right now.
Now, Rio.
Have you found the person
who has the other half of this?
Well, not yet.
Rio is looking for her secret crush
who has the other half of this!
Stop it!
Don't be so shy!
My wish is not as important as yours.
Destined love of Izanami's blood,
the Goddess of Creation, huh?
It's I... za... ra... gi!
I'm so sorry. It's Izaragi!
You've lived longer than I have.
An old hag shouldn't be too picky.
Old hag? Don't call me that.
That's uncalled for!
I'm so sorry.
Well. Let's have some more!
What? I don't want any more!
Yes, Teacher, I'm so sorry!
I can't drink any more.
Humph. How imprudent of them!
I guess we have no choice
but to send for him.
Who on Earth are these people?
We might've come to
an incredibly dangerous place.
Does it mean...?
Yeah, you guessed right.
None of these people smell like
orchid musk.
Maybe they sent for a big fish.
This guy seems to be a small fish.
Finally we get to meet the bigwig.
I wonder if this is their temporary
hideout or...
There's something we need to
check with this guy first.
There's a chance we may need
Kame's help.
What's wrong with him?
Don't know.
I'm gonna die...
Humph! You're all useless!
Come on out, you rats!
Or, you've already run?
Welcome back, Rage of the Haze.
Who are you?
I'm not worthy of introducing myself.
Mr. Rage.
I'm interested in the bounty money
on your head.
You're not afraid to die?
Die, you say?
What a fool.
You would've lived longer if you ran.
For your information, I'm pretty good.
It'd be nice if you could quietly come
with me to the magistrate's office.
But if you wanna fight,
I'll take you on.
Unsheathe the sword first.
What confidence!
You'll regret it later.
Why do you take a flying leap
without checking with me?
Rage of the Haze.
How clever of you to pretend to be
a wealthy man of this village.
All the neighboring villages
have been attacked, but...
this one has been untouched.
So, I figured that the next attack
might happen around here.
Little did I imagine that this was
actually your hangout.
Your henchmen might have thought
they disguised themselves well.
But they just couldn't hide the clues.
What? You couldn't tell from the get-go?
What? Well, sort of.
I knew all along.
You liar!
Is that all you have to say?
You may have found out,
but that means nothing to you now.
I won't go easy on you.
How fun. That's the spirit.
Be prepare to die, Rage of the Haze!
Kame, let's do it. Ready?
It's my destiny.
If you wanna live, save yourselves.
All of you should die!
I'm over here, you fool!
I'm so unlucky with men!
Raksa, he's my prey.
Fury, get out of my way!
Play with other girls.
Hurry, or Boss or Yasha will
toy with them all.
Pardon me...
You're so cute.
You're my type.
A sorcerer is as weak as a baby
once her mouth is blocked!
You're trembling?
How cute!
Young one...
I'll let you have plenty of fun.
Oh? You're such a stubborn boy.
What's the matter?
Let's have some fun.
Teacher! Master Lotus!
Whoa! Please, don't!
Forgive me!
Young one, don't be scared.
Master Lotus!
What are you saying?
I'll take you to paradise.
What are you doing here, Kame?
Hurry to where Lotus is!
You're quite a little girl.
You're not so bad yourself.
Who the hell are you?
I already told you. I'm interested in
the bounty money on your head.
Are you Tokugawa's dog?
You chose the wrong owner.
You can call me whatever you like.
I'm better than someone brutal
and atrocious like you.
What's the matter, Boss?
You're having trouble with
a little girl like her?
Aren't you strong?
Hey, little girl, don't you wanna
join me?
I would hate to kill you.
If you side with me, you'll receive
as much treasure as you wish.
I'll let you spend all the assets
I've amassed to your heart's content.
Spend treasures to my heart's content?
Are you stupid? You'll just end up
being his plaything at best.
Just like me.
Honestly... men are pathetic.
This is what I get for using
a cheap sword!
I guess this is settled.
But I won't kill you right away.
I'll take plenty of time tormenting
and fondling you!
What are you gonna do with
something like that?
I'll cut off your arms first.
We'll see about that.
You will die.
Blood of Izaragi, give me powers!
You win! Please don't kill him!
Master Rage, please run!
I can't let him get away.
The money is in the backroom.
All you want is money, right?
It's not money.
If I let someone like him run free,
more people will suffer as a result.
I will take you on then.
Fight me!
Ma... Mas... ter... Rage...
I'll take you on!
Don't touch my teacher
with your filthy hands!
What do you want, you wimpy boy?
You bastard! Take this!
Humph, you fool!
Just watch this woman agonize
from down there.
Blood... It's blood.
It's blood...
Blood... It's blood...
It's blood. It's blood.
It's blood!
I smell gunpowder!
Old man?
Toda? Why are you here?
Oh, dear, Lord Toda. We did not expect
your visit like this out of the blue!
If you had notified us, we would've
come to meet you in advance.
Lord Toda, please settle this
peacefully and amicably.
Toda, what are you doing?
Why you!
Are you betraying us?
You bastard!
You mercilessly...
swindled us out of money...
The remnants of Rage's group are
still at large.
Capture them all!
Find all the treasures they've amassed.
Yes, sir.
Let go of me!
Old man...
Don't worry, Rio.
You'll receive your share of the bounty.
You just need to keep working for
His Majesty as you have so far.
Old man, don't you think this was
a little too dirty?
I simply put an end to a bunch of
trash in a manner they deserved.
You mean, this doesn't even
warrant an investigation?
It was my call as the magistrate.
No one can complain.
Old man, what was your relationship
with Rage?
Rio, I suggest you don't get
too unnecessarily nosy.
I don't know if it's unnecessary.
Rio, don't trouble me.
Like I said before,
maybe you should make a clean break
from this line of business.
Is that a threat?
I could've killed you.
A useless sense of justice could
keep you from living a long life.
The scum of society has been rid of.
You will receive plenty of money and
I will be recognized by His Majesty.
All is well, isn't it?
Now that I have this feat,
I'll be promoted to Police Chief.
Siding with me will be
to your advantage.
Didn't you say the first punitive force
was destroyed before?
Did you pull some strings
behind the scenes?
Rio! Don't make me mad!
Old man!
You don't know how to finish off right.
Bounty money? I don't want it.
It'll be another 100 years
before you can tame me.
You don't have long to live.
Take good care of yourself.
My lord! My lord! My ma!
We have a problem!
We can't find any of the treasures
they supposedly collected anywhere!
- Did you look carefully?
- Yes!
From the warehouse to
behind hidden doors!
They might've hidden them elsewhere.
My lord?
Rage of the Haze and his gang
have been eradicated by our hands!
We'll take his head and
the remnants back with us.
Yes, sir!
Ah, it feels wonderful.
What a beautiful day!
Hey, you!
Please wait!
You said we'd split Rage's treasures.
You even used Kame to carry them out.
Where in the world did you hide them?
C'mon, Lotus, just calm down.
Oh, no. I won't forgive you this time.
Don't worry. It's in a safe place.
Where is this safe place?
- Over there.
- Over there?
No, maybe this way...
Rio, if that's how you're gonna act,
I'll use the ace up my sleeve.
The ace up your sleeve?
Oh, man!
Give me a break!
It's blood!
You're so useless!
Please wait! Hold on!
Rio, wait!
Please! Give me a break!
You can't catch me!
Hold it!
Wait! Wait!
Wait! Hey, wait! Wait! Wait!
This is a real take?
We'll be sending another troop...
Oops. Sorry!
I'm sorry!
Is anything wrong?
Nothing serious. Just a bunch of
rebels barged in.
I'm talking to Rio, right?
Little did I imagine
this was your hide-ins...
Neighboring villages... um...
All the neighboring villages
have been
- Take 3.
- Yes.
You won't find a husband!
Serves you right! Hee, hee, hee!
You hear me, tomboy?
- Do you?
- Cut!