Bourne Supremacy, The (2004) Movie Script

This is not a drill, soldier.
We clear on that?
This is a live project,
and you're a go.
You're a go.
Training is over.
Training is over.
BOURNE : I'm okay.
It's fine.
It's just a headache.
MARIE : You're burning up.
BOURNE : It's okay.
Just a headache.
MARIE : Anything new?
(EXHALES) It's just
bits and pieces.
I can hear
Conklin's voice
and there's that
photograph, but...
I just can't
stay with it.
MARIE : But you're sure it's
not just a bad dream?
BOURNE : It happened.
It was a mission.
And I was there.
You should write it down.
Now, two years
we're scribbling
in that notebook.
It hasn't been two years.
It's always bad
and now it's
just the same thing
over and over again.
But that's why
we write it down.
MARIE : Because sooner or later,
you remember something good.
BOURNE : I do remember
something good.
All the time.
PAMELA : I want
one final go around.
MAN : All teams listen up.
We are standing
By for final green.
MAN 1 : Survey Two,
I need to know
when you've got eyes.
(OVER RADIO) This is
Survey Two. I have eyes.
MAN 1 : Copy that.
Survey One,
this is Hub.
Do you have
visual contact?
Hub, this is Survey One.
Mobile One is in motion.
WOMAN : Survey Three,
that is good.
MAN 2 : Director Marshall
from Langley.
Stand by, please.
I'm here.
So is Donnie
and Jack Weller.
We understand
you're using the full
allocation for this buy.
PAMELA : It's where we came out.
It's a lot of money, Pam.
For a thief, a mole.
If it does nothing more
than narrow the list of
it's a bargain at
10 times the price.
this is Survey Two.
Escort is Breaking off.
MoBile One is
entering the Building.
PAMELA : Gentlemen,
I have the seller
on-site and in play.
Quite frankly,
there's nothing
much more to discuss.
All right, Pam. Your call.
We're on.
Audio contact only.
Switching to
channel one now.
MAN : Copy that.
It's affirmative.
MAN : Hub,
Mobile One and seller
have entered the office.
Copy that.
This is everything?
PAMELA : Those were shots.
Survey One, come in.
Survey One,
I need to know
what happened.
What do you see?
Do you see any movement?
Do you see any shadows?
MAN : I see nothing.
WOMAN : What is your visual?
Get some men in there.
Get some men in there
right now.
Pull it up, Kurt.
Eye contact.
I don't care
if it's visual.
Mobile One,
can you copy, please?
Are you there, Mobile One?
Damn it. I'm sorry.
WOMAN : What do you see,
MAN : Eyes up the whole way.
MAN ON TV :...Petroleum
Association's annual
conference here in Berlin
is Pecos Oil chief
executive officer
Yuri Gretkov.
In just six years,
Gretkov has turned
into an oil empire,
which in turn...
He's Become one of
the wealthiest men
in Russia,
consolidating drilling
rights in the Caspian Sea
and gaining
control of one of the...
MARIE : How much?
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
KIRILL : He is my friend. There's
been a death in the family.
And I wonder if
you've seen him.
MARIE : Hey.
BOURNE : Get in.
MARIE : What's wrong?
BOURNE : We're blown.
BOURNE : We pushed it. We got lazy.
MAN : Idiot!
BOURNE : All right.
That's twice now
I've seen the same guy.
I saw him in town.
He was at the
telegraph office.
MARIE : Are you sure?
How can you be sure?
BOURNE : It's just wrong. The guy,
the car he's driving, what
he's wearing, it's just wrong.
MARIE : But, Jason,
let's stay calm.
This is real.
It could be anybody.
BOURNE : This is real.
That's him.
That's him right there.
Get your head down.
Silver Hyundai.
Get your head down.
BOURNE : How far is he?
How far?
MARIE : A hundred meters.
BOURNE : Here,
take the wheel.
You're gonna drive.
Just head to the bridge.
Turn here.
Cut through the field.
Hang on.
BOURNE : All right, you keep
going to the shack.
I'll meet you
there in one hour.
I'm gonna bail out
on the other side
of this bridge.
It's the only way
he can follow us.
MARIE : What if it's not
who you think it is?
BOURNE : It"s them.
It"s Treadstone.
Jason, don't do it.
BOURNE : Look, Marie, I warned them.
I don't want you to do it.
I told them what would
happen if they didn't
leave us alone.
It's never gonna
be over like this.
I don't want...
BOURNE : We don't have a choice.
MARIE : Yes, you do.
Thank you.
MAN : Two of these
explosive charges
on the power lines,
and one of them failed.
The fingerprint's
from the one that
didn't go off.
PAMELA : And the Germans
can't match it?
MAN 1 : No.
Nobody's got it.
We checked out
every database
we could access.
But we're hooked
into Langley now.
- Run it.
- Okay.
PAMELA : What the hell's Treadstone?
All right.
Get me a flight.
We're going to Langley.
MARTIN : Two men dead.
Three million in cash gone,
no Neski files
and all very public.
This is still
a clandestine
agency, no?
PAMELA : I don't view this
event as a failure.
You call it a success?
We have a lead.
A fingerprint
left by the assassin.
It"s one of us.
MARTIN : Who is it?
What can you tell
me about Treadstone?
PAMELA : That's where
the trail dead-ends.
If you want an answer,
you're going to have
to give me
a level five SCI access.
We have a lead, Marty.
MARTIN : All right.
You've got
your clearance.
But you're on
a very short leash.
And you'll give
a full report
to the group.
I wanna know where
you're going with this.
PAMELA : Ward?
Pamela Landy.
ABOTT : Hey, Pam.
What can I do for you?
PAMELA : I was hoping you
had some time for me.
ABOTT : Time for what?
PAMELA : I'm free right now, actually.
That sounds ominous.
Let me check my schedule.
Excuse me,
I need to...
Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm here
to see Mr. Abbott.
20 minutes? See you.
Operation Treadstone.
Never heard of it.
That's not gonna fly.
ABOTT : With all due respect,
Pam, I think you might
have wandered
a little past
your pay grade.
That's a warrant
from Director Marshall
granting me
unrestricted access
to all
personnel and materials
associated with Treadstone.
So, what are we looking at?
I wanna know about it.
ABOTT : Know about it?
It was a kill squad.
We closed it down
two years ago.
Nobody wants to
know about Treadstone.
Not around here.
So I think you better
take this back to Marty
and let him know
exactly what you're doing.
PAMELA : He does. I've been
down to the archives.
I have the files, Ward.
Let's talk about Conklin.
What are you after, Pam?
You wanna fry me?
You want my desk.
Is that it?
- I wanna know what happened.
- What happened?
ABOTT : Jason Bourne happened.
You got the files.
Then let's cut the crap.
Conklin had these
guys wound so tight,
they were Bound to snap.
Bourne was his number one.
The guy went for a job,
screwed the op, never
came Back.
Conklin couldn 't fix it,
couldn 't find Bourne,
couldn 't adjust.
It all went sideways.
PAMELA : So you had Conklin killed?
I mean,
if we're cutting the crap.
ABOTT : I've given 30 years
and two marriages
to this agency.
I've shoveled shit
on four continents.
I'm due to retire
next year.
But if you think
I'm gonna sit here
and let you
dangle me with this,
you can go to hell.
And Marshall, too.
It had to be done.
PAMELA : And Bourne?
Where is he now?
ABBOTT : Dead in a ditch.
Drunk in a Bar in Mogadishu.
- Who knows.
- I think I do.
I had a deal going
down in Berlin last week.
And during the Buy,
Both our case officer
and the seller were killed.
They were killed by
Jason Bourne.
They're ready
for us upstairs.
PAMELA : Seven years ago,
$20 million of CIA
funds disappeared
during a wire transfer
through Moscow.
In the investigation
that followed
we were contacted by
a Russian politician,
Vladimir Neski.
Neski claimed we had a leak
and that we'd been ripped
off by one of our own.
And were we?
We never found out.
We were negotiating a meet
with Mr. Neski when he was
- By who?
- His wife.
PAMELA : The case had gone
cold until a month ago
when we found a source.
Another Russian in
Berlin who claimed
to have access to
the Neski murder files.
We thought we had
another bite at the apple.
Turns out
the assassin was one
of our own, Jason Bourne.
Now I know Treadstone's not
a very popular subject
around here,
but we found
some interesting things
when we dug a little deeper.
This is Conklin's
personal computer.
His Treadstone
files are bloated with
code keys and case files
that he neither needed
nor had clearance for.
Buried in the hard drive,
we found a deleted file
with an account number
to a bank in Zurich.
At the time of his death,
he was sitting
on a personal account
in the amount of $760,000.
ABOTT : You know what
his budget was?
We were
throwing money at him.
Throwing it at him and
asking him to keep it dark.
PAMELA : It was his own account.
He was up to something.
This is supposed
to be definitive?
PAMELA : What's definitive
is that I just lost
two people in Berlin.
So what's your theory?
Conklin's reaching out
from the grave
to protect
his good name?
The man is dead.
No one's disputing that,
For Christ's sake,
Marty, you knew Conklin.
Does this scan?
I mean, at all?
MARTIN : Cut to the chase, Pam.
PAMELA : I think
that Bourne and Conklin
were in business together,
that Bourne's
still involved
and that whatever information
I was trying to buy in Berlin
was big enough
to bring Bourne out
from hiding to kill again.
How"s that scan?
ZORN : Excuse me, sir,
but you're not
gonna believe this.
Jason Bourne's
passport just popped
up on the grid in Naples.
PAMELA : Okay. Contact Naples.
They need to know who
they're dealing with.
Find out what
kind of local assets
we have in place there.
No, it's nothing. Some guy's
name came up on the computer.
NEVINS : Yeah. Hey, listen, Tom,
I'm gonna call you back,
All right.
Mr. Bourne,
I'm John Nevins.
I'm with the US Consulate.
I just have a few
questions for you.
You're coming
out of Tangiers.
Is that correct?
What's the nature of
your visit to Naples?
NEVINS : Look,
I don't know
what you did,
and I don't know
who you're working for.
But I promise you this,
you're gonna play ball
one way or the other.
NEVINS : This is Nevins.
CRONIN : This is Tom Cronin,
CI Operations Officer
calling from Langley,
Do you have a Jason Bourne
in custody?
Yes, I do.
CRONIN : Listen,
he's an Agency
priority target.
Detain him
and call me Back
as soon as he's secure.
I understand.
CRONIN : He's been detained.
Here's the number.
He's being interrogated
by a field officer out
of the Consulate.
PAMELA : This is Pamela Landy,
CI Supervisor.
Where do we stand?
NEVINS : I think he got away.
CRONIN : Damn it.
Have you locked down
the area?
Locked it down? No, no.
This is... This is Italy.
They don't exactly lock down.
How long have you
worked for the Agency?
Me? For four years.
PAMELA : Well, if you ever
wanna make it to five,
you're gonna
listen to me
real close.
Jason Bourne is armed
and extremely dangerous.
Last week in Berlin,
he assassinated two men,
one a highly experienced
field officer.
I want you to
secure that area.
I want any evidence secured,
and I want it done right now.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir... Ma'am.
PAMELA : I'm getting on a plane
to Berlin in 45 minutes
which means you're
gonna call me Back
in 30.
And when I ask
you where we stand,
I had better be impressed.
I already have
a team in place there.
I doubt that
Bourne's in Naples
ready to start a family.
You have no idea
what you're getting into.
PAMELA : Do you have any idea?
From the minute he
left Treadstone,
he's killed and
eluded every single person
that you've sent to find him.
ABOTT : So you read a couple
of files on Jason Bourne
and that makes you an expert?
This is my case, Ward.
MARTIN : Enough. I want you
both on that plane.
We are,
all of us,
going to do
what we were
either too lazy or inept
to do the last time around.
We're gonna find this
son of a bitch and
take him down.
I'm not having Jason Bourne
destroy any more of this
Is that
definitive enough for you?
Jason Bourne is armed
and extremely dangerous.
Last week in Berlin,
he assassinated two men,
one a highly
field officer.
I want that area...
... he assassinated two men,
one a highly
field officer.
I want that area secured.
I want any evidence secured,
and I want it done right now.
CONKLIN : This is not a drill,
This is not a drill, soldier.
Are we clear on that?
CRONIN : You'd been working
at Treadstone for three years
and your cover at
the time was what?
NICKY : That I was
an American
student in Paris.
CRONIN : And what exactly did your job
with Treadstone in Paris
consist of?
NICKY : I had two responsibilities.
One was to coordinate
logistical operations.
The other
was to monitor
the health of the agents.
- Health, meaning what?
- Their mental health.
NICKY : Because of what
they had been through,
they were prone to
a variety of problems.
PAMELA : What kind of problems?
NICKY : Depression, anger,
compulsive behaviors.
They had physical symptoms.
sensitivity to light.
- Amnesia?
- Before Bourne? No.
CRONIN : The plane's ready.
ABOTT : There's a car
waiting for you.
Good luck.
You were his
local contact.
You were with him
the night Conklin died.
You're coming with us.
Langley pulled
an image out of Naples.
It's uploading right now.
It's coming in now.
WOMAN : I need clearance.
He's not hiding,
that's for sure.
Why Naples? Why now?
Could be random.
WOMAN : Zoom in.
Maybe he's running.
On his own passport?
PAMELA : What is
he actually doing?
He's making
his first mistake.
NICKY : It"s not a mistake.
They don't make mistakes.
They don't do random.
There's always
an objective.
Always a target.
The objectives and
targets always came
from us.
Who's giving them
to him now?
Scary version?
He is.
BOURNE : I emptied it.
JARDA : It felt a little light.
Put it down.
JARDA : Sorry. Old habits.
BOURNE : Use your teeth.
JARDA : Word in the Ether was
you'd lost your memory.
You still
should've moved.
What do you want?
JARDA : He's dead.
Shot dead in Paris.
Dead the night
you walked out.
BOURNE : So who's running
Treadstone now?
They shut it down.
It's over.
We're the last two.
BOURNE : If it's over, then why
are they still after me?
I don't know.
Ever heard
the name Pamela Landy?
I don't know who that is.
Pamela Landy in Berlin.
What's going on in Berlin?
JARDA : I don't know.
Why would I lie?
I thought you
were here to kill me.
BOURNE : What'd you do?
I'm sorry.
Did you call it in?
Get up. Come on.
You have a car out front?
JARDA : The keys are
in my coat pocket.
But we should...
Go out the back.
I have another car.
Pamela Landy, please.
One moment, please.
Thank you.
I wanted to call a guest.
Pamela Landy.
Just one second, please.
PAMELA : Hello?
I'm sorry, sir.
The phone's busy right now.
I'll just call later.
Thank you.
PAMELA : Okay. Let's take
a look at the timeline.
What's Bourne's objective?
I wanna break
this out in boxes.
Naples outbound.
Check everything.
Flights, trains,
police reports.
That's box one.
Teddy, that's yours.
Got it.
PAMELA : Box numBer two.
Call it "Prior Connections. "
I want to rerun all Bourne's
Treadstone material.
Every footstep.
Kim, Box three.
I want to identify
his method of travel.
Stay on the local cops.
We need a vehicle,
a parking ticket,
Langley's offered to upload
any satellite imaging we need.
So let's find
a target for them.
Danny, box four.
I need fresh eyes.
Review the buy where
we lost the Neski files.
Timeline it
with what we know
about Bourne's movements.
Turn it upside down
and see what we find.
Come on, guys. We ran
this guy's life with total
control for all those years.
We should be
a step ahead of him.
You wanna go home?
Find Jason Bourne.
Pamela Landy.
This is Jason Bourne.
It"s Bourne.
We need 90 seconds to
triangulate his position.
What do you want?
BOURNE : Are you running Treadstone?
Treadstone was closed down
two years ago.
You know that.
Then who's
planning the
missions now?
There are no missions.
It's over.
BOURNE : Then what do
you want with me?
Have you forgotten
what happened in Berlin?
(ECHOING) You killed
two people, Bourne.
MAN : Vladimir Neski.
I wanna come in.
How do you wanna do it?
MAN : We need 35 seconds.
I need someone I
know to Bring me in.
There was a girl in Paris.
She was part of the program.
She used to handle logistics.
Alexanderstrasse, 30 minutes,
under the World Clock.
Send her alone.
Give her your phone.
What if I can't find her?
BOURNE : It's easy.
She's standing
right next to you.
There's just so
many of them, sir.
Here it is.
MAN : It's the
second quadrant.
Kurt, pull it up.
MAN 1 : Where is it?
MAN : Get the
second quadrant, please,
and pull it all the way up.
The clock is right here.
Shit, he's put her right
in the middle of everything.
This is a security nightmare.
There is no way
we are going to
get her covered.
ABOTT : Call a mayday
into Berlin station.
We need snipers, DOD,
whatever they've got.
PAMELA : No snipers. No snipers.
You put snipers on the roof
and it'll scare him off,
and I need answers.
ABOTT : You can't really
believe he wants
to come in.
PAMELA : He knows something
about the Neski case.
And I'm not gonna
pass up this chance
to find out what it is.
Don"t be a fool.
Not when we"re this close.
Are we talking about
protecting Nicky or
killing Bourne?
We're talking
about killing Bourne.
We're talking about
the next dead body.
It might be Nicky.
It will be someone.
You're not hearing me.
Bourne dead gives me
ABOTT : Can I talk to
you privately?
- What?
- I know how you're feeling.
You lost two men in Berlin,
and you want it to mean
But nothing
Bourne gives you
will bring your men back.
Nothing in those files
makes their sacrifice
You have to let go.
We're professionals.
When an operation
goes bad, we tie it off.
If there's something
you're not telling me,
I want it now
before I send
that girl out there.
Do you understand?
You talk about this stuff
like you read it in a book.
What do you want to do?
Put the snipers in place.
If things go bad,
we take him out.
You got it.
Hub, this is Survey One.
We have a crowd moving in.
It's some sort
of protest march.
I'm sorry. This is
as close as I can get.
Survey Two,
can you get in
any closer, please?
Kurt, make sure
the south end is covered.
KURT : Roger.
Copy that.
BOURNE : There's a tram
coming towards you.
Get on it.
MAN : She's moving to the tram.
Where's it going?
Where's it going?
MAN : The tram is going
to Alexanderplatz Station.
CRONIN : Alexanderplatz.
Survey Five,
I can't see him.
I don't see him.
HuB, this is Survey Two,
she's getting on the tram.
She's getting on the tram.
Zoom in on the tram.
Bourne's on the tram.
I don't think
he's on the tram.
He's on the tram.
Send them in to follow.
Tell them to keep
their distance.
MAN : Okay, Delta, let's go.
Get on it.
Come on. Let's go.
PAMELA : Tell them to hurry.
There's nothing
on the south side.
Alexanderplatz Station,
25 seconds.
This is Survey Three.
There's a lot of
protesters here.
There's no way we can
cover her out there.
Get her out of there.
Go! Delta, move! Now!
She's not here.
She's gone.
God damn it!
They are not on the tram.
NICKY : Jason, please don't hurt me.
BOURNE : What were my words?
What did I say?
I said
leave me alone,
leave me out of it.
NICKY : I did. I swear.
Jason, I told them
that I Believed you.
BOURNE : I'm gonna ask you
some simple questions.
You're gonna
answer me honestly,
or I swear to God
I'm gonna kill you.
give me something.
I need something.
They're on it!
They're on it!
BOURNE : Who's Pamela Landy?
NICKY : She's a task force chief.
BOURNE : Is she running Treadstone?
she's the deputy director.
Why is she
trying to kill me?
Last week
an Agency field officer
tried to make a Buy
off of one of her ops.
He was trying to
sell out a mole
or something.
- And?
- And you got to him before we did.
- I killed him?
- You left a print.
And they were
partial prints that
trace Back to Treadstone.
They know it was you.
That is insane.
Why are you doing this?
Why come back now?
Landy will find...
BOURNE : Just stop.
Last week I was
4,000 miles away in
India, watching Marie die.
They came for me,
and they killed
her instead.
This ends now.
PAMELA : Find her.
What do you
people want
with me?
Why are you
trying to frame me?
I'm only here because of
Paris. Abbott dragged us...
Abbott? Who's Abbott?
Conklin's boss.
He shut down Treadstone.
- Is he here in Berlin?
- Yes.
BOURNE : Did he run Treadstone?
Did he run Treadstone?
Yes. Conklin reported to him.
Please. Please, I swear.
All right, what
was Landy buying?
What kind of files?
NICKY : Conklin. Stuff on Conklin.
It was something to do
with a Russian politician.
BOURNE : Neski.
NICKY : What?
What are you
talking about?
Training is over.
Training is over.
Training is over.
BOURNE : When was I here in Berlin?
What are you talking about?
BOURNE : For Treadstone.
You know my file.
I did a job here.
No, you never
worked in Berlin before.
My first job. In Berlin.
I did a job here.
You know my file.
No. You've never
worked Berlin before.
My first job!
No, your first
assignment was Geneva.
You fucking people!
BOURNE : I swear! I swear!
I know I was here, Nicky!
It's not in your file!
It's not in your file!
I know I was here!
No, I swear.
Oh, please!
CRONIN : Pam, I want to
show you something.
It's in Alexanderplatz.
We got three levels,
we got 15 tunnels.
They're all converging
in a five-block radius.
Over here,
That was
an old war shelter.
PAMELA : How many men
are out there?
Two coming down
the back stairs.
The rest are
fanned out for a search.
What's our
security situation here?
Where, "here"? The ground?
Here, here.
In the building.
Check everything, and
recheck all the stairwells,
all the hallways, everything.
It"s done.
Okay, let's go public.
Release his photo
to the Berlin police.
And check out his story
about the girlfriend in
India, too.
I'm on it.
ABOTT : You're in a big
puddle of shit,
and you don't
have the shoes for it.
PAMELA : He said
he didn't know
anything about Berlin.
ABOTT : He knew that Nicky
was wearing a wire.
Don't you think that
was for our benefit?
PAMELA : He didn't sound like
a man in control to me.
We know
he was in Berlin.
His mind is broken.
We broke it.
And now...
What now? Terminate him?
You've been
pushing that agenda
ever since we got here.
He also said you
were running Treadstone.
Should we believe that, too?
I'm convinced that
Bourne knows something.
He knows that
you're after him
and in the interest
of self-preservation
you might start with that.
Check on those photos.
Have they gone out?
DANNY : I need to
show you something.
All right,
I finished
my box work
but I wanted to show you
before I showed Landy.
I came down here last night
because none of this is
making any sense.
I mean, I'm with you.
Conklin was a nut.
But a traitor?
I just can't get there.
What do you have, Danny?
DANNY : All right, you put a four-gram
Kel on here, it's gonna take
out power to the building.
You know that.
There were two charges that
were supposed to go off
The second one,
the one over here,
didn't go off.
first of all,
this is nothing.
It's a sub-line
for the breaker above.
And second,
why put the charge
all the way down here?
If you're good enough to get
in here and handle the gear,
you're good enough to know
you don't need this.
Bourne would know.
It was staged?
Is it a slam-dunk? No.
But what if
somebody were trying
to cover their tracks
by blaming
Conklin and Bourne?
DANNY : What if
Bourne didn't have
anything to do with this?
Show me again.
All right.
Well, you put...
CONKLIN : Pull over.
He's getting out.
This is not a drill, soldier.
We clear on that?
This is a live project,
and you're a go.
I'll see you
on the other side.
Good evening, sir.
How can I help you?
Yeah, hi.
I want to get
a room for the night.
Do you have a reservation?
is Room 645 available?
I've stayed there before.
I'm sorry, sir.
That room is occupied.
How about Room 644?
It's right across the hall.
That's fine. Thank you.
I just need your
passport and signature.
Right here, please.
Have a nice night.
Brecker Hotel.
we're there.
Take the van!
- Brecker? How far?
- About five, six minutes.
CONKLIN : Congratulations,
Training is over.
Black coat,
possibly leather,
dark T-shirt, dark pants.
The cops out there
wanna corral all the guests
together out on the sidewalk
and check them
out one by one.
That will really work.
What the hell's
he doing here?
Maybe he just
wanted to stay the night.
- They missed him?
- Yeah, so far.
But they found Nicky.
She's back at the Westin.
Bourne let her go.
He let her go?
Where's Danny Zorn?
He ought to head over
there and debrief her.
Why did Bourne come here?
We don't know yet.
Landy's upstairs
in one of the rooms.
She said she'd call
you when she's done.
ABOTT : I think
I'll take a cab
back to the hotel.
CRONIN : So the room
he checked into
was across the hall.
Why would he
come in here?
What are you thinking?
PAMELA : I recognize this
room from a photo.
There was a chalk
outline right here
around the body
of Vladimir Neski.
CRONIN : This is where
his wife killed him?
PAMELA : Do you still think
his wife killed him?
CRONIN : Guess he got out
through this window.
We just got word
from the Berlin police.
They found Danny Zorn's body.
PAMELA : I want you two
to stay on Bourne.
Check everything
that's out there.
Call Abbott.
Tell him to wait
for me in his hotel.
I'm coming to see him.
ABOTT : It's me.
They're onto Neski.
GRETKOV : This is not
a clean phone.
ABOTT : They can't prove
anything without
Kill Bourne, and you
kill this investigation.
GRETKOV : I'm afraid, Ward,
the time has come
for us to part company.
ABOTT : Listen, Yuri, you bought those
oil leases with $20 million in
stolen CIA seed money.
You owe me.
GRETKOV : I gave you your cut.
We both got rich.
I don't owe you anything.
ABOTT : The plan
can still be salvaged. Just
get Bourne. Do you hear me?
He's still out there.
Now get him.
Get Jason...
ABOTT : I don't suppose
it'll do me much good
to cry for help, huh?
BOURNE : Not much.
You killed her.
ABOTT : It was a mistake.
It was supposed to be you.
There were
files linking me
to the Neski murder.
If the files disappeared
and they suspected you,
they'd be chasing
a ghost for 10 years.
BOURNE : So we got in the way.
Is that why Neski died?
Is that why you killed Marie?
ABOTT : You killed Marie,
the minute
you climbed
into her car.
The minute you entered
her life, she was dead.
BOURNE : I told you people
to leave us alone.
I fell off the grid.
I was halfway
around the world.
ABOTT : There's no place it
won't catch up to you.
It's how every story ends.
It's what you are,
Jason, a killer.
You always will be.
Go ahead. Go on.
Go on! Do it! Do it!
BOURNE : She wouldn't want me to.
That's the only
reason you're alive.
ABOTT : I'm a patriot.
I serve my country.
PAMELA : And Danny Zorn? What was he?
Collateral damage.
PAMELA : So what do we do now?
I'm not sorry.
No, no, no, forget it.
Call me as soon as he's here.
No, that"s nothing.
We could synch-up.
Who's this guy?
WOMAN : Platform P.
Go ahead. Go on.
Go on! Do it! Do it!
BOURNE : She wouldn't want me to.
That's the only
reason you're alive.
CRONIN : Got a call from Langley.
going through
Abbott's records
and Marshall wants to know
what's going on with Bourne.
Wait, Teddy.
Teddy, who's this?
Look at this guy.
He's about to enter.
Right there! There!
Right through there.
That's Bourne.
Get down here!
We got something!
We got him!
We got a sighting!
Check it out!
There. I got it on
the big monitor. Hold on.
There he comes again.
Whoa, whoa. Hold on.
He's just entered frame.
It"s the coat. That"s him!
What train is that?
That's the train to Moscow.
CRONIN : Why the hell
would he go to Moscow?
PAMELA : Get me
the Russian
Interior Ministry.
IRENA : I speak English.
BOURNE : I'm not gonna hurt you.
I won't hurt you.
You're older.
Older than I
thought you'd be.
That picture.
Does that mean a lot to you?
IRENA : It's nothing.
It's just a picture.
It's because you
don't know how they died.
I do.
No, you don't.
I would want to know.
I would want to
know that my...
That my mother
didn't kill my father,
that she didn't kill herself.
BOURNE : It's not
what happened
to your parents.
I killed them.
I killed them.
It was my job.
It was my first time.
Your father was
supposed to be alone.
But then your mother
came out of nowhere
and I had to change my plan.
It changes things,
that knowledge.
Doesn"t it?
When what you love
gets taken from you,
you wanna know the truth.
I'm sorry.
PAMELA : Pamela Landy.
BOURNE : I hear you're
still looking for me.
PAMELA : Bourne?
BOURNE : What do you want?
PAMELA : I wanted to thank you
for the tape.
We got
what we needed.
It's all tied off.
It's over.
I guess I owe you an apology.
BOURNE : Is that official?
PAMELA : No. Off the record.
You know how it is.
BOURNE : Goodbye.
PAMELA : Wait. Wait.
David Webb.
That's your real name.
You were
Born 4-15-7 1
in Nixa, Missouri.
Why don't you come in,
and we'll talk about it?
BOURNE : Get some rest, Pam.
You look tired.
Extreme ways are back again
Extreme places I didn't know
I broke everything new again
Everything that I'd owned
I threw it out the windows
Came along
Extreme ways I know
will part the colors of my sea
Perfect color me
Extreme ways that help me
They help me out late at night
Extreme places I had gone
That never see any light
Dirty basements, dirty noise
Dirty places comin'through
Extreme worlds alone
Did you ever like it planned
I would stand in line for this
There's always room in life for this
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Then it fell apart
It fell apart
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Then it fell apart
It fell apart
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Then it fell apart
It fell apart
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Like it always does
Always does
Extreme sounds that told me
They held me down every night
I didn't have much to say
I didn't give up the light
I closed my eyes and closed myself
And closed my world
And never opened up to anything
That could get me at all
I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things to cover me
Too much can make me blind
I've seen so much in so many places
So many heartaches, so many faces
So many dirty things
You couldn't even believe
I would stand in line for this
It's always good in life for this
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Then it fell apart
It fell apart
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Then it fell apart
It fell apart
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Then it fell apart
It fell apart
Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Like it always does
Always does