Box, The (2009) Movie Script

Do you hear something ?
It's the door bell
You sure ?
Enh huh
What time is it ?
A quarter to 6
What is it ?
Someone left a box
Who ?
I don't know ,there's
a car just drove off
Did Santa(Claus) come early this year ?
-I guess we were right ,
-Um huh
You never really believed
in Santa Claus ,did you ?
Not really
You should come up with the better story
that fat guy come donw the chimney
-It's so logical ,
-And illegal
Break the nunnery
What kinds of car is it ?
It was black
Why would they just drive off
I don't know ,sweetie
Take the box
What is it ?
Never seen this before in my life
You need a key to open it
There's a note
It's like a whitening invitation
It's some sort of resume
gift in the powers ?
Mr. Stewart will call upon you at 5 pm
Do you know Mr. Stewart ?
Well ,I don't
You ?
-Where's Mullen ?
-Mullen's sick
hey ,give you the (lunch)
You cut the breads squares?
Of course ,like always
But don't do this ,(I'm not) a baby
-Hi Mrs. Lewis ,
-Good morning boys
Don't be afraid to call me Norma
Mrs. Lewis may something old
You are old
I'm only 35
Yeah ,to us ,that's old
You're ,kinds of geezer
You'll be a geezer one
day ,Mr. smart heads
Why the bus stop has to be
in front of my drive way ?
So I can watch my little
Walter get on the bus safe
And in 1 piece
Please go inside ,you're embarrassing me
My love embarrass you ?
Yes ,it does
What about give my big strong
Walter a big hug and a kiss
Robbie for you give some of the
bus (in front of) his friends
Do it ,do it
Good bye Walter ,see you boys later
Little earlier for a mid
life crisis ,don't you think ?
So who's Mr. Steward
I have no idea
Is someone from school ?
I don't know
Is he your secret love ?
I hate you
I hate you too
Trapped a room for all eternity
(No Exit 1944 Jean-Paul Sartre)
Each wanted something from the other
A wish unfulfilled
This is Sartre's vision of hell
Hell is other people ?
Hell is other people seen
you for who you truly are
So what is this mean for Estelle ?
It means she's going to rot in hell
She's a slut who marry
for money and kill the baby
(Estelle) are more complicated than that
Charles ,see
She was poor and married into
a money to save her family
What happened to your foot ?
I beg your pardon ?
I've seen you lame
Is something happened to you foot ?
Can we see it ?
My foot ?
Can we see what it looks like ?
What ? being embarrassed ?
Remember everyone
,essay is a due tomorrow
Whether the life has begun or not
It is critical to our concept
of the typical evolution
To determine the path
of carbon chemistry
Mars offers the first opportunity
They gain another perspective in the
cosmic history of planetary chemistry
Any other questions ?
Yes ,in the back here , Rhonda
Can you (disclose) on the soil tests ?
The gas has changed
experiment ( ) production
or uptake
CO2 nitrogen methane hydrogen oxygen
During the intubation of
the martian soil sample
Why's the national
security agency involved ?
The NSA ?
Yes Martin T deputy director
of NSA is here in Langley
Why is the NSA here in Langley ?
Tell us now
Did the ancient martian
civilization left some thing behind ?
You know I'm sorry ,I have
no comment in that right
Thank you for the information ,Rhonda
Any other questions ?
If we found water (on) the surface
And the orbiter photos
that we took planitia ???
They will once rivers on
the surface of the planet
It's quite possible we'll
eventually find evidence of life
And who are you ?
Arthur Lewis ,used to
work for the object (team)
I have designed the camera
In your short time with us
You really become our
family here Libby Hill
That's why so difficult to tell you this
We canceled the faculty
tuition this count
Starting when ?
Next semester
I'm real sorry about this Norma
I don't know what for
You nose's bleeding
Why is your mom lame ?
None of your business
So what you gonna do ?
I don't know
We already lived in
paycheck and paycheck
What is Arthur think ?
He doesn't know yet
Oh god ,it's a kinds of devastate hell
Then again
He's still living in Mars
Oh man ,you know
Isn't with you that tie ,third
time you wear that tie this week
Small lucky tie
God knows you need it
That's you lonely to use
since the latest big day huh ?
-Yep ,
Planet earth is not good enough
for ??? ,he gonna go to the outer space.
Well that's not gonna (have
herself) ,we shall see now
Not too big for ???
I guess I gonna go upstairs
and tell big boss name
That you been work on a
personal project ,don't
-What you gonna do ?you wanna tell the boss's name ?
-Yeah ,absolutely
Hey Terry don't blow the place up
Yeah ,I know I know
It's a Christmas present for Norma
Tara argue with you ?
Sweet I guess
Where's my present ?
Marry Christmas
Thank you
Don't mention it
Mars' picture
Drag his mama and his lovely sister
Here the hysteric Joe asked
the hysteric question :
What's happening ?
In Saturday night army
Hello ,may I help you ?
Mrs. Lewis
Yes ?
My name is Arlington Steward
I assume you received the
box that I left on your step
And you've found the
button unit inside the box
Is that you called
button unit ?
Yes ,we do
Please don't let my
appearance frighten you
I insure you I'm not a monster
I'm just the man with the job to do
May I come in ?
Can I offer you anything ?
Oh no ,thank you
I never have much enough time
Shall we sit down ?
Are you want to sell me something ?
Yes ,simple way
I do have an offer to make
What're you offering ?
A financial opportunity
Let me explain
In this envelope ,there is a key
I'll show you
This key opens the
glass dome to the button
Now ,if you push the button
Someone ,somewhere in this world
Whom you don't know
Will die
You will receive the
payment of 1 million dollars
Tax free
The payment
Will be delivered to you by me
In cash
Just as you see ,here
Oh Mrs. Lewis please come
with me ,to present you
This crisp 100 dollar bill ,as a gift
In exchange for your kindness
and allow me into your home
You gonna give me this 100 dollar bill
Even if i say no ?
That is correct
Are you for real ?
Oh I insure you Mrs. Lewis
This offer is quite real
Who do you work for ?
Guarantee you payment comes
with 3 restrictions I'm afraid
I'm not permitted
To disclose any information
the identity of my employers
You are not permitted to discuss
the details of this to anyone
except your husband of course
You have 24 hours
You have until 5 o'clock
tomorrow to make your decision
At which point
I should return and
treat the button unit
It will be re-programmed
And the offer will be made
To someone else
It's been a pleasure
meeting you Mrs. Lewis
It's a new prosthesis for a foot
You got it
What ?
We're using the new (GD slice) polymer
,for the pilot chairs to the show
That's well
Hey ,what happened to her foot ?
When she was 17
Her brother drive a barbell on her foot
She didn't want her toes
broken so she go to the hospital
Doctor said to her that she has
to turn the X-rays machine on
Then he checked on
other patient on the hall
And he forgets all about Norma
Leaves that X-ray machine running
Oh Jesus ,that's ,that's not good
The tissue and the former toes's
completely destroyed by the radiation
They have amputate four of her toes?
It'll need to go and get a box of skin
from a inner thigh to
cover the former foot
But it's about 1958
So they didn't have a skin
(graph?) technique surgery now
She had to sit like this
The sitting position ,whole body (cast)
For a month ,waiting for the deal
Jesus ,I hope she sued this idiot
Oh yeah ,her family sued him and won
How's settlement ?
If the sucker works
she will still jog again
I hope so
That's a nice thing
you're doing for Norma
Thank you ,sir
One (???) deserves another
It's just arrived for
you ,sort of mail from
Astronaut pool
It's a joke
But how's we can , nobody opened it
It says I was rejected
What ?
Arthur Lewis
His astronaut application was rejected
Can you tell me why ?
Arthur ,they say you fail
in the psychological exam
You gonna be kidding me
That makes no sense
I aced
Every test
I'll counting on this
Yeah ?
What am I suppose to
do rest of my life ?
There are many great
opportunities ,Arthur
Now we just got a grant of the (NASA)
that's for a new planetary camera system
You're perfect form
Cause the manager of
apposition doesn't exist
We always have Mars
Hello sonny
When you and me going to get it
When Berry go (water gets)
together with Jane Fonda
Before I can ask him more question
He got in his car and drove away
What're you doing ? Be careful
Oh come on ,are you even
think this thing is real ?
You got his licence plate ?
That's a car Norma ,always
get its licence plate
I was a little overwhelmed
OK ,so somewhere in the
world ,someone you don't know
Will die
Yeah ,that was his exact words
Did he say how they would die ?
Then he offers you brief case for cash
Yes he said it's a million dollars ,????
What he looked like ?
You don't wanna know
What you mean ?
He must be a burnt victim
Because half of his face was gone
-Real ? ,
-Yes ,gone
Are you massing with me ?
-No ,
-Yes you are
No I'm not
We gonna late foe the play
I'll (all get up) downstairs
I would like to buy C Charles place
OK ,C Charles place
Hi Mrs. Lewis
Hi Dana
Did Mr. Steward showed up ?
Yeah ,he's stopped by
So what does it do ?
What happen if you push the button ?
Nothing special
Did he give you the key to the dome
I bet it's something cool
You sure you asked a lot of questions
And now you're avoid them
Hey big mouth ,that's enough ,alright ?
In bed by 10 o'clock
Yes sir
Thanks Dana
Good night
That's yours
He was very charming
I always believe if he'd give(s)
that entire brief case for money
Forever and ever and ever
Well well
Let's get on with it
So what you can (think) ?
Look ,there's absolutely no
outside spreading this deal ,OK ?
So it's a (con)
The bill is (bait)
You don't just give someone 100
bill (for nothing) ,it's just crazy
Maybe he is crazy
I mean maybe he's ,mentally ills
And he's just using the (box to get)
some sort of excuse to murder someone
And he'll blame us for it
Should we call the
police ?what you think ?
If you tell anyone
The deal is off
No money
He said that ?
Yes ,we can't tell anyone
Let's go home
Alright ,I'll get our coats
Someone got a lot of time designing this
(rare lumber) aluminum ??? glass
This is expensive
What're you doing ?
I wanna take a look inside
They are silly
Very good
No transmitter no radio
If we push the button right now
,there's no way he'll even know
OK ,just ,you know what
,put it back together
I don't want you break it
What you care ?
Because ,either way
He's gonna come back to retreat .He
says he takes the box , he re-program it
And he makes the offer to someone else
I don't know who's gonna
re-program it ,it's a piece of wood
People started pollution ,people can
So you gonna push it or not ?
it's not my decision to make
It's ours ,I will never
push it without your knowing
Don't forget to turn out the tree lights
No ,I like to let them on
It's a fire hazard
I like to keep some Christmas
spirit while we sleep
We could die
Everybody dies Norma
Leave them alone
It's strange ,you only make
house calls when you out of town
what're you thinking ?
I'm thinking
we're never gonna see that much money
Then why you say that ?
Be realistic ,Arthur
You work for the government
God knows we both spend too much money
Sure we'll make it easier
to live the loved one
Why do we need a million
dollars to be happy ?
We're atoned
But imagine what we could accomplish
We could provide security
for our entire family
You know I don't need
that work in NASA forever
I can get another job
Are we ever gonna leave Richmond ?
Can I have to postpone for surgery ?
Now we are not doing that
,you need that surgery
Yeah ,I know ,but
We can't afford it
Well then ,push the
button see what happens
I'm scared
Norma ,why are you scared ?
You didn't see his face
I'm calling the police
You can't
Right ,because then the deal is off
Norma ,how the hell he gonna
know we even call anyone ?
Does he has the house bugged ?
It's the gift to each
bridesmaids of the wedding
They will make a big joke of it tonight
Dr. Als gonna get up and he's gonna
ask who push the button and who didn't
And everyone have a laugh at
the con artist he has hired
Shocked our door step
It was something great before and the
she wondered (enter the next style )
Where is she ?
I run out to the first (?)
They put her in the back
of a (?) and drove off
Look ,lock all the doors
She just finished for you
I'm on my way home
I ran a test on it work
This a hundred bill dollar is real
So this seems all real
We push the button
We get a million dollars
And we could be responsible for
the death of another human being
Is that something we can know it ?
Or someone's baby
What if it's a murder on death row ?
What if are our neighbor
across the street ?
Do you know them ?
Doug and Donna
What is do really know someone , Norma
Do you know me ?
Better than you know yourself
Do you know Walter ?
Even better than know I you
So you wanna do it Norma ?
It's just the box
Excuse me ,you need to slow down
I can not understand what you're saying
So you heard a loud screaming
And a gun shot ?
I heard a gun shot
Then he run out the first
door with a briefcase
and he got his car
Ma'am you get back inside ,take
the boy and go back inside right now
Check her pulse
Alright ,get back ,I
gonna kick the door down
Get away from the door
Hiss ,OK
Hello Mrs. Lewis
Shall I come in ?
You must be Mr. Lewis
Forgive me ,I have a rough and busy day
Shall we ?
Do you have the key ?
Thank you
There we are
You can count it if you want
Is someone ?
Died ?
Of course
You said that before that the
button unit will re-programmed
So what happens now ,You gonna
make offer to someone else ?
Well ,yes ,Mrs. Lewis
,that's how it works
And like I promised you
The offer will be made
to someone you don't know
Hey ,hey
We don't want your money
Take it
I'm sorry Mr. Lewis
The button has been pushed
Good day
Open the door
Open the door
I got his licence plate
What you think ,Norma ?
Someone we don't know
Did that mean more next
?Is that we (lived) ?
Alright ,just
Put the money in the safe
Oh oh oh ,not today
Homework first
(???) lunch (pills) OK ?
Come on
We got ourselves another
(mystery) homicide
This time is the wife
Really ?
The victim's name is Diane Carnes
They found a little girl
locked in the bathroom
Huh ?
Husband ?
Husband is (an accountant for)
Neighbor saw him (run out) front
door after they heard a gun shots
Has the husband get in affairs ?
No ,that's a thing
Husband is Jeffery Carnes
Described as a loving
father by all the neighbors
And he's a rocket scientist
Work for NASA
Really ?
It doesn't hurt anymore
Marry Christmas sir
-Thank you
-My pleasure
All of this for a rehearsal dinner ?
Remember our rehearsal dinner
You mean the cake party in backyard ?
You know that
Please smile ,little girl
Wow ,look at the way
she walks ,you flout
You knew that then ?
Santa Claws came earlier
from the (step back)
(Behavior issue)
-How are you Dick ,
-Hey how are you
It's good to see you
-Hi Lana
Nice Norma still cut your hair
Hey who are you ?Lynyrd
Skynyrd (Sweet Home Alabama)
Honey then I (go let you in
and I was expensive those)
Mama everybody isn't
want (name) that name
Honey although but
Forget about that
,Where did you get that ?
Right back over here
Alright ,you want something ?
Alright ,excuse me
Could I have your
attention for just (?) it
We really like to thank all of you
for coming out on such a
non-seasonably cool night in Richmond
Now I'm told to keep this quite short
Because we have other 43 speeches coming
Friends of the bride and groom are
very generously donated this real gifts
And being holiday season
without be a good idea and have a
We'll to have a holiday gift joy
-Alright Lana ,
-You need make thing that way sweety ,
-OK ,I will
Like you spike in the punch bowl
We know that how to do ,do ya ?
I don't know ,I've never done that
Never done that
Alright here we go
Oh ,my son in law
Not you ,Arthur
Come now
Come on now Arthur ,come on now
Both sides of you ,not break
this (harmony) it's a cop
By swear I am
Alright get your gift ,lucky
Alright ,just pick this
-Any gift you want ,
-Yes sir
Yeah Ar(thur) ,just leave the
golf club alright ,those are mine
Now you get in the club ,get in the club
Ah ,you know ,I just gonna
I might take this box right here
Oh ,so come on
That's arrest playing
gift .Let's get another 1
Well ,open it
No ,we know Lana ??? just ??? in the
car we'll open it when we get home
-Hell no ,
You gotta open it here ??? ,we
gonna see what's inside the box
Yeah ,come on ,open it
Arthur ,that's him
What is it ? A photograph ?
Won't let's see ?
No no ,it's inside joke
It seems private
Nice ,alright we ,yeah
.we gonna (understand)
We've taken some private
photograph ,straight up
Minds run wild (??? the dead)
Is that one you (running with you) ?
What about this re personal dale ? ???
Can you imagine wether??? the
wedding is gonna be a hike ?
Astounding science fiction
Day of the Moron ?
My daddy collects comics
What else he collect ?
Yes ,much more stuff in the basement
You want to see ?
What's your dad have
to do with the Viking ?
He'll present the camera
Scan ??? 9 at a time
Takes about 5 minutes to complete ???
How did the images from
mars back to earth ?
Radio transmissions
Figure out whether one interpret
the data and then print them on film
How long did it take
to transmit the signal
About 2 hours
The signal travels 58 million
miles in about 5 minutes
Test last year in Colorado
Look I don't think we should
say anything to my father OK ?
Let's see how that new toe
works on the dance pool ,come on
Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic
Arthur C Clarke (1917-2008) third law
My dad knows him
?Bell bottom blues
Arthur ,that's a wonderful
thing you did for Norma
I don't know what she
will do without you
I don't know what'd I do without her
Really atone
-Perfect ,
-Thank you
It's really a nice party
,Dick ,congratulations
Yeah ,I'm not the ??? one
-You are not paying ? ,
But I do ???
Hey listen ,do you think you can
Run a licence plate for me ?
Black sedan
Do you think you can find out who owns ?
Yeah sure ,what's going on ?
Just someone hang around the house
Probably nothing , priority safe
Yeah ,it's worth a (jack on )
?Can't You See
What's the deal with this kid ?
Why's he (watch) me
while he's doing things ?
Norma didn't tell you ?
No ,what's up
Oh ,he
He humiliated her in
front of the entire class
Make fun of the foot
You get a bloody nose
Thank you
Is there something I can get for you ?
You said that I have a phone call
Yes ,right here
Mrs. Lewis ,hello
It's Arlington Steward
I see your husband has contacted
the police about my vehicle
I have quite a few employees
We don't want anyone to get hurt
Well if you did want anyone to get hurt
You shouldn't push the button
We don't want anymore trouble ,OK ?
I'm afraid trouble has found you
Mrs. Lewis
There are always consequences
The tests will continue
until the button re programmed
What we suppose to do now
Listen to your conscience
Do what it tells you
Enjoy the party
What did you say to my wife ?
Wanna tell me what you said to my wife ?
Is that funny to you ? Is that funny ?
Make fun of someone's
disfigurement is funny to you
Is that funny to you ? ah ?!
No Mr. Lewis
It's not funny
It's tragic
Oh Arthur
You Ok son ?
VALET (No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre)
New York harbor
We're back
Do you have a ride home
OK ,Arthur can take you
OK ,here your go
-Thanks ,
-Thank you
Where am I taking you ?
It's a motel by 95
Calex and Motor Lodge
You stay in the motel ?
Yes ,my parents bought a new
house but it's not ready yet
You get blood on your hands
What you mean by that ?
Your hands
Bloods takes
Oh ah ,I got into a fight tonight
Embarrassed everyone
Ruined the whole party
Somebody pushing your buttons ?
Why would you say that ?
just an expression
Don't jump to conclusion ()
yourself the (who) hit trouble
How ?
I'm already in a whole
heap of the trouble
What you gonna do rather ?
I don't know ,you get any suggestions ?
Look into the light
-The light ? ,
-Yeah ,the light
Soon you'll be ??? away
What is the light ?
I can't remember
I can't remember
Wake up
Jesus Christ
Sara Mathews
Are you OK ?
You have to get out of here
It's not safe for you here
Slow down ,what're you talking about ?
There's only 1 person
you can (safety) now
Look at the mirror ,you'll see
Dana ,Dana
In the history of man kind
Existence of life
elsewhere in the universe
Viking is 1 and 2 do not view
and review living organisms
They will learn another
secret of the universe
They will tell us
good many things of our own planet
Open up new possibility
Or aspiration and just
produce knowledge then
Willing proof the quality
of life ,right here on earth
Our achievements in space represent
not only high technology of skill
They also reflect
The best of our country
Our characterless dependency
for creativity and sacrifice
and willingness to
reach into the unknown
Where did you see you about Dana
On the our fill-trip to
the Kennedy center in DC
Has she said she was in Richmond
Yeah ,we rolled back on the same bus
This is her driver's licence
Her name is Sarah Mathews
She lives in Boston
He calls his employees ?
Hello Norma
Did your husband tell you where
he was going this morning ?
No ,he didn't
I hope for your (husband)
is playing a detective again
Though I insure you
I know where he is
Because your employees ?
Is Dana one of your employees ?
As I told you ,I have many employees
Can I see you ,in person ?
I wanna a meet face to face
I'm looking at you right now
Excuse me ?
I'm in your backyard
Are you still there ?
Mr. Steward ?
Alright ,hold on
I wanna get it straight
You have the wind tunnel for months
Now you wanna the little
lander and the hangar?
That is correct
-The NSA activity ,
-What kinds of activity
The activities
Will occasionally involve NASA employees
But I'm not a liberty to disclose
how they would be involved
and what would they doing
I think this whole thing is out register
But we don't have any choice ,though
No ,you don't
You got a chance to run
that licence plate yet ?
Yeah I did
It's a government issued licence
Plays a town car licence
(plate) by the NSA
The NSA ?
Jesus Christ
We are loss
This guy's wife
She was shot once in the chest
Quite black(short) range
Whoever shot her ,held the gun
Directly to her chest and ???
the bullet straight to her heart
The husband works in Langley
Is there many sign (of) struggle ?
There's no skin in her nails ,no bruises
What time is she dead ?
Neighbor said they
heard the shot 4:45 PM
What's all this deal Arthur ?
Do you think you can
take me to his house ?
Well your sister feel
awful about last night
Arthur just sick about it too
Hi Norma ,let me just say yes ,darling
I have always (confident)
at you strength
And have positive you always are
Even that's your injury
and I just wonder if
Maybe sometimes
We don't take for granted
that you are alright
I'm fine
The NSA is letting him do it
NASA can't stop .Test subject
for all under 40 happily married
get single child
go to the Richmond public
library and refer this call number
Don't trust anyone not even you husband
Oh my lord
She's bleeding ,somebody call for help
Oh my heavens ?
Who is that woman ,Norma ?
Do you know her ?
No ,I don't
Listen ,I have a lot of
(cloth to iron) before the wedding
Can I drop you at home ?
Don't touch
That's him
He (got) licence (?) in Langley
What's his name
Arlington Steward
Steward ,the D
Can you check him out ?
Human resource exploitation manual
Call numbers ?
The Lightning Book
by Peter E. Viemeister
Excuse me
I been (looking) for the nearest exit
You aren't a employee
This library is for employees only
You are his wife
I am Clymene
What is he want from us ?
He's testing you
He's testing all of us
Please ,follow me
There are 3 gateways
But you may choose only 1
Be careful which gateway you choose
For there's only 1 path to salvation
Have a sit ,Mrs. Lewis
Indistinguishable from magic
Lightning strikes the
earth 100 times in 1 second
A single bolt lightning can
reach temperatures approaching
Celsius in a (milli) second
This is 5 times hotter
than the surface of the sun
Is that what happened to you
You were struck by lightning ?
And now I am in communication with
those who controls the lightning
What lies behind the other 2 ?
Eternal damnation
What's the emotion do you thought
when you first laid eyes on me ,Norma
-I felt ,
-You felt what ?
-Pity ,
You felt love for me
Why ?
Because my disfigurement
Because all of the
pain that ever caused me
In my life
I thought what it will be like
To have all that pain
magnified and projected onto my face
If I refuse ?
Eternal damnation
You have chosen gateway number 2
I saw that pain on your face
And I just ,I understood it
I felt it overwhelming
Feeling of love for you
Because I feel I would never
Sorry for myself never again
Take my hand
You don't remember come home ,do you ?
You came your car ,you
walk in door like a zombie
Didn't say anything ,just
went straight to the bed
Where does the water come from ?
Why (isn't) dad tell us what's happened
Walter ,go down to the basement
and get more buckets ,alright ?
-But I just want
Can you tell me what happened ?
I need a drink
Are we still gonna win ?
There's only so much
information I can disclose
I understand
In the hours of following the
first Viking transmission from Mars
You colleague Arlington Steward
was struck by lightning
outstanding here at this platform
Yes ,and we haven't
heard from him since that
Something else now
What you mean ?
Arlington Steward died
shortly after (being delivered)
to the burnt unit Riverside Hospital
Several hours ,after his
body was taken to the morgue
and locked in a freezer storage cabinet
A nurse heard a voice
coming behind the metal door
It was a man laughing
Mr. Steward become back from the
dead and was laughing hysterically
He was then transferred to a
high security military hospital
Soon after we realized he was
demonstrating some
extraordinary capability
What you mean by capability ?
His body healed rate 10
times faster than normal
Cell (?) degeneration essentially halted
Ladies and gentlemen
,Mrs. and Mr. Edward Powell
You can't drink with
somebody now ,alright ?
Come on
If you don't mind may I ask you ?
Why a box?
Your home is a box
You car is a box on wheels
You drive to work in it
You drive home in it
You're sitting your
home staring into a box
It erodes your soul while the box
that is your body
inevitably withers and dies
We are upon and just
placed in the ultimate box
to slowly decompose
It's quite depressing
Did you think of that way ?
Don't think it that way
Think of this is a temporary ???
What happens
Once you completed the test ?
I summit the data I
have ,to my employers
And then your fate rests in their hands
I can not say they are not
without a bizarre sense of humor
Look at me
I wouldn't know sir
,former is that you speak
Employers remained mystery to us all
I like mystery
Don't you ?
How do we pass the test
Isn't the obvious ?
Simply don't press the button
If enough of you don't
,the test will conclude
But there will be more test to come
Walk on quickly in the light
Time to advance your 80 circles death
You walk in the light you gonna feel
your body submerged in the liquid
Try to hold your breath
If you drown in sensation
You will pass
Where're you sending them ?
To prepare the next
test in Massachusetts
You spoke earlier
About altruism coefficient
If human beings are unable or unwilling
to sacrifice individual desires
The greater good of your species
will have no chance for survival
And my employers will be compelled
to exponential your (existential)
Clear ?
Yes sir
?When Joanna Loved Me
I was gone ,Norma
I was gone ,familiar in hell
What did you see ?
What was there in the light ?
Words can't describe it
It's a place
Not here not there
It is somewhere in between
It's a warm embrace
A place where
the sidewalk ends
And the despair has no
more governor of human heart
What's going on ?
I maybe sick Walter
You can still save yourself
It's too late for me ,but
you can still save yourself
Jeffrey Carnes ?
Well ,I get lots of questions for you
You wanna survive this
thing ?you come with me
Right now
Why don't you put the gun
down ,for someone sees you
Get in the truck
Dad ?
Walter ,Walter
Those are CIA classified documents
Test subject free will ,test subject
can not be treated like employees
Frontal lobe (pre image)
That's its weakness
Hey you still in figure out
how they get inside their
heads without nose thing
The nose bleeds ,-And
you see lots of them ?
And so it's limit we can do is ???
Living inside a 70 years old man ?
And it's why they get
themselves in Langley
It's get everything they they need
Military FBI CIA
So we can be killed ?
Where we are going ?
Coz it's kidnap your son
just like kidnap my daughter
What ?
But I know where they has been hidden
There's a motel of 95 ,it's
Steward's employees took your son there
It's a transport harbored site
A swimming pool they use it as gate way
Test subject must
choose between 3 gateways
Gateway transit analysis will
determine fate of test subjects
So did you push the button
or it was your wife ?
My wife
Yeah ,yeah ,mine too
And now she's dead
Did you killed her ?
I did it for my daughter
What you mean you did
it for your daughter ?
I had to make a choice
Between my wife ,and my daughter
You really want to track with it ?
Not the result
Let's move
Alpha team ,take him
Weapons (down)
Move move move
Arthur ,Arthur listen to me
Whatever happens gives this point
on life (???) the ramifications
you can possibly (fed) them
Please ,have a sit
Where's our son ?
He's in a safe place ,we'll
get to him in a moment
Please sit down
I want to know
Did I have the deepest
respect admiration for you both
You gave me hope
But I am very sorry
That you pushed the button
I'm afraid I have to tell
you that ?2 of you son's
Functional senses have be repaired
He can no longer see
And he can no longer hear
Where is he ?
What'd you done with him ?
I have done nothing with him
I'm just the vessel
You are now presented
With 2 options
Option 1
You can live the rest of your life and
enjoy the money that been given to you
That learnt to live with your
son's permanent in (blind and deaf)
It is irreversible
He will never hear your
voices or see your faces again
Option 2
There's 1 bullet
In the chamber of this gun
You can fire with it to your
wife's heart ,killing her
The exact moment that your
spirit leaves your body
Your son will be return to normal
As the million dollars will be placed
into a interesting bearing account
Given to your son on his 18th birthday
Let me kill myself
Arthur has nothing to do with this
I'm sorry
The offer is not negotiable
Arthur ,you must fire the gun
Norma ,you must die
Or Walter will be forever
in darkness and silence
Kill me if you like ,Mr. Lewis
.condemn you son to a life of ???
You will be in prison for
murder of Arlington Steward
I'm here employee
And they will simply
send another to replace me
Who ?
Who will send another ?
Arthur ,please don't
Good day to you
Mr. Steward
Can I be forgiven ?
I don't know
I understand you admired
writings of Jean Paul Sartre
Those words will comfort
There are 2 ways to
enter the final table
Free ,or not free
The choice is ours
You gave me glimpse of
the after life ,didn't you
Because this is a ???
And you here to shut us down
Your son is locked upstairs's bathroom
-Walter ,
Sweet can you hear us ?
Someone is not there???
Someone not there
How the fuck you get inside ?
I can't see ,please
Help me
I can't hear
Please help me
Just back away from the
door ,if you can hear me
Somebody help
He can't hear us
He can't
Stop it ,Arthur stop
Arthur Arthur Arthur
I can't
I can't see him like that
I can't
Oh god
I can't do this
No we can't leave him like this
It's the only way
It's no other way
He smile at us
What ?
When you ask me about the
after life he smile at us
-He did ? ,
I love you ,and I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry for what I did to us
You didn't do anything ,we did it
So ,don't appologize
I love you
I regret nothing ,in this
life with with you together
And I
Will count the days ?
Until my Arthur to see me again
I'm gonna push it
I hate you ,meet again
Let's go home with it
You sail you heard a gun shot ?
What the address ?
In Entour
Hello Mrs. Weller
Shall I come in ?
It's your dad ,I'm right here
Can you hear me ?
Wal Walter
Walter can you here me ?just
get on right aside the door
Put your hands on your head
,and move away from the door
I'm right here ,everything
is gonna be fine
Just (stay) dead
I said put your hands on your
head ,and move away from the door
Walter is upstairs ,he's OK
They insured you and
your son be taken care of