Boy Bye (2016) Movie Script

So... when exactly
did the feelings for him start?
First time he told me he loved me.
[shrink] Okay.
So... were you scared?
Were the feelings mutual?
Did you say it back?
I just froze.
It's the first time I ever heard
those words so genuinely spoken, I just...
I wanted to say it back, but...
I didn't have the courage.
[woman] That's me,
sittin' inside my girl/shrink's office,
looking like I have nowhere to live,
or no life.
Because I can't understand how my life
has gotten to this place.
See, ladies.
This is the reason why the closest thing
I'll ever get to love is my last name.
But this isn't where my story begins.
Here, let me take you to the beginning.
Boy bye, boy bye
Boy bye...
[cell phone ringing]
You got Love.
Yes. Daryl, we will close
absolutely no later than Monday.
Listen, you tell Daryl anything...
This is my life.
In case you're wondering,
yes, that's me closing yet another
real estate deal.
My name is Veronica Love,
but you can just call me Love.
I am the CEO of my own successful
real estate company... [laughs]
And it's a good thing that I prepared
for the crash in '09, 'cause, uh,
yes, my company
was the only one left standing.
And yeah, my office is lit, right?
Don't get me wrong.
Now, I wasn't always this fly.
I had to work my butt off
to get to where I am now.
And let me just say,
it feels good to be me.
Hey, Love.
You have a conference call
about the Ryan Properties in ten minutes.
Thanks. Move it to 1:00, okay?
I already did. I knew you'd say that.
Also, six requests came in from
the WNBA players for autographed books.
I blocked out an hour for you tomorrow
from 2:30 to 3:30,
for you to get that done.
Girl, women cannot get enough
of your book.
I read it like six times,
and I was finally able to tell Leon
to "Boy Bye."
[both] Okay!
I need you to get me
the Harrison agreement,
I want to review that.
Reviewed and red-lined, all you have to do
is sign on the marked areas.
You know me, girl.
[Love] See, that's the thing
about running your own,
successful real estate business.
You do things when you want to,
and not when anyone else tells you to.
But I can't take all the credit, though.
My girl, Melanie, is
I don't know where I'd be,
if it wasn't for her.
Oh, that is my bestselling book,
it's called Boy Bye.
I'm telling you, life is great.
-Good morning, Melanie.
-Good morning.
Hey, JR. What you got for me today, boo?
Linda wants to know the plan
on the Scottsfield building.
And Tess needs to know right away
about the Church parking lot issue.
Oh, well, tell Tess
that I'm gonna fix that in the morning,
and I'm gonna get to
the Scottsfield building a little later.
Is that all you brought for me today, JR?
What else do you want?
Mm. Oh, it's not what I want.
It's what you need.
[Love] Ladies, never mix
business with pleasure,
it never works out.
I know I shouldn't be
getting it in the office,
but y'all see how fine he is.
Him, too. I'm obsessed with him.
And him.
Now, y'all know I got to get my run on
every morning at 6:00 am.
Well, how else do you think I'm gonna
keep these curves on fleek, okay?
This is a normal day in the life of Love.
But I can't say the same thing
about my BFF, Charity.
Her life was about to go from zero
to 100, real quick.
Baby, I'm home. I came home early.
[Charity moaning]
That's my BFF, Charity.
-[girl moaning] Oh, yeah!
-Wait a minute... Wait a minute!
[girl] Oh, yeah!
[girl] Oh! Oh, my God!
What in the world is--
[indistinct yelling]
Now this is where it gets ugly.
[man] Whoa!
[Charity] Motherfucker! Come here.
[man] I don't even know
how she got in here.
[all screaming and shouting]
Now that's my other girl, Beverly.
When I tell you she is sprung,
unlike the rest of us,
she actually believes in true love.
Just look at 'em. They make me sick
with all that mushiness.
-Mornin', handsome.
-Mornin', beautiful.
So, you know I'mma meet the girls
tonight at 6:00, right?
And before I do that,
I'mma run some errands.
-I'm gonna grab some things, so...
Is there anything you need me
to grab for you?
-Only thing I need to grab--
-Is you.
-[both laughing]
-[Beverly] Again?
[Beverly laughing] Hey!
[Love] And now,
that brings us to Lance Peterson.
Ain't he fine? Tall, dark, and handsome,
rich, charming, successful. Rrr!
Everything a woman could ask for,
and even more,
He fine, ain't he, sisters?
Damn! Sometimes, I just gotta pinch myself
to make sure I ain't dreaming.
[Charity chuckles] Perfect.
Well, look? Why don't we just
call it just even at two million?
Sounds good.
Well, now you know
they don't call me Love for nothin'.
Okay. We'll talk soon, bye-bye.
I need you to set up a dinner meeting
with me and the Head Agent
for the Foster's Winery.
His name is Lance Peterson,
that's his card.
-Got ya, boss.
-Thank you.
[Love] Now, I didn't want
to like him, but you know me.
I'm boy-crazy.
And to be honest, I needed this.
All right, well, tell me,
how long you been in
the real estate business, Love?
So I started about 20 years ago,
and I was working as an intern
for this woman named Shirley.
-[Peterson] Mm.
I was right out of college.
I mean, I didn't know where I was goin',
so she gave me my first job.
And, uh, she said she liked me
'cause of my spunk.
I can see that.
No, I can definitely see that.
I see that spunk hasn't gone anywhere.
And it's not goin' anywhere
anytime soon, either.
So, after that,
I was her personal assistant...
Wow! I moved onto, uh...
being' her partner,
and once she passed,
I started my own firm.
And then, boom!
-Here I am.
-That's an amazing story.
-Thank you.
So, what about you, Mr. Peterson?
Ah, you know, my career was fixed for me
before I could even think.
You know, my father's an agent,
and his father's an agent, so...
Yeah, it's kinda the family thing.
So, lemme ask you this.
Is there somethin' that you wanted to do,
or was it more like a family tradition?
Mm, that's a good question.
You know,
sometimes I ask myself the same thing.
Well, some days I feel accomplished,
like I'm on top of the world, and...
sometimes, I don't know,
I just feel like I'm just there.
And I'm alone and
everybody down in the world's
havin' more fun than me.
Kinda like, uh, like I'm...
[both] Missin' out on somethin'.
Well, hmm...
This has been great, but I do have a...
a business meeting to get to, uh, tonight.
At 10 o'clock?
Uh... you know money never sleeps.
It's been great gettin' to know you, Love.
It's been a pleasure.
Likewise, Mr. Peterson.
Lemme, uh...
take care of the check, and...
I'll call you tomorrow
in the mornin' and...
we can set a tentative meeting for...
for you to come to view the property.
Yeah, been a pleasure.
Have a good night.
[Love] Now I know
what y'all are thinkin'.
He's the perfect guy for me, right?
Well, y'all ain't seen nothin' yet.
What'd I tell you?
This brother was feelin' your girl.
He was all on it.
Gimme two days,
he gonna be beggin' for the nookie.
Girl, you are keepin' me from my man
with this mess.
What else is new?
All you're gonna do is reel him in,
like you do all the rest,
and then drop him.
You know how you do, Love.
And maybe you shouldn't be
gettin' involved with this one,
since you gonna be doin'
business with him.
Please, I don't need your advice, okay?
I know what I'm doin', I got this.
And I'm tellin' you...
he may last about a week
before he get to boy-bye.
Girl, you crazy.
[Love] Look,
now I'mma keep this strictly dickly,
strictly business.
-[man] Get off that phone.
Get in this bed with me.
See, I told you, Love.
I'm comin', baby.
Oh, you hear about Charity?
I did.
[Love] You know that's crazy.
It is!
I told her from the get-go
to keep with him no good.
See, that's why I don't believe
in all that love-crap.
She should've told him, "Boy, bye,"
a long time ago.
You know, everybody ain't cold-blooded
like you.
You know what?
If you never give your heart,
then you'll never get it broken.
That's in my book, girl.
Chapter nine, page 257, okay?
And I live by those words.
You need to memorize it for yourself.
You know, you might be right about him,
'cause he was kinda suspect.
Girl, relationships never last.
I don't know what you're feedin' your man
over there.
Oh, let's just say, I have my assets.
[both laugh]
You know, we really should go over there.
She gonna need some girl time.
Let's do that.
'Cause, you know what, girl-time
equals sex talk and alcohol.
And if there's anything
that Love loves,
that's some sex talk and some alcohol.
Well, crazy. Bye, bye.
Girl, bye.
This is crazy!
I've run this trail all this time,
I've never seen you here.
Yeah, 'cause normally I run
the foothill trail on Friday,
but my boy told me about this one.
Decided to give it a chance.
Okay. Well, cool.
It's great to run into you.
Right, it was. It's good
runnin' into you, too, Love.
Well, maybe I'll run into you again.
-So, why leave it to chance?
We should, uh, run together.
Friday, same place?
Cool, sounds like a plan.
-Sounds like a plan.
-All right.
-All right, I'll see you Friday.
-All right.
Oh. Mm.
I'mma kill that booty.
[Love] Charity looks a mess.
I had to bring in a specialist
for this one.
And if there's anybody who knows
what to say to my girl,
it's gonna be Angela.
[Angela] You are worth
more than you will ever know.
And you're strong, because you left him,
and you took your life back.
It's about integrity,
it's about self-worth--
This is what I want you to say.
Say, "I'm strong."
"I'm strong"?
Baby girl, listen. It is not a question,
it is a statement.
"I'm strong," say it.
"I'm strong."
"I'm free."
-"I'm free."
-[Angela] Hm-mm.
"And I'm moving on."
-[Angela] There you go.
-[Love] Yes.
There you go, there you go.
I need you to sit up, baby girl.
Come on, sit up.
All right, come on, girls.
All right, come on, we can do this.
Gonna do it again, you're gonna
say it again, we're gonna support you.
This time, though,
let's put some stank on it.
Spank on it.
All right, "I'm strong."
[all] "I'm strong."
I'm free.
"I'm free."
And I am movin' on.
And I am movin' the hell on.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
I don't know how Angela does it,
but she is a beast when it
comes to gettin' people
to feel good about themselves.
She's the one who motivated me
to write my book.
She's such a wonderful person.
You got this.
-[Angela] So, any kids?
-[Beverly] Hm-mm?
[Beverly] No, girl, we tryin' to enjoy
each other first.
-Oh, that's good
-We're gonna work on it eventually.
Oh, that's good.
-How is she?
-Drunk as a skunk, okay?
I laid her down. She just had
a little bit too much.
You know, she can't handle her liquor.
I don't know, this is so sad.
Feel like there's somethin' else
we should be doin' for her,
other than gettin' her drunk.
Actually, you know what?
-There is something we could do.
You know, bring her
to the retreat this weekend.
It's is for the men and women
suffering from breakup and divorce.
I actually call it, The Breakup Retreat.
I've held one for the past five years,
and it'll be really good for her.
Damn! A bunch of single men
running around?
Girl, that's right up my alley.
Oh, God! Love, you are such a thot.
It's true, yes.
Whatever happened to fallin' in love
and the whole fairytale
when we were kids?
I thought about it, okay?
Please, you know I don't believe
in all those fairytales.
They ended when we were kids.
-You're not foolin' me.
-[Love] What?
I know for a fact you fell in love before.
His name, Ronald Thurgood.
God! I just threw up in my mouth.
Oh, God! Really?
Girl, Ronald? That doesn't even count.
That was high school,
and he took my virginity.
What about Steve Rand?
-[Beverly] Oh!
Oh, God! College!
And that doesn't count either,
'cause I was doin' his brother.
Girl, they was twins.
I just think that's sad.
Oh, it's sad!
Bein' in love can be a beautiful thing
when it's right.
All right, please, y'all know me
too well, okay?
The closest thing that I'll ever get to be
in love is my, what?
[both] Your last name.
Yeah, we got it.
Thank you, ladies. I don't even know
why we are discussing this.
Look, okay. Let's just stop it here.
Enough with Love and her non-love issues.
Let's get back on point, Charity.
I think the retreat is gonna be fantastic
for her, guys.
I do, too.
Girl, please, I'm not tryin' to put
no miles on the Bentley.
Oh, my goodness, Love.
Is it close-by?
It's at the Foster Winery.
You know the place?
-Mm, Foster Winery?
-[Beverly] No!
Okay, wait. This is crazy.
[Angela and Beverly] What?
You remember the guy I told you about,
Lance Peterson?
[Beverly] Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah.
He's the lead agent on selling
that property at the Foster's Winery.
This is crazy!
-Oh, wow!
-Oh, really?
Well, you know what?
Maybe you can invite him
and the two of you
can view the property together.
No, nuh-uh, it's not goin' to be
a good idea.
She shouldn't be spending time
with somebody she doin' business with.
I already told her that.
Is he handsome? Do you want him?
Would you want to be with him?
Girl, do I want him?
Is that a question? Please.
I mean, he all right... I mean, he's cool.
I'm not feeling him like that.
If anything, I'm gonna hit it and quit it.
Hit it, quit it.
Hit it, quit it, hit it, quit it...
You know what, Love? That's gonna get old.
One day, Love, you're gonna wake up
and be surrounded by a bunch of cats.
-This is true.
-I don't even like cats.
-My point. exactly
-[Angela] Right.
Wow, it's so good
to have somebody to run with.
You know, I'm always runnin' by myself,
it's good to have company.
Yeah, I was goin' to say the same thing.
So, what's a fine, successful man like you
doin' single, huh?
Who, who said I was single?
Just kinda assumed, I mean, 'cause
you never mentioned you were, you know...
I'm not.
I'm kiddin'. I'm very single.
Oh, okay.
You know, I wanted to ask you somethin',
but... never mind.
-It's silly, never mind.
-Love, don't do that.
You know, I hate it when people do that.
-Just go ahead and get it out.
Well, uh...
A couple of girl friends and I
are goin' up to Foster's Winery
for the weekend, and...
You know, I was just wonderin',
maybe if you weren't doin' anything,
you wanted to come up and join us?
Show us the property?
That's crazy, 'cause...
Myself and a couple of boys,
we were goin' down there this weekend.
-They're havin' some, uh, breakup retreat.
Yeah, one of my boys just got out of
a relationship, so...
So did one of my girls.
[both] We should introduce them.
See, don't be copying me.
No, that was corny, that was crazy!
Oh, God!
I think it'll be fun.
Yes, it will.
I like that actually.
Sounds like a good idea.
So, it's a date.
Well, a plan.
-Sounds like a plan.
-So, you're playin'.
-I'm not, it's a plan.
-No, you're playin'.
-I'm not playin'.
-You are playin'.
I like "date" better, though.
[people chattering]
Senorita, mamita!
Welcome to the time of your life.
My name is Hector. Hector.
And I'm here completamente
at your service.
Okay, well, thank you, Juan, but I'm--
You can call me Juan,
you can call me Carlos,
you can call me Antonio,
you can call me collect, I will accept,
as long as you... call me.
Thank you.
-What in the world?
-You gonna call him?
Well, girl, look like we gonna to find you
some replacement tit already.
No, listen, let's just check up in here
so I can get me...
I ain't got time for Juan.
[women chattering]
-Hey, guys.
-[women] Hey!
So glad, so good you could make it.
I see you met, mwah, you met Hector.
-[Hector] Yes.
-[women] Oh, yeah.
Yeah, well, Hector's gonna be here
for the duration of your trip.
So anything that you need,
please don't hesitate to call him.
Yes, Hector is here
to please you in any way, senorita.
Please leave the bags, I will take them.
[women chattering]
-Thank you.
-Leave your bag right here.
Well, okay, ladies. To us.
[Beverly and Charity] To us.
Yes, ladies.
Yes, these are my special guests, here.
Ladies, here you go.
[Love] Thank you.
Those are your keys, ladies,
and your accommodations
have been paid for.
You're welcome.
So, Sandra, these are my special guests.
I'm really happy that they're here.
So, we're gonna take
really good care of them, okay?
Oh, yes. It's is gonna be better this year
than it was last year.
Yes, yes. So, our single-seminar starts
in a few hours, do we have any takers?
I'm not here for all of that.
And I'm married, so...
You have a 10:30 appointment.
Oh, I do? Okay.
Thank you, Sandra, thank you.
Now, I will see you later for brunch.
And Charity, I will see you
at the seminar.
Work on that, Love, all right? Okay.
We did not drive all this way for you.
[Beverly] Exactly.
-Now let's go get a margarita.
[Love] I like bein' your pretty girl.
Oh, baby, this is the type of place
we're gonna be at.
Yeah, it smells like women.
Oh, man, this looks nice.
-[man] What--
-How're you doin'?
I'm good!
What up, nigga?
-Man, D!
-Who's that?
Can you pretend like you got some class?
Oh, all right,
you wouldn't wanna upset the white folk.
See, that-- that's why we don't
invite your ghetto ass out anymore.
-Lemme show y'all...
-Can we do this?
Did he say ninja?
[Angela] Okay.
Very nice, Linda.
Really, really good session.
Thank you, dear.
You are gonna love the ladies, trust me.
But here's what I need you to do.
I need you to be free,
no inhibitions, open up...
Tranquil thoughts, okay?
You gotta talk about it
in order to heal, remember?
I'm a private person, I don't like
people knowin' all my business.
This is what I want for you.
The ability to be able to trust again,
but in safe environment.
And you can trust these ladies.
As a matter of fact,
one is goin' through
a recent divorce, right now.
-[Charity] Really?
Well, that must be hard.
I mean, me and my Arnold
were only engaged.
I can only imagine the pain
of bein' married.
Try 20 years of marriage.
You said 20?
My Arnold would be dead.
Remember, I got to ring this up, Linda.
Remember we talked about this.
Arnold cannot be referred to
as "My Arnold," remember that, okay?
Right, right. Right.
-[Angela] You can do this.
-I can do this!
-I can do this.
I'm gonna give it an old,
good old college try.
That's right.
-Let's go give it that try.
Meet the girls.
This place is so amazing.
Angela does really know her style.
Didn't I tell you she knew herself?
-Yes, you did.
-Didn't I?
More importantly,
did you meet anyone
interesting today? Hmm?
Well, Angela did say that
there'll be a lot of single men
at the seminar tonight,
so, I'm in.
That's my girl.
Cheers, ladies.
This wine is so amazing.
Are you ladies enjoyin' yourselves?
Yeah, this food is on fleek.
I don't know what fleek is,
but I know it's gotta be good.
-Enjoy yourself.
-Thank you.
-[woman] I'm thinkin' of a gift for you.
-[woman 2] Tell--
Hey, ladies, how are you doin'?
I see you guys are starting early.
I want you to meet someone.
This is Linda. Linda's not only a client,
but she's a friend.
[women] Hey, there.
Okay, some of the prettiest ladies
I've ever seen.
Oh, thank you.
We woke up like this.
Linda, this is Beverly.
And the one that "woke up like this"
is Ms. Love.
And we have Charity here.
Now Charity is the one
that we spoke about.
Right, she's the one
that's here for the healing.
I'm just here to get over my problems
and drink as much as I can...
So, I don't have to remember anything.
I wanna have whatever she's havin'.
Exactly! You know what?
Linda is goin' over a rough patch,
-because she's goin' through--
-Angela, please.
Come on, now. They just--
They don't need to know.
Linda, we talked about this.
-I know we talked about this.
-It's about healing bein' free--
It just feels awkward. I mean,
I'm like intruding already...
There's no reason to be awkward.
My girls got you.
-Please join us.
-[Linda] Okay.
-[Linda] All right.
You're safe here, Linda, okay?
They may seem crazy, but they're not.
All right, they're good, they're good.
[Love] So, have a seat. Sit, sit, sit.
[Angela] Sit, I want you
to enjoy yourselves.
Listen, ladies, I've got to do a seminar,
but I will be back, enjoy yourselves.
Take good care of this one.
Got 'em. I appreciate it.
Okay, I'll see you guys. Bye bye.
Sorry, I'm just a little weepy.
I've been cryin' all week, it's okay.
I appreciate that, I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Is he movin' in slow-motion?
Or is it just me?
Oh, you said he was fine,
but you didn't say he was that fine.
[Love] I guess, it's just me.
It's good to see you, Love.
Glad you could make it
out to the property.
You wanna introduce us?
Where are my manners?
Uh, ladies,
this is a business associate of mine,
he's also representing the clients
that are selling the winery here.
This is Lance Peterson.
Well, these are my girls.
This is, uh...
-And, hmm...
Oh, I'm Linda.
Well, it's a pleasure meetin' you ladies.
Let me introduce my boys.
This is my friend, Sam.
-[women] Hi.
-How you doin'?
And this is my boy, David.
Say, hey.
I'm glad
that we could link up this weekend,
see if this is somethin' we can close.
By the way, you look beautiful.
You don't look too bad, yourself.
I'm actually gonna go to the ladies' room.
Excuse me.
-You know what, I'm gonna go with you.
-[Charity] Okay.
I hear the wine is amazing,
you know...
Oh, uh, wine-testing as we speak.
So, I'm just gonna, you know, go.
So we're havin' girls' day tomorrow.
Join us at the spa.
I think I just might
take you up on that.
Thanks again, I appreciate it. Enjoy.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna follow her.
And I'm gonna make sure we don't
get kicked out. Nice meetin' you.
[Love] You, too.
You mind if I sit down?
It's good to see you.
It's good to be seen.
So, now, I'm gonna take it
that David...
He's the single one, right?
He caught his girl in bed
with a co-worker.
-And her husband.
Oh, damn!
-All bad?
Yeah, it's all bad.
But... he wants to try again, so...
we'll see what happens to him.
And, I guess it's Sam.
Sam, yeah.
Sam's single, he's more here for the ride,
I think, than anything else.
And I take it that your friend
without the ring--
I take it that's the one
that's fresh out of a relationship.
Oh, yeah. That's Charity, yeah.
So, she caught her husband in bed
with a neighbor,
after 20 years of marriage.
But she's a strong girl,
she's gonna be fine.
I bet.
So, uh...
all alone again, huh?
You know, Lance, I...
I really hope this isn't a bad idea,
bein' here, alone...
It's a romantic resort.
We got the whole weekend.
No. I mean, I thought we were just here
to, you know, see the property,
run some numbers.
I just thought this was a business trip.
No, I mean, that's what I meant, too.
That's what I meant.
I'm jokin', I'm jokin'.
Love, I've been feeling you
since the moment I met you.
I can front like I'm not into you,
but I'd just be lyin'.
And I'm too old to lie to myself.
What do you say we go up to your room
and get to know each other better?
[Love] I thought he'd never ask.
[both chuckling]
Those were some good stories.
I feel like I know your whole life now.
Well, we've been talkin' all day.
You say that like you're tired of talkin'.
You're not?
Wait, wait.
I gotta go.
Go where?
I've had an amazing night
with a beautiful woman.
I look forward to seein'
where this goes.
Are you serious?
I can't believe it, but, yeah, I'm...
I'm serious.
You have another meeting, Mr. Peterson?
Just doin' the right thing.
[Love] I know he ain't
just gonna walk out on this nookie.
Ain't no man ever walked out
at this stage of the game.
[women laughing]
I'm telling you, I'm so stressed.
It's crazy.
I cannot wait to get my feet rubbed.
You're stressed? I mean, I'm the one
who's goin' through a divorce,
and you call yourself stressed?
Girl, please.
Oh, God, here we go. I didn't know
we were doin' a pity-party for Charity.
You know that's why we're all here, right?
-No, no, no.
-Did you know that?
This is not a pity-party.
You're not here for me.
We know why you're here,
the business of why you're here,
it's not because of me.
My business is the business of bein' here.
Yeah, but I'm goin' through a divorce--
-Ladies, ladies!
-And that's why I'm treating you to this.
Come on, now!
Let's not do this here, okay?
We're here to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Let go of our mind, let go of our anxiety,
and just chill.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm just so stressed.
I mean, I just need a drink, or two.
Y'all know that, I'm just, you know...
-I understand.
-I know how you feel.
I mean, you know, when I left my--
Arnold... Oh, good God!
When I left his ass,
because he was playin' the field,
and thought that
he would not get caught...
I mean, oh, maybe I have some tricks
up my sleeve, as well.
I told, "Don't come for me.
Don't you dare come for me
I swear--" Good God!
Let it out, just let it out.
[yells in anger]
Girl, don't you let me find out
you're a gangsta, bitch.
Yes! Yes!
[Love] We didn't do a job.
[Charity] You didn't do it?
[Beverly] You didn't-- You didn't do...
You didn't do it?
[Love] No! What? Yes...
-I mean, we went back to the room...
-[Beverly] Okay.
[Love] I mean, we got to kissin',
we got hot, we got heavy,
and I just knew we're gonna get
all the way to home plate,
and then, all of a sudden,
he just stopped.
[Beverly] See, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.
-What do you mean he just stopped?
-[Charity] Exactly!
[Love] I mean, he just stopped,
like he came to a red light, like...
Like, whatever, he just stopped.
[Love] But you know
what he gave me though?
[Charity] What?
[Love] Blue nookie.
[women] What is a blue-nookie?
I'm serious.
You know, when a man gets blue-balls...
Okay, when a woman gets all worked up,
and hot and bothered and all of that.
[Linda] Okay, you know what?
[Love] I call it blue-nookie.
The cookie turned blue.
"The cookie turned--" [laughs]
-[Beverly] He gay?
-[Love] What!
[Charity] He must be gay.
[Love] What!
Okay, now wait a minute,
I'm gonna shut that down right here, okay?
'Cause you know my gay-dar is on point.
[Charity] Until now.
[Love] He's not gay.
[Beverly] He got to be gay,
let me tell you why.
Now, why else would he turn you down?
Look at you, you're beautiful,
you're sexy, you're smart...
[Charity] Why would anyone say no to you?
[Love] Damn! Thanks for the compliment.
Hell, are you gay?
[Beverly] I am strictly dickly.
[Linda] You talkin' about that young,
fine thing that you were with earlier,
he turned down sex?
[Love] The chocolate dropped,
and made it stop, and made it hot.
[Linda] Keep him! Keep him, he's a keeper.
Keep him, keep him, keep him.
[Love] Say what?
[Linda] I said, keep him.
Guys, I have been in the game
for a very long time,
I'm old as dirt...
[all laughing] And, yeah...
[Linda] Yeah, and, um...
And I realize, and I've learned
that sex is not everything.
I mean, you have found a man that--
didn't want it.
And that means
that you have found someone
that doesn't just think
with their little head.
That is hard to find.
So, darlin', he's a keeper.
[Charity] That's deep.
[Love] You know what, Ms. Linda?
I think you might be right.
[Linda] Mm-hmm, I know I'm right.
[Love] I'm tellin' you,
I know he really likes me,
and I know I'm really feelin' him...
I don't know, ladies,
I think Ms. Love might've found Mr. Love.
[Charity] That's what I'm talkin' about.
I'm so excited.
[Love] But we just gonna have to wait
and see what happens, y'all.
Get rid of his blue-nookie.
I've never heard of that.
That's a good one.
[music playing]
No peekin'.
I'm not peekin'.
-I got you, stop worryin'.
-All right, you ready?
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh, this is beautiful.
You like it?
I love it, Lance.
Yeah, 'cause I wanted to get
a woman's opinion on it,
before I showed it to my girl. Cool.
Okay, wait, wait. What, what--
What did you just say?
I'm just jokin', Love.
You need to cut it.
Oh, my God! This is beautiful.
-Oh, my God, thank you.
-Of course.
I don't wanna sound corny, but,
I wanted our first night to be special.
It is.
All right, come on.
-Thank you.
-Come on, come on.
Thank you.
[romantic song playing]
[Love] I've never had my world
rocked like that before.
I don't even know how to feel.
My body is all out of wag,
my stomach has butterflies...
Ooh, could this be?
Could he be the one?
Has Love found love?
Or is there somethin' in this liquor?
[women laughing]
So then he invited me back to his room,
candle-lit dinner for two,
rose petals everywhere.
Oh, Love, that is so romantic.
I'm gonna cry.
Yeah, but, rose petals are just so '90s.
Charity, you know we've talked about this.
Happy for others, okay?
It's part of the healing process.
Of course, I'm happy for her.
I was just kiddin', y'all.
It was just a bad joke.
I was just sayin'. You know what?
Okay, go ahead with the details.
Okay, so then...
He commenced to goin' downtown.
Okay, okay. Okay, not that detail.
Not that detail.
She is the one, man.
One, what? What are we talkin' about?
He's talkin' about a woman, dummy.
Oh, okay. All right, player.
Congratulations, man, what's her name?
It's Love.
Well, obviously, it's love
if you're sayin' she's the one,
but what is her name?
No, no, David, David.
Her name is Love.
Remember the woman we met
with the friends?
The friends that absolutely hate you?
I do not recall this.
Don't you think it's just a little
too soon to be saying he's the one?
For me, really, Angela?
As long 'cause I've been waitin'
for a guy like this,
you need to be tellin' me to move faster.
Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.
So, what is he like?
What does he do in his spare time?
What charity does he support?
How's his credit?
Does he believe in marriage?
Can he cook, clean?
What's his favorite sports team?
Well, she doesn't know these things.
You didn't ask?
Way she walks,
way she talks,
way she smells...
The way that this man looked at me,
no other man has ever looked at me
like that.
And the way he kissed to me,
and the way he touched me...
I'm telling you, our bodies,
we were just so in sync...
She could be the next Mrs. Peterson, man.
Woah, woah, brotha, brotha, please.
Pump the brakes, already.
What about Alison?
Forgot about her, huh?
So, technically, she should be the two,
'cause Alison is the one.
You know. Look, brother.
I support you, whatever you do, man.
You happy, I'm happy.
Thank you, man.
But you gotta be honest with this woman,
Now, if you feel like
she's that important to you,
you got to tell her the truth.
It's the right thing to do.
I know. You're right.
I'mma tell her tonight.
Takin' her to the Cranberry Palace, man.
I'mma tell her everything.
You're right. If I wanna be with her,
I gotta be honest.
-My man.
-My man.
Tell the truth.
-Would you... be classy?
[David] That was classy.
Actually, to his credit, I hate to say it,
I hate it...
But that was actually kinda
one classy thing he did do.
Listen, I'm gonna go call Love, man.
Do somethin' with yourself.
All right, brotha.
-And leave him a tip, man.
-A good tip!
You're gonna take care of that.
We could put it on his tab.
You know what, Love?
I knew you had it in you.
Have what in me, Lance?
[all together] Girl, bitch, please!
Just the ability
to fall for someone, Love.
Thank you.
And you know what?
I mean, for the first time,
I really feel like...
I might be able to settle down, you guys.
See, all it took was Mr. Right.
Sure, you're right.
I mean, he could be Mr. Right,
it's just...
It's just so perfect.
You know, I'm... I'm so excited.
But you know,
I need Mr. Right, too, y'all.
I'm really startin' to feel
a little lonely.
Why don't you go ahead
to the "drain your pipes?"
[cell phone ringing]
-You for Love.
-[Lance] Hey, pretty girl, how are you?
I'm walkin' in this beautiful vineyard,
wonderin' why you're not walkin'
next to me.
Oh-- you're so crazy.
No, no, no, no. I just had to leave early
this mornin'.
I had an appointment with the girls,
I couldn't miss.
[Lance] I understand.
So, I was wonderin'
what you're doin' tonight?
I'm not doin' anythin'. Why, what's up?
Well, [laughs] I wanted to invite you
to the Cranberry Palace.
Maybe around 7:00?
[whispering] Yes.
Okay, um... sure.
[Lance] I got somethin'
I wanna talk to you about.
[Love] Why can't you 'fess it now?
No, it's not somethin' I could
tell you over the phone.
We have to talk about it face to face.
All right.
I'll be there at 6:55, waitin' on you.
-Well, it's a date.
-It's a date.
Oh, and Love...
wear somethin' sexy.
Okay, now you know I'm gonna wear
somethin' sexy.
Don't I always wear something sexy?
I love it.
All right, bye, baby.
All right, I'll see you later.
[all exclaiming]
What'd he say? What'd he say?
He wants to take me
to the Cranberry Palace
tonight for dinner at 7:00.
What did he say?
He said he had to ask me somethin'.
He didn't tell you nothin' else?
I told you, he said
he had to ask me somethin'.
Did he drop any hints?
He didn't drop any hints, he just--
-No hints?
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! What if he wants to marry me?
What if he asks me to marry him?
What-- No, seriously. What if he does?
I'm tellin' you, when I say
we hit it off... What?
When a guy asks you somewhere nice,
tells you to wear somethin' nice, Love,
it just means
that the occasion is special.
Now, exactly what it is...
I don't know, it could be
a range of many different things.
[both] Black girl magic.
[knocking at door]
[Love] Charity, could you get that for me?
-Thanks, babe.
Oh, it's probably gonna be Melanie.
Girl, can't wait.
Hey, girl, come on in.
[man screaming]
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Is the lovely Charity here?
Ah, yes.
A lovely flower for a lovely lady.
-Thank you. Okay.
-Just... let me...
All right.
Well, thank you so much.
And, you know, you're very nice,
and I love all of your niceties,
but, Hector, honestly,
you know, I'm really not into
the whole jalapeno, you know,
grape juice kinda thing.
And I really think you should just
figure out what your ethnicity is.
You got a lot going on.
I say, don't knock it till you try it.
Wait a minute.
Okay, what're you doin'?
There's a track, hold on.
I look away.
Uh, you have a fantastic day,
and I'm here for you, Charity.
Boy, bye.
Adios. Ew!
-Hey, girl.
This is the best I could do with
at such short notice.
Are you kiddin' me?
Did you buy the whole store?
You've got to be lit tonight,
so I brought options.
Yes, you did.
Girl can't wait to see this Mr. Right.
Is he that fine?
Uh, girl, to say he is fine
is an understatement, okay?
But it's not even about that,
it's about just how he makes me feel,
you know what I mean?
I know, I know.
I think he's perfect.
For you, that's a overstatement.
Now, I told you I'm goin' on a date,
I ain't goin' to Church.
Come on, give me a dress, girl.
I like it.
[all chattering]
Anythin' else I can get for you?
Probably, another one of these
in a minute. Hey, Boo-boo.
Sit down for a second.
Here, here. Have a drink on me.
-Thank you.
-Oh, yeah, That's just for you.
Go ahead, taste it.
Yeah. I'd love to see how you taste.
It usually works.
[all chatting indistinctly]
-Some wine, please?
No, no, no, baby, I got you.
This is for you, right here.
That's just for you.
What'd you think about
love at first sight? Huh?
How about sex on the first night?
No? Oh, wait, here, here.
You don't need that. Go, go.
-Wait a minute. Are those nipples, I see?
You know what, you don't wanna come across
too... you know...
Sexy, not slutty.
I didn't want to say that, but yeah...
You don't...
You know what, Melanie?
I think we need one more.
You're almost there.
Let's go.
[all] Ugh!
Come on, come on.
Oh, Bi-bi. Let me hollar at you.
Look at you, lookin' all fine.
Here, have some wine.
Oh, thank you.
-You like that? You like that?
You're gonna like what I give you
later in the room, too.
Oh, no. You are a jerk.
Really? Well, you'll get a jerk, too.
-Is this it?
It's sexy, and it's classy...
I like it.
[all] Bitch, please!
Thank you, Mel.
Mel, you did that.
I know.
I feel special.
You is kind.
You is considerate.
And I is hot!
[mutters indistinctly]
So, I said to him, "This is a tacos,
burritos conversation.
All right, nachos."
I told you, it was stupid, but...
It just didn't work.
I understand.
You know, Hector, I just...
I just keep goin' back and forth,
I'm just struggling.
It's-- I put a lot of years
into my marriage,
I just wanna know why did he cheat?
You know, was it me?
Oh, no. No, no. Senorita, no.
It's-- It's sometimes a man cannot see
the beauty that is in front of him,
until it's gone.
So, what's the story with you, Hector?
I mean, you're clearly not Mexican,
or from Mexico,
or Cuban, or Spanish...
Well, I was born here in the States.
Adopted into a family, we moved down
to Mexico City.
That's where-- That's where I grew up.
-Yeah, they still live there now.
Brothers and sisters, lots of...
running around.
See, as a kid, they called me Hector,
because they cannot pronounce Jeffrey.
They kept saying, "Jeffrey.
Come here, Jeffrey."
Hector was easier.
-We get together for the holidays,
I go down there to Mexico City,
you should... you should come.
Maybe I will.
-So, do you have any kids?
-No, no, no. No kids.
-You ever been married?
-Never married, I promise.
-Are you married?
-I am not married, I will let you know.
But perhaps, you are my, uh,
Ballerina Africana.
What does that mean?
you are my beautiful African queen.
Now you got me blushing.
Well, you see, in Mexico,
you see something that you like,
you make it known.
[Sam] Man, I think Lance is in
a tight spot, brother.
I mean, what's he gonna do
about his wife?
Lance is a player, all right?
All them little side chicks he got
that his wife don't know about.
This Love chick ain't nothing but another
one that's gonna be added to the list.
I don't know, man,
he seemed pretty serious about her.
Bro, please.
Lance isn't leavin' his wife, bro.
She got him locked down.
G-string drawers on right now.
You know what I'm talking about?
Suitors ain't nothing but to get
away from the wife-trip again, all right?
So when we get done this weekend,
it's gonna be back to business as usual.
Trust me.
[clears throat]
-You know what, excuse me.
For a second.
I just have to go to the restroom.
Sure, yes, yes, yes. You go run,
but not too fast.
All right.
It all came together, girl, didn't it?
-You look beautiful.
-Thank you, sis. What's up?
You know what? Never mind.
I just came by to tell you
to have fun tonight.
You know I am.
I'm so happy for you, Love,
you deserve this.
No, thank you.
You came all the way out here
to hook your sister up.
You're my girl.
And we got what?
Black girl magic!
Cinderella is out.
-Bye, baby.
-Bye, baby.
Hey, this one's on me.
-On the house?
-You've had a rough night.
[Sam] Now we're talkin',
now we're talkin'.
-Hello, my dear.
Can you give me a shot of, um...
You know what? I don't even care.
Give me a shot.
-One of those nights, huh?
-Ooh, baby.
The night is young, cheers to that.
Yeah, cheers to that. Come on, now.
Didn't I meet you earlier?
Yes, we did, yeah.
-Linda, nice to see you again.
Nice to see you again, right?
Oh, my! What happened to you?
Oh, my!
Oh, just, you know,
a little misunderstanding.
Ten, eleven, twelve times in a row.
Oh, really?
A misunderstanding? Wow!
Oh, yeah, that's good. Yeah, please.
Is that what they do?
Another one, please, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Can I sit closer if you don't mind?
No, you know, I'm not gonna throw
anythin' at you.
Oh, I appreciate that, I appreciate that.
My face is drunk enough,
that's what I'm sayin'.
It is a nice face.
It really is a nice face.
Oh, thank you.
But-- Okay, so... So, answer me this.
Somebody as fine as you,
what are you doin' at a single's spot?
Thank you, I appreciate that.
-You really wanna know?
-I really, really wanna know.
Okay, well, uh...
I was engaged, and I found him cheating.
And it was just a low, stinky blow,
because he didn't think he was gonna
get caught.
And so, yeah, it just wasn't--
Oh, yeah, enough of that.
Another drink, please, two more.
-Two more it is.
-Let me finish this one.
Oh, yeah.
That hit the spot.
Hit the spot, wow!
You know, what do you say we get out
of here, get some fresh air?
That sounds like a good old plan.
-That's what I'm talkin' about.
-Thank you.
Wait, wait, let me get my holler first.
-After you.
-A gentleman, thank you very much.
You look incredible.
-You don't look too bad, yourself.
-Thank you.
Sit down.
You look absolutely beautiful.
Thank you.
Before we get started,
there's somethin'
that I've been meanin' to tell you.
I just got here.
Whatever it is, can it wait?
I wanna enjoy every moment.
Let's get you some wine, then.
Thank you.
-Foster's finest.
-Oh, yeah.
Lance's finest.
What are we gonna do?
I'm sayin', we find her,
and make her ass disappear.
Y'all know I got people.
Okay, that's very dramatic.
Okay, we need to think of somethin'
First to tell our friend who we love
that the man she loves has a wife.
How could she not see this comin'?
Well, I mean, technically,
she never asked about his life.
And apparently, you can hide
a wife these days.
Listen, guys, we need to calm down
and think of a solution.
[Melanie] We should let her
find out on her own.
What're you talkin' about?
Then she can just boy-bye him,
like all the others.
Y'all know Love can't last longer
than a week with a man.
Oh, Melanie, this is different.
You know, she loves this guy.
Y'all know this.
You see it in her eyes,
you know she's into him.
That's-- That's not gonna work.
Look, I know people
who can track down anyone.
Why don't we set it up where his wife
gets a tip where her husband is?
She finds out, Love dumps this low-life,
then we're all witnesses, and you don't
have to be the bad-news bearer, Charity.
Melanie, that has got to be the most
ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Not to mention, she will never forgive
any of you. All right?
Now, Charity, this is what
you're gonna do.
You're gonna sit her down
and you're gonna tell her,
you're gonna shut it down tonight.
No, Angela.
I'm thinkin' that Melanie's idea
just might be genius.
Boom! Thank you.
Someone's with me.
Yeah, I don't know, y'all.
I don't know what to do.
Trust me when I tell you,
I saw this before...
on a reality TV show once.
And it will work.
Okay, this is not
a reality TV show, Melanie, okay?
Think about what you're sayin',
this is somebody's real life.
Yeah, really, let's get serious,
because let me tell you this.
I can only advise you guys
to do whatever you think is right,
but I will tell you this.
If it doesn't work,
not only will we see our friend hurt,
we can all be responsible
for doing the hurting.
Now we don't want to do that now, do we?
I say we go with Melanie's plan.
Now, Charity, we are in this way too deep
to turn back now.
I'm going on the record letting you know
that I think it is a bad idea, guys.
It's a bad idea.
Well, good for you and your records.
Charity, you in or out?
Come on.
-I gotta make the call.
Just make the call.
-Really, Charity?
-Angela, not now.
-Yeah, please, not now, Angela.
It's gonna work.
-It's gonna work.
[both laughing]
It's true.
You are so silly.
You know, we've been havin' so much fun,
I didn't even ask you
if you like the property.
Are you kiddin' me?
This place is amazin'.
Do you think your clients will like it?
You know, we're gonna have a deal,
or what?
I'm telling you, they would be insane
if they didn't buy it.
All right.
Lance, I consider it sold.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Cheers to that.
So, Love...
Yes, Lance.
You wanna dance?
I thought you'd never ask.
Come on, dear, dance with me.
Shall I?
I shall.
Ooh, look at you.
I think I'm fallin' in love with you.
[door opens]
-Where that bitch at?
-Where she at, Lance?
-How'd you get in here?
I have a key, I am your wife.
Your wife?
Yes, I am his wife.
Just ask your assistant, Melanie.
-You're married?
-Love, listen, baby.
Are you married?
Are you married!
It's not what you think.
-I trusted you.
-Yeah, so did I.
Alison, stay out of this.
He didn't tell you that he has a wife?
-Don't touch me.
-I tried to tell you.
You didn't try hard enough.
I wanted to tell you.
I trusted you.
-You made me fall in love with you.
-I'm sorry.
I think that went well.
[knocking at door]
What do you all want?
Listen, Love, I know you probably
don't wanna talk to us or see us,
but, honey,
we really did do it for you.
Did what for me?
What? Allow me to be embarrassed
in front of that man's wife?
That's what you did for me?
Love, we are so sorry.
-Yeah, we are.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
Well, how is "sorry"
gonna fix any of this?
It's not Beverly's fault
and it wasn't Melanie's fault.
I mean, if there's anyone
to blame, it's me.
I'm the one who had
the information and I...
I just chose not to tell you.
You know what?
I'm gonna let you two talk.
Love, just let me... let me just
talk to you for a second, please.
'Cause I know what you're going through
and you know I know
what you're going through. Love, please.
Just let me explain myself.
[whispers] Talk...
I'm sorry.
I know exactly how you feel.
Really? Really?
Of course I do.
You know how I feel, Charity?
You know what it feels like to...
really think that true love doesn't exist?
And then all of a sudden,
somebody comes along,
changes my mind.
Only to remind you that, what?
I'm sorry.
[sniffles] Only for you to realize
that loving ain't nothing
but a bunch of lies and BS.
So that's what you feel?
You know, I'm gonna thank you
for letting me feel that. Thank you!
-Love, listen.
It's not that I want you to feel that.
It's just that you had already gone in
and it doesn't matter
how you found out, Love.
You were so deep in,
there was no way for us to catch you.
You were falling all the way.
I mean, yes, you fell for a liar
and a cheater and a manipulator.
I mean, sounds familiar? You know I know,
I've just spent 20 years. I understand!
And he ain't thinking about you!
[inhales] Okay, look, we both
fell for the same man.
Okay, for the wrong man. I get it.
I get it. But the difference is
I was there for you.
I stood with you! I was by you!
You let those tables turn.
I would have never
let you play yourself like that
and you know that. I had your back.
I'm so sorry, Love.
-I know and I--
-I don't wanna hear it.
Please let me just tell you it wasn't
that I didn't want to, Love.
It's just that I didn't know what to do.
You've always been the strong one.
So... so tough and so strong.
You know what to do.
I didn't know it was like watching
Superman just bleed for the first time.
-Nobody knows what to do.
-It is--
-I don't always know what to do.
-I don't!
-You seem like you do.
But I don't.
I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me.
have each other's back.
You didn't have my back.
[Charity inhales deeply]
I just need some time.
Please, just give me another chance.
Just... no.
[Charity cries] I'm so sorry.
[continues crying]
[sentimental music playing]
[phone ringing]
[clicks tongue]
[phone ringing]
This is Lance.
Yeah, no, just...
cancel that meeting. Just...
Schedule it for later in the month.
[hangs up phone]
Miss Love.
Your two o'clock call is on line three.
Can you push it to 4:00, please?
Okay. Uh, what did you want me to do
about the Donald Home property
meeting at 4:00?
Just, um...
tell them I'll call them tomorrow.
[exhales] Right. But today
is the last day to sign.
You know what, Eva,
if they don't wanna sign today,
then that's just gonna be on them.
Okay, boss.
[exhales] I'm sorry. I'm just, uh,
I'm not feeling today.
I'm gonna head out early. All right?
[exhales deeply]
[David] Man, this is just depressing, man.
You are our hero. Look at you.
And you need to lock your side gate, man.
'Cause if, you know, this didn't work.
We came right... oh!
Oh, damn! Man, what is that smell?
When was the last time
you took your trash out, bro?
[David] When was the last time
you washed your ass?
I should have just told her, man.
Wait, wait, wait. I thought
that was the plan, Lance.
You said you were gonna
tell her that night. What happened?
I tried, man.
I just... I couldn't find the words.
I mean, I was gonna
tell her before dinner.
Then she said, "Let's enjoy the moment."
Look, Lance, you can't
be sitting up in here,
beating yourself up about it,
all right? Why don't your just
try and give her a call or something?
She won't answer any of my calls.
[David] You know what I do
when a girl doesn't answer my calls?
I show up at her house, knock on the door.
Really? And how does that
work out for you, D?
I used to get tased. Lot of pepper spray.
I'm starting to get the feeling
back on my left nostril.
[sniffs] I can smell again.
Look, Lance, if she's
really that important to you,
you gotta do whatever
it takes to get her back.
Like, anything.
But wait. What about Alison?
Alison. I was filing for divorce
from Alison before I even met Love.
I miss her, man.
Okay, well, on that note, my brother,
laying up in here being depressed,
feeling sorry for yourself
ain't gonna help anybody.
So what I need you to do
is first and foremost,
clean this crap up off of your bed.
I need you to shower,
shave, fix yourself up.
Get back to work.
And if it's meant to be
with Love, it'll be.
All right? Now come on, come on. Let's go.
All right? Let's get your butt up.
Come on.
Whoo. Oh, God, Lee. Jesus, man!
[David] Get the lighter fluid.
Oh, Lord.
[phone ringing]
[R&B music playing]
Life is amazing
Sometimes it gets crazy, yeah
I don't be feeling too lucky, man
Gotta say fuck me
This isn't really worth my time and
I don't really give a damn
Half the time
No worse, no worse
I don't want no
Motherfucking worse no more
That's how you gotta be
When you a star
Got to leave them problems
Where they are
'Cause I ain't got the time, man
Tryin' to make it to the top, man
And you goin' through the world
Gotta tell the world
Man, tell the world
Nothing's gonna bring me down
Gonna bring me down
I said I ain't gonna let it, man
Livin' better, man
You can't change
You are not going away
Gotta tell the world
Ah, man
Tell the world
Nothing's gonna bring me down
Nothing's gonna bring me down
Should be popping on me
Feelin' like
I got the wrong man
And I got nothing to do
Nothing to do
So I'mma give it to you
This point it's outta my hand
And I ain't even really
Trying to understand
No worse, no worse
I don't want no
Motherfucking worse no more
That's how you gotta be
When you a star
Gotta leave them problems
Where they are
'Cause I ain't got the time, man
Tryin' to make it to the top, man
Goin' through the world
Gonna tell the world
Fuck it, man, tell the world
[phone vibrating]
Nothing's gonna bring me down
Nothing's gonna bring me down
[Love] And now we're back
to where we started.
I'm a pathetic woman, scorned.
A woman who never
believed in love, and now...
Now just look at me.
Just like all the women I tried to help.
I guess, in the end,
love really does
sneak up and bite you in the ass.
Just when you're not expecting it, though.
Oh, and as for Lance...
I never wanna see that man's face again.
Have you spoken to him since, Love?
He called.
He texts, he called again...
I ignored him, and...
eventually, he just stopped calling.
Did you at least give him
a chance to explain himself?
Explain what?
Angela, he was married, okay?
He lied to me. He tricked me.
He betrayed me.
And then to make things worse, you...
You and my girls,
y'all were supposed to have my back.
And y'all betrayed me, too.
At you own retreat.
It's crazy.
Can I be honest with you, Veronica?
The girls thought
they were looking out for you.
And although it may have been
the worst idea,
and I told them it was stupid,
they love you.
And they thought
they were doing what was right.
But I know you, Love.
Until you forgive everyone,
you will not get past this hurdle.
[R&B music playing]
And, baby, this love
Knows all about your body
It's the perfect kind
Of love...
I miss you guys.
-We miss you, too.
-We miss you so much.
And I'm so sorry I overreacted.
No, no, no, I'm sorry. I mean,
I should have been a better friend.
I should have told you
the moment I knew.
-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay.
And I'm sorry that...
-that Charity made me do it.
[laughs] I'm just playing, girls.
Oh, God, I miss you guys!
Look at your hair!
It is everything.
I had to cut it.
[together] Puhleez!
Go on, then.
Come on in the kitchen.
[excited chatter]
Y'all better be hungry.
-I am.
Hey, wait.
You and Hector?
Okay, that is crazy,
'cause I never saw that coming.
I know, right? So unexpected.
And then last week...
he asked me to marry him.
Get out!
I said yes.
-[Love screams]
Take it in. Look at that.
Feast your eyes upon the business...
The hotel business ain't so bad.
[all talk at once]
He got a little bit of money stashed.
He was waiting on his queen.
Oh, my God, but I've never had
no Mexican sausage.
Tell me about that chorizo.
[Charity] You know what, silly.
Okay, first of all, you know that
he was adopted into a Mexican family.
Honey, but that thing right there,
this whole little beef situation here,
the situation, situation...
That's 100% grade-A
African-American, girl. [squeals]
I tell you I worked that all out.
Girl, he ain't that.
In Spanish, I don't know whether to say...
Ebonics, or muy caliente.
Oh, crazy!
Okay, Bev,
what about you, girl?
You know what,
I'm not even gonna lie, Love.
Cam is one of the best things
that's ever happened to me.
-For real.
-That's so sweet.
-I love me some Cam.
I know. He love her, too.
That is so sweet.
I'm happy for my girls.
All right, Miss Love,
-what about you, huh?
You heard from Lance?
I had to tell him, "Boy, bye."
He's gone, child, please.
Why y'all getting so quiet?
Okay, girl, now see,
this is what I wanna tell you.
I know that situation was
really difficult to deal with,
but you cannot deny
what you guys had was special.
I saw the way he looked at you, Love.
And I saw the way you looked at him.
Girl, sometimes we get into these
marriages and we... you know, it's just...
we went in with the wrong people.
And sometimes, we meet the right person
at the wrong time.
[Charity] Exactly. That's the truth.
Beverly, what are you trying to say?
What I'm trying to say
is that you can fight it,
but when it's meant to be,
it's gonna happen.
I mean, hell, who would've ever thought
that Charity and Hector
was gonna end up together?
-I'm just saying it.
Okay, get off of me, all right,
'cause I'm trying to heal.
We saw it already.
Now you're just bragging.
No, Lance, that's done, honey.
You're just putting salt
on the wound, girl. That's over.
Well, in time, we'll see.
Until then, let's toast to
letting love happen.
-Ooh, I like that, Charity.
That should be the name of a book.
"Letting love happen."
-I like that.
Miss Love, guess what?
I got the first copies of your new book!
Yes, you did!
Oh, my God.
I cannot wait for people to read this one.
Congratulations, boss.
Thank you, baby.
We still on for tonight?
Since I got my job back?
Girl, hey, you know
we on for tonight!
[Love] Y'all remember Melanie?
Well, after all the smoke cleared,
I realized she was only
looking out for me.
So we talked, we made up,
and now, she's my new partner.
But she don't know it yet.
That girl almost as bad as me, okay?
We going shopping this weekend,
because every girl needs
their shopping time.
Oh, and Beverly and Charity?
Well, they're here, because I wanted them
to be the first to hear the news
when I broke it.
Okay, what is this big news
that's so top secret?
[Charity] That brought us
all the way down here?
I mean, all the way,
'cause, girl, I was having happy hour
with my love, Hector, at Javier's.
-I was kinda busy.
Well, darlings, listen.
You know y'all my girls, right?
[Charity] Yes.
I wanted you to be the first to know
that I'm going public with the company.
[excited squealing]
-Thank you.
-Oh, my God, that's so emotional.
And, Mel,
you have been there since the beginning.
Rather die, do or die, whatever,
you'd have my back.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you.
Girl, you know I love my job.
And you know what, you're gonna
love your job even more when you become...
Oh, my God!
It's so exciting!
I got your back, girl.
Madam President, hello.
You deserve that, Mel.
-So where are we gonna celebrate?
Okay, okay, you know what,
I'm gonna make the announcement
this afternoon,
so why don't we just turn up tonight?
[excited chatter]
Letting love happen.
You are awesome!
This is the moment.
This is our moment.
Yes, yes, yes.
[together] Black girl magic.
So proud of you.
You deserve this, Mel.
I love you. [kisses]
Absolutely. Prayer's always what I do.
That's right.
Hey, everybody.
Hey, guys.
What are you doing here?
I came to apologize.
I just wanted to say my piece.
I was going through a really tough time
when I met you.
I had some personal issues
that I drug you into selfishly,
'cause I didn't think that
I was gonna fall for you.
But I did.
And from the moment I did, I didn't...
I didn't know how to tell you.
Now, you may never speak to me again...
but I had to come and tell you how I feel.
I appreciate that.
I mean, you came a little late,
but I guess...
it's better late than never.
I didn't mean to...
I didn't mean to hurt you, Love.
But you lied to me.
You made me fall in love with you,
masqueraded around like you were that guy,
made me trust you...
and you were married.
Really, Lance?
I wanted to tell you that night
at the Cranberry Palace,
when we were having dinner.
Our marriage had been over for months.
I guess I was holding on,
because my father told me to fight
for the things I believe in.
But I couldn't fight any more.
And when I met you,
it all made sense.
I married the wrong woman.
I wanna give you something.
What's this?
They're my divorce papers.
It's final.
I'm a single man now.
And I would love to
do this with you the right way.
-[girls gasp]
-[Charity] Oh, my goodness.
[whispering excitedly]
Okay, I can't. Really, please.
Okay? Chill.
Will you date me?
No, I can't date you, Lance.
You hurt me,
you teased me,
you tricked me, you lied to me,
and you're gonna come up in here
and you gonna just sashay
like nothing ever happened?
I won't date you.
Boy, bye.
I'm just playin'.
[all laughing]
I was just... Oh, my God.
[Love] And that's how my story ends.
A very happy ending,
if you ask me.
Who knows where our relationship
will go from here.
But I will tell you,
that this is a good start of
letting love happen.
Who knows, I just might marry him.
[R&B music playing]
Long time I let you down easy
Don't even care
What you are for me
Boy, bye
Boy, bye
Got no chance
So you should just let it go
Got no chance
So don't give me ego
Boy, bye
Boy, bye
You always asking me
Come over
But you always get the same answer
I can't even blame you for trying
But you say the same answer
Oh, no, no, no, no
I don't want you now
Oh, no hard feelings
But you should go
Oh, get your step
Oh, belong, you lads
Long time I let you down easy
Don't really care
What you want from me
Boy, bye
Boy, bye
Got no chance
So you should just let it go
Got no chance
So don't give me ego
Boy, bye
Boy, bye
Don't know why you're even
Running from me
Just trying to make you
My shawty
Just wanna tell you that
You're beautiful, yeah, yeah
I really wanna get nasty...