Boy in the Walls (2023) Movie Script

-Just a reminder, don't panic.
The contractors are
coming next month,
The electrical's
all been hooked up,
All it needs now
is a little paint.
-A lot of paint.
Fine, a lot of paint.
But we'll get there soon enough
And before you know
it you won't be able
To imagine living anywhere else.
Let's go check
out the yard. Huh?
- Yeah.
- Okay, buddy.
-It's way bigger than it
looks in the pictures.
-And way uglier.
-Well guys, this is
going to be great.
I mean, look at the
bones. Good bones.
-Alisa, you do realize good
bones is what everyone says
When they've bought some money
pit in the middle of nowhere.
-We're only 45 minutes
from the city, maya.
Your friends can come visit
anytime, stay overnight...
-Oh sure, dad.
My friends will
definitely come visit us
In our mildewed escape room.
-Hey. Maya. Come
back and help unload.
-It's okay. It's fine.
-We can play soccer
out back. Huh, dad?
When you're back
from your trips.
-Sure thing, bug.
-And I can play with you too,
theo, when your dad's away.
I've got a wicked left foot.
-My mom was a
forward in college.
She almost made nationals.
-You'd tell me not to
take it personally.
-It's harder when
you can't put it down
To standard teenage angst.
excuse us.
- Oh...
- coming through.
oh. Oh, wow.
She wasn't keeping up with
the maintenance, was she?
-A house like this
is a lot of work
For an old woman living alone.
-Yeah, living alone
and dying alone.
-The agent said she
died peacefully in bed.
You're not suddenly
bothered by that, are you?
-Oh, no. God, no.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, I always dreamed
of a house like this.
Noise, lots of laughter, kids
running down the hallway.
It was, you know, only ever
just me and grandmother.
I always pictured a big
house and a big messy family.
-Well, you sure
got the messy part
When you ended up with
a widower with two kids.
Risky swipe.
-Well, you used a
very sexy photo.
And your kids were
in the plus column.
More family, more love.
-It's an amazing woman that
says let's have even more kids
And move to the country
on our second date.
Well, I mean, we
were standing next to
An overflowing garbage bin.
It seemed like a life
change was in order.
-I was gonna say we were on a
romantic stroll under the stars.
-Hmm, you'd had three
glasses of wine.
-I remember how
stunning you looked.
-Well, obviously you
weren't that drunk.
-Ooops, sorry.
-Yeah, that's okay. Big
messy family, right?
You asked for it.
-She was mom's.
Her name is pearl.
Mom cut her hair. She
was such a badass.
-I don't have anything of hers.
-That's why we'll always keep
her things around us. Okay?
She'll always be with us.
Even in this crappy place.
-And all the rest of these you
can just put in the basement.
-What are you doing
with mom's stuff?
You wanna stick her
in the basement?
-Maya, no. No,
no. Of course not.
I'm just trying to clear some
space and get rid of some junk.
-Junk. Right.
What else would you
like to clear out, hmm?
How about me and theo?
Maybe get some new kids?
-What? Maya. No. Let's, um...
Let's reset...
-I heard you and dad
talking about it.
Oh, get a house this big
And you just have to
fill it with babies.
-Hey, maya. Enough.
Take it down a notch.
-Bloodwork is clear. Hormone
levels are promising.
okay. Some
good news for once.
-Try not to get discouraged.
-People say that but why
isn't it happening for us yet?
-The fertility journey
can be difficult
But there's no medical reason
That you can't have
a healthy pregnancy.
A geriatric pregnancy.
I hate that phrase.
-Me too. But how
are you feeling?
-Um... A little
overwhelmed to be honest.
-Well, the hormones that you're
taking can be destabilizing.
This whole process
is a huge stressor
So do everything you can
to reduce that stress.
Lots of rest, exercise.
That's what it takes to
stimulate egg growth.
-One, two, three.
Okay. Here you go, hon.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
You're welcome.
- Okay.
- How'd it go?
-Oh, you know. Ouch.
But I have to learn how to
do it without you, so...
You sure you're not
overcompensating a little?
Drink coffee.
Be silent.
-I admit, the house
is kind of cool.
Unfortunately it comes with
a step-monster included.
-At least yours isn't, like,
five years older than you.
She spends all day auditioning
to be my new best friend.
-That's my job.
-Trust me, you
don't have to worry.
-Oh, god.
It's only been a week and
I already miss you so much.
-Me too. Your room is
unbelievable! Huge!
Give me the tour.
-Okay. There are
some nice touches.
I've already started
on my collage wall.
-And I can finally lock my door.
-Aw, lucky.
-And check out this closet.
It's huge!
-It's the size of a new
york studio apartment.
God, theo. Such a sneak.
-Dad said you had to
get downstairs pronto
To catch the bus for school.
-Oh my god. You're
taking a bus?
-Shut up. I'll
talk to you later.
-Okay, bye.
-Oh, don't be such
a creeper. Come on.
-Oh, oh.
Um... Hi. I made a smoothie
with that fruit you like.
Uh... Acai.
-However you pronounce it,
It's pretty nice that alisa
made you a smoothie, isn't it?
-Don't really have
time to drink it.
I have to catch the bus.
-What you mean is thanks
for thinking of me, alisa.
-Okay, fine. Thanks.
-Have a good day.
Try to stay warm.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-Nothing, nothing.
You just get cold
in that outfit.
-Oh, my god.
Are you shaming me
for showing my body?
- No!
- You are!
-No, no. I'm, I'm,
I'm, I'm... No.
Very progressive.
Very feminist.
Oh, great.
No, I'll get it. I'll
get it. I'll get it.
- Can I help?
- Un-huh, uh-huh.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, let's go theo.
You're gonna be late.
Bye, honey. Have a good day.
-Bye theo.
-Hey! So, how's the new life?
-It's good, it's hectic.
I'm out for a run.
-In the countryside? Scary.
-Oh, it's not that remote, shey.
-When can I come out there so
we can drown those anxieties
In a bathtub full of negronis?
-Well, uh, soon.
But I'm sort of hoping mine
will just be herbal tea.
Oh, that's great!
Fingers crossed.
And listen, for you I will
come out there and drink tea.
I might have to
spike mine though.
-Of course you will.
I think I heard something.
-A sasquatch?
No, not a sasquatch!
Listen, um, I'm gonna run
but I will talk to you soon
About coming out for a visit
in a couple days. Okay?
-Okay. I'll be waiting.
Love you, have a good run.
-Thank you, hon.
Love you too. Bye!
When are you due?
- Just a couple more weeks.
- Oh, not long to go...
-Are we all set? Do
you need anything...?
cute town.
-I know, right?
Listen. I think we have
to delay the contractors.
The money just isn't there.
No big purchases for a while.
-Okay. I just saw a
really nice crib though.
-Oh, remember we
have theo's old crib.
-Of course, yeah. I... It's
just that, that, that's...
That's yours and rachel's.
Is it weird that sometimes
I'm just a bit jealous of her?
-Jealous of a dead woman?
-I know. I know,
it's ridiculous.
-Come on, hon. Hey.
Rachel's always gonna
be a part of our story
But you're not some
consolation prize.
You know that, right?
You know I love you.
-It's just that if she
hadn't gotten cancer...
-Then we never would've met
and I hate that thought.
-But she did.
It was awful.
But then you and I
found each other.
I got struck by lightning
twice in one lifetime.
How lucky am I?
-Pretty lucky I'd say.
You know, we should probably
replace this mirror but...
I kinda like it. I
think it has history.
Uh... This sink on the
other hand has got to go.
-What happened?
-Oh, nothing, just
burned my finger.
-What do you think?
-Very romantic. Are you okay?
-Why don't you
take a look at it?
-Okay, don't mind if I do.
Oh, I don't know. I think
you're gonna make it.
Thank you, so sweet.
There is one good thing about
this new school, actually.
Ugh. Alisa and my
dad are so gross.
They can't keep their
hands off each other.
Alisa is obsessed
with getting pregnant.
-They're newlyweds. They
gotta do the business.
-It feels like we're
her practice family.
Oh, I made you a smoothie.
Oh, borrow my sweater.
All stepmom 101.
-Okay. What's the one good
thing about the new school?
-There's this boy.
He's kind of different.
-Different how?
-I don't know, he's
a little moody.
Kind of dark, smart
though. I like him.
-Okay. Tell me more.
-Chloe, I'll call you back.
How could you do that to her?
What are you, some
kind of psycho?
-What? To who?
-Maya, calm down.
-I found pearl in
the garbage, dad.
She tried to throw her out.
-No, no. I would never.
-Maya, alisa wouldn't do that.
-Then who did?
Who else would throw
her in the garbage
'cause they really
didn't give a...
-I would never take
something precious to you
And throw it away, maya.
Maybe theo did it by mistake?
I mean, I read about this.
-Why would he throw out his
mom's most important possession?
-Well, sometimes
kids act in ways
That don't always make sense.
-What do you know about kids?
-What's... What's going on?
-Theo, um... Did, did
you throw maya's doll...
-Mom's doll.
-Theo honey, did
you, by mistake,
Throw the doll in the trash?
-Her name is pearl.
-Enough! Maya, you've
made your point.
-Alisa, no one's being
accused of anything.
-Aren't I?
No, you're right.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
-I don't understand.
I didn't do anything.
-It's okay, bug.
Nobody's upset with-
Oh, come on. Must
be the breaker.
-I'll go, I'll go
flip the switch.
-No, I got it.
Come on, theo. Back to bed.
Come on, you gotta use
those young eyes of yours
To guide us through the dark.
You know I can see
in the dark, right?
-I know you can.
I just hope you use
your powers for good.
-Wow. I am impressed.
-Thank you.
I told you I was
good with my hands.
-That I already knew.
Cheaper than a
contractor, right?
-Definitely better looking.
I still need to
put on the handles.
-I wish I could help but I gotta
close this deal in cleveland.
I will be back soon.
-No, it's fine. It's okay.
I'll just keep
going, I'm on a roll.
Where did you put
the, um, new hardware?
- It's in the basement.
- Okay.
-Watch the door, by
the way. It sticks.
And this suit. So...
-Maybe we should sneak
upstairs right now.
-Go! Go!
I gotta get this done and
you are gonna be late.
Love you.
-I love you.
-Boy, you weren't kidding
when you said sticky.
Of course, of course.
Here we go.
Oh, my god! Oh, my
god! Oh, my god!
Are you okay?
-I saw something
and I ran. I fell.
-Honey, what did you see?
-I was coming downstairs to
look for my baseball equipment.
I don't know where
anything is in this house!
-You poor thing. I'm so sorry.
Listen, um... Let's
go upstairs. Okay?
And get you cleaned up? I'm
sorry you hurt yourself.
We're just gonna get you
all patched up. Okay?
Alright. Let's go.
Okay, so... You know
what you're gonna do?
You are gonna think
of the rudest,
The worst word you know. Okay?
The one you would never,
ever, ever, ever say out loud.
Count to three and then
say that word into this.
-Yes, really.
I promise, you
won't feel a thing.
Okay. One, two, three.
-See? Done! Done!
-What do we do with the towel?
-We... We wash it in
very, very hot water.
Alright. Let me
get you a band-aid.
I think I saw one in the hall.
Wait here?
-I want a batman one.
Please let me have
a batman band-aid.
So... Most of our band-aids
are very boring and beige.
But... Ta-da!
-You found it!
I found it. I
told you we would find it.
My next question is...
Do you want me to go
get you some ice cream?
- Sure.
- Okay.
be right back.
Hey theo?
It's so weird, I don't...
I don't see the ice cream.
Maybe maya knows where it is.
In the meantime, just get
yourself some cookies.
May I help you?
-I'm here for maya.
-Do you have a name?
-Uh, yeah. Tell
me yours first.
I'm alisa. Maya's stepmother.
-I'm ethan, maya's friend.
How do you like it here?
My mom told me
someone died here.
Doesn't keep you up at night?
She was old, it's
nothing to gossip about.
-One person's gossip is
another person's tragedy.
-Let's go, ethan.
-Maya, where are you going?
-Did you arrange a
curfew with your dad?
You can't just be going
out 'till all hours.
-Have a good night.
-Nice to meet you, alisa.
-Alisa? I can't
find my cookies.
-Um... Okay, yeah.
Come, come, come.
-Oh, hey. What do you think?
One room down,
only 10 more to go.
Um... You... You
look a little pale.
-I think I'm sick. When's
my dad coming home?
-Oh, honey. Not
for a couple days.
What does he usually
do when you're sick?
-My mom used to make
lemon ginger tea.
-Okay, I can
handle that. Okay.
-I'll bring you
the tea, -thanks.
-Please let me
have ginger. Um...
Maya! The door's locked.
Maya! Open the door, please!
-Maya? Maya?
Are you okay?
-What happened?
-I think you had some sort
of, um... A fever dream.
You were thrashing
around and you...
You broke the teapot.
-I thought I saw my mom, but...
-Oh, honey.
-I don't know why.
It's all mixed up.
-I think with the,
um, cough medicine
And the fever you
just... It was too much.
Honey, where you going?
-I'm gonna sleep in
theo's room tonight.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah. I always used to sleep
on the floor next to his bed
When my mom was sick.
- Okay.
-Okay, theo.
Five minutes and
we gotta go. Okay?
Are... Are you going
to school today?
-Of course. I'm a
responsible citizen.
-Well, I... I didn't make you
breakfast 'cause I just thought
You'd still be feeling
under the weather.
I mean, especially
after last night.
Maya, you still
look a little pale.
I don't think your
dad would mind
If you took one
more day to recover.
-Well, I guess he doesn't get
a vote 'cause he's never here.
-Oh wait, hey.
Sorry. Listen,
um... Is this yours?
-Not mine.
-Are you sure?
I thought it might
be a gift from ethan.
-Ethan has better taste
than to give me that thing.
-If she doesn't want
it, can I have it?
-It's time to go.
-Here you go, ma'am. Enjoy.
-Your coffee.
-What are you doing here?
-Nice to see you
too, maya's stepmom.
Beautiful day, huh? I'm
fine, thanks for asking.
-Fair enough. How
are you, ethan?
-I'm good.
-Why aren't you in school?
-It's four o'clock.
It's done for today.
-Oh no. Oh no, I
forgot to go get theo.
Oh, oh, oh god.
Oh... Oh, thank you!
Thank you, thank you!
I'm so glad your teacher
was, like, really cool.
Oh wait! I got your
favorite ice cream.
This is good news, yeah?
-Ah. It's so loud.
I'm gonna go upstairs.
Maya, come on! It's not funny.
-Please! Make it stop.
-Don't worry. I'm
trying, I know!
See ya tomorrow.
-How was your trip?
-Closed with three clients
so I'd say pretty damn good.
I, uh... Have to go
back tomorrow though.
-Yeah. I just came
back for the night.
I missed you.
-The weirdest thing happened.
Theo and I came home
and there was music
Just blasting everywhere.
-With a teenager in the
house. Well, that's shocking.
-No. Maya wasn't
home. Nobody was home.
-Sounds like a prank.
He's sleepwalking again.
Don't startle him.
Hey sweetie. Wake up.
You're sleepwalking.
You need to wake up.
-Daddy, I had a bad dream.
-It's okay, you're
safe. We're both here.
Time to go back to bed now.
-Let me take him.
-I'm the best! I'm the
bestest! And he scores...
-Six times unlucky.
-Hey bestie. Sent
up the bat signal.
-Oh! Thank you, thank
you, thank you for coming.
-Oh, hon. I'm so sorry. But
there's lots of time still.
Try again next month. I mean,
trying's the fun part. Right?
-Well, that's what they tell me.
Come. See my haunted house.
-Um... Are you kidding?
This place is so
gorgeous already.
-Oh... Thank you.
But you know, with the
contractors and everything,
It's just been impossible.
-What about hot hubby?
Can't he just whip
out his tools?
-He is away on a business trip,
He comes back tomorrow.
-Huh. And the
unfriendly offspring?
-Well, theo is at a
sleepover and maya is...
God only knows where.
-Perfect! We can trash
talk all night long.
I'll go get the glasses.
-But you knew an old lady died
here when you bought the place.
-Shey, she was 42 years old.
She wasn't some old lady!
-Okay. So, a middle-aged,
youthful woman died here.
I mean, this house is,
what? A hundred years old?
I'm sure a lot of
people have died here.
-I mean, but... A suicide?
That's not exactly peaceful.
And there's a presence
in this house.
Things go missing
And maya thought she
saw a woman in her room.
-Okay. So, here's the thing.
We don't believe in ghosts
because we are smart,
Science forward,
21st century women.
-I'm not saying ghosts.
-But this house is old. Why
shouldn't it be haunted?
Who are you to disturb them?
You know what?
You're the intruder.
You know who
would've loved this?
- Sixteen year old us.
- Oh, yeah.
oh my god!
Do you remember that
ancient ouija board
That we brought home
from the flea market?
-Because you wanted to
contact your dead cat.
mr. Cuddles!
-Oh, mr. Cuddles!
I loved that cat.
-Aww. Mr. Cuddles.
Rip mr. Cuddles.
-Rip mr. Cuddles.
Okay, you know what?
We have to make the
most of this place
Before the walls come out
and the pot lights go in.
Do you remember that
other game? What was it?
The other game, where
we... The mirror?
bloody mary!
-Yes! Oh my god,
we have to do it.
Which bathroom?
It's five minutes to
midnight. This is perfect.
We... We gotta go.
We gotta do it.
We're gonna bloody mary
it up in the bathroom.
Let's go!
-I'm going upstairs.
-Wait, wait, wait. What?
-Let's see if the lady
of the house is here.
Do you remember the rules?
-Uh... No, not really.
And what if she is here?
-Then you have to make
peace with her, lis.
Do it. Okay? But you
have to do it alone.
-Because I might scare her
and I also forgot the wine,
So... Start without
me. I'll be right back.
Say hi!
-Bloody mary, bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody mary.
Bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody mary.
Bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody
mary. Bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody
mary. Bloody mary.
Bloody mary. Bloody mary.
bloody mary.
Shey. Shey.
Shey, this isn't
funny. Open the door.
Shey, the door is locked!
Let me out, it's not funny!
Shey! Shey!
-Bloody mary.
-What's going on? Did
it... Did it work?
-Wow. Drunk much?
-Err... We were just...
-I really don't care what counts
for a fun night with old people.
-What the hell?
Maya. We need to talk.
Because your idea of a joke
is actually really nasty.
-I don't know what
you're talking about.
-Oh, come on, maya.
The website that you
left open for me?
I would never drink
if I was pregnant.
Making me feel guilty, why would
you do something like that?
-I could say the same thing.
-What happened here?
-You tell me.
-You honestly think I would
do something like that?
- I'm back!
- Where is everybody?
-I'm gonna see ethan.
-Hey my two girls.
What's going on?
-Ask her!
-Hey wait, maya.
-Just let her go.
She's... Just so angry.
-What the hell?
This is rachel's.
Who would do this?
-Well, it's not
something theo could do.
I certainly didn't do it.
Maybe maya herself?
-Why in god's name
Would she deface her own
mother's doll, alisa?
-I don't know.
To drive a wedge between us
Because she's not
in a good place?
She doesn't want
to be here, chris.
She doesn't want me to be here
And I'm stuck dealing
with it on my own.
-Hey, hey. I know
it's been hard.
Alright? I get it.
But it won't be like
this for long, I promise.
Hey. We're gonna make
a good life here.
-Rachel's doll isn't
the only strange thing.
There is something wrong
with this house, chris.
Remember when I told
you about the music?
Well, that wasn't
the only thing.
There have been
other strange things.
Missing objects
and... And noises.
-Lis, it's a creaky old house.
-Yeah, but I have a
really bad feeling.
Like a... Like
an odd sensation.
-Lis, please. Okay?
I... I just got back.
Please, okay?
Give me a minute.
I'll go pick up theo.
-I was gonna...
-I'll do it.
-Alisa, are you still in there?
-New day. Can we
get a do over?
-I may be open to it.
-Made you coffee.
-Smart man.
-Do you want me to do that?
-Oh, no. I'm an expert now.
Check it out.
-Oh, chris. This is the month.
The month that
everything gets better.
We're going to get
pregnant. I can feel it.
We're down three water bottles
already and it's only October.
-Theo? Can you look in the
lunchroom for your water bottle?
Please, kiddo?
Hi maya.
Bye maya.
Huh. So I'm guessing
that's the new boyfriend.
-Yeah. Straight out
of central casting.
Bad boy in a bad car.
-Oh! Hey, stepmom. Chill.
-What in the hell are
you doing down here?!
How did you even get in here?!
Maya... These
aren't play clothes.
-Are you spying on me?
Oh my god, you're
worse than theo.
-You know what maya? I
can't fight with you today.
But if I were you, I would
take off those clothes
And get in the shower.
They've been in there for
god only knows how long.
-And he needs to go, now!
-I told you, she's crazy.
-Listen to me.
What I'm talking about
is the opposite of dead.
Something feels... Alive.
Okay? I... I can't explain it.
And I know I'm not
making any sense.
-Lis, I gotta ask. Are
you getting any sleep?
-You know I haven't.
-You're worn out.
You're suddenly a mom.
All those hormones
you're taking.
You're under a lot of pressure.
-There's something
going on here, shey.
And it's really starting
to mess with me.
-A therapist could be helpful.
-It's not me! It's
this bloody house!
-Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
-You know what? I just...
Never mind, I gotta go. Bye.
-I'm done.
Please just stop!
Just leave us alone!
This is all of our stuff.
Theo, honey? Are you alright?
-I think I had
another bad dream.
It's okay, you're
okay. I'm here.
Okay? Come on, let's
go back to bed.
-Okay. Another test.
Here we go.
Please be positive.
alisa, where
is theo's lunch?
-Theo? Got your lunchbox.
-Have a good day.
Okay, um...
Ugh. You gotta be kidding me?
things are
disappearing from the house
And I found theo's missing
water bottles in the woods.
Chris, you are not
listening to me.
-I am. You were in the woods.
You found a bunch of
garbage the kids hid.
-Yes, and they both denied it.
Weren't you just telling me
Theo's lost several water
bottles already this year?
Come on, babe. Remember
when you were that age?
It's just deny, deny, deny.
Whoa, whoops! I got caught.
-It's not just about the
garbage or the water bottles.
It's about the footprint
right beside it.
A big footprint!
-You're telling me
you saw a person.
-No. I, I... It was
a presence. Okay?
It's the best way
I can describe it.
Chris, you don't
know what it's like
To be in this house
alone day after day.
-You're not alone
in the house though.
The kids are here.
Maybe that's part of
this, alisa, you know?
All this change would
affect anyone emotionally.
-You think I'm losing it?
-I just want you to be healthy.
We're trying to have
a baby. You know?
-I just think that if you came
out into the woods and saw...
-It is almost
midnight, lis. No!
-Alright. Come.
It was... It was right...
It was right here.
It was... It was here.
I know it was here.
I... I think... I
think it was here.
Everything's been moved.
-And the footprints?
-Erased with the branch.
-Please, no more alisa. Okay?
It's not the house,
it's not the kids.
-So it's me then?!
I'm, I'm the one that's
just ruining everything!
-That's not fair.
That's not true.
-Then take me away
from here. Please.
Let's just put the
house on the market.
-Selling now is the kinda
move that puts people
In bankruptcy court, alisa.
-I don't care!
Just take me away from here!
-Okay. Just... Just
come here. Come here.
You're exhausted.
Maybe we can get you something
to calm down, to relax.
There's a guy in
town. A psychiatrist.
I hear he's highly recommended.
-Pills? That's your solution?
-If it helps you calm
your nerves, yeah.
I love you so much.
I don't like seeing
you this way.
-So, um... When are
you coming home again?
-Tomorrow hopefully.
It's my last trip and
then I'm home for good.
-I can't wait.
-Maya, what...
My god.
-Eww. Gross.
-It wasn't there before
dinner. Theo, did you...?
-No! I would never!
-What's going on in this place?
-Wait, what do you mean?
-I've been hearing
strange noises at night
And my things keep disappearing.
Something is wrong
in this house.
-Maya, why didn't
you say anything?
-I don't know, I should
have. But I was...
Listening when dad was saying
you were imagining things
The other day.
I didn't stick up for
you and I should have.
I know you didn't do
anything to mom's doll.
-I would never do that to
something that mattered to you.
Someone's been in this house.
-I don't know.
Do you think ethan would
do something like this?
-No! Why would he...
He wouldn't do that.
-Well. Okay.
Someone's clearly
been messing with us.
We have to get out.
Your dad's coming back
tomorrow and I'll tell him
It is not up for debate anymore.
-What about tonight?
-You guys are sleeping with me.
-Just get inside.
-Just get inside.
Just get inside.
-Okay. Okay.
-This isn't how I
wanted us to meet.
God, this isn't how this...
This isn't how I
wanted us to meet.
Just... It's gone
wrong, completely wrong.
I've seen you. I've heard you.
I've been listening to you.
Watching over you.
-Shh! Why are you
doing that, please.
-Maya! Maya!
-She is part of the problem.
-Maya! Maya, can you hear me?
Maya, get out of the house!
-Please stop. Stop, stop.
I don't wanna... I
don't wanna do this.
I... I don't wanna hurt you.
I just wanna talk.
-I know how hard it's been.
It's been hard for you here.
You have to, you know, do those
shots and take those pills.
My mom took pills too.
Lots of pills.
So many pills.
You know, drinking's bad.
It hides your sadness.
You know, and,
and... And chris.
I mean, he's never
around to see you sad.
He doesn't listen to you,
he doesn't believe you.
He doesn't know you like I do.
So, so... I could help.
-I could help this time. You
don't gotta be sad anymore.
-If I take that off, you
promise not to scream, right?
Was it your mom who
died here in this house?
I know what it's like.
To lose your mother.
My mother died too.
-I know.
I know everything about you.
We're the same.
The others will
go, they'll leave.
Chris and theo.
I'll make it so
they wanna leave.
But the girl... She's so mean.
She's so cruel to you.
You don't deserve it.
No more mean girl.
I'll get rid of her.
-Maya! Run!
-I'll get rid of her.
I have to get rid of her.
They all have to go.
I'll... I'll make them all go.
Yeah. I'll make them,
I'll make them all go.
-As if she cares about
anybody but herself.
-She broke my chain. My
mother gave me that chain.
My mom gave me that
chain and she broke it.
-Where's my phone?
Where's my phone?
Come with me and be quiet.
Come on.
- What's going on?
- Shh.
-Does that thing even work?
-I don't know. Keep
your voice down.
So stupid.
How could you forget
about the phone line?
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
hi, you've reached
chris. Please leave a message.
-Dad, I can't find alisa.
I don't know where she is
And I think there's
someone in the house.
Our phones are missing.
Something is wrong.
Please get here as
fast as you can.
-Who's in the house?
-I... I don't know.
Um... I'm gonna
call the police.
-What do we do now?
-Oh god, there's
no time to waste.
There's no time to waste.
I have to get it done.
You don't even know.
Let me show you.
Why would you do that?
No, we don't need it.
We can be a family.
We don't need a new baby.
Okay, don't... Don't worry.
I looked on your computer and
a little bit of, uh... This.
Yeah, it... It won't hurt you.
Now... We just need to...
We just need to get
rid of the baby-
-Right now.
I've been practicing.
I've been practicing
how to get the baby out.
No, see, look.
I've been practicing
how to get the baby out.
Oh! Did you see my mama rat?
-I left it to show
you so you could see
That I've been practicing.
-I... I left it to show you.
-This baby is a mistake.
This baby is a mistake!
This baby is a mistake!
-You don't need it. You
and I have each other.
We can be a family.
Go into the chicken
coop. Go there, stay low.
Watch the house.
Don't come out until
you see me, mom or dad.
-Alisa. This is
very, very important.
Don't come back until
you see one of us.
Now go, go!
-Can you feel this?
Oh good. I got it right.
I got it right.
You look so beautiful
in my mother's dress.
This dress isn't for maya.
It's for you.
Alisa, where are you?
-It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.
Just, just... Get rid of maya.
Oh, I have to get rid of her,
I have to get rid of her.
-Get rid of her
and then the baby.
And everything will be fine,
everything will be fine.
help! Help!!
Help! Help!
Help! Help, please!
Please, please!!!
Help! Help me please!
Please let me go.
Please! Please!!
Help! Help!
What the hell is this place?
Please, please, please.
Please, please, please.
You're the problem! Selfish!
Leave my daughter alone!
Go, maya! Go! Go!
- Go get help!
- No.
Just go!
You... You disappoint
me. You're disappointing.
please, let me go.
-If I... If I let you go,
then what happens to me?
what happens to us?
I'll be alone again.
-We can get you
the help you need.
-No. No. No.
It didn't work. They
weren't nice there.
This is where we
belong. You and me.
This is our home. You
and I are safe here.
It's just us in the
house like it should be.
We don't have to go anywhere.
No one will disturb us now.
We... We can be a family.
You and me.
- alisa!
- alisa!
-I already have a family.
Let me go.
-No, you belong here with me.
-Let me go!
Mom. No. Ma... Mom...
mom, mom...
Please. Please.
It hurts. It hurts.
-Listen, don't... Don't move.
Tell me your name,
tell me your name.
-Okay, okay.
- Joseph.
- Okay.
-My mom called me joe.
-Okay joe. I'm here.
- my mom...
- My mom. She died.
-Okay. It's okay.
she hurt herself.
She did it to me too
but she hurt herself.
She left me alone.
They took me away.
They thought I did it
So they took me some
place for so long.
Then I came back
here... To my home.
My home.
I don't wanna be alone again.
-Okay, okay. Okay, okay.
-I don't wanna be alone again.
-Okay. I know.
-I don't wanna be alone again.
-Are you okay?
Um... The police
are on their way.
Dad must've got my message.
-I'm fine. Where's theo?
-He's fine, he's
outside. Don't worry.
-Okay. Go be with him, okay?
I'm okay.
-Please stay.
-I'm here.
-I'm gonna stay. I'm gonna
stay. I'm gonna stay.
-God. Are you okay?
-We're okay.
-I should've believed you.
-I couldn't believe it myself.
-I'm so sorry. I...
Can you ever forgive me?
-Is he gonna be okay?
-Yeah, they think
he'll pull through.
So he was in the
house the whole time?
-Yeah, I think so.
I mean, he grew up here, he
knew the house pretty well.
-Poor kid. Um... His
mom, it's complicated.
Look, I need you to
come to the station
So we can get your statement.
You can press charges.
-It won't take long.
-No, no, no. I have no
interest in pressing charges.
-Really? Are you sure?
-He's mentally ill.
Being locked up, what
good does that do?
-Well I still need a statement.
You know what's crazy?
I'm standing here in the
middle of all this madness
And I still feel so lucky.
-This makes you feel lucky?
-Not everyone gets the
chance to build a life
With the people they love.
But we do.
-You saved my life.
-We showed up for each other.
I'm pretty sure that's
what families do.
-I forgive you.
And yes.
I'm pregnant.
-I love you guys so much.
-I love you so much.