Boy Kills World (2023) Movie Script

[insects chirping]
[unsettling music playing]
[birds calling]
[Boy] [VO] This was never
a great city.
Hilda Van Der Koy
took it from us.
This is how she keeps control.
They call it The Culling.
[crowd protesting]
[Boy] [VO] It happens
the same day every year;
a twisted demonstration
to strike fear in our people.
Every year, she makes a list
of all her enemies.
If your name's on it,
she'll find you.
[birds calling]
[rapid gunshots]
[thunder clapping,
rain pattering]
[dramatic music playing]
[animal calling]
[Boy] [VO]
Hilda took everything from me,
and when I become
the ultimate warrior...
I'm gonna return the favor.
But for now,
I'm buried alive...
eating stinkbugs.
[sucks stinkbug]
[intense music playing]
[ethereal music playing]
[breathing hard]
I failed.
Back to the hole.
Can't be too angry.
I signed up for this.
I guess I just
expected training
to involve less... dirt.
[birds chirping]
[rapid punching]
[young Boy grunts]
[action music playing]
[Shaman groans]
[Boy] [VO] The Shaman says
to be a great warrior,
I have to stop acting
like a little boy.
Little boys get distracted.
Little boys hate doing chores.
Not me.
I'm the tidiest assassin,
super clean and super deadly.
- [gun fired]
- [young Boy] Ah! [groans]
[Shaman laughing]
[Boy] [VO] In my downtime,
I like to hang out
with my best friends,
Gabe and Alfonzo, champions
of Beetle Fight Club.
Until it got canceled.
[drum beating]
Shaman says warriors
don't need friends.
- Or food.
- [Shaman burps]
[Boy] [VO] Apparently.
[liquid boiling]
Just keep reading
the dictionary.
Gotta stop thinking
about food... And Mina.
Frosty Puffs every morning.
It was the best.
["Frosty Puffs" theme
playing on TV]
I know Mom was a little...
I don't remember much
from before the incident.
But I do remember Mina.
Which is why
I formed a plan for us
to escape this
totalitarian hellhole.
[plate shatters]
It's all here in this diagram.
You with me?
[Boy] [VO] Always.
I can't remember what
I sounded like back then.
[Game Boy] [VO]
Super Dragon Punch Force 2.
Player Two
has entered the game.
[Boy] [VO] That's why
I gave myself
this super cool voice.
I took it from
our favorite video game.
[Game Boy] [VO]
Player Two wins.
[Boy] [VO]
We were happy then.
[wistful] Some things
are hard to forget.
To exist between two states.
Awake and asleep
at the same time.
[Boy] [VO]
That's how I feel these days,
especially when we go to the city.
[wet squelch]
[knife clanks]
Never sure how much of what
I'm seeing is real anymore.
[woman speaking
in foreign language]
[hyena laughing]
[woman] Can I get apples?
Where is this?
What is this, huh?
What do you have one?
Let's go.
This market's no place
for little boys.
Run to your mommy.
[low chatter]
[Boy] [VO] Can't hear,
but I'm getting better
at reading lips.
It beats talking
to these assholes.
[chicken clucking]
- [Mina giggling]
- [Boy] [VO] I still see her
everywhere I go.
[Mina laughs]
[Boy] [VO]
She made everything fun.
[Mina] She's the reason
everything's the worst.
They're all afraid,
but not me.
I just gave her
the middle finger five times
because it's all
five fingers at once.
Try it.
[Boy] [VO] That was my sister.
She wasn't scared of anything.
Not even Hilda Van Der Koy.
We were naive.
- [insects chirping]
- [liquid boiling]
[Boy] [VO] Shaman says
our memories make us weak.
[Shaman] [VO]
You are no longer a child.
All that you once were
is dead.
[Boy] [VO]
Warriors can't be weak.
[Boy] [VO] I am an instrument
shaped for a single purpose:
to kill Hilda Van Der Koy.
Show me the way.
["I Get Mine" performed
by El Michels Affair playing]
La la
[both grunting]
La la la la
La la la
- [Boy straining]
La la la la
[Boy] [VO] I will kill
Hilda Van Der Koy.
[stabs knife]
I will make you proud.
[Shaman] [VO] I'm already
proud, and I love you.
[Boy] [VO] He's not really
saying this, is he?
[Boy] [VO]
Yup, this is in my head.
- [Shaman laughing]
- [Boy] [VO] Eye bubbles.
[punches thrown]
[knife clanks]
- [kick thrown]
- [rapid gunfire]
[Cereal Sailor laughing]
[young Boy grunting]
[huge head rolling]
[Shaman's evil laugh]
[Boy] [VO] Ameliorate.
To improve in the face of
great struggle.
[exciting music playing]
[stick whipping through the air]
I am ready.
[overlapping grunting]
[exciting music playing]
[overlapping grunting]
[Boy grunting]
[teeth falling out]
[teeth chattering]
[intense, exciting music
[overlapping grunting]
[intense, exciting music
[pulleys squeak]
[rapid gunfire]
- [kick thrown]
- [Boy grunts]
- [kick and punch thrown]
- [overlapping grunting]
[Boy grunting]
You are not ready, Boy.
[insects chirping]
[struck bowl rings]
[Boy] [VO] Focus.
Focus on the...
[Mina crunching]
What was that?
[struck bowl rings]
Ignore it.
Just think of...
[Mina crunching]
Okay, this is all
in your head.
[Mina crunching]
Doesn't matter. Focus.
[loud crunching]
Okay, why did your head
give her potato chips?
Just don't make eye contact.
If you don't look at her,
then she isn't there.
Damn it.
[pleasing music plays]
Repeat the mantra.
I am a weapon.
Shaped for a single purpose.
No distractions. Focus.
[overlapping chatter]
- [giggles]
- [Boy] [VO] What?
[romantic music playing]
[song playing]
[Boy] [VO] Resplendent.
To have a pleasant
glowing quality.
[car approaching]
[Anna] The Van Der Koys.
They're coming.
[car engine revs]
[VDK soldier] Go, go, go!
Let's go. This way.
I love The Culling, don't you?
[voice over speaker]
All citizens
are required to...
What is wrong with you?
[voice over speaker]
Order must be maintained.
Any attempt to disrupt
will be met with consequences.
All citizens
must follow regulations
set forth
by the Van Der Koy family.
Any attempts to resist
or undermine the authority...
- Don't resist. Let's go.
- [citizen groaning]
[chaotic shouting]
[VDK soldier] Come on!
Get back!
[voice over speaker]
All citizens are required
by Van Der Koy law
to immediately report
to the square.
Resistance will be punished.
Have a lovely day.
- [rapid gunfire]
- [VDK soldier] Turn around.
- [woman grunts]
- [VDK soldier] Move!
[man] Stay there, hey!
[woman grunting]
[insidious music plays]
[Anna] Mister Van Der Koy.
Can you maybe sign this
for me, please?
- Oh, sure. Sure, sweetie.
- Thanks.
- What's your name?
- Anna.
[Anna] Thanks for all you do
for the city.
- [Glen] Oh, you're welcome.
- [Anna] Long live Hilda.
[Glen] Yes. Ha-ha!
Speechy time! Yeah.
Let's get this over with.
Darrel, cut the creepy
- Come on.
- Yes, sir.
- [mic feedbacks]
- [Glen] Whoo! Ha!
Rejoice and give thanks,
oh, good people.
Today we celebrate
your continued devotion
to the Van Der Koy dynasty
by making an example of those
who pose a threat to a...
and da... and danger,
pose a threat and danger
to our way of life.
Fuck. No, it's not...
- Gideon?
- Yeah.
"Threat and danger"?
They mean the same thing, bro.
Like the all-seeing owl
hovering in the heavens,
searching for the dirty rats,
the Van Der Koys...
[laughs] I can't.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Have any of you
ever seen an owl?
Raise your fucking hand
if you've ever seen an owl.
That's what I thought.
- Okay?
- Speech is fine.
- [Glen scoffs]
- Maybe the problem is
the fuck puppet delivering...
Oh, yeah? You're making me
a fuck puppet!
How am I making you
into a fuck puppet?
You... My...
my own brother-in-law.
Just read the speech.
Yeah. Never mind.
You all know me.
You know why we're here.
So. We got a little
naughty list...
with one dozen names on it.
Yes, we do.
Twelve lucky volunteers
for the big show tonight.
So, who's gonna be first?
Ah, you, sir.
Illegal possession of firearms.
Where do you hide them?
Come on. Tell me.
Do you have some on you now?
Come on, you little Houdini,
No. I-i-i-it's all me.
It's not them.
[Glen] It's all you.
- [man] Yeah.
- [woman] No.
- [man] It's all me.
- [woman] No...
No, it's not all him?
It's you as well.
I think she wants to
go first, sir.
- [man] No.
- [Glen] Ladies first.
Maybe we should
let her go first.
- Leave us alone.
- [Glen] Oh my god.
This is incredible,
ladies and gentlemen.
This is real love right here.
They can't decide.
- You guys...
- [angry bystander] Let them go!
That is a fucking child.
Let them go!
Do not interrupt me.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Stop fucking shouting at me.
You're nothing
but a fuck puppet!
- Bitch!
- Call me up a fuck puppet
- one more time!
- Bitch! Fuck puppet!
- [gun fired]
- [crowd screaming]
- The fuck.
- [Gideon] Hold the line.
[chaotic clamoring]
It was an accident.
It was an accident, people.
June27, you're up.
[Glen] It was an acci...
Gideon, it was an accident.
I got... I got this.
I got this.
[crowd protesting violently]
Gun's going down.
Gun's going down.
Don't kill us.
Here's some candy for you guys.
- Whoo-hoo! What do you say?
- [man] Fuck you!
Okay, let's all
sing together, guys.
Come on. All together.
[weapon clanks]
- [blood splattering]
- [man screaming]
[helmet buzzes]
[man grunting]
Glen shat...
[gun fired]
Glen shat the bed.
Clean this up.
[helmet beeps]
[tense music playing]
- [rapid gunfire]
- [Shaman] No! No!
[man] [grunting] No! No!
[rapid gunfire]
[woman screaming nearby]
[woman crying]
[gun fired]
[wings flapping]
[rapid gunfire]
[body thuds]
[chicken clucking]
[Glen] Oh, God.
Little overkill,
don't you think?
We had a quota to hit.
Supposed to get 12 prisoners
for The Culling.
Preferably with
all their fucking limbs.
We need to get 12.
We can get this kid.
And her.
- No kids.
- [Glen] What are you,
the fucking
moral authority now?
Need I remind you
who you answer to?
Sure as fuck isn't you.
[helmet crackles]
[suspenseful music playing]
All right,
let's clean this shit up!
[grunts] [in sign language]
No more waiting.
No more bodies.
She dies...
[chicken clucking]
Huh. Who's
the fuck puppet now, huh?
[engine revving]
Here you go. Take these
and clean them up.
Jesus Christ.
It'd be nice if you
showed me some support.
[Boy strains]
[Boy] [VO]
It's happening.
I'm a warrior. On a mission.
THE mission.
No turning back.
To show promise
of success or victory.
Ready for anything
that comes...
Oh, shit!
- Sorry.
- Hey!
Boy, you're fucking insane.
- [cars honking]
- [VDK soldier] Keep moving...
Let's go.
[overlapping chatter]
[Boy] [VO] Oh, shit.
Dead guy.
Hi. Uh...
scootch over.
Dead, like so many others.
The rest live in fear.
That's the city
that Hilda created.
That's how it's gonna stay
until I kill her.
Tonight, her empire crumbles.
[car engines rumbling]
Six, huh?
You couldn't find six more?
[Gideon laughing]
[Glen] Oh, God.
Melanie's gonna flip.
[Gideon] What's wrong, Glen?
Afraid of your wifey? Hm?
[Glen] No.
No, I'm not afraid.
[Gideon] Yeah?
[Glen] I'll smooth things
over with her, okay?
[Gideon scoffs]
That's a pretty
cute way of saying
you're gonna throw me
under the bus.
[Glen] Hey, you're like
a brother to me. Okay?
I would never
throw you under a bus.
[Gideon's mocking laugh]
[Glen clears throat]
[sharp footsteps]
[Melanie] This is it?
I spent six months
organizing tonight's ceremony,
and you can't find me 12
street rats ready for camera?
It was your brother, babe.
- And there's the bus!
- [Glen] I told him.
He's embarrassing
the family name.
Did you hear about the speech?
- No. What?
- I'm on the podium.
I'm doing my thing.
It's going really well.
A whole paragraph about owls.
- Owls?
- [Glen] Yeah.
[scoffs] these people
- have never seen owls.
- [Glen] Never seen it.
[Gideon] If you're gonna
shit on my art,
maybe try
reading it first, huh?!
The owl stuff
connects to the end
and ties the whole thing
This isn't a fucking
art project, Gideon.
We let you write
your shitty speeches
so you'll stop whining
about doing your real job.
That's why you do
the fisty punchy
and he does the mouthy talky.
- [Gideon] Right.
- So next time,
give my sweet Glen some lines
he can actually deliver.
Glen couldn't deliver
a shit in the toilet
- without instructions.
- Oh, my God!
Do you want to come
to the toilet with me?
Yeah! And yet, he's the one
the people want to see.
The one they trust.
[Gideon] Well, then maybe tell
your shit-for-dick husband
to stop shooting his "fans."
Yes. Well, we all know about
today's little incident.
- It was an accident, babe.
- [Melanie] Yes.
Glen's just being
a naughty boy now
so he can be a good boy for me
tonight at The Culling.
- [disgusted groan] Urgh!
- Isn't that right, babe?
Yeah, babe.
Are you gonna do
everything I say
and hit your marks and be
a good charming little host?
[Glen] Always. Yeah.
That's right. That's why
the camera loves you.
Get him changed and cleaned up.
He's got a big night ahead.
This? No, I could just
wipe this off, babe,
- with the... with...
- Go. Go.
I need six more bodies
for tonight.
I don't care
where you get them.
[Glen] Hey, Shakespeare.
- Go fuck an owl.
- [Gideon] Fuck off.
I'm sorry,
are you talking to me?
[Melanie] Yeah,
I'm talking to you.
- [Gideon] Now?
- [Melanie] Yes.
I can't do it.
We're doing a read-through
of my script.
No one gives a shit
about your writing, Gideon.
- [Mina] Hey.
- [gasps]
[Boy] [VO] What the hell?
How'd you get here?
I don't know.
[Boy] [VO] You talk now?
Of course I talk.
You just never asked me
any questions.
Now that we ditched
the cranky old man,
I can do whatever I want.
I don't like that guy.
He smells like old milk.
[Boy] [VO] I'm not here
to play games.
I'm on a mission.
Oh, I like missions.
We should wear disguises.
I'm going to be a ninja.
But with butterfly wings.
A ninjafly.
Wait, butterninja.
- Wait...
- Sshh! Be quiet.
Why? It's not like
they can hear me.
I can scream if I want.
- Watch. [screaming]
- No, no, no, no.
[screaming stops]
[Mina chuckles]
[distant siren wailing]
[Boy] [VO] Shit.
[woman]...completed work.
[clattering and clanking]
[gun dry fires]
Okay, I got my disguise.
Look, now I'm super sneaky
but also I can fly.
[Boy] [VO] Stop talking.
[Mina] Wait, wait.
I should go first
because I'm in disguise.
[Boy] [VO] That's not
a disguise.
Butterflies don't blend in.
I stand out more.
[Boy] [VO] I don't think
you know how disguises work.
I don't think you know
how butterflies work.
[Boy] [VO]
That doesn't even...
what happened to no talking?
They gotta be
around here somewhere.
I think they went this way.
[Boy] [VO] Wait.
All clear.
- Come on.
- [Boy] [VO] No, no, no. Move!
[VDK soldier] No, sir.
Too tight in the crotch.
The only thing that should be
this tight around my crotch
are my wife's beautiful lips.
Who the fuck is that?
Who the fuck is that?!
[Mina] I think
you made them angry.
[Boy] [VO]
Okay, I can do this.
Just remember
what Shaman said.
[Shaman] [VO] You are
a worthless piece of...
[Boy] [VO]
Nope, that's not it.
[VDK soldier]
This way. This way.
- [punches thrown]
- [VDK soldier grunting]
We gotta hide.
- [punch thrown]
- [VDK soldier grunts]
[Mina] Hey!
- [door closes]
- [Mina] What are you doing?
[Boy] [VO] Sedulous.
To commit total focus
to a single task.
[VDK soldier groans]
[rapid gunfire]
[suspenseful music playing]
[rapid gunfire]
[Boy] [VO] Oh, shit!
[VDK soldier]
Back, back, back, back!
[Boy] [VO]
New plan. No weapon.
Don't need it.
Wait, is that what he said?
[Shaman] [VO]
You are the weapon.
[Boy] [VO] I am the weapon.
[exciting music playing]
- [bone cracks]
- [screams in pain]
- [gun fired]
- [blood splatters]
[gun thuds]
- [knife clanks, stabs]
- [blood splatters]
[Boy] [VO] Oh-oh.
[rapid gunfire]
- [kick thrown]
- [VDK soldier groans]
[blood splatters]
[rapid gunfire]
Hey, Boy!
- Catch!
- [Boy] [VO] Thanks.
You're welcome.
[gun dry fires]
- [Boy] [VO] Seriously?
- Oh, fuck!
[rapid gunfire]
[body thuds]
Hello, mate.
Hey, listen.
Technically, yeah, I...
I got your back with that
so maybe you can
return the favor.
You wanna kill these bastards,
I can help.
I can!
Oh, oh! [laughs] Ah, ah.
You want Hilda?
Okay, I can take you to her...
if you free me.
[Boy] [VO] Dodgy.
To appear untrustworthy.
What are you doing?
Please break the chain!
[Boy] [VO]
Right, right. Sorry.
- [gun fired]
- [Basho grunting]
Okay, okay.
[rapid gunfire]
We need to work
as a team. Yeah?
[Boy] [VO] Team.
I've never been on a team.
You push forward with that.
Bam! And I'm gonna...
I'm gonna
get behind that cart.
I'm gonna do cart stuff!
Yeah! Yeah?
[rapid gunfire]
[Boy] [VO] Oh, come on.
[rapid gunfire]
[rapid stabbing]
[VDK soldier] Ah!
[Boy] [VO]
Look at me, part of a team.
[knife clanks]
Wait. Where'd my team go?
Right. Doing cart stuff.
- [rapid gunfire]
- [VDK soldier laughing evilly]
[Boy] [VO] Round two.
[VDK soldier grunting]
[Boy] [VO] Medium punch!
Heavy punch!
Total knockout!
[rapid gunfire]
[bone cracks]
- [kick thrown]
- [VDK soldier groans]
[rapid gunfire continues]
[VDK soldier groaning]
[gunfire continues]
[Basho] That was cool.
We keep meeting like this,
don't we?
Yeah, my name is Basho.
It's like Bash...
Oh! Huh? Got it?
I'd help you with the fighting
but bad knee,
so what I'll do, yeah,
is stick to my lane.
I'm gonna do cart stuff.
[Boy] [VO] Right. The cart.
- Do we need this?
- It makes sense to me.
Watch out!
- [wrench thuds, clanks]
- [Boy] Ow!
[blows smoke]
Oh, that's Dave.
Yeah, yeah.
He's got a lot of issues.
You can take him.
Good luck.
[Boy] [VO]
Round three. Fight!
Fuck you, Dave!
- [smashes hammer]
- [Boy grunts]
Oh, shit! Ha! Ooh.
[Boy] [VO] Player One wins.
Game over.
Oh, yeah.
[bones cracking]
[Boy] [VO]
Game... not over.
[growls, takes a puff
from inhaler]
Uh, yeah... like I said,
he's got issues.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah.
[maniacal laughter]
[kicks and punches thrown]
[blood splatters]
[inhales, exhales]
[kicks and punches thrown]
[spits blood]
[bone cracks]
[head butt thrown]
[body thuds]
[screams in pain]
Come on! Waaaahhh!
- [bone cracks]
- [Dave groans]
- [grunting]
- [wet squelch]
[Boy] [VO] Player Two
is fucking crazy.
[laughing crazily]
[leg sliced off]
[Boy] [VO] Fatality.
[Dave] Aahh!
[Boy] [VO] Kind of.
[knife clanks]
[Basho] Wait, wait, wait.
[laughs] We did it!
[laughs hard]
Ah, we did it!
We fucking did it!
[Boy] [VO] We did it!
I knew we'd...
I thought for sure we'd die.
[Boy] [VO] Oh.
[rapid gunfire]
[Basho grunting]
[exchange of gunfire]
[blood splatters]
- Oh. [laughs]
- [Glen] You shot me!
You fucking shot...!
So we make a good team, huh?
Let's go!
[Glen] Fuck. That hurts.
I can't feel my leg.
I'm shot...
No, no, no, no!
Don't kill him.
Don't kill him.
Don't kill him.
It's why... it's why...
He's got information.
He's married to a Van Der Koy.
Aren't you, Glen?
Yeah, I have information.
I have information. I do.
I... I'm actually
working undercover
with the Van Der Koys.
- I'm deep, deep...
- Oh, fuck off!
No, you're not!
[Glen] Right. No, I'm not.
I'm not. I'm not,
but I could be.
Bench vice time! Fuck!
[Glen] I could go undercover
to be on your side
right now.
Oh, my God, no!
- [Bash] Okay, yeah!
- [Glen] Jesus Christ, no!
You ready?
[Bash] Where's Hilda?!
[Glen] She's at the mansion.
She's at the Van Der Koy
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Bullshit. Hilda
hasn't been seen there
for years. He's lying.
You're lying.
No. No, I'm...
I'm not lying.
Every year before
The Culling ceremony,
Hilda throws a huge banquet
for the whole
batshit crazy family.
They're all
going to be there, man.
If you want,
you want 'em dead,
I can get you in there.
I'm your guy.
I can get you in there.
Look, I'm not like them.
I was... I was with my therapist
the other day
and he asked me to look within,
and I did.
You know,
I looked deep within,
and I realized
this is not me.
This is not who I am.
You know?
It's not the real me,
they forced me into this.
Yeah, they forced me.
Put me on a fucking
juice cleanse,
changed my name.
My wife even chooses my...
my clothes.
I don't even like juice.
[sniffles] Yeah.
You know what? Fuck them.
I'm gonna help you.
Yeah, I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna get you
into the mansion.
We're gonna go there together.
[wet squelch,
Glen's head crushed]
Oh, shit. Oh, oh, oh.
[Boy] [VO] Uh. Wow. Um...
Sweaty palms.
[Boy] [VO] I see that.
Pr... probably he wasn't
gonna... wasn't gonna help us.
[Boy] [VO] Definitely sounded
like he was going to help us.
Oh, fuck.
La la
La la la la
[man coughing]
[Basho] Oh, yes. That way.
You're quite a fighter, mate.
I could've used you
back in the day.
Come on.
Spent three years
in that shit-hole
making their fucking guns.
I rigged a whole bunch of them
to backfire. [laughs]
You know, the first thing
they try and take away from you
is hope,
but I never let go of mine.
And look what happened.
Basho's free, baby.
Ha-ha! About time, too.
Got a lot of people,
a lot of people countin' on me.
I am with the resistance.
Yeah. Ha-ha!
See, they try
to use The Culling,
The Culling,
to scare people from
joining our cause, but no.
It's all lies and illusions
and everyone knows it.
We're still strong...
still strong.
[continues muttering]
[unsettling music playing]
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Come. Come. Come.
Ha-ha-ha. Right.
If we're going to
take down Hilda,
we're going to need an army.
Here we go.
That's where my people come in.
Welcome to...
the resistance.
[door hinges creak]
Hold on.
[insects chirping]
Okay, wait. Just hold...
hold on, will you?
What's going on? Fuck.
[unsettling music playing]
[Benny strains]
[body thuds]
[Basho] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Benny, Benny!
No, no, no.
He's with me.
He helped me escape.
Hey, hey. It's me.
Hey, hey.
Put that down.
Huh? It's me.
- [both laugh]
- [Basho] It's me.
Oh, how are you, mate?
Where is everyone?
Where's the rest of the team?
Mapple apple camels.
[Boy] [VO] Mapple apple what?
That... that can't be right.
All of them? Ey?
Dodo buns for long lamps.
[Boy] [VO] Uh-oh.
Can't read his lips.
Is he mumbling?
In a different language?
Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.
What about Yanmai?
Where is she?
Momo parking lot.
[Boy] [VO] Probably
not saying that.
Maybe if I concentrate,
I can...
Pick Pod Briefcase.
[Boy] [VO] Uh,
something about pickles.
Schnoogleboob Droptop.
[Boy] [VO] Are these words?
I don't...
Dodo buns for turtle bird.
[Boy] [VO] Dodo buns sound fun.
[Boy] [VO] Oh, wait.
Dodo buns are not fun.
[Boy] [VO] I've never heard
a grown man cry.
Not sure what it sounds like.
[screeching like a monkey]
[Boy] [VO] No,
that can't be it.
[Boy] [VO] I'm sorry
about the... dodo buns.
Ah! That bitch
will pay for this!
[chair clattering]
You know what, Benny?
We'll do it ourselves.
We have a secret weapon.
[Boy] [VO] He's talking
about me.
I saw this man
take down an entire squad
of Van Der Koy soldiers.
[Boy] [VO] I did do that.
He killed over a hundred men.
[Boy] [VO]
Slight exaggeration.
With his bare hands.
[Boy] [VO]
Definitely not true.
No bullshit.
Yeah, this...
This is our shot.
[laughs] Yeah.
You know, for the first time
in years as well.
You know what I know?
I know where Hilda is gonna be.
- [Benny] Hm.
- Yes.
Yeah, all we need
is a way in.
You know what time it is?
Plan time. [laughs]
He punched the Tammy Tam.
Devil pay the Tammy Tam.
[Boy] [VO] [confused]
Yeah. Go... go team.
[Benny] Okay.
[papers rustle]
[Basho] Here we go...
[indistinct chatter]
[electricity crackles]
[voice over speaker] Any
individual violating orders...
[distant siren wailing]
[wings flapping]
[emotional music playing]
[Mina] [VO] We're gonna find
our magical perfect place
and stay there forever.
You with me?
[indistinct voice over speaker]
[wings flapping]
We have reason to believe
the entire Van Der Koy family
are in the mansion.
The Van Der Koys are made up
of three siblings.
Now Gideon,
he runs the streets.
Melanie runs business and PR.
she is head of security.
And Glen,
he no longer has a head.
[Boy] [VO]
Mm-hm, sweaty palms.
Now, they all take orders
from Hilda.
[VO] Now, The Culling ceremony
starts at 10:00,
which means they're leaving
the house by 8:00. Yeah.
That gives us a two-hour window
to get you in...
[Boy] [VO] Ah!
[Basho] [VO] But you cannot
go in guns a-blazing.
Security's going
to be airtight.
Dining room!
That's where
Benny's plan comes in.
Take it away, Benny boy.
Go-go robot guitar the biscuit.
[Boy] [VO] Hold on.
[Benny] [VO]
Sea diver ham man
platter dance.
What the fuck?
Hm. [laughs]
[Boy] [VO] Do I need to
understand this?
We'll repeat the plan.
[Boy] [VO]
This feels important.
This is the whole plan.
[Mina] Maybe just pretend
you understand.
Keep nodding.
Look impressed.
[Benny laughs]
...bumper stump mop mop.
[Boy] [VO] Sure. Caplinky.
Basho seems happy.
It must be a good plan.
I don't like this plan.
[guns cocking]
[Boy] [VO] I bet the plan will
make sense when it happens.
Like a magic trick.
Lots of weird props.
But then
something amazing happens.
Except I'm the magician.
And I don't know magic.
Nobody knows magic.
That's why it's magical.
[Boy] [VO] Right.
So, this is fine.
This is fine.
[uplifting music playing]
[VDK soldier grunts]
[Boy] [VO] Okay.
It's that kind of plan.
Weapons. Danger.
We're going to war.
It's wartime.
Just give me a weapon and...
Now comes the hard part.
Tramp stamp skidmark.
[Boy] [VO] Befuddled.
To be deeply confused.
Deeply, deeply confused.
[party music nearby]
[bird calling]
[soothing music playing]
[Mina] Finally!
[Boy] [VO]
Right. I'm a chef.
Why am I a chef?
[Kramer] The dinner scene
will commence very soon.
Start plating the crme brle.
[Boy] [VO] I don't know
what that means.
How do I plate a crme?
Why am I crme plating?!
[Mina] Don't blow your cover.
Just act chef-y.
[man singing
in foreign language]
Oh, macarons!
Try one.
Chefs eat things.
[Boy] [VO] Fine. One macaron,
but then I need to find...
What was that?
[Boy] [VO] That's delicious.
Eat more.
You're a chef.
[man continues singing]
[Boy's satisfied giggle]
So soft and squishy.
[Mina] Oh.
[Boy] [VO] Uh-oh.
He's not happy.
[muttered dialogue]
[Kramer] Good evening.
Happy Culling.
Gideon has prepared a most
delectable menu for you all.
[Boy] [VO] I am an instrument.
Shaped for a single purpose.
To kill...
[Mina] You don't look
like an instrument.
[Boy] [VO] I'm gonna go
take care of something.
Alone. You stay here
and grab all the macarons
you can find.
And when I'm done,
we'll bring them to
our magical perfect place.
Sound good?
Mission accepted.
But what are you going to do?
[Boy] [VO]
I'm gonna act chef-y.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door bangs open]
[grater thuds]
Still waiting on the crme...
[knives clanking]
[frying pan thuds]
[female chef grunts]
- Aahh!
- [blood splatters]
[grates skin]
[slices with knife]
[grates face]
[grater thuds]
[knife clanks]
[slits throat]
[head chopped]
[blood splattering]
[Boy] [VO] I did it! Yes!
Player One wins!
[Boy] [VO] Uh, wait.
They look different.
Why do they look so different?
He just chopped
a fucking head off.
[Boy] [VO] Something's off.
- [woman screams]
- [head thuds]
[Boy] [VO] Did I kill
the wrong Hilda?
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
I didn't sign up for this.
I'm getting
the fuck out of here.
W... wait.
Put it down.
[diners panicking]
[gun fired]
Everybody shut your
fucking pie holes.
Get back into character.
Sit down.
Thank you.
[laughs] That's right,
they're all actors.
It was only a matter of time
before somebody tried
taking down the queen
on Culling Day.
Hence the elaborately staged
family dinner scene
written by yours truly.
Flypaper for idiots.
Oh. Easy now!
No need to get all butthurt
because you fell for
the expertly crafted and
incredibly lifelike dialogue.
Great work, everybody.
Except for you, Dennis.
I... I don't even know what to
tell you anymore. [scoffs]
You're just not getting it.
Feel a fucking feeling, Dennis!
Think a thought.
You're an empty shell out here.
Are you still going on
about yer damn kiddy play?
It's fine, Gram Gram.
Just go back to
sucking on your mango.
Gram Gram's real. Just, uh,
easier to keep her here.
Yeah, shoot the damn hobo
so I can go and watch my shows.
I'm dealing with it, Gram Gram.
Just go back to...
Big mistake, dingle-fuck.
Now, drop the gun
or she'll drop it for you.
[Boy grunts]
[Gideon] All right.
Let's give the lady
some room to work, shall we?
[VDK soldier] Come on.
[musical instrument plays]
[June27 grunting]
[grunting continues]
[plate shatters]
[grunting continues]
- [bone cracks]
- [June27 groans]
[Boy grunts]
[June27 straining]
[Boy grunts]
Is that the best you've got?
[katana clanks]
[weapons clanking]
Come on!
[helmet thuds]
Ooh. She's pretty.
- [June27 strains]
- [Boy grunts]
[VO] My entire life
built to this moment,
and I failed.
[animals chittering]
[thunder roars]
[crow cawing]
[Shaman] [VO]
I knew your mother.
You will avenge her.
[crying, choking]
[VDK soldier] Hey.
[rapid gunfire]
[Shaman] Aahh!
- [bone cracks]
- [VDK soldier grunts]
[Shaman] Aahh!
- [punch thrown]
- [Gideon laughs]
[June27] Your fighting style.
I'd recognize it anywhere.
You were trained by the Shaman.
Where is he?
[Gideon] Might want to tell her
what she wants to know
before she makes you
her personal little
filleted fuck-fish.
[Boy] [VO]
Read my lips.
[mouths] Fuck you.
[Boy] [VO] Not really
supposed to be funny.
Did she read
my lips wrong or...?
- [throws tomahawk]
- [Gideon gasps]
- Oh, no, no.
- [Boy] [VO] Nope. She got it.
[Gideon] Okay.
Easy, June. Hm?
He's got some answers.
This is gonna require
a little bit of finesse.
Give us some privacy, okay?
[door closes]
Okay. Real talk.
Please don't make me do this.
This torture shit
gives me nosebleeds.
You're pissed, you killed
some people, I get it.
Hilda's my sister,
you don't think
I know what she is?
[chair hinges squeak]
[chair thuds]
I'm tired of this Culling shit
just as much as you are.
Every year,
we go on this
wild fucking goose chase
rounding up her "enemies."
We ran out of geese years ago.
I'm out there collecting
fucking pigeons.
The streets are clean.
We won the war
but it's never enough for her.
She's delusional, hiding out
in her fucking bunker.
And why?
Because he's still out there.
That shitdick-for-fucks
jungle asshole.
The Shaman.
[lighter clanks]
[chews cigarette]
[Gideon chuckles]
[blows smoke]
[scalpel clinks]
I'm tired. Sick of it.
You want to end the violence?
Just give me the Shaman.
Hilda's a piece of shit,
but so is he.
It doesn't stop
'til one of them dies.
I'm done giving a shit
which one.
[Boy] [VO] Well, I'm not.
[Gideon exhales]
You're ready to die
for this, huh?
You've got some fire in you.
I forgot what that's like.
Fuck it.
Time to try this the other way.
Let's see how far
that tenacity gets you.
[door opens]
- [slap thrown]
- [Boy groans]
Ready for murder town,
Huh?! You want some more?!
I'm not finished with him yet.
[Melanie] It doesn't look
like you started.
Wh-What's wrong?
Did he give widdle Gideon
a nosebweed?
Get out of my way.
You've had a busy night.
Talk of the town.
Younger than I expected,
but this is good.
This'll play.
We haven't met.
I'm Melanie.
I believe you crushed
my husband's head
with a bench vise.
But you made a teensy mistake.
You murdered the wrong
Van Der Koy.
Do you have any idea
how hard it is...
to find a replacement host
one hour before air time?
I spent years shaping Glen
to what he was,
you petulant little shit.
You think
you sabotaged my show,
but you just gave me
the main attraction.
You wanted to become a symbol,
didn't you?
A threat to our dynasty.
I'm afraid not, dear.
You forget who controls
the narrative.
Oh, I am gonna make you
so pretty for them.
Dainty. Fragile.
That's how they'll see you.
And they're all going to watch
and cheer as you die.
Take him to the studio.
[tense music playing]
[engines revving]
[VDK soldiers straining]
We're going to have to
make this work without a host,
which means I need the cameras
to tell the story.
I want camera three
in the splatter zone.
If you don't get that lens
covered in blood,
you're doing it wrong.
We're reworking the intro.
- Hilda enters from stage right.
- [June27] Hilda?
She's here?
[Melanie] Yes, she finally
crawled out of her cave.
Glen's dead.
Questions will be asked.
They need assurance
we're still in control.
Only Hilda can give them that.
Don't tell her
who our sponsor is
and keep her away
from any guns.
She hasn't been
out of that bunker in years.
She's completely unstable.
We can't control what she...
I'm sorry,
what can't I control?
Who's been shaping
the city's perception of Hilda
during her paranoid
psycho years?
She staged a revolution,
but who got it paid for?
I make tiger roars
out of kitten meows.
You of all people
should know this.
After all...
Who made them fear you?
Now, come on.
Watch me make that crazy bitch
roar again.
And get this asshole
ready for camera.
[chains clanking]
[neck cuff locks]
You should have just
given us the Shaman.
[Mina] Oh, I think Mr. Grumpy
Pants needs cheering up.
How about
a little gossip talk?
[Boy] [VO]
I could have killed her.
Why did you get in my way?
I don't know.
[Boy] [VO]
That's not good enough.
You're supposed to be
helping me.
[crowd cheers and applauds]
Welcome to The Culling.
For 25 years, we've celebrated
this city's progress
by cleansing it of all those
who stand in its way.
Our proudest
televised tradition
was born from
humble beginnings,
one brave woman who vowed
to bring order to our streets
in the name of a dream.
That dream is alive tonight
as we welcome to our stage...
I hate this fucking day.
...the heart of our city...
- Oh. [laughing]
- ...your courageous leader...
Hilda Van Der Koy.
Okay, here she comes.
[crowd cheers and applauds]
And lights.
[crowd cheers and applauds]
[crowd] Hilda Van Der Koy!
We love you.
Twenty-five years...
since we reclaimed this city
from the miscreants
and murderers
who painted our streets
with blood.
[Mina] I don't like this game
[Boy] [VO] One purpose.
I wanna go home.
[Boy] [VO] Shaped.
Single purpose.
One purpose only.
Kill Hilda Van Der Koy.
Kill, kill, kill,
Van Der Koy.
Kill, kill, kill, kill. punishing the...
those who stand in its way.
They look just like us,
don't they?
That's how
they linger among us.
The invisible sickness
spreading from the inside,
infecting everything.
I see it everywhere I go. I...
What the fuck is she saying?
I gave you the light.
I fight to heal you.
Read the fucking teleprompter.
What's done cannot be undone.
You can't wash a hole
and make it shine. No.
She's insane.
[Hilda] You...
you have to take a scalpel
and you carve deep
and deeper and deeper
until finally you reach the...
And your little...
[crowd screams]
[Melanie] I said no guns.
Who gave her a fucking gun?!
Give me the fucking microphone.
There's knocking at the gate.
[Melanie] Hilda Van Der Koy,
Get her out of here.
- [crowd clapping]
- [fake laugh]
Now, enough waiting.
What are we all here to witness?
[crowd] The Culling.
What cleanses our city?
[crowd] The Culling!
[Boy] [VO] Wait.
Let's see how far
that tenacity gets you.
[Boy] [VO] This family
needs therapy.
[cuts rope]
What sponsor makes tonight
[crowd] Frosty Puffs!
[Boy] [VO] What the fuck?
- [Frosty Puffs theme music]
- [Melanie] Here they come.
Pineapple Pal.
[octopus] [VO] Octo Thief.
[performer] A plunge into
The milk and that's enough!
You're addicted to
The Frosty Puffs
Now who's coming with us
To the frosty reef?
We got Pineapple Pal
And Octothief
[evil laughter]
- [groans]
- [evil man] Peek-a-boo. [laughs]
Come hang out with
Gary the Goat
[girl panting]
[Melanie] [into mic]
And the naughtiest of them all
gets a special surprise from
our favorite fluffy friend,
Gary the Goat!
- Ha-ha.
- Cereal Sailor himself,
Captain Frostington!
[Boy] [VO] Delirium.
A confused mental state
that may result in imagery
that clearly can't be real.
These sugary rings make us
All go nuts
With a one two three
The bad guys all in cuffs
You'll be happy
Eating Frosty Puffs
[Melanie] [into mic]
A small thank you
for your continued devotion
to the Van Der Koy dynasty.
Let The Culling commence!
- [firework explodes]
- [Gary the Goat laughing]
[crowd applauding]
[laughs] Who will be first?
How about her?
[prisoner grunts]
Come back here.
[prisoner grunts]
[masked man] Whoo-hoo!
[prisoners grunting]
[crowd cheering wildly]
[prisoners screaming]
[Pineapple Pal's evil laugh]
[wet squelch]
Please, no. Please.
[blood splatters]
[Mina] Hurry!
- [girl's agonal breathing]
- [masked man] Oooh.
Hurry up!
[Mina] We gotta
get out of here.
- [shock collar buzzes]
- [prisoner groaning]
[masked man straining, grunting]
[chain unlocks]
[Gideon] Let's get
the whole body in the shot.
Put that fucker's collar
on the remote.
[staff] Yes, ma'am.
[Boy] [VO]
I am an instrument.
Shaped for a single purp...
[collar activates, crackles]
[Melanie] Camera two,
zoom in tight.
[prisoner straining]
[blood splatters]
[all laughing]
[masked man] Here we go.
- [prisoner grunts]
- [masked man laughs]
[prisoner] No, no.
Stop! Stop that.
[masked man] Here comes Gary.
[Boy] [VO] Death by goat.
Not exactly
how I planned to go.
Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary!
Come on, Gary!
- [blood splatters, wet squelch]
- [masked man grunting]
[Boy] [VO] Basho?
I'm a fucking goat mate.
[Boy] [VO] So many questions.
Come on.
- Aahhh!
- [rapid gunfire]
[Boy] [VO] My team's back!
[rapid gunfire]
[crowd panics]
- [cameraman] Who is this?
- [laughs]
[cameraman] We'll stand by.
[Gideon] To endings.
[Benny] Let's go! This way.
Go! Go!
[rapid gunfire]
[Basho] You tentacled prick!
Mollusk Cunt.
[people shouting in fear]
[Basho laughing]
Oh, we are cutting it
a bit close.
But the plan...
the plan worked perfectly.
Come on!
[crowd screaming]
[continuing gunfire]
First, we got into disguise.
Then, we took the butler's
security pass
while you created a diversion.
[Boy] [VO] Player One wins!
Perfectly played. Nice job.
[rapid gunfire]
Then we picked you up
from the rendezvous.
[June27] We can't control
what she...
[Basho] Scoped out
security measures.
Then Benny worked his magic.
Fuck you!
[rapid gunfire]
Topple tart the handbasket.
Many maps bread man.
[Boy] [VO] Not this again.
Chopped off
the barn farmers feet.
- [continuous chopping]
- [farmer grunting]
For the scanner.
Yeah. [laughs]
- That was the good part.
- [Basho] Yeah.
[scanner beeps]
Boat float the diver.
Master apple slap-grab the dodo.
Aahh! [laughs]
And now we're here.
Make sense?
- [gun fired]
- [masked man] Aahh!
[Boy] [VO] Part of it
makes sense.
Finish the fucking job.
[punch gun locks]
We are the revolution.
Tonight it ends.
Ready? Yeah!
- Aahhh!
- [Basho] Fight!
[all screaming]
- [rapid gunfire]
- [Benny] [indistinct] Come on!
[VDK soldier grunts]
[rapid gunfire]
[masked man groans]
[Benny strains]
[bone cracks]
[rapid gunfire]
[Gideon] So...
how is your little
kiddy show going?
- Fuck you.
- [laughs]
Bring in your men.
Clean this up.
When somebody
takes a steamy shit
in the kitchen sink...
I stop doing the dishes.
He couldn't free himself
without help.
I know what you did.
Fix this.
I already did.
Come back here!
Don't you dare
walk away from me!
[Gideon scoffs]
[gun fired]
[Basho] Piss off.
[gun fired]
[Benny strains]
[kick thrown]
[rapid gunfire]
[Basho] Benny! Benny!
[suspenseful music playing]
[gun fired]
[gun fired]
- [VDK soldier grunts]
- [gun fired]
[Boy] [VO] Okay, you soggy
cereal shit pirate.
[suspenseful music playing]
[stabs neck]
[body thuds]
[rapid punches thrown]
Mapple dabloom!
[punch gun cocks]
[gun fired, blood splatters]
Nobody fucks with my show!
[gun fired]
Golden Toe Jam.
[agonal breath]
Oh, no! Ah-ha.
[gun fired]
[groans, grunting]
[intense music playing]
[gun fired]
I'm a goddamn broadcast
miracle worker!
You know how hard it is
to get a cereal company
to sponsor mass murder?!
That was ME!
- [rapid gunfire]
- [Pineapple Pal groaning]
[rapid gunfire]
[Melanie] Ah!
[laughs] All you did
was improve my ratings.
Oh, yeah, go on.
Do it on camera.
Make me a martyr.
[TV screeches]
Where are you going? Coward!
No. No, no, no, wait.
[camera shatters]
[rope creaks, body drops]
[blood dripping]
Oh, hey, man. Nice job.
How we doing for time?
I was just thinking of
taking a quick nap.
[groans] Tough crowd.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, it's okay.
It's okay, mate.
It's okay.
Oops. I said
I'd take you to Hilda
and that's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
Remember the first thing
they try and take from you?
[Boy] [VO] Hope.
Don't you ever lose it.
Come on.
See you soon, Benny.
You know, I just...
I just realized
you don't talk much, do you?
I like it.
[blood splatters]
[rapid gunfire]
[blood splatters]
[knife clanks]
Don't look back.
Give 'em hell. Go!
[Boy] [VO] Extirpate.
To destroy every motherfucker
that gets in my way.
Give 'em hell.
[gun fired]
[Mina] [VO] Imagine
our magical perfect place.
- [blood splatters]
- [screaming]
[Mina] [VO] Can you see it?
[Gideon groaning]
[flask clanking]
Probably was expecting
a showdown, huh?
Classic boss fight.
Sorry to disappoint.
Bitch sister Melanie
shot me in the back.
And she's the nice one.
You'll need this.
They evacuated.
They're in the bunker.
That's where you'll find her.
[katana clanks]
Yeah, well.
Do what you got to do.
He helped us.
[Boy] [VO] No more
You can't just keep
killing everybody.
[Boy] [VO] You're not real.
Listen to me.
I'm your sister...
[Boy] [VO]
My sister is dead.
I don't need you anymore.
[katana clanks]
[elevator door closes]
[elevator rumbles]
[screen screeches]
Ding dong.
You have reached
your final destination.
In a few moment,
our lovely ground crew
will open the doors,
unload a flurry
of armor-piercing bullets
and shred you to pieces.
You will die alone
and forgotten.
All for nothing.
[Boy] [VO]
No. Not for nothing.
This is for her.
[emotional music playing]
[elevator beeps]
[katana clanks]
[tense, suspenseful music
[elevator door opens]
[helmet beeps]
[katana clanks]
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music]
[Boy] [VO] One purpose...
[echoing whispers]
[Boy] [VO]
One purpose only.
Kill them all...
[echoing whispers]
[Boy] [VO] To kill her.
[echoing whispers]
[Boy] [VO]
Kill Hilda Van Der Koy.
[emotional music playing]
[Hilda] It really is you,
isn't it?
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry
I didn't recognize you.
He convinced us you were dead.
Oh, but here you are.
You remember me, don't you?
It's me.
Your mother.
He did this to you.
He made you forget
what you are.
The things he must have
done to you.
I can only imagine.
[Shaman] [VO]
Is this your mother?
[slap thrown]
Your mother is dead, boy.
[slap thrown]
This is your mother.
Your mother is dead.
Hilda did this to you.
[screams in pain]
[blood splatters]
[Shaman] [VO]
Hilda killed your family.
I saved you.
[laughing evilly]
[screaming angrily]
[laughing evilly]
[Hilda] [VO] It's me.
Your mother...
[crowd applauding]
[Mina] [VO] Can you see it?
I can see it too.
[Hilda] Look at him.
This man killed your father.
Trained soldiers
to destroy our family.
He thought we were weak.
We're not weak, are we?
Are we?!
Yes, just like that.
Just like we practiced.
[Shaman] Please.
Spare the children.
[rapid gunfire]
[Hilda] [VO]
Make your family proud.
End this.
[rapid gunfire]
Kill him! Go!
It's okay. It's okay.
[Shaman straining]
[breathing heavily]
[Hilda] He used you
to orchestrate his revenge.
Turned you against me.
Against your family.
Against your own sister.
[June27 panting softly]
[Boy] [VO] Mina.
[Hilda] I did it for us.
For you.
Because I love you.
And he took you from me.
I spent years
hunting for him.
I see him everywhere I go.
He is poison, like...
like sharp embers,
scraping behind my eyes.
But tonight,
tonight was different.
He was there.
In that audience.
[suspenseful music playing]
Tell me. [slaps hard]
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
No, no, no.
He put you under his spell.
A spell that won't end
until he's dead.
Just, please. Please show me
you're still in there,
my sweet, sweet boy.
Come back to me. Please.
This isn't your brother.
Everything he once was
has been stripped away.
He's lost to us.
The Shaman wants us dead.
This is his weapon.
Deal with him accordingly.
[tense music playing]
[smashes tomahawk]
[kick thrown]
[Boy grunts]
[tomahawk clanks]
[emotional music playing]
Finish it!
[stabs tomahawk]
[blood splatters]
[body thuds]
Get them!
[rapid gunfire]
The only way out
is the way that we came in!
We've gotta make a run for it!
[Boy] [VO] Okay.
[June27 panting]
...let's do this.
[rapid gunfire]
["I Get Mine" performed by
El Michels Affair playing]
What you want
Is what you get
All this time,
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
- And I'll crack the code
- [June27 strains]
- [rapid gunfire]
- I get mine
I get mine
[rapid gunfire]
I get mine
[rapid gunfire]
[Boy] [VO] Shit!
[rapid gunfire]
[blood splatters]
[rapid gunfire]
I get mine
[rapid gunfire]
[rapid gunfire]
[shield clanking]
[rapid gunfire]
- [rapid gunfire]
- [VDK soldier grunting]
[indistinct chatter]
[June27] Come on!
[rapid gunfire]
[banging elevator door]
[elevator beeps]
[both panting]
I never stopped
looking for you.
They told me the Shaman
had killed you,
but I never stopped.
If I had my chance, none of this
would have ever happened.
[Boy] [VO] Liminal.
To exist between two states.
I hated them
for taking you away from me.
All of them.
I wanted them to suffer.
And they did.
Every last one of them.
[echoing] Hey.
Are you okay?
[electricity crackles,
elevator beeps]
[elevator pings, opening]
[water trickling]
[in sign language]
You have done well.
You got what you wanted.
She's dead.
They're all dead.
Not all of them.
[coat thuds]
Hey, motherfucker.
This ends now.
- [kick thrown]
- [Shaman groans]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [both grunting]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [grunting continues]
[blood splatters]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [grunting continues]
[helmet crackles]
[knuckles crackle]
[June27 groans]
- [kick thrown]
- [body thuds]
[helmet crackling]
Hah! [panting]
[punches and kicks thrown]
- [bone cracks]
- [June27 grunts]
- [kick thrown]
- [Boy grunts]
[punches and kicks thrown]
- [bones crack]
- [Boy grunts]
- [wet squelch]
- [Boy grunting]
- [punches thrown]
- [Shaman grunting]
- [kick thrown]
- [June27 groaning]
- [bones cracking]
- [June27 grunting]
[kick thrown]
[punches and kicks thrown]
[Shaman] Aahhh!
- [head butts thrown]
- [June27 grunts]
- [bites]
- [Boy groaning]
[punches and kicks thrown]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [both grunting]
- [kick thrown]
- [body thuds]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [helmet shatters, crackling]
[blood splatters]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [June27 grunting]
[Boy grunting]
[punches and kicks thrown]
[intense music playing]
[rips necklace]
[intense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
- [punches and kicks thrown]
- [both grunting]
[punches thrown]
[punches thrown]
[punches thrown]
[rapid body slamming]
[punches and kicks thrown]
[Shaman grunting]
[intense music playing]
- [wet squelch]
- [Boy grunting in pain]
[tense music playing]
- [wet squelch]
- [Boy grunting in pain]
[Shaman straining]
[intense music playing]
[agonal breathing]
Don't worry about me.
You know it's better this way.
You're free now. So go.
Leave all of this behind.
[Boy] [VO] I can't do that.
I made a promise.
[Boy] [VO] This time,
we're going to make it.
From now on,
we make our own rules.
Nobody tells us what to do.
I'm going to take us far away
from this totalitarian
hell hole.
[Mina] [VO] I know
we can't stay here.
But now we have something
they can't take away.
A perfect moment.
Just you and me,
here together.
If something's special enough,
you can always go back to it.
- [coin clinks]
- So let's make this special.
Are you with me?
[voice on computer] Player Two
has entered the game.
[magical music playing]
["I Get Mine" performed by
El Michels Affair playing]
What you want
Is what you get
All this time
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
And I'll crack the code
I get mine
La la
La la la la
La la la
La la la la
What you want
Is what you get
All this time
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
And I'll crack the code
I get mine
What you want
Is what you get
All this time
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
And I'll crack the code
I get mine
La la
La la la la
La la la
What you want
Is what you get
All this time
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
And I'll crack the code
I get mine
What you want
Is what you get
All this time
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
And I'll crack the code
I get mine
What you want
Is what you get
All this time
I didn't forget
I don't know
What I've been told
But I'll find my way
And I'll crack the code
I get mine
I get mine
[music ends]
[uplifting music playing]
[Frosty Puffs falls into bowl]
[milk pouring]
[June27 giggles]
[crunching continues]