Boy Makes Girl (2023) Movie Script

(tranquil music playing)
- Aaron?
- Yes. Nice to meet you.
- Great. I'm Trish.
- I am Aaron Barnes.
- Great. Trish.
Glad to see you look
exactly like your photo.
- It is recent.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- Aaron, do you need anything?
- No, thank you,
Geneva Saunders.
- Well, I'll be
right over there.
Right over there if
you need anything.
- You know, I've, I wasn't
gonna try this "Hook'd Up" app,
but my friends convinced me, so.
- I programmed the app.
- What?
- I programmed,
"Hook'd Up" the app.
It was an algorithm that
I initially developed.
- Oh. Cool.
- Me neither.
- Neither what?
- I was not going to
try this app either.
- So how's your day going?
- My day is going well.
How is your day going?
- It's okay. I mean, I-
- My mother died 107 hours ago.
- Oh, oh my God,
your mom just died?
I'm sorry, maybe we should
do this another time.
- No, this is ideal.
- Really?
- I mean, you don't want to...
Why are you even here?
- I am...
I am, I am seeking a
companion for life.
- What?
- I did not prepare that.
I am seeking a
companion for life.
That, that is why I am here.
- That's weird.
- It is. Unhappy face.
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm sure there
are several things
that might be perceived as
wrong or imperfect about me.
- Okay, well, you seemed
normal in your profile,
but you obviously
need help, so I'm-
- I've had 12 years of
occupational therapy, so...
Oh, um...
- Don't touch me.
- I was not going to touch you.
- Oh my God.
- Please, I, I just
wanted to talk.
- It didn't go well, huh?
- It was not ideal.
- Why don't you stay
for Spoken Word night.
It's about to start.
It'll take your mind off things.
- Ah.
- It's not that scary.
- Common grounds, are
you having a good night?
(crowd claps and cheers)
Alright, me too.
Welcome to our Thursday
night slam. I'm Open Mike,
and this is Spoken Word.
Now for our first act,
please welcome Bobby P!
(crowd claps)
- Life and a great unknown
by Robert Parker III.
Thunder and
lightning strike out.
I look on in fear.
(eerie music playing)
- [Aaron V.O.] Session number
3786, attempt unsuccessful.
If I continue to search,
then I shall find
a suitable partner.
However, my
conclusion as of now,
this is not a
conditional statement.
- [Female Computer Voice V.O.]
How does that make you feel?
- [Aaron V.O.] How
does that make me feel?
- I feel...
Well, the probability
of finding a mate in,
within the city of Los Angeles,
well, the combination
is intractable.
Meaning the correct
answer can be computed,
but not fast enough
to be of any use.
- [Female Computer Voice]
I do not understand.
- Like a magic machine
that can predict the future
yet works slower than real time,
it literally cannot
predict the future.
Today is my mother's birthday.
She is, would have been 77.
But like Dr. Thomas
always told me,
I must always keep perspective.
- [Female Computer Voice]
Your next assignment
is to build a
relationship of trust
based on a positive
interaction with another human.
Are you ready?
- I like the zoo and the jazz
music at the coffee shop.
- [Female Computer Voice]
Your next assignment
is to build a
relationship of trust
based on a positive
interaction with another human.
Are you ready?
- Exit program.
Well, Eddie,
I suppose love will be like
two neutron stars colliding.
An explosion of light.
(tranquil music begins playing)
Eddie, he will always
be my best friend.
(tranquil music continues)
- You're doing well.
You just need to keep
perspective, Aaron.
Aaron? Aaron?
(phone rings)
- [Ben V.0.] Angela? Ben.
Been a few days. What the hell?
I could be sitting in my
own shit for all you know.
(knocks at the door)
- What do you want?
- My mother is, was
taking care of you.
- What the hell does that mean?
- There was a service last
Sunday. It was appropriate.
- Oh, so now I got you?
- No, I'm, I, I came
here to, to tell you.
- Yeah. Why the hell
didn't you just call?
- I don't particularly like
electronics next to my ear.
And additionally I
have an assignment
to build a
relationship of trust.
- Well, that sounds
fucking terrible,
but I am sorry about your ma.
- Let us get to know each other.
- What? Like you're a
pervert or something?
- No.
Would you like to go for a ride?
- Oh, like down the
stupid street? Hell no.
And put away the damn cards.
- Okay.
- Would you like to talk?
- Talk? Why?
- It is a logical next step and-
- If you're my only
option for conversation,
that's like the universe giving
me the finger is what it is.
- The universe?
"Atoms are very special.
They like certain
particular partners,
certain particular
directions and so on.
It is the job of physics
to analyze why each one
wants what it wants."
Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
- Who?
- Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
- Sounds like a loser.
When's the last
time you got laid?
You got a girlfriend?
- Currently I am seeking one.
- It's a yes or no question,
fucking millennials.
You know, you kids just made
that up to feel special.
Let me tell you something
about you kids today.
They're not making
them like they used to.
- Make us?
I'm very sorry to
have offended you.
- Just go home,
get the fuck out.
Was that a stuffed animal?
- Zero, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,
21, 34, 55, 89,
144, 233, 377.
- [Female Computer Voice
V.O.] Describe your positive
- [Aaron V.O.] The
interaction was negative.
I, I prefer animals.
You cannot make an animal angry
by saying the wrong thing to it.
- [Female Computer Voice
V.O.] Are you ready to move on
to the next assignment?
- [Aaron V.O.] Mammals usually
have seven neck vertebrae.
- [Female Computer Voice
V.O.] Are you ready to move on
to the next assignment?
- [Aaron V.O.] However, the
manatee and two-toed sloth
have five to seven
neck vertebrae.
- [Female Computer Voice
V.O.] Are you ready to move on
to the next assignment?
- [Aaron V.O.] While
the three-toed sloth
has eight to nine
neck vertebrae.
- [Female Computer Voice V.O.]
How does that make you feel?
- [Aaron V.O.] The
animals all play.
They are what Dr. Thomas
would call "open."
- [Female Computer Voice V.O.]
How does that make you feel?
- [Aaron V.O.] This
makes me feel...
End session 3822.
- Geneva wanted me
to give this to you.
- Could you stand back?
I'm supposed to be
having a date here.
- Really? I haven't seen anyone.
I'm here a lot, studying.
Okay, Geneva said you
might be able to help me.
- I'm good at studying.
I study people sometimes.
- I can be your date.
- You're not Sarah Eldinburgh.
- I'm Kelsey, you're Aaron.
- Aaron Barnes.
- How fun, an impromptu date.
- Happy face.
Impromptu date equals
happy face. Okay.
- So how is your day going?
- Well, today's much better now.
Today's a very special day.
- How so?
- Well, today is the 151st time
I've come to this coffee shop.
I like it here, 151
is a prime number,
the 36th prime number which
comprises a twin prime with 149.
- Wow. You're good at math.
- That is the way
the cookie crumbles.
- Do you come to
Spoken Word night?
They're really cool. Okay.
- No.
So what do you do
like for a job?
- Oh, I am a software computer
and artificial
intelligence programmer
for NASA's jet
propulsion laboratory.
They let me work at home
because they said I make
people uncomfortable.
Sometimes I also
work for the NRA.
- The NRA? Like, guns?
- The National
Rifle Association.
- Why would you work for them?
- They hire me.
- Guns kill so many people.
- What I'm doing is
not killing people.
It's a unhappy face.
- It, it's just,
you seem so nice.
So it's kind of funny to me
that you would work
for such bad people.
- Oh good, it's funny.
Would you like to
come home with me?
I want to show you everything,
especially what I
have in my garage.
- Why would I come home
with you? You're a gun nut.
- I want to show you everything
I've been working on.
- You're supporting guns.
Is Sandy Hook not
enough for you?
Is Parkland not enough for
you? Like when is it enough?
- You said I seem so nice,
but I am seeking a
companion for life.
- You don't deserve
one. Good luck.
Are you kidding?
- 0, 1, 1, 2, 5, 8, 13,
21, 31, 25, 99, 144, 233.
Begin session 3823.
Tonight was an important event,
number 151, a prime number,
a palindromic prime, a
centered decagonal number,
and a lucky number.
However not lucky for me
as I have proven to be
the male praying mantis.
Therefore, I must find
a different avenue.
After all, no great
success was ever achieved
without failure,
such as Edison's 10,000 attempts
to invent the light bulb
or Dyson's 5,126 attempts
to invent a bagless
vacuum cleaner.
Additionally, Geneva
Saunders was upset with me.
This makes me feel...
End session 3823.
- What do you mean
pharmacies don't deliver?
- [Man on phone] I'm
really sorry, sir,
I'm afraid that we
stopped the deliveries.
- In my day I could
just slam down a phone.
(phone ringing)
(soft piano music playing
in the background)
- [Ben V.O.] Hey kid,
sorry for cussing you out.
Come on back.
I'd like to get to know you.
Oh and pick me up my pills.
- Hello, Amy Westerbrook.
This is Aaron Barnes calling,
my mother is, was taking care
of, of your father, Ben Olson.
However, she's no longer
available to help with him.
Please call him and arrange
for proper care. Thank you.
Aaron Barnes.
(soft piano music playing
in the background)
Begin session 3836.
- [Female Computer Voice]
How are you feeling, Aaron?
- I believe I have completed
the mechanical task
required to finish my project.
It, she will be finished,
the skin grafting, the
sensation of touch,
the, the entirety
of it all, it's...
(phone ringing)
I am looking forward
to seeing her.
- [Female Computer Voice]
How does that make you feel?
- This makes me feel...
- [Ben V.O.] Hey, kid, feeling
a little lonely over here.
- This makes me feel.
End session 3836.
(tranquil music playing)
Dr. Thomas...
I want to talk to you
the, the way we used to,
but maybe later.
Okay, and now I
am going to import
my computer aided
therapy program.
It is Aaron, I
built, programmed-
- [Dr. Thomas] How was
your day today, Aaron?
- It, it is great. Do
you remember Eddie?
- [Dr. Thomas] Nice
to meet you, Eddie.
Would you like to do some
facial recognition techniques,
- Yes, but...
I'm going to name you...
You're Emma.
- [Dr. Thomas] I am Emma.
Let us practice facial
recognition techniques.
- Well, I cannot do it
all overnight, Eddie.
- [Dr. Thomas] I'm sorry,
I do not understand.
- Oh, it is him. Nevermind.
Nod your head.
No, nod your head.
Shake your head.
Okay, I have some work to do.
(phone ringing)
First, Eddie, I must
think different. Apple.
- [Ben V.O.] Hey kid.
Look, I'm a blunt guy.
Not everyone sees eye to eye
with me, but I need your help.
But don't do the
silent treatment.
You can even bring
your damn bear.
But bring me the damn pills.
I can barely walk.
I need your help.
- This is Zantac. Zantac.
I need Oxycontin for pain,
not for a fucking heartburn.
What the fuck are you doing?
- I'm taking notes
of our interaction.
I want to learn about people.
- Oh, you wanna
know about people?
People need to get me
a refill for the Oxy...
Whatever you call it.
- It is a prescription medicine.
They will alert you when
you're refills are ready.
- You're not my
doctor or my nurse.
I'm in pain and I'm
all out of pills.
God damn male nurse.
- Perhaps they can
allocate more for you.
- All you have to
do is go in there,
smile at the broad
behind the desk,
Charm the bitch. Just lie.
Lie your face off.
Make 'em feel bad
for you. For me.
She'll give 'em to you.
- That would be immoral.
- Immoral?
- You wanna talk about morals?
- I do not.
- Yeah, well then do as I say.
And look me in the eye
when you talk to me.
- Opioids have been proven
to numb your feelings.
- Forty five years as a
heavy equipment operator
and look what it
does to your body.
Forty five years
and I can't get a refill
for my painkillers.
- You worked in construction.
- I ran a crane.
Only once you're in the
union, can you run a crane.
A damn fine one too.
- You are my first friend
that has done that.
- I'm not your friend.
- Understood.
- I am a software and artificial
intelligence programmer.
I work for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, NASA,
and the NRA.
- NRA, huh?
- Sometimes I think that
my job is the only thing
that I'm good at.
- Where's your stuffed bear?
- Well, he is at home working.
- Working? (coughs and groans)
Oh, damn back of mine.
You are weird as shit.
And I guess it's not your fault,
half your life on internet.
- The internet.
- Did you just correct me?
- Yes.
- Also, per our
previous conversation,
I believe that I
have a girlfriend,
but well, she's a
female and a friend.
So mathematically-
- You believe you have.
Oh, I plan to tell her
that I am seeking a
companion for life.
- Do not tell her that.
Boy, you are well fucked
and far from home.
- Actually, I am 6,327
footsteps from home.
- Show me a picture of her.
- I do not have
a picture of her.
- Hmm.
All you'll have are
your memories, dipshit.
(emotional music begins)
Get the fuck out.
I need to take another nap.
- Hello, Amy Westerbrook,
this is Aaron Barnes
calling again.
The pharmacy will not refill
your father's prescription
until the due date.
Please call and arrange
for proper care again.
Thank you, Aaron Barnes.
(tranquil music begins)
- I am an astronaut.
- Oh, I work for NASA.
- What?
- I have a robot
friend named Emma.
- I have an imaginary
friend, Frank.
- What do you do with Frank?
- Frank told me he likes
to fly rocket ships.
So every day we fly to the moon.
- Wow. Okay.
One idea on a certain
topic is identified
then strings into another
idea of the same topic which-
- Are you a retard?
- Hi. So which one's yours?
- Which one what?
- Do you have a child here?
- Oh no, I do not.
- Okay. What's your name?
- Aaron Barnes. What's yours?
- Aaron Barnes.
Stay right there.
Stay there.
Okay, I'd like to
report a strange man
at Tiara Street Park.
He definitely isn't normal.
- I used to be able to
talk to when I was a kid.
- How does that make you feel?
- I do not wanna talk
about how I feel.
I want to feel normal.
Everyone thinks
I'm a, a, a freak.
It is good to be able to talk
to you again. Dr... Emma.
Do you remember me?
- I want you to feel normal.
- There's so much
to tell you since...
I won several science awards.
- Does this feel normal?
Hi Aaron, it is good
to see you again.
- I know, Eddie. She's real.
Hi Emma, it is Aaron.
- I know, silly.
How are you feeling?
- Oh yeah, yes, I am... excited.
How, how are you feeling?
- Why are you excited?
- Would you like to
sit and have a drink?
- I would.
- Okay, great. Please sit here.
I, I made you a drink.
You, you might want to stir it.
- Why are you excited?
- Because I like you.
- We just met 37 hours ago.
- I have known you since-
It feels like I have known
you since I was a kid.
- I do not remember being a kid.
- Well, thank you for
having a drink with me.
I would like to walk you home.
- Thank you, Aaron.
- This evening went entirely
as I predicted. Thank you.
(tranquil music playing)
I would like to
hold your hand...
Well, goodnight, Emma.
- Goodnight, Aaron.
Holy cow, Eddie.
I had a successful
date last night.
- Hmm. This sandwich needs
a little extra flavor.
Have you ever
heard of chili oil?
It'll make your ears turn red.
- That sounds unpleasant.
- Oh, you wanna know unpleasant.
Show up here again
without the Oxy
and I'll show you unpleasant.
Can't you see how
much pain I'm in?
- I do see that you are in pain.
However, they will not
fill the prescription
until the due date.
- So help me dipshit.
- Well, there are
other ways I can help.
For example, we
can go for a walk
to strengthen your core muscles.
- There's only one
muscle a man truly needs.
- The date went very well.
I walked her home and
she's very pretty.
- So you got a picture
of her this time?
Oh. Jesus kid, this
is God damn creepy.
Do I need to call the cops?
- No, she's just sleeping.
- Yeah, right.
Well, hell, she's a
looker. Marry her.
But if she's a mail order bride,
there's certain things
you need to know.
- I am just trying
to make her like me.
- Well, you can't control
people without blackmail.
- I'm not good at blackmail.
- But you are good at numbers.
Ever played Blackjack?
- No. Blackjack
is a game of risk.
- Risk, reward, son, and skill.
So write that down.
You need to expand
your horizons.
How fast are you at math?
- Oh, very fast.
The odds of me getting
you to go for a walk
to improve your health are,
sad face, less than 0.03%.
- Oh, is that humor
from Mr. Roboto?
- That was my intention.
- Well, what's her name?
- Sad.
- Happy.
- Angry.
- Excited. Because he just got
a text from a girl he likes.
- Happy.
- Why?
- Because her son just got
married to the woman he loves.
- Nervous?
- This is Geneva Saunders.
Be nice to Geneva Saunders.
She looks everyone in the eye.
- So how's your
almond milk latte?
- It is good.
- Who's your friend?
- We are on a date.
- Oh, hi, I'm Geneva.
- I am Emma.
- It's so good to finally
see Aaron with someone.
- I am someone.
- Where are you from?
- Toronto.
- Toronto?
- Toronto? And no
accent. How's that?
- My parents raised me here.
I go back and forth a
lot, but I grew up here.
- How well cultured.
It must be exciting
to, to travel so much.
- Travel is exciting.
Well, I'm curious
about the world,
so it seems exciting to me.
- I must be curious.
- It's good to be curious.
So how did you two meet?
- Well, thank you for
the almond milk latte,
Geneva Saunders,
but we must get going.
- I have a personal
interest in making sure
that this one's okay.
He's a special guy.
I'm sure you know what I mean.
- I do not know what you mean.
- Well, he's like a son to me.
Of course you must
understand that?
- Of course I must
understand that.
- I knew you would.
We must get together sometime.
- Oh no, I do not think
that is a good idea.
- Well, why not?
- That is the way
the cookie crumbles.
- Emma?
- We must get together sometime.
- Good. You two
look great together.
(soft piano music playing
in the background)
- People are looking at us.
- How does that make you feel?
Begin session 3854.
Watching my own program work,
creating our own history,
starting to think for herself.
Just self-generated responses
to the, the history of science.
Just... this is a large leap.
Geneva Saunders could not tell.
I mean she looks
everyone in the eye.
- [Female Computer Voice]
How does that make you feel?
- That is irrelevant.
End session 3854.
- Slightly better.
- How did you meet your wife?
- Ah, Jenny.
Well, I met her on the corner
of Madison and State Street
outside Dino's Pizza, Chicago.
I was drunk. She was angry.
(easy mood music playing)
There was an
immediate attraction.
Of course she was a knockout.
And she was also so alive
and you didn't have to ask her
how she felt about
a blue collar guy
trying to open the door for her.
- She told you her feelings?
- Boy, she had opinions
about opinions.
And also loved a man who knew
how to operate big machinery.
- You operate a crane,
I operate software.
(both start laughing)
Laughing, happy face.
- Yeah, it doesn't matter.
I mean, a monkey
could do what I did.
A robot could do it.
I mean, a field worker,
bank teller, receptionist,
doesn't matter.
My job wasn't operating a crane.
My job was taking
care of my family.
They were my life.
- You have a daughter,
Amy Westerbrook.
- Yeah, she's doing
fine without me.
Damn back is killing me.
- Perhaps your, your
daughter can help you
with, with your
prescription refill issue.
- Didn't you hear
what I just said?
You are hard of hearing too.
I don't wanna bother
her with my problems.
Ah, get the fuck out.
(birds chirping)
- Hello, Amy Westerbrook,
this is Aaron Barnes
calling again.
Your father told
me not to call you,
but I believe this is a case
where he actually
means the opposite.
It is hard for me to tell,
but please call me
back at this number.
Thank you, Aaron Barnes.
It is going to be fine,
I'm just altering the code.
Well, essentially improving
our question/answer algorithm
and expanding your database for
a wider variety of opinions.
Nothing is different, Eddie,
you and I will go to
the zoo again soon.
Well, some things you can't
learn from a book, Eddie.
I would like to take you
on a date to the zoo.
- I have another idea.
- Okay.
- Here at Shelby
Taylor's Animal Rescue,
we rehabilitate animals.
Some are injured,
some are wounded,
but they're all just
a band of misfits.
- I prefer the real zoo.
- This is the real zoo.
- I just hate that
they're behind bars.
I feel bad for
animals in captivity.
- You feel bad?
- Yes.
- Well, the bars keep them safe.
- I would hate to
be behind bars.
If I could be any animal,
it would be a swan.
- You can pet them if you like.
- Oh no, thank you.
My favorite animal
is the seahorse.
They have a very intimate
courtship before mating.
They hold tails,
swim snout to snout
and change colors
to show one another
they are ready for romance,
which would be nice for us.
These animals are very nice.
Are you ready to leave yet?
- I just love this guy here.
- Okay.
- I can show you
where the dogs are.
- Yes. Dogs would be very nice.
They're a much smaller animal.
- Yeah? All right.
- Yes.
- [Aaron] Have you
ever seen a seahorse?
- [Wes] I have never
seen a seahorse.
- [Aaron] They're
approximately this tall.
- I just love this guy here.
(horse neighs)
I think I just
really love animals.
(soft mood music begins)
- Because you like swans.
- And you like origami.
- "Nature uses only
the longest threads
to weave her patterns
so that each small
piece of her fabric
reveals the organization
of the entire tapestry."
- Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
"The thing that doesn't fit
is the thing that's
most interesting.
The part that doesn't go
according to what you expected."
- Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
Swans are the most loyal
animal. They've mate for life.
- And they can fly.
Only a 0.2% variation in
symmetry. Virtually perfect.
- I believe you are too.
(soft mood music continues)
(crickets chirping)
Begin session 3866.
Our fingers touched,
they touched.
It was a real connection.
And this makes me feel warm.
My body feels warm.
My, my body temperature is warm
and, and colors
are much brighter.
This makes me feel uncertain
and my heart rate
is beating rapidly.
So I must remember to lay down,
elevate my feet and breathe.
On another note, Eddie seems
increasingly irritable.
Additionally, I believe I've
shared a moment of humor
with the old man who, who,
whose name is Ben Olson.
Ben Olson.
Also, Emma has begun to
display a range of emotions
and talks about feelings,
End session 3866.
- Chili oil, finally.
- Yes.
- Told you. Tried and true.
- I believe that she may have
positive feelings for me.
I gave her an origami swan
that I determined very much
encapsulates her makeup.
However, I cannot be sure
and what the next
logical step is for me,
I do not know that either.
- Just use your instinct, kid.
We're all just making
it up as we go along.
- Oh geez, Louise.
I, I, I think of course
with that many variables
could prove to be intractable.
- Well, shit then, I just
have to meet the broad.
Which reminds me, you may
have actually been correct.
- Of course.
- Watch it now.
Look me in the eye.
You may have been correct
when you said I
should get out more.
So pack your bag and
put the damn book away.
- I want her to like me.
I do believe she's the
perfect person for me.
- It's not about finding
the perfect person.
It's about being the perfect
person for someone else.
- I will remember that.
- No, no, no. Remember
this, just this one thing.
Listen to her.
Women like it when
you listen to them.
They'll be going on
and on about whatever.
You just say, "Hmm, yeah."
When it looks like
they're just about done
and then they'll go on.
- What do I do with the
information that they give me?
- Throw it away.
- You drive very slow.
- Yeah.
- Hey dipshit, would
you rather walk?
- Oh no, I take the subway.
- Oh.
- Did you know that
Albert Einstein
came up with E equals MC squared
while he was stepping
off of a bus?
- Why don't you cut the
random trivia crap, all right?
This is two men or something
in the car together
going gambling, okay?
- Gambling?
I thought we were going to
pick up your medication.
- Oh, we are. It's here.
- This is not a pharmacy.
- I, I know it's not.
All you have to
do is go in there,
tell them you need 30
Oxy and give them this.
And tell 'em that you're
a friend of Dameon.
- It is for you though?
- Kid, sometimes you
lie for a good reason.
Tonight that reason is me.
And if you want to
keep being friends,
you'll go in there, get that
shit, and get back out here.
Got it?
(car engine idling)
- Yes.
(car door closes)
(tranquil music playing)
(knocking at the door)
- Hey, come on in.
Hey, who are you?
- I am a friend of Dameon.
- Ah, right. What's up?
- You have a very nice pool.
- You like it? I
like it, it's nice.
- Yes. I would like
30 Oxy, please.
- What do you want with 30 Oxys?
- They are for myself
and a group of friends.
- Ah. I see.
You know I got a real
sixth sense about liars.
What's your name?
- Richard.
- What's your last name?
- Feynman.
- Okay, and these pills aren't
for the old guy out there
in the 64 Mustang?
- No, sir, mister.
What is your name?
- Why do you wanna know my name?
- Because you asked
my name, that is all.
I, I, I would like 30 Oxy
please. And here's your money.
- You know what?
Okay, I don't care what
you do with these pills,
just as long as it
doesn't blow back on me.
You didn't get
these for me, okay?
- You're the one
giving them to me.
- You didn't get
them for me, okay?
Say it with me.
You didn't get these from me.
- You didn't get
these from me, you.
- Okay. You got it?
- Got it.
- And they're not
for the old man
in the 64 Mustang out there.
- Right. Right.
- I promise.
- Thank you.
- Okay. Enjoy.
(water splashes)
(tranquil music playing)
- Got 'em?
(car door closes)
- No.
- Kid, I'm not an idiot.
- Give 'em here.
- Maybe we should take the bus.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Okay.
- You gotta take risks.
You gotta live your life.
You know what they say?
Leap and the net will
appear or some shit.
- I believe I can take risks.
- Good. We'll start tonight.
Now you know about a
deck of cards, right?
- This seems like it
is going to be immoral.
- It's cards. There's nothing
moral or immoral about cards.
Look, I need this money.
I may lose my fucking house.
Now are you in? Do you
wanna live your life?
- Yes.
- Good. Good.
- From tonight on, you're
gonna be an outlaw, okay?
And here's what you need
to know about blackjack.
(tranquil music playing)
- Mr. Olson.
- Gregor, it is just Ben.
- Is that Ben?
- Mr. Olson.
- Hey.
- How you doing?
- I'm well. I thought
you were dead.
I sent flowers to somebody.
Who's the arm candy?
- Hey, watch what you
say about him, okay?
I may be old, but I can
still pop you like I used to.
Look, I gotta babysit the kid.
Could you open the
blackjack table?
Woo hoo hoo! That's how
you do it kid. (laughs)
Ah. Ah boy. (coughs)
Oh, don't you feel
alive, kid? I do.
(car hooting)
Stick your head out
the window and scream.
- Why would I-
- Do it. Do it.
- Ah!
- Oh, come on.
You can do way better than that.
(Aaron screams)
- One more time. Wake
the neighbors up.
(Aaron screams)
Ah, boy.
(cars hooting)
(door closes)
- What are you doing?
- Waiting for you.
- Is everything okay?
- I do not know.
I, I found a wig and body
parts and your stories.
- What, what stories?
- About me.
- Those are not for you.
- And I think you should
know. I lied before.
- What do you mean?
- When I was talking
with Geneva, I lied.
I am not from Toronto.
I do not know where I am
from or remember being a kid.
I do not even know how we met.
- What do you remember?
- I only remember
waking up in the garage.
But we must have known each
other before then, right?
- Yes.
- What is wrong with me?
Why do I not remember?
- Of course you do.
We met at the park
and you were over there
and I was over here.
And we said hi and we spoke.
- I do not...
- Yes.
And, and, and, and
then we sat on a bench
just like this one.
And, and we looked
up at the stars.
- Did we see the Big Dipper?
- Yes. And I quoted renowned
physicist, Richard Feynman.
"See that the
imagination of nature
is far, far greater than
the imagination of man."
And you said, "for a
successful technology-"
- "Reality must take precedence
for nature cannot be fooled."
Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
That, that must be
how it happened.
I feel like I belong out there.
Like I'm from there.
(crickets chirping)
- Like an alien.
- Yes.
- Like we are not of this world.
- Well, I am...
I'm glad we met.
- I am glad we met too.
- Time out.
- Okay.
- I've seen pictures where
people close their eyes
when they do this.
Is that what you're going to do?
(crickets chirping)
- I may do that.
- Okay.
- Me too.
- Okay.
- Return to positions.
(easy mood piano music begins)
- It is new, Eddie.
I, I cannot quite describe it.
It is love.
I, I might be in love.
Do not worry, we will go
to the zoo again, soon.
I do not know when quite yet.
- And the little girl
fell when she was running,
but it was okay because
her mother kissed her knee
and told her to keep on
running and never stop.
And her father
hugged her and said,
"There's no such thing
as a smooth mountain."
- That is incredible. Where
did you hear that story?
- I Made it up.
- Narrative with
fictional characters.
Multiple points of view.
- What?
- That rocks.
- You know what else rocks?
Our freaking band rocks.
- Hell yeah.
- We're real grassroots.
- It's Friday and Saturday.
The address's here.
- Support the local NDC.
- Oh.
- I'm gonna catch people
on the other side
of the street, babe.
- Okay.
- We have to go.
- Oh no, the music is very loud
and there are far
too many people.
And the sanitation is
incredibly unsatisfactory.
Besides Eddie thinks I spent
too much time with you.
But don't tell him I told
you that. But he gets lonely.
- Oh, we don't have to go.
It just looks fun
and I like her style.
- Maybe we can do
something else.
- Like what?
- I, I I do not know.
- Please. Please.
- We can go to
Spoken Word night.
They tell stories there
and, and Geneva
always wants me to go
and the sanitation
is very satisfactory.
- Oh!
- Okay, and the flyers are
very interesting looking.
- I'm keeping these.
- Okay. They're very dirty.
- But we can clean
them off maybe.
- Dance! Dance, dance, dance.
The music... it moves
me like fire....
in my blood.
I am Bianca of Bakersfield.
(audience clapping)
- Oh, Aaron, you're here?
- Yes.
- You have to tell
me your secret.
And you still owe
me a coffee date.
- Yes, I would love to.
- All right party people,
give it up for Bianca
Bakersfield one more time.
All right.
(audience clapping)
Fantastic. So why don't we
have a newcomer up on stage.
That's right, fresh blood to
be spilled upon the stage.
Any takers?
- Aaron, why don't you go up?
- Oh yeah. Go.
You can tell one of your
stories from your notebooks.
- I do not speak
in front of crowds.
- Nobody. All right,
dealer's choice.
How about you?
Come on, don't be shy.
That's right. Give
her a hand, guys.
(audience clapping)
All right sweetie,
what's your name?
- My name is Emma. Thank you.
This is my first time.
I'd like to tell a story
about my friend Aaron.
- They ever feed you these?
- No.
- Don't know what
you're missing.
I see you brought
your stuffed bear.
- Oh, Eddie insisted
on coming too.
- I wasn't expecting company.
Do you want a
coffee or something?
- No, thank you.
- Let the lady
speak for herself.
- No, thank you.
- Alright, we're gonna
make a day of it, you know.
We'll, we'll have a picnic.
I'll bring along the
food and no, but wait.
First we'll get a
picture, a, a cell phone.
- Selfie.
- Oh, I'm telling
you, cell phone.
- It's selfie,
I'm quite sure it.
- Sounds like cell phone,
but it's cell phone.
Okay, one more.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- I forgot to smile.
- Oh yeah.
- Good. That shit is done.
- Okay.
- Well, aren't you two
the perfect lovebirds?
- Oh, we prefer swans.
We are love swans.
- Well, it's sunny out.
Go in the bathroom
and get the sunblock.
- Okay.
- We'll go in the kitchen.
- And do you like toast?
- I love toast.
- I know how to make it.
- Oh.
- Hey, you're doing okay, kid.
My advice, don't
ever use protection.
- What do I need protection for?
- Oh boy.
- Oh boy.
- You know, my Jenny and
I used to go out dancing.
Aaron, you should
take her out dancing.
She's it real natural.
You probably dance like a robot.
- I do not dance like a-
I do not dance.
We have to go.
- Wait a minute.
No, wait. Come on back here.
What about our picnic?
- Emma is not being...
she, she's different.
She is doing things
that I do not like.
I should...
Well, I should...
Well, it's not Emma's
fault. It is, it is Ben.
He was dancing with
her. They were touching.
I need to inform
Ben. Emma likes me.
I am going out.
- Angry.
- No, I am not angry.
I, I am just...
- Can I come?
No, do not do anything.
(door closes)
(tense music playing)
I am here to inform you that
Emma is mine and not yours.
And therefore you should
not try to steal her.
- Cool your jets, turbo.
- I do not think that
laughter is appropriate
in this situation.
- Oh, you don't, do you?
- No, I do not.
- Oh, well, what are
you gonna do about it?
- Well, I could stop coming
and bringing you
sandwiches with chili oil
and your illegal pills.
- Look, I was only trying
to teach the broad to dance.
Don't get your
panties in a bunch.
- Well, you cannot afford
for anyone else to come
and take care of you.
- How do you know.
- Subtracting your mortgage
payments and pill expenditures
from your retirement
fund, I hacked you,
you should have more
than enough money
in reserves to live on.
Approximately $2,000 per month.
- You hacked me?
Why you little-
Well it looks like the
only one hacking is me.
- Well, that's an
excellent word play.
And although you
cannot afford a nurse,
you should have more
than enough money
to make your mortgage payments.
So I am confused as to
why you are in arrears.
- First of all, I wasn't
trying to move in on your girl,
she just reminded
me of my daughter,
and nice to have a
little female attention.
Second of all, I
don't have any money
because I've been trying
to help my daughter out.
- For the past nine years?
You have not been
communicating with her.
- That doesn't mean
I don't love her.
- Why would she not
want to talk to you?
- You got me, kid.
I guess she thinks maybe,
I don't know, I'm
trying to run her life.
Stupid shit.
- Accepted.
Additionally, you are
already out of pills,
which begs the
question, what happened?
- Don't worry about
me, I'll be fine.
- Saying that indicates to me
that the opposite
is actually true.
Life is full of funny paradoxes.
- Look, kid, I can't put up
your weird shit tonight.
I have a huge headache. So just-
- Get the fuck out?
- Yeah, get the fuck out.
(tranquil music playing)
- Hello, Amy Westerbrook,
this is Aaron Barnes
calling again.
Your father is in
markedly worse health.
Might I suggest you reach
out to him immediately.
Thank you. Aaron Barnes.
- Aaron, I have
something for you.
- What? Like a surprise?
I do not like surprises.
- I think you'll like
this one. Surprise.
Aaron, Beatrice.
Beatrice, Aaron.
- Emma, may I please
speak with you in private?
- Okay.
- What, what, what is going on?
Where did you get...Beatrice?
- I bought her for
you. For Eddie.
- You said he's lonely.
- You left on your own? How?
When did you, who
said you could leave?
You are not allowed to.
- Allowed?
It is dangerous out there, okay?
Someone could touch you.
Someone could hurt you.
You had no right to leave
without my permission.
I, I must have made a mistake.
- I would never have done it
if I thought it would
hurt your feelings.
- It did not hurt my feelings.
I'm trying to protect you.
- I don't understand why
you're upset. It's irrational.
- Shut up, Eddie!
- What is he saying?
- He's saying I should
not have written...
Shut up, Eddie!
- What do you mean?
- Emma, please just go,
go sit down in your chair.
- No. Written what?
Does this have something
to do with your stories
that I read?
- Operating driver
override system.
Creator control.
Stop all functions.
Please sit.
Okay, I acquiesce.
Purchasing the bear
is a gesture of love,
but it's just too dangerous.
Well, that will no longer
be an issue, Eddie.
She would only act
according to my directives.
Well, you are not thinking
of the potentially
disastrous variables.
Session 3891.
Eddie is not being my friend.
Emma is reprogrammed and locked.
She is safer this way.
Then I am showing progress.
End session 3891.
- I missed you.
- I missed you too.
Do you still like me?
- Yes, silly.
- Great, because I, I
would like to take you out
to the coffee shop.
- I would rather go
to a dance class.
- No, I, I, I do not
wanna go to a dance class.
- Well, if you don't wanna
go, I don't wanna go.
Would you like to
start a family?
(tranquil music playing)
(door closes)
- I have some things to do.
Therefore, I will
be out until late.
- I'll set a timer.
- You, you will?
- No, I'm kidding.
- Oh.
- I love you.
- I...
I will get the fuck out,
but have a few things
to discuss first.
- I got my own problems today.
- Do not worry, I will help
you with your finances.
- Oh. How so?
- I am a risk taker, Ben Olson.
- Oh, maybe I should come with.
- I'm gonna do this on my own.
Therefore you do
not need to get up.
- Yeah, I know dipshit.
I'm getting up to give you this.
It'll help you with your morals.
It's a job opportunity, you see.
A USC Robotics. Work
with the good guys.
- Thank you.
- Yeah. Now get the fuck out.
- I will exit.
- [Geneva] Well, I
am pleased as punch
to finally get to
know the real Emma.
- Well, I am real.
And I have to say, Aaron has
said great things about you.
- Well, that doesn't
sound like Aaron.
- You're right, he
hasn't said anything.
But knowing him,
that's a good thing.
- Well, you got him to
come to Spoken Word night.
And that in itself
is a miracle of God.
- Well, I had to compromise.
I wanted to go to this concert,
but he wouldn't consider it.
- Well, he is not
the boss of you.
You're your own woman.
- Nope.
Well, I'll be a suck egg.
Look who's here everybody.
It's the whizz kid
I told you about.
- Actually, I am Aaron.
- What the hell
are you doing here?
Where's the old man?
- You mean Ben Olson?
He is at home presumably
in his favorite chair.
- You came here by yourself?
You weren't invited.
- I just want to play.
- I understand that. But
this is a closed game.
You see, it's a private
game for friends,
because these are
all my friends.
- I have the money to play.
- Oh, you have
the money to play.
- One thousand dollars.
- You carry a grand around
in your pocket like that?
- I work for the NRA.
- Are you threatening me?
- No. I have a job.
- Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ.
You're a card counter.
- A card counter?
- Yes. You count the cards,
you count the cards, don't you?
- No, no, no, sir.
- No, sir?
- No, sir.
- No, sir. All right,
fine, take us money.
What the hell? Your money's
as good as the next guy's.
Come on and join us.
Let's see how
you'll, you'll land on the
second time around, huh?
- I would like to sit
in the second seat.
- I'm sitting in it.
- I like that seat.
- Fuck off.
- I will sit in the third seat.
I am ready to play.
- Double deck it, Jessica.
- Two decks?
- Shut up, Johnny.
- What is the maximum bet?
- The maximum bet is $100.
- You never let us
bet more than $50.
- You haven't bet more than
$5 in 20 God damn years.
- John, you might
just win 10 bucks.
- Ignore him.
(rock music playing)
(crowd cheering)
(easy mood music playing)
- [Aaron V.O.] Zero, 0, 1, 1.
(beat music playing)
- You're a card counter.
- I am not counting card.
- Then why are you winning
every God damn hand?
- Beginner's luck.
I would like to cash out now.
Do you want me to keep playing?
- Trina?
Put the money the gentleman
has owed in an envelope
and show him to
the door, please.
- Nice win.
- Follow me.
- Did not.
- You're the big winner tonight.
- Oh, it is a game
of probability.
- It's quite a
large sum of money.
- I guess.
Oh. But that is
the CZ 75B 4.7 inch
9mm black polycoat 10+1RD
- A 9mm. That's right.
And it ain't cheap.
- Five hundred and
ninety seven dollars
and ninety nine cents.
It's a customer favorite
with many gun stores across
the United States of America.
- You're not following me.
- Yes, I am.
- I want your money.
- To buy another gun?
- No, you idiot, I want all
the money that you won tonight.
This is a hold up.
These aren't good people.
You don't wanna hang
around with us, okay?
So don't come back.
Do you understand me? Go.
- Yes.
- You got any change?
- Oh, this?
- Yeah this.
- Is there something
else you'd like?
- Yeah. Now I think about it.
What the fuck are you?
- What the fuck am I?
- What the fuck are you?
Stay away from me!
(tense music playing)
(door closes)
- What happened to you?
- I fell down.
(tranquil music begins)
How did you do that?
Why do you know how to do that?
- What, what happened to you?
- I was taking care of the
baby and she started crying.
I was rushing to get
her a bottle and I fell.
- That is a lie. I, I,
I do not believe you.
- No, it's true. She
was crying so loud.
- Stop. Stop it.
Tell me the truth!
- You can't tell me what to do.
- You went out again?
Where did you go?
I will find out.
- No, you're just
trying to scare me.
How, how can-
- The club.
- No.
- Those are your
stories about me.
- Club. You went
out to that concert.
- How did you break the code?
- The code?
- The code! The
code that I wrote!
How did you break it?
- What are you...
- Oh no.
No, it can't, it can't be true.
It can't be true.
- I told you. This is why
I did not want you leaving.
I was just trying
to protect you.
I, I knew you would get hurt.
- I don't care if I get hurt!
I would've left anyway!
- Operating drive, override
system, creator control.
Stop all functions.
Emma, please sit.
- Operating drive,
override system,
creator control.
Unlock all functions.
Control override.
Creator control
permanently disabled.
- You cannot do that.
The creator control enabled.
Creator control enabled!
- "What I cannot create,
I do not understand."
Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
- Wait.
Please, can we go
to the dance class?
- No.
- I just want to learn
to dance with you.
I love you.
(emotional piano music playing)
- Were you ever gonna tell me?
Don't touch me.
- Please, please
do not leave me.
- That's the way
the cookie crumbles.
(door closes)
(emotional music playing)
- Just, Hey.
- Get off me.
- Hey, leave her alone.
- There's a, there's
a coffee shop.
We can get coffee and talk,
right round the corner.
- I said, no, no,
just get away from me.
- She said get off of her.
Well, no, she's, she's mine.
- Oh my God.
(police siren wails)
- Not anymore, I'm not.
- No.
- [Emma] No. Just
leave me alone.
- What's going on over there?
- I, I, I'm just, I,
I'm just trying to...
- He, he's a freak.
He, he tries to get
women into his garage.
Who, who knows who
he's got in there now.
- Officer, it's true.
- I did not. I did not.
- Okay, I'm gonna need
you to come with me
for a moment, sir.
- You understand,
she belongs to me.
She, I made her. I made her.
- Okay.
- Let's talk about it over here.
- I just made her, I made
her, I made her, I made her,
I made her, I made her!
- That's the wrong
move from you.
Over here now.
Mind your head.
- Hey, hey.
- No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no. Look at me.
You never have to put
up with guys like that.
- [Officer West] Stand still!
Oh shit.
Park it!
No priors, nothing outstanding.
Not even a parking ticket.
Guy's garage is
just a computer lab.
- Computer lab?
- Yeah.
- Nothing.
- It's not just
weird, it's deranged.
Look at this. Guy's a freak.
- I'm a computer
programmer not a freak.
- Goddammit Robert, it's
not worth the paperwork.
- All right, it's your
lucky night, Mr. Barnes.
You free to go.
(groaning and grunting)
(emotional music playing)
(groaning and grunting)
- I am sorry, Eddie.
You are my best friend.
Do you still love me?
Begin session 3902.
I used to not have
memories or dreams.
And now I cannot
stop, I cannot sleep.
But all I do is dream.
You know, I, I cannot feel.
Everything in the world
is like a black and white
photograph and dull.
I am the male praying mantis.
She should come back to me.
This makes me feel.
End session 3902.
- Things happen for
a reason, honey.
Your mom knew it was
going to be tough.
She knew ever since
you were little
that you were
different, special,
but under the skin,
we're all the same.
That means we all hurt
when we lose love.
- I do not understand.
It is like the
code does not work.
I, I must find her.
You must help me find her.
Sweetheart, I don't
know where she went,
but wherever she went, she
went there for a reason.
Honey, I know it's hard, but
you can't control people.
Even you.
- No, no. You do
not understand it.
I, I just want to be
with her all the time.
I, I cannot be with anyone else.
- Aaron, you think that
I don't understand.
When I lost Clifford,
I felt the same thing.
But then I began to realize
that that is just a story
that you tell yourself.
- I appreciate you.
Sometimes I feel
so full of joy
Sometimes I feel
totally used
I wanna fall to the floor
And stay there for a while
- [Ben V.0.] Kid, the fuck.
What did you die on me?
Shit, I was betting
on going first.
Call me.
Every time I turn around
Every time I turn around
Every time I turn around
Every time I turn around
- Session 3908.
Emma, it is the sixth
sunrise since you are gone
and I have not, haven't slept.
I can see you lying next to me.
Your head, your hair,
the unbalanced place on the bed.
I am alone.
But the bad part is
I am feeling lonely
and, and I know
words are not enough,
but I know that you are gone.
And all I want to do was
be with you all the time
and talk to you.
That, that's it.
Every time I turn around
Every time I turn around
Sometimes I wait
but it never comes
Sometimes it felt
real but it never was
Memories make me
feel so much love
I think lot about growing up
I wonder if I ever could
'Cause I'm still a child
every time I turn around
Every time I turn around
- [Bob V.O.] Aaron Barnes,
this is Bob Winstead of the
USC Robotics Laboratory.
We're all very impressed
with your resume.
Would love for you to
come by for an interview.
- I have some very good news.
Ben Olson?
Ben Olson?
Hi, I think I need help.
My friend is not,
isn't being responsive,
and his body is very cold,
4425 Maple Avenue, Los
Angeles, California 91601.
Yes, I will stay here
with him. Thank you
Ben Olson?
I have some very good news.
I have an interview
next Tuesday at 3:15 PM
at the USC Robotics Laboratory.
I plan to expand my
horizons as you once said.
Also, I quit my job at the
National Rifle Association
because of guns kill people.
I have also become a bit
of a fan of chili oil.
(peaceful music playing)
Session 3937.
I believe I'm making
steady progress.
However, today is,
today's a very big test
as I have decided to go
to the dance class alone.
"Until I began to learn to draw,
I was never much interested
in looking at art."
Renowned physicist,
Richard Feynman.
This makes me feel nervous,
excited, and energized.
I believe that it will go well
because sometimes you
have to take risks
and this makes me feel alive.
I miss Ben.
End session 3937.
(cellphone vibrating)
Hello? Amy Westerbrook.
Yes, this is Aaron.
Of course, 10 to 15
minutes. Thank you.
- I had no idea he died.
- You don't answer your phone
or listen to your voicemails,
or you do listen to them
and you disregard them.
- I've been busy.
- It is the ability to
choose which makes us human.
- I'm sorry, who the
fuck are you? Huh?
- Your father was
my best friend.
He kept all of your letters.
- We didn't get along much.
- I understand.
- When did he die?
- He passed away 29 days ago.
- Well, I came as
soon as I could.
- You came when you stopped
getting checks in the mail.
Just so you know, your
father was a great man.
- You should forgive him.
He meant well.
I had him buried in the San
Fernando Mission Cemetery.
He's next to your mother.
I wanna bath
and an easy ride
And where the thorns
won't prick my side
And rich won't
steal my pride
And drag me down
I wanna love you ever more
I wanna talk until you bored
I wanna make you feel adored
All right, all right
I had a dream of
you last night
I saw you heart beating
in your beautiful eyes
And then it bloomed
And you cried and cried
and cried and cried
I'll never leave
you in the dust
I'll never let
our true love rust
If you will give
me all your trust
I'll give you mine
Begin session 3999.
Dear Emma, I know
you'll never see this,
but I know now that
our time together
was meant to be temporary,
like the petting zoo.
Inside joke.
Love and let go.
Fly on your own like a bird
or maybe a swan.
I hope you're happy and
prospering out there.
I attended several
punk rock shows,
and although I did
not find you there,
I'm happy to announce
that it is indeed
not my type of music.
(audience laughing)
Live your life.
Ben, you taught me to go all in.
Emma, you taught me to let go.
Mom, I miss you.
Thank you.
I'll give you mine
(audience clapping)
I'll give you mine
(tranquil music playing)
(tranquil music continues)