Boyfriend Killer (2017) Movie Script

Hey, Rick, hi.
Hi, Sandra,
how are you?
Good, good, thank you for
meeting me out here.
Please tell me what's going
on with the permits.
Well, the
structural calculations
have been rejected by
the building department,
we've submitted new ones,
-And we're just waiting for their response.
Okay. How long
do you think it'll be?
With any luck, maybe a week.
I think at that point
we can start moving
and pour concrete and doing all
the things that we need to do
to get this job
moving again.
I'm sorry, this is
my assistant.
I have to take this call.
Give me a second.
Devin, what's going on?
I need you to come back
to the office.
I'll tell you when you get here.
Just come back.
But I'm in the middle
of something.
I'm at the
Hancock Road property.
Just tell me
why you called?
There's a police officer
here in the office.
What does he want?
I believe... there's been
some sort of accident.
With Preston.
Put him on the phone.
Miss Cruz,
this is Officer Ortega.
There's been an accident
with your son.
Please meet me
at county hospital.
I'll be right there.
All right. Thank you. Thanks.
It's okay.
They said to take
as much time as you want.
Just do it, please.
Sis, please.
I'm sorry.
Let me have it.
-No. No, baby.
-Let me have it.
No. Okay?
So, I pull my bike up in
front of the door as usual,
and this cop comes up and
he starts writing me a ticket,
and I said, "What about
the other 20 motorcycles
"out on the sidewalk?"
"What makes me so special?"
Hey, Charles,
your phone.
Give me another soda.
Hey. What a surprise.
I have bad news.
Really bad.
What is it?
What's goin' on, Sandy,
are you okay?
Is Preston okay?
Hi, Charles, it's Carrie.
Sorry, Sandra's
having a hard time.
Tell me what's goin' on.
Preston was killed.
Early this morning
in a motorcycle accident.
The police say that
he was going pretty fast,
and... and lost control.
I'm gonna stay here
but I think it would be good
if you came.
You two will have to
start making arrangements.
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna get the first flight
out in the morning, okay?
See you soon.
I'm really sorry.
you've reached Preston.
Leave your name and number
and I'll call you back.
Preston, it's me.
I'm really worried
about you.
I've been calling
and calling you,
and you're not answering
your phone,
which isn't like you at all.
Please call me back.
Love you.
It's awful, so I kept
calling and calling,
and then he just
never showed up,
and, I don't know,
I think that if I... I...
Thank you, Anna.
Anyway, so finally I
left because, I mean,
what else was I
supposed to do.
-I mean, he wouldn't answer my...
-You don't need that.
I noticed you put on
a little weight.
I do hope Preston's okay.
You hear so many frightening
stories about people...
getting carjacked...
and mugged.
Mommy, that doesn't happen
as often as you think.
It's just because you stay home
and watch the news all day.
Now that Preston's
out of the picture,
maybe you could
call Jack.
What do you mean,
out of the picture?
Sounds like he wants
nothing to do with you.
Preston loves me,
and I love him.
It's just very unlike him.
That's all, Daddy.
So please stop
bringing up Jack. Okay?
-Honey. Honey.
-Let me call Jack and see if he'll,
give you a second chance.
You know, he's not taking a
date to the awards dinner.
It's two weeks away.
Give you a little time
to lose a few pounds.
Well, not to move this conversation
abruptly to my current boyfriend,
but I'm gonna go call
some of his friends,
and see if they know
where he is.
I really do hope
he's okay.
Mommy, Preston's dead.
He died in a
motorcycle accident.
His mom just posted it
on her page.
I'm so sorry.
I'm... I'm so sorry,
I didn't meant to scare you.
I just... I...
I didn't know
who it was.
Krystal, what are you
doing here?
Have you heard
about Preston?
Yeah, I did,
I saw your post.
I am so sorry.
-Thank you.
-It's just awful.
I mean, I tried to
call him so many times
over and over again,
and... and he didn't answer,
which is totally
unlike him, of course,
and I just thought,
you know,
I thought maybe...
I don't know, I thought maybe
he just didn't have his phone,
or... something.
Do you have it?
Actually, it got destroyed
in the accident,
which is why he didn't get
any of his calls.
Of course, yeah.
I'm sorry. Krystal,
this is my sister, Carrie.
-Hi. Sorry.
-It's all right.
Carrie, this is Krystal,
Preston's ex girlfriend.
You said ex.
No, we were together.
Preston and I were still...
We were very much
In fact, I...
I live here.
-You do?
-I do.
-Since when?
Only about a...
A week ago.
We had been going
back and forth so much,
and Preston suggested
that I just move in,
you know, 'cause it...
Well, it just made sense.
So strange that Preston
never mentioned that to me.
Well, probably just because
it's so new, I guess.
Can I get you some coffee
or, I don't know, tea?
Tea, please.
-Thank you.
Yeah, thank you,
same here.
Okay. Sure.
Well, obviously,
I don't drink much tea.
And you know what
the craziest thing is?
I just feel like
he's gonna...
Just walk right in that
door at any minute.
I know.
I feel
the same way.
I know you're gonna be
making arrangements, and...
if I can help at all,
I would...
I'd really like
to be involved.
His father
arrives tonight,
and I think
that's something that
he and I are
gonna do together.
Okay. Sure.
Maybe you can help us
pack up his things here.
You know, with only
two weeks left in the month,
It's gonna be hectic.
-Of course, yeah, of course I can.
And you don't mind if I
continue to stay here
until, you give
the keys back, right?
-Well, yeah,
just until I have time
to make other arrangements.
Isn't that gonna be
too difficult for you?
I actually think it would be easier
for me to stay here, you know?
And just have...
Just have time to,
I don't know,
process everything,
and just sort of...
I don't know,
let go.
I really do appreciate
you understanding, Miss Cruz.
Okay, well, I think
it's time for us
to start taking things
to the car.
I'll get you
one of his suitcases
downstairs from
the storage unit.
I'll be right back.
Wait, sis. Take a
picture of the cables,
so we know how to
hook it back up.
-Thank you.
What are you doing?
Taking his computer. There
are some photos and things
Sandra would like to keep.
Well, we share that computer.
I have stuff on there, too.
So, you can't...
You can't take that.
Why don't you just
transfer what's yours
onto another drive?
Well, I could do that,
I just don't...
I don't have
another drive.
I don't mean to be petty,
but that...
I actually bought
that computer.
Preston's wasn't working
very well,
so we just decided to...
To scrap his,
and start over
with this one together,
so that's why
you can't...
You can't take it
'cause it's... it's mine.
But I can...
I can get a drive,
and put Preston's stuff
on it for you.
It'll probably just take
me, like, a day or so,
so maybe I can give that
to you, like, tomorrow?
That'll work.
Great. Okay.
What is it?
I'm gonna have
a glass of wine.
Would you like one?
No, I'm good. I... I've
been on the, wagon
for seven months now.
That's wonderful.
Here, let me get that
for you.
I don't know
if I should be
-drinking this in front of you.
-No, no, please, please.
-Are you sure?
Do you want to go talk?
Hey, it's me.
What are you doing?
Hey, just,
coding a new game.
Why? What's up?
I need your help
with something.
Box number one.
This place is...
absolutely beautiful.
I'm glad we decided to
do it down here.
I feel closer to Preston
down here.
I've never seen this one.
We took that
right after you left.
He really needed you then.
Sandra, please.
Let's not even start that.
-You're right.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, you're right.
This is about coming
together for Preston.
No, hey, listen. If you
need me to stay at a hotel,
I totally understand.
No, please.
If I wanted you to
stay in a hotel,
I would have said no
when you asked.
I just think that it's
really important
that we support each other
right now,
and we just...
We kind of leave
that stuff in the past.
I agree. Okay.
Wait a minute.
This is a receipt
for Preston's computer.
It's still
under warranty,
and it says he only bought
it five months ago.
Is that important?
I think so.
Okay, let me explain.
When Carrie and I were
at the apartment today,
Preston's girlfriend
was there,
and she said she bought
the computer.
This clearly has
Preston's name on it.
Well, maybe she was talking
about a different computer.
Let me see, we took
a picture of the back.
Maybe the serial number's
on there.
Same serial number,
same computer.
You think that she's
trying to steal it?
I don't know,
but why would she say that
she bought the computer
when she didn't?
This is Nathan Kellers'
Who's Nathan Kellers?
Kellers Drilling.
Oil money?
She could buy a new computer
every day if she wanted to.
Why would she want
Preston's computer?
This is ridiculous.
Is there someone else
I could speak to?
Who's that?
Never mind.
Only one of Preston's social
media accounts gave me access.
You have to be
the owner
to be granted
administrative access.
Okay. Okay.
I mean...
Just don't worry.
We'll get it.
We'll get it.
-Grab the trunk.
So, how long
is this gonna take?
Not long.
I'll start working on it
as soon as I get home.
I wonder who that is.
-You have to go.
You have to go.
How are you?
I hope we didn't
stop you
from going somewhere
with your friend.
No, no,
That's just my cousin,
I gave him the computer to pull
Preston's stuff off of it for you.
He took our son's
This is Charles,
Preston's father.
Hi. It's so nice
to meet you.
I've heard so much
about you.
Please, come in.
Hey. You want to
know what's weird?
Not a single piece of mail
is addressed to this girl.
You want to know
what else is weird?
She has all these clothes,
and not one pair of shoes.
When I go on vacation,
I take at least four pairs.
She lives here
and has none?
So, listen,
you know,
a lot of Preston's
have been
asking about services.
It'll be on Tuesday. At the
funeral home on Magnolia.
We're working on
the arrangements today.
Thank you.
Okay. Bye.
The idea of picking out
a casket for Preston.
It's not fair,
he was only 22.
Come here.
I should have never
gotten him the motorcycle.
Maybe he'd still be here
if I didn't get him
the motorcycle.
Don't even start
with that.
If you didn't
get it for him,
he would have
got it himself.
You don't know that.
I absolutely
know that.
He already saved up
enough money for it
before you surprised him
on his birthday.
How do you know?
Because he told me.
I thought the two of you
didn't talk.
I called him just a few days
before his 21st birthday.
Just like I always did.
Only this time,
he called me back.
I even flew down
a few times to see him.
I thought I was the closest
person to Preston,
but there are so many things
about him that I didn't know.
Well, no kid tells
their parents everything.
But, look.
He loved the bike.
He loved you.
And he could not have
asked for a better mother.
Thank you.
All right.
Miss Cruz.
I'm from Aventa Media.
We own the ISP that
hosted your son's email.
-I'm sorry for your loss.
-Thank you.
I received the copy of
the death certificate,
and can give you access
to his email account.
I sent his password
to your email address.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You have no idea
how much this means to me.
Thank you, thank you.
-We just got access to Preston's email account.
That's great.
That's great news.
That's great news.
Are you okay?
I think I gotta go take a
walk down by the water.
Let me get a diet soda.
you know what?
Let me get a...
double scotch on the rocks.
You sure put up
one hell of a fight.
Not nearly as tough as I did
in the board room, though.
No, that's true.
So, you wear him out
for me, babe?
Believe me, I tried.
Now, now, no ganging up
on the old man.
Why don't you go, get some
practice in, sweetie.
I'll be there
in a second.
Okay, Dad.
Jack, it's Krystal.
Jack, I know
you're in there.
Please open up,
I need to talk to you.
Jack, please open this door,
I need to talk to you.
It's really important.
Jack, I need to
talk to you, please.
Go home, Krystal!
No, I'm not gonna
just go home!
Jack, you can't
ignore me.
Please, after everything
we've been through,
you can just open the door
and have a conversation with...
Get off my property!
Please, listen to me.
Look, I'm in a dark place
right now.
My... My boyfriend was killed
a couple days ago.
He was killed in
a motorcycle accident!
Please, just let me in.
Look, I'm really sorry about
your boyfriend of whatever,
but I told you, we need
to move on, no contact!
Jack, don't do this
to me, okay?
You're the only
person I have.
You're my best friend.
No, I'm not. You have
people in your life.
Lindsey, the girls
from the tennis club.
-Your mom.
-That's not true!
Please, if you just
open this door,
I need you, okay?
Jack, I swear to God, if you just
let me come in for a second...
Krystal, you're being
Go home.
Go home.
I won't do anything again
if you just open the door.
I'm calling your father.
What? No, no, no!
Jack, don't call my dad,
I'm leaving.
Fine, I'm leaving, Jack.
Don't call my dad.
I'm gonna go.
"Please stop calling.
You have serious issues.
We have nothing more
to discuss."
"Consider this the last
e-mail you ever get from me.
I want nothing
to do with you.
You have serious
issues, you need help."
What is that?
"Consider this
the last e-mail."
I... what do you
think it means?
I don't know.
But it's bizarre,
Wha... yeah.
"Consider this the last
e-mail you ever get from me.
I want nothing to do with you.
You have serious issues,
and need help."
And that was dated
two weeks ago.
Exactly the same time Krystal
said she moved in with him.
This doesn't sound much like an
invite to live with him, does it?
No, and that's the second
to last e-mail he ever sent her.
This was the last?
Yes, two days later.
"Please stop calling."
What do you think he meant
by "you have serious issues"?
It sound like something people say when
they're pissed off and breaking up.
Two weeks ago, Preston
came over to the office
and we were going over
his student loan documents,
and we made plans to go
out to dinner.
All right, so,
about dinner reservations.
-Should I include Krystal?
No, I think that's
pretty much over.
What happened?
-Is everything okay?
-Yeah, it's a long story.
I'm fine with it, though.
All right, Mom,
I gotta go.
-Yes. I have to.
-No. No, no!
I love you.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, love you.
-I'll be there.
Not a minute late.
I love you.
-Love you.
I guess it's possible
he changed his mind.
Maybe he did take her out
for coffee and took her back.
Anything's possible.
I could check
the cell phone bill.
We still have
a shared plan.
She made one call
the day he died.
And it would have been
after the accident.
Text messages?
Nothing after the e-mail that
he sent telling her to stop.
I have two questions
right now.
Yeah, why did he
break up with her.
And did they really
get back together?
Tell me you're not
breaking up with me.
When we're together,
it just doesn't feel right.
I'm looking for something
different is all.
I gotta go.
Hey, it's Dominick.
Good news, I was able
to download everything
on the hard drive
on to another drive.
I'll give it to
you tomorrow.
That's great.
And I'm still working on
the social media sites,
but I was able to get
into his e-mail account.
Were you?
What's the password?
Charles, what are you doing?
Get out.
Get out or I'll have
security escort you.
Bye, Rita.
You went to the bar
and you just got drunk?
Seems that way.
What makes you think that
you can bring some bar slut
to where I live?
You're so judgmental.
Why do you have to be
so judgmental?
I'm judgmental?
'Cause look at you.
We haven't even
buried our son,
and you're out there
trying to get laid.
I'm not out there
trying to get laid.
I actually thought that
you had changed,
that maybe, just maybe
you had learned how
to deal with pain
without getting drunk.
But obviously I was wrong.
You grieve your way,
and I'll grieve mine.
I lost a son, damn it.
I lost my son, too!
He's my son,
he lived here,
with me, not with you.
For 10 years, you haven't
even seen him.
So if anybody's lost
someone, it's me.
I lost my son.
I should know better than
to try to talk to you
when you're like this.
I forgot what it was like
to live with a drunk.
And I'm not doing
it again.
Yeah? I forgot
what it was like
to live with somebody as selfish
and self-centered as you.
You gotta go.
You're throwing me out?
So sensitive and compassionate.
I'm so glad to see
that you've changed.
Well, if that makes me
sensitive and compassionate,
then so be it.
See you at the service,
try to come sober.
Okay, your...
Sandra, it's me.
I am so sorry.
I don't even remember
what I did last night,
but I'm sure it wasn't good,
You really need to get
a handle on your drinking.
I know, I know.
Believe me, I know.
Can I just meet you
for a lunch, please,
so I can apologize
in person?
Where are you?
I'm at Preston's.
With Krystal?
What? No.
No, no.
I got here last night,
she wasn't here, so
I thought it was
okay to sleep here.
I mean, if she was here,
I would have left.
And I checked this morning,
she's not here.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna back the rest
of Preston's things.
So I'm gonna
get it all done.
A Miss Krystal Kellers
is here to see you.
Krystal's here right now.
I gotta go.
I'll see you on Tuesday.
How are you?
I'm good.
And I have the drive with
all of Preston's stuff on it.
It was mostly just
papers from school,
but I didn't pay too much
attention to what was on there.
Can I ask you a question?
Sure. Yeah, of course.
Did you and Preston
have a falling out?
Falling out?
Did you break up
No, why?
I was going through
out phone records,
and I noticed that
you hadn't had any
phone calls or text messages
for the past two weeks
until the day he died.
Well, that was...
that was when I moved in.
There's no reason
to call or text
when you're seeing
each other every day.
And on the day
of the accident...
Well, Preston and I were
supposed to meet for coffee.
And, of course,
he didn't show.
That's why I called him
that day.
Well, I should
probably get going.
Thanks for stopping by.
Of course.
What do you mean,
it's empty?
Everything he
put in that file,
is not there anymore.
So she went
through his stuff
and deleted what she
didn't want you to see?
Sure seems that way.
Especially after
I saw this.
This is the same e-mail account
that we already looked at, right?
Yep, except this time all of
the e-mails where Preston
told her to buzz off,
they're missing.
I mean, I have printed copies.
But they're not there.
Unbelievable. What's going on
with this girl?
I don't know.
She obviously doesn't want us
to know something about Preston.
But I'm definitely
gonna find out what that is.
That's our son.
If Preston had a gift,
I suppose that it was
his ability to
bring happiness
instantly to
the people around him.
He always saw the positive,
and he gave
everybody a chance.
Especially to some of us that
didn't quite deserve it.
I love my son.
And I don't wish
this on any parent.
But if I did
have a wish,
it would be that there...
that there were more people
like him in the world.
Thank you.
This is a time
to start healing.
Is there anyone else
who would like to come up
and share a few words?
What's she doing here?
Hi, I am Krystal.
And I was Preston's fianc.
I know that's a shock
to a lot of you
who didn't know that
we got engaged,
but, we decided that
we would keep it a secret until Preston
was finished with his classes,
then we would announced
it to everybody.
We spent a lot of time
envisioning our future together,
how many children
we would have, and...
What their names would be.
Preston would have been
a great father,
and an amazing husband.
And I will miss him
every day.
But, I know that if
Preston were here,
he would tell me to smile,
and to be so grateful
for all the time that
we did have together,
even though it wasn't
the lifetime
that we had both imagined
it would be.
Peace be with you.
Take care of yourselves.
You drive safely.
Are you gonna be okay?
Yes, thank you.
I think it was a very
moving service.
You can imagine our surprise when
we heard what you had to say.
Why didn't you mention
that before?
Well, like I said,
He wanted to wait until
he was done with his classes
and keep it a
surprise, so...
And he got you
that ring?
Of course he got
me this ring.
How could you even
ask me that?
What kind of game
are you playing?
Excuse me?
I don't buy for one second
that my son
proposed to you.
And I'm about 99% sure
that you removed some of
the files from his hard drive,
and deleted some
of his e-mails.
That's right.
The one where he told you
you needed psychological help.
You might
think it's gone,
but luckily,
I printed copies.
You may not understand how
confrontational you're being right now.
I know you're mourning,
I know you're grieving,
but I'm grieving, too.
I lost my fianc.
What do you want?
What do I want?
I want nothing.
Hi, it's Sandy.
I have an emergency.
I need you to change the locks
at Preston's apartment, please.
Yeah, I'll pay for it.
Thank you.
And what about my things?
Don't make me laugh.
They'll be waiting for you
outside the door.
Thank you so much for coming.
Preston would have
appreciated it.
My beautiful niece.
You okay?
Thank you both for coming.
Thank you for coming.
Miss Cruz?
I'm Troy.
I knew your son from our
beach volleyball meet-up.
That's where he was going
the morning of his accident.
I see.
Thank you for coming.
I'm really sorry.
It's hard to believe.
I know.
So tell me about
this volleyball thing.
Preston never told me
he was part of a team.
It's not really a team,
it's just a group of guys
who get together
twice a month.
Preston was one of
our better players.
Never missed a game.
Thank you, I'm sorry.
I don't know if he
told you, or not,
but I actually, I stayed with
him for a couple of months.
So you know Krystal?
His girlfriend? Or I guess
it's his fianc or whatever?
But yeah, I know her.
Do you mind stepping
away with me for a minute?
Preston told me a few weeks
ago they were breaking up.
Did he say anything
about that?
Not much, just that she'd come
with him to volleyball sometimes,
and then when she stopped showing
up, he told me they'd split.
Did he say why?
But when I asked him if
he'd mind if I took a shot,
he warned me to
stay far away.
He said she was
really messed up.
Messed up how?
All right.
Where are they?
I really want access to
Preston's social media accounts.
And I'm having trouble getting
them from the administrators.
Do you know if Preston
kept his passwords
hidden somewhere
in the apartment?
I thought maybe since you
lived there, you might know.
I'm sorry, I don't.
But you might want to try his general
password again on his computer.
It might be the same as
his social media accounts, too.
What were you
doing in there?
I was just
taking a look around.
it's beautiful here.
Yeah. That sure is
a big diamond.
Thank you.
It's big, expensive.
Way beyond
Preston's wallet.
Well, they do say you can't
put a price tag on true love.
But you can put
a price tag on a ring.
And if you don't have
any credit, they usually
don't let you take it
out of the store.
You know, Preston called me
just a few days
before he passed.
He asked me to borrow some money
to pay off a gambling debt.
Me being no stranger
to wagers,
I guess he thought that
I would understand.
Is there a point to this?
I'm getting to it.
Preston was broke.
So there was no way
that he could have
popped the question
with a rock like that.
I see.
If you and your ex-wife
don't want to believe
that Preston and I
were engaged, that's fine.
I really don't care
what you think about me.
Do you want to know what
your son thought about you?
He thought that you were
a pathetic, weak drunk,
who was so afraid
of his wife's success
that he left them.
Now, you tell me,
Mr. Durro,
is that true?
Is that why you left them?
I don't know what
Preston said about me,
I wasn't there.
And it's true, I had
a lot of making up to do.
But I knew my son,
which is why I think
it's very funny
that I never heard him
mention your name once.
And why I find it
even harder to believe
that someone as
pure as my son
could fall for a fraud
like you.
Now, it's true that Sandra
and I don't agree on much,
but I'm sure she would
support my, decision,
to throw your manipulative
little ass out of here.
And I'm going to give you about
one second before that happens.
His football team.
They won state in 2011.
I should have known.
It was worth a shot.
Wait a sec. Try...
We're in!
I can't believe
I remembered that.
That was a random discussion
we had one night about
how you have to create
so many different passwords
to keep your account safe.
I bet it works for
his other sites, too.
I'm not following.
All right, to create different
passwords that are easy to remember,
just make the last letter the same
as the first letter of the site.
So, for instance, Facebook
would be Tigers2011f.
Instagram would be
And so on.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, I'm back.
Okay, listen to this
weird e-mail exchange.
I'm just tired of hearing...
Of hearing about him.
It's like
you're obsessed.
I am not obsessed.
I am just still trying
to get over
and of the horrible things
he put me through.
I know it was bad.
He did things I never
even told you about.
You need to move on.
I hate the idea that
he's going to do this
to some other girl.
Aren't you happy enough
with me to let the past go?
Until he's not alive,
I don't think I can
be happy.
Who do you think she
was talking about?
I mean, her father?
Sounds like an ex, to me.
But what could he have
done that was so bad?
It almost makes me
feel sorry for her.
Well, don't.
The girl's about as
empty as they come.
Did she say something
to you?
I caught her snooping
around your bedroom.
It's not even worth
going into.
Okay, well, there's
a few other messages.
A few days later
she sent him a picture
of someone's house,
the time that this person
leaves to work,
gets back from work,
tee times,
the name of the gym,
but she never
mentions his name.
Let me see this.
Hi, is this Troy?
Yeah. Who's this?
This is Krystal Kellers,
Preston's fianc.
I was just wondering,
could you meet me?
It looks like Golden Pines
or Weston Hills.
Does that look like
a golf cart to you?
Okay, well that is
your primary task.
Find out who owns it
and where it's located.
Cool, I can play detective.
Why do you
want to know?
A potential client
gave me the photo.
If I could locate
the house,
I might be able to sell him
a similar floor plan
in the same neighborhood.
Okay, I'm on it.
I have all
the faith in the world.
Rightly so.
Gonna love the surprise.
I cannot wait.
It's okay.
You don't understand.
It's okay.
So you really helped her get
into his social media accounts.
Yeah, I mean, most
social media sites
are, like, really strict
with privacy and stuff, so
it makes it really hard
when someone dies.
Yeah, totally.
You're telling me.
I tried to go in and pull
stuff off his accounts, too,
and it was, like, impossible.
Hey, maybe you
could help me.
I don't know.
I don't...
Troy, it's just that,
you know, Preston
and I, were...
you know what I mean?
And we took some photos
and I'd hate Sandra to
have to ever see those.
I mean, especially now,
you know, so...
I mean, if you
could help me,
it would really be
a big help to both of us.
I will send the proposal
over to you a little later.
Okay, sounds great.
Thank you so much,
it was great meeting you.
Thank you, it was a pleasure
to meet you, too.
-Have a good day.
These came for you.
Just leave them
right there, Liz.
-Thank you.
-There you are.
I have good news.
I found your house.
The house?
You were right about it
being on a golf course.
Piedmont Hills.
717 North Buttercup Drive,
owned by a Jack Davis.
Bought the place
three years ago.
Jack Davis.
Want me to see if there are similar
floor plans on that street?
Yes, but first,
find out everything
you can about Jack Davis.
Yes, ma'am.
I just called to
tell you that
I cleaned everything
out of Preston's
and I gave the key
back to the landlord.
Thank you.
And that's it.
I guess what I'll do
is I'll just get on the phone
with the airlines, and...
you know, see if I can get
a flight out this afternoon.
I was thinking that maybe
you can stay 'til tomorrow?
And, maybe we can go out
to dinner tonight?
I think Preston would
have liked that...
if we end on
a positive note.
Honestly, I would
love that.
Okay. Thank you.
See you tonight?
Is 7:00 okay?
7:00 is perfect.
Devin, come in.
Are you sure? I...
-Yes, please, come on.
Everything you ever wanted
to know about Jack Davis.
He is originally from Texas.
He went to grad school
out here,
ended up in
the oil industry.
Works for Kellers and
Associates drilling.
Did you just say
Kellers and Associates?
Yeah, he was just promoted
to VP six months ago.
There's an article
here about how
he's the company's
youngest VP ever.
Good job.
Thank you so much, Devin.
This is amazing.
-Great work.
I don't know what
I would do without you.
Kellers and Associates.
Kellers Drilling,
how may I direct your call?
Jack Davis' office, please.
I'm sure she's
referring to me.
None of it's true, though.
How long did
the two of you date?
Nine, ten months.
A big mistake.
And did you meet her
at her father's company?
I hesitated asking out
the boss' daughter but
she was playful.
I couldn't get her
out of my head.
So I asked Nathan if
I could ask her out.
He was overjoyed.
And why did you break up?
I had no idea
how screwed up she was.
Clingy, jealous.
Extreme reactions.
It went on
way too long.
I was afraid
Nathan would fire me,
or something, but...
He took my side.
In what way?
I actually felt
bad for her.
He went off on her about
how she couldn't keep a man
and she'd blown
the best thing
that was ever going
to happen to her.
Those are really harsh
words coming from a father.
Nathan's a
great businessman,
but a terrible dad.
She was obsessed with
making him proud of her.
What about her mother?
Elise, nice woman.
I think she's sort of the moral
compass of that family.
Doesn't talk much.
Had a mental breakdown
when Krystal was little,
takes a lot of pills.
She seemed pretty upset
with you even after
she started dating my son.
She hasn't let up.
If it's not keying my car,
it's killing my fish.
Or vandalizing my house.
Or following me on dates.
A few months ago she stuck
a GPS device to my car.
Are you sure
that was her?
The private investigator
I hired confirmed it.
This is her.
Marley Michaels.
She might be able
to give you more.
I'll tell her to share any
information she's gathered.
Did you press
any charges?
No, Nathan's been good to me.
I'd never embarrass him
in that way.
Why do you think she would lie
about moving in with Preston,
about the engagement?
I mean, especially if she
was still obsessed with you.
Who knows what goes
through her crazy mind?
The better question is,
if she was still into me,
why'd she go after
your son to begin with.
But the fact that
he broke up with her,
and died a couple
of weeks later...
I hate to say this, but...
My God.
I told you to keep
your erratic behavior
under control.
I wasn't being
erratic, daddy.
Well, he doesn't want to
be with you anymore, does he?
You had a terrific guy,
Krystal, the best.
And if you want
to keep a guy like that,
you need to learn to become
someone he would want to be with.
Does that make sense
to your little brain?
You really are beautiful,
you know that?
Hey, why don't you go get us
another bottle of wine?
-All right.
I'm hoping this PI can help us
figure out where Krystal was
the morning of
Preston's accident.
Well, I mean, we know
that she's a liar.
-Thank you.
You really think she's
capable of murder?
I think Krystal Kellers
is capable of anything.
You know...
When you said that...
Preston would have wanted
us to end on a good note,
it made me realize that
this is probably going to be
the last time we see each other.
He was the one thing
that connected us.
No, we had
other connections.
You know that I haven't been
close to anyone since you.
I mean, those first couple
of years of marriage,
they were...
really nice.
And in the end,
I just...
I have to admit,
you were trying,
and I had already decided
that it was over.
I know.
I felt you inching
towards the door.
I didn't want to
have the feeling
of seeing the disappointment
in your eyes
so I just ran.
I just ran.
Because it was...
It was better
for you to think of me as
some self-centered jerk.
I just...
Didn't want you to
think that I was weak.
Preston needed you.
Charles, I needed you.
I know.
I know.
But you gotta look
at the life
that you built for yourself
here, I mean...
Look what you've become.
And look at the phenomenal
job you did raising our son.
I just would have
messed that up.
You don't know that.
My phone.
Hello, this is Sandra.
Hi, Sandra,
it's Marley Michaels.
I just got off the
phone with Jack
-and he explained your situation.
-The P.I.
Can we meet tomorrow?
There's something I need
to show you.
This one's nice.
She scratched
"don't forget me"
into the side of his Jacuzzi.
You gotta be kidding me.
Here's the one I wanted
you to see, though.
Who's that?
Ron Finster.
Pretty long rap sheet
of low-level felonies.
Probably guilty of
a lot more than that.
SUV's registered to his
83-year-old grandmother.
That's a nice car
for an old lady.
So is he laundering money?
The day I took that photo,
Krystal handed him an envelope.
I'm guessing filled
with cash.
What was she buying?
I wasn't sure until Jack
told me about your son.
And I found out that
he died on this
stretch of road.
That's correct.
Where was he going when
the accident happened?
To a volleyball meet up.
Which he did regularly, right?
Twice a month, Troy said.
What is this?
I wasn't sure.
I don't know, I took
that photo
over a month before
Preston's accident.
Is she tampering
with the brakes?
No, no, no.
I know what that is.
That's a GPS tracker.
She was removing it.
Jack found one
in his car, too.
So she was tracking where
they both went?
And the routes they took.
Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
So what you're telling us
is that she knew
exactly where Preston was
the morning of his accident?
Sandra? Troy Krieger is
on line two for you.
I'll take that.
That's Preston's friend.
Hi, Troy.
Hi, I'm sorry to bother
you at work.
I know you're busy, I just,
I didn't have another number.
No, that's okay.
What's up?
I just want to let you know
that Preston's fianc
Krystal called me last night.
What did she want?
She just wanted to know what
I was talking to you about
after Preston's funeral.
What did you tell her?
Just that I helped you look
at his social media pages.
That was it.
Listen to me, Troy.
Do not talk to her.
She is bad news.
She may know more about Preston's
accident than anyone thought.
Like, she was involved,
or responsible?
I don't know yet, but I spoke
to a private investigator
that her ex-boyfriend,
the one she was dating
before Preston hired,
and she believes that Krystal
was tracking Preston's route
to and from
the volleyball games.
She had done the same
thing to her ex.
So we have reason
to believe that
maybe Krystal caused
Preston's accident.
Are you serious?
Yes, so please,
stay away from her.
Thanks, I will.
Bye, Troy.
My God, that little...
I can't believe
that I had
a private investigator
following me.
Is that right, though? Did you
follow Preston to our games?
No, of course not.
Of course that's not true.
My ex had it out for me
ever since I dumped him.
He was, he was trying to turn
Preston against me,
He's obviously trying to do
that same this to Sandra.
Look, I believe you, okay?
And don't worry about
the private investigator.
You haven't done
anything wrong,
so she's not gonna
find anything.
Yeah, right.
Well, call me crazy,
but isn't it about time
Well, call me crazy,
but isn't it about time
somebody goes to the cops?
I'll handle that,
and I'll see what else
they know about Ron Finster.
In the meantime,
you stay in touch with Troy.
Hopefully he can help us
connect the dots.
I'll be right back,
it'll only take a second.
I've gotta go.
I thought we were
going to lunch.
I know, but I can't. I have
to take my mom to the doctor.
Why don't you come
over to my house, though?
Around 4:00?
Text me the address.
You know what?
My phone died.
But just write it down.
It's 717 North Buttercup Drive
in Piedmont hill right
next to the golf course.
I'll leave the door unlocked for
you, you can just come right on in.
-All right.
-Okay, bye.
Preston, I have everything.
I have his schedule, I know
how to get into his house.
I have the combo
to his safe.
It's perfect.
Really, Preston, I mean we can
just make it look like a robbery.
You can't be serious.
Yes, I...
Come on.
Really, I'm not asking you
to go over there
and kill the guy, Preston.
I'm just asking you to go over there
and rough him up a little bit
and teach him a lesson,
and you can walk away
with 30 grand cash.
I mean, babe...
Krystal, that's insane.
-Is it, though?
No, is it really insane?
Because you don't know
what he did to me.
I mean, really,
you don't know.
Krystal, it doesn't
matter what he did to you.
I love you, but I'm never
gonna love someone that much.
I should have done
that a long time ago.
Why are you doing this?
Jack, do you have
any idea
how much I loved you?
You ruined me.
You are such a fool.
Did you really think
you could just
treat me like trash
and throw me away?
Well, if I can't have
the life I want...
neither can you.
Krystal, please.
You don't want
to do this.
I've wanted it for
a long, long time.
911, what's your emergency?
I've just walked into
my girlfriend's house,
and there's been
a stabbing.
A guy, I don't know
who he is.
I need the police and
an ambulance, quick.
Okay, I just walked in because she said
she was going to leave the door unlocked.
I thought we were gonna...
I thought we were gonna
spend the afternoon together.
I didn't even
know the guy.
I just walked in and he's...
he's sitting there.
I swear, I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
What the hell is
she doing here?
Thank you for taking the time
to talk to me today.
Yes, of course, I'm...
So sorry for your loss.
I never had a chance
to meet your son.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
It's my husband.
My God.
That's terrible.
No, no.
No, Krystal's not here.
I'll tell her as soon
as I see here, though.
What happened?
Jack... was stabbed
at his home.
Jack Davis?
Yes, Jack Davis.
We're very close
with him.
How bad is he?
I don't know.
I have to tell my daughter.
You have to leave,
I'm sorry.
I can't talk to you right now.
I have to find my daughter.
Marley, this is Sandra.
I just found out that
Jack Davis was stabbed today.
I don't know if he made it.
Please call me back as soon
as you hear something.
Thank you.
What is she doing?
My God!
You know, you...
are just like your son.
You murdered my son.
I know you did.
Because I miscalculated.
I thought he loved me
more than he did.
You murdered my son because
he didn't love you back?
I murdered your son
because I asked him to do
one very simple thing
to show his devotion to me,
and he didn't do it.
He broke up with you because
he didn't want to have
-anything to do with your plans!
-Don't move!
I couldn't have Preston
spilling his guys about Jack
and then have him dead two
weeks later, could I?
Two of your boyfriends end up dead
and they're going to suspect you.
No, they won't.
You're going to
No body, no crime.
Help, police!
Shut up!
She's trying to kill me!
Get her. Get her!
Go after her!
Help me, please!
She killed my son,
and she killed Jack Davis!
Help me, please!
What the hell is going on?
She killed my son and
she's trying to kill me!
It's not true, Daddy,
don't listen to her.
That's not true,
she's lying to you.
God, Krystal, what
have you done?
Daddy, who...
who are you calling?
The police.
No, daddy,
hang up the phone.
This stops here and now.
Hang up the phone, Dad.
Yes, hello, this is
Nathan Kellers.
I need the police at
Homebee and Magnolia.
My daughter has a gun and she's
threatening to kill another woman.
We'll send a unit
right away, sir.
How could you do that?
I'm your daughter!
You're supposed
to protect me!
You're supposed
to protect me!
I tried so hard
to make you love me.
I tried so hard.
You love Jack more than
you love me! It's true!
No, Krystal, that's not true.
You did, Dad, you did.
I don't get it,
I mean, really.
Was it that hard
to just love me?
Was it?
I hate you so much!
Please, Krystal,
don't do this.
I hate you!
I hate you!
I hate you.
Your honor, my life
and the life of my
ex-husband, Charles,
changed forever the day
Krystal Kellers
took our son.
He knew her
terrible secret,
and afraid he'd tell,
she had him killed.
Preston was a kind,
loving young man
who had his whole life
ahead of him.
He had integrity.
And because of that,
she knew he'd expose her.
As you sentence Krystal,
please keep in mind,
she didn't just
take him from us,
but from all of those
who never met him.
Thank you.
Miss Kellers.
Miss Kellers.
Miss Kellers.
I have reviewed
the pre-sentence report,
and I've listened to
the sentencing arguments
from both the state
and your attorney.
I've also heard
from Jack Davis,
and the family of
Preston Durro.
Your crimes were
particularly vicious.
You also attempted
to cover those crimes
by blaming another
For these reasons,
I sentence you to
the maximum punishment
allowed by law:
life in prison
without parole.