Boyka: Undisputed IV (2016) Movie Script

I sinned against
God and man.
I spent ten years trapped
the darkest hell.
Waiting and waiting.
I do not know yet, what
is the meaning of life.
Or why we are given.
I know that man, who has
do what I do,
not deserve to dream.
Do not dream anymore.
Hit him, Boyko!
Yes, come, Boyko!
Bravo Boyko!
Kosnar! Kosnar!
Release him!
Ready; Ready;
Another generous
donation, thank you.
It's my pleasure.
- Did you won the last race?
- Yes, father.
We are grateful. With these
donations the church will be built.
But if you are looking for salvation
your soul, violence is not the answer.
But I told you is a sport.
It has rules.
May have rules...
Do you believe that God will
accept what you do?
I believe God gave me a gift.
It would be a sin to go to waste.
Violence erodes people.
It is difficult to see the good that you
to do when surrounded by evil.
athletic Center
Boyko! Good news!
I found a real match ,. A race
Would a race that waited long.
Is legitimate struggle?
Yes, nothing to do with
it's illegal.
In Budapest, the
European Championship.
the talent hunters will come
to see you at the next race.
If you convince them you're inside.
- This is just?
- Yes.
Yuriy Boyko Vs Victoria GKREGKOV
Qualifying races sponsored
the global compound MMA.
The winner of this fight can reach
in Budapest at the European Championships.
- Hunters talents are in the front row.
- Good.
- How do you feel you're ready?
- I'm ready.
- Got stress?
- No!
- How the knee...
- Stops doing so many questions.
Before you go I must tell you, that I saw
opponent and is really good.
All are good, but
that does not matter.
This is different.
Is hungry fights like
to want much, like you.
Nothing will stand between
me and the tournament.
Please welcome
battles our hero. -
Our undefeated champion.
The most complete fighter in the world.
In Giouri Mpoika!
- Nice to meet you here by my partner.
- Nice to meet you.
Well gentlemen, you know them
rules, then store.
Follow my instructions.
You must make pure play ..
Greet and Go
to your corners.
Are you ok;
You are OK;
Take your maselaki.
Stay down.
Come over!
- You did Boyko!
- I told you!
I never doubted for a moment.
You see the audience loves.
- Congratulations, Buka.
- Very impressive Boyko.
It has been a while that we
to see such a good fighter.
Boyko in two weeks we want to
see the tournament in Budapest.
- Good.
- Do you know this will be your chance.
Nice, and always.
Lose and everything ends.
I do not lose.
- I'll be there.
- Nice to see you there.
Amazing right? This is what
expect in your whole life Boyko.
Your earnings for
Tonight's match.
What happens to him?
It is in very serious condition
We should go to the hospital.
It looks like concussion.
You think God will
accept what you do?
God gave me this gift.
It would be a sin to go to waste.
Get out of here.
What happens Boyko?
My opponent yesterday
taken to hospital.
How is it;
You win. what difference
is how is it?
- Answered fucking question.
- He died.
What do you mean dead?
Do not worry it was an accident, not
your fault for his death.
It is a risk that any
contestant gets Boyko.
What was his name?
- Victor.
- Victor.
From who?
It was from Russia but was
just another opponent.
He had a family?
Spouse or children?
Died will go empty the ego
cupboard, forgot Boyko.
I want to see things
the cupboard ..
Here is the bag.
No money it looked already.
- I need a fake passport.
- For what reason;
To pass the border to go to Russia.
Are you crazy; You
wanted for murder there.
Let I be worried about it.
And what about the dream Budapest
you, you have to be there in two weeks.
You will bring me fucking
passport or not?
I can not do it
is this big mistake.
I will bring my fucking passport?
But it may warn
Boyko destroy your life.
I do not worry about this life.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
He was a good guy
and good fighter.
- What are you going to do now;
- We were together from my sixteen.
- I do not know anything else.
- There is now talk gi` it.
- This is the funeral of my wife.
- He's dead.
What does it matter; Apart from debt
having me. A lot of money.
I will work to pay off you.
You will get back every ruble.
Let me help.
I can make life
easier for you.
- Did you bring your passport?
- You're late.
As your manager in
I advise you not to do.
Give me the fucking passport.
Boyko whether or briefly listened.
familiar with freedom.
Be careful out there.
Stay away from large
bus companies
crossing the main points
border controls has.
In short bus to use to
passes through points with less control.
No soldiers
is offline
Internet and have
little interest.
Keep a low profile
so there will be no problems.
After that you are alone.
Take visas and passports.
Prepare your paperwork, no one
You do not want to wait for you.
What is your name;
- Anton Lagunov.
- What did you do in Ukraine?
I visited my uncle.
Is dying.
Is there any problem;
No problem.
Your papers!
Let's go.
I can help you;
- I would like to talk to her.
- he does not speak to her.
Where are they going;
- goes to work.
- Where;
Igor, up!
Beaten with knock outs
by Igor unbeatable.
This is my old ring kargiolides.
What else do you expect to do it?
This is my ring.
Who you are;
You follow me?
I wanted to talk to you.
- About what; I am working now.
- Wait!
Excuse me, I came from a very
away to talk to you.
What do you think?
Come back to your work.
Why do not you come with me.
I just wanted to talk to her.
Let's talk outside.
You chose the wrong girl.
Come home.
- I'd like a few minutes with her.
- It belongs to the boss. Get lost from here.
What time finish the job.
Are you deaf?
Gamiste asshole.
Well done!
Well done!
It was nice show.
My name is Zurab,
this is my club.
You want to fight for
me here in my ring.
Not interested.
- I have not come to fight.
- Then why did you come?
For girl, waitress.
You must think of something.
Whatever you want to tell
her, you have to tell me.
- I assure you that will give her the message.
- I must give it the personal.
Nobody would go near
Jumping without my permission.
It belongs to me,
owns this town.
If you try to
speak once more...
I'll kill you.
Now get lost from me.
Go ahead.
Observe this.
I am the most comprehensive
fighter in the world.
Do you think that God will
accept what you do?
You think you going?
Stop it!
You again?
What do you want;
I came to tell you that.
I knew your husband, Victor.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
He was very nice of you came.
Thank you.
Your boss Zurab...
It bothers you;
He gave money to Victor for
To open the community center.
Just work for him
to get out of debt.
Well you met Victor?
- You are a fighter and you?
- I'm a fighter too.
I met him in Kiev.
Did you see his last match?
I was.
I was in the ring of Kiev.
It was an accident.
He came here to tell you that.
If I can do something...
Yes, there is something you can do.
Bring him back.
Can you do that;
Here is the money from the race.
You need to get.
It's bloody money.
So for that you took the life of my husband?
Get them out of here and go
back to Kiev or from where you came.
Go away!
These are children, Slava.
Wasting my time!
Oleg Stu is someone new in
north, we should go to see him.
The men of Oleg are wimps.
I fucking sharks!
These are available.
What else do you want.
What I want;
I want someone that will impress Slava.
Someone who knows how to hit.
Someone who knows
to fight back.
All these street thugs, are
if anything, just meats with heart.
What I want;
I want to entertain.
- I told you to leave.
- I do not give a what if.
Nice thought then, my offer?
- How much you owe?
- Who?
- Alma.
- This does not concern you.
Now with respect.
I owe so much that is
impossible to pay.
Let's make a deal.
I will fight for you and
will extinguish the debt.
- Six races.
- Two.
- Three matches.
- And you do not owe you anything.
A condition should
to defeat my champion.
Take care will tear.
- Just to know that will be the last.
- Good.
Let's start from tomorrow.
A day off between each match.
Three matches a week?
You want really to lose ..
Not just hurry.
You place to train?
Yes there is a gym
five blocks from here.
The Slava from here
It shows the way.
One more thing I'm very happy
do your job with Giouri Mpoika.
In a surprise? I told you
this is my town.
I know all about what's happening here.
But do not worry about the police.
They report back to me.
But remember one thing.
my ring, my own rules.
What do you got a
bum from the street?
There is a bum
by Slava street.
You know the legend
Varese in the face?
Which legend?
You do not know who he is
Yuri Boyko?
- Boyko? !
- You have to stay here for a while.
- What do you mean, for an amount of?
- Maybe for a week.
What do you mean a week?
Do you remember how long you expect
and this amount of blood you have shed.
Amounts caught me money to fix the
your knee, you know at all what to do?
Change the fucking tickets
and I will be there.
- I did not ask to fight for me.
- I just want to help.
I do not want your help and money.
I just want to leave me alone.
I will leave you quite soon
finish the races.
The least I can do
for you and your husband.
What do you want from me;
- I do not want anything from you.
- You think I'm selling?
One can in
win in the match?
I struggle to pay off debt
To be free.
Fight so that they
be free.
So you did all this
way to save me.
I came here to save myself.
Jumping get in the
car, it's time to go.
- What?
- That's my bag.
Not anymore.
I do not want to use him.
The time has come.
We currently have a newcomers today
ladies and gentlemen. Place your bets!
In the red corner
fierce contender Giouri Mpoika!
And now the blue corner
the local fighter!
They are quick, lethal
Boris is Tarsov.
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Can you play
here, Giouri Mpoika.
But remember this
It is my ring.
Well done. Exactly what I expected.
But do not rest on.
The first victory is always easy.
Give the winner a drink.
Here you are.
You should thirst.
Thank you.
You know a place
I can work?
There is a gym
two blocks down.
At that place has
many rats.
Come to the community center tomorrow
you can use that.
I fight for your boss now. I will
try to stop me again?
Certainly not enough but you
to use it if you like.
Very well.
Stop disturbing him.
It is OK.
Asta stay.
- You need something;
- Only water.
- Do not bother workout?
- No, I'm used to.
Victor did not stop doing
training day and night.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Double your bets because
we have something special for you today.
Brothers Ozerav.
Exactly, exactly, ladies and gentlemen.
Two against one.
Double your pleasure.
Remember me Boyko own the
arena mine and rules.
To see what
you can do.
- I hope you're ready.
- I've earned worse.
And the winner with a double knock outs.
Yuri Boyko.
Koutzen my net, set.
Get rid of them and
them shut.
- And the rest of it is?
- For a proposal.
- I want to get me the Kosnar.
- The Kosnar is a nightmare?
I want him here.
Impossibility. I can no longer
I take him from the prison.
- I almost lose my job.
- Yes you can.
You can earn and
but money as a bonus.
I'll give you a scary convict.
Yuri Boyko.
My husband used to train
and that after the games.
He said that it is best
when muscles are still warm.
Here you are.
Cream on your back.
Recipe of my grandmother.
- My Do'stin.
- I'm okay...
Never mind my do'stin.
You do not have to
struggle for me.
You can leave
the city when you want.
Why do not you leave here?
Get what you need
get up and get out.
To go;
This place was our dream.
This center.
These children know that there
You are going to abandon.
Without this part all children
join the gang worse.
But probably not
you know that.
Can you hold the rest.
Slava watched Boyko?
Yes, as you told me.
All the time he was there.
He workout for two
hours and then left.
And what did this?
Nothing even that speaks
with the violence looks.
You work too hard.
I have no choice.
- Please do not touch me.
- Why;
Because Boyko? I heard that
He spends a lot of time here.
You need a place
to train.
This is a cold killer.
Killed your husband.
- It was an accident.
- It was really an accident?
When hit with the punch
the head of your wife.
Again and again.
And again.
Stop it!
There was so.
You liked it?
How dare you!
You know how much I loved Victor.
I want to leave right now.
Please, let me.
We will not let you
kill him before I come back.
Boyko arena is already full
fans waiting to see you.
Your name is in magazines,
newspapers and on posters.
And do not forget your bus
It leaves at 21.45 tonight.
Do not be late.
- Journalists are waiting.
- Do not worry I'll be there.
What are you doing here;
In the fight with my husband.
Can you tell me what happened.
I think it's better
not to talk about it.
You got something to hide?
- I do not want to hurt you.
- I'll cope with it.
Look into my eyes
tell me the truth.
It was really an accident?
I've done things in
this Jumping life...
Terrible things.
Things that went on
prison for a long time.
I was bitter man, full of anger.
Until my God
He showed the way.
I have made hundreds of matches.
And I stayed in the most
dark, deep,
and hellish prisons
you may think.
But I never missed his mark
God for the gift he gave me.
And then one day...
God opened doors and gave
opportunity to show myself to the world.
God was testing with, and not
I want to disappoint him.
in the ring with Victor.
I saw a man, I did
not see a husband...
Only someone who was standing among
me and my dream.
But I did not want to kill him.
I am sorry.
But this will not clear your pain.
But I regret
with all my soul.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Today we have an impressive
show for you tonight!
Place your bets
sit in your seats.
In the red corner up
far undefeated fighter.
Let's welcome him
Giouri Mpoika!
And in the blue corner
a large, bad killer,
our undefeated champion
Igor Kazimir!
You're already dead!
Remember my words bastard?
Remember what I told you?
Yes I remember.
Very good match, Boyko.
Where are you going;
I have a bus waiting.
Finished and it is free.
What was finished?
We had a deal.
Yes the agreement were three fight and
You must win my champion.
That there was no agreement?
This is not the champion
My, this is the third race.
Now you have to win
my champion.
That's bullshit!
- Not another fight for you.
- Yes you do, Boyko.
Because if you do not do
then we have no agreement.
You do not want to save?
You not want to be her hero? shoo
now and the debt remains in me.
If you do not want to sell
like meat, you will fight.
And when my champion
Dissolve the skull,
the girl is mine.
You're already at the station
- I can not leave yet.
- Are you crazy what's going on with you?
It departs from fifteen minutes.
What time is
last bus?
At 22:00. If you lose you will not
missed the flight to Budapest.
I will not lose.
What are we waiting for; Bring me the
fucking your champion.
Now, the fact of the evening.
A real human
monster straight to jail!
Kosnar nightmare.
He called Kotsev.
- Zurab!
- Let me!
This occurs when there
You give me what I want.
Chose a killer.
While beast.
I did not in the clear?
I gave you every opportunity?
Now you see him die.
Drop the gun.
Drop it.
We had a deal.
- Let her go.
- And what do you think will happen?
You're a fugitive, Boyko.
What can you offer her?
Are you an old fighter
like her fucking husband.
Was hit.
We must go to a doctor.
Jump I want to ask you something?
When you came to see me with
You asked me what I wanted from you.
I do not know how to say it.
I ask your forgiveness.
For what I did to your husband.
Come on we can not stay
another here please.
No, I want to know.
Can you forgive me?
Giouri Mpoika arrested.
Can you forgive me?
Horn Holmes, RUSSIA
Glad to see you, Yuri.
- How are you;
- I'm fine.
I did not expect to see you.
- How are the kids;
- Is fine.
They drew this for you.
I am sorry. I wanted to come
earlier, but could not.
- I was not ready.
- I understand.
When I saw for the first time not
I knew what to say and what to do.
I was very angry and lost.
But then you showed me something.
You showed me that there are still
good people in the world.
So I'm here today.
To thank you Yuri
You gave me back the dignity.
And my freedom.
And because I wanted to tell you...
How to forgive.